IRC log for #n9 on 20111106

02:18.13*** join/#n9 strannik1 (~Strannik@
02:19.25strannik1Whats up
02:19.36psycho_oreoslurking, you?
02:19.37strannik1I still dont have an n9 :(
02:19.41strannik1Haha same
02:19.42psycho_oreosneither do I
02:19.49strannik1Ahh good stuff :)
02:19.55psycho_oreosfixing up my pebkac error with N900
02:20.20strannik1Sounds awesome .. Whatever a pebkac is
02:20.28strannik1I am a still a symbian user
02:20.34strannik1E71 and e72
02:20.46psycho_oreosproblem exists between keyboard and chair.. in other words problem with user or basically problem is me :)
02:21.13psycho_oreosI only have one symbian device, N95-1
02:21.55strannik1Ew? Symbian is the best os ever (for phones with keys) :)
02:22.11strannik1And small screens without touch input
02:22.14psycho_oreosI beg to differ
02:22.28strannik1Still disagree?
02:23.05psycho_oreosI have not had one good moment with my N95-1. The only program that kept me sane with N95-1 on the same terms is pynetmony. Every other program is just pathetic and lame
02:23.22strannik1I obviously forgot the n900 has a keypad .. But i meant non touchscreen phones with buttons in general
02:23.49strannik1Well the issue with the n95 was it was big heavy , slow
02:24.05psycho_oreosthere are linux powered devices without touch screen and with hardware keyboard
02:24.08strannik1And it had a lot of bugs when it got released
02:24.40psycho_oreosand it still is crap, n95 that is.. period.. it was supposedly to be a flagship device back in what 2008ish?
02:25.51psycho_oreosN95-1 was my first and forever my last symbian device in my possession
02:26.00strannik1Well if you have a look at the e71 or e72 it is a lot lighter , faster and does not crash like the n95
02:26.16psycho_oreosall the stupid security settings with stupid cert was just ludicrous
02:26.26strannik1Now that i hate
02:26.33psycho_oreosnot to mention patching camera just to turn off the camera sounds
02:26.38psycho_oreoslame, lame and lame
02:26.45strannik1Lol true
02:26.59psycho_oreosoh I forgot, C:, D:, Z: were all non-accessible by default (!)
02:27.12strannik1I guess you 'jailbroke' the n95 than with that c2z hack
02:27.18psycho_oreostalk about some retarded windows variant that has inspirations from multix?
02:27.34strannik1Multix what?
02:27.35psycho_oreosI can't remember what it was, I used python server
02:27.46psycho_oreosmultix = an OS before unix
02:28.02psycho_oreosit was so retarded the symbian setup
02:28.03strannik1Ah fair enough .. I think the newer symbian devices dont have the hack :(
02:28.37psycho_oreosI couldn't honestly care less about current symbian devices, my dose of symbian was really dismal
02:28.50strannik1I dunno .. Despite having retarded security in symbian
02:28.51psycho_oreosI have had random reboots, random crashes
02:29.18psycho_oreosits the same set of retarded security that probably inspired nokia to create the same within harmattan, named aegis instead
02:29.32strannik1Lol that is fixed now .. It doesnt happen on a daily basis .. Maybe on a monthly
02:29.49strannik1I hope they kill aegis
02:30.07psycho_oreosthey won't, its their plan to mock maemo/meego in their last days
02:30.47psycho_oreosactually I've seen a few E71/E72 around but my god they look fugly.. blackberry inspiration?
02:30.50strannik1The guy who found out you could use the pseudo su priviliges to bypass aegis in beta1
02:31.02psycho_oreosapparently that was patched
02:31.26strannik1Yea i heard.. But did he publish his results in the forum or did he file a bug?
02:31.42strannik1I would be impressed if nokia was actually reading the forums
02:32.14strannik1Either way e71 and e72s are alright .. I am using one right now in this chat ;)
02:32.18psycho_oreosI don't know all I heard was that there still are bugs to get around certain system security measures but no N950 dev will tell you freely because of nokia's paranoia to block them out
02:32.48psycho_oreosmeh, I'd use N900 to chat if I needed to
02:32.56strannik1That is good .. It should be kept secret untill things calm down a little
02:33.12strannik1Yea the n900 is awesome
02:33.25psycho_oreosI've wrote up huge tmo responses with just two thumbs and the built-in qwerty keyboard
02:33.27strannik1I would get one if it wasnt so bulky
02:33.51psycho_oreosit isn't all that bulky
02:34.20strannik1To me its the n95 compared to the e72
02:34.35psycho_oreosits just maybe double the thickness of iphone.. with N900
02:34.46strannik1N900 to the n9
02:34.52psycho_oreosthat's what you get with keyboards sliding out
02:35.04strannik1Did you see the original n9 design?
