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00:05.14SAS_Spidey01Hi; when first starting a freshly compiled KDE4.2.2, I got a message  that there was a problem starting an akonadi server, with self checks. Only problem, it disappeared before I could scan the list; anyway to find out what I missed?
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00:14.52silver_hookG'night everybody, I'm off to bed
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00:19.13SAS_Spidey01hmm, setting PATH in ~/xsession before running startkde4 seems to fix a few things
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00:43.19mikiSAS_Spidey01: try in .local/share/akonadi/db_data
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00:47.38xfuriousanyone here use ubuntu and kimono? i dunno where it put the steenking assemblies...
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00:50.17xfuriousis there a channel more related to kde4 and C#?
00:50.28xfuriousoh kdebindings right?
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01:22.51nille_how can i set xine dvd player to be in the menu that is showed when i open an dvd in the device manager?
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01:32.03tdfischerhey, how would I get sponsorship to go to the GCDS?
01:32.18tdfischerfrom the kde e.v.
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01:41.12comawhitei like this virus effect in kde4
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01:45.51crwebI'm trying to build kdelibs. I keep getting:  string.h:367 error: ambiguates old declaration ‘const char* strcasestr(const char*, const char*)’
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02:09.22JukeBoxHerois there any limit to the no. of partitions dolphin can display?
02:09.32JukeBoxHerocoz i'm missing one partition here
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02:16.26g1lthow do I disable screen locking in kde4? it seems to ignore the settings in the system config.
02:18.35mannequinZODthere is an option in the power manager
02:18.49drantinhad problems with it prior to 4.2.2
02:19.22mannequinZODConfigure Desktop -->Advanced-->Power Managmen
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02:26.33deitarionIs there any kind of system for escalating and/or getting community response if I feel a developer has made a GNOME-like RESO INVALID in error?
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02:28.28Jucatothat depends... nowadays people (KDE users) throw around "GNOME-like" to refer to anything they don't like. whether or not that thing they don't like is actually valid or appropriate
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02:29.36Jucatodo you have a link?
02:29.56deitarionasiego marked my request for single-activity operation on multi-monitor desktops without dead space as RESO INVALID.
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02:33.30apparmorhelp ! the desktop can not show the files in /home/user/desktop folder. how can I add that widge ?
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02:34.27Jucatodeitarion: hardly anything "gnome-like" about it. if anything, I'd just say he didn't put a comment on why he closed the bug (btw, the INVALID resolution may mean a few other things sometimes). maybe you can ask him "why" (before going all "he's gone GNOME-like"
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02:35.33deitarionJucato: Point. I suppose I'm partly reacting to various other commentary I've seen (eg. on his blog) regarding the decision to not support multi-monitor activities and various peoples' reactions to it.
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02:37.23deitarionThe impression I got has been that he just doesn't want to risk the potential hassles and misdirected feature requests that "re-thinking" his decision on multi-monitor panels (a side-effect of multi-monitor activities) would bring.
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02:38.21DeFender1031hi, what's the best way from within a C++ app to get a list of handles to all currently open windows?
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02:39.21Jucatodeitarion: if he's afraid of risk from those, he wouldn't be working on Plasma at all... in any case, from single bug report with absolutely no comment/discussion at all, I think you're too quick to jump to a GNOME-like conclusion. best to talk to him about it before you go about "escalating" things
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02:40.21deitarionI did say that it's not entirely "one bug with no comment or discussion", but thank. Now that I've had some time to think about it, it was a bit of a knee-jerk reaction.
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02:41.34Jucatoyes, you did say that but *after* I checked the bug report. anyone reading the first part of teh conversation would have no context :)
02:42.57deitarionAnyway, I'm typing up a response on the bug now. I'm just glad this isn't really GNOME-like or my newly-confirmed knee-jerk reaction problem (This is the second time I've done it in the last six months) would have really escalated.
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02:48.21deitarionThere. Response committed.
02:50.03JucatoDeFender1031: as in you're coding that C++ app? you can probably ask in #kde-devel or #kwin as this is a user support channel. those two are more development-oriented
02:50.12Jucatoalthough since it's a weekend, traffic might be lower
02:50.22DeFender1031Jucato, thanks, sorry, i didn't know about those channels
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03:29.39DebLennyCan anyone help me with desktop sharing?
03:30.25DebLennyKDE 4 Debian 'Lenny'
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03:32.05DDevineWhat do you want to achieve?
03:32.06DebLennySorry KDE 3.5.10
03:32.50DebLennyjust getting it to work, I just get this error....Cannot find KInetD. The KDE daemon (kded) may have crashed or has not been started at all, or the installation failed.
