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02:50.20rwhitby-away~weather ypad
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03:46.56NAiL~weather enva
03:47.04ka6sox~weather krdd
03:47.33ka6soxouch..too hot.
04:33.56NAiLzzZok, anyone know where smbd&nmbd is placed in unslung? Is it in /opt/usr/sbin?
04:44.45enoNAiLzzZ, /opt/sbin/
04:45.12NAiLzzZeno: thx
04:45.41enolinksys ones are at /usr/sbin/
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05:14.49rwhitby-dialuppeteru-home: wget the latest makefile, then make setup
05:20.24rwhitby-dialupok, you did that ...
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08:29.54Airw0lfi'm trying to prepare for cross compiling an application for unslung, using the packaging howto
08:30.17Airw0lfhow long is copying the cvs tree likely to take on a slow connection?
08:30.30Airw0lfhow many megs would it be in total
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09:17.35rwhitby-beachAirw0lf: the cvs is pretty small, cause it's just small text files
09:18.11rwhitbyshould be less than 20MB
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09:32.52peteru-homeThis looks interesting:
09:34.14peteru-homeRetails for about the same amount of money as NSLU2
09:37.40peteru-homeThe NTFS (read-only) part in the specifications is a dead giveaway that this is a Linux based system.
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10:15.15[cc]smartnice, seems to have both, wireless and lan
10:32.21peteru-homecan't find any info about people hacking it.
10:36.06CIA-703rpurdie * rf6815eab... 10/packages/linux/ (2 files in 2 dirs): linux-oz-2.6: Add an inital attempt at support for akita and borzoi
10:37.22peteru-homemust be a new product - no ebay listings ;)
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10:46.48copperbeechseems like you can download additional "software applications"
10:50.18peteru-homeI think that's just a badly worded synonym for "firmware upgrade"
10:50.21copperbeechactually it's a windows executable which kicks off my XP2 firewall, so it's obviously some protocol which is included on the DNS-G120
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10:50.43copperbeechit's a remote search utility...
10:51.02copperbeechwonder what the protocol is that it is using to do the 'easy search'
11:02.18rwhitbypeteru-home: the non-wireless version has a firmware update available:
11:02.24rwhitbybut that link fails for me
11:03.23rwhitbyhmm - works with wget.  3.2MB
11:04.40copperbeech is working for me now
11:05.12rwhitbyit has vmlinux.bin string in it
11:06.24copperbeechnot a valid *.gz anyway
11:06.32peteru-home;-) Time to ask D-Link to comply!
11:06.37rwhitbynothing in
11:06.50rwhitby(nothing related to the DNS that is)
11:07.01peteru-homeThis could be a neat new platform to hack
11:07.14copperbeechdo you think that they pack in a proprietary format?
11:07.20copperbeechlooks compressed
11:07.38rwhitbyoh, hang on, we've already been through this.
11:07.53rwhitbynow I remember: it's called the "Spook"
11:08.01copperbeechyeah ?
11:08.17rwhitbyI helped CodeWhacker suss it out 8 months ago
11:09.46copperbeechI see something like that at
11:12.24rwhitbypeteru-home: looks like it might use an RT2500 wireless module:
11:16.58peteru-homeLooks like it's actually this with a D-Link badge:
11:22.03rwhitbybad echo in here :-)
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11:25.28copperbeech*laughs* missed that one rob.
11:26.36rwhitbyconradl: how'd the usb->serial search go?
11:26.49rwhitbycopperbeech: s/rob/rod/
11:27.02conradlvery disapointing...
11:28.11conradli just can't understand the lack of phone cables and parts.
11:29.00jipihi folks.. what is the symptom of make openslug and the process seems to take very long at this  task do_rootfs?
11:29.22rwhitbyit's unpacking all the ipkgs that create the root filesystem
11:29.36rwhitbywhat does top or ps say?
11:29.58jipirwhiteby: let me take a look..
11:30.21rwhitbyjipi: I would have thought you'd do that before asking here :-)
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11:31.43jipirwhitby: seems to be doing lots of things.. like ipkg-makeindex and tar..e tc.. so it is doing something. how long does it take normally?
11:33.54jipirwhitby: previously i monitor my harddisk space.. and it seems to stop at some value..
11:35.47rwhitbyjipi: depends on your machine as to how long it takes
11:43.39jipirwhitby: how long does it take on yours?
