IRC log for #kde on 20091108

00:01.45MinceRwhy not convert them to png? :>
00:01.47TheWoozleWe've solved that part of the problem by converting all the BMPs to PNGs. Now, maybe there's some alternative wallpaper-slideshow widget which has a non-random mode...
00:02.21sreichyeah, bmp sucks
00:05.09TheWoozleDoes anyone know, perhaps, where the desktop plasmoid settings are kept?
00:06.04troyTheWoozle: ~/.kde/share/config/plasma*
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00:06.44TheWoozleThanks... maybe there will be an undocumented setting or something...
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00:08.08sreichif there's a setting, it's visible by the ui..we don't like hidden settings
00:08.23Oleg_People, I am having a problem with kde 4.3.3 when I connect my computer to my TV. Fonts in kde appear extremely tiny when I use my TV as a monitor.
00:09.16Oleg_Fonts look normal when the computer is connected to a regular momitot
00:09.29TheWoozlestreich: So, why would the developers *remove* a setting which used to be there?
00:10.13Oleg_Fonts in xfce are normal no matter what I use as a monitor
00:11.33wvmacOleg_: i have the same problem. increasing font sizes helped some, but I still had small fonts in yast.
00:11.35Oleg_so, to summarize what I said, fonts in kde are normal when the comp is connected to the 19-inch monitor.
00:11.59wvmacgnome did a little better
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00:12.43sreichTheWoozle: because of the move kde3->kde4, kicker/kdesktop has been replaced by plasma(a new technology)
00:12.51sreichi.e. written from scratch
00:13.18TheWoozleMeh. Ok. So my best option is probably to file a feature request on the bug tracker?
00:14.08TheWoozle(And they will probably get around to putting it back in at just about the time when Plasma is replaced by something else...)
00:14.24sreichTheWoozle: please don't act like a troll...
00:14.38sreichplasma is meant to withstand the test of time, wrt technology
00:14.39TheWoozleI'm sorry, I'm just frustrated.
00:14.54Oleg_why does kde have this problem when connected to my 32-inch TV?
00:14.56sreichthe *best* option would be to write the code yourself ;)
00:15.02sreichTheWoozle: but yes, file a wish.
00:15.03TheWoozleAnd it's not like we had much choice whether to use Plasma; when you upgrade, it's what you get.
00:15.14sreichTheWoozle: why would there be a choice?
00:15.33TheWoozleI'd love to rewrite the code myself (I do know C++ reasonably well), but am baffled by the complexity of the whole system and don't know where to start.
00:15.48sreichTheWoozle: meh, it's pretty easy to start..
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00:16.09TheWoozleWhy should it be a choice? You implied (I thought) that it was kind of experimental, so I should put up with it as the price of admission.
00:16.28pinotreehe didn't say at all it was experimental
00:17.03TheWoozleI'm not sure what he meant by "withstand the test of time", then.
00:17.15pinotrees/test/rest/, call it typo
00:17.25TheWoozleIt's not withstanding the test of early impressions, at this point.
00:18.18sreichTheWoozle: rewrite something from scratch, and explain to us why there are some features that are not completed
00:18.28sreichkicker was discarded because it was impossible to maintain.
00:18.45TheWoozleOkay. Tell me where I find the source code for this particular module, and I'll see if I can make head or tail of it.
00:18.46sreichjust becoming a big monstrosity
00:19.02sreichTheWoozle: ok
00:19.04TheWoozle(I do understand maintainability issues.)
00:19.32TheWoozle(Also going a bit on adrenaline here, as client is very unhappy about the change.)
00:19.42TheWoozle(So I apologize for being snappish.)
00:19.56sreichTheWoozle: and also, we wanted plasma to serve many more areas than what anything else could have. case in point, there are now remote widgets, for example.. which was not remotely(no pun intended) possible with anything else
00:20.39sreichTheWoozle: /kdebase/workspace/plasma/generic/wallpapers/image/
00:21.37TheWoozleFrom the user's perspective, though, it looks kind of baffling... they suddenly have to deal with this rather new way of doing things, and it looks like a rather transparent (pun unavoidable) attempt to mimic the latest Windows shininess... even though I understand KDE has actually been taking the lead somewhat in this department (i.e. Windows copying KDE shininess rather than the other way around).
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00:22.31TheWoozleAnd the source code path: I use svn or something to access that? (Learning how to use svn is one of the learning-curve obstacles to doing any rewriting, here.)
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00:23.22sreichTheWoozle: yeah, but you can just use the anonymous mirror, and submit patch(es)
00:23.39sreichTheWoozle: is also so you can browse around, without needing svn
00:23.45TheWoozleok, so I need to "man svn" and RTFM...
00:23.54TheWoozleAh, web interface. Good.
00:24.03pinotreeor to take a look at
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00:24.15sreichyes, many helpful articles there...many many.
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00:27.39sreichwell actually, there should be wallpaper plugins somewhere. can't find them though..
00:29.11TheWoozleimage.cpp looks like the main code file.
00:30.12sreichaah, here we are...
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00:30.50TheWoozleruns kde-svn...
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00:32.27TheWoozleThat sounds very useful.
00:33.20kde185I'm unable to checkout qt-copy with kdesvn-build it gives me: "Can't checkout qt-copy: No such file or directory at ./kdesvn-build line 2022".  Does anyone know how to get this to work?
00:33.32sreichkde185: qt-copy is deprecated
00:33.44sreichuse git's kde-qt
00:34.21kde185sreich: I was under the impression that kdesvn-build supported kde-qt using git
00:34.39sreichit does
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00:36.16TheWoozlekde-svn seems to be hanging trying to load (which was entirely a guess on my part anyway) -- is that the wrong way to access it?
00:36.45pinotreeyou didn't read the instructions on techbase, did you? :)
00:36.45kde185sreich: so is there something I'm doing wrong?
00:37.00sreichkde185: yes, you aren't using kde-qt.
00:37.11TheWoozleI started reading them, but didn't see anything about svn. If it includes that, then I will go and continue RingTFM.
00:37.35pinotreelike in getting started → anonymous suversion?
00:37.39TheWoozleO wait, I started reading the tutorial, not the techbase...
00:37.40sreich2 clicks away, from the home page
00:37.42TheWoozleMy bad.
00:38.09TheWoozleputs on a t-shirt that says Easily Confused, Please Spoon-Feed
00:38.33TheWoozlegets out a spoon and starts reading techbase
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00:39.07sreichhm..still can't find where the regular wallpaper plugins are, like e.g. mandelbrot, slideshow, regular
00:39.31pinotreemandelbot is in addons
00:40.05sreichoh, thought it was shipped regularly
00:40.43pinotreeit is shipped regularly :)
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00:41.39kde185sreich: ok this isn't making sense.  Do I need to build kde-qt manually?  If so then what is the point of kdesvn-build having git support
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00:42.19sreichkde185: no. kdesvn-build has git support, for kde-qt. Which is great, because that's what you are supposed to use, is kde-qt.
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00:42.33sreichyou mentioned problems with qt-copy, which is deprecated - don't use that.
00:42.37sreichkde-qt != qt-copy
00:43.28kde185sreich: so is kde-qt a whole new module I need to build?  I assume I would have to make an entry into the config file about it
00:43.39sreichpinotree: do you know how to get colored, e.g. red text in the wiki?
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00:45.06sreichkde185: that, I do not know.
00:45.47kde185sreich: ok
00:46.23kde185does anyone else know how to use kde-qt with kdesvn-build?
00:49.39TheWoozle(Umm... I guess creating an account on techbase is not the same as creating an svn account?)
00:49.47sreichTheWoozle: no
00:49.57pinotreeyou don't need an svn account to checkout the code
00:50.00sreichTheWoozle: you do not need an svn account to (a) checkout the code
00:50.08TheWoozleYeah, I know, but I thought I should go ahead and do this right.
00:50.12sreichand (b) submit a patch to the mailing list
00:50.24sreichTheWoozle: I advise against it, unless you plan on being a regular contributor
00:51.04TheWoozleWell... if I ever *do* actually figure this stuff out, I'll probably be making little fixes and improvements (imho) all over the place... but I don't know if that will actually happen.
00:51.06maazutimes up
00:51.07TheWoozleSo, ok, anonymous.
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00:51.10sreichTheWoozle: either way, your changes will have to be checked over, to make sure you didn't screw anything up, etc.
00:51.16TheWoozlegoes back to reading
00:51.23TheWoozle(Right, I assumed that.)
00:51.43sreichTheWoozle: well, "little fixes" and such, you can just submit those in patch forum either on the mailing lists, or on
00:51.56TheWoozleHmm, okay.
00:52.05sreichso you don't have to feel obligated to do everything yourself, if you just want to help  a little here and there
00:52.22TheWoozleI'm just trying to find the path of least resistance.
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00:52.49TheWoozle...and my head works best with graphical tools, while submitting diff patches and such is more cli...
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00:53.52sreichTheWoozle: not really. And I find your feelings completely understandable.
00:54.03sreichkdesvn (the gui for svn), works perfectly for all of that
00:54.18TheWoozleOk, good.
00:54.20sreichand is a better frontend for the mailing list, as it's more..automated, and intuitive
00:54.27sreichit's pretty looking too..
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00:56.45TheWoozleI *think* I'm following the instructions, but apparently I'm still not doing something right; kde-svn says "OPTIONS of '': could not connect to server ("
00:57.05pinotreehttps with anonsvn? no
00:57.22TheWoozleOk, I thought that's what it said to use always... unless I'm doing ssh+svn...
00:57.48TheWoozleSo, http:?
00:57.52pinotreehttps and ssh+svn are *only* for authenticated accounts (not for anonsvn)
00:57.55pinotreeno, svn
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00:58.56TheWoozleIt seemed like it was connecting, but now it seems to be hanging...
00:59.17qupadaTheWoozle: I've seen that 'OPTIONS of <url>' issue before, from memory was an issue with some combination of svn and apr versions
00:59.34TheWoozleMaybe I should close and retry?
01:00.06qupadaOr it might have been neon.  One of the libraries subversion uses anyway
01:00.08TheWoozleAck, when I pressed the [x] to close the app, suddenly everything appeared... (and then the window closed)
01:00.27TheWoozleSo it may have actually been connected, and just needed to be prodded to redraw the display.'
01:00.31TheWoozletries again...
01:01.09TheWoozle...and now I have to bug out and attend to family duties. :-P
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01:02.48qupadaSince I'm here, could someone try out a bug for me?  I've found when using the 'box switch' effect for alt-tab with the 'highlight selected window' option enabled, when you have an even number of windows open, one of them will always be split 50/50 between the two ends of the window.  If that window is a video or something you can notice updating in the thumbnail, only the half at the right end of the switcher updates, the half at the left end freeze-frames
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01:05.35qupadawait sorry, option is called 'animate walk through windows', had that wrong in my head
01:05.39reagleBRKLNI set my home page in Konq and then save the session as the default web. But it doesn't remember the size? How can I set the size of the newly launched Konq?
01:08.19Pygmalionqupada: Same here
01:09.29reagleBRKLNPygmalion: u talking to me? :)
01:10.18PygmalionNo qupada found some bug in window switching and I was checking if I had it too, don't use konq sorry
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01:13.08qupadaPygmalion: Thanks for checking that
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01:24.53boknoyhi all, is there a plasmoid that checks debian updates?
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01:27.11WerenerdGood Evening All, does anyone know if KDM can show if a person is already logged in OR limit a user to only on session? My wife keeps having multiple sessions.
01:27.42sreichWerenerd: how does she do that?
01:28.20WerenerdShe just clicks on her name on KDM and types in her password. Starts a new session.
01:28.44sreichbut how does she get out of the session after that?
01:29.42WerenerdI usually come in and hit CTRL+ALT+F7 to get to my session. She comes in and somehow starts another session.
01:30.13WerenerdI have showed her how to switch user from the menu, but alas I don't think she listens to me
01:30.41WerenerdI know GDM does this, but I just don't want any more GNOME stuff than I need installed on here.
01:31.08sreichyeah, gdm sucks too
01:31.22sreichI know, because I have it installed...
01:31.31sreichwhich I should install kdm back again...well, make it work..
01:32.07WerenerdI find it works well enough for the In-laws, but I prefer to keep a nice tidy QT machine. If you know what I mean.
01:32.19sreichyeah, definitely
01:32.30sreichis ashamed to be forced to use firefox..
01:33.02PygmalionAh hate the terrible KDE integration of it almost as much as I hate it being the best browser there is IMO
01:33.24wvmacdo you like chrome
01:33.26qupadaI would use chromium if it wasn't for the lack of any kind of security extensions for it
01:33.41qupadathere are things that I simply will not use internet sites without
01:33.42sreichyes, I use chromium, but it still needs some work done
01:34.04sreiche.g. I can't watch music videos in it, because it's depressing when you are in the mood of the song, then it crashes the tab half way through :/
01:34.17WerenerdI would use Arora (sp?) but there are no extentions available for it
01:34.24PygmalionChrome seems decent, but missing tons of stuff thhat Firefox has (not just stuff you need extensions for, even uninstalling an extension seems impossible to do easily)
01:34.33wvmacarora crashes too often for me
01:34.42WerenerdI tried to like Konq, but Firefox is just so much darn better.
01:34.54sreichyes, same experience here
01:35.09PygmalionYeah kinda sucks, and every time firefox-qt is started again it seems to just get forgotten about a week later
01:35.18oneforalldarn konqs froze up again
01:35.46oneforallcan't handle all that porn Iguess :(
01:36.08sreichyeah, it isn't good for porn.
01:36.17wvmacfirefox is notifying a finished download in the kde notifications. so it is getting there, just slowly
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01:36.35sreichwvmac: yeah, but I would love full KIO integration
01:36.43boknoyhi guys, any plasmoid showing debian updates?
01:36.46sreichwhich I imagine could be possible with some dbus magic, perhaps..
01:36.46*** join/#kde Gerardo (n=Gerardo@
01:37.04PygmalionOpenSuse has a kinda KDE-integrated firefox, but it's apparently a load of hacky patches moreso than proper integration
01:37.11*** join/#kde gkmngrgn (n=gkmngrgn@
01:37.28oneforallI turned off that kicker( panel notification) I'll stick tot he normal ones .they don't get in the way
01:37.55wvmaci really like the kde notifications, especailly for kopete
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01:38.03sreichyeah, same
01:38.10sreichthey are a godsend, that no other platform seems to have
01:38.17sreichabsolutely *love* the KIO notificatiosn now
01:38.21sreichit makes downloading files fun ;-)
01:38.23javier_Pygmalion: KDE/Firefox integration has improved
01:38.34*** join/#kde reagleBRKLN (
01:38.41wvmactrue. windows has nothing like it, os x with growl is close but still lags behind
01:39.07oneforallwell I think I just turned of the one for downloads . it piled up gets in the way always on top can't move . So off it went :)
01:39.10sreichheh, yeah, windows is eons behind it
01:39.21sreichoneforall: that's why you click the (i)
01:39.25reagleBRKLNI can't open a img with gqview from dolphin, "invalid or ignored: file:///foo..."
01:39.26sreichit hides them
01:39.57Pygmalionjavier_: Nice, especially that the "Open with..." thing lets you actually choose from the menu instead of giving absolute path to every app
01:40.11*** join/#kde Muzerz (
01:40.12javier_yes :-)
01:40.14wvmacplasma is so flexible it is scary to think what type of interface you can copy/create with it
01:40.23oneforallsreich thats still to annoying whe your doing drag drop in a nice flow. the normal popups rarely get in the eay. as soon as you grab they go to  the bg
01:40.26javier_no more gtk file selector on ff
01:40.32qupadajavier_: wow, it looks like they've even fixed the horrible mess that gtk-qt-engine makes of the scrollbars
01:40.34boknoywvmac, an interface with a globe for a wallpaper! ;D
01:40.52*** part/#kde Werenerd (
01:41.00boknoyplasma beats active desktop by a long shot.
01:41.02sreichqupada: oh yeah, I hate the scrollbars..
01:41.07javier_yes, and the icons are oxygen-ish
01:41.09sreichhaha, active desktop.
01:41.40*** join/#kde hnsz2002_ (
01:41.51boknoyI tried AD before, but I just couldn't grasp an internet page for a wallpaper. :\
01:42.00boknoyit felt... weird.
01:42.07wvmacwhat was the point
01:42.22sreichnot to mention activedesktop is 1 feature, that is severely limited
01:42.34PygmalionNow just need to know when Kubuntu will follow OpenSuse's lead rather than requiring me to build it
01:42.40sreicheven windows 7's copy of plasma, is severely lacking
01:42.54PygmalionAlthough apparently some of the patches require other OpenSuse patches and stuff
01:42.58oneforallyeah seamonkey and ff I hate the gtk browse to save a file. ff I hate the auto desktop save like winblows. :) so when I save I only like 2 ways konq file mode drag drop , wget ;)
01:43.27*** join/#kde trever (
01:44.20*** join/#kde kavurt (
01:44.38reagleBRKLNthe -r argument of 'gqview -r %F' was the serious problem in the file associations I hate what they did with the downloads. It to much lie what win would do. They don't work with wget because of the =? crap so cli(konsole) have to use lynx or links to have it save with the right name etc
01:45.27*** join/#kde yukan (
01:45.32boknoysreich, I haven't tried Windows 7 yet. but as  I said, plasma > active desktop :D
01:45.47javier_we also have konqui/webkit mode :-D
01:46.04boknoyjavier_, iirc, you have to compile htat
01:46.10Sir_Konradis away. He'll be back later.
01:46.35javier_boknoy: well I guess it depends on the packages provided by your distro
01:46.55javier_I didn't have to compile it
01:46.57oneforallsreich I wonder if m$ would deny its even a copy :)
01:46.57boknoyjavier_, oooh... I see, is it any better? khtml seems to fail on most pages.
01:47.19oneforallI hate when they use stuff and people think its them that invented it all
01:47.29javier_boknoy: yes, it is. especially when the javascript doesn't work on konqui
01:47.30*** join/#kde asdfasdfasdf (n=________@
01:47.33sreichyeah, same here, except that applies to everything
01:47.47boknoyoneforall, they did invent the user interface! :lol:
01:47.49oneforallpretty much
01:47.53sreichwith OSx (whatever version, I don't know..snoe leopard I guess), they have "spaces" feature.
01:48.05sreichwhich is what linux has had for *years*, virtual desktops
01:48.07*** join/#kde tdfischer (
01:48.14oneforalllol yeah
01:48.15boknoyjavier_, oh... I see, what's your distro btw?
01:48.25javier_boknoy: openSUSE 11.1
01:48.32boknoysreich, 10.5
01:48.36asdfasdfasdfhello im using amarok2 with last,fm plugin, everytime i start amrok kde wallet asks me for a master password (this happens since i added my last fm usrname and pswd to plugin). how cna i stop this? i find quite annoying to have to type a pasword to listen to your music :)
01:48.38sreicheverybody is probably like "omg that is the best feature ever apple is so good and smart"
01:48.53*** join/#kde dani_l (
01:48.57sreichif we had the marketing money that they did..
