IRC log for #kde on 20150807

00:02.39rusty_prwilson, were those the right ones to edit
00:03.59prwilsonrusty_: actually, is /usr/bin/konsole where konsole lives on your distro?
00:04.40rusty_prwilson, yes
00:04.51prwilsonthose also look like they're under another application
00:05.07prwilsonas in, there's "close tab", "new tab" etc in the same tree
00:06.21rusty_prwilson, i got rid of the new tab
00:06.27prwilsonsounds like konqueror.  you just need that action to be one level up
00:06.49rusty_prwilson, what does close tab do w/ it though o-o
00:06.58rusty_prwilson, how do i be one level up
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00:07.15uid1I can only assume that the QT 5 thing is an unmitigated disaster from my experiences so far.  Konversation losing bottom tabs with hot-keys and ... Kate can't print to standard page sizes?!?   Am I the only one experiencing this?
00:07.57prwilsonrusty_: see if you can drag that action so it's not under the same tree with the konqueror actions.  you want it further left.
00:08.19prwilsonsee that "preset actions" folder?  it should be on the same level as that
00:08.26prwilsontry dragging it below there
00:09.34rusty_prwilson, true
00:09.47rusty_prwilson, I just did it
00:09.55rusty_prwilson, still doesnt wanna pop up a terminal :(
00:11.02prwilsonrusty_: lets see another screenshot
00:12.32rusty_prwilson, here you goo
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00:15.07prwilsonrusty_: ok, so now you've got it as a child of "preset actions".  you want it on the same level as preset actions.
00:15.22prwilsonie. global
00:18.21rusty_prwilson, ahh I see whatchu mean XD
00:19.43rusty_doesn't work though .__.
00:20.30Guest71068Hello, I'm trying to play wmv video in my fresh KDE install using Dragon, but it does not recommend any codecm it just dont play it
00:20.32rusty_prwilson, but i got it to work
00:20.44rusty_prwilson, I had to make a New group and then make the new action as a child of it
00:20.49rusty_prwilson, you gave me the idea though
00:20.57rusty_prwilson, or maybe thats what you meant
00:21.01rusty_prwilson, thank you so muchy :D
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00:21.45Guest71068All the search results on google says that you should install VLC (for other formats also), is Dragon useless ?
00:22.44prwilsonrusty_:  awesome!
00:23.05prwilsonGuest71068: depends.  do you like to dragon drop?
00:24.02Guest71068It looks native, so I prefer it's look than VLC :)
00:24.32Guest71068but How to make it play videos ?
00:24.47prwilsonGuest71068: yeah me too.  give it a shot.  you may need to install codecs depending on your distro
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00:27.37Guest71068prwilson : for example for mp4, what is the codec? I'm on fedora
00:28.33rusty_prwilson, what do you think about this
00:28.33prwilsonGuest71068: fedora includes nothing you need. will solve of your problems.
00:29.15Guest71068prwilson : I've added this repo
00:29.18prwilsonrusty_: that's pretty cool although w/ kde i like the bar on the bottom
00:29.34prwilsonGuest71068: from what i recall you want to install almost all the gstreamer stuff
00:29.44prwilsonmaybe a dnf install gstreamer*
00:29.57prwilsonor is that gnome?  hmm
00:30.45rusty_prwilson, trueeee
00:30.54rusty_prwilson, i want to make my kde sik like that one mayne
00:30.59rusty_prwilson, can i see urss
00:31.19prwilsonrusty_: i'm on plasma 5
00:31.33Guest71068prwilson : I see some "duplicated" with -devel , ?
00:32.33prwilsonGuest71068: try googling "fedora rpmfusion mp3"
00:33.10rusty_prwilson, is it a lot different
00:34.22prwilsonrusty_: i just installed this like an hour ago, barely configured it
00:34.58rusty_prwilson, its coming together nicely
00:35.15rusty_prwilson, how did you get the home box
00:35.17prwilsonplasma 5 (kde 5) looks way nicer, but there are still some rough edges
00:35.20rusty_prwilson, to show up on the moniter
00:35.42prwilsonrusty_: that actually came out of the box on opensuse, but it's just a desktop widget
00:36.03prwilsonrusty_: you should be able to click on the top left of your desktop and add widgets
00:37.14prwilsonthere are all kinds of widgets, like system/network/disk status to showing cartoon strips
00:38.30rusty_prwilson, woahhhh
00:38.36rusty_prwilson, widgets are the boxes xD
00:38.49rusty_prwilson, why thank you :)
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03:17.03mirage335OMFG, no xembed support? No ksystraycmd? No alltotray? No minimize to tray option in Kwin rules? WTF are us users supposed to do to dock programs like thunderbird with poor support for SystemNotify?
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03:26.12Markus_KMixembed systray is dead
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03:29.26Markus_KMiapplications have to adapt. luckily the StatusNotifier protocol is cross desktop -- e.g. Ubuntu's app indicators are based on the same protocol. app indicators just work as well
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03:30.41mirage335Ok, so xembed is dead, but applications don't support it.
03:30.55Markus_KMimany applications do
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03:31.11mirage335And honestly, I doubt Status Notifier will be properly supported by even up-to-date distros for more than a year.
03:31.22mirage335Especially since it has already been around at least that long.
03:31.28mirage335So, again, what to do in the meantime?
03:31.37surgyim looking at the kde display configuration-system settings...... and trying to arrange my two monitors in a different format... i want  the monitor on the right to be the left..... ao i rearrange them..... but the "apply" button is broken
03:31.38Markus_KMiagain: it's the same protocol Unity uses
03:31.39mirage335Is this just another case of Linux sucks for the desktop?
03:32.00Markus_KMiyes, use windows
03:32.14mirage335That's a really disappointing answer.
03:32.25mirage335So, here we had a solution, now we have nothing.
