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00:12.29tuxhatwow kde is so much like windows 7
00:12.35tuxhatgood job
00:12.36nixiepixelheloo allll
00:12.51tuxhatand kde works just like windows 7
00:12.53tuxhatVERY SLOW
00:12.59nixiepixeli am a ex windows user i feel so happy when i use kde
00:13.09nixiepixelkde is even slower than windows i like slow pc
00:13.17tuxhatkde plasma blast me to outter space
00:13.31nixiepixeli like sluggish pcs
00:13.36tuxhati like the windows like start menu
00:13.43tuxhatits like still being on windows eh
00:13.45nixiepixeldid u try lanceloot
00:13.53nixiepixelits sexy
00:13.56tuxhatoh yeah thats even more like windows
00:14.01rindolftuxhat: KDE 4 is not very slow for me.
00:14.11tuxhatu must have a very super computer eh
00:14.21tuxhati am not rich u see
00:14.31tuxhatkde is so bloated
00:14.38tuxhatit uses like 4 gb of ram
00:14.39rindolftuxhat: I've ran it on a Pentium 4 2.4GHz machine.
00:14.39tuxhatwhy ?
00:14.48rindolftuxhat: less than 4 GB of RAM.
00:14.53nixiepixelgnome is so simple but i cannot adjust to gnome
00:14.56tuxhatok but more than 2gb right ?
00:15.02nixiepixeli am windows user i like kde
00:15.07rindolfCurrently my machine is using 1.6 GB of RAM and it's x86-64.
00:15.14tuxhat1.6 gb
00:15.16tuxhatwow thats alot
00:15.22tuxhati am using awesome
00:15.35tuxhatits using like 800mb
00:15.38rindolfWell, Firefox is consuming a lot of RAM.
00:15.42tuxhatbut i got alot of shit open eh
00:15.47nixiepixelfirefox really pisses me off
00:15.55tuxhati use internet explorer
00:15.58tuxhatin wine
00:16.11tuxhatto get the real feel of windows in kde
00:16.12nixiepixelie 10 is gonna b e awesome
00:16.13tuxhatooo yeah
00:16.24nixiepixelu can use ie 9
00:16.30nixiepixelit is quite good
00:16.33tuxhati install that lauchpad thingy kde has
00:16.36nixiepixelbut a bit slow in wine
00:16.39tuxhatit feels like iam using a macos
00:16.53rindolfNow it's 1,126 after I shut down Firefox.
00:16.54tuxhatwhats it call
00:17.02tuxhatfirefox gots a memory leakage
00:17.06tuxhati use opera
00:17.16nixiepixelgoogle chrome?
00:17.23tuxhatgoogle chrome is good
00:17.27tuxhatbut with my microsoft cam
00:17.30tuxhatit has a bug
00:17.35tuxhatthat flickers the light off and on
00:17.51tuxhatand when i try to do a screencast
00:17.58tuxhatwith google chrome open it fails
00:18.11tuxhatbecause i use my camera and mic on the device
00:18.12nixiepixelbad eh
00:18.16nixiepixelgoogle is shit
00:18.19tuxhatand google chrome is using buggy codes
00:18.26tuxhatand firefox uses alot of chromium code
00:18.30tuxhatand i hate firefox
00:18.31tuxhatit sucks
00:18.44tuxhatopera is actually good
00:18.45nixiepixelrindolf which ditro do u use
00:18.52tuxhati use kubuntu
00:18.56nixiepixeli too
00:19.01rindolfnixiepixel: Mageia Linux 3.
00:19.04tuxhatright on
00:19.07nixiepixelwaht is that
00:19.12tuxhatubuntu is the next windows os
00:19.13nixiepixelohh mandriva
00:19.34tuxhatmandriva has mac os features
00:19.42tuxhatits like a win/mac linux distro
00:19.43nixiepixelhow do u pronounce mageia rindolf lulz
00:19.57rindolfnixiepixel: Mah-ggéh-ya
00:20.06tuxhati remember mandriva took like 6 cd rom to install it
00:20.16tuxhati hated the system
00:20.22nixiepixelit is a fork of mandrake i think
00:20.23tuxhatit was very bloated like slackware
00:20.34tuxhatand opensuse
00:20.39tuxhatfucking gay ass distro
00:20.45tuxhatnothing beats kubuntu
00:20.55tuxhatthey are gonna be better than windows and might replace it
00:20.57tuxhatwho knows
00:21.07tuxhatwith kde
00:21.17tuxhatk desktop lulz
00:21.20nixiepixelkde is so aweome
00:21.27tuxhatdolphin what a gay name
00:21.40nixiepixeluse konqueror
00:21.44tuxhatkmenu should call start menu
00:21.49nixiepixeli never liked dolphin
00:21.56tuxhatdolphin lulz
00:22.03tuxhatwhy doesn't it mount my device
00:22.21tuxhatand the blue rox like folders
00:22.23tuxhatso lame
00:22.29nixiepixelkde has 336 irc gnome 90 lulz
00:22.37tuxhatcan kde be any more orginal ?
00:22.37nixiepixelkde beating hell outta gnome
00:22.46tuxhatthey copied windows
00:22.50tuxhatand now rox
00:22.54tuxhatwhat is next
00:23.01tuxhatoh yeah they copied launchpad too
00:23.23nixiepixelkde is the best
00:23.24tuxhatcheck out the ms gadgets eh
00:23.26tuxhatright on
00:23.30nixiepixelthing ever happened to linux
00:23.43tuxhatit gots notes like vista gates
00:23.44nixiepixelu can use kde in windows if u want
00:23.50tuxhatand that analog clock so orginal man
00:23.51nixiepixeli use it it is cool
00:24.03tuxhati know lulz
00:24.07nixiepixelmicrosoft copied kde i htink
00:24.15tuxhatu see how fucking ubuntu tries to be like windows
00:24.36tuxhatshould eh linux distro be more like unix ?
00:24.36nixiepixelcanonical stop funding kubuntu beacause of kde
00:24.57tuxhatand linux mint are jealous of ubuntu
00:25.01tuxhatbut they use their base
00:25.02nixiepixelpeople really make fun of kde
00:25.12tuxhatall these developers are fucking faggotz
00:25.13Jucatothis channel is for user support for KDE, not for lulz or offtopic chatter. if you wish to continue your conversation, you can either do it in PM or in #kde-chat
00:25.15nixiepixelkde is so bloated man
00:25.23nixiepixeli use lubuntu it uses 45 mb
00:25.24Jucatotuxhat: watch your language
00:25.31tuxhatfuck u faggot
00:25.39tuxhatsuck a cock
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00:26.04tuxhatsuck a cock ban me
00:26.18tuxhatfucking pussy like bill gates uh
00:26.33tuxhatgo hide behind ur macintosh
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00:26.35rindolfnixiepixel: what's so funny?
00:26.41nixiepixelhis language lol
00:27.07nixiepixelhe must be a gnome user
00:27.10Santiclausethat banmask just showed up to me as *!*@*...
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00:27.49Jucatofiles a bug report
00:28.16nixiepixelnepomuk is unnecesaary i disable it every time
00:28.44nixiepixelhonestly kde runs better in windows 7 than in kubuntu
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00:40.07SanticlauseSo, anybody know how to toggle the Kickoff application launcher window? I tried to do it by simulating a keypress for a global hotkey (I set the hotkey to F13, and used xdotool key F13 to simulate the keypress), but that didn't work.
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00:42.32JucatoSanticlause: right-click on the application launcher icon -> Application Launcher Settings -> Keyboard Shortcut?
00:43.03Jucato(although I don't have an F13 key setting with xdotool so I can't check that. I tried with Alt+F1)
00:43.12SanticlauseIt has a shortcut
00:43.14Santiclausethe shortcut is set
00:43.27Santiclausewhat I'm trying to do is toggle kickoff from within a script
00:43.40Santiclauseand simulating a shortcut key was just the only solution I could find
00:43.51Santiclause(and it doesn't even work properly :()
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04:22.31Kalidarnwhen i ssh into something i just see "Enter passphrase for key" on the terminal, isn't kwallet supposed to manage that?
04:22.56Kalidarnand pop up with something like kdesudo or pinentry-qt4
04:23.09Sho_if you have kdesshaskpass installed and set up yeah
04:23.27Kalidarn(trying to solve a filezilla bug)
04:23.57Kalidarnbasically when you use SSH_AUTH and ssh-agent it will only work if that dialog in ubuntu (unity) comes up that asks for the password
04:24.21Kalidarnand with macosx you have to establish a ssh terminal session, i suspect the key isn't being delivered :)
04:29.15KalidarnSho_: i wonder if i have to restart KDE after installing ksshaskpass
04:30.12Sho_Kalidarn: you definitely have to restart it to use ssh-agent since the desktop session has to be a child process of the agent
04:30.19Sho_if you're not using the agent yet, ..
04:30.23Kalidarnyup and that solved my issue :)
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04:36.14KalidarnSho_: is there a particular method to get ksshaskpass to start on boot
04:36.27Kalidarnwas having a look at: and wondered if that's really the right way
04:38.01Sho_Kalidarn: honestly i don't know, i haven't used it yet
04:38.17Sho_Kalidarn: my ssh usage is mostly limited to the terminal so i don't mind typing "ssh-add" there once
04:39.23Kalidarnso is mine mostly :)
04:39.56Kalidarnseems like an easy enough method, ill put in a bug report with my distributor
04:45.18Kalidarnhmm Sho_ maybe they didn't include it because of this bug:
04:45.36Kalidarnprobably would have caused more problems to include it than not to
04:46.03Sho_sounds annoying
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06:55.33tapashow can i make my encrypted drive show up in the computer tab?