01:49.07asdfasdfasdfoh no apple vs linux flame war
01:49.12oneforallI got in an arguement with an old guy at walmart about ie coming up with tabs. I said no f..g way its been in linux for years and even m$ you could have used ff/seamonkey/netscape years ago and had tabs :)
01:49.17boknoyjavier_, dang, I have to compile my own.
01:49.17asdfasdfasdfsits and watches
01:49.36javier_boknoy: are you sure there are no packages?
01:49.46boknoyi don't think so... i'm on debian sid.
01:50.00sreichoneforall: hehe
01:50.04sreichasdfasdfasdf: huh? flame war?
01:50.08javier_debian? they probably have it.
01:50.10boknoyi have arora anyway... :)
01:50.19asdfasdfasdfsreich, joking :)
01:52.17javier_i think that's what you need to install
01:52.59boknoyjavier_, oooooooooh! I was looking at an ITP mentioning webkitkde and konq-plugin-kde. That's why I can't find it. >.#
01:53.09boknoyjavier_, thanks btw, I'll try it.
01:53.11javier_arora is not bad either, but konqui is konqui ;-)
01:54.27Pygmalionasdfasdfasdf: Perhaps if you remove the password from the wallet it won't ask you? But other than that can't see any way to do it
01:54.33boknoyjavier_, I like konqui because it's got lots and lots of features (some which aren't even supposed to be in an fm/web browser)
01:55.00javier_yeah, it's quite useful
01:55.14PygmalionThe passwords are encrypted with that pass so there's no way to get at them without it (storing the pass in any unencrypted way locally removes all the security anyway)
01:55.42boknoyjavier_, most kde apps are ; )
01:55.51*** join/#kde Gentle (n=tier@
01:56.20javier_yeap, :-)
01:56.58boknoyjavier_, like ktorrent being able to search torrents haha
01:57.00javier_that reminds me that kde 4.3.1 doesn't tell you the speed when downloading/copying a file
01:57.23javier_and adding custom torrent search engines :)
01:57.47boknoyjavier_, not sure, but I only noticed the notification with dolphin. haven't tried copying with konq yet though...
01:58.09boknoybtw guys, know any plasmoids that checks how many updates there are on debian?
01:58.22sreichjavier_: I already told you it did
01:58.25sreich(was it you?)
01:58.36javier_hmm nope, it wasn't me
02:00.17*** part/#kde asdfasdfasdf (n=________@
02:00.24sreichjavier_: it does when copying folders, downloading files. Not sure about copying 1 file
02:00.28sreichbut I imagine it is the same
02:00.59sreichjavier_: so I'm not sure why you think it doesn't show the speeds
02:01.09sreichbecause it says MB (or KB) /s
02:02.31boknoysreich, I noticed that when copying files from dolphin, it just shows a notification with a bar and the text "copying n files", no speed there
02:02.33javier_it doesn't in my case
02:02.47javier_maybe the text is the same colour as the popup?
02:03.22boknoyjavier_, maybe...
02:03.24sreichthe speed is above the bar, when copying files
02:04.04PygmalionThere's a little arrow to expand methinks
02:04.31PygmalionOnce you click on the i
02:04.38boknoyI haven't had a file big enough to take more than 5 seconds to copy, so I couldn't really notice if there was :lol:
02:04.39sreichPygmalion: you mean the "More:"
02:04.42javier_it says 15 min remaning...
02:04.44sreichbut no, that isn't required to see it
02:04.58sreichalright, I will copy some big folders just for you guys ;)
02:05.01javier_if i click more 23.8 Mib/617.8 MiB
02:05.13*** join/#kde maybeArgh (
02:05.14javier_hehe ok sreich :)
02:05.20PygmalionYeha something like that, and wasn't ure if it was needed, haven't copied or moved any big stuff in a while
02:06.34*** join/#kde basantk_ (
02:08.48boknoyI see, you guys are right. I see it now
02:10.18boknoyusing konqueror and webkit... so far so good
02:10.43sreichwaits for his fucking internet connection to upload it..
02:10.47javier_it also crashes from time to time
02:11.05javier_and it doesn't have smooth scrolling
02:11.21javier_but you can't ask for everything
02:12.50*** join/#kde sreich2 (
02:13.01sreich2I hate my connection..
02:13.08sreich2but I finally got it uploaded )
02:14.33*** join/#kde bwibbwz (
02:14.53PygmalionEverytime I use a non-FF browser I hate it, and the worst part is that I can never actually find a reason why
02:15.07oneforallwhy does that download notify have 2 progress bars too. . But that the one I turned off. it stays on top and drag drop its way to annoying for all the reasons I listed above :)
02:15.23PygmalionPages show up properly, flash and stuff work, downloads and stuff usually work even better than in FF and I still hate it
02:16.05Pygmalionsreich2: Nice music... but why is it in a folder called "Delete me" :(
02:16.28javier_and ff is resource hungry
02:16.33javier_unlike konqui
02:16.51sreich2oneforall: 2 progressbars?
02:17.00sreich2Pygmalion: thanks. haha, yeah..deleteme folder
02:17.15oneforallyeah the little blocks progress long one on top and short one on the bottom
02:17.21javier_sreich2: instead of seeing the speed i get  x MiB/total MiB
02:17.24sreich2I needed that folder because I have been working on kdelibs/kio, and kdelibs/kdeui a ton, so I have had to just copy big folders to test it out
02:17.34Sir_Konradis back! All systems are go!
02:17.40oneforalljust under the more , thats a progress bar :)
02:17.43javier_thanks for uploading, sreich2
02:18.21sreich2oneforall: oh. the one on top is for the total. Although it doesn't make sense to show it when there is only 1 job, imo.
02:18.39sreich2no problem.
02:18.49javier_sreich2: that icon looks like ff ripoff version :P
02:19.23sreich2javier_: which icon is that?
02:19.24oneforallah. Like if there were a few downloads showing its the total for all then
02:19.38sreich2oneforall: yeah, averages them together.
02:19.38javier_sreich2: your ff icon
02:19.52javier_is that iceweasel?
02:20.02sreich2javier_: ah, thought that was what you were talking about. Yeah, it's the unbranded version. no, it's not iceweasel
02:20.02oneforallah well was just curios, but I still like it off :)
02:20.13sreich2just regular firefox afik..although it's called "shiretoko"
02:20.24javier_ah interesting
02:20.27sreich2no idea why archlinux calls it that, but whatever, the package name is still firefox
02:20.43javier_i see
02:21.06javier_iceweasel sounds good
02:21.17oneforallwell if you make patches or change ff seamonky then you have to not use the offical-branding
02:21.27sreich2yes, I know
02:21.57oneforallor you mean the weird name they picked :)
02:22.46sreich2oneforall: yes
02:22.48sreich2javier_: hehe
02:22.58sreich2javier_: naw, that would be most fitting for a kde-integrated one.
02:23.44javier_this reminds me of it looks like a duck, behaves like a duck... and it's not a duck
02:24.29oneforallthats one thing some sites don't work in all the browsers for dowmloading, when they have them blocked. its a thing of each one does what the other can't
02:24.33sreich2the real question is; does it taste like a duck?
02:25.41javier_hehe. i don't know yet
02:26.02javier_oneforall: yeah, it sucks to browse the web with a unbranded ff :(
02:26.18javier_but fortunately, there are plugins to change the browser identification
02:27.14javier_right now i have konqui, ff, opera and arora
02:27.52oneforallhmm looking at ps ax I see a lot of the pages I closed aren't getting cleaned up. ps ax is stil showing them . i bet thats why konq is freezing up so much.
02:28.06*** join/#kde vbgunz (n=vbgunz@
02:28.30*** join/#kde ideamonk (n=ideamonk@
02:28.36oneforallhmm I really don't care for opera .
02:29.01oneforallhave no need for it anyways . never liked it in m$ many moons ago
02:29.08javier_i have used it a couple of times
02:29.17sreich2I could never bring myself to like it..
02:29.21oneforallprefered netscape way back then
02:29.32sreich2I don't know why, it feels like it is trying too hard on the UI glamour, but it sucks at it
02:29.57sreich2yeah, I preferred netscape too a long time ago, before I used firefox (all of this was on windows..many years ago)
02:30.15oneforallwell me I just never liked it yrs ago in m$ i liked nescape better and it was never worth the $ either.
02:31.06oneforalldoesn't surprise me all the people complaing about the plugins not working well
02:32.30oneforallmozilla was Netscape's cousin was all i ever herd :) and they releases all the nescape code too iirc
02:32.59*** join/#kde shmay (
02:35.01*** join/#kde jjamfd (n=jjamfd@pdpc/supporter/monthlybronze/jjamfd)
02:37.43oneforalldarn kwin --replace isn't doing anything or plasma-desktop
02:38.16oneforallcan't even do alt+tab to get my konsole window to the top etc
02:38.20*** join/#kde ideamonk_ (n=ideamonk@
02:38.27*** join/#kde lily_ (n=lily@
02:39.03oneforallwhy is it drkonqi never wants to load
02:40.06*** join/#kde tictric (
02:41.11*** join/#kde GerbilSoft (n=GerbilSo@
02:42.20oneforallany ideas on how I can get my destop working again . did the plasma-desktop --display=0:0 & and the kwin --replace --display=0:0 & from cli
02:43.49*** join/#kde detriage (
02:45.28sreich2btw, you only need --display :0
02:45.40sreich2from cli, try killing all of them
02:45.44sreich2then restarting them
02:45.47sreich2preferably from a VT
02:46.34oneforallcan't even open a new konsole and the one I have open is in the bg. can't get it to the front :(
02:46.57sreich2go to the virtual terminal
02:46.59sreich2like i said
02:47.12oneforallyeah I killed all the plasma but not kwin . I guess since that a bit gone it wouldn't hurt
02:47.14sreich2if not, you will have to exit out of all applications until konsole receives focus
02:49.34*** join/#kde d_garbage (n=free@unaffiliated/dgarbage/x-348756)
02:49.36oneforallvirtual terminal as in konsole right ?
02:49.57sreich2as in linux virtual terminal
02:50.03oneforallalt+F2 doesn't work either
02:50.03Pygmaliononeforall: Ctrl+Alt+F1
02:50.11PygmalionThen Ctrl+Alt+F7 to get back
02:50.15oneforallyeah thats what i mean by cli :)
02:50.32*** join/#kde viro`haz1d (
02:50.45sreich2yes..but it resolves the problem of konsole not having focus..
02:51.09oneforallwell thats where I've been doing it since I can't get to konsole :0
02:51.12sreich2and by the way, you do not need the --display part, if you are in a konsole on that is implied about what screen you are talking about
02:51.27sreich2oh ok..
02:51.41oneforallcli , the warp to console
02:52.16oneforallI usually say warp to dos to rub in you can't do that in win :)
02:52.41sreich2cli == command line interface/shell, e.g. anything that can embed a terminal
02:52.51sreich2like konsole, konsole plasmoid, virtual terminal, etc.
02:52.55*** part/#kde Sir_Konrad (
02:53.49d_garbageMandriva 2010.0, KDE4.3.2 > Hello, is there a way to lock/unlock widgets with a keyboard shortcut please?
02:54.46troyone time I restarted kwin my creating a plasma folder view for /usr/bin and selecting kwin that way...
02:55.00sreich2d_garbage: yes. alt+d, L
02:55.03d_garbagedesktop context menu says Alt+D, L  but that appears to do nothing
02:55.13sreich2it works on my system.
02:55.26sreich2d_garbage: you do realize, it's alt+d, Release, then press L, correct?
02:55.33sreich2(hence the comma)
02:55.38sreich2(as opposed to a plus)
02:55.44d_garbagei shall try that
02:55.44troymaybe mandriva defined alt-d to be something else and it's not getting received by plasma...
02:55.50oneforallyeah but I've allways know cli as command line interface at console and vt as konsole eterm xterm at .  console tty never think of it as vt
02:56.21*** join/#kde Timslin (
02:56.22oneforalldamn trying to save somethign here but kwin is pissing me off :(
02:56.33troyoneforall: you're correct on definition of 'vt' and 'tty', but cli is generic
02:56.59sreich2yeah, I never use tty because it's more annoying to type
02:57.00d_garbagesreich2, excellent, it was just me, not understanding that notation/convention. Actually the shortcut work just fine. Thanks a lot, that's really helpful.
02:57.10sreich2your welcome.
02:57.48*** join/#kde abner (
02:58.39oneforalldarn neither wants to work
02:58.41*** join/#kde KiRiLoS (
02:59.13sreich2oneforall: you are killing them first, right?
03:00.44*** join/#kde roconnor (
03:01.12roconnoris it possible to use the kde system setting to configure one monitor to be right-of another monitor?
03:02.18sreich2yes. I believe so.
03:02.46roconnorI can't figure it out
03:02.52roconnorI've been using the xrandr command line
03:03.25sreich2system settings->Displays->Multiple Monitors
03:03.31*** join/#kde catamarquence (
03:03.47roconnormy Multiple Monitors tab says it appears my system isn't configured for multiple monitors
03:03.56catamarquencewhat files do i have to copy to /etc/skel to make all users have the same theme and colors fonts wallpapers etc...?
03:04.23oneforallyeah kwin and plasma
03:04.28sreich2roconnor: check your drivers I suppose...
03:04.39roconnormy drivers
03:04.50roconnorbut I get multiple screens using xrandr just fine
03:04.54sreich2my nvidia shit has multiple monitors set up.
03:04.58roconnorxrandr --output VGA1 --right-of LVDS1
03:05.15roconnorso strange
03:08.31catamarquenceno idea what files on my current user i have to copy to /etc/skel to make all users have the same look?
03:10.20*** join/#kde rfernand (
03:10.51catamarquencepleeease help me out with thiss
03:12.07oneforallah crap forgot to patch that stinking hal to put back ctrl+alt+backspace.
03:15.32jedixcan't you just use k+some other keys?
03:15.58jedixsomething like that
03:16.50jedixI think so
03:17.47jedixI think it has to be left alt
03:17.48oneforalldarn I really didn't want to have to restarx :(
03:18.01sreich2yes, left alt.
03:18.08sreich2btu that doesn't really help afik
03:18.35jedixwhy? what's the diff between ctrl+alt+backspace and left alt+sysrq+r
03:18.45*** join/#kde xjjk (
03:19.06*** join/#kde Murasame (
03:19.17sreich2former to kill X
03:19.31sreich2latter (and a bunch of other subsequent keys) to kill kernel, and shutdown
03:19.43jedixreally? I thought it killed only x
03:20.03*** join/#kde desti (
03:20.36jedixk kills z
03:20.39jedixkills x
03:20.54jedixKill all processes on the current virtual console (Can be used to kill X and svgalib programs, see below)
03:20.57jedixThis was originally designed to imitate a Secure Access Key
03:21.02sreich2ah, i see
03:21.04sreich2what combo is that again?
03:21.16d_garbage  ?
03:21.20*** join/#kde asobi (
03:21.21jedixleft alt+sysrq+k
03:21.33jedix(on qwerty)
03:22.11*** join/#kde boris64 (
03:22.30*** part/#kde catamarquence (
03:22.40asobi9.04 here. is there a way to show mp3 id tags in konqueror with a mouse hover like kde3?
03:27.59jedixis sysreq included in ubuntu by default then?
03:28.16sreich2not that I know of
03:33.36*** join/#kde oneforall (
03:33.41d_garbage"MagicSysRq keys for assistance with Ubuntu troubles"
03:37.35jedixI think it's on by default in 9.10
03:37.54*** part/#kde asobi (
03:40.14oneforallalt+SysRq ? to be like the ctrl+alt+backspace ?
03:41.38*** join/#kde NJL (
03:45.13*** join/#kde oneforall (
03:46.07oneforallthat doesn't work good :) hangs it with the blury rainbow of colors all streaked :)
03:46.25oneforallhad to ssh in from my firewal box and startx & lol
03:46.37*** join/#kde ABCD (n=ABCD@gentoo/developer/abcd)
03:46.37oneforallok when you have another box thou
03:46.55oneforallctrl+alt+Fx and ctrl+c is better :)
03:47.11oneforallbut the damn patch to that gay hal would be even better
03:47.11*** join/#kde lindsey_ (
03:47.59oneforallonly thing that suckjs about ctrl+alt_backspace is when you forget in kvm and use it O.o :)
03:48.22*** join/#kde lindsey_ (
03:50.11*** join/#kde draugdel__ (
03:53.58*** join/#kde jschall (
03:54.54*** join/#kde lindsey_ (
03:57.35d_garbagenot sure if this is mandriva specific or xorg, but you need to hold <ctrl><alt> and tap <esc> twice now for it to work, once its enabled
03:58.01*** join/#kde lindsey_ (
03:58.16*** join/#kde ger_ (
04:06.35*** join/#kde Baldurium_ (
04:14.21*** join/#kde pauletin (n=sacrset@
04:16.37*** join/#kde AliTarihi (n=quassel@unaffiliated/alitarihi)
04:22.53*** join/#kde eqisow (
04:23.20eqisowAnybody know why alt+f2 might not be working in 4.3.2? missing package maybe?
04:23.25*** join/#kde tjol (n=tgwj@pdpc/supporter/student/free-zombie)
04:23.34*** join/#kde alisonken1home (
04:24.17eqisow(it shows as Alt+F2 in System Settings)
04:25.20*** join/#kde gkmngrgn (n=gkmngrgn@unaffiliated/gkmngrgn)
04:25.48d_garbageeqisow, are you using compiz?
04:26.30eqisownope, Kwin --> does it both with and without compositing enabled
04:30.01*** join/#kde dansushi (n=dan@
04:31.45troyd_garbage: do other shortcuts work? (try CTRL-ESC)
04:31.56troythat should bring up task manager
04:32.07troyhow about ALT-TAB?
04:32.13d_garbagetroy, wrong nick ;)
04:32.45d_garbageeqisow, ^^^
04:33.20troyer, yep
04:34.15*** join/#kde viro`hazrd (
04:36.16*** join/#kde d9500 (n=d9500@unaffiliated/d9500)
04:36.35ideamonk_eqisow, it works for me
04:36.52ideamonk_eqisow, checkout if you have KRunner installed
04:37.09eqisowctrl+esc does not work - alt+tab does
04:37.48ideamonk_ideamonk_, ctrl + esc too works for it, it fires system activity. I'm running kde 4.3.2 as in kubuntu
04:38.19eqisowas far as I can tell, krunner is in kdebase-workspace in Fedora
04:39.52*** join/#kde usman (n=usman@
04:41.03eqisowOK, I ran "run command" once from the menu and now it works with alt+f2.. go figure
04:42.21*** join/#kde comawhite (n=comawhit@unaffiliated/comawhite)
04:45.23*** part/#kde newbie (n=usman@
04:50.13*** join/#kde krash (
04:52.38*** join/#kde basantk__ (n=basantk@nat/sun/x-fhbeftmzxlbbkaqc)
04:52.48*** join/#kde Lord_Deathscythe (
04:54.58*** join/#kde comawhite (n=comawhit@unaffiliated/comawhite)
04:55.47eqisowlatest nvidia driver seem to cause problems in KDE again - is that something KDE devs should be aware of? (ie. should I bother w/ a report?)
