IRC log for #n9 on 20120105

01:10.24itsnotabigtruckvsync_: be advised that WLM/MSN doesn't use any encryption whatsoever on messages
01:10.43itsnotabigtruckreally if you want just text, xmpp is the only way to go
01:11.23itsnotabigtruckor maybe skype, the problem is that xmpp is flawed but in a well defined way, skype is a black box
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12:41.58marsjeis it possible to have all internet traffic on a N9 go through a (web|socks) proxy?
12:59.46jonnimarsje: easy way no, but if you are advanced user you hack around iptables REDIRECT and ssh socks -D
13:00.09jonnias N9 has iptables
13:09.47marsjeI'm advanced but not that advanced :)
13:10.15marsjeI can set a proxy for each network connection in my n9, but is it used>
13:30.04jonniproxy is only for http protocol, not for tcp/ip level connections, unless you use iptables
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14:43.53marsjejonni: I'm talking about things like Google Talk and Facebook Chat
14:44.06marsjeI thought that was going through http
14:45.04jonniusually they are not going through http
14:45.16jonnijabber o
14:45.23jonni!= http
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15:06.35marsjeso iptables is the only way...
15:06.46marsjethat is too bad..
15:06.59marsjecan you define a VPN?
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17:27.18itsnotabigtruckdo all the country variants of the n9 come with all the freebie apps?
17:27.28itsnotabigtrucke.g. the angry birds preload
19:24.25vsync_think so
21:25.02marsjeyesterday I replaced my Orange Poland firmware with the plain BeNeLux one
21:25.07marsjeand I don't se any difference
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