IRC log for #n9 on 20111227

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03:19.27psycho_oreosAny of you guys running: 10.2011.34-1.299.1 or at least flashed to that version? (provided that you haven't updated to the latest firmware of course
03:24.26auenfmine came oob with that firmware
03:24.42auenfno update for PR1.1 for PR299 yet
03:26.27psycho_oreosyeah mine did and I'm planning to retain exactly with that firmware. Now.. I don't suppose you have flashed it with that firmware have you?
03:26.33psycho_oreosor at least that version
03:27.03auenfnope, still waiting for ota update :P
03:29.33psycho_oreosit seems through navifirm one can obtain latter versions (at least that's true in my country). Though the funny thing is that there seems to be no updates for it over OTA. At this point in time I'm pretty much stuck in a bind with nokia account not working in one hand and the other is usb0 is refusing to come up
03:34.31psycho_oreosI suppose nokia account works for you?
03:39.05auenfseems to
03:39.15auenfi only use it for store
03:40.23psycho_oreospita that I need it for more than just that.. I wonder what part did I do that prevented this.. *rolls eyes*
03:47.14psycho_oreosthanks for that but I saw that thread as well. I think with the amount of changes I made its virtually impossible to revert back to defaults. Before that I'll blog my loathe and I'll start backing up the mods that I did to it.
03:52.54auenfaparently 1.1 may fix it
03:53.09auenfbut without OTA, you'd have to start from scratch as well
03:53.42auenfso either put up with it till OTA, flash do a different variant, or revert
03:53.50auenfnot sure if there is another option
03:54.01auenfwhich firmware region/variant?
03:54.07auenf(ie, mine is PR299)
03:54.32psycho_oreosI refuse to update even if there will be a new firmware for it. If I could get a way to prevent it from ever automatically updating without my damn prior permission I will. I hear you can't downgrade once you updated
03:54.47auenfcant downgrade, no
03:54.52auenfdoesnt auto-update iirc
03:55.14psycho_oreosPR_299 here. Australia locality
03:55.19auenfsame as me
03:55.33auenfPR1.1 is aparently going to be available this month
03:56.13psycho_oreosapparently it is out according to navifirm
03:56.24auenfeven on PR299?
03:56.38psycho_oreoslemme check
03:59.55psycho_oreosseems like it is
04:00.08auenfis there an 059xxx listed next to it?
04:01.26psycho_oreosnope, it doesn't even have that number for the oldest firmware (34.1)
04:03.34psycho_oreosheh I got that twitter link to work with my alternative browser (chromium), firefox with all those crap blockers refuses to load the page up properly
04:04.22phunguyi tried fennec 11.0a
04:04.25auenfok, maybe PR1.1 is finally showing up for PR299
04:04.31auenfaltho, only in NSU atm
04:04.38auenfOTA wont be too far away
04:04.44phunguyand flash didn't work, i thought i read that flash was supposed to work in fennec
04:04.59psycho_oreosyeah its in NSU or whatever it is with navifirm
04:05.09psycho_oreosfennec under N9?
04:05.12auenfnavifirm istn official
04:05.23auenfNSU is official
04:05.40auenfok, nsu installed, now to hook phone up to computer...
04:05.44psycho_oreosthe default browser works with flash. I could play youtube videos (unless its in HTML5 which I somewhat highly doubt)
04:05.48psycho_oreosahh ok
04:06.05phunguyit is in html5
04:06.06auenfn9 doesnt have flash
04:06.31phunguyit supposed works under fennec
04:06.36auenfyup, updating showing in NSU for me
04:06.41psycho_oreosahh makes sense my bad
04:07.02auenfso you'd be able to update to PR1.1 using NSU now as well
04:07.11psycho_oreossaw that tmo thread, yeah I don't have the 16GB variant but the 64GB :)
04:07.20auenfminwa 64
04:07.24auenferr, mines 64gb
04:07.30auenfand nsu shows me the update
04:07.43phunguyhasn't pr1.1 been out for a long time?
04:07.48auenfafaik, nsu update will wipe?
