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03:27.47[g2]dyoung-web, hey
03:30.00[g2]dyoung-web, you know we aren't running nfs v3 right ?
03:32.15dyoung-webhow did you arrive at that conclusion?
03:32.34[g2]because the mount says v2
03:32.51[g2]and the NFSD_V3 is not set in the default kernel config
03:33.03dyoung-webthats from openslug defconfig
03:33.17[g2]and look a couple lines after that
03:33.29dyoung-webOh yeah
03:33.35dyoung-webOkay, fix it!
03:33.57[g2]well I changed that but it still doesn't seem to mount V3
03:34.16[g2]that's why I thought I'd talk to THE MAN (dyoung0
03:38.15[g2]Just and FYI
03:38.20dyoung-webI thought it used 3 by default.
03:38.23[g2]and everyone else
03:38.27[g2]me too :)
03:38.38dyoung-webdid you commit the defconfig change?
03:38.48[g2]it didn't seem to fix it
03:39.31[g2]maybe my mount cmd is wrong
03:39.36dyoung-webthere used to be a option to mount to force the version.
03:39.41dyoung-webbut I cant seem to remembver it
03:39.49dyoung-web-o version=3 or something
03:40.18dyoung-webmount -o options from to
03:40.35dyoung-webso try mount -o nfsvers=3 /foo
03:42.01[g2]NFSv3 not supported!
03:42.01[g2]mount: wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on,
03:42.23[g2]root@apex:~# mountd
03:42.23[g2]root@apex:~# svc: unknown version (3)
03:42.23[g2]svc: unknown version (3)
03:42.39dyoung-weba light bulb went off
03:42.53[g2]so you're in the dark now ? :)
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03:43.19dyoung-webbecause nfs-utils uses --enable-nfsv3 .
03:43.53[g2] /mnt/nfs nfs rw,v2,rsize=8192,wsize=8192,hard,udp,lock,addr= 0 0
03:44.15[g2]without the nfsvers that's the /proc/mounts line
03:44.20[g2]note the "v2"
03:45.01[g2]is there and --enable-nfsdv3 ?
03:45.07[g2]is there an --enable-nfsdv3 ?
03:45.21dyoung-webhow old is your nfs-utils, and are you certain you have the kernel defconfig in?
03:45.25dyoung-webcat /proc/defconfig
03:45.52[g2]that's not enabled
03:46.02[g2]it's today's pull
03:46.20[g2]plus that change for nfsd_v3
03:46.56[g2]btw is there a graceful way to shutdown nfs ?
03:47.21dyoung-webwell, for nfs-utils, nfsv3 is either on or off.
03:47.39dyoung-web(ie: there is no differentiation between server and client nfsv3)
03:48.14dyoung-webreboot it. :-)
03:48.29[g2]that's what I've been doing :)
03:48.43[g2]I was kinda looking for /etc/init.d/nfsd stop
03:49.10dyoung-webDidnt write it yet.
03:49.19[g2]me either
03:49.28[g2]I'm trying to make v3 work :)
03:49.52[g2]or at least understand which version I'm running
03:50.06NAiL[g2]: tried gphoto2?
03:50.15[g2]hey NAiL
03:50.17[g2]not yet
03:50.24[g2]the build died on that
03:50.26dyoung-webdo you have rpcinfo?
03:50.42[g2]dyoung-web, server or client ?
03:50.43NAiL[g2]: with what error? It build (and it's in the feed) on my end.
03:51.12[g2]dyoung-web, my question was on the slug or PC
03:51.13dyoung-webI guess thats a client.
03:51.38[g2]gentoo2 root # rpcinfo
03:51.38[g2]Usage: rpcinfo [ -n portnum ] -u host prognum [ versnum ]
03:51.51dyoung-webrpcinfo -u slug nfs
03:52.26[g2]program 100003 version 2 ready and waiting
03:52.53[g2]the rmtab has a 0x00002 in it also
03:57.51dyoung-web[g2] were you concerned about being the default kernel?
03:58.25dyoung-webI pulled earlier today and see that its defaulted to
03:58.35dyoung-webUnless I missed something.
03:59.11[g2]there was talk in OE that there might be jffs2 corruption in 2.6.12
03:59.17[g2]on ARM
03:59.23[g2]mtd layer
04:00.08jacquesI guess it changed the, because when I built it yesterday morning it built
04:00.47dyoung-webSomething must have changed... is it using nslu2-kernel or openslug-kernel in a preferred way?
