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03:47.49CIA-103g2 07 * r1.2954 10openembedded/packages/linux/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Beware of last-minute changes ..... The one that got away.... I changed this at the last moment it breaks ehci startup and other stuff for reasons unknown to me.
04:20.42CIA-103g2 07 * r1.2955 10openembedded/conf/distro/openslug.conf: Allow PREFERRED_VERSION to be overridden in local.conf
04:20.57rwhitby-web[g2]: thx
04:23.31[g2]rwhitby-web, My pleasure
04:24.18[g2]I tried to add in one to many changes and the one that I thought was most benign was the bad guy
04:24.35rwhitby-webit's alpha software :-)
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04:39.33ka6sox-awayscanline: ping
04:41.16ka6sox-awayHi there,
04:41.30ka6sox-awaycan CIA see into bk repo's for changsets?
04:41.41scanlineCIA only sees what the client scripts send it
04:41.58ka6sox-awayokay is there a client script for BK repos?
04:42.13ka6sox-awaywhere would I find that?
04:42.15scanlinekergoth wrote it, I don't really know anything about it :)
04:42.23scanlineit's in the CIA documentation
04:42.31ka6sox-awayokay I'll check there...thanks.
04:42.40rwhitby-webscanline: do you know whether the current script for the nslu2-linux bk repo on sees the full changeset, or just the log message?
04:43.01scanlineno idea
04:43.17ka6sox-awayI'm going to look at the doco and try to get this working.
04:44.10dyoung-webLook in triggers
04:45.46kergothrwhitby-web: "the full changeset"?
04:45.57kergothi dont send a bunch of bk binary data to CIA
04:46.11rwhitby-webkergoth: sorry, the output of "bk send"
04:46.27kergothbk send is bk specific format
04:46.32kergothnothing cia would understand
04:46.36kergothdo you mean bk export -tpatch?
04:46.42rwhitby-webwe want to have the changesets emails to
04:46.45kergothno, i dont send bk screwy formatted data
04:46.50kergothand no, i dont send diffs
04:46.59kergothwe send files and logs, thats it
04:47.06kergothyou probably want a new trigger.
04:47.11rwhitby-webwe currently say "bk send -r <num>" manually, and we're looking for a way to automate that
04:47.30rwhitby-webyeah - looks like we need a new trigger
04:47.59kergothi've been thinking about taking scanline's python svn trigger, with my modifications, and making a generic source notification trigger that can send to cia or email or whatever, but i'm lazy
04:48.27rwhitby-webyeah,something like that
04:48.47kergothzecke was working on something like that
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05:05.13CIA-103dyoung 07 * r1.2956 10openembedded/packages/linux/openslug-kernel-2.6.11/defconfig: Added raid modules to defconfig
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08:24.30perlguru-workany exciting news, the last 8 hours?
08:26.07ka6sox-awaythe world has spun around on its axis another 1/3 of the way...and openslug developement continues.
08:34.32perlguru-workmorning, sunshine!
08:35.25siddymy first boot of 2.6.11 on the slug is just minutes away... can you feel the tension? ;)
08:36.04ka6sox-awayhopefully you won't see the "don't care int 26 stuff"
08:36.15siddy[g2] still got those.
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08:54.07siddyokay... if I don't come back, I didn't succeed! ;)
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08:56.41ka6sox~seen dyoung
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08:58.53ka6sox"you've got mail!"
08:59.04ka6soxdid you eat yet?
09:00.12ka6soxhi jacques
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09:13.58perlguru-workhi siddy
09:14.18siddy~praise dyoung and [g2]
09:14.20jbotAll hail dyoung and [g2]!
09:15.27siddy2.6.11 booted without problems.
09:16.10dyoungI should have the clock fixed in the next hour or 2.
09:16.37siddythe clock? the 1-month-off-problem?
09:17.16dyoungyeah that.
09:22.04siddyhm... are you sure the ehci-problem is still there? I was not able to reproduce it up to now.
09:22.59siddyah, there it is. :(
09:23.47dyoungwe have an idea of where to start looking.
09:23.52dyoungto solve that...
09:24.04siddyreally? where?
09:24.42dyoungin the irq handler.
09:26.22siddyhm, sounds reasonable. ;) Well, I'll at first see if 2.6.11 can resist my torrent-stability-tests. *hoping*
09:32.00CIA-103dyoung 07 * r1.2958 10openembedded/packages/linux/openslug-kernel-2.6.9/defconfig: Added MD support as modules
10:00.24CIA-103dyoung 07 * r1.2960 10openembedded/packages/linux/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Fixed the month being off by one month
10:02.34dyoungat least I hope that fixes it.
10:03.16dyoungIt tells me its march now (instead of april) so assuming its repaired.  Dunno what happens in January or December though.
10:08.02perlguru-workdyoung, set the date back 2 months ;)
10:08.06perlguru-workor 3
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11:06.10dyoungTheres more to the RTC Clock story.