03:33.18DDevineYeah... crash...
03:33.21DebLennyI do need to note that this is afresh install
03:33.54DDevineYou should maybe ask #debian or read a tutorial/google search what you are trying to do in relation to debian lenny and kde 3
03:34.20DebLennyYeah, thought I would throw it out here also I am on Debian chat also
03:34.53DebLennyI will keep hittin it.. thanx
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03:35.20DDevineSorry I don't have much experience with that stuff DebLenny.
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03:36.39DDevineI just use NX... if there isn't a reason you really need desktop SHARING then I would reccommend just using NX or remote work.
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03:37.57DebLennyJust trying to setup a machine for a buddy and would like to be able to help him when he takes this machine home
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03:38.53DDevineDo you want to him to acutally see what you are doing? - or is it more for just doing things when he can't?
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03:43.04AkowHas anyone here tried the Arch Linux KDEMod?
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03:50.27plutonianI have a really weird problem in kde 4.2
03:50.35plutonianmy desktop just got scrambled
03:50.42plutonianthe clock is all over the place
03:50.52plutonianas are my other plasmoids
03:51.05AkowIs it lagging as well?
03:51.24plutoniannot noticably
03:51.47plutonianat least compositing isn't
03:51.58plutonianI tried disabling and re-enabling compositing but nothing happened
03:52.01AkowHmmm, I've seen it happen, and it's usually the calendar plasmoid that's the culprit, but it's usually accompanied by lag.
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03:53.51plutonianI just tried removing the calendar plasmoid and nothing happened
03:54.13AkowWhat exactly do you mean by "all over the place"?
03:54.16plutonianguess I'll just have to log out and log in and hope it doesn't happen again
03:54.28plutonianall over my desktop background
03:54.47plutonianand bottom panel
03:54.51AkowRepeating itself like a pattern, you mean?
03:54.55*** join/#kde devilsadvocate_ (n=quassel@
03:54.59plutoniannot any recognizable pattern
03:55.03AkowWhat's your video card and driver?
03:55.22plutoniannvida 9200M, using propreitary drivers
03:55.49plutoniansome of the stuff seems to be bits of my firefox session
03:56.18AkowI've had a similar problem with intel, but haven't heard of it ever happening on an nvidia card. If it doesn't disappear on relogging, maybe try out the open source driver?
03:56.22devilsadvocate_how can i get my yakuake to remember its session (number of windows open, icluding how they are horizontally/vertically spilt?)
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03:58.14plutonianakow: open source nvidia drivers don't support 3d acceleration
03:58.22plutonianthey're lamost entirely worthless
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03:58.43plutonianwhy would I want a graphics card if I can't have fast 3d graphics?
04:00.03AkowDon't ask me, I'm not the one who gave Linux shoddy hardware support.
04:01.49SAS_Spidey01fast 3D graphics are overrated
04:02.48AkowNo, they really aren't. Not for desktop use.
04:04.26AkowHey, have any of you used KDE with Arch Linux? I find the various KDE distros I've tried to be somewhat lacking, at least in part due to the distro's own tools, tweaks, bloat, whatever and was wondering if grabbing a barebones KDE 4.2.x via pacman might be the solution.
04:05.51SAS_Spidey01Akow: who needs a 3D desktop?
04:06.44JucatoAkow: if you're judging distros based on distro's set of tools, I doubt that a vanilla KDE setup would appeal to you :)
04:07.50jossSAS_Spidey01, yeah i also do not need any 3d desktop, would want marble to run with intel though
04:08.03jossSAS_Spidey01, what gpu card you using?
04:08.07AkowJucato: They just seem to get in the way, more often than not. And why would a vanilla version be no better? I'm hoping to get something that I can customize myself, instead of trying to reverse what the Kubuntu/SUSE/whoever guys have done to it.
04:08.25SAS_Spidey01joss: ATI Radeon Xpress 300M, 64M shared
04:08.36JucatoSAS_Spidey01: compositing does more than just give "3D" (a misnormer anyway) desktop. the compositing also helps with basic window display issues such as tearing and artifacts
04:08.38jossSAS_Spidey01, marble running smoothly there?
04:08.51jossAnyone using intel card to test out?
04:08.59SAS_Spidey01until recently, just playing xgalaga would go to max CPU usage; now I can even use xcompmgr/transet-df
04:09.19JucatoAkow: ah I thought you were actually looking for distro system admin tools. because KDE has just a few of them
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04:09.32SAS_Spidey01Jucato: I've been around since 'DeskMate' was considered sexy, don't see a *need* for it
04:09.34jossSAS_Spidey01, that is opengl, marble isn't yet at least
04:09.37SAS_Spidey01joss: marble?