02:35.12psycho_oreosmaybe E7 might be slimmer but (yuck)
02:35.16psycho_oreosN950? yes
02:35.21strannik1Well yea
02:35.29strannik1But with a metal finish
02:35.42psycho_oreosyeah that is the N950
02:36.08strannik1Wait ... I thought they used plastic for the developer version?
02:36.32strannik1Hold on ,, let me see if i can get a link
02:36.39psycho_oreosnot the same ones that were handed out to the selected devs I think. The leaked one found on youtube and what not. It looks exactly the same as the one that were handed out to the developers though
02:37.12psycho_oreosit was more like a silver/aluminum finish, that N950 youtube video
02:37.28psycho_oreosthe ones handed out to devs were those dark grey coloured
02:37.46strannik1Yea i meant the leaked youtube clip
02:38.14strannik1The developer phones look like they are made from plastic?
02:38.31psycho_oreosyeah that's the same as that rumoured chinese one, but notice how they look alike? leaked N950 ad with the N950 developer
02:38.50strannik1Yea they look exactly the same
02:39.15strannik1Apart from the metal being replaced with what looks like plastic to me
02:39.42strannik1I just wish they released the silver version to the public
02:41.25psycho_oreosI wished they release the N950 regardless of what exterior material is used. There's like 3 different variations to N950 and none of them are sold to the public at all
02:42.21strannik1Hang on. I only know two. The silver one . And the dark grey developer one
02:42.52strannik1Did you apply for the n950 btw?
02:43.15psycho_oreosyes and I didn't get shortlisted, you?
02:43.49strannik1Applied yes . But didnt get the device
02:44.11psycho_oreos <--- here's the original *rumoured to be* N950, before that silver one came out
02:44.12strannik1I applied just before the deadline
02:44.25psycho_oreosdid you get accepted? or you didn't get shortlisted?
02:45.01strannik1No I didnt get accepted
02:45.15psycho_oreosheh makes two of us
02:45.21strannik1I believe i just got a reply saying thank you for applying bla bla
02:45.56strannik1It was some kind of automatic thank you email
02:46.21psycho_oreosthere was a second round (not part of 350 N950) where they give you a second chance for the last 50 N950. I didn't see that email in time and checked the page.. found that I missed out on the second round :|
02:46.51strannik1Haha yea . I never even realised there was a second roind
02:47.05psycho_oreosI don't think I got that. I remember it was a wiki page that you had to apply. Then you get either an acceptance or not from qgil
02:48.21strannik1Yea i applied using some page
02:48.28strannik1And i also wrote an email to them
02:49.01strannik1To some email address that was in the application process
02:49.15strannik1Didnt help
02:49.26strannik1It was a very lengthy one aswell ha
02:49.31psycho_oreosyeah there was a page on the meego website which looks like its a form of wiki but you just enter in the details and your reasons of why you want one
02:49.42strannik1How i would save the world and make the best apps ever . And what not
02:49.45psycho_oreosthat email one I think was a commercial developer program?
02:50.33strannik1Shit, who knows ... Probably applied in the wrong place damm it haha
02:50.55psycho_oreosI wished I could have said that I would be a product advocate. Some product advocate got his acceptance :/
02:51.14psycho_oreosafaik the commercial dev was through email and it was something like
02:51.18strannik1I am surprised so many people here have it
02:52.03strannik1Hmm i did send some email to a @nokia address i think
02:52.10strannik1Not going to go through it now
02:52.18psycho_oreosyet there's rumours that in nokia warehouses, there's 1000s of them spare.. in nokia offices they have fair few sitting on the table.. some old rumours that at meego conference qgil was handing them (N950) out like lollies
02:52.48strannik1'lol'lies ???
02:52.55strannik1Is the pun intended?
02:53.08psycho_oreoslollies as in candies :P
02:53.09strannik1On the irc channel someone mentionend
02:53.15strannik1I should keep talking to people
02:53.24strannik1And that if i reapply somehow i migt get a chance
02:53.28psycho_oreosso you can get N950?
02:53.35psycho_oreoslol not possible I'm sure of that
02:53.46strannik1Well, the guy was hinting to me that they still give them out
02:54.07psycho_oreosand what was one supposed to say? that nokia is great? all hail nokia?
02:54.14strannik1He was saying that by talking to the right people
02:54.28strannik1And showing them what i have done they might give me one
02:54.37psycho_oreosthe keyword is might
02:54.59strannik1Dunno , his smiley face convinced me lol ;)
02:55.13psycho_oreoshe could be a troll for all you know :P
02:55.19strannik1Hahaha yea
02:55.54psycho_oreosand why would nokia hand them out if they're losing billions? it makes no sense.. they could have sold off the remaining N950 and maybe reclaim some of the money spent on making one in the first place
02:55.56strannik1Cant remember who it was now .. But its one of the regulars
02:56.16strannik1They want to lose billions
02:56.27psycho_oreosthere's public IRC logs, unless you talked to that person in private
02:56.29strannik1You know where elop worked before microsoft ?