03:32.45mirage335And seriously, some kind of "alltotray" functionality at the very least is required.
03:32.45surgynevermind i fixed it :)
03:33.04Markus_KMisurgy: cool
03:33.33surgyhow do i ake glxgears output its fps?
03:34.14Markus_KMimirage335: I don't think that is a use case for a majority of people
03:34.42Markus_KMisurgy: Start it from Konsole
03:35.00Markus_KMiit's a bad benchmark, though
03:35.22mirage335Markus_KMi: So much as being able to dock an email client off the task manager across all desktops, so it can popup notifications from time to time is not a use case?
03:35.34mirage335Seriously? Reading freaking email?
03:35.48mirage335There needs to be a workaround that actually fits in the panel.
03:35.49surgyMarkus_KMi, ok another question then..... how do i control which monitor applications open in?
03:35.50Markus_KMiworks just fine with KMail
03:36.30mirage335Seriously? I have to abandon my mail client of choice for the KDE walled garden alternative because the devs decided to totally screw this over without any workarounds?
03:37.01mirage335Frankly, I'm really hoping I'm missing something, any kind of mechanism to dock apps to the 'SystemNotifier'.
03:37.11mirage335Or just dock apps period.
03:37.34Markus_KMisurgy: Right click on title bar --> more actions --> special window settings
03:38.50Markus_KMimirage335: ask mozilla to fix thunderbird
03:39.11surgythank you
03:39.14Markus_KMioh wait, according to mozilla thunderbird is already perfect which is why they ended development
03:39.22surgynow to get the proprietary amd video card driver to work
03:39.49mirage335Thunderbird is, in fact, maintained. FireTray even supports the new SystemNotifier.
03:40.09mirage335However, so far as I can tell, no one has actually made it work under Arch.
03:41.06Markus_KMiI can't say anything about 3rd party extentions to thunderbird under arch
03:41.51mirage335Markus_KMi: Point is, KDE has drastically changed the systray functionality, without leaving any transition mechanism.
03:42.04mirage335I am rather desperately looking for that transition mechanism.
03:42.18drfoobazmirage355: They didn't change it as radically as Gnome 3.
03:42.30Markus_KMimirage335: You're wrong
03:42.38mirage335Then what's the transition mechanism?
03:42.53Markus_KMiPlasma 4 and Unity support StatusNotifies since years
03:43.15Markus_KMithere were years of transition
03:43.27mirage335And yet, now everything doesn't work.
03:43.53Markus_KMiif the app's developers stuck their heads in the sand, it's their fault
03:43.55mirage335Previously, I actually ran a mixed LXDE desktop on Gentoo/Funtoo, but that occasionally had problems, notably with clipboard support. I was hoping to go back towards KDE, but this is ridiculous.
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03:44.16Markus_KMithen go back to whatever desktop you like.
03:44.27mirage335I'm not happy at all, with either solution.
03:44.29Markus_KMixembed systray won't come back
03:44.39mirage335Well, come to think of it, why not?
03:44.51mirage335Why not just implement a plasma widget to support xembed.
03:45.03mirage335Wayland... I'll believe that when I actually see hardware supporting it.
03:45.33Markus_KMiwhat GPU do you have?
03:45.45mirage335Intel HD Graphics, Lenovo X220 Tablet
03:45.53mirage335Not my only GPU though.
03:46.07Markus_KMiSee, you already have Waylang compatibility
03:46.10mirage335IIRC, Wayland will never support fast drivers for NVIDIA cards, so that leaves me out.
03:46.41Markus_KMiit's up to NVidia to fix their broken driver
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03:46.59Markus_KMibut all Intel and AMD GPUs with Mesa drivers just work under wayland
03:47.29mirage335Well, so basically, I'm gathering Thunderbird just won't work on Linux going forward. :(
03:47.41Markus_KMiI don't know about TB
03:47.56mirage335It's sad to see Linux continue shifting quicker than applications can support it.
03:48.05Markus_KMiWayland will be the default session in the upcoming Gnome release
03:48.22Markus_KMiwith luck Plasma 5.5 will do the same
03:48.35Markus_KMiUnity will switch to Mir in 2016
03:48.42mirage335Well seriously though, would it really be impossible to offer an 'alltotray' function along with Plasma5?
03:48.58mirage335I am looking for something like that. The current situation is highly inconvenient.
03:49.09Markus_KMii don't know. should be possible, but not with xembed
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03:51.13Markus_KMimaybe some 3rd party will implement an x11 systray for plasma. I heard Red Hat was looking into it but I have no clue if they actually do work on that
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03:52.46mirage335Maybe lxqt won't be so bad.
03:53.56Markus_KMiwhy not use Icon Tasks?
03:54.07mirage335What are those?
03:54.25mirage335Oh, right.
03:54.36mirage335I think I used that years back. It was yet another panel.
03:55.39Markus_KMiit's part of plasma now
03:56.14Markus_KMiunlick widgets -> right click on tasks -> alternatives
03:56.26mirage335It's also not specific to the applications I want docked.
03:56.41mirage335The whole point is to dock *some* applications, independently of the main taskbar.
03:59.30mirage335Hmm, LXDE-QT doesn't seem so bad.
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03:59.47Markus_KMiJust tried FireTray for my Firefox installation
03:59.48mirage335Certainly no fuss about Thunderbird.
03:59.56mirage335Markus_KMi: And?
03:59.56Markus_KMicrashed the GTK3 port of Firefox
04:00.17Markus_KMihad to manually delete the extension from the profile folder
04:00.44mirage335What distro are you using?
04:00.55Markus_KMifedora. gtk3 firefox is default here
04:01.24mirage335Ahh, I see.
04:01.33Markus_KMionce/if thunderbird switches to gtk3, firetray will have to be ported once again.
