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02:06.27bofh_omegais there a possibility to change the IP address of an fscked nslu2 which is able to boot, able to upslug, but isn't visible in the network. (No serial / JTAG connection available up to now)
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02:09.41ByronTyou could reset the sysconf
02:10.17ByronTthat will put it back to
02:13.46bofh_omegausing the reset button at the back?
02:14.34bofh_omegaah, found it in the wiki
02:18.20bofh_omegahmm, strange the system was already listening to I just didn't get it cause I only tried my own IP range and 192.168.0.*
02:18.33bofh_omegathanks for your help
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11:54.17[g2]Jacmet, if you've got serial you should and are trying to run LE I'd get a copy of APEX and build it for LE mode and have it set everything in LE.
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12:26.54CIA-103sjmelhuish * 10unslung/make/
12:26.56CIA-1Added for oww-0.81.4
12:37.49CIA-103sjmelhuish * 10unslung/Makefile: libghttp and oww ready for cross testing
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13:56.00mr_clausi upgraded to 4.20, could i delete the stuff of /share/hdd/conf?
13:56.16dyoung-zzzzdefine "stuff" .
13:56.22mr_clausit seems that all additional configuration stuff is stored at /shared/hdd/data
13:56.51mr_clausi installed additional packages with 3.18 which were in /share/hdd/conf
13:57.22mr_clausis /share/hdd/conf is needed anymore?
13:57.59dyoung-zzzzhere is stuff there outside of /share/hdd/conf that is required for linksys functionality.
13:58.15dyoung-zzzz*there is stuff....
14:00.34mr_clausbefore version 4 additional things are installed to /share/hdd/conf i think
14:00.58mr_clausnow it will be stored at /share/hdd/data if i understand the docs
14:01.55mr_clausbut in the docs there is an information that the passwd is stored at /share/hdd/conf, why it was be splitted?
14:02.05mr_clauswhich things are on conf and which are on data?
14:05.36dyoung-zzzzwhat did yu upgrade from?
14:05.52dyoung-zzzzin 3.x only opt would be the unslung stuff.
14:06.12mr_clausi upgraded from 3.18beta
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14:06.27dyoung-zzzzand that passwd file is for linksys compatibility.
14:06.31mr_clauswas /opt not linked to /share/hdd/....?
14:06.43mr_claushi odoc
14:06.57dyoung-zzzz/opt -> /share/hdd/conf/opt usually.
14:07.57odocdyoung-zzzz, you heard something from VoodooZ ?
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14:08.13dyoung-zzzzNope, I've been kind of out of it lately.
14:08.17odocdidn't manage to write him an email till now
14:08.32dyoung-zzzzI think he did decide to get a PWC camera.
14:08.37dyoung-zzzzfrom the UK
14:08.42odocim out of everything atm ... work ... work ... work
14:08.48dyoung-zzzzthe only USB2 camera AFAHK.
14:08.57mr_clausok, so all things were in /share/hdd/conf before, now it's splitted into data and conf right?
14:09.07mr_clausdata contains the things from /opt
14:09.23[g2]Jacmet, did you see my note earlier about LE ?
14:10.06rwhitbymr_claus: /share/hdd/conf contains whatever Linksys decides to put in there.  Unslung 4.x puts all it's stuff in /share/hdd/data
14:10.06dyoung-zzzzmr_claus, yes.
14:10.26mr_clausso /opt is not needed anymore?
14:11.03Jacmet[g2]: yes, but for now I'll just stick to the std redboot - that works fine as well
14:11.04dyoung-zzzzunder 4.x, /opt is on /share/hdd/data by default unless youve done something weird.
14:11.30[g2]Jacmet, ok, just FYI
14:11.58[g2]I'd like to play with LE at some point so I may bug you later
14:12.03dyoung-zzzzif you have no /opt, you have no unslung packages installed.
14:12.44mr_clausok, i have run /sbin/slingover disk1 to copy the /opt things into data, but i.e. dropbear was not copied
14:13.03Jacmet[g2]: no problem - I basically have it working now
14:13.29[g2]Jacmet, are you running IXP ethernet with the 1.5 libs ?
14:13.49Jacmet[g2]: E.G. I get to where it tries to mount the root fs
14:13.59Jacmet[g2]: No, I haven't played with that yet
14:14.25[g2]Jacmet, OK. I saw that earlier.
