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03:31.52itsnotabigtruckhas anyone tried the lumia 800 flip case with the n9?
03:32.04itsnotabigtruckif i understand correctly they share a chassis
03:32.30itsnotabigtruckspecifically the CP-572
03:46.21TronicI don't have N9 but it should work precisely because of that.
03:46.37TronicHowever, the case does not protect the screen at all so it seems quite useless.
03:48.22TronicWait, I wasn't talking of CP-572 but some other model.
03:48.56itsnotabigtruckTronic: yeah, the cp-572 is a leather flip case so it ought to protect the screen
03:49.04TronicThe chassis is identical, except for the side button.
03:49.05itsnotabigtruckthen there's also the leather pouch that's marketed specifically for the n9
03:49.51itsnotabigtruckhas anybody noticed any quality differences between the manufacturing locations? it looks like it's a gamble whether you get a chinese or finnish-made unit
03:52.19itsnotabigtruckTronic ^
03:56.10TronicMy Lumia 800 is from China and seems OK, no idea otherwise.
03:59.35itsnotabigtrucklooks like newegg = latam variant, made in china, global mobiles on amazon = belgium/luxembourg variant, made in finland, expansys uk = ???
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07:02.07itsnotabigtruckblack...or blue...or black...hmm...
07:06.22itsnotabigtruckauenf: eh, $550 or so is already a stretch, the 64gb version is up in the stratosphere
07:06.34itsnotabigtruckthe extra 48 gigs is nice but the pricing is just insane
07:06.52auenfhence why i waited for it to drop before i got mine
07:11.20Tronicitsnotabigtruck: White!
07:13.02TronicWhat is insane about the pricing? The difference between 16GB and 64GB is less than what a 64GB SDXC card costs.
07:13.03itsnotabigtruckTronic: heh, already gave up on the white n9
07:14.03itsnotabigtruckalso not if you get a card that isn't a marked up name brand sandisk/lexar/etc.
07:14.41TronicSandisk MicroSDXC costs 150 € here and my retailer doesn't have anything cheaper.
07:15.08itsnotabigtrucki was looking at full size sd cards
07:15.33itsnotabigtruckanyway, flash soldered onto the board has lower size constraints and doesn't require all the overhead of a card
07:16.31itsnotabigtruckit looks like microsdxc cards are abnormally expensive, but a lot of that is the size and the novelty
07:16.34TronicIn any case, it is definitely in the ballpark. The price diffence between N9 models is 50-80 € here at the moment.
07:18.43itsnotabigtruckanyway, it's a lot of money for a phone, even unlocked
07:18.51itsnotabigtruckand nokia playing games with its distribution isn't helping
07:19.07TronicBut anyway the prices are somewhat messed up due to the new year's price drop.
07:19.33TronicDon't be surprised if you find abnormal pricing at this time.
07:20.06TronicI agree, it is a rather steep price overall.
07:20.39TronicJust trying to point out that when judging the 64GB price you should consider 16GB price + memory card.
07:20.59TronicSomething that you'd be buying anyway...
07:21.08Tronic(if it was possible, that is)
07:23.45itsnotabigtrucki've got a 16gb microsd i can throw in there though
07:25.02JackaLXerm, hope you're not talking about an N9 that doesn't have a sd card slot
07:25.39itsnotabigtruckright, kinda forgot about that
07:26.12itsnotabigtruck...and that's why i haven't pulled the trigger yet, heh
07:26.26itsnotabigtruckwell, not that in particular, just that i need to make sure i know wtf i'm doing
07:27.13JackaLXtotally understand... it's a considerable investment you thinking of making
07:33.42JackaLXFlip a coin... heads == you get the 64Gb; tails == you don't get the 16Gb :-P
07:42.46psycho_oreosI don't think for the cyan version you can get 64GB, where I live you can only get black with 64GB
07:43.09auenf64gb is only available in black or white
07:43.27psycho_oreoserr I meant you can get black for both 64GB and 16GB
07:44.10psycho_oreosbah, white would 1) cost more probably, 2) is more prone to fingerprints than the other colours (probably different type of coating used)
07:44.51vsync_I thought there was no coating
07:45.33auenfwhite is gloss, others are matte
07:45.44psycho_oreosor whatever material was used (note that youtube video reference in terms of glossy reflective back on that white N9, imagine one with greasy hands holding the white N9, probably leaves fingerprints easily)
07:45.45petterii have cya and the only option was 16GB, if did have that I would get the white one
07:45.56petteridid not
07:46.01TronicI wonder if the matte surface will turn glossy over time when kept in a pocket.
07:46.16TronicGlossy to start with should be safe.
07:46.37TronicAnd the screen is going to be full of fingerprints in any case.
07:46.53TronicThe glass Nokia uses is a grease magnet.
