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00:46.26arianonHello, I'm a new user of a Nokia N9. I was wondering if anyone else was using the N9 and having trouble with gmail not syncing all emails and was wondering if anyone had run int a similar issue and had found a fix or found a better email app. Have email set to always stay current (now it eats battery?) but sometimes it doesn't grab email, also setup gmail usimg mfE as suggested in one forum post but still have the same issue
00:46.49itsnotabigtrucknot aware of any polished alternatives to the standard email app
00:46.55itsnotabigtruckas for the other stuff no idea
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09:57.35jonniarianon: most of the cases users just forgotten to setup the sync to happen outside office hours, as by default it only syncs mon-fri 9-16.
09:58.16jonni(as the configure option name to setup sync is somewhat missleading)
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11:04.39minimecHi. I tried to use Meecast instead of Accuweather and find myself in the situation, where Meecast cannot load any weather data... Does anyone know that problem? I rebooted the device.
11:05.17minimecOther problem is, that I cannot restore Accuweather after having deleted meecast. It cannot load the dependancies, I guess.
11:06.11minimecSo I do not have any Weather Ifo at all on my N9 right now... Pretty pissed ;)
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11:18.39aparaattihi, n9 as in nokia n9?
11:19.07aparaattioh there's the topic... how can I add a user for ssh acces?
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12:12.27bluesleeanyone tried ff with flash support on n9?
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17:45.59jonneis there any way to change the default action for the headset button?
17:46.17jonnelike instead of pause, make it skip the song instead?
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19:11.53jonnijonne: not with default sw, but you can always compile your own event handlers :)
19:12.43jonnecompile? there's no gconf key or whatever i can just change?
19:13.44jonnei'm comfortable with changing conf files, but not with replacing system files with something i compiled myself :p
19:14.15jonnei don't think i've ever successfully compiled something in my life. Something always goes wrong
19:14.45jonneoh, i compiled ffmpeg once, that only worked because i found a step-by-step guide
19:19.04jonne -> so it is, in fact the media player that handles this event
19:19.15jonnei don't suppose that's open source?
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20:37.46merlin1991jonne: the whole media playing framework is closed, so the player is closed too
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