11:06.44dyoungnot thinking clearly enough to address it right now.
11:07.45dyoung[g2], please have a look.  Read the x1205 ds too; it claims it returns 1-12 for the month; and in fact the debug information reflects that.
11:07.50dyoung(with dmesg)
11:08.26dyoungif you notice why there is a discrepency between what hwclock outputs vs the debug info, please fix.
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11:47.06rwhitbywell, I'm sad to say that I've had to flash prodslug back to unslung.
11:52.37rwhitbyAccess to anything (other than mass storage) that I have plugged into a high-speed powered hub fails to work when using openslug, but seems to work fine with unslung.
11:56.04rwhitbySo far I have tried a usb-serial cable (doesn't work when plugged into a hub with openslug, works fine when plugged in directly, haven't tried yet on unslung), the connections with puppy to the topfields (works fine on the hub with unslung, doesn't work with openslug), and the bluetooth adapter (doesn't work when plugged into a hub with openslug, works fine when plugged in directly).
11:57.22rwhitbySo tonight I'm flashing back to unslung, and building modules for usb serial and the bluetooth adapter, and doing some testing on unslung.  If those things work plugged into the hub with unslung, then I will declare the 2.6.9 kernel horribly broken with respect to high speed hubs.
11:58.50rwhitbythen if 2.6.9 is found to be broken, I will test 2.6.11, and see if it is still broken.  If both are broken, I will have to go back to unslung for prodslug until we get a kernel that works for a high speed hub.
11:59.50dyoungDoes it just plain not work?  or do you have some sort of diagnostic in dmesg?
12:00.22rwhitbyI posted the error message for the sreial cable last night.
12:00.32dyoungI wonder if we need another kernel bit to make it go with a hub.
12:00.32rwhitbylet me find it again ...
12:00.37dyoungso thats the error you get for all devices?
12:00.45dyoung(its in my buffer)
12:01.03rwhitbylet me try the toppies again ...
12:01.29rwhitbyfor puppy, I get:
12:01.33rwhitbyusb 1-1.4: bulk timeout on ep2in
12:01.33rwhitbyusb 1-1.4: usbfs: USBDEVFS_BULK failed ep 0x82 len 4096 ret -110
12:03.07rwhitbyI now have prodslug and devslug both up next to the routers, with a 5m usb cable to the hub.  Note that I got the same errors when the hub was connected with a short cable, so the cable is not the issue (the hub is powered too).
12:04.13dyoungdo you havae time to play around?
12:04.20rwhitbythis may well be an incentive to get Unslung 4.x released, with usb serial, bluetooth, and ppd support built-in ....
12:05.28dyoungWell, you already did the heavy lifting for most of those.
12:05.40rwhitbyyep, I have time at the moment, but it could get interrupted at any time if a certain little girl wakes up ...
12:06.07dyoungOkay, try build a kernel without ehci in it.
12:06.14dyoungand build with ochi only.
12:06.27dyoungthe devices you've described i think fall into that category.
12:07.25dyoungI should just buy a cheepy hub.
12:08.02rwhitbyso you think that ehci is broken, but that I can run those devices at full speed instead of high speed using ohci?
12:08.56rwhitbya 4 port usb 2.0 hub should be dirt cheap over there ...
12:09.16dyoungthats basically what I'm suggesting we try....
12:09.41dyoungThe OHCI devices use a differnt interrupt set.
12:09.49rwhitbyok, what do I need to turn off in defconfig?  just CONFIG_USB_EHCI_HCD?
12:09.55dyoungI think so...
12:10.18rwhitbywhat are CONFIG_USB_EHCI_SPLIT_ISO and CONFIG_USB_EHCI_ROOT_HUB_TT for?
12:10.42dyoung"full speed iso transfers" and .. Transistional something... or something
12:10.46dyoungboth not neccessary.
12:11.27dyoungTransaction Translator.
12:13.00rwhitbywill my usb 2.0 hub still work if ehci is not there?
12:13.23dyoungIt should fallback to full speed.
12:16.25rwhitbyok, compiling ...
12:16.34rwhitby(will take a while, cause I'm compiling unslung too)
12:17.19rwhitbyis there someone who is willing to buy an nslu2, put a serial port on it, and send it to lennert, for USD$100 ?
12:17.43rwhitby(you can keep the change)
12:18.08perlguru-workthe nslu2 here are about 100 euros
12:18.40perlguru-workso it more like 130 usd
12:18.59dyoung$80 from amazon.
12:19.14rwhitbyand I guess shipping from US to lennert will be expensive?  lennert is in Europe, right?
12:19.23perlguru-workneed the EU type
12:19.38dyoungtake out the fluff and stuff it into a "standard intl priority box", shouldnt be too bad.
12:20.14perlguru-worklennert is dutck afiak
12:20.29dyoungwhat kinda power do they have in nl?
12:20.39perlguru-workdutch power ;)
12:20.41dyoung"regular europlug" ?
