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00:09.13CIA-803jp30 * 10unslung/sources/mysql/prerm: mysql: prerm should terminate cleanly even if daemon can't be killed
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02:48.54rwhitby-webVery interesting little program - would be useful if you wanted to run multiple things on a set of two exposed ports (say 80 and 443).  You could run ostiaryd on port 80, and use the PalmOS client to tell it to connect various other things to 443 (e.g. https, ssh, imaps, etc).
02:49.17rwhitby-webI think I'll make Unslung and OpenSlug packages out of it ....
02:52.07jacquesvery interesting
02:52.26jacquesrwhitby-web, I might have to dust off my wrt54gs to play with this:
02:53.42rwhitby-webHmm - I could run that on the Asus wl500gx ...
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02:54.22jacquesif you can get it into monitor mode, I don't see why not
03:00.59rwhitby-webit can run openwrt ...
03:01.20jacquesso same wifi hardware? then should be no problem at all
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03:03.55jp30hi, all. anyone care to try out installing mediawiki? i have placed instructions on the wiki under Packages
03:04.48jp30... i have not tried following them to the letter on a virgin slug yet
03:06.18jp30is it a googlewhack? i doubt it
03:06.38jp30must dash now - back later
03:07.38jacquesok I take it back: "Results 1 - 10 of about 79,500 for virgin slug."
03:10.29rwhitby-webthat's the only real one for "virgin slug"
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03:32.16rwhitby-webjp30: mysql is missing a libstdc<plus><plus> dependency
03:32.32jp30thanks; will fix
03:33.52rwhitby-webmediawiki seemed to install everything else it needed fine.  Can't test until tonight.
03:34.18rwhitby-webvery nice work!
03:48.18CIA-803jp30 * 10unslung/make/ mysql depend and stage libstdc++, bump ipk version
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04:15.49rwhitby-lunchjp30: four mysqld processes ?
04:16.48jacquesare they threads?
04:17.08rwhitby-lunchHmm - dunno, maybe.
04:17.24rwhitby-lunch(Still waiting for it to reboot)
04:23.40jp30it must be configurable in my.cnf; i'll take a look at the documentation
04:38.29jp30they are threads - there is some possibility to configure mysql's thread use, but it looks like mysql is supposed to do pretty effective autotuning of those
04:42.13rwhitby-lunchok, cool.
04:43.20rwhitby# free
04:43.33jp30one thing i'm interested in tuning is eaccelerator... its config file is /opt/etc/php.d/eaccelerator.ini - please tweak and send feedback
04:43.45rwhitbyTotal:        94004        30992        63012
04:44.07jp30(sorry for messing up your table rwhitby)
04:44.20rwhitbyapache itself is 23684
04:44.44jp30ouch, that's larger than my apache process, i think
04:45.30rwhitbyhow big is yours?
04:45.41rwhitby(if it's not too personal a question)
04:45.44jp3016004 :)
04:46.07rwhitbywhat have you turned off, and why isn't it turned off in the default config :-)
04:46.26jp30that's with a default apache 2.0.53-7
04:46.33jp30it hasn't served much yet though
04:46.58jp30one of the processes is much larger than the others, i suspect this may be due to eaccelerator
04:47.42rwhitbyI'm running that same version, and this is immediately after boot
04:47.58jp30let me try rebooting my slug
04:52.19jp30straight after boot, one apache child process, 6MB
04:52.51jp30no wonder you were complaining about the size of apache, rwhitby!
04:54.01jp30rwhitby, was 23684 the sum of the memory use of all the apache processes?
04:58.17CIA-803jp30 * 10unslung/make/ ( split cyrus-sasl-libs into seperate ipk
05:01.09rwhitbyjp30: two apache processes, each 23684.  But that doesn't make sense.
05:01.42jp30no, that doesn't make sense
05:01.58rwhitbythats from stock "ps -ef".  Let's try top from procps ...
