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00:07.38christopherbob_tm-away: glad to see that cups worked for you, thanks for the great write up
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00:19.14danwalkowskiI'd really like to install the grep package, but ipkg refuses to let me, since it conflicts with busybox.  No -force flags seem to help.  Any ideas?
00:19.22danwalkowskibusybox has sucky grep
00:19.27danwalkowskino -r
00:27.43ByronTI haven't upgraded busybox - for a variety of reason - so I can't speak from experience
00:32.44ByronThave you upgraded busybox and that's where the conflict exists?
00:34.46ByronTjust an idea, remove busybox, install grep, re-install busybox
00:34.58danwalkowskithe latest busybox has a slew of new commands, which is nice, but now ipkg refuses to let me install grep
00:35.03danwalkowskiI get this:
00:35.07danwalkowskiipkg -force-reinstall -force-overwrite install grep
00:35.18danwalkowskiInstalling grep (2.4.2-3) to root...
00:35.30danwalkowskiERROR: The following packages conflict with grep:
00:35.33ByronTuh, -force-reinstall should only work if grep was previously installed
00:35.45danwalkowskiAn error ocurred, return value: 1.
00:35.56danwalkowskiyeah, I've tried every permutation of -force
00:36.34danwalkowskithat was just the last ne I tried
00:42.04ByronTso did you try removing busybox, installing grep and then reinstalling busybox?
00:45.01ByronTwait one (or search the yahoo nslu2 group mailing list... looks like someone else had the same problem
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00:49.49ByronTjust the use of -force-overwrite should allow the install to happen
00:50.14danwalkowskiyeah, except it doesn't
00:50.23ByronTthe raise a slug bug
00:50.41dyoung-webipkg remove busybox; ipkg install grep; ipkg install busybox
00:50.48danwalkowskion the mailing list, rwhitby says they can't be used together
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00:52.16ByronThmmm... I think I recommended that remove busybox, install grep, install busybox a while ago
00:52.39danwalkowskiipkg wont install busybox over grep, unless I overwrite the grep files with-force, defeating the purpose
00:52.50danwalkowskiI am trying now
00:53.31jacqueswhy doesn't -force-overwrite work? I've used it for this several times
00:54.06danwalkowskiipkg -force-overwrite install grep
00:54.13danwalkowskiERROR: The following packages conflict with grep:
00:54.26danwalkowskiAn error ocurred, return value: 1.
00:54.32danwalkowskithat's why
00:55.21danwalkowskiwtf doesn't the grep provoded by busybox have -r?
00:57.10danwalkowskithere needs to be a -ignore-conflicts flag for ipkg, so I can install busybox over grep without it complaining, it jsut doesn't write those files
00:58.59danwalkowskiok, alternative approach.  I don't install busybox, and make do with the old one in the firmware.  then where do I get some of the missing commands?
01:00.53billwernetyou might try -force-depends also; I needed to use that on another package...
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01:01.36billwerneti.e., ipkg -force-depends -force-reinstall -force-overwrite install grep
01:02.06billwernetno promises, but it did work for me on another ipk...
01:02.11danwalkowskino, force overwite is bad, it will overwrite the grep package.
01:02.20[g2]-fludyoung-web, ping
01:02.22danwalkowskiforce resintall isn't needed, it
01:02.26danwalkowski's not installed
01:04.42billwernetyes, -force-reinstall only if installing grep over busybox...
01:05.04danwalkowskiyes, and yet it doesn't work
01:05.32billwernetdid I say your mileage might differ?
01:06.56billwernetit just worked for me to do the following: ipkg -force-depends install grep
01:07.20danwalkowskiand you have the latest busybox?
01:07.47billwernetlet me check
01:08.02danwalkowskithis worked:
01:08.14danwalkowskiforce depends made it install nothing.
01:08.40danwalkowskibecause of conflicts.  force overwrite let it overwrite the lame busybox symlinks
01:10.03danwalkowskiI live and die by grep.  I need the full version, not the lame-o one in busybox that can only do a single file at a time
01:11.27danwalkowskiso, to recap, for those who care:
01:11.47danwalkowskiafter installing busybox, you cannot install things that conflct with it (grep, findutils, etc).
01:12.34danwalkowskiyou get Error 1.  just -force-overwrite does nothing.  just -force-depends does nothing.  but use both, and it will stomp over the busybox files with grep/etc.
01:13.28danwalkowskithis is not the same behavior I got a few weeks ago.  I only needed to use -force-overwrite.  
01:15.14danwalkowskinormally, this is wierd, to be overwriting other packages files.  but in busybox case, it is just a bunch of symlinks leading to same binary, so no harm done.
01:16.44danwalkowskithanks for the help guys
01:17.51ByronTheading home...
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02:44.02ByronTjacques, are you here?
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03:02.45ByronT~praise dyoung-web
03:02.47jbotAll hail dyoung-web!
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03:16.01JefferySHello, I copied hard disk 1 to hard disk 2 using rsync. I removed hard disk 1 and put hard disk 2 in its place as the main drive. It looks like everything copied ok, but my appWeb and openssh doesn't start up when the slug boots. What do I need to check to see why its not working.
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03:21.39ByronTJeffreyS, you might want to check your diversion scripts...
03:23.19JefferySwoud that be in the unslung directory?
03:23.36NSLU2-IRCcan someone help me with how to setup a raid 1 mirror using mdadm - how do you disable USB_Detect and how do you use fdisk to change the partition type to fd? raid autodetect
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03:25.19[g2]giel, ping
03:26.38NSLU2-IRCsorry let me try this again with my id - can someone help me with how to setup a raid 1 mirror using mdadm - how do you disable USB_Detect and how do you use fdisk to change the partition type to fd? raid autodetect
03:27.03ByronTJefferyS, check this page for a little more detail on diversion scripts...
03:27.33ByronTI think that lists the locations where you can find them
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03:32.34kazoo_moonpiecan someone help me with how to setup a raid 1 mirror using mdadm - how do you disable USB_Detect and how do you use fdisk to change the partition type to fd? raid autodetect
03:33.14ByronTkazoo, I have no idea...