12:21.02rwhitbyanyway, we have a community member who is willing to donate another US$100 if we buy lennert a serial-enabled slug
12:21.23rwhitbyand if it costs more than USD$100, then we will cover the difference as well
12:21.26dyoungThe Power Supply from here is 100-120V only.
12:22.25dyoungif I can find my spare Compsys adapter, and if lennert has the right size plug 5V adapter in his input voltage, I can.
12:22.36rwhitby$AUS150 here
12:23.52perlguru-workcheapest in nl: 85 euro
12:24.10dyoungI somehow doubt Lennert would appreciate UBESSA.
12:24.45perlguru-workor donate lennert the money so he can buy one himself
12:26.05rwhitbynext time someone sees lennert, ask him if a USD$100 donation would allow him to do it himself ...
12:26.52rwhitbydyoung: you were far more gentle with fox than I was going to be.  I had a reply written: "Gee, why didn't we think of that!", but I decided not to send it :-)
12:27.15dyoungI had one of those written too.
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12:28.06rwhitbymorning sunshine!
12:28.07perlguru-workhi [g2]
12:28.20[g2]perlguru-work, morning!
12:28.27[g2]rwhitby, Morning :)
12:28.37rwhitby[g2]: how's the remedial soldering course going ?
12:29.01[g2]Hey I'm gonna buy a temp controlled soldering iron
12:29.09[g2]with a good tip
12:29.20rwhitby(we need someone to put a serial port on a slug and send it to lennert.  we have a community member who will donate USD$100 for us to do that)
12:29.21[g2]and practice practice practice
12:30.14[g2]he's got 128MB on his slug --- that over-achiever
12:30.29rwhitbyhas he got a kernel that uses it/
12:30.54[g2]dunno but he's a driver level hw guy
12:33.11[g2]dyoung, Hey Congrats on the date fix !
12:33.25dyoungwell, not yet.
12:33.39dyoungread that stuff I wrote afterwards.
12:33.40[g2]dyoung, I saw a cset
12:33.58dyoungi mean it WORKS... but it doesnt fix the root problem.
12:35.06dyoungI would almost consider it UBE.
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12:49.30[g2]siddy-away, Congrats on the 2.6.11
12:53.35*** join/#nslu2-linux rwhitby-away (~rwhitby@rwhitby.nslu2-linux)
12:55.27siddy-away[g2], thx, works like a charm up to now, apart from those nobody-cared-errors.
12:56.21rwhitby-awaydyoung: puppy still fails with OHCI only
12:56.28rwhitby-awaywill check serial next
12:58.15[g2]siddy-away, how's the torrent thing testing ?
12:59.46siddy-awayit's running for 3 hours now without problems. So, it looks good, but it may fail every moment...
13:00.20siddy-awayI'll let it seed for some days before I consider this thing stable. :)
13:00.32[g2]siddy-away, your are using the interrupt driven ixp driver right ?
13:01.06[g2]and your date off by a month unless you've got dyoung's latest patch correct
13:01.26siddy-awayno, I'm using ntpdate at startup to fix this.
13:01.36[g2]siddy-away, is *such* a forward thinker :)
13:01.52[g2]ah... That'll do it too
13:03.09[g2]siddy-away, So EHCI's the last big know issue right now correct ?
13:03.41siddy-awayyes, looks like it. But I have no clue where to start looking for that error.
13:04.17jboti guess clue is a very useful thing indeed.
13:05.17[g2]ehci_watchdog :)
13:05.24rwhitby-awaydyoung: serial cable works on hub with ohci only
13:05.38dyoungI was kind of hoping it wouldnt work.
13:05.42dyoungbecause now I'm confused.
13:05.52rwhitby-awayso ehci is definitely broken for hubs for 2.6.9
13:05.55dyoungbut dont get me wrong, I'm happy it DOES work.
13:06.17[g2]is this a hotplug-ng issue ?
13:06.19rwhitby-awaypuppy still doesn't work, but that's version 1.8 of puppy - will have to try again with 1.6
13:06.25rwhitby-awayno, modules are loaded
13:06.35rwhitby-awayusbserial and pl2303
13:07.05[g2]so when the device is plugged in hotplug is kicked
13:07.16[g2]hotplug usb
13:07.35[g2]which loads the driver, but then the driver doesn't work
13:07.54dyoungrwhitby, what kernel did you try this with?
13:07.58rwhitby-awaythe summary is that I have a pl2303 usb-serial cable, and a 7 port hub, connected to openslug 2.6.9
13:08.00dyoung(our experiment)
13:08.17rwhitby-awaywhen the cable is connected directly to the slug, everything is fine
13:08.36rwhitby-awaywhen the cable is connected to the hub (which is connected to the slug), I get the error that I reported last night
13:08.54rwhitby-awaywhen ehci is turned off, and the cable is connected to the hub, it starts working again
13:09.16[g2]Did you enable the TT hub stuff
13:09.19rwhitby-awaywill now try with the bluetooth adapter, and see if it starts working again too
13:09.35rwhitby-away[g2]: TT hub stuff is not relevant (I read the config file)
13:09.55rwhitby-awayit's for host chips that do ohci in a funny way (like the ARC usb core)
13:11.11[g2]So I'd expect the same issue to happen on a desktop running 2.6.9
13:11.45rwhitby-awayonly if the desktop has the same version of 2.6.9 that we have
13:14.24[g2]dyoung-zzzz, nite!