11:45.17rwhitbydunno - somewhere between 5 minutes and 15 minutes I think
11:47.58jipirwhitby:seems to have something wrong on mine.. disk space not changing.. and task do_rootfs still running. i have left it for several hours running yesterday. and my ~/slug/openslug/tmp/rootfs/dev/ directory is still empty.. hmmm... means i need to take a look at what is happening
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12:33.37[cc]smartconfigure: error: cannot run test program while cross compiling
12:33.48[cc]smartthis means i need an additional -native bb file, correct ?
12:34.43rwhitbyor set some autoconf cache variables ...
12:40.29[cc]smartwill check which ones that could be
13:06.11CIA-703peteru * rf2d53d0f... 10/packages/puppy/ Latest puppy release - provides workarounds for Topfield USB implementation bugs and changes the way turbo transfers are enabled.
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13:07.55peteru-homeHooray! After a day of wrestling with the infrastructure, I have actually contributed my one liner! :P
13:08.56rwhitbydid you update optware/nslu2 and optware/wl500g too ?
13:09.52mmarwhitby: i made some pictures of the ds-101g+ mainboard and would like to put it on the nslu2-wiki. Do I need special permissions for this?
13:10.26rwhitbymma: are they somewhere where I can wget them directly?
13:10.37mmarwhitby: nope...
13:10.46rwhitbyhow big are they?
13:11.00mmarwhitby: mompl
13:11.35mmarwhitby: 200K & 800K
13:11.38rwhitbymma: we don't allow image upload to the wiki (had a problem with spam), so we need to get it from you.
13:11.57rwhitbycan you email them to me?
13:12.10mmarwhitby: yes, i can...
13:12.41rwhitbyI'll put them in the images dir, then you can just use Attach:
13:12.51mmarwhitby: where can i find your email-address?
13:13.21rwhitbymma: I just /msg'd it to you
13:13.45mmarwhitby: got it...
13:15.26[cc]smartdo we have a prepared variable for build architecture , aka equivalent to ${TARGET_ARCH}
13:15.52rwhitby[cc]smart: best to ask in #oe
13:30.16rwhitbymma: did you send them?
13:30.30mmarwhitby: yes
13:32.14peteru-homerwhitby: optware? I updated optware/make/ a few days ago. That's sufficient, is it not?
13:32.47rwhitbymma: are they just front shots or do you have rear shots too?
13:32.53rwhitbypeteru-home: yeah, that should do it
13:34.30mmarwhitby: i could create them...
13:34.39peteru-homeGood. Then as of tomorrow, all NSLU2 distros should have the latest puppy available.
13:34.49rwhitbymma: please do, thx.
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13:43.33rwhitbymma: front pictures are now at
13:44.09mmarwhitby: cool, pictures of backside will be ready in the next 10 minutes...
13:44.29rwhitbythx, let me know when you send the,
13:45.05mmarwhitby: ok
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14:01.09grahame_falveyhi all
14:01.10CIA-703koen * r70b14aa2... 10/conf/distro/ xst 0.14 -> 0.15
14:03.43[cc]smartargh... on - configure: error: cannot run test program while cross compiling - i can't find a wa< to avoid the test
14:04.06grahame_falveyanyone got any ideas on why monotone would be warning about missing packages?  apart from the fact that they are "missing" ;)
14:04.32grahame_falveyto explain.. I'm trying to set up the native build env on openslug 2.5
14:04.43grahame_falveypulled down the master makefile
14:05.06grahame_falveyand running make complains about missing packages..
14:06.04rwhitbydid you ipkg install openslug-native ?
14:07.43grahame_falveyhmmm nope :)  Didn't see that on the master Makfeile page.. Probably gone blind :(  been trying to work this one out for nearly a week :(
14:08.22grahame_falveygrabing the package now
14:16.16CIA-703mickeyl * r035abba6... 10/packages/efl/ (5 files in 2 dirs): efl: add feature-reduced set of esmart that builds without X and split esmart into -fb and -x11 variants
14:16.19CIA-703mickeyl * r19a6592a... 10/packages/e17/ (6 files): e17: catch up with esmart changes
14:16.30peteru-homeI wonder if the connector near the top of the dg-101g+ board is PC/104+
14:21.07CIA-703mickeyl * re98e2ade... 10/packages/opie-taskbar/ ( opie-taskbar: add borzoi setting for background and welcome pixmaps
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14:23.37lennerthi all
14:23.57lennertsorry, took slightly longer than i thought
14:23.57rwhitbylennert: g'day
14:24.25lennert_("good afternoon")
14:24.33rwhitbylennert: I'm trying out OpenDebianSlug right now ...
14:24.52lennerthehe, so that's the name? :)
14:25.14grahame_falveylo len
14:25.36[cc]smartsomebody who would be willing/interested to help me get through bogofilter configure ?
