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22:01.04henkieI am having a problem using bluetooth with my N9.  I cannot get a connection to the sdp-server (using "sdptool browse"). It say the protocol not supported?
22:01.13henkieCould it be I need a new dongle?
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22:37.48jesuschristguys is the meego terminal
22:37.53jesuschristgone on your terminals too ?
22:38.20jesuschristahem on your devices, forgive the repeat
22:58.37Richlvwhich devices, which operating systems and in which circumstances ?
23:14.20jesuschristisnt that the #n9 channel
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23:25.19Crnkojis that a known problem, im asking cuz im interested int eh phone but with this issue lol
23:25.52Richlvhaven't had that, but haven't pressed power repeatedly either :)
23:26.18Crnkoji mean i mixed it up since i was reading lumia 800 and n9 reviews and thought the power button is the camera button in fact
23:26.23Crnkoj^ ^
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23:31.27jesuschristnever happend to me
23:31.30jesuschristnever heard about it
23:31.36jesuschristbut since its a demo device
23:31.44jesuschristi wont worry about it too much
23:34.59Crnkoji dont worry but if i get me one and thsi happens to mine ill get annoyed
23:35.30jesuschristunless you plan to steal it i guess you will have a warranty ?
23:35.40jesuschristas i said its the first time i heard about it
23:46.32Crnkojbut if i order it online
23:46.35Crnkojfrom a nother country
23:46.37Crnkoji have to send it back
23:46.38Crnkojand so on
23:46.59jesuschristyeah thats a pain
23:47.18jesuschriststill a shop in your country had it ?
23:47.31Crnkojye they have
23:47.38Crnkojactually now its the cheapest in my country lol
23:47.41Crnkojbut still online
23:47.45Crnkojso i woudl have to send it to them etc
23:49.15jesuschristhow much it costs
23:49.41jesuschristwell everyone of us owners have your same problems anyway -_-"
23:49.50Crnkoj499e for 64gb black
23:49.56Crnkojor 449e for 16gb blue
23:49.59Crnkoji kinda like the blue more
23:50.01Crnkojthe color
23:50.06Crnkojbut its 50e more for 48gb more
23:50.11jesuschristseems nice prices
23:50.19jesuschristi paied 470 for 16 gb 1 month ago
23:50.20Crnkojkinda seems cheapest in europe at teh moment
23:50.26Crnkojyes prices drop insanely
23:50.42Crnkojmight wait till new years
23:51.01jesuschristdo you mind passing the url of the website
23:53.10jesuschristgreat prices
23:53.19jesuschristconsidering selling mine and upgrading to 64 gb :D
23:53.41jesuschristill drop them a call tomorrow to see if they ship abroad
23:53.46Crnkojnot sure
23:53.50Crnkojsend them and email isntead
23:54.04jesuschristis this an honest shop anyway ?
23:54.04Crnkojrather here
23:54.06Crnkojthey ship
23:54.13Crnkojcheck there instead
23:54.16Crnkojthey ship internatinallyi
23:54.19Crnkojshipping cost 15e
23:55.13jesuschriststill 19 euros more
23:58.22jesuschristsend an email to mobisvet
23:58.28jesuschristits cheaper than singapore too
23:58.58Crnkojsend them an email and ask

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