04:07.55phunguyyes auenf
04:07.56auenfphunguy, for australia, its only just got here
04:08.04psycho_oreosexcuse my naiveness but exactly how do you access NSU? through web like N900? or on some nokia developer site (similar to how they deliver firmwares for N950 owners)
04:08.06phunguyi got my n9 from australia
04:08.10auenfsomeone sent it via surface mail
04:08.16phunguyand as soon as i opened it it wanted to update to pe1.1
04:08.19auenfso has spent the last 6weeks on the boat :P
04:08.19phunguypr1.1 rather
04:08.23psycho_oreosweird, well under the AU for 64GB I don't see that 059xxx thingy
04:08.42auenfdont bother with navifirm
04:08.46auenfdownload NSU
04:09.17phunguyhow does that make sense, I got my n9 from dick smith aus and i've had pr1.1 on it since november
04:09.35psycho_oreospr1.1 oob?
04:09.50auenfyour 059xxxx will be the same as mine, 059L7G7
04:10.02auenfphunguy, how did you install PR1.1 ?
04:10.13psycho_oreosauenf, I suppose that tool won't allow you to reflash using legacy firmware? i.e. they'll force pr1.1 down yer throat? if so I'm not going to use that tool but thanks anyway :)
04:10.16phunguyright from the phone
04:10.18phunguysystem update
04:10.23psycho_oreosphunguy, out of the box
04:10.28psycho_oreosaah OTA
04:10.39auenfin about, what is the PR_xxx
04:10.42phunguyyeah it was ota
04:10.53phunguyi got my phone from dick smith on oct 16
04:11.02phunguydidn't get it till nov 18
04:11.07auenfdse only ever had 16gb
04:11.14auenfwhich is why i didnt get it from there
04:11.16psycho_oreosthat's what I thought as well
04:11.32auenfphunguy, in settings->about product, what is the PR_xxx in the firmware line?
04:11.33psycho_oreoswhere did you source yers from? I got mine from uniquemobiles
04:11.40phunguystupid auspost not shipping items wiht lithium batteries
04:11.46phunguycost $100 to ship with dhl
04:11.55psycho_oreosahh that NSW branch :)
04:12.03psycho_oreoserr mob
04:12.13phunguyhow much did the 64 run you guys?
04:12.21psycho_oreosyeah auspost is a little picky
04:12.29psycho_oreoshow do you mean?
04:12.32phunguyprice wise
04:12.47auenfabout that much :P
04:13.06phunguyahh fook
04:13.11phunguywish it was available when i got my phone
04:13.48phunguyin fact, the n9 16gb is cheaper here in canada now, than what i got from aus
04:14.19auenf16gb is $599 from jb or $598 from hn now iirc
04:14.26psycho_oreos$709 from uniquemobiles + $19.90 in UM premium boxed packaging (just bubble wrapped and placed in a bigger brown box) and $7.10 in insurance. Shipped locally because I live in AU and maybe 45 minutes drive from the actual shop
04:14.45auenfaltho, my local jb said they have to dummy units, but never received any stock at all
04:15.56auenfneed closing /
04:16.34phunguyokay i'm back into reading this fennec stuff
04:16.42phunguyi'm pretty sure the n9 does flash in fennec
04:16.50auenfphunguy, i assume yours isnt PR299 like ours?
04:17.32phunguyno i'm on 1.1
04:17.40auenfwrong PR :P
04:17.44phunguyas soon as i typed in my wifi password at home it wnated to update
04:17.57phunguyuhhh whaa?
04:18.00auenfsettings->about product
04:18.25auenfmine is: 10.2011.34-1.299.1_PR_299
04:18.40phunguyPR1.1 (20.2011.40-4_PR_005)
04:18.47auenfok, 005
04:19.03phunguywhat does that mean then?
04:19.09auenfthat'd explain why you got it ages ago :)
04:19.22phunguyits based on the product code?