02:56.53strannik1Macromedia as CEO
02:56.57psycho_oreosI don't think Elop would be that stupid, not whilst its board of directors are smoking pot behind their desks
02:57.07strannik1And you know where he worked before macromedia
02:57.37strannik1And we all know what happened with macromedia and adobe
02:57.48psycho_oreosI can't imagine him handing out stuff when he was CEO of those other countries (of course except from microsoft where he wasn't a CEO)
02:58.18psycho_oreosin either case it just doesn't make any sense really
02:58.39strannik1When elop became ceo of macromedia the company started losing lots of money
02:58.50strannik1The share price fell
02:59.00strannik1And eventually adobe bought them over
02:59.13strannik1The old company elop worked for
02:59.21psycho_oreosif you think about it logically. Had Flop been that desperate for nokia to sink he would have created the ultimate maemo/meego device.. not killing it and signing up with some stupid agreement with microsoft
02:59.25strannik1So maybe elop is literally a professional troll haha
02:59.52strannik1I think he knows meego is fucking awesome
02:59.53psycho_oreosboth N950 and N9 are crippled in their own ways
03:00.02strannik1I  bet he secretly loves the n9 haha
03:00.08strannik1Yea true
03:00.24strannik1Are they differently crippled from each other?
03:00.27psycho_oreoshe knows yet he refuses to care.. no I doubt it, he probably has drawers full of N950 collecting dust and N9 elsewhere
03:00.29strannik1I thought they were the same?
03:00.35psycho_oreosdifferently crippled
03:00.58strannik1You mean softwarewise right?
03:01.04psycho_oreoswell some are same like non-interchangeable batteries and no option for microSD card
03:01.21psycho_oreosN9 according to rumours is more crippled than N950 software-wise
03:02.24strannik1I had a think about the batteries
03:02.44strannik1I have never actually replaced my batteries in my cellphones
03:02.47psycho_oreosI don't know if the battery sizes are different between the two
03:03.01strannik1Maybe once on my nokia 3310 ..
03:03.11strannik1Oh , and a spare batterie for my n95 haha
03:03.25psycho_oreoswell if you think about how you had to insert the SIM card because the SIM card is beneath the battery... or when you're trying to force it into firmware update mode
03:04.45psycho_oreosI only have one N95-1 battery, though its not the same as the one that I initially bought. The original one I think died, battery life was far too short. I bought my 3rd N900 and with the 3rd N900 I get a whole bunch of extras like 5 extra batteries (for N900 of course)
03:05.20strannik1How long does the battery last on it?
03:05.28strannik1Does it last a day?
03:05.49strannik1My n95 really struggled to last a whole day
03:06.09psycho_oreosas for N950, I recall some guy on tmo desperately wanted N950 and posted WTB. He said he'll pay any price for N950 but that thread caught lots of attention for people to mock him about N950. In the end he replied he got N950. That sort of stuff makes me wonder if I should try doing the same
03:06.48strannik1Hahahha :)
03:06.53psycho_oreosI can't remember, it probably didn't last a day as well, but since then I bought a new battery which bumps the phone back to around 3 days usage
03:06.58strannik1Well if the n950s are collecting dust
03:07.16strannik1I think they might give you onee
03:07.29strannik1And if you get one let me know ;)
03:07.32psycho_oreosI don't think they have a heart in the first place ;)
03:08.04strannik1Get a n950 tattoo
03:08.09strannik1Like that zune guy
03:08.11psycho_oreosthey just let the N950 collect dust because its one of those scars that they couldn't get over with and wanted to have good memoirs
03:08.23psycho_oreosI'll skip thanks :þ
03:09.08strannik1I am surprised no one sold them on ebay yet
03:09.38strannik1Qml sounds pretty cool .. Its a shame they had to put in aegis
03:09.42psycho_oreosand really here we're discussing N950, whenever I see the words N950 are being written it just makes me feel like I have a huge scar. That scar suddenly gets peeled off leaving wound open and person discussing it is like adding alcohol to the open wound
03:09.56psycho_oreosthere were scams selling N950 however
03:10.35strannik1Lol yea scams arent as good as the real thing
03:10.52strannik1Though elop banning the n950 is a bit of a scam in itself
03:10.53psycho_oreosnot only that scammers make you lose money :þ
03:11.14psycho_oreoswho knows, I'd say its stupidity to the extreme
03:11.57psycho_oreosthere's loads of happy maemo owners that would want to get a device with a proper keyboard. Unlike N9
03:12.05strannik1I bet he walks around in his office doing the hail sieg and burning shit to the ground XD
03:12.47strannik1Yea they should have released the n9 together with the n950
03:12.57psycho_oreosprobably chanting in some Canadian troll relic theme and also burning the hard copies of N950 schematics, etc, etc, etc
03:12.59strannik1Like they always do for the n and e series
03:13.13strannik1Hahaha yea
03:13.32strannik1Burning the nokia flag .. And slowly putting up the microsoft flags
03:14.33psycho_oreosbows down to the photo of Ballmer smiling every morning. The portrait photo is stuck on the door to his room in nokia headquarters and rather a full sized one as well
03:14.57strannik1I really hoped that meego and the n9 was the last push from the nokia devs to convince nokia to keep it
03:15.50psycho_oreosonly time will tell at this stage
03:16.51psycho_oreoshave you made a firm decision to buy the N9?