14:14.30mr_claushmm, it was copied, it's on /share/hdd/data/opt/etc/dropbear which means it's on /opt/etc/dropbear too
14:15.01[g2]Jacmet, so you basically have the kernel running in LE mode until mounting the root fs
14:15.14mr_clausbut /share/hdd/data contains bin,home,mnt,initrd,..... too, should it not be in /share/hdd/data/opt?
14:15.25[g2]I'm just trying to make sure we're using the same terminology
14:18.21rwhitbymr_claus: no
14:19.37mr_clausok, i would like to understand which things should be on what tree stored, is there a doc where it is described?
14:19.56mr_clausbecause i.e. i can telnet into my box, but i cannot login with ssh
14:20.23dyoung-zzzzinspect the unsling and slingover scripts.
14:20.30Jacmet[g2]: yes
14:21.07[g2]Jacmet, did you use OE to build or did you roll your own toolchain ?
14:22.58Jacmet[g2]: I just did used the crosstool one from unslung
14:23.02JacmetInitializing USB Mass Storage driver...
14:23.03Jacmetusb 1-1: new high speed USB device using ehci_hcd and address 2
14:23.03Jacmetusb 1-1: no configurations                                    
14:23.03Jacmetusb 1-1: can't read configurations, error -22
14:23.23Jacmethmm, is there an issue with booting directly from usb without the initrd?
14:25.34mr_clausdyoung-logger, ok i will do that, thx
14:25.49[g2]Jacmet, we haven't booted directly to the usb device
14:26.21[g2]I'd imagine there's a timing issue depending on whether it's disk or flash based
14:27.09[g2]a year or two ago I booted a P4 off a custom gentoo flash stick and I need to put a wait in there
14:27.31[g2]it took me several days to hunt the issue down
14:27.51Jacmet[g2]: ok
14:28.08[g2]it was a classic timing issue :)  When I ran the commands by hand from the cmdline they worked
14:28.09Jacmet[g2]: I'll create an initrd then
14:29.27[g2]Jacmet, so I'm a little confused how you get the box into LE mode from Redboot
14:29.48[g2]do you have a custom routine that switches from BE to LE ?
14:31.03[g2]and other than some usb routines I can't imagine why you'd want to run in LE other than LE testing and fun
14:31.25Jacmet[g2]: well, yes - but it's a oneliner - just like there's an arch/arm/boot/compressed/big-endian.S to set the big endian bit I created a little-endian.S to clear it
14:31.43Jacmet[g2]: I basically just want to run debian on it ;)
14:32.12[g2]are you a debian guy ?
14:32.56Jacmet[g2]: I'm not a debian developer - but I have been using debian for the last 6 years
14:33.00[g2]and you'll probably be interested in some of the boxes I'm modifying
14:33.18[g2]I think being a dev is a little overrated :)
14:33.59Jacmet[g2]: what boxes?
14:34.00[g2]The RV082 mods will be an IXP425 @533 with 128 or 256 MB
14:34.44[g2]Early next week I'll get 1st articles of modded NSLU2's with 64MB
14:34.56[g2]plus serial header and jtag header
14:35.15Jacmetsounds nice
14:35.29[g2]Then I'll try bumping the memory to 128MB
14:35.45[g2]The 64MB is pretty should be pretty much a gimme
14:36.01[g2]I'm running 64MB on an IXP422 OEM board
14:36.32Jacmet[g2]: Yes, 64MB should be pretty easy to get going
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14:55.21mr_clausi tried to login with ssh and have two problems
14:55.38mr_claus1. the password which is asked is not the same as the telnet password
14:56.05mr_clausi changed the root password in my telnet session but the ssh connection is validating uNSLUng as root password
14:56.24mr_claus2. [803] May 28 16:01:01 syslogin_perform_logout: logout(ttyp1) returned an error: No such file or directory
15:02.36CIA-103rwhitby * 10unslung/Makefile: Fixed typo in gift-opennap for wl500g.
15:04.34CIA-103sjmelhuish * 10unslung/make/ RRDtool - native build only. Issue with install names.
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15:05.51CIA-103sjmelhuish * 10unslung/make/ libart - RRDtool dependency. Native build only.
15:23.11mr_clausanybody is using nslu2 with pam and pam_ldap?
15:23.17sjmelhuishHi. Could anyone help me out with an issue on rrdtool, please?
15:23.17sjmelhuishIt's prefixing the binaries with "armv5b-softfloat-linux-" when it builds the ipk.
15:23.17sjmelhuishI can't see where this is coming in. (This is with a native build)
15:24.22sjmelhuishBuild output at:
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15:47.42[BioK]someone can help me ?