04:02.18mirage335So, maybe I'll have to abandon FireTray after all, but it would sure be alot easier if some kind of all-to-tray application existed for KDE.
04:03.15Markus_KMithat's really not my use case, so i never investigated for a solution
04:04.03mirage335Honestly, not being able to 'background' an email client is debilitating.
04:05.29Markus_KMisadly not much development happening:
04:05.46Markus_KMimost recent changes are updates to translations
04:06.21mirage335Probably not much development needed, aside from things breaking due to changes to the underlying software.
04:06.33Markus_KMithere surely are mail clients other than kmail that support statusnotifier
04:06.58mirage335Perhaps. But TB is still maintained, and it is still a major mail client.
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04:08.01Markus_KMimaintained maybe but according to not under active development
04:09.18*** join/#kde perrier (~cinch@
04:09.40Markus_KMifor whatever reason the mail back-ends of FirefoxOS and thunderbird are not shared among those two
04:10.07Markus_KMii.e. they are not using the same technology with different GUIs
04:10.23io_errorThat's rather out of date, the current status is
04:10.46mirage335io_error: Thank you for referencing that.
04:11.31Markus_KMi"We agreed that Thunderbird needs to have one or more full-time, paid staff to support shipping a stable, reliable product, and allow progress to be made on frequently-requested features. To this end, we plan to appeal directly to our users for donations."
04:11.39*** join/#kde underscores_ (~underscor@fedora/underscores)
04:11.40io_errorAs for me, I keep Thunderbird on its own virtual desktop, so I never minimize it to tray...
04:11.54Markus_KMiso no development by mozilla corp
04:12.17io_errorThey are actually shipping the new features they promised, so it looks like they're pulling it off
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04:12.44Markus_KMiI found myself completely quitting kmail when I'm not using it as I get mail notifications from my phone via KDE Connect anyway
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04:13.21mirage335Try joining some mailing lists.
04:13.27io_errorOh god
04:13.38Markus_KMiI just quit all mailing lists
04:13.39mirage335That phone notification will be going off continiously...
04:13.50io_errorI set digest mode everywhere and still get multiple messages a day
04:13.56mirage335No wonder you don't care about a functional email client then.
04:14.26Markus_KMikmail has the feature you want, i just happen to use it less and less in recent months
04:15.08mirage335KMail very likely doesn't have *all* the features I want though.
04:16.05mirage335It's not exactly nice to be forced to use the DE program because it doesn't play nice with any others.
04:16.52Markus_KMiPlasma and Unity nicely share the same systray protocol
04:17.07Markus_KMisince years, as i said before ;)
04:17.12mirage335Which again, doesn't seem well supported yet.
04:18.55mirage335Hmm, really, LXQT isn't bad.
04:19.01Markus_KMiwithout any hard facts on that topic, I'm pretty certain that Plasma and Unity combined make up the majority of Linux desktops. If the app authors don't care about the majority of their users, it's their fault
04:19.10*** join/#kde fewcha (~sanjiban@
04:19.43mirage3351) The majority of their users are likely on MS platforms. 2) TB does not provide any tray support on its own.
04:20.16mirage335Frankly, I still see this as a burden pushed on the app developers, which ultimately gets pushed on the end users as a loss of functionality.
04:20.23Markus_KMiI am obviously talking about Linux applications, not Windows applications
04:21.09mirage335The way this is going, cross-platform applications will have an incentive to go Windows.
04:23.14Markus_KMiWindows applications also have to be adapted to support new features of new Windows versions
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04:23.34mirage335Historically, much less often.
04:23.44*** join/#kde prwilson (
04:23.58mirage335And seriously, I think the system tray has stayed the same from what, Win95 to Win7?
04:25.32Markus_KMiit's not like supporting a new systray protocol is more work than porting a Windows applications to .NET with a Metro GUI
04:26.31Markus_KMiQt applications don't have to be changed at all.
04:27.57mirage335And yet, through one extension or another, Thunderbird continues to provide a systray icon reliably on that platform.
04:28.01mirage335But not on Linux.
04:28.43Markus_KMiif you don't like frequent changes, you're pretty much wrong with Arch Linux anyway. Use CentOS and you only have to upgrade once every 10 years
04:29.23Markus_KMiand it's not a desktop's responsibility to work around bugs in some thunderbird extension
04:29.48mirage335As a Gentoo/Funtoo user, I have found it *necessary* to be able to support the latest versions of software to get things done.
04:29.53mirage335Frequent changes, I don't mind.
04:30.26mirage335The continuing trend to break things along the path of 'architectural improvements', to the point where no complete system actually works, is infuriating though.
04:30.52mirage335At this rate, I'll have to dedicate physically separate computers to separate tasks.
04:30.54Markus_KMiagain: the statusnotifier protocol is here since years
04:30.58mirage335Actually, I know someone who does that.
04:31.20Markus_KMiand according to firetray, it also supports that protocol
04:31.30Markus_KMimaybe it's arch's fault
04:31.42mirage335And yet, even a relatively recent distro like arch doesn't incorporate that support.
04:31.45mirage335Arch's fault?
04:31.59mirage335Compare with Debian, CentOS, or half the other distros out there.
04:32.29mirage335For that matter, Ubuntu seems to the the only distro benefitting from this.
04:33.23Markus_KMiapparently firetray with statusnotifier workd for the author. no idea which os he uses
04:34.13Markus_KMithe readme says something about xfce. maybe he uses xubuntu or so
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04:35.47Markus_KMiX11 is a security nightmare. it's important to kill it ASAP
04:36.26mirage335Oh wow.
04:36.39mirage335And tell me, does wayland support any kind of per-app forwarding over SSH?
04:37.01mirage335Security nightmare or not, X11 as a server/client architecture has its merits.
04:38.41mirage335Sounds more like VNC than X11 forwarding.
