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00:09.02matt_hey, has anyone managed to get loop-aes working on an nslu2?
00:10.08rwhitbyno, but it would be quite interesting
00:11.40matt_well I'm about to install OpenSlug for the first time on my turboslug (was using unslung before), so you think I'll be able to compile it natively?
00:11.52matt_or do you think it'll be a tough job?
00:12.06rwhitbyplug in  a usb stick with your key, and get access to the hard disk ....
00:12.12matt_I've never tried compiling anything on a slug yet (or any other arch other than x86)
00:12.31rwhitbymatt_: should be able to compile it cross in OE
00:12.51matt_in order to solve my laptop-desktop sync problem...
00:13.05matt_I've got a notebook 2.5 hdd in an external case, it's really small.
00:13.18matt_when I'm at my desk, I'm gonna plug the disk into my slug
00:13.27matt_and use samba to share it across the network
00:13.46matt_but when I travel, I'll just take the dinky disk with me and plug it into my laptop
00:13.52rwhitbywonder how fast the throughput will be with encryption running on the slug ....
00:14.38NAiLmy slug is downloading a torrent at 3MBit/sec :D
00:14.41matt_problem is that I'll be encrypting the data for security. now I'm going to use a file-backed loop device for the encryption, so the file will be shared using samba and then my desktop and laptop will do the decruption
00:15.07matt_but I figured it'd also be nice if my slug could access the data too
00:15.30matt_performance might be an issue indeed
00:15.35rwhitbydon't see any reason why it shouldn't be straight-forward in OpenSlug
00:15.40matt_perhaps using a turboslug it might be ok
00:15.50matt_well I'll give it a shot and let you know ;)
00:16.14matt_btw is there any interesting bluetooth applications that ppl have used their slugs for?
00:16.17matt_*are there
00:16.46matt_e.g. hooking up a serial connector and using a slug for home automation, via bluetooth mobile phones?
00:20.58rwhitbyMy Treo650 connects to the internet at home via my BlueSlug
00:21.24matt_just for the Internet?
00:22.14matt_I have a SE K750i (with integrated mp3 player), and I'm looking at the possibility of running some kind of network file system on BlueSlug
00:22.28matt_so that I could retrieve mp3s from my BlueSlug to my phone
00:22.46rwhitbywell, the treo just connects to my lan ...
00:24.08matt_ok, thanks
00:24.37matt_also, is it still necessary to make a custom firmware image to get a BlueSlug, or can I just recompile the kernel/add modules?
00:27.39rwhitbyI thought I updated that page yesterday ...
00:27.59matt_I'll check, thanks
00:28.20matt_excellent, thank you!
00:31.53NAiLIt has a 16MB cache
00:32.05NAiL(which, in the new version, is adjustable)
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00:35.51matt_NAiL: yeah, I always set the cache to about 2MB
00:36.29NAiLNow ctorrent uses ~10%, instead of 60% of the system memory :D
00:38.51matt_I'm thinking about trying:
00:39.07matt_it'd be pretty sweet to hook my printer up to my slug and print straight from my phone
00:39.53NAiLI considered doing printing from my slug
00:40.08NAiLbut my Canon paperweight laser doesn't have linux drivers
00:40.30NAiLand since I'm running WinXP x64, there's no windows drivers either
00:40.35rwhitbyI will need to in a couple of weeks - moving the desktop, and don't want to move the scanner and printer, so will put them on a slug.
00:41.09rwhitbyNAiL: it would be nice for that to be a wireless slug too ;-)
00:41.36matt_openslug can handle USB hubs, correct?
00:41.39NAiLrwhitby: I'll do my best as soon as the package arrives :D
00:41.41NAiLmatt_: yes
00:42.12NAiLone of mine runs with a usb hub, since I managed to wreck one usb port doing some soldering work :P
00:42.29NAiLSo my IXUS and a hdd is connected to the hub
00:43.32matt_well there's a lot of info on getting cups to work with bluetooth printers
00:43.34NAiLrwhitby: Do you know if anyone managed to get the device-side usb port working? It'd be really nice to do ChainSlug ;)
00:43.48matt_but not much on the other way round, but I'm looking :)
00:45.18rwhitbyNAiL: there's a wiki page on the device side usb I think
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00:45.56NAiLah, yes
00:48.18TierstenIt's slow though
00:48.35TierstenIt's only USB1 and there are some issues with the simple hack involving the resistors
00:48.56NAiLUSB1.1 is fine for "interSlug comms"
00:50.30TierstenYou have to keep replugging it though
00:51.09dyoung-webJust put a relay in; to toglge the plugging every now and then. :-)
00:51.35TierstenI never finished the programming for the PSoC that would have handled that
00:51.57TierstenIt's wired in with a FET and everything just doesn't do anything with it
00:52.07dyoung-webOr better yet, mount a big knife switch on the side of your nslu2. :-)
00:52.18dyoung-webTiersten: thats pretty cool.