04:09.52jossSAS_Spidey01, yeah a program globe program for kde4
04:10.10AkowJucato: Nope, those I can easily find on my own. It just seems as if the majority of mainstream distros have been bogging down their releases with all sorts of cruft as of late.
04:10.18SAS_Spidey01I'd assume it's a part of kdeedu, or just an add-on?
04:10.24jossit seems cool, but i need it to run bit moore smoothly or i am going to upset more
04:10.25devilsadvocate_joss: marble runs fine on intel gm965
04:10.30JucatoSAS_Spidey01: I'm not talking about the need for those 3D effects. I'm talking about the basic advantages of compositing itself.
04:11.04SAS_Spidey01Jucato: and as I tried to express, never noticed any basic advantage ;-)
04:11.07Jucatois it absolutely needed? of course not. but it does solve window tearing and artifacts
04:11.14jossdevilsadvocate_, hmm i have 945gme, that is bit weaker, but it should run there too actually, but tordten says it need migrateheuristics greedy
04:11.19luke-jrJucato: what, exactly, needs compositing besides 3D?
04:11.44jossdevilsadvocate_, torsten, lemme find the thread, i tried to contact him though
04:11.45luke-jrjoss: why does Marble care aobut cards? It's 2D
04:11.51luke-jrcompositing is a BAD solution to many things IMO
04:11.53luke-jrlike transparency
04:11.56luke-jrthat doesn't need compositing
04:12.00luke-jrjust an alpha channel
04:12.00Akowluke-jr: Well, it's rather useful for window management; fast resizing, Expose clones and the like.
04:12.06Jucatoluke-jr: compositing isn't only used for 3D. as for marble, it's not about 3D vs. 2D. is't about the OpenGL support
04:12.20luke-jrOpenGL isn't needed for transparency, either
04:12.34luke-jrAFAIK, Marble doesn't use OpenGL?
04:12.41jossluke-jr, yeah, it is 2d and i do not know, googleearth runs on 3d but i need to tweak this exa 2d performance here
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04:13.00Jucatoluke-jr: Software rendering vs. hardware rendering
04:13.09*** join/#kde marcelo (
04:13.11jossluke-jr, guess not according to marble's authors words, but i have low band to check things out here
04:13.19luke-jrJucato: alpha blending is simple enough that it makes no difference provide the software is implemented properly
04:13.50jossJucato: it should rely on exa 2d accel still , that should be hardware
04:15.11Jucatoluke-jr: alpha blending *within* a window's widgets. alpha blending across/between windows needs a composite manager
04:15.15jossdevilsadvocate_, hmm, so you can run it smoothly as googleaearth, no glinches and glimbses?
04:15.34luke-jrJucato: no it doesn't, it just needs an X server that doesn't suck
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04:16.25devilsadvocate_joss: i havent tried google earth. it seems fine though. higher zoom levels on satellite view takes a bit of time to populate. other than that it seems quite alright
04:16.45Jucatoluke-jr: yes it does. now whether the compositing will use software (no need for hardware acceleration) or hardware rendering is a different matter
04:17.23jossdevilsadvocate_, yeah for me there are like glinches between scrolls, like it thinks always
04:17.47jossyeah loading doesn't matter, but using is bad, and torsten describes that also, moment
04:18.30devilsadvocate_joss: on *buntu jaunty there seems to be some issue with intel graphics driver causing X to eat up cpu. perhaps that problem is more widespread?
04:19.00jossdevilsadvocate_, i have jaunty:)
04:19.54jossdevilsadvocate_, but i need to pass this migrationheuristic option there, i think that is not interpreted for intel userspace driver, as it makes no difference here using that option
04:19.58Akowdevilsadvocate_: That's a driver problem, and can be fixed in about a minute by switching to the old version.
04:19.59devilsadvocate_joss: even with that problem i'm happy with marble performance
04:20.22devilsadvocate_although font rendering could be better
04:20.29devilsadvocate_Akow: old driver version?
04:20.30jossdevilsadvocate_, ok do you have that option marked ?
04:20.58devilsadvocate_joss: i have pretty much the default. i set Accel to UXA iirc, but other than that no changes
04:21.28jossdevilsadvocate_, hmm, uxa ..ok do this:
04:21.31g1ltis it possible to get aim support on kde4 kopete?
04:21.39devilsadvocate_joss: although i should probably mention that on a laptop with 945gm desktop effects refused to get enabled. never had any probelm with that on 965
04:21.45jossdevilsadvocate_, fire up marble -fps, go full zoom and see  what numbers you get
04:21.50AkowAkow: Yeah, it's apparently a problem with the new intel drivers and their support for a range of card models. It's mentioned in the release notes:
04:22.10jossdevilsadvocate_, how marble ran for your 945gm, you have that card also?
