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00:35.36jbowler-zzz[g2]: install meld
00:36.14jbowler-zzzCurrent versions of monotone (post 0.19) preferably used kdiff3 over either meld or the emacs/vile possibilities.
00:36.25[g2]meld ?
00:36.51jbowler-zzzIt is possible to write a lua hook to handle the three way merge with the editor (or scripting) of your own choice...  The actual code is in the source (i.e. the default hook).
00:37.17jbowler-zzz'meld' is a X based three way merge too which, despite being disliked somewhat on #monotone, is actually quite useable.
00:37.19[g2]I'm running 18
00:37.46jbowler-zzzFrom this point of view it doesn't matter - 0.19 is the same.
00:38.07[g2]I only had a minor tweak to openslug-packages
00:38.20jbowler-zzzOne important tip #monotone pointed out to me - if you get into trouble, kill the process - monotone is atomic, it won't damage the db.
00:38.34jacquesewww gnome   ;-)
00:38.51[g2]and the repo was several days old, so I just blew it all away and did a fresh wget etc..
00:38.58jbowler-zzzjacques: yes, my thoughts too.  You don
00:39.07jbowler-zzz't like it you write a lua hook ;-)
00:39.55[g2]jbowler-zzz, jacques What do you think about an OpenSlug release ?
00:40.01jbowler-zzz[g2]: it's going to happen again, to all of us.  Unless you sync/update every second sooner or later a merge will be required.
00:40.22jbowler-zzzWhat for?  Everything that has changed is in the feed.
00:40.34[g2]jbowler-zzz, Oh yeah the merge isn't a big deal
00:40.48jacques[g2], probably a good idea, but personally I have a lot of catching up to do on the current monotone stuff
00:41.18[g2]me too on the monotone... what's that saying ?
00:41.29[g2]"Seek progress not perfection" ?
00:41.33jacquesdamn gentoo
00:41.39jbowler-zzzYeah, but what is the point of making a release - what needs to be reved that won't get reved automagically by the first ipkg upgrade?
00:41.41jacqueslatest meld they have is from july 2004
00:42.01jbowler-zzzjacques: that one works for me.
00:42.13jacquesbut... but... it's so old
00:42.13[g2]jbowler-zzz, the point is I think we can make a pretty full featured stable release
00:42.46jbowler-zzz? which is identical to OpenSlug-2.0???
00:42.47[g2]I'm thinking OpenSlug, native compile, LAMP and a stable set of packages
00:43.00jbowler-zzzNone of those are in the image.
00:43.25jbowler-zzzTell me one thing which changes if a release is made now?
00:43.37[g2]actually, the script I tested with should be the same as in monotone now
00:43.45jacqueshas kernel or glibc changed ?
00:44.09[g2]the switch to 2.3.5 with the glibc-linux headers automatically generated
00:44.41[g2]that was in OE a week or so ago and that's what I've been testing the native compile against
00:45.14jbowler-zzzmr_claus'es changes are in the kernel nslu2-io.c (udev support).
00:45.27jacquesI need to give the headers thing a hard look
00:45.34jbowler-zzzSo the point of a release is to move to glibc 2.3.5?
00:45.40jacquesis it taking the kernel headers from our kernel ?
00:45.58[g2]it builds the 2.6.11 sanitized headers
00:45.59jacquesor is it doing some generic arm kernel config thing and using those headers?
00:46.16jacquesdoes perl pass all tests from those?
00:46.57[g2]all but 3 python
00:47.01[g2]and the kernel builds
00:47.03jacquesI guess they're OK then
00:47.14[g2]and apache and php5
00:47.31[g2]and openssl
00:47.39jacqueswhat about kismet ?
00:47.46[g2]haven't tried
00:48.09[g2]you guys know I'm having hw built right ?
00:48.28jacquesyou might have mentioned that once or twice
00:48.47[g2]well there is a minipci slot
00:49.04[g2]and I'm sure there's tons of radio cards that'd work
00:49.52jbowler-zzz2.6.11 santized headers - I don't see the difference from before - what's changed?
00:49.53[g2]but kismet on WRT54G with the sd/mmc hack would probably be the ticked
00:49.55[g2]but kismet on WRT54G with the sd/mmc hack would probably be the ticket
00:50.57[g2]pb_ koen mickely or someone fixed the 2.3.5 glibc to automatically build them
00:51.04jacquesthe headers in oe made configuring native dev easier
00:51.08[g2]or added the depends
00:51.21[g2]jacques, yes no more tarring
00:51.56[g2]I think we are at the point where a native development package would be pretty trivial
00:52.06jbowler-zzzThe headers used in the build are the same as before.