03:35.04ByronTI am of course, assuming that you have checked the wiki first?
03:37.03kazoo_moonpieyes there are instructions and they instruct you to do these things but I am not sure what is meant - i have also seen another ask the samne question in the yahoo group thread but there was no answer. It appears the dyoung may hold the key - he last modified the instructions
03:38.31ByronTwell the fdisk instruction on the wiki is pretty straight forward...  how to invoke it and then what to change it to
03:38.52ByronThow to use fdisk on linux, that would be a good thing to google
03:39.38ByronTnow how to disable USB_Detect?  dyoung seems to have stepped away for a moment
03:39.49ByronTI was chatting with him a bit ago
03:39.57kazoo_moonpiei tried to google fdisk on busybox but there was no reference to a -fd switch or raid autodetect - am i totally wrong in assuming it is a busybox command
03:40.52ByronTbusybox is just the command interpreter (with limits) for the linux running on the NSLU2
03:44.32ByronTand USB_Detect is an executable in /share/hdd/conf/usr/sbin   which means a script starts it (at boot time or cron?)
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03:48.23kazoo_moonpieso i am still confused about the partition type fd? how do you change a partition type to fd - it is either primary or extended correct?
03:51.19kazoo_moonpiehere is the actual instruction: Using the BusyBox fdisk (call it like "/opt/bin/busybox fdisk /dev/sdx?), change the partition type to fd (raid autodetect)
03:53.41ByronTwell you don't have to put in the /opt/bin/busybox but I wonder if the upgraded BusyBox is needed
03:54.43kazoo_moonpieanother good question for dyoung perhaps?
03:55.00ByronTmaybe  :)
03:55.16kazoo_moonpiethanks for your reply
03:55.21ByronTbut if he gives answer, then your *payment* should be updating that wiki page
03:56.08kazoo_moonpieoh i will do that for sure as this is near to my heart and i have seen a couple of other questions on the subject
03:57.06kazoo_moonpieyou said you were talking to dyoung earlier - do you know of a better way to contact him than hanging out here and waiting?
03:57.06ByronTI've been playing with fdisk on my slug and am not sure about the changes either
03:58.47ByronTmaybe posting again to yahoo mailing list if no answer right away...
03:58.58dyoung-webipkg install busybox
03:59.25dyoung-webthat gives you the busybox that has fdisk in it
03:59.37dyoung-web"t" changes the partition type.
04:00.17kazoo_moonpieah you are there lurking eh? so you do need busybox 1.00 and then -t fd ?
04:00.44dyoung-webI said "t" changes type.
04:01.01dyoung-webyou need to do /opt/bin/busybox fdisk /dev/sda
04:01.09dyoung-webthen "l" will list what you have
04:01.33dyoung-webYoull se a list of your partitions.  The data partition will be 82 (or was that 83)
04:01.45dyoung-web"t" will let you change the type to something else like fd
04:02.38kazoo_moonpieo.k. thanks for the info - one more quick qeustion - how do you disable usb_detect
04:03.12dyoung-webexcuse me "l" lists the types, "p" lists what you have already.
04:03.32dyoung-webstandard ext2/3 partitions are type 83
04:05.17dyoung-webBefore continuing, it is likely that going to a RAID will cause a lot of the stock functionality to stop, and you may need to divert numerous startup scripts including rc.bootbin.
04:05.34dyoung-webif you see glc he may have more info about that.
04:06.07dyoung-webthe proper way to disable USB_Detect is to divert the script that starts it.
04:06.15glcHave you ever run RAID 1 on a Linux box before?
04:07.09kazoo_moonpienot on linux - i am famaliar with mirroring on 'other' OSs ;-)
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04:08.06glcYou will have to be familiar with the mdadm raid tool, and will have to make significant changes to the boot scripts.
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04:08.27glcMay I ask why you want to run raid on the slug?
04:09.57kazoo_moonpiehmmm sounds a little more interesting than i thought - why you ask - because i like to keep my wife happy by not loosing any of her data - she is a photo bug and mirroring is the easiest way to ensure data integrity ;-)
04:10.30dyoung-webIf you have 2 drives around the same size it might be easier to rsync one to the other a couple times a day.
04:11.01glcOk. I have 2 120G Western Digital Drives. I have conf, data, and swap raided.
04:11.28glcIt will take a couple of days to format, raid, and copy data onto the 2 drives.
04:11.28ByronTdyoung, that's what I was thinking
04:11.29kazoo_moonpiethere is still the possiblitiy that the drive will crash between syncs - as has happened in the past therefore I am gun shy.
04:12.17glcYou will need to start out with 2 new, empty drives.
04:12.33kazoo_moonpiegot two 160 gigs ready and waiting
04:13.39glcI can send you my divirsion scripts to study.  The wiki is pretty good at setting it up.
04:14.30dyoung-webglc, I'd be interested to see what all needed diverting.  Specifically how you handled rc.bootbin and if you wrote a replacment script for it that sorta works...
04:14.52glcYou will need to read The Software-RAID HOWTO from the Linux Documentation Project.
04:15.20kazoo_moonpieI have read thru this and this is where my quesitons come from acutally
04:15.28glcDyoung: Give me your email address, or email me at
04:16.27glcKazoo: google the LDP and read the DOC. It is about 25 pages long, and detailed.
04:17.49kazoo_moonpieI will do that also can you be a little more specific on the disable usb_detect - i have seen several confusing methods on how to possible achieve this i am a little unclear on what to do here.
04:18.10kazoo_moonpiemy email address is btw
04:24.22glckazoo_moonpie: Sent.
04:25.18glcYou will see that the diversion scripts don's start USB_Detect.  They also replace rc.bootbin.
04:25.53glcRc.bootbin is evil and messes with everything sacred in your system.
04:25.57dyoung-webglc: Good Job.
04:26.32kazoo_moonpiethanks for the insight, help - can i reserve the possiblity of further discussion about this subject - when i get stuck :-O
04:27.06kazoo_moonpiei will also reveiw how to recover a bricked nslu2 - just in case ;-)
04:27.08glcI am usually hanging out here evenings CST.