05:02.26rwhitby5500 - that's better
05:02.37jp30ah, more plausible
05:03.03rwhitby18% and 16% of memory respectively
05:03.47rwhitbyand each of the three mysqld's are 3012 (10%)
05:06.10jp30try accessing a php page via apache and see how much it grows
05:06.31rwhitbycan't from here - don't have a port forwared to MediaSlug
05:08.13rwhitbyoops.  I just typed "ipkg remove ipkg remove foo" by mistake.
05:08.19rwhitbyNow I have no ipkg :-(
05:09.01rwhitbycan someone tell me the list of files in the ipkg package?
05:09.48rwhitbyis it just ipkg-cl and then the symlink?
05:10.31rwhitbyok, got it back from jffs2.  Ok, that just justified running Unslung 4.x with rootfs on disk.
05:14.00rwhitbywill the stock web interface run under apache I wonder ..... ?
05:16.03jp30i'm kind of hazy about how the stock web stuff works. it's a number of cgi programs running under thttpd, is that right?
05:17.34rwhitbyyeah.  probably not worth the effort
05:17.52rwhitbyhave you tried out Styno's webtools under apache/PHP ?
05:18.30rwhitbyBTW, I like the idea of different packages installing in subdirs under /opt/share/www
05:20.27jp30i was just googling for them... not wanting to appear ignorant :)
05:22.11rwhitbyIt's the leading candidate for the web UI for Unslung (and maybe OpenSlug)
05:22.55rwhitby... and the main reason why I wanted php to work with thttpd
05:23.19rwhitbyMaybe Unslung 5.x will have a web admin interface ....
05:24.03jp30yes, i remember discussion of this now. i see he's using pear. i will have to get pear working on unslung (it has cross compilation issues)
05:26.56rwhitbyI thought thttpdphp had it working?
05:28.21jp30maybe. i believe pear requires a command line php, and thttpdphp builds a thttpd executable
05:29.36jp30there are other bits of php that can only build native right now - cyrus-imap support, for example - though pTweety mentioned he's working on cyrus-imap at the moment - maybe he'll get it to cross compile?
05:56.35rwhitbyI'm not familiar with pear, so I dunno.
05:56.43rwhitby(I know what it is, but have never used it)
06:02.29rwhitbyso when you say "get pear working" do you mean "get the pear package manager working so it can download packages to the slug" ?
06:02.51rwhitbyjp30: ?
06:04.41jp30rwhitby, i'm back...
06:05.43rwhitbyI just read a bit on pear.  Do we just need the pear package manager to be installed, and then it could install the rest of pear in it's postint script?
06:06.08jp30doing the heavy lifting in postinst is a good idea
06:06.41jp30... i was put off by the intricacy of the php scripts that get run to install pear during a php make install
06:07.22jp30...and didn't want to have to build a host php just to run them
06:08.28jp30...i like the postinst idea.
06:08.49rwhitbyah thttpdphp had --without-pear too
06:09.39jp30yeah, make install tries to run the php it's just built if you configure --with-pear
06:10.14rwhitbydoes it do that to create the pear package manager, or to run the pear package manager to install the pear packages?
06:11.06jp30it's a while since i looked at this, but i think it: 1) runs a script to bootstrap the package environment; and 2) runs the package manager to install some default packages
06:11.40jp30the package manager itself is a php script
06:11.56jp30...if i remember  correctly
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06:30.05rwhitbyeveryone back now? ;-)
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06:32.46beewoolie-awayrwhitby: I'm still on.  Didn't you ask for some testing help?
06:32.51beewoolie-awayOn Saturday or so?
06:34.04rwhitbyyep, on unslung 4.x
06:34.16rwhitbydid you get the binary on
06:34.30rwhitbywe're still only at 15 alpha testers.
06:36.01odocim running 4.x too
06:36.14odocwill put myself on the list
06:36.58beewoolie-awayI'm building unslung right now from oe.  Is that going to be 4.x?
06:37.27beewoolie-awayHey.  It just finished.