00:52.38TierstenI guess I should finish it some day :)
00:53.05TierstenThe theory was that once the kernel had finished booting then it'd tell the PSoC uC to turn on the FET to do the pullup
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00:57.20n6modLooking for some wisdom trying to build libptp
00:57.43n6modI've followed the AddAPackage instructions, but libptp's configure script
00:57.49n6modis barfing looking for libusb
00:58.11n6modI've done a make libusb, and added libusb-stage to the make/ file
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00:59.01n6modbut I still get an error checking for usb_busses in -lusb
01:01.18rwhitbyn6mod: are you telling libptp where to look so it can find the staging lib dir?
01:01.36n6modprobably not
01:01.50n6modthat gets passed as an option to it's configure, right?
01:02.01n6mod(new to crosscompilation, unfortunately)
01:02.18rwhitbyn6mod: usually
01:02.59n6modand I should be pointing it at builds/libusb?
01:03.17rwhitbyno, it should be pointing into staging/opt/...
01:06.35rwhitbyn6mod: check around in some other packages for examples
01:07.40n6modrwhitby: do you have a suggestion for something similar I could look at?
01:09.12rwhitbygrep for STAGING_INCLUDE_DIR in *.mk
01:09.30n6modOh, right...I have all the makefiles. (forgot that)
01:09.32rwhitby(or something like that)
01:24.45matt_night guys, thanks for the help :)
01:26.37rwhitbynp - hope to see a wiki page about the BT printing ...
01:31.06n6modbah, I'm not getting anywhere, and I'm out of time for now.
01:31.29n6modrwhitby: thanks for the pointers, I may be back later.
01:32.40rwhitbyn6mod: devs are always welcome here
01:33.25n6modI'm hardly a engineer maybe, but never dealt with a cross env. before.
01:33.40rwhitbyn6mod: in this project, if you're writing a .mk, then you're a dev
01:34.29n6modrwhitby: I'll take that as a complement. Catch you later.
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02:03.29ka6soxmalfi, they had a mechanical bull ride there.
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03:00.45jstuevewhat is the best way to setup a native development environment on openslug... I tried ipkg install openslug-native but it is broken.
03:03.04NAiLjstueve: how is it broken?
03:03.23jstuevefail on some dependency.. jas I'll grab the error
03:04.23jstueveperl-modules: unsatisfied recommendation for perl-module-mime-quotedprint
03:04.24jstueveNothing to be done
03:04.24jstueveAn error ocurred, return value: 1.
03:04.24jstueveCollected errors:
03:04.25jstueveERROR: Cannot satisfy the following dependencies for openslug-native:
03:04.51jstueveafter a WHOLE LOTTA unsatisfied reommendation errors in perl
03:05.06NAiLyeah, the perl stuff you can ignore
03:06.14jstueveso what do I do to ignore it.. it fails the install?
03:06.46NAiLno, the missing diffstat package makes it fail
03:06.51NAiLhang on a sec
03:13.47NAiLipkg update && ipkg install diffutils
03:15.04NAiLipkg update & ipkg install diffstat
03:15.15NAiLMy mind was somewhere else ;)
03:15.45jstuevediffutils was upto date.. lol :)
03:16.04jstuevedownloading torrents?  I got the script working on mine now...
03:16.24CIA-903repvik * r174 10/releases/OpenSlug-2.5-beta/openembedded/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Add diffstat to feed. Required for openslug-native
03:17.13jstueveseems to be working now...
03:17.27NAiLgood :)
03:18.58NAiLmy script?
03:19.04NAiLIt's *really* basic ;)
03:19.16NAiLI just needed something for it to automate it somewhat
03:19.37jstueveyeah... it seems to work...
03:19.45NAiLmore or less, yes ;)
03:19.49jstueveare you dl'ing multiple torrents? or one at a time?
