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01:41.12glcdnsmasq running!
01:41.32glcWorks with my RIO Receivers too.
01:44.18rwhitby-asleepcongrats - do you have cvs write access?
01:48.43glcNo, I don't
01:49.08rwhitby-arounddid you do dnsmasq in the unslung package CVS?
01:49.18glcI used the cvs tool chain.
01:49.36rwhitby-aroundif so, send me you ID and I'll add you for write access so you can update the CVS repository with your addition.
01:49.52rwhitby-aroundor just tell me it here
01:50.23glcI don't think I have one.
01:51.05glcI'll check my old emails and see.
01:51.48glcI's gerald_clark
01:59.19glcSo, I add and commit the compressed source tar file and a .mk file ?
02:01.02glcOh, and a patch file?
02:01.46glcAfter test running the set here.
02:03.52glcI see. the control file specifies where to get the source?
02:05.09rwhitby-aroundyou need to checkout using :ext: and then you can write (after you've uploaded your ssh key to according to the doco there)
02:05.25rwhitby-aroundyou don't commit the tar file, cause the .mk file should download that
02:05.34rwhitby-aroundif there is a patch, then commit it like the others
02:05.51rwhitby-aroundand the control file just documents where the source is, that field is not actually used.
02:08.44glcOk, I have some setup work to do.
02:09.46glcI built it outside the cvs tree, so my first step is to build the .mk file and verify that it builds the ipk with
02:10.37glcthe necessary support files in the ipk.
02:10.56rwhitby-aroundyep, check out some of the other .mk and .control files for examples.
02:11.09glcOK, thanks.
02:11.10rwhitby-aroundfeel free to write up a wiki page as you go ...
02:11.37glcYou mean on how to build an ipk from a source tar?
02:11.54rwhitby-aroundhow to add a new package to the Unslung CVS
02:12.30TierstenSpeaking of wiki, I've added the stuff regarding sysconf and cleaned up some of the pages
02:12.43glcOK. I will get a fresh legal pad, and document every step.
02:12.58rwhitby-aroundglc: the community will thank you
02:13.25glcGlad to help whereever I can.
02:13.31TierstenAddASerialPort and PinoutOfInternalSerialPort do overlap slightly as they both have the pinout but I left it like that as it's handy to have it for reference when you're adding the port
02:13.48rwhitby-aroundyeah - one's raw information, and the other is a howto
02:14.47TierstenAlso I removed the part about telnetting into redboot from the recovery howto and linked to the telnetintoredboot page and the serial howto as they're more detailed than what the recovery page had originally
02:15.21TierstenIn particular the telnetintoredboot page has a perl script to help you connect
02:16.37TierstenAdded a overview page on the IXP420 so people should stop asking why we can't use the crypto features in the 425 :)
02:17.26rwhitby-aroundsounds like you've been busy.  I've added some pictures to my serial page:
02:17.58rwhitby-aroundstill have some more text to add to that, and some more pictures showing the cable going through the disk1 port without modifying the case.
02:18.37TierstenI tested out what happens if you totally wipe the SysConf and it seems to just recreate it
02:19.02TierstenIt picks up the MAC address from the IXP and generates the rest based on the firmware version
02:19.25TierstenMakes it easier if somebody else has the same problem as snrub as they can just do a fis erase instead of having to upload a sysconf image
02:19.58TierstenMakes sense anyway, Linksys don't have to have to program each of these things individually.  Making it automatically know what to generate when the sysconf partition is empty would save them time
02:21.40rwhitby-aroundthat's great!
02:22.24rwhitby-aroundit also means that we can re-use that area for openslug (i.e. we don't have to keep it as SysConf) and have an easy revert path if you want to back to stock or Unslung.
02:23.04Tierstensnrub must have corrupted the CGI_ds.conf file some how which the NSLU2 then put into the sysconf.  It was still valid but didn't have any of the right lines in it
02:23.48TierstenJust change the recovery instructions to cover the area where the sysconf bit was uploaded
02:24.05TierstenEasy enough to do and reboot it should make it appear stock
02:25.03rwhitby-aroundsnrub used OS-X to untar, edit and tar the config backup.  I bet that screwed it.