00:52.18[g2]I didn't diff them
00:52.26[g2]but the appear to operate the same
00:52.51jbowler-zzzlinux-libc-headers- -> r1
00:53.16jacquesI'm talking about the headers in /usr/include/[asm,asm-generic,linux]
00:53.39jacquesbefore those did not exist unless you manually tarred them up from your kernel build dir
00:53.58[g2]exactly and that was fixed in OE about a week ago
00:54.07[g2]I 've been testing against that
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00:54.31jacques[g2], I think you and I are on the same page on this, I was just answering jbowler-zzz
00:54.44[g2]Ahh.. ok
00:54.55jbowler-zzzNo; I think I'm still not understanding the reason for a release.
00:55.18jbowler-zzzIf linux-libc-headers is the issue, it can be added to the feed (now it makes a package - r0 didn't)
00:56.22jbowler-zzzIt's not in openslug-packages.
00:56.39[g2]I doesn't need to be
00:56.56jacqueswell before I can have a strong opinion either way I feel I need to learn how to checkout and build the latest code again
00:57.07jbowler-zzzTrue, it gets built anyway, but it needs to be in the dev package - and that doesn't exist yet.
00:58.09[g2]jbowler-zzz, I'm saying I think if we build what in monotone now and run the ipkg install script we probably have a full native devel environment
00:58.10jbowler-zzzSo, as I understand it, the only reason for wanting glibc-2.3.5 was to get the libc headers, but in fact glibc-2.3.5 isn't required for that.
00:58.52[g2]I think that fix is only in 2.3.5
00:58.53jbowler-zzzWell, linux-libc-headers-dev_2.6.11.1-r1_armeb.ipk should be in the feed.
00:59.06[g2]that's what get's installed
00:59.30jbowler-zzzIt isn't in glibc, it's in linux-libc-headers.
00:59.31[g2]I think there's no a dependency on that
00:59.57jbowler-zzzLet me put it this way, linux-libc-headers-dev_2.6.11.1-r1_armeb.ipk should be in the feed now.
01:01.22jbowler-zzzAnd: RDEPENDS_linux-libc-headers: <empty>
01:02.27jbowler-zzzIf it isn't in the feed then it is because the image modules are deliberately excluded, but I don't actually know how the feed gets built, jacques?
01:03.44jacquesnot sure I understand the question - I thought feed was everything in openslug-packages
01:03.53jbowler-zzzI think it is too.
01:04.12jacquesas to how it's updated, I don't know, dyoung-zzzz might
01:04.28jbowler-zzzHere's the problem: if I do an ipkg upgrade now (well, when the latest stuff is in the feed) I suddenly get glibc in its entirety (I think).
01:04.31jacques(how it's propagated to the server)
01:05.00jbowler-zzzAn interesting question at this point is who wants to be the openslug package manager...
01:05.02jacquesI don't recommend updating glibc with ipkg (at least it used to be a dicey proposition)
01:05.24jacquesnew version of glibc, new kernel are decent reasons for a new release
01:05.30jbowler-zzzRight.  So if glibc is about to get pushed to the feed, then we suddenly want to make a release...
01:05.45jacquesok I understand your point now
01:06.04jbowler-zzznew kernel: I'm testing, I would like that to be in asap to avoid divergent kernel work.
01:06.08jacqueslast thing we want is a lot of ppl doing ipkg upgrade and getting hosed because glibc is being replaced
01:06.29jacquesesp since sill ipkg won't tell you what it's about to upgrade
01:07.23jbowler-zzzAny guesses as to what the base module is called?
01:07.40jacqueslibc6 ? checking
01:08.04jbowler-zzzCurrent build: libc6_2.3.5+cvs20050627-r0_armeb.ipk
01:08.06jacquesyeah I think it's libc6
01:10.00jbowler-zzzOpenSlug-2.0: libc6_2.3.2+cvs20040726-r17_armeb.ipk
01:10.42jbowler-zzzOk.  OpenSlug-2.2 == kernel greater) + libc6_2.3.5  How does that sound?
01:13.32jacquessounds good
01:13.46jacquesgotta go for a bit - BIAB
01:20.46[g2]sorry was away for a bit
01:22.56jbowler-zzzI'm running meld
01:23.23[g2]jbowler-zzz, a big portion of my release thought is to have a known snapshot for users pulling from the ipkgs
01:23.51[g2]since much of that stuff doesn't need to be the daily flux
01:24.20[g2]then we can have a stable and controlled upgrade cycle for the vast majority of users
01:24.28[g2]maybe we are not there yet
01:26.58[g2]and OpenSlug package manager is needed
01:31.32jbowler-zzzThe problem with kernel upgrades is I always forget to rebuild the eth modules - so boots, but no ethernet...
01:33.53jbowler-zzzTo make it worse I now have to upslug.  First time in several weeks.
01:34.44[g2]you've done great things for OpenSlug
01:35.13[g2]forgetting to build the eth modules isn't one of them :)
01:37.05jbowler-zzzSometimes I wish bitbake had something like PVDEPENDS - i.e. rebuild me if the PV of this dependency changes.
