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00:18.14sam_well, thanks for the info.
00:18.46sam_i'm thinking there might be something wrong with this disk, so its off to windows land to test it.
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00:29.18CIA-1203jp30 * 10unslung/make/ fix sed hackery to generate control
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01:41.56dyoungmorning sunshine
01:42.22[g2]hey dyoung !
01:42.55dyounghas anyone else successfully booted a extdisk rootfs?
01:43.09dyoungI just cant make it work.
01:43.23[g2]you mean like .sda1root
01:43.46CIA-1203shenson * 10unslung/ (4 files in 2 dirs): qpopper POP3 server
01:43.52[g2]or booting directly to the external disk
01:45.05dyoungusing the .sda1root construct
01:45.22[g2]I've done that a bunch
01:45.32dyoungWith the latest ?
01:45.49dyoungor only with 2.6.9 ?
01:46.52[g2]surely 11 and probably several 11.2's
01:46.58[g2]I'm checking 11.2 now
01:47.15[g2]um actually yes with 11.2
01:47.23[g2]I'm pretty sure
01:47.58[g2]I've got it all ready to go
01:47.59dyoungIt doesnt work for me at all.  
01:49.13[g2]Aborting journal on device sda1.
01:49.13[g2]ext3_abort called.
01:49.13[g2]EXT3-fs error (device sda1): ext3_journal_start_sb: Detected aborted journal
01:49.13[g2]Remounting filesystem read-only
01:49.13[g2]SCSI error : <0 0 0 0> return code = 0x70000
01:49.14[g2]end_request: I/O error, dev sda, sector 610
01:49.16[g2]Buffer I/O error on device sda1, logical block 274
01:49.20[g2]that stuff ?
01:49.43dyoungyeah that stuff
01:49.48dyoungcant find [ blahblahblah
01:50.42[g2]did switchbox change ?
01:50.58dyoungIts been at 4.10 for a long time.
01:51.04[g2]did we lose the autofs ?
01:51.29[g2]for root
01:51.29[g2]that was the issue last time
01:51.29dyoungin the fstab?
01:51.29[g2]yeah for /
01:51.32dyoungNo hats still good
01:54.59[g2]ummm are you loading the ehci-driver ?
01:56.46[g2]ehci-hcd used to be compiled in
01:57.56dyoungyeah, thats what I gussed too
01:57.59dyoungbut I cant make it fit anymore
02:03.47[g2]I'd try loading the ehci-hcd driver just before the sleep 10
02:15.21hanjohi all. using openslug with 11.2 I get an empty /proc/bus/usb after booting although the host controlers are loaded. Doing a manual mount of usbdevfs fixes the problem. On first look the /etc/fstab entery looks fine (probably usbdevfs should be renamed with the new usbfs). Anyone else seeng the same?
02:16.22[g2]hanjo, I'm wondering about about the noauto on the usbfs in there
02:17.29hanjodefaults 0 0 is what I have on the desktop
02:23.33hanjog2: any hints how I can recreate the EHCI issue using a flash drive connected to a 2.0 hub? I've tried both reading and writing, but I can not trigger it
02:24.02[g2]hanjo, you've got to do a lot of reading and writing like 250MB at a shot
02:24.22[g2]dd if=/dev/zero of=zero bs=1M count=250
02:24.26[g2]rm zero
02:24.44hanjoI have only 256MB one at hand, with usefull data on it :)
02:24.59hanjoI'll try a large read
02:28.00hanjowhat fs did you guys use on the HD/FLASH?
02:40.31hanjoI just finished a 250 MB read from a vfat flash without triggering it
02:44.09hanjonight all
02:44.28dyoungI wonder why it works for you
02:44.33dyoungokay night.
02:44.48hanjoI'll try some more tests tomorrow
02:45.01hanjoI have a USB HD at work
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02:48.21hanjo-zzzzupdate: I just hit ls in the dir after that and it did happen!
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08:53.30CIA-1203rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/xmail/control: Dependencies must be comma separated.
08:54.14CIA-1203rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/alsa-utils/control: Dependencies must be comma separated.
08:54.40CIA-1203rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/amule/control: Dependencies must be comma separated.
08:55.10CIA-1203rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/ctorrent/control: Dependencies must be comma separated.