04:22.22AkowAnd here's the fix:
04:22.33jossdevilsadvocate_, use satellite view map
04:22.48*** part/#kde Babu_Jee (n=ajavid@unaffiliated/ajavid)
04:22.54jossdevilsadvocate_, and then move ahead on the map
04:23.08jossi get constant 10fps with my card here
04:23.19jossglxgears 1000
04:23.54*** join/#kde _io (
04:23.56devilsadvocate_joss: ~5-10 fps on osm view, including some network latency and a bunch of other stuff running. glxgears gives me ~700
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04:24.22*** part/#kde swapnil (n=swapnil@
04:25.13jossdevilsadvocate_, hmm, ok then the same..
04:25.47*** join/#kde tdfischer (
04:25.59devilsadvocate_joss: hmm.. its taking far longer to get the satellite images in high zoom. fps says to be about 15 fp when i try moving the globe though
04:26.07jossdevilsadvocate_, well i will run it on windows to make sure if it is even capable doing better
04:27.17jossdevilsadvocate_, but moving as smooth as it can be you say...well offline moving i have exact same thung?
04:28.07g1ltso the kde 4 version of kopete no longer supports aol instant messanger? just trying to get confirmation here
04:29.24devilsadvocate_joss: it could definitely be smoother, but i havent seem marble or google earth move any smoother than this before. not by much atleast
04:29.58devilsadvocate_joss: movement isnt as much a problem as updating to higher zoom level imagery, even on osm. there is some delay there
04:30.28devilsadvocate_joss: for example, for fonts to rescale, etc is taking too much time
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04:31.32Jucatog1lt: is that AIM? because if yes, then it's still supported. otherwise, try asking in #kopete
04:31.44jossdevilsadvocate_, author says they are not yet optmized yeah, i get the delay to, only moving the globe is smooth at a first grade level..the highest from ground
04:32.35jossdevilsadvocate_, but google earth is smooth as it can be here
04:32.41devilsadvocate_joss: movement is fine here. the first time is slow for images to update. next time i go back its pretty good even at the highest level
04:33.43jossdevilsadvocate_, ok, then i suspect still somethings wrong with the setup here, hmm , i do not know how to record that app, captury did not work here, else i would show
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04:38.52*** join/#kde ilj (n=ilj@sourcemage/grimoire/apprentice/ilj)
04:39.28g1ltis anyone else using a tablet with kde4? I've been having issues with accidental drag and drop as outlined in this post:, unsure what's causing the problem
04:40.19*** join/#kde hacosta (n=hacosta@
04:40.58jossdevilsadvocate_, you run jaunty right? what about when you issue LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT=1 or run it totally with a software implementation, do you see any performance regression?
04:41.24devilsadvocate_joss: havent tried
04:41.29jossapt-get install libgl1-mesa-swx11 && marble -fps
04:41.46*** join/#kde oget_ (
04:41.57jossif you could try such thing, it gives me little interest, this should be a last test, i promise
04:41.59*** join/#kde swalko (
04:42.48devilsadvocate_joss: im a little occupied at the moment. perhaps later?
04:43.17jossdevilsadvocate_, yeah can do
04:44.30jossdevilsadvocate_, but leave me a note if you become free for ten minutes again, during todays 10hours from now:)
04:44.49devilsadvocate_joss: sure
04:45.12josswill try to stay online, now multimaster works, will switch the server then
04:48.52*** join/#kde ld50 (n=serj@
04:49.02*** join/#kde oget_zzz (
04:49.04DDevineI heard Arch users like KDE.
04:49.19karthikpThe other way.
04:49.24DDevineThe majority I mean.
04:50.07g1ltso no-one else has encountered issues using a tablet with kde4?
04:50.49Jucatog1lt: I'd guess kde4 users with tablets are not that common. you can probably ask in #koffice as some of the devs might have wacoms
04:53.57*** join/#kde tdfischer_ (n=wm161@
04:55.26*** join/#kde Gimped (
04:55.46*** join/#kde keiX (
04:56.55*** join/#kde Gimped (
04:56.57luke-jrg1lt: NIT?
04:57.06luke-jrg1lt: I had to upgrade to start KDE
04:57.38g1ltoh my install works fine, it's just a behavioural problem
04:57.54g1ltdoubleclick is 50% of the time misdetected as a drag n drop
04:58.04g1ltmakes file management frustratingly hard
04:58.52*** join/#kde ld50 (n=serj@
05:00.07*** join/#kde tdfischer_ (n=wm161@
05:00.46g1ltlike actually impossible at times. single click select becomes dragged selection box, which then can't be closed
05:01.48luke-jrg1lt: I suspect that may be X-related
05:02.15g1ltit never happened with kde 3.5
05:02.43g1ltsoo .. should I upgrade xorg-server?