06:55.51tapasso i don't have to start nautilus to mount it? (or use cryptsetup et. al.)?
06:57.52tapaskde seems to completely ignore the drive..
07:01.44tapasit's a SATA hd installed in the system..
07:01.49tapassomething makes kde ignore it..
07:02.49tapasit is visible in the "Configure automatic handling of removable storage media" system settings tab..
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07:52.59nickycHow do I install 4.9.2 on Ubuntu?
07:53.55Kalidarnni1s: wait a few days for it to be added to the PPA
07:54.16Kalidarnyou'll see something like:
07:54.17tsimpson4.9.2 isn't even released yet
07:54.24Kalidarnthat too
07:54.24nickycKalidarn: why isn't there some continous build integration?
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07:54.38Kalidarnbecause 4.9.2 isn't even released yet
07:54.46Kalidarnfrom so obviously packages aren't going to exist
07:54.48nickycOr: how do I install something which will become 4.9.2?
07:54.55Kalidarnthen you want trunk
07:55.03Kalidarnand for that you have to compile it from source probably
07:55.17Kalidarn4.9.2 will be very similar to 4.9.1 anyway just a few bugfixes
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07:55.29nickycKalidarn: are you saying that every KDE developer has to compile everything from scratch all the time?
07:55.44nickycIt's a miracle that you make any progress at all in that case.
07:55.44Kalidarnthey don't necessarily all use ubuntu.
07:55.57tsimpsonthey don't have to compile from scratch, they just rebuild
07:55.58Kalidarnand welcome to open source
07:56.05Kalidarnyou have to compile shit when changes are made to the code
07:56.06Sho_nickyc: no, our build system supports incremental building
07:56.25Sho_nickyc: i.e. it will only rebuild what it needs to when code files change
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07:56.35nickycSho_: which system would that be?
07:56.41nickycSho_: because cmake does not.
07:56.42Kalidarnwhat tsimpson said, usually kde developers have particular areas they work on anyway so they only recompile the stuff that relates to what they are doing
07:56.47Sho_nickyc: combine that with something like ccache, and it's a tiny amount of time
07:56.55Sho_nickyc: cmake
07:57.10nickyccmake is not incremental, but whatever.
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07:57.27Sho_it is, but i can tell you're one of the people who know everything better ;)
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07:57.40Sho_and i don't waste my time on those, so EOD from my end
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07:58.22nickycSho_: do you have your setup documented anywhere?
07:58.39nickycWith benchmarks to show how long it takes to change a single line and do a recompilation?
07:59.15nickycAn example of such a benchmark would be recompiling kwin to change the meaning of left and right in it.
07:59.39tsimpsonit depends on the line you change
08:00.12nickyctsimpson: what about just adding a std::cout << "Hello"; line?
08:00.16tsimpsonif it only effects one object file, then it's a quick rebuild and relink. if it's a change in a header that's used all over the place, then you must rebuild more
08:00.34nickyctsimpson: define quick, because doing that in Firefox takes 20 minutes.
08:00.41*** join/#kde Rettich (
08:01.06thiagonickyc: rebuilding a random Qt library, it will usually take 2 seconds + the time requied for linking
08:01.34Sho_nickyc: My setup is pretty basic - source dirs, build dirs, a prefix to install to and a bunch of bash functions to ease navigation. I use kdesrc-build to manage the daily update-and-build-it-all, and otherwise for more targeted stuff just jump into the right build dir and run make install, or let KDevelop do it if I'm in there
08:01.37nickycDo you also have incremental linking support?
08:01.54Sho_nickyc: I currently don't use ccache, but if I did that'd just wrap g++ and so be transparent to the build system
08:01.55thiago$ touch tools/qstring.cpp&& make
08:02.00thiagoBuild succeeded, took 0:06.372s (total run time 0:06.481s), 58.0% CPU usage
08:02.22thiagonickyc: incremental linking is a feature of the linker. If the linker supports it, it will do it.
08:02.35nickycthiago: you have to tell it to use it lots of cases.
08:02.57Sho_nickyc: How long an incremental rebuild takes for something like kwin depends mostly on whether the mtime of headers changed. If you just change one .cpp file it will only recompile that .cpp file; if a .h changed that is included by half the world, well, then it will rebuild half the world
08:03.34nickycWhy don't you switch to a language which has an actual module system?
08:03.42nickyc(such that you don't have the include hell problem)
08:03.45Sho_nickyc: cmake supports a magic "make install/fast" that skips the dependency checking and can be used judicuously when you know better (i.e. "yes the mtime changed but no relevantcontents")
08:03.53Sho_nickyc: but i rarely use that myself
08:04.10*** join/#kde niteshnarayanlal (~nitesh@fedora/niteshnarayanlal)
08:04.16thiagothat just installs the files, without rebuilding them
08:04.29nickycI.e., why is KDE a single language system?
08:04.35thiagonickyc: because it isn't
08:05.02Sho_we also have a 'unsercmake' script in kdesdk/scripts that tries to improve on the bhavior of install/fast, but i don't know if anyone actually uses that
08:05.24nickycthiago: it isn't?
08:05.28thiagonickyc: it isn't
08:05.43Kalidarnnickyc: you know google could answer a lot of your questions
08:05.48nickycI will just run sloccount then.
08:05.49Sho_has written a fair number of KDE apps in Python
08:05.56nickycSure, applications.
08:06.00nickycBut not the core libraries.
08:06.12nickycI know there are bindings to tons of languages.
08:06.26thiagowell, the libraries need to be standardised so they can be used by everyone
08:06.32thiagobinding 1 language to many is a hard enough task
08:06.47thiagobinding N to M would be extremely difficult
08:07.04Sho_We don't technically have a _policy_ against non-C++ libraries however, I guess it just never made technical sense, nor did people want to do it
08:07.07thiagomore importantly, one core library would need to use bindings to access another library if they were in incompatible languages
08:07.11Marquelmorning, and my question again: audiocd-kioslave does not provide ogg/vorbis transcoding though necessary libraries are in place and linking shows no errors. any hints on this?
08:07.14Kalidarnjust because you can do something doesn't mean it's a good idea nickyc
08:07.27thiagoMarquel: probably because the headers aren't present
08:07.31Kalidarnmost projects have certain design constraints to make them operable on by multiple people
08:07.58*** join/#kde Gilde2 (
08:08.17nickycSho_: so if someone would port a core C++ library to some other language with similar performance and the same interface for third party code but ostensibly better code, that would get accepted?
08:08.33nickycOr would that not be 'portable enough'?
08:08.35Marquelthiago: what can i do against that?
08:08.35*** join/#kde JackWinter (~jack@
08:08.38thiagonickyc: to be honest, it would be unlikely
08:08.41thiagoMarquel: install them
08:08.48Marquelthiago: which? ;)
08:08.54thiagoMarquel: the vorbis headers
08:09.13Sho_nickyc: maybe not, because it would still leave open the issue of whether you're the only one able to maintain it because nobody else has expertise in the language, and that is a very low bus number
08:09.17nickycYou already have an ARM device working, right? Does it actually work?
08:09.18*** join/#kde afuentes (~afuentes@
08:09.26thiagonickyc: it works
08:09.33Sho_nickyc: but generally speaking, if there were only upsides and people were comfortable with the maintenance side, sure, why not?
08:09.48nickycthiago: that is, can some grandma use it and not see a segmentation fault?
08:09.57Marquelthiago: headers are there. as well as the kioslave's (which was meant by "libraries are in place")
08:10.07thiagoMarquel: then I don't know
08:10.08Sho_nickyc: ARM works reliably, no issues there
08:10.49Sho_nickyc: keep in mind that the basis of our stack (Qt) has been on ARM and generally been ISA-portable for many, many years, and kdelibs doesn't contain a whole lot of low-level code
08:10.50thiagoas for the device itself, anyone making a device sold to grandma would do their own hardening and release testing
08:11.09Sho_nickyc: there were some minor fixes to do here and there, but overall it wasn't much
08:11.20nickycthiago: that's not my experience with technology ;)
08:11.22Sho_and app-level code basically wasn't affected
08:11.31thiagonickyc: it is mine
08:11.42thiagonickyc: I've seen a device mature once. It took months to fix all bugs.
08:11.51thiagoor most, anyway
08:12.22thiagothere aren't many brands that survive a "can't make calls if you hold it the wrong way" type of bugs
08:12.29nickycIn my computer, my harddisk had the wrong firmware (would magically delete all data on a random day), my graphics drivers crashed every week, and my motherboard also had a recall.
08:12.49nickycAnd my other harddisk (SSD) had a similar problem.
08:13.04nickyc3 of those are software problems.
08:13.35nickycI think the only stuff which doesn't have these issues is enterprise hardware which is generally older and well tested.
08:13.52thiagothat might be
08:14.11Marquelthiago: interestingly does not link against libvorbis....
