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01:24.03jp30rwhitby, have you had a chance to look at libusb for me?
01:24.38rwhitbyjp30: I updated ftpd-topfield last night.  Can you push the new 0.5.2 version?
01:25.03rwhitbyit built against libusb, so that should be fine.
01:25.34jp30have you checked that it works run time? the name of the libusb shared library has changed used to lack a .so extension due to a libtool bug
01:25.57rwhitbyhaven't had a chance to test it yet, as my toppy is connected to the openslug slug, and my openslug build env is in a bit of a mess at the moment
01:26.14jp30so i read in the email list :( evil bk
01:27.46jp30i would expect that binaries built against the new libusb should be ok - they will know the correct library name.  shall i just push both libusb and ftpd-topfield and see if users complain?
01:28.01rwhitby"Testing is for users" - Linus Torvalds
01:29.54jp30ok, i'll do that then.  i think it will be fine
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03:54.48*** topic/#nslu2-linux is Developer (not end-user) discussion about modifying the Linux operating system on the Linksys NSLU2. Use #nslu2-general for end-user questions. See for info, and be sure to read before asking questions.
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06:30.33rwhitbyall three slugs survived the surgery
06:31.18rwhitbybig thanks to Mark Smith for sending me some parts!
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07:14.19CIA-303jp30 * 10unslung/ (make/ Makefile): split emacs into multiple ipks, enable cross-compilation
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07:41.48mr_clauswhile compiling openslug i get an error with patching ixp425-eth, it seems the patch does not match, can anybody confirm that?
07:45.20jacquesmr_claus, I can confirm that I have not gotten that error
07:47.38mr_clausjacques: when did you the last compile?
07:48.21jacqueslast night
07:48.40mr_clausNOTE: package ixp425-eth-1.1-r1: task do_patch: failed
07:48.44jacquesabout 24 hours ago
07:48.54jacquesok, so what's the log say?
07:49.21mr_clausDEBUG: ethhdr ethhdr.patch
07:49.21mr_clausNOTE: import patch '/mnt/daten/projects/nslu2/openslug/openembedded/packages/ixp
07:49.21mr_claus425-eth/files/ethhdr.patch' as 'ethhdr.patch'
07:49.21mr_clausERROR: patch did not apply, try again with force (-f -i ...)
07:49.56mr_clausmy repo is 2 days old
07:50.31jacqueshard to say what could cause that
07:53.47mr_clauscould you run a md5sum of openembedded/packages/ixp425-eth/files/ethhdr.patch
07:56.34jacques9d577de2ea472fb3363188fb9925754b  openembedded/packages/ixp425-eth/files/ethhdr.patch
07:57.55mr_claustahts the same like my one
07:58.06mr_clausbut the source file does not match with the patch
07:59.01mr_clauswhich line number is that line in your ixp425-eth-1.1-r0/ixp425_eth.c
07:59.03mr_clausstruct ethhdr *eth = skb->mac.ethernet
08:04.13jacquesthere are two lines like that
08:04.46jacques1364 and 1406
08:05.54mr_claus+++ ixp425-eth-1.1-r0/ixp425_eth.c
08:05.54mr_claus@@ -1307,7 +1307,7 @@
08:05.55mr_claus-       struct ethhdr *eth = skb->mac.ethernet;
08:05.57mr_claus+       struct ethhdr *eth = eth_hdr(skb);
08:06.01mr_clausthen i wonder how that patch is working
08:06.21mr_clausthat patch does not fit to the source file
08:06.29mr_claushow it is running at your machine?
08:06.31jacqueswhy not ?
08:06.44mr_clausline number 1307
08:06.50jacquespatch can fuzz the lines
08:08.35jacquesI just started a build from latest pull
08:08.44jacqueswe'll see if I get same error
08:08.46mr_clausHunk #1 succeeded at 1353 (offset 46 lines).
08:08.47mr_clausHunk #2 FAILED at 1395.
08:08.47mr_claus1 out of 2 hunks FAILED -- saving rejects to file ixp425_eth.c.rej
08:08.55mr_clausits the second part
08:14.10jacqueswhat does ixp425_eth.c.rej look like?