04:01.39dyoung-webso what is openslug-kernel for now?
04:01.47dyoung-webI'm confused.
04:01.58dyoung-web[g2] which kernel defconfig did you change?
04:02.11dyoung-webopenslug-kernel-foo or nslu2-kernel-foo ?
04:02.18jacquesmine didn't build openslug-kernel
04:02.20dyoung-weboh, maybe thats why it doesnt work then
04:02.37[g2]I did a bb -c clean
04:02.59dyoung-web[g2] but if you modded the openslug one, thats the wrong one
04:03.05dyoung-webopenslug-kernel one
04:03.23[g2]I only modded it locally
04:03.26[g2]for testing
04:03.56dyoung-webwhich it though?
04:04.14dyoung-webtmp/work/openslug-kernel or tmp/work/nslu2-kernel ?
04:04.42[g2]Ok I *don't* have an nslu2-kernel
04:05.02[g2]I've got a tmp/work/openslug-ker.
04:05.19NAiLI've only got nslu2-kernel
04:06.43[g2]Ok... I'll bet this is a different between a make and a build clean of tmp
04:07.51dyoung-web[g2] what does your openslug.conf tell you the preferred kernel provider is?
04:09.28[g2]PREFERRED_VERSION_openslug-kernel ?= ""
04:09.40dyoung-webno, not that one
04:09.53dyoung-webthe pePREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel ... ?
04:10.11[g2]PREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel ?= "openslug-kernel"
04:10.42dyoung-webI think thats a very old file.
04:10.53dyoung-webbut it doesnt matter for npow
04:11.03dyoung-webso you are modding the right file.
04:11.16dyoung-webso I'm *totally* in the dark as to why it doesnt think V3 is there
04:11.31NAiLPREFERRED_VERSION_openslug-kernel ?= ""
04:11.31NAiL# The nslu2-kernel version is currently tracking the latest
04:11.31NAiL# Change before release!
04:11.31NAiL#PREFERRED_VERSION_nslu2-kernel ?= ""
04:11.49NAiLPREFERRED_PROVIDER_virtual/kernel ?= "nslu2-kernel"
04:12.27[g2]we'll figure it out
04:12.42[g2]NAiL, you've been sleeping OK ?
04:12.58NAiL[g2]: yeah, for the last ~6.5 hours
04:13.07NAiLWhich is unusually long for me ;)
04:13.12[g2]very good
04:13.13dyoung-webAre you and me and beewoolie the only folk interested in nfs?
04:13.36[g2]I'd love to have stats on the packages pulled
04:13.37NAiLCan't say I hear much about nfs, actually
04:14.00dyoung-webfrom feed?
04:14.11[g2]ipkg updated
04:14.11dyoung-webwe'll have that soon enough.
04:14.37NAiLbtw, who can add "Openslug Packages" on slugbug?
04:15.00dyoung-webTiersten, rwhitby, ka6sox should be able to
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07:46.15*** topic/#nslu2-linux is Developer (not end-user) discussion about modifying the Linux operating system on the Linksys NSLU2. Use #nslu2-general for end-user questions. See for info, and be sure to read before asking questions.
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09:10.51mr_claus_who knows how to build a dyndns server? is there software available?
09:12.48NAiLdyndns *server*? As in, software to provide services like
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09:46.27mr_clausNAiL: it seems that tools (i checked out updatedd) are working with sending html to the dyndns providers
09:50.43NAiLyeah uses a rather simple way of updating
09:51.07NAiLjust fetching an url, basically
09:51.44mr_clausNAiL: so there is no protocol in background?
09:52.22NAiLthere's no "secret" protocol afaik. You can take a look at's way of doing it. They've documented it on their website.
09:52.33NAiLI think uses something similar
09:54.20mr_clauswhat do you think would be better, use a protocol or build up a page? next question would be which one is faster to build up?
09:55.17NAiLThe easiest solution is to use apache+php+mysql+bind (with bind patched for mysql), and just make a php-script that parses the parameters in the url.