08:15.05Sho_nickyc: anyway, the bottom line is that the kde community likes c++ but isn't religious about it, many of us enjoy using other languages
08:15.39thiagothe core libraries are all in C++ today and are likely to remain that way for maintenance and logistic reasons
08:15.44*** join/#kde jreznik (jreznik@nat/redhat/x-zlfvotsjvwhwmdkq)
08:15.51Sho_yup, i would agree
08:16.01Kalidarnyou'll find the same on any platform though, macosx they're objective c
08:16.08Kalidarnand windows libraries are mostly c++
08:16.23Sho_actually apple sometimes offers both objc and c++ apis to the same thing
08:16.24thiagohmmm... they're actually C down the lowest level, on both
08:16.28Sho_and then neglects the c++ one ;)
08:16.38KalidarnSho_: hah too true
08:16.55thiagothe Carbon libraries were C API, until it got deprecated
08:17.01thiagothe CoreFoundation libraries still have a C API
08:17.20thiagoI don't know how they're implemented behind the scenes, but I'm guessing it's actually C for the most part
08:17.30Kalidarnand microsoft do similar things
08:17.34thiagothe Mac OS X kernel, libc and all the low-level libs are C, of course
08:17.51KalidarnC is suitable in places where C++ is not and vice versa.
08:17.55thiagoon Windows, the kernel and all the low- and middle-level libs are C
08:18.11thiagoC++ only shows up at the MFC and UI layers
08:18.50Kalidarnwhich is likely where it makes most sense to use an OO language
08:19.10thiagoWindows suffers from not having a standard compiler that dictates a C++ ABI
08:19.25Kalidarnbut oh my god why don't they use some java and python too! and some fortran libraries because they can?
08:19.45Kalidarni think i'll get on the phone to microsoft and complain about it
08:20.21Sho_actually if you count plasma we have some javascript core libs now ;)
08:20.59Kalidarnthough that's because a lot of plasmoids are pulling stuff from the internet
08:21.09Kalidarnits also cross platform with dock applets
08:21.25Kalidarni read somewhere a while back it was possible to use certain dock applets in plasma?
08:21.39nickycCan plasmoids do arbitrary code execution?
08:21.40Kalidarn(not the ones that obviously depend on macosx libraries)
08:22.07Sho_nickyc: essentially the simple answer is "yes"
08:22.55nickycSho_: if that's the case, why isn't there some big warning on interfaces which allow to install from third parties?
08:23.33*** join/#kde dvratil (dvratil@nat/redhat/x-piqfvbkbmblmtqev)
08:23.33Marquelthiago: i am not sure if this is related here, but though the buildsystems tells the compiler to link against, libvorbis is not listed in ldd output of
08:23.43KalidarnI've always wondered if there was something like this for KDE
08:23.49thiagoMarquel: I'm not sure it's relevant
08:24.01thiagoMarquel: it might be that it runs oggenc instead of linking to the libs
08:24.03*** join/#kde MadAGu (
08:24.24thiagoMarquel: it does link here...
08:24.26nickycDo you actually use plasmoids, btw? I have the impression that they are mostly a gimmick.
08:24.32Kalidarnit doesn't use any objective c, only javascript
08:24.48Sho_nickyc: keep in mind that everything in the shell is a "a plasmoid"
08:24.51Marquelthiago: so libogg and libvorbis are listed in your ldd-output?
08:25.00Sho_nickyc: the panel, the taskbar on it, the menu, the clock, the systray, the desktop itself
08:25.31Kalidarnuser interfaces are gimmicks they will go away some day.
08:26.31nickycSho_: ok, well, I meant things like the black board.
08:27.20Sho_nickyc: I only use a couple on the desktop surface, a monitor for my softraid which is pretty useful, two folder views and a notepad
08:27.39Sho_nickyc: but my panel has quite a few i use very regularly, e.g. the pastebin one and the kdevelop session chooser
08:28.06Kalidarnis bouncy ball useful? it should be removed!
08:28.24nickycIs there any way to use okular to print documents automatically?
08:28.38Kalidarndefine automatically
08:28.50nickycSo, for i in *.pdf; do <some command> $i; done
08:29.23Sho_nickyc: anyway, the point i was driving at is that the fact that the desktop surface lets you add "gimmicks" to it is just one way of expression in what is a very modular framework, and if we one day decide we don't want that or want to do something wildly different entirely, the very modular framework is still flexible enough to be reused for those other expressions - the netbook UI and the tablet UI we did show that
08:29.48Sho_nickyc: so it's not like we did plasma because we wanted gimmicks on the desktop, but because we wanted that very modular framework
08:30.22Kalidarni just discovered that if i double click on bouncy ball it jumps around my screen
08:30.25Kalidarnthat's useful
08:30.33nickycSho_: I think what I am saying is that it would be better to not include black board and some others unless someone can make the case that it's really useful.
08:31.10Sho_nickyc: we actually did try to keep the set of default bundled plasmoids very small, but early on we also needed to write a couple of things to prove the libraries
08:31.21Sho_nickyc: note that the blackboard _is_ in the "kdeplasma-addons" module
08:31.27Sho_kde-workspace _does_ ship with a very small set
08:31.30KalidarnSho_: ill get mad at you if you take my bouncy ball away!
08:31.39*** join/#kde jillsmitt (~quassel@
08:31.48Sho_Kalidarn: i was party to a discussion recently that put the future of bouncy ball in doubt
08:31.54*** join/#kde jillsmitt_ (~quassel@
08:31.59Sho_i suggest you grab your pitchfork now
08:32.21Kalidarnwill do brb
08:33.42nickycKalidarn: any idea on the printing queston?
08:33.45Kalidarni might make a "ball of wool" plasmoid and demand that KDE distribute it
08:34.01Kalidarnnickyc: i'd say you'd be able to do it with imagemagick and piping it to something
08:34.11Kalidarni can't say i've tried, i'd google it if i wanted to know how
08:34.25*** join/#kde tosky (tosky@nat/redhat/x-pemsvhlnfspaqtuq)
08:34.25Sho_it might be possible to script okular via d-bus to open new d ocuments and rpint them
08:34.39Sho_alas, even though i'm a semi-regular okular contributor i don't know since i never ever print
08:34.49nickycKalidarn: okular can undo the DRM, which is something I need.
08:35.13Kalidarnif there's DRM are you sure you should be undoing it? :)
08:35.20Kalidarnanyway i have to go now
08:35.27nickycIf I had some magic way to convert a DRM'ed file into a normal file, then I could use lpr.
08:35.50Sho_pdftk may be able to strip the drm flags
08:36.07nickycJust because someone tries to hinder me in achieving my goals, doesn't mean I cannot try to achieve my goals still.
08:36.50Sho_and fwiw, yes, okular has enough d-bus to open a document and trigger the print dialog
08:37.01Sho_the start of the print could be done via xdotool to the dialog
08:37.09Sho_hacky as shit, burt
08:37.13Sho_*but you can wire it up
08:37.32nickycSho_: there is an open bug for okular, because there isn't suck an interface.
08:37.48*** join/#kde lkrejci (lkrejci@nat/redhat/x-jwnytogwjuozlniw)
08:37.49*** join/#kde lkrejci (lkrejci@redhat/jboss/lkrejci)
08:37.52Sho_i just looked at it via qdbusviewer myself tho
08:39.22Sho_there's an openDocument that takes a path string, and a way to trigger the print action
08:39.52nickycSho_: what way to trigger the print action?
08:40.09nickycThe openDocument things do work, yes.
08:40.20*** join/#kde b0stik (
08:40.22Sho_sec, let me type it out
08:40.26*** join/#kde Tanktalus (~nfn@
08:41.39Sho_nickyc: qdbus org.kde.okular-<pid> /okular/okular__Shell/actions/file_print trigger
08:42.00nickycThanks, I will try that.
08:42.22Sho_nickyc: thing is that will only get you the print dialog, you still need to press the button
08:42.34nickycSho_: and is that possible?
08:42.49Sho_for that i recommend using xdotool or a mix of wmctrl and xdotool to get the winid of the dialog by its title and then send alt+p to it
08:43.10Sho_(the keyboard accelerator of the print button)
08:43.10nickycSho_: ah, yes, I had never considered alt-p.
08:43.34Sho_well xdotool could also do a mouse click at window-relative coordinates
08:43.46Sho_which feels tempting in a shiny hack sort of way
08:43.49nickycSho_: yeah, but that will break really fast.
08:44.08nickycAlt-p is something which would be placed in a configuration file.
08:44.08Sho_then again alt+p might equally easily
08:44.18nickyc(and perhaps even be generated from KDE source code)
08:44.23nickycThe proper fix would be an API.
08:44.24Sho_since it might not be alt+p depending on translation
08:44.31nickycThat is a dbus interface.
08:44.45Sho_aye, but then you'll concede that okular is a gui app and not really a pdf scripting environment
08:44.56Sho_i mean it's defensible that it doesn't have that interface atm ;)
08:45.05nickycSho_: I would like a pdf scripting environment, but there isn't one.,
08:45.18Sho_there is pdftk
08:45.33nickycSho_: If I search for remove DRM pdftk I get garbage.
08:45.47nickycpdftk was easily found, of course.
08:46.02Sho_i'll admit i don't _know_ if it can do that since i don't have to manipulate pdfs myself
08:46.16Sho_pdftk was just the one i was dimly aware of and felt it would  fall into its ballpark
08:47.42*** join/#kde mah454 (~quassel@
08:48.00mah454why login sound have dely in KDE ?
08:48.09Marquel*sigh* okay, seems a problem with the buildsystem and my libvorbis. thanks for your time.
08:48.10mah454why login sound have delay in KDE ?