03:20.13NAiLI was doing one at a time, until I figured out the -C $CACHE_SIZE part
03:20.27NAiLnow that ctorrent doesn't take up 60% mem, I can do several
03:20.33jstuevehow many can you safely do?
03:20.44NAiLDunno, probably four
03:20.59jstuevejust dump all the torrents in that dir and then run the script?
03:21.05NAiLIf you keep the cache size to 2MB or so
03:21.22jstueveI have it set to 4MB as on the webpage...
03:21.24NAiLyeah. It'll pick a torrent, move it to the working dir and start downloading
03:22.13jstueveeven when the Working.txt is present?
03:23.16NAiLah, no
03:23.27NAiLI haven't set up the script to do several at once
03:23.37NAiLI've started one manually
03:23.41NAiLand one was started auto
03:24.00jstuevebe nice to have like a queue... lol..
03:24.05NAiLyeah :)
03:25.18NAiLbtw, ipkg install bwmon to monitor the slug's bandwidth usage ;)
03:25.24jstuevesomething that checks the free mem, and then adds another to the working dir...
03:25.26jstuevedid that...
03:25.46jstuevewith a torrent and the ipkg .. I'm dling about 13KBps
03:25.59jstueveranging high at around 40KBps
03:26.31NAiLah, right now I'm getting about 2.5-3mbit :D
03:27.19jstuevebursted a bit there...
03:28.24jstuevebe nice to be getting higher.. but I'm not sure the torrent I'm downloading has a bunch of peers...
03:30.22NAiLunfortunately, my upload seems to be somewhat constant 900kbps, which is a bit too much for comfort
03:31.03jstueveyeah.. I have to keep mine below a threshold for VoIP.. but the router QoS should take care of that...
03:32.04NAiLI guess I should limit the outbound traffic a bit
03:32.15NAiLits choking my line
03:33.01jstuevewhat are you dl?
03:33.52NAiLlinux isos, just to test ;)
03:37.01jstueveI always test with pornos.. ;)
03:37.20jstuevebut I did want to dl the latest fedora core distro
03:37.22NAiLI guess that's a popular test-bench ;)
03:38.59NAiLI guess the script doesn't handle reboots well
03:39.20jstuevenope.. have to move the torrent back out to the main dir.
03:39.54jstueveso if I kill Working.txt I can run the scrip again to start a new torrent?
03:41.54NAiLhopefully, torrens will be done tomorrow ;)
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05:10.11CIA-903nail 07org.openembedded.nslu2-linux * r8c8d23c7... 10/packages/sysvinit/ (sysvinit/openslug/inittab Update /etc/inittab, to prepare for pbutton fix
05:19.59*** join/#nslu2-linux mattthew (
06:05.16CIA-903nail 07org.openembedded.nslu2-linux * rf4bc4dc4... 10/packages/linux/ (2 files in 2 dirs):
06:05.16CIA-9Fix pbutton to signal init, so it shuts down safely (Requires upgraded sysvinit)
06:05.16CIA-9Fix rbutton to do machine_power_off(), since reset if unreliable.
06:10.14CIA-903nail 07org.openembedded.nslu2-linux * r002eae68... 10/ (29 files in 19 dirs):
06:10.15CIA-9propagate from branch '' (head 6db0fc38678acba6c316704e15a880cf5e7d3a03)
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06:33.06Airw0lfhas anyone here successfully installed perl modules from CPAN?
06:33.37Airw0lfi have read the groups and found out about the busybox gzip problems regarding internet installation from CPAN
06:33.52Airw0lfhas anyone got around this?
06:34.53NAiLipkg install gzip?
06:35.35Airw0lfNAiL: i will try that now...but i got the impression it wasn't cos gzip was missing...
06:35.52NAiLCan't remember how to install cpan stuff
06:36.02NAiLcould you give me a cmdline, and I'll test?
06:36.25NAiLAirw0lf: There's a difference between busybox gzip and gnu gzip,
06:36.57Airw0lfi just reread the post and realised that
06:37.19Airw0lfNAiL: are you a perl user?
06:38.00NAiLI have perl installed
06:38.04Airw0lfok...i'm wondering whether the rest of the perl install will even work
06:38.15Airw0lflet me try it though
06:38.36NAiLThere's a bunch of modules available as ipks though
06:38.47NAiL856 or so
06:38.51*** join/#nslu2-linux eno-away (
06:38.57Airw0lfperl modules or regular modules?