05:03.00luke-jrin this case, I'd suspect more a configuration thing
05:03.03luke-jrthan upgrade
05:03.24*** join/#kde Lord^Anubis (
05:03.39g1lter, why would the settings be affected? they were fine in previous kde versions. it seems like a kde 4.x issue
05:04.16luke-jrcould be KDE 4 sets some X settings?
05:04.44*** join/#kde comawhite (
05:06.56JukeBoxHerowhy cant the Konqueror devs incorporate RSS feeds into the browser itself like firefox. .
05:07.33g1ltI'm not sure what settings would be changed, or how they could be counteracted luke-jr
05:08.25fdeJukeBoxHero: Akregator provides a kpart for Konqueror to view RSS
05:09.07*** join/#kde smurfslover (
05:09.57JukeBoxHerofde: i know that, why do i have to open two apps which firefox accomplishes comfortably as one
05:10.35fdeJukeBoxHero: Because KDE prefers to do things the Unix way, rather than the Microsoft way?
05:10.52JukeBoxHeroplease, spare me!
05:11.08JukeBoxHerohaha mr super way here
05:12.07*** join/#kde ld50 (n=serj@
05:12.21fdeNo seriously... smaller apps used together to accomplish a goal... take things like systemsettings... its actually just a shell, each module is a different app providing a kpart... same goes for Kontact, each part of the PIM suite is a different app, all providing a kpart to embed in Kontact
05:12.46fdeMicrosoft loves bloated piles of crap that are hard to maintain, and Firefox is becoming the same way
05:13.23luke-jrfde: then why were kicker+kdesktop combined into plasma? ;)
05:14.27JukeBoxHerothat will all matter when KDE actually is stable fde
05:14.42JukeBoxHeronot now, when every little toolbar icon change crashed the whole app
05:14.43JucatoJukeBoxHero: because Firefox is Firefox, and is only a browser. it's not part of a larger project like a desktop or platform. KDE, and konqueror, have different goals. KDE has Akreagator, which is part of a PIM suite. now,that doesn't stop you or anyone from filing a wish or developing that plugin themselves
05:15.02fdeluke-jr: no idea, honestly, ask aseigo about the design rationale there... but the actual apps for KDE tend to follow the same paradigm...
05:15.22luke-jrfde: tbh, it does make sense to me
05:15.27luke-jrbut plasma eats a ton of RAM
05:15.43fdeluke-jr: yes... which is sort of annoying
05:15.51luke-jr"sort of"?
05:15.55luke-jrit makes me swap :<
05:15.57devilsadvocate_looks at his ram usage
05:16.03devilsadvocate_a ton? seriously?
05:16.13luke-jra ton
05:16.18fdeSomething like 50mb resident memory, its nuts
05:16.28luke-jrplasma is the biggest RAM user on my device
05:16.35fdeSometimes like 400mb shared
05:16.39luke-jrunless I start marble
05:16.47luke-jrfde: that's def exaggerating
05:16.50aseigoit has nothing to do with plasma, actually
05:17.20aseigograb that, build it, run it and while it's visibe on screen watch xrestop and be scared
05:17.31aseigothat's a qt only app ..
05:17.32luke-jrnto talking about X resources now
05:17.48luke-jrnor long-running leaks
05:17.51luke-jrjust the initial RAM use
05:17.55luke-jrby plasma itself
05:18.02fdeaseigo: there is no way to control it, or just not use xrestop?
05:18.23aseigofde: well, i've found the source of that particular problem in qt ... hopefully we'll have a fix for it soon
05:18.35fdeaseigo: yay  :)
05:18.41aseigolaurent and i cleaned up a variety of slower leaks this week as well
05:18.45aseigonow.. that said..
05:18.50luke-jrhow about initial RAM use? :/
05:19.10aseigothere's a certain amount of realism required as to memory usage when you're displaying a full screen wallpaper @32bbp
05:19.14*** join/#kde ld50 (n=serj@
05:19.23luke-jrthere is no such thing as 32bpp -.-
05:19.37luke-jryou're saying if I turn off the wallpaper it'll be sane?