10:03.48mr_claushmm, i have no apache/php on my server :/ so i have to do it in another way, i will see how much work is using a protocol
10:04.11NAiLgood luck ;)
10:06.50mr_claushmm, no udevd without sysfs, if i want to recognize the disks at startup i have to mount sysfs, if i mount sysfs i could mount proc as well
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10:38.58emacsenI know that this is not the user channel. But no one's there. I know that you need to make three partitions on a new disk to make it usable, but I don't know what the contents of those disks need to be. Is there a document somewhere that'll tell me?
10:41.07mr_clausemacsen: no, i searched for it a few weeks ago
10:41.35mr_clausemacsen: i tried to rebuild my disk without formatting but it wasn't possible
10:41.59mr_clausemacsen: best thing is to copy the old stuff to another disk, reformat with the tool and copy all things back
10:42.37emacsenwhat other disk?
10:43.06emacsenI don't have a Windows box. I figured I could just make what I needed, especially if it's ext3
10:43.24mr_clausemacsen: do you use unslung?
10:43.50emacsenI'm just using the original firmware, so that's a yes (?)
10:44.31mr_clausemacsen: no, if you use the original firmware then you use the linksys software but not unslung
10:44.44emacsenoh, sorry
10:45.35mr_clausemacsen: what you can do is to plug off your disk, plug in on any other linux box and mount the large partition, copy your data to any other disk
10:45.35emacsenso I'm SOL unless I use unslung? I modded my WRT54G, but don't want to unless I have to. I bought it because I really want something that plugs into disks and runs Samba/NFS
10:46.08emacsenwell... the Linksys box doesn't recognize the disk as formatted
10:46.19mr_clausemacsen: then you could plug the disk back to the box and reformat it with the webinterface
10:46.41mr_clausemacsen: after that you copy your data back to the disk
10:46.49emacsenthe web interface doesn't have an option to format it
10:47.53mr_clausemacsen: so you use the nslu2 or the wrt54g?
10:47.54emacsenoh, found it. but it didn't come up the first time
10:48.25emacsenbug in the UI... found it
10:49.20mr_clausNAiL: do you have an idea why udev is not running well while booting? i mounted sysfs and proc, then udevsend, the devices are there but the links are not made
10:49.36emacsenthanks mr_claus
10:49.45mr_clausNAiL: i think there is something missing, perhaps i have to startup any other things?
10:49.47mr_clausemacsen: np
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14:03.12VoodooZ_workI'm getting: monotone: beginning commit on branch 'org.openembedded.nslu2-linux'
14:03.12VoodooZ_workmonotone: misuse: no unique private key for cert construction
14:03.35VoodooZ_workon my first commit of my openslug tree. How's the key thing done?
14:04.07repvikYou need to generate a key to submit anything to the main repo
14:04.38repvikmonotone genkey or something like that
14:05.04VoodooZ_workI think I've seen that in the monotone tutorial somewhere... Thanks.
14:06.07VoodooZ_workwow! That was easy! "monotone genkey <email>
14:06.53VoodooZ_workcommit worked. thanks.
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14:24.24repvikyou won't be able to sync until someone adds your key to the repo though
14:25.01VoodooZ_workbut most of my changes are specific to my robot so I won't be pushing those.
14:25.28VoodooZ_workwith BK, I had a second clean repo I used for pushing changes.
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15:05.08[g2]jacques, around ?
15:05.58[g2]repvik, ping
15:06.44[g2]did you run mysql last night ?
15:07.06repvikno, I started rebuilding it again
15:07.27repvikI can try again now that it's finished, just have to get my build box up
15:08.18mr_clausi compiled mysql yesterday without any problems if that helps you
15:09.04[g2]mr_claus on openslug ?
15:09.33mr_clausnot native, i compiled with the buildsystem on x86 with the crosscompiler
15:10.03[g2]repvik and I were testing the cross built
15:10.09repvikmr_claus: with the bb in monotone?
15:10.10[g2]did it run for you ?
15:10.38mr_clausi did a update and run make openslug-build
15:10.52[g2]mr_claus, it seems close but there's still some final setup to make it actually work
15:11.20mr_clausok, i dont use mysql but it compiled without any problem
15:11.59mr_clausso i dont know if its working because i never installed it at the box
15:15.02repvik[g2]: the newest(r2) is in the feed, but the index isn't updated yet.