01:38.06[g2]it's all a work in progress
01:38.27[g2]I'll tell you though it's night and day from a year ago
01:38.59[g2]I thought buildroot was cool then, but we've got a pretty slick setup now
01:39.13[g2]warts and all
01:49.37jbowler-zzzoptware-build failure: (cd /home/nslu2/nslu2-linux/optware/builds; cvs co -D "2005-04-23" byRequest;)
01:49.37jbowler-zzzcvs [checkout aborted]: end of file from server (consult above messages if any)
01:50.19jbowler-zzzThere aren't any messages, but it happens every time (instantly).
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02:07.11jbowler-zzzKernel is in monotone - not in the OpenSlug build yet, but can be built (see the Wiki).
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02:58.13glcHmm. 20 members of the slug special forces now.
03:06.35NAiLWhat does a package manager do anyway?
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03:08.24dyoung-webHe determines the suitablity of packages for openslug, then releases them to the package feed, and tasks relating to that.
03:11.10dyoung-webglc, theres a 2nd page too; unless you were counting de-underclocking technicians rather than raw number of de-underclocked slugs.
03:12.21glcWow. The army grows.
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03:23.01dyoung-webI added more power stats courtesy of yahpn to the wikipage
03:23.24dyoung-webI didnt make it pretty.  If someone knows wikispeak, feel free to fix it.
03:24.17jbothmm... dyoung is just some guy with a UBESSA. That's a 'Unorthrodox But Effect Super Serial Adapter'. He is also the master of doing things in the ugliest possible way, and a part time kernel diddler.
03:24.42ByronTdyoung-web, your parts are on the way to me!
03:24.43[g2]~praise dyoung
03:24.43jbotAll hail dyoung!
03:24.59dyoung-webMy parts?
03:25.07dyoung-webOh, my CPLDs and stuff?
03:25.21ByronTwhatever it was that ka6sox got me to order
03:27.59ByronTwere those your CPLDs then?
03:28.56ByronTI miss a full day of nslu2-linux and feel completely out of sync.... what has happened in the meantime?
03:29.02NAiLHow on earth am I going to change the uid/gid of a directory in an ipk?
03:30.21ByronTI gotta grab a beer, anyone else want one?
03:30.52NAiLIt's 5:30 am. A beer sounds tempting.
03:31.16dyoung-webwell, you probably want to make sure the user/group exists before you change the ownership to them right?
03:31.44NAiLdyoung-web: yeah. And so far, the only way to add a user I know is to add it to base-passwd
03:32.17NAiLhaven't quite gotten around to that "group" part yet. Guess it's somewhere ;-)
03:32.48dyoung-webI'm sure it will be well documented when get it all worked out. :-)
03:33.04rwhitby-awayjacques: ipkg -test upgrade will tell what it is going to do.  -test is your friend
03:33.33NAiLthat isn't exactly common knowledge though. A lot of users are gonna stuff up on that I think.
03:35.48rwhitby-awayNAiL: yep, that's why we need an OpenSlug package manager.  It's a harder job than Unslung, cause unslung doesn't change kernel or libc *ever*.
03:41.49NAiLWouldn't it be a good idea to have a feed specifically for the openslug version in question? With only fixes backported?
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03:52.11rwhitby-awayNAiL: that would be up to the OpenSlug package manager to decide :-)
03:52.33rwhitby-awaysounds like you've got some good ideas already ...
03:52.48NAiLdon't look at me that way :-p
03:53.05ByronTI've heard this speech before!
03:54.58rwhitby-awayheh, back later.
03:55.27NAiLI'm not entirely sure I am up to the task.
03:57.45ByronTthat's just great... my daily nlsu2-linux mailing message got cut at message 8 because *someone* couldn't figure out how to snip his own messages (or get his messages all in one posting)
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04:03.29rwhitby-awayhey josh
04:03.40rwhitby-awayhave you looked at the new master makefile yet?
04:05.14jp30hi rwhitby, no i haven't had a chance
04:06.22jp30...looking at it now
04:09.05jp30looks like it works ok to download and start building optware. i don't have monotone yet, so can't test anything else
04:09.23jp30...i'll be back in Davis soon and will be back in the swing of things
04:09.53dyoung-webIt doesnt complete the optware part for me, croaking on fontconfig
04:10.24dyoung-webspews out all sorts of SGML warning/error messages
04:11.03jp30hmm... interesting. likely a problem with itself rather than the master makefile i'd say
04:11.14jp30can you quote a sample of the error messages?
04:13.39dyoung-webYeah, just a moment.
04:15.14rwhitby-awaybyRequest has a download problem too.
