irclog2html for #nslu2-linux on 20041215

00:11.52jakehmm.. describe better..
00:12.04jakehaven't checked out samba config on nslu..
00:12.23Gaijin42_well, I have a standard unslung
00:12.23jakebut if I compile samba, default setting is that dot files are hidden..
00:12.32jakefor example ".file" isn't shared.
00:12.42jakerest of should be shared.
00:12.44Gaijin42_I installed inetutils, and set up ftpd
00:12.51Gaijin42_ftp in, log in as root
00:12.53Gaijin42_upload files
00:13.03Gaijin42_I can see the directory from windows, but get permissions denied
00:13.13Gaijin42_(if I created a new dir via ftp)
00:13.24Gaijin42_I chmod on the dir, and I can go into it
00:13.32Gaijin42_ls via ssh shows me all the files
00:13.39Gaijin42_windows shows no files
00:13.44Gaijin42_they are not . files
00:13.50jakeah yes :D
00:13.54jakeyou logged in as root.
00:14.11jakethis sets ownership on ftp'd files to root:root (user:group)
00:14.13Gaijin42_I thought about that
00:14.21jakeThese files are not shared.
00:14.30Gaijin42_so I did chown admin.everyone
00:14.32jakeif you haven't logged in to smb as root..
00:14.47Gaijin42_and the files didnt show up.  Do I have to update an index?
00:14.56jakeokay. Can you see/access other files (the ones that are not sent by ftp) which have same permissions?
00:15.17jakein smb there shouldn't be any index..
00:15.34Gaijin42_I can also see the files fine via the web gui
00:15.47jakeHaven't setup my nslu2 yet, but I have a same-like system on my server..
00:16.17jakeI have smb sharing with read/write (with guest permission) /home/ftp/pub and /home/ftp/upload
00:16.34jakeand I can put files to my upload dir with ftp.
00:16.46Gaijin42_I wrote into a directory that was already samba shared
00:16.58Gaijin42_maybe I have to remount samba to refresh or something?
00:17.13jakeno. I guess you just have wrong dir or something..
00:17.32Gaijin42_I can see the files via ssh.  I am pretty sure I am in the right dir
00:17.35jakeTry it this way, upload something to your nslu with smb.
00:17.48jakeyes, but dir. propably has different rights on smb side.
00:18.43jakessh to your box and find that file.
00:18.52jakecheck permissions.
00:19.10jakethen share that same directory with your ftpd..
00:19.43jakeand if files aren't still shown, check that it has same rights as file uploaded via smb interface.
00:20.38jakestill there? Any progress?
00:21.01Gaijin42_it wouldnt let me uplaod into that FTP created directory
00:21.16Gaijin42_i uploaded into a different dir, and noticed that the file had execute perms
00:21.23Gaijin42_so I am trying chmod 777
00:21.37Gaijin42_that was it
00:21.47Gaijin42_for some reason 666 doesnt work, but 777 does
00:21.56jakeIt needs execute bit..
00:22.03jakeas this is also known as search bit.
00:22.04Gaijin42_just to browse?
00:22.09jaketo search.
00:22.29Gaijin42_I wasnt searching, just opening the folder via samba
00:22.39jakeyes, but your smb server was searching :)
00:22.56Gaijin42_that is a bunch of crap :
00:22.56jakesame behaviour usually on httpd servers..
00:23.01Gaijin42_thanks for the help tho
00:23.05jakenope, it's server technology :D
00:23.15jakeI did nothing.
00:23.22jakeYou found reason by your self.
00:23.35jakeBut glad that you made it work the way you want it to work..
00:23.53Gaijin42_can I get ftpd to save files with those flags by default?
00:24.38jakeWhat ftp server it is?
00:24.53jakeproftpd has support for changing mode while file write.
00:25.14jakeinetutils.. hmm.. ain't that just a tcp wrapper to start ftpd..
00:25.19Gaijin42_I dunno
00:25.24jaketry ftpd -v
00:25.28Gaijin42_Im not much of a linux guru
00:25.28jakeor -V
00:25.29jakeor --v
00:25.31jakeor --V
00:25.32Gaijin42_what is -V?
00:25.43jakeone of 'em should be version
00:25.48jakemight also be --version
00:26.16Gaijin42_ftpd (GNU inetutils) 1.4.2
00:26.24jakeI'll google for it..
00:28.41jakedo you have /etc/ftpd.conf ?
00:28.56jakeor ftpd.conf in somewherE?
00:29.21jakeit seems to be using ftpd.conf for config settings according to that thread..
00:29.29Gaijin42_ok, cool
00:29.44jakehaven't yet found a list of options for it..
00:29.51jakebut if you find this file in your system..
00:30.13jakeit might contain parameters and definitions with documentation.
00:32.13jakeDon't know if that's correct..
00:32.18jakebut when you find this file..
