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00:55.38Guest61352anyone here could tell me how the new swipe 2 close works in pr1.1
00:56.20Guest61352i read it should close when i swipe down an app,but sometimes my apps just close even when swiping from right
01:00.53merlin1991Guest61352: it takes the physical postion of the devie as up
01:01.15merlin1991so if your n9 doesn't have 1 edge properly 'up' you tend to get random results
01:34.20Guest61352sorry i went afk,not feeling well
01:34.36Guest61352what u mean 1 edge not properly up?
01:40.21itsnotabigtruckGuest61352: well, if you stand up, and hold the phone upright parallel to yourself
01:40.26itsnotabigtruckthen up is the top of the phone
01:40.44itsnotabigtruckand if you turn the phone 90 degrees, then the side is now up
01:40.55itsnotabigtruckbut if it's in between the phone can't be sure
01:41.30itsnotabigtruckalso damaltor: coop p2 is so awesome...the problem is that it's only so awesome one or two times
01:41.35Guest61352awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah when the screen turned upside down
01:41.51Guest61352*sorry its the script*
01:42.29Guest61352yeah its the defaut script,the one modified is in my pc,my apologies
01:43.17Guest61352no wonder im using some apps and they got close when swiping,i tend to turn phone around a lot
01:43.25damaltoritsnotabigtruck: yeah true. though i did just play the single player mode _again_, but after three months.
01:43.38Guest61352especialy when playing nfs shift lol for the drifting task
01:44.14Guest61352what game you guys talkin?
01:45.18itsnotabigtruckGuest61352: portal 2
01:45.26itsnotabigtruckif you haven't played it yet, get it!
01:47.18Guest61352k,ive onnly got the default angry birds w. magic and nfs and the real golf and footbal
01:48.01itsnotabigtruckit's not an N9 game :p
01:48.22itsnotabigtruckit's for pc, ps3, or xbox 360
01:48.28Guest61352awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lol
01:49.02Guest61352awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww yeah i think ive seen that,people says in reviews its good like mirror edge
01:49.25Guest61352maybe after i upgrade my video card when nvidia launch 700 series
01:49.48Guest61352most games recently need higher vram
01:50.09itsnotabigtruckit doesn't require super new hardware to run, i got it working ok on my laptop with an ati 3470, though only on super low settings
01:50.20itsnotabigtruckif you have a reasonable card in your desktop it'll work fine
01:50.33itsnotabigtruckmirror's edge was amazing too, it's ridiculous how little attention it got
01:50.45Guest61352i only have my 5 yrs old 8600gt
01:51.10itsnotabigtrucki think that'll suffice
01:51.11Guest61352i supposed to buy last dec,but i know geforce 700 will b soon,much better
01:51.39Guest61352im tempted to get the new radeon though,the hardware is eye candy lolx
01:52.29Guest61352i wanted to try skyrim and metro the 2nd
01:54.00itsnotabigtruckbtw what are some awesome N9 games, besides angry birds and the bundled games
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01:56.09canardxhi have ripoff,samurai vengeance and sudoku(if u like board games)
01:59.36canardxhi got more apps than games
02:00.58itsnotabigtruckcanardxh: well, what are some awesome apps? :p
02:01.08itsnotabigtrucki got my n9 a few days ago and i'm not quite sure yet what to kit it out with
02:07.55canardxhme too i jsut got mine last week
02:08.04canardxhsorry i was Guest61352 also,got dcd
02:08.29canardxhu should get some file manger,i recommend filebox
02:10.34canardxhu could also try camerapro,do much better justice for the phone's cam
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02:14.16canardxhanyone here knows a good hdr app?
02:38.53canardxhi guess everyones idle
02:49.11canardxhhas anyone ever tried the n9 hdr apps from almalance? called hdr camera
02:51.19canardxhi know ovistore have them b4 for n900 wayback,and i found on theyre website theyre giving it as freeware for n9 too
02:51.54canardxhwhen i installed it the app run but when i click to get photos,it exits,so anyone has idea or tried it?
02:51.58canardxhi really appreciate
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11:01.38Crnkojhey guys what is the latest software for the n9? 1.2 or 1.3 ?
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11:05.23Crnkojoh pr 1.1
11:05.27Crnkojtrue sorry lol
11:05.35Crnkojis there any talks about an update to it ?