07:47.06auenfcleans easily tho
07:47.11psycho_oreosblack N9 comes with a cover which is good at giving it a slightly little more protection than not having one on. Of course the cover is not entire phone cover, it is mostly a body cover
07:47.18TronicOnly if you lick it clean and I don't want to do that.
07:47.37psycho_oreosisn't it supposed to be `gorilla glass'?
07:47.41auenfi got a case cleaning cloth with my aopen XC Cube
07:47.50auenfit works awesomely on the n9 screen
07:48.03Tronicpsycho_oreos: I don't think they have the brand name but yes, it is some sort of very strong glass.
07:48.17petterifingerprints can be cleaned easily, not a really an issue
07:48.30TronicI'm having difficult time cleaning mine.
07:48.38TronicTissue paper dry or wet is no good.
07:49.09psycho_oreosTronic, dunno I saw specs of n9 somewhere stating that it has `gorilla glass' iinm its the same set of glass that was used on either the n8 or e7 or some other model
07:49.17petterii just wipe it with my shirt if needed, but normally they just vanish
07:49.21TronicI have also tried cotton cloth but won't work.
07:49.35psycho_oreoswonder if white spirit (with extra caution) would help
07:50.06TronicDish washing liquid should do the trick but I don't carry any of that around.
07:50.23auenfcloth bottom left
07:50.34Tronicpsycho_oreos: Have you ever seen that in official specs?
07:50.45psycho_oreoswhat about N900's microfibre cloth or whatever it is?
07:50.58psycho_oreosTronic, no
07:51.18auenfalways found this cloth much better than the n900 or n810 cloths
07:51.34Tronicpsycho_oreos: I know that it is some extra strong glass (because I have no scratches on mine) but not necessarily Corning® Gorilla® Glass.
07:52.07Tronicpsycho_oreos: I think I've lost mine.
07:52.17psycho_oreosTronic, like I said, I read on some site that it stated n9 had `gorilla glass'
07:52.23Tronic(the wipe that came with N900, that is)
07:52.36psycho_oreosheh mine is still floating around somewhere...
07:52.48TronicYep, just trying to point out that the web was (is) full of specs based on speculation and no facts.
07:53.26TronicAnd then there are cases where the hardware is the same but the manufacturer didn't pay for the name, e.g. the camera on N950.
07:53.52Tronic(no Carl-Zeiss branding on that one but AFAIK it is an identical camera + lens)
07:55.09vsync_n9 officially has "gorilla glass"
07:55.36vsync_and it's more of a pr-trick. It does scratch. Do appreciate the effort though
07:56.48auenfn9 has gorilla it seems :P
07:57.30vsync_also, n9 has "carl zeiss" branding on the lens.
07:57.49vsync_that wouldn't have been too difficult to check. Just flip the device over =p
07:59.25Tronicvsync_: N9 does, N950 doesn't. I agree, checking the glass type would have been trivial, but it was far beside my point so I didn't bother to.
07:59.40TronicMy point being that the glass is strong but difficult to keep clean.
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08:27.50vsync_all glasses are... and it's only a phone really
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16:55.01Lilltigervsync_, it is gorilla glass, and it is extremly sturdy it does not scratch from knifes/keys and stuff like that
16:57.22LilltigerThe issue is the same as with any other material there is, any harder material will scratch it, an in sand/dust there can be traces of graphite and carbon 30(c30) structures etc that can scratch anything, even diamond. So nothing can protect from that..
17:12.42itsnotabigtruckso the only question at this point, is a) buy from newegg and get a purdy blue chassis, but probably made in china, or b) buy from some amazon reseller and be stuck with boring black, but possibly made in finland
17:13.33itsnotabigtruckbut with newegg there's a 90 day replacement period, which is good to have given the warranty clusterfsck with imported units
17:20.59Lilltigeritsnotabigtruck, hmm, might be possible to order one from sweden (made in finland for sure) throught some of the webstores here, as some ight have international shipping
17:28.18itsnotabigtruckLilltiger: hmm, the problem with importing it directly is that currency conversion surcharge + international shipping + customs duty adds up
17:28.56itsnotabigtrucklike i was considering ordering from expansys uk, which comes out to about $515 shipped, except then you add up all the overhead and you don't come out ahead
17:30.17Lilltigerinternationall shipping laws outside of EU is so damn stupid..
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20:04.25Canard|Awaysorry i need to clean my wounds so i was afk when u replied niwakame
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20:38.41Canard|Awayi guess everyones idle:(
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21:07.16Canard|Awayim plannign to buy n9 but im worried about the updates
21:07.44Canard|Awayim torn if i should w8 for ace or not
21:13.12wirwewhat about the updates? i don't have problems in this regard. you can ask the people in #harmattan, i guess they are just not looking in this channel as often as in #harmattan.