02:25.16TierstenIt should be okay though
02:25.25rwhitby-aroundline endings
02:25.30TierstenDoesn't a Mac use the same line endings?
02:25.37Tiersten1 sec while I check
02:25.40rwhitby-arounddunno - but I'm suspicious
02:26.05TierstenHe said he only edited the passwd file as well..
02:26.25Tierstenah.  line endings are different.  UNIX = LF, Mac = CR, Windows/DOS = CRLF
02:26.52TierstenIf the editor did change all the line endings then the software wouldn't have appreciated that
02:27.08TierstenIt probably chucked out all the lines as it thought they were corrupt which left him with an empty CGI_ds.conf file
02:29.51Tiersten*shrug* A bad passwd file shouldn't take out the sysconf area
02:30.08Tiersteneither way, if we ever get that problem again, they can try wiping the sysconf first
02:39.12rwhitby-aroundgood find!
03:04.56TierstenI'm off.  Night all
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03:29.22rwhitby-awayka6sox-away: hi
03:30.30ka6sox-awayhi there.
03:31.01ka6sox-awaywhats up?
03:34.49rwhitby-awayjust putting pictures on my serial page:
03:36.40ka6sox-awayfitz nicely.
03:37.59ka6sox-awaywe should add the link to the external articles page.
03:38.11rwhitby-awayfeel free to grab any of those pictures for the wiki pages
03:38.24ka6sox-awayI'll look at them in a bit.
03:38.55ka6sox-awayback from 14hr off air them back limping.
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03:49.14rwhitby-awayback later
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04:15.03CodeWhackeruclibc-initial is borked for me
04:15.56CodeWhackerdo_configure gets stuck in a loop selecting the target architecture over and over
04:16.15CodeWhackeranyone have an idea what's going wrong?
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04:43.01ka6sox-awayhiya CW.
04:43.11CodeWhackerhi ka6sox-away
04:43.47ka6sox-awayany idea of what is happening?
04:43.53CodeWhackernot my day for builds... ven unslung cvs blows up on sudo
04:44.25ka6sox-awaysounds like my day..
04:45.00ka6sox-awaythings were literally blowing up around me.
04:45.02CodeWhackerno idea yet.  if I sh the run.do_configure file left in uclibc-initial, it seems to run OK 9though it's sitting there expecting keyboard input)
04:45.31CodeWhackerbut under oemake, it loops forever.  built a 50GB logfile awhile i was out to dinner
04:46.09CodeWhackerka6sox-away, pyrotechnic practice?
04:47.47ka6sox-awayso it seemed.
04:48.15ka6sox-awayI had a transmitter come apart around me, spewing its guts out all over the floor.
04:49.14ka6sox-awayit wasn't pretty
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05:03.23nudotthere..on the laptop.
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05:24.53CIA-903rwhitby 07 * r1.2337 10packages/ (14 files in 6 dirs): Created separate unslung-standard-image, unslung-ext3flash-image and unslung-vfatdisk2-image packages, each of which uses the corresponding nslu2 kernel.
05:33.32rwhitby-awayNote that unslung-image now builds all three images.  If you just want one image, then you need to use unslung-standard-image, unslung-ext3flash-image or unslung-vfatdisk2-image.
05:34.00rwhitby-awayThese are still alpha, so please assist in testing them.  Just cause they build, doesn't mean that they work as intended.
05:34.23rwhitby-awayI hope to do a binary release of these images sometime this week after enough testing has been done.
05:35.18rwhitby-awayThese images point to the Unslung 1.x repository, and will continue to do so for the short to medium term (until someone works out how to get OE packages to work with Unslung).
05:37.45ka6sox-laptopthese files are in the release area of Sourceforge?
05:38.10rwhitby-awayOE only at the moment.
05:38.29rwhitby-awaythey will only go in sourceforge once they hit beta.
05:38.42ka6sox-laptopso they are in bk.
05:38.57kergothah you implemented it. cool
05:39.32rwhitby-awaykergoth: yep - feel free to cast your eye over the .oe files to see if I have done anything stupid.
