IRC log for #n9 on 20111031

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11:12.01pcfegot one too
11:13.41psycho_oreoswhich colour and capacity? out of curiousity
11:19.49pcfepsycho_oreos: black, 64
11:20.23psycho_oreos*nods* nice
11:20.26pcfewould have preferred non-black, 64. But shop told be 64 only comes in black.
11:20.44pcfeNice indeed, but I do miss my hardware keyboard
11:21.38psycho_oreosthere's not many retailers that I see selling other colour variations to 64GB capacity other than black. Its somewhat amusing on the contrary
11:23.24psycho_oreosI guess there's not much of a choice of missing out on hardware keyboard. I suppose the alternative would now be something like a bluetooth keyboard
11:25.49pcfeWhile I do own a SU-8W BT keyboard and I can pair it to the N9, it does not work out of the box (on N950 it does, apparently, but only is VKB visible. Have deferred filing a bug until I got PR1.1 and poked a bit more at it.
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20:14.56jesuschristhi guys
20:15.19jesuschristgot a n9 today :>
20:16.39jesuschristhigh five
20:16.41jesuschristppl ? :)
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