04:19.35auenfon the bottom of the sim tray is the 059xxxx variant
04:20.03auenfi think that and the PR_xxx determine which firmware
04:20.09auenfone or theother
04:20.09phunguyahh i see
04:20.37phunguywell it doesn't suprise me.  from using the n900, i remember how long i had to wait for pr1.1 on that
04:20.50auenfn900 didnt make it to australia before PR1.1
04:21.02auenfeven then, PR1.1 didnt have australia as a selectable region
04:21.14auenfwe got a slightly different PR1.1 that allowed us to select australia
04:21.21phunguyi think my n900 came from the middle east
04:22.16auenfif you know your 059xxxx code, you can see what variant it is
04:22.21phunguy*pulls out his sim card
04:22.23psycho_oreosyeah I see mine is 059L7G7 on the bottom tray.. in fact that reminds me of that QR code at that about product section, the QR code reads out something like IMEI;059L7G7. I wondered what that second part was
04:23.41auenfhmm, is there QR reader for n900?
04:23.43psycho_oreos <-- that's where I got mine from fyi
04:24.00psycho_oreosits in extras-devel iinm.. part of mbarcode package
04:24.01auenf059K110: RM-696 NDT AUSTRALIA CYAN 16GB
04:24.38phunguymakes sense
04:24.40psycho_oreoswhere did you obtain that from?
04:24.44psycho_oreoserr auenf
04:24.51Jeffrey04is it possible to lock n9 using a script?
04:24.52phunguythe link he posted prior
04:24.52psycho_oreoshmm crap..
04:25.15psycho_oreosI wanted to check if mine was actually Aussie stock.. oh well guess I'll have to pop into nokia care someday
04:25.32auenfheres a quick way to check psycho_oreos:
04:25.38phunguyso do we have a quick/easy way to disable aegis yet :P ?
04:26.17Jeffrey04phunguy: i think the open mode kernel is already out ?!
04:26.23auenfi assume that that will only come back with success with au devices that are still in waranty
04:26.38psycho_oreosphunguy, there's loopholes with old versions. Supposedly its fixed in latter versions and you cannot revert back to old versions once you updated
04:26.45psycho_oreosauenf, thanks
04:28.30psycho_oreoshahaha great, I've bricked my N9
04:29.00auenfwonders how to brick a n9 by doing a warranty-checker
04:29.26psycho_oreosI've inputted my IMEI number and seeing if that works
04:29.49psycho_oreosyeah mine comes back as valid, its still within warranty.. yay!
04:30.43auenfmy assumption is, that means its local product :P
04:30.58psycho_oreosalso.. re: bricking.. here's what's on the screen: Device is malfunctioning; You may try re-flashing the software. If you are unable to do so, or the problem persists after flashing, please contact service. Software problem (dnsmasq): too many reboots
04:31.04psycho_oreosand there's this OK button
04:31.39psycho_oreoswhich is good auenf :) I hate to buy non-Aussie stocks.. when crap hits the fan I don't want to be left out without warranty basically
04:31.52auenfyea, its stopping you starting up, cause the reboot counter has reached a certain number
04:32.14auenfreboot != turn off/on
04:32.16psycho_oreosgreat news too... now I'm unreachable
04:32.28psycho_oreosyeah I tried doing that by hand lol
04:32.39psycho_oreosobviously now I'll have to be forced to reflash
04:33.16auenfnot sure if you can just flash a certain part of it tho
04:35.08psycho_oreosnah its all good.. I'm sure its rootfs that's stuffed.. and should I choose to flash only the rootfs, I'll lose all my little hacks
04:36.08auenfhello backups :P
04:36.28psycho_oreosrather.. hello backupmenu by robbiethe1st...
04:36.41psycho_oreosI'm sure him dealing with aegis would be more fun
04:38.48psycho_oreosits ok, the device was due for reflash anyway lol.. its just losing the hacks that annoys me
04:39.57psycho_oreosauenf, you running windows on desktop?
04:40.45psycho_oreosahh everything would be convenient for you then lol.. I recall that NSU page you linked me had versions only for windows and mac
04:41.22auenfmaybe only windows :P
04:41.52psycho_oreosyeah, sad and lame for nokia as usual.. snubbing the linux crowds
04:42.16psycho_oreos*shrugs* for everything else I guess I have more control elsewhere :D
04:44.22psycho_oreosphunguy, did you get around playing with Music `app'? if so, were you able to see the playlists for the songs you have added into the now playing area? and were you also able to save playlists?
