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01:01.22itsnotabigtruckis there some reason why angry birds takes you to the credits after the 1st chapter?
01:01.27itsnotabigtruckwhich is like 1/6th of the game
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02:17.45damaltorjust wondering: when opening an app in the ovi store, why is the same app listed again within the similar apps? and, even more important, why isnt it on the first place??
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09:52.30kevin_bWhat's the hardware difference between N9 and N900?
09:52.58kevin_bI think it s almost the same
09:53.06kevin_bIs that true?
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11:11.23petteribetter check wikipedia for specs
11:11.51admiral0kevin_b: no
11:12.01admiral0n9 is far more powerful
11:12.06kevin_bthanks admiral I checked it
11:12.16kevin_b3430 vs 3630
11:14.06jreznikwith much more memory
11:14.20xenloyou can see the spec here:
11:14.38kevin_bI mostly care about dsp builtin functions
11:18.45Free-MGdetailed specs:
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12:38.51damaltorhi everybody
12:39.14damaltorif my bug (that phone book filter thing) gets assigned to someone, is that a good thing? :)
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12:52.10kevin_bi'd say yes
12:53.17kevin_bis there a selection/copy/paste tool in built-in browser?
12:55.11damaltorkevin_b: but in firefox there is one
12:55.48kevin_bis there anyone already asked for this in harmattan-bugs?
12:56.27damaltori dont know, but it would be useless anyway. copy and paste will be available in the coming update to pr1.2
12:56.33damaltorthere is no need to file a bug
12:58.12damaltorkevin_b: read through this thread, there is one lucky (?) guy who already has 1.2 on his phone. he shows some of the new features, including copy and paste and also including folders on homescreen:
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15:58.53itsnotabigtruckwhat's something cool to do with an N9
15:58.58itsnotabigtruckas in a hack/tweak/awesome app/etc.
16:01.12itsnotabigtruckand it seems the main difference hardware-wise between n900 and n9 is 2/3rds higher clock speed, 4x the ram, and either 16 or 64 gb of flash instead of 32 gb
16:41.14jonniand nfc
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16:58.07admiral0itsnotabigtruck: n9 is not a so hackable device
16:58.32admiral0the most you can get is iptables
17:00.07itsnotabigtruckadmiral0: well, i was speaking in a completely general sense
17:00.11itsnotabigtruckand it's hackable enough
17:01.49itsnotabigtruckhmm, i'd mess with openvpn if i connected to openvpn servers...hey, does the n9 have the kernel modules for ipsec
17:02.43itsnotabigtrucki'm guessing no
17:03.09admiral0i suppose so
17:03.20admiral0there is no /proc/config.gz
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17:54.23itsnotabigtruckprobably not
17:54.46itsnotabigtruckonce the pr1.2 source comes out we need to make sure to build all the good stuff for the hacker kernel
17:55.27itsnotabigtrucki wonder if it would be practical to retrofit a different mandatory access control arrangement onto the n9
17:55.29itsnotabigtrucklike selinux
17:55.31itsnotabigtrucksecurity enhanced meego
17:55.58admiral0that would be extracool
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