13:15.24rwhitby-awaydyoung-zzzz: bluetooth dongle works too
13:16.08dyoung-zzzzthat tells me that either EHCI is busted for hubs, or EHCI is busted, or the IRQ assigned to EHCI is busted.
13:17.37rwhitby-awayI've never had puppy 1.8 work with openslug, so that could be a puppy failure
13:17.57rwhitby-awayit (puppy 1.8) doesn't work with or without ehci on openslug
13:18.17rwhitby-awayok, so here's an idea.
13:18.31rwhitby-awaywe make ehci a module, but include it in the default image.
13:18.45dyoung-zzzzis there a way to make the kernel load ochi before ehci?
13:18.58rwhitby-awayso those who want ehci leave it as-is, and those that don't want it, can just remove it from the disk so the kernel can't load it
13:19.02dyoung-zzzzI wonder if that would be enough to re-arrange the irq assignments.
13:19.17dyoung-zzzzand I wonder if I'm barking up the wrong tree.
13:19.26rwhitby-awaywe could make them both modules, and test theories like that
13:20.12dyoung-zzzzrwhitby-away, thanks for taking the time to do that experiement.  
13:20.46rwhitby-awayno problem - it has given me a way to use openslug for prodslug again
13:21.09[g2]anybody know what these are ?
13:21.12[g2]enable_irq(22) unbalanced from c00111d8
13:21.12[g2]enable_irq(29) unbalanced from c00111e0
13:21.13dyoung-zzzzassuming y ou can make puppy go
13:21.25[g2]John B mentioned them the other day
13:21.30dyoung-zzzzI dunno I saw that and was wondering how we can be using 6 IRQ's when we only have 3.
13:22.13[g2]There's 3 pci int right
13:22.20peteru-homeI have never managed to get puppy to work on 2.6, but apparently 2.6 desktop users have it going
13:22.45rwhitby-awaypeteru-home: do you have openslug running yet?
13:22.49peteru-homethen again, I've never had a toppy connected to a 2.6 machine
13:23.07[g2]but there's 30 soft ints ???
13:23.25[g2]plus Err
13:23.30peteru-homeI've got sidetracked - trying to source a Max 3232 so that I can have serial
13:23.55rwhitby-awayjust buy a compsys kit
13:24.09peteru-homeIt's annoyingly difficult to get a serial port at a short notice.
13:24.34rwhitby-awayI've only got a 5v version spare here ..
13:24.40dyoung-zzzzhehe, and people wonder why I have pilesof MAX3232's and LVC244's lying around....
13:25.35peteru-homeI only managed to find one supplier in Sydnay that had stock today, but their minimum buy quantity was 20 units for $188 + tax :(
13:26.22dyoung-zzzzmust... resist.....
13:26.38dyoung-zzzzcan't help myself....
13:26.42jbothmm... ubessa is a Unorthrodox But Effective Super Serial Adapter.  It refers to a UBE board using a MAX232 coupled to a 74LVC244 because somebody was too lazy to get a MAX3232.
13:26.44jbotOH FUCK!  OH FUCK ME!  I didn't study!!
13:26.51jacquesthat's not nice
13:27.01jacquesjbot, forget test
13:27.01jboti forgot test, jacques
13:27.17peteru-homesounded like kergoth :P
13:27.44jacquesinternet is really screwed up right now
13:27.53peteru-homemore detail on 244 + Max 232 please
13:28.10dyoung-zzzzit has to be a LVC244. is major culprit
13:28.22dyoung-zzzz(I cant believe I'm having this conversation)
13:28.34peteru-homeI'm happy to coble up something tomorrow morning, providing I can get all the parts on Sat - that would give me at least Sunday to hack :-)
13:28.35dyoung-zzzzthe LVC244 is 5V Tolerant.
13:29.06dyoung-zzzzso you use it to buffer/convert the 5V TTL output from the MAX232 into your nslu2.
13:29.13rwhitby-awayok, puppy 1.6 fails on openslug 2.6.9 OHCI-only behind a hub
13:29.24peteru-homeyou wouldn't have a url to a circuit diagram by any chance?
13:29.25dyoung-zzzzYou'll power the LVC244 with 3.3V
13:29.39dyoung-zzzzI kinda made it up as I went along....
13:29.42dyoung-zzzzbut lets see here....
13:31.12dyoung-zzzzIf you have a datasheet for the LVC244 you might be able to figure it out....
