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02:43.58*** topic/#n9 is N9 users meet here to chat about typical users' topics like case colors, best offers, hippest apps, screen protectors, etc. Basically all the things that are not development related. Developers will want to join #harmattan. This channel is logged, see ~logs
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19:43.51yipdwweird.  I did a contact sync from my N900 to my N9; now I'm trying to add a Skype account and I get a failure with the message "can't connect to skype"
19:44.03yipdwthe username and password are correct; I've triple-checked them
19:44.21yipdware there known issues like this with Skype integration on Harmattan?
19:44.39yipdw(oh, also, connecting to Skype works on a desktop on the same network)
19:46.02daniel_oonly thing i can say is, mine's working fine :)
19:46.46yipdwmine used to work too
19:47.10yipdwthen I got the bright idea to try to rebuild my contact information from an old phone :P
19:47.26yipdwalso, contact merging for me doesn't stick after a reboot anymore
19:47.43yipdwI saw some bug about the contacts DB becoming corrupted, can't find a URL though
19:49.05daniel_oi think i will resync my contacts too, maybe I get the same problem then :) but i can't check it earlier than in like 8-9 hours :)
19:49.10yipdwis there a log of some sort that I can check for progress / error messages?
19:49.22yipdwI'd feel a lot better about this if I had more to go on then "it doesn't work"
19:54.38yipdwoh, jeez
19:54.40yipdwafter I merge:
19:54.46yipdwI suspect something is broken
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21:20.09Crnkojhey guys, i got a quick question, does anyone know if the n9 64gb version that one can buy frmo germany are made in finland or in china or as to where or how to check that ifim ordering it online ? thanks
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21:27.32daniel_oit's not available in germany, only austria and switzerland
21:27.55Crnkojall german shops
21:27.59Crnkojand the price even went down
21:28.15Crnkojseveral shops have it "in stock"
21:28.28daniel_obut then it's imported
21:29.15Crnkojwell anyhow, so are the n9 64gb available from austria made in china or made in finland
21:29.31Crnkojor how is it with that anyways, because until now i onyl saw made in finland evreywhere (16gb models though)
21:29.48Crnkojand with a 30e price difference for 48gb more storage id rather go 64gb than
21:33.05daniel_oi have an australian 64gb one, made in china
21:33.19daniel_oat least that's what written on the sim-tray
21:33.30Crnkojaha i see thanks
21:33.35Crnkojthats around the globe
21:33.42Crnkojit might be that europe gets those made in finland ^ ^
21:35.42yipdwpossibly -- I'm in the US and the 16GB N9 I have says "Made in China"
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