IRC log for #n9 on 20111112

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10:48.59VelmontI haven't gotten any OTA :/
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19:49.49gabriel9i have some issues with my N9
19:50.17gabriel9first one, i can' update, it does not offer updates(mybe it is not published for my region)
19:50.40gabriel9seccond i have some file in my documents which is old 6000 years
19:51.13gabriel9it is without name and i can't open(it says that it does not exist) and i can't delete it
19:51.42gabriel9third one is how to connect N9 to internet through PC?
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23:42.36pauly_any opionons on the n9
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23:43.41pauly_is it amazing
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23:50.57merlin1991what the hack is this channel?
23:52.01merlin1991hm deducting from the write of the topic I guess DocScrutinizer got fed up with user discussions @ #harmattan prefering to have them outside the developer channel :P
23:53.11DocScrutinizermore like offering a chan for users that get annoyed by devel speak
23:54.04DocScrutinizerduh, ibot left
23:54.41DocScrutinizerno, me got silly
23:54.57infobotDocScrutinizer: :)
23:54.59infobotfrom memory, docbug is what happens if you try to configure your bot @ 1 am in the morning
23:54.59DocScrutinizerI don't know what you are talking about
23:55.50DocScrutinizeraccess list in this particular case
23:58.14DocScrutinizer~part #n9
23:58.16*** part/#n9 infobot (
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23:58.32*** topic/#n9 is N9 users meet here to chat about typical users' topics like case colors, best offers, hippest apps, screen protectors, etc. Basically all the things that are not development related. Developers will want to join #harmattan. This channel is logged, see ~logs
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23:58.59DocScrutinizerbetter that

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