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00:13.05CodeWhackerroot@nslu2:~# hub.c: new USB device 00:01.2-1, assigned address 2
00:13.05CodeWhackerusb.c: USB device 2 (vend/prod 0x77b/0x2226) is not claimed by any active driver.
00:13.05CodeWhackerroot@nslu2:~# modprobe ax8817x
00:13.05CodeWhackerUsing /lib/modules/2.4.22-xfs/kernel/drivers/usb/ax8817x.o
00:13.07CodeWhackerusb.c: registered new driver ax8817x
00:13.08CodeWhackerax8817x.c: ASIX AX8817x USB Ethernet driver v1.0.0
00:13.11CodeWhackerroot@nslu2:~# ax8817x.c: eth0: Link established, full duplex, flow control enabled
00:15.44tking-laptopsweet. is this with unslung or openslug?
00:16.20TierstenCodeWhacker: Cool.  Was it just the MII module?
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00:18.15CodeWhackerhotplug doesn't pick it up, but I don't know how well that's been worked out yet
00:19.19CodeWhackeroh, good... oemake is updating uclibc
00:19.59CodeWhackerhope this turns out better than what emerge world did to hotplug this morning
00:20.00rwhitbyCodeWhacker: that should work with both the nslu2-linksys and nslu2-openslug kernels, right?
00:20.18CodeWhackeropenslug is a 2.6, yes?
00:20.38CodeWhackerso far, no.  I tried briefly last night and there were issues
00:20.49rwhitbySo nslu2-linksys only at the moment?
00:21.41CodeWhackeryep.  that aforementioned uclibc build is to test that I have mii.o getting included.  If it works, then nslu2-linksys is a go for usb net.
00:22.34CodeWhackerbut someone will need to look at why hotplug doesn't modprobe on insert
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00:24.47CodeWhackerrwhitby: openslug may not be far... when I tried it last, I got tons of depmod errors on the build box.  That could have been the modutils bug I caught tonight.
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00:30.49rwhitby-awayHi Jim!
00:31.37jimbuzbeeHi Rod!
00:32.12rwhitbyjim: are you going to jump on the OE bandwagon?
00:33.38jimbuzbeeIt's where I'd like to go, but I'm continuously running behind you guys.  I'm working on my Unslung article now, so I can't be trying out OE yet
00:34.12rwhitbyok - you know that Unslung 2.0 will be based on OE right, but that probably won't be till well after your Unslung 1.x article goes out :-)
00:34.47jimbuzbeeThat's what I gather - and it sounds good.  I'm really ready to try out some new USB gadgets
00:34.47rwhitby[unless someone else has more time to work on the e2tools package in OE than I do]
00:35.44Squidrwhitby:  How will Unslung being based on OE affect the packages that we've converted?  Will it make the work pointless (i.e. should people even bother cross-compiling and converting more packages)?
00:37.05rwhitbyit should be a smooth process to convert a package to OE.  Most of the work is in working out how to get it to cross compile, not how to put that in an Unslung Makefile or an OE .oe file
00:37.26kergothwell, oe already has most of what you guys have spent all this time on
00:37.37kergothfor the things that arent added, yes, it should be painless to get them in
00:37.44rwhitbykergoth: yeah, but it's a learning exercise too
00:37.52rwhitbyget people in the cross compile mindset
00:37.58SquidWell, I've learned several times :P
00:38.09kergothi'm planning on writing a top 10 buildsystem screwups page
00:38.20rwhitbywill we feature?
00:38.22SquidI can certainly contribute to that
00:38.23kergothas guidance for developers who are having to do build work (interacting with auto*)
00:38.38kergoth10 wont be enough, actually
00:38.39kergothcloser to 25
00:38.55rwhitby[we, being the Unslung 1.x build system :-)]
00:39.00tking-laptopdoes oe currently have a wiki?
00:39.04kergoth.. is one big wiki
00:39.14Squidso basically, it's probably pointless to convert more packages if we (each of us individually) has converted a few?
00:39.19tking-laptopokay lemme go look there.
00:39.38SquidI'd imagine OE probably has a ton of packages already converted
00:40.16rwhitbySquid: depends, if you can help get Unslung into OE, then that would be effort better spent.  But if you're not able to assist in that, then porting more packages (especially ones that are not in OE, like mt-daapd) is worthwhile.