05:40.53rwhitby-away[just pulled latest oe into nslu2-linux - doesn't seem to be anything there that affects us]
05:48.50ka6sox-laptoprwhitby-away...anything that needs done that you can see?
05:49.05ka6sox-laptopI've been looking at the new pages and they look pretty good.
05:49.37rwhitby-awayWe still need a page on how to create unslung 1.x packages.
05:50.35rwhitby-awayCan you rename ResetSysconf to ResetSysConf ?
05:50.42rwhitby-away[in HowTo]
05:51.20ka6sox-laptopokay I can do that.
05:52.00rwhitby-awayand rename UsingThttpdWebserver to UseTheThttpdWebserver (should use active voice in howto names)
05:52.24ka6sox-laptopgood point
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05:58.49rwhitby-awayHi McTails!
05:59.02rwhitby-awayHows that soldering going :-)
05:59.25McTailsI burned myself, and dropped it right in my lap
05:59.44rwhitby-awayMcTails, I'd rather not see your figure.
05:59.49McTailsNo, I'm fine
06:00.08McTailsI stood up so quick that it just singed my pants
06:00.25rwhitby-awayoh, you meant finger, not figure :-)
06:00.32McTailsOh, whoops
06:00.36McTailssorry, typo ^_^;
06:00.50McTailsand the worst part: I can't get minicom to open my USB port -_-;
06:01.17rwhitby-awayMcTails, do you still have the bug tracker up on your site?
06:01.27McTailsrwhitby-away: I don't remember
06:02.10rwhitby-awaydoes you site have a static ip?
06:02.21McTailsYeah, and a domain
06:02.24McTailsThis is payed hosting
06:03.01rwhitby-awaycan it respond to and host the unslung packages bug tracker and ipkg repository?
06:03.57McTailsrwhitby-away: You mean do a VHOST setup ?
06:04.00rwhitby-awayI'm looking for someone to take on the role of Unslung packages bug meister and package release meister ...
06:04.12rwhitby-awayyes, a VHOST
06:04.26McTailsrwhitby-away: Well, since we switched to OE, I can't compile anything easily
06:04.37McTailsMy only lnux machine is a powermac, and no BK for PPC platforms
06:04.57McTailsIf I want to do a build, I download onto my ibook, and then rsync it
06:05.04rwhitby-awaywe haven't switched to OE for packages yet.  That is turning out to be more difficutl than first anticipated, so we're using OE for Unslung firmware and CVS for Unslung packages.
06:05.19McTailsThat works for me
06:05.34rwhitby-awayOpenSlug will use OE for packages, cause it can start from a clean slate.
06:05.55McTailsrwhitby-away: I believe I need to contact Invsion Power on this
06:05.59rwhitby-awayUnslung will hopefully switch eventually, but it will require work by someone to make OE packages work with Unslung.
06:06.08McTailsHowever, I was considering moving hosts, and if you find one that can do VHOST, I'll switch there
06:07.16McTailshold on,  think I found a way
06:07.50ka6sox-laptopMcTails: I'm running BK on my PPC linux machine.
06:08.02McTailsWhen I looked, I didn't see PPC BK binaries
06:08.04ka6sox-laptopit's my development machine.
06:08.13McTailsWell, that changes everything
06:08.17McTailsI just means I need to install python
06:08.21ka6sox-laptopPPC G4-500DP
06:08.35ka6sox-laptopI am running Debian there.
06:08.37McTailsI'm the model up, PC G4-733 QuickSliver
06:08.49McTailsYeah, I'm runnng debian on mine
06:08.59ka6sox-laptopworks fine, last a long time.
06:09.03McTailsI use it to run OpenWRT buildroot
06:09.21rwhitby-awayI guess we could always move Unslung 1.x packages from CVS into BK ...
06:09.24McTailshowever, [mbm] seems to have dropped off the face of the planet
06:09.59McTailsBK is partially evil cause it's closed source, but it's good cause it's better then CVS
06:10.01rwhitby-awaythat reminds mel, I need to switch my internet connection back to the WRT54GS so that I can hack some new firmware for the Asus.