04:41.07Markus_KMiX11 forwarding is crap. RDP is a proper protocol and -- btw -- compatible with Windows
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04:41.39*** join/#kde togge|laptop (~quassel@kde/tnyblom)
04:42.25Markus_KMinobody is hindering you to use X11 with LXQt if you prefer that
04:43.29Markus_KMiuntil LXQt migrates to Wayland or Thunderbird migrates to GTK3 and FireTray will stop working again for you
04:45.13Markus_KMibtw I don't think your problem with some niche extension is representative of the entire user base
04:46.23Markus_KMiwell, it was nice but I have to go now. I hope you find a workflow that suits you.
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04:51.23mirage335As it is, I've been a bit harsh today, a bit fed up with things not working for somewhat apparently arbitary reasons. Still, I think I will end up using LXQt for now. It's actually rather efficient, and hopefully SystemNotifier support will be more mature when that does become the only practical option.
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05:49.15uid1mirage335: I scrolled back and read some of µ^òÏconversation -- I think I'm in pretty strong agreement with you.
05:49.54*** join/#kde fewcha__ (~sanjiban@
05:50.42uid1I've got Kate on QT 5 which wouldn't let me change paper size.  Downgraded Konversation as the open channel list moved to the side, making channel output even narrower.  Lost ability to have hot-key tab-switching.   Etc.
05:52.00uid1I'm finding it quite distressing the direction my favourite pieces of software have been moving lately.   Seems the Mate desktop or something that will let me stick to KDE 4.x is in my future.  (I'm on Manjaro and halted updates after QT5 began rolling out.)
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06:31.33chrisb2244LFS and install what you want...?
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08:00.19lordievaderGood morning.
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09:08.39*** join/#kde tnyblom (~quassel@kde/tnyblom)
09:16.04Tujumy kde mail has become very problematic recently
09:16.24Tujuevery time i sit at this computer and try to open emails, it just hangs.
09:18.41Tujuakonadictl is a background tool and if everything would be fine, nobody would even know that it exists. But instead it's like a MS Windows taskmanager.exe, people actually have it at hand in some window all the time.
09:22.12*** join/#kde ivanich (
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10:20.05*** join/#kde geco2_ (
10:21.21CapsAdminhow do i remove notes that are stuck in the taskbar?
10:23.11leszekCapsAdmin: on plasma 4 right click and you should find a menu entry to remove the notes widget. On Plasma 5 only by configuring the taskbar (by default the configure button on the far right) and then hovering over it and pressing X
10:23.57*** join/#kde chek2fire (
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10:26.47*** join/#kde togge|laptop (~quassel@kde/tnyblom)
10:28.59CapsAdminleszek, thanks. i'm using plasma 5
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11:11.50*** join/#kde s4ndm4n (~sandman@unaffiliated/sandman13)
11:13.09*** join/#kde icwiener (~fs@kde/developer/schwarzer)
11:13.21s4ndm4nIs there a way to fix the hover behavior of Dolphin if GTK theme applied using qtconfig?
11:16.27*** join/#kde icwiener_ (
11:16.27*** join/#kde icwiener_ (~fs@kde/developer/schwarzer)
11:17.58*** join/#kde fracting (~fracting@
11:19.06*** join/#kde jeordie_ (
11:20.00*** join/#kde icwiener (~fs@kde/developer/schwarzer)
11:21.35leszeks4ndm4n: whats wrong with it ?
11:24.47leszekoh hmm... never saw that kind of problem before
11:25.12*** join/#kde fewcha (~sanjiban@
11:25.31s4ndm4nWhen I select a directory/file and hover over it, the name disappears. I know it can be fixed by changing @bg_color of gtk theme but changing it will affect all the gtk applications
11:25.49s4ndm4nleszek: I got an idea
11:26.35s4ndm4nCan you guys suggest me qtcurve themes that look similar to few gtk themes?
11:27.42*** join/#kde joephelius_ (~joe@gateway/vpn/privateinternetaccess/joephelius)
11:27.55*** join/#kde cyjimmy264 (~quassel@
11:33.52*** join/#kde togge|laptop_ (~quassel@
11:37.05BlaXpirits4ndm4n, what the hell does gtk have to do with anything?
11:37.26BlaXpiritdo you want your dolphin to not look horrible or are you looking for advice on something else?
11:37.28leszeks4ndm4n: maybe this:
11:37.53*** join/#kde Two_Dogs (~snak-kat@unaffiliated/almoxarife)
11:38.08s4ndm4nBlaXpirit: I want my dolphin to not look horrible.
11:38.26BlaXpirits4ndm4n, well  very soon with next release of kde applications it won't :p
11:38.31BlaXpirits4ndm4n, for now u need to install a kde 4 theme
11:38.57BlaXpiritor style, whatever it's called
11:39.24s4ndm4nBlaXpirit: qtcurve?
11:39.34BlaXpirits4ndm4n, that's a gtk theme
11:40.23BlaXpirits4ndm4n, on arch linux it's  "breeze-kde4"
11:40.32s4ndm4nBlaXpirit: I am not using Plasma 5
11:40.33BlaXpiritor  "oxygen-kde4", whatever floats ur boatr
11:40.55BlaXpirits4ndm4n, well that's surely a surprise. the icon set is misleading
11:41.10*** join/#kde aarontc (~aarontc@2001:470:e893::1:1)
11:41.39*** join/#kde redeyedman (~galym@
11:41.54BlaXpirits4ndm4n, well you need to install and/or select  oxygen theme
11:42.12s4ndm4nBlaXpirit: Are there other alternatives?
11:42.29BlaXpirits4ndm4n, what are you looking for in alternatives?
11:42.52s4ndm4nBlaXpirit: Alternative to oxygen theme?