06:37.58rwhitbyyep. that will be 4.14-alpha plus /dev/dsp added
06:38.37rwhitbythat's feature-complete as far as I am concerned, so test the hell out of it :-)
06:38.38beewoolie-awayI'll follow the guidelines and see how it plays.
06:39.34rwhitbywe don't have a new README yet, so feel free to note the updates that we need to make on the SuggestedChangesToTheREADME page (named something like that)
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06:42.40ka6sox-webjacques: ping
06:42.58rwhitbyka6sox-vegas: pong
06:43.26ka6sox-webhi there.
06:43.29rwhitbyhow's the shopping?
06:43.31ka6sox-webthings going okay?
06:43.38ka6sox-webonly spent $40K today
06:43.49rwhitbyhow many slugs?
06:44.05ka6sox-web20 WL-HDD's
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06:44.36rwhitbyGeez.  I hope the're gonna do what you want!
06:44.49rwhitbyOtherwise I might get one *really* cheap :-)
06:45.05ka6sox-webI actually talked them out of actually spending the money until after I play some more
06:45.31ka6sox-webbut they are buying me some CF cards/Adapters and antennas for "long distance" testing
06:46.10ka6sox-web1st shot is 6km
06:46.38rwhitbypringles cans?
06:47.15ka6sox-webprobably  24dbi dishes
06:47.50ka6sox-web(I do have 1.2m and 1.8m dishes
06:48.04rwhitbyhow much were the WL-HDD's each?
06:49.11ka6sox-web83 in quantities under 10
06:49.33ka6sox-webover 10 it is under 76/each
06:50.24rwhitbylatest news here is that jp30 has mediawiki packaged up (including mysql/php/phpmyadmin/eaccelerator)
06:50.38jacqueska6sox-web, hi! where are you?
06:51.06jacquesyou're in a vega ?
06:51.27ka6sox-vegahaven't dropped a dime yet.
06:51.34jacqueshow ya feeling?
06:51.47ka6sox-vegaonly 1 fall today...getting better!
06:52.13ka6sox-vegahoping that tommorrow is a No Fall day.
06:52.30jacquessounds like a good goal
06:52.42ka6sox-vegatommorrow is the Big Iron Sale
06:52.51jacquesbig iron, big $$$
06:53.16ka6sox-vegaI hope to pick up a 1kw HF Digital  transmitter
06:53.41ka6sox-vegaand Blast out UDP packets.
06:54.53ka6sox-veganot as many people at the Show...
06:55.25ka6sox-vegathings going well here?
06:58.10ka6sox-vegadid I die?
07:00.03ka6sox-vegaTime for Bed...cya tommorrow if I can hack a hotspot.
07:00.58jacqueslater ka6sox-vega !
07:01.11jacqueshave fun tomorrow :-)
07:01.26jacquessorry - watching dawn of the dead
07:01.31jacquesgot distracted
07:01.33ka6sox-vegaonly $160K left to spend. :(
07:01.54jacqueshmmm, that's more than three lotus elises
07:02.24ka6sox-vegathe new HD transmitter is about $60K of that.
07:02.36ka6sox-vega10kW uses 240kbps digital stream....
07:03.21ka6sox-vegause that as a WiFi Twonkyvision Server?
07:05.07jacquestwonky to stream audio ?
07:05.49ka6sox-vegaor maybe just OggEnc with Icecast.
07:06.06jacquesif you stream ogg you should get good quality at that bitrate
07:06.20ka6sox-vegafrom where I'm putting it it will cover about 1600sq kms
07:07.45jacqueson a nice tall mountain?
07:07.57rwhitbyPinky : " Gee, ka6sox what do you want to do tonight?" "The same thing we do every night Pinky. Try to take over the world!"
07:08.32ka6sox-vegahow did you know my favorite cartoon?
07:10.38rwhitbyka6sox-vega is going to send out mind control signals over 1600sq kms from his WonkyMindAltering software on the slug ....