13:31.18dyoung-zzzzwhen were you planning to work on this?
13:31.28dyoung-zzzz(in +hours)
13:31.59peteru-homeneed about 8 hours sleep first.
13:32.12dyoung-zzzzMe too
13:32.19dyoung-zzzzI still ahve UBESSA...
13:32.35rwhitby-awaybuzz it out :-)
13:32.39dyoung-zzzzI'll look at it when I wake up and yeah do that.
13:33.20rwhitby-awayneed to get peteru-home on openslug, so he can debug this puppy failure :-)
13:33.30peteru-homeactually, don't worry dyoung-zzzz - the only shop open tomorrow only has 74LS series.
13:33.41rwhitby-away0.03 Mbytes in 00:00:00
13:33.41rwhitby-awayerror 110 reading from bulk endpoint 0x82: Connection timed out
13:33.42rwhitby-awayShort read. -1 bytes
13:34.06peteru-homesend a couple of puppy - cancel commands
13:34.11peteru-homethen try again.
13:34.16rwhitby-awaythat's with either puppy 1.6 or puppy 1.8 on openslug, both with or without ehci
13:34.48rwhitby-awaysame result from puppy -c cancel (multiple times tried)
13:34.59peteru-homesome desktop 2.6 users reported that after puppy stops talking to the toppy, the toppy ends up in a weird state that requires a few cancels
13:40.20peteru-homenight all.
13:40.34dyoung-zzzzoh well, nighty all.  peteru, if you want me to draw up UBESSA, gimme your email address later.
13:40.44rwhitby-awaynight peteru-home
13:41.03VoodooZ_workmorning gents
13:41.14rwhitby-awaydyoung-zzzz: I'm going to put both ehci and ohci as modules in openslug
13:42.12rwhitby-awayor maybe just ehci, as putting both as modules would kill switchbox (as it wouldn't be able to load the disk)
13:42.41peteru-homethanks dyoung-zzzz. I'll see what I can do about sourcing a Max 3232 next week... maybe will work out.
13:43.02dyoung-zzzzunless we pibot to the jffs2 and have its linuxrc pivot to (whatever) after loading the moudules it needs
13:43.03rwhitby-awaypeteru-home: put an order in at compsys, and you'll get it within 5 days
13:45.26rwhitby-awaydyoung-zzzz, [g2]: shall I make ehci a module in 2.6.11 too, so we can repeat the experiments there ?
13:47.59[g2]rwhitby-away, are you saying you think ehci works as a module and not built in, or that OHCI needs to be loader first
13:48.05dyoung-zzzzI wont look at it for at least 12 hours though.
13:48.18dyoung-zzzzI want to finish nailing down this rtc bit first.
13:48.30dyoung-zzzz(unless [g2] fixes it first)
13:48.34rwhitby-awayno, I am saying that ehci doesn't work with low speed devices on hubs on 2.6.9 full stop, but ohci does
13:48.44[g2]I'm off to the bookstore and some errands soon
13:48.51[g2]I'll be a quiet day for me
13:48.52rwhitby-awayand to test the same thing on 2.6.11, I need to make ehci a default-loaded module too
13:49.16dyoung-zzzzrwhitby, go for it.  2.6.11 is Super Alpha.
13:49.22dyoung-zzzzand its not even bulit by default.
13:49.27rwhitby-awaythen the work-around for a broken ehci is to ipkg remove kernel-module-ehci
13:50.02rwhitby-awayand use full-speed usb 1.1 instead of high-speed usb 2.0
13:50.26[g2]I'd think there'd be a google on this subject
13:50.46rwhitby-awaythere was, and others are having problems with 2.6.x
13:50.51perlguru-workVoodooZ_work, i had an idea. Could our problem be somewhere in binutils?
13:50.56[g2]we're talking about a vanilla 2.6.9/11/x ehci issue right ?
13:51.11[g2]perlguru-work, only for AMD64 :)
13:51.13rwhitby-away2.6.9 at least - I haven't tested 2.6.11
13:51.44perlguru-workwhich version of binutils is in OE?
13:51.52rwhitby-awayhas anyone else here tested anything other than disks on a hub on openslug?
13:57.21VoodooZ_work[g2]: those two irq messages (22 and 29) remind me of kas11's openn2 driver. they init some stuff on startup.
13:58.32*** join/#nslu2-linux siddy-away ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
13:59.35VoodooZ_workperlguru-work: not sure. How would you suggest we try it.
14:00.14VoodooZ_workThat's the only one in my tmp/work folder: binutils-cross-
14:01.25jacquesI shouldn't even say this, but what are the "supported" compiler versions for the kernels we're having problems with?
14:01.36rwhitby-awayso I'll take that as a "no, no-one else here has tested anything other than disks on a hub on openslug"
14:02.22VoodooZ_workI just recently bought a cheap mini USB1 hub and tried it on my slug with my webcam, bt and flash disk and it seemed to work fine.