04:27.32kazoo_moonpiecool thnaks i will digest the info
04:29.48JefferySI want to copy everything in /share/hdd/conf to /share/flash/conf - Should I just use cp or would rsync be better?
04:29.52glcAlso get the  mdadm man pages.
04:31.38glcI set mine up because my 120G drive went click-buzzz one day. It held my nfsmounted home directory here.
04:32.36glcI had backed it up about a week ago ( while practicing raid ) and was able to recover MOST of my home directory from the backup and failed drive.
04:33.15glcThe next day I went to OfficeMax and bought the only 2 120G USB drives they had on the shelf.
04:35.13JefferySwould this be the correct syntax to copy: cp -r /share/hdd/conf/* /share/flash/conf/*
04:36.29glcI use find and cpio.
04:37.30glcRsync works good to.
04:40.07JefferySthere were so many options with rsync that I wasn't sure what to use.
04:43.35JefferySif I use the options that are shown on without the delete part will that get everything?
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05:23.02CIA-703kin-kwok * 10unslung/ (3 files in 2 dirs): new patch file to fix /sbin/mount.smbfs ln problem
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06:20.56ByronTuuuugggghhhh - bk clone over dialup is not a recommended thing to do
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07:02.10jacqueshmm I've seen that error before somewhere "You don't exist, go away!"
07:04.01jacquesah "an attempt to get the password file entry for your numeric user ID failed"
07:09.41jacquessome dumbass on the list is telling him it's a virus
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07:23.32ByronTthe question becomes "do you correct the dumbass on the list, help out the idiot who can't search and/or read doco, or neither?"
07:23.47jacquesfor me, neither
07:23.58jacquesi just make fun of them on the irc channel
07:24.58jacquesfirst google hit on that error message had the answer
07:25.30ByronTwhoa! the bk clone just finished up here
07:26.07ByronTonly 133MB
07:26.28ByronTvia dialup tonight
07:26.28jacquesouch :-(
07:27.11ByronTI was able to get it started oh about 6 hours ago
07:37.44CIA-703jp30 * 10unslung/make/ libtool: do not install /opt/info/dir
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08:25.19rwhitby-awayByronT: I ignore mailing list posts which are FAQs.
08:26.02rwhitby-awayUntil they get so irritating that I tell them off and then they start a rampage and then get themselves banned ,,,
08:27.08gielyeah! kick ass!
08:27.20ByronTI'm heading to bed... 2:30 and my apple script just got blown away....
08:28.00ByronTnight all
08:31.23CIA-703jp30 * 10unslung/make/ (21 files): many fixes to build procedure for xlibs and gtk+
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08:39.19perlguru-workhi all
08:41.47rwhitby-awayanyone tried 3.18 yet?
08:41.49perlguru-workyesterday my slug was completly unreasable :( even ping to it didn't work
08:42.43rwhitby-awayand today?
08:43.11perlguru-workrebooted and it was fine, only the data partition was readonly after reboot
08:43.28perlguru-workand after every reboot it is ro
08:43.51perlguru-worki am going to reformat the drive and try openslug :)
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08:45.29rwhitby-awaywas it checking quotas?
08:45.51rwhitby-away(data partition is read only if you leave quota checking on while it is checking quotas - can take a number of minutes)
08:46.24rwhitby-awayif you unsling to hdd-data, and you have programs wanting to write under /opt, then you need to divert quota off
08:49.54christopheris [g2] working on a slugnews volume 2?
08:50.11christopherI feel like I've been out of it lately, a summary would be good :-)
08:50.32christopheri c there are a lot more packages around though
08:52.02perlguru-workquota checking is a bit strange. for all my users quota checking if off. i'll create an unslung diversion :(
08:52.49rwhitby-awayit's an easy diversion ...
08:53.02perlguru-worki know, i did it ones
08:55.07rwhitby-awaychristopher: yeah, lots of new packages not listed in READY_FOR_TESTING ...
08:55.28jacquesmaybe they're not ready for testing
08:55.48christopherhmm i c
08:57.55rwhitby-awayjacques: yeah, maybe
09:00.23jacquesfor example I'm pretty sure jp30 is still working on the various X packages
09:00.53jacquesoh yeah - you and I were going to talk about kaffe and its special circumstances
09:01.50jacqueskaffe only builds native, but to build it needs an rt.jar file which can only be made cross (due to jikes needing about 200MB to compile it)
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09:15.33dyoungjacques, that is a rather irritating Chicken/Egg problem now isnt it....
09:16.15jacquesdyoung yeah, I don't know how to fit it into our current build system
09:18.03dyoungpre-built rt.jar that gets downloaded maybe?
09:18.19jacquesyeah that should worj
09:19.27dyoungwe could provide a md5sum to give a false sense of security.
09:21.15perlguru-workwould the traffic shaping stuff (Qos) from siddy an option for unslung-able 4.x??
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10:14.51rwhitbyjacques: cross-compile an rt.jar package, and then require that package to be installed before kaffe can be built.
10:15.32rwhitbyperlguru-work: yep, anything can go in -able at any time
10:19.13jacquesrwhitby, so tomorrow I'll do a .mk for the rt.jar
10:19.55perlguru-workwould be handy, more and more people are using a bittorrent client on the slug, so ip-traffic shaping is getting more important, so lets test!
10:20.02rwhitbycool - Elise has just gone to sleep, so I'm rwhitby instead of rwhitby-away for a while :-)
10:20.39dyoungI just discovered that the PL3507 is Evil.
10:27.40gielnot as evil as lotus notes
10:27.57dyoungMuncher of MIME Attachments?
10:28.03gielmuncher of producitvity
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11:02.23garpincANyone home?
11:03.57garpincI got the printer stuff working
11:04.20garpincIt works for me with lpd and with bob_tm with samba
11:04.52garpincI have one problem however. I bought a usb hub and connected it to port 2 on slug
11:05.22garpincI then plugged in hard drive 2 into hub and printer also into hub
11:05.41garpincThen nslu2 reported that my drive was not formatted.
11:06.13garpincPluging the hard drive directly into the port again fixes the problem.
11:06.17garpincAny insite?
11:06.47rwhitby-awaydebug the problem
11:07.09garpincI've already done a lot of debugging...