08:55.39CIA-1203rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/cups/control: Dependencies must be comma separated.
08:56.22CIA-1203rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/gift-openft/control: Dependencies must be comma separated.
08:58.49CIA-1203rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/gift-opennap/control: Dependencies must be comma separated.
08:59.28CIA-1203rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/gift/control: Dependencies must be comma separated.
08:59.53CIA-1203rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/giftcurs/control: Dependencies must be comma separated.
09:00.52CIA-1203rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/libpcap/control: Dependencies must be lower case.
09:01.22CIA-1203rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/lynx/control: Dependencies must be lower case.
09:01.37rwhitby-awayoops, that one should be comma separated.
09:02.06CIA-1203rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/madplay/control: Dependencies must be comma separated.
09:02.36CIA-1203rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/mpd/control: Dependencies must be comma separated.
09:03.23CIA-1203rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/syslog-ng/control: Dependencies must be comma separated.
09:03.58CIA-1203rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/transcode/control: Dependencies must be comma separated.
09:04.30CIA-1203rwhitby * 10unslung/sources/wxbase/control: Dependencies must be comma separated.
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09:05.23rwhitby-awayThere, that's my penance for checking in a couple of errors this morning which jp30 had to fix.
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09:13.03rwhitby-awaydyoung: ping
09:13.31hanjomorning all
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09:40.50Wipmachi perlguru, u here?
10:02.24CIA-1203dyoung8888 * 10unslung/make/ Initial checkin, but it doesnt automatically build yet, needs to be tweaked.
10:02.51dyoungIf someone wants to look at it feel free.
10:50.38CIA-1203rwhitby 07 * r1.3073 10openembedded/packages/fakeroot/ (3 files in 2 dirs): Updated fakeroot from 1.2.1 to 1.2.2 (upstream change).
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12:09.40dyoungmorning [g2].  Early today eh?
12:11.36[g2]yeah I fell asleep during the build last night :)
12:12.18[g2]I thought -- mmmmm I'll just relax on the sofa a little ..... boom.... 6 hours later
12:13.25[g2]I added the vegtable to my local repo, I'll probably push it
12:16.52[g2]dyoung, what happened last night with ehci ?  I'm reflashing my build with switchbox loading it and the turnup procedure in it
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12:17.21dyoungI dunno
12:17.27dyoungI didnt do anything with anything.
12:17.41dyoungI was feeling kinda vegetable-like myself.
12:18.08[g2]we all have some days like that
12:19.22rwhitby-awayHmm - something is funny with ipkg on unslung too.  I just built and installed unslung, and libipkg is now in /usr/lib and not found by default.
12:19.41dyoungI'm pretty bummed out about my rootfs issue.
12:19.55rwhitby-awayDoes anyone have an unslung slug which has not been updated recently - can you check whether libipkg is in /lib or /usr/lib ?
12:20.15dyoungthen I got all bummed out because ctrlproxy unslung package is looking in /usr/include instead of $(STAGING_DIR)/opt/include.
12:20.25[g2]It's been quite a long time since Unslung for me
12:20.35dyoungI have one, checking.
12:21.32dyoungits in /usr/lib/
12:21.54dyoungthats with 3.17.
12:21.54rwhitby-awayare you in through serial?
12:22.01dyoungno, I sshed it.
12:22.28rwhitby-awayI'm wondering if /usr/lib looked in by default
12:23.24dyoungMy other one is also 3.17 and I can ipkg update on it through a ssh.
12:23.38rwhitby-awaywhats in /etc/profile?
12:23.51dyoungno such file or directory.
12:26.41[g2]root@LKG0F9D2C:~# df
12:26.41[g2]Filesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
12:26.41[g2]/dev/sda1                  955       395       560  41% /initrd
12:26.41[g2]/dev/sda1               245161     11587    220916   5% /
12:26.41[g2]tmpfs                    15176        16     15160   0% /var
12:28.33dyoungok so we either need to get ehci back in the kernel, or mod switchbox a bit.
12:28.34[g2]is your friend
12:29.03rwhitby-awaywell we can't put ehci back into the kernel until it is fixed
12:29.41dyoungexcept with it out of the kernel you cannot use a extdisk as a rootfs.
12:29.52rwhitby-awayyes, we have two conflicting requirements :-(
12:30.00dyoungYes, indeed.
