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03:33.28damaltoradmiral0 and i did something nice:
03:33.31damaltorhave fun
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09:09.54admiral0hello *
09:09.54admiral0damaltor: ping
09:10.01damaltoraah hi
09:10.05damaltoradmiral0: the battery icon is not changing for me. there is a usb plug shown all the time. i let the script print the variable containing the charger name, and it contained the correct charger name (none/wall plug/usb). but somehow the if/elif/else doesnt work for me, i have no idea why. also, there is a space in front of the uptime, could that be? all others texts are directly next to the icon, but there is a space between the clock and the uptime.
09:13.35admiral0will fix that
09:13.42admiral0but also
09:14.16admiral0if there is so much high interest it would be nicer imo rewrite thingie in C++/Qpainter
09:14.44admiral0i'm answering in the thread
09:15.54damaltorthat would be nice
09:16.17damaltoris your battery icon working? or is yours stuck with the usb icon too?
09:21.14damaltoradmiral0: but wait befor announcing the rewrite in c++, lets see if the interest will stay high. our solutin is working quite well atm, and rewriting is quite a bit of work. also, users could mess with the code easier if we let it be python
09:21.43admiral0we do this a lil' better
09:21.50admiral0let users mess with it
09:21.59admiral0while they are at it we rewrite
09:22.09admiral0you are ok with c++?
09:22.25damaltorim better in C but thats not too far
09:22.42admiral0QPainter + QImage will do the trick
09:22.53damaltori guess we should wait until people found other stuff they want to have displayer
09:22.59damaltorwe could add tht then
09:23.09damaltorso, how about your battery icon?
09:23.12damaltoris it working?
09:24.38admiral0not working
09:24.48damaltormine neither
09:24.53damaltoronly usb plug
09:25.07admiral0i made a stupid error somewhere
09:25.11damaltorput i added "print chg" wich telly me that chg is correct
09:25.21damaltorlooks like there is something wrong with the if
09:27.40damaltoradmiral0: i am unsure of how to give you a possibility to update the zip files
09:28.18damaltorif i link directly to the files in svn, my web server wants credentials because the svn is secured. if i make up a bogus username/password to post on tmo, everybody would be able to commit crap
09:28.41damaltorso i guess you will have to add latest updates to your post, and i will update my post later
09:28.57admiral0it has download section
09:29.01admiral0with urls
09:29.09admiral0register register *_*
09:29.13damaltoryeah. feel free to put it over
09:29.18damaltori have to go now
09:29.39damaltorill be on the road for hours, so feel free to send me an email, ill answer if i make a break
09:29.52damaltorbut i cant up/download files n stuff
09:30.35damaltoroooh i hve an idea
09:30.39damaltorjust a sec
09:30.52damaltori know how we make you able to update this
09:32.14damaltorby the mightiest tool linux has
09:32.15damaltorln -s
09:33.05admiral0damaltor: rev 26 solves usb icon problem
09:33.14damaltorwhat was the error?
09:33.22admiral0missing \n
09:34.29damaltorlol i cant find the files on my server
09:35.57damaltorok, this is not going to work out as revision numbers are hard directories on the svn server
09:36.10damaltori dont have the time to find a suitable way atm
09:36.19admiral0we'll find a solution
09:36.39damaltorfeel free to port it to git, or do a manual update by adding zip / script files to your post
09:36.46damaltori will tell people to scroll down.
09:38.21admiral0will spam #harmattan
09:38.29damaltorhave fun
09:39.01admiral0should study lol
09:39.10damaltorme too
09:39.17damaltorok see you later
10:43.10auenfbattery app is confused
10:43.33auenfits saying my 'usage' time remaining is longer than 'idle' time remaining
11:03.48jonniit has bugs in calculations, so you shouldn't blindly believe what it tells you, it just gives you some hints who eats cpu.
11:05.03auenfit tells me quite well that pulseaudio eats 7% cpu when idle after a call or navigation
11:05.37auenfbut pulseaudio has also screwed its calculated 'idle' figure
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12:08.10virtualdinfobot: faq
12:08.10infobotvirtuald, the FAQ is available at
12:09.06virtualdare we stuck with linux 2.6.32?
12:13.12admiral0virtuald: not really
12:14.07virtualdadmiral0: isn't the graphics drivers proprietary?
12:14.35admiral0oh, we can always hope for an open onw
12:15.23virtualdhehe i've done that before
12:15.41admiral0and now there is an open driver for the mali chipset
12:16.53virtualdhm i saw that on /.
12:17.03virtualddidn't look at the details, should do that now
12:17.45virtualdStartup Combines CPU and DRAM
12:20.15admiral0that will suck XD
12:25.21virtualdhm i don't have too many hopes there will be any powervr drivers for more than 2d graphics, as they have a bad track record with intel gma950 whatsitcalled
12:26.27admiral0but we can backport anything to 2.6.32
12:26.36admiral0we have the sources
12:27.20virtualdfirst on google when searching for gma500 "How To Kick Your Friends in the Face: GMA500" from linuxjournal :)
12:28.03virtualdadmiral0: who's 'we'?  i certainly can't :)
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13:05.47virtualdafter disabling and reenabling developer mode i no longer have the shell icon. how do i get it back? ssh works and there's no broken packages
13:06.27admiral0look in /usr/share/applications
13:07.07virtualdwhat am i looking for?