11:07.20rwhitby-awayand ...
11:07.28garpincMy question is have you heard of anything like that?
11:07.59garpincAlso I always have had a problem doing the initial format in port 2
11:08.11garpincHave you also heard of that problem?
11:10.40rwhitby-awaythere are a million reasons why both of those things could happen. share your debugging activities and results and maybe there will be some insight ...
11:11.24rwhitby-awaydmesg, /proc/*_conn, usb/devices, ...
11:12.23garpincWell the latter (only being able to do format in port 2): The debugging I did is I put it in port 1 and it formatted. Where no matter what I did in port 2 it didn't format.
11:12.42rwhitby-awaythat's not debugging
11:13.11garpincBut my question is have you ever formatted in port 2?
11:13.53garpincWhat was the size of the drive you formatted?
11:13.58rwhitby-awayflash, cornice and real hard disk
11:14.31rwhitby-away(flash was with Unslung 1.x ext3flash variant
11:15.11rwhitby-awaybut you're still not debugging ....
11:15.54garpincWhat was size of hard drive (I'm trying to get a direction of where I should start the debugging process)
11:16.19rwhitby-away1.5Gb cornice
11:16.41rwhitby-awaylimit is 1Gb
11:16.45garpincMine was 250GB maybe that has something to do with it.
11:17.04rwhitby-awaywhat does your debugging tell you?
11:17.12garpincIt formats for a while and then stops..
11:17.24garpincLike maybe it time out.
11:17.38rwhitby-away21:41]<rwhitby-away> dmesg, /proc/*_conn, usb/devices, ...
11:18.07rwhitby-awaylinux tells you what it is doing ...
11:18.42garpincI don't know what I should do with those commands and devices you mention. I'll have to do so research to see what they mean.
11:21.13rwhitby-awaylast time I explained all this to someone, they promised to put in the wiki, but didn't.  Unfortunately, I run out of patuence when the second time comes around ... :-)
11:22.13*** join/#nslu2-linux dyoung (
11:32.01garpincok I'm looking at the dmesg output now..
11:32.23garpincCan I privately send it to you for a look?
11:32.52garpincI tried the usb hub in port 1 and then port 1 hard drive failed to work.
11:36.33garpincI see the following in /proc/*_conn:
11:36.38garpincbash-2.05b# ls  /proc/*_conn
11:36.38garpinc/proc/hd2_conn  /proc/hd_conn   /proc/usb_conn
11:38.04garpincI don't know where to fine:usb/devices
11:40.10perlguru-workcat /proc/bus/usb/devices
11:41.32perlguru-workor: lsusb
11:42.19perlguru-worklatter works only if usbutils is installed
11:43.05rwhitby-awayif you have three *_conn files, then the linksys s/w is very confused
11:43.31rwhitby-awaydoes the hub or something you are plugging into the hub (other than the hard disk) have some storage capability (like a flash card slot) ?
11:43.53garpincYes printer has flash card slot.
11:43.55rwhitby-awayor does /proc/bus/usb/devices have three things with storage class?
11:44.12rwhitby-awaythat's your problem then - you can only have two storage devices on a slug.  you have three.
11:44.59rwhitby-awayplease write these debugging steps and the outcome on the troubleshooting a drive not formatted wiki page
11:45.29garpincWhere is the limitation here. I heard you can only have 2 on the wiki. Is there a way to disable linux seeing my printer storage as a possible storage?
11:45.51rwhitby-awayonly by changing the kernel, or replacing USB_Detect
11:46.09garpincCan a diversion script do that?
11:46.22rwhitby-awaya very complex one can, yes.
11:46.45rwhitby-away(I've never done it, but others have)
11:47.19garpincOf course there is no How To on the site right:-)
11:48.05rwhitby-awayare your additions to the troubleshooting page up yet?
11:48.12garpincWhat's a link to the howto wiki page you want me to create?
11:49.07rwhitby-awaylook on the howto page - it's not that hard to spot.
11:49.29rwhitby-away"on the troubleshooting a drive not formatted wiki page
11:50.16rwhitby-awayor add an FAQ  "When I plug my printer into a hub with a drive, why does the drive go missing?"
11:50.26rwhitby-awayor do both if you really want to help others out
11:55.58garpincI was up all night doing something for work and it's almost 7am... I'm going to bed now and I'll do it first thing tommorow. I've captured our conversation and I'll make it pretty to help out others.
11:56.14garpincSee you and thanks again for your help.
11:56.35rwhitby-awaysince you are updating the wiki, you are very welcome :-)
11:57.21rwhitby-awaywith today's printers, I think this will be an FAQ ..
11:57.49garpincBTW as soon as I unplug printer it sees my hard drive so you are absolutely right...
11:58.15dyoungOf course hes right.
11:58.29dyoungHaving hacked the device to death and all....
11:58.42dyoungand diligently studying the linksys kernel patches...
12:16.49*** join/#nslu2-linux _mimosa42 (
12:59.49*** join/#nslu2-linux change-me (
13:31.02*** join/#nslu2-linux [1]garpinc (
13:38.12CIA-703ingeba * 10unslung/sources/ncftp/control: Upped IPK version
13:39.31CIA-703ingeba * 10unslung/make/ Fixed ncftpbatch bug which caused bgget to fail
13:47.09dJOEkanyone here in the beijing area ?
14:01.34*** join/#nslu2-linux VoodooZ_work (
14:10.03*** join/#nslu2-linux LarsAC (~chatzilla@
14:24.15*** join/#nslu2-linux jipi (
14:45.23perlguru-worksomeone tried rsync over ssh yet?
