IRC log for #lugot on 20081202

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19:22.06flybaerlinuturk: you going to be online this evening around 7
19:57.22Linuturknot sure
19:57.26Linuturkflybaer: ?
19:58.10flybaerwe are going to be playing around with irc duiring the meeting
19:58.29flybaerno one else knos how to use it
19:58.39Linuturkhow to use irc?
19:58.46flybaerso we are going to work using it
19:58.59Linuturkok. I'll be here
19:58.59flybaerneither brian nor ray have used it before
19:59.59flybaerwe will be doing that in the event that geoff doesn't show up
20:02.45Linuturkwhat's the topic geoff is doing?
20:12.09Linuturkah, fun :) you guys should use irssi for irc then :)
20:15.35oddball33the cli is the 1 true UI
20:57.02goozbachirssi FTW!
20:57.19goozbachirssi running under screen EVEN MORESO!
20:58.38flybaerok guys, I am trying to get these people to use irc
20:58.51flybaerI don't want to scare them....or myself for that matter
20:59.08flybaerI will show them xchat to begin with
20:59.29oddball33Konversation is a good one for beginners
20:59.42flybaerI haven't used that one
21:00.10flybaerxchat and pidgin is all I have played around with
21:00.26flybaerok oddball23, do I know you?  
21:00.49oddball33I'm from Tally, but I currently live in Pensacola
21:01.00oddball33I'm a student at a Uni here
21:01.07flybaerwho turned you on to lugot
21:01.17oddball33I don't remember
21:01.25flybaerthat's cool, too
21:01.35flybaerthere is a uni in p'cola?
21:01.47oddball33University of West Florida
21:02.01flybaernot from around here
21:03.44flybaerthx, i will read up on it
21:07.55flybaerman these cookies for the Christmas party tonight are awesome!
21:08.04flybaerGooz, they are better than yours!
21:08.17flybaer3 kinds of chips and walnuts...yum, yum!
21:09.31goozbachflybaer: you haven't had the last iteration of my cookie lumps
21:09.51goozbachI've perfected the recipe
21:13.54flybaeryou are too funny, but I like the "reasons" for your madness
21:14.03flybaerI would have asked those questions
21:14.18flybaerexcept the bread flour...I use it almost exclusively
21:16.59flybaerok, I am closing xchat and opening pidgin
21:17.10flybaerI am practicing :)
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21:19.31goozbachflybaer: the only time I don't use bread flour is when I'm making flour gravy or a cake
21:19.48flybaerI even use it seems to work fine
21:20.08goozbachgluten does strange things to gravy
21:20.23goozbachand cakes aren't as fluffy and light as they could be if there's gluten
21:23.07flybaermy hubby makes the best sausage gravy for biscuits...seems to taste great to me
21:23.28flybaerwaves at gooz
21:23.45flybaersticks tongue at linuturk
21:23.59flybaersorry about the playing
21:24.28flybaerxchat doesn't require a lot of input to work so i am playing around with commands
21:24.43goozbachinfobot: kiss flybaer
21:24.44infobotACTION forces flybaer to give goozbach a big kiss on the neck
21:24.54goozbachumm not what I was going for
21:25.06goozbach~embarass goozbach
21:25.18goozbachinfobot: embarass goozbach
21:25.44geekymomah...sorry...I just caught up
21:25.57geekymomI was reading commands and not chatting
21:26.10geekymomspeaking of's married life?
21:26.16goozbachvery good
21:26.36geekymomisn't it wonderful?
21:26.37goozbachyou know how most people say that the first year of marrage is the hardest?
21:26.54geekymomthat is an old wives tale
21:27.08goozbachI know, if this last year has been hard, I'm excited for the easy part to begin!
21:27.22goozbachit's been the most wonderful year of my life to date
21:27.30goozbachit's nice to have someone to come home to
21:27.37goozbachand cuddle up with at night ;)
21:27.37geekymomthat is awesome, Gooz
21:28.02geekymomand put your cold hands and feet on and watch them jump out of the covers
21:28.13geekymomyeah, nothing like it ;-)
21:28.18goozbachyeah that too
21:28.22geekymommy poor hubby
21:28.26geekymomgood thing he loves me
21:29.11geekymomwhois geekymom
21:29.25oddball33you forgot the /
21:29.41geekymomI saw that
21:29.57geekymomhum...I need to update my profile
21:30.02geekymommy name is "purple"
21:30.15oddball33it's because you're using Pidgin
21:30.27geekymomwhy is that?
21:30.27oddball33it's from libpurple
21:31.34goozbachlibpurple is the new name for libaim
21:31.46goozbachthey couldn't use aim anymore for trademark purposes
21:34.35geekymomwhat client are you using?  I "whois" you and received accurate info
21:34.58oddball33me or gooz?
21:35.29goozbachI'm using irssi
21:35.30geekymomeither :-)
21:35.44oddball33is using Konversation
21:36.01geekymomnice name "me"
21:36.08oddball33thanks :D
21:36.25geekymomcan i change my profle info in pidgin?
21:36.36geekymomI haven't looked..I guess i could do that before I asked
21:38.42geekymomhumm...changed it to alias and I am still purple...not that I don't like purple
21:46.33flybaerdo you run irssi from terminal?
21:48.04*** join/#lugot oddball33_ (
21:48.48oddball33is in this channel from 2 different clients :D
21:49.11flybaermy next question :-)
21:49.41oddball33oddball33_ is from irssi, and oddball33 is from Konversation
21:50.22flybaerguess I would need to install it in order to run it
21:50.34oddball33that usually helps
21:50.45flybaerthat is what I figured
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21:52.16flybaernever learn anything unless you have to teach something about it
21:52.44oddball33true do I change between channels in irssi?
21:54.09oddball33alt + left or right
21:54.11flybaerI ctrl-x and it didn't change me out of the other channel I opened
21:54.26catherinecool!  thx
21:56.19catherineor alt-(1, 2 ..for each channel number)
21:56.29oddball33that too
22:00.56catherinethere is some pretty neat stuff you can do with irssi
22:10.25goozbachctrl-n and ctrl-p take you to the next and previous window respectivly
22:11.17catherineI was just in a windows channel and the guy was asking about activating a directory in linux
22:11.26catherineand they asked him why he would want to do that
22:11.51goozbachactivating a directory?
22:12.28flybaersorry...he asked abouyt adding a linux box to active directory
22:13.33flybaerI like have irssi on one channel and pidgin on another
22:13.53flybaercan I use screen when i am not using a server
22:14.13goozbachstart your terminal, then start screen
22:14.15oddball33I have Konversation on 4 channels
22:14.26goozbachyou'll see a new command line
22:14.38goozbachstart your cli program, and it's running under screen
22:15.49flybaerthis tutorial says I have to quit irssi in order to use screen
22:16.42goozbachto get it running under screen, yes
22:16.56goozbachthink of screen as another "terminal" app
22:17.07goozbachyou can't move irssi from one terminal to another
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22:17.27flybaergot it
22:25.40flybaerhow do I reattach screen when I have two of them...I know I do screen -r
22:28.05flybaerloves tab completion
22:31.51catherin1screen -raAd
22:33.01catherin1screen -raAd
22:33.09flybaersorry again
22:34.14catherin1got it noq
22:49.37*** part/#lugot flybaer (
22:54.02Linuturkwell, seems I missed all the fun
22:54.15Linuturkoi goozbach
22:54.21Linuturkhow's stuff and all that?
22:55.13LinuturkI'm signed into the freenode server in sweden
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23:40.51catherineanybody around
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