14:03.00rwhitby-awaysorry, I meant to say a usb 2.0 hub (so it would use ehci)
14:03.39VoodooZ_workyeah. That's why I bought a USB1 in the first place, to avoid this problem as most of my devices used on my robot are only USB1 so I'm ok.
14:07.35rwhitby-awayI'm going to repeat all these tests on unslung, to see if it really is a kernel issue ....
14:16.49CIA-103rwhitby 07 * r1.2960.1.1 10openembedded/packages/ (8 files in 6 dirs): Made EHCI a module for the Openslug kernel, and added it to the default image. Added usb-serial, pl2303, bluetooth and ppp modules to Unslung. Fixed puppy 1.6 to use CVS directly.
14:28.11CIA-103rwhitby 07 * r1.2965 10openembedded/packages/linux/ (2 files in 2 dirs): Patched ppp_mppe.c in unslung kernel to fix compile errors
14:33.41*** join/#nslu2-linux clueless (
14:37.29*** join/#nslu2-linux clueless (
14:43.42perlgurulets see if i get openslug build tonight
14:48.39*** join/#nslu2-linux caplink811 (
14:55.08*** join/#nslu2-linux jp30 (~josh@jp30.nslu2-linux)
14:56.35CIA-103jp30 * 10unslung/make/ remove liblib typo in libgd-stage
14:56.41perlgurudo we have vim yet on unslung?
14:59.34perlgurunot yet, i guess
15:03.45jacquesseveral ppl said they were going to do it
15:03.51jacquesI guess they didn't
15:10.21jp30paulhar is working on vim; it needs fixing right now, but hopefully should work soon
15:10.58CIA-103rwhitby 07 * r1.2965.1.1 10openembedded/packages/openslug-init/ ( openslug-init-0.10/modutils.txt): Added ehci-hcd to modutils.txt for OpenSlug
15:13.58perlguru\o/ vim rocks!
15:20.14CIA-103jp30 * 10unslung/make/ libxslt: remove stray
15:36.45*** join/#nslu2-linux rwhitby-away (~rwhitby@rwhitby.nslu2-linux)
15:50.30*** join/#nslu2-linux wangji (
15:51.56*** join/#nslu2-linux rwhitby-nslu2 (~rwhitby@rwhitby.nslu2-linux)
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16:01.38*** join/#nslu2-linux ByronT_ (byron-port@ByronT.nslu2-linux)
16:20.15rwhitby-awayok, so openslug 2.6.9 without ehci works for my bluetooth adapter, irtrans device and serial cable plugged into a hub.
16:20.40rwhitby-awaywas about to try nfs, but unfortunately nfs-utils doesn't build in OE for openslug ...
16:31.12*** join/#nslu2-linux rwhitby-away (~rwhitby@rwhitby.nslu2-linux)
17:05.24*** join/#nslu2-linux KsiLaptop (
17:14.40*** join/#nslu2-linux glc-work (
17:28.25CIA-103jp30 * 10unslung/ (make/ sources/emacs/control): emacs: fix missing rpath
17:38.08*** join/#nslu2-linux chrta (
17:50.05*** join/#nslu2-linux CIA-1 (
18:16.24CIA-103jp30 * 10unslung/make/ libgd: avoid implicit use of libiconv
18:22.08*** join/#nslu2-linux [g2] (
18:23.11CIA-103jp30 * 10unslung/ (make/ sources/php/zend-m4.patch sources/php/php.conf): update php to 5.0.3
18:27.45*** join/#nslu2-linux [cc]smart (
18:39.57*** join/#nslu2-linux chrt1 (
18:43.25*** join/#nslu2-linux LarsAC (
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19:20.20*** join/#nslu2-linux jp30-work (~jp30@jp30.nslu2-linux)
19:20.55*** join/#nslu2-linux ByronT-Away (~byron-por@ByronT.nslu2-linux)
19:27.27*** join/#nslu2-linux [g2] (~g2@g2.nslu2-linux)
19:30.03*** join/#nslu2-linux perlguru (
19:35.17[g2]perlguru, hi
19:35.26[g2]giel, ping
19:38.05giel[g2]: pong
19:39.16*** join/#nslu2-linux chrta (
19:39.32[g2]giel, I thought of you today :)
19:39.52[g2]I picked up a copy of the 3rd Ed Linux Device Drivers book
19:40.59VoodooZ_workThere's a third edition?
19:41.08VoodooZ_workDoes it cover 2.6?
19:41.48[g2]VoodooZ_work, it's only 2.6 and it's based on 2.6.10
19:42.28VoodooZ_workI've got the second edition I think. NOt that I understand any of it!
19:42.53*** join/#nslu2-linux beewoolie-away (
19:42.53VoodooZ_workBut I'd rather learn the new stuff as most of the USB and bus stuff has been redone.
19:42.54*** join/#nslu2-linux beewoolie_ (
19:43.31*** part/#nslu2-linux beewoolie-away (
19:46.20[g2]VoodooZ_work, 3rd edition just came out
19:46.34VoodooZ_workI might consider it. Thanks.