15:15.13repvikAs soon as I update the index, I'm gonna try on my slug
15:17.43[g2]I'm wondering why the post_install stuff doesn't seem to be working
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15:30.22repvikWhat the?
15:30.37repvikthe safe_mysqld script suddenly *disappeared* from under my feet
15:31.28repvikthis is... not good
15:31.47repvikif I do "su mysql", I get some... interesting results
15:33.01repvikjust changed the passwd too
15:33.32repvikDatabase changed
15:33.32repvikmysql> select * from user;
15:33.46repviknow works, with one small change required after installation
15:33.56repvik[g2]: ping
15:34.51repvikWith the latest rev, the only thing you need to do is to is "mysql_install_db && chown -R mysql.mysql /var/mysql"
15:34.58repvikor, chown, su mysql, mysql_install_db
15:36.11repviknow, you'll need to update base-passwd... hmm... will that work at all?
15:36.47repvikwell... add a mysql user, anyhow
15:36.54[g2]THX: it'll give it a shot
15:37.05repvikIn the next stable release, the user will be in the passwd file by default.
15:37.26[g2]are you updating the repo now ?
15:37.39[g2]I was just going to pull
15:37.53repvikrepo was updated yesterday
15:37.59repvikfeed was just updated
15:38.57repvikTrying to set up stuff on nudi so it'll build & update automagically now.
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17:12.15VoodooZ_workAnybody has a fix for the broken base-passwd package?
17:13.12VoodooZ_workIt's a missing mysql patch?!?!?!?
17:18.55CIA-803nail 07org.openembedded.nslu2-linux * r74b6989a... 10/packages/base-passwd/base-passwd-3.5.9/mysql.patch: Whoops ;)
17:19.08VoodooZ_workthank you.
17:20.33VoodooZ_workA guess a make update should do it right?
17:20.50repvikyes, or monotone update in openembedded/
17:21.34*** join/#nslu2-linux [cc]smart (
17:21.47VoodooZ_workI'm starting to really like this monotone.
17:21.59VoodooZ_workI might start using it for my robotics projects.
17:22.23VoodooZ_workI've always been too lazy to use some form of version rev. system but it's a good time.
17:22.49[cc]smarti've always been too lazy to not use a versioning system
17:23.02repvikforgot, monotone pull, then monotone update :P
17:23.32VoodooZ_workoops. I should have known that! :)
17:24.15VoodooZ_workPULLs into local DB then UPDATEs local copy.
17:25.03VoodooZ_worknow that I wrote it down, I'll never forget! :)
17:26.43VoodooZ_workThanks mate. It works fine now.
17:27.47repvikIt'd better work! :P
17:39.27[cc]smartwhen upslug fails back with failure in version verification i need to do upslug -u. correct or dangerous ?
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17:47.12VoodooZ_workWhat does it do again? writes the flash image to flash from linux?
17:51.58[cc]smarti did it already.
17:52.28[cc]smartis there a reason for the new image to not output kernel messages to console anymore ?
17:52.32[cc]smartduring boot ?
17:54.48repvikaha... you're using 2.6.12+?
17:54.57repvikafaik, it's a bug
17:58.38VoodooZ_worka bug? wow. that's a weird one!
18:00.52[cc]smartin any case, this bug hides itself very well....
18:01.18VoodooZ_workAny fixes for it?
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18:02.20repviknot that I'm aware of
18:02.55VoodooZ_workhey! You're NAiL! I didn't know.
18:03.06VoodooZ_workI guess you have multiple personalities! :)
18:03.25[cc]smartsince it's nail, i've got some news....
18:03.39[cc]smarta) cyrus-imapd compiles without any issues on my side
18:03.50Tierstenshhh... repvik is his secret identity
18:04.09Tierstenlike superman.  leaps nslu2 in one bound and all that....
18:04.13NAiLI'm doing a complete build of openslug-packages on nudi. I'll do cyrus-imapd when that is done.
18:04.14[cc]smartb) added pce and postfix to oe symlinks
18:04.18[cc]smartthey compile fine
18:04.38VoodooZ_worknudi? ummm?
18:04.41NAiLWhat's pce?
18:05.38[cc]smartyes pcre
18:07.05NAiL[cc]smart: are you gonna use postfix?
18:07.20[cc]smarti already do
18:07.36NAiLWhat post-configuration is needed? Doesn't postfix add lots of users?
