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01:32.19TronicI guess I'll mail order from HK instead ;)
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02:46.53User708hi everybody
02:47.35User708i just bought a new nokia n9, and enabled developer mode. i want to get root access on terminal, but the standard password "rootme" does not work. is there a workaround to change/reset the password?
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05:20.28dymaxionhi, anyone have problems with their usb cover?  mine is starting to 'flake' off it's top surface.
05:20.49dymaxionlooks like its peeling off some sort of plastic skin
06:03.44hiemanshudymaxion: its quite fragile, a person I know bent his
06:08.29dymaxionhmm... i saw somewhere on line where you can buy replacement door
06:08.42dymaxionhowever my door is fine and N9 under warranty... surely Nokia should replace it !
06:08.52dymaxionhowever mine isn't really broken... just seems to be peeling off...
06:09.01dymaxionweird... dunno if anyone else is seeing this wear
06:17.02hiemanshuhave you removed the sticker from the top?
06:21.32dymaxionthere was a sticker on top?
06:22.12dymaxionno i've taken the thin plastic sticker off that was numbered (1) and (2)
06:22.40dymaxionat first the surface looked the same colour and texture as the Sim door cover...  now it's peeling off... I'll take a photo and upload to maemo talk perhaps
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07:58.35jeffrey04can i revive my bricked n9 using flasher?
08:03.04jeffrey04anyone here?
08:04.05jeffrey04is flashing anyway :/
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11:56.42damaltorok, so i am back. i will go download those files now
12:01.45damaltorok, mounting wirked nicely
12:01.52damaltorthis is my old hash btw:
12:02.10damaltori found it in some php programming help boards
12:03.54damaltorok, password hash is changed. lets see...
12:06.18damaltorit worked nicely
12:06.40damaltori did also change the password hash for "user", as i do not know if that one was original.
12:07.30damaltorjonni: as djszapi is gone by now, thank you a lot for that idea
12:07.40damaltori would have messed around with the firmware for hours
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15:46.09aparaattihi, I got N9, and I can't get scrobbler for anywhere, anyone  know if it's available somehow?
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16:38.07b00^portalWTF, i just re-set my n9, yet the user,root password in dev mode did not get cleaned out
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16:40.45DrGrovHi y'all
16:41.17DrGrovI wonder that what might cause my N9 Contacts app to freeze and refusing to start once I opened it 4-5 times and closed it?
16:41.36DrGrovCould it be my contacts that are messed up since I transferred them from my iPhone to the N9 via Bluetooth?
16:41.52DrGrovThe only solution seems to be to do a power on - power off procedure to get Contacts to open up again
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20:19.33aparaattithe answer was quasarmix beta
20:24.40Free-MGwhere is the question?
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