04:56.33*** part/#kde junkDawgie (
04:57.08eqisow /
04:57.25*** join/#kde tnt (
04:59.29*** join/#kde Acedip (n=ani@unaffiliated/acedip)
05:03.26troyeqisow: nvidia drivers always causing issues *sigh*
05:04.03*** join/#kde rodrox (n=rodrox@
05:04.17troyeqisow: anyway, krunner is the program that is responsible for the run dialog, task manager, screen saver/locking, and a few other things. It's normally started when KDE loads, but your distro might have modified KDE's startup process
05:05.07*** join/#kde dijonyummy (
05:05.22*** join/#kde linex (n=nobody@
05:06.00*** join/#kde skbohra (n=skbohra@unaffiliated/skbohra)
05:06.05*** part/#kde d9500 (n=d9500@unaffiliated/d9500)
05:06.37eqisowtroy: actually it seems to be a combo of nvidia and the latest xorg with some fedora patch.... so, ignore that one I guess
05:07.10troyeqisow: heh - distro patches :)
05:07.41troyeqisow: one day KDE will end up making a reference distro for bug reporting
05:08.40eqisowI've said for awhile that KDE is practically it's own distro
05:08.46eqisowmuch more-so than any other DE
05:09.09*** join/#kde ABCD (n=ABCD@gentoo/developer/abcd)
05:09.50troyeqisow: the problem is with hardware support - KDE doesn't have the manpower - that's where we rely on distros
05:10.28eqisowbut >50% of distros really manage to muck up KDE... maybe more :/
05:10.31eqisowwhat a pickle :p
05:10.38troyplus we have a whole bunch of libraries we depend on externally :)
05:11.17troyis really wondering what the future of KDE is - which road it will take
05:12.10troyin fact, what the future roads hold for KDE will be the subject to much discussion for the project in the next few years
05:12.14viro`hazrdit's official DE of SUSE
05:12.25eqisowand yet it sucks so hard on Suse, go figure
05:12.37eqisowand actually I think officially gnome and kde are "equal" on suse
05:12.54troyfor the last 5 years, we've had KDE 4 as the goal, which is a great place to head, but now that KDE 4 is here and alive and working reasonably well, where do we evolve from here...
05:13.14*** join/#kde dijonyummy (
05:13.15nevyntroy: get the functionality back to the kde 3 levles ;)
05:13.36troynevyn: for the most part, it is - I really don't know what's missing (other than odd little features here and there)
05:13.37viro`hazrdtowards multitouch UI
05:13.48troyviro`hazrd: yeah - and while I have a touch screen, most people don't
05:13.51*** join/#kde xdan779 (
05:13.55troynevyn: printing is scheduled for 4.4
05:14.12troynevyn: and will be moved into qt 4.6, last I checked, rather than in KDE
05:14.14viro`hazrdmultitouch is about to be standard right about now
05:14.41troyviro`hazrd: no, it's not standard on most computers which can't even do single-touch interfaces
05:14.45viro`hazrdprinting is nothing worth evolving IMHO
05:15.07viro`hazrdnow that ebooks are out
05:15.12*** join/#kde linex (n=nobody@
05:15.13nevynprinting is critical for desktop adoption.
05:15.29troyhardware configuration would be a worthy, but boring task - think printers, touchscreens, tablets, scanners...
05:15.55viro`hazrdprinting is the first thing  linux ever supported fully
05:15.58*** join/#kde Kame2 (
05:15.58nevynbetter and more automated multiscreen.
05:16.10troynevyn: right, but that's waiting on X mostly
05:16.15nevynviro`hazrd: there's printing and then there's printing
05:16.17troynevyn: and X drivers
05:16.19nevyntroy: true...
05:16.21eqisowrandom question: How do solid and devicekit fit together? do they compliment or sort-of compete?
05:16.47troydevicekit is not used in KDE at all - it was invented post KDE 4
05:17.01nevynI wish there was some sort of "make a plasmoid" RAD type tool
05:17.06troysolid is a higher level C++ interface to device configurations...
05:17.19troynevyn: one is actually being designed... I think it was to be called plasmagic
05:17.30eqisow <-- suggests is kinda does? At least in some distros
05:18.24nevynso sort of asemble the boxes tyep thing that let you say from this dataprovider I get numeric data between in this range let me set some thresholds and change colors on those etc.
05:18.29troyeqisow: well, solid is written in such a manner that you can replace the underlying hardware detection libraries at will, provided someone bothered to write a wrapper... so we can wrap HAL, or whatever windows or os x use, etc...
05:18.56troynevyn: yeah - and code the actual logic in python/ruby/javascript/etc.
05:19.25eqisowoh, is to early to feature request sending pulseaudio to hell in our hypothetical KDE distro? :p
05:19.30troyeqisow: the only one in working order is HAL support, as far as I know
05:19.31nevyntroy: actually I was thinking more a rule system more like the microsoft dev environment
05:19.55troynevyn: I have no experience with the ms dev environment
05:20.07nevyntroy: I think that rule systems are more the future (because of their paralelisation capabilities)
05:20.10troynevyn: if I'm coding on windows, I'm using kate and pyqt :)
05:20.18nevyntroy: this was the ms thing for Xbox
05:20.34troynevyn: is it anything like Qt's declarative UI?
05:21.35eqisowtroy: It looks like in Fedora Xorg is one of the only things still using hal
05:21.53*** join/#kde Sho_ (n=EHS1@kde/hein)
05:21.55troymost distros use hal exclusively
05:21.58eqisowand DeviceKit-power, oddly enough o.O
05:22.04nevyntroy: kodu
05:22.17eqisowaye, Fedora is pushing DeviceKit, PackageKit, and policyKit hard
05:22.24nevyn] has joined #kde
05:22.25nevyn16:18 < troy> most distros use hal exclusively
05:22.40troynevyn: well, it's true
05:22.56nevynno bleh cause of stupid cut-paste behavior in current environment
05:23.01nevynso kodu is the ms thingy
05:23.53troyhrm - well, I don't think anyone has plans for that in plasma - but if you were to code it :)
05:24.43nevyntroy: it's oversimplified than would be required/desirable.
05:24.50nevynbut at a concept level I think it's neat.
05:25.15nevynparticularly that rules are not interdependant and therfore allow parallel execution
05:25.50oneforalldarn I'm a bit late but a lot of those missing features do make functioning a problem . I haven't really tried printing yet . but I would hope that works or thats soemthing people really hate to see not when it did :)
05:25.52troythere are a couple of things that need work in KDE that are missing manpower, either because they're boring, or simply overlooked
05:26.09troyoneforall: printing works fine - it's printer configuration that's missing
05:26.45troyoneforall: KDE used to have a nice printer config interface in 3.x, but no one stepped up to port/maintain it for 4.x - people are now having to use localhost:631 to configure their printers
05:27.11oneforallso is phonon better to use from qt now. Since I started with kde4 it was allway the impressiuon it was better using qt-copy
05:27.45troyoneforall: yeah - not sure about that - I haven't had any problems with phonon, so I just let it do it's thing
05:27.46oneforalllol I still always have used localhost:631
05:27.57troyoneforall: then you're unaffected :)
05:28.11oneforalleven hp-toolbox it ends up using that anyways so I never use that either
05:28.18Acediptroy, and what was it called?
05:28.18troyAcedip: well, hardware configuration things are missing for many periferals
05:28.58oneforallalthough I stilllooked at the kde3 config to see it was all nicely synced
05:29.10troyAcedip: what called? the kde printer stuff? KPrinter or similar - it was a bunch of classes that programs could use to create their print dialogs, and some kcontrol modules to match
05:29.39*** join/#kde thansen (n=thansen@
05:29.49troyoneforall: well, it'll still list your printers and stuff in KDE 4 - it's just missing some more advanced features, like being able to print just the odd pages (say if you're doing manual doublesiding)
05:30.01oneforallah well I'll just stick to qt-copy
05:31.10troyoneforall: initially, phonon was being developed in KDE's source tree, and qt was periodically pulling a copy to include with Qt for the benefit of non-KDE users; KDE users were still using KDE's copy... these days, I think development moved upstream to Qt
05:31.13*** join/#kde viro`haz1d (
05:31.19oneforallkde3 I used to look at it from the kicker, wrench . I can't even remember how to get to it from the menu
05:31.22troybut I could be wrong about that
05:32.35oneforallah . I seen slack moved to using qt . But trying to deside if I should too or just stay with qt-copy :0
05:34.10troyoneforall: use the default slack packages if you can - easier to maintain if you aren't following trunk
05:35.34*** join/#kde smooky (
05:36.02troyspeaking of which - I might want to move to the slackware packages fro 4.3.3, which just got released to -current
05:36.12*** join/#kde smooky (
05:36.24oneforallno I made my own 64bit a long time ago now and its fully multilib. Plus its always in the current state :)
05:37.42oneforallgcc 4.4.2, glibc2.10.1,  bash 4.0.33(2)-release,  etc little on the wild side ;)
05:39.41troyoneforall: do you make slackpkgs for the stuff you build? (out of curiosity, more than anything else...)
05:40.33oneforallwell yeah its atill based on slack and kdeadmin-4.3.3-x86_64_blade64-1,txz
05:43.25*** join/#kde phlux (
05:43.35phluxHow can I change my kwin theme with kde4?
05:46.28troyphlux: right click on titlebar of window -> configure window behaviour -> Windows -> Window Decoration tab
05:47.43phluxI don't have a "Configure" option
05:47.49phluxI have a "Configure Window Behavior"
05:47.58phluxbut when I click it, there's no option to change the theme
05:48.43*** join/#kde skbohra_ (n=skbohra@
05:48.50phluxyes I do
05:50.08*** join/#kde chgtg (n=hongguan@
05:50.29*** join/#kde Sinister (
05:53.59phluxwhy doesn't kopete do AIM anymore?
05:56.59*** join/#kde _kdepepo (
06:05.10*** join/#kde matkor (
06:07.33*** join/#kde ajavid (
06:08.00ajavidhi I'm using kde3 and I want to reset my kde menu
06:08.08ajavidwhere is the file saved so I can delete it and get a default one
06:12.41oneforallright click the k>edit menu>Edit>Restore to system menu ?
06:13.09*** join/#kde gunni_ (
06:13.44*** join/#kde phoenixz (n=quassel@
06:13.45*** join/#kde jaem (n=jaem@
06:14.18*** join/#kde Aikawa (
06:14.39*** join/#kde beer (
06:14.46jaemI was going to post a Wishlist item on for the code editor component of KDevelop4, but the rather large list of sub-components in the wizard confused me.  Could someone tell me what I should file that under?
06:16.58ajavidthere is no option called restore to system menu or anything related
06:18.48*** join/#kde smooky (
06:19.06oneforallhmm maybe kde3 had a reset utton at the bottom of the edit menu
06:19.22*** join/#kde wei (
06:19.34oneforallnot in kde3 right now so I'm going on memory O.o
06:20.04*** join/#kde smooky (
06:21.25*** join/#kde ryanCH (
06:21.51ryanCHi upgraded to kde 4.3 and it won't mount any devices in, Device Notifier
06:22.05ryanCHis there a work around for this bug?
06:27.39*** join/#kde Shingoshi (
06:27.43weiWhat distro are you using?
06:28.04weiI am using fedora 11, and everything works just fine.
06:29.13jaemryanCH, what happens if you try to mount it from Dolphin?
06:30.01ryanCHit works
06:30.05ryanCH*in dolphin
06:30.18jaemryanCH, odd... to reiterate, which distro are you using?
06:30.31jaemand what error do you get from Device Notifier?
06:30.32*** join/#kde linex (n=nobody@
06:30.43ryanCHit doesn't do anything
06:30.44jaemryanCH, 9.10?
06:30.47ryanCHno error
06:30.52ryanCHyes 9.10
06:31.02jaemokay, give me a moment to boot up my Kubuntu box
06:31.12jaemI'll take a look
06:33.22jaemryanCH, okay, just logging in
06:33.36ryanCHalso i found out my sound doesn't work ;p
06:33.45jaemso, you plugged in a flash drive (or something else?), and Device Notifier popped up?
06:34.05ryanCHbut when i click the device nothing happends
06:34.09jaemdid you change any related settings at all?
06:34.33ryanCHjust upgraded
06:35.07ryanCHkde 4.2
06:35.17jaemI'm trying to replicate it now
06:36.43*** join/#kde task_struct (n=Kernel@
06:38.12jaemryanCH, works for me
06:38.31ryanCHthat is weired.
06:38.35jaemdoes the popup disappear when you click on it?
06:39.25jaembut nothing happens... hmm
06:39.49jaemJust to be clear, the entry you click on says "Open with File Manager", right?
06:40.47ryanCHwhat do you mean?
06:41.25jaemwell, on mine, it has the flash drive icon, and then says "Volume (vfat)" and below it, "Open With File Manager"
06:41.44ryanCHi don't have that option
06:42.21jaemryanCH, what do you have?
06:42.26jaeme.g. what are you clicking on?
06:42.44ryanCHwait, yeah i do
06:43.00ryanCHVolume (vfat)
06:43.09ryanCHunderneath it, it says that
06:43.19jaemand that's the one you're clicking?
06:43.34ryanCHthere are others in the list, and they don't work either
06:43.37*** join/#kde virsys (
06:43.42*** join/#kde Sinister (
06:44.36*** join/#kde q[bline] (
06:45.19jaemryanCH, I'm not sure what to say... you could try resetting any applicable config, but I don't know where that would be
06:46.05jaemaside from that, I don't know what might be wrong.  You could, however, install the new "Device Manager" plasmoid, and hope that that one works
06:46.07jaemI'll get you a link
06:46.16viro`haz1danybody know why is KDE4 slow with composite?
06:46.30jaemviro`haz1d, not without more information ;)
06:46.34jaemvideo card?
06:46.39jaemdriver versions?
06:46.48viro`haz1dI got it compiled with raster USE flag
06:47.01jaemalso, are you saying it's abnormally slow, or just that it doesn't run that well on your computer?
06:47.02viro`haz1dgforce 8600 gentoo
06:47.21ryanCHjaem, alright, thank you :)
06:48.02viro`haz1dit stalls all the time and eventually times out. Upon restart everytime I switch window it stalls mementarily, re-sizing also stalls
06:48.42jaemviro`haz1d, not sure off the top of my head.  Have you checked for known issues?
06:49.02jaemryanCH, the source package is here:
06:49.14ryanCHthx :)
06:49.16jaemif you don't know how to compile it, I'd imagine someone has made a DEB, but I'm not sure where
06:49.18jaemjust Google it
06:49.37*** part/#kde jaem (n=jaem@
06:49.40viro`haz1dand a console with scrolling output has X and kwin with cpu usage in 50% margin. While xfce with composite enable cpu usage stays at a lull 2%
06:49.53*** join/#kde sir_lewk (
06:50.13sir_lewkis there a way that I can turn off window decorations for everything by default?
06:50.48viro`haz1dI only know unknown issues
06:53.55*** join/#kde xevious (n=quassel@unaffiliated/xevious)
06:54.37*** join/#kde Moult|ssh (n=Moult|ss@
06:55.36xeviousIf I want to make a plasma applet that acts as a containment, but can be embedded in the panel just like any other applet... is it an applet or a containment?
06:56.28*** join/#kde coppro (n=coppro@unaffiliated/coppro)
06:57.46*** join/#kde lindsey_ (
06:57.52copproIn okular, if I'm viewing in facing pages mode, is there any way to switch which page is considered left and which is considered right? It's pretty unusable if the book is backward
07:00.18*** join/#kde morphizer (
07:02.40viro`haz1dgrabs a pitchfork
07:02.58viro`haz1dwrong chan
07:04.51*** join/#kde zer0c00l (n=user@
07:05.00*** part/#kde zer0c00l (n=user@
07:05.24Moult|sshcoppro: do you mean how to make the first page the right page instead of the left?
07:05.35copproMoult|ssh: yeah
07:05.52Moult|sshcoppro: yeah i got a bit annoyed about that too - there is an option in one of the menus i forget now
07:06.02Moult|sshbut it's named a bit weird
07:06.07copprowill click random options then
07:06.21Moult|sshcoppro: i would check but i'm not in X right now
07:07.35Moult|sshcoppro: isn't not in a dialog iirm
07:07.39Moult|sshiirc rather
07:07.59copproisn't not?
07:08.14Moult|sshcoppro: it isn't in
07:09.12copprocan't find it
07:09.22Moult|sshcoppro: perhaps under the "view" menu
07:09.39copproyeah, I can change to facing page mode
07:09.45copprobut not change which page is on which side
07:09.53Moult|sshcoppro: perhaps under the same menu, make first page center or something
07:10.23coppronothing of the sort
07:10.53xeviousKDE4: Now with less configurability.
07:11.09copproxevious: Well, Okular's new, so I give it the pass
07:11.18Moult|sshokular has that function, it's just named stupid
07:11.19copproand it's better than the old one... what was it called?
07:12.11xeviousCenter First Page?
07:12.17xeviousIt's in the settings
07:12.20Moult|sshaha that's it
07:12.22copproah, found it
07:12.25xeviousGeneral -> View Options
07:12.26copproyeah, it's in the settings
07:12.38copproshould be under the view menu IMO because it's document-specific
07:12.39copprofiles bug
07:13.16Moult|sshcoppro: i posted about it in the kde forums already see thread ``okular show pages book-style'' or something
07:13.27copproIs it in the bugzilla?
07:14.02Moult|sshcoppro: i can't remember if i put it in, i'll check later and report it if i haven't, or if you want you can just report it now anyway
07:16.37copprowhat the... what component do Okular bugs go under?
07:17.08copprooh, nvm
07:17.15copproI always forget not everything is listed by defualt
07:17.46*** join/#kde NoobSaibot (
07:18.18*** join/#kde wilder (
07:19.13*** join/#kde rgreening (
07:20.45*** join/#kde thomasj (n=thomasj@fedora/thomasj)
07:22.43*** join/#kde jedix_ (
07:26.41*** join/#kde murrant (
07:27.23*** join/#kde QwertyM (n=harsh@unaffiliated/qwertym)
07:27.52*** join/#kde jharrys (
07:28.49*** join/#kde naval (n=naval@
07:29.03troyxevious: a few parts of KDE 4 have less options - many parts just moved/renamed them
07:31.13*** join/#kde biker (
07:31.30*** join/#kde naval (n=naval@
07:31.40*** part/#kde naval (n=naval@
07:32.37*** join/#kde [caveman] (
07:32.53*** join/#kde armands_ (n=armands@
07:33.00*** join/#kde krushia_ (
07:33.01*** join/#kde TomasuAway (
07:33.02*** join/#kde word_ (
07:33.18*** join/#kde JackWinter (n=jack@
07:34.43*** join/#kde smooky (
07:35.16*** join/#kde KiRiLoS (
07:36.12KiRiLoSHello,i was wondering.Is there a way to change every single blue color to red in KDE 4.3?Incuding the folder colors in Dolphin.Thanks
07:37.11Moult|sshKiRiLoS: what. the. hell?