15:47.54[BioK]i have unslugged but and does unslig but i should missed something
15:48.01[BioK]when nothing attached i can login as root
15:48.08[BioK]when something attached i can't
15:48.20[BioK]look like is not normal what i should do wrong ?
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16:10.49[BioK]ipkg: Couldnt write
16:10.56[BioK]someone can help with that ? now im root it owkr
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16:26.56jp30sjmelhuish, ping?
16:29.09CIA-103jp30 * 10unslung/ (make/ sources/libart/art_config.h): fix libart for cross-compilation
16:40.04sjmelhuishHi jp30
16:40.27[g2]sjmelhuish, I'm very interested in what your are doing with rddtool
16:40.48sjmelhuishIt's a useful tool
16:40.49[g2]I"m planning on doing something quite similar on OpenSlug
16:41.22[g2]I've been working with jbowler and dyoung to get the NTP kinks worked out first
16:41.23[BioK]geez ipkg: write: No space left on device i have 80 gigs left
16:41.27[BioK]what the problem ! ;?
16:41.48[g2]I was thinking about running cacti on the other end
16:42.10[g2][BioK], probably on the wrong device :)
16:42.25[BioK][g2] im cd /share/hdd/opt
16:43.07[g2][BioK], I'm an OpenSlug guys so I'm not super familiar with Unslung
16:43.16jp30hi, sjmelhuish, i think it should be possible to get rrdtool to cross-compile
16:43.25[g2]but "df" is your friend
16:43.43sjmelhuishYes, cacti looks good. But I've not got into it yet. I've done my own php for rrdtool stuff so far.
16:43.56[g2][BioK], and see with "dest" is pointing in /etc/ipkg.conf
16:44.14[g2]sjmelhuish, are you a php guy ?
16:44.31sjmelhuishOk Josh. Just getting your libart update
16:44.40[BioK]ok gonna take a look on that cause /sda1 is really mounted at good place
16:45.14sjmelhuishg2 - not much of one. Just crude hacks to make some pages that plot stuff for the students at work
16:45.26jp30sjm, libart was trivial to get to cross compile - though its author does need to be boxed on the ears for not using autoconf properly was just a matter of storing a pre-generated art_config.h
16:46.36[BioK][g2] there is not ipkg.conf in /etc/ipkg/ i have arch.conf       cross-feed.conf native-feed.conf oe-feed.conf
16:46.42[BioK]but none of em point elsewhere
16:46.57jp30rrdtool looks like it should just need to have some ac cache variables put in the environment
16:48.10sjmelhuishOk - so you just re-generate art_config.h natively, as and when there's likely to be some change?
16:51.19jp30yes - do you have a reason to think it likely to change in future versions?
16:52.08[BioK]even ipkg update give me ipkg: Couldnt write
16:53.15jp30sjm, i have trouble building oww. the official build machine doesn't have XML::Parser there any way you can build oww without it?
16:54.50sjmelhuishlooks at art_config.h - no I guess it's pretty trivial. I'll commit that.
16:56.29sjmelhuishXML::Parser - that's odd. I'll try to see where that's coming from. I'm surprised it wants it.
16:58.23jp30seems to be to do with intltool
17:01.48sjmelhuishOk Josh, I'll look at that.
17:02.10sjmelhuishJust got called away for dinner! Catch you all later.
17:02.23[g2]sjmelhuish, THX for stopping by :)
17:06.44[BioK]argg damnnit
17:13.31caplink811_away[BioK]: so we shpuld step over to #nslu2-general, where you're question is on topic
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17:55.28jp30macsat, can you give me some advice on setting up unslung on my wiley?
17:56.51CIA-103jp30 * 10unslung/make/ fix rrdtool for cross-compilation (hopefully)
18:05.52copperbeechanyone got 2 secs to answer a basic shell scripting question?
18:06.26copperbeechI have a fie full of urls separated by new lines and I want to use wget to download each of them one by one.
18:06.38copperbeechI guess it should be something like:
18:06.54copperbeechwget < urls.list
18:07.13copperbeechbut I'm not sure I should be looking at a << instead.
18:07.19copperbeechthe above certainly doesn't work.
18:08.15jp30have you tried the --input-file / -i option to wget wget for details
18:09.42CIA-103jp30 * 10unslung/Makefile: promote libghttp, demote oww (pending attention from its author)
18:10.18glcwhile read URL
18:10.24copperbeechbonus! Could I have done it with the input file redirection function - just out of interest?