11:06.52petteri1.2 will come in couple of months
11:07.24Crnkojoh ok thanks
11:12.37Crnkojpetteri is there auto brightness possible on 1.1 ? i cants eem to find it
11:14.50petteriat least my n9's screen adjusts it self according on how much light there is in room. I am not aware the settings
11:17.25Crnkojone mroe thing
11:17.44Crnkojis there a way to get the contacts with number from google gmail to the contacts? it only gave me the ones from gtalk
11:19.05Crnkojow it seems it worsk automatically lol you just have to set the starting point
11:19.25petterithere is some kind of google support for exchange protocol, maybe with that you can. I am not using it
11:19.29hiemanshuCrnkoj: it will sync contacts if you add a google exchange account
11:19.39Crnkojhiemanshu let me check
11:19.57Crnkojunder mail for exhcange ?
11:20.13Crnkojwhat domain should i use for gmail ?
11:20.37Crnkojand username actually
11:20.40Crnkojsince i never had to use this
11:20.53hiemanshugoogle on how to add an exchange account
11:20.59Crnkojk thanks
11:27.01Crnkojso i found this made it and it worked, waiting for sync now, do i have to remove google mail (which has gtalk aswell) for this to work or can i have both?
11:28.39Crnkojvery good contacts are tehre :)
11:49.33marsjeI find it confusing you need Mail for Exchange to sync google on the n9
11:50.03marsjewould have been nicer if the Google account let you do all the google things
11:53.29Crnkojyes so true but it worked that way
11:53.52Crnkojguys i see this red line on the left side of the display i was reading about and a slight blueish one on the right, you guys think i can go back and demand an exchange ?
12:09.34Crnkojhmm guys anyone input on that ?
12:10.07petteriprobably not, it seems there is all kind of lines on the n9 display, it is made that way
12:11.08Crnkojwill try anyhow lol
12:17.18auenfgoogle account has avatar option, but msn doesn
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13:40.33Crnkojhmm my screen is like the left one here as he describes + it has that line at the side, anyone had luck chagning the phone cuz of it ?
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14:14.39jonniCrnkoj: its it supposed to be like the left one, all my N9's are like the left one. Most likely right one just have different brigthness setting
14:19.49jonnior has older panel
14:34.01CrnkojjonniI took some pictures to show the difference that I am talking about. In the picture, you can see the my unit has a green cast over it when viewed with a slight angle. While my brother's unit doesn't, the pictures can be a bit deceiving as it shows that my brother's unit has a slight purple/pink cast but I can assure you that it doesn't in real life.
14:34.10Crnkojthats you
14:34.18Crnkojah not
14:34.29Crnkojwell he says the right one which klooks pinkish is the new version and has a nice display
14:36.24jonniwell that forum thread still has not show which one is the new one (or is it the old one). But atleast I have 3 N9 devices and they all are like the left one, so its a feature and not a bug.
14:37.57Crnkojand is it like that from each side oyu look at them they have a greenish tint ?
14:40.08Crnkojbtw do i need to enable developer mode to get a terminal/terminal app ?
14:40.47jonnisome kind of tint maybe yes, Im not viewing my phone in an angle anyways so doesnt bother me
14:40.59jonniyes terminal only comes in dev mode
14:41.59Crnkojif i enable dev mode and than disable it and do a factory reset (assuming i havent messed with the system), does it restore back to normal ?
14:42.52jonnidefine "it"?
14:42.59Crnkojlike the phone
14:43.09Crnkojwhen i go under settings reset phone
14:43.18Crnkojabd dusable it disable dev mode
14:43.21jonniyou dont need to do any factory resets you can just disable dev mode
14:43.50Crnkojbah this screen b others me, actually not the tint as much as the red line on the far left end of the display
14:44.20jonniwhat kind of red line, picture somewhere?
14:44.48Crnkojerm its when you hold the phone in landscape mode
14:44.50Crnkojand look at it
14:45.16Crnkojthe "left" part of the screen (left as in portrait mode) has a pinkish/red line at the far end
14:45.21Crnkojlet me try to capture this on a picture
14:45.23Crnkojand upload it
14:45.47jonniah that one, its not hardware bug, just color transition between white and the corner
14:46.22jonniits normal feature too
14:46.42Crnkojive read online though that some people dont have that feature
14:46.46Crnkojk i made 2 photos
14:46.49Crnkojthey should s how it nicely
14:46.55jonniif you start totally black background app, you dont see red do you?