03:16.57strannik1I always thought for some reason that it was nokia devs vs elop
03:17.03strannik1I have
03:17.11strannik1But its hard to get in europe
03:17.19strannik1But my dad is in china at the moment
03:17.32strannik1If he sees it in the shop he said he would get for me
03:17.52strannik1Are you getting it?
03:18.02psycho_oreosnokia devs vs Elop eh? sounds like what ballmer does:
03:18.24strannik1I am still watching that accuweather clip ha
03:19.27strannik1Hhaha that clip is mental
03:19.46psycho_oreosI guess I'm somewhat lucky, I'm residing in a country that is not blacklisted
03:20.13psycho_oreosany bets whether or not will Flop do that next? Flop's spin on developers? :D
03:20.53strannik1I guess elop thinks australia only consists of kangaroos.
03:21.30psycho_oreosnah, more like a land in the middle of nowhere
03:21.44psycho_oreossome far away place, like pluto
03:22.03strannik1He is selling it to countries where he thinks the phone will fail .. Kazakhstan , borat country. China communists .. Australia kangaroos lol :D
03:22.38strannik1Yea the places are all well isolated to be honest
03:23.01psycho_oreoshe's failing pretty badly considering that he also put out ads and giveaways with N9 just to get the citizens excited
03:24.01strannik1He is just using it for reasearch for the windows phones
03:24.40strannik1The aussies love the n9 .. Quick ballmed lets make a windows phone version of the n9 but worse
03:25.02psycho_oreosI don't think aussies love N9 that much to be frank :)
03:25.20strannik1Do the people know about the phone?
03:25.40psycho_oreosI mean nokia did lots of ads for it though
03:25.42strannik1But no real excitement huh?
03:26.11strannik1The Nokia brand is becoming embaressing to be honest ha
03:26.16psycho_oreosnot that I know of, maybe not until when it comes to me paying my bill (which I have to do soon today)
03:26.27psycho_oreosyeah ever since Flop is in charge
03:27.22strannik1Actually i think nokia has been in talks with microsoft for a while now
03:27.29strannik1Maybe since 2009
03:27.48psycho_oreos <--- :D
03:28.40psycho_oreosI actually quite like that developers music :D
03:29.03psycho_oreoshuzzah! I rickrolled myself :)
03:30.38*** join/#n9 Strannik (~Strannik@
03:30.50StrannikWifi dropped
03:31.03psycho_oreoswhat was the last message you got from me?
03:31.06StrannikAre those n900 yours?
03:31.15StrannikYou like the music
03:31.24psycho_oreosyou ever seen my tmo signature?
03:31.40StrannikNope dont think so
03:31.40psycho_oreos<psycho_oreos> huzzah! I rickrolled myself :)
03:31.50StrannikHahah :)
03:32.03StrannikThose are awesome
03:32.17StrannikWhy 3? Why not 4? :)
03:32.36psycho_oreos3 is a lucky number
03:32.55StrannikI cant stop looking at the pic
03:34.14psycho_oreosplays that music again
03:35.47StrannikDo you use whatsapp by any chance?
03:35.57psycho_oreosnope, never heard of it
03:36.10psycho_oreoserr no I lied, I heard of it but never seen it in action
03:36.15StrannikIts a IM app for phones
03:36.37StrannikBasically it adds all your friends automatically for you
03:36.51StrannikSo it has become quite popular
03:37.20psycho_oreossounds a little similar to conversations I suppose under maemo?
