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18:19.04folivoraGday, is there some develop version of some xmpp-client? I know that gtalk use xmpp. I am looking some fork, so I could see is it possible to get some whatsup-xmpp app up and running?
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19:55.05Richlv<Aranel> that awesome moment when you realize Nokia covered ALL OS'es except Harmattan on it's on own projects:
19:55.13Richlvsent them a feedback and got this :
19:55.15Richlv"Thank you for the feedback.  We are very close to releasing Pulse app for N9.  Should see it this week.
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20:22.43CissWitHi. Do any of you know why the PR1.1 upgrade is not available for me in the application's upgrade interface ? I got the developper mode upgrade today, but not the PR1.1
20:49.14Richlvwhat application ?
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22:05.08CissWitI mean, on settings -> applications -> Manage applications in the updates tab, i can't have the PR 1.1 update available. Still, i've had the developper mode update of today there. I try to understand why i can't update to PR 1.1 this way
22:07.19Aranel*wild guess appears* different repos maybe?
22:09.20CissWiti don't know, i've just read around and it did for a friend that it should appear there. But still nothing for me. Should i had the sdk harmattan repo ?
22:14.09AranelCissWit: nope, SDK harmattan repo would be an overkill and most likely do nasty things
22:15.07AranelCissWit: you may try navifirm if you're okay with losing data & using 3rd party apps
22:16.17CissWityes, flashing with a 3rd party and unofficial rom would be definitely less overkill than using an official but developper oriented repository
22:16.39CissWitwell, anyway, i don't understand why the hell this update is not just available for me
22:18.37AranelI wouldn't say it's unofficial rom, since -as far as I understand- it get's the firmware from Nokia servers.
22:18.53Aranelbut yes, it's an overkill too ^^
22:19.18Araneldidn't they release it for all regions yet? o.O
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