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00:03.11korainlook under notifications in kde
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00:08.55desti_T2thx, i hope it was internal error, otherwise there is nothing specific for kopete
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00:19.52korainhuh, i can set sound alerts for every kde app
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00:26.41desti_T2ahhhhhhhhhhhh, found it \o/
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03:16.08crazydipis kde git down? i'm getting Unable to look up (port 9418) (Temporary failure in name resolution)
03:18.12crazydipthink it may be on my end ... pos dns servers :/
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03:23.37crazydipfalse alarm, it was my pos isp dns... forgot to change it... yay for open nic & their open dns servers :)
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05:19.41AbhijitI am connected to Internet I am on IRC. But KDE gives Network error 4 while attempting to download new mouse cursor and desktop themes.
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05:29.28crazydipAbhijit: there's a chance that what you're trying to download is a link to a package that no longer exists (because the author deleted it or whatnot)
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05:30.33Abhijitcrazydip, that should happen about a specific package
05:30.47AbhijitI am here talking about kde can not download "anything" at all.
05:30.57Abhijitnothing. just blank screen with network error 4
05:31.01Abhijitbut here I am on Internet.
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05:32.56crazydipAbhijit: not sure what's wrong, I just tried downloading the most recent mouse theme and it worked.... maybe mention exactly what version of KDE you're on (including applications version) and what distro, maybe someone knows what's going on
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05:33.07bshahError 4 means.. I think is down...
05:33.19crazydipbshah: i just tried and it works for me
05:33.27bshahokay, scratch that
05:33.27Abhijitit used my gpg key first. does that matter? why does it need my gpg key?
05:34.24AbhijitKDE Development Platform: 4.10.5
05:35.01crazydipAbhijit: also one more thing to try: when you're on the list of mouse themes or whatnot to download, click details, then click "homepage" see if it redirects you and you end up correctly at the page
05:35.19Abhijitcrazydip, you not getting the point.
05:35.27Abhijitcrazydip, just a sec. let me send you screenshot.
05:37.13Abhijitcrazydip, there is nothing!
05:38.11crazydipAbhijit: what distro? and try what I said above
05:38.21AbhijitCentos 7
05:39.46Abhijitright cliking on cursor theme dont give anything. on desktop theme in details tab there is no option of homepage - can you go to that page?
05:40.33crazydipas in does it load correctly?
05:40.52crazydipok that rules out dns issue :/
05:40.53AbhijitI can see all the theme options on the website.
05:41.41Abhijitdo I need to enable some firewall or something since its Centos!
05:41.54crazydipI'm not sure, but man, 4.10 is insanely old, I don't know maybe someone knows what could cause that issue maybe it's a bug
05:41.56AbhijitI have not done anything in firewall by myself though.
05:42.09crazydipgood point with firewall
05:42.11Abhijithow can I upgrade to latest "stable" kde?
05:42.14crazydipdon't know :/
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05:42.45crazydipwell first off don't use centos unless you wan't crazy old shit
05:42.57tretit's also too buggy
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05:43.28tretbuggylinux TM
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05:43.47AbhijitI thought this will give me long term stable os
05:44.09Abhijiton ubuntu they are not using upstream kernel and I have to upgrade every 6 month since their LTS lags behind in feuture and bug fixes
05:44.10tretbecause centos copy pastes stuff from redhat it becomes too buggy
05:44.14Abhijitwhat shall i prefer?
05:44.21crazydipyes long term, stable, but don't expect anything new to work :D
05:44.27crazydipoh god not ubuntu
05:44.45Abhijitthen which one? I need to do wed dev + android dev and some linux devops
05:45.32crazydipI don't know what you want out of a distro... you don't want to upgrade often, but you want new stuff... that's kind of mutually exclusive
05:45.40tretAbhijit: when did this problem appear?
05:46.12Abhijittret, this is the first time i tried to install cursor or desktop themes since installingt this centos. because i was buys with other stuff now I got free time
05:46.28tretit might be because you have old kde
05:46.48crazydipAbhijit: yeah that's *really* old
05:47.03crazydipAbhijit: you know there is one much more simple way to go about it: install them manually
05:47.09tretthe rest of your kde works fine
05:47.15Abhijithows that fedora derivative which isa  seperate new project and uses kde?
05:47.18crazydipsimple compared to installing a new distro that is
05:47.39crazydipfedora is crazy unstable :)
05:47.45Abhijitits derivative
05:48.04Abhijitwhats best kde distro as per your opinion?
05:48.09crazydipopenSUSE by far
05:48.42Abhijitok. i was there but left it due to some issues while they were having major arch change issue
05:48.46Abhijitlet me try it once again.
05:48.54Abhijittumbleweed or regular?
05:48.59crazydiparch change? you mean tumbleweed a few weeks ago?
05:49.09Abhijitno. few years ago! maybe 1 or 2 years ago
05:49.12Abhijitor something
05:49.25Abhijitit was unstable for my work at that time.
05:49.51crazydipI've been on openSUSE for over 2yrs never heard of any arch issues maybe you were using crazy unstable (at that time) Tumbleweed
05:50.36Abhijitlet me get non tumbleweed this time
05:50.49crazydipthat's when Greg Kroah Hartman was pretty much the only person doing Tumbleweed and doing it by hand... crazy dude
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05:51.38crazydipbtw, I'm on Tumbleweed now and it's great... have newest KDE and all that... but if you want "stable" go with regular release...
05:52.06tretAbhijit: you can get mouse cursors from centos archives
05:52.27tretgoogle search how to install mouse cursors on centos by yum
05:52.34crazydiptret: or he can just download them off kde-look and extract by hand
05:53.13Abhijitsure I can do that. but its not just about cursor theme. Since I am getting old KDE and other old software thats why I will switch to suse.