03:37.24StrannikEither way the n9 needs it :3
03:37.45StrannikBut everyone uses whatsapp
03:38.18StrannikIt adds all your friends from your phonebook by scanning the phone numbers
03:39.07StrannikI am trying to understand how the protocol works
03:39.20StrannikThe software is freaking unsecure though
03:40.15StrannikOn the 21st of may i told some guy how to read other peoples messages
03:40.38StrannikOn the 30th of may it gets published in some blog
03:41.04StrannikAnd apparently now it has been fixed
03:41.59StrannikThe servers didnt even authenticate the users .. The client did that ... Some weird security on there
03:42.57StrannikEither way . Thats me going offtopic
03:44.53psycho_oreosah well its only two of us that's actively talking anyway :)
03:45.06psycho_oreoswe've scared everyone else off
03:46.01StrannikWill you be getting the n9? Or still considering?
03:46.32psycho_oreoswas firm on getting an N9 but now I'm back to considering.. still mulling over wanting to source N950 somehow lol
03:47.15StrannikWe will need to wait to talk to someone who is close to nokia
03:47.36psycho_oreoseither that or create that epic WTB N950 thread on tmo
03:47.46StrannikHahaha yea
03:48.00StrannikDo you know the site ?
03:48.35StrannikIts kinda like engadget .. Gadget/software news site
03:48.49StrannikThey gave the n9 an awesome review
03:49.26StrannikI think they got a few n9s for giving such an awesome review haha
03:49.35psycho_oreosyeah I hit the browser as soon as you mentioned the site, I thought I might have heard of it from somewhere
03:50.11StrannikThe review does say thanks nokia nz for the review device
03:50.23StrannikRight at the bottom
03:50.44StrannikI bet they bribed half the staff with n9s n950s haha
03:51.47psycho_oreosprobably but I wonder what good is that really, the site seems like its mostly for windows users
03:52.01psycho_oreosand here comes all of the sudden a review on a competitor
03:52.17psycho_oreosor maybe did they mistake that with lumia 800?
03:53.41StrannikWho knows but the n9 article received quite a lot of comments
03:53.48StrannikWhich is unusual for the site
03:54.09StrannikIt used to be popular in pre engadget times
03:54.10psycho_oreosit has also stirred up some windows fanboys as well
03:54.20StrannikMaybe when xp first came out
03:54.27StrannikYea it did haha
03:55.57psycho_oreosshame really but I guess you'll find fanboys anywhere and everywhere.. they just love to make a stupid but epic statement on irrelevant details.. kind of like how journalism works
03:56.42*** join/#n9 pcfe (~pcfe@redhat/pcfe)
03:57.03StrannikDo you consider yourseld a nokia fanboy ;)
03:57.13psycho_oreoslinux fanboy :)
03:57.41StrannikHaha fair enough
03:58.12StrannikI cant believe i still use the e72
03:58.40psycho_oreosI've said it a few times on tmo threads that I don't care about the brand name and brand model. Its hardware and more direct access to it (running linux of course) is what I care the most
03:59.04psycho_oreosI still have my n95-1 around, serving mainly as an alarm clock and nostalgic holdovers
03:59.08StrannikIts just that i have been waiting for so long for a decent meego phone .. Now its finally out .. But with lots of crippling
03:59.53StrannikYea the n95 is old .. It really looks like some kind diy hobby device
03:59.54psycho_oreosor you could hold out even longer for those so called Maltemi and Tizen
04:00.07StrannikHaha yea screw that
04:00.17StrannikThe n9 looks decent enough
04:00.32StrannikI am sure someone will hack the shit out of aegis
04:00.48StrannikIts a shame that this has to be done in the first place tho
04:01.12psycho_oreoslol mine is pretty much a diy job phone.. my n95-1, the top buttons are peeling off (silver colouring) and at the rear where there's that battery door, I used sticky tape to hold it in
04:01.29psycho_oreosthat's nokia for you :)
04:01.47StrannikI used tape to hold the battery in
04:01.56StrannikThe back cover wont close anymore
04:02.20StrannikWell and the silver colouring ofcourse aswell
04:03.18psycho_oreoslol, I used sticky tape aloing the sides. Though SpeedEvil mentioned that you can use very thin tweezers or maybe just needle to bend the little copper connectors on the battery itself so that it would hold better against the posts on the phone
04:04.20StrannikHmm haha thats interesting i havnt thought of that
04:04.38StrannikMy n95 actually died for a month or so
04:04.42psycho_oreosI actually did that with my n95-1 batteries. It seems to do the job pretty well and sort of compliments the sticky tape on the battery door.. maybe I should use duct tape next time instead of just sticky tape :D
04:05.04psycho_oreosyours is the NAM version right?
04:05.12StrannikIt got a little to humid while i was in india .. But it powered itself on one day randomly . Like it was sleeping and nothing happened
04:05.20StrannikNo no european
04:05.24StrannikI am in britain
04:05.35psycho_oreoshmm so you have n95-1?