06:39.03NAiLperl modules
06:39.14NAiLipkg list|grep perl
06:41.05Airw0lfhmm, is that for unslung?
06:41.34NAiLah, no, openslug
06:41.52Airw0lfyeah, i thought as much
06:42.48Airw0lfwhoa i found it for unslung
07:00.40Airw0lfI have installed 'perl-template-toolkit' using ipkg
07:00.58Airw0lfhowever, i cannot find any of the files listed here:
07:01.07Airw0lfcan anyone confirm?
07:01.44Airw0lfapologies if this isn't a developer question...hoping some perl programmers would know
07:02.52*** join/#nslu2-linux eumel (
07:03.04Airw0lfexample: ./opt/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.6/armv5b-linux/Template/Plugin/XML/ is not found
07:05.36Airw0lfargh i'm an idiot
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07:40.01blaster8can't seem to connect to the monotone server - I can ping it but get connection refused
07:40.59ka6soxwait one.
07:43.44blaster8and the ucslugc boost build failed with an odd error (cannot create directory /home: File exists)
08:00.48ka6soxdunno why monotone is offline...appears online to me.
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09:49.51rwhitbyka6sox-office: ping
09:49.54rwhitbyka6sox-away: ping
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15:25.48CIA-903jbowler 07org.openembedded.nslu2-linux * r09d7f197... 10/conf/ (distro/ucslugc.conf machine/nslu2.conf):
15:25.49CIA-9nslu2.conf: change to the IPKG_ARCHS to include the correct architectures
15:25.49CIA-9(armv*b for all armv* suppported by the xscale processor). The old
15:25.49CIA-9'generic' armeb is still suppported (of course) and, by default, this is
15:25.49CIA-9the ARCH of the generated packages - this is technically wrong, the
15:25.50CIA-9packages are actually armv5teb - but changing this would make the feeds
15:25.53CIA-9non-functional for existing systems.
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15:53.41matt_Hi, where can I find the default OpenSlug kernel config?
15:54.43VoodooZ_Workunder openembedded/packages/linux/openslug-kernel- I think
15:56.17matt_ok thanks :)
15:57.28matt_is recompiling the kernel on openslug pretty much like on any linux box?
15:57.38matt_untar under /usr/src/linux, make etc?
16:01.36hanjo-workmatt_: you shoud try to use the benefits of bitbake
16:02.08hanjo-workdo you have the toolchain installed?
16:02.20matt_on a desktop pc?
16:02.42matt_no... how would bitbake help me for kernel recompiling?
16:03.53hanjo-workwell, you can just do your modifications, invaludate the stamps and use bb openslug-kernel to do the rest
16:06.16matt_invalidate the stamps?
16:06.33matt_you mean use bitbake to create a custom firmware on my desktop then upslug it to my slug?
16:10.43hanjo-workyou can upslug the whole image, or you can reflash just the kernel if you have a recent openslug on the slug with reflash -k after installing the new kernel ipk.
16:12.59matt_I see - so it'll only reflash the affected part of the image?
16:13.32matt_what does invalidating the stamps mean?
16:14.25hanjo-workwhen using the bitbake build system, a stamp is created at major points during the build process
16:14.46hanjo-workusualy in tmp/stamps
16:16.25matt_what does the stamp represent? like a file hash?
16:16.40matt_and how do i invalidate the stamps?
16:17.22hanjo-workNo, they are simple files. Just delete them
16:17.24*** join/#nslu2-linux jipi (
16:18.51matt_but what do they do?
16:19.56hanjo-workFor example, after making changes to  work/openslug-kernel- you can delete openslug-kernel- and the rest. Then you issue bb openslug-kernel and it will repeate the phases
16:20.29hanjo-workopenslug-kernel-* are in tmp/stamps
16:20.35matt_I see
16:20.52matt_so after that will I need to use make again, or will the flash image be ready?
16:22.00hanjo-workIf you properly remove the stamps from the modification point till the end, bb will package the kernel and the module files
16:22.13matt_package them into the flash file?
16:22.19matt_or do I still need to rerun make?
16:22.30hanjo-workwhat make?
16:22.44hanjo-workthe kernel will be compiled, packaged, etc.
16:22.52hanjo-workwhat you get is a .ipk of the kernel
16:23.08hanjo-workif you like a complete new image
16:23.16hanjo-workyou have to repeat bb openslug-image
16:23.42hanjo-workso you need to delete the stamps for that also, and than use upslug to flash the new image.