04:15.39dyoung-webnsgmls:/home/dereky/nslu2-world/optware/builds/fontconfig/fc-cache/../fc-cache/fc-cache.sgml:1:59:W: cannot generate system identifier for public text "-//OASIS//DTD DocBook V4.1//EN"
04:15.40dyoung-webnsgmls:/home/dereky/nslu2-world/optware/builds/fontconfig/fc-cache/../fc-cache/fc-cache.sgml:35:0:E: reference to entity "REFENTRY" for which no system identifier could be generated
04:15.40dyoung-webnsgmls:/home/dereky/nslu2-world/optware/builds/fontconfig/fc-cache/../fc-cache/fc-cache.sgml:1:0: entity was defined here
04:15.53dyoung-webthats the typical message for several hundred lines
04:16.01dyoung-webthen it eventually says...
04:16.22dyoung-webnsgmls:/home/dereky/nslu2-world/optware/builds/fontconfig/fc-cache/../fc-cache/fc-cache.sgml:180:65:E: element "EMAIL" undefined
04:16.22dyoung-webCan't call method "value" on an undefined value at /usr/share/sgml/docbook/utils-0.6.14/helpers/ line 249, <STDIN> line 1.
04:16.22dyoung-webmake[7]: *** [fc-cache.1] Error 8
04:16.40dyoung-webIts using some host SGML stuff which may be the problem
04:17.00jp30dyoung, that's weird, fontconfig shouldn't be trying to use docbook stuff when configured --disable-docs
04:17.43dyoung-webYeah, I seem to be th eonly one that has this problem.
04:20.30jp30think i've found the problem. line 412 of fontconfig's sets an automake conditional based on whether docbook2html was found, not whether docs are enabled
04:21.21dyoung-webjp30 thanks/.
04:21.39dyoung-webIts no rush though, since as far as I can tell, I'm the only one having the issue.
04:21.46jp30dyoung does it work if you set the environment variable ac_cv_prog_HASDOCBOOK=no
04:22.36jp30if so, it would be appropriate to set that in
04:23.08dyoung-webblew away builds/fontconfig to try again
04:24.27dyoung-webwell, it went on to libgd; so I'm tempted to say yes.
04:24.58dyoung-weband on to libxml, so I'm thinking the answer is is.
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04:28.58jp30i've checked in the fix to fontconfig. dyoung, you might want to check that your docbook utils install is functional. in any case optware shouldn't be using it on some systems, and not on others
04:29.58dyoung-webI dont use it usually so dunno.
04:30.23dyoung-webheh my solution was gonna be install ubuntu.
04:31.38jp30hey, change of subject, but i was impressed with the reports of the turboslug modification. i'll try that on one of my slugs when i get home
04:32.38ByronTthe fingernail clip method is supposed to be the easiest way
04:32.41dyoung-weba lot of effort by a lot of people went into that find.  Driven by the irritation of seeing "only" 133bogomips when other ixp platforms show the full 266
04:33.11ByronTit's just too bad that dyoung had to go get a butt kicking when beewoolie decided to do the mod
04:33.50dyoung-webFor the ones I modified, I used the solder lift method so the resistor is still connected on one side in case I need it later.
04:34.29ByronTbtw, how was the butt kicking, dyoung-web?
04:34.44dyoung-webit was nice.
04:34.52ByronTyou sadist you
04:35.04ByronTor is that masochist?
04:36.01enothank you guys for the great job. I turned one of my two slugs into turboslug today and it works great! I don't remember when was the last time i used a soldering iron
04:36.44dyoung-webeno, thank YOU for all of these great package contributions youve made.
04:37.18enoi hope i can get monotone done this long weekend
04:37.29dyoung-webme too.
04:37.36dyoung-webthen I can have my monotone repo on a slug
04:37.42dyoung-webthe same slug that runs apache
04:38.15enothe checked in version builds fine, but there's some runtime problem
04:39.05enosqlite schema version mismatch or something like that, need to look into it
04:39.13dyoung-webis there a mod_python for unslung/openslug yet?
04:39.28enothere's one for unslung
04:39.49dyoung-webHmm... Youre tipping me back to unslung....
04:40.10ByronTdyoung-web, don't you have mulitple slugs?
04:40.25dyoung-webyeah, I have 3.
04:40.31enoor you should temp me to the openslug land
04:40.36dyoung-webNone are in use right now.
04:40.50dyoung-webBut I turboed one last night and put a shiny new USB stick on it
04:41.04ByronTI did have 3, but used one to bribe a graphics pro...
04:41.10enoi'm actually trying to test the new master makefile and got some problem
04:41.22ByronTI'm thinking I need to get back to having 3
04:41.28dyoung-webeno, what sort of problem did you run into?
04:41.33enoNOTE: package cron-3.0pl1-r2: task do_package: started
04:41.34enoERROR: function do_install failed
04:41.34enoERROR: see log in /home/slug/openslug/tmp/work/cron-3.0pl1-r2/temp/log.do_install.25535
04:41.49NAiLIt's missing, probably?