04:05.47StrannikYea i think so . The standard n95
04:06.21StrannikOh yea the american one has a bigger battery? And no camera cover
04:06.25psycho_oreosthere's like 3 variants iinm, wikipedia has the precise info, but the non-NAM versions were the ones that were fitted with feeblishly small amounts of RAM
04:07.15StrannikYea the memory crash messages were annoying
04:07.31psycho_oreosor that you can't run more programs
04:09.35psycho_oreosahh yeah it has bigger battery, the NAM version but also doubled the size of RAM. Wikipedia states that N95-3 (NAM variant) is available for Australia and South America but I never got that one. I got the initial one (N95-1 non-NAM version) piece of crap really
04:10.52StrannikI actually managed to fit in a battery from the n95-8gb version into my n95
04:11.13StrannikHad to take of the plastice cover
04:11.40StrannikAfter that the phone doesnt turn on because the metal of the battery is exposed
04:12.45StrannikBut if you cover it up with something it works fine
04:12.54psycho_oreosbut for some weird reason N95-1's BME doesn't really care how big (as in capacity predominantly) the size of the battery. MohammadAG noted that you can charge N900 batteries with N95-1
04:13.56StrannikYea the n95 was awesome .. You can use it as a brick .. As a charger ... As a weapon.. As an alarm clock
04:14.03StrannikIts multi functional :)
04:14.50psycho_oreosI thought iphone was more suited for a brick, err ipod :D
04:14.59StrannikI think it even had accelorometer controlls before the iphone
04:15.11psycho_oreosyeah it does
04:15.34StrannikInfact there was a program that would bind the acceloremeter to your dpad
04:15.59psycho_oreosthere's this program called shakenroll which takes advantage of the onboard accelerometer to allow one to move through menus and what not instead of using the dpad
04:16.02StrannikSo you could play sonic or racing games by tilting the phone
04:16.03psycho_oreoslol that
04:16.16psycho_oreosinitially it was buggy
04:16.56StrannikYea i remember using every single version .. They kept making it better
04:17.10StrannikCant remember what it was though
04:17.18StrannikThat they improved
04:18.39StrannikDid you know it also had a 3d gpu in the n95 ., they removed it from symbian phones ever since
04:18.58psycho_oreosnot really, but wasn't it powervr chipset?
04:19.09StrannikHmm maybe
04:19.14StrannikI dont know
04:19.35psycho_oreosFully HW accelerated 3D (OpenGL ES 1.1, HW accelerated Java 3D) <--- from wikipedia
04:20.18StrannikProbably powerver
04:20.45psycho_oreosI'm having doubts if its powervr but then again
04:21.43StrannikNot that
04:22.21psycho_oreoslol that was my link
04:23.11StrannikI still had it in clipboard
04:23.38StrannikApparently it is powerver
04:24.31StrannikWe should try and talk to some nokia dev
04:24.35psycho_oreosI didn't think it was an omap chipset either, I thought it was ARM11
04:24.58psycho_oreosits easy to find them I suppose, but whether or not will they talk is hard to tell :)
04:25.00StrannikYea i assumed it was arm
04:25.21psycho_oreosARM is common as chips in smartphones, but there's many variants
04:25.55StrannikI bet they will . . I just keep thinking that they are the rebels of nokia
04:26.37StrannikMany arm architectures?
04:26.41psycho_oreoslol still somewhat doubt it, never really seen them actively participating
04:27.32psycho_oreos"ARM processors are developed by ARM and by ARM licensees. Prominent ARM processor families developed by ARM Holdings include the ARM7, ARM9, ARM11 and Cortex. Notable ARM processors developed by licensees include DEC StrongARM, Freescale i.MX, Marvell (formerly Intel) XScale, Nvidia Tegra, ST-Ericsson Nova and NovaThor, Qualcomm Snapdragon, the Texas Instruments OMAP product line, the Samsung Hummingbird and the Apple A4 and A5." - from wikipedia
04:27.44StrannikLol they got put into the elop concentration camps before they could 'participate!