14:25.55lennertrwhitby: cool
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14:26.17grahame_falveyoops.. wrong button :)
14:27.58rwhitbylennert: did you get my /msg ?
14:28.12lennertrwhitby: yeah, sorry, reading up on openslug
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14:36.24Dude001Hi there! I need help cause my slug stop responding! No ping, no http, nothing!
14:36.48NAiLwhat do you do when it stops responding?
14:36.51grahame_falveyopps :)
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14:38.02grahame_falveyummm you read the  wiki?
14:38.37Dude001I turned it on like on everyday and today, I heard beep-beep 3 or 4 times. I wait till the "ready status" to stay lit and then ping the slug. No response. I tried connecting via http nothing
14:39.40grahame_falveyso you have a green ready?
14:40.47Dude001I turned off and unplugged the disk, still the same thing. no response from the slug. I use unslung 5.5 on a turbslug
14:41.37Dude001grahame_falvey: yes the ready status stays green now
14:41.37CIA-703peteru * rb415ab8f... 10/packages/puppy/ ( Correct a typo in HOMEPAGE.
14:41.37Dude001dhcp yes
14:41.37CIA-703koen * rd1b5c87d... 10/packages/gtk+/ (15 files in 2 dirs): GTK+ 2.8.2: Add it
14:42.03grahame_falveynail: that was my question ;)  So what does your dhcp server have to say about the slug?
14:43.26Dude001seems like it acquired an ip but let me verify the log. I mean the router listed the slug with its ip
14:44.04NAiLMost likely, you have gotten  a different ip...
14:46.21Dude001my dhcp server is on wrt54g and there is no arp command on it
14:48.00NAiLcan you log in to your wrt?
14:48.07NAiL(or a linux-box)
14:48.22Dude001i can do both
14:48.23peteru-homewhile you guys are looking at the Synology, check this out:
14:48.24NAiLthen ping your broadcast ( or something)
14:49.08NAiLpeteru-home: got any specs?
14:49.41Dude001strangely, pinging brodacast gets no response even if i have 3 host on the netword
14:51.21Dude001on the linux box i get some responses but not all host responded
14:51.49grahame_falveyDude001: can you ping _anything_ on your network?
14:52.01grahame_falveyahh ok
14:52.50Dude001but if I ping each host one by one, I get response apart from the slug
14:53.43grahame_falveyDude001: I don't know that much about thewrt54g.  Does it have a web interface where you can check the currently assigned dchp ips?
14:54.31Dude001grahame_falvey:the slug is listed on the web interface as having acquired an ip
14:55.09mmawhat wiki-tag should I use for preformated text?
14:55.53grahame_falveyDude001: and it does not respond the that IP?  when is it listed as aquireing it?  at the time you turned it on or before?
14:56.47peteru-homeNAiL: Nothing more than what's available at that link. Seems the product hasn't been released outside of US yet.
14:57.13NAiLpeteru-home: ok. Just have bad experiences with wireless chipsets in embedded devices ;-)
14:57.18peteru-homeNo references to it on the Australian site and apparently the German site also doesn't list it.
14:57.23Dude001the ip listed is the ip it acquired each time. I am going to reboot my router so I may not be able to see your message till I get back
14:57.50peteru-homeThe Atheros miniPCI card in the Netgear WGT634U is OK.
15:01.15[cc]smartDude001: as i have the impression, you have two machines you are accessing your network with. a linux box and a bad karma OS.
15:01.25[cc]smartto no cause confusion, stick to one,
15:01.33[cc]smarti'd suggest the linux box
15:01.56[cc]smartdo you get the expected responses when you ping the broadcast address from there ?
15:05.15Dude001Ya it was the dhcp server guys. It didn't give an ip to the slug, but as I set the assignement to never expire, it is always listed on the router
15:06.17grahame_falveyDude001: well that's aneasy fix then :)
15:06.50Dude001thank you for your help guys! great community!
15:07.33rwhitbyDude001: I've never trusted dhcp on the slug - I always set it static
15:08.32grahame_falveyrwhitby: come to think of it, I've never bothered to use dhcp with the slug either :)
15:08.50[cc]smartnever had problems with it...
15:08.52Dude001i am using an alpha firmware on the wrt54g and sometimes it's giving me hard time. But I will set it to static right now. I was about to have an heart attack. I love this slug too much.
15:09.22rwhitbySlugLove - ahhh ...
15:09.25[cc]smartyou'll still be able to save it if it would get its ip
15:09.41[cc]smartinsert not
15:09.43grahame_falveyDude001: know what you mean..  friend of mine turboed his slug and now he's having network stability problems.. he's heartbroken..