18:08.28NAiLgood ;)
18:08.33Tiersten1 UID and 1 GID
18:09.20[cc]smartpostfix alone is not much of use for your plans, though.
18:09.37[cc]smartyou should add sth. like cyrus-imapd to the mix
18:09.42[cc]smartwhich is what i am going to do
18:10.08[cc]smartNTW, how about monotone write access ?
18:11.02[cc]smartdont be so syntaxish :)
18:12.39NAiLyes, was gonna ask rwhitby about that
18:13.44Tierstensyntaxish?  it's hard to tell whether it's a typo or something else if it's a TLA :)
18:45.55[cc]smarti need a small negotiation :)
18:46.14[cc]smartinstalling ntpd package par default activates it in rcx.d links
18:46.56[cc]smarti DONT know if this is a good thing to do or not. no influence from my side on that point, one could argue for both.
18:47.19[cc]smartwhat is strange though is, wehn installing ntpdate, this is NOT active par default.
18:47.43[cc]smartnow, if ntpd IS, ntdate is close to mandatory to ALSO get active par default
18:48.05[cc]smartnow which side of that choice should openslug take
18:48.14[cc]smartmake both active par default or both not
18:51.55VoodooZ_workactive or installed by default?
18:52.22[cc]smartnone of the two is installed par default
18:52.48VoodooZ_workI definitely wouldn't make it installed by default as not everybody wants it. (especially me.)
18:52.51[cc]smarti mean, when you install them ntpd is active par default, ntpdate is not
18:53.07[cc]smarti don't want them in the bease image
18:53.12[cc]smartno way
18:53.28VoodooZ_workIt should be user configuration thing.
18:53.41[cc]smartthis is about the issue, that ntpdate is inactive par default and ntpd is active
18:53.49VoodooZ_workoh sorry.
18:54.17[cc]smartthey should either both become inactive or both active as default
18:54.55VoodooZ_workno clue
18:56.43[cc]smartin any case, i'm in vain searching for the plac where these links are defined to come into existance.... sbdy has a hint ?
18:57.26[cc]smartautotools it seems is responsible for that
18:57.35[cc]smartbut it seem to opearte for ntpd only
18:57.55[cc]smarti'm cluerupted
18:58.54[cc]smartah got it
18:59.16[cc]smartbut i see no way to have two definitions for the two different initscripts
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19:20.46[cc]smarthow can i read what files are contained in an ipkg file ?
19:20.57[cc]smarti mean, before its installed
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20:58.50*** join/#nslu2-linux [g2] (~g2@g2.nslu2-linux)
20:59.22[g2]NAiL, cp: cannot stat `/home/tom/dev/1july_mono/openslug/oe-symlinks/packages/base-passwd/base-passwd-3.5.9/openslug/./mysql.patch': No such file or directory
20:59.46NAiL[g2]: sorry, do an update
21:00.06[g2]I just did an update :)
21:00.14[g2]a few hours ago :)
21:00.24NAiLthere's a new revision in :P
21:05.16[g2]NAiL, so does that fix the mysql post_install issues ?
21:07.57NAiLno, still need to chown /var/mysql.
21:07.57[g2]just wondering
21:07.57NAiLbut that *should* just be do_post_install() or something in the bb, right?
21:07.57[g2]I think so
21:07.58[g2]I've got to learn more about all that stuff
21:07.58[g2]the native_compile script needs a minor tweak
21:07.58NAiLbut that change *requires* that the newer base-passwd has been installed
21:07.58[g2]it is
21:08.02[g2]well... it's built
21:08.27[g2]I guess I could ipkg upgrade base-passwd
21:08.33NAiLdoesn't help much
21:08.42NAiLit doesn't overwrite the passwd/group files :P
21:09.01[g2]are they very different ?
21:09.02NAiLOk, I should just make some checks to see if there is a mysql user/group
21:09.10NAiLno, it just adds mysql user
21:09.31[g2]Ok.. I can do that manually
21:12.54NAiLDunno if I'm actually gonna make more changes to mysql. Rather add a mysql howto on the wiki. ipkg install mysql, add mysql user, chown dir, mysql_install_db etc.
21:16.31[g2]-awayNAiL, that's good for now
21:17.12NAiLwhen did you go away?
