IRC log for #kde on 20090706

00:00.36VampirePenguinid finished with it like 1.2 before adn i was compiling some stuff and that program said there wsa no more room on the drive... come to finid out i had 3 gb of cruft .part files
00:01.07VampirePenguinmaybe lot of ppl not using to transfer smb on wifi
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00:02.33Half-LeftMust be magic then
00:04.30VampirePenguinya we love magic... found out about the seg 11/15 with dolphin and plasmas
00:04.57Harrold_k I'm back hehe
00:05.06VampirePenguinthat was a X/intel issue... fixed a couple variables in xorg.conf, and in desktop settings and no more segf
00:05.08Harrold_so I reinstalled kdelibs and some other parts
00:05.18Harrold_but I still have no applications in my kmenu
00:05.27Harrold_or whatever it is called in kde-4.3 beta
00:05.32Harrold_or rc
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00:16.50Harrold_no ideas?
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00:24.52DrSlonyHey, any kipi-plugins people here? I just updated to 0.4.0, I wanted to check whats new, but this website seems dead
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00:30.55psi-jackWhere would I disable the feature to hold ALT and click to move a window?
00:31.19psi-jackIt seriously interupts one of my programs that causes it to just keel over and die a bloody death, an opengl intensive one.
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00:35.33DrSlonypsi-jack system-settings
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00:36.24DrSlonyglobal keyboard shortcuts
00:38.45Jucatopsi-jack, DrSlony: System Settings -> Window Behavior -> Window Actions tab
00:39.36DrSlonyJucato : oops, youre right
00:42.17psi-jackAhh thank you.
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01:42.38psi-jackAlright now..
01:42.51psi-jackWhen I hold down shift, I hear a beep.. Where's that setting at? heh
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01:46.58racecar56is it possible to clear the history from the "Open with..." dialog (kde 4.2)
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02:07.09psi-jackWhen I hold down shift, I hear a beep.. Where's that setting at? heh
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02:48.28Wowbagger_This is ridiculous... how do I start kweather?
02:50.11Wowbagger_When I right click on the panel and looked in "add widgets", there's no mention of weather anywhere that I can see.
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03:43.31Guest93934guys: VERY serious bug - on Netbook, vert is 600pix and some windows the OK button is out of sight & unreachable.
03:44.58Guest93934Need to mebe extend window so bottom portion shows in desktop3 while top is showing in 1
03:45.42Guest93934Critical KDE bug! Please someone fix!
03:47.04Guest93934sorry! ignore me
03:47.12Guest93934alt+drag fixes it
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04:14.21solofightHelp | how can i get new themes for my iceweasel and where can i change them ?
04:15.01solofightwhats the shortcut key for switching between desktops , i have enabled qubical effect
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04:19.35DaZsolofight: ctrl+f1,2,3(...)
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04:30.35scrotehow do i change the color of icon text?  i.e. the icons of a folders contents.
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04:33.51solofighthelp | how do i chang the format of the active tab or in a window ?
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04:47.30MrSparklehmm I was messing with themes some, and now I cant seem to get back to the one I was using
04:47.48MrSparkleI was using the default kde that comes with fedora11
04:47.59MrSparkleany help :(
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04:57.22scroteis there a place do download new color schemes ?
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05:01.00MrSparkleah figured it out thanks
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05:16.07cookiemon5terwish I knew why my porn streams better in konqueror
05:16.39linopolusThe point Task sheduler in System ->
05:16.52linopolustask sheduler uses cron or a own engine?
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05:24.56solofightcookiemon5ter: your porn ! ! :O
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05:25.29JohnnyZeroI wanted to come back and thank you guys for the help
05:26.33JohnnyZeroUsing all the native KDE apps worked very well for me. The only problem is that with Konqueror I can't do some things on Facebook. But meh I guess thats not such a big deal.
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05:27.56linopolusOpera ftw. Opera build 4458 with Qt4.5.2 works very well
05:28.07solofightlinopolus: i guess its cron
05:28.24linopolusi'l try it :)
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05:30.51cookiemon5teris opera worth using
05:31.01cookiemon5teris anything worth using these days
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05:32.44XrX|Eweeanyone can make a EAP-TLS connection with networkmanager-plasma?
05:32.51XrX|Eweethere is nog option
05:34.21*** join/#kde SunilThaha (
05:34.55xxtjaxxXrX|Ewee, What is this ?
05:35.02xxtjaxx>Just curious..
05:35.15solofightcookiemon5ter: yeah opera will be in handy if you are a developer
05:35.34XrX|Eweexxtjaxx:  it's used to encrypt/authenticate
05:36.10cookiemon5tersolofight: web developer ?
05:36.39solofightnot really , but yes you can call me a avg one on that field
05:36.47XrX|Eweesince kde 4.2, they implemented plasma-widget-network-manager, which looks very cool, but there is no option to use eap-tls
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05:37.17xxtjaxxXrX|Ewee, and you wanted to use it for conneting to you wlan i guess
05:37.40cookiemon5teri really like the whole kde 4 thing but compatibility with streaming video would be cool
05:37.49cookiemon5terlike quicktime and realmedia
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05:38.46xxtjaxxXrX|Ewee,  there are 2 options I think ..
05:39.00solofightcookiemon5ter: for that you can use iceweasel , which has more and more pluging avail to make it powerfull in which ever direction you want
05:39.18cookiemon5tericeweasel ?
05:39.43xxtjaxxone is that the distribution hadnt added  this during the compile for the packafge or well its simply a forgotten thing from the guys that amd this kinda frontend
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05:40.26xxtjaxxsolofight,  I hope you know that iceweasel is just a secure and de logofied version of firefox?
05:40.52xxtjaxxcookiemon5ter, tried konqueror in kde 4.2?
05:41.13xxtjaxxany site you could suggest me to wher e it didnt work?
05:41.21cookiemon5teri tried using plugins from mplayerplug-in
05:41.27cookiemon5terapple trailers
05:41.38xxtjaxxat tzhe apple site?
05:41.55cookiemon5terweird thing is after installing kde 4.2.4 mplayerplug-in wont work in ff
05:42.03*** join/#kde Orango (n=s-e@wikimedia/Orango)
05:42.26cookiemon5terafter messing with it for half a day I purged mplayerplug-in and installed some gecko plugin
05:42.29*** join/#kde vinleod (
05:42.31xxtjaxxnever heard tzhat there was a mplayer plug for ff?
05:43.06cookiemon5terfirefox mplayerplug-in konqueror 3.5x with kde 3.5x works with mplayerplug-in with kmplayer
05:43.21xxtjaxxcookiemon5ter, wwdc keynote?
05:43.27*** join/#kde eval_ (n=eval@
05:44.10*** join/#kde Charlie_Didear (
05:44.25cookiemon5teri should just install kde 3.5.10 cause kde 4.2.4 is unstable for desktop use :p
05:44.57xxtjaxxna which disro are you using?`
05:44.59*** join/#kde peterbrett (n=peter@unaffiliated/peterbrett)
05:44.59utugo with xfce
05:45.12*** join/#kde paloris_J (
05:45.13cookiemon5teri wouldn't use xfce again
05:45.33cookiemon5terto be honest I don't like any windows managers
05:45.38*** join/#kde Charlie_Didear (
05:45.45utuxfwm4 ftw!
05:45.59xxtjaxxwell Uh I used konqueror on the apple site an tried the wwdc keynote there  and open with vlc works just fine if i had the bandwidth
05:46.16*** join/#kde davidc_ (n=davidc@
05:46.19cookiemon5terkonqueror 4.2 ?
05:46.51davidc_hi guys, got a question regarding the login screen on kde4, where do I go to edit that login screen?
05:47.47xxtjaxxdavidc_, kdesystemsettings
05:47.49cookiemon5teri'll figure something out
05:48.09xxtjaxxdavidc_, advanced and then login manager
05:48.15cookiemon5terI just wanted to only have one browser lol
05:48.21*** join/#kde peterbrett (n=peter@unaffiliated/peterbrett)
05:48.34davidc_xxtjaxx: what about in command line?
05:48.36xxtjaxxwhy konqueror wkrs out fine
05:49.07xxtjaxxwhy you wanrt to use the command lien for a thing that depends on a gui any way?
05:49.16cookiemon5teronce i get quicktime and realmedia working
05:49.18*** join/#kde iomari (n=iomari@
05:49.42xxtjaxxcokiemonster vlc works fine there
05:50.10davidc_xxtjaxx: actually i'd like to know how its being configured in the backend.
05:50.24cookiemon5terxxtjaxx: what distro you use ?
05:50.57*** join/#kde oget (
05:51.00solofightcookiemon5ter: xfce is realy developer friendly
05:51.16solofightto my prefrence unlike kde
05:51.24solofightbut kde rocks with new features
05:51.26cookiemon5tersolofight: if it doesn't look pretty I'll just use a framebuffer console
05:51.27solofightand looks
05:51.36xxtjaxxdavidc_ hmm good question uhm well i try  to get my seklf into kde develpment but never been at that speific pointbefor sneek around /etc/ maybe u find something
05:52.13solofightcookiemon5ter: my life is majorly with console screen with a theme of black background and florescent green text ,
05:52.16xxtjaxxcookiemon5ter, stable and enterprise stuff is my opensuse 11.1 and testing hacking developning and so on a debian
05:52.31solofightxfce you switch tabs just like that pressing Alt+ tab number
05:52.34*** join/#kde scorpid (n=scorpid@
05:52.42cookiemon5teri thought about trying opensuse
05:52.51xxtjaxxsolofight, cheers me too
05:52.53cookiemon5tersuse 7.3 was my first distro
05:52.54solofightin kde you press shift and arrow keys or some other option which uses pageup and page down
05:53.08solofightcookiemon5ter: suse is good ?
05:53.18xxtjaxxsolofight, shift right/ left
05:53.23cookiemon5terit was good i just tried others
05:53.29solofightxxtjaxx: ha ha cheers
05:53.48cookiemon5terI'm getting older and slowly moving away from gentoo
05:53.57cookiemon5tersick of all the configuring and not using
05:54.00solofightxxtjaxx: yeah , Shift right/left is boring when i have 15 tabs opened
05:54.38xxtjaxxsolofight, geeze can yiou fucking imagine just to tab through 1^5time s to get to the end fucking terrrible
05:54.40solofightand time is a constraint
05:54.42cookiemon5terI'm either gonna try something else or use the same portage snapshot w/o syncing or updating portage
05:54.59xxtjaxxsolofight why are you here as xfce use anyway if i may ask=
05:55.17*** join/#kde noaXess (
05:55.18cookiemon5terfluxbox tabbing is neat
05:55.43solofighti am trying to identify a comfortable workplace for me , experimenting kde now
05:55.44xxtjaxxcookiemon5ter, try either ebian for ultra stability or suse for good solid entertainment and enterpörise
05:56.13xxtjaxxsolofight,  try a debnian witzh some upgrading form squeeze
05:56.27xxtjaxxcompiles the curent trunk like a champ
05:57.03cookiemon5teris opensuse configurable ?
05:58.27xxtjaxxwhat do you need to configure all the tie anyway?
05:58.46cookiemon5tergood question
05:59.01solofightxxtjaxx: squeeze ?.
05:59.30solofightxxtjaxx: is there a way i can import the console tabbing from xfce to kde ?
05:59.47*** join/#kde eternaleye_ (
05:59.55xxtjaxxHow about settings
06:00.27solofightcan you please direct me ?
06:00.39cookiemon5terthat would be so weird going back to rpm after portage and debian
06:00.41xxtjaxxEverything is possible just configure it in your _KONSOLE_settings  (NOte the crrect spelling with a K)
06:00.54*** join/#kde xdan779 (
06:00.57xxtjaxxcookiemon5ter, why?
06:01.13cookiemon5terjust something else to reteach myself :p
06:01.30xxtjaxxtry squeeeze
06:01.59cookiemon5terwhen I get this other pc togther I will give it a try
06:02.01*** join/#kde tictric_ (
06:02.14cookiemon5terwaiting on a cpu that is on back order
06:02.15xxtjaxxsolofight, ok open a Konsole the up in the toolbar  Settings the curent prtofile
06:02.57solofightyeah i configured my console colors over there , didn see the tab shortcuts over there
06:03.04*** join/#kde aslhk (
06:03.11xxtjaxxsee try this
06:03.42xxtjaxxcookiemon5ter, may try it in a virtual machine
06:03.59cookiemon5terindeed I have virtualbox around here somewhere
06:04.06*** join/#kde TobiaszCudnik (
06:04.17xxtjaxxsolofight,  go in current profile to input the edit
06:05.24solofightxxtjaxx: yeah am there , next ?
06:07.05xxtjaxxHell i fdont knwo everythin my self explore dude
06:07.23solofightxxtjaxx: ha ha , ok
06:07.44cookiemon5teri think I'll try vlc with konqueror tomorrow
06:07.57cookiemon5terI don't feel like compiling atm :p
06:08.29xxtjaxxAt least it isnt konquerors fault though...
06:08.45cookiemon5terkonqueror works great though
06:08.54cookiemon5terplays flash flawlessly
06:08.59cookiemon5terbetter than ff
06:09.24solofightcookiemon5ter: konqueror fails in the case of CBC
06:09.35cookiemon5terCBC ?
06:09.50solofightCBC = Cross Browser Compatablity
06:10.10solofightcookiemon5ter: firefox plays flash bad you mean ?
06:10.25tuxickkonq has some problems with trial&error java
06:10.40tuxickthe rendering is pretty ok
06:10.55tuxickjavascript i meant
06:11.09cookiemon5teri got java working with konqueror pretty good with KIO enabled
06:12.05tuxicki've run into several sites where js simply fails
06:12.06xxtjaxxBut I think the CBC issue will besolved soon ...
06:12.18tuxickincluding typo3 backend btw
06:12.27xxtjaxxwas it the webdevelopert then?
06:12.29cookiemon5teri think everything will be ok someday :)
06:12.38cookiemon5teri have faith in kde dev :)
06:13.16xxtjaxxwell we Seemed to bashed aroundon the blogs enough though so lets see what we can do about it now  right tuxick?=
06:13.50xxtjaxxcookiemon5ter, thak you ^-^
06:14.09tuxickxxtjaxx: i'm afraid it might be the kind of js that was broken from the start, and made to work on IE and FF by trial&error
06:14.24*** join/#kde peterbrett (n=peter@unaffiliated/peterbrett)
06:14.41*** join/#kde arne (
06:14.47tuxicksadly i can't come up with a public example now
06:15.20*** join/#kde aslhk (
06:19.01*** join/#kde holycow (n=new@
06:20.11iomariafter udating my kde 4.3 again I'm having trouble running python scripts.An example is when I run pssh, I get:
06:20.19iomariTraceback (most recent call last):
06:20.26iomariImportError: No module named pkg_resources
06:20.31iomarican someone help?
06:21.06xxtjaxxiomari,  i fear its some kinda binding problem ...
06:21.14*** join/#kde s|k` (n=btipling@unaffiliated/sk/x-5968384)
06:21.22iomarixxtjaxx: where do I start?
06:21.54cookiemon5teriomari: do you have python-updater ?
06:22.01iomari1 sec .....
06:22.25cookiemon5ternot sure if it is a python thing gentoo thing or what though
06:22.41xxtjaxxdoesnt sound like a kde prob,#lem tot me however..
06:22.48cookiemon5terbut it is a script that updates all your pythons stuffs
06:23.09iomariI'll see if suse has such an app .......
06:23.38cookiemon5teractually the homepage is so I think it is a gentoo thingy
06:24.46iomaricookiemon5ter: any suggestions for suse?
06:25.07cookiemon5terno sorry :(
06:25.22*** join/#kde matkor (
06:25.23iomaricookiemon5ter: ok, thanks anyway
06:25.42*** join/#kde supert0nes (
06:26.01cookiemon5teranyone know the what the stable koffice for kde 4.2.4 is ?
06:26.17*** join/#kde andreas_ (
06:26.28cookiemon5terI'm guessing 2.0.0 or 2.0.1 ?
06:26.36*** join/#kde aslhk (
06:26.40*** join/#kde awidegreen (
06:26.55Jucatocookiemon5ter: KOffice releases separately from KDE, so there is no "for 4.2.4". but the latest stable of KOffice is 2.0.1
06:27.27cookiemon5terJucato: awesome thanks
06:27.42Jucato(well, latest stable KDE 4 version... but still not yet recommended)
06:27.56*** join/#kde tictric (
06:28.03*** join/#kde alediaferia (
06:28.13cookiemon5terso I should go with 2.0.0 ?
06:28.33Jucatogo for the 1.x series (KDE 3)
06:28.41Jucato"Our goal for now is to release a first preview of what we have accomplished.  This release is mainly aimed at developers, testers and early adopters.  It is not aimed at end users, and we do not recommend Linux distributions to package it as the default office suite yet."
06:28.56Jucato(that's for 2.0.x)
06:29.30cookiemon5terdoes 1.x need kde3 libs ?
06:30.06cookiemon5terso is having a working kde 4x workstation out of the question atm ?