05:19.46aseigoargb == 32 mofo
05:19.52fdeluke-jr: I think my 50mb resident and 400mb shared RAM usage is due to this leak, so it is definitely good news to me... I don't tend to stop X unless I'm restarted for a new kernel
05:20.00luke-jraseigo: desktop has no need for alpha
05:20.26devilsadvocate_luke-jr: i'd disagree with that. i use the alpha all the time
05:20.32aseigoright now my plasma is taking 10mb resident
05:20.35luke-jrdevilsadvocate_: on your *desktop*?
05:20.44devilsadvocate_luke-jr: yes
05:20.52luke-jrdevilsadvocate_: what's behind it?
05:21.02jossaseigo, doesnˇt that arthur stuff have a an opengl backend to switch with marble :P?
05:21.16fdeaseigo: I can understand plasma being a heavy process... but currently it is unacceptably so in my opinion... I can live with it because I have 2gb RAM, but it gets rediculous when you discuss smaller devices - which I think is a goal of plasma in the future?
05:21.17jossto get a better performance that way
05:21.27devilsadvocate_luke-jr: the blackness of my screnn
05:21.30aseigoluke-jr: so, first there's no such thing as 32bbp, then you say you don't need it ;) seriously, it's part of the rendering that goes on in qgraphicsscene
05:21.45luke-jraseigo: no way to make it 24bpp?
05:21.50aseigofde: i've run it quite successfully on the maemo. small enougH?
05:22.15luke-jrplasma screwed up my panels :<
05:22.18aseigoor rather the n810
05:22.31*** join/#kde valczir (
05:22.33fdeaseigo: 31987 fde       20   0  292m  41m  25m S    5  2.1  23:18.06 plasma   <-- plasma after about a day, it gets much worse
05:22.36jossif we have opengl support on the n800 we can do something similar with gtk2+cario+glitz or qt4+arthur(opengl backend), 1
05:22.42luke-jraseigo: exactly my platform
05:22.49luke-jrjoss: you don't
05:22.55josshmm, maema is in it seems
05:23.09*** join/#kde valczir (
05:23.11josslike-jr: donˇt what?
05:23.22luke-jrjoss: N800 will never have OpenGL, other than software rendering
05:23.25aseigofde: shall i repeat everything i just said for you? :)
05:23.26g1ltwhat changed between kde 3.5 and 4.x that broke tablet compatibility?
05:23.34aseigowell, i've found the source of that particular problem in qt ... hopefully we'll have a fix for it soon
05:23.37aseigolaurent and i cleaned up a variety of slower leaks this week as well
05:23.38luke-jrg1lt: uh, 3.5 never had such compat afaik
05:23.45g1ltinput detection is pretty much hit n miss now
05:23.48g1ltused to be perfect
05:23.59*** join/#kde plutonian (
05:23.59fdeaseigo: haha... no, I'm just saying, its using much more than 10mb here... I guess yours has the leak fixes though?  :P
05:24.00aseigoqt4 perhaps
05:24.06g1ltis it a single click? double click? drag n drop? kde no longer knows
05:24.08aseigofde: yes
05:24.12jossluke-jr, i am talking about desktop pc and mable:), can't i somehow change the arthur library or it's painting backend?
05:24.44*** join/#kde Qu4Z (
05:25.02fdeaseigo: should probably release 4.2.3 when you get them all under control, or will it be time for 4.3 by then? :P
05:25.08aseigofde: i'm not able to magically make them appear on your machine
05:25.18jossluke-jr, fingers are bit freezed this time allready, should go and eat something:), dunno zrusin has some interesting  benches
05:25.31fdeaseigo: damn you, I thought you were a magician  :(
05:25.35aseigomost of the leak fixes made were backported to 4.2
05:25.47*** join/#kde ld50 (n=serj@
05:25.49jossluke-jr, so opengl should be there for qt and hw accel, wonder if arthur could profit from it?
05:26.37fdejoss: of course it could  :/
05:26.57g1ltso y'all have no idea why tablet support is broken in kde4. possibly qt4 is a pretty broad explanation.
05:27.02jossfde: but it does not at the moment , you are trying to say :P
05:27.12fdeOpenGL will never be the default backend though, because it doesn't cover enough potential users
05:27.13luke-jrat start plasma 21.4% memory
05:27.48jossfde: so which server has it fetchable as non default backend for arthur:)?
05:27.55*** join/#kde Ahadiel (
05:28.21fdejoss: afaik, qt4 has opengl capabilities, so it should just be a case of changing the setting
05:28.27aseigothere's an experimental opengl arthur backend
05:28.34aseigoemphasis on experimental
05:28.40aseigothere's a lot of work left there to do
05:28.53fdelikes experimenting
05:29.04jossfde: honestly i do not like the marble performance sucking, the idea seems very cool, putting all the streets and public transports to a program
05:29.14Jucato(running `kwrite --graphicssystem opengl` earlier was fun on Qt 4.5.1)
05:29.24fdejoss: if you think Marble is bad, I don't recommend trying Google Earth
05:29.24Jucatoer.. 4.5.0
05:29.57jossfde, it is cool, marble i mean, but it has to go faster somehow..