05:54.48tretdebian too has old kde
05:54.57treti am using debian
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05:55.58crazydipnot that old.... compared to centos :D
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05:59.46tretonce someone asked me to compile an app on centos from the over the internet
05:59.52tretand it had old gtk
06:00.14crazydipAbhijit: I don't know how it is if you install fresh desktop openSUSE, but you may also have the firewall on... lucky for you, YaST2 makes configuring (or turning off) the firewall super easy
06:00.46tretand i compiled the whole gnome via an automation script gnome had
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06:01.21crazydipAbhijit: I don't know because it's been > 2 years since I've done an install (i just upgraded)... which also means btw you can upgrade stable openSUSE 13.2 to Tumbleweed if you ever decide you need more danger and spice in your life like I did :P
06:01.42crazydiptret: friends don't let friends use gnome
06:01.48crazydipshame on you!
06:02.30Abhijitcrazydip, nah. I am fine with regular. since this is a work computer.
06:02.57AbhijitI did not leave suse happily. I liked its yast,zapper and build tool.
06:03.11Abhijitmany "only deb" packages are available for suse due the build service
06:03.34crazydipAbhijit: yeah or you can just build whatever you want yourself in the OBS
06:03.39crazydipand share with everyone else
06:03.44crazydipincluding building for other distros
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06:31.02tretAbhijit: just to say a last word i recmmend you not install new os
06:31.20tretos installation can go bad and you be left without an os
06:31.28tretit's a danger worth mentioning
06:31.58tretyou can just use the cursors centos has from yum
06:32.05Abhijitfor the time being will install themes manually.
06:32.41Abhijitjust been to there page and they are doing a lot of great things like snapper etc
06:34.37treti hate kde-themes sites i think those themes are bad :p
06:34.51treti just use the default
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06:40.28haridasHi, my sddm fails to loggin in.. If I'm trying to login it fails and comes back to the login page again..
06:40.49haridasAny Idea why this is happening, ( I'm on Kubuntu 15.04, KDE 5.3 )
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06:44.53treti cannot answer i don't know, wait for someone else to answer
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06:48.34haridastret: Ok cool.
06:49.25tretwhat does startx error say?
06:51.08haridastret: kaccess failed. and the kdeinit5 terminated
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06:51.37tretnow we wait for someone else to answer :p
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06:52.42superrorcHello there!
06:53.07haridastret: :)
06:53.37superrorchow can i add custom options to run apps from launcher
06:53.48*** join/#kde esc_type (~esc_type@
06:53.49superrorclike --user-data-dir=/123 prefix
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07:26.08haridastret: Now I got it working... Not sure why this happened, I coudn't really trace back it. One thing is I installed "kubuntu-desktop" ( Wondering how all working before without this)
07:26.45haridasAnd I did change the sddm to gdm and switch it back.. to sddm after login into gnome.
07:26.58haridasSome of these combination would have saved my life I think :)
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08:49.27Bunk_Hey. A short q. I´m trying to find a dark theme, but when i have chosen one, the Dolphin- window shows files in black and white stripes. How can i change that ?
08:50.24*** join/#kde Gentle (~tier@quassel/contributors/gentle)
08:50.34Bunk_For example. Dark zion and Purple pink darkness
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09:09.35Bunk_Is KDE able to apply darker colors on the main window - lets say Firefox ?
09:10.14tretfirefox is gtk so you may have some trouble with firefox --- chromium too
09:11.40Bunk_And there is no alternative way, or ?
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09:12.54tretopen konqueror browser to see what you did so far
09:16.29lordievaderGood morning.
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09:17.59Bunk_tret: OK -
09:19.26Bunk_Ah, yes. The frame has changed, but not the main window
09:20.44tretthere are two themes one for the frame and one for the app itself
09:20.56tretyou have to change the app theme
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09:23.16tretgo to system settings---->application appearence ---->change the oxygen thingy
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09:25.33Bunk_Yes - i have found it. May try around a bit
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09:33.38Bunk_Does not work. Mainframe is the term for what is "inside" a webpage ?
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09:56.09*** join/#kde Aristide (
09:58.40*** join/#kde gdebure (
09:58.53*** join/#kde _rd (
09:59.25*** join/#kde fid_jose (
10:03.08*** join/#kde cerkauskas (
10:03.30*** join/#kde Shinonome (
10:05.06*** join/#kde blaaa (541a2f3d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
10:05.10*** join/#kde redeyedman (~galym@
10:05.18cerkauskashello. after uninstalling flashplugin, plasma started crashing when I use youtube. this is my ~/.xsession-errors file, but it doesn't say much to me. Maybe it will give you ideas whats going on?
10:06.08blaaaAs I recently acquired a 10b/color display, I have set the bit depth in X to 30, now Plasma has an opaque  menu bar
10:06.23blaaausing the proprietary nvidia driver
10:06.45toskycerkauskas: see the error "Failed to open BO for returned DRI2 buffer (1920x1080, dri2 back buffer, named 34)."
10:06.51*** join/#kde darkbasic_ (
10:07.12toskycerkauskas: are you using now the html5 version of youtube? Maybe the acceleration is not really stable
10:07.20blaaaare there any configuration changes necessary or known issues  for using 30 bit color?
10:08.03toskycerkauskas: it seems this, do you see if matches your configuration?
10:08.13*** join/#kde CMoH (~cipi@unaffiliated/c-moh)
10:10.59*** join/#kde darkbasic (
10:11.28*** join/#kde _rd (
10:11.57*** join/#kde thisischrys (~manjaro-k@2a02:1810:cc08:5e00:ca1f:66ff:feaf:a373)
10:14.57*** join/#kde gdebure (
10:16.46cerkauskastosky, I'm using html5. And my linux environment is different from information in link you described.