06:30.09*** join/#kde xerox1 (n=no@vpn010.RZ.Uni-Augsburg.DE)
06:31.05Jucatoof course it's possible, unless you're aiming for "pure KDE 4, no KDE 3, no none-KDE apps"
06:31.31cookiemon5terthat was the plan
06:31.38*** join/#kde davidmj (n=majnemer@phpbb/developer/davidmj)
06:31.44cookiemon5terI only discovered koffice today
06:32.02cookiemon5teri'm compiling 1x now on my kde 3.5x machine
06:32.03*** join/#kde Gilde (
06:32.18cookiemon5terthis laptop with kde 4 is a mess atm
06:32.26eternaleye_Is anyone who works on KDNSSD in here? My distro doesn't package mDNSResponder, and disables the dnssd-compatibility code in its build of Avahi. Is there anything on the roadmap for KDNSSD to support native Avahi interfaces? Otherwise, I'm stuck either rolling my own Avahi and kdenetwork packages (since they hard-disable kdnssd due to nonexistent dependencies), or being without Zeroconf support.
06:33.15cookiemon5terJucato: i even tried the new k3b with no luck
06:33.31cookiemon5terI'm currently just using cdrkit
06:33.45cookiemon5terwodim mkisofs etc
06:34.41cookiemon5tercli apps aren't supposed to be easier than gui apps :(
06:35.14Jucatobut if you insist on using apps that are marked as "not yet for end user", it will be :)
06:35.25cookiemon5tergood point
06:35.50eternaleye_Jucato: I'm running pure KDE4, with no KDE3 and the only non-KDE apps I use being Firefox and Quassel
06:36.02eternaleye_Jucato: So it's perfectly doable
06:36.14Jucatoeternaleye_: still not "pure" since you have 2 :)
06:36.17*** join/#kde s|k` (n=btipling@unaffiliated/sk/x-5968384)
06:36.18cookiemon5tereternaleye_: what do you use for cd/dvd recording ?
06:36.23Jucatoand I didn't say it wasn't doable :)
06:36.25*** join/#kde mohankumar (n=mohan@nat/ibm/x-9aad86bb1d65a679)
06:36.37Jucatouh huh.. now that's 3 :)
06:36.38eternaleye_I'm also a CLI junkie
06:36.51cookiemon5tereternaleye_: I'm a cli junkie too I guess
06:36.59*** join/#kde cyndis (
06:37.02Jucato(though you could say you're using Konsole/Yakuake to use wodim and get away with it :)
06:37.06eternaleye_I have at least 6 tabs open in Konsole at any given time
06:37.10cookiemon5terI thought of all these linux days I would go gui with eyecandy
06:37.39cookiemon5terkonsole tabs ssh etc :)
06:37.55eternaleye_cookiemon5ter: But you can't script GUIs (unless you use dbus and xdotool creatively, but that's cumbersome)
06:38.28cookiemon5tersomedays it seems like this was all pointless
06:39.03eternaleye_Jucato: Also, CLI apps don't count - the KDE apps use them behind the scens anyway!
06:39.35Jucatoeternaleye_: not if you use them directly. and KDE/K3b doesn't use wodim :)
06:40.12cookiemon5terJucato: that k3b I used tried to use wodim
06:40.32eternaleye_cdrkit is a functional equivalent to cdrecord, and k3b uses either of those + dvd+rw-toools
06:40.35Jucatocookiemon5ter: yeah, that k3b that wasn't working? :)
06:40.48cookiemon5terJucato: :p
06:41.11eternaleye_Jucato: k3b works here; it's just quicker to run wodim than wait for it to start
06:41.28cookiemon5teri think I'll just have to stick with wodim no gui cd/dvd recording apps make me happy :S
06:41.55eternaleye_Especially since the only things I ever burn are my CS assignments, which are < 5mb
06:42.09Jucatostick to what you want/what works for you. the secret of satisfaction :)
06:43.04cookiemon5teri mostly just burn data dvds
06:43.28cookiemon5termy hdmi player plays dvd data disks so I can fit 6-7 movies on one dvd
06:43.39*** join/#kde alid_ (
06:45.17*** join/#kde ritek (n=eduardo@
06:46.32*** part/#kde davidmj (n=majnemer@phpbb/developer/davidmj)
06:46.54*** join/#kde peterbrett (n=peter@unaffiliated/peterbrett)
06:48.55cookiemon5terwish I had a telescope
06:49.15cookiemon5teraccording to kstars uranus and jupiter are visible
06:51.15*** join/#kde mabu (
06:51.20*** join/#kde creepa (
06:54.15*** join/#kde mmauder (
06:54.38*** join/#kde pak (n=pak@
06:55.16*** join/#kde Atomsiite (
06:55.32*** join/#kde boris64_ (
06:55.56*** join/#kde aslhk (
06:56.43*** join/#kde boom1992 (
06:58.44*** join/#kde alid_ (
06:59.03*** join/#kde [Jinx] (n=jinx@
07:02.40*** join/#kde Welsh_Dwarf (
07:02.42*** join/#kde einar77 (
07:03.43*** join/#kde venky80 (n=venky@
07:04.07*** join/#kde Welsh_Dwarf (
07:04.25*** join/#kde isaacvv (n=quassel@
07:06.18*** join/#kde avengali (
07:06.20*** join/#kde Skitt (
07:13.52*** join/#kde hw (
07:14.26*** join/#kde nexTac (
07:17.52*** join/#kde irshad (n=quassel@
07:18.42*** join/#kde Mash (i=leuhiah@shellium/member/mash)
07:19.00*** join/#kde hw (
07:19.10irshadI want some guidance
07:19.19irshadI want to contribute to Konqueror
07:19.29irshadHow do I do that?
07:19.51*** join/#kde TomasuAway (
07:20.14PPHmanrun it ,irshad.
07:20.35*** join/#kde Hystoriker (
07:20.38*** join/#kde einar77 (
07:21.02irshadPPHman: I can do Java programming
07:21.31PPHmanirshad, good.
07:21.43irshadPPHMan:And recently read about the need for a fully fledged KDE browser
07:21.59irshadPPHMan: I am also familiar with some C++ syntax
07:22.12irshadPPHMan: And I want to help
07:22.21*** join/#kde hw (
07:22.22irshadPPHMan: How do I start?
07:22.47PPHmangood, irshad,   i am a beginner,  i need help too.
07:23.10irshadPPHMan: How can I help you?
07:23.34PPHmanfirst, i should learn english
07:23.50irshadPPHMan: your english seems fine
07:24.34*** join/#kde Thundercloud (
07:24.38Jucatoirshad: you can read up on the tutorials and guides on
07:25.20Jucatoif you're more interested in the web engine, KHTML, there's a #khtml channel. otherwise, if it's generic konq, the kfm-devel mailing list is probably more appropriate
07:25.27*** join/#kde beer (n=beer@
07:25.59Jucatoand the general KDE development channel is #kde-devel (though not many people are available right now. a lot of them are at Gran Canaria Desktop Summit)
07:26.31*** join/#kde hw (
07:27.30irshadLet me start with reading the techbase
07:27.47irshadThanks guys
07:27.54Guest45412about the summits, where can I find the videos of the talks there have been over the weekend?
07:28.15Jucatobeer__: videos are usually posted after the summit ends.
07:28.26Jucatoiow, there aren't any yet available
07:28.40irshadPPHMan: Is there any way i can help to improve your English?
07:28.53Jucatoirshad: I think you'd want to pay special attention to the KParts and plugins/services tutorial, since Konqueror uses a lot of those
07:28.57beer__and the sumits end at the 13th?
07:29.15*** join/#kde aslhk (
07:29.26PPHmanirshad:   can you teach me english?
07:29.34Jucatonot in here
07:29.38*** join/#kde cb400f (n=cb400f@opensuse/member/Cb400f)
07:29.42Jucatobeer__: 11th
07:30.20irshadPPHMan: My native toungue is also not English
07:30.38PPHmanirshad: can we talk in PM?
07:31.40*** join/#kde hw (
07:32.21*** join/#kde icwiener (
07:32.30*** join/#kde liquidat (
07:34.14*** join/#kde wqersgcva61rysv (n=david@
07:34.45Shrp_be careful with PPHman
07:34.50*** join/#kde matkor (
07:35.17Shrp_he/she is a bit off his/her rocker
07:35.17*** join/#kde pvandewyngaerde (
07:36.46*** join/#kde Welsh_Dwarf (
07:36.54PPHmanshrp_: what do you mean?
07:37.47*** join/#kde hekkro (
07:38.09*** join/#kde eternaleye (
07:39.10*** join/#kde mollach (n=david@
07:39.31*** join/#kde toter (
07:40.10toteris there a way to remove the popup that shows up when I hover the mouse on any taskbar icon?
07:40.34PPHmanShrp_  :  why do you say like that?
07:42.57*** join/#kde peppe (n=peppe@unaffiliated/peppe)
07:43.38andreas_Hae we set the distr#ibutions to make the deecision where the mysqld conf is?
07:47.34*** join/#kde scorpid (n=scorpid@
07:48.05Phlogihmm was ktimetracker integration in kontact removed? Or can I get somehow in kde 4.3?
07:48.29andreas_Phlogi, why remove it`?
07:48.42Phlogiandreas_: its not integrated any longer here
07:49.48Phlogioh and it crashes: <- is this a useful backtrace?
07:49.50JucatoPhlogi: you've checked Kontact settings?
07:50.12Jucato(the settings where you can configure which components should show up in Kontact)
07:50.33PhlogiJucato: yes of course, nothing there
07:50.59Jucatoyou can try asking in #kontact then. at least in 4.2.x it's still there (and actually can't be removed using the GUI...)
07:51.27*** join/#kde buscher (
07:51.30Jucatoandreas_: since KDE itself never shipped mysql, it has always been the distributions' decision where to put that
07:54.05*** join/#kde `moebius` (
07:55.50icwienertoter: Right-click on the taskbar and open the configuration. There might be something useful in there for you.
07:55.59*** join/#kde oberling (n=oberling@
07:56.10*** join/#kde tsimpson (n=stdin@ubuntu/member/stdin)
07:56.16*** join/#kde Orango (n=s-e@wikimedia/Orango)
07:58.08*** join/#kde sgh (
07:58.18*** join/#kde Moult (n=Moult@
07:59.01*** join/#kde wilder (
08:00.12*** join/#kde hkBst (n=hkBst@gentoo/developer/hkbst)
08:01.48*** join/#kde LXj (
08:03.24*** join/#kde ben2367` (
08:04.07*** join/#kde Cynner (n=plinka@
08:07.28*** join/#kde pawel314 (
08:07.32*** join/#kde Arnooob (n=Arnooob@nat/af83/x-76274404064c0f27)
08:11.50*** join/#kde Jejem (
08:13.01*** join/#kde SSJ_GZ (n=SSJ@
08:14.38*** join/#kde aslhk (
08:14.56*** join/#kde shiki- (
08:15.00*** join/#kde whitman (
08:15.22*** join/#kde vpilo (
08:16.05*** join/#kde Worf (
08:16.32*** join/#kde fawek (
08:17.47*** join/#kde lfranchi_ (
08:18.44*** join/#kde hekkro (
08:21.39*** join/#kde manoj_ (n=manoj@
08:23.36*** join/#kde FransE (n=fenglich@
08:26.16*** join/#kde agam (
08:26.34*** join/#kde bashmonk (n=sijo@nat/ibm/x-8974c1b07694a5fe)
08:27.40*** join/#kde henry-nicolas (i=d940f005@gateway/web/freenode/x-3b8c7d0fcda18a5d)
08:28.31*** join/#kde naught101 (
08:28.48*** part/#kde yang2 (i=yang@freenode/sponsor/cacert.assurer.yang)
08:29.14*** join/#kde EvilSide (
08:29.52henry-nicolasHello everybody, is kaudiocreator going to be ported to KDE4 ? what's the status of that software ?
08:34.18Jucatohenry-nicolas: it's ported. part of Extragear multimedia. so it doesn't ship together with KDE. not sure about it's status though
08:34.25hekkroHi guys, Is there a way to improve kontact/kmail speed? I mean the same email opened with thunderbird is still downloading on kmail/kontact
08:34.58henry-nicolasJucato: is it integrated within distribution (like Debian) ?
08:35.12Jucatohenry-nicolas: that depends on the distro. you'll have to ask them
08:35.39*** join/#kde evaluser (
08:36.27*** join/#kde shai (
08:36.30henry-nicolasJucato: on the websvn, I can't see it in the tagged folder, so I guess it has not yet been tagged for a release, right ?µ
08:37.30Jucatolike I said, Extragear doesn't (normally) release with KDE. they release on their own. so they aren't tagged. (there are a few Extragear apps who have decided to release "at the same time" as KDE, but are still not part of the KDE software distribution proper)
08:37.34pinotreewith "tagged folder" you mean which directory?
08:37.48Jucatooh hi pino :)
08:37.56*** join/#kde sputnick (
08:42.39*** join/#kde mschiff (
08:42.57*** join/#kde devilsadvocate (n=quassel@
08:44.57*** join/#kde aslhk (
08:45.00*** join/#kde Lord^Anubis_ (
08:45.09*** join/#kde Dumble (
08:45.35*** join/#kde Salze_ (
08:45.39DumbleHello world !
08:47.36shiki-Dumble, hey!
08:49.15*** join/#kde zarquod (
08:49.50andreas_Hey shiki
08:49.54andreas_Hey shiki-
08:50.17shiki-andreas_: hello
08:50.46*** join/#kde kdepepo (
08:50.56*** join/#kde dfg2 (
08:51.30andreas_david nolden or Hamish Rodda here?`
08:52.21*** join/#kde thunder71 (n=mario@
08:52.39*** join/#kde toter (
08:52.44*** join/#kde schoko (
08:52.45*** join/#kde krishna_ggk (n=gopala@
08:52.58andreas_Got a little problem here with Kdevelop and the duchain
08:53.14*** join/#kde pak (n=pak@
08:53.22pinotreeandreas_: #kdevelop
08:53.45*** part/#kde henry-nicolas (i=d940f005@gateway/web/freenode/x-3b8c7d0fcda18a5d)
08:55.21*** join/#kde mokoloko (
08:56.07*** join/#kde The_User (
08:56.38*** join/#kde BASEman (
08:59.57*** join/#kde `moebius` (
09:00.32*** join/#kde thiago (n=thiago@kde/thiago)
09:00.53*** join/#kde rand_acs (
09:07.48*** join/#kde xxtjaxx (
09:08.37*** join/#kde vpilo (
09:08.45*** join/#kde MaNI (
09:11.53*** join/#kde thiago_ (
09:18.17*** join/#kde pak (n=pak@
09:18.43*** join/#kde spirov92 (
09:20.34spirov92are there any really big bugs in kde 4.3? I am considering updating to the rc1
09:23.50SSJ_GZspirov92: There's an annoying Plasma crash which didn't get fixed in time for RC1
09:23.59SSJ_GZOr rather, the fix wasn't added to RC1
09:24.05*** join/#kde AlexElliott (
09:24.06*** join/#kde darthanubis (n=anubis@unaffiliated/darthanubis)
09:24.27spirov92I'll try it anyway
09:25.06*** join/#kde jreznik (n=jreznik@nat/redhat/x-2d3fa1d975bb9a02)
09:25.56*** join/#kde rand_acs (
09:26.06*** join/#kde ima (n=ima@
09:26.41*** join/#kde SoftVision (n=rb2102@
09:27.20*** join/#kde thiago_ (
09:27.30*** join/#kde DaZ- (
09:27.36SoftVisionhi I'm looking for a qt-based IDE for C. any suggestions?
09:28.14JucatoQt Creator I guess. but for Qt-only apps, there's #qt and
09:28.39*** join/#kde amalon (
09:28.40JucatoKDevelop (the KDE 3 version, forgot the actual version number) is a multi-language IDE
09:28.53SoftVisionok thanks I'll check them out.
09:28.58Jucato(KDevelop4 is still under heavy development)
09:30.26*** part/#kde spirov92 (
09:35.00*** join/#kde thiago__ (
09:35.16*** join/#kde awidegreen (
09:37.02*** join/#kde atomik (
09:37.31*** join/#kde jreznik_ (
09:38.06*** join/#kde lantizia (n=lantizia@
09:38.25lantiziaHey, I'm writing a quick language file... how would you say "Change Password" in german?
09:39.35*** join/#kde smorg (
09:39.45lantiziaPasswort ändern ?
09:40.36*** join/#kde scorpid (n=scorpid@
09:42.00*** join/#kde jreznik__ (
09:44.53*** join/#kde thiago (n=thiago@kde/thiago)
09:48.54*** part/#kde lantizia (n=lantizia@
09:50.36*** join/#kde yokto (
09:51.59yoktois there a way in kmail to reply to a mail that you don't have (change the In-Reply-To tag) if you have the Message-ID of that mail?