00:40.36tking-laptopI'm moving from PhpWiki to PmWiki on my site...much better features.
00:40.51SquidI doubt I can help with anything related to kernel stuff, if that's what's needed.  That's a whole new kettle of fish.
00:41.12rwhitbySquid: no, the big sticking point for Unslung 2.x now is just getting e2tools into OE
00:41.46rwhitbyto modify the Linksys ramdisk to be an unslung ramdisk.
00:42.00kergothalright, i'm adding e2tools
00:42.05kergothshould be building in a few minutes, hold
00:42.07rwhitbycheck the log from last 8 hours or so - we discussed it last night.
00:42.09tking-laptopcan you mount the image via loopback?
00:42.19kergothoe does not require that you be root. evfer.
00:42.30rwhitby[we ask, and kergoth delivers.  Awesome!]
00:44.13rwhitbythen we just need to replicate the patching thats done in the firmware/Makefile into an OE package to do the same thing to create the rootfs.  Then we use the existing work that kergoth did you create a flash image from that and the nslu2-linksys kernel.
00:44.13kergothrwhitby: as a lazy person, i cant stand to see people wasting time
00:44.21kergothi'd rather add it and get it in quickly so you can move on to other things
00:44.38rwhitbykergoth: that's what I've been counting on :-)
00:44.48CodeWhackercrud!  mii.o is building, there's an .ipk, it's listed along with the rest of the modules in the distro file, and it *still* won't show up in the root_fs!
00:46.51tking-laptoprwhitby: Phpwiki is pretty basic. PmWiki is much better
00:47.05kergothi agree, feature wise.
00:48.06kergothgah, somebody needs to bitchslap the e2tools maintainers for me
00:48.15kergothnevermind, i'll do it myself. more satisfying
00:53.52CodeWhackerwell, when all else fails, do a full rebuild.  
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01:02.33kergothPackaged contents of e2tools into /home/kergoth/code/oe/build-armeb/tmp/deploy/ipk/e2tools_0.0.16-r0_armeb.ipk
01:11.41kergothnative is nothing
01:11.50kergothonce target is in, its just a matter of using that metadata and overriding some things
01:12.01kergothtesting native as we speak
01:23.30[g2]nite all
01:23.45jimbuzbeeGood Night!
01:26.01tking-laptopheaded home
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01:36.58rwhitbychris: is there a reason why the first thing you type every time you join is "re" ?
01:37.36rwhitby[I assume it's something automatic]
01:37.46chrisforce of habit i guess
01:37.54chrishave you seen it before?
01:38.14chriswhen i used to irc for fun (as opposed to dev)
01:38.16rwhitbywhat's it stand for?
01:38.25chrisre would mean "hey i'm back.  re-hello" or something stupid like that
01:38.27chrisre = i'm back
01:38.47rwhitbyoh - ok.  I learn a new IRC gesture every day ... :-)
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01:52.38dyoung-webI use that term sometimes too.  But this time I cheated and read the logs before joining.
01:57.18__chris__at least i'm not the only one that does it
02:01.10dyoung-webRwhitby, did you find my list of 4 things yet?
02:01.32rwhitbynope - didn't look
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02:02.20dyoung-webPretty basic stuff, its in the TODO in cvs.  I think OE fixed 2 of them.
02:02.34dyoung-web* Resolve /dev entries.
02:02.35dyoung-web* Resolve mtd partitions
02:02.35dyoung-web* build automation issues
02:02.37dyoung-web* Resolve boot slowness
02:03.09dyoung-webobviously automation is done, and the /dev entries in the OE built rootfs are good.
02:03.22dyoung-webI have more though, but i'll put them up somewher ein the wiki later.
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02:32.01CodeWhackerrwhitby: usb network for nslu2-linksys is cleaned up and pushed
02:33.58tkinglong lunch
02:34.12rwhitbycw: cool
02:35.41rwhitbyCodeWhacker: we all praise the day that you got bk repository write access!
02:38.27dyoung-webtking, thanks for cleaning up that bootlog I posted last night.
02:38.33rwhitbyI'm still amazed that no-one has reported any bugs in Unslung yet ...
02:38.51dyoung-web"Build it once, build it right.  Usually."
02:39.01tkingdyoung: np!
02:39.30rwhitbyI think it's a testament to the thoroughness of the alpha testers!