14:47.06Crnkojthe blak is fine
14:47.27Crnkojk uploading now
14:48.20Crnkojone is made with flash and the other without but in both the line is seen
14:49.30jonnione of my device has pink like line in the left, another device has blueish line etc, so most likely its just the RGB software conversion on the corner
14:49.53Crnkojits very obvious in teh second picture
14:50.17Crnkojand the picture colors are as i see them with my eye aswell
14:50.47jonniyes, I have the exactly same sa your second picture
14:51.01mgedminCrnkoj, I've heard the N9 adjusts the colors according to environment lightning somewhat
14:51.07Crnkojugh painful
14:51.09mgedmindo both devices have the same firmware version?
14:51.16mgedminI've heard the adjustment was tweaked in PR 1.1
14:51.21Crnkoji only have one and its pr1.1
14:51.34Crnkojthose 2 pics are the same
14:51.49Crnkojthe same device just once with flash and once without
14:52.15Crnkoji guess the link i gave earlier to the forum post with 2 totally different ones does use the same software too
14:53.36jonniI have 2 devices with that pink contrast (PR1.1) and one with blue contrast (PR1.0), so most likely its just software feature that it round the color value in the corner to some value
14:54.07Crnkojjonni the thing is on the right far side thers a blueish (maybe a tad greenish) line aswell
14:54.33Crnkojas if the display wasnt cut properly and they left the red subpixels on one side and the blue ones on the other side
14:54.41Crnkojas in the factory
14:54.50jonnibut its just a software feature and not hardware bug, if you slowly swipe the application from left to right, the color line moves without
14:55.05Crnkojhmm let me check that :)
14:55.11jonniwithout = with you, so its not in the corner, its just in the application corner
14:55.38Crnkojyes true jonni
14:55.40Crnkoji tried that
14:55.43Crnkojthanks for the clarification
14:55.48Crnkoji saw that too
14:56.42Crnkojthanks! was kinda disappointed i got a faulty one =/ seems like this is nokias feature lol, but still the greenish tint if looked at sideways is somewhat annoying
14:57.49jonnibut feel free to file bugs in that way someone might have a look and fix the color conversion on the corners.
14:58.33Crnkojye thanks
14:59.07Crnkojhmm i thought someone might have filed the bug already :)
14:59.12jonniI have a tint on my monitors and tv if I look it at an angle... annoying yes, but sometimes technologies have to compromise in viewing angles for getting bright picture on normal angles:)
14:59.15Crnkojsince i saw the issue on several threads already
14:59.52Crnkojjonni ah i dont have those tints on either my monitor or another smartphone (dont really watch much tv, but the lg we have doesnt show this behaviour either) :)
15:00.08Crnkojit is however true i paid almost twice the price for teh monitor that i paid for the n9
15:00.19Crnkojbut the monitor is 5-6 years old :)
15:00.27jonnimight be amoled display feature then
15:00.34Crnkoji saw it on galaxy s2 aswell
15:00.40Crnkojthat they dont have that good viewing angles
15:00.48Crnkojbut i love this meego interface so much lol
15:00.54Crnkojits so smooth
15:01.02Crnkojand the gestures are plain awesome lol
15:07.50Crnkojbtw guys anyone tried mer/nemo on their n9 ?
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17:40.31itsnotabigtrucklines on the screen eh
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20:50.12canardxhanyone online atm?
20:51.03mgedmindepends: is the real question you want to ask interesting?
20:51.46canardxhi guess nto i ask hrs ago and all are afk i guess
21:04.20canardxhbut anyway if u got any idea about hdr app i really appreciate it?
21:04.49canardxhspecifically hdr camera which until nwo i dunno how to run and fix
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21:44.28*** topic/#n9 is N9 users meet here to chat about typical users' topics like case colors, best offers, hippest apps, screen protectors, etc. Basically all the things that are not development related. Developers will want to join #harmattan. This channel is logged, see ~logs
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22:33.14itsnotabigtruckcanardxh: maybe?
22:55.27canardxhthx for replying
22:55.40canardxhthat didnt appear when i went to ovistore using the phone
22:55.51canardxhi onnly got the camera pro
22:57.24canardxhand the other was hdr camera by almalence,like on this site
22:57.39canardxhbut for n9 that i downloaded from theyre website
23:00.17canardxhthey had that app first on n900 which was on ovi store b4,from the creators of this
23:00.31canardxhi think its just new that its not in ovi but i cant make it run
23:01.03canardxhbut already on the app makers offical website
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