08:48.15*** part/#kde Marquel (~Marquel@unaffiliated/marquel)
08:48.56*** join/#kde hein (~sho@kde/hein)
08:49.24Sho_sorry, clicking "Apply Settings" in the UI of my router made it reconnect for completely nonsensical reasons
08:49.35Sho_last i got: [10:46] <Sho_> i'll admit i don't _know_ if it can do that since i don't have to manipulate pdfs myself [10:46] <Sho_> pdftk was just the one i was dimly aware of and felt it would  fall into its ballpark
08:50.48*** join/#kde mgottschlag (~quassel@reactos/tester/phoenix64)
08:50.49mah454after some secound (10 or 20 S) i can hear KDE Login Sound !
08:52.10*** join/#kde qw[Russian] (~kvirc@
08:52.11Sho_mah454: it wanted to make sure you were really logged in!
08:53.00*** join/#kde Assurbanipal (
08:53.17qw[Russian]help me please
08:54.04*** part/#kde tapas (
08:54.10*** join/#kde JackBauer24 (
08:54.25qw[Russian]This setting can be configured in the file "httpd-xampp.conf".
08:54.55qw[Russian]i see this message after install xampp
08:56.39*** join/#kde etienne_ (
08:56.43*** join/#kde gavlee (~gavlee@unaffiliated/gavlee)
08:59.42mah454Sho_: yes , i success logged in to KDE
08:59.54mah454but login sound have delay !
08:59.56mah454why ?
09:00.01mah454How can fix this problem ?
09:00.35*** join/#kde vsrao (~quassel@unaffiliated/vsrao)
09:02.30*** join/#kde serafean (~martin@2001:718:2:2905:21e:64ff:fe3c:c866)
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10:05.43lordievaderGood morning
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12:20.06*** join/#kde apus (
12:20.52apushi, kmail 4.9.1 here and I've got problems with the automatic marking-as-read system ... sent emails for example I have to manually set most of the time as well as many incoming messages. Any ideas?
12:21.25*** join/#kde thematt (~matt@
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12:26.50*** join/#kde chicao (~chicao@
12:27.01*** join/#kde bline (
12:27.02thiagoapus: sent mails show up as unread to you?
12:29.08*** join/#kde ^Juan^ (~juan@unaffiliated/juan)
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12:39.59*** join/#kde jovin (
12:41.08danharibodoes anyone know if it's possible to 'cut' a video in kdenlive
12:41.23danhariboI have a 800x600 region i want to extract from a 1366x900 video
12:42.24*** join/#kde MercurialAlchemi (
12:44.32BluesKajHIyas all
12:45.27*** join/#kde artista_frustrad (~fernando@
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13:08.12lordievaderGood afternoon
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14:10.12*** join/#kde mlpokn (~flaviu@
14:11.04mlpoknHey guys, How can I make spell checking work in Konqueror?
14:12.38*** join/#kde gmoro (~guilherme@
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14:43.21*** join/#kde lacerda (Thiago@nat/indt/x-mhabiwowkucifpui)
14:45.03*** join/#kde Gilde2 (
14:46.49*** join/#kde amoR (~amoR@
14:48.39*** join/#kde vLassi (
14:52.49*** join/#kde rdieter (~rdieter@fedora/rdieter)
14:54.49*** join/#kde snoopy_ (
14:55.47*** join/#kde kc8hfi (~camey@
14:57.32*** join/#kde bjackman (
14:58.57*** join/#kde ivanich_work (
14:59.19nickycSho_: the qdbus call which you suggested doesn't return. Do you have any idea as to why not?
14:59.54*** join/#kde skunkos (~Martin@
15:00.09*** join/#kde konelix (~konelix@
15:01.04bjackmanHi, I've been having a problem with my plasma panel. It often becomes apparently unresponsive, although this unresponsiveness usually turns out to be just slowness (I get a response after ~30 seconds). This goes for both clicking on icons and the icons responding to changes made (e.g. the pager reflecting that I have switched desktops using the keyboard). I can't find anyone with the same problem online, but I'm experiencing it on two different, 100%
15:01.05bjackmanseparate machines, running different versions of KDE and different versions of Fedora. Could anyone suggest where I should go? Submit a bug report?
15:01.18*** join/#kde floe (
15:01.31bjackmanps. besides adding quick-launch icons for Amarok, Firefox and Dolphin my panel is exactly as in the default Fedora KDE spin install
15:01.41bjackman(version 17)
15:03.04*** join/#kde jasonwert (
15:03.28Sho_nickyc: nope, sorry
15:03.47Sho_nickyc: i could probably find out, but i'm at work right now
15:03.52Sho_maybe another time
15:04.03*** join/#kde Donsata (
15:05.33*** join/#kde _RadioHead (~slack@
15:11.02*** join/#kde penguinbait (
15:11.03*** join/#kde penguinbait (~snoopy@Maemo/community/contributor/penguinbait)
15:11.34*** join/#kde gorgonzola (
15:12.55*** join/#kde filipesaraiva (~filipe@
15:13.27*** join/#kde linuxguy101 (~zzoogg@unaffiliated/linuxguy101)
15:13.49*** join/#kde jovin (
15:17.26*** join/#kde FL1SK (~quassel@
15:20.43*** join/#kde trakya (
15:22.04*** join/#kde mck182 (~quassel@
15:22.04*** join/#kde mck182 (~quassel@kde/developer/mklapetek)
15:22.26*** join/#kde FL1SK (~quassel@
15:24.03*** join/#kde Vojtaeus (
15:24.05*** join/#kde Vojtaeus (~vojta@opensuse/member/vojtaeus)
15:24.27*** join/#kde bbeck (
15:24.31*** join/#kde jovin (
15:27.48bjackmanto my previous question regarding plasma panel, I've got an answer from rdieter in #fedora-kde, it's a known bug caused by the Blur effect with NVidia drivers (inc. nouveau). Just in case you were interested!
15:28.49rdieterbjackman: did you confirm that enabling DE but with blur effect off, it's happier?
15:29.51*** join/#kde filipesaraiva (~filipe@
15:30.00rdieterit may only be nouveau, my comments about nvidia's driver was unrelated to blur
15:33.20*** join/#kde Peace- (
15:35.11*** join/#kde szal (
15:36.52*** join/#kde striker|rh (Striker@nat/redhat/x-tqdftcgnljedmkqb)
15:37.09*** join/#kde teddyp1cker (
15:38.35bjackmanrdieter: yeap, the problem appears to be solved. Thank you. I've posted it on as well, just in the hope that anyone else with the problem will come across it on Google
15:38.52rdieterbjackman: cool, thanks
15:38.55*** join/#kde lk (~lk@
15:43.01*** join/#kde marcovorg (
15:43.33*** join/#kde teddyp1cker (
15:43.57*** join/#kde yofel (~quassel@ubuntu/member/yofel)
15:48.02*** join/#kde konelix_ (~konelix@
15:52.23*** join/#kde ahiemstra (
15:52.35*** join/#kde erjk (
15:52.43*** join/#kde reavertm (
15:52.45*** join/#kde reavertm (~reavertm@gentoo/developer/reavertm)
15:53.12erjkHi. SOmebody knows how to install OSS4 on KDE? I did that and it plays alright when I use VLC or osstest, but no sounds in KDE. No audio devices in Phonon.
15:53.21*** join/#kde skreech__ (~skreech@
15:53.27ozzzywhat's OSS4
15:54.56erjkSound driver
15:55.46erjkI've read it';s better than ALSA. And I had problems with ALSA that I was trying to fix
15:56.24*** part/#kde FLHerne (
15:59.26*** join/#kde yofel (~quassel@ubuntu/member/yofel)
15:59.29*** join/#kde penguinbait (~snoopy@Maemo/community/contributor/penguinbait)
16:00.10*** join/#kde sujith_h (~sujith@
16:01.13*** join/#kde mike_o (~user@unaffiliated/mike-o/x-5317805)
16:01.18*** join/#kde aracele (~quassel@
16:01.21*** join/#kde phoenix_firebrd (~quassel@
16:01.28*** join/#kde Manko10 (
16:01.36*** join/#kde gdebure (~guillaume@
16:01.37*** join/#kde BrummbQ (
16:01.39*** join/#kde phoenix_firebrd (~quassel@unaffiliated/phoenix-firebrd/x-3763317)
16:01.57rdietererjk: so phonon uses "backends", the 2 best, and supported ones right now include gstreamer and vlc.
16:02.07*** join/#kde Kame2 (
16:02.38rdietererjk: the idea is to get the backend (be that gstreamer or vlc) to talk to OSS4,
16:02.42mike_oIs there a way to bind a single hotkey to both launch an app if it isn't running and force focus of that app if it is already running?
16:03.18*** join/#kde Walzmyn (~quassel@
16:03.48erjkrdieter, AS far as I know I can only use VLC. WHen I tried to install phonon-backend-gstreamer aptitude wanted to remove oss4-base, beucase alsa-base is in it's dependecies. SO I have phonon-backend-vlc.
16:03.56*** join/#kde gatuus (~kvirc@
16:04.16erjkrdieter, Do you know how to configure vlc backend?
16:04.19rdieterok.  the the vlc application itself work?
16:04.23rdieterdoes the ...
16:04.44rdieterif works, then phonon-vlc likely will too
16:04.45erjkI configured it manually and it does. It plays audio alright.
16:05.15erjkBut I have phonon-backend-vlc and still phonon doesn't see any audio devices.
16:05.42erjkI have just read that I should remove pulseaudio, and so I removed pulseaudio-base. Maybe that will help.