10:17.02*** join/#kde CMoH (~cipi@unaffiliated/c-moh)
10:17.17toskycerkauskas: in the comments below, other people confirm the same issue on other environments
10:17.28toskycerkauskas: check especially your mesa and kernel version
10:19.07cerkauskasmy kernel is 4.1.2-2-ARCH, they mention up to 4.0.x
10:19.09*** join/#kde tret (
10:20.21cerkauskasand my mesa is 10.6.2, not found in that bug report
10:20.48cerkauskascould it be that I don't have  MSE & WebM VP9  available?
10:21.59*** join/#kde gdebure (
10:22.38*** join/#kde gkdeb (
10:23.35*** join/#kde colonolGron (~colonolGr@unaffiliated/jubalh)
10:24.02colonolGronis it possbile to adjust the kde4 application menu in a way that i looks like in plasam5? i think in plasma 5 its easier to navigate
10:24.54*** join/#kde esc_type (~esc_type@
10:25.29*** join/#kde Sri_Designer (~Sir_Desig@wikipedia/mareklug)
10:26.02toskycerkauskas: I don't know about the media extension part, but really looks like a driver bug
10:26.46colonolGronoh found it :) the setting was just where i didnt expect it :)
10:28.23cerkauskastosky, which driver? video?
10:28.31cerkauskasi mean graphic
10:28.54toskycerkauskas: yep; something between the kernel drm driver, mesa and the xorg driver
10:29.13cerkauskastosky, thank you for that, now I know where to dig deeper. :)
10:29.46*** join/#kde neyhart_ (~neyhart@
10:30.11*** join/#kde forgottenone (~forgotten@
10:31.36*** join/#kde gdebure (
10:33.13*** join/#kde BluesKaj (~kaj@unaffiliated/blueskaj)
10:33.31BluesKajHey folks
10:34.11rindolfBluesKaj: meow! Sup?
10:34.58blaaaDoes anyone have some experience related to 30-bit color mode? I cannot get an opaque K-menu
10:35.30*** join/#kde ramtech (~ramtech@
10:35.40*** join/#kde gangsta (
10:36.48BluesKajhey rindolf, morning's early here, what's up there?
10:38.40wskyafternoon beer here
10:38.52wskywell, actually noon beer, but, who cares
10:39.48*** join/#kde xiaomiao (~purrrr@gentoo/developer/bonsaikitten)
10:42.33BluesKajyeah, maybe some beer this aft
10:44.43wskyand yeah
10:45.05*** join/#kde mgraesslin (~martin@kde/mgraesslin)
10:45.07rindolfBluesKaj: I tried to configure a samba service on my desktop machine which runs the devel version of Mageia. I was unsuccessful.
10:45.27rindolfBluesKaj: but on the bright side I found a script online to clear  the iptables configuration.
10:46.18BluesKajrindolf,  odd , samba is usually reliable and easily set up
10:46.50rindolfBluesKaj: well, the old configuration file doesn't work and I don't see a new /etc/samba/smb.conf anywhere
10:47.36*** join/#kde FlameReaper (~assassin@
10:49.56*** join/#kde guggenheim9000 (503e7593@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
10:50.10guggenheim9000is it possible to export tasks from kontact / korganizer?
10:53.43*** join/#kde rindolf (
10:55.44*** join/#kde underscores (~underscor@fedora/underscores)
10:57.06*** join/#kde forgottenone (~forgotten@
10:59.20*** join/#kde Rish (~quassel@
11:02.19Aristideguggenheim9000: Yes
11:02.24Aristideguggenheim9000: File / Export :)
11:02.31AristideAnd you choose the format ^^
11:03.12*** join/#kde inte_away (
11:03.12*** join/#kde inte_away (~inte@unaffiliated/-inte-/x-2391039)
11:03.25guggenheim9000Right - just noticed the tasks where included in ical but not detected on import. Would be nice with a .csv export :)
11:04.01guggenheim9000Aristide, thx for your answer
11:04.06AristideAH ! You speak about task ^^
11:04.11AristideSorry, wait I check
11:04.32guggenheim9000tasks are included in raw ical
11:04.33AristideYes you can't export as CSV
11:04.36AristideBut only in ical
11:04.45AristideOr vcal / html
11:05.01guggenheim9000yeah - will have to do. have to make convert script
11:05.03Aristideguggenheim9000: You can write an ical → CSV converter ? ^^
11:05.06AristideOr use if exist
11:06.33*** join/#kde Haudegen (~quassel@
11:07.26AristideSo, I have a problem into KF5 apps
11:07.31*** join/#kde ShalokShalom (
11:07.36AristideSometime, Open/Save Dialog don't appear and app freeze
11:07.50*** join/#kde Sho_ (~sho@kde/hein)
11:10.56guggenheim9000some guy wrote a perl script:
11:11.07*** join/#kde Riskii (
11:11.13guggenheim9000to solve me previous problem - in case anyone else has it
11:12.34Tazmainhi all, on plasma5, I have a dark colour scheme but everything is fine, its just ksavedialog that is unreadable. Does anyone know how to set this ? Here is what it looks like
11:13.29*** join/#kde Attunga (
11:15.21*** join/#kde talonz (~talonz@2001:44b8:5109:cb00:feaa:14ff:fe02:3e0c)
11:15.50*** join/#kde padde_ (~padde@unaffiliated/padde)
11:16.08*** join/#kde redeyedman (~galym@
11:17.50*** join/#kde sagerdearia (~necrodear@unaffiliated/necrodearia)
11:20.03*** join/#kde ArtooDetoo (
11:21.38*** join/#kde sagerdearia (~necrodear@unaffiliated/necrodearia)
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11:30.42*** join/#kde redeyedman (~galym@
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11:43.40*** join/#kde jabesed (~ident@2001:8a0:f039:2601:8ea9:82ff:fe10:8ef0)
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12:10.32*** join/#kde CMoH (~cipi@unaffiliated/c-moh)
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12:11.00*** join/#kde fixl (
12:13.39*** join/#kde forgottenone (~forgotten@
12:14.25*** join/#kde BluesKaj (~kaj@unaffiliated/blueskaj)
12:15.57*** join/#kde gexc-phone (~sailfish@
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12:19.43*** join/#kde fracting (
12:20.19*** join/#kde BluesKaj (~kaj@unaffiliated/blueskaj)
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12:25.22*** join/#kde Jasonvw_1 (
12:25.42*** join/#kde elvisangelaccio (~elvis@kde/developer/elvisangelaccio)
12:28.16*** join/#kde gexc-phone (~sailfish@
12:30.38*** join/#kde ashemark (~alpha@
12:30.47*** join/#kde felixr (~manjaro-k@2a01:138:a024:10:8aae:1dff:feae:60f8)
12:30.58bshahhello ashemark
12:31.14*** join/#kde caravel (~caravel@unaffiliated/caravel)
12:31.57*** join/#kde ksinkar (~ksinkar@
12:32.17ashemarkI'm running the latest kde on arch linux, how do I set up telepathy?