09:52.12*** join/#kde jreznik (
09:54.23*** part/#kde SoftVision (n=rb2102@
09:54.55*** join/#kde thiago_ (
09:56.54szalother than putting the mail in the Outgoing folder & editing the field by hand w/ a text editor, I wouldn't know
09:57.45szalbest if you use maildir for such 'operations', w/ mbox you might be searching your a** off for the msg
09:58.52*** join/#kde Zeta (
09:59.19*** part/#kde Zeta_ (
10:00.09*** join/#kde LXj (
10:00.19*** join/#kde rahmanu (n=rahmanu@
10:02.05*** join/#kde awidegreen_ (
10:02.33*** join/#kde Phlogi_ (
10:11.54*** join/#kde asraniel (
10:12.29*** join/#kde hcl2 (n=hardcore@
10:14.02*** join/#kde mosthated (n=mosthate@
10:15.49*** join/#kde TobiaszCudnik1 (
10:15.52*** join/#kde Psychey (n=me@
10:16.11*** join/#kde Orango (n=s-e@wikimedia/Orango)
10:17.40*** join/#kde cgoncalves (n=carlos@opensuse/member/Cgoncalves)
10:19.32*** join/#kde Stalafin (
10:21.53*** join/#kde sacha (n=sacha@
10:24.24*** join/#kde nucleo (n=nucleo@fedora/nucleo)
10:24.31*** join/#kde sacha (n=sacha@
10:29.51*** join/#kde kde_pepo (
10:30.57*** join/#kde Qu4Z (
10:31.55*** join/#kde amalon (
10:32.56*** join/#kde carsten_ (
10:33.13tuxickkmail not timing out trying to connect to remote imap server
10:33.17tuxickwhat could cause that?
10:33.20*** join/#kde aslhk (
10:33.23tuxickno messages, just waiting
10:33.35tuxickit's rather lame
10:34.14tuxickrestarting fixed it ;p
10:36.59*** part/#kde mosthated (n=mosthate@
10:39.31*** join/#kde DerHorst (
10:40.31*** join/#kde vbgunz (
10:40.40*** join/#kde jreznik (
10:40.54*** join/#kde MaNI (
10:40.54*** join/#kde Half-Left (n=KDE4Art@
10:44.40*** join/#kde phar0z (
10:45.56*** join/#kde jreznik_ (
10:48.20phar0zHow Can I get xchat with a transparent background in KDE 4.x ?
10:48.49*** join/#kde Qt (n=egns@unaffiliated/egns)
10:53.20*** join/#kde jado (
10:53.33*** join/#kde jreznik_ (
10:53.38*** join/#kde gajorgem (n=gajorgem@
10:54.52*** join/#kde ryanakca (n=ryan@ubuntu/member/ryanakca)
10:56.23*** join/#kde Regexfoo (n=Regexfoo@
10:57.21*** join/#kde Ace2017_- (
10:58.05*** join/#kde davidc_____ (
10:58.14*** join/#kde zimon (
10:59.14*** join/#kde floe (n=flo@
11:00.37*** join/#kde aslhk (
11:03.40*** join/#kde daniel2 (n=daniel@unaffiliated/danielshafer)
11:06.35*** join/#kde icwiener_ (
11:08.54*** join/#kde Slony (
11:09.12*** part/#kde Frantic (n=Frantic@unaffiliated/frantic225)
11:09.19*** join/#kde Frantic (n=Frantic@unaffiliated/frantic225)
11:09.41SlonyHelp, can I somehow disable only 1 specific window from blinking in the task manager panel?
11:09.54Franticguys, I'm using the Zion reversed dark theme, any idea how I can fix my firefox fields and widgets?
11:10.08SlonyTo be precise, its the toolbox window from Gimp. Its not a real window, but it often needs me to click on it just so it stops blinking, and thereby pissing me off.
11:12.05*** join/#kde MonsieurHibou (n=val@
11:12.10*** join/#kde lfranchi (n=quassel@amarok/developer/lfranchi)
11:12.30Half-LeftWell the gimp toolbox it is a real window
11:14.11*** join/#kde Peace- (
11:14.28Slonyit doesnt alt+tab like a real window
11:14.31Slonyits speshul.
11:15.25Half-LeftThat's mostly lightly because it's setup to be part of gimp as one but has window options
11:16.59*** join/#kde Welsh_Dwarf (
11:17.09Slonywell anyway can i disable activity blinking pissifying notification? ;]
11:17.13Half-LeftSlony: We don't support GIMP here but you'll have to play around with it's window management options
11:17.14Slony(only for that window)
11:17.48Slonysometimes it seems to call me for no reason, just starts blinking out of the blue, as if it gets lonely
11:23.18*** join/#kde liveuser (n=liveuser@
11:23.29*** join/#kde mck182 (n=quassel@
11:23.54Half-LeftFor one start you can turn the toolbox into a utility window
11:28.03*** join/#kde mck182 (n=quassel@
11:29.44*** join/#kde freinhard (
11:30.26*** join/#kde delt0r___ (
11:30.37*** join/#kde scorpid (n=scorpid@
11:31.33*** join/#kde SSJ_GZ (n=SSJ@
11:31.41*** join/#kde S-man (
11:32.25*** join/#kde stalkerg (n=stalkerg@
11:34.00*** join/#kde marko_d (n=marko_d@
11:34.04*** join/#kde xxtjaxx (
11:36.48*** join/#kde mmauder (
11:38.11SlonyHalf-Left it seems to already be a utility window
11:38.25*** join/#kde shiznix (
11:38.32Slonyrightclick > advanced > special window settings > window extra
11:38.36Slonyutility window is highlighted
11:38.46*** join/#kde mgraesslin (
11:39.03Half-LeftI mean in the GIMP options itself
11:39.20*** join/#kde triptik (
11:39.32Half-LeftYou should ask in the GIMP channel
11:39.38*** join/#kde Markus23 (n=Markus@
11:39.54Markus23Which encryption algorithm does kwallet use?
11:40.19Markus23In the handbook it does not say - which looks very unprofessional
11:40.30SlonyWhat does "skip pager" mean?
11:40.56Slonythe help tooltip is useless there
11:41.04Half-LeftMost light doesn't show
11:41.25*** join/#kde sgh (
11:42.05*** join/#kde mgraesslin_ (
11:42.35SlonyHalf-Left could you rephrase? I didnt understand that
11:42.54Half-LeftI.e doesn't show in the pager
11:43.17Slonywhat is the pager?
11:43.41*** part/#kde triptik (
11:44.05Half-LeftYou don't know what a pager does or is?
11:44.21JucatoSlony: the desktop pager. the 4 (or 2, depending on distro) boxes on the panel that let's you switch desktops
11:44.58Markus23it seems to use blowfish CBC mode and SHA-1 hasing for data integrity
11:45.15Slonywould perhaps "focus stealing prevention" prevent it from flashing?
11:45.45*** join/#kde zimon (
11:46.43zimonhello .. i've got a problem with printing in kde 4.2 .. printig via lpr works, but when i try to print out of okular my printer produces blank pages only
11:46.44*** part/#kde Markus23 (n=Markus@
11:47.53*** join/#kde Worf (
11:48.25*** join/#kde mschiff (
11:50.19*** join/#kde BCMM (n=bcmm@unaffiliated/bcmm)
11:50.49zimonupdate: printing a textfile from kwrite works. printing pdf from okular doesn't
11:52.53*** join/#kde annma (
11:53.56*** join/#kde mgraesslin (
11:54.09*** join/#kde romullo1 (n=romulo@
11:54.28*** join/#kde r_444444 (n=r_444444@
11:54.33*** join/#kde devilsadvocate_ (n=devilsad@
11:54.59*** join/#kde ris (
11:56.37*** join/#kde AMorozov (
11:56.39*** join/#kde pantelis (
11:58.04AMorozovI'd like to ask whether it's possible to make a panel (or other plasma widget) to float over all other desktop elements: windows, other widgets e t.c.
11:58.59*** join/#kde kage-ookami (
12:01.46*** join/#kde kage-ookami (
12:01.55*** join/#kde mgraesslin_ (
12:02.04annmaAMorozov: plasma widgets are on the canvas
12:02.38*** join/#kde maour (n=gnu@unaffiliated/maour)
12:02.40annmaso no
12:03.31*** join/#kde Kavorka_ (
12:04.40*** join/#kde mgraesslin_ (
12:05.04AMorozovIs it planned to be changed in a future releases or maybe an alternative approach. I'd like to have something to be always visible but not eating screenspace...
12:06.09Kavorka_any users having problems here having new msn contacts in kopete appearing offline even though they are actually online?
12:06.27Half-LeftWell if it's visible it's always "eating screenspace"
12:07.34Half-LeftUnless you use Dashboard
12:08.24annmaKavorka_: #kopete
12:08.25AMorozovHalf-Left: no, not necessary. E.g. it may reside near the upper side of the screen over (usually unused) windows titles space.
12:08.59annmaplasma widgets cannot "float" over windows as far as I know
12:09.24AMorozovJust a moment, I'll make a screenshot.Well, panels can. But I can't make it "always on top"
12:09.35Half-LeftAs said though widgets can never be in front of windows
12:09.40SSJ_GZJust use plasmoidviewer
12:10.22AMorozovSo I have to move the mouse to the upper side to see clocks and tray area... Just a moment...
12:10.50SlonyWould be neat if we could designate one of the screen corners to show all the plasma widgets above anything currently open
12:11.15Slonyand also to be able to drag a file onto that screen corner so we can then drop in unto one of these widgets.
12:11.25Slonye.g. the pastebin/imagebin uploaded widget
12:11.39*** join/#kde Ace2017_- (
12:11.53Half-LeftWell you can if they're on the panel
12:12.10Slony"the panel" what panel?
12:12.33Half-LeftAny panel, i.e the main one
12:12.53Half-LeftThe panel is a top level window
12:12.58Half-LeftWidgets are not
12:13.00*** join/#kde milliams (
12:13.08*** join/#kde bbelt16ag (n=erin@
12:13.38Half-LeftBut you can get around this by putting widgets into a panel
12:13.40*** join/#kde sgh (
12:14.08*** join/#kde Orango (n=s-e@wikimedia/Orango)
12:14.14Slonythanks :)
12:14.59Half-LeftSo it solves your problem by being in the panel, which in itelf can be under or autohide
12:15.39*** join/#kde dazjorz (
12:17.54*** join/#kde C-MoH (
12:18.29*** join/#kde reavertm (
12:18.35*** join/#kde dantti (n=dantti@
12:20.01*** join/#kde mata (n=mata@
12:20.07*** join/#kde icwiener-_- (
12:22.00*** join/#kde xavier_g (
12:22.27AMorozovHere it is upper panel is what I'd like to see always on top. But I can't make it such, there's no a special config option. The "special window parameters" don't help either.
12:26.33Half-LeftAMorozov: There is a "Windows can go below" option for the panel
12:26.47Half-Left"Windows go below"
12:28.10*** join/#kde bertodsera (n=quasseul@
12:29.19AMorozovHalf-Left: and they actually can :) You may see it on the screenshot. But they also can go up, so the panel goes underneath.
12:31.37*** join/#kde pagesailor (n=quassel@
12:34.20*** join/#kde darkhamm (
12:34.41*** join/#kde TheVirtualVortex (n=vincent@
12:36.26*** join/#kde ichbinesderelch (
12:36.44*** join/#kde guax (
12:39.53*** join/#kde g0n (
12:39.53*** join/#kde substr (
12:43.18*** join/#kde InspectorCluseau (n=Inspecto@
12:44.57AMorozovBTW, it *seems* that "special windows settings" don't work as expected in 4.2.4. At least I can't force kopete contacts window to be "utility window" as it works for me in KDE3 (even if I run kopete-4 in KDE3 environment). Is it a know bug or maybe I just didn't configure it /properly/ ?
12:45.44*** join/#kde zeltak (n=quassel@
12:46.04*** join/#kde strikeu (
12:46.44*** join/#kde vital (
12:49.41*** join/#kde rdieter (n=rdieter@
12:50.56*** join/#kde manu_ (
12:51.33*** join/#kde icwiener (n=icw@
12:52.13*** join/#kde judgen (n=judgen@
12:52.22manu_how can i get my exact kde version and my qt lib version and kdelibs with console command
12:53.05AMorozovmanu_: well, the simplest way I think is to ask /your package manager/.
12:53.10*** join/#kde aslhk (
12:53.24manu_i use apt
12:53.44AMorozovif you use debian or ubuntu use dpkg-query or apt.
12:55.11AMorozovdpkg -query I think is the most efficient way to do this. Use smth likedpkg-query -l | grep 'kde\|qt'
12:55.40*** join/#kde anil (n=anil@
12:56.05setomanu_: maybee apt-cache policy packagename can be helpfull too
12:56.25*** part/#kde phpmonk (n=anil@
12:56.59SSJ_GZmanu_: kde-config -v
12:57.18SSJ_GZOr kde4-config -v for KDE4
12:57.41*** join/#kde mck182 (n=quassel@
13:00.33*** join/#kde andreportela (
13:00.45*** join/#kde jehan (
13:01.18manu_what other infos are usefull to write a confirmation of a bug?
13:01.26*** join/#kde viana (n=viana@
13:01.39*** join/#kde blade_runner (n=arezende@
13:01.59*** join/#kde noaXess (
13:02.16*** join/#kde shiki- (
13:02.20*** join/#kde marekmarekt (
13:03.06szaljust to reassure myself..  I have a working KMail setup in my other distro on the 2nd HDD..  will it suffice to symlink the kmail directory and the config files to this home for KMail to work like I want it to?
13:03.26*** join/#kde libervisco (n=libervis@tuxhacker/libervisco)
13:03.52judgenI dont remember how to get the desktop icons on kde4... could someone please enlighten me...
13:04.24AMorozovwell, generally yes. Just make sure you have a valid backup of your mails :)
13:08.05*** join/#kde dvda (n=dvda@
13:08.24*** join/#kde Harrold_ (n=quassel@
13:08.28*** join/#kde wasynyt_ (
13:08.51*** part/#kde AMorozov (
13:09.03*** join/#kde seria-mau (n=seria-ma@
13:09.50judgenhmm i think plasma crashed.
13:10.17seria-maui compiled kile 2.1 beta1 for my kde 4.3 rc1 install, but it's incomplete: i can't compile my latex documents with pdflatex. the 2.1 version vom debian for kde 4.2.4 has all this options. any ideas?
13:10.26pvandewynKandlemy plasma crashed a lot, but thats because its svn
13:10.28*** join/#kde fyanardi (n=edi@
13:11.27pvandewynKandleseria-mau, i ahd to install some additional packages  and suddenly it had the options in kile , it was  *tex*-common   i think
13:12.04*** join/#kde spirov92 (
13:12.46spirov92I'm on opensuse, and just updated from 4.2 to 4.3 rc1
13:12.55tuxickoh dear!
13:13.18spirov92but there's a naming change, and now the settings are in .kde instead of .kde4
13:13.27*** join/#kde fawek (n=faw@
13:13.27spirov92if I just rename the folder, will it work?
13:13.42pvandewynKandlespirov92 make it a link, so both work
13:14.12seria-maupvandewynKandle: additional kde packages?
13:15.19pvandewynKandleno tex packages
13:15.32seria-maui have all tex packages i need
13:16.01seria-mauit's a problem with this compiled kile version, my tex installation is complete
13:17.04*** join/#kde stuffcorpse (n=rick@
13:18.05*** join/#kde draugdel (
13:18.35*** join/#kde heise2k (n=rheise@
13:19.05*** join/#kde judgen (n=judgen@
13:20.24*** join/#kde strikeu_ (
13:20.26judgeni i crashed. Once more then.... How do i get a plain icon desktop?
13:20.47*** join/#kde |dantti| (n=dantti@
13:21.04seria-maujudgen: what do you mean by "plain icon desktop"?
13:21.22*** part/#kde Slony (
13:21.32annmajudgen: drag something from Kickoff for example
13:21.40annmato get an icon which starts a prog
13:22.37*** join/#kde hartung-rey (
13:23.21*** join/#kde mzanetti (
13:23.29*** join/#kde aslhk (
13:26.53*** join/#kde krishna_ggk (n=gopala@
13:27.36*** join/#kde kageookami (
13:28.17*** join/#kde scorpid (n=scorpid@
13:30.06*** join/#kde kW (n=kW@unaffiliated/kw)
13:30.12judgenannma: i thought it was the "Desktop folder" widget that i could use.
13:30.29*** join/#kde junkDawgie (n=blkdrago@
13:30.37*** join/#kde JackWinter (
13:31.04*** join/#kde Aleshus (n=aleshus@
13:31.50*** join/#kde strikeu (
13:32.46*** join/#kde jthomas_sb (
13:34.49seria-maujudgen: you could also make your whole desktop a "desktop folder": right click on desktop -> desktop settings -> Desktop Activity Type: Folder View
13:35.06judgenseria-mau: thats what i want
13:35.21seria-maujudgen: does it work?
13:35.55*** join/#kde eNTi (n=eNTi@
13:36.07judgenseria-mau: yes. Thankyou very much
13:36.55judgennow... how do i remove the yellow blob in the corner?
13:37.15seria-mauthe cashew? well, you can't. unfortunately.