08:14.57mr_clausi did a dry-run, there is no rej-file, but it seems that the columns are not matching
08:15.15mr_clausthe orginal line begins at column 18 and the patch is looking at column 15
08:15.36mr_clausperhaps there was included a additional loop before between the versions
08:19.39mr_clausthe patch use the wrong column and it uses blanks instead of \t
08:20.30jacquesmaybe something changed in quilt
08:22.14mr_clausFATAL: oe_runmake failed
08:22.22mr_clausnow it's patched but not compiling
08:26.00jacquesmr_claus, please tell me you're clearing the icp build dir in tmp/work and the proper stamps in tmp/stamps between tries
08:26.35rwhitby-awayrm -rf tmp/{work,stamps}/ixp*
08:26.40mr_clausjacques: no i did not because there was no compile before because the patch was not working only
08:27.07rwhitby-awaymr_claus: that's probably the issue then.  run the command I pasted and try again
08:31.33mr_clausstill the same error
08:33.39rwhitbydunno then
08:33.57jacquesmy build has a ways to go before it gets to that point
08:37.01mr_clauswhats up with the patch, who change it in the repo?
08:38.17rwhitbymr_claus: ask bk - all the history is there ...
08:38.52rwhitbyI haven't seen a changeset go by referencing it ...
08:39.15mr_clausrwhitby: i did not mean who changed it in the past, i mean who can upload the fix
08:40.00rwhitbyno-one - we are in a repo freeze until after the transition
08:47.22jacquesI see no changes on any of the ixp425 patches since 05/06/16
08:48.10jacqueshmm interesting
08:48.26jacquesthat was only a few days ago, and it's for the patch which is failing for him
08:49.42mr_clausperhaps a new source file?
08:50.35jacquesstill several of us built last night
08:50.49jacquesso it's possible the patch was broken for a short time
08:51.00jacquesyou said your pull was from two days ago
08:51.36jacquestho this change was almost 6 days ago
08:51.51mr_clausJun 20 12:44 MET+1
08:57.36mr_clausshould i resync my repo?
08:58.33jacquesnot sure yet
08:59.07mr_clausi dont do it to keep the versions with the error
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09:08.40jacquesmy build is on kernel now so soon
09:13.40jacquesmr_claus, mine built fine
09:16.22mr_clausjacques: then i will get the new repo
09:18.52jacquesyeah I think you should try that
09:26.34mr_clausdelete build/tmp and build/sources?
09:28.17mr_clausi think i will only delete build/tmp
09:31.36jacquesno need to delete sources
09:38.23mr_clausargll, same error
09:38.36mr_clausNOTE: package ixp425-eth-1.1-r4: task do_patch: failed
09:50.06mr_claus425-eth/files/intdriven.patch' as 'intdriven.patch'
09:50.06mr_clausERROR: patch did not apply, try again with force (-f -i ...)
09:55.55jacquesdifferent patch?
09:57.13mr_clausyes, but i see that i forgot to delete ROOT/tmp, i only deleted ROOT/build/tmp
09:57.17mr_clausi restarted
09:57.42mr_clausbut i think the error will be the same because the ixp425 was another version, r4 instead of r1
09:58.10mr_clausbut first i'm waiting for the result
10:06.07rwhitby-awaymr_claus: why do you have two tmp dirs?
10:06.35mr_clausrwhitby-away: i dont know, perhaps one is an old one
10:07.03mr_clausrwhitby-away: it seems that build/tmp was the old one (which was unused) and /tmp is the new one
10:10.09rwhitby-awayanyone know if I can use WDS to link a wl500g with LAN on 192.168.128.x, with a wl530g with LAN on 192.168.1.x ?
10:12.12rwhitby-awayHmm - I should probably just set my netmask on my lan to and be done with it ....
10:18.39mr_clausanybody know where i can by a board with an arm cpu and three network ports?
10:24.51[g2]rwhitby-away, that's what I was going to say about the netmask
10:38.04rwhitby-away[g2]: the idea is my production stuff is on .128.x, and the test stuff is on .1.x, so that when things go into recovery mode they are automatically on the test part of the subnet
10:38.24rwhitby-away(especially when you have two routers, both of which will go into recovery mode to the same IP address)
10:39.59rwhitby-awaySo I think I will just put the wl530g into ethernet bridge mode, and have everything hanging off it on .1.x, and everything else on .128.x, but all actually on the same LAN netmask of ...