02:40.11rwhitbyWe have 40 unslung now ...
02:40.15dyoung-webWe all pretty much tortured it to death.
02:41.14CodeWhackerit always helps to get people who like to break their toys
02:42.22dyoung-webI wonder how many anonymous unslingers there are in addition to the 40.
02:42.30CodeWhackerTom Dell once told me I found "interesting problems" in software.
02:43.26rwhitby167 people have downloaded Unslung 1.11, and 43 have downloaded the source.
02:44.02rwhitbyCodeWhacker: you name dropper, you!
02:44.35CodeWhackerrwhitby: guilty as charged 9but it is a true story)
02:44.46dyoung-webWow.  thats a higher number that I thought.
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03:01.18tkingwait until it hits /.
03:02.05CodeWhackerbig spike in downloads and... 3 new unslingers
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03:02.58__chris__my ip hopped
03:03.02__chris__hate it when does that
03:03.25__chris__then you gotta go update the root servers, forward your ip to the firewall admins of all the boxes you bounce through.
03:03.27__chris__such a pita
03:03.39Tierstendoh.  I t
03:03.45TierstenI just tried to shut the case
03:03.48TierstenDoesn't fit :)
03:03.53__chris__we should ditch the whole idea of using ssn to uniquely identify people.  let's just give 'em all an ipv6 addr and call it a day
03:04.01TierstenToo many wires dangling off the PCB
03:04.13rwhitbyTiersten: got a photo?
03:04.29rwhitby[I love seeing hacked slugs]
03:04.31TierstenI'll tidy it up before I take a photo :)
03:04.42rwhitbyNah, take a before and after :-)
03:04.46tkingtiersten: I just got a second slug to bring out a all in one out the front.
03:04.55tking(all the internal wires
03:05.14CodeWhackerI know how you feel.  I had to bend my 4-pin header to get the board back in after installing the serial
03:05.16rwhitbytking: what's your pinout?
03:05.41tkingI'll post it when I figure out how many pins I really need
03:06.39Tierstenumm... gnd, vcc, 4x JTAG, 2x console serial, 2x receive only serial, 4x internal USB, 2x I2C...
03:07.28dyoung-webWe should setup a photo gallery somewhere.
03:07.36tkingwe do have it
03:07.36dyoung-webI could host it.  Yeah, thats the ticket.
03:08.04dyoung-webI thought the yahoo area was like full.
03:08.06tkinglooks like a DB25M
03:08.12tkingI can put it on the wiki
03:08.30dyoung-webI have a nice little collection of UBESSA / slug pics.
03:09.07CodeWhackerDB25F, so you don't accidentally drop a screw between the pins.
03:09.26tkingcw..your right..I meant DB25F
03:09.52rwhitbythere should be room in the yahoo photos area
03:09.56CodeWhackerbeen there, done that, sniffed the magic smoke
03:10.03rwhitbyif not, we'll remove some binaries :-)
03:10.41dyoung-webjbot, ube is Ugly But Effective.  Or sometimes Unorthrodox But Effective
03:10.42jbotdyoung-web: okay
03:10.53jbotfrom memory, ube is Ugly But Effective.  Or sometimes Unorthrodox But Effective
03:11.03tkinghe heh
03:11.25tkingwht is ubessa?
03:12.04rwhitbytking: keep a running wiki page of the ultimate pinout
03:12.15dyoung-webjbot, ubessa is a Unorthrodox But Effective Super Serial Adapter.  It refers to a UBE board using a MAX232 coupled to a 74LVC244 because somebody was too lazy to get a MAX3232.
03:12.16jbotokay, dyoung-web
03:12.16tkingI will
03:12.22jbotextra, extra, read all about it, ubessa is a Unorthrodox But Effective Super Serial Adapter.  It refers to a UBE board using a MAX232 coupled to a 74LVC244 because somebody was too lazy to get a MAX3232.
03:12.48dyoung-webThat should be meaningful to the geekiest of geeks.
03:12.49tkinglove it!
03:13.42tkingno need to wait for your serial adapter! just go and get one of these babies!
03:14.11dyoung-webI had them lying around, and I was very anxious to debrick. ;-)
03:14.51CodeWhackermy first serial rig was a Lantronix XPort
03:15.22CodeWhackergot me through the weekend 'til I could snag the Radio Shack USB rig
03:16.02dyoung-webI'm still keeping my eyes open for that RadioCrap USB cable too.