16:24.22hanjo-workbut if you have a recent openslug on the slug, it is much more easy to use the reflash script after installing the newly created kernel package with ipkg
16:39.23matt_oh I seeeeee
16:39.37matt_so it's a case of installing the new kernel package with ipkg - that's nifty :)
16:39.40matt_thanks hanjo :)
16:43.43hanjo-workyes, as long as the modules did not change, you just need to install the new kernel package, and then you need to reflash -k /boot/zImage
16:47.51matt_ok, where is the reflash tool?
16:48.09matt_...and what happens if the modules do change?
16:51.16hanjo-workthen you need to install the module packages also. reflash is part of the openslug-init package i think
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17:22.54SpanKYthe perl package in OE ... does that install a full perl or just miniperl ?
17:23.08blaster1got a hardware question in nslu2-general, can someone have a look?
17:29.14jbowler-zzzSpanKY: full perl, no perl modules.
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18:35.50CIA-903jbowler 07org.openembedded.nslu2-linux * r3d3d7753... 10/packages/monotone/ (
18:35.50CIA-9monotone-5 0.22 - the LUA hook for anonymous_read must be updated (moved
18:35.50CIA-9into the standard read hook).
18:35.50CIA-9test 247 (lua function existsonpath) fails - apparently there is a problem
18:35.50CIA-9with search the path for executables. This is the only remaining
18:35.51CIA-9unexpected failure (all unexpected failures in previous versions except the
18:35.53CIA-9netsync 'largish-file' test now function correctly on an NSLU2).
18:35.56CIA-903jbowler 07org.openembedded.nslu2-linux * r23548cd4... 10/ (16 files in 13 dirs):
18:35.58CIA-9propagate from branch '' (head 167e15fd041bdf8e86fff3513e13934a284b3d06)
18:38.20*** join/#nslu2-linux Tiersten_ (i=tman@nslu2-linux/Tiersten)
18:40.42CIA-903jbowler 07org.openembedded.nslu2-linux * r96b19529... 10/packages/meta/ UcSlugC: add dev packages
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18:58.56n6modHas anyone done any work on supporting a USB WiFi NIC?
18:59.26n6modGoing to Fry's anyway, and I thought I'd pick up one to play with.
18:59.42n6modIf there are giants' shoulders to stand upon, I'm not too proud. :)
19:00.25Tiersten_Not yet but two of the developers have a ZD1211 based USB dongle which has open source drivers
19:00.49NAiLTiersten: Mine hasn't arrived yet, so it's only one :(
19:00.58n6modAh, excellent.
19:01.11n6modZD1211 = Cheap Airlink stuff. ;)
19:05.53TierstenOkay.  1 dev has it :)
19:05.56TierstenOne more is pending
19:09.32n6modCan someone point me towards a good writeup on how do deal with lib dependencies in cross compiliation?
19:09.44n6modI'm still beating my head against the wall trying to get libptp to configure.
19:12.02n6modIt builds just fine on its own, but I'm after ptpcam, which depends on libusb, and I don't seem to be able to tell configure where to find libusb (even though I've staged it)
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20:50.17n6modJust got an AirLink WiFi dongle, and it is indeed a ZyDAS 1211
20:59.55*** join/#nslu2-linux marceln (
21:00.41*** join/#nslu2-linux blaster8 (
21:01.50marcelnI have a error on installing libusb into openslug 2.5
21:02.00marcelnIt can't find ldconfig!
21:02.15marcelnShould i log this as a bug?
21:02.24dyoung-zzzzls /sbin
21:02.31dyoung-zzzzits in there.
21:02.52marcelnYes it is!
21:05.13marcelnThe cause was "sudo". Because i used sudo "/sbin" wasn't in my path.
21:12.34geojeffdyoung-zzzz, i'd like to take a stab at sound input this weekend. i have external SoundBlaster 24bit USB to try.  i've unslung, and gather i'll need to move to openslug, but could use a pointer for how to proceed.
21:14.10*** join/#nslu2-linux llagendijk (
21:23.14*** join/#nslu2-linux CIA-8 (
21:30.20*** join/#nslu2-linux hanjo_ (
21:39.40mithroanyone know a cheaper version of something similar to a slug?
21:40.17NAiLCheaper than the slug? You can get a slug for like... $80
21:40.48mithroNAiL: $80 US?