04:29.03psycho_oreosheh, I bet they had to pray to ballmer for mercy too
04:30.07StrannikYea i guess elop is just ballmers puppet
04:35.58StrannikTrue haha
04:36.32StrannikHow can people not put 1+1 together
04:36.40StrannikLook at macromedia and adobe
04:36.54StrannikAnd realize whats going to happen with microsoft and nokia
04:37.08StrannikI guess the shareholders will also profit
04:37.23StrannikIt seems trendy to buy a phone company
04:37.31StrannikGoogle and motorola
04:37.47psycho_oreosthough apple and samsung on the other hand is unlikely ;)
04:38.08psycho_oreosfunny how apple sues the living hell out of samsung, their own manufacturer
04:38.29StrannikHp and palm
04:38.40StrannikHaha yea
04:39.20StrannikSamsung should just stop exports of all their ram , memory chips storage etc to the rest of the world
04:39.31StrannikTill courts give em a green light
04:39.44psycho_oreosthough HP do manufacture hardware, just not directly by themselves.. like they get some other mob to do it and label it has HP
04:40.22psycho_oreosthough samsung wouldn't be at any form of win if they do that, apple will just look elsewhere for manufacturers I suppose
04:41.54StrannikI am pretty sure the whole world relies on samsung flash storage ... Its unbelievable in how many devices you find samsung parts
04:42.17StrannikCourts would be forced to give em a greenlight
04:42.52StrannikFunnily enough i came up with the iphone ui before apple did XD
04:43.25StrannikI drew a concept for a project called ipodlinux
04:43.34StrannikFor the old black and white ipods
04:43.50psycho_oreoswell I'm skeptical on samsung being the only one that manufactures various flash storage components. They are a big one but there's other bigger ones out there
04:44.17StrannikBasically my ui design looked exactly the same as the square ipod nanos look like today
04:46.04StrannikThe only difference between my ui and the nano ui was that my top bar was at the bottom i think
04:46.24StrannikApart from that it was identical
04:46.29psycho_oreosshould have patented it ages ago :)
04:46.45StrannikYea i only realised lately aswell
04:47.28StrannikWell i based it on the nokia grid view actually
04:48.10StrannikI think its crazy how apple should have the rights to the damm grid view lol
04:50.09psycho_oreosthat's apple for you :)
04:50.39psycho_oreosthey have all these weird patents for god knows why but they act none other than oracle themselves.. aka patent trolls that will sue later on
04:50.54psycho_oreosthey're using patents as a form of land mines
04:58.15StrannikI just found the original forum article
04:58.23StrannikIts a mirror
04:58.33StrannikThe original forum doesnt exist anymore
04:58.38psycho_oreosmirror of?
04:58.56StrannikOf the ipodlinux project . I started a gui discussion
04:59.13psycho_oreoslots of broken images though
04:59.29StrannikUnfortunatly the link is broken to my ipod gui pic :(
04:59.54StrannikI am the guy who with the matrix pic
05:02.03StrannikI dunno .. I just have a gut feeling that the true origin of the iphone was infact the ipodlinux project
05:02.29StrannikSomething about steve job being a pirate lol XD arghh
05:02.51psycho_oreosin the end though the iOS shares code with various BSD Ibet
05:02.54psycho_oreosI bet*
05:03.26StrannikThey said ios shares code with osx .. Which is bsd
05:03.39StrannikWhich also shares loads of code with linux
05:04.01psycho_oreoswell yeah somewhat
05:04.42psycho_oreosthough I don't know how they manage to get through all that easily especially a large proportion of the linux codes are licensed as GPL which are incompatible with BSD
05:04.47psycho_oreoslots of `magic' I bet
05:04.56StrannikI dont mean they ripped the code off .. But maybe they realised users wanted linux/bsd on their ipods as some sort of pda .. Add a phone and bamm you have an iphone
05:05.42psycho_oreosI sort of doubt it, I bet they just wanted to compete in the smartphone market
05:05.46StrannikHmm yea i never understood how the gpl and bsd licenses work
05:06.42StrannikWell yea thats the logical thing
05:06.46psycho_oreosafterall a music player isn't all that fancy when most other smartphones have large internal memory capacities and/or allows users to insert SD card to exapand internal storage for all the media goods
05:07.24StrannikWell you see at the time
05:07.39StrannikSmartphones were phones with some media compatability
05:07.49StrannikIn reality the iphone isnt even a phone
05:07.55StrannikIt is a media platform
05:08.04StrannikWith some phone compatabilities ;)
05:08.56psycho_oreosthen again a smartphone isn't just a phone itself, its a phone with all these extra features that normally one would have to carry as extras on them. such as a PDA, a watch, a recorder, etc, etc, etc
05:09.28StrannikAnd thats why my gut feeling is pointing at ipodlinux .. Because people in the community started using it as a media device (even though the screen was tiny)
05:09.56psycho_oreossmartphones these days covers almost everything handheld in terms of technological goods.. they've basically gone and cannibalised whatever is in their path
05:10.10StrannikAll i am saying is that before the iphone the main feature of a phone was a phone
05:10.15psycho_oreos*shrugs* probably
05:10.55psycho_oreoswho knows what drove apple to start competing and now suing the competitors :)
05:10.56StrannikYea companies are running ideas what to put next into a phone
05:11.20StrannikYea its just a damm grid view
05:11.35StrannikIf anyone should sue someone its nokia lol
05:11.48psycho_oreoswell.. they did lol
05:11.56psycho_oreosnot the grid view but other stuff
05:12.24StrannikYea apparently they invented most of the gsm radio protocols
05:12.31StrannikOr something like that
05:13.07*** join/#n9 DocScrutinizer (~halley@openmoko/engineers/joerg)
05:13.32StrannikI should be getting the money really. I combined nokias grid view with apples(who stole it from creative) top bar .. Haha XD
05:14.55psycho_oreosthen again, no patent = no win
05:15.04StrannikApple stole the ipod classic menu ui from creative zune player
05:15.44StrannikOfcourse , i am just saying it jokingly
05:16.06psycho_oreoserr wasn't it creative zen? and microsoft zune? *shrug*
05:16.17psycho_oreossome weird names lol
05:16.21StrannikLol thats what i mean
05:16.33psycho_oreosbah you got me :þ
05:19.32StrannikCheck out the second page
05:19.43StrannikOn the ipodlinux forum
05:20.01StrannikSome guy posted his ui concepts .. Theyre quite cool
05:27.38StrannikThe n9 seems to be the most exciting device since the xbox and ipod for me
05:28.04psycho_oreosyou also in #harmattan?