03:17.47CodeWhackerI should stop and get the other one that store had in stock.  
03:19.25kergothheh. serial. i worked for digi for 3 years in tech support. nooo fun. sco openserver is not my friend
03:20.34CodeWhackerI bet it's better than Interactive 386/ix
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03:31.54CodeWhackeryahoo doesn't give you much room for a caption
03:31.57TierstenFinished tidying up.  It fits into the case now :)
03:34.43TierstenCodeWhacker: Yeah.  I see what you mean
03:36.18TierstenI used a 3.5mm stereo socket for the serial port as I didn't want a plug dangling out the back.  It did mean dremeling the case though
03:37.31CodeWhackerI thought about that, but just releived the case to allow the USB serial cable's strain relief.
03:38.01TierstenI'm wondering where to put the receive only port now
03:38.10TierstenI've wired it in but I don't have a socket for it yet
03:38.47TierstenMy existing one is where it say Power which was a mistake as I forgot about the stand obscuring part of that.  Had to dremel the stand as well...
03:39.06TierstenWhere it says Ethernet is possible but it's a bit of a squeeze as there is a crystal right next to that spot
03:39.32CodeWhackerI went directly under the power socket, so didn't have to carve the stand.
03:40.10TierstenThat WAS the plan but I kinda forgot whilst I was drilling the hole :)
03:40.15CodeWhackerit'd mean a custom cable, but the center 2 pins of an RJ-45 are unused, aren't they?
03:40.37TierstenFor 10/100 yeah there are unused pins
03:41.45dyoung-plankedI think that was rwhitby's original plan (using the RJ45), but the spare pins are connected to ground or something, dont quite remember.
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03:44.28*** part/#nslu2-linux CodeWhacker (
03:45.58tking-awayTiersten: I plan on laying my Slug down and putting a connector on the "bottom"
03:46.35Tierstentking-away: Interesting.  There is a fair bit of space in the bottom
03:48.24tking-awaynot where the serial # and MAC address are but the other area
03:48.45TierstenThe FCC bit?
03:49.55tking-awayI think I might be able to get a db-25 in there
03:50.25TierstenJust.  You'll overlap slightly into the white serial/MAC area
03:50.49TierstenLuckily you just miss the serial and MAC though.  Just part of the white background
03:52.36TierstenIf you're using a DB25 then you could just have a cable coming out with a DB25 on the end
03:54.08TierstenThe breakout box at the end is going to be pretty big
03:58.41Tierstenrwhitby: Put two pics up in yahoogroups
04:01.14rwhitbysure those wires are long enough ;-)
04:01.41TierstenI wanted to be able to take the PCB out easily and work on it without disconnecting everything
04:02.08rwhitbygood point
04:02.18kergothrwhitby: let me know if you have any issues with e2tools-native. it should be ready for you to make use of it
04:02.34rwhitbykergoth: you're a champion
04:02.36TierstenYou can see my classy JTAG pin header as well with the hot glue
04:03.12kergothrwhitby: you should take a look at how i did it, to get a better feel for this stuff
04:03.17kergothrwhitby: there wasnt much to it at all
04:03.24tking-awayTiersten where is the picture?
04:03.43rwhitbyI will.  I had about 20 minutes look at it last night, and haven't had time to get back to it.
04:03.48TierstenOn the NSLU2 yahoo group
04:05.27TierstenThe plastic wrapped thing is a bit of veroboard with a MAX3232
04:13.59tking-awayI have a bit of 28ga ribbon cable that I think I'll use to do the connections with a IDC DB25F
04:14.33rwhitbyif you want a neat way to mount a DB25F on the case, see my WRT54G serial page.
04:14.58rwhitbythe metal bits cover the hole quite nicely
04:20.40TierstenYou using the serial ports fro debugging or adding hardware?
04:21.42rwhitbyon the wrt54g, it's for console.  I was intending to use the second port for adding a dial-in modem, but never got around to it.
04:38.16jacquesfinally finished backlog
04:38.52jacquesI got bad news from my post to the IXP400 SW QnA list on sourceforge about the interrupts problem
04:39.13jacquesgelloglue responded and said basically "that's just how it works"  :-(  I am very sad.