21:40.59NAiLThink it was $80
21:41.02NAiLhang on a sec
21:41.46NAiLoh, you're in .so
21:42.00NAiLThen it's a bit more (well, way more) expensive
21:42.10NAiL <-- $79.99 at newegg
21:42.15NAiLbut they won't ship over here
21:42.33mithroi really wish the slug was in the standard linksys stackable formfactor as well
21:42.57*** join/#nslu2-linux blaster8 (
21:44.28mithrowhere is .no?
21:46.45mithroyou wouldn't happen to know the cheapest way to get some usb ports :P
21:47.52NAiLsome usb ports on what? a PC?
21:48.53mithroi have a wrt54g currently
21:49.06mithroi'm thinking i should have got the asus one with the usb port
21:49.37*** join/#nslu2-linux blaster8 (
22:04.28*** join/#nslu2-linux llagendijk (
22:09.01rwhitbymithro: yep, you should have got the asus wl500gx :-)
22:12.49mithrothat is the delux model right?
22:17.31rwhitbyyep, make sure you get the deluxe model for the usb 2.0 ports
22:19.11mithroi can't find them anywhere here :/
22:20.05NAiLAppears to not be available in .no either
22:21.16rwhitbymithro: perhaps you can get someone in UK or DE to buy one for you?
22:25.00mithroanyone know what is in those cheap usb print servers?
22:27.00*** join/#nslu2-linux nslu2-log (n=nslu2-lo@nslu2-linux/dyoung)
22:29.00DaKathats the deluxe one
22:29.18DaKawonder if they are avaliable in sweden too...
22:29.36mithroDaKa: you in Sweden?
22:29.48mithrothey are found in denmark
22:31.41mithroDaKa: where in Sweden are you?
22:31.52DaKamithro: Stockholm
22:33.05DaKahm.. the WL-500G deluxe is avaliable on too
22:34.30mithro1095 KR
22:35.06DaKamithro: where are you?
22:38.27mithroin Lapis :P studying at KTH
22:41.01*** join/#nslu2-linux mattiekat (
22:49.05*** part/#nslu2-linux SpanKY (
22:49.29mithroDaKa: where in stockholm are you located?
22:49.54DaKaright now at work on kungsholmen, thorildsplan
22:50.20DaKa(yes, I know its sad beeing at work at 00:55.. but :-)
22:56.40mithroanyone know what these print servers run?
22:56.58rwhitbymake autobuild on openslug-native only took 8 hours (most of that was 140 monotone revisions in)
22:57.05rwhitbymithro: model no?
22:57.21rwhitbyyou could use the asus as a print server too.
22:59.03mithrorwhitby: the print servers are really cheap, so if they did run a really cut back version of linux it shouldn't be hard to use them as a file server instead
23:09.25rwhitbymithro: are you talking about the linksys print servers?
23:11.32mithroany of the usb print servers :P
23:12.00rwhitbyneed a model number, so I can look at the firmware for it.
23:13.59mithroBelkin F1UP0001
23:15.48rwhitbyfrom the firmware image, it looks like the PSUS4-EU uses an ADM5120 processor
23:16.14rwhitbyand is also done by SerComm (like the NSLU2)
23:17.08mithrowhich means?
23:17.51mithroit runs linux or ecos or something?
23:19.01DaKa4Mb flash, 32Mb ram, 175MHz, not that bad..
23:22.59mithroso far that kinda of makes it the cheapest option
23:23.31mithroonly usb 1.1 however
23:24.15mithrowhat about the Belkin one?
23:34.50*** join/#nslu2-linux matt_ (
23:35.29matt_Hey, I was on earlier and speaking to Hanjo (I think) about compiling a custom kernel for openslug
23:35.44matt_he was very helpful, but I need a couple more hints
23:36.37matt_in order to use bitbake to recompile my custom kernel, can I just edit defconfig in the directory /slug/openembedded/packages/linux/openslug-kernel- and then use bitbake to make a kernel ipkg?
23:37.53matt_I've found this:
23:38.18matt_but I where does the bb command come from? by installing bitbake like this: ?
23:42.10rwhitbymithro: can't find any firmware for the belkin one
23:44.01rwhitbymithro: apart from the nslu2, most things you'll find will not have much 2.6 kernel support.
23:50.09*** join/#nslu2-linux ByronT (n=byron-po@nslu2-linux/ByronT)
23:51.54mithrobah, why does international shipping have to cost so much?

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