11:43.03BlaXpiriti dont know, there are a log
11:44.47*** join/#kde fatalerrors (
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11:48.45*** join/#kde icwiener (~fs@kde/developer/schwarzer)
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12:40.37*** join/#kde BluesKaj (~kaj@unaffiliated/blueskaj)
12:41.04BluesKajHowdy folks
12:42.08*** join/#kde togge|laptop (~quassel@
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13:39.32*** join/#kde Tekkkz (
13:40.03*** join/#kde ntz (
13:40.36TekkkzHello! I'm on KDE5 Plasma and I want to switch the Audio Output Device. I want to switch from the built-in to an USB Speaker. I have kmix installed. How to switch?
13:45.12spideyclickTekkkz: Usually I right-click the sound button on the system tray, then go to audio setup.  I'm on KDE4, so your mileage may vary.
13:45.50Tekkkzyeah works for me too, but what must i do in audio setup?
13:47.13ntzhmmm ... what's the proper KDE-ish way to do at the startup something like: ``mount --rbind /var/run/media/$USER $HOME/mnt/auto'' ?
13:47.56ntzeg I want that kde (or udisks or systemd) simply mounts my user mounts (like usb drives) somewhere to my home folder and not to inane /var/run/media
13:51.14*** join/#kde toscalix (~toscalix@
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13:52.49*** join/#kde Haudegen (~quassel@
13:53.13*** join/#kde BluesKaj (~kaj@unaffiliated/blueskaj)
13:53.23spideyclickI usually go to audio hardware setup, switch between different sound cards and devices.  Usually I have to play with it a little before it works properly.
13:54.38*** join/#kde jgrulich_ (~jgrulich@
13:55.01spideyclickAs far as doing something at startup, I would go to system settings>startup and shutdown>add a script.  Just put your commands in that script. The only problem you might run into is with sudo permissions--I could be wrong, but I think scripts executed after KDE startup are run as a regular user.
13:58.10spideyclickntz:  I have also had some fun with the device notifier settings (right click icon on system tray).  It can automount, but I do not know how to make it mount to a specific folder.  Perhaps a script that you could trigger from the desktop would be a better solution.
14:01.35ntzspideyclick: you'd probably need to change it on udisks or systemd level I'd suppose
14:01.36*** join/#kde jigar (~quassel@
14:02.17ntzspideyclick: workaround for me is, if KDE from theiras autostart does something like: sudo /usr/bin/mount --rbind /var/run/media/$USER $HOME/mnt/auto
14:02.43ntzbut the problem is, that stupid udisk removes the top level ($USER) folder when nothing is mounted
14:03.45*** join/#kde Haudegen (~quassel@
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14:05.58*** join/#kde Sir_Desi (~Sir_Desig@wikipedia/mareklug)
14:07.01*** join/#kde tekkkz (
14:07.06tekkkzits me again
14:07.45tekkkzspideyclick, so listen pls: in pavucontrol i need to disable all audio devices except the usb speakers to be able to listen with them. but in kmix i dont have this posiblity?
14:10.56*** join/#kde rthomsen (
14:14.50*** join/#kde thyme_ (~thyme@2402:6b00:284a:1240:5642:49ff:fe61:f0fe)
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14:40.06*** join/#kde dethos (~dethos@
14:40.43*** join/#kde tnorth_ (~tnorth@
14:41.25BlaXpirittekkkz, have u seen phonon settings?
14:42.39tekkkzwhat is it?
14:42.52BlaXpirittekkkz, search for phonon and see
14:44.29tekkkzBlaXpirit, i have phonon-qt5-gstreamer already installed
14:44.35BlaXpirittekkkz, by search i mean search in kde menus
14:44.42BlaXpiritof course u have it installed
14:44.49BlaXpiritnow go to sound settings / phonon settings
14:45.29tekkkzwehre is this?? i have phonon opened
14:46.18*** join/#kde tnyblom (~quassel@kde/tnyblom)
14:46.35*** join/#kde Sonderblade (
14:46.36*** join/#kde kshitij8 (~kshitij@
14:46.59tekkkzyou mean in phonon or what?
14:47.29*** join/#kde dmatt (~quassel@
14:48.31*** join/#kde veqz (
14:48.39tekkkzBlaXpirit, are you there?
14:49.13*** join/#kde xamindar (
14:51.19*** join/#kde leszek (
14:51.30*** join/#kde rthomsen (
14:54.23*** join/#kde Mystica555_ (~mystica55@
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14:57.54*** part/#kde ntz (
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15:05.22*** join/#kde FutureSuture (~wat@
15:07.30*** join/#kde ashkan_ (~ashkan@
15:09.39*** join/#kde Finetundra (
15:10.53tekkkzBlaXpirit, rm -Rf ~/.kde*/share/apps/kmix/ ~/.kde*/share/config/kmix* helped me
15:15.05*** join/#kde blurider (
15:15.26bluriderWhy is the kio-ftp plugin linked against libssh instead of openssh?
15:16.17*** join/#kde leszek (
15:17.16rdieterblurider: because openssh doesn't provide a library?
15:17.16ashkan_Hi I cannot connect to my cisco vpn on fedora 22 kde
15:17.22ashkan_it goes in a loop
15:17.39bluriderrdieter: how's sshfs dependending on openssh then?
15:17.42*** join/#kde rd_ (
15:17.56*** join/#kde cmacq2 (
15:18.07rdieterblurider: I could only guess
15:18.09*** join/#kde cristianonet (~cristi@
15:18.52bluriderrdieter: I ask because i recently switched to the HPN patches for openssh and have large bandwidth gains. But, those gains don't extend to kio-sftp since it uses libssh.