04:44.06tking-awayrwhitby: thats just how I plan to do this. your article is wonderful
04:44.41rwhitbyyeah, wish I could find the time to do the nslu2 version properly
04:45.05tking-awayI think that mounting it in the bottom is the best place..there is room for it.
04:45.43rwhitbycan you dremel away some of the stand so that if you don't have anything plugged in, then you can still stand it upright?
04:48.05tking-awayI was thinking of that..but mostly think I'll lay it down.
04:48.46tking-awayI *could* make it fit on top although I don't like the Cyborg look.
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04:55.13McTailshi rwhitby
04:55.24rwhitbyHi McTails
04:55.51McTailsI wanted to apologize, I feel like I was rude to you last time I was here
04:57.03McTailsI wanted to help in any way I could getting OE working w/ the slug, assuming there is anything to do
04:57.03rwhitbyNot that I remember, so it can't have been too bad :-)
04:57.21McTailsand on that previous note: I'm getting a WRT54G :)
04:57.29rwhitbyok, first thing to do is install BitKeeper
04:57.35McTailsrwhitby: Got it
04:57.42rwhitbyThen clone the repository from
04:57.45McTailsnever used it, but I have the binary
04:58.01tkingMcTails: do you have the toolchain running on OSX?
04:58.43McTailstking: Yeah
04:58.45rwhitbyThe OpenEmbedded wiki has good instructions.  And kergoth wrote a howto for us too (it's in the wiki).  wherever it refers to, replace that with
04:59.13McTailsKnow where I can find a general guide for BKipper ?
04:59.31rwhitbythat's the OpenSlug howto maybe?  rtfm
04:59.58rwhitbythat's the OE Bitkeeper page
04:59.59McTailskergoth: I'm coming from a CVS/SVN SCM background, anything special I should know about BK
05:00.16rwhitbyMcTails: there's a page specially for that on
05:00.25kergothgo read.
05:00.26McTailsrwhitby: I'm looking now
05:00.33kergothi have better things to do than hold your hand
05:00.38kergothdocumentation exists for a reason
05:00.55rwhitbyand the logs from a couple of days ago will have lots of q&a as we all learnt how to use it.
05:01.17McTailsrwhitby: I'm catching up
05:08.49McTailsrwhitby: I need to go, I'll see you later
05:26.03rwhitbyWhy don't people think to write stuff directly into the wiki, and then post a link, instead of posting a whole lot of information to the mailing list?
05:26.18rwhitbyInfo/SetLedOptions added to wiki ...
05:27.17tkingrwhitby: it keeps me busy!
05:27.17tkinghe he
05:27.18tkingI need to cull thru the list again soon...been doing other stuff here.
05:31.05*** join/#nslu2-linux rwhitby-treo (~upirc@
05:38.53rwhitby-treotking: I think you're now our official WikiMaster :-)
05:39.05tkingoh really?
05:39.28tkingI'm still working on that PHP script!
05:39.58tkingbrb..putting my son to bed
05:39.59rwhitby-treowith this latest foray into anti-vandalism scripting, you've surpassed everyone else ... ;-)
05:40.14rwhitby-treofamily first
05:57.35*** part/#nslu2-linux rwhitby-treo (~upirc@
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06:15.38*** part/#nslu2-linux rwhitby-treo (~upirc@
06:52.22tkingnow to attack that php scritp
08:39.38*** join/#nslu2-linux rwhitby-logger (
08:52.39jacquesquiet tonight :-\
09:21.17*** join/#nslu2-linux hculver ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
09:30.30rwhitbyyep, very quiet tonight
09:42.29rwhitbyjacques: kergoth added e2tools for us today
09:42.56jacquesah so it's in? nice I never say him say it was actually pushed
09:43.35jacquesI guess I should pull my repos
09:47.10jacquesre dyoung
09:49.10dyoungEverytime I go to Compusa I see the Buffalo Linkstation debating if I should buy it.  This has been going on for at least 2 months.
09:50.41jacqueswhat's that? how much is it?
09:53.01*** join/#nslu2-linux kas11 (
09:53.04dyoungPPC Based.  ~130 BogoMips.  beautiful case.  $249 for the one that comes with a 160G drive.