12:33.44bshahwhat I can think is you've to install telepathy-kde group
12:34.00bshahbut sorry, no idea.. I didn't try it..
12:34.02ashemarkok, lemme check if it's installed..
12:34.47ashemarkwell it's already installed, but telepathy is no where to be found on the system.
12:35.28bshahyou need to setup accounts from systemsettings..
12:35.52bshahor whatever.. in short I am wrong person to get help.. :D
12:36.07ashemarkok, np :)
12:37.12*** join/#kde gexc-phone (~sailfish@
12:40.45*** join/#kde alextai (~alextai@
12:41.47*** join/#kde cerkauskas (
12:42.35*** join/#kde alextai (~alextai@
12:45.31*** join/#kde aario (~quassel@
12:45.39*** part/#kde ashemark (~alpha@
12:51.08*** join/#kde ArtooDetoo (
13:06.22*** join/#kde jigar (quassel@nat/redhat/x-kztipxwtrklvalay)
13:07.17*** join/#kde jraglin (~jraglin@
13:12.02*** join/#kde ArtooDetoo (
13:13.33*** join/#kde MoonUnit` (~MoonUnit@
13:17.30*** join/#kde ArtooDetoo (
13:20.01*** join/#kde nami (~nami@unaffiliated/nami)
13:20.17namiwhat if you report a bug and after 1 month no one even read it?
13:20.28namihow do you deal with bugs that no one see
13:21.01*** join/#kde rmsilva (
13:21.26namihow you know if there is something wrong with your ticket or it's just unseen?
13:22.19*** join/#kde Taoki (~MirceaKit@
13:22.44*** join/#kde ArtooDetoo (
13:23.15rdieter_worknami: your bug has likely been read by someone, just because you've not received any reply does not imply it's not been read (yet)
13:23.52namirdieter_work: i see
13:23.58*** join/#kde Haudegen (~quassel@
13:24.01namiwithout feedback is hard to say
13:24.04rdieter_workalso, the case often is simply that there are many more bugs than people to deal with them.  So I'd encourage patience and/or make more efforts to diagnose the bug yourself
13:24.18namirdieter_work: i stopped where is my limit
13:24.24namii'd like to help if i can
13:24.33rdieter_workthat's fine, just accept others have limits too
13:24.52namiwell, there is no evidence for that
13:24.57namiat my eyes no one read it
13:25.31rdieter_workthere's no evidence either way, but I can say that bug email generally does go to maintainers of the affected component
13:25.47namiyeah it's assigned to specific bugs tracker
13:25.48rdieter_workyes, it could have been ignored... or read
13:25.49namiis not a general bug
13:25.52namiit's about a part of kde
13:25.57rdieter_workwhat bug #?
13:26.07namirdieter_work: 349668
13:27.05rdieter_workthat will be fun to reproduce (which some developer will likely have to do first)
13:27.14namiit's easy
13:27.31rdieter_workassuming you have 2 factor auth setup, which is... uncommon
13:27.33namiprobably it's a design limit of kdesu
13:27.47namirdieter_work: why you think it's uncommon?
13:28.05rdieter_workit's uncommon in my experience (personally)
13:28.08namipassword come to be less usefull in time
13:28.22naminow you need something that you have to help
13:28.25rdieter_workI've never seen any linux box setup that way (yet)
13:28.26namiinstead of just something that you know
13:28.39namiwell... consider ssh
13:29.01namiit's not uncommon to use keys
13:29.08rdieter_workI'm just saying it's an uncommon usecase, so another possible reason why it's not getting attention
13:29.19namii see
13:29.36*** join/#kde AndroUser (~androirc@
13:29.56namibig limit of kdesu...
13:30.00namibecause pam support that
13:30.02rdieter_work(and... kdesu use should be getting less and less over time too)
13:30.12namiwhat do you mean?
13:30.15namiwhat's the new kdesu?
13:30.17namiam i missing something?
13:30.35rdieter_workkdesu is legacy/deprecated, there are much better ways to run privledged code these days (like policykit)
13:31.04namiuhm in a standard kde you are asked a lot of times to get root with kdesu
13:31.10BluesKajnami, it's kdesudo
13:31.15namiBluesKaj: ???
13:31.31namisudo? i don't think so
13:31.39namiit's sudo if ask your password
13:31.41BluesKajyuo asked , I answered , nami
13:31.42namiif ask root password is su
13:31.56rdieter_worksome distros ship a kdesudo thing, which is similar to kdesu
13:31.58namimaybe it's sudo if you don't set a root password
13:32.15BluesKajfor kde apps guis is kdesudo , sudo for the cli
13:32.35namiwell, i think the bug is the same
13:32.36rdieter_workBluesKaj: doesn't ship anything called kdesudo
13:32.46namiit's not designed to except more then 1 password
13:32.59namiwhile pam is designed to ask whatever you like
13:33.11rdieter_worknami: you could try kdesudo (depending if your distro ships it)
13:33.30rdieter_workafaict, it is developed independantly of kdesu
13:33.34namikdesudo it's not here
13:33.36*** join/#kde esc_type (~esc_type@
13:33.37namicommand not found
13:33.42rdieter_worktry installing it?