15:19.04*** join/#kde kshitij8 (~kshitij@
15:19.17bluriderrdieter: 9 mb/s : hpn-ssh; 2 mb/s : kio-sftp
15:21.50rdieterI'd venture similar patches could be made for libssh too
15:24.33*** join/#kde jaafar (
15:24.47*** join/#kde filipesaraiva (~filipe@
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15:25.51*** join/#kde Sir_Desi (~Sir_Desig@wikipedia/mareklug)
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15:50.50*** join/#kde [Relic] (~Relic]@2602:306:33a3:6d30:e8a1:145e:a6fb:61c2)
15:59.58*** join/#kde elvisangelaccio (~elvis@kde/developer/elvisangelaccio)
16:03.34*** join/#kde ashkanull (~ashkan@
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16:09.23*** join/#kde CapsAdmin (~CapsAdmin@
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16:23.47*** join/#kde tajidinabd (~tajidinab@unaffiliated/tajidinabd)
16:25.19mirage335New session under plasma5 results in a major kscreenlocker crash, locking things up, if the new session is not a plasma5 session.
16:25.32mirage335So, starting lxqt in the new session does not work reliably.
16:25.46mirage335Any way to start whatever daemon is necessary to make the appropriate dbus calls?
16:27.00*** join/#kde JanKusanagi (
16:28.12*** join/#kde jfmcarreira (
16:29.25mirage335"Qt: Session management error: networkIdsList argument is NULL"
16:29.29mirage335That may be relevant.
16:29.55*** join/#kde darkbasic (
16:30.14*** join/#kde fracting (~fracting@
16:30.21rdietermirage335: I get that error semi-often too
16:30.41rdieter(without crashes)
16:31.10*** join/#kde FlameReaper-PC (~honoo-pc@
16:31.29*** join/#kde cerkauskas (
16:31.31mirage335Well, the question remains, how to get KDE to play nice with other DE's.
16:33.44*** join/#kde LjL` (
16:33.45*** join/#kde LjL` (~ljl@unaffiliated/ljl)
16:33.54mirage335Interesting. The crash still happens when lxqt runs kwin.
16:34.36*** join/#kde tomaz (Tomaz@nat/intel/x-zwoigisjgapkosrj)
16:41.38*** join/#kde uXus (~uXus@
16:42.55*** join/#kde Tazmain (~Tazmain@
16:44.59*** join/#kde ob-sed (~obesd@unaffiliated/obesd)
16:47.07*** join/#kde notis (
16:48.47mirage335"QXcbConnection: Could not connect to display :0"
16:49.03mirage335Lots of those error messages show up in journalctl when this happens.
16:49.19mirage335And I find, it is indeed impossible to start any X application on display :0 .
16:51.46*** join/#kde Smjert (~quassel@unaffiliated/smjert)
16:55.23*** join/#kde cerkauskas (
16:55.58mirage335Wow. If I lock the screen, start a new session from the locker, launch lxqt in it, and then return to plasma, I can get back in. No problems.
16:56.10*** join/#kde rico_ (
16:56.19mirage335So the problem is clearly that the locker tries to run while the VT in question is not in use.
16:56.43mirage335Any way to disable the locker during switching?
16:58.04mirage335Uggh. Just locked up again when I tried to launch the locker while lxqt was running.
16:58.49mirage335Seems like the locker is trying to access the lxqt session, failing, and crashing.
17:02.47*** join/#kde Muhannad (~Muhannad@
17:05.15mirage335Hmm. Seems that running the locker manaully causes a crash even when plasma is the other session.
17:05.35mirage335But not when no other sessions are present.
17:06.15*** join/#kde BluesKaj (~kaj@unaffiliated/blueskaj)
17:06.54*** join/#kde cyjimmy264 (~quassel@
17:07.53*** join/#kde guraltsev (~guraltsev@
17:10.14mirage335Reset all plasma configuration options, same issue.
17:10.23mirage335Come on, anyone have any ideas?
17:10.58*** join/#kde ashkanull (~ashkan@
17:12.55*** join/#kde NeuhNeuh (~Jean-Char@
17:14.14*** join/#kde FutureSuture (~wat@
17:15.24mirage335*sigh* Problem solved.
17:15.59mirage335"Thou shall not have two sessions under the same user."
17:16.16mirage335Would be nice to see some documentation to the effect that KDE doesn't handle this nicely somewhere.
17:20.59*** join/#kde otjura (~otjura@unaffiliated/pozori)
17:24.42*** join/#kde chris_hd (
17:24.47*** join/#kde kshitij8_ (~kshitij@
17:25.19*** join/#kde cmakeshift (
17:25.44*** join/#kde ashkanull (~ashkan@
17:25.54dabbillAny one know how to get owncloud overlays to work in dolphin, running fedora 22 KDE
17:26.36*** join/#kde FutureSuture (~wat@
17:27.39*** join/#kde NeuhNeuh (~Jean-Char@
17:35.47*** join/#kde edgrey (~skirey@
17:38.28*** join/#kde hexnewbie (~kvirc@
17:39.14*** join/#kde ashkanull (~ashkan@
17:41.15*** join/#kde silver_hook (~hook@unaffiliated/silver-hook/x-2625033)
17:46.31*** join/#kde BuddyButterfly (
17:47.14*** join/#kde cxd13 (~cxd13@unaffiliated/cxd13)
17:49.59*** join/#kde ivanich (
17:56.13*** join/#kde rico_ (
17:56.41*** join/#kde rico__ (
17:57.20*** join/#kde ecksun (
17:58.46ecksunhmm, it seems I cannot use alt+§ as a keyboard shortcut in plasma (just upgraded from kde4), do you have any idea why?
17:59.23*** join/#kde kshitij8_ (~kshitij@
18:00.17*** join/#kde NeuhNeuh (~Jean-Char@
18:04.54ecksunin fact, it seems like I cant use § for a keyboard shortcut at all
18:06.21BlaXpiritecksun, i dont think much can be done
18:06.23BlaXpiritreport and move on
18:06.55uid1ecksun: Did it work in kde4 ?
18:06.58ecksunuid1, ye
18:07.19uid1What a clusterfuck.