05:28.16psycho_oreosbah, you're not
05:28.22StrannikI was
05:28.50StrannikNow i am
05:28.52psycho_oreosyou missed out the bit of sarcasm I wrote in response to someone else's query
05:29.00StrannikOh :(
05:29.05psycho_oreos<npm_> so can one put the n950 into init 3 to do a proper backup of /home/user ?
05:29.14psycho_oreos<psycho_oreos> I could if I had one ;p
05:29.15psycho_oreos<psycho_oreos> </sarcasm>
05:29.25StrannikHahaha :)
05:30.03psycho_oreosheh I might get booted for being a smartass like that ;)
05:30.32StrannikLol i doubt it. Its good to see some humour in the community
05:31.17StrannikI really want the n950 now... People keep talking about it
05:31.25psycho_oreosI don't think he liked the joke.. he must have pissed off to find someone jokingly referred he had N950 to rescue him out.. probably desperate too
05:31.53psycho_oreosits a rare device but us maemo warriors should really be granted one imo ;)
05:32.16StrannikTrue that
05:32.35StrannikThats a promising smiley haha
05:32.49psycho_oreosits the epic troll smiley in disguise :)
05:32.54psycho_oreoserr ;D
05:33.33StrannikDocScrutinizer: btw i was meaning to ask you all the time why aegis couldnt be disabled anymore in beta2 by devel-su
05:34.19StrannikIts the hint hint smiley for all the secret nokia developers here who are looking who to give the n950 to ;)
05:34.56StrannikAt least the ones who survived elops deathcamps
05:35.10psycho_oreosyou meant the troll camp? ;)
05:35.27psycho_oreoswell concentrated troll camp
05:35.48StrannikBtw that silver n950 device on the accuweather site
05:36.04StrannikLooks like it is covered in some sort of protective casing
05:36.29psycho_oreosI bet that's the very first N950, I didn't know anything about it till someone in #maemo pointed it out awhile ago
05:36.40StrannikThough the screen looks kinda funky
05:36.56StrannikYea i never saw that one
05:36.57psycho_oreoseither that or some weird cover, but its definitely not the same as the latter N950 that we see
05:38.09StrannikYou know that teaser video
05:38.18StrannikWith the silver n9(50)
05:38.34StrannikThat was made by the rebellios devs
05:38.39psycho_oreosapparently there was one in china
05:38.44StrannikAfter that they got put in troll camp :P
05:38.54psycho_oreosnah more like rebellious engineers :D
05:39.17psycho_oreostoo bad they didn't put their trademark on there
05:39.32psycho_oreosthe troll was ere!
05:39.56StrannikThey should have just taken their work and sold it to samsung or something
05:40.18psycho_oreosFlop would have dropped his jaws and go nooo!
05:40.47psycho_oreosfor he had failed his mass troll program world propagation
05:41.02StrannikYea all these funky devs and engeneers making nice devices just to troll elop hah
05:41.29psycho_oreosno wonder flop is all double chinned :))
05:41.35psycho_oreoserr no wonder why*
05:42.17StrannikAlright its nearly 6am here i just realised
05:42.46StrannikAnd i got to get some sleep before tomorrow
05:42.51psycho_oreos10 hours ahead! biznatch! ;)
05:43.02psycho_oreosalright sleep well :)
05:43.06StrannikAlright have a good one
05:43.11psycho_oreosthanks I'll try :D
05:43.25StrannikAnd if you run into the rebellion let me know ;)
05:43.32psycho_oreoswill do lol
05:43.42*** part/#n9 Strannik (~Strannik@
12:56.46*** join/#n9 strannik1 (~Strannik@
22:50.06*** join/#n9 auser (
22:50.48auseranyone have any idea about how to get openvpn support on the n9?

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