IRC log for #n9 on 20111202

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11:26.01sledgeshello, got my N9!!!
11:27.00sledgesgonna do everything possible to make it a usable polished diamond - WiFi does not list the IP here at the office.. :(
11:27.31psycho_oreoswhat colour and how big is the capacity?
11:28.26sledgesblack 16g
11:28.46sledgesthe worst news: its already PR1.1 :(
11:31.52hiemanshuI want a white 64G
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12:29.22sledgesfalse alarm about wifi, our closest AP was off :D (the other phone was picking up from the other)
12:29.41sledgesbut do experience some connection drops sill
15:54.00VelmontHow can I check what PR my N9 is? Version is:   10.2011.34-1.320.01.2_PR_320
15:54.11VelmontPR 320 and 1.1 sounds kinda far apart :]
15:56.23sledgesVelmont: your actual PR is written right above that
15:57.22Velmontsledges: Nah,  MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan
15:58.04hiemanshu34-1 is base release
15:58.09hiemanshu40-4 is PR 1.1
15:58.10sledgesweird. My one says (small letters): (Nokia N9) Meego 1.2 Harmattan    (Version) PR11 (20.2011.40-4_PR_005)
15:58.19hiemanshusledges: that was added in PR 1.1
15:58.30sledgeshiemanshu: got it
16:02.40VelmontSo... How do I upgrade to PR1.1 (using Linux)
16:12.50sledgesVelmont: why don't you just upgrade from the phone?
16:13.12Velmontsledges: Can't, no way to do it there.
16:15.32sledges^ another feature missing back in the pre-PR1.1, hiemanshu ? :)
16:15.59sledgesguess you'll regretfully have to boot to Windoze :{
16:16.17Velmontsledges: Well, more like finding someone that has Windows :-) But OK, for another day then.
16:16.36sledgesVelmont: my greetings to you :)
16:17.53hiemanshuVelmont: there should be an OTA update from base to release to PR1.1
16:18.10hiemanshuVelmont: go to Settings, Applications, Manage Application, and update tab and check for updates
16:20.28hiemanshuthat or you can use NSU from OS X/Windows
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17:53.54Sputor just flasher from Linux?
17:53.59Sputor are images still not available?
18:22.59Velmonthiemanshu: Nope, -- there's nothing there. I guess Telenor has made a special mod... It actually shows the Telenor logo animation when booting, so big chance of that ;-)
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18:25.21daniel_oGood morning..
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