13:37.54*** join/#kde Half-Left (
13:38.33MinceRif this is true, then you can :>
13:38.40*** join/#kde Yemmi (
13:39.10*** join/#kde Orango|Mobile (n=s-e@wikimedia/Orango)
13:40.04judgenMinceR: does that work on RC1?
13:40.06Half-LeftMinceR: It's just a shame they're childish about it.
13:40.12MinceRi've never tried it
13:40.18MinceRthat's why i said "if this is true" :>
13:40.36*** join/#kde Yagami (n=quassel@
13:41.19seria-mauHalf-Left: true. i think i never used the cashew...
13:42.38*** join/#kde cumulus007 (n=sander@unaffiliated/cumulus007)
13:42.39Half-LeftI mean the person who implemented that "I hate cashew"
13:43.02seria-mauwell, i really don't like it
13:43.03*** join/#kde marekmarekt (
13:43.06cumulus007Hi, there happens to be a KDE 4.3 release counter, where can I find the resources to translate it into Dutch?
13:43.53Half-LeftJust hide it behind the panel :)
13:45.12*** join/#kde strikeu (n=dev@
13:45.30*** join/#kde Capitanquartz (n=nintux@
13:45.44seria-mauHalf-Left: i can't because when i expand the panel to full screen width, the digital clock gets cut of. so i have to make my panel smaller and - there's the cashew again
13:46.03junkDawgiebest i can tell, the only reason to use cashew "activities" instead of conventional multiple desktops is to have different plasmoids on each full screen display
13:46.10Half-LeftHide it behind the smaller panel
13:47.07Half-LeftIn 4.3 it has short cut settings now and it also useful for other devices, not just desktops
13:47.52cumulus007argh, the dutch translation that someone posted is bad
13:48.45junkDawgiethe cashew ZoomIn/ZoomOut can have a keyboard shortcut, Half-Left?
13:48.57Half-LeftThe toolbox would be extremely useful with touch screen devices as well
13:49.02*** join/#kde bentob0x (
13:49.30Half-LeftjunkDawgie: Yep, Alt, D +
13:49.56*** join/#kde klebezettel (
13:49.58mzanetticumulus007: You can write your improvements to the suggested mail address if you wish
13:50.27junkDawgiegood point... touchscreen is a place i hadn't thought of... would be perfect for cellphone/PDA
13:50.52*** join/#kde mgraesslin (
13:51.39seria-mauwell, i don't have a touchscreen
13:51.55*** join/#kde mgraesslin_ (
13:52.20Half-LeftWell really, who want to have to right click everything to get to settings
13:52.48Half-LeftWhen you can just click it
13:54.28*** join/#kde Skitt (
13:54.34*** join/#kde spirov92 (
13:54.52seria-mauwho needs an extra widget on the desktop if one can just right click on it :)
13:55.53spirov92do you guys know if there's any progress on kde4 Quanta?
13:56.06freinhardfile/folder names get cut at "-" in plasma extenders. can anyone find an existing bug for that?
13:56.18judgenMinceR: Seems i cant get that cashew remover to work it seems
13:56.30junkDawgiewhen we get the eyepiece hardware to look and blink, your mouse will be old hat, seria-mau
13:56.33judgenIll just have to leave it there for now
13:57.30judgenOk another probably stupid question: How do i disable the trashcan in KDE? I want to delete directly without resorting to terminal.
13:57.53judgenJucato: No i ment by default-
13:58.31*** join/#kde thomasj_ (
13:59.39*** join/#kde Oceanwatcher (
13:59.42Jucatono idea then
14:00.42Jucato(in any case, if you had time to actually delete from the terminal, I think Shift+Del or even right-click -> Delete is still way faster...)
14:00.55SSJ_GZI guess you could swap the "Delete" and "Move to Trash" shortcuts
14:01.17Jucatoprobably. from the global settings perhaps
14:01.20judgenSSJ_GZ: yeah
14:01.38*** join/#kde perlmonkey2 (n=perlmonk@
14:02.21perlmonkey2Is there any way to get the network plasmoid to tell you the network bandwidth when it is embedded in a panel?
14:04.37*** join/#kde lunitik (
14:05.13*** join/#kde Half-Left1 (
14:06.00cumulus007mzanetti: they have mail :)
14:06.07*** join/#kde Half-Left (
14:07.01darthanubisperlmonkey2: no
14:08.09*** join/#kde lesshaste (
14:08.09*** join/#kde amalon (
14:08.49*** join/#kde gimpuzmani (n=gimpuzma@
14:09.42*** join/#kde lunitik (
14:09.54gimpuzmaniI want to interview with kde developer
14:10.36annmagimpuzmani: what area?
14:10.51*** join/#kde mighty_ (n=mighty@
14:10.54annmaare you interested in?
14:10.57gimpuzmaniWhere can I find them
14:11.18*** part/#kde mighty_ (n=mighty@
14:11.20pvandewynKandlecurrently there are a lot of them at GCDS
14:11.21annmathe best is to send your questions either to kde Promo mailing list
14:11.24lesshasteis there a kile channel somewhere?
14:11.34gimpuzmanithanks anna
14:11.47gimpuzmanithanks annma
14:11.48Jucatolesshaste: there doesn't seem to be one. you could try their web page. it has a link to forums
14:11.51Half-Left'Please leave you name and number and we'll get back to you'
14:11.57gimpuzmaniannma, you are developer
14:12.00seria-maulesshaste: i have a similar issue hier
14:12.03lesshasteJucato, ah ok.. I just need to find a kile user really
14:12.05lesshasteseria-mau, really?
14:12.09lesshasteseria-mau, on jaunty?
14:12.13annmagimpuzmani: precise for what magazine/.. the interview is
14:12.15*** join/#kde lunitik (n=quassel@
14:12.24seria-maulesshaste: no, on debian. kile 2.1 beta1 compiled for kde 4.3 rc1
14:12.40lesshasteseria-mau, sounds very similar...did you ask in #debian?
14:12.52lesshastethey won't answer ubuntu questions :)
14:13.02darthanubisnot at ALL
14:13.07gimpuzmaniannma,  for tuskish e-magazine
14:13.12pvandewynKandlei had a similar problem on Kubuntu,  i remember installing some more  tex packages and suddenly it worked
14:13.14seria-maulesshaste: no, because the debian package of kile 2.1b1 works fine with the kde 4.2.4 from debian
14:13.30seria-maupvandewynKandle: that's not the problem here
14:13.33lesshasteseria-mau, ah.. well I am actually in gnome :)
14:13.35annmagimpuzmani: OK the KDE Promo mailing list is the best
14:13.44*** join/#kde evdvelde (n=evdvelde@
14:13.58gimpuzmaniannma, Thanks
14:14.03lesshasteseria-mau, kile 2.0.81 with kde libs 4.2.2
14:14.08*** part/#kde evdvelde (n=evdvelde@
14:14.12*** join/#kde tampakrap_ (
14:14.19gimpuzmaniI will send question to mailing list
14:14.23spirov92what is the current version of konversation?
14:15.09darthanubisVersion 1.2-alpha2
14:15.16darthanubisUsing KDE 4.2.95 (KDE 4.2.95 (KDE 4.3 RC1))
14:15.33*** join/#kde neechan (
14:15.37judgenHmm what is a spacer called in swedish =P
14:15.43darthanubisI don't have alpha4?
14:15.52spirov92yes, I see alpha 4 too
14:16.09darthanubisoh well
14:16.14*** join/#kde Worf (
14:16.31*** part/#kde perlmonkey2 (n=perlmonk@
14:16.34darthanubisnot using opensuse
14:16.34*** join/#kde BluesMurf (
14:16.45seria-maulesshaste: 2.0.82
14:16.51spirov92but is there a stable version, compatible with 4.3rc1?
14:17.00lesshasteseria-mau, all sounds very similar
14:17.08seria-maulesshaste: maybe there are some issues with 4.3, because it works with 4.2.x
14:17.21darthanubismy konversation is VERY stable
14:17.27lesshasteseria-mau, not for me
14:17.30lesshasteseria-mau, I am on 4.2.2
14:19.16*** join/#kde Orango (n=s-e@wikimedia/Orango)
14:22.14annmahas to go to the airport
14:22.34*** join/#kde triptik (
14:25.03*** part/#kde triptik (
14:25.03*** join/#kde Jonty (
14:25.12*** part/#kde darkhamm (
14:25.22judgenHow do i hide the .desktop extension=
14:26.13*** join/#kde buntfalke (n=nobody@unaffiliated/buntfalke)
14:27.05*** join/#kde Megaf (n=quassel@unaffiliated/megaf)
14:27.20*** join/#kde Gilde (
14:27.34*** join/#kde draugdel (
14:28.18MinceRsounds like a bad idea to me
14:28.23MinceRsadly, nautilus does it
14:28.30MinceR(hm, maybe it can be configured not to)
14:28.41judgenMinceR: i just want it in one folder... the desktop.
14:29.09MinceRit would be sane that way -- as long as you control what gets its extension hidden
14:30.30*** join/#kde klebezettel (
14:32.04*** join/#kde aslhk (
14:32.52*** join/#kde bsm (
14:33.35bsmhi, since the upgrade to kde 4.3 beta plasma-desktop is causing ~150wakeups/sec on powertop and 10% cpu load all the time, is this "normal"?
14:35.03*** join/#kde gigasoft (n=gigasoft@
14:35.51*** join/#kde romullo (n=romulo@
14:36.33*** join/#kde Qu4Z (
14:37.16seria-mauare these dupes?
14:37.44Half-Leftbsm: Nope but you're better off not using the beta now and use RC1.
14:37.57*** join/#kde trentcreek (n=tcreek@
14:37.59*** join/#kde ragsagar (n=ragsagar@
14:39.03Half-LeftI'm sure they'll get around to looking at them
14:39.26SSJ_GZseria-mau: They are very, very similar, at least
14:40.09SSJ_GZseria-mau: I'll mark it as a dupe.
14:40.47SSJ_GZWell spotted :)
14:43.02seria-maubtw, there's a commit mentioned in the comments, but how can i patch my rc1 sources with it?
14:43.24judgenOk one last question: When i run synaptic as root, it does not use the kde style i have chosen. but rather plastik.
14:43.33*** join/#kde evdvelde (n=evdvelde@
14:43.47seria-maujudgen: isn't synaptic a gtk+ application?
14:44.01judgenseria-mau: yes but i use the translator to QT
14:44.24*** join/#kde icwiener_ (
14:44.40judgenwell i figured it out... i have to use the qtconfig-qt4
14:44.55judgenNow everything is gorgeous =)
14:44.56SSJ_GZseria-mau: In my personal opinion, if you're comfortable with compiling, you may as well compile from SVN (branches/4.3)
14:45.07*** join/#kde MaNI (
14:45.16*** join/#kde shai (
14:45.40SSJ_GZThat way, you don't have to manually cherry-pick and merge in patches for RC1 bugs
14:46.12seria-maucan i use kdesvn-build to automate it?
14:46.39SSJ_GZseria-mau: Probably - I've never used it myself, though :)
14:46.47seria-maulast time i tried to compile a tag(!) i failed, but you mentioned a branch, so i guess it's okay
14:46.54*** join/#kde jthomas_sb (
14:47.05*** join/#kde spirov92 (n=dean@
14:47.08*** join/#kde evdvelde (n=evdvelde@
14:47.15*** join/#kde scorpid (n=scorpid@
14:47.35seria-mauhmm, well. let's do it and use this computers spare cycles for sth useful
14:47.52SSJ_GZThat's the spirit :)
14:49.04*** join/#kde Bluefalcon09 (
14:51.26*** join/#kde evdvelde (n=evdvelde@
14:52.18*** join/#kde vivian (
14:52.30*** join/#kde true (n=true@tor/regular/true)
14:53.34*** join/#kde moonflux (
14:53.41*** join/#kde ealexp (n=ealexp@
14:53.58*** join/#kde reavertm (
14:54.00truehey all, interesting problem... dell precision m4400, RGB LED backlit display. after a day or so of power on time, backlight adjustments don't work from the power applet and when the screen is set to power managed, it goes full white instead of turning off. when trying to adjust brightness with the applet, there is a delay and no adjustment, and the fn keys on the keyboard don't work either. Only way to fix is not only to reboot, but to pull all power and batter
14:54.20trueI think it is a kernel interface problem but have really no idea where to go from this - I upgraded to KDE4 at the same time I upgraded to this notebook
14:54.29*** part/#kde trentcreek (n=tcreek@
14:55.02*** part/#kde ragsagar (n=ragsagar@
14:55.05trueso don't know if it is KDE4's backlight interface or a kernel problem, no idea at all how to debug
14:55.12*** join/#kde joeytwiddle (n=joey@
14:55.39trueproblem does not occur in windows, tested for days with no problems, but I don't use windows :)
14:55.41*** join/#kde evdvelde (n=evdvelde@
14:55.42*** join/#kde mgraesslin (
14:56.03*** join/#kde madsdyd (
14:56.04seria-mauSSJ_GZ: kdesupport is only in trunk?
14:56.05madsdydHi there
14:56.21SSJ_GZtrue: Maybe try it in GNOME, to see if it works there? If so, it's probably not a kernel problem.
14:56.25madsdydAnyone know if one can disable the krunner "expansion", when it finds a hit? It is amazingly slow on my machine...
14:56.33*** join/#kde The_Ball_ (
14:56.38*** join/#kde strikeu_ (
14:56.48madsdydkde 4.2.2 btq
14:56.52trueSSJ_GZ: I do not use gnome, I was hoping there was something speicfically re: logs or debug info with the applet and / or kernel
14:56.57*** join/#kde s|k` (
14:57.19trueSSJ_GZ: for instance, how the backlight is adjusted and interfaced with, it doesn't use the standard backlight interface
14:57.23SSJ_GZseria-mau: I'm not sure.  Maybe try the trunk version and see if it works.
14:57.24*** join/#kde tdn (
14:57.43SSJ_GZtrue: I don't really have any other ideas besides that :/
14:58.33trueSSJ_GZ: only other thing I can think of is removing dell support or dell backlight control stuff from kernel and trying that, and if it works then it still doesn't tell me if it is a KDE problem or kernel problem but it'd tell me it isn't a hardware problem (which I know it isn't already as it doesn't happen in non-linux environment) :/
14:59.42truemostly the same notebook as the latitude e6500 which is much cheaper, but doesn't have RGBLED display (I have one of those too by chance, plan to install gentoo+kde4 on it this week, will see if the problem exists with that display)
15:00.08*** join/#kde k4i (n=k4i@
15:00.19trueso no ideas for debug? alright :/ I'll ask again in a few hours
15:00.20*** join/#kde trentcreek (n=tcreek@
15:00.43true(don't think I could survive gnome for a few days without /wrists tbh)
15:01.21*** join/#kde InspectorCluseau (n=Inspecto@
15:01.56*** join/#kde mgraesslin_ (
15:01.58*** join/#kde daum (
15:02.08*** join/#kde noaXess (
15:02.12*** join/#kde Ratfink (
15:02.34daumwhat does everyone use for mail management  I currently use kmail, but with 52k emails in my inbox, whenever i click off to sent mail or anything and back to inbox the program just freezes for a good 30 seconds while it loads it up, any suggestions to fix this?
15:03.04*** join/#kde Trevelyan (n=TJ@unaffiliated/trevelyan)
15:03.27Ratfinkexcuse me, how do I make konsole beep using the system bell?
15:03.55daumRatfink, settings->bell_>system bell?
15:04.44*** join/#kde FlyingFoX (n=FlyingFo@
15:04.53Ratfinkin konsole's menus?  I see no bell menu in settings.
15:05.25*** join/#kde aslhk (
15:06.13*** join/#kde TobiaszCudnik (
15:06.28*** join/#kde johnfg (
15:06.32johnfghi folks
15:06.53*** join/#kde arne___ (
15:07.21johnfghow do I get my bookmarks tab back on the left side of KRDC?  I closed it so I'd have more room, without going full screen, but now I can't figure out how to get it back.
15:07.50*** join/#kde star_ (
15:10.04truejohnfg: hold on
15:10.21truejohnfg: settings->remote desktops
15:10.23johnfgtrue, OK
15:10.38truejohnfg: it isn't very intuitive, it should say "remote desktops sidebar" or something better
15:11.03*** join/#kde cryos (n=cryos@gentoo/developer/cryos)
15:11.30truebut it can be detached / moved so I guess it isn't always a sidebar :)
15:11.46*** join/#kde sobczyk (
15:12.31setohmm I get this error : make[2]: *** [akonadi/CMakeFiles/akonadi-kde.dir/itemserializer.o] Erreur 1
15:12.47*** join/#kde zeltak (n=quassel@
15:12.48setowhen I try to cmakekde kpimutils (in kpimlibs)
15:13.47*** join/#kde asraniel (
15:13.56*** join/#kde hroi (
15:14.33*** join/#kde debfx (
15:14.40*** join/#kde mohankumar (n=mohan@
15:15.00*** join/#kde FlyingFo1 (n=FlyingFo@
15:16.08*** join/#kde Capitanquartz (
15:16.10*** join/#kde olechka (n=olechka@
15:18.12*** join/#kde Deaimel (
15:20.31*** join/#kde mmauder (
15:21.56*** join/#kde pgega (
15:22.18*** join/#kde w00ter (
15:23.05*** join/#kde tsimpson (n=stdin@ubuntu/member/stdin)
15:24.45judgenAnyone know why kgeography seems to be so buggy?
