IRC log for #lugot on 20080825

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14:20.58*** join/#lugot Linuturk (n=Linuturk@fluxbuntu/developer/Linuturk)
14:57.24kaffe_02how was the meeting on friday?
15:41.14*** join/#lugot clintc_ (
17:00.02Linuturkwent good
17:00.20Linuturkespecially considering it was a first
17:00.38Linuturko/c I consider anything but me talking to myself good :)
17:01.49kaffe_02lol thats good
17:02.01kaffe_02how many people showed up
17:49.50Linuturkjust one
17:49.55Linuturkbut, still, pretty good
17:50.00Linuturkthere were several afk
17:52.25kaffe_02lol yeah I guess most people would be at work at that time
18:04.23Linuturkwell, I figured lunch break, right?
18:04.38kaffe_02yeah that is true, it is right at lunch
18:31.30Linuturkhow did the storm treat you?
19:01.43*** part/#lugot kaffe_02 (
19:55.03*** join/#lugot kaffe_02 (

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