18:10.46copperbeech(the -i option is great job)
18:10.48glcdone < theurlfile
18:24.46llagendijkjp30, what do you want to know about setting up wiley?
18:26.02llagendijkjp30, I have it running here, and I am doing some dev work for it too (quagga)
18:28.01jp30hi, llagendijk. i'm having trouble getting my flash key to be mounted on /opt at boot
18:28.28jp30... let me just try rebooting the wiley and look at what is going wrong with it
18:30.51jp30ok, here's what's happening: i followed macsat's instructions to make a post-boot script, but my flash key always ends up mounted on /tmp/harddisk, rather than /opt
18:31.13llagendijkjp30, have you made post-boot executable?
18:31.48jp30doh! i was sure i did, but it's not. let's see if that helps
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18:32.15llagendijkand did you save it? (flashfs save; flashfs commit; flashfs enable)
18:33.02jp30ok, trying another reboot
18:33.42jp30glorious, it's working
18:33.53jp30thanks, llagendijk
18:34.20llagendijkjp30, I found the problem on your own machine with quagga, am now working on correctly determining whether IPv6 is enabled in (uc)libc
18:34.54jp30good, that sounds promising
18:35.11llagendijkI will only check the changes in when I'm done (have been on a short holiday this week, so it may take a bit more time)
18:35.27llagendijkjp30, talk to you later
18:35.57jp30ok, i'll look forward to seeing them.  bye for now
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22:52.22CIA-803jp30 * 10unslung/Makefile: promote oww, py-clips
22:56.01rwhitby-asleepjp30: is that "clips" or "py-clips" ?
22:58.07rwhitby-asleepcause the mk file is py-clips, but there seems to be a sources/clips dir - the latter should be sources/py-clips
23:03.10jp30hi, rwhitby
23:03.15jp30hmm... will look at that
23:03.29rwhitby-asleepjp30: never mind - seems there is a normal too
23:03.33rwhitby-asleepfalse alarm
23:04.51jp30ah good, i suspected as much when i saw that doesn't reference source/clips
23:05.16jp30also it is by eno, who knows what he's doing
23:09.47rwhitby-asleepindeed - eno is a package generating MACHINE!
23:11.30CIA-803jp30 * 10unslung/make/ libart cross-compilation take 2
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23:39.57enohi, i saw you guys are discussing clips & py-clips
23:40.16enoideally, we should have py-clips depends on clips
23:40.48enobut py-clips references clips source right now, and clips is not ready for testing yet
23:41.01rwhitbyeno: apologies for jumping to the wrong conclusion - I saw updated and something happen in sources/clips, and jumped to a wrong conclusion ....
23:41.25enoi'm working on
23:41.34enoit compiles and builds just fine
23:41.49enojust not using shared lib
23:42.04jp30hi, eno, sounds like you have it under control - need any help with the shared lib issue?
23:43.01enoi'm looking at debian's packaging as a reference, should not be big problem making it shared lib based
23:43.22enoi may also submit a monolithic version for testing first
23:43.55enosince it's working fine
23:44.24enoi ordered my 2nd slug yesterday
23:44.51jp30i just received a wl500gx. unfortunately it's got the bad bootloader bug
23:45.09rwhitbyjp30: you know how to update the bootloader?
23:45.16rwhitbyI did so when I got mine
23:45.32jp30you need a windows box, right?
23:46.21jp30no proprietary software in my house
23:46.48rwhitbydo it at work ? ;-)
23:47.38rwhitby-awayback later
23:48.46enojp30, have you tried to get xvnc working on nslu2?
23:49.08jp30no, i'd like to see it done, though
23:49.22dyoung-zzzzis there a reference and symptom for this bad bootloader bug?
23:50.33*** join/#nslu2-linux dzlabing (
23:51.14jp30one symptom is the gx doesn't know it has 32MB RAM; another problem is that it brings up the ethernet ports in an insecure state at boot. will find a url for you...
23:51.35dzlabingi've installed asterisk on the slug: works, but how powerfull is that device for that pbx - strong enough as a home-pbx, or it just a "proof of concept"?
23:53.07dyoung-zzzzso if cat /proc/meminfo shows me 30M, its okay?
23:53.43jp30dyoung, no, some wileys have one problem but not the other
23:54.35dyoung-zzzzI see, apparently I have the WAN port proble,
23:57.17jp30dzlabing, might be able to tell you more about asterisk, he contributed it
23:59.32[g2]dzlabing, you've got asterisk running on the slug ?

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