IRC log for #lugot on 20090814

00:19.49*** join/#lugot detrate- (
02:07.45*** join/#lugot tatica (n=tatica@fedora/tatica)
02:07.52taticabunch of bots!!!
02:15.56detrate-I've seen people in here every couple days but they don't talk much
02:16.16detrate-last thing said
02:16.18detrate-[Mon Aug 10 2009] [17:54:50] <oddball33> .hockey
02:16.19detrate-[Mon Aug 10 2009] [17:54:51] <oddbot33> (>'-')>  To a reporter after Ray was pounded by Edmonton’s Georges Laraque: "What are you, the fight doctor now or something? You’ve never been in a fight in your life, so what are you talking about?" ~Rob Ray
02:16.43detrate-and that was all
02:16.48detrate-nothing for days before :-P
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