15:12.31Dude001I cross my finger to not have that kind of problem. I love the fact of having a linux box always on and doesn't consume much electricity
15:13.13Dude001grahame_falvey: you didn't turbo yours?
15:15.35grahame_falveyDude001: actually he turboed mine first as the "test" (he's got the better soldering iron than me) and it worked like a charm..
15:15.51Dude001guys, what is the user name for the administration on web interface already? I mean I'm used to ssh with the slug. Last time I used the web gui is months ago
15:16.24grahame_falveyumm..  I used to use root
15:16.42grahame_falveyno web interface any more..  :(
15:17.31Dude001I was wondering, what about packages on openslug?
15:18.51grahame_falveyDude001: has everything I need.  Had to fudge cups but apart from that it's working well.  That's why I'm here.  I want to learn how to puild a new cups for openslug..
15:19.26grahame_falveyDude001: I would recommend checking the package list before switching though..
15:21.05Dude001i hope they will get the debian on the slug soon.
15:22.16grahame_falveyone of the guys here is looking at it at the moment..
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15:24.08grahame_falveythat's better :)
15:25.23Dude001is the problem (not working on big-endian) with the ethernet driver resolved?
15:26.01grahame_falveyi think I read something about that on the forums..  I beleive intel released a new driver and they beleive it will now work..
15:44.59grahame_falveyjust added a note to the wiki master makefile page for building under OpenSlug
16:01.20CIA-703ph5 * r2f7e47fd... 10/packages/gtk-engines/ gtk-engines: add .bb for new release 2.6.5
16:11.17CIA-703ph5 * r1b733b02... 10/packages/gtk+/ (gtk+-2.8.2/pkg-config-pangoft2.patch gtk+: drop the build fix from bug #267, it's not needed in anymore gtk+-2.8.2
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16:36.09CIA-703ph5 * rde44e1f4... 10/classes/pkgconfig.bbclass: pkgconfig.bbclass: don't install *-uninstalled.pc files into the staging area
16:48.19Mattaany news regarding openslug routing/ixp425 ip_dst_cache issue?
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17:16.52NAiLok, I'm running into a small problem with installing libstdc++ on the ds101
17:16.58NAiLipkg_install_file: ERROR: libstdc++ depends on the following uninstalled programs:
17:17.14NAiL-force-depends doesn't work :(
17:18.30eno-awayi vaguely remember ipkg has some wierdness with + in the package name, how about install some package that depends on libstdc++ ?
17:19.13NAiLwell, it doesn't check deps on other packages (eg. mysql)
17:26.25CIA-703rpurdie * re3020c1a... 10/packages/linux/ (3 files in 2 dirs): linux-oz-2.6: Make c7x0 backlight more linear. Fix c7x0 charging problem reported by mickeyl. Update defconfigs for c7x0 and spitz
17:26.35copperbeechrwhitby: how serious is the effort to get a debian distribution for the slug? How will it relate to unslung / openslug ?
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17:29.49NAiLhmm... odd
17:30.00NAiLI got libstdc++ from the nslu2 cross feed
17:30.08NAiL/opt/libexec/mysqld: /usr/local/armv5b-linux/lib/ version `GCC_3.3' not found (required by /usr/local/armv5b-linux/lib/
17:30.33NAiLWhat gcc is used to build the nslu2 cross feed?
17:31.55CIA-703ph5 * r4557d751... 10/packages/libnss-mdns/ libnss-mdns: add a .bb file for libnss-mdns, see bug #268
17:31.59CIA-703ph5 * rd9ac6118... 10/packages/zeroconf/ (4 files in 2 dirs): zeroconf: add a .bb for the zeroconf package, see bug #268
17:32.06CIA-703ph5 * r43a93549... 10/packages/avahi/ (7 files in 2 dirs): avahi: add a .bb for the avahi packages, see bug #268
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17:53.46eno-awayNAiL, gcc-3.3.5-glibc-2.2.5
18:08.17eno-awayNAiL, maybe
18:08.48NAiLah, no, that's a different issue
18:09.21NAiLBut I'll have to recompile it anyway
18:09.23NAiLit doesn't work
18:20.53NAiLAnyone know how I can figure out which gcc was used to build the stuff on the ds101?
18:21.29*** join/#nslu2-linux macsat (
18:22.21mmaNAiL: if you invoke /lib/ it will display the gcc version used to build glibc
18:24.20NAiLOk, this looks nice
18:24.26NAiLI wonder if it'll actually *work* ;)
18:24.42NAiLI've added a ds101 "target" in the optware Makefile. Testing it now.
