irclog2html for #nslu2-linux on 20040912

00:00.25rwhitbyice: run it and install g++-3.0 and it's dependencies
00:04.29rwhitbyice: keep a note of what you install, cause we'll be asking you to post to the mailing list with a description of your problem and it's resolution to help others.
00:07.35rwhitbyAnyone know whether perlguru intentionally called the targets in his file 'mtdaapd' instead of 'mt-daapd'?
00:07.56rwhitby[we would like the targets to match the name of the *.mk file wherever possible.]
00:08.27iceinstalled g++ (2.95) (woody) and it starts to compile libid3tag
00:09.05rwhitbyok - not exactly what we suggested, but it should do the trick
00:09.06dyoungG2: it just flew past the mtd stuff.
00:10.00icenow it stops and i have a "ipkg-make-index: /usr/bin/python: No such file or directory" error - looks like i should install python
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00:11.46rwhitbykeep a list, so we know what the required packages are ...
00:13.41icegot "ALL DONE." :) - now starting make unslung
00:16.02CIA-703rwhitby * 10unslung/ (Makefile make/ Changed variables and targets from mtdaapd to mt-daapd to follow conventions
00:16.05icehmm "unzip not found" which package contains unzip?
00:17.50iceoh - ok
00:18.54dyoungG2: it compiled and booted.  You've got mail.
00:19.20rwhitbydyoung, g2: can you keep me in the loop on the emails?
00:20.00dyoungSorry Rwhitby, didnt want to bombard you with junk.  I'll forward the important one.
00:20.52rwhitbydyoung: don't worry about overload - I'll be reading them in batches anyway :-)
00:21.34rwhitbydyoung: thanks for the irclogs BTW, my miau fell over early this morning, and without your backup I would have missed out on last nights logs
00:22.18jbothmm... logs is<channelname>/, or stats<channelname>.html.gz from ibot, jbot and apt.
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00:22.50icesorry i know i am stupid but ... "make unslung" asks for a password. what password?
00:23.15McTailsSUDO password
00:23.28McTailsyou need to enter the password so you can sudo
00:25.04icesudo was the last package i installed - looks like i have to configure something first
00:27.31dyoungOkay, you BOTH have mail now.
00:30.30iceok thanks to all - have a firmware now :))
00:30.39icelets install it
00:31.34dyoungBrave man. ;-)
00:35.18CodeWhackerI recommend doing the upgrade with no disk attached
00:36.06iceok - will try that now
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00:42.56rwhitbykergoth: any way that we can upload previous logs for nslu2-linux?  I've got them back to the start.
00:44.44rwhitbyice: yes you can format non virgin disk after loading firmware but before unslinging.
00:45.04rwhitbyice: make sure you have redboot access confirmed first
00:45.24dyoungWhat does this imply?
00:45.34dyoung# insmod core/usbcore.ko
00:45.34dyoungusbcore: disagrees about version of symbol struct_module
00:45.34dyounginsmod: cannot insert `core/usbcore.ko': Invalid module format (-1): Exec format
00:48.08icehint: pressing the "reload" button in the webbrowser after the succeeded upgrade is not so good -I AM STUPID
00:48.30CIA-703sonicmctails * 10unslung/ (6 files in 3 dirs):
00:48.34CIA-7MT-DAAPD still doesn't work because libgcc doesn't exist on the slug, and I can't figure out how to statically compile.
00:48.37CIA-7Made GDBM LibID3Tag and MTDAAPD use the correct host and build, and stopped MT_DAAPD from going into STAGING
00:49.39CodeWhackerice: unbrick time?
00:50.01iceno no - just upgraded 2 times its up and running
00:51.00rwhitbyMcTails: good work on mt-daapd ... good luck
00:51.11CodeWhackergood deal, ice
00:51.19McTailsrwhitby: That's now my fourth commit. I only have a 50% screwup rate ;-P
00:51.21CodeWhacker(though unbricking isn't that hard)
00:51.35McTailsactually, I was about to commit, and then you commited
00:51.44McTailsI had to spend 30+ minutes resolving that conflict
00:51.45rwhitbyMcTails: a rocky start, but I'm sure you're cruising now ...