07:14.43ka6sox-vegaI always liked Pinky's ponderings
07:14.48ka6sox-vegaPinky, Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?
07:15.07ka6sox-vegaI think so Brain, but me and Pipi Longstocking, I mean, what would the children look like?
07:16.17rwhitbyBrain : "Pinky , are you pondering what I%u2019m pondering?"
07:16.36rwhitbyPinky : "I think so Brain , but where are we going to find a duck and a hose at this hour?"
07:19.15ka6sox-vegaI"m there
07:20.54rwhitbyka6sox misses out on the 10kW HD transmitter cause he was too busy reading Pinky and the Brain ponderings .....
07:21.10ka6sox-vegaand overslept
07:21.48ka6sox-vegaTommorow I'm taking a tour of Area 51
07:24.50ka6sox-vegaSo I'm told...
07:24.53ka6sox-vegawe shall see.
07:25.04ka6sox-vegastarts at the Alien Inn.
07:25.50jacquesmake sure it's not that "rest area 51" scam
07:27.56ka6sox-vegaI know about that one.
07:29.01ka6sox-vegaokay I am keyboard diving...cya tommorrow.
07:29.06ka6sox-vega(which is is already)
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10:28.18rwhitby-awayjp30 has done a great job on mediawiki
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12:35.17rwhitbyanyone other than jeanfabrice familiar with the thttp+php combination?
12:36.55rwhitbyI'm wondering if we can just build the normal php with the --with-thttpd switch already on, and that only affects the thttp built, or whether it also affects the php built to an extent that it can't be used with apache, or without thttpd.
12:37.33Tierstenah.  not sure.  it probably affects it so that it won't work with apache
12:38.27rwhitbyI'm trying to work out how to make sure that thttpd+php has the same extensions support (like the mysql extension required for mediawiki) as php-apache.
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12:58.52TierstenHey [g2]
12:59.31[g2]Tiersten, HEY!
12:59.51rwhitby[g2]: did you get the click-through from ka6sox?
13:00.19[g2]rwhitby, no
13:01.15[g2]rwhitby and Tiersten do you know any hw design guys ?
13:01.40rwhitbyyeah, quite a few.
13:01.45[g2]that aren't insanely busy
13:02.12Tierstennope. sorry
13:02.33rwhitbywhat's the job?
13:10.25[g2]sorry, I was on the phone
13:10.41[g2]I've been looking at the ixp465s
13:10.58[g2]I'm thinking something with the ixp465
13:18.07[g2]it's got a 66Mhz PCI bus for a gigiabit ethernet and some hss interfaces for some other stuff plus usb 2.0 host
13:18.30[g2]and the processor runs a bunch faster and up to 1G of 266 DDR
13:19.04rwhitbywhat's the application?
13:19.34[g2]two apps
13:19.43[g2]One high-speed slug
13:19.59[g2]Gigabit/server apps etc ...
13:20.38[g2]two broadband router for for service providers
13:20.52[g2]the HSS interfaces have some applications there
13:22.09TierstenWonder if the Buffalo Terastation has something like that inside
13:22.21TierstenIt's got gigabit ethernet and runs RAID5 so it can't be the IXP425
13:23.08Tierstenah nevermind.  It's another PPC like their Linkstations
13:23.10[g2]I looked at that a little
13:23.29Tiersten266MHz PowerPC but with 512MB SDR RAM which is nice
13:23.36TierstenRealtek gigabit NIC
13:23.53[g2]TeamASA makes a cool box that has an iop3xx  iop8xx in it
13:24.05[g2]the support 8 SATA devices
13:24.18[g2]and have mulitiple gigabit
13:31.19rwhitbyTiersten: looks like and (which I might rename to need to be separate - you can only build one sapi at a time.  But I'm hoping they can share the extensions which are built by ...
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13:39.54Tiersten[g2]: Nice
13:40.06Tierstenrwhitby: Yeah.  I thought it would.  The extensions are probably okay however
13:44.55rwhitbyTiersten: should php-apache have --disable-cli ?
