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20:48.50*** topic/#n9 is N9 users meet here to chat about screen protectors, best offers, flashing, hippest apps etc. Basically all the things that are not development related. Developers will want to join #harmattan
20:49.18xavirhehe who doesn't :)
20:49.46xavirthen pay the extra money and add 30 for overnight express delivery :P
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20:50.25jesuschristi wish i could :P
20:51.19jesuschristwhere did you buy yours from xavid ?
20:51.26jesuschristdid they sell it in germany directly ^
20:51.32jesuschristpff ?
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20:51.43jesuschristwhat country ?
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20:52.12xavirreseller located in germany
20:52.33jesuschristand what about warranties
20:53.14xavirwell german laws enforce those - at least leally
20:53.34xavir(if the seller is non private)
20:53.46jesuschristso you have warranty with the shop you bought from
20:53.49jesuschristand not from nokia
20:54.50xavirwell shop it's "gewaehrleistung" and nokia it's "garantie"
20:55.35jesuschristi dont understand
20:55.41jesuschristif the shop closes
20:55.46jesuschristcan you send it to nokia germany ?
20:55.53xaviryes basically
20:56.25jesuschristeven if it was imported from singapore and resold ?
20:56.50xavirhmm i am not 100% sure about that legally.
20:57.03jesuschristi think you can check on nokia website
20:57.05jesuschristwith the serial number
20:57.12jesuschristthe german site
20:57.16xaviri see.. probably yes
20:59.26jesuschristi dont want problems with my 500 euros phone :\
20:59.39xaviryeah that would be unfortunate
20:59.44jesuschristill just wait some days and see what happens on euro prices, im checking poland prices and they are fucking high
21:00.45xavirheh.. yeah if euro free falls you might get one for very few chf :D
21:01.04jesuschristchf are in .ch :p
21:01.09DocScrutinizernah, chf are locked to € now
21:01.11jesuschristin .pl they use zloty
21:01.25xavirah i thought you where in ch
21:01.45DocScrutinizerzloty probably locked to € as well
21:02.00jesuschristim in italy xavir
21:02.19xaviri see
21:02.37jesuschristi have yet to check romania prices
21:03.18jesuschristchecked austria, germany, uk, switzerland, finlande, sweden
21:03.33jesuschristpoland, malaysia, singapore, brazil
21:03.36jesuschristand usa
21:03.54jesuschristcheapest is malaysia, impossible to get it shipped abroad anyway
21:04.29xavirDocScrutinizer: sure about the locking?;range=5y looks quite moving
21:04.51jesuschristchf isnt locked to euro
21:05.34DocScrutinizerjesuschrist: that'S what I heard in a sub-sentence in TV yesterday
21:05.50xavirah breaking news? :)
21:05.58jesuschristoh gosh
21:06.03jesuschristsad news
21:06.52DocScrutinizerwell, chf getting more and more and € ever cheaper was getting a problem at the german-suiss frontier
21:07.16jesuschristno export ?
21:07.18DocScrutinizersuisse wasn't eble to export to EU anymore
21:07.27jesuschristno more chocolate and clocks
21:08.40jesuschristsomedays ago there were on sold my amazon
21:08.48jesuschrist64 gb n9 for 580 euro!!!
21:08.55jesuschristjust for some minutes...
21:09.59DocScrutinizerN900 dropped by 20..30% during 8 weeks after rollout
21:10.52xavirwell almost all smartphones do just expect the iphone ..
21:11.27DocScrutinizeractually even before rollout, just I preordered several month prior to final rollout, and paid some 620€, while later you could preorder at Amazon etc for 499€ iirc
21:12.33jesuschristOn 6 September 2011 the SNB set a minimum exchange rate of 1.20 francs to the euro saying "the value of the franc is a threat to the economy",[15] and that it was "prepared to buy foreign currency in unlimited quantities."
21:13.09jesuschristyet it says minimum
21:13.14jesuschristand it says its not locked
21:13.19xavirwell early adaptors are always punished ... by paying more for beta testing :P
21:13.30jesuschristif it goes up, the bank buys foreigh currency and sell chf
21:13.33jesuschristso the price drop
21:16.59jesuschristcheapest price in romania is 576 euro
21:17.01jesuschristholy cow
21:18.57xavir haha that looks like a nice scam :P
21:20.12jesuschristCellulare Mod. dual Sim
21:20.16jesuschristwtf ?
21:20.36jesuschristit says its protected with paypal, i may try :D
21:21.05jesuschristyellow cover
21:21.20xavirbut will it blend?
21:23.57jesuschristtheres a n9 of a guy whou bought it in switzerland
21:24.03jesuschrist530 euro
21:24.07jesuschrist7 days ago
21:24.22jesuschristi think ill call and try to drop the price to 500
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