07:37.25KiRiLoSMoult|ssh, what?
07:37.32Moult|sshKiRiLoS: system settings -> appearance (i think) -> colours
07:37.47Moult|sshKiRiLoS: for folder colours you will need a new icon theme, also under that same settings dialog
07:38.16Moult|sshKiRiLoS: you might also want a new plasma theme, available through gethotnewstuff in desktop rightclick desktop settings
07:38.17KiRiLoSOk thanks Moult|ssh :P any idea where i can find the same exact icon theme just in red?:P
07:39.55Moult|sshKiRiLoS: nope :) i think there is a icon hover effect setting somewhere where i seem to recall tint and some other effects you can set, perhaps there is a colour overlay if you are lucky
07:39.58copproNo clue where to find it exactly, but they're all SVG, right?
07:40.06*** join/#kde Foriskak (
07:40.18copproshould be easy to just use a regex or something to switch the red and blue color values of everything in theory
07:40.41Moult|sshKiRiLoS: if you are considering manually editing the svgs i would perhapps recommend imagemagick
07:40.46KiRiLoSMoult|ssh, well there is,but it actually turns red every single icon :P so it mess my apps icons
07:41.44*** join/#kde boris64_ (
07:42.46Moult|sshKiRiLoS: imagemagick i think is a CLI image editor you could set some stuff and have it recurse over all the icons you need
07:43.22KiRiLoSMoult|ssh, too much hassle :P i'll just go with blue :P
07:44.29KiRiLoSanother thing is that when i am trying to download new themes,after I press install nothing happens!
07:45.07KiRiLoSand oh,i am talking about the System add-on installer
07:51.06*** join/#kde Shirakawasuna (
07:52.15*** join/#kde smorg (
07:56.02*** join/#kde sevis (
07:56.49*** join/#kde bigbrovar (n=bigbrova@
07:56.56*** join/#kde TobiG (n=tobias@yoper/team/TobiG)
08:06.23*** join/#kde biker (
08:08.03viro`haz1dwhat are notable themes?
08:12.33*** join/#kde gdebure (
08:14.40*** join/#kde fale (
08:14.47*** join/#kde maybeHere (
08:15.11viro`haz1dgot it
08:18.14*** join/#kde Acedip (n=ani@unaffiliated/acedip)
08:20.25*** join/#kde Peace- (
08:20.52*** join/#kde Nate_Grey (
08:22.44Peace-why this stuff is there but not in dolphin ?
08:23.02Peace-you have everytime to click to play something
08:23.21Peace-insteand in kdialog menu like youi can ssee in the picture thre is automacally play
08:23.30Peace-when you hover a file
08:23.44Peace-*when you hover over a file
08:24.04*** join/#kde skbohra (n=skbohra@
08:25.47*** join/#kde agam (
08:26.19weiPeace-: what is the window decoration you are using?
08:26.54Peace-wei: just a second i check
08:30.25Peace-wei: aurorae
08:30.47weiIt is a kwin decoration?
08:30.47Peace-style cupertino
08:30.53*** join/#kde ChanServ (ChanServ@services.)
08:30.53*** join/#kde Nate_Grey ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
08:30.53*** join/#kde Acedip (n=ani@unaffiliated/acedip) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
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08:31.19weiAlright, thanks!
08:31.19weigoes to bed now.
08:31.19*** join/#kde AngryKoala (
08:31.34*** join/#kde afi (n=afi@
08:32.22*** join/#kde redlegion (
08:32.48*** join/#kde Killsudo_ (n=Killsudo@
08:33.26*** join/#kde DjMadness_ (
08:34.59Peace-hey guys nobody is answering to me
08:36.22viro`haz1dneither me
08:36.39*** join/#kde redlegion (
08:37.49Peace-viro`haz1d: what's your problem?
08:37.58Peace-maybe i can , *maybe*
08:38.39viro`haz1dwhat are kewl themes for kde4?
08:39.46Peace-never heard
08:39.51viro`haz1dyes, hawt
08:40.01viro`haz1dhawt themes
08:40.15Peace-maybe is only a theme
08:40.22Peace-ah no themes
08:40.27Peace-or a set of themes
08:40.28*** join/#kde afi (n=afi@
08:40.30Peace-for kde
08:40.55*** join/#kde mmalek (
08:40.57viro`haz1dhawt = hot kewl = cool
08:42.11*** join/#kde bambule (
08:42.46*** join/#kde ideamonk_ (n=ideamonk@
08:43.18*** join/#kde beer (
08:43.49*** join/#kde marcel_ (
08:45.05afihi! can anyone help with sound on fedora 11 ???
08:46.13Moult|sshafi: #fedora
08:50.30*** join/#kde thomasj_ (
08:51.37*** join/#kde AliTarihi (
08:52.51*** join/#kde afi (n=afi@
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09:44.29*** join/#kde goodnight ( is down?
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10:15.55*** join/#kde devine (
10:17.14oneforallTroy I see pat changed back to using the kde phonon :)
10:17.51oneforallbut then maybe its qt4.6
10:22.17*** join/#kde AlexC_ (n=alex@tangocms/founder/alexc)
10:22.24AlexC_morning Earth folk
10:22.27*** join/#kde mck182 (
10:22.54AlexC_since update to KDE 4.3.3, there has been a slight delay (say 1-2 seconds) when I press Alt+F2 to open krunner, anyone else experiance this?
10:23.09AlexC_kinda annoying, since I'm used to it opening instantly - so what I type the first half is being cut off
10:23.27Peace-here it's working fine
10:23.31Peace-kubuntu 9.10
10:24.22szalsame here (openSUSE 11.1)
10:24.25Moultwhen i try to start up compositing i get a systray notification saying that the following effects could not be started. what file can i find the detailed error log for that message?
10:24.32AlexC_szal: as in, working fine or not?
10:24.55szalas in no practically important delay
10:25.24Peace-maybe is you video cards that sucks?
10:25.47Peace-bad driver i mean
10:25.49*** join/#kde The_User (
10:25.54AlexC_well it's worked before just fine. It's an old card by todays standards, however it doesn't suck
10:26.22Peace-here i have an intel 945gm
10:26.33Peace-and it's fast like light
10:26.36AlexC_nVidia 7950GT
10:26.56devineAlexC_: I have just noticed something similar today - except it is 10 seconds.
10:27.01devineit happens wiht the Kmenu too
10:27.05devineI am Fedora 12
10:27.23AlexC_devine: ah, just checked kmenu (I hardly use it) and yes, I get the same delay as well
10:27.30AlexC_of 1-2 seconds
10:27.33devineNvidia 9600GT
10:28.00devineAlexC_: I thought it was a fedora problem, its lucky I saw this.
10:28.12devineSo, any idea on what is happening?
10:28.15*** join/#kde cb400f (n=cb400f@opensuse/member/Cb400f)
10:28.30AlexC_you're guess is as good as mine
10:28.35devineHang on, i'm on 4.3.2
10:29.00AlexC_X/nVidia updates recently?
10:30.59devineYeah I reckon that might be it.
10:31.02*** join/#kde Enigma (
10:31.40devineI'm on 190.42
10:32.55*** join/#kde Dumble (n=Dumble@
10:34.47DumbleHello world !
10:34.54AlexC_devine: same here
10:34.55*** join/#kde elmargol (
10:35.33AlexC_[2009-11-01 10:31] upgraded nvidia (185.18.36-2 -> 190.42-1)
10:35.46AlexC_that must have been when it started
10:36.11*** join/#kde PhilRod (
10:37.23*** join/#kde skbohra (n=skbohra@
10:38.35*** join/#kde tora88 (
10:40.30*** join/#kde afi (n=afi@
10:41.48*** join/#kde vpilo (n=V@
10:41.55elliot98ftp works in kde3 konqueror, but not in kde4 gives a timeout error
10:41.57*** join/#kde aleboco (
10:43.22*** join/#kde Yemmi (
10:45.18*** join/#kde _Pug_ (
10:46.37AlexC_probably for the best, Fail Transport Protocol
10:46.58AlexC_SFTP is what you want
10:47.43afihelp with sound please
10:48.38*** join/#kde ghabit (n=quassel@
10:50.06annmaafi: tell your issue
10:50.08*** join/#kde tjcampos (n=tjcampos@
10:52.34*** join/#kde smooky (
10:52.40*** join/#kde marcel_ (
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11:07.19*** join/#kde QwertyM (n=harsh@
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11:17.21*** join/#kde Moult (n=moult@
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11:29.30*** join/#kde dorins (n=dorin@unaffiliated/dorins)
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11:38.08*** join/#kde jollybox (n=tgwj@pdpc/supporter/student/free-zombie)
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12:04.11*** join/#kde xxtjaxx (n=user@opensuse/member/XxtjaxX)
12:04.13*** join/#kde PasNox (
12:04.32*** join/#kde poppler (
12:04.34xxtjaxxHi what was the app again to kill plasma?
12:04.54*** join/#kde smooky (
12:05.16*** join/#kde matkor (
12:06.28AlexC_xxtjaxx: kquitapp possibly, or good old fashioned kill/killall
12:08.44*** join/#kde ballzee (
12:08.45*** join/#kde frugo3000 (
12:11.49*** join/#kde looonger (
12:12.16*** join/#kde Moult (n=moult@
12:14.23*** join/#kde usman (n=usman@
12:14.45*** join/#kde root (
12:15.31FlarMnementHI all!
12:15.57szalFlarMnement: NEVER IRC as root..
12:16.08*** part/#kde usman (n=usman@
12:16.19FlarMnementoh ok
12:16.24FlarMnementone minute
12:20.50*** join/#kde FlarMnement (
12:21.45*** join/#kde MadAGu (
12:22.07FlarMnementcan somebody tell me in Fedora 11 it's no more named for DNS? It's called BIND now?
12:23.24annmaFlarMnement: ask in #fedora please
12:23.37FlarMnementok. thanks
12:24.15*** join/#kde smz (
12:25.31*** join/#kde aanderse (
12:27.24*** join/#kde smooky (
12:28.48*** join/#kde marcosRz (n=marcos@
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12:29.50*** join/#kde Sho_ (n=EHS1@kde/hein)
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12:36.34*** join/#kde shazoor (n=shazoor@
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12:36.35*** part/#kde xxtjaxx (n=user@opensuse/member/XxtjaxX)
12:38.00*** join/#kde root (
12:39.16*** part/#kde FlarMnement (
12:39.21*** join/#kde atomik (n=atomik@
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12:47.08*** join/#kde shepherd (n=shepherd@unaffiliated/shepherd)
12:47.39*** join/#kde ajavid (
12:48.12*** join/#kde bastiandg (n=bastian@
12:49.30*** join/#kde guax (n=guaxinim@unaffiliated/guaxinim)
12:49.42*** join/#kde thiago_home (n=thiago@kde/thiago)
12:50.20*** join/#kde anodesni (
12:50.29*** part/#kde ajavid (
12:51.19anodesniI want only windows on the current workspace in my window list at the bottem bar. Is this possible?
12:52.21*** join/#kde sHaggY_caT (
12:53.03*** join/#kde aanderse (
12:53.42anodesniI can not find this option
12:54.00*** join/#kde marc__ (
12:55.08*** join/#kde thpar (
12:55.09*** part/#kde sHaggY_caT (
12:56.23bastiandgit should be in the options window of your window list
12:56.54*** join/#kde Sho_ (n=EHS1@kde/hein)
12:56.58*** join/#kde amgarchIn9 (
12:58.24anodesnibastiandg, sorry I can't find it
12:58.50thiago_homeright-click the taskbar, taskbar settings
12:58.51thiago_homeit's sthere
12:58.59*** join/#kde dansushi (n=dan@
12:59.35*** part/#kde marc__ (
13:00.40anodesnithiago_home, I only get panel settings
13:01.17*** join/#kde FireBurn (
13:01.52anodesniSorry, maybe I'm stupid, but I really can't find it
13:02.23bastiandgdo you have kde4 oder 3?
13:03.25*** join/#kde ris (
13:03.57szalanodesni: right-click in the taskbar (preferably near a running program) & choose Task Manager Settings
13:04.47*** join/#kde gkmngrgn (n=gkmngrgn@
13:05.04thiago_homedid you find Task Manager Settings in the first place?
13:05.09anodesnino sorry
13:05.24thiago_homeclick the taskbar outside any task
13:05.29thiago_homedo you have space available?
13:06.26thiago_homeright-click the space outside any task buttons
13:06.36anodesniNow I have it
13:06.44*** join/#kde skbohra_ (n=skbohra@
13:06.45anodesniIt seems there wasn't enough space
13:07.36anodesnihas somebody noticed also that krunner starts slower with kde 4.3.3? For me it is
13:08.12szalanodesni: that's most probably a problem with 1.7 and/or new nVidia drivers
13:08.25*** join/#kde azlev (n=ze@
13:08.33anodesniszal, why do you think so?
13:08.49anodesniis it a know problem?
13:08.55szalbecause I read of at least 1 similar case today already
13:09.19anodesniI guess thats the risk of running the latest and greatest (arch linux)
13:10.25*** join/#kde usman (n=usman@
13:10.32thiago_homeis running 4.3.70 and hasn't seen any slowness in launching krunner
13:10.36thiago_homebut it's an NVidia card
13:10.44*** join/#kde buntfalke (n=nobody@unaffiliated/buntfalke)
13:12.04glenhow do i import ca cert pem in kde4?
13:12.16glenthe security stuff no longer present in konqueror preferences
13:12.59*** join/#kde smooky (
13:13.05*** join/#kde QwertyM (n=harsh@
13:13.32thiago_homeit's somewhere
13:13.46*** join/#kde Raging_Hog (
13:15.45glenindeed it's somewhere, but where, and maybe i have some app not installed?
13:16.30*** join/#kde boom1992 (
13:17.23*** join/#kde krishna_ggk (n=gopala@
13:17.41*** join/#kde bbelt16ag1 (n=bbelt16a@
13:18.02*** join/#kde Aikawa_ (n=Aikawa@
13:18.12*** join/#kde fyanardi (n=fyanardi@
13:18.12*** join/#kde Schorfi (n=schorfi@unaffiliated/schorfi)
13:18.51*** join/#kde _Murasame (
13:19.38*** join/#kde nessuno2_ (
13:19.56*** join/#kde rfernand (
13:21.52*** join/#kde _Murasame (
13:22.54*** join/#kde fale_ (
13:22.56*** join/#kde CMoH (n=cipi@
13:25.18*** join/#kde blkdg (
13:25.29blkdghi, if i create
13:25.38thiago_homethen it gets created
13:25.43thiago_homenext question?
13:26.08blkdghi, if i turn on a plasma wigit for sticky notes then press x, will it be gone ?
13:26.19blkdgsorry about the first question
13:26.42*** join/#kde oGALAXYo (
13:26.42guaxthiago_home, lol
13:26.55thiago_homeblkdg: if you press the close button, it closes
13:26.57AlexC_blkdg: have you tried?
13:27.11blkdgi turned on the sticky notes, and kept adding to it over a series of days, then i pressed close thinking that it would save and i could reopen it.
13:27.26blkdgyes AlexC_  it's gone
13:27.35*** join/#kde jbrouault (
13:27.45*** join/#kde drvoodoo (
13:27.51blkdgi was hoping some one could give me a alternative, or a sticky note that doesn't erase.
13:28.01blkdgno pen jokes please
13:28.23guaxhummm. i cant remember one in kde4 knotes still exists?
13:28.48thiago_homeknotes is still there
13:29.15blkdgi have notes and leave a note in my widget pannel
13:30.12guaxblkdg, knotes support notes on desktop and dont erase then when you remove from screen
13:30.36blkdgok, will look
13:30.37guaxthe plasma note widget is for quick and dirty notes =P
13:31.04*** join/#kde Sinister (
13:32.14blkdgi see, i've got all three running, notes will disapear if i hit close. the only way to get it back in a blank state is to create a new widget again. leave a note sends them from me to me? and knotes looks like leave a note minus the send button..
13:32.33*** join/#kde kenny (n=kevin@
13:33.11*** join/#kde Netzmann (
13:33.57*** part/#kde Netzmann (
13:34.39blkdganyhow thanks again
13:34.49glenhow do i import ca cert for https in pem format in kde4?
13:35.45viro`hazrdwill there be worldwide parties during the official kde4 release in february?
13:36.02viro`hazrdwith hawt gals and all
13:38.58*** join/#kde CMoH (n=cipi@
13:40.12glenhey common guys, where's the ssl configuration ui in kde4?
13:40.44viro`hazrdcommon or c'mon/cmon?
13:40.54viro`hazrdcommon is something else
13:41.01*** join/#kde jjamfd (n=jjamfd@pdpc/supporter/monthlybronze/jjamfd)
13:42.19*** join/#kde ClassFoo (n=classfoo@
13:42.23thiago_homeglen: I think it's missing
13:43.05glenthiago_home: and how do i import new root certificate?
13:44.05*** join/#kde marcel_ (
13:44.20thiago_homecopy it to the SSL dir
13:44.52glenwhere is that dir?
13:45.01thiago_homeor, rather, append to $KDEDIR/share/apps/kssl/ca-bundle.crt
13:45.15*** join/#kde paul424 (
13:45.43paul424who could be so nice and send his kde menu in xml file ?
13:45.54paul424cause my menu seems to be broken
13:46.13thiago_homepaul424: well, considering the menu isn't in XML, why do you want us to send in XML?
13:47.20*** join/#kde draugdel__ (
13:47.24paul424I suppose it is ,,, if not send in other format , please :)
13:48.04thiago_homeit's not XML
13:48.12thiago_homeit's hundreds of separate files
13:48.16glenthiago_home: what about /usr/share/config/ksslcalist ?
13:49.17thiago_homeglen: never heard of that file
13:49.51thiago_homeglen: interesting, it's in the source code
13:49.56glenthiago_home: looks like i had to rm ~/.kde/share/apps/kssl/ca-bundle.crt as it had preference over $KDEDIR/share/apps/kssl/ca-bundle.crt
13:50.05*** join/#kde CMoH (n=cipi@
13:50.27glenthiago_home: likely it's leftover from kde3
13:50.28*** join/#kde none_ (
13:50.46thiago_homeglen: no, it's installed from KDE 3
13:50.50thiago_homeI mean, KDE 4
13:50.56thiago_homebut I don't know what reads it
13:51.40*** part/#kde gobnuts (
13:52.15thiago_homepaul424: I have 305 different .desktop files for the menu, plus 14 XML files
13:52.38paul424That's not good
13:52.41thiago_homesure it is
13:53.01glenthiago_home: that is what i mean, it's leftover from kde3 ssl engines, legacy code in kde4-libs sources
13:53.12thiago_homeglen: could be
13:53.20*** join/#kde skbohra (n=skbohra@
13:53.37*** join/#kde sridarshan (n=chatzill@
13:53.56paul424funny enough look what answer I got :
13:54.26paul424regarding the menu files ... they say it 's already implemented, so I wanted to know.