16:06.16rdietermaybe, usually you want PA these days, but maybe oss4 and pa don't work together
16:08.05*** join/#kde tsukasa (
16:08.06*** join/#kde tsukasa (~tsukasa@unaffiliated/tsukasa)
16:09.50*** join/#kde erjk (
16:09.57*** join/#kde Belial_ (
16:11.29erjkrdieter, After pulseaudio removal, I restarted my PC and now I have sound, but it's breaking the whole time (it plays for 1/10 of a second, then it pause for a while, plays, pauses...).
16:12.15erjkrdieter, In Phonon now I have 3 devices: Default, Discard all samples (playback) or generate zero sample (capture), PulseAudio Sound Server
16:12.41*** join/#kde vonami_ (~vonami@
16:12.47*** join/#kde phoenix_firebrd (~quassel@
16:12.58skreech__Anyone knows how to pull links from a page with kget?
16:13.08*** join/#kde phoenix_firebrd (~quassel@unaffiliated/phoenix-firebrd/x-3763317)
16:13.23*** join/#kde Gilde2_ (
16:15.17*** join/#kde |oop (
16:16.28*** join/#kde vsrao (~quassel@unaffiliated/vsrao)
16:16.54*** join/#kde MissionCritical (~MissionCr@unaffiliated/missioncritical)
16:21.47*** join/#kde mcmaur (
16:22.19*** join/#kde jovin (
16:27.49*** join/#kde boombatower (
16:28.59*** join/#kde Justice (
16:29.05Justicehow do i disable kpart for few sites?
16:29.13Justiceit fails sometimes verry hard to do its stuff
16:32.06*** join/#kde dvratil_ (
16:32.53DaskreechJustice: where?
16:34.50*** join/#kde jillsmitt_ (~quassel@
16:35.07*** join/#kde BrummbQ (
16:35.13JusticeDaskreech, there is a site called Dotlan that have svg maps of a game
16:35.18*** join/#kde ChemBro (
16:35.25Justiceissue is the svg rendering from kpart is messing it upp way way
16:35.37Daskreechwhat's rendering it?
16:35.47Justiceand I cannot find a way to use just the browser.
16:35.48*** join/#kde renards (
16:35.53Justiceno idea how can i find out what uses it
16:35.56DaskreechThat's with rekonq?
16:36.00*** join/#kde fatalerrors (~fatalerro@
16:36.17Daskreechchromium doesn't use kparts
16:36.50Justicefor example that one
16:37.11*** join/#kde Shaan7 (~shantanu@kde/developer/shantanu)
16:38.12DaskreechWorks here
16:38.20JusticeDaskreech, all with system names etc?
16:38.28Daskreechseems so
16:38.40Justicefor me i just get the drawings but no text at all
16:38.51Daskreechwhat version of chromium?
16:39.08Daskreech18.0.1025 here
16:39.08*** join/#kde Tanktalus (~nfn@
16:39.13*** join/#kde jillsmitt (~quassel@
16:39.34JusticeDaskreech, this is how it looks for me
16:39.49JusticeVersion 21.0.1180.89
16:39.51*** join/#kde konelix__ (~konelix@
16:40.01*** join/#kde ximion (
16:40.05*** join/#kde soee (~soee@
16:40.07*** join/#kde BrummbQ (
16:40.10*** join/#kde mzanetti_ (~mzanetti@2a01:4f8:130:8481::2)
16:40.56DaskreechTry rekonq?
16:41.01Daskreechit works in both here
16:41.27Justicei dont have even rekonq installed.
16:41.40Justiceisnt there a way to block kparts for a site or just disable it when it ask?
16:42.01*** join/#kde zippy (
16:42.22Justicebecause it asks me what part i want to use since i have not chosen a default one, but if i press cancel it will just use svg plugin and fail.
16:42.41Justiceonly solution i see is just to remove kpart ;/
16:42.50DaskreechWeird. I guess someone put in Kparts in Chromium
16:43.04DaskreechJustice: Can You try pull down the svg and see what opens it? Should be gwenview
16:43.16DaskreechOr click open in program
16:43.18Justicepinta opens when i use the open in program
16:43.28Justicebut i have gwenview installed aswell
16:43.38Justicething is pinta opens the svg correclty
16:44.12Justicebut the map thing is something i really want only in browser since it's allot easyer than have svgs full of 50.000 star systems :3
16:44.15DaskreechRight but that's not your problem
16:44.17*** join/#kde etienne (
16:44.44*** join/#kde larksyrm (
16:44.48*** join/#kde thiago (~thiago@kde/thiago)
16:44.50DaskreechI know but if it's opening in a kpart (which it shouldn't be) and the kpart can't handle svgs (Which it should) then that needs to be fixed
16:44.59Justicemy problem is that i want the browser to handle that part atm not kpart =)
16:45.17*** join/#kde mc_monti (
16:45.56DaskreechJustice: well far as I know Chromium isn't supposed to be using kparts so not sure. Ask in #chromium ?
16:47.10JusticeDaskreech, its a kpartsplugin
16:47.32DaskreechJustice: disable that then
16:47.32JusticeKpartsplugin "This plugin uses KDE's KParts to embed file viewers into non-KDE browsers"
16:48.29Justicei could just remove it and return but the thing is i like how it works on other stuff :/
16:48.42*** join/#kde bjackman (
16:48.48*** join/#kde etienne (
16:49.16Daskreechha ha :)
16:50.10DaskreechWell I'd say speak with #chromium and see where that leads you if it's being handled by a kpart and it's not being handled correctly then point it to something that works properly
16:50.31*** join/#kde striker|rh (Striker@nat/redhat/x-swxbkchlvpiypvdy)
16:51.38*** join/#kde mzanetti_ (~mzanetti@2a01:4f8:130:8481::2)
16:51.38*** join/#kde dvratil (
16:51.44DaskreechI'd look in the default applications to see what is handling svg and try open the svg in that to see if that's the rendering you get
16:52.02Justicehm true
16:52.21*** join/#kde etienne (
16:52.55Justicehm its pinta as default
16:52.55*** join/#kde serval (
16:53.20DaskreechPinta is dotnet isn't it?
16:53.20*** join/#kde joeytwiddle (
16:53.35Daskreechwhat's the first KDE application?
16:53.54Justicechanged default now to kde
16:53.58*** join/#kde binaryhat (
16:54.58Justicehm same issue
16:55.05Daskreechok  try open the svg itself in gwenview and see if that opens it correctly
16:55.07Justiceseems like the best way is just to disable svg in kparts
16:55.16Daskreechin standalone gwenview?
16:55.32Justiceoh seems like gwenview cannot open svgs
16:56.48*** part/#kde erjk (
16:57.31Justiceam i missing something for it?
16:57.57*** join/#kde mzanetti_ (~mzanetti@2a01:4f8:130:8481::2)
16:57.59Justicekolourpaint also got issues (kde aswell )
16:58.08*** join/#kde gani (~gani@
16:59.23Daskreechhmm let me try
16:59.49Justicethere we go just disable svgs for kparts so now it renders it on the browser.
17:00.02Justicebut that gwenview and other kde applications got issues with svgs is weird
17:00.05*** join/#kde ahiemstra (
17:00.28JusticePinta and Gimp opend it without any issues.
17:01.58*** join/#kde task_struct (~Kernel@
17:02.10*** join/#kde mzanetti_ (~mzanetti@2a01:4f8:130:8481::2)
17:02.33DaskreechYep. It's screwed up there
17:02.56*** join/#kde matt__ (
17:02.59DaskreechNot sure how you'd disable the kpart just for svg. never tried that before
17:03.07*** join/#kde Adaptee (~whodare@
17:03.13DaskreechI'll submit the svg to gwenview for a bug
17:03.59Justiceok cool
17:04.08Justiceum i got a kpartsplugin in the repo
17:04.25Justicelaunches a config window for everything it should handle, i just disabled svg in that.
17:06.18DaskreechDoes that work now?
17:06.40Justiceyeah restarted browser now the browser itself is handling the svg thing
17:07.10Justiceand showing it corectly
17:07.15*** join/#kde cristianonet (~cristi@
17:08.05Justicethese maps are huge in the game so downloading them or using an application is probably not the best choice :P
17:10.21Justicei love kwin options on windows.
17:10.29Justicekeep below is freaking golden
17:10.42Justiceor fullscreen option
17:10.44*** join/#kde funfool (~genfool@unaffiliated/genfool)
17:10.46*** join/#kde gomoran (~gomoran@2001:4dd0:ff4e:0:7da6:c0b9:b80a:69ef)
17:11.06*** join/#kde Adaptee (~whodare@
17:11.58*** join/#kde sandman667 (
17:12.21*** join/#kde zir0faive (~zir0faive@
17:14.47*** join/#kde skreech_ (~skreech@
17:15.34*** join/#kde mzanetti_ (~mzanetti@2a01:4f8:130:8481::2)
17:16.18*** join/#kde GreenEmber (
17:16.45GreenEmberhow can i get transmission to handle magnet links? i tried using xdg-mime but now instead of ktorrent opening it dolphin opens them
17:18.29*** join/#kde faichele__ (
17:18.53*** join/#kde sandman66 (
17:19.01*** join/#kde larksyrm (
17:19.49*** join/#kde aracele (~quassel@
17:19.49*** join/#kde Aji-Dahaka (~notroot@
17:20.35Justiceoh you got two accounts here
17:21.00*** join/#kde etienne (
17:21.29*** join/#kde saurabhsood91 (~saurabh@
17:21.44*** join/#kde filipesaraiva (~filipe@
17:22.32*** join/#kde GreenEmber (~tyler@unaffiliated/greenember)
17:23.21*** join/#kde funfool (~genfool@unaffiliated/genfool)
17:24.13*** join/#kde mzanetti_ (~mzanetti@2a01:4f8:130:8481::2)
17:24.16*** join/#kde lelamal (
17:24.21Justiceskreech_, the same issue is on archliunx aswell.