13:33.53namiit's not in repo
13:33.58rdieter_work(you haven't mentioned distro yet, but ok)
13:34.11BluesKajrdieter_work, it does on kubuntu
13:34.41namiversion 22
13:34.50BluesKajprobly on debian, nami ?
13:35.02namii'm on debian too but i'm not using kde
13:36.12rdieter_workBluesKaj: fine, I'm just saying it's a 3rd party app/tool, not one shipped by or any kde/plasma releases
13:36.23BluesKajrunning jessie with kde here , I love it , exscept atm I'm testing kubuntu 15.10
13:36.33namiit's not a problema bout distrubtion here
13:36.39namiit's about kdesu limit/bug
13:36.52namireal problem is that i can't use anything
13:36.58namiif i do not disable multiple-factor auth
13:37.08namiso it's a big issue
13:37.10namiif you need that thing
13:37.25BluesKajok nami sorry to interfere, obviously my posts aren't relevant
13:37.31*** join/#kde Kelsar (
13:37.33*** join/#kde josef64 (~quassel@unaffiliated/josef64)
13:39.02namirdieter_work: maybe my bug report is not good enough. but the problem in general is clear
13:39.08BluesKajusages in kde are becoming different on different distros. more so now it seems
13:39.10namiand you can reproduce with whatever module you like
13:39.16*** join/#kde Shinonome (
13:39.26namithe problem is just there, is not something to do with my particular setup
13:39.44namiBluesKaj: what do you mean by that?
13:40.15*** join/#kde Kelsar (
13:40.17*** join/#kde josef64 (~quassel@unaffiliated/josef64)
13:40.53BluesKajnami, wait til you run plasma 5?KF5
13:41.07namii think plasma 5 is here
13:41.19BluesKajare you using it?
13:41.27namii remember that 5 somewhere
13:41.34namioh i've got even an issue with that 5 thing
13:41.47namithere the tablet input module that it's not working at all
13:41.51namithat seems designed for plasma 4
13:42.13namii'm actually not able to access by gui to tablet settings
13:42.23*** join/#kde jalalsfs (~jalal@unaffiliated/jalalsfs)
13:42.41namii asked another time that if someone is here running KDE 5 and use a grapihc table
13:43.40BluesKajyup , nami you're using plasma 5
13:44.05namiwhat's the deal with that plasma 5?
13:44.15*** join/#kde ArtooDetoo (
13:44.31BluesKajkde has morphed into plasma in 5 , there will be no kde5
13:44.42nami... ?
13:44.56naminew name?
13:45.22*** join/#kde Haudegen (~quassel@
13:45.48BluesKajthis cha will need to change it's name soon
13:46.01*** join/#kde OnkelTem (
13:46.32namiBluesKaj: on what do you base that thing?
13:47.19namiPlasma is the name of the desktop envirenmont i think
13:47.35BluesKajthe kde name seems to be abandoned in favour of plasma , ask the kde devs
13:48.32rdieter_workBluesKaj: it's more a branding/naming thing
13:48.39*** join/#kde naund (
13:48.47BluesKajI was told a while back with emphasis , there will not be a KDE5
13:48.48rdieter_workbecause "what is kde" is ... ambiguous
13:49.07namiKDE is all the thing
13:49.12namiPlasma is the desktop experience
13:49.25rdieter_workso now we have:  KDE (the community), Plasma (the environment), Frameworks (development libraries), Apps (user applications)
13:49.28*** join/#kde sayan (~sayan@fedora/sayan)
13:49.50*** join/#kde ArtooDetoo (
13:50.01rdieter_workbut change is hard(tm)
13:50.22rdieter_worka lot of people still refer to the whole collection of stuff above as "KDE"
13:50.42rdieter_work(which isn't bad, but isn't as clear or concise either)
13:51.09BluesKajrdieter_work, now wouldn't that be KDE5 in it's next version ?...I was corrected on that point most emphatically I might add
13:51.34rdieter_workBluesKaj: correct, "KDE" refers only to the community now, which is...unversioned :)
13:51.53rdieter_workthe only thing at v5 these days is plasma
13:52.04rdieter_workwell, and Frameworks
13:52.39BluesKajthere's a lot of confusion around this issue and I wish the KDE   council would clear it up
13:53.27namiexample is that i'm not able the version of all that stuff
13:53.28toskyBluesKaj: there is confusion probably in the news site which don't read the official announcement from, then, because it's perfectly clear on
13:53.34namiframeworks, applications, plasma...
13:53.41BluesKajall they need to say is the desktop environment only plasma
13:53.42namihow do i check every eversion?
13:53.44toskynami: because there is no unified version, they are different components
13:53.51namitosky: i'm not saying is bad
13:53.54namii'm saying i'm not able
13:53.57namiwhat versions i'm running
13:54.06toskynami: the help menu is still there
13:54.37namiuhm about kde tell me about frameworks
13:54.40toskyand "About <application>"
13:58.54*** join/#kde karolherbst (~karol@
13:59.50*** join/#kde gexc (~gexc@
14:02.07*** join/#kde Lex_NewtoN (
14:02.12*** join/#kde daimon (
14:06.13*** join/#kde ArtooDetoo (
14:11.24*** join/#kde _puddle_ (~quassel@
14:11.36*** join/#kde ArtooDetoo (
14:14.04*** join/#kde [Relic] (~Relic]@2602:306:33a3:6d30:1588:97d3:c5c8:1d16)
14:23.11*** part/#kde moldy (~rene@unaffiliated/moldy)
14:24.14*** join/#kde lrocket (~weechat@2001:2002:51e2:a26a:baee:65ff:fe79:71c9)
14:27.18*** join/#kde ArtooDetoo (
14:31.01*** part/#kde nami (~nami@unaffiliated/nami)
14:33.55LjLhow come in KDE5 with a touchscreen certain scrollable things support one-finger scrolling and others two-finger scrolling instead?