13:54.54glenthiago_home: imho it uses both modes of bundles
13:55.01sridarshanpaul424 hi i'm new to irc ,,can you help me connecting to #pys60 channel
13:55.25thiago_homepaul424: what is your problem in the first place?
13:55.26paul424hmm just / join pys60
13:56.02paul424thiago_home: I have lost all entries in the kickoff menu, somehow.
13:56.50sridarshanand how do i register to a channel??
13:57.20thiago_homesridarshan: you don't register to a channel
13:57.23thiago_homethat action doesn't exist
13:57.51*** join/#kde tsb (
13:58.26sridarshanbu it says that channel requires registeration,,,why dont you try and see
13:59.01*** join/#kde harry_ (
13:59.35paul424It should show you some instructions how to do that,
13:59.59AlexC_sridarshan: ask #freenode about how to register your nick
14:00.09paul424sridarshan: there is a rule on irc not to type commands someone unknown suggest :).
14:00.39AlexC_sridarshan: or /join #pys60,0
14:00.51*** part/#kde kenny (n=kevin@
14:00.55*** join/#kde Schorfi (n=schorfi@unaffiliated/schorfi)
14:03.09*** join/#kde beer (
14:04.31*** part/#kde glen (
14:05.33*** join/#kde darkstego_ (n=bubshait@
14:06.53paul424ok so what should I do to return the menus .. the etc/xdg/menus dir does not exist, the ~./config/menu files seems to be screwed up, what to do ?
14:07.18*** join/#kde a-st (n=a-st@unaffiliated/ast/x-8574632)
14:08.57*** join/#kde Moult (n=moult@
14:09.05thiago_homepaul424: rm -rf ~/.config/menu
14:09.26*** join/#kde ebdomino (
14:09.55*** join/#kde xerox1 (
14:10.40paul424thiago_home: and ?
14:10.58paul424ohh ok works fine :)
14:11.55*** join/#kde CMoH (n=cipi@
14:12.44*** join/#kde draugdel (
14:15.21*** join/#kde adikiekrz (
14:16.19*** join/#kde adikiekrz (
14:16.41*** join/#kde |lac| (
14:16.45a-stHello, kdelibs fails to build from latest unstable package (kdelibs-4.3.74svn1044032.tar.bz2) with following error message:
14:18.27*** join/#kde MadAGu (
14:18.35a-stannma: Arch Linux
14:19.25*** join/#kde bluelightning_ (
14:20.35thiago_homea-st: hint: make English pastes
14:21.47a-stthiago_home: okay sorry :P
14:22.10*** join/#kde vbgunz (
14:23.07*** part/#kde rfernand (
14:24.00*** join/#kde icwiener (
14:24.15*** join/#kde g0n (
14:25.08elliot98how do I split the window in Dolphin?
14:25.17elliot98there is no menu option to do it
14:26.07oneforallthere is a split button to the left of the search bar
14:26.09*** join/#kde Schorfi (n=schorfi@unaffiliated/schorfi)
14:26.38*** join/#kde TheWoozle (
14:28.27*** join/#kde beer (
14:28.34*** join/#kde deitarion (n=deitario@moinmoin/fan/deitarion)
14:30.03a-stokay here again:
14:30.38deitarionIs there a way to ask the KDE session manager to load a desktop other than Plasma?
14:31.12annmato load GNOME for ex?
14:31.18*** join/#kde gkmngrgn (n=gkmngrgn@unaffiliated/gkmngrgn)
14:31.38deitarionannma: No, something like a shellscript which loads PCManFM for desktop drawing an lxpanel or xfce-panel for panels.
14:32.32deitarionI'm still fairly preferential towards KDE stuff when it works... but I'm tired of seeing my 2Ghz Celeron on IceWM run rings around my Athlon64 X2 5000+ just so I can have the privilege of Plasma scrambling my widget positioning every time it crashes.
14:32.48*** join/#kde BASEman (n=patrick@
14:33.11pinotreethe kde session manager does not load plasma at all, it it loaded via autostart .desktop file
14:34.53deitarionpinotree: In this case, I was using "session manager" as a generic term for "The thing which is launched by KDM and which handles keeping the X session open so crashes by the WM don't kill the session"
14:35.07*** join/#kde viro`haz1d (
14:35.17deitarionI never said my "session manager" in this instance had to be a single program. (I'm referring to it as a role)
14:35.46pinotree"session manager" has a meaning, and it's a program handling the session
14:36.05a-stcan someone help me with this issue: :)
14:36.45deitarionpinotree: And, traditionally, the session manager has handled launching panels, desktop, etc.
14:37.38deitarionAnyway, the other big reason I said "session manager" is because Plasma isn't listed in the autostart control panel and KDE's session manager is notorious for following typically GNOME "opaqueness" design principles.
14:37.53annmaa-st: is it a clean build?
14:38.02annmaa-st: this should not happen
14:38.11deitarionEither way, I'm not here to argue semantics, so let's focus on results.
14:38.30pinotreethen don't argue :)
14:38.35*** join/#kde andreime (n=quassel@
14:38.41deitarionpinotree: I stopped as soon as I realized I was.
14:38.52*** join/#kde muep__ (
14:39.07*** join/#kde ghostcube (
14:39.26deitarionAnyway, let me rephrase the question. "How do I keep Plasma from autostarting without having to muck in .desktop files the package manager will inevitably overwrite?"
14:39.45pinotreeput Hidden=true in it
14:40.01deitarionpinotree: In the overlay?
14:40.15*** join/#kde styx_ (
14:40.19a-stannma: Yes its a clean build
14:40.32a-stannma: No patches etc
14:40.40*** join/#kde gkmngrgn (n=gkmngrgn@unaffiliated/gkmngrgn)
14:40.49deitarionpinotree: Editing stuff outside ~ is a no-no because changed will get overwritten next time the package gets updated. If it were otherwise, I'd just delete the .desktop file and be done with it.
14:41.06pinotreethat's it
14:41.21*** join/#kde MJD (
14:41.21annmaa-st: can you post the CMakeCache.txt file please a-st to pastebin
14:41.33annmaa-st: from the kdelibs build dir
14:41.33a-stannma: shure :)
14:41.41deitarionpinotree: By overlay, I mean ~/.kde4/
14:42.04annmaa-st: a clean build == a new build for me
14:42.08*** join/#kde buscher (
14:42.09pinotreethat's the local kde configuration, not an "overlay"
14:42.27*** join/#kde Sho_ (n=EHS1@kde/hein)
14:43.29a-stannma: Okay. np :)
14:43.52deitarionpinotree: behaviourally, it's an overlay... at least, based on the definition of "overlay" that has been in use among the people I work with.
14:44.35annmawe don't use it in KDE
14:44.46*** join/#kde ChALkeR (
14:44.50pinotreecan't you just avoid creating new fancy terms, really?
14:45.06deitarionpinotree: From my perspective, you guys are the ones creating fancy new terms.
14:45.17pinotreelol, see who speaks
14:45.30deitarionannma: I'll try to remember that. I can't make any guarantees, but I'll try.
14:48.26deitarionAnyway, just to clarify, as I understand it, an overlay is a set of data that selectively overrides another set of data. (Like a "local configuration", but more general. For example, BioWare's Infinity engine (Baldur's Gate) has an overlay which was used to great effect by modders because you can dump just about any resource into it in the right place and it'll override the bundled one)
14:48.58annmadeitarion: it's just that we cannot do support with all sort of weird names
14:49.15annmait's already difficult with distros
14:49.54annmaoverlay is actually a Gentoo term
14:50.29*** join/#kde zoiss (
14:50.31deitarionannma: Not specifically. They just use overlays without calling them something else.
14:51.04viro`haz1dannma: bear in mind a lot of kde4 devs are gentoo users.
14:51.06deitarionIt never occurred to me to think of ~/.kde4/ as "configuration" because, to me, configuration isn't generalized enough to let you override arbitrary resources.
14:51.07annmait a used in Gentoo I mean
14:51.12annmaviro`haz1d: not at all
14:51.20viro`haz1dannma: many
14:51.24annmaviro`haz1d: no
14:51.37annmaI am a kde devel
14:51.39deitarionFor example, the Kicker 3.5.x launcher menu's sidebar image.
14:51.39annmaso I know
14:51.56viro`haz1dI am a gentoo user
14:52.07annmaviro`haz1d: in fact they get tired after a short while to have to build all the timze
14:52.11viro`haz1dand what's wrong with overlays anyways?
14:52.26annmanothing, it's just the term we were discussing
14:52.38annmaoverlay can be lots of things, among of a Gentoothing
14:52.51annmaand we KDE people have trouble supporting this word
14:52.53viro`haz1duh? a dev gotta build or else isn't developing lol
14:53.07annmahe doesnot want to build everything
14:53.22annmaanyway you can poll KDE devs about their distros
14:53.33*** join/#kde smooky (
14:53.53viro`haz1dkde4 builds flawlessly in gentoo in my experience
14:54.35viro`haz1d234 packages here
14:54.38deitarionviro`haz1d: It builds flawlessly (I'm a Gentoo user)... there just aren't enough KDE devs to do quality assurance on the code paths I use frequently.
14:55.07*** join/#kde gdebure (
14:55.45viro`haz1djust saying that Gentoo is at the forefront of kde4 development.
14:55.49*** join/#kde diconico07 (n=diconico@
14:55.56annmaviro`haz1d: not really
14:56.10annmawhat if you want branch and trunk?
14:56.17*** join/#kde Madtree_ (
14:56.24deitarionAnyway, to get back on topic using unambiguous terminology, where in my home directory do I have to play an amended copy of the Plasma .desktop file to prevent it from autostarting and where in /usr/share should I expect to find it?
14:56.45*** join/#kde ghostcube (
14:57.12annmaa-st: what arch is it? linux? 32?
14:57.24a-stannma: Arch Linux 32bit
15:00.41annmaa-st: I am looking at it
15:00.49*** join/#kde ponto (
15:01.05a-stannma: Thank you very much. :)
15:01.06*** join/#kde ChALkeR (
15:01.39annmadid you ever build KDE on this distro?
15:02.00a-stannma: First time :P
15:02.07a-stannma: But already build kmix etc :)
15:02.32annmaif you don't have delibshow can you build the rest?
15:03.47*** join/#kde varanus (
15:04.48annmapinotree: a-st has in the log
15:04.54annma//Have function strlcpy
15:05.11annmapinotree: what does he miss?
15:05.11*** join/#kde gryffus (
15:05.40annmaa-st: this code is full of #ifdef to get the right headers for differentarchs
15:05.50*** join/#kde fatum (
15:06.17a-stannma: Okay. So what should i do now? :-\
15:06.36annmaI am waiting for pinotree to say something ;)
15:09.26*** join/#kde rdr_ (n=quassel@
15:09.56*** join/#kde Hanumaan (
15:12.50*** join/#kde gdebure (
15:14.47*** join/#kde Eythan (
15:15.01*** join/#kde jdk2588 (n=jdk2588_@
15:16.40*** join/#kde varanus (
15:16.57*** join/#kde haxi (
15:17.19annmaa-st: do you have glibc installed?
15:20.54*** join/#kde trumee (
15:20.56*** join/#kde alienBOB (
15:21.54*** join/#kde Sinister (
15:23.13annmaa-st: ?
15:23.54*** join/#kde nucleo (n=nucleo@fedora/nucleo)
15:24.36*** join/#kde x3cion (
15:24.38*** join/#kde nucleo (n=nucleo@fedora/nucleo)
15:25.06*** join/#kde nucleo (n=nucleo@fedora/nucleo)
15:27.52*** join/#kde haxi (
15:28.38*** join/#kde haxi (
15:28.46a-stannma: yes glibc is installed
15:29.27a-stannma: glibc 2.11-1
15:29.56*** join/#kde Ash-Fox (
15:30.22annmaOK you need to edit the file /kdelibs/kdecore/fakes.c
15:31.20*** join/#kde javier_ (n=javier@opensuse/member/javierllorente)
15:31.24ChALkeRHi all.
15:31.43*** join/#kde task_struct (n=Kernel@
15:31.53*** join/#kde Knuthy (
15:32.23ChALkeRDoes anybody know why phonon eats about a second from the start and/or end of an audiofile?
15:32.26a-stannma: okay :)
15:32.56ChALkeRWhile mocp does not.
15:32.57*** join/#kde annma_ (
15:33.11*** part/#kde AlexC_ (n=alex@tangocms/founder/alexc)
15:33.34*** join/#kde sgh (
15:35.24a-stannma: What do I have to change?
15:35.34annma_OK you need to edit the file /kdelibs/kdecore/fakes.c
15:35.39annma_and add #include <kdefakes.h>
15:35.42annma_just on the line after #include <kdecore_export.h>
15:35.58a-stSo is this a bug?
15:36.00annma_then redo make
15:36.07annma_let's see
15:36.11annma_for your system
15:36.35a-stOkay :)
15:37.29*** part/#kde haxi (i=quassel@unaffiliated/haxi)
15:38.01*** join/#kde wvmac (
15:40.40*** join/#kde ideamonk_ (n=ideamonk@
15:42.44*** join/#kde fale (
15:43.12*** join/#kde bastiandg (
15:43.15*** join/#kde lac (
15:44.56*** join/#kde Fri13 (
15:45.04*** join/#kde varanus (
15:46.07a-stannma: seems to work :)
15:46.23a-stoh no...
15:46.29a-stsame error again :(
15:47.03*** join/#kde fir3_ (
15:47.55fir3_can someone name an alternative to kscope? i can't find any tool that is as comfortable for browsing/editing sourcecode :/
15:48.52*** join/#kde kirun (
15:49.49*** join/#kde ABCD (n=ABCD@gentoo/developer/abcd)
15:50.18a-stannma: So it didnt fix the problem :(
15:50.29annma_same error?
15:51.20a-stannma: Yes. :(
15:51.34*** join/#kde penguinbait (
15:53.14JackWinteris knetworkmanager in kde 4.3.3?
15:53.52pinotreeknetworkmanager so far, even in kde3, has never been part of the "kde releases", but it is an extra(gear) application
15:54.41JackWinterpinotree: ah thanks, i'll see about getting it and see if it will replace wicd on my laptop
15:54.54pinotreeit won't
15:55.13pinotreenobody wrote a wicd backend for it, yet
15:56.00*** join/#kde diconico07 (
15:56.20*** join/#kde siba (
15:56.27*** join/#kde neverendingo (n=neverend@kde/forum/imalchow)
15:57.12sibahello, I just upgraded to kubuntu 9.10 from kubuntu 9.04 and I have a big problem with gtk+ styles. I can't set it working. It always reset to the default value. I think I have to use something different than the kde control center or maybe edit some file but can't find any help at internet
15:57.21sibamay you please help me?
15:59.03*** join/#kde mollach (n=david@
15:59.21*** join/#kde bentob0x (
15:59.52a-stannma_: are you there?
16:00.51*** join/#kde jjamfd (n=jjamfd@pdpc/supporter/monthlybronze/jjamfd)
16:02.15*** join/#kde ChemBro (
16:02.38*** join/#kde DeltaS4 (
16:04.43*** join/#kde ferdna (
16:05.05sibaanybody can help me?
16:05.16DeltaS4is there any native qt4 input method yet?
16:05.21DeltaS4for cjk
16:05.30*** join/#kde _spm_Draget (
16:05.33_spm_DragetIf I copy a string from the filter-box in wireshark into my clipboard (running KDE), close wireshark, and open another instance of wireshark and then connot paste the text anymore, who is responsible? KDE, wireshark, gtk, ...?
16:06.12*** join/#kde mesamoo (
16:09.12DeltaS4uim depends on qt3 libs, ibus-anthy on gconf2 and skim on gtk
16:09.19*** join/#kde underscores (
16:09.55JackWinterpinotree: it seems that my dist (archlinux) does not have knetworkmanager as a kde-extragear.  does that mean i have to get (git :) the kde svn to get the source for building it myself?  seems like it is an important part of the laptop kde experience and now might be a good idea to add some code or write some bugreports
16:09.57annma_a-st: yes
16:10.02annma_a-st: I was onthe phone
16:10.32annma_a-st: do a make VERBOSE=1 and pastebin please, in kdelibs
16:10.39annma_you can remove the line you added
16:11.58*** join/#kde vl_ (
16:13.00*** join/#kde stalkerg (n=stalkerg@
16:13.53a-stannma_: okay :)
16:14.53*** join/#kde pauletin (n=sacrset@
16:16.05*** part/#kde ChALkeR (
16:17.04*** join/#kde BASEman_ (n=patrick@
16:17.39*** join/#kde Fish (
16:19.50*** join/#kde a-st (n=a-st@unaffiliated/ast/x-8574632)
16:20.28*** join/#kde orion_ (n=orion@
16:23.04*** join/#kde ssuominen (n=ssuomine@gentoo/developer/ssuominen)
16:24.01*** join/#kde mfilipe (n=quassel@
16:25.54*** join/#kde smorris (
16:28.38*** join/#kde polytan (
16:28.52polytanis there a kde-games channel ?
16:29.01*** join/#kde sreich (
16:29.28polytanwhat is it annma ?
16:29.32annma#kdegames I think
16:29.37ssuominenIs there a kmid release (alpha?) for KDE4?
16:29.53ssuominenor a suitable replacement
16:30.06*** join/#kde ekkis_ (
16:30.09*** join/#kde MadAGu (
16:30.11annmawhat's kmid?
16:30.33ssuominenannma: was part of KDE 3.5.10
16:31.13annmain what module?
16:31.19*** join/#kde promulo1 (n=romulo@
16:32.22annmain kdemultimedia
16:32.39annmait's gone
16:32.49annmathe maintainer left and nobody took it
16:33.14ssuominentoo bad
16:33.35a-stannma: the log ist very huge :-\
16:33.41ssuominenannma: nod
16:33.49a-st1,4M    kdelibs-4.3.74svn1044032-1-i686-build.log
16:33.59annmaa-st: just the part that breaks
16:34.18annmapastebin the last compiling line before the error
16:34.33annmaa-st: is that a package from your distro?
16:35.02annmaI mean, is it a build package from arch?
16:35.12annmaif so other arch users should have this fail
16:36.30*** join/#kde pumphaus (
16:37.39a-stannma: its no package :)
16:38.13annmaso what is it? kdelibs-4.3.74svn104403?
16:38.32annmaisn't arch a build distro?
16:38.45a-stannma: Arch uses binary packages :)
16:38.49sreichannma: no
16:39.04annmaI thought arch also could havebuild packages
16:39.16annmaso where did you get this package a-st
16:39.18sreichannma: arch uses binary packages, but in it's community repo (unofficial), it does have automated build packages (you pick the package, and basically just hit yes a few times, and it compiles it for you)
16:39.18a-stannma: kdelibs source ist kdelibs-4.3.74svn1044032
16:39.24*** join/#kde JC_ (n=JC@
16:39.34annmafrom where is that a-st
16:39.43a-stannma: one moment :)
16:40.00annmaah sreich
16:40.19a-stin the build method
16:40.19annmaso this is such a package, no?