14:46.03CIA-703ingeba * 10unslung/sources/cups/printers.conf: Printer definition file for HP990c on NSLU2
14:46.55CIA-703ingeba * 10unslung/sources/cups/S88cups: Oh my, that last version was never supposed to be checked in
14:48.15*** join/#nslu2-linux siddy (
14:55.16*** join/#nslu2-linux siddy (
14:58.21*** join/#nslu2-linux caplink811 (
15:01.59*** join/#nslu2-linux [1]garpinc (
15:17.59CIA-703ingeba * 10unslung/sources/cups/control: Up'ed version number
15:19.03CIA-703ingeba * 10unslung/make/ Added NSLU2-compatible printer config and set correct access for /opt/var/spool
15:26.29*** join/#nslu2-linux _chris_ ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
15:28.59CIA-703ingeba * 10unslung/sources/xinetd/S10xinetd: Added comment
15:29.14CIA-703ingeba * 10unslung/sources/xinetd/postinst: Added postinst info
15:40.22CIA-703ingeba * 10unslung/sources/metalog/postinst: Fixed postinst information
15:42.38*** join/#nslu2-linux [1]garpinc (
15:50.05*** join/#nslu2-linux [2]garpinc (
16:06.18*** join/#nslu2-linux [g2] (
16:08.04*** join/#nslu2-linux NSLU2-IRC (
16:14.19CIA-703ingeba * 10unslung/sources/metalog/rc: Diversion script for metalog
16:15.34CIA-703ingeba * 10unslung/sources/metalog/ (postinst S01metalog): Changing metalog setup to use diversion script
16:17.24CIA-703ingeba * 10unslung/sources/metalog/control: Up'ed version number
16:19.56CIA-703ingeba * 10unslung/make/ Changed startup to diversion script
16:36.59bob_tm-awayHey - anyone here with coreutils installed that can check whether uptime works on unslung?
16:37.51bob_tmIt fails on mine and the docs says utmp/wtmp have to be active, which they are not on my system with ordinary Linksys syslogd
16:47.10bob_tmrwhitby-asleep: No answer - I suspect that coreutils uptime is broken on unslung, while procps one works. Should we remove the one from coreutils?
16:48.05bob_tmrwhitby-asleep: Please verify that it fails on unslung with unmodified Linksys syslogd, because I've made so many changes to my slug, it might be just me.
16:48.41bob_tmrwhitby-asleep: I'm keeping it in for this release (coreutils with man pages)
16:50.16CIA-703ingeba * 10unslung/sources/coreutils/control: Upped version number
16:51.15CIA-703ingeba * 10unslung/make/ Added man pages
17:29.19CIA-703jp30 * 10unslung/make/ ttf-bitstream-vera: various build fixes
17:38.38*** join/#nslu2-linux smok (
17:54.32*** join/#nslu2-linux ByronT (
18:06.01*** join/#nslu2-linux perlguru (~mirc@
18:06.38*** join/#nslu2-linux ByronT (
18:07.40*** join/#nslu2-linux pTweety (
18:11.57gielok, my openslug build gets past uclibc now
18:18.34perlguruI get this using fsck:Error reading block 8263 (Attempt to read block from filesystem resulted in short read) while doing inode scan.
18:18.59perlguru40+ blocks continous
18:19.14perlgurubad disk :(
18:31.17*** join/#nslu2-linux NSLU2-IRC (~NSLU2-IRC@
18:31.41*** join/#nslu2-linux NSLU2-IRC (~NSLU2-IRC@
18:34.11paulharDid my package make it - I notice the list seemed to "lose" the attachment?
18:34.54perlguruwhat package?
18:35.03paulharxmail - posted on the mailing list
18:35.18perlgurutry: ipkg list ;)
18:36.29perlguruyou don't know that command??
18:37.31paulharOf course; but since I only just posted it up, I don't have cvs access, I'd be surprised if it were integrated yet.
18:37.47perlgurudid you ask for it?
18:38.56perlguruentered a slugbug?
18:38.59*** join/#nslu2-linux [cc]smart (
18:46.41paulharAm I supposed to? I'm just following the instrs on the AddAPackageToUnslung wiki
18:47.14*** join/#nslu2-linux VoodooZ_work (
18:47.24perlguruyes, you can make the package yourself, ask dyoung or rwhitby-away for CVS access
18:48.50caplink811hi, according to the last changes from rwhitby, its no more neccesary (?) to ask for cvs access
18:49.12caplink811only post the *.mk and conf.files on the mailing list
18:49.34paulharDid that earlier; I notice the list seems to have stripped it out so wanted to check it got through.
18:50.08perlguruping rwhitby-away
18:50.54perlguruguess he is asleep
18:50.55paulhar[rwhitby-way PING reply] : 0.656 seconds
18:54.30caplink811meaning, last changes on AddPackageToUnslung, 30-01-2005
18:55.06gieli can ping my openslugged slug
18:55.11gielat least that's something
18:56.02VoodooZ_workCongrats giel
18:56.19paulharOnce I get some feedback on what I've done (i.e. someone fixes it for me and shows me where i'm going wrong) then I'll post up a couple more bits too
18:56.28perlgurucaplink811, where? i dont see it
18:57.51caplink811stay tuned, i've just look to the changes...
18:58.24perlgurui only remember something about 1st timers
18:59.17gielok, now i can eat and watch tv happily
18:59.23gielbeing ill and all
18:59.43giel[g2]: it worked
18:59.59[g2]giel, CONGRATS!
19:00.09gieli'll be back later
19:00.15[g2]thx for the update
19:00.26[g2]are you in the yahoo DB ?
19:00.34caplink811at AddAPackageToUnslung - Software Packaging Overview - 5th Part (in german -Absatz)
19:00.41gielno, i'll add myself later
19:00.58[g2]ok thx, pls do we need to get to 20
19:01.24gielheh, k
19:01.48perlguru ??
19:02.13perlguruno german in there
19:02.29perlguruall plain english
19:03.26caplink811yes, mean "5 part", cause english is not my native language, but, now i know, meaning 5th article in this document
19:03.57caplink811forgotten, you're dutch, not german
19:04.17perlguruTo add your package to the Unslung distribution, send your .mk file and any other associated source files to the mailing list as an attachment, and you will normally be given CVS write access as soon as an admin sees it.
19:04.24perlgurufound it
19:04.28caplink811fine ;-)
19:04.54perlguruas I said, code review for 1st-timers/new devs.