13:46.23TierstenIf you don't want to use PHP as a shell scripting engine yes
13:46.35TierstenIf you just want to use it with Apache/thttpd then disable it
13:47.21rwhitbyisnt the cli built in instead of ?
13:47.46TierstenI think so
13:49.20rwhitbyso php-apache should have --disable-cli then ...
13:49.29rwhitby(cause builds the cli)
14:03.01rwhitbyI think I'm close to getting thttpdphp to load the php extensions, which should allow phpmyadmin and mediawiki to run on thttpd instead of apache
14:17.45rwhitbyHmm - not as close as I thought ....
14:22.56rwhitbyok, phpmyadmin works with the new thttpdphp
14:23.11rwhitbyso the mysql module is working
14:23.36TierstenWhat is wrong with mediawiki?
14:24.36rwhitbyoh, I don't have any of the other extensions listed in the php.ini yet.  I tried the php.ini that installs, but got an error, so I'm building back up to it from the smaller php.ini that installs.
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14:32.01jeanfabricehi all_not_asleep
14:32.24rwhitbyjeanfabrice: hi
14:32.34rwhitbyjeanfabrice: got some things to discuss with you
14:33.01rwhitbyHave you seen the phpmyadmin and mediawiki packages that jp30 has contributed?
14:33.18jeanfabricesee them in the cvs, no more
14:33.55rwhitbythey work with php-apache
14:34.03rwhitbyI'm trying to get them to work with thttpdphp
14:34.30jeanfabricethttpdphp is not really complete... as it lacks some modules
14:35.07rwhitbythat's what I want to talk to you about
14:35.18rwhitbyI'm attempting to make it use the shared php modules that installs
14:35.27rwhitby(and not try to include those modules itself)
14:35.33jeanfabricedid you succeed ? I couldn't
14:35.38rwhitby(in the same way that php-apache does)
14:35.55rwhitbyI have phpmyadmin running on my new thttpdphp
14:35.59gielyeah! my dvb-h transmitter chain works!
14:36.06gieland my receiving chain as well
14:36.22gielokay, you may continue on-topic now :)
14:36.36rwhitbyjeanfabrice: so that proves that the module works
14:37.12jeanfabriceI compile and install 1) 2) and thttpd did not load module at startup
14:37.51rwhitbyI had to make some changes to thttpdphp
14:37.59rwhitbybased on what is done in php-apache
14:38.21jeanfabricelike linking against libdl ?
14:38.44rwhitbyand some configure changes
14:39.16jeanfabriceinteresting. On my box, when compiling with libdl, thttpd refuse to launch
14:39.30jeanfabricedid you commit the change, I could have a look.
14:40.31rwhitbynot yet.  I'm having problems with mediawiki, so I'm not sure it's ready yet.
14:41.12rwhitbybut you're right, I should check it in if phpmyadmin is working.
14:41.37jeanfabriceby the way, do you run it on your nslu2 or wl500 ? because there used to have no gconv-modules for wl500... and libgd depends on it...
14:42.08rwhitbynslu2 at the moment
14:42.30jeanfabricethat's the problem I have
14:44.04jeanfabriceI have modified the gconv-modules to have it install on wl500g as a dummy modules. I don't know if iconv support is really important (it shoulds if it's a dependency)... Shouln't I repromote libiconv only for wl500g ?
14:44.42rwhitbydo you have anything which fails against the dummy module?
14:45.36jeanfabriceI do not make large test. I ask people on chupa.n to test it but they couldn't as thttpdphp disappear from Packages (has been listed in need_fixing)
14:47.21rwhitbybut now you have the dummy module you can put it back again, right?
14:47.26jeanfabriceI was wondering if there was any other problems fontconfig/thttpdphp that make them listed in need_fixing
14:47.44rwhitbynot that I know
14:47.44jeanfabrice'coz I guess you put them here, no ?