21:17.22NAiLaha.. there's two of you
21:19.06[g2]extra X-chat app
21:19.24NAiLaha :)
21:19.38[g2]button's right next to the mozilla icon
21:20.48NAiLI'll have a look at the howto stuff tomorrow. Atleast it works with a little nudge now.
21:22.29DaKa2hm.. I wonder.. debian might have some nice patches for gphoto2
21:23.38CIA-803nail 07org.openembedded.nslu2-linux * rabcd0bbf... 10/packages/strace/strace-4.5.12/quota.patch: Reverse patch so it applies and strace Just Works (TM)
21:25.21[g2]NAiL, that's a brand new patch ?
21:25.52DaKa2no, a fix for one that was there already
21:26.08NAiLIt works on my end now
21:26.12NAiLI straced strace :P
21:26.18DaKa2lol :-)
21:27.48NAiLThere's a working version in the feed
21:28.33DaKa2dammit.. debian has gphoto2 2.1.6, wich aparently incorporates all of debians patches.
21:28.48NAiLand we're using which version?
21:29.44DaKa2cp is that all?
21:30.00NAiLTrying to build now
21:30.10DaKa2thats cheating
21:30.38NAiLlooks good though
21:31.07NAiLbuilds, too
21:31.26NAiLdoesn't install any libs though
21:31.35DaKa2well, that needs fixing
21:31.45DaKa2but just copy those manually for testing
21:32.15DaKa2it finds my ixus, but if I try to do anything with it it segfaults, 2.1.5 that is
21:33.36NAiLdo_install_append() { }
21:55.31NAiLCIA-8: ping
21:55.48NAiLmissed the cronjob by a mile
21:58.00*** join/#nslu2-linux Tiersten (tman@Tiersten.nslu2-linux)
21:58.36CIA-803nail 07org.openembedded.nslu2-linux * ra112b52b... 10/packages/ (gphoto2/ libgphoto2/ Upstream upgrade to 2.1.6
22:08.16*** join/#nslu2-linux Tiersten_ (tman@Tiersten.nslu2-linux)
22:20.09*** join/#nslu2-linux ov2k_ (
22:31.41*** part/#nslu2-linux marceln (
22:41.53jacquesNAiL, you fixed strace?? what was it?
22:42.14NAiLthe patch (quota.patch) was the wrong way
22:42.22NAiLtrying to remove a line instead of adding it
22:44.07[g2]for the non OE'ers did you guys see this article
22:45.08jacquesNAiL, so oe-built strace runs properly on the slug now? doesn't do that one line and exit thing?
22:45.21[g2]jacques, yes
22:45.26[g2]NAiL, fixed ti
22:45.28NAiLjacques: I straced strace, and that worked like a charm
22:45.47jacquescan you strace ls ?
22:46.15NAiLlstat64("./log", {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=10395, ...}) = 0
22:46.15NAiLlstat64("./stace.ntpd.log", {st_mode=S_IFREG|0644, st_size=9851, ...}) = 0
22:46.16NAiLwrite(1, "\33[0;0mlog\33[0m                   "..., 64log                    
22:46.23jacquesmaybe after that you can take a look at file and bison?  ;-)
22:46.26NAiLthree random lines. there were a couple of pages ;)
22:46.36jacquesyeah seems fixed then
22:47.07[g2]I've built file natively and it should probably be able to add
22:47.13[g2]dunno about the licence
22:47.39[g2]and I then libtool should be upgraded to 1.5.18
22:47.54NAiLjacques: file bugs in slugbug. Makes it a lot easier for me to track which packages are broken
22:47.56[g2]it runs much better on the native compiles
22:48.04NAiL[g2]: you should too, actually ;)
22:48.15[g2]NAiL, nod.
22:48.30jacquesNAiL, OK
22:48.33NAiLNow that there's a target for packages, it makes more sense
22:49.04[g2]we also need a strategy for what to build
22:49.23[g2]I think some may be wondering about building everything all the time
22:49.36NAiLthere's a lot of packages
22:49.44[g2]that's a *good* thing!
22:49.53[g2]hey time for food
22:50.09NAiLyes, but building all of them all of the time isn't necessarily a good thing ;)
22:50.25[g2]-awayit is for testing :)
22:50.33NAiLyeah :)
23:59.41*** join/#nslu2-linux Tiersten (tman@Tiersten.nslu2-linux)

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