17:24.52DaskreechJustice: If you like you can add that as a comment to the bug report
17:25.18DaskreechGreenEmber: transmission handles magnet links?
17:26.04*** join/#kde jovin (
17:26.17GreenEmberDaskreech: yes. it used to just fine when i ran ubuntu 10.04
17:26.23GreenEmberbut i havent been able to get it workign on kde
17:26.29Daskreechhmm ok
17:27.01GreenEmberany ideas?
17:27.21GreenEmberim awaiting a reply from #chromium
17:28.59funfoolany ideas why desktop effects complain I need opengl to work? is been like this for months and now playing with it, is same on two funtoo and a gentoo using nvidia binary drivers, opengl is set, kernel matches, nothing wrong with opengl, only kde complains...
17:29.34*** join/#kde saurabh (~saurabh@
17:30.18*** join/#kde task_struct_ (~Kernel@
17:30.21*** join/#kde notVert (
17:30.22Daskreechwhat video card?
17:30.36*** join/#kde Noughmad (~miha@
17:30.38*** join/#kde Slamd64 (~dino@
17:31.01*** join/#kde keoz (
17:31.10funfoolI have a 8400 on this box and a 9400 on the other
17:31.34funfoolthanks for tip on kwin
17:32.00*** join/#kde mzanetti_ (~mzanetti@2a01:4f8:130:8481::2)
17:33.42*** join/#kde jovin (
17:34.04*** join/#kde DexterF (
17:34.05Peace-letme say that krunner is not easy to use
17:34.20Peace-i lost time searching how to search videos with krunner
17:34.27Peace-until i have read a blog
17:34.36*** join/#kde craigevil (
17:34.37Peace-videos mystuff
17:34.43Peace-and not youtube mystuff
17:36.15*** join/#kde joancreus (~chatzilla@
17:38.30*** join/#kde mzanetti_ (~mzanetti@2a01:4f8:130:8481::2)
17:38.37DaskreechPeace-: agreed. I thought it would be easy to have a doc standard that gives a format for the search string to use
17:38.57joancreushmm i'm developing a utility which will create an executable out of html+css+javascript & c++ javascript interfaces using qt's qwebview. (one file, everything included inside it). right now (well, not yet, but soon) it creates a qt application. would it be interesting for kde to use kdeapplication instead of qt, thus allowing to create hybrid-html5 applications for kde? or does kde prefer...
17:38.59joancreus...c++-only stuff?
17:39.00DaskreechGranted I know most of them but still it's not obvious even if you know where to look
17:39.08Daskreech(without grepping the source code)
17:39.23Peace-Daskreech: well you need to do wiki stuff SPACE
17:39.32Peace-Because withoutspace
17:39.38Peace-you can't get it
17:39.42Peace-this is not good
17:40.01Daskreechjoancreus: I would say that it would accept it fine but #kde-devel might be a better spot to inquire on that
17:40.19joancreusoh, didn't know there was a dev channel
17:41.35DaskreechPeace-: sounds like a bug.
17:41.35*** join/#kde task_struct (~Kernel@
17:42.02*** join/#kde rdieter (~rdieter@fedora/rdieter)
17:42.12*** join/#kde PasNox (
17:42.21Peace-Daskreech: are you able to search with google ?
17:42.25Peace-Daskreech: wtf i can't
17:42.29Peace-gg: stuff
17:42.31Peace-doesn't work here
17:43.09GreenEmberthe taskbar is frozen
17:43.17GreenEmberso now i cant logout
17:43.25Peace-GreenEmber: alt f2
17:43.47Peace-GreenEmber: have you some docs you need to save ?
17:43.55Peace-or you could do thsi
17:44.09GreenEmbernot really no
17:44.24Peace-crtl alt f9 => login via terminal => then run pkill plasma-*
17:44.37Peace-GreenEmber: not sure btw
17:44.38GreenEmberim already in a terminal cant i just run it from there?
17:44.50Peace-GreenEmber: if you are int he terminal do this
17:45.13Peace-pkill plasma-* ; plasma-desktop
17:45.27DaskreechGreenEmber: kquitapp plasma-desktop
17:45.33Peace-i love kill
17:45.41GreenEmberDIE DIE DIE
17:45.49DaskreechPeace-: try kquitapp that's a little more graceful :)
17:46.09Peace-no no quit is not nice kill is better :P
17:46.23GreenEmberquit doesnt work
17:46.29GreenEmberkill made it die but its still frozen up
17:46.38GreenEmberwhen it came back
17:46.39Peace-pkill -9
17:46.50*** join/#kde faichele_ (
17:47.15Peace-pkill -9  plasma-* ; pkill kwin ; kwin --replace ; plasma-desktop
17:47.23Peace-pkill -9  plasma-* ; pkill -9  kwin ; kwin --replace ; plasma-desktop
17:47.42Peace-killall *
17:47.54GreenEmberwhats it doing?
17:48.03Peace-pkill -9  plasma-* ; pkill -9  kwin ; kwin --replace ; plasma-desktop thsi ?
17:48.07GreenEmberit printed out a bunch of graphics card info
17:48.14GreenEmberand then it stopped
17:48.22Peace-kill plasma and kwin and restart them
17:48.34GreenEmberi think im just gonna restart the machine
17:48.43GreenEmberit said it needed a reboot for updates anyhow...
17:48.58GreenEmberit may be a windows solution but it works nicely :P
17:50.53*** join/#kde rindolf (
17:51.26*** join/#kde Moviuro (
17:52.13*** join/#kde apriori_ (
17:53.31*** join/#kde ignotusp (
17:55.00*** join/#kde eean (~imonroe@amarok/developer/eean)
17:55.29DaskreechYeah sounds like kubuntu :)
17:56.16funfoolDaskreech,   :0
17:58.13Peace-Daskreech: i use kubuntu ... but i don't reboot :)
17:58.36*** join/#kde Moviuro_ (
17:59.11*** join/#kde MissionCritical (~MissionCr@unaffiliated/missioncritical)
18:01.15*** join/#kde omeringen (~quassel@
18:01.45*** join/#kde Moviuro (
18:02.35DaskreechPeace-: Yes me either but Ubuntu scripts will prompt to update anytime a core lib like libc or the kernel gets updated
18:03.25funfoolkernel update is good to reboot  ;)
18:04.10Moviurofunfool: the only reason to reboot :)
18:05.05*** join/#kde rriemann (
18:05.27funfoolDaskreech,  I am pounding on #gentoo-kde also .... wondering why opengl is not working .... just weird
18:06.08*** join/#kde Bruno_ (
18:06.09DaskreechYeah which is why it prompts. It's easy to reboot for lots of other stuff as well plus it clears RAM blah blah so rather than doing 10 different instructions for different things it just goes oh this things was updated. You should probably reboot
18:06.29Daskreechfunfool: #kwin is kwiet?
18:08.23*** join/#kde feldspath (
18:08.52funfoolSometimes it easier to tell someone to reboot after switching video drivers on them, then to tell them the steps to unload the modules, reload the modules restart x ... just reboot  :)
18:10.44*** join/#kde RR42 (~quassel@
18:10.50*** join/#kde Inkane (
18:11.14*** join/#kde soee (~soee@
18:11.30*** join/#kde FLHerne (
18:12.43*** join/#kde sujith_h (~sujith@
18:14.42*** join/#kde Kaede (~Kaede@unaffiliated/kaede)
18:15.00*** join/#kde helloworldmyname (
18:17.55*** join/#kde testunduetre (
18:20.02*** join/#kde skunkos (~Martin@
18:20.10*** part/#kde testunduetre (
18:20.42*** join/#kde Kaede (~Kaede@unaffiliated/kaede)
18:21.10*** join/#kde IRCApplet (
18:21.36*** join/#kde bbeck (
18:22.34*** join/#kde Sephirot (
18:22.50*** join/#kde szal (
18:23.01Peace-IRCApplet: test
18:23.33*** join/#kde vbgunz (
18:23.40*** join/#kde Moviuro (
18:24.00*** part/#kde IRCApplet (
18:26.48*** join/#kde ahiemstra (
18:28.45*** join/#kde _rd (
18:28.57*** join/#kde testname1234543 (
18:29.06*** join/#kde adrelanos (~adrelanos@gateway/tor-sasl/torbox)
18:29.17*** join/#kde Frogbarf (
18:29.33adrelanosHi, how can I create a desktop icon with a script?
18:29.49lordievadertestname1234543: Serial.println("Hello World");
18:29.51adrelanosIs the xdg-desktop-icon supported with KDE?
18:30.20lordievaderadrelanos: What do you mean exactly? A desktop icon that executes a script?
18:30.35Peace-adrelanos: you can add yes with javascripts
18:30.51Peace-ah ok
18:30.59adrelanoslordievader: I want to create a desktop icon within a shell script.
18:31.09Peace-adrelanos: open dolphin
18:31.14adrelanos#!/bin/bash .... xdg-desktop-icon...
18:31.32lordievaderadrelanos: Ah hmm, I thought the other way around.
18:31.36adrelanosWith dolphin it's easy. But I want to script it.
18:31.46Peace-adrelanos: so...