18:07.34uid1Not ready for public consumption, this v5
18:07.57BlaXpiritecksun, counting the number of regressions is a fun game
18:08.04BlaXpiriti lost count tho, should've at least written down
18:08.20ecksunI will report it, but I would love to include more debugging information than just "doesnt work"
18:08.35ecksundo you know where keyboard shortcuts are saved?
18:08.38BlaXpiritecksun, well it's easily reproducible
18:08.45ecksunBlaXpirit, can you reproduce it?
18:08.52BlaXpiriti dont have such a button
18:08.59ecksunwhat do you have to the left of one?
18:09.20BlaXpirit`  as is typical
18:09.22uid1` and shifted is ~
18:09.47ecksunI have a swedish keyboard
18:09.51ecksundidnt knew they differed there
18:10.03ecksunI wonder if I can use åäö for shortcuts
18:10.07uid1US style keyboard...
18:10.48*** join/#kde yodeler (~quassel@unaffiliated/yodeler)
18:12.12ecksunanother curious thing is that if I bind simply § to a keyboard shortcut, the 's' key stops working
18:13.34BlaXpiritnow i would say uid1's initial phrase is relevant
18:13.53uid1Sometimes I hate being right...
18:14.46uid1Truly, I'm heartbroken at what KDE's become.   I heard the noise about the 3 -> 4 upgrade, then eventually tried 4 and loved it, despite its quirks.
18:15.39ecksunso, what has it become?
18:15.42uid1The dev efforts ought to have gone into polishing 4 IMHO, but perhaps that's boring compared to new tools / system dev'ing?  Anyway, I'm deeply saddened.
18:16.30BlaXpirituid1, surely fixing the rare bugs is less fun than rewriting things
18:16.57uid1It's become something with less visual appeal (I thought we left the flat design when we left the 1990's), loss of features, inability to get Kate to print to standard page size, ...   (@ ecksun)
18:17.20rdieterthought kde4 got lots of polish, still does some... kde4 kdelibs/kde-workspace LTS is still part of kde-applications releases
18:17.41ecksunuid1, I dont really care about how it looks, I always get rid of all decoration anyway
18:17.49uid1I'm running a bastardized hybrid of KDE 4 and QT5 at the moment; stopped upgrading when Konversation went QT5 and I lost critical features...
18:18.21ecksunloosing features though is very annoying, luckily I haven't noticed anything yet
18:18.30BlaXpiriti didn't settle for the hybrid, abandoned my favorite distro just to get kde 4
18:19.00*** join/#kde RedW (
18:19.31uid1rdieter: The areas that I, personally, thought needed polish was in the phonon settings and general system settings -- they were confusing and seemingly not grouped / organized appropriately.   But otherwise I agree, 90+% was extremely nice.
18:20.15uid1BlaXpirit: Yeah, same idea I'm having -- moving from Manjaro to CentOS 7.   What did you switch from / to ?
18:20.29BlaXpiritarch linux -> linux mint
18:20.49uid1So are you using Mate?  Is there even a Mint + KDE ?
18:20.56BlaXpirituid1, there is
18:20.58BlaXpiritbut i definitely dont recommend linux mint. if i made the choice now, it's 100% Kubuntu
18:21.06BlaXpirit14.04 that is
18:21.08*** join/#kde BluesKaj (~kaj@unaffiliated/blueskaj)
18:21.10*** join/#kde lordievader (
18:21.33uid1That would probably be where I'd go.  Full of respect for Mint, but it's not where I'd go to, myself.
18:22.15*** join/#kde cmacq2 (
18:40.05*** join/#kde cyjimmy264 (~quassel@
18:48.21*** join/#kde ivanich (
18:50.24*** join/#kde nlminhtl (~ignotus@kde/developer/minhngo)
18:50.58*** join/#kde JackBauer24 (
18:51.02*** join/#kde bluelightning (~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning)
18:53.23*** join/#kde obsed (~obesd@unaffiliated/obesd)
18:54.59*** join/#kde fracting (
19:12.26*** join/#kde rthomsen6 (
19:13.23*** join/#kde silver_hook (~hook@unaffiliated/silver-hook/x-2625033)
19:14.58*** join/#kde sagerdearia (~necrodear@unaffiliated/necrodearia)
19:17.44*** join/#kde Blizzz (~quassel@ubuntu/member/blizzz)
19:18.14*** join/#kde _rd_ (
19:25.43*** join/#kde _rd (
19:26.42*** join/#kde mareex (
19:29.36*** join/#kde owengreaves (
19:33.54*** join/#kde sagerdearia (~necrodear@unaffiliated/necrodearia)
19:36.28*** join/#kde BluesKaj (~kaj@unaffiliated/blueskaj)
19:38.41*** join/#kde tekkkz (
19:38.42tekkkzHello! I'm on arch with kde5 plasma and i have a problem with kmix. I have an usb speaker and i cant activate it with kmix. How can i fix this?
19:39.30*** join/#kde dmatt (
19:42.52Fusselwurmtekkkz: have you tried alsamixer?
19:42.59bluriderWhen unifying displays, plasma 5 seems to lose its widgets. Telling it to add widgets seems to bring them back.
19:43.11bluridertekkkz: what do you mean by activate?
19:43.15tekkkzFusselwurm, what do you mean?
19:43.24tekkkzwait guys
19:43.53BlaXpiritFusselwurm, are u serious here?
19:43.53tekkkzwith pavucontrol, i can disable my build-in sound device so the usb ist the only left and is used, but with kmix i can not switch to the usb device
19:44.14bluridertekkkz: right click kmix, select master channel
19:44.22BlaXpirittekkkz, have you gone to goddamn phonon settings like i told you
19:44.45*** join/#kde guraltsev (~guraltsev@
19:44.47tekkkzblurider, but whatever i select there, its still the built-in
19:45.01tekkkzBlaXpirit, you never told me what i should set up in phonon, you didnt answered anymore
19:45.23BlaXpirittekkkz, see if there is a relevant recording device  and move it up
19:45.36tekkkzyeah no ther is just default
19:45.44FusselwurmBlaXpirit: half serious, yes.