16:40.36annmasreich: is the above such a package?
16:40.36a-stannma: Thats something like an ebuild for gentoo
16:41.27*** join/#kde promulo1 (n=romulo@
16:41.32annmaa-st: provided by Arch then?
16:41.45a-stannma: Yes :)
16:41.46sreichannma: I don't know. it does seem like it is
16:41.57a-stannma: slightly modified
16:42.09a-stannma: but not by me.
16:42.11sreicha-st: you can also just use kdesvn-build..which is meant to make building it easier also.
16:42.12annmaso did you ask them why it fails?
16:42.28sreichyes, talk to your distro channel, it isn't related to us.
16:42.38annmaI cannot fiddle with this
16:42.38a-stannma: It isn't?
16:42.59annmait seems a failure in your dependencies
16:43.00*** join/#kde damada (
16:43.25*** join/#kde varanus (
16:43.29a-stand which dependency do i miss?
16:43.35*** join/#kde aanderse (
16:43.50annmathat's what you need to find out
16:43.55sreicha-st: also, you are aware that you require qt 4.6, correct?
16:44.09annmaI hope he is
16:44.36sreichisn't memcpy a glibc function?
16:44.49annmahe has glibc
16:45.17annmaI looked at the cmake log and I asked in #kde-devel sreich
16:45.21a-stsreich: qt4.6 is installed :)
16:45.44*** join/#kde promulo2 (n=romulo@
16:45.54*** join/#kde lyhana8 (
16:46.27lyhana8hi, is there a way to filter non-link file in konqueror ?
16:47.19a-stcould it be caused by LDFLAGS ?
16:47.20*** join/#kde cghislai (n=charly@
16:47.46annmaa-st: is this chakra or kde-mod?
16:47.59*** join/#kde jdk2588_ (n=jdk2588_@
16:48.02annmaI will ask in arch channel
16:48.15a-stannma: its the default kde pkgbuild
16:48.31*** join/#kde DebianUT (i=aam@
16:48.31*** join/#kde stuffcorpse (n=stuffcor@
16:48.32annmawhat channel is it then?
16:48.52a-staargh one sec to late :D
16:50.35annmadid you ask here a-st
16:50.54*** join/#kde Projekt (
16:51.23a-stannma: did i ask where?
16:52.04sreicha-st: the channel
16:52.07annmain #archlinux
16:52.32*** join/#kde trumee (
16:52.42a-stannma: No.
16:53.41annmayou should or look at arch forums
16:54.19*** join/#kde Sinister (
16:54.35a-stSure that it isn't an kde issue?
16:55.47*** join/#kde QwertyM (n=harsh@
16:57.02a-stWhat about the kernel? Could that be the fact?
16:59.12*** join/#kde ghabit (n=quassel@
17:00.04viro`haz1da-st quit?
17:00.10viro`haz1dwhat was his issue?
17:00.27*** join/#kde varanus (
17:01.12*** join/#kde mck182 (
17:01.59viro`haz1dman memcpy
17:02.19*** join/#kde beasty (
17:03.24annmathe issue is
17:04.13viro`haz1dis there a kde pastebin page? I think
17:04.51sreichbut it doesn't really matter
17:05.23viro`haz1dholly, did he what the heck he was doing??
17:05.38lyhana8could I customize the filter in konqueror to exclude symlink ?
17:06.48*** join/#kde a-st (n=a-st@unaffiliated/ast/x-8574632)
17:07.03viro`haz1dhey I do have an issu how good is the raster option in qt-gui? 'Use the alternative raster graphicssystem as default rendering engine'
17:07.29viro`haz1da-st: are you still trying to get your sound working?
17:08.08viro`haz1dI use jack and kde sounds through jack interestingly
17:08.20*** join/#kde cghislai (n=charly@
17:08.47a-stviro`haz1d: I didn't have sound problems :)
17:09.35viro`haz1da-st: I reccomend you gentoo for testing versions of kde4 they usually install flawlessly
17:10.17viro`haz1dwhat about my question?
17:10.37sreichor you could just use kdesvn-build..
17:10.44*** join/#kde rgreening (
17:11.27viro`haz1dthere are various overlays supporting testing stuff
17:12.01viro`haz1dI don't know what are you trying to do but that paste looks pretty messed up
17:12.59a-stsreich: I don't want the svn builds...just the unstable snapshots
17:13.24sreichwhat's the difference?
17:13.35pinotreean svn build _is_ an "unstable snapshot"
17:13.51*** join/#kde marcel_ (
17:14.17viro`haz1dis content with 4.3.3
17:14.29a-stsvn changes to frequently
17:14.54viro`haz1da-st don't get me wrong, I appreciate testing 4.3.7, so when I'll get it will be stable :)
17:15.38pinotreea-st: what makes you think the "snapshots" done periodically are more stable than checking out svn at some point and compiling it?
17:15.39*** join/#kde stalkerg (n=stalkerg@
17:15.47viro`haz1dyours looks pretty svn to me ---> /home/a-st/KDE-4.4-Unstable/kde-4.4-unstable/build/kdelibs/trunk/src/kdelibs-4.3.74svn1044032/kdecore/
17:16.30annmaviro`haz1d: this is an arch pfg build package from kde svn
17:16.30viro`haz1dwhat about my question??
17:16.30viro`haz1dthe raster engine in qt-gui, is it worth it?
17:16.41sreichpinotree: ah, took the words right out of my mouth ;-)
17:18.13*** join/#kde beer (
17:18.56phluxDo I need to install a plugin for kopete to handle AIM?
17:19.31*** join/#kde Quag7 (
17:19.42pinotreekopete as released in kdenetwork supports it
17:20.09phluxnot when I emerge'd it
17:20.16thiago_homeviro`haz1d: yes
17:20.21thiago_homeviro`haz1d: it's faster than the native (X11) engine
17:20.26pinotreephlux: #gentoo-kde then
17:20.38viro`haz1dthiago_home: thanks
17:21.01*** join/#kde marcel_ (
17:21.13*** join/#kde thansen_ (n=thansen@
17:21.38QwertyMremembers USE flags and shudders after memories from his P4 machine days come back.
17:22.26viro`haz1dQwertyM: now USE flags are check first and tells you about USE deps.
17:22.39viro`haz1dalso euse -i 'use flag name' for info
17:22.51QwertyMoh, nice
17:23.22viro`haz1dthese are the kopete USE flags currently --> addbookmarks alias aqua autoreplace bonjour connectionstatus contactnotes crypt debug elibc_FreeBSD emoticon
17:23.23*** join/#kde vimpulse (
17:23.26viro`haz1ds-manager facebook gadu groupwise handbook highlight history irc jabber jingle kdehiddenvisibility kdeprefix kernel_l
17:23.29viro`haz1dinux latex meanwhile msn netmeeting nowlistening oscar otr pipes privacy qq sametime skype slp sms ssl statistics tes
17:23.32viro`haz1dtbed texteffect translator urlpicpreview v4l2 webpresence winpopup xscreensaver yahoo
17:23.40viro`haz1ddamn, didn't do it in one line :(
17:23.48pinotreeviro`haz1d: wrong channel? ;)
17:27.12vimpulseviro`haz1d:  what did you just tell us?
17:28.06viro`haz1dvimpulse: what?
17:28.29vimpulseviro`haz1d:  what did you mean "... translator urlpicpreview v4l2 webpresence winpopup xscreensaver yahoo"?
17:28.50*** join/#kde tjcampos (n=tjcampos@
17:29.17viro`haz1dvimpulse: ah those are Gentoo USE flags, I think what amounts to configure options?
17:30.27vimpulseviro`haz1d:  please /msg me your whole question again.  I will answer in channel.
17:30.49*** join/#kde LeeJunFan (n=junfan@
17:31.49*** join/#kde Tirili (
17:32.04TiriliI have a speaker icon in my kde4 system tray, but when I click on it, I only see a writing "Input Source 3" instead of a regulator. Do you know how to change it so that I can use my mouse wheel over it to change the volume?
17:32.26vimpulseviro`haz1d:  are you there?
17:32.47viro`haz1dvimpulse: mm.. my question already answered
17:32.49pinotreeTirili: right click on the tray icon → set master channel
17:32.59vimpulseviro`haz1d:  what was the answer?
17:33.01*** join/#kde cobra-the-joker (n=cobra@
17:33.10vimpulseviro`haz1d:  and what was the question?  :)
17:33.54viro`haz1dthe answer ---> 08:30 < thiago_home> viro`haz1d: yes 08:30 < thiago_home> viro`haz1d: it's faster than the native (X11) engine
17:34.06TiriliWhy didn't I see that myself?
17:34.10TiriliI looked for minutes...
17:34.14TiriliThank you! :D
17:34.20pinotreeyou're welcome
17:35.34*** part/#kde siba (
17:36.00viro`haz1doh speaking of which, where do I go about getting the new envy24control GUI mixer for kde4? kenvy24gui is fugly.
17:36.45viro`haz1dand the 1010LT mixer in the plain mixer takes two screens wide and halve monitor high.
17:38.28*** join/#kde ABCD_ (n=ABCD@gentoo/developer/abcd)
17:38.38viro`haz1dor in which version of kde4 will be included?
17:39.22viro`haz1dvimpulse: there, I got a new question
17:41.34viro`haz1dvimpulse: ?
17:41.48*** join/#kde adikiekrz (
17:42.00*** join/#kde matkor (
17:43.06a-stmaybe i'll setup a testing-gentoo
17:43.46a-stor i wait till next "release"
17:44.18*** join/#kde thansen (n=thansen@
17:44.27QwertyMa-st: use kdesvn-build, its not difficult to set it up! :)
17:45.07a-stQwertyM: Where do i get it?
17:45.08viro`haz1da-st: there's the qting-edge kde and krazy-kde and other overlays.
17:45.20*** join/#kde Schorfi (n=schorfi@unaffiliated/schorfi)
17:45.29a-stviro`haz1d: I preffer to stay by archlinux :)
17:45.43QwertyMa-st: its a script, available at: along with docs
17:45.47viro`haz1dalso you don't need the whole OS in testing.
17:46.26*** join/#kde junkDawgie (
17:46.45*** join/#kde jjamfd (n=jjamfd@pdpc/supporter/monthlybronze/jjamfd)
17:47.41viro`haz1dmm.. I wish somebody knew
17:47.51*** part/#kde Tirili (
17:49.07*** join/#kde Schorfi (n=schorfi@unaffiliated/schorfi)
17:50.52*** join/#kde PhilRod (
17:52.51*** join/#kde MJD (
17:54.14*** join/#kde Schorfi (n=schorfi@unaffiliated/schorfi)
17:54.15*** join/#kde CartoonCat (n=Nope@
17:54.21viro`haz1dhow do I go about making a clock? I read is SVG format. I want to do my own design
17:54.40*** join/#kde a-st_ (
17:54.55CartoonCatIs it possible to tun off all the new fancy resource hogging transparentcies, fades, etc in kde4 ? i do not see it under system settings
17:55.08viro`haz1dcan I pick up one existing and simply change the pics?
17:55.26a-st_Can someone else try to compile the source tarball from kde-unstable?
17:55.37*** join/#kde sjraarke (
17:55.45*** join/#kde vl_ (
17:55.47*** join/#kde XenoPL (
17:55.51sreichCartoonCat: desktop effects
17:56.10CartoonCatsreich: Where would that be at?
17:56.34*** join/#kde Thundercloud (n=Thunderc@
17:56.37CartoonCatoh under desktop
17:56.43viro`haz1dSystem Settings -> Desktop ->
17:56.52CartoonCatmm, desktop effects is greyed out
17:57.05CartoonCatcomposting is disabled...
17:57.14CartoonCatand yet, all that is still going on?
17:57.19sreichyeah, that's strange....
17:57.31viro`haz1da-st_: perhaps you are missing dev dependencies.
17:58.03a-st_viro`haz1d: sreich told me that the missing/wrong functions are in glibc
17:58.22*** part/#kde _spm_Draget (
17:58.46sreichwhoa, what? no
17:59.15viro`haz1da-st_: mm.. but what I mean, in order to compile such a big project many things got to be properly set up such as environmentals, things pointing at the proper place etc.
17:59.38viro`haz1dyour glibc is prolly perfectly fine.
17:59.44a-st_hm okay
18:00.19viro`haz1da-st_: how did you try installing that? why do you want that version speciffically?
18:00.31a-st_viro`haz1d: I didnt try to install it
18:00.37a-st_i just wanted to compile ist
18:00.51viro`haz1das he said and I mentioned it, set up a proper toolchain.
18:01.29*** join/#kde fale (
18:01.35viro`haz1deither his script or gentoo.
18:02.04viro`haz1da-st_: you could try sabayon, which is a ready made gentoo then you can add overlays
18:02.21*** join/#kde DeSoVoDaMu (
18:02.53*** join/#kde cristianonet (n=cristi@
18:02.59XenoPLHi all, just a quick question, can anyone tell me does Printer KCM module works with KDE language set to other than english?
18:03.19*** join/#kde icwiener (
18:03.50*** join/#kde AliTarihi (n=quassel@unaffiliated/alitarihi)
18:04.26XenoPLI found it by accident trying F12 beta, it worked fine when language was set to english, but it stopped when I've change the language to polish and relogged
18:04.37CartoonCatsreich: well, i had to enable everything then go and tick off everything under effect to disable it
18:05.16CartoonCatsreich: its not the only oddity on this gentoo install
18:05.29*** join/#kde atomik (n=atomik@2001:6f8:30c:0:213:d4ff:fefa:1c46)
18:06.45*** join/#kde aslhk (
18:06.49viro`haz1dhow to make my own clock?
18:07.21a-st_What exactly does kdefake do?
18:07.33krushia can anyone identify the source of that ugly docker thingy in bottom center?
18:09.43*** join/#kde varanus (
18:09.46viro`haz1da-st_: less /home/a-st/KDE-4.4-Unstable/kde-4.4-unstable/build/kdelibs/trunk/src/kdelibs-4.3.74svn1044032/kdecore/fakes.c
18:10.01sreichkrushia: couldn't you just right click it?
18:10.20krushiaapparently right-clicking does noting
18:10.52*** join/#kde ypcat_ (n=ypcat@
18:10.57TheUnikrushia: i'd say 'ps -A | grep -i dock' is a good start
18:11.27*** join/#kde ideamonk (n=ideamonk@
18:11.57viro`haz1da-st_: can you paste bin fakes.c?
18:12.26a-st_viro`haz1d: yes:
18:19.48*** join/#kde ch4w (
18:20.28*** join/#kde simas (n=simas@
18:20.35*** join/#kde mech (
18:21.04*** part/#kde simas (n=simas@
18:21.04*** join/#kde Aji-Daha1a (
18:23.13*** join/#kde ouss (n=ouss@
18:23.59mechHello, I have a noob question about 4.3. I f I mess up and delete the folder view from the desktop, how can I get it back?
18:24.10*** join/#kde mokoloko (
18:24.44*** join/#kde polytan (
18:25.13sreichmech: only by adding it anew
18:25.34sreich(there's no undo, if that's what you mean)
18:25.49mechOh, is that difficult??
18:26.05sreichno, just right click the desktop, make sure widgets are unlcoked
18:26.17sreichthen right click again, and click add widgets
18:26.23sreichthen search for folderview
18:27.12mechThank you, I will give that a shot, be back in a sec.
18:28.26*** join/#kde njathan (n=njathan@
18:28.52*** part/#kde coppro (n=coppro@unaffiliated/coppro)
18:29.24mechThank you very much, Ive been dinking with this a week, thanks. That was patetically easy.
18:30.03sreichyou're welcome.
18:30.44*** join/#kde jcentury (
18:35.19a-st_now i got it working
18:36.01a-st_i had to place all the #includes outside off the # ifdefs
18:36.05*** join/#kde bambule (
18:37.19*** join/#kde aleboco (
18:38.35a-st_so the error is caused by #ifdefs
18:41.27sreicha-st_: what ifdef is that?
18:42.01*** join/#kde bmatthew (
18:42.03a-st_sreich: I can't locate it exactly.
18:42.04bmatthewhello guys
18:42.22a-st_i just moved all th #include outside of the #ifdef
18:42.55sreichthat sounds pretty bad to be honest.
18:43.19bmatthewlet me start off by saying i have a triple core processor and a quite capable video card.  every time i open an application in kde it takes about 3 - 4 seconds to open, i mean everything, even a konsole.  compositing has no hiccups though.
18:43.46bmatthewwhen i open an application the bouncing icon next to the cursor stops, everything else becomes unselectable, and this all ends about 4 seconds later
18:43.58a-st_sreich: it works....
18:45.00bmatthewim using archlinux and kde 4.3-3 i believe
18:46.32bmatthewi should also note that cpu usage spikes on one of my cores when an application is launched
18:46.58jownahsbmatthew: no such issue here with 4.3.3 (kdemod on arch), but then i don't utilize that gh3y bouncing icon :P
18:47.16*** join/#kde rahman_ (n=rahman@
18:48.58*** join/#kde varanus (
18:49.08bmatthewjownahs: yeah, i just got kde, not kdemod
18:49.25*** join/#kde catamarquence (
18:50.08*** join/#kde Eythan (
18:50.50catamarquencehello! Im usin kubuntu, kde 4.3.3 ... what files do i have to copy to /etc/skel to make all users on the computer have the same desktop look?
18:50.52bmatthewjust disabled compositing and the issue is still there, so it's definitely not that
18:51.03QwertyMbmatthew: launching them from konsole is giving any unusual output?
18:51.33bmatthewQwertyM: nope, in fact they have no hiccups being launched from a terminal
18:51.42bmatthewQwertyM: it's just when i use the launchers
18:51.53QwertyMoh, hmm
18:52.00*** join/#kde drvoodoo (n=jojo@
18:52.07bmatthewQwertyM: very strange
18:52.11*** join/#kde Aji-Daha1a (
18:52.41*** join/#kde Sinister (
18:53.39*** join/#kde promulo1 (n=romulo@
18:54.09muep__catamarquence: /etc/skel is just a template for new users
18:54.15QwertyMcould it be an issue with the .desktop files? I wonder..
18:54.30muep__catamarquence: modifying its contents won't affect existing user accounts
18:54.41*** join/#kde bastiandg (
18:56.37*** join/#kde viro`hazrd (
18:56.55bmatthewQwertyM: well, i haven't modified them at all
18:57.06*** join/#kde bluesceada (n=itsjustm@unaffiliated/bluesceada)
18:57.24catamarquencemuep__: yeah i know... but thats what im tryin to do... i want new users to have my desktop settings...
18:58.24*** join/#kde dashcloud_ (
18:59.17*** join/#kde tora88 (
19:01.07QwertyMbmatthew: how long has this been occuring? installed something recently?