18:32.05Peace-adrelanos: a icon it's a .desktop file
18:32.15Peace-adrelanos: so create the alucher with dolphin
18:32.25Peace-then when you have created you can open it with kate
18:32.28Peace-and then ...
18:32.47Peace-do echo "stuff you can see with kate " > file.desktop
18:33.03adrelanosI see. I try that again...
18:33.19adrelanosBut the standard is not inside kde?
18:33.23*** join/#kde esto (
18:35.42adrelanosPeace-: I just tried it again.... Went to /home/user/.local/share/applications... There are a few icon files.
18:35.46adrelanosCopied one of them.
18:35.58adrelanosicon1.desktop copied to icon2.desktop
18:36.04adrelanosWhen I click on icon2.desktop it works.
18:36.11adrelanosBut I don't see it on the desktop
18:36.58*** join/#kde Verg (
18:36.59Peace-adrelanos: because you are using plasma in the new way
18:37.05Peace-adrelanos: right cligk on the desktop
18:37.08Peace-adrelanos: desktop settings
18:37.52*** join/#kde lacerda_ (Thiago@nat/indt/x-weezucncwqtukbtp)
18:37.55Peace-adrelanos: layout => set like folderview
18:37.55*** join/#kde Adaptee_ (~whodare@
18:38.14*** join/#kde designbybeck_ (
18:38.40*** join/#kde davedove__ (
18:39.00adrelanosIs there no other way?
18:39.29Peace-adrelanos: you can add a folderview widget to your desktop
18:39.30adrelanosI mean, I am going to redistribute an application.
18:39.34*** join/#kde task_struct (~Kernel@
18:39.39adrelanosAnd just want to create an icon on desktop.
18:39.54Peace-adrelanos: users can add to the desktop a folderview
18:39.55*** join/#kde Torch_ (
18:40.05Peace-adrelanos: and set liek folder desktop
18:40.20*** join/#kde Qwc (
18:40.25Peace-so they will see the desktop file you have created ... in tht location user.local application
18:40.32*** join/#kde Moviuro (
18:40.33*** join/#kde Manko10_ (
18:40.34*** join/#kde deathadder (
18:40.51*** join/#kde argnel (~argkde4@konversation/developer/argonel)
18:40.52*** join/#kde Systemlord_ (~sLord@2001:4ba0:fff2:d::2)
18:41.35*** join/#kde tan (~quassel@unaffiliated/tan)
18:41.41Peace-adrelanos:  plasma was designed to be  clean i mean the destkop
18:41.52Peace-adrelanos: users can switch to the folderview mode
18:41.54*** join/#kde Zenguy_pc (
18:41.54Peace-if they like
18:42.13*** join/#kde dansushi18 (~dan@
18:42.19Peace-adrelanos: there is a way... btw
18:42.19adrelanosSo I should perhaps create a start menu entry instead.
18:42.26Peace-adrelanos: yes...
18:42.41Peace-adrelanos: but this way means edit the plasma init file
18:42.49Peace-adrelanos: and it's not... easy
18:42.53*** join/#kde Manko10_ (
18:43.38Peace-adrelanos: but maybe you can ask to plasma mail list
18:44.11adrelanosYes, I may try this. I am on lists as well...
18:44.12adrelanosIs the xdg-desktop-menu tool supported by kde?
18:44.27Peace-adrelanos: i am not sure
18:44.36Peace-adrelanos: but it should
18:44.37*** join/#kde beasty_ (
18:44.39*** join/#kde brot_ (~brot@quassel/contributors/brot)
18:45.37adrelanosI try...
18:46.32*** join/#kde chicao (~chicao@
18:46.48*** join/#kde Moviuro_ (
18:46.55*** join/#kde kkszysiu_ (
18:47.34*** join/#kde SJrX (
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19:09.29*** join/#kde karthikp_ (
19:10.11adrelanosPeace-: the xdg-desktop-menu tool works, but I can't create a new category.
19:10.32*** join/#kde lacerda__ (Thiago@nat/indt/x-knfvzzftrpuvvcnz)
19:10.34*** join/#kde Kvaks_ (
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19:19.21*** join/#kde PasNox (
19:21.07rdieteradrelanos: if you mean .desktop Categories= tag, those are predefined, you can't create your own, see
19:21.51rdieterwell, you *can* create your own, provided you use a X- prefix
19:21.54*** part/#kde DexterF (
19:26.03*** join/#kde Tomasu (
19:28.15*** join/#kde alk_ (
19:28.19*** join/#kde shumski (
19:28.21*** join/#kde Marquel (~Marquel@unaffiliated/marquel)
19:28.48Marquelthiago: wrt. audiocd-kio - which version of libvorbis are you using?
19:29.11*** join/#kde jthomas_ (
19:29.26*** join/#kde Moviuro (
19:29.37Moviurohi all !
19:31.08*** join/#kde MinasMazar (
19:31.25adrelanosrdieter: Categories=X-mycat ?
19:31.52rdieteradrelanos: right
19:32.22*** join/#kde Kaede (~Kaede@unaffiliated/kaede)
19:32.22*** join/#kde _rd (
19:32.56*** join/#kde teddyp1cker (
19:33.49*** join/#kde meznak (~nate@fsf/member/meznak)
19:34.20*** join/#kde MercurialAlchemi (
19:34.43*** join/#kde funfool (~genfool@unaffiliated/genfool)
19:35.04MoviuroI'm having some problems with m laptops, both running archlinux + KDE : when lid is closed, the system does not go to sleep, although it is written in the energy settings. Plus, it seems (if KDE is responsible for this) that the sector un/ plug is not detected.
19:35.30Moviuro(last KDE: 4.9.1)
19:36.11thiagoMarquel: 1.3.3
19:36.30*** join/#kde DaZ (
19:38.07Marquelthiago: so am i. what i figured so far is that the sources do have a #ifdef HAVE_VORBIS - which is not set here. thus i do no longer wonder why it doesn't work - the code is compiled to nul.
19:39.27adrelanosrdieter: I tried that, but no new category is created.
19:39.30Marquelthiago: question is now - why? does have the same switch, but its CMakeLists actually sets the necessary -D option. CMakeLists.txt does not.
19:39.45Marquel(not same switch, similar switch)
19:40.04rdieteradrelanos: I think you may be making an assumption that self-defined categories map to different menus?
19:40.42rdieterDE's are free to map these categories to menu entries as they see fit
19:41.11*** part/#kde teddyp1cker (
19:41.28rdieteradrelanos: in particular, you can't decide "I want a menu folder called 'Foo'", if that's what you're looking for.
19:42.21*** join/#kde lacerda__ (Thiago@nat/indt/x-ifcraqlyrvgeppkc)
19:42.24rdieteradrelanos: best practice is to find the registerred category (or 2) that match your app
19:42.24*** join/#kde boom1992 (
19:42.57Marquelthiago: does your pkg-config --cflags vorbis set such a flag or is it possible to come from somewhere else in kdemultimedia?
19:43.29meznakI'm stuck using Windows at work, but would really like some of kwin's window management tools (mostly 'present windows'). The KDE for Windows installer doesn't seem to include this feature. Is there a kwin for Win7 that I'm not seeing?
19:43.41*** join/#kde mrnuke|laptop (
19:44.55*** join/#kde buscher_ (~buscher@konversation/developer/buscher)
19:45.55*** join/#kde parapente (
19:46.03rdieteradrelanos: I take it back a little, I guess it is possible to create your own menus too, but that gets more complicated, further reading if you're interested,
19:46.33thiagoMarquel: no flag
19:46.51*** join/#kde artista-frustrad (~fernando@
19:47.23*** join/#kde jovin (
19:48.02Marquelthiago: which distro do you use (and which version of audiocd-kio)?
19:48.39*** join/#kde JackBauer24 (
19:49.14*** join/#kde boom1992_ (
19:49.56adrelanosi see
19:50.04*** join/#kde jgrulich (~jgrulich@
19:50.22*** join/#kde ni1s (
19:51.12*** join/#kde altin (~altin@flossk/altin)
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19:53.11*** join/#kde spacetime (~quassel@unaffiliated/spacetime)
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19:54.19*** join/#kde w0rst (
19:55.11*** join/#kde apriori_ (
19:55.28*** join/#kde boom1992 (
19:55.31thiagoMarquel: fedora 17, kio_audiocd compiled from sources
19:55.44thiagoMarquel: straight off the KDE repositories, not from a release
19:55.45*** join/#kde Inkane (
19:56.44*** join/#kde larksyrm (
19:57.16Marquelthiago: head revision? would you mind looking for HAVE_VORBIS in your kio_audiocd sources?
19:57.53*** join/#kde davedove__ (
19:58.03*** join/#kde imo (
19:58.21thiagoMarquel: audiocd-kio was compiled from v4.8.95-5-gb57bd8c
19:58.41thiagothere are a bunch of HAVE_VORBIS in the sources
19:59.05*** join/#kde PasNox_ (
19:59.21Marquelthiago: do you have a "add_definitions( "-DHAVE_VORBIS" )" in plugins/vorbis/CMakeLists.txt?
20:02.09*** join/#kde wgosling (
20:03.32*** join/#kde trakya (
20:04.44*** join/#kde trakya (
20:05.48*** part/#kde wgosling (
20:09.39Marquelthiago: nvm. looked into it myself and found no difference...
20:12.10*** join/#kde buscher__ (~buscher@konversation/developer/buscher)
20:12.32thiagoMarquel: no
20:14.48Marquelthiago: that is _very_ strange.