04:41.52dyoung-webMmm... when was the last time you tried this?
04:42.02dyoung-web(or rather, when did you get the Master Makefile last?
04:42.40enoi just did a wget, or do i need to wipe out and start from scratch?
04:43.13dyoung-webIf you started with one before Jun30 western hemisphere time, you'll need to start fresh.
04:43.27dyoung-webbut you can save your dowloads directory
04:43.45enook, let me try that, thx for the tip
04:44.21NAiL/etc/localtime is missing
04:45.19jp30hey, eno, py-bluez is promoted and going in the feed now-ish
04:47.08enogreat! i actually haven't tested it runtime, a friend requested and he will test it
04:54.13dyoung-webback later
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05:10.22enois there a netstat in some package on unslung?
05:18.49enonevermind, found it in net-tools
05:29.15*** join/#nslu2-linux mr_claus_ (
05:48.47jacquesjbowler-zzz, cool, ipkg -test is a new one for me
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12:31.42rwhitby-awayperlguru: got your soldering iron ready?
12:31.54perlgurudo i need one?
12:32.10rwhitbyonly if you want to double the core clock speed of your slug ..
12:32.11Tierstenor nail clippers if you want to follow glc :)  Not that we recommend that method!
12:32.29perlgurutell me...
12:35.26perlgurulooks like even I can do it ;)
12:35.56perlguruany horror stories yet on this subject?
12:36.55TierstenExtra power consumption is minimal and the temperature increase is also minimal
12:37.23TierstenAll that it relies on really is your skill in removing the SMD without breaking anything :)
12:48.28perlguruwhat is the status of the buildenvironment?
12:48.38perlgurustill bitbake?
12:49.46rwhitbyperlguru: "mkdir /home/slug ; cd /home/slug ; wget ; make"
12:50.58perlgurumagic ;)
12:51.30perlgurui'll do this later, i am updating my gentoo box at the moment
12:51.46rwhitbymake sure it's got monotone 0.19 installed
12:52.42perlguruchecked. emerge monotone will give me 0.19
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15:05.18jbowler-zzzjacques: what is ipkg -test?
15:18.43jacquesjbowler-zzz, sorry that was meant for rwhitby :-)
15:19.10jbowler-zzzSounds useful though...
15:19.11jacqueshe told me that ipkg -test will do what I wanted
15:19.22jacquestell one what ipkg is going to upgrade
15:19.30jacqueswithout actually doing it
15:19.39jbowler-zzzAh ha!  Yes.
15:19.56jacquesI swear last time I looked (years ago) it wasn't there :-)
15:21.23jbowler-zzzLike --pretend in gentoo apparently: root@lochalsh:~# ipkg -test install gcc
15:21.23jbowler-zzzInstalling gcc (3.4.4-r0) to root...
15:21.23jbowler-zzzDownloading ftp://marsco/osuclibc/deploy/ipk/gcc_3.4.4-r0_armeb.ipk
15:21.24jbowler-zzzNothing to be done
15:22.59jacquesso it downloaded it but didn't install?  I guess it has to download to get deps
15:28.33jbowler-zzzI don't know - if it downloaded it it got deleted afterward, but the local download is too fast for me to be sure.
15:30.02jbowler-zzzYes, it must be downloading because it does get the dependencies
15:30.24jbowler-zzzNo... maybe not - maybe they are in the Packages file.
15:31.53jbowler-zzzYes, they are, for example: Package: libldap-2.2-bin
15:31.54jbowler-zzzVersion: 2.2.24-r3
15:31.54jbowler-zzzDepends: libldap-2.2-7 (>= 2.2.24), uclibc (>= 0.9.27), libgcc1 (>= 3.4.4)
15:34.04jbowler-zzzStill it does download - I move the ipk on the ftp server and "ipkg -test install libldap-2.2-bin" failed
15:34.34jacquesJul  1 15:35:06 (none) -- MARK --  messages in the log are annoying
15:39.04jbowler-zzzSet the shell variable MARKINT in /etc/syslog.conf
15:44.57jbowler-zzzoptware needs a javac compiler?  classpath build fails: configure: cannot find javac, try --with-gcj, --with-jikes, --with-kjc, or --with-gcjx
15:44.58jbowler-zzzmake: *** [/home/nslu2/nslu2-linux/optware/builds/classpath/.configured] Error 1
15:46.20*** join/#nslu2-linux CHAOSiTEC (
15:52.10jacquesjbowler-zzz, yeah currently it does :-\
16:07.44*** join/#nslu2-linux CHAOSiTEC (
18:04.41perlguruI got an error with make-> monotone: misuse: no database specified
18:05.20perlgurumaking from scretch
18:11.15perlguru-> monotone: misuse: no database specified
18:11.57perlgurumonotone: successful exchange with
18:11.57perlgurumonotone: [bytes in: 26.0k] [bytes out: 3094] [certs in: 26] [revs in: 8]
18:11.57perlgurumonotone pull
18:11.57perlgurumonotone: misuse: no database specified
18:11.57perlgurumake: *** [update-master] Error 1
18:16.23jacqueshmm I guess we gotta wait for the monotone gurus to wake up
18:19.29ByronT-Awaylooks like it lost the default server information
18:20.24ByronT-Awaydo a monotone -d monotone/nslu2-linux.db pull org
18:20.59ByronT-Awaythat should set the default server back to our monotone repo...