05:30.08jossrendering part
05:30.20luke-jrI think before OpenGL
05:30.26luke-jrsomeone needs to fix Qt's performance issues
05:30.30luke-jrit's horrid slow over network
05:30.47luke-jrpresumably the problem exists all the time, just less noticable locally
05:30.47fdeluke-jr: they are working on it atm... there are blogs discussing the process about
05:30.56luke-jroh, good
05:31.56*** join/#kde stef_203 (n=stef@unaffiliated/stef-204/x-384198)
05:33.06*** join/#kde tdfischer_ (n=wm161@
05:33.10g1ltno-one has any ideas
05:33.14jossfde: but when you ment performance wise , with those drivers that i have now here, googlearth working with opengl won't to a single glinch, absolutely perfectly smooth on integrated gpu..
05:33.25jossfde: marble isn't
05:33.28g1ltone post about it on the internet, with no real replies
05:33.38g1lttablet support is broken in kde4
05:35.42luke-jrg1lt: note I'm capable of double-tapping
05:35.49g1ltyou're using a tablet?
05:36.01luke-jralthough, now that I think about it, I might mean right clicking
05:36.13luke-jrKDE doesn't actually use double-click ever..
05:36.29g1ltyeah, single click is only like 50% dectected for me
05:36.32jossfde: and it sound's like it should when i listen to you, anyways aseigo luke-jr a closer pointer against that arthur experimental opengl backend please
05:36.47g1ltthe rest of the time it either tries to drag the file/folder or draw a selection box
05:36.57jossaseigo: or how to change this via qtconfig
05:37.41*** join/#kde devilsadvocate (n=quassel@
05:38.11jossfde: cause people being to poor to buy 3d hardware, that's why opengl won't cover enough potential users?
05:38.37luke-jrjoss: 3D hardware is still quite unreliable in general
05:39.23fdejoss: basically, yes
05:40.37aseigojoss: --graphicssystem opengl
05:41.16aseigojoss: it really has little to do with poor or not... opengl hardware is pretty much everywhere now and has been for some years.. not necessarily gamer quality muscle, but we don't need that
05:41.31aseigojoss: it's a lot more about the quality of drivers
05:42.12luke-jraseigo: at the cost of an unreliable system
05:42.16jossaseigo: it seems so, currently they have put emphasis on 3d performance it seems then
05:42.42aseigoluke-jr: yes, the current spate of drivers are crap
05:42.59aseigonvidia's are the closest to great, esp on the opengl side
05:43.05aseigowell, on the opengl side they are really good
05:43.22aseigothey just had some other issues not directly gl related that screwed things for us
05:43.46jossaseigo: ok, that was a qtconfig switch i think, yeah nvidia is nice, 2d isn't the best for them..but i doubt that marble would do such things still
05:43.50aseigobut the rest of the drivers are questionable quality
05:44.22aseigojoss: well, a gl paint engine will only help marble so much, really, because it's doing all the projections in software anyways
05:44.34*** join/#kde ash211 (
05:45.34*** join/#kde ld50 (n=serj@
05:46.25jossaseigo: hmm, so what would you suggest that's the easiest appraoch here to bump the performance up a bit?
05:46.35jossnor  reprogramming anything
05:47.43*** join/#kde ShashankSingh (
05:48.37aseigojoss: what GPU chipset?
05:48.48jossknowing that googlerth runs flawlessly, i haven't used kde lately especially 4 version, that is not default for eeepc distros i do not have band
05:48.54jossaseigo: 945gme
05:49.17jossand i use 2.6.30 and got the performance the first time with gem.
05:51.14aseigothat driver is in a shambles right now
05:51.36aseigoit's being improved, but.. yeah.. little else beyond "wait for it to get less slow" at this point
05:52.18*** join/#kde Simon_Wang (n=linfves@
05:52.29aseigoeven though gem is supposed to help various things, the reality is that in its debut the driver was hardly good
05:52.52*** join/#kde ld50 (n=serj@
05:53.43aseigoit was actually a pretty massive regression in performance
05:53.53aseigoin theory this is temporary. so i'm hopeful.
