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01:04.58itsnotabigtruckdamaltor: fwiw i think you can run navifirm using mono
01:06.05itsnotabigtruckwhich is like wine for .net
01:08.57itsnotabigtrucklooks like libmono-corlib2.0-cil is required
01:15.40itsnotabigtruckdammit, mono doesn't seem to want to load it
01:15.47itsnotabigtruck[ERROR] FATAL UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: System.TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'NotABigTruck.Symbian.Tools.Navifirm.Main' from assembly 'navifirm, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'.
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16:56.55mkpaais there some magic to do for N9 bluetooth tethering? my computer doesn't see pan bluetooth profile
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17:01.13DrGrovDoes anyone know what is the exact size of the wallpapers coming with the N9? They are only portrait if I understand it right?
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19:25.57mkpaais there a nice any nice pin/slide/unlock screen available for n9? the native password is a it clumsy
19:31.58damaltormkpaa: disable the password, then you have to swipe away the lockscreen only. i am waiting for some kind of pattern unlock, too, but i guess that that would be kind of hard to implement due to os restrictions
19:49.24mkpaaI'll keep the normal pass then, I need atleast some time to change 12 password in case my device is lost :)
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20:31.14DrGrovWhat could be the issue of the N9 when I have the original silicon protection case around it? It seems to make a sound around when I press it. Like it would "brake" if I press too hard. Anyone else experiencing these type of problems?
20:31.33DrGrovThe phone itself seem of course to be fully functional once I remove the silicon case and no marks around the phone.
20:36.11damaltorDrGrov: maybe some dirt inside the cover? other than that, i found a link you were searching for earlier, for making backgrounds in the main screens. here is a way to put 6 different images as background for apps/feeds/tasks view, in landscape/portrait each:
20:36.46DrGrovHi damaltor
20:36.58damaltorhi :D
20:37.14DrGrovdamaltor: You mean inside the phone itself? It seems to make that sound anyhow even if the cover is not there but still it seems intact without any trace of "abuse".
20:37.37DrGrovAh, thanks for that link. That is exactly what I meant earlier but could not find back to it earlier.
20:38.30damaltornp for the link
20:39.05damaltorfor the noise: the display is only clipped in place. you might want to remove it and look if there is dirt between display and shell, though i would think twice about opening it
20:39.22DrGrovNah, I will not open it. That is too fancy stuff for me LOL
20:39.46DrGrovSo maybe if I press a bit harder on the sides it sounds like the phone is breaking down even though it is just the display making some occasional noise?
20:39.48damaltorit is not very hard though... but as said, might be risky
20:40.25damaltori guess, yeah. there probably is a bit of dirt between display and shell, which is pushed together.. i have no idea what else could have happened
20:40.27DrGrovThe good thing is that I always have full signal strength and no issues with anything so it seems like it is a feature of the phone
20:41.04damaltorthere are people complaining over lots of things. bad reception, bad wifi, phone getting massively hot, bad gps..
20:41.07DrGrovI am 100% sure I have no dirt between since I always take very good care of my phone
20:41.11damaltorno led indicator working
20:41.53DrGrovSo I should just be happy and shut up then :)
20:42.31damaltormmh thats weird. i use to put my phone always in my pocket, w/o the ugly silicone thing (which also makes headphones have very bad contact to the connector because the plug wonbt go in fully). i never had issues of noises by pushing around the phone though
20:43.23DrGrovSo maybe I should just remove the case itself and use the phone without the case? Should perhaps be better?
20:43.44DrGrovIf I remember correctly the N8 I had was experiencing same type of noises when I press around the phone
20:45.01damaltorwell.. i dislike the case, so i use it without. the gorilla flass wont scratch that easy, the back shell is quite hard, too. the silver thing around the camera is the weakest point and will eventually get scratches, but it isnt covered by the silicone cover anyway. sso i decided to use it without the cover, and also can hear music without that crackling noise a headphone makes if it doesnt have good contact.