18:38.18jbowler-zzzIf the pull fails - for example because there are two heads (I think that will do it) then the nslu2-linux.db is left broken
18:38.40jbowler-zzzI.e. 'make setup' won't fix it, cause it is apparently already setup.
18:40.24jacquesthis this what's fixed in 0.20 ?
18:41.02jbowler-zzzNo - it's a bug in the master makefile
18:41.34jbowler-zzzI'm not sure how to fix it, seems like since setup does two expensive pulls there should be two setup steps.
18:42.09jbowler-zzzHum.  That gives me an idea.
18:56.02jbowler-zzzNo, two heads won't cause it to fail - just a non-available (or a timeout).  In that case the setup fails - it's just a bad rule for 'monotone-update'.
18:58.36perlgurui did the make in a clean dir
18:59.33*** join/#nslu2-linux CHAOSiTEC (
19:04.24jbowler-zzzperlguru: what happened immediately after the command:         ( monotone -d monotone/nslu2-linux.db pull org.openembedded )
19:04.34jbowler-zzz(I'm interested in the next three commands executed by make).
19:07.48perlguru[ -e monotone/nslu2-linux.db ] || ( mkdir -p monotone && monotone -d monotone/nslu2-linux.db db init )
19:07.49perlguru( monotone -d monotone/nslu2-linux.db pull org.openembedded )
19:07.49perlgurumonotone: setting default server to
19:08.11perlgurumonotone: setting default collection to org.openembedded
19:08.11perlgurumonotone: warning: doing anonymous pull
19:08.11perlgurumonotone: connecting to
19:08.11perlgurumonotone: rebuilding merkle trees for collection org.openembedded
19:09.57jbowler-zzzYes - there should be two 'unset' lines then a pull line - it's what happened on the pull which matters.
19:11.08perlguru( monotone -d monotone/nslu2-linux.db unset database default-server )
19:11.08perlguru( monotone -d monotone/nslu2-linux.db unset database default-collection )
19:11.08perlguru( monotone -d monotone/nslu2-linux.db pull org )
19:11.08perlgurumonotone: setting default server to
19:11.08perlgurumonotone: setting default collection to org
19:11.27perlgurumonotone: warning: doing anonymous pull
19:11.27perlgurumonotone: connecting to
19:11.27perlgurumonotone: rebuilding merkle trees for collection org
19:11.27perlgurumonotone: including branch
19:11.27perlgurumonotone: including branch org.openembedded.nslu2-linux
19:11.27perlgurumonotone: [certs: 221] [keys: 9]
19:11.58perlgurumonotone: first time connecting to server
19:11.59perlgurumonotone: I'll assume it's really them, but you might want to
19:11.59perlgurumonotone: double-check their key's fingerprint: 0d63ffa0fad7729bafd3428d29b28da7b61fac4d
19:11.59perlgurumonotone: warning: saving public key for to database
19:12.00perlgurumonotone: [bytes in: 26.0k] [bytes out: 3080] [certs in: 26] [revs in: 8]
19:12.02perlgurumonotone: verifying new revisions (this may take a while)
19:12.04perlgurumonotone: successful exchange with
19:12.06perlgurumonotone: [bytes in: 26.0k] [bytes out: 3094] [certs in: 26] [revs in: 8]
19:12.08perlgurumonotone pull
19:12.10perlgurumonotone: misuse: no database specified
19:12.12perlgurumake: *** [update-master] Error 1
19:12.14perlguruthat's all...
19:13.33jbowler-zzzAh!  It isn't the default-server etc.  Hum, I saw something like this too then it went away.
19:16.01jbowler-zzzperlguru: do you have an MT/options files?
19:17.06jbowler-zzzIs there a file called MT/options in /home/nslu2
19:17.34perlgurujust a monotone dir
19:17.48perlguruwhich contains nslu2-linux.db
19:17.52jbowler-zzzIn the Makefile, is there command to do monotone... co -b in the monotone-setup step?
19:18.43jbowler-zzzNo, there isn't.  The Makefile on is out-of-date
19:18.56perlgurui took that one...
19:19.08jbowler-zzzOr maybe it's more uptodate and broken...
19:20.46*** join/#nslu2-linux d|dge (~didge@2001:960:624:1:0:0:0:1)
19:20.48jbowler-zzzIf you execute make openslug/Makefile it should work.