14:35.05BlaXpiritLjL, let me guess.  some things are made with touch controls in mind
14:35.31LjLbut two-finger scrolling is still touch control.
14:35.41LjLit's an inconsistency
14:36.43LjLKDE4 apps simply don't have touch scrolling, and that's a different matter.
14:38.33*** join/#kde fixl (
14:38.38BlaXpiritother things use the two finger scrolling which is available systemwide
14:38.45*** join/#kde tnorth_ (
14:39.14BlaXpiritLjL,  and in some situations one finger scrolling is just not viable, because dragging is used in other ways
14:40.33LjLthe two finger scrolling seems to only be available in KDE5 or perhaps Qt5 apps, not really systemwide, is that what you meant?
14:40.52LjLi guess i saw a different approach before, where when a touchscreen was being used, scrolling took precedence over other one-finger actions
14:41.17LjLwith, say, long-press to trigger the now-secondary action
14:43.06*** join/#kde ArtooDetoo (
14:46.04*** join/#kde jachin (~jachin@
14:51.24*** join/#kde BaloneyGeek (~BaloneyGe@
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14:59.41*** join/#kde kshitij8 (~kshitij@
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15:05.19*** join/#kde Aristide (~Aristide@
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15:13.29*** join/#kde PasNox (~pasnox@2a01:e34:ee42:d070:546b:135b:24d9:ecb5)
15:15.42*** join/#kde PasNox (~pasnox@
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15:21.45*** join/#kde ChemBro (
15:21.53*** join/#kde privacychain (~privacych@
15:24.24*** join/#kde vivid (
15:24.24*** join/#kde vivid (~vivid@unaffiliated/vivid)
15:26.52*** join/#kde thiago (~thiago@kde/thiago)
15:27.03*** join/#kde rodolfojcj (~rodolfojc@
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15:29.10*** join/#kde _puddle_ (~quassel@
15:29.40*** join/#kde alextai (~alextai@
15:31.06*** join/#kde sayan (~sayan@fedora/sayan)
15:33.02*** join/#kde dabbill (
15:34.43*** join/#kde ShalokShalom (
15:35.06*** join/#kde Ioupek (1f3f9e92@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
15:37.37*** join/#kde trifolio6 (
15:37.38*** join/#kde sokle (
15:38.28*** part/#kde sokle (
15:38.34*** join/#kde BaloneyGeek (~BaloneyGe@
15:40.48*** join/#kde JackBauer24 (
15:42.49*** join/#kde ArtooDetoo (
15:45.17*** join/#kde sayan (~sayan@fedora/sayan)
15:48.17*** join/#kde vblazquez (~vblazquez@kde/blazquez)
15:48.46hassoonLjL: meh, give it some time, like a year or so, and it will get much better :p
15:48.50hassooni mean the kde
15:49.26LjLhassoon: i've given KDE a lot of time, i still think 3 was a lot better than 4 :P but 5 looks good again. only... i've had this touchscreen thing for two years now, and it's been out for longer, and touchscreen is still hardly supported at all by anything :(
15:50.20*** join/#kde _puddle_ (~quassel@
15:50.29*** join/#kde cjdmax (
15:50.47hassooninteresting, i have never used a machine with a touch-screen feature in linux
15:51.01hassoonLjL: the kde 5 looks promising though
15:51.05hassoonthe design is so juicy
15:51.13*** join/#kde hussam (~hussam@unaffiliated/hussam)
15:51.17*** join/#kde bugzy (~bugzy@2602:306:3bf8:b1f0:ae22:bff:fe50:c418)
15:51.21hassoonsimilair to those modern proprietary OS's like win 8 or 10
15:51.25LjLit looks very refreshing compared to KDE4
15:51.45LjLi'm particularly happy about the notification system being a lot less annoying
15:51.59hassoonyep, ye tthe graphics are flat and clean
15:52.04hassoon*yet the *
15:52.29hassooni will give it some time, until it becomes available for debian :>
15:57.35*** join/#kde shumski (
16:02.03*** join/#kde Droste (
16:02.35*** join/#kde underscores_ (
16:02.35*** join/#kde underscores_ (~underscor@fedora/underscores)
16:08.55*** join/#kde Swipe- (
16:09.17*** join/#kde ArtooDetoo (
16:09.42*** join/#kde Aristide (~Aristide@
16:14.00*** join/#kde yodeler (~quassel@unaffiliated/yodeler)
16:14.49*** join/#kde ArtooDetoo (
16:15.21JyZyXELgahhhhh, why can't dolphin sort files based on creation time? D:
16:18.57dieselweaselControl -> Sort By -> Date?