06:10.39McTailsrwhitby-away: WRT54GS are fun, although they are too light, mine keeps fallng off the table
06:11.02McTailsrwhitby-away: No, I will contact Invision Power if I can do a VHOST, but it doesnt' look good
06:14.01McTailsrwhitby-away: Actually, now that I think of it, I do have a friend who runs a hosting service, and I have root access to that server, I can do a VHOST setup
06:14.36*** join/#nslu2-linux Christopher (
06:14.38McTailsIt's a fast link, and the machine running slackware, etc.
06:14.59McTailsWe can easily install any software for anything we need, so we could go there
06:16.20rwhitby-awayMcTails: ka6sox-laptop has offered some space on his ISP, so I'll look into that first.
06:16.37McTailsThat would be perfered
06:17.57rwhitby-awayMcTails: We'll still get you to install BugZilla there, and manage the Unslung packages bug tracking, if you're still keen for that job.
06:18.15McTailsIt might be a while before I can get back into adding packages
06:18.23McTailsI basically just have a MIPS crosscompiler on the powermac
06:18.37McTailsso I need to get everything else, including loop support into the kernel, but I'd do it
06:19.15ka6sox-laptopMcTails...I built the crosscompiler in about 2hrs on my DP.
06:19.29McTailska6sox-laptop: Yeah, I know
06:19.39McTailsIt takes 5 here
06:19.47McTailsbut I don't have tools like bison handy
06:19.59McTailsAnd I've been sick, so I have a long todo
06:20.05McTailsProb. have everything done by next weekend
06:20.25McTailska6sox-laptop: Anyway, what does your ISP have ?
06:20.35rwhitby-awayback later - have to go to the beach.
06:20.45CIA-903gerald_clark * 10unslung/make/ DNS and DHCP Server.
06:20.47McTailsDon't get burnt
06:21.17McTailsThe very mininuam is CGI-BIN support, and the availabity to run executables
06:21.53McTailsNiceties; Perl 5.006 or later, Bundle::Bugzilla (not required, we can dump these right into the BZ folder, but it makes life easy), GD, and a SMTP daemon
06:22.02ka6sox-laptopMcTails: well I have a PIII-800/512mb/RAID1-80GB
06:22.15CIA-903gerald_clark * 10unslung/sources/ (dnsmasq.control dnsmasq.postinst dnsmasq.rc): DNS and DHCP server.
06:22.46McTailska6sox-laptop: What's the web server, apache1 or 2
06:23.02ka6sox-laptopapache 1 for now..but soon Apache 2
06:23.10McTailsI don't know if BZilla works w/ A2
06:23.31ka6sox-laptopI'm not an early adopter of stuff for a production environment
06:23.39CIA-903gerald_clark * 10unslung/Makefile: addes dnsmasq
06:23.40McTailsI used A2 for production for over two years
06:23.51McTailsanyway, what about perl, what version
06:24.05McTailsIt will work fine
06:24.21McTailsAlthough I think for bundle bugzilla it needs 5.6.1, but I can install the modules by hand
06:24.22ka6sox-laptoprunning pmwiki
06:24.29McTailsdo we have GD ?
06:24.44McTails(it's optional, but nice)
06:24.51ka6sox-laptopdon't know.
06:25.01ka6sox-laptopI could check that one.
06:25.07ka6sox-laptopits debian stable.
06:25.11McTailsIt should have it
06:25.15McTailsALthough it's not a base package
06:25.35McTailsI assume you have MySQL ?
06:25.40ka6sox-laptopof course.
06:25.46McTailsJust asking for good measure
06:25.51McTailsSounds like you have everything we need
06:26.04ka6sox-laptopcgi-bin is no problem
06:26.11ka6sox-laptopare you going to run bugzilla?
06:26.19McTailsI mean, until I can run checksetup, we won't be sure, but it sounds good
06:26.27McTailsof corse, BZilla is the best bugtracker I ever used
06:26.43ka6sox-laptoplet me check apt-cache
06:26.46McTailsoh, that reminds me, you have an SMTP daemon running ?