19:21.52jbowler-zzz(Well, that command should work)
19:23.47perlguruok, that did something
19:24.46jbowler-zzzIt should work now, I think, it's a maze-of-twisty-make-rules situation
19:25.15perlguruwould be nice if it got solved, for future developers...
19:25.43jbowler-zzzI think it is solved - check the Makefile, it should have changed.
19:27.44jbowler-zzzAnyway, to be safe, execute 'make setup' (either Makefile).
19:28.11perlgurualso the download directory isnot created
19:28.40jbowler-zzzDo you mean 'not created yet' or 'not created at a point where it is used?'
19:29.06perlgurucreated it myself
19:29.15perlguruthat fixed it
19:29.43jbowler-zzzThe problem is that the default 'all' rule doesn't do the setup.  So you have half a directory structure.  If you don't execute 'make setup' with the old Makefile all manner of things will fail (I think).
19:30.20jbowler-zzzEven with the new Makefile, 'make' only works if you do it with the new Makefile - it doesn't work if the directory structure is b0rken by the old Makefile.
19:30.40jbowler-zzz... I think ... like I said, maze-of-twisty-make-rules-all-alike
19:31.08perlguruwell, unslung is building now....
19:31.14jbowler-zzzIf you do 'make setup' however everything should get fixed, so long as you haven't tried to fix it up yourself meanwhile (in that case you are on your own...)
19:31.38dyoung-zzzzprelguru, when did you pull this Makefile, and are you doing it in a fresh directory?
19:32.07jbowler-zzzdyoung-zzzz: I just did a wget on the Makefile.  It is broken.
19:32.20jbowler-zzz(And it is broken in the way perlguru encountered)
19:32.29dyoung-zzzzIs there a fixed one in the repo?
19:32.50jbowler-zzzWell, perlguru didn't answer my question, so I don't know yet.
19:32.56perlgurujust re-wget the makefile from
19:33.01dyoung-zzzzIt worked for me yesterday, which is strange.
19:33.26perlgurudid do a make in a clean directory (the first time)
19:33.58dyoung-zzzzmake clean wouldnt have helped you
19:34.05dyoung-zzzzthere is no "clean" target
19:34.36perlguruno, i did: make $HOME/slug; cd $HOME/slug; wget ...Makefile; make
19:34.49perlgurumake -> mkdir
19:34.53dyoung-zzzzoh, misread that.  heh
19:35.33perlguruseems to work now. also did a make setup
19:35.50perlgurunow 'make unslung' is running
19:37.23jbowler-zzzdyoung-zzzz: it only works if the user does 'make setup'
19:38.38jbowler-zzzIt's a new Makefile, it changed recently, the old one would work without 'make setup', I think.
19:39.00dyoung-zzzzI thought the consensus was the setup tasks were dependencies of the appropriate foo-build targets?
19:39.20dyoung-zzzzSo the one on the website is wrong, but the one in the repo is good?
19:39.53jbowler-zzzNo - I hadn't synced.
19:40.02jbowler-zzz(Since yesterday ;-)
19:40.41jbowler-zzzI think it can be fixed by adding 'setup-foo' stamp files in appropriate places.
19:41.57jbowler-zzzOr just make 'all' depend on 'setup' and have a 'setup' stamp.
19:42.12dyoung-zzzzOk, if the website one ios probably good, i'm gonna go do some errands.
19:42.33jbowler-zzz? good in what sense
19:42.57jbowler-zzzIt can be made to work, and it would be fine if there was documentation to require 'make setup' first.
19:43.01dyoung-zzzzif the one people wget works, I'm not going to fix it
19:43.25dyoung-zzzzbut if its broken, I'm in a position to replace it with one that works.
19:44.10jbowler-zzzI don't know what the constraints are - if the current documentation says 'run make setup first', it's fine (I think).
19:45.05jbowler-zzzBut the current one has .PHONY setup and .PHONY is gnuish - I'm not familiar with it.
19:45.08dyoung-zzzztrying a raw "make" in new directory.
19:55.50dyoung-zzzzwell, it worked for me
19:56.19dyoung-zzzzits now happily building unslung-image
19:56.28dyoung-zzzzwhat version of make do you guys have?
19:58.04jbowler-zzzGNU Make 3.80
19:58.15dyoung-zzzzme too
19:58.20dyoung-zzzzoh well
19:58.45dyoung-zzzzall I can say with any authority is, "typing 'make' worked for me"
19:59.02jbowler-zzzI don't see how it can work in the absence of a bug in make - specifically a bug which doesn't have the feature that unordered targets go left-to-right.
19:59.07dyoung-zzzzin a fresh directory, with a freshly got Makefile from
20:00.36jbowler-zzzall -> update -> update-master -> monotone/nslu2-linux.db
20:00.59jbowler-zzzThat update-master rule does 'monotone pull'
20:01.49jbowler-zzzBut there is nothing in the monotone/nslu2-linux.db rule to do a 'co .'