16:19.18JyZyXELthat is modification date
16:19.33dieselweaseldon't know then :|
16:19.40*** join/#kde Sir_Designer__ (~Sir_Desig@wikipedia/mareklug)
16:20.22JyZyXELfilesystems often have more timestamps for files
16:20.23*** join/#kde ArtooDetoo (
16:20.32JyZyXELlike ctime, atime and crtime
16:20.44*** join/#kde rogue_koder (~quassel@
16:20.53*** join/#kde Hairo (~harima@2605:6400:10:4ed3:22:30:242:9f32)
16:23.50*** join/#kde Aristide (~Aristide@
16:25.57*** join/#kde ArtooDetoo (
16:33.18*** join/#kde mrRavy (~raveme@
16:35.25*** join/#kde Blizzz (~quassel@ubuntu/member/blizzz)
16:37.10*** join/#kde gdebure (~guillaume@
16:45.43*** join/#kde hussam (~hussam@unaffiliated/hussam)
16:47.04*** join/#kde ArtooDetoo (
16:53.03*** join/#kde Hairo (~harima@2605:6400:10:4ed3:22:30:242:9f32)
16:53.22*** join/#kde Haudegen (~quassel@
16:53.30*** join/#kde jcvfen (
16:59.41*** part/#kde hussam (~hussam@unaffiliated/hussam)
17:01.53*** join/#kde hussam (~hussam@unaffiliated/hussam)
17:02.03*** join/#kde RGeri77 (
17:03.21*** join/#kde ArtooDetoo (
17:03.26*** join/#kde hussam (~hussam@
17:03.44*** join/#kde hussam (~hussam@unaffiliated/hussam)
17:04.18*** join/#kde twettich (
17:04.55*** join/#kde caravel (~caravel@unaffiliated/caravel)
17:07.33*** join/#kde NicoRod (
17:09.41*** join/#kde ArcusTris (
17:14.15*** join/#kde Sauerland (
17:14.18*** join/#kde rahulch (~rahul@
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17:21.08*** join/#kde BaloneyGeek (~BaloneyGe@
17:23.21*** join/#kde Xenoth (
17:23.32*** join/#kde lrocket (~weechat@2001:2002:51e2:a26a:baee:65ff:fe79:71c9)
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17:26.29*** join/#kde privacychain (~privacych@
17:27.30*** join/#kde altary (uid10972@gateway/web/
17:28.05*** join/#kde T-Sourcemaker (~Joungai3q@2a02:8071:a90:9f00:f66d:4ff:fe79:2ef9)
17:28.58crazydipI don't know what happened, but krunner in kde5 is sooooooooooooooooo much better than in kde4.... fucking awesome! I used to hate using it on kde4 because results were bad, now they tend to be spot on - thx KDE devs!
17:29.05*** join/#kde thiago (~thiago@kde/thiago)
17:30.23crazydipdieselweasel: I remember searching for that options like 4 years ago ;) also asked about it.... if you really want it, open request I would assume ctime would be easy to implement (at least on Linux)
17:37.33*** join/#kde nemysis (~nemysis@freebsd/developer/pcbsd.nemysis)
17:38.06crazydipwait scratch that, real creation time I don't think is even recorded by most filesystems so that makes no sense
17:38.19*** join/#kde Z_God (~quassel@2001:984:6ace:1:221:5dff:fe2a:6806)
17:38.30crazydipin ls "creation time" is really inode modification time (idiotic wording, I know)
17:40.25*** join/#kde solaraquarion (~solaraqua@unaffiliated/solaraquarion)
17:40.28crazydipmakes sense when you think about it, mv a b, now wtf do you do with real "creation time", do you modify it or leave it, if you leave it it makes no sense, if you modify it, you're back at inode modification time ;)
17:40.32crazydip^ dieselweasel
17:41.07crazydipso the universe makes sense again
17:46.10*** join/#kde nemysis (~nemysis@freebsd/developer/pcbsd.nemysis)
17:51.17*** join/#kde hobakill (~hobakill@
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17:59.39*** join/#kde palkeo (~palkeo@
17:59.39*** join/#kde palkeo (~palkeo@unaffiliated/palkeo)
18:01.33*** join/#kde rahulch (~rahul@
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18:03.07*** join/#kde fewcha (~sanjiban@
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18:50.18*** join/#kde Justice (
18:50.25*** join/#kde bluelightning (~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning)
18:50.32Justicewhat part is localesettings of KDE if I want to file a bug?
18:50.48*** join/#kde Pinaraf (~moi@2001:41d0:fc04:5400:468a:5bff:fe21:991b)
18:52.56Justiceby that i mean Regional settings
18:55.52*** join/#kde ValicekB (
18:59.15*** join/#kde BluesKaj (~kaj@unaffiliated/blueskaj)
18:59.32*** join/#kde boris64 (~boris64@2a02:8108:95c0:14e4:ae9e:17ff:fe4e:659a)
19:03.50*** join/#kde ararog (~ararog@
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19:06.23*** join/#kde Ioupek (1f3f9e92@gateway/web/freenode/ip.
19:10.54*** join/#kde kirun (
19:11.22veduhello. what is the correct way to auto mount partitions (including ntfs)
19:13.25redeyedmaninstall ntfs-3g first
19:16.56*** join/#kde tnorth_ (
19:18.41*** join/#kde hussam (~hussam@
19:18.44*** join/#kde hussam (~hussam@unaffiliated/hussam)
19:19.23*** join/#kde strayPuppy (~vipp@unaffiliated/straypuppy)
19:21.09*** join/#kde yodeler (~quassel@unaffiliated/yodeler)
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19:23.55*** join/#kde hobakill (~hobakill@
19:24.51*** join/#kde Caterpillar (~caterpill@unaffiliated/caterpillar)
19:25.01veduredeyedman: sorry. yes I am here. already instaleld
19:26.24veduI messed up my fstab and GUI wasn't starting on boot
19:31.03daniel2Is the maintainer of kdeconnect in this channel?
19:33.04*** join/#kde hobakill (~hobakill@
19:42.39*** join/#kde jabesed (
19:44.26*** join/#kde trifolio6 (
19:45.09*** part/#kde bugs (
19:48.09*** join/#kde Gibba (
19:48.46mrphantomdaniel2: No, kdeconnect maintainer's handle is albertvaka and you can find him in #kde-devel but he rarely comes on irc. mostly only during weekends
19:48.56*** join/#kde _rd (
19:49.22*** join/#kde cnu- (
19:50.22mrphantomdaniel2: but if you facing some bug in it just ask it there, someone else may reply there.