20:45.16damaltorin the end, it is your choice, but i dont really think that i need it
20:46.04DrGrovOk, you made some good points there why I should not even think about using it :)
20:46.21DrGrovThe only thing why I have this noise thing in my brain is that it irritates me
20:46.22damaltoralso, i love my phone, but it still is something i use everyday multiple times. so if it gets one or maybe two little scratches, that would be ok for me (not that i would *want* that, but shit just happens)
20:46.24e0xi dont use cover
20:46.32e0xand the phone fell some time already
20:46.51e0xit get a little damage in the corner but nothing ( so far ) serious
20:46.59damaltore0x: god thing
20:47.15e0xthe cover make it look ugly
20:47.34damaltoralso, the polycarbonate shell is colored through, and not just painted. so even if it will get scratched, it will still have the same color "inside" which will make the scratch nearly invisible
20:47.36DrGrovOk, I made up my mind. Screw the cover. Let the phone live free
20:47.45damaltorgood choice
20:47.50e0xthe screen is already a bit scratch but not big deal , i just stop put the keys and the phone in the same pocket
20:47.56DrGrovThe phone should fly like the bird it was meant to be
20:48.07damaltoronly positive thing about the cover is that it is easier to hold in one hand without slipping off the back
20:48.23damaltorhaha lol
20:48.23e0xdamaltor: true
20:48.54e0xwhen is cold a least for me my hands get soft
20:48.56DrGrovYeah, the cover gives the additional feel to the phone. Otherwise not much.
20:49.07e0xand i need grab the phone with force
20:49.13damaltori like the feel of the phone w/o the cover
20:49.20damaltorbut it is harder to hold
20:49.26e0xdamaltor: indeed , feel very good
20:49.30e0xand look elegant
20:50.32damaltori used to have a blackberry for a long time, and hat an otterbox around it. otterboxes are VERY sturdy cases made of multiple parts (soft silicone skin, outer hard plastic shell). the blackberry never got a scratch, and i could hold it nicely. but it was heavy as hell and everybody asked me what that bulky phone is
20:51.56DrGrovWhat was the size of the portrait wallpapers now again that come with the phone if I want to make an own wallpaper that is the same size as the original N9 wallpapers?
20:52.37damaltor480 x 854
20:52.42DrGrovThanks damaltor
20:52.52DrGrovI thought about making a own wallpaper with some nice skull with text
20:53.08e0xcan be anything size in the end when you send it you can just crop what part will be a wallpaper
20:53.11DrGrovOr perhaps a nice female behind would be nice LOL :)
20:53.38DrGrovYes, I know I can crop it but I found that some of my good wallpapers I got from Interfacelift are cropped wrongly then and the important parts get cut out somehow
20:53.48damaltordid you know that the words "skull" and "nice" cannot be used in the same sentence? :D
20:53.55DrGrovOf course it can :)
20:54.08DrGrovI am a evil person.... Muhahahahahahaa
20:55.51DrGrovBut I have some problems to find an appropriate skull though
20:56.04DrGrovDamn I would love the Triple H skull logo but I can not find it in proper format
20:56.07DrGrovGod damn this
21:01.53damaltorDrGrov: find an image in huge format, then resize
21:02.07damaltoror use google reverse image search to find the same picture in other formats
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21:41.26DrGrovdamaltor: Ok, that sounds like a good idea. So 480 x 854 is the way to go I see.
21:41.48DrGrovIf I search with Google images I can put "filetype: png" in the end of the search to filter out .png files yes?
21:41.58DrGrovOr is the syntax for filetype something else?
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22:28.57damaltorDrGrov: i guess that should work, alternatively try extended search
22:29.03damaltori gotta go now
22:29.06damaltorcya later
23:07.37mkpaais there some kind of kvm support in meego/n9 to bypass the onscreen keyboard when developing/working with terminal?
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23:10.45DrGrovIf I use the N9 web browser to download an image, is it possible to select the download location? Or is it better to use USB mode and transfer the image?

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