12:30.26[g2]dyoung, no, without of the kernel and without loading in switchbox you can't load external rootfs
12:31.08rwhitby-awayright, but loading it in switchbox is essentially the same as putting it in the kernel as far as stuff on a usb2.0 hub not working.
12:31.22rwhitby-awayonce it's loaded and being used, then you can't rmmod it
12:32.02[g2]rwhitby-away, You don't externally boot right ? So it won't get loaded for you
12:32.18rwhitby-awaydyoung: how about the sourcing of /.altroot idea - you could but the insmod in there ...
12:33.42rwhitby-away[g2]: I was hoping to one day ...
12:33.42dyoungI think the .altroot contruct is a good idea.  I've been too braindead to implement it today though.
12:33.42rwhitby-awayand anyway, you can't put that line in switchbox, cause then it breaks switchbox for unslung.
12:33.42rwhitby-awayswitchbox is kernel version independent ...
12:34.04rwhitby-awaybut you could do it with /.altroot
12:34.15[g2]right then nees to be a litle sed'ing going on to get the kernel version
12:34.51[g2]and ehci will probably be fixed in the next couple weeks so "one day" probably isn't before then
12:35.24[g2]right there needs to be a litle sed'ing going on to get the kernel version
12:35.26rwhitby-awaybut ehci is compiled in for unslung, so that line won't work
12:35.34dyoungso should I checkin the ctrlproxy stuff even though its pretty untested?
12:35.53dyoungI only got it to fit by ipkg removing a ton of stuff.
12:35.54rwhitby-awayehci out of the kernel is a temporary work-around for an openslug kernel ehci issue.
12:36.06[g2]this is exactly what I want to start keeping status on all the packages
12:36.23[g2]I think it's excellent that it's all ready to go but untested
12:36.42dyoungwhich was the whole motivation for me to get a extdisk rootfs in the first place.
12:36.45rwhitby-awaydyoung: that's the initially checked in state of most unslung packages :-)
12:36.47[g2]If it was marked in a status page somewhere, ppl that wanted to try it could
12:36.49dyoungit seems to work.
12:37.20[g2]and we should have status for both unslung and openslug packages
12:37.22dyoungI checked in the unslung one.  I was speaking of the OE one.  I dont really want kergoth's wrath in case its busted.
12:37.43[g2]dyoung, it compiles right ?
12:37.48dyoungyeah, it builds.
12:38.00dyoungand it connects me.
12:38.10rwhitby-awaywhat more do you want :-)
12:38.16dyoungbut thats abouto all I can test without more space to edit my xml file.
12:38.36[g2]dyoung, want my switchbox ?
12:39.05dyoungNah I can build that pretty easily.
12:39.19rwhitby-awaynow that hanjo is up and running with openslug, the ehci issue should be kicked over pretty quickly :-)
12:39.28[g2]Ok what are we going to do for the user base ?
12:39.33dyoungcan I override the SRC_URI for nslu2-switchbox-foo easily?
12:40.21dyounglike SRC_URI_nslu2-switchbox-foo=super-special-g2-like-switchbox.tar.gz or something?
12:40.51[g2]good question, dunno how that works
12:43.05dyoungBTW, I did push the suggested USE_NLS fix to make glib-2.0 work.  CIA didnt report it, but you should have the mail from the changesets list.
12:45.04dyoungrwhitby, that NLS stuff was why you couldnt find a provider for glib-2.0 when you looked at ctrlproxy last time.
12:47.14rwhitby-awayah - right.
12:56.46dyoungWell, if someone is motiviated, feel free to add the altroot construct to switchbox.  my brain is done for a while.
12:57.28[g2]sweet dreams
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16:27.52Gorxhey every1!
16:28.47Gorxive got this problemo with cups where printer.o doesnt get loaded at boot.
16:29.03Gorxall i want to know is how can I use the vi command to get the slug to load printer.o ?
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21:59.22rwhitby-awayOk, I'm going to use $20 from the donation pool to buy a USB 1.1 hub (yes, they are expensive in Australia) so that I can use it to isolate the EHCI problem (i.e. "this works on a USB 1.1 hub, but not a USB 2.0 hub").  Any objections?
22:00.22ByronTnone here
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