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04:53.37phunguyyou know, i haven't loaded any music on to the phone yet
04:53.48phunguyI asked for a pair of really nice headphones for christmas and just got them
04:54.03phunguyso I'll probably be playing around in the music area in the next couple days
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04:56.44psycho_oreosjust wondered because you got PR1.1 :)
05:00.31psycho_oreosinteresting, with navifirm under nokia care suite server, you can see the individual codes.. 059L7G7 is generic AU code for 64GB
05:02.46psycho_oreos059L3S2 is Telstra (AU) 64GB variant, 059L498 is Vodafone (AU) 64GB variant, 059J233 is NDT (??) variant of AU 64GB
05:11.29psycho_oreosflasher is pretty cool, though I don't think its as cool as N950's flasher tool though.. meh
05:12.51phunguyoh shit
05:12.55phunguyyou have an n950 psycho_oreos
05:13.05psycho_oreosI wish..
05:13.08phunguyme too
05:13.20psycho_oreosnah I saw a pastebin from N950 user having issues with N950 flashing
05:13.20phunguyi was super reluctant to switch from my n900 to the n9
05:13.39psycho_oreosso was I.. till I broke my N900's screen at a convenient time.. what about you?
05:14.02phunguyi broke mine too!
05:14.10phunguybut not at a convenient time
05:14.21phunguymy dad was laughing at me for weeks
05:14.40phunguyi ordered my replacement from hong kong (lcd replacement)
05:14.51phunguyso in the meantime i was vnc'd from my laptop so i could read text messages and whatnot
05:15.08phunguymy dad trolled me asking if i carry my laptop around so i can answer phone calls
05:15.13psycho_oreosI was being sarcastic when I meant convenient time, I broke it around Christmas week, I had an older phone and broke the screen off that too.. so yeah I was stuck not being able to be contacted
05:15.26psycho_oreosso what does yer dad have?
05:15.43phunguyhe had an old blackberry 8800 for the longest time
05:15.59phunguyi took my friends galaxy s to sell it for him, and my dad saw it on the table and started fiddling with it
05:16.20phunguyfiddling turned into using it full time, so i think he's stuck on that
05:16.24phunguyits a good phone for him
05:16.44psycho_oreoslol I was about to say, you could mock him for having a crackberry lol
05:16.52phunguya lot of people get all wet over my phone and want to know how to get one.  i just tell the the honest truth, "you can't handle this phone"
05:17.06phunguybecause in all honesty, people who aren't enthusiasts wouldn't have the time/patience for it
05:18.56psycho_oreoshad a mate tinker with my N9 because he was drawn in by the advertisement nokia did with N9. I've convinced him to not buy N9 (he previously owned iphone 3G iinm) and told him I'd avoid it as well.. now I'm more of an oxymoron.. forced to eat my own words
05:19.00psycho_oreosthat's the bottom line :)
05:19.16psycho_oreoshe now has iphone 4S
05:20.16phunguyyou know... i've been a nokia fanboy for awhile
05:20.43phunguyn80ie, n95-1, n95-4, n900 then this
05:20.49phunguybut i think this may be the last one i get
05:20.58phunguyi feel betrayed nokia went with microsoft
05:21.16psycho_oreosI've tried to convince people that I'm not a nokia fanboy but with all linux awesome-ness (minus the N9 for now because N9 is just being a pita for me)
05:22.00psycho_oreosI was shocked when nokia did that.. my first phone was a nokia.. the two nokia that I broke the screen of were N95-1 and N900 lol.. prior to N95-1 I had motorola V3
05:22.32phunguythe day i got my hands on that n95-1, one of the happiest days of my life
05:22.41phunguyi still think the camera on that phone rivals most these days
05:23.14psycho_oreosI was neutral in terms of mood with N95-1 but then it really pissed me off
05:23.54psycho_oreosthe N9 as it is reminds me of exactly just that..
