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16:49.31pawkytulli: as what user did you try to do it?
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18:17.55aikakanadoes your n9s battery suddenly hop from about 50% to 20% when in use?
18:18.54aikakanathis has happened a few times now, on all occasions i was browsing and all of sudden the battery indicator drops to almost none
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19:44.43phunguyi kinda know what you are saying aikakana
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20:02.35vsync_will there be support for tabs and/or bookmarks for browser in pr1.2?
20:02.55vsync_I've heard there'd be support for folders in pr1.2 which would be great news
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20:03.10Jeffrey04vsync_: you can make a site as app (very much like bookmark)
20:03.24vsync_I know, but it'd be a pain without folders
20:03.38Jeffrey04yea, i heard pr1.2 is coming with folder support
20:03.56vsync_I've heard about some folder-apps but I think it's a stupid hack
20:04.07Jeffrey04yea, there are a couple of them
20:04.52vsync_so glad there's pinball fantasies for N9!
20:05.10vsync_it's so fresh breeze from the 90s
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22:51.14*** topic/#n9 is N9 users meet here to chat about typical users' topics like case colors, best offers, hippest apps, screen protectors, etc. Basically all the things that are not development related. Developers will want to join #harmattan. This channel is logged, see ~logs
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