09:54.36dyoungthey have a "new" version available in the US now called KuroBox, whihc is directly translated from the Japanese version, "KuroHako" or "Black Box".  That one comes with no hard drive.  Price Unknown.
09:55.01kas11anyone know why I am getting "malformed patch" when applying nslu2_2.6.7.patch?
09:56.04dyoungI'm not sure if anyone has actually tested the nslu2_2.6.7.patch file.
09:56.31dyoungThat one is the mrakes nslu2 target stuff with a static MTD Partition table.
09:56.56kas11I don't think there is anything wrong with the patch...if I remove the diff section is is complaining about, it just complains about the next one...and they all look fine and pretty much like the previous ones patch was happy with
09:58.32kas11yeah, that be the one....I've looked at it 'til I am blue in the face...and buit my own diff to dup what Mark was doing...doesn't help
09:59.09kas11I even installed a later version of patch
10:01.10kas11I really hate to resort to fixing the files and cp'ing them...
10:02.57kas11malformed patch at line 368...mach-types looks a little funky with the tabs...but if I remove that patch, I get an error with the next
10:04.12dyoungHmm, this doesnt ring any bells.
10:05.09kas11I saw a note on the oe I am exporting LANG=C too
10:05.45jacquesi have seen weird stuff like that whem mixing unix and windows
10:06.03jacqueswith the different /n /n/r thing or whatever
10:17.30kas110A 2B 0A 64 69 66 66 at the point that is is failing...EOL + EOL diff   ...just what it should be
10:19.24jacquesyeah I just checked it and it seems OK as far as that is concerned
10:23.46dyoungOfftopic, anyone know anything about Fords?
10:24.31kas11I added 3 more lines to the patch at that point + + ran...geeez
10:25.35dyoungrwhitby, did you have any interest in one of these radio crap USB cables?
10:28.10kas11I can't beleive it built x1226-rtc.c without complaining...I musta forgot something in the patch
10:28.20rwhitbydyoung: got a picture?
10:28.23*** join/#nslu2-linux NAiL (
10:28.28rwhitbyI don't know what they look like
10:28.58NAiLFinally. I'll be getting my nslu2 next week (or so they say...)
10:31.44dyoungNo picture.  Didnt go shopping for it yet.  Basically its a cable with a USB Connector on one side, proprietary Nokia Connector on the other, then you'll break or otherwise disassemble the nokia side and add a 4-pin female plug for SlugUse.
10:33.45dyoungI think there might be a dongle in the middle of the assembly.
10:34.18dyoungAnyways, if I can find the thing on sale for $10 like the others, if you wanted one I can get it and send it with the Digilent JTAG cable.
10:34.54jacquesthere was a pic linked from the list
10:35.09dyoungIt supposedly works under linux with the Prolific driver.
10:36.51jacquessupposedly that's the same cable
10:38.53dyoungI'm going to go hunting for it tommrow at some local radio smacks.
10:39.15dyoungWhere, "Youve got questions, we've got shrugs!"
10:57.14rwhitbydyoung: yeah sure, if they have one spare then pick one up for me.  I gotta have all the toys everyone else has :-)
10:57.51dyoungOkay, no promises, since I'm even sure I can find 'em.  I figured you were a Toy Man.
10:58.36rwhitbycool, thx.  I'm not fussed either way, but pick one up if they've got one for $10.
11:08.49jacquesI'm also going to try to find a couple - I am running out of serial ports on my pc's
11:09.26dyoungThats my intention too.  I'm totally out of serial ports.  I need some sort of port server.
11:10.42dyoungThe webfoot looks okay.  Its basically a OEM Digi product.
11:11.41jacquesnow that's an idea
11:13.53dyoungI have several Portserver TS/4's deployed.  Been pretty happy with those.
11:19.35rwhitbyanyone know which debian package supplies ext2fs/ext2fs.h ?
11:23.17rwhitbynever mind, it's in e2fsprogs - I just need to make it get installed in staging in OE
11:33.53rwhitbykergoth: ping
11:58.07dyoung-sleepnighty all.
11:58.41TierstenAfternoon all :)
11:58.41rwhitbynight dyoung.
12:03.13*** join/#nslu2-linux dyoung-test (
12:05.01dyoung-plankedI guess it sorta works.
12:06.16*** part/#nslu2-linux dyoung-planked (
12:24.48*** join/#nslu2-linux rwhitby-away (