19:45.44BlaXpiritok then sorry
19:45.52BlaXpiritthis is actually bad news
19:46.03BlaXpiritmaybe it's not recognized at all
19:46.42tekkkz1st: but with pavucontrol im able to use it, 2nd: some hours ago before i isntalled everything new i got it working, but now not .. ;(
19:47.39BlaXpiritif i can't figure something out with a combination of  phonon settings  and  pavucontrol,  i would think it's a lost cause
19:48.04tekkkzno, hours ago i also got it
19:48.43tekkkzcan i manually add a device to phonon?
19:50.41tekkkzbut why did i got it working housr ago and not now? ... must i do something with modproble and snd-usb-.. ?
19:51.55*** join/#kde fewcha (~sanjiban@
19:56.28*** join/#kde notis (
19:57.12*** join/#kde pspace (~bountyx@
20:00.59tekkkzBlaXpirit, Fusselwurm how can i solve my prolbem? i already solved it today but how???
20:01.59Fusselwurm(no idea, but im just a stupid user anyway when it comes to kde)
20:02.11tekkkzyou guys need to have a solution you are the pros!!
20:02.20tekkkzohh, Fusselwurm , kommschon ;)
20:02.40Fusselwurmnä, ich bin raus
20:03.03Fusselwurmund, kein witz - wenn mir der kmix nix zeigt außer nem einzelnen balken (was er bei mir chronisch tut), nehm ich den alsamixer
20:03.19tekkkzhm wie meinst du das?
20:03.29Fusselwurmkonsole aufmachen, alsamixer eingeben
20:03.50tekkkzund wie wähle ich dort dann welche device ich nutzen mag?
20:03.50Fusselwurmkann aber nich garantieren daß der bei dir installiert is
20:03.55tekkkzdoch doch
20:04.44Fusselwurmgerät? ich dachte es ginge ums normale lautstärkeregeln für die verschiedenen ausgänge -.-
20:05.22tekkkzne, um gerät wählen ^^  >>when i use the usb as master channel in kmix, the sound is still the built-in device. but the volume for the usb device changes ...
20:06.33tekkkzFusselwurm, hast du wegen gerät nun doch ne idee?
20:06.37*** join/#kde PaulW2U (~PaulW2U@ubuntu/member/paulw2u)
20:06.43*** join/#kde tnorth_ (~tnorth@
20:07.17*** join/#kde langdon (~langdon@
20:08.04tekkkznaja die lautstärke kann ich ja ändern, kommmt blos kein ton beim usb gerät an, außer wenn ich das andere, nicht-usb gerät in pavucontrol auf off schalte. aber ich hatte das heute auch schon mit kmix hinbekommen
20:10.51*** join/#kde jachin_kde (~jachin@
20:14.13tekkkzFusselwurm, muss ich eigl alsa isntalliert haben?
20:14.16*** join/#kde Riskii (
20:17.55*** join/#kde Caterpillar (~caterpill@unaffiliated/caterpillar)
20:18.16Fusselwurmtekkkz: plz frag mich keine technischen fragen ,ich kann dann nur lügen oder schweigen
20:18.17Fusselwurmbeides doof
20:18.52tekkkzok. BlaXpirit , must i install alsa instead of alsa-utils?
20:19.31BlaXpirittekkkz, i do not solicit any solutions involving the word "alsa"
20:20.29*** join/#kde leszek (
20:21.25tekkkzahh ok. But can you imagine why it works if i disable the built-in device in pavucontrol but not working when switching master channel in kmix? man i got it working already today ...
20:22.06*** join/#kde clintar (
20:23.59*** join/#kde atomik (~bouh@
20:41.38*** join/#kde dhenry (dhenry@nat/redhat/x-gzarzsyvgpanyeti)
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20:47.31*** join/#kde NeuhNeuh (~Jean-Char@2a01:e35:2eb9:64b0:ae7b:a1ff:fe3f:60e7)
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21:01.16*** join/#kde dkeenaghan (~dkeenagha@
21:06.57*** join/#kde allo (
21:07.44*** join/#kde notis (
21:10.12allocan i do something about bad rendering of window decorations? <-- font seems very washed out in 5.3 compared to kde 4.x
21:10.23alloand the compositing gives me black windows until i resize them sometimes
21:13.58*** join/#kde Haudegen (~quassel@
21:15.51*** join/#kde tekkkz (
21:16.05tekkkzBlaXpirit, i got it working now!
21:16.40tekkkzi just needed to killall pulseaudio, now it works! cool hm?
21:17.42BlaXpiritif you restarted it afterwards then cool
21:17.50BlaXpiritif it's still dead then maybe not so cool
21:18.13tekkkzno it autorestarted
21:18.38tekkkzso this is something you really coudlnt know
21:18.50tekkkzbut thx for all, gn8, cya
21:21.21*** join/#kde lesik (
21:21.34*** join/#kde tosky (~tosky@
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23:29.07*** join/#kde finninde (finninde@
23:37.23*** join/#kde LBV_User (~leonardo@
23:38.50LBV_Userhi all. I just replaced kde4 with kde5. I develop a Qt5 application, and since the switch it always got mnemonics in all pushbuttons, even in those I don't add the &
23:39.05*** join/#kde icwiener_ (~fs@kde/developer/schwarzer)
23:39.08LBV_Userany idea what can be causing this (and how to disable)w
23:40.37*** join/#kde desti (
23:42.46*** join/#kde desti_T2 (
23:44.41*** join/#kde Haudegen (~quassel@
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