15:24.49judgenOr is it just me?
15:26.57lesshasteit has spain in the middle east?
15:27.11w00terspain in the middle east hahaha
15:27.30*** join/#kde madsdyd (
15:28.36w00terIt might be buggy never used it before.  What I'd like to know is how to install the 64bit version of Flash tar gunzip on sabayon
15:28.49*** join/#kde toto (
15:28.50w00terterminal somehow.
15:31.20*** join/#kde mlabuda (n=mlabuda@
15:31.26Half-Leftw00ter: drop the .so file into ~/.mozilla/plugins
15:32.51*** join/#kde tuvok (
15:35.13*** join/#kde caotic (n=caotic@
15:36.26*** join/#kde margiolas (
15:38.34*** join/#kde sergey (n=sergey@
15:39.58*** part/#kde sergey (n=sergey@
15:45.51*** join/#kde hachiya (
15:46.39*** join/#kde star_ (
15:53.54*** join/#kde zeltak (
15:55.34*** join/#kde triptik (
15:57.49*** join/#kde jthomas_sb (
15:58.10*** join/#kde mhilmi (
15:59.34*** join/#kde saxcz (
16:00.01*** join/#kde fyanardi_ (n=edi@
16:00.31*** join/#kde sujith (n=sujith@
16:01.05*** join/#kde Diego (n=Diego@
16:01.07*** part/#kde saxcz (
16:01.48*** join/#kde aslhk (
16:02.11*** join/#kde Moult (n=Moult@
16:02.21*** join/#kde Diego (n=Diego@
16:02.42*** join/#kde Skitt (
16:03.34*** join/#kde Diego_Col (n=Diego@
16:03.50*** join/#kde fyanardi (n=edi@
16:04.19*** join/#kde Ozy-work2 (
16:04.24*** join/#kde Peace- (
16:07.06madsdyddaum: re your 52k mail box: consider splitting it up, also, make sure you are using Maildir.
16:07.08*** join/#kde SSJ_GZ (n=SSJ@
16:08.42*** join/#kde Moult|ssh (n=Moult|ss@
16:12.17*** join/#kde Tomasu (
16:12.26*** join/#kde sayakb (n=sayakb@ubuntu/member/kde.sayakb)
16:13.31*** join/#kde Moult (n=Moult@
16:14.20*** join/#kde kahn (n=chatzill@
16:14.22*** part/#kde triptik (
16:16.17*** join/#kde Davidebian (
16:16.23*** part/#kde Davidebian (
16:18.53*** join/#kde scorpid (n=scorpid@
16:19.47*** join/#kde HaakonME (
16:20.55*** join/#kde Salze (
16:21.00Ace2017_-Bluefalcon09: hi
16:21.12*** join/#kde mschiff (
16:25.36*** join/#kde bsm (
16:25.51*** join/#kde Sho_ (n=EHS1@kde/hein)
16:26.32*** join/#kde Killsudo (n=Killsudo@
16:31.05*** join/#kde aslhk (
16:32.08*** join/#kde gardintrapp (
16:32.14*** join/#kde mzanetti (
16:34.24*** join/#kde hallowname (
16:35.35*** join/#kde awidegreen (
16:37.42*** join/#kde Hadex (
16:39.39*** join/#kde task_struct (n=Kernel@
16:41.35*** join/#kde dr13 (n=dr13@
16:41.58*** join/#kde fixl (
16:42.17seria-mauis akonadi 1.2 okay for the kde 4.3 branch?
16:42.23seria-mauor do i need a more recent one
16:46.06*** join/#kde Sebboh (
16:47.09*** join/#kde pumphaus (
16:47.10*** join/#kde Salze (
16:48.19*** join/#kde pumphaus (
16:48.32*** join/#kde mosthated (n=mosthate@
16:48.54rdieterseria-mau: newer
16:49.07*** join/#kde fde (
16:49.30rdieterseria-mau: nm, 1.2 is it
16:49.42*** join/#kde dvda (n=dvda@
16:50.39*** join/#kde krishna_ggk (n=gopala@
16:50.42*** join/#kde drbob (
16:51.59*** join/#kde awidegreen_ (
16:52.06seria-maurdieter: thanks
16:55.06*** join/#kde Arnooob (
16:56.42*** join/#kde pumphaus (
16:57.29seria-mau./kdepimlibs/akonadi/session.cpp:68: warning: unused parameter ‘error’
16:58.38*** join/#kde amalon (
16:59.03*** join/#kde Skitt (
17:02.02*** join/#kde pumphaus_ (
17:02.24truehey all, interesting problem... dell precision m4400, RGB LED backlit display. after a day or so of power on time, backlight adjustments don't work from the power applet and when the screen is set to power managed, it goes full white instead of turning off. when trying to adjust brightness with the applet, there is a delay and no adjustment, and the fn keys on the keyboard don't work either. Only way to fix is not only to reboot, but to pull all power and batter
17:02.30truehey all, interesting problem... dell precision m4400, RGB LED backlit display. after a day or so of power on time, backlight adjustments don't work from the power applet and when the screen is set to power managed, it goes full white instead of turning off. when trying to adjust brightness with the applet, there is a delay and no adjustment, and the fn keys on the keyboard don't work either. Only way to fix is not only to reboot, but to pull all power and batter
17:02.36trueI think it is a kernel interface problem but have really no idea where to go from this - I upgraded to KDE4 at the same time I upgraded to this notebook
17:02.39trueso don't know if it is KDE4's backlight interface or a kernel problem, no idea at all how to debug
17:02.39*** join/#kde LnxSlck (i=1000@
17:02.44trueproblem does not occur in windows, tested for days with no problems, but I don't use windows :)
17:03.20*** join/#kde pumphaus_ (
17:04.52*** join/#kde noaXess (
17:05.18*** join/#kde gautham (n=Gautham@unaffiliated/gnutham)
17:05.50*** join/#kde Demon_ (n=Demon@
17:06.01*** join/#kde TheWoozle (
17:06.48*** join/#kde Dhraakellian (
17:07.34*** join/#kde tackat (
17:07.46*** join/#kde ChemBro (
17:08.29*** part/#kde Demon_ (n=Demon@
17:08.34*** join/#kde Ace2017_- (
17:09.54*** join/#kde shai (
17:10.07*** join/#kde Demon_ (n=Demon@
17:11.00*** join/#kde buscher (
17:13.32*** join/#kde GNUtham (n=Gautham@unaffiliated/gnutham)
17:13.41*** join/#kde egns (n=egns@unaffiliated/egns)
17:15.33*** join/#kde messerting (
17:15.34*** join/#kde milian (
17:16.37*** join/#kde BluesMurf (
17:17.27*** join/#kde Moult|ssh (n=Moult|ss@
17:17.57*** join/#kde Moult|ssh (n=Moult|ss@
17:18.54*** join/#kde piggz (n=piggz@
17:19.10*** join/#kde Hoki|gone (n=Korere@unaffiliated/hokinon)
17:20.19*** join/#kde pano (
17:21.40*** join/#kde nascentmind (n=nascentm@
17:22.10nascentmindhi. When i start amarok and i try to use youtube the sound stops working. why is that?
17:22.17*** join/#kde MercurialAlchemi (
17:22.31Tanktaluspinotree: thanks for the chm fix - seems to be working here great now :-)
17:23.57TanktalusI'm going to have to install KDE 4.3 on my windows laptop now - because windows can't read the same chm file :-)
17:24.03Half-Leftnascentmind: Are you using Pulse Audio?
17:24.10nascentmindHalf-Left, yes
17:24.22nascentmindHalf-Left, isn't it standard on jaunty?
17:24.29Half-LeftThat's possibility your issue then
17:26.29nascentmindHalf-Left, any hopes for a fix?
17:26.41Half-LeftFix how?
17:27.35*** join/#kde Mamarok (
17:28.04nascentmindno pulseaudio.
17:28.15nascentmindwhy can't 2 applications share sound?
17:28.25Half-Leftthey can, phonon does
17:28.48*** join/#kde egns_ (n=egns@unaffiliated/egns)
17:29.02Half-LeftBut distros use PA as default for KDE4.2+
17:29.21Half-LeftWhich can cause issues
17:29.29*** join/#kde rafal_remote_ (
17:29.38*** join/#kde apriori (
17:30.27Half-LeftPA is optional in KDE4.2+ not default
17:30.53*** join/#kde Thundercloud (
17:31.14nascentmindHalf-Left, so how do i use phonon?
17:31.28*** join/#kde aslhk (
17:31.32*** join/#kde DaZ (
17:32.30Half-Leftnascentmind: Amarok2 uses Phonon but Phonon has backends like Xine and or PA
17:32.42*** join/#kde hagabaka_ (n=quassel@nanomachine.STUDENT.CWRU.Edu)
17:32.58Half-Leftnascentmind: So make phonon use xine and not PA if it doesn't
17:33.45*** join/#kde Neggy (n=Dave@
17:33.45*** join/#kde LnxSlck (i=1000@
17:34.26nascentmindoh k. so phonon is on top of pa or xine. isn't xine old tech?
17:35.04nascentmindpa accesses the hardware directly right? or is it alsa?
17:35.47Half-LeftPhonon just uses backends like xine, gstreamer, KDe apps use phonon without the worries of wich engine to use
17:36.33nascentmindHalf-Left, so the abstraction is alsa->xine or gstreamer or pulseaudio -> phonon?
17:36.58Half-Leftsomething like that way
17:37.49*** join/#kde smurfslover (
17:37.57Half-Leftit cuts out the crap of having to write different backends for your app, it will use the one that is set by phonon(which you can change)
17:38.47*** join/#kde margiolas (
17:40.16*** join/#kde genewbie (
17:40.17Half-LeftSo there is no, erm, shall I get my app to use xine, gstreamer, PA?
17:40.24*** join/#kde SilverCode (
17:40.25*** join/#kde clau (n=clau@
17:41.36nascentmindso now PA is the buggy part?
17:41.48*** join/#kde doilgheas (
17:42.56*** join/#kde Caiman (
17:43.22Half-Leftit's possibly some blocking somewhere, I and other people switch from PA and don't have issues
17:43.58*** join/#kde jbrouault`afk (
17:44.10Half-LeftI use xine and people come in here asking the same question, just use the xine backend and it's fine
17:45.17panoI can confirm that: I use plain ALSA (read no PA at all) with Phonon and xine and *everything* works without problems
17:45.19Tanktalusis there likely to be another snapshot of 4.3 prior to release?
17:46.06Half-LeftI have utube and Amarok2 playing at the same time right now
17:46.32nascentmindHalf-Left, when i go to system settings and check the backend tab only xine is shown
17:46.51TanktalusHalf-Left: can you get amarok2 to change global shortcuts?  :-P
17:47.18Half-LeftTanktalus: Ask #amarok :)
17:48.14TanktalusHalf-Left: :-P  The reason I ask here is because the same copy of Amarok 2.1.1 works with KDE 4.2, but doesn't with KDE 4.2.9* :-/
17:48.16Half-Leftnascentmind: Right but what does device preferences say, the top device?
17:48.43TanktalusI change versions of KDE, and it breaks.  That seems to imply to my little mind that the thing that changed is what caused the breakage :-P
17:48.49*** join/#kde smurfslover (
17:49.06Half-LeftBreak how?
17:49.31Tanktalusbug 192712
17:49.42nascentmindHalf-Left, device output you mean?
17:50.27*** join/#kde sebbar (
17:50.31Half-LeftTanktalus: No idea, I don't use them much myself
17:51.08nascentmindHDA Intel analog, digital,HDMI,Pulseaudio
17:51.32Half-LeftAnd is their a option for with no PA in it?
17:52.13Half-LeftIt should be just the device name
17:52.20*** join/#kde somekool (
17:52.37*** join/#kde carcara (
17:52.50*** part/#kde carcara (
17:54.45Half-LeftThe device output will have a PA version like you have and just a device name version. If you're using the top one which is PA then that's the possible issue
17:56.59Half-LeftAnd also kill any PA process like the actual PA one
17:57.23*** join/#kde at0m (
17:57.28Half-Leftnascentmind: So make HDA Intel analog the top one
17:58.04nascentmindHalf-Left, it is the top one
17:58.33Half-LeftAnd for all of the other audio outputs?
17:59.28nascentmindHalf-Left, yes
17:59.42Half-LeftIs PA running in your process?
18:00.36*** join/#kde NSaibot (
18:00.41Half-Leftnascentmind: So run " Test" while playing Amarok and see if the sound plays from that Test
18:00.58nascentmindHalf-Left, 3795 ?        00:00:00 pulseaudio
18:01.01*** join/#kde harry_ (
18:01.24Half-Leftkill it
18:01.41*** join/#kde SilverCode (
18:02.26*** join/#kde mokoloko (
18:02.35*** join/#kde cobra-the-joker (n=cobra@
18:03.01nascentmindHalf-Left, ah i can heard the sound when i test it.
18:03.11*** join/#kde Demon_ (n=Demon@
18:03.11nascentmindthat is running amarok and testing.
18:03.30nascentmindstrange because sometimes pidgin sound or youtube does not play at all
18:03.38nascentmindlemme kill pulseaudio now
18:04.44*** join/#kde mnx (
18:04.49nascentmindok i killed PA and tested the same way and it still works.
18:04.53Half-LeftSo that proves that two sounds can play easy because Amarok2 and test work
18:05.13Half-Leftutube should work as well
18:05.39nascentmindno youtube doesn't work
18:05.57Half-Leftrestart your browser?
18:06.26*** join/#kde Diego_Col (n=Diego@
18:06.32nascentmindthe only way to make it work is quit amarok and close the youtube tab and play it again
18:07.59Half-LeftWell it should work and their is not reason why it shouldn't unless something else on your distro is blocking it
18:08.35Half-LeftWhat is it with me and their/there today :p
18:09.06nascentmindHalf-Left, now i cannot play any sound in youtube.
18:10.20Half-LeftSo you're in KDE4.x  using Amarok2 with what browser?
18:10.35*** join/#kde vital (
18:10.47nascentmindHalf-Left, firefox
18:11.11*** join/#kde AlexElliott (
18:11.21Half-LeftCan you hear any sound from your browser?
18:11.25nascentmindwhen i start PA it says PA configured for per-user sessions
18:11.38*** join/#kde milian (
18:11.39nascentmindHalf-Left, well the only way i can play sound is using flash.
18:12.31Half-LeftAll I can say is that it should work, you don't need PA for flash unless your distro has linked it somehow
18:12.52*** join/#kde alshk (
18:12.58nascentmindwhat does flash use as backend?
18:13.27Half-LeftI think it just uses Alsa
18:13.43*** join/#kde cjae (
18:15.36Half-Leftnascentmind: Try Konqueror just for troubleshooting
18:16.21Half-LeftMake sure PA is not running
18:16.59*** join/#kde peterbrett (n=peter@unaffiliated/peterbrett)
18:17.40*** join/#kde makkalot (n=makkalot@
18:17.41*** join/#kde LnxSlck (i=1000@
18:17.59*** join/#kde gardintr1pp (
18:18.03*** part/#kde makkalot (n=makkalot@
18:18.09nascentmindKonqueror sound works now.
18:18.14nascentmindamarok doesn
18:18.19*** join/#kde gardintr2pp (
18:18.42Half-LeftSo flash in konqueror works but blocks amarok?
18:18.47*** join/#kde quarkup (n=quarkup@
18:19.27nascentmindclosed konqueror.. and started of amarok and now amarok works
18:19.29*** join/#kde noaXess (
18:20.19nascentmindnow started konqueror with amarok running and konqueror loses sound
18:20.53Half-LeftI think you have some other issue here with your distro maybe
18:21.03*** join/#kde mxttie (
18:21.53nascentmindand suddenly something called npviewer.bin window comes up
18:22.18*** join/#kde Yemmi (
18:22.25Half-LeftYes, that's the plugin system for konqueror
18:23.21Half-Left(or any KDE webbrowser can use it)
18:23.29nascentmindHalf-Left, I had this problem before.
18:24.07nascentmindHalf-Left, i had this blocking thing for a long time.. but thought it was pulseaudio weirdness.
18:24.37Half-LeftThe same thing happens in Fedora, which is pulse audio centric
18:25.10*** join/#kde quarkup (n=quarkup@
18:25.55nascentmindHalf-Left, if PA is not directly using the hardware why is it so buggy? i can understand hardware driver problems.. but if its an abstraction layer then why oh why?
18:26.30*** join/#kde zeltak (
18:26.32Half-LeftDon't know much about PA
18:27.22Half-LeftI've already told people and reported it to the fedora guys this issue
18:28.08Half-LeftI think it fills a gap phonon doesn't do, i.e Microphones and such
18:28.19*** join/#kde Welsh_Dwarf (
18:29.43Half-LeftBut in the process doesn't work right but how can you stop PA centric distros from using as default in KDE?, you can't.