05:25.17phunguywell also, the n95 was a status symbol for me
05:25.31phunguyit never came to NA until a year or so after it was released
05:25.42phunguyno one had it
05:25.58phunguyi still to this day never met another person with an n900
05:26.03psycho_oreosI would have preferred the NA version, it had a fair bit more RAM than N95-1
05:26.04phunguyand i probably will never meet someone with an n9
05:26.19phunguythe flash drive was slow as foooook
05:26.28phunguyit took FOREVER to transfer to/from
05:26.30psycho_oreosI've met two with N900. So far none with N9
05:26.37phunguyi liked the external storage on the n95-1
05:27.09psycho_oreoshahaha that I completely agree.. my gkrellm (linux) showed ~800kB/s burst rate..
05:27.34phunguyi'll be back in a bit
05:27.39phunguymy LoL queue just popped
05:28.44psycho_oreoswoot! reflashed properly
05:33.43psycho_oreos <-- here's the log if yer ever curious (obviously private information were hashed out).. the progress meter is very interesting
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06:34.06phunguygot a nice working n9 on your hands now?
06:34.26psycho_oreosand its rooted again almost according to the way I want ;)
06:39.14phunguywhat do you meab by that?
06:39.38psycho_oreosdeveloper mode + N950 tools + some minor personalisation
06:39.57phunguydo you leave your phone in dev mode?
06:40.00psycho_oreosreckons the setup will be broken again on reboot
06:40.04psycho_oreosI personally do yes
06:43.32psycho_oreosa linux phone without terminal is utterly useless and completely retarded imo
06:44.09psycho_oreosa linux phone with ill equipped CLI tools is just as bad
06:44.20psycho_oreosN9 == exactly just that
06:45.44psycho_oreoswhen I had my N900, I almost always has x-terminal running even when I'm not toying around with N900 through command line
06:46.08psycho_oreossame ordeal with my linux desktops and laptops, at least one open terminal running
06:47.06psycho_oreosthis is also the very same reason N9 pisses me off with pure touchscreen interface
06:52.39psycho_oreosdon't tell me you don't use terminal? ;)
06:59.36psycho_oreosssh transfers are alot faster on N9, for the plus side.. its almost on par with pure USB storage mode
07:07.01phunguyi do
07:07.09phunguybut for the n9 its been kinda useless for me
07:07.21phunguysince aegis tells me to gtfo whenever i want to do something
07:07.41petteridon't have any problems with aegis and I am loving my N9 :)
07:08.18petterigettting little tired of reading the same couple of guys whining on all the N9 chanlles by the way
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07:09.20auenfdont need dev mode to have terminal P
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08:16.27psycho_oreosthose who don't have problems with aegis doesn't understand the idea of being inside something like a jail.. this is no different to standard iOS, android or even symbian. At the same time one will never unlock the full potential out of their devices
08:17.12psycho_oreosfor me at least for now terminal requires dev mode.. I don't understand how would one be able to get terminal without dev mode
08:18.58psycho_oreosphunguy, I completely agree.. try installing some packages that were probably reserved for N950 aegis does a backflip and removes dev mode
09:01.45phunguyi'm a whiner?
09:02.13phunguygnite gents
09:02.16phunguy4am for me
09:03.02psycho_oreosyeah he meant both of us lol
09:06.23auenfpsycho_oreos, install irssi and it installs terminal
09:06.32auenf(i installed irssi before i had enabled dev mode)
09:22.47psycho_oreosauenf, irssi through ovi store?
09:24.26auenfi think its on the ovi store
09:25.09psycho_oreosheh well initially I had no access to being able to download stuff from ovi store due to inability to create let alone sign in to nokia account
09:25.31psycho_oreosis a little surprised irssi is actually available through ovi store
09:28.07auenfyup, i downloaded it from ovi store
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14:29.20ejasmudari can see a red light from the front facing camera of my N9, even when it is not being used. Is that normal?\
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15:19.18mgedminejasmudar, no red light here
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18:01.48wirwehey guys. does anyone know if there are page up/down keys in portrait orientation?
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23:30.16petterwhow can I configure the n9 email update frequency?
23:47.04Elleopetterw: accounts -> select your email account -> schedule -> peak time interval and off-peak time interval

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