06:27.17McTailsThat will work as long as we have Net::SMTP, and it will accept messages from localhost
06:27.37ka6sox-laptopit does
06:27.52McTailsWell, it's perfect
06:27.59ka6sox-laptopits linked to qmail-inject
06:28.50McTailsDo you want to test setting it up, just to make sure we could do it for when rwhibty makes his choice, we know we won't end up w/ a dud
06:29.09ka6sox-laptopyes, I'll install Bugzilla
06:29.20ka6sox-laptopprobalby won't get to it until tommorrow night.
06:29.45ka6sox-laptopI worked 14hrs today and need to get to bed soon.
06:30.14ka6sox-laptopnot what I planned on doing mind you!
06:30.23McTailsWhatcha plan on doing then ?
06:30.42McTailshoney what ?
06:30.59ka6sox-laptopchores that my wife has lined up.
06:31.14ka6sox-laptopand playing with my son.
06:32.15ka6sox-laptopoh..and playing with the openjtag website.
06:32.27ka6sox-laptoptrying to populate it.
06:32.34McTailsYOu work on OpenJTAG ?
06:33.24glcAnyone know that 'keramik' is doing in cflags in the CVS tcpwrappers package?
06:33.35McTailsglc: I'll check
06:34.48glcI moved tcpwrappers to the end of the PACKAGES list in Makefile to get past it.
06:35.05McTailsWait ... I didn the inital tcpwrappers package
06:35.13McTails(is caffine deprived and forgot)
06:43.03ka6sox-laptopuh oh...
06:43.18McTailsI need to remove the USB cable so I can put my NSLU back togeter
06:43.21ka6sox-laptopmctails: why do you ask about openJTAG?
06:43.34McTailsI was just curious is coming along.
06:45.07ka6sox-laptopwhat version of bugzilla are we looking for?
06:45.13McTailsThe stable one
06:45.16McTails2.18 I believe
06:46.16ka6sox-laptopokay thanks.
06:49.36ka6sox-laptopon the G4?
06:49.57McTailsAnd I recovered my cross-compiler from my backup discs
06:50.08ka6sox-laptopthe crosscompiler took about 3.5hrs on the iBook
06:50.18McTails4 hrs on my PowerBook G4
06:50.22McTailsOn Mac OS X that is
06:50.42McTailsThere is some support for OS X for unslung, but I think I'm going to drop it, some packages are just a pain
06:50.45ka6sox-laptopoh...I booted into Debian on the laptop.
06:51.55ka6sox-laptopbk clone?
06:52.01McTailsNo, 1.x
06:52.26McTails2.0 is using OE, so I'm not going to bother until we get to a pont where it's useful
06:52.33McTailsalthough I really disapprove of using OE
06:52.57ka6sox-laptopoe is a nice environment but seems complicated.
06:53.03McTailsIt's overkill
06:53.39McTailsI want to make a major change to the Unslung system, and I'm going to check t in as a branch
06:53.47McTailsBut CVS is evil when it comes to branching
06:54.13McTailsI wish we could use subversion
06:54.25ka6sox-laptopI use CVS for my code.
06:54.31ka6sox-laptopbeen using it for years.
06:54.40McTailsBut I looked into SVN, it's promising
06:56.11ka6sox-laptopI just need to start working on some of these changes I need to do...before falling asleep!
06:56.17McTailswhat changes
06:56.19ka6sox-laptopbut I've been procrastinating.
06:56.27ka6sox-laptopwiki changes mostly
06:56.33ka6sox-laptopMe too.
06:56.43ka6sox-laptopI"m learning it by hacking on RedBoot
06:56.49ka6sox-laptophence the need for JTAG.
06:57.03McTailsI was hoping at some point to port RedBoot onto a WRT%$GS
06:57.12McTailsBut I know nothing of low level stuff like that :-(
06:57.14kergothMcTails: "Well, since we switched to OE, I can't compile anything easily" .. even if you couldnt use bk, the upstream oe repositories are accessible via snapshots, and a cvs mirror which is updated at least hourly.
06:58.13ka6sox-laptopI use the CVS mirror on OSX
06:58.36ka6sox-laptopbut bk on debian.
07:00.35*** join/#nslu2-linux Christopher_ (