20:03.05jbowler-zzzdyoung-zzzz: what commands were executed, up to and including the 'monotone pull'?
20:03.13dyoung-zzzzyou can ask rwhitby about it, all I know is it works for me.
20:03.34dyoung-zzzzI dunno, its way out of buffer now
20:03.38dyoung-zzzzI can start it again.
20:06.29jbowler-zzzIf you have monotone/nslu2-linux.db set as a default database in monotonerc (I don't even know if this is possible) that would explain the behaviour.
20:06.53dyoung-zzzzI dont have a .monotone or monotonerc anyplace.
20:13.05jbowler-zzzjbowler@marsco:/home/nslu2/t$ make
20:13.05jbowler-zzz[ -e monotone/nslu2-linux.db ] || ( mkdir -p monotone && monotone -d monotone/nslu2-linux.db db init )
20:13.05jbowler-zzz( monotone -d monotone/nslu2-linux.db pull org.openembedded )
20:13.13jbowler-zzz( monotone -d monotone/nslu2-linux.db unset database default-server )
20:13.14jbowler-zzz( monotone -d monotone/nslu2-linux.db unset database default-collection )
20:13.14jbowler-zzz( monotone -d monotone/nslu2-linux.db pull org )
20:13.30jbowler-zzzmonotone pull
20:13.30jbowler-zzzmonotone: misuse: no database specified
20:14.09jbowler-zzzAt this point there are two files (Makefile, monotone/nslu2-linux.db) and nothing else in the directory.
20:14.51jbowler-zzzMakefile is from wget and matches the head of
20:15.17jbowler-zzzThe make commands match what I would expect the Makefile to do.
20:17.51jbowler-zzzI can't see any reason why it would work - nothing in the monotone manual that I can find about default databases.
20:25.26dyoung-zzzzjbowler-zzz, Okay this is the output:
20:26.40*** join/#nslu2-linux ByronT-Away (~byron-por@ByronT.nslu2-linux)
20:26.48dyoung-zzzzand I've verified that I have no monotonerc's or .monotone anywhere.
20:29.22jbowler-zzzwow.  How does it do that?
20:29.32dyoung-zzzzBeats me
20:29.37jbowler-zzzdyoung-zzzz: do you have a /home/slug/MT directory?
20:29.55dyoung-zzzzyou mean foo/MT ?
20:30.11dyoung-zzzzor .../slug/MT
20:30.20dyoung-zzzzfoo is .../slug/foo .
20:30.30jbowler-zzzI mean MT in the top level directory - where the Makefile is.
20:30.48dyoung-zzzz[dereky@builder foo]$ ls
20:30.48dyoung-zzzzbitbake/  buildlog  Makefile  monotone/
20:31.08jbowler-zzzDo you have a directory MT in any higher level directory (i.e any (../)*MT?)
20:31.21dyoung-zzzz*THAT* I have.
20:31.34dyoung-zzzzbecause my main build is .../slug, and foo is .../slug/foo
20:32.17dyoung-zzzzI can try again in /tmp
20:32.41jbowler-zzzYes - I'm pretty sure it will fail then (unless you have /MT ...)
20:35.23jbowler-zzz(Oh, your .../slug/monotone/nslu2-linux.db will probably have had a pull done on it too)
20:44.30dyoung-zzzzOkay, NOW its PF
20:44.45dyoung-zzzz(properly... um... Failed.)
20:53.19*** join/#nslu2-linux caplink811_log_ (
21:01.53jbowler-zzzdyoung-zzzz: I think I have a fix, just testing it.
21:16.57jbowler-zzzdyoung-zzzz: the monotone head Makefile has my fix (it works) - can you put it on the web site?
21:19.31dyoung-zzzzNot anymore.
21:19.41dyoung-zzzzI no longer have group write access on that file.
21:20.19dyoung-zzzzlets see if the sysadmin can do anything about it.
21:31.18*** join/#nslu2-linux CHAOSiTEC (
21:31.36dyoung-zzzzjbowler-zzz, can you check that out and make sure its the right Makefile please?
21:38.10*** join/#nslu2-linux CHAOSiTEC (
21:38.54CHAOSiTECto use oe i need to download a makefile, right?
22:00.36*** join/#nslu2-linux jf-logger (
23:03.21CIA-803jeanfabrice * 10unslung/ (make/ sources/rrdtool/rrd_gfx.c.wiley.patch): Patched rrdtool to have it compile without wchar_t support (wiley target)
23:09.12jbowler-zzzdyoung-zzzz: revision d527f8c864b93d4971fca8bd5f0155edbf5bd7b1 has the correct Makefile
23:31.41*** join/#nslu2-linux DaKa2 (~david@
23:39.00*** join/#nslu2-linux Tiersten (tman@Tiersten.nslu2-linux)

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