19:01.23bmatthewQwertyM: just installed kde yesterday
19:02.55a-st_sreich: now i know where the has to be outside of #ifdef
19:04.01a-st_sreich: #include <string.h> needs to be outside of #ifdef
19:04.13sreichwhat ifdef was that?
19:04.19a-st_sreich: i put i on the top of fake.c
19:04.21QwertyMbmatthew: run kdeinit4 in konsole and let it be open, then try launching some app and see if you notice any debug output from klauncher, arch's packages do come with those messages I think
19:04.30a-st_sreich: the first i think
19:04.42*** join/#kde hceylan (n=hceylan@
19:07.10*** join/#kde jschall (
19:07.31*** join/#kde Shura (
19:09.54*** join/#kde Yemmi (
19:10.27*** join/#kde viro`haz1d (
19:10.30*** join/#kde kirun (
19:11.42*** join/#kde gunni (
19:11.46*** join/#kde mollach (n=david@
19:12.32*** join/#kde detriage (
19:14.45a-st_sreich: maybe you can fix that :)
19:17.02*** join/#kde thpar (
19:18.23*** join/#kde Arno[Slack] (
19:19.18*** join/#kde ericG (
19:20.32*** join/#kde Elmaron (
19:20.43annmaa-st_: you need to find out why it did not work in your case
19:21.04Elmaronhow can I turn off konsole asking me if I want to close a tab because app XYZ is still running in it?
19:21.12annmathe #include <string.h> cannot be used for all archs
19:21.23a-st_annma: i had to place string.h outside of the first #ifdef
19:21.43annmaa-st_: but that won't work for all archs
19:21.56annmawhy did it fail for you is the question
19:22.11annmathe ifdefs have a purpose
19:22.28a-st_#ifndef HAVE_SETENV maybe this is false so it doesn't enter the ifndef
19:22.36annmawhy then
19:22.45annmait works for all other users
19:23.26a-st_in they told me that the code isn't fine
19:23.51annmapropose a sane patch then
19:24.02annmaputting that include outside a ifdef won't work
19:24.28annmafurthermore it works for 99.999% users
19:24.30*** join/#kde thicla01 (
19:24.55annmaso if archlinux packagers have a problem they can submit it to the kde packagers list for a start
19:25.21*** join/#kde viro`haz2d (
19:25.27annmaand if you have a problem you need to submit a sane patch that can be tested on other rchs (linux, solaris, windows, mac)
19:26.33annmaI am used to fix build when it's broken but in that case you need to be very cautious
19:27.12*** part/#kde thicla01 (
19:30.36*** join/#kde Serpens (
19:31.45*** join/#kde zegenie__ (
19:32.06*** join/#kde vbgunz (n=vbgunz@
19:32.31*** join/#kde rgreening (n=quassel@
19:37.03*** join/#kde TheSimkin (
19:37.09*** join/#kde S-man (
19:37.23*** join/#kde looonger (
19:40.51*** join/#kde |GuS| (n=gustavo@
19:42.34*** join/#kde viro`hazrd (
19:42.55*** join/#kde Kirsan (
19:43.59*** join/#kde ssuomine1 (n=ssuomine@gentoo/developer/ssuominen)
19:46.45*** join/#kde xtom (
19:49.15xtomHi, I have problem with turning of kde trough Kmenu
19:49.22xtomcan somebody help?
19:49.41thiago_homeas in screen rotation?
19:50.01xtomlet say when i select shutdown
19:50.12xtomsmall window with count down appear
19:50.14thiago_homethat shouldn't turn anything
19:50.21*** join/#kde fale (
19:50.41xtomok power off machine, that is better explanation
19:50.47kirunI think he meant "turning off", which is same as shutdown
19:51.02xtomkirun: exactly
19:51.20xtomwhen I click to shutdown nothing happening
19:51.29xtomsame with logout
19:52.24xtomI also tried start plasma-destop from konsole without detaching to see some debug
19:52.32xtombut nothing useful
19:52.37thiago_homeplasma doesn't control the session
19:52.39thiago_homeksmserver does
19:52.56xtomdo you have idea what it can be
19:53.21xtomin this case somebody else?
19:54.01*** join/#kde PhilRod (
19:56.01*** join/#kde kde185 (
19:56.02*** join/#kde rubikcube_home (
19:57.03rubikcube_homehi, one problem with kdm (3.5.10) on gentoo-amd64: Whenever I log out, kdm starts alright, but it doesn't respond to the alt key anymore, meaning that I can't shutdown the PC simply with alt-s anymore. I have to use the mouse instead.
19:57.08*** join/#kde aslhk (
19:57.33thiago_homeKDE 3 no longer supported
19:57.49rubikcube_homehmm, I was afraid this would be the answr :/
19:58.05*** join/#kde bmatthew (
19:58.08rubikcube_homeso then, when will kdm be graphically configurable again?
19:58.19rubikcube_home(with themes and such?)
19:59.10bmatthewI had a problem earlier that I have fixed, regarding poor plasma performance, turned out to be the fault of nvidia's proprietary graphics driver
19:59.24bmatthewJust thought I would let everyone know for future reference, it's not a very easy problem to narrow down
19:59.33kde185I'm having some trouble building qt-copy(I know it's deprecated, but I'm letting kdesvn-build do the compiling while I update git manually).  Are there any instructions on how to build qt so I can use kdesvn-build?  I can't find any resources on it since qt moved to git.
19:59.56bmatthewenabling some of these X11 options located here ( solved my problem
20:00.23*** join/#kde ReGoR (n=SihirShb@
20:00.32kde185I also have a configure failure here( )
20:01.44bmatthewIf it says it's enabled by default... well, don't listen to that and just enable it to be safe lol
20:01.47sreichbmatthew: yeah, as a general rule of thumb, Drivers Suck(tm)
20:01.59kde185I know how to build things in Linux, I just don't know what options or features I need to enable and where to enable them
20:02.24*** join/#kde admin_ (
20:03.03bmatthewsreich: yeah no kidding, gpu-wise anyways
20:03.42*** join/#kde azlev (n=ze@
20:03.56*** join/#kde alshk (
20:04.50*** join/#kde saigkill (n=sascha@opensuse/member/saigkill)
20:05.36*** join/#kde gutts (
20:06.18*** join/#kde BASEman_ (n=patrick@
20:10.08*** join/#kde Cremuss (
20:10.41*** join/#kde Aikawa (
20:11.13*** join/#kde viro`haz1d (
20:12.17*** join/#kde ashlk (
20:15.27*** join/#kde mgraesslin (
20:17.05*** part/#kde xtom (
20:18.37sreichbmatthew: not jsut gpu
20:18.54sreichlook at creative labs. An example of proprietary shit.
20:19.56*** join/#kde alienBOB (
20:20.45*** join/#kde Qu4Z (
20:20.48*** join/#kde viro`hazrd (
20:21.03*** join/#kde jbrouault`afk (
20:21.10*** join/#kde reman (
20:21.32sreichwonders how good nouveau is..
20:22.06*** join/#kde Marianita (
20:24.16*** part/#kde Marianita (
20:24.35*** join/#kde Cremuss (
20:25.36*** part/#kde reman (
20:25.41*** join/#kde smooky (
20:25.58CremussHi. I can't start dolphin since today, don't know why. I googled the error and it showed a lot of result but I couldn't find any solution :
20:26.02*** join/#kde reman (
20:26.05Cremussdo you have any ideas ? thanks
20:26.06*** join/#kde suro (
20:26.39*** join/#kde bastiandg (
20:27.07*** join/#kde Qu4Z (
20:27.46*** join/#kde ashlk (
20:28.32*** join/#kde schiv (n=schiv@
20:28.44schivis there some way i can remove the blue glow from windec?
20:28.59*** join/#kde smooky (
20:29.05schivi just want a shadow, nothing else.
20:31.19thiago_homewhat blue glow?
20:31.47thiago_homeeverything is grey
20:31.55schivuhmm..isn't there a default blue tint/glow around the border?
20:32.13*** join/#kde piggz (n=piggz@
20:32.24Torchthere is. on my desktop at least.
20:32.43*** join/#kde aslhk (
20:33.21thiago_homeah, yes, there is
20:33.28thiago_homechange the theme source code then
20:33.32viro`hazrdwhen's kde3 officially deprecated completely
20:33.48thiago_homeviro`hazrd: two years ago
20:33.56thiago_homeJanuary 17, 2008
20:34.16*** join/#kde sourcemaker (
20:35.44*** join/#kde kriko (
20:36.31*** join/#kde zizzfizzix_ (n=zizzfizz@
20:39.08*** join/#kde viro`haz1d (
20:40.14*** join/#kde rfernand (
20:40.54*** part/#kde rfernand (
20:41.26*** join/#kde suro_ (
20:43.08*** join/#kde ballzee (
20:44.14*** join/#kde ghabit (n=quassel@
20:48.30*** join/#kde bastiandg (
20:49.00*** join/#kde cpuobsessed (
20:49.36*** join/#kde don (
20:50.38*** join/#kde gryffus (
20:52.11*** join/#kde ArkoldThos (n=ArkoldTh@
20:53.09*** join/#kde |mendred| (
20:54.22*** part/#kde schiv (n=schiv@
20:55.19*** join/#kde Simkin (
20:58.57*** join/#kde thiago_home (n=thiago@kde/thiago)
21:00.10*** join/#kde cuco (
21:02.04*** join/#kde mmalek (
21:03.26*** join/#kde Thundercloud (
21:05.52*** join/#kde sourcemaker (
21:06.05*** join/#kde gdebure (n=guillaum@
21:06.06*** join/#kde varanus (
21:06.06*** join/#kde ihad (
21:07.02*** join/#kde cpuobsessed (
21:07.21*** join/#kde lyhana8 (
21:07.28*** join/#kde gryffus_ (
21:07.59sourcemakeris there a alternative distro to kubuntu which is prefered for kde? it seems that kubuntu is very unstable and buggy...
21:08.28Torchsourcemaker: opinions vary wildly.
21:08.45Torchsourcemaker: i'm happy with kubuntu. others prefer opensuse, fedora or mandriva.
21:08.49sourcemakerI use kubuntu sice the last 3 years... and with every major release.. kubuntu is getting more unstable...
21:08.58a-st_sourcemaker: I prefer Arch Linux
21:09.06*** join/#kde marcel_ (
21:09.24*** join/#kde frugo3000 (
21:11.00*** join/#kde draugdel (
21:12.25*** join/#kde basti (
21:13.12*** join/#kde cobra-the-joker (n=cobra@
21:15.30*** join/#kde viro`hazrd (
21:15.30*** join/#kde CartoonCat (n=Nope@
21:15.30*** join/#kde gryffus_ (
21:15.51*** join/#kde IchigoMorino (
21:16.12*** join/#kde QwertyM (n=harsh@
21:16.35*** join/#kde enyawix (
21:17.04*** join/#kde sekisushai (
21:17.13enyawixhow do i adjust my panel color. most of the stuff is too dark to see
21:17.25sreichuse a different plasma theme
21:17.59enyawixsreich: i tried that just the panel is dark
21:18.01sekisushaihello, how to have the notifications windows in the task bar in foreground and not in background ?
21:18.31enyawixi think i found a bug
21:18.53sreichenyawix: I don't know what you mean by "dark"
21:19.15*** join/#kde |apriori| (
21:19.52*** join/#kde messerting (
21:20.11enyawixsreich as in almost black
21:20.25Torchenyawix: can you provide a screenshot?
21:20.35sreichyes, words do not account for it.
21:20.35enyawixo just fixed
21:21.02*** join/#kde RaftaMan (
21:21.07enyawixyes this is a bug
21:21.12enyawixi can reproduce
21:21.15*** join/#kde gryffus__ (
21:21.20enyawixi will make a bug report
21:21.32enyawixthanks for your help
21:21.55enyawixsreich thanks for helping me
21:21.59*** join/#kde gaurav_ (n=gaurav@
21:22.18*** join/#kde marcosRz (
21:22.20*** join/#kde JakeSays (
21:22.42RaftaManhi, kwrite is printing some squares randomly instead of normal chars like m or ). the file-encoding is utf8 and the printer is an hp2605. any hints for me?
21:22.51*** part/#kde Guest71111 (n=gaurav@
21:23.01RaftaManprinting work fine with other applications
21:23.09*** join/#kde viro`haz2d (
21:23.13thiago_homeonly for those characters?
21:23.31RaftaManthiago_home: on the last two pages... yes
21:23.42troyRaftaMan: try printing that same file with a non-kde text editor to see if it's the file or kwrite... (if you have one installed)
21:23.44sekisushaihello, how to have the notifications windows in the task bar in foreground and not in background ?
21:23.48RaftaManbut yesterday even for the 9s in the header
21:24.29Torchsekisushai: they should be in the foreground. can you make a screenshot how it looks for you?
21:24.36RaftaManit's definitely kwrite, gedit printing is fine
21:25.05RaftaMankate is doing the same, btw
21:25.22troykate and kwrite are the same program, more or less
21:25.28troywith different user interfaces
21:25.36*** join/#kde varanus (
21:25.43RaftaMantroy: ok, great. any idea how2fix?
21:26.27troynever heard of bug like that before - my suggestion is to try a non-kde text editor to see if it behaves the same way - that can at least rule out a problem in the file itself
21:26.46Torchtroy: [22:24:36] <RaftaMan> it's definitely kwrite, gedit printing is fine
21:26.54troyah, missed that
21:27.20RaftaManprinting into a pdf-file and then printing the pdf-file with okular also works
21:27.41troyhrm - wonder if it's a broken font...
21:28.38RaftaManhmm... it's not always the same character
21:28.42*** join/#kde gdebure (
21:28.56RaftaManthe Ms on the last page were fine
21:29.15*** part/#kde nessuno2_ (
21:29.18sekisushaihere is a screenshot
21:29.28sekisushaithe notification windows is in the foreground...
21:30.54*** join/#kde gryffus__ (
21:31.04troythings sekisushai accidentially drags the notification windows onto the desktop
21:31.19troyand then they got stuck there
21:33.11sekisushaithat is to say ?
21:33.23*** join/#kde icwiener (
21:33.28sekisushaii would the notification windows in the foreground, not in the background
21:35.21troysekisushai: we understand - I'm trying to figure out how to fix your problem
21:35.34sekisushaiok, thank you
21:35.43*** join/#kde gryffus__ (
21:35.51*** join/#kde viro`hazrd (
21:36.27viro`hazrdis there a e17 theme for kde?
21:36.30troyRaftaMan: I really don't know what's going on with the printing - it's a really strange bug if it's doing it to random letters... I mean, that sounds like the kind of annoying thing that a high-school virus writer would do in the early 90s :P
21:36.56RaftaManwell this sucks... anyone know an editor with fancy colorful code-hightlighting like kate?
21:37.02troyviro`hazrd: not that I'm aware of, but you can use KDE programs from within e17 if you want to do it that way...
21:37.29*** join/#kde tackat (
21:37.34*** join/#kde gutts (
21:37.48*** join/#kde einar77 (
21:37.50troyRaftaMan: you might want to try reinstalling or updating your kate/kwrite packages in your distro - maybe something got bugged up
21:38.06RaftaMantroy: k, brb
21:39.12troysekisushai: do you have your desktop locked? try unlocking it and then tell me if the notifications change at all
21:39.19viro`hazrdhow to use kde programs within e17?
21:39.22troythinks they might be locked to the desktop
21:39.31thiago_homeviro`hazrd: run them
21:39.45troyviro`hazrd: start e17 normally, then start a KDE program like konqueror or dolphin - it'll run pretty normally
21:39.46viro`hazrdthey don't need the engine ot run?
21:39.50sekisushaidesktop unlocked, same problem
21:39.56*** join/#kde Bou (
21:40.09Torchsekisushai: if you move the mouse over the notification, do you get the sliding-out-thingy plasmoids have?
21:40.14Torchsekisushai: like, to close or resize it?
21:40.27troyTorch: that was my next question :)
21:40.32Torchtroy: i knew ;-)
21:40.38viro`hazrdQSystemTrayIcon::setVisible: No Icon set
21:40.54sekisushaiy'es i've
21:41.01RaftaMantroy: no luck with reinstalling :(
21:41.04Torchsekisushai: then troy is right.
21:41.08thiago_homeviro`hazrd: what engine?
21:41.09Torchsekisushai: click on the close icon
21:41.15Torchsekisushai: that should fix it
21:41.26troythe close icon on the left or right (not the one on top)
21:41.34viro`hazrddon't know, kmix is the only one not starting
21:42.12viro`hazrddolphin works
21:42.37sekisushaithe problem persists ..
21:43.45troywonders if we should have sekisushai remove his share/plasma-* - sekisushai would have to reconfigure the desktop/toolbars/etc.
21:43.51*** join/#kde gdebure (
21:43.53viro`hazrdI was thinking about this, make themes that are look-alike to every other WM, DE out there but in kde4 with native qt4.
21:44.09viro`hazrdthen make the windowing tabbed option and tiled as well.
21:44.30viro`hazrdtabbed windowing like fluxbox and tiling like other tiling WM's out there
21:44.34troyviro`hazrd: lots of work - we used to have an icewm theme loader, and some look-alike themes for other oses, but they were poorly maintained
21:44.35*** join/#kde gryffus__ (
21:45.02troyviro`hazrd: and besides, kde is designed to allow you to use any window manager you want - so if you really want a certain theme, you can just use that window manager
21:45.28*** part/#kde a-st_ (n=a-st@unaffiliated/ast/x-8574632)
21:45.38troyviro`hazrd: tabbed windows is (being) implemented already
21:45.54sekisushaii try
21:46.20viro`hazrdwhich version comes out with?
21:48.42troysekisushai: alright - the files that store your plasma settings are in ~/.kde/share/plasma*appletsrc - you can move them away, rename them, or delete them. Then restart plasma with ALT-F2->"kquitapp plasma" then ALT-F2->"plasma"
21:49.03sreichplasma-desktop, you mean.
21:49.14troysreich: oh, right - /me is behind the times again
21:50.05troysreich: I put an asterix in there to snag both plasma-appletsrc and plasma-desktop-appletsrc
21:50.20troybut forgot that plasma got renamed to plasma-desktop
21:50.56troynever has problems with plasma these days, so hasn't been keeping up on the troubleshooting
21:50.58viro`hazrdhow to make a clock plasma?
21:51.23troyviro`hazrd: don't understand your question
21:51.37viro`hazrdall I want is to make a different design.
21:51.50troyviro`hazrd: like, retheme the clock?
21:51.54viro`hazrdyou know the analog clock?
21:52.14QwertyMsvg changes should do
21:52.21troyviro`hazrd: the theme is stored in an svg file - you can find that file and modify the svg images using inkscape or similar
21:52.27viro`hazrdI am not a coder so only put my own svg wherever needs that to go.