14:47.57rwhitbyback in a while - I think that was the only reason
14:48.19jeanfabricewill promote them
14:51.57jeanfabriceHumm... thttpdphp still push php.ini, does not depends on php and killall thttpd at startup
14:58.19CIA-803rwhitby * 10unslung/make/ Made it depend on php instead of including modules itself. No longer installs php.ini.
14:58.19rwhitbydid the first two, the third is yours :-)
14:59.13rwhitbyok, that's all my changes.  That one works for phpmyadmin, but doesn't work for mediawiki.  I'll be happy enough if it works for Styno's webtools.
14:59.23rwhitbythx jeanfabrice.  Night all
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20:40.57CIA-803jeanfabrice * 10unslung/ (10 files in 3 dirs): Added php-thttpd package, evolution of thttpdphp
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21:42.50rwhitbymorning all.  No-one spoke in here while I slept!
21:43.03jeanfabrice'morning rod
21:43.20rwhitbyhey jeanfabrice - great idea to make a new php-thttpd package
21:43.35jeanfabricewas your ;)
21:44.01jeanfabriceI did not touch to your Makefile part, only mine
21:44.28rwhitbyI remembered in my sleep that I removed some of the configure options in thttpdphp (cause they weren't in php-apache).  Did you notice that, and were the ones that I removed (without a lot of thought) important?
21:44.47jeanfabriceI took your thttpdphp as source
21:46.05rwhitbythings like --disable-ctype, --disable-spl ...
21:47.02jeanfabriceall options sound good. --disable-cli is still there
21:47.20jeanfabricedon't know why it isn't in php-apache
21:48.04rwhitbydoes it matter that --disable-ctype and --disable-spl are no longer there ?
21:48.36jeanfabriceI don't think. I never use such function. Maybe a bit bigger footprint, no ?
21:49.36rwhitbyanyway, it should be compatible with php-apache config now.  If we need to disable anything, we will want to consider whether it is disabled in both.  I want to keep php-apache and php-thttpd in sync as far as their capabilities go.
21:50.38rwhitbythen other packages can rely on those capabilities, and run on either apache or thttpd
21:51.06jeanfabricewell, port for wl500g still not working
21:53.48rwhitby-awayBTW, the downloading of thttpd and php can just rely on the already downloaded files from the and  makefiles, and use them directly
21:56.14jeanfabricephp patch for thttpd is specific to 2.25b/php 5.03
21:56.39rwhitbyyep, and we need to keep php and thttpd in sync with that.
21:57.27jeanfabricebut what if php or thttpd version change... it will then breaks php-thttpd, no ?
21:57.29rwhitbyso all five packages (apache, thttpd, php, php-apache, php-thtttpd) need to be in sync at all times
21:57.40jeanfabriceouahou !
21:58.08rwhitbyyes, and we want it to break at compile time, so it is fixed before the new package is pushed
21:59.38rwhitbythat's for you and jp30 to coordinate :-)
22:00.39jeanfabriceOkay. I still have a problem with php not building for wl500g (openldap wchar_t not supported on uclibc and libstdc++ not present)
22:00.46rwhitbywe should put some comments in the five files to indicate this.
22:01.09jeanfabriceAnd I found the module which prevent php-thttpd to start : was
22:01.10rwhitby(the dependency between the five packages that is)
22:01.39rwhitbyah, thanks.
22:04.03jeanfabriceI have commited a rc script for php-thttpd. It implements start|stop|restart. Do you have KXX script on nslu2 ?
22:04.38rwhitbyvery few packages use it
22:07.42rwhitbyBut it's the right thing to do
22:10.01rwhitbyany idea why dom doesn't work?
22:10.37jeanfabriceno, syslog says : bind - Address already in use
22:11.14rwhitbyI get that even with dom commented out (and things starting up)
22:11.29jeanfabriceon your wl500 ?
