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11:58.45thiagodoes anyone know how to make the swipe manager work on PR1.1, without erasing all settings?
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14:06.06LilltigerDo anyone know how to fix suttering sounds when trying to use Skype on the N9?
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14:13.25drclaw-123can I ask a question about aegis prohibiting me to install a package? or should I move to #harmattan instead?
15:11.55LilltigerGot skype working.
15:12.35LilltigerIs there any way to use my N9 as an audio device for my PC?
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16:40.01TSCHAKeeehello, how can I tell the difference between real and fake N9's ?
16:42.58FLaT^any pics of fakeone?
18:15.21psycho_oreosavoid buying cheap brand new N9? real N9 should cost around AUD$700 (that is in Australian Dollars but should probably be the ballpark figure for what an actual N9 should sell for)
18:19.18psycho_oreosdodgy scammers may put whatever specs that their fake N9 sports, if you research hard enough you would instantaneously know the differences between what a real N9 should have and what a fake N9 has as standard. clever scammers are harder to spot out especially if and when they copied information from sites like gsmarena
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18:27.26marsjeHi guys. I just got my new N9 but I'm confused which version it runs. About Product says: 10.2011.34-1.341.01.2_PR_341
18:27.33marsjeand it says there are no upgrades available
18:27.41marsjea sticker on the box says it's a Orange Poland model...
18:35.52thiago2011.34 is PR1.0
18:36.03thiagoPR1.1 is 2011.40
18:36.25marsjeah, thanks
18:36.37marsjeI think it has once asked me to upgrade
18:36.45marsjewhen I was not on wifi and I declined
18:36.58marsjeis there a way to force an upgrade?
18:36.58thiagoapplication upgrades
18:37.14thiagoSettings, Applications, Manage Applications, check if there's anything pending
18:37.19thiagothe device upgrade is a green upgrade notice
18:38.03marsjeyeah, I triedI see a list of installed apps
18:38.34marsjethe updates tab is empty and checking for updates gives me: deviceis up-to-date
18:38.42thiagodon't be alarmed
18:38.49thiagomy variant 339 got the upgrade only yesterday
18:38.57thiagoyours is 341, it should be in the coming days
18:39.10marsjeah, ok, because I thought the upgrade was released already quite a while ago..
18:39.27thiagoyes, but it varies per region / variant
18:39.37thiagomy 009 got the update a month ago
18:39.40thiagothe 339 only yesterday
18:39.58marsjeI do see a green square next to the clock in the upper right corner.. not sure what is it...
18:40.10thiagothat might be it
18:40.12thiagotap it
18:40.19thiagodoes it look like a flag?
18:40.31marsjeah, it's my facebook availability
18:40.41marsjeI really should read the manual
18:40.44marsjeonce I found it
18:41.01thiagoa rounded green square is availability
18:41.13thiagoa green flag I don't know. My PR1.0 had it too.
18:41.43marsjeabout the update... I thought it's would be just a .deb file in a repository somewhere
18:41.58thiagoyes, but your repository doesn't have it
18:42.20marsjeaaah ok, so not much I can do about it then...
18:43.05marsjeexcept wait :)
18:43.31thiagoif you look at your /etc/apt/sources.list.d/ you're going to find something with "341" at the end
18:43.43marsjeI saw it
18:43.56thiagothat's the repo that will have the update
18:43.58marsjeI did not see any URL... it seems to run a program to generate the URLs or something
18:44.23marsjeI tried an apt-get update, but I got a 404
18:44.30marsjeonce or twice
18:44.56thiagocould be, it might connect to a server, get e cookie and write to the file
18:44.58thiagodoesn't know
18:45.00marsjeso I thought it was looking in the wrong place, but it also might be there is just nothing there yet
18:45.29marsjeW: Failed to fetch  The requested URL returned error: 404
18:47.25marsjeok, thanks thiago, I'll just wait for the update... going to cook my dinner now
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23:58.27mgedminaaaugh I need a password manager on my N9

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