19:46.40VoodooZ_workI love oreilly.
19:50.11[g2]I was wondering how giel liked his copy
19:50.30kergothi should probably pick both that and rml's book up
19:54.12giel[g2]: i don't even have my copy
19:54.21giel[g2]: i wish i'd bought it of my own money
19:54.52gielinstead, i ordered it at work, but those guys are soooo slow
19:54.52[g2]kergoth, I'm sure you would pick up a tip or two, but I think it's really a noob's like me :)
19:54.52gielmaybe i buy one for home anyhow
19:54.52kergoth[g2]: well, its useful reference material.
19:54.59kergoth[g2]: i know about most of the driver stuff, but i forget exact syntaxes and stuff
19:55.09kergothso i have a tendency to need reference material to look that up in
19:55.32giel[g2]: and i really need it, i need to make a driver for this minipci dvb-t card
19:55.32kergothor i'll remember that there's this certani api, but forget what its called
19:55.32gielbut first! eat!
19:56.47CIA-103jp30 * 10unslung/make/ php: avoid configure picking up host libxml2
20:33.36*** join/#nslu2-linux KsiLaptop (
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21:18.24*** join/#nslu2-linux dyoung (~dyoung@dyoung.nslu2-linux)
21:18.39*** join/#nslu2-linux ka6sox (
21:22.07*** join/#nslu2-linux rwhitby-treo (~upirc@rwhitby.nslu2-linux)
21:23.42rwhitby-treoprodslug is back running openslug-sans-ehci
21:24.19rwhitby-treobut I broke my serial port in it - will need to fix that today
21:25.23rwhitby-treoka6sox: do you have the pinout for the second cable you sent me (two chip board)?
21:26.00ka6sox-officeyes...let me dig it up.
21:26.40rwhitby-treoprodslug now has both the 7 port powered hub and the 4 port unpowered hub on it
21:26.55ka6sox-officebuzy box.
21:27.23rwhitby-treoall running ohci
21:27.35[g2]rwhitby-treo, you mean openslug with ehci as module
21:27.57[g2]I guess you don't :)
21:28.15[g2]Your are running OpenSlug with only OHCI
21:28.35[g2]so all devices are limited to 12Mbs
21:28.45rwhitby-treoas a module, but not loaded
21:29.18rwhitby-treoeverything except the disk is 1.1 anyway
21:29.44rwhitby-treowhen we fix ehci, I go back to high speed ...
21:30.33[g2]So OpenOHCISlug :)
21:31.05dyoungokay cool.
21:31.07rwhitby-treoyeah, but I like to call it AccessSlug now ...
21:31.28dyoungrwhitby-treo, would you mind sending me a bootlog or dmesg output from AccessSlug ?
21:32.54rwhitby-treoBT, modem, ssh gateway, miau gateway, tftp server, toppy gateway, irtrans server, microcom to devslug, ...
21:33.21rwhitby-treodyoung: what are you interested in?
21:34.24rwhitby-treoanyone run nfsd on openslug yet?
21:34.50rwhitby-treoHubSlug is good ...
21:35.07[g2]AccessSlug is better :)
21:35.35rwhitby-treoI need to upload a new picture to the gallery
21:36.01dyoungI'm interested in the irq that were assigned to the ohci hub(s).
21:37.34siddy-awayrwhitby-treo, I run nfsd. Works perfect! :)
21:40.38[g2]siddy-away, which version of nfs ?
21:40.59*** part/#nslu2-linux chrta (
21:41.16[g2]and do you run TCP or UDP if that makes sense ?
21:41.58rwhitby-treosiddy: how did you compile nfs-utils?
21:42.00siddy-awayI only use UDP. I don't have that much package-loss in my mini-lan. ;)
21:42.30siddy-awayrwhitby-treo, I had to compile it natively, the openembedded-build failed.
21:44.59rwhitby-treoohci: 28, 27
21:46.05rwhitby-awayhmm - so will we need an openslug native package feed?
21:46.37rwhitby-treoI wonder if we can fix it in OE ...
21:47.09dyoungin that order?
21:47.29rwhitby-awayyeah, 28 then 27
21:47.40siddy-awaynfs-utils can be cross-build for unslung, so I guess it should be possible to fix it in OE.
21:48.05siddy-awayI just had no idea how that OE-thing really works, so I didn't even try to fix it.
21:48.51*** part/#nslu2-linux rwhitby-treo (~upirc@rwhitby.nslu2-linux)
21:52.05*** part/#nslu2-linux dyoung (~dyoung@dyoung.nslu2-linux)
21:52.16*** join/#nslu2-linux dyoung (~dyoung@dyoung.nslu2-linux)
21:53.39*** join/#nslu2-linux LarsAC (
21:59.09rwhitbynew photos uploaded:
22:07.18rwhitbyka6sox: I meant the other cable (the one with two chips on it)
22:07.58[g2]rwhitby, is prodslug running 2.6.9 or 2.6.11 ?