21:53.11viro`hazrdwell, can I keep like an extra clock in order not to mess up the original? Like called 'Testing Clock'
21:53.40*** join/#kde crazy_pete (
21:53.46troyviro`hazrd: well, kde 4.3.3 doesn't have tabbed windows yet, that I'm aware of - maybe 4.4, but don't quote me on that
21:54.17*** join/#kde onestoppcdoc (
21:54.30onestoppcdocdigikam is pure win under KDE 4.3.2, congrats all
21:55.00viro`hazrddoes m$$ and o$$ X have tabbed windows?? else kde4 will be ahead of everything in the universe
21:55.26*** join/#kde mo2000 (
21:55.33cb400fit is/will be regardless of the tabs ;-)
21:56.09*** join/#kde sekisushai (
21:56.14troyonestoppcdoc: drop an email to the digikam authors (their info should be in the about box - in particular Gilles loves feedback)
21:56.37sekisushaitroy : what directory to remove ?
21:57.23troysekisushai: the files called plasma-desktop-appletsrc and plasma-appletsrc in ~/.kde/share/config
21:57.36troysekisushai: and you don't have to remove them - just rename them to .backup or similar
21:58.11troysekisushai: on some distros .kde -> .kde4
21:59.03sekisushaiand i restart x ?
21:59.47cb400fnope.. you should have quit plasma before (re)moving the  files
21:59.56cb400f.. and then just restart plasma
21:59.56*** join/#kde viro`haz1d (
22:00.00*** join/#kde AndyWas (
22:00.26cb400falt+f2 -> 'kquitapp plasma-desktop' ... then 'alt+f2 -> 'plasma-desktop'
22:00.31*** join/#kde sourceofchaos (
22:00.40*** join/#kde drvoodoo (
22:00.47*** join/#kde pilaeus (n=chatzill@
22:02.03sekisushaiyeah, fixed
22:02.08sekisushaithank you a lot !
22:02.13viro`haz1dso where's the Clock plasma items?
22:02.17troysekisushai: de rien :)
22:02.39mo2000Maybe stupid idea/question: Are two Menu/Control Bars from Host A (direct) and Host B( via ssh -x) in same session possible ? (The idea is to use the original Menu from Host B)
22:02.40*** part/#kde ttf (n=tom@unaffiliated/ttf)
22:02.49*** join/#kde szal (
22:03.26troymo2000: you might be the only person in all of KDE trying to do that configuration :)
22:03.39sekisushailol, my english is so bad :p...
22:03.50*** join/#kde bwibbwz (
22:04.00troysekisushai: it's okay - we understood the problem once there was a screenshot
22:04.16mo2000troy: maybe i am the __first__ person who ask about it :D
22:04.22troysekisushai: there is a (mostly dormant) #kde-fr, and some french language forums for KDE on the internet
22:04.34troyviro`hazrd: might ask in #plasma
22:05.02sekisushailol i'm trying to improve my english so :p
22:05.36troysekisushai: well, irc is a good place to improve reading/writing of slang :)
22:05.56troysekisushai: and honestly, most people in KDE do not speak English natively - it's just the modern linqua franca :)
22:06.32*** join/#kde Acedip (n=ani@unaffiliated/acedip)
22:06.48*** join/#kde Pygmalion (
22:06.50mo2000troy i have 4 Screens side by side... 3 Computers... currently i switch sessins via ALT-CTRL-Fx... to have not all programms i need together i start them via ssh -x on one session... so why should it be impossibel to start a prog that displays a Menu bar via ssh -x ????
22:07.47troymo2000: you're referring to the osx style menu-on-top menu bar?
22:09.24mo2000troy: something like this... but with 2 X-clients
22:09.41*** join/#kde promulo (n=romulo@
22:10.43Torchmo2000: you want an application launcher that launches programs remotely?
22:11.00mo2000Troch: exactly
22:11.11troyTorch: ah - makes more sense :)
22:11.24*** join/#kde yofel (n=quassel@unaffiliated/yofel)
22:11.37ghabitHello. Help me please - what means opengl settings @ systemsettings (shared memory, secure mode, etc.)?
22:11.54Torchmo2000: that would require a plasmoid that does exactly this... doesn't exist, probably. running plasma over x-forwarding won't solve this, i guess.
22:12.42mo2000Torch: but i want same menu tree from the server where is launch the programs
22:12.49troyTorch: does ssh have a way to automatically start a program after login? if so, he could create the appropriate .desktop files to login, then remotely launch sometihng
22:12.57ghabitAlso, I have not some systemsounds - like sound of cleaning trash, etc.
22:12.59*** join/#kde harry_ (
22:13.21troymo2000: sounds like you should be using NFS mounted /home instead of ssh
22:13.23Torchmo2000, troy: the problem seems to me that ssh x-forwarding runs _applications_. and the menu is a _plasmoid_
22:13.33*** join/#kde harry_ (
22:13.53*** join/#kde viro`hazrd (
22:13.56*** join/#kde azlev (n=ze@
22:14.11mo2000troy: when ssh is killed the running process gets a sighup... like when killing xserver
22:14.16*** join/#kde mario (
22:14.48troyTorch: he might be able to create a psuedo-plasmoid by using plasmoid-viewer and changing the window manager settings (no frame, always on top, etc.)
22:15.10Torchtroy: sounds scary ;-)
22:15.47*** join/#kde polytan_ (
22:15.48pinotreeembeds troy into a bouncing ball plasmoid
22:16.22troypinotree: hey! that's bad for my posture! :P
22:17.26troymo2000: over ssh, try running "plasmoidviewer -f horizontal launcher"
22:18.13troymo2000: then position it someplace useful, kill the window border, and set 'always on top' (ALT-F3 is your friend)
22:18.28troymo2000: my best solution - anyone else, feel free to trump :)
22:18.46mo2000It must be possible... i started virt-manager via ssh -x and open a virt-viewer... both are displayed via x-forwarding... so its not a question that it can be done... its the question __how__ it can be done
22:19.03*** join/#kde gazra (
22:19.22troymo2000: well, you can't load a plasmoid from the other computer (yet - there is some hope this might happen in the future)
22:19.30Torchmo2000: i don't know what virt-manager is, but troy's approach might actually work ;-)
22:19.34*** join/#kde bambule (
22:20.01gazraHello, can someone please tell me how to deactivate kwallet manager remote from an ssh console? Please!!! My mothers kwallet is damaged and she cannot access anything.
22:20.28troyTorch: I mean, it'd still show up in ALT-TAB, and on the taskbar - but I'm sure that there's kwin settings someplace to fix that too
22:20.39*** join/#kde basti2 (
22:20.41*** join/#kde viro`haz2d (
22:20.54Torchgazra: what do you mean by "deactivate kwallet manager"? this won't solve her problems if the wallet itself is damaged, it will just take away the manager.
22:21.08*** join/#kde ChemBro (
22:21.16*** join/#kde mikael_l (
22:21.24Torchgazra: or, in other words, what's the real problem your mother has?
22:21.27gazrayes, I need to make kontact not to look for passwords on kwallet
22:21.46mo2000Torch: virt-manager is to manage qemu/kvm/xen/... VM... the thing is that they start clientprocess on same host and use same x-forwarding
22:21.49Torchgazra: ok... kwallt has a setting for this in a config file... i don't remember right now where that is... anyone?
22:22.03gazraMy mother has all the passwords, the problem is that she cannot put them manually, since the active kwallet is somehow unaccesible
22:22.11Torchgoes looking.
22:22.39Torchgazra: ~/.kde/share/config/kwalletrc (that was easy!)
22:22.52Torchgazra: there's a section [Auto Deny]
22:23.13Torchgazra: add  any app your mother uses to the kdewallet-list
22:23.28Torchwonders if it wouldn't be easier to uninstall kwallet... is that possible?
22:23.38pinotreejust disable it
22:23.47Torchgazra: there's also "Enabled=true" in there
22:23.48Torchpinotree: exactly
22:23.58*** join/#kde kde185 (
22:24.00Torchgazra: no?
22:24.11troyyou could move away ~/.kde/share/apps/kwallet/kdewallet.kwl and ~/.kde/share/config/kwalletrc and start fresh
22:25.01gazratroy: If i remove both, then kwallet will be activated, I want to deactivate it for good!
22:25.13Torchgazra: just set Enabled to false then
22:25.26gazraTorch: where?
22:25.41Torchgazra: in ~/.kde/share/config/kwalletrc
22:26.00gazraTorch: Should I write: Enabled=false at the end of kwalletrc?
22:26.03Torchgazra: this file should have a [Wallet] section (it has for me)
22:26.09troylikes kwallet - svn is storing passwords in it these days! weee
22:26.20gazraTorch: Are you using kde 4.3?
22:26.25Torchgazra: yes.
22:26.42troyhas that section, kde 4.3.3
22:26.58Torchgazra: you mother doesn't have that section?
22:27.15*** join/#kde NickNak (
22:27.29gazraTorch: In my kwalletrc I had only [Auto Allow] kwallet=kwalletmanager...
22:27.37gazraTorch: That was all
22:27.52mo2000troy: in what version "plasmoid"s supported?
22:28.03*** join/#kde sourcemaker_ (
22:28.20*** join/#kde mxttie (
22:28.33*** join/#kde rivad (
22:28.38troymo2000: what kde version? plasma came with KDE 4 - I was assuming you had KDE 4...
22:28.46Torchgazra: -- this is how it looks for me
22:29.00Torchgazra: just add the [Wallet] section and set the Enabled key to false
22:29.11*** join/#kde krabador (
22:29.24*** join/#kde viro`haz1d (
22:29.31mo2000:( currently using debian/lenny -> kde3.x
22:30.12troymo2000: well, that makes a big difference to our conversation :)
22:30.17Torchmo2000: run the kicker remotely via x-forwarding... that should just work.
22:30.57mo2000outch... it runs... very funny things happend....
22:30.59Torchtroy: i really like how elegantly you put that ;-)
22:31.36Torchmo2000: that's normal. it's kde 3's kicker after all ;-)
22:31.49troymo2000: it should give you a panel that belongs to your remote system - but it doesn't behave nicely :)
22:31.57mo2000it displays bars like i want... but then big war begins...
22:32.08*** join/#kde pumphaus (
22:32.15troymo2000: two panels fighting for the bottom of the screen?
22:33.26troylikes the plasma psuedo-solution better :) now I'm going to play with plasmoidviewer some more...
22:33.30kde185I'm trying to build kde from svn but it seems that it can't find the gstreamer header "gst/gst.h".  I know that it's installed but it can't seem to find it.  Error log:
22:33.35mo2000the original bar and the new bar fighting who stays on top of the other it is like you put two male bunny's in one box :D
22:33.59troymo2000: hahaha
22:34.03mo2000troy: :D
22:34.17troymo2000: move one of them to the top of the screen or something
22:34.39*** join/#kde Wreckage (
22:34.42troyor kill the local panel (if you don't need it)
22:35.07mo2000troy somthing like this
22:35.22mo2000but this is much more than i found by my self
22:35.28mo2000Thank you
22:36.34troymo2000: when you finally migrate to kde 4, we might have a better solution for you then :) I heard that the plasma team is working on loading of remote widgets :)
22:37.09troypinotree: can I get out of my bouncing ball yet? :P
22:37.15troygets dizzy
22:37.19pinotree... tomorrow :P
22:37.35mo2000troy: i dont like the Lock&Feel -> switching away from Windows for that.... i like the "classic" Style
22:39.04troymo2000: well, each to their own, I guess :) there are some themes that can make it feel pretty old school :)
22:39.48*** join/#kde viro`hazrd (
22:40.53troythinks, KDE2 Windows decorations, "Windows" widget style, "Aya" plasma theme plus "classic" KDE 3 menu...
22:41.18troyI too can have 1998 back :)
22:41.35sreichno! no time machines for you
22:41.57troyoh, turn off anti-aliasing too, and use the hicolour icon theme from kde 1.1.2 :P
22:42.13troyand dump screen resolution down to 800x600x8
22:42.14sreichuse a 640x400 resolution too
22:42.23mo2000troy: maybe there is a time when i feel that this old style "Windows" is to old... but currently i am a "beginner" with graphical UI on *ux and i dont like to interpret bugs as my own misstakes...
22:42.28sreichnaw, monochrome screens are the ways of the futures
22:43.24*** join/#kde mesamoo (
22:43.41sreich's eyes have burn in, from that image..
22:43.55*** join/#kde jdk2588_ (n=jdk2588_@
22:44.54troywow! cb400f, the comments are amusing: "With this info I can now upgrade to kde 4 and finally let go of kde 3.5"
22:45.02cb400fyup :-)
22:45.35troycb400f: it's almost as if people forget that the app menu and desktop are still plasma when it doesn't look shiny :)
22:45.59*** part/#kde krabador (
22:46.10*** join/#kde viro`hazrd (
22:46.18troycb400f: I believe the correct term would then become 'luddites' :) "I want my wooden shoes back!"
22:46.24sreichtroy: yeah, I don't understand why some people *hate* things that are unpretty
22:46.45sreichdo they apply that concept to just software, or is their whole life (house, clothes, car, etc.) ugly?
22:46.50troysreich: double negative in there, or am I getting confused...
22:47.10*** join/#kde Szadek (
22:47.24*** join/#kde frugo3000 (
22:47.29sreichtroy:'re right.. -un, I think.
22:47.39sreichyeah, that's it. :)
22:48.11*** join/#kde AndyWas (
22:49.44troycb400f: you missed switching to the pre kde-3.1 icon theme :)
22:50.52troycb400f: I think it's in kdeartwork someplace - dannya was porting it to kde 4 a while back - not sure if that ever got finished
22:51.28*** join/#kde Sho_ (n=EHS1@kde/hein)
22:51.50cb400fhehe.. it was just a quick proof of concept.. wanted to show people they can easily make kde4 as ugly as they want to :-)
22:52.01*** join/#kde Steven_M (n=steven@
22:52.17*** join/#kde viro`hazrd (
22:52.21mo2000troy: after moving the bars to different borders the "male bunny effect" is gone -> Perfect for me
22:52.36Steven_Mhi all
22:52.41Steven_Mare konversation server passwords stored in plan text or an encripted file?
22:52.44sreich"male bunny effect"??
22:52.58Sho_Steven_M: plain text
22:53.46Steven_MSho_: which file?
22:53.53*** join/#kde frugo3000 (
22:53.53Sho_Steven_M: konversationrc
22:54.21troySho_: do you have a notification set up on keyword 'konversation'? that was fast response :)
22:54.32Sho_troy: sure, for everything I work on
22:54.56*** join/#kde JackWinter (
22:55.02troySho_: you should get some kind of medal for user support :)
22:55.08Sho_troy: and also for things like "ops" in case a troll shows up and someone says "are there any ops?"
22:55.18troySho_: I heard ettrich has one you can borrow :)
22:55.24Sho_troy: heh :)
22:55.38Steven_MSho_: thanks :)
22:56.05Sho_you're welcome
22:56.20troySho_: I should do that too, for the odd occasion when pinotree is sleeping :P
22:57.02troysee, he's always watching *cue spooky music...*
22:57.09sreichnonsense, he's never been proven to sleep.
22:57.25Sho_troy: tends to go to bed between 2 AM and 3 AM CE(S)T
22:58.20pinotreetakes cookies and watches the conversation
22:58.27Sho_oh hey pinotree :)
22:58.32*** join/#kde rdieter (
22:58.34troypinotree: any for me? *bounces*
22:58.45pinotreeno :P
22:58.50sreichoh! that's a good idea..
22:58.53sreichgoes and makes cookies
22:59.21troyreaches into lower drawer of desk and finds no-name brand knock-off fudgeos...
22:59.58*** join/#kde rgreening (
23:00.29*** join/#kde viro`hazrd (
23:00.58*** join/#kde stalkerg (n=stalkerg@
23:05.40*** join/#kde tjcampos (
23:10.10*** join/#kde maybeHere (
23:14.08*** join/#kde gdebure (
23:15.33*** join/#kde Baldurium (
23:17.49*** join/#kde Sinister (
23:18.55*** join/#kde verbalshadow (
23:18.57*** join/#kde wilder (
23:19.36*** join/#kde kimael (
23:20.30mo2000gn8 @ #
23:20.38*** part/#kde mo2000 (
23:20.38kimaelCould you tell me What SVN client I can use with KDE4 ?
23:20.52sreichany svn client.
23:21.18kimaelI meant an integrated one.
23:21.27sreichdolphin is partially integrated
23:21.30kimaellike kdesvn for KDE 3.
23:21.35sreichkdev4 has some nice support
23:21.43sreichkdesvn has a port for 4
23:21.56sreichthere's also qsvn I think.
23:22.50*** join/#kde Darkfoe (
23:23.27kimaelok, kdesvn for KDE4 is simply tagged "not stable" in Gentoo. Thank you :)
23:24.15sreichyeah, it crashes every once in a while for me. No big deal though..
23:25.02*** join/#kde Fanfare (
23:25.28sreichkimael: it isn't like if it crashes, it takes down kde's repo with it, or something.
23:26.30*** join/#kde Aikawa_ (
23:26.42*** join/#kde eternaleye (
23:27.04*** join/#kde ScottG489 (
23:27.23*** join/#kde tjol (n=tgwj@pdpc/supporter/student/free-zombie)
23:31.30*** join/#kde n0sq_ (
23:31.37*** join/#kde yofel_ (n=quassel@unaffiliated/yofel)
23:31.57*** join/#kde kavurt (
23:31.57*** join/#kde bline (
23:32.10*** join/#kde Seji (
23:32.17*** join/#kde CMoH (n=cipi@
23:32.36*** join/#kde frederico (
23:32.40*** join/#kde vbgunz_ (
23:32.43*** join/#kde kevin01123 (
23:32.45*** join/#kde ABCD (n=ABCD@gentoo/developer/abcd)
23:33.08*** join/#kde blkdragon__ (
23:33.19*** join/#kde aseigo (n=aseigo@
23:33.30*** join/#kde xdje (
23:33.32*** join/#kde word__ (
23:33.42*** join/#kde FL1SK (
23:34.22*** join/#kde Xeno (
23:35.12*** join/#kde ScottG490 (
23:35.17*** join/#kde boubbin_ (n=boubbin@
23:37.00*** join/#kde MadGirl (n=MadGirl@
23:38.37*** join/#kde XenoPL (
23:38.50*** join/#kde IrquiM (
23:40.43*** join/#kde cnu (
23:42.38*** join/#kde bbpiss27 (
23:43.44*** join/#kde ferdna (
23:46.00*** join/#kde harolddong (
23:47.01*** join/#kde andrew3 (
23:47.14*** join/#kde Cookiekiller (
23:51.31andrew3Hi, I am using kde-4.2.4 on Mandriva 2009 spring regularly updated. I have tried looking at the thread about multiple wallpapers on  multiple desktops and the advice is not helping as I have no Configure Plasma option (or it is too well hidden). What can I do to get individual wallpapers on my desktops?
23:54.07*** join/#kde estevao (n=estevao@
23:54.14estevaokey guys
23:56.02*** join/#kde biker (
23:57.28estevaoi'm using kde 4.3.3 and I'm trying do rearrange the itens (openned aplications) in the task manager... I've searched and tried some configurations, but its not working til now... some idea?
23:58.04sreichhuh? you just said "but its not working til now". Okay, so if it's working, what's the question?

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