00:32.22jakeaccording to that man page..
00:32.29jakeyou could add there this parameter:
00:33.06jakemodify chmod on
00:33.18jakethis will allow chmodding with ftp client..
00:33.34jakethen we need to find parameter to automaticly chmodding to 777.
00:33.39Gaijin42_nifty.  thanks
00:33.41*** join/#nslu2-linux TimmiB (
00:34.32jakefound it.
00:34.39jakeand you don't need to modify chmod on..
00:34.46jakeit's on as default.
00:34.47Gaijin42_you rock dude :)
00:34.56Gaijin42_cool, so I can chmod from inside ftp
00:35.01jakeuse parameter "umask all 777"
00:35.09jakeand "umask guest 777"
00:35.24jakethis will make all uploaded files to 777.
00:35.35jakefor users and for guest (if guest account is activated)
00:36.01jakejust find ftpd.conf
00:36.15jakeor write one to /etc
00:36.46jakeas other default values seem to be ok, you can do it like this:
00:37.03jakeecho "umask all 777">/etc/ftpd.conf
00:37.14jakeecho "umask guest 777">>/etc/ftpd.conf
00:37.25jakesee that in second command, there's >> instead of >
00:37.30Gaijin42_yep, to append
00:37.39jakeif you use >> it will append and > will overwrite.
00:37.49jakeafter this, you need to restart your ftpd.
00:37.58jakeso new settings will be used.
00:38.09Gaijin42_thanks dude
00:38.18jakejust kill it.
00:38.32jakeand then restart it.
00:38.45jakeif it won't work, it can't search automaticly from /etc/ftpd.conf
00:38.54jakethen you need to start it with a switch -c
00:38.55jakelike this:
00:39.15jakeyour_ftpd_command -c /etc
00:39.44jakebut I guess you don't need to. As it should be compiled in as default location according to man page I just readed.
00:40.38jakeIt's working, right?
00:41.23glcYou might also try reading the inetutil docs that were installed in /opt/doc/inetutils.
00:42.12glcThey should also be browsable from the nslu2 web interface from the help/nslu2 docu page/
01:01.04ka6sox-laptopChristopher: the config files are "generic" for netatalk.  they get modified after you do the install for your particular installation.
01:04.20ka6sox-laptopit installs corrctly
01:04.26ka6sox-laptopso your packaging is right.
01:04.28Christopherok, good
01:05.15Christopherso we just need to tell rwhitby to put it in the package repository?
01:05.54ka6sox-laptopit *should* be there.
01:05.57ka6sox-laptoplet me look
01:06.02Christopheroh ok
01:07.01Christopherso, you going to do a write-up for the wiki? :-)
01:08.11ka6sox-laptopyes I will but credit you for making the package.
01:09.38ka6sox-laptopokay it's not there in the .ipk repository.
01:09.54ka6sox-laptoplet me work with rwhitby on that.
01:12.44Christopherok, thanks, I'm kinda outta commission, had my wisdom teeth out today
01:31.47*** join/#nslu2-linux rwhitby-web (
01:32.08rwhitby-webjake: the conf files should be under /opt/etc for packages ...
01:33.30rwhitby-webChristopher: if ka6sox-laptop's script is working, then any package added to PACKAGES in the Makefile should appear in the repository automatically within an hour or so.
01:34.11rwhitby-webwe're taking the rwhitby-delay out of the equation, and replacing it with public humiliation through error messages on the irc channel if your package fails to compile :-)
01:35.22scanlinecould set something up with CIA-4 for reporting automatic build results ;)
01:36.29rwhitby-webwe're going to do that by having a build error log file in CVS, and use the tail of the error log as the checkin comments
01:36.58scanlineit will always make a commit after trying to build the package?
01:37.11rwhitby-webso the person who is implicated by the package can see that an error has occurred, and check the error log file to see what the error is in total
01:37.25scanlineah, I see
01:37.35rwhitby-webit will commit if any packages in the PACKAGES variable have errors, yes.
01:37.40scanlineI guess that gives you a history of errors and postings to the cvs mailing list for free
01:38.02rwhitby-web(and will only report the first one with an error - the premise being that packages don't get added to the PACKAGES var until they are fully tested)
01:38.09scanlineit's possible to send build results directly to CIA, but I think the only project using this so far is PLD
01:38.30rwhitby-webif the build is successful, then no messages
01:39.11rwhitby-webDidn't think of sending the result directly to CIA - that would definitely be an alternative
01:39.38rwhitby-webbut we're lazy, so just checking in a CVS file does the trick :-)
01:40.07rwhitby-webanyone else see the Perl build on the mailing list?
01:40.42rwhitby-webI reckon we should ask him to rebuild it with the right paths for Unslung, and then have an unslung package which just grabs his binaries, and packages them up properly ...
01:44.47*** join/#nslu2-linux McTails (