22:08.20ka6sox-officethe other cable is the one for the remotes.
22:08.34ka6sox-office(the 2 remotes )
22:08.35rwhitbyit's "Prod" slug :-)
22:08.52ka6sox-officeas in Cattle Prod?
22:09.20rwhitbyka6sox: you threw in an extra serial cable (the one which had the case intact) - it's a nokia data cable I think
22:09.38rwhitbyprod, as in running the stable, not the dev kernel
22:10.11ka6sox-officeoh...I know now...
22:10.23ka6sox-officelemme check on that.
22:11.20ka6sox-officerwhitby: can you send me a picture?
22:11.29ka6sox-officemy brain is fuzzy
22:26.26CIA-103jp30 * 10unslung/make/ sync SAMBA_IPK_VERSION with sources/samba/control
22:28.02rwhitbyka6sox: this one: - do you have full pinout for it?
22:28.15*** join/#nslu2-linux ByronT-Away (~byron-por@ByronT.nslu2-linux)
22:31.46ka6sox-officethats a dyoung pix...iirc...
22:31.56ka6sox-officebut its easy for me to pinout.
22:37.17perlgurunight all
22:38.59rwhitbyI might try and get an unslung version of AccessSlug working too ...
22:54.31jp30-workdoes anyone have views about whether it's necessary or desirable to use libiconv in unslung? at present some packages use it, and others use glibc's built-in iconv(). this is a pain, because libiconv installs an iconv.h that gets in the way of glibc's
22:58.05kergothyou sould never need libiconv if your c library supports iconv.
22:58.14kergothi see no point in using it
22:58.44kergothi've said this on multiple occasions now
22:58.50kergothyet people are still trying to usei t
23:03.44[g2]kergoth, quit being so wishy-wash. Take a stand dammit !
23:08.13*** join/#nslu2-linux change-me (
23:11.06[g2]I hope this runs Linux :),2393,l=&s=26720&a=146996&po=10,00.asp
23:12.38*** part/#nslu2-linux ka6sox (
23:13.19[g2]I'm sure dyoung will think this look cool,2393,l=&s=25522&a=146996&po=11,00.asp
23:15.56[g2]jp30-work, Congrats on PHP5, Does that integrate with thttpd or apache ?
23:17.03*** join/#nslu2-linux bob_tm-away (
23:17.25[g2]bob_tm-sick, Hope you feel better
23:17.39bob_tm-sick[g2]: thanks
23:18.02bob_tm-sickI got the standard flu - I'll be out for 5 days.
23:18.37bob_tm-sickAt least it is nice to have internal central heating in Norway these days.
23:19.10[g2]how cold is it in Norway these days ?
23:19.55bob_tm-sickWas -15 C yesterday, but much better today
23:20.13bob_tm-sickI'm +39 C, which helps.
23:20.30bob_tm-sickAnd are you still getting snow?
23:20.49bob_tm-sickOh, probably not :-)
23:21.03*** join/#nslu2-linux smok (
23:21.43rwhitbybob_tm-sick: plenty of time for unslung hacking?
23:22.25bob_tm-sickYeah, in theory. My computer room is supposed to be converted into a guest room before Sunday.
23:22.36bob_tm-sickGetting a Dutch professor here for a few weeks
23:23.15[g2]perfect timing to give the professor the flu :)
23:23.18bob_tm-sickI need to set up proper cabling tomorrow, or there will be no wired network.
23:23.23bob_tm-sickYes, isn't it?
23:23.33rwhitbyis he a leet hacker too?
23:23.48bob_tm-sickNah - a linguist. Pragma-semantics.
23:24.17rwhitbyis he cunning?
23:24.38bob_tm-sickYes, I believe so - not my field. When I hear about people like that, it suddently feels reasonable to play with small plastic computers.
23:25.44bob_tm-sickI tried to look for wake-on-lan support in the X-scale family, but couldn't find it. Can it be done?
23:26.32[g2]bob_tm-sick, you mean receiving WOL packets ?
23:26.35bob_tm-sickEh, oh, sorry. A tuba _can_ be made into a rocket launcher.  I mean within reasonable limits
23:26.39bob_tm-sick[g2]: yes
23:27.03[g2]It can receive them when powered-on :)
23:27.12bob_tm-sickThat's nice.
23:27.33[g2]I'm not aware (and I'd be surprised) if it was supported
23:27.34bob_tm-sickLike converting the pope to catolisism.
23:27.43bob_tm-sickYeah, I guessed as much.
23:28.04[g2]I could be wrong though
23:28.27bob_tm-sickGoogle doesn't know all, at least not on the first 10 hits
23:29.22bob_tm-sickI'll thing I'll convert to bob_tm-sick-half-asleep soon
23:47.45*** join/#nslu2-linux novacane_22 (
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