irclog2html for #nslu2-linux on 20041025

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00:30.13rpedderwhitby: you forgot to cvs add rc.tinyproxy
00:31.33rpeddedisregard, forgot to update with -d.
00:31.45[g2]rwhitby-web, I like the slugbug
00:39.34CIA-303rpedde * 10unslung/ (5 files in 2 dirs): Update mt-daapd to 0.2.1-pre1
00:49.03ka6sox[g2], so do I installed quite a bit easier than Bugzilla
00:50.25rpeddethat's phpbugtracker, yes?
00:50.44ka6soxI like it...easy to install and configure.
00:53.15[g2]ka6sox, how goes ?
00:59.02ka6sox[g2], pretty good. trying to keep up with all the good documentation that is happening in this project.
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01:46.46rwhitby-webrpedde-away: Added mt-daapd package to slugbug with you as the owner.
01:48.51peteruis usblib in unslung and is it known to work?
02:00.33rwhitby-webno, but feel free to add it :-)
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02:20.03peteruit'll probably be another couple of weeks - haven't got my slug yet, but I did build crosstools as per wiki without hassle.
02:20.35peteruI'm trying to get things ready so that when the new toy arrives I can give it a good workout straight off
02:21.21ka6sox-awaypeteru build it and I'm sure that somebody will test it for you.
02:25.12rwhitby-webpeteru: send us your id we'll get you write access
02:27.19rwhitby-webis it just "peteru" ?
02:29.23peteruI'm not sure if my id is still active, I create and account years ago... lemme check
02:31.39Christopher__rwhitby-web: thanks for adding me
02:40.01peterunope, looks like that peteru is someone else
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02:44.32peteruI suppose you can remove the other peteru from NSLU (assuming you added him just recently)
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