20:15.00*** join/#kde w0rst (
20:15.35*** join/#kde zeltak1 (
20:15.51*** join/#kde Inkane (
20:15.52*** join/#kde notinachos (
20:15.59Marquelthiago: now i wonder where that flag comes from in your case and why it is missing in mine.
20:16.29thiagoMarquel: can you give me the output of nm -D --defined in your ?
20:18.17*** join/#kde marcovorg (
20:18.23thiagoMarquel: mine links to the vorbis libs, but it doesn't look like the plugin contains any code
20:18.26thiagoso it's a red herring
20:18.30thiagoit probably doesn't work
20:19.14Marquelthiago: mind trying?
20:19.54Marquel(maybe my compiler was wise enough to figure the uselessness of linking to and that's why libvorbis doesn't show up in ldd)
20:20.09thiagotrying what?
20:20.23Marquelthiago: try if your vorbis plugin actually works
20:20.50thiagoMarquel: I can't. I don't have any audio CDs to try with.
20:21.06Marquelthiago: does it show up in your system settings?
20:21.18*** join/#kde trakya (
20:21.41adrelanosWhere are the start menu entries stored?
20:21.45thiagodoes what show up?
20:22.17thiagoadrelanos: $XDG_DATA_DIRS/share/applications:$XDG_DATA_HOME/share/applications
20:22.28Marquelthiago: does systemsettings->hardware->multimedia->audio cds show a tab for vorbis configuration?
20:23.55thiagoMarquel: no tab for vorbis
20:24.01*** join/#kde serafean (
20:24.09thiagothe Audio CD config is there, but nothing for vorbis
20:24.36*** join/#kde ChemBroTron (
20:24.44*** join/#kde skreech__ (~skreech@
20:25.12Marquelthiago: so you are suffering from the same problem...
20:26.04thiagolooks like the ioslave simply doesn't work
20:26.16*** join/#kde Muelli (
20:27.03Marquelthiago: considering there's actually absolutely no code to execute in the ioslave's, i'm not the least surprised... ;)
20:27.07*** join/#kde Worf (
20:28.38*** join/#kde altin (~altin@flossk/altin)
20:28.38*** join/#kde Adaptee_ (~whodare@
20:28.51*** join/#kde Kaede (~Kaede@unaffiliated/kaede)
20:29.17*** join/#kde rdieter_work (~rdieter@fedora/rdieter)
20:29.42Marquelthiago: my approach would be to add - similar to the - a line 'add_definitions( -DHAVE_VORBIS )' to the vorbis plugin's CMakeLists.txt
20:31.34*** join/#kde filipesaraiva (~filipe@
20:33.10Marquelthiago: i'd file a bug report with it - would you agree to that?
20:33.51*** join/#kde _rd (
20:34.39*** join/#kde mathieu (~mathieu@
20:35.46somekoolI'm having trouble with all movie players to follow phonon settings
20:36.34somekoolkaffeine, kmplayer, dragon, vlc, etc. I was using onboard stereo, I've been able to switch to hdmi once. but I can't switch back. standard kde sound output goes back to onboard audio now
20:36.44somekoolthis is very troublesome
20:36.44thiagoMarquel: yes
20:37.12*** join/#kde Moviuro (
20:45.31*** join/#kde boom1992 (
20:49.06*** join/#kde o_a (~croc@hyadesinc/pub/oa)
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20:56.37*** join/#kde aracele (~quassel@
20:56.55*** join/#kde boubbin_ (
20:56.56BluesKajsomekool, do you have pavucontrol and pulseaudio installed ?
20:57.06*** join/#kde destrudo_ (
20:57.11*** join/#kde d3x_ (
20:57.11*** join/#kde Skyliner- (
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20:57.48*** join/#kde kc8qvp_ (
20:58.21*** join/#kde oopepe (
20:59.33oopepeHi, is it possible to define the height of the k-menu? Im using kde 4.9.1.
21:01.16*** join/#kde timi0tree (~timi0tree@
21:02.41*** join/#kde notVert (
21:02.41Marquelthiago: guess what: compiling audiocd-kio with -DHAVE_VORBIS and the is indeed linked against libvorbis...
21:02.47*** join/#kde Ammler (
21:02.49*** join/#kde Ammler (~suse@unaffiliated/ammler)
21:02.50*** join/#kde Timii (
21:02.51Marquelthiago: _and_ there's the ogg vorbis setup now :)
21:03.04*** join/#kde comawhite (
21:03.10*** join/#kde timi0tree (~timi0tree@unaffiliated/timi0tree)
21:03.11*** join/#kde WindPower (
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21:03.26*** join/#kde lacerda__ (Thiago@nat/indt/x-svktzzgvklrgrqqp)
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21:08.37*** join/#kde ChemBro (
21:09.00*** join/#kde M1n45M4z4r (
21:09.11Marquelthiago: on a side-note to all of this: it seems the code itself is quite old and was copied from times when autotools were the build system of choice. obviously someone removed that add_definitions() from the CMakeLists.txt but neglected to also perform the necessary removal of #ifdef's from the sources... (which would probably be the better fix than to re-add the add_definitions() command...)
21:09.16*** join/#kde einar77 (~einar@kde/forum/einar)
21:09.34*** join/#kde chronos (~quassel@unaffiliated/chronos)
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21:16.47*** join/#kde LjL (~ljl@unaffiliated/ljl)
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21:17.23*** join/#kde The_Ball_ (~The_Ball@
21:18.08*** join/#kde pdkl (
21:18.33pdklin general whats some polished kde distros?
21:18.40pdklopensuse, kubuntu, and ?
21:18.47*** join/#kde Tm_T (tm_travolt@ubuntu/member/kde.developer.jkekkonen)
21:18.54heini'm happy with fedora's offering myself
21:19.35*** join/#kde Free_Bullets (~Free_Bull@unaffiliated/free-bullets/x-0082773)
21:19.52heinthey're not commonly seen as a "kde distro", but they do have a kde cd and their kde team is experienced and competent
21:19.56Phr33d0mbut that way you lose all the fun of making it uup to your taste
21:20.56*** join/#kde CMoH (~cipi@
21:20.57*** join/#kde CMoH (~cipi@unaffiliated/c-moh)
21:21.24pdkljust want to find something good for my laptop
21:22.29heini have fedora on my old ibook and on my tablet pc
21:22.37*** join/#kde serval (
21:22.37*** join/#kde Muzer (
21:22.42hein(and on my desktop and on my home server)
21:22.48heinbefore i was on gentoo for seven years
21:22.49pdkli have a newer laptop
21:22.51*** join/#kde chicao_ (~chicao@
21:23.02*** join/#kde _kdepepo (
21:23.04*** join/#kde rabuzarus (
21:23.07*** join/#kde armands__ (~armands@
21:23.39*** join/#kde apriori__ (
21:24.06*** join/#kde koshie (
21:24.07pdklwouldnt hurt to see if the live distro works?
21:24.07*** join/#kde MissionCritical (~MissionCr@unaffiliated/missioncritical)
21:24.18*** join/#kde iserantes (
21:24.19*** join/#kde kisisten (
21:24.29*** join/#kde Kaede (~Kaede@unaffiliated/kaede)
21:24.37heinpdkl: yeah, the fedora kde cd is actually combined live + installer
21:24.39*** join/#kde deathadder (
21:25.25*** join/#kde Adaptee (~whodare@
21:26.03*** join/#kde pdkl (~quassel@unaffiliated/pdkl)
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21:27.21*** join/#kde almoxarife (~emanuel@unaffiliated/almoxarife)
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21:47.57*** join/#kde cainr (~cainr@
21:48.23*** join/#kde promulo (~promulo@
21:48.33TaokiHi. I need a little help with something. I'm trying to configure some screensaver to use for the lock screen. But apparently, all of them keep crashing my system
21:48.57TaokiWhen I move the mouse to see the unlock Window, it starts glitching, and I can't even unlock the system. Anyone know why this happens?
21:49.19*** join/#kde C-MoH (~cipi@
21:49.23*** join/#kde newbie999 (~me@
21:50.03*** join/#kde niteshnarayan (~nitesh@
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21:51.45*** join/#kde JLP (~quassel@kde/developer/repinc)
21:52.44Taokiuh, great moment for a netsplit... I'll post again
21:52.46TaokiHi. I need a little help with something. I'm trying to configure some screensaver to use for the lock screen. But apparently, all of them keep crashing my system
21:52.47TaokiWhen I move the mouse to see the unlock Window, it starts glitching, and I can't even unlock the system. Anyone know why this happens?
21:53.41*** join/#kde The_Ball_ (~The_Ball@
21:53.56TaokiAt least a failsafe command to cut the screensaver while in the lock screen so I can see the unlock window
21:54.31*** join/#kde notVert (
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22:03.30mark06this page says KDE was moving from KHTML to WebKit in 2007,
22:05.37*** join/#kde mark4 (
22:05.49mark06Konqueror page in wikipedia says " Especially the WebKitPart that uses the KHTML-derived WebKit engine has seen a lot of support in the KDE 4 series"
22:05.57mark4can anyone here splane to me why dragonplayer cannot play ANY video files at all where as mplayer2 can?
22:05.59mark06can someon clarify
22:06.00*** join/#kde jakepetroules_ (
22:06.40mark4all i get is a solid white window with a gray area at the bottom
22:06.44mark4no video, no audio
22:06.47*** join/#kde shadeslayer (~shadeslay@ubuntu/member/shadeslayer)
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