22:12.00rwhitbyoh, hang on - I get a different error, not that one
22:12.21rwhitbyon my nslu2
22:12.47rwhitbyI get: thttpd[1458]: socket :: - Address family not supported by protocol
22:12.50rwhitbyall the time
22:14.38rwhitbyWhen I include dom, thttpd fails to start, and I only get that error I pasted (but that error occurs even when dom is commented out, so it is unrelated)
22:15.09jeanfabricemaybe (which I don't have)
22:15.27jeanfabriceso you agree thttpd fails to start with ?
22:17.04jeanfabricejp30 compile mysql against libstdc++ lib and we don't have such on our wl500g. php relies on mysql. can't we have an if/then/else in for splitting staging/extension creation between nslu2/wl500g till issue are solved for wl500g is the only thing which makes it fail to start - I have everything else
22:18.32rwhitbyso you want to leave mysql out of wl500g build?
22:19.04jeanfabriceyep, and openldap too
22:19.28jeanfabricebeacause if not, wl500g user will not have any php-thttpd till issues are solved
22:21.32rwhitbywe can definitely do things like that to get things to work on wl500g
22:22.55jeanfabricewould be nice to let me (or more power user) try to solve these problems
22:23.57rwhitbyindeed.  do you know how to use ifeq and UNSLUNG_TARGET in the makefiles to do that?
22:24.18rwhitbyfeel free to add such ifeq conditionals to any package to get it to compile for wl500g
22:24.31jeanfabricehave learn, yes... :)
22:24.37rwhitbymy php-thttpd just build for wl500g
22:25.11jeanfabricebut it will need php...
22:26.16jeanfabricephp-thttpd have been upload to the wl500g feeds but I will demote it until I fix php packages with ifeq
22:26.45rwhitbywhen you it will need php, are you referring to the php that php-thttpd builds, or the package?
22:27.25jeanfabricephp-thttpd builds depends on, no ? That's how I did it
22:27.31rwhitbywe can even disable the dom package in the php.ini in until we sort that out too.  just use a conditional around a sed -i -e ...
22:28.27jeanfabricedon't know anthing about sed for now
22:28.32rwhitbydepends at runtime, right?  not at compile time
22:28.43jeanfabriceat install time I mean, sorry
22:28.56rwhitbyok, I can do the sed to make sure that the php.ini that installs on wl500gx does not include dom
22:30.00jeanfabriceopenldap & mysql needs to be disable too for wl500g user
22:31.46*** join/#nslu2-linux dr_nick (
22:32.00rwhitbyin the php.ini ?
22:32.42jeanfabriceyes, as they are loaded by default and my (future) patch on will not create them.
22:32.49jeanfabricehum, anyway
22:33.13jeanfabricelet them in php.ini, they will fail loading, with startup error, no more
22:33.22rwhitbyok, you patch to not create them will also stop them putting the ini file in /opt/etc/php.d, so that won't be a problem.
22:33.44jeanfabricebtw, what is /opt/etc/php.d ??
22:34.29rwhitbya directory where extensions can put additional bits for php.ini
22:34.44rwhitbylike /opt/etc/xinet.d and /opt/etc/cron.d
22:34.59jeanfabriceokay. is it created by php ?
22:35.17rwhitbywe try and do that as much as possible, so new extensions do not necessarily need to be added to directly.
22:35.40rwhitbyit is used by php - any package (at the moment, just can install .ini files there.
22:37.15CIA-803jeanfabrice * 10unslung/Makefile: Demote php-thttpd for wl500g : waiting for patches
22:38.25jeanfabricehave to leave for bed now.
22:38.39jeanfabricethank you rod, see u latr.
22:52.31rwhitbyok, I've made php-thttpd install a modified version of the php.ini from
22:52.46rwhitbysince php will be installed first, then php-thttpd will overwrite it correctly.
22:55.40CIA-803rwhitby * 10unslung/make/ Now installs a modified version of php.ini from's source dir. We need to comment out dom for the thttpd build. Don't know why yet, but the thttpd process will not start if it is included.
23:22.25*** join/#nslu2-linux mrb51 (
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