13:08.05virtualdthere's nothing named shell or devel shell or something like that, but sdk-connectivity-tool is there and i see it with the other icons
13:13.50admiral0name it meego-terminal.desktop
13:13.55virtualdadmiral0: who's 'we'?  i certainly can't :)[#n9] after disabling and reenabling developer mode i no longer have the shell icon
13:13.58virtualdafter disabling and reenabling developer mode i no longer have the shell icon. how do i get it back? ssh works and there's no broken packages[B[B[B[B
13:14.14admiral0dafuq :O
13:15.50virtualdi already have that exact file
13:16.09virtualdi'll try turning it off and on again :p
13:16.18virtuald(don't think it will work)
13:18.31virtualdit actually worked
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22:02.25damaltoradmiral0: bääm
22:02.33damaltorhow are you mate
22:05.20damaltorim fine
22:05.25damaltoreveryone likes our script
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22:08.55damaltoradmiral0: did you move it to git?
22:16.33admiral0i'm studying
22:16.39damaltorgooood boy
22:16.46damaltori should do so too
22:20.45admiral0good boy about studying or not moving to git
22:20.54damaltorboth.. somehow
22:21.12admiral0i am very tempted by git
22:21.16damaltorbut you promised our followers to provide an installer.. did you think about that before writing?
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22:22.19damaltoroh lol
22:22.24damaltori know how to make deb now
22:22.38admiral0i know too but it's still an overkill
22:22.51damaltoryeah... but a self extracting tar file is better.
22:23.03admiral0when we'll do c++/qt binary then deb will do
22:23.18damaltorseriously, if git is better, move it. i just happen to have a svn server on my server, so that was first choice
22:24.43admiral0well i like git's branching mechanism
22:26.15admiral0many say interface is cluttered
22:26.40admiral0we should decide something now
22:26.40damaltorbut if the icons are aligned, there is lots of dead space
22:27.16admiral0would you like to go to the next level?
22:27.34admiral0upstart script
22:27.38damaltorbut.. i should be studying
22:27.46damaltorso. what now?
22:27.58damaltortell everybody to live with the script until we find time?
22:28.14admiral0and post install modifies system css
22:28.23admiral0i should be studying too
22:28.30admiral0also yesterday XD
22:28.48damaltoryeah me too.. that was the reason i took my notebook with me in first place
22:29.28damaltori guess "porting" that to c++ shoudnt be _that_ hard. but in fact i have zero time.
22:29.57damaltorbut i am far more interested in where this script will go than my studies
22:30.47admiral0i thought
22:31.16admiral0Are you feeling confortable with cmake and scratchbox?
22:32.13damaltorkinda. i used to build my coss build environment by myself, but this is asier
22:32.54admiral0qmake/qt creator or cmake/scratchbox?
22:33.08damaltorwhatever you like
22:33.25damaltorwhich one will do faster? :
22:34.30admiral0i prefer scratchbox aproach
22:34.35damaltorwhat about ejasmudar and the quotes thing? should we incorporate him? should we include quotes thing anyway?
22:35.06damaltorthat was my reaction too
22:35.19damaltorYES, great idea. *thinking* ...maybe.
22:35.44admiral0the problem is we can allocate only 2 lines max
22:35.49admiral0for quotes
22:35.52damaltoroh o
22:36.08admiral0otherwise there is no other info displayed
22:36.23damaltorwell, we could let the user set the maximum number of lines
22:36.53damaltorimho more than 3 lines look cluttered, but if someone wants like, 3 lines of sys info, one line free, two lines of quote
22:36.59damaltorlet him have it
22:37.44admiral0not possible
22:37.51damaltorwhy not
22:37.55admiral0i plan the final deb to do all the work
22:38.05damaltorincluding css
22:38.25damaltorhow about letting the deb simply install the stuff, and let the setup gui edit the css?
22:38.58damaltornumer of lines: [03] (Changed on next reboot)
22:39.19admiral0we cannot run as root
22:39.57damaltori think we can
22:40.11damaltoras we can also install deb packages by just cklicking on em
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22:42.41admiral0let me read docs
22:44.28damaltori am sorry, but i cant do shit today. i have been on the road for like 6 hours today, plus one hour bein stuck in mud after making the mistake to leave the road for a break
22:44.38damaltorso i am dead tired
22:45.03admiral0where are you?
22:45.10damaltormid germany
22:46.35damaltorno, i live here
22:47.18damaltori visited family in hamburg, and had some stops on the way back, visiting other relatives.
22:47.35damaltorkind of a family-weekend
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22:50.00damaltorso i would suggest to make a self extrcting installer today, and jump into scratchbox tomorrow
22:50.16damaltoras we are in the same time zone my tomorrow is your tomorrow, too
22:51.06damaltoror, feel free to start, but i wouldnt be any help today seriously
22:52.51admiral0first i'll create something to install
22:52.57admiral0i promised
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