00:52.20McTailsrwhitby: Thanks. Out of curosity, does support watchs ?
00:52.25rwhitbyis tcpwrappers.patch tcpwrappers or tcp_wrappers
00:52.38McTailsI have an .mk file that partially working
00:52.53rwhitbyis that going to be called tcp_wrappers too?
00:53.14McTailsis their a problem w/ that ?
00:53.19rwhitbyok, it's just that none of the other packages have underscores in the name ...
00:53.26McTailsI can change it back
00:54.02rwhitbyconsistency is next to godliness ...
00:54.38CodeWhackerMcTails: I think there's a conflict with underscores and ipkg.  nfs-server was nfs_server when I first started building and I hadda change it
00:54.54McTailsCodeWhacker: I'll fix it
00:55.03McTailsthanks for the headsup
00:55.12rwhitbyMcTails: unfortunately, only 1 out of 4 - I have a compile error on lididtag (your typo)
00:55.30rwhitbyAgain, "make distclean ; make" would have found that.
00:55.38[g2]dyoung you can just make the usbcore and ehci drivers static in the kernel
00:55.44McTailsrwhitby: Make is broken
00:55.51McTailsnfs-server doesn't build on OS X yet
00:57.01rwhitbyI'm referring to your changes to (you changed the dependency list of the $(..._IPK) target.
00:57.21CodeWhackerOS X is telling configure it's half Ultrix? :)
00:57.41rwhitby[it's now inconsistent with all the other packages - you're referring to a phony target rather than real files - that may cause make to redo stuff it doesn't have to.
00:57.46dyoungI found a potential fix, lemme get back to you on that.
00:57.47McTailsCodeWhacker: Yeah
00:58.16dyoungActually, i did try putting those in static, but then i forgot to put usbstorage.
00:58.31rwhitbyMcTails: Please make everything consisten with what is there already.  If you have an improvement to suggest, then it must be discussed and then changed in all the packages simultaneously.
00:58.32dyoungLemme try this fix.
00:58.51McTailsrwhitby: How long until Jim's next article ?
00:59.25rwhitbyat least a week, and there is no way that we will be placing a package that we can't recompile into the repository (to answer your statement from the logs many hours ago).
00:59.46CodeWhackerMcTails: have you tried mangling that symbol to def out that section?  
01:00.12McTailsCodeWhacker: Compile Farm
01:00.39CodeWhackerhadn't thought of that
01:00.48McTailsactually, rwhitby, can you opt us in for the compile farm, we can use it to make UNSLUNG work on more platforms
01:01.02rwhitbyMcTails: the CVS is currently broken for make - are you giving that your highest priority to fix?
01:01.05CodeWhackergood idea
01:01.11McTailsrwhitby: Huh ?
01:01.17McTailsNo, just on OS X
01:01.29McTailsIt thinks OS X is a Ultrix machine, which causes the build to blow up
01:01.29rwhitbymake distclean ; make fails.  Because of your last commit.  Fix it.
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01:02.33rwhitbyThe CVS must never be in a broken state.  If it continues, your access risks being revoked.
01:04.10McTailsrwhitby: it works fine for me
01:04.30McTailsCan you post the messages ? lidid3
01:05.33rwhitby-treolook for it
01:07.29icewell i formated the hd via the web interface and activated telnet - logged in with telnet, but the root password is not uNSLUng - its my old "cracked" password ?? what should i do?
01:07.48McTailsrwhitby: It's libid3tag
01:08.09McTailsand I get no errors here
01:08.27rwhitby-treoafter distclean?
01:08.38McTailsI normally do distclean; *package*-ipk
01:09.12rwhitby-treobefore commit do distclean and top make
01:09.31McTailstop make worked for me up to NFS-Server
01:09.49McTailsThat's been broken because of eariler said reasons
01:13.45rwhitby-treoif you look at the file carefully you can fix it -
01:14.41McTailsrwhitby-treo: it would help if I knew the error
01:15.24rwhitby-treobit hard to compile on a treo at the zoo ...
