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17:36.04Richlvi still have the shitty problem of being unable to get root on pr 1.1 n9, so i plan on reflashing it (they don't seem to provide any patches for this :/ )
17:36.17Richlvcan i backup the downloaded apps locally & add them back w/o downloading them again ?
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18:54.40Richlv is amusing
18:55.01Richlv"answers" to questions like "Why does not Nokia Suite support Nokia N9?" or "I cannot use my Nokia N9 as a PC modem through Nokia Link. Why?" avoid the original question totally
18:55.14Richlv(ignoring the fact that the software isn't available for linux)
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20:54.02Richlvdamn. because of the stupid update being messed up and devel-su not working, i tried to reflash that thing. using 3.12.1 flasher, i had to blacklist phonet and cdc_phonet modules. it sort of flashes... but then fails on sending rootfs
20:54.31Richlvit sends it successfully till 4-12 % (each time different), then fails with messages like :
20:54.33Richlvbb5_rdc_cert_read failed
20:54.38RichlvClient SUD failed to handle message 0x88:0x08
20:54.53Richlvany ideas ? firmware does seem to match, although i'm not 100% sure
20:55.09Richlvbut flashing rootfs to a different % each time and then failing seems puzzling to me
20:55.16Richlvflashing from opensuse 11.4, btw
20:55.53Richlv talks about using "beta1" if such errors pop up, but that's about n950
21:35.29mgedminwhere'd you get the firmware?
21:36.03mgedminand is it pr1.1? afaiu downgrades are not supported
21:39.33Richlvmgedmin, it's pr 1.1, yes; got it from; in #harmattan a potential corruption in the image was suggested, will try to re-download it
21:42.42Richlvalthough md5 would be much better, of course
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