19:05.55caplink811so i understand, there is no more asking for write access needed
19:06.27caplink811and, i think, paulhar have the same understatement ;-)
19:09.55gielhm, booted slug with 21904kb free
19:10.22gielcorrection: 21976
19:10.39[g2]giel, actually that' about 24-25 looked at the cached number
19:10.42gielonly dropbear running tho, so not terribly useful
19:10.58[g2]and portmap :)
19:11.05gielno, killed portmap
19:11.07gieland getty
19:11.17gielroot@nslu2:~# free
19:11.18gielTotal:        30648         8672        21976
19:11.48[g2]cat /proc/meminfo
19:12.10gielah, cool
19:12.20gielMemTotal:        30648 kB
19:12.20gielMemFree:         21992 kB
19:12.20gielBuffers:             4 kB
19:12.20gielCached:           3456 kB
19:12.56[g2]so the 3.4MB that's cached is actually free
19:13.22gielat least, it will be freed when it's needed
19:13.45[g2]which means 24.5 outta 30.6 is available
19:13.59gieli was confused, 'cause the free on my desktop adds a line with cached subtracted
19:14.07gielbut i guess the busybox free doesn't
19:14.22[g2]looks that way :)
19:14.38gielanyway, next step is hooking up a hdd
19:14.56[g2]giel, what do you plan to do with the box ?
19:15.10gielvsftpd, some mta (pbly postfix) and imap server
19:15.16gieland samba or nfs for storage
19:15.30gielpbly nfs
19:15.38gieloh, and screen + irssi
19:15.49[g2]iirc you might be able to bb samba
19:15.54ByronTwhat? no mtdaapd?
19:15.56[g2]I know postfix bb's
19:16.10gielfirst i want my root filesystem on hdd
19:16.14ByronTI thought everyone used mt-daapd (sarcasm)
19:16.24gielByronT: i'm no mac fetishist :P
19:16.24[g2]dunno about vsftpd
19:16.38giel[g2]: oh, i'll be able to crosscompile and port by hand if needed :)
19:16.53ByronTI'm a longtime windows user... mac user just recently
19:17.08[g2]giel, are you planning on a linuxrc in the jffs2 partition ?
19:17.12ByronTand btw, it only takes about 7 hours to bk clone over dialup
19:17.14gielused win, used mac, will stick with linux
19:17.15[g2]or using switchbox
19:17.30gielno plans yet :)
19:17.33gielfirst poke around a little
19:17.38[g2]have fun
19:17.42gielwill do :)
19:19.52VoodooZ_workhey [g2]. Any big new discoveries?
19:35.23VoodooZ_workkergoth: Do you think the software suspend2 stuff would work on the slug?
19:35.52VoodooZ_workCould be cool to press the power button and have the slug hibernate.
19:36.23kergothdont know, i've never actually used swsusp
19:44.28VoodooZ_workcool. I'll try it soon on my portable
19:44.54VoodooZ_workANything that speeds up the excruciatingly long boots is good to try. :)
19:45.18VoodooZ_work(especially when you're running on batteries and need to restart a lot)
19:45.23kergothhas anyone instrumented the startup scripts, or investigated solutions to the usb bottleneck?
19:46.31VoodooZ_workwell, [g2] had it on his todo list I believe but It's after the depmod issue so it might take a while.
19:46.51kergothi should really make my nslu2 actually useful this weekend
19:46.58VoodooZ_workIf I can get my robot code done I'll check it myself but I'm way behind already.
19:47.04VoodooZ_workyep. It's fun.
19:47.11kergothi could probably find a solution to the boot time issue, i expect
19:47.20VoodooZ_workI'm sure you would too!
19:48.20VoodooZ_workThat would be definitely sweet if you could
19:51.05gielwhat's the problem? the ohci and ehci modules?
19:51.18kergoththats the biggest one
19:51.45gielhm okay... looks like we could use some profiling there :)
19:52.08kergothsome basic instrumentation wouldnt be very difficult
19:52.27gielhow basic are you thinking? a bunch of printk's?
19:52.28CIA-703caplink811 * 10unslung/make/ initial checkin
19:52.45kergothCELF already has a patch that adds instrumentation to printk itself
19:52.54kergothspecifically for use in debugging boot time issues
19:53.01kergothbut regardless, in this case its more userspace than kernel
19:53.08gieloh yeah, CELF, i really should learn more about those guys
19:53.12kergothi'm thinking more instrumentation of hotplug and sysvinit
19:53.18gielespecially as i'm somewhat part of the forum :S
19:53.25kergothwork for a member?
19:53.30kergothsame here, i missed the last meeting unfortunately ;\
19:53.55gielwell, i only work for them for 3 months or so
19:54.04kergothwhere at?
19:54.16gielmaybe we'll run into eachother some day :)
19:54.35kergothheh, where do you work?
19:54.50gieland you?
19:54.57CIA-703caplink811 * 10unslung/sources/openldap/control: initial checkin
19:55.12gieli know a guy at semiconductors who does experimentations on a TI board
19:55.20giel(damn i should get to bed)
19:55.28gielbut now our own platform is done
19:55.37gieland this is exactly the moment i should stop talking about it :)
19:55.55gielst00pid NDAs :P
19:57.09[g2]kergoth, I've run hotplug with set -x
20:12.57VoodooZ_workwhat does that do?
20:13.06VoodooZ_workdebug mode?
20:13.25kergothshows each command that the shell executes, as it executes
20:13.42[g2]it's sweet :)
20:13.58[g2]I've put it in rcS too
20:13.59VoodooZ_workso it's a shell option?
20:14.09VoodooZ_workfound anything interesting?
20:14.46[g2]not really. It is very grounding to see everything happening
20:15.03VoodooZ_workI guess.
20:15.13[g2]hey kergoth, any suggestions for my minicom issue ?
20:16.14[g2]the -x provides tremendous visibility into what's happening
20:16.29[g2]for scripts obviously
20:17.27kergothminicom issue?
20:18.47[g2]the minicom build dies because it wants either #ifdef POSIX_TERMIOS or #else
20:18.47[g2]#  if defined (_BSD43) || defined (_V7)
20:19.03[g2]for openslug
20:19.39[g2]I figured it's POSIX_TERMIOS but don't know if that's what we want
20:22.01CIA-703ptweety * 10unslung/ (4 files in 3 dirs): cyrus-sasl ready for testing; compiles native and cross.