19:55.22*** join/#kde rodolfojcj (~rodolfojc@
19:58.31*** join/#kde Riskii (
19:59.17*** join/#kde jabesed (
20:00.15*** join/#kde karolherbst (~karol@
20:01.16*** join/#kde Aristide (~Jean-Char@
20:04.27*** join/#kde saeron (
20:04.59saeronsomeone can tell me why amarok don reconize my minidln
20:05.13saeroni actually activete the pluggin upnp
20:05.37saeronbut amarok dont show the server
20:05.51saeronwhen i actually i am using ion my tv all time
20:07.16saeroncant tell me someone at least an idea
20:07.25saeronof the problem
20:07.40saeronbecause i cant find the same problem online
20:07.51saeronand i dont know what to find
20:09.34*** join/#kde hobakill (~hobakill@
20:10.06rindolfsaeron: hi.
20:10.24rindolfsaeron: I don't understand.
20:10.33rindolfsaeron: and BTW - there's #amarok too.
20:11.05saeronyes sorry
20:11.12mrphantomsaeron: I think upnp is no longer supported in amarok
20:11.19saeronjust i have problems whit the upnp conectoion on amarock
20:11.31saerondont show me the server dat i have
20:12.00saeronso i cant take my online net music now?
20:12.11*** join/#kde sayan (~sayan@fedora/sayan)
20:12.12saeroncan you tellme please another player for this?
20:12.16mrphantomsaeron: sadly no :(
20:12.41saeronbecause cantata have not the chance at same
20:13.01saeronand i always use amarok in kde so ....
20:13.05mrphantomyou can try plasma media center
20:13.32mrphantomI had created upnp plugin in that but it's not still in development version
20:13.50mrphantomyou will have to build ashish/upnp branch for using upnp in plasma mediacenter
20:14.16mrphantoms/not still/still/ :-P
20:14.38*** join/#kde jasonvw (
20:15.00saeroni am actually intaling plasma media center but compilate a plugin.... i dont know
20:15.44*** join/#kde NeuhNeuh (~Jean-Char@
20:16.00*** join/#kde ArchCeza1 (
20:16.50saeronmmm i dont like the idea of a media center for dat
20:16.57saeronbut thx for your help
20:17.05*** join/#kde shumski (
20:17.23saeroni dont like to hace a fullscrean for play music
20:18.01mrphantomBuilding is easy once you are relavent with its steps :)
20:18.23mrphantomthat's our personal choice
20:18.57saeroni understand why people like media center but its not for me
20:19.24saeroni like more the idea to have a program in second plane
20:20.16*** join/#kde jaafar (~quassel@
20:23.19*** join/#kde hobakill (~hobakill@
20:24.13crazydipsaeron: maybe clementine player has what you're looking for?
20:25.21*** join/#kde notis (
20:29.55*** join/#kde caravel (~caravel@unaffiliated/caravel)
20:31.18*** join/#kde zi2b2 (~zi2b2@unaffiliated/zi2b2)
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20:48.51*** join/#kde ompaul (~ompaul@unaffiliated/ompaul)
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20:55.16*** join/#kde alexandros_c (~amcollie7@unaffiliated/alexandros-c/x-1684531)
20:58.28*** join/#kde Haudegen (~quassel@
20:59.03SpinningWheelswas trying to install this and rand into this
21:08.23*** join/#kde DocScrutinizer05 (~saturn@openmoko/engineers/joerg)
21:14.04*** join/#kde yodeler (~quassel@unaffiliated/yodeler)
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21:30.07*** join/#kde hussam (~hussam@unaffiliated/hussam)
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21:48.52*** join/#kde Jucato (~Juan@kde/developer/jucato)
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22:02.58*** join/#kde Jucato (~Juan@kde/developer/jucato)
22:04.10*** join/#kde Sammy222 (~sammy222@
22:10.00Sammy222i am using ssh -X from mac to linux and want to connect to an already existing running kde application that is running on the desktop.
22:11.38*** join/#kde aario (~quassel@
22:11.45Sammy222using xrdp i can start the app. but while using ssh -X i want to open the already running app konversation
22:11.58Sammy222any advice or direction would be appreciated
22:12.28Sammy222maybe there is a way to show the sessions of a kde application that i can reconnect to?
22:12.31Sammy222or something?
22:12.58Sammy222like with klauncher or something?
22:16.27*** part/#kde DocScrutinizer05 (~saturn@openmoko/engineers/joerg)
22:22.45crazydipmoral of this story?: using a mac is self torture, don't do it
22:22.58*** part/#kde ytrezq (
22:24.52*** join/#kde yodeler (~quassel@unaffiliated/yodeler)
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22:30.09*** join/#kde PaulW2U (~PaulW2U@ubuntu/member/paulw2u)
22:36.05*** join/#kde Jasonvw_1 (
22:36.42demmcrazydip: for ring-kde you need to build opendht, ring-daemon & ring-lrc first
22:38.41*** join/#kde Aristide (~Jean-Char@2a01:e35:2eb9:64b0:4ec:ec6c:6b80:335d)
22:42.47*** join/#kde Sonderblade (
22:47.11*** join/#kde crazydip (
22:49.17crazydipdemm: thanks! but where is ring-daemon & ring-irc ok kde git?
22:49.20*** join/#kde cristianonet (~cristi@
22:49.27crazydipok = on
22:50.03demmno, check the docs on ring
22:50.55*** join/#kde kbroulik (~quassel@kde/broulik)
22:53.07crazydipdemm: did you end up getting it to build on your distro?
22:54.37demmcrazydip: :)
22:56.22crazydipdemm: server not found :(
22:56.33crazydipdemm: can you share your build files / scripts?
22:56.49crazydipdemm: I know we have different distros but it'll help me a lot
22:57.10*** join/#kde bluelightning_ (~paul@pdpc/supporter/professional/bluelightning)
22:57.39*** join/#kde Hya (~Hya@2a01:e34:ee2c:4fa0:ba27:ebff:fe8c:ad47)
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23:38.19*** join/#kde Jucato (~Juan@kde/developer/jucato)
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23:39.41*** join/#kde thiago (~thiago@kde/thiago)
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23:48.35*** join/#kde altin (~altin@flossk/altin)
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