01:15.52McTailsrwhitby-treo: I'll figure it out
01:16.25McTailsWhat is a Treo btw ?
01:16.40rwhitby-treotreo 600
01:16.49dyoungits a phone with a pda in it.
01:16.59dyoungor a PDA with a phone in it it seems like.
01:17.13McTailsdyoung: that's cool
01:21.14rwhitby-treoMcTails: you can temp remove nfs-server from PACKAGES to test the rest from the top.
01:22.34rwhitby-treofound it?
01:22.54iceok UNSLUNG
01:25.41[g2]dyoung want another kernel ?
01:26.01rwhitby-treoice: what # are you?
01:26.08icego to bed now - its about 3.30 in the morning here in germany thanks to all for the work and the help - my nick in the group is symbianiq - see you later
01:26.30[g2]ice: congrats and sweet dreams
01:26.52rwhitby-treomake sure you update the yahoo table to you #
01:27.07rwhitby-treoto get your unslung #
01:27.24icedone: with #15
01:29.38dyoungOkay, G2 I sent it in email, but this helps:
01:29.39dyoung# CONFIG_MODVERSIONS=y
01:30.22iceshould "ipkg update" allready work? i get a 404
01:30.43rwhitby-treotry again
01:31.09dyoungI insmod usb modules.
01:31.19dyoungdrive detected.
01:31.25rwhitby-treoit seems to have mirrors which need to get kicked into action
01:32.18McTailssorry, my house keeps falling down
01:32.25dyoung# fdisk -l /dev/sda
01:32.25dyoungDisk /dev/sda: 64 heads, 32 sectors, 58644 cylinders
01:32.25dyoungUnits = cylinders of 2048 * 512 bytes
01:32.30McTailsrwhitby-treo: zlib failed because staging/lib wasn't made
01:32.37dyoungmknod needed, but drive seen!
01:32.39McTailsI forgot to run make directories
01:32.44dyoungmoment of truth.
01:33.11dyoung# df
01:33.11dyoungFilesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
01:33.21dyoung. /dev/sda1             58920100   1176  57217728   2% /mnt2
01:33.52[g2]dyoung REMAINS THE MAN
01:34.02dyoung(note that CONFIG_MODVERSIONS mentioned above is COMMENTED OUT.  leaving it in makes things weird)
01:34.16dyoung# uname -a
01:34.17dyoungLinux NSLU2 2.6.7 #3 Sat Sep 11 15:09:03 HST 2004 armv5teb unknown
01:34.22dyoungtee hee
01:34.50[g2]congrats! my friend!
01:34.59dyoungG2: you have the complete build instructions, can you duplicate?
01:35.06rwhitby-treojbot, dyoung is also Dyoung is also the kernel MAN!
01:35.09jbotrwhitby-treo: okay
01:35.15[g2]dyoung, sure I'll be happy to
01:35.19rwhitby-treojbot, dyoung?
01:35.20jbotsomebody said dyoung was just some guy with a UBESSA.  Thats a 'Unorthrodox But Effective Super Serial Adapter'. the master of doing something ugly ...  Dyoung is also the kernel MAN!
01:35.40McTailsdyoung: You relieze by changing the target to armv5teb, you can't use ipk because it checks the arch
01:36.12dyoungMctails, I'm not concerned with that right now.  Its a detail that can be sorted out later.
01:37.03[g2]dyoung Can I talk you into two things ?
01:37.25dyoungYes, if I can do it in the next 5 or 10 minutes.  I need to cut the grass.
01:37.37dyoung(or if it can wait for 2 hours when pau)
01:37.55dyoungoops, I said pau.  #define pau finished
01:38.57[g2]1) could you save your config and do make clean mrproper and generate a patch file between the kernel tree and the stock 2.6.7 ?
01:38.59*** part/#nslu2-linux rwhitby-treo (upirc@
01:39.28[g2]2) load that kernel I sent you ?
01:39.58*** join/#nslu2-linux rwhitby-treo2 (upirc@
01:40.18[g2]I'll follow your rebuilt instructions and I'll generate a patch file too. They should be nearly identical
01:40.48dyoungI'm doing (2) now.