18:29.55*** join/#kde atomik (
18:30.26nascentmindalso on my laptop the network manager if it lists more than 5 access points i think the taskbar crashes.
18:30.41nascentmindhow can i take the debug symbols for it?
18:30.49Half-LeftWhat network manager?
18:31.06nascentmindthe one which shows your network connections.
18:31.21Half-LeftkDe4 doesn't officially have one yet
18:31.35*** join/#kde tessarakt (
18:31.50*** join/#kde quarku (n=quarkup@
18:31.59Half-LeftKubuntu used one that's not ready, which maybe the one you're refering to
18:32.13nascentmindi am using kubuntu
18:32.37Half-LeftYour mileage my vary with that, it's not a official release
18:33.05aprioriHalf-Left: well, yet it suffers (like all notifing apps) from bad layouting of its component
18:33.07*** join/#kde Neggy (n=Dave@
18:33.35apriorie.g. making subwindows overlap, therefore you e.g. can't click on some listed wireless lans
18:33.36Half-Leftapriori: That network manager?
18:33.48Half-LeftThat's because it's not finished
18:33.50*** join/#kde baba50 (
18:34.09aprioriHalf-Left: the layout problem seems more related to the notifier lib of plasma
18:34.22Half-LeftDistros put it in their releases and repos, not KDE
18:34.25aprioribecause file transfers show the same issue. the windows width simply isnt enough
18:34.33aprioriyes, sure.
18:35.01Half-LeftSo yes it has bugs
18:35.23baba50how to       install     media player fedora 8 ? Please
18:35.27Half-LeftThat's why it's in /trunk/playground but you can reprot bugs on it
18:36.37*** join/#kde tsukasa` (n=tsukasa@unaffiliated/tsukasa)
18:36.50*** join/#kde peterbrett (n=peter@unaffiliated/peterbrett)
18:37.00nascentmindHalf-Left, another bug is when i use copy paste using cntrl-c,cntrl-v in eclipse it doesn't copy some lines. is it a kde problem?
18:37.01Half-LeftAsk in #plasma about that network manager
18:37.18*** join/#kde utu (
18:37.33baba50Please channel for Fedora 8 media player
18:38.12Half-Leftnascentmind: Well eclipse is not a KDE app, you may wont to run klipper to see if copying text from apps is better
18:38.32Half-Leftbaba50: #fedora
18:38.50baba50Good evening  Fedora 8 Linux
18:39.21Half-Leftwe are not Fedora :)
18:39.30nascentmindHalf-Left, was klipper removed? doesn't eclipse use kde's clippad?
18:40.04Half-LeftNever used eclipse
18:40.10Half-LeftIDE right?
18:40.39*** join/#kde Vegita (
18:41.14*** join/#kde fixl (
18:41.24*** join/#kde davascript_home (
18:41.52nascentmindHalf-Left, yes
18:42.17Bluefalcon09hey i started a channel named #BRAN if anybody wants to join they can
18:42.24*** join/#kde poppler (
18:42.56*** join/#kde muh2000 (n=muh2000@unaffiliated/muh2000)
18:43.07*** join/#kde alshk (
18:44.45Half-Leftnascentmind: Klipper runs as default in KDE4 as I remember, if it is captures your copy/paste between apps proper
18:45.54*** join/#kde devilsadvocate (n=quassel@
18:47.00nascentmindHalf-Left, klipper is running.. how do i check the history?
18:47.48Half-LeftRight click it
18:48.10Half-LeftOr just click it
18:48.37muh2000dolphin creates millions of those .directory.lock.*   :(
18:48.42*** join/#kde Dhraakellian (
18:49.48Half-LeftMost DEs do not dolphin
18:50.25*** join/#kde Mamarok (n=myriam@amarok/rokymotion/mamarok)
18:51.23*** join/#kde creepa (
18:52.00*** join/#kde gjperez (n=quassel@
18:54.08*** join/#kde lunitik (
18:54.55*** join/#kde lunitik (
18:55.26*** join/#kde kage-ookami (
18:57.28*** join/#kde lunitik (
19:01.56*** join/#kde apriori (
19:04.55*** join/#kde isaacvv (n=quassel@
19:05.40cumulus007Hi, I was wondering if there will ever be a new KDE commit digest
19:05.51cumulus007the last one is from 22 februari
19:06.43*** join/#kde GCN (n=GCN@2a01:e35:8ac3:4060:41f9:2a82:f609:a0ae)
19:06.56SSJ_GZcumulus007: I'm planning to volunteer to help dannya in a few days when I get back home - we'll see how it goes :)
19:06.59*** join/#kde gigasoft (n=gigasoft@
19:07.02*** part/#kde derRichard (
19:07.09*** join/#kde brezular (
19:07.23cumulus007SSJ_GZ: ok, great :-)
19:07.32SSJ_GZNo promises, though :)
19:09.10*** join/#kde Worf (
19:10.35*** join/#kde Orango|Mobile (n=s-e@wikimedia/Orango)
19:12.18*** join/#kde Dhraakellian (
19:13.18*** join/#kde |apriori| (
19:14.02*** join/#kde beer (
19:18.07*** join/#kde Dumble (
19:19.13*** join/#kde Mamarok (n=myriam@amarok/rokymotion/mamarok)
19:20.25*** join/#kde sredna (n=anders@
19:20.25*** join/#kde saschpe (
19:20.48*** join/#kde Tanktalus (n=nfn@
19:21.14srednais there somewhere i KDE i can mount a CD? and why doesn't solid see it, do i miss something?
19:21.23*** join/#kde Jonty (
19:23.19*** join/#kde maour (n=gnu@unaffiliated/maour)
19:23.26Half-LeftDevice Notifier widget
19:24.12cb400fhe left.. hot temper... wonder what kde version.. and if it was a data or audio cd
19:24.55*** join/#kde mayday_jay (
19:25.05SSJ_GZHe's a Kate dev, IIRC
19:26.17*** join/#kde sredna (n=anders@
19:28.18*** join/#kde peterbrett (n=peter@unaffiliated/peterbrett)
19:30.43*** join/#kde delt0r___ (
19:31.55*** join/#kde Rasi (
19:34.02*** join/#kde kirun (
19:34.27*** join/#kde Rasi (
19:36.08*** join/#kde intel (
19:37.38*** join/#kde Max__ (
19:38.28*** join/#kde haTem (
19:38.53*** join/#kde sredna2 (n=anders@
19:40.46*** join/#kde annma (
19:40.56*** join/#kde jthomas_sb (
19:41.32*** join/#kde alshk (
19:44.28*** join/#kde fg56lx (
19:45.16*** join/#kde Soup-N-Sandwich (
19:46.03*** join/#kde tampakrap_ (
19:46.08Soup-N-SandwichGuys does ANYBODY know where the actually config file(s) are for the right click options like 'cut', 'copy' and 'paste' are or how to modify them?
19:47.05pinotreemost probably cut/copy/paste are hardcoded
19:48.07pinotreewhat are you looking for, exactly?
19:49.16Soup-N-Sandwichpinotree: Well big issues here. I'm trying to make "cut" acutally work corectly in Dolphin.  It leave the file behind when you use "cut" instead of moving it to the new location
19:49.19*** join/#kde peterbrett (n=peter@unaffiliated/peterbrett)
19:50.03pinotreethen what a "config file" would solve? if what you describe is really true, is called "bug"
19:50.11Soup-N-SandwichThe "cut", "copy" and "paste" options are the same exact ones used for it's part of KDE and not part of the actual file manager...but for some reason in KDE3.5 using
19:50.14*** join/#kde neechan (
19:50.20Soup-N-SandwichDolphin it doesn't work correctly
19:50.25SSJ_GZSoup-N-Sandwich: It would probably be a good idea to make sure noone else is working on that - sounds like one for dfaure.
19:50.45pinotreedolphin in kde 3.5 is unsupported
19:50.54SSJ_GZOh, 3.5.
19:51.09Soup-N-Sandwichpinotree: yes but I fixed MANY "bugs"...this is just another one
19:51.14*** join/#kde neechan (
19:51.17annmaSoup-N-Sandwich: try in KDE 4 and see how that works
19:51.17Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: yeah 3.5
19:51.36Soup-N-SandwichSome one is working on, or has fix this issue with Dolphin in KDE 4
19:51.40Soup-N-Sandwichbut not 3.5
19:51.52pinotreedolphin in kde 3.5 is no more maintained
19:52.18pinotreeand cut/copy/paste should be working correctly in kde4's dolphin
19:52.25pusling_s/dolphin in //
19:52.27*** join/#kde lenz (
19:52.32Soup-N-Sandwichannma: it works fine...but I can't switch to KDE 4 now...3 years invested in this OS's release....I'll work with KDE 4 on our next release
19:52.49annmaOK good that's it's fine in 4
19:53.07Soup-N-Sandwichpinotree: yep. I know that....that's why I was hoping that somebody had a clue how to resolve this issue
19:53.26Soup-N-Sandwichannma: yeah  it works fine in KDE 4
19:53.37pinotreeyou only change is taking kde 3.5's dolphin and debugging it on your own
19:54.03lenzI migrated from kde 3.5.10 to 4.2.4 and wonder how to migrate my kaddressbook
19:54.04SSJ_GZSoup-N-Sandwich: I'll grab the 3.5 source and have a quick look
19:54.07Soup-N-Sandwichpinotree: your saying to use KDE4 in place of KDE 3.5
19:54.19Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: THANKS!!
19:54.29annmalenz: did you try copying over config files?
19:54.36SSJ_GZNo promises, though!
19:54.44pinotreeSoup-N-Sandwich: i'm saying that if you want to solve bugs in the dolphin version for kde 3, you have to fix them on your own
19:54.50Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: Ok thanks..well I really appriciate the effort
19:54.55lenzno, I started the config from scratch because I had major problems with keeping the old files
19:55.06Soup-N-Sandwichpinotree: I know...that's why I'm here
19:55.14lenzI have a custom path to my addressbook file
19:55.27lenzbut I don't find the option to change the path in kde 4
19:55.36SSJ_GZDolphin::cut() in dolphin.cpp
19:55.49*** join/#kde TomasuAway (
19:56.02*** join/#kde bbelt16ag (n=erin@
19:56.03Soup-N-SandwichGuys I did add under the "Actions" option in Dolphin a new "cut" options that does work...but the old one is still there in the context menu and doesn't work
19:56.26Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: forgive my ignorance on that ...but what does that mean?
19:57.22SSJ_GZSoup-N-Sandwich: That's the code that handles the cut()'ing.  Add some debug code to ensure that Dolphin::moveURLs(...) is called during a cut'n'paste.
19:57.49*** join/#kde Lord^Anubis_ (
19:57.53Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: where does this config file reside?
19:58.07SSJ_GZIf it is being called, then there is something wrong in KIO::move(...)
19:58.19SSJ_GZSoup-N-Sandwich: These are source-code files (dolphin.cpp) not config files.
19:59.01Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: I don't have a clue what the hell I'm doing with that stuff.  Ok so..can you tell me how I can look at this file?
19:59.57SSJ_GZSoup-N-Sandwich: Oh, sorry - I thought you were a dev for some reason.
20:00.14*** join/#kde vpilo (
20:00.41*** join/#kde fusion44 (
20:00.42Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: ahhh
20:01.02SSJ_GZSoup-N-Sandwich: Hmmm ... not really sure what to suggest here.  I won't have time to work on this, alas :/
20:01.05Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: no...just trying to fix this before the release
20:01.35*** join/#kde dazjorz (
20:01.40Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: well can I only get to this file in the source code only?
20:01.49SSJ_GZSoup-N-Sandwich: Yes.
20:02.03*** join/#kde pvandewyngaerde (
20:02.05Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: Ahh figures.
20:02.21SSJ_GZYeah, no nice, easy fix for this one, alas :/
20:02.43Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: so when I right click to see that context there a way to remove the "cut" option from the menu?
20:03.01SSJ_GZSoup-N-Sandwich: No, it's hard-coded.
20:03.51Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: I honestly don't know what to do on this one.  This had been on our list of priorities for about a year.  Oh man...this stinks
20:04.40SSJ_GZSoup-N-Sandwich: "Our"? Do you have your own distro and if so, are there no C++ devs?
20:04.47*** join/#kde cjae (
20:05.12Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: yes our own distro. least not yet
20:05.29Tanktalusany way to tell why the task manager thinks a given icon should be there, when the process went away a long time ago?
20:06.09*** join/#kde somekool (
20:07.07Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: do you really  know how to resolve this issue?  As far as what needs to be done?
20:07.55SSJ_GZSoup-N-Sandwich: No, sorry - the snippets above would probably be useful to a dev, though.
20:08.12*** join/#kde matkor (
20:08.15*** join/#kde Orango|Mobile (n=s-e@wikimedia/Orango)
20:08.21Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: there anybody supported KDE 3.5?
20:08.28*** join/#kde guax (
20:08.30SSJ_GZNot really :/
20:09.01Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: any recommendations as to who I could talk to that may beable to resolve this mess?
20:09.39cjaeok since I am getting frustrated with gui apps, anyone know a simple syntax command to get rid (with prompt preferably) of duplicate mp3's it does not need to re cruse
20:09.53SSJ_GZSoup-N-Sandwich: Not really - KDE3.5 is largely abandoned nowadays - Dolphin doubly-so.   If you find a KDE3 distro that *doesn't* have this bug, you could ask them.
20:10.03cjaeI have tried fslint and fdupes, they do not really do the job well
20:11.17Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: Ok thanks.  It seems all that are using KDE3.5 are using Konqueror for the file manager. Ok well thanks for your time anyway. :)
20:11.32SSJ_GZSoup-N-Sandwich: np - sorry I couldn't be of more help.
20:11.35*** join/#kde Megaf (n=quassel@unaffiliated/megaf)
20:11.58*** join/#kde ponto (
20:12.01Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: well you've been about 10 times more help than ANYBODY that I talk to so far on this issue :)
20:12.02*** join/#kde wasynyt_ (
20:12.23SSJ_GZHehe (10 x 0 == ?) ;)
20:12.46Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: hey this can't be resolved by ServicesMenu stuff....could it?
20:14.05*** join/#kde sgh (
20:14.07SSJ_GZSoup-N-Sandwich: Hmmmm ... *conceivably*, I suppose.  That would be poorly integrated and likely require at least some coding, though, if it were possible.
20:14.31Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: ok thanks :)
20:14.58Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: oh one more thing
20:15.12SSJ_GZ(Here it comes :))
20:15.49*** join/#kde jado (
20:16.10*** join/#kde Max__ (
20:16.33cjaeopps wrong channel sorry
20:16.39*** join/#kde smorg (
20:17.14Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: do you, or anybody have a clue why sometimes some apps..well not apps but some "things" the installer window..or on screen volumn display sometime shows a color not in the default color theme that I'm using? this OS uses all earth tones...yet it's getting this blue color from somewhere...but it's not in my color theme that is selected.  Is there some other place that KDE pulls it's colors from as a default?
20:18.07SSJ_GZDoes the installer run as root?
20:18.50SSJ_GZThe OSD shouldn't be - maybe it naugtily hard-codes some values or something.
20:18.58Soup-N-Sandwichssl yes it does...but the on screen volumne doesn't...yet every once in a while it shows up with a blue progress bar and not green/brown
20:19.25SSJ_GZOnly every once in a while?
20:19.38Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: oh but when the OSD is blue and I open the app that controls turns back to the correct colors
20:20.28SSJ_GZSoup-N-Sandwich: ugh - no idea on the OSD.  The fact that the installer runs as root means it's probably drawing settings from the root user, though.
20:20.35Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: yeah...not every time..weird..the thing is...where it it getting this color from? It has to be getting it from someplace
20:20.39genewbiecan gimp be used on KDE4.2? i'm using krita, but i have too many errors with it.
20:20.47SSJ_GZSoup-N-Sandwich: A mystery :)
20:20.52SSJ_GZgenewbie: Yep :)
20:21.03genewbieawesome! i love gimp, it's much better.
20:21.05genewbieSSJ_GZ, thanks.
20:21.15Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: KDE has lots of those :)
20:21.23SSJ_GZSoup-N-Sandwich: Yep :)
20:21.27Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: lots")
20:21.30SSJ_GZIt moves in mysterious ways ... :)
20:21.37Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: yeppers
20:22.54Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: well thanks again.  By the way the OSD is from Keytouch...if I just use the OSD after boot it's blue...but when I run the keytouch for just a second and close it....the OSD is the correct color...WHAT EVER
20:23.48Soup-N-SandwichSSJ_GZ: drives us nuts
20:24.13*** join/#kde cjae (
20:24.34*** join/#kde buntfalke (n=nobody@unaffiliated/buntfalke)
20:27.47*** join/#kde flsg (
20:28.28*** join/#kde locsmif (n=locsmif@unaffiliated/locsmif)
20:28.56locsmifHi all. Scrolling is not going too well since KDE 4
20:29.47locsmifApplications like Okular and Konqueror scroll abnormally jerky and slow, but QT3 apps like Kpdf ang GTK apps like Evince work just fine
20:30.05locsmifDesktop Effects is off
20:30.06pinotreefeels a deva-ju
20:30.22locsmifpinotree, ;-) Well it wasn't Okular's fault
20:30.27locsmifand isn't..