10:53.53mr_clausarglll, same error
10:54.00mr_clauswhy its not compiling here
10:56.01mr_claushunk 2 and 4 failed of patch intdriven
10:58.37mr_clausthats the code
10:58.47mr_clausand the patch
10:58.49mr_claus-                    SA_SHIRQ,
10:58.49mr_claus+                    SA_SHIRQ | SA_SAMPLE_RANDOM,
10:59.19mr_clausjacques: how that worked? DRV_NAME should be MODULE_NAME
11:00.05jacquesmr_claus, I dunno what to tell you
11:00.26mr_clausplease could you take a look into these two files
11:00.48jacquesi have to go to sleep now. it's 4am here
11:01.03mr_clausthen gn8 :)
11:01.29mr_clausi will change the patch try the next steps
11:37.57mr_clausi found something about the problem
11:38.05mr_clausthe patches should be ok
11:38.17mr_clausbut there is one big patch which will be done with the prepatch task
11:38.26mr_clausdo_pre_patch () {
11:38.50mr_clausthe ixp425_eth.c.patch contains all the changes the other patches based on
11:39.27mr_clausnow the interesting part, in my workdir i got several files
11:40.11mr_clausi got following messages while compiling
11:40.13mr_clausNOTE: package ixp425-eth-1.1-r4: task do_pre_patch: started
11:40.14mr_clausNOTE: package ixp425-eth-1.1-r4: task do_pre_patch: completed
11:40.27mr_clausbut ... the ixp425_eth.c is not patched
11:41.00mr_clauswhat could be the reason of that issue, log tell me it is patched, the .orig file is there, but the .c file is not patched?
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11:52.02mr_clausonly with that driver patcher will be called, no other package do that
11:52.06mr_clauspatcher -p 0 -i ixp425_eth_1_1_update_nf_bridge.patch
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12:37.40mr_clauschanged patcher to patch in the bb-file and it works now
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13:21.37mr_clausis there an information how to merge the 3 files into on firmware-image?
13:34.08mr_clauscontains the flashdisk image the other stuff?
13:34.49rwhitby-awaytmp/deploy/images/foo.flashdisk.img is the firmware image (8MB)
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15:00.31mr_clauscoooool, my first openslug with homemade firmware is running :)
15:24.08mr_clauswhy i cannot mount my disk with openslug?
15:45.14[g2]mr_claus, congrats!
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20:06.47CIA-303llagendijk * 10unslung/ (5 files in 3 dirs):
20:06.47CIA-3- updated bind to 9.3.1
20:06.47CIA-3- added openssl dependency in makefile
20:06.47CIA-3- cleaned up postinst to remove check for openssl (moved to makefile/ipkg dependency)
20:06.47CIA-3- cleaned up startup script to remove dependency on function script
20:06.48CIA-3- removed renaming hack for ipkg workaround
20:06.48CIA-3Louis Lagendijk <louis,>
20:08.14CIA-303llagendijk * 10unslung/make/ set maintainer field
20:09.55CIA-303llagendijk * 10unslung/make/ removed double desription line
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20:21.38macsathi jeanfabrice :)
20:22.48jeanfabricemacsat: hey
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21:30.41CIA-303jeanfabrice * 10unslung/Makefile: Promote bind, tsocks for wiley
21:44.03jeanfabricellagendijk: ping
22:20.18CIA-303jeanfabrice * 10unslung/Makefile: Promote oww, libghttp for wiley
22:50.21CIA-303aabaker * 10unslung/ (5 files in 2 dirs):
22:50.21CIA-3Create a package for Linux net-tools. This package currently conflicts with
22:50.21CIA-3the GNU coreutils package as both provide a version of hostname
22:51.29AdamBakerAs CIA has just spotted I've packaged up Linux net-tools for unslung
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22:53.30AdamBakerMost (all?) Linux distributions seem to use the net-tools version of hostname which provides -s and -f options to request short or full versions of the name rather than the coreutils version which apparently renames your host to -s if you try to give the -s option
22:54.40AdamBakerShould hostname just be removed from coreutils (it is provided by the Linksys busybox anyway) or do we want to set up update-alternatives for it?
22:58.00NAiL[g2]: ping?
22:59.11NAiL[g2]: Did you run make test when you built perl native? Did it work? :)
23:04.21NAiL[g2]: nm, making test now
23:16.06rwhitby-awayAdamBaker: remove from coreutils is my vote.  Have a chat to Inge (bob_tm) about it, or email the list.
23:16.08rwhitby-awayback later
23:24.36NAiLhmm... Any ETA on when oe will move to monotone?
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23:34.04SutakPlease be kind as this is not strictly a developer question, but I tried the wiki, #nslu2-general and searching the web. I want to start ircd as nobody, but "su" only tells me the output of tinylogin that does not support "su". What I am supposed to do?
23:35.22SutakI am using unslung 5.5, have unslinged to disk and installed a few packages.
23:40.52AdamBakerSutak: you could try installing the coreutils package - that includes a working version of su (but remember to check you have got /opt/bin before /bin in your path). Alternatively you could install the sudo package which provides what I think is a better alternative to using su.
23:48.11SutakThank you.

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