18:29.43NAiLAnyone familiar with the optware build system?
18:33.23NAiLI'm building a toolchain right now. I haven't added any packages or anything yet.
18:41.24NAiL/home/repvik/nslu2/optware/toolchain/armv5b-softfloat-linux/gcc-3.0.2-glibc-2.2.5/lib/gcc-lib/armv5b-softfloat-linux/3.3.5/../../../../armv5b-softfloat-linux/bin/ld: unrecognised emulation mode: armelf_linux
18:41.28NAiLSupported emulations: armelfb_linux armelfb
18:41.31NAiLcollect2: ld returned 1 exit status
19:01.37[cc]smartheh, i like jbowlers twist in the naming of a turboslug : "on my (de-underclocked) NSLU2 ..."
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20:03.22NAiLOk, anyone that can help me set up a crosstool thingy with the optware makefile?
20:03.45NAiLI set up the vars in the Makefile, but it still uses gcc 3.3.5, not 3.0.2
20:04.00NAiL(And I suspect that the binutils version doesn't like me either)
20:26.26mmaTiersten: Is it a fact or just an assumption that the serial header pinout of the ds-101 and the 101g+ are the same?
20:27.08NAiLAFAIK, that's an assumption. And I think that assumption was mine.
20:28.01NAiLSimply because doing two different cables would be inconvenient.
20:28.18*** join/#nslu2-linux odoc (
20:29.11mmaI think we have to convince rwhitby to buy a g+ and prove this ;-)
20:29.50NAiLDidn't you put up a bootlog of the ds101g+?
20:30.17mmayes, but that was the output of dmesg (no redboot stuff in it)
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21:10.21dyoungNail, those versions were specifically chose.
21:10.49NAiLyeah, but they break stuff on the ds101
21:11.08dyoungIf youre trying to do something differnt, its probably better to pull out the build-launhcing script and edit as neecessary.
21:11.17NAiLwell.. gcc 3.3.5 breaks stuff. I suspect that binutils is the one futzing up the crosstool build
21:13.04dyoungAh okay so you';ve pulled out optware/sources/crosstool/ and run that someplace?
21:14.11NAiLno, but I saw that gcc 3.3.5 was defined by that.. so I guess I should fiddle with that then
21:14.29dyoungthats the script to run to make the crosstool
21:14.38dyoungthats what actually *does* it...
21:14.44dyoungbut before you do that look at
21:15.19dyoungdoesnappear to have 3.0.2 anything.  Was that when they were in that transistional period and calling it egcs or something?
21:15.36*** join/#nslu2-linux odoc|aw (
21:15.50NAiLhmm, no I don't think so
21:16.07dyoungwhat is broken about it?
21:16.16dyoungyou should be able to make it work.
21:16.28*** part/#nslu2-linux odoc|aw (
21:16.32dyoungeven on a nslu2 the "original" compoiler wasnt anything we could get.
21:16.33NAiLlibstdc++ looks for symbol GCC_3.0 in glibc
21:16.46*** join/#nslu2-linux odoc|aw (
21:16.50*** part/#nslu2-linux odoc|aw (
21:18.21NAiLQuite possible there's more stuff like that, that's why I'm trying to reconstruct the build env rather close
21:25.29dyoungi see/
21:28.30ka6soxhi dyoung/
21:31.52ka6soxno kidding
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22:16.18CIA-703mickeyl * r40a24914... 10/packages/linux/linux-openzaurus-2.6.13-rc5-mm1/ (defconfig-c7x0 defconfig-poodle): build ppp as modules - it looks like this has been accidantly reverted for the c7x0 defconfig
22:18.00*** part/#nslu2-linux effem (
22:20.44ka6soxnite nail
22:39.51geojeff|awayka6sox, i got distracted when school started. how'd it go with libao?
22:59.51ka6soxstill broken
23:01.21*** join/#nslu2-linux mithro (
23:01.29geojeff|awayok, i'll give openslug a shot next weekend, to at least get that far
23:01.59ka6soxgood plan
23:07.16*** join/#nslu2-linux conradl (
23:17.23NAiLI guess it's time I start checking in stuff to again
23:18.00NAiLIf ld doesn't screw up this time, I think I have a working toolchain for ds101
23:18.21NAiLwithout breaking the nslu2/wl500g stuff
23:34.19NAiLAnyone know how I can change the binutils version used by crosstool? I can't find any reference to it, and it uses a too new version for the gcc that I'm trying to build...

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