20:23.58[g2]actually it dies because it wants m_word, but those #defines would cause it to be created
20:26.03VoodooZ_workImagine I have a little util to shutdown the slug, where would I insert a call to have the shutdown procedure use it?
20:26.49[g2]Ummm I'm missing something there
20:26.59[g2]are you unhappy with shutodown -h ?
20:27.07VoodooZ_workThat works?
20:27.09[g2]shutdown -h now
20:27.19[g2]all except for the power-off
20:27.20VoodooZ_workI don't have access to my box but I will try it later.
20:27.35VoodooZ_workoh, that's what I want to add.
20:27.40[g2]adding the gpio to the shutdown would power it off
20:28.00VoodooZ_workThis way I can tell the robot to shutdown by pressing the power or reset switch.
20:28.21VoodooZ_workIt's not convenient to always have to log in during competition.
20:28.55[g2]when's the competition ?
20:29.12VoodooZ_workIn april. I don't think I'll make it after all.
20:29.30VoodooZ_workWould still be nice nice for testing though.
20:29.42[g2]:(,  well it's good to prepare
20:29.50[g2]I hope you're having fun
20:29.58VoodooZ_workMakes the slug like an appliance too. switch on/off.
20:30.19VoodooZ_workIt's fun but I find myself stressing though. It's just a hobby after all.
20:31.12[g2]that's normal, you have a goal and if your not getting there it creates frustration
20:31.25[g2]it's part of being human
20:31.30VoodooZ_workI guess.
20:31.54VoodooZ_workI get obssessed though which is not good. Balance is key in life.
20:32.00[g2]take 3 deep breaths, then just focus on what you need to do :)
20:32.11VoodooZ_worknot always simple.
20:32.28[g2]a requirement for programmers :)
20:32.38VoodooZ_workIt gets quite complex. I'm basically doing the job of a whole team.
20:33.18VoodooZ_workmechanics, electronics, optics, programming (lots), etc.. But fascinating to see that little critter moving around once you get there.
20:33.50[g2]I'll bet
20:35.46VoodooZ_workI'm sure glad I took the plunge with linux though. It's even more cool.
20:36.38VoodooZ_workIt opens a world of possibilities.
20:37.43VoodooZ_workI just wish I could have a <10secs boot though. It would feel so much better. I doubt that will ever happen on a 266Mhz box though.
20:38.09VoodooZ_workEven without the hotplug problem it would still take me ~45 seconds.
20:38.35[g2]VoodooZ_work, if you taylor the init scripts I think it could
20:39.09[g2]my Cirrus 200 Mhz Arm boot to a full prompt with apache and other stuff in 9
20:39.18VoodooZ_workyou think? I would need to shave off all the fluff like udev and hotplug though right?
20:39.29VoodooZ_workNo way!! 9 seconds? cool!
20:39.42[g2]I don't know how long udev takes
20:39.50VoodooZ_worknot that long actually.
20:40.07VoodooZ_workeverything is statically linked so I would think it can't be better.
20:40.09[g2]but there 2 seconds in Redboot, many seconds with switchbox
20:40.10kergothudev is basically the mount of the ramfs and a pile of mknod()s
20:40.40[g2]there's a bunch of stuff that could be speed up
20:40.44VoodooZ_workyeah, shouldn't be slow.
20:40.56VoodooZ_work(so I can add it to my todo list)
20:40.57[g2]like stuff I just mentioned :)
20:41.37kergothfirst step is instrumentation
20:41.46kergothyou dont know what "stuff" can be sped up until you measure it
20:42.06VoodooZ_workprofiling... then we can concentrate on the slower parts.
20:42.22VoodooZ_workIs that the CELF stuff?
20:42.36kergoththey've done all sorts of work on it
20:42.41kergothincluding instrumentation
20:42.55VoodooZ_workI'm looking at the BootupTimeResources page right now
20:43.28kergoth, etc
20:43.48kergothiirc they really haent done as much work on startup scripts and the like, more kernel level
20:44.04VoodooZ_workcool. I'll read that.
20:50.04*** join/#nslu2-linux LarsAC (
20:52.35caplink811ping pTweety
20:53.04kergothweirdly coincidental
20:53.18caplink811about your problem with libsasl and postfix
20:53.19kergothjust got an email from tim bird to the celf list about them needing a new bootup time working group chair
20:53.37caplink811have aou a solution right yet?
20:54.23pTweetyno, today I was in hospital and had no time :-(
20:54.48VoodooZ_workyou should do it! :)
20:55.32kergothheh, certainly could.  dont really have either the time or the motivation though
20:55.41VoodooZ_workyeah. that could be an issue.
20:55.41caplink811but, if you already fine, link all needed libraries to /lib, that should do the job, but ask me not why :-(
20:56.07VoodooZ_workkergoth: Are the patchset useful for us or?
20:56.35pTweetycaplink811: I'm not sure wheter I should do that
20:56.39kergothVoodooZ_work: the kernel patches?  they could be useful, but again the current problems are more with userspace.  optimize where you get the most benefit.
20:56.47kergothgo from there
20:57.01pTweetycaplink811: first I'll try some more configure options
20:57.07VoodooZ_workyep. instrumentation is key
20:57.37VoodooZ_workIt sucks that the redboot part takes up like 3-5 seconds all by itself.
20:58.16*** join/#nslu2-linux caplink811_ (
20:58.56caplink811_pTweety: cause postlog search the libraries in /lib, i don't know why...
20:59.38kergothlook at the % of that boot time consumed by printk messages alone
21:00.47pTweetycaplink811_: I'll have a look on postconf
21:01.53caplink811_pTweety: ok, do that, i've tried another application, which use libsysl, and with ldap, everything works fine, so the stage thing should work right...
21:02.02caplink811_pTweety: gute Besserung
21:03.19VoodooZ_workYou should have seen the amount debug stuff the kas11 led driver produced at first!! I disabled it as each led blink would cause a message!