21:14.08niwakameCanard|Away: read this one maybe:
21:14.57niwakameAnd of course, don't forget to sign up to the forum and thanks if it's a valid answer *advertising*
21:15.17Canard|Awaythanks and sorrya gain hrs ago
21:15.29Canard|Awaymy nick is like this cause of my script i was away when i close it
21:15.58Canard|Awayi really like maemo/meego tahn windows7
21:16.20Canard|Awaythats why im pro n9 than lumia,and ace would take juen to arrive here
21:16.32niwakamejust use /nick Canard
21:16.38Canard|Awaywont work its bugged
21:16.57niwakamehum, ok
21:17.10Canard|Awayim just worried cause i know meego was changed to tirzen when nokia turned to wp7 and itnel turn their back
21:17.31Canard|Awayand i know tirzen would be supported by samsung
21:17.38niwakameFor me there currently aren't any dealbreaker bugs with N9
21:18.26niwakameFacebook, Twitter, Instant Messaging Services (*coughcough*) all of them work
21:18.26Canard|Awaythe linux foundation said theyll help meego suers transition to tirzen,but i cant hold on taht promise
21:18.48niwakameWhat was your previous phone platform?
21:18.53Canard|Awayi wanted more like new features and apps in future
21:18.57petterii don't think tize has anything to do with n9
21:19.03Canard|Awaytrue petteri
21:19.35Canard|Awaymy current phone is n70 like so old lolx
21:19.57Canard|Awaymy sister has iphone but im not pro apps only,i hate it
21:20.21niwakamehaha as we've got recently the full Angry Birds package, I'm happy appwise :P
21:20.54niwakameJust check what you need and search if it's available
21:20.59niwakameor google
21:21.15niwakamemaybe some reviews on YT
21:21.54niwakameIpernity client is in the works xD
21:22.51Canard|Awaylolx im nto progames lolx
21:23.15wirweapropos angrybirds. WHY is this preinstalled? WHY do all people love this game? it is so boring xD
21:23.30Canard|Awayi meant i prefer some useful apps,jsut worried since the change in tizen,itll discourage devs to create mroe apps
21:24.17Canard|Awayi could jsut try apple but my loyalty si with nokia,they make tech not make people lazy
21:24.41Canard|Awaythats what apple exploited with their iphone-_-
21:24.46niwakamehehe, no I think developers will support this for a reasonable time
21:24.50wirwewait until march, maybe we know more about android-app-usage on n9 after the mobile world congress.
21:26.05petteriif you wan't apps, N9 might not be the best platform for you. I actually like the N9 as it is right now :)
21:26.36niwakamewirwe: you're counting on that?
21:26.43niwakamestill the alien dalvik thing?
21:27.29Canard|Awayhow will that be possible,isnt android different from meego even if theyre both linxu based
21:27.53niwakameAlien Dalvik was supposed to emulate Android Apps by repackaging them with a loader afaik
21:28.08Canard|Away*linux,and i dotn know if android relies on qt like maemo/meego
21:28.26niwakameIt's totally different
21:28.33Canard|Awaygood luck with him,and may god bless us if it happens lolx
21:28.36niwakameThink of it as like using an SNES emulator on your phone
21:28.48niwakameZelda doesn't depend on QT
21:28.50Canard|Awayaaw resource intensive
21:29.06niwakameNot neccessarily
21:29.14niwakameWe'll have to see
21:29.26niwakameBut imho this is Duke Nukem Forever
21:29.38niwakameWaiting till the N900 for this to happen
21:30.36niwakametill = since
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21:33.29swedzindoes anyone know how to change tab when you open xls file on N9?
21:41.25wirweniwakame: i'm not countig on that, but i'm hoping. ^^ alien davik … or openmobile acl.
21:43.26niwakameACL is like wine I think?
21:49.37wirwesomething like that. i don't know the exact difference
21:56.14niwakameemulating consists of translating the CPU Codes to the ones on your platform, while ACL should be presenting an API to the app that translates to your OS API
21:56.25niwakame-> faster
21:56.28niwakameusually :P
21:58.13wirwecool and we know "wine is not an emulator"
21:58.48niwakame-1 for wikipedia usage
21:59.48wirwehaha you got me^^
22:00.50wirwei'm leaving, bye^^
22:06.49niwakameme too, bye :)
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22:21.37itsnotabigtruckeh, emulator is a terribly fuzzy term
22:21.58itsnotabigtruckit might be "not an emulator" but it still emulates an api :p
22:29.42vsync_The only thing i'd like on the n9 as of now, would be live messenger integration into messages
22:30.41vsync_also, there's no messenger client available, at least not on ovi store, haven't checked other places. Possibly is... Though I'm using bitlbee right now on my server so it isn't that big of a deal. Would be just nice to have em all under messages

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