20:31.22SSJ_GZlocsmif: What graphics card and driver version?
20:31.47locsmifATI RV350 [Mobility Radeon 9600 M10]  X.Org  [ 1400x1050@61.8hz ]
20:32.00locsmifGLX Renderer Mesa DRI R300 20060815 AGP 4x x86/MMX/SSE2 TCL | GLX Version 1.3 Mesa 7.4.4
20:32.31SSJ_GZlocsmif: And what KDE and Qt version?
20:32.35SSJ_GZ(kde4-config -v)
20:32.47locsmifKDE: 3.5.10
20:32.52locsmifQt: 3.3.8b
20:33.09*** join/#kde xavier_g (n=idem@
20:33.22locsmifKDE: 4.2.4 (KDE 4.2.4) / Qt: 4.5.1
20:33.58*** join/#kde Lowercases (n=keyra@unaffiliated/lowercases)
20:34.18*** join/#kde Max__ (
20:34.39SSJ_GZlocsmif: Try launching okular with the flags -graphicssystem raster and see if it makes a difference
20:34.47locsmifSSJ_GZ, ok
20:34.51SSJ_GZ(Otherwise, I'm out of ideas :/)
20:35.22locsmifSSJ_GZ, that *absolutely* made a difference
20:35.43locsmifLike night and day
20:35.48locsmifWhat is going on?
20:36.17locsmifDid I screw up my configuration at some point ? ;-)
20:36.32*** join/#kde pumphaus (
20:36.34*** join/#kde joes_ (
20:36.45SSJ_GZlocsmif: I don't really know the technical details, but the "raster" graphics drawing system kind of side-steps X as much as it can.
20:37.23SSJ_GZWhether "X sucks" or "Qt sucks under X" or "ATI sucks" or whatever is the case, I'm not qualified to judge ;)
20:37.33*** join/#kde joes_ (
20:37.34*** join/#kde gardintrapp (
20:38.11SSJ_GZI don't think there's a way of switching this on globally: I asked thiago if there was an environment variable for this, and he said "no" and that there wouldn't be :/
20:38.51*** join/#kde santoroj (
20:38.56locsmifSSJ_GZ, ok
20:39.14*** join/#kde Max__ (
20:41.16locsmifSSJ_GZ, thanks already though, for this great hint
20:42.03*** part/#kde ajavid (n=ajavid@unaffiliated/ajavid)
20:42.26*** join/#kde ajavid (n=ajavid@unaffiliated/ajavid)
20:43.15*** join/#kde MoDaX (n=ith@2002:54f0:1683:1:0:0:0:0)
20:43.34*** join/#kde Max__ (
20:43.55*** join/#kde ajavid (n=ajavid@unaffiliated/ajavid)
20:47.15*** join/#kde bbelt16ag (n=bbelt16a@
20:51.20locsmifSSJ_GZ, regenerating xorg.conf resolved the problem
20:51.32SSJ_GZlocsmif: Oh, great :)
20:52.14*** join/#kde BASEman_ (
20:52.35*** join/#kde tommy (
20:52.38pinotreelocsmif: ah, cool
20:53.01SSJ_GZEh, good
20:53.01*** join/#kde fawek (
20:54.13locsmifpinotree, I did meddle with some stuff in there, so I guess the minimal config helped
20:54.47pinotreethe times where you need to fill the xorg.conf with all of the necessary stuff are slowly fading :)
20:55.19pinotreexorg can even start without an xorg.conf, which was science fiction like up to 3 years ago
20:55.52*** join/#kde alshk (
20:58.11*** join/#kde thunder71 (n=mario@
21:00.35locsmifpinotree, yeah, I'm aware of the increased automatic detection capabilities, that's kinda cool
21:00.46locsmifThe days of long modelists seem to be over
21:00.51*** join/#kde eternaleye (
21:00.53*** join/#kde bbelt16ag (n=bbelt16a@
21:00.56*** join/#kde somekool (
21:01.24pinotreelocsmif: so, is your okular fast enough now? ;)
21:01.43*** join/#kde spiroo (
21:01.52locsmifpinotree, sure, but it really was a system wide problem, as you helped me realize ;-)
21:01.56spirooHelp, I want plasma back in my kde. RC, how to do?
21:01.59*** join/#kde sebbar (
21:02.04spirooversion 4.3
21:02.09pinotreespiroo: alt+f2, "plasma-desktop"
21:02.16*** join/#kde fredy_ (n=quassel@
21:02.46spiroopinotree: Plasma Workspace closed unexpectedly :D
21:02.57spiroopinotree: Same error while I am logging in.
21:03.19*** join/#kde santoroj (
21:04.31spiroopinotree: Is there any solutions?
21:04.38pinotreedon't think so
21:04.48spiroopinotree: At all? :O
21:05.01pinotreeyou might want to try asking in #plasma
21:05.38spiroopinotree: Seriously that EXTREMELY sucks. I know that kde is developing for free and all, but release RC which does not work at all, that sucks.
21:05.51SSJ_GZspiroo: It works for plenty of people.
21:06.10*** join/#kde sgh_ (
21:06.23spirooSSJ_GZ: Well, not me. I even tried to recompile and use source version from svn.
21:06.26pinotreewell, nobody forces you either to use potential unstable software
21:06.38SSJ_GZspiroo: Just because you run into a bug, doesn't mean everyone else does.  You might even be the only one :)
21:06.39spirooSSJ_GZ: I also removed ~/.kde nothing helps
21:07.02spirooSSJ_GZ: Alright, well, sorry. How do I solve the problem?
21:07.19SSJ_GZspiroo: Hang on ... pondering now.
21:08.05spirooSSJ_GZ: Sorry for my english, but what does pondering mean?
21:08.11*** join/#kde messertingRescue (
21:08.21SSJ_GZspiroo: "Think about"
21:08.37SSJ_GZspiroo: In konsole, try the following:
21:09.02SSJ_GZgdb --args plasma-desktop --nofork
21:09.02*** join/#kde peterbrett (n=peter@unaffiliated/peterbrett)
21:09.28*** join/#kde k0pp (n=k4rr@unaffiliated/k0pp)
21:09.41SSJ_GZThen type "run"
21:11.18*** join/#kde Qt (n=egns@unaffiliated/egns)
21:11.25*** join/#kde pagesailor (
21:11.40*** join/#kde Kri5m (
21:12.15spirooSSJ_GZ: I have another problem before that :D Cannot exec /bin/bash:/bin:/bin/sh:/home/kde-devel: No such file or directory.
21:12.16*** join/#kde Prune (
21:12.32*** join/#kde MateusRevoredo (
21:12.52SSJ_GZHave you modified your .bashrc?
21:13.25spirooSSJ_GZ: Yes, well not the one I am on now. But I think the problem is /etc/passwd
21:13.31Prunehow can I save my text document straight up to my ftp server?
21:13.43SSJ_GZspiroo: Something's pretty screwed somewhere :)
21:14.31SSJ_GZPrune: Is the file already on your server?
21:14.50spirooSSJ_GZ: Yes, probalby. Please, I DONT wanna install kubuntu from scracth again. I have a lot of settings I do not wanna do again, and that is not only inside /home
21:15.37Pruneit can be.     I maintain many text files on my ftp server; but it can be a  document I just created and want to save up, giving it a name, or one I just downloaded from ftp server and just altered and want to save up to overwrite the old one.
21:15.53SSJ_GZspiroo: Until you clear that problem up, I can't be of much use :/ I doubt it will require a re-install, though.
21:16.00spirooSSJ_GZ: Here would be nice with a big fat resetbutton :D
21:16.20spirooSSJ_GZ: How do I know if it is my bachrc file?
21:16.20SSJ_GZPrune: Ok, you should be able to just navigate to your ftp server from the file open/ save dialog.
21:16.43Prunedarn, I've tried, how do I do that?   I was looking for a network button or something.
21:16.44SSJ_GZPrune: ftp://<username>@<hostname>:<port>
21:17.40SSJ_GZspiroo: Well, /etc/password sounds more likely to me (i suppose).  Are there are line-breaks in there that shouldn't be? What do you use to edit it?
21:18.52spirooSSJ_GZ: Yes, well I use nano for instance in konsole
21:19.08SSJ_GZspiroo: nano loooves inserting line-breaks :) I need to catch up here....from within Konqueror, I often open up that same ftp server.  But however would I do that from inside Kate?
21:20.06Prunethe file save dialog box does ask if I want to configure  "a network folder", but when I do, I get error message:
21:20.10SSJ_GZPrune: From the dialog that appears in File -> Open
21:20.19SSJ_GZPrune: Just enter the URL directly :)
21:20.29PruneNot from the Save As....dialog box.....ok, will try as you instruct
21:21.08Half-LeftSSJ_GZ: Yeah, it's really fun if you use it to edit your grub.config line with the UUID number :p
21:21.28*** join/#kde tapas (
21:21.31SSJ_GZHalf-Left: Hehe - nano has caused me many pains in the a**e :)
21:21.47tapasis there a way to make okular not pause for a quarter second when changing slides in presentation mode?
21:21.52spirooSSJ_GZ: Is it possible to relogin inside temrinal. I neeed to do it to realod passwd
21:21.54Half-LeftSSJ_GZ: You get a nice string unknown error on boot up :p
21:22.25pinotreetapas: the "quarter of second" most probably is the time needed for generating the slide for the next page
21:22.26SSJ_GZspiroo: I'm not sure - I think I tried that before and couldn't get it to work :/ bash -l might do the trick.
21:22.33SSJ_GZHalf-Left: Nice :)
21:22.40tapaspinotree: nah, scrolling through it in normal view goes _mucho_ faster
21:22.47tapaspinotree: and by now everything is cached
21:23.07pinotreetapas: sure, because the generation when scrolling is done asynchronously by default
21:23.19tapasthis behaviour persists since kpdf
21:23.21pinotreeand there are more cached pages for the pageview than for the presentation mode
21:23.25spirooSSJ_GZ: I got back my bash anyway :D
21:23.33SSJ_GZGoody :)
21:23.56Half-LeftErm, infact it doesn't boot at all lol
21:23.57spirooSSJ_GZ: Ah no, I restart kdm instead. Damn it
21:23.57tapaspinotree: no, everything is cached now, so the normal view when i hit pagedown it's there "immediately"
21:23.58*** join/#kde _al_ (
21:24.19pinotreetapas: no, there are caches for the various places
21:24.31pinotreeis the okular maintainer, so knows how things work
21:24.45tapaspinotree: well, then the one for the "presentation" does not work correctly..
21:25.12pinotreesure it does work; what is your memory setting in the configuration?
21:25.21*** join/#kde Bri (
21:25.22tapasi have set it to maximum aggressiveness with memory. the document is like 5 pages..
21:25.48tapasthis is a 4GB quadcore amd box :D
21:25.54*** join/#kde spiroo (
21:26.09pinotreein presentation mode, at most the current, the previous and the next are kept
21:26.12spirooSSJ_GZ: Okay, now. Could you give me the gdb command again?
21:26.15tapaspinotree: this is ubuntu btw..
21:26.23SSJ_GZgdb --args plasma-desktop --nofork
21:26.28SSJ_GZspiroo: ^
21:26.38tapaspinotree: hmm, maybe try it yourself just to make sure.. uploading doc...
21:26.41SSJ_GZThen type "run"
21:27.14spirooSSJ_GZ: Alright:
21:27.30pinotreetapas: keep in mind also the document could be complex-wise to render, so you don't "feel" that when in normal mode (usually async) while you do in presentation mode (sync generation)
21:27.39SSJ_GZspiroo: Then do the following:
21:27.43SSJ_GZset pagination off
21:27.51SSJ_GZset logging file plasma-crash.txt
21:27.54SSJ_GZset logging on
21:28.08SSJ_GZAnd pastebin the plasma-crash.txt
21:28.11tapaspinotree: hmm, you are right about the next page or so..
21:28.22tapaspinotree: is there a way to make it even more memory-aggressive?
21:28.23PruneI can't complete the ftp  connection at this time;  ftp server not opening even from within application I always use.  Never had this problem until right now.        will try a bit later.  thanks for help so far.
21:28.32tapasi don't mind wasting a gig or two on images ;)
21:28.35pinotreetapas: also, other than rendering the whole page, there's the physical repaint of the whole screen area
21:28.37spirooSSJ_GZ: Command that in konsole or gdb?
21:28.38SSJ_GZPrune: np
21:28.43SSJ_GZspiroo: gdb
21:28.57pinotreetapas: and that may take time as well
21:29.24tapaspinotree: hmm, yeah.. the time is quite variable though.. next page is _quite_ fast when it has sat for a while
21:30.22pinotreethe lower time is alwyas the whole screen repaint, in the case there's the page for presentation mode already available in cache
21:30.43tapaspinotree: yeah..
21:30.56tapaspinotree: so is there anyway to make it cache more pages in presentation mode?
21:31.00SSJ_GZspiroo: Are those $'s in the plasma-crash.txt?
21:31.34pinotreemore than the +/-1 range in aggressive mode? only by changing it
21:31.47tapaspinotree: :) how?
21:31.48pinotreeit isn't a huge issue, just have to think if it's worth it
21:31.58*** join/#kde bline (
21:31.59spirooSSJ_GZ: It is #, but yes
21:32.01tapasah change as in hack the source :)
21:32.06*** join/#kde sl33v3 (
21:32.24tapaspinotree: well, this has been annoying me for quite a while.. dunno how much that weighs in
21:32.33tapasif i didn't have to prepare a lecture for tomorrow
21:32.38blinehow do I get Konsole to open with a certain geometry instead of the last geometry I had it at?
21:32.39SSJ_GZspiroo: Can you use kwrite to open plasma-crash.txt and do the pastebin?
21:32.40tapasi would look into it myself.. ;)
21:32.44spirooSSJ_GZ: Sorry for asking, but why are we doing this?
21:32.44tapaswell maybe tomorrow evening
21:33.05SSJ_GZspiroo: If there's a crash, we need the backtrace to file a useful bug report.
21:33.31SSJ_GZspiroo: I'm assuming here that DrKonqui hasn't shown up - if so, just use that instead ;)
21:33.36SSJ_GZ*If it has
21:34.08tapaspinotree: ok, i know where i can catch you again ;)
21:34.11spirooSSJ_GZ: I GOT EXACTLY the same output with kwrite
21:34.25SSJ_GZspiroo: With the $'s?
21:34.31spirooSSJ_GZ: Yes?
21:34.46spirooSSJ_GZ: Still arent $, it is #
21:34.47draugdelbline: left click on konsole icon in the top left -> advanced -> special window setting
21:34.57blinedraugdel: doesn't work
21:35.21blineI've tried a bunch of combinations of things in that advanced settings part
21:35.30blinekonsole just overrides all that
21:35.45SSJ_GZspiroo: The #'s are fine.
21:35.56spirooSSJ_GZ: Isnt there anyway to fix this right away?
21:36.17SSJ_GZspiroo: If you've cleared out your config files, then I doubt it.
21:36.28spirooSSJ_GZ: I want my plasma panel and lacelot back :D
21:36.49SSJ_GZspiroo: So the first line ends with "graphicsview/qgraphicslayoutit" and nothing after that?
21:36.58*** join/#kde paloris_J (
21:37.04*** join/#kde divinus (
21:37.11draugdelbline: works for me. which version are you using?
21:37.21spirooSSJ_GZ: graphicsview/qgraphicslayoutitem.cpp:663
21:37.23blineof konsole?
21:37.38draugdelno, kde
21:37.57blineQt: 4.5.0 KDE: 4.2.2 (KDE 4.2.2) Konsole: 2.2.2
21:38.00SSJ_GZspiroo: That's not what was in your pastebin :)
21:38.17draugdelok, i am on 4.3rc1. maybe it got fixed
21:38.25spirooSSJ_GZ: What, hmm I must check again
21:38.29draugdelwhat settings are you using exactly?
21:39.21spirooSSJ_GZ: Haha now I understand what you mean with the $ :D look now
21:39.37pinotreetapas: sure, feel free to join #okular if you want
21:39.48spirooSSJ_GZ: I thought konsole should do a decent output, but apprerantly not. And yes I used kwrite
21:40.05blinewindow class: konsole (exact match). in Geometry Tab Size is checked, set to Remember and 1114,669
21:40.18*** join/#kde peterbrett (n=peter@unaffiliated/peterbrett)
21:40.20blinealso tried playing with the workaround tab
21:40.27SSJ_GZspiroo: Much better! Ok, file a bug report against plasma, let them know you are using KDE4.3.0RC1 with empty configs, and paste that into the body of the bug report.  State that it crashes on startup.
21:40.50draugdelah: remember uses the last setting and not the insert values. use "apply initially" instead
21:40.52SSJ_GZAlso give distro, whether you got it from packages/ compiled yourself, etc.