21:07.57*** join/#nslu2-linux LarsAC_ (
21:15.19VoodooZ_workkergoth: the CELF patches appear to require kernel 2.6.10. I guess that will motivate me to get it in OE. :)
21:15.44VoodooZ_workooops. Disregard the previous comment
21:15.56VoodooZ_workI just saw the rest of the patches for 2.6.9. :(
21:18.58VoodooZ_workthat's strange. My openslug-kernel package never completes. It just jams at the do_compile stage.
21:33.24rwhitby-away has been updated to correct the misconception that simply sending the paackage to the mailing list is enough to have it added.  That's only enough to get you CVS write access.  You still have to add it yourself.
21:37.29caplink811_rwhtiby-away: thx
21:38.33caplink811_nite all
21:38.37*** part/#nslu2-linux caplink811_ (
21:55.59CIA-703rwhitby * 10unslung/Makefile: Promoted cups to both native and cross.
21:56.19*** join/#nslu2-linux wipmac (
21:56.25wipmac is not reachable !?
21:56.48bob_tm-awayIt is
21:57.06wipmachrmm.. ipkg update doesnt work for me.
21:57.22wipmacxsystem: ERROR: Child process died due to signal 2: `wget --passive-ftp    -q -P
21:57.35bob_tm-awaybash-2.05b# ipkg update
21:57.38bob_tm-awayUpdated list of available packages in /usr/lib/ipkg/lists/unslung
21:58.01rwhitby-awaypTweety: the sed in doesn't worl
21:58.29rwhitby-awaywipmac: read the FAQ ?
21:59.05wipmacrwhitby: no, since i ipkg'ed already many things from there. why shouldnt it werk all of a sudden?
21:59.17pTweetyrwhitby-away: which one?
21:59.27rwhitby-awaywipmac: cause something has changed on your slug or your environment?
21:59.57bob_tm-awaywipmac: Can you reach it via your browser? If so, the problem is slug'ish.
22:00.02rwhitby-awaypTweety: the CPPFLAGS and LDFLAGS inline seds - why are they needed? Mulitple spaces are not a problem.
22:00.05bob_tm-awayIf not, the problem is network
22:01.01pTweetyfor some reason the configure complains about the *FLAGS without the `sed...`
22:01.56rwhitby-awayHmm - yeah I see.  What a stupid configure script
22:01.56wipmacrwhitby: read the faq now. but nuttin changed here.. gateway the same, netmask the same.
22:02.17wipmac..and no dhcp server running
22:02.28pTweetywell, I though with the sed it's the easiest solution
22:03.21rwhitby-awayyeah - you need a < I think.
22:03.35rwhitby-away(and a comment :-)
22:04.59pTweetyhm, can you please repeat the last sentence. I simply don't understand the meaning. Sorry, my bad english :-(
22:08.51rwhitby-awaysure - I think you need to redirect or pipe the input into sed, cause it's thinking that you're telling it that the string is a file.
22:09.24rwhitby-awayand then you need to put a comment in the .mk file to tell others why the sed is required (cause it's out of the ordinary, so a comment will save others continually asking questions about it)
22:11.44pTweetyahh, now I understand. Thanks for your patience. I'll rework
22:13.19rwhitby-awayno problem - thanks for your contribution
22:15.51rwhitby-awayactually, you'll need to echo "...." | sed ....
22:16.25rwhitby-awayI wonder if there is a GNU make built-in function which will do that canonicalisation of whitespace ...
22:17.16wipmacrwhitby: a reboot helped the ipkg-not reachable problem. any clues why?
22:18.49CIA-703ingeba * 10unslung/sources/metalog/postinst: Modified activation info
22:20.04CIA-703ingeba * 10unslung/make/ Changed activation point by switching diversion script
22:23.14jacquesbob_tm-away, thanks for the email - I'll add a configured man.conf today.
22:26.34CIA-703ptweety * 10unslung/make/ Reworked inline sed within the configure step.
22:29.37pTweetyrwhitby-away: when reading the irc-log I found a discussion about stipping of executables. (In particular groff) You mentioned some policies for developers, but I havn't found such a policy yet. Can you please point me to the right place?
22:37.39CIA-703ptweety * 10unslung/ (make/ sources/groff/control): Added the stripping of binaries to
22:40.15gielis it wise to add all modules which are needed to access a hdd to the kernel, so i can use hdd as root filesystem?
22:40.26gielor use a linuxrc to load necessary modules and then change rootfs
22:41.32jacquesI thought switchbox already had that capability, but maybe it's just switchbox-4.x
22:41.36*** join/#nslu2-linux pompeysteve2002 (
22:41.43gielmight be
22:42.12gieli'm talking openslug btw
22:42.13pompeysteve2002hi all, anyone tried building latest cups?
22:43.21rwhitby-awayyep, it should be in the feeds in about 7 hours (just started a complete rebuild of cross on builds)
22:43.38rwhitby-awayback later
22:44.03gielbut the wiki page on switchbox doesn't really clear things up for me
22:45.02jacquesdo we have a standard location for mail spool on slug yet?
22:45.31jacques/opt/var/mail ? /opt/var/spool/mail ?  /opt/spool/mail ?  /opt/mail ?
22:49.08*** join/#nslu2-linux mimosa42_aw (
22:57.09gielyeah, can live with that one too
22:57.18gielas long as it's in /var or /opt/var somewhere
22:58.21jacquesOK thanks guys
22:58.41jacquesI'm going with option 2 and if we want we can symlink option 1 to it (it's like that on my desktop)
22:59.04jacques(well my desktop dosen't have the /opt :-)
22:59.50pompeysteve2002anyone seen this kind of error before when Make-ing ? /opt/armeb/lib/gcc-lib/armv5b-softfloat-linux/3.3.5/../../../../armv5b-softfloat-linux/bin/ld: cannot find -lz
23:04.59pTweetywhich package do you want to make?
23:05.46pTweetydo you have zlib installed?
23:05.54pompeysteve2002yep, AFAIK
23:08.14pTweetymaybe adding zlib-stage to the $(MAKE) openssl-stage line can help
23:09.35pompeysteve2002strange that it's saying "cannot find -lz" and not cannot find ""
23:13.08pompeysteve2002hmm just manually ran the command line without -lz and it all built just fine
23:13.24pompeysteve2002(so far...) :D

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