05:54.00jossaseigo: seems so, but i haven't got the point of kde4 critisism either,  it looks pretty good, design is nice, default theme and widgets,,so
05:56.02*** join/#kde beer_ (
05:56.06jossaseigo: currently at least 3d has been fixed, some games run as well, not too bad compared to chip improved for the latest release:D
05:56.11jossof kernel
05:57.07jossbuying an nvidia asus lappy should save from the headaches i guess though there is only n10 available
05:57.41*** join/#kde jolt^ (
05:58.09*** join/#kde fde (n=fde@unaffiliated/fde)
05:58.50jossaseigo: i was hoping to see such things as this marble navigation bar at left side become dockable
05:59.29josselse from that interface is clean and nice
06:02.31jossdevilsadvocate, can't i zoom in with a keyboard shortcut?
06:02.57devilsadvocatejoss: i just use the touchpad's scroll
06:03.31devilsadvocatehavent really used it much, so i dont know what you can do with it
06:03.46jossdevilsadvocate, don't have such thing , touchpad and two buttons below it
06:04.19devilsadvocatejoss: usually the right side of the touchpad is different
06:04.30jossi need to look for public transports and such things, that earth lacks
06:04.39devilsadvocatetry to slide your finger from top to bottom along the right edge
06:05.06*** join/#kde yrjan (
06:05.36jossyeah, that won't work, tried that, maybe wrong driver for touchpad
06:06.48*** join/#kde cuco (
06:10.37*** join/#kde pgega (
06:11.42luke-jrjoss: nVidia == headaches
06:11.56*** join/#kde human_blip (n=quassel@
06:12.36jossluke-jr: what you reccommend then:) geode?
06:12.46luke-jrI use ATi so far.
06:12.53luke-jrhope to get Intel next time
06:13.19jossluke-jr: why so, ati has also open source drivers?
06:13.41devilsadvocateluke-jr: lol. intel gm965 here, and X is taking 50% of one core. (switching back to old driver made it go to 90%, so , yeah)
06:13.41luke-jrbut supposedly Intel's are more mature
06:14.35devilsadvocateall the drivers have gone to the dogs. dont know of a single gfx chipset that has windows level support
06:14.43*** join/#kde blip- (n=blip-@unaffiliated/blip-)
06:15.14luke-jrdevilsadvocate: I don't want "windows level support"
06:15.16luke-jrthat would be DRM
06:15.49devilsadvocateluke-jr: i want to be able to do everything with the hardware that the windows driver allows me to
06:15.53jossluke-jr: yeah, last time i tried with radeon one 3d game, yeah it did not perform oss one, didn't tweak also, glxgears was good only, but xv was better then fglrx especially for v4l that time
06:15.59luke-jrdevilsadvocate: including DRM?
06:16.32devilsadvocateluke-jr: drm is not a hardware thing. drm is something you put over the hardware into the sw stack
06:16.34*** join/#kde tdn (
06:16.40luke-jrdevilsadvocate: DRM is entirely a hardware thing these days
06:16.50luke-jrdevilsadvocate: it's embedded in GPUs and CPUs
06:16.53devilsadvocatei dont think anyone has done to the trouble of putting drm into hardware yet on non-digital channels
06:17.08luke-jrjust not activated much yet
06:17.11devilsadvocatetcpa failed to catch on, last i checked
06:17.14luke-jrIIRC, Vista activated some GPU DRM
06:17.42devilsadvocatethats on the digital high throughput channels like hdmi and dvi
06:17.51jossluke-jr: any game was just really slow, that is not the case with intel i guess at the moment
06:18.10luke-jrdevilsadvocate: still there
06:18.29devilsadvocateluke-jr: and that kicks in only at resolutions > 720p
06:18.30jossluke-jr: so this --graphicssystem should be option per application i understand, that case marble hasn't got such
06:19.40devilsadvocateluke-jr: and saying that in order to use hardware that i paid for i _need_ to have drm is lame. saying that windows drivers are worse than linux drivers in hardware utilization because of DRM is equally lame
06:20.07luke-jrdevilsadvocate: I didn't say that.
06:20.18luke-jryou said you wanted drivers that could do everything the hardware could
06:20.22luke-jrthat includes DRM
06:20.49josshmm kde4-config allows such options, but marble is qt based only
06:21.03devilsadvocateluke-jr: yes, i do. and i also want a way to turn off what i dont want. i may want to turn off 3d, i may want to turn off drm. my rights because i paid for the hardware
06:21.16luke-jrjoss: IIRC, it can be compiled with or withotu KDE support
06:21.29luke-jrdevilsadvocate: in an ideal world maybe
06:22.18luke-jrdevilsadvocate: but we live in a world where your thoughts can be criminal
06:22.19luke-jror even lack thereof
06:22.28jossluke-jr: yeah i am a sufferer of a bad system now:) that's not gentoo
06:22