21:40.54*** join/#kde gautham (n=Gautham@unaffiliated/gnutham)
21:41.17blineI pulled the class from the detect window button with the "whole application" selected
21:41.19spirooSSJ_GZ: Its quite funny to use alt+f2 to open a new app and use konsole for almost everything and then switch windows with alt+shift+tab :D
21:41.27SSJ_GZHehe :)
21:41.41blineI triied Apply Initially first, same effect
21:41.47blinewhich is no effect
21:41.49spirooSSJ_GZ: I dont know how to do a bug report
21:42.05SSJ_GZspiroo: - you'll need to apply for an account.
21:42.11blineWhat does the "Force" one do?
21:42.17*** part/#kde Soup-N-Sandwich (
21:42.31SSJ_GZspiroo: After that, you can just follow the instructions.
21:42.53SSJ_GZspiroo: Woah
21:43.04blineoh, force disallows changing it
21:43.08blinethat's not really helpful
21:43.11blinefor this I mean
21:43.11draugdelforces it to this value so it can´t be changed (for instance: when the ...)
21:43.13SSJ_GZPrecisely 6 minutes ago, someone file this:
21:43.35spirooSSJ_GZ: How do you know, kubuntu has that built in and did backtrace for me, same output as with gdb in konsole :D
21:43.41draugdeli have "qt-subapplication konsole" as window class
21:43.45blineI need to change it, I just perfer all my konsoles start at a certain geo no matter what the last one I used was at
21:44.11blinedraugdel: It must be matching because "force" worked
21:44.13spirooSSJ_GZ: Alright, no need then.
21:44.22SSJ_GZspiroo: Hehe - would have been a lot quicker to do it that way - I assumed that the crash handler hadn't appeared :)
21:44.40SSJ_GZspiroo: Your backtrace is better quality, but I can add it to the bug report for you if you want.
21:44.46spirooSSJ_GZ: Well it appeared, but I did not know I was able to send crash reports thorugh that
21:44.52SSJ_GZAh OK
21:45.51*** join/#kde lavacano201014 (i=lava@unaffiliated/lavacano201014)
21:46.01*** join/#kde qqqqqqqqq9 (
21:46.49spirooSSJ_GZ: Sure, do so. I will send my report also. I am creating an account
21:47.03SSJ_GZspiroo: No need to send your own report, now
21:47.22SSJ_GZspiroo: It would be good to have a account for the future, though :)
21:48.20draugdelbline: both size and position works for me, so it really might be an allready fixed bug for 4.3
21:48.23qqqqqqqqq9is there a reason, that unlocking the widget doesn't make the panel applets freely movable?
21:48.30*** join/#kde crunchie (
21:48.38crunchieim lacking the kde package to take screenshots
21:48.51blinedraugdel: cool, i'll just wait till it comes to kubuntu and check again
21:49.11*** join/#kde ashlk (
21:50.17draugdelqqqqqqqqq9: you have to press the breadcrumb on the panel to allow moving.
21:50.22blineI wish I could figure out why konsole exponencially slows down desktop switching and konsole launching the more there are open and maximized
21:50.32spirooSSJ_GZ: Alright, well no harm done :D
21:50.44SSJ_GZspiroo: Hehe :)
21:50.47blinesomeone said it had something to do with glyphs but I don't remember what the fix was
21:50.50blineanyone happen to know?
21:50.56draugdelthat´s probably because of UI-issues (but i´m taking an out of the blue guess)
21:51.15spirooSSJ_GZ: But this error, I got it when I compile from source to on a separate account.
21:51.17*** join/#kde Ace2017_- (
21:51.55spirooSSJ_GZ: So, neither source or "stable" RC works :D And qtbindings is buggy also, which means I cannot even install Amarok :'(
21:52.05SSJ_GZOh dear.
21:52.22*** join/#kde Thundercloud (
21:54.09spirooSSJ_GZ: Btw, do you know if it is possible to sudoing your whole computer? I dont  want permission denied ANYWHERE on my own computer.
21:54.27SSJ_GZspiroo: Probably, but I don't know how.
21:54.31spirooSSJ_GZ: Permissions on every single folder please.
21:54.55spirooSSJ_GZ: Is it possible to set chmod 0777 / on rott folder? :D
21:55.07*** join/#kde romullo (n=romulo@
21:55.10*** join/#kde boris64 (
21:55.17SSJ_GZHehe - possible? Yes.  Advisable? No :)
21:56.05spirooSSJ_GZ: Well I guess :D But for instance, I want access to whole /home from all accounts. I want to edit files direclty in dolpgin and so on.
21:56.32einar77SSJ_GZ: I remember starting up xchat as root in my early Linux days and getting a dialog saying "Running an IRC client as root is STUPID"
21:56.59SSJ_GZeinar77: Haha - if you try to enter #fedora as root, you get (temporarily) banned :)
21:57.30einar77SSJ_GZ: didn't know that some did that, but it's definitely a good idea
21:57.52spirooLOL on this:
21:57.54spirooUsers of our stable 9.04 release can install it from the Kubuntu Backports PPA.
21:57.55spiroodeb jaunty main
21:57.57spirooNote that these packages have a bug which causes X to die during the upgrade. The upgrade will continue and you can reboot when it is done.
21:58.09SSJ_GZAnyway, I'm knackered - night all!
21:59.26*** join/#kde peterbrett (n=peter@unaffiliated/peterbrett)
22:00.16*** join/#kde mnx (
22:01.38Sho_spiroo: ouch @ X death during upgrade ... x_x
22:07.04*** join/#kde pagesailor (
22:07.50*** join/#kde ld50 (n=serj@
22:12.34*** join/#kde k4i (n=k4i@
22:12.49*** join/#kde Soup-N-Sandwich (
22:12.54*** part/#kde Soup-N-Sandwich (
22:16.30*** join/#kde ashlk (
22:17.04*** join/#kde Soup-N-Sandwich (
22:17.28Soup-N-SandwichGuy does Dolphin have an IRC channel?
22:18.40*** join/#kde messerting (
22:18.56Sho_Soup-N-Sandwich: nope, this is as close als you'll get
22:19.19Soup-N-SandwichSho_: Oh man :(
22:19.27Sho_Soup-N-Sandwich: just ask :)
22:19.33Soup-N-SandwichSho_: ok
22:20.19*** join/#kde hoban (
22:20.53hobanhey all. How do I keep a middle-mouse scroll from switching between workspaces? (kde4)
22:22.49Soup-N-SandwichGuys...using KDE2.5.10 with Dolphin as the default fie manager.  Beside the "cut" option in the context menu not working correctly...what would cause the file manager to not allow different file type to be open by a common application.  EX.  With any other file manager you can 3 video files but different formats (.avi, .wmv, .mpeg, ) right click and choose "Open with" and they open..but with Dolphin if you select more than on
22:23.30*** join/#kde Szadek (n=quassel@
22:23.31Sho_hm the Dolphin in KDE 4 is very different
22:23.43Soup-N-SandwichSho_: hmmm I'm screwed
22:23.45Sho_the KDE 3 Dolphin was never part of KDE and had a fairly short lifetime
22:23.57Sho_and there are probably bugs left in it that were never fixed
22:24.08Soup-N-SandwichSho_: :(
22:24.09Sho_as things then moved over to KDE 4
22:24.17*** join/#kde Lord^Anubis_ (n=anubis@unaffiliated/lordanubis/x-837129)
22:24.18Sho_Soup-N-Sandwich: can't you upgrade to KDE 4?
22:24.53Soup-N-SandwichSho_:  I can't...not unless most or a lot of our 3 years of customization to the OS will be lost.
22:25.21Soup-N-SandwichTHe next version of the OS...yes we will move onto KDE4
22:25.34Sho_Soup-N-Sandwich: ah
22:25.46Soup-N-SandwichBut right now we are sooooo close to releasing this OS...we would have to revamp almost everything
22:25.57Sho_Soup-N-Sandwich: There's a fork of KDE 3 Dolphin called "D3lphin" that was spearheaded by Kubuntu I believe, that has additional fixes
22:26.15Sho_As they used Dolphin in Kubuntu for a while, while the Dolphin developer (Peter Penz) was already busy on KDE 4 Dolphin
22:26.21Sho_Maybe D3lphin will work better for you
22:26.33Soup-N-SandwichSho_:  yeah..I'm testing it right now...and it has the same two major issues that the normal Dolphin has :(
22:26.42Soup-N-SandwichSho_: thanks I appriciate the effort
22:27.23*** join/#kde draugdel_ (
22:27.35Sho_Soup-N-Sandwich: Otherwise I'd recommend mailing Peter Penz, maybe he can quickly come up with a fix or something given your situation
22:27.43Sho_Soup-N-Sandwich: Or posting to the kde-devel mailing list.
22:28.34Soup-N-SandwichSho_: I see. hmmm  Ok how would I contact Peter?
22:28.37Sho_(If you post to the ML, best make it really clear that KDE 4 is not an option due to your development cycle so you can avoid a lot of replies suggesting to go try KDE 4.)
22:29.01Soup-N-SandwichSho_: ok thanks
22:29.05Sho_Soup-N-Sandwich: I'll give you his mail address in a query, sec
22:29.23Soup-N-SandwichSho_: Private chat?
22:29.33Sho_Soup-N-Sandwich: yep, commonly called a query on IRC
22:29.40Soup-N-SandwichAhh ok thanks
22:29.59Sho_Dunno what client you use, but probably another tab just opened somewhere with the mail address ;)
22:30.41Soup-N-SandwichSho_: didn't..using Kopete
22:30.48*** join/#kde szadek_ (
22:30.50Soup-N-SandwichSho_: I'm lookin' for it
22:30.51*** join/#kde venky80 (
22:31.03*** join/#kde jcesario (
22:31.17pinotreeSho_: peter does not maintain nor help about kde3's dolphin anymore
22:31.35Soup-N-Sandwichpinotree: I see
22:31.41pinotreeSoup-N-Sandwich: didn't you ask about dolphin bugs a couple of hours before?
22:31.45Soup-N-SandwichI'll pay him for this to be resolved
22:31.47*** join/#kde sebbar (
22:31.58Soup-N-Sandwichpinotree: yes but not this one
22:32.00*** join/#kde Kri5m (
22:32.05pinotreeit's the same
22:32.08*** join/#kde boris64 (
22:32.18pinotreeanything related to kde3's dolphin is "you are on your own"
22:32.42Sho_dunno, I've known Peter as a nice guy and he might understand the situation.
22:32.55Sho_or at least have some good pointers for how to fix it, since he wrote the code
22:32.59pinotreebugs in bugzilla are refused
22:33.07pinotree(for kde3's dolphin, i mean)
22:33.19*** join/#kde zc00gii (
22:34.15Soup-N-SandwichSho_: I've just tried to contact you privatly...anything?
22:34.40Sho_Soup-N-Sandwich: yes, I saw it and also replied
22:34.53Sho_(a "yup")
22:35.18Soup-N-SandwichSho_: I'm not seeing that at all....FIGURES!
22:36.33*** join/#kde reinald (
22:37.24Sho_(the original didn't do the DOT and the YOUKNOWWHAT thing though heh :)
22:38.23*** join/#kde judgen (n=judgen@
22:39.20Soup-N-SandwichSho_: ??:)  what the heck?  I got the pastebin...but what the heck is YOUKNOWWHAT part?
22:40.01Soup-N-SandwichSho_: is that what the actual email address is?
22:44.08*** join/#kde romullo (n=romulo@
22:44.19Sho_Soup-N-Sandwich: yes
22:44.29Sho_Soup-N-Sandwich: the YOUKNOWWHAT is an @
22:45.07Soup-N-SandwichSho_: Ohhhh is it a .com or something else?
22:45.19Soup-N-Sandwichthe rest of the address I mean
22:47.19Sho_Soup-N-Sandwich: Just replace the " YOUKNOWWHAT " with @ and the 2x " DOT " with dots
22:47.37Sho_ fwiw
22:48.12*** join/#kde agam (
22:49.00*** join/#kde Moult|ssh (n=Moult|ss@
22:50.10Soup-N-SandwichSho_: Ok I got the "@" but I have no clue what you mean by "2x" and "with dots" :(
22:50.58Sho_Soup-N-Sandwich: The line contains the string of characters " DOT " two times. I encoded "two times" with "2x".
22:51.05Sho_Soup-N-Sandwich: A dot is this: .
22:51.15*** join/#kde LaurentR2D2 (
22:51.26Sho_Soup-N-Sandwich: It's also called a full stop or a period
22:51.29Soup-N-SandwichYeah...that part I get
22:52.26Soup-N-Sandwichyeah I got that...but after the "."...what is it?  'com', 'net' ??
22:52.43Sho_it's "at"
22:52.49Sho_Which is the top-level domain for Austria
22:53.00Sho_Anyway, I mailed you the address as you asked via private message
22:53.21Soup-N-Sandwich""  ?
22:53.27Soup-N-SandwichSho_: ok thanks very much
22:54.35Sho_Soup-N-Sandwich: yes,
22:54.44*** join/#kde stuffcorpse (n=rick@
22:54.45Sho_GMX is a popular freemail provider
22:55.06*** join/#kde Shirakawasuna (
22:55.06Soup-N-SandwichSho_: ok that's what I missed...never herd of them...especially the "at" part :) sorry
22:55.40Soup-N-SandwichSho where is he from?
22:55.42*** join/#kde tom___ (
22:55.59Sho_Soup-N-Sandwich: Since he has an email address ending in .at I would expect him to be Austrian
22:56.24*** join/#kde szadek (n=szadek@
22:56.30Soup-N-SandwichSho_: Ahh  geesss no kidding.  Ok sorry about the lack of understanding....sorry for your pain :)
22:56.50Sho_'Location: Austria' says his blog's About page
23:00.19*** join/#kde Shirakawasuna (
23:01.33*** join/#kde k0pp (n=k4rr@unaffiliated/k0pp)
23:02.34*** join/#kde javier_ (n=javier@opensuse/member/javierllorente)
23:04.55*** join/#kde Kri5m (
23:09.44*** join/#kde stuffcorpse (n=rick@
23:09.59Kri5mi can't get gdm to show the session menu
23:10.13Kri5mi cant login to kde and am doomed to use gnome !
23:11.19*** join/#kde pumphaus_ (
23:13.52*** join/#kde xavier_g (
23:15.04*** join/#kde GungaJin (n=Miranda@
23:16.45locsmifKri5m, is your / full ?
23:17.14locsmifRun df
23:18.42*** join/#kde amalon_ (
23:20.56*** join/#kde neighborlee (
23:21.22*** part/#kde judgen (n=judgen@
23:23.04*** join/#kde neighborlee (
23:26.17*** join/#kde Kenjiro (n=kenjiro@unaffiliated/kenjiro)
23:26.19Kenjirohello there
23:26.37Kenjiroguys, in kde-4.3.0rc1, how can I "kill" plasma and restart it?
23:27.05*** join/#kde desti_T2 (
23:27.14Kenjirotill kde-4.2.4 I would just do "ps ax | grep plasma", find its PID, kill it and then restart it with something like "plasma && exit" on a konsole
23:27.18delt0r___you mean like the whole X windows?
23:27.56delt0r___[ctrl]-[alt]-[backspace] Will kill X and then I just restart it
23:28.07pinotreeKenjiro: plasma-desktop
23:28.33Soup-N-SandwichGuys is there a default file/place/setting where KDE get's it default color scheme if the one choosen fails?
23:31.15*** join/#kde lloyd (
23:32.27*** join/#kde frederico (n=work@
23:32.54lloydI have the most stable mysql server ever
23:33.22lloydI have the most stable mysql server ever... php/apache too
23:34.47*** join/#kde Sagattarii (
23:35.15Sagattariiis there a simple way to clear all recently used documents on shutdown? (kde 4)
23:35.33Sagattariiit seems that the items are saved to ~/.kde4/share/apps/RecentDocuments/
23:35.37*** join/#kde Jonty (
23:37.18*** join/#kde ryanakca (i=ryan@ubuntu/member/ryanakca)
23:37.29Soup-N-SandwichSagattarii: write a small script, make it executable and place it in ~/.kde/shutdown
23:38.37*** part/#kde Soup-N-Sandwich (
23:39.29Kri5mlocsmif: 12gb free there
23:39.30Kenjirodelt0r___: no, I was talking about only plasma
23:39.37Kenjirono the whole X server
23:39.40Kenjiropinotree: thanks
23:40.17Kri5mlocsmif: this really sucks , as i am compiling kde svn regualary and switch to an svn session in gdm/kdm
23:40.28*** join/#kde Hippo (
23:41.13SagattariiSoup-N-Sandwich: sounds good, if I switch a user (logout from a session) then shutdown is executed as well?
23:43.08*** join/#kde BOZG1 (
23:50.18*** join/#kde tuvok (
23:51.28*** join/#kde thanasis (
23:51.47*** part/#kde thanasis (
23:54.00*** join/#kde ASSANE (n=ASSANE@
23:54.34*** join/#kde syn1 (
23:55.05syn1I'm really confused. I clicked on my plasma button that I had in the corner and clicked add activity (not knowing what it did) and did it a few times, now my desktop is blue instead of my wallpaper, and my plasma button disappeared. I'm using Fedora 11.
23:55.09syn1What happened?
23:56.21*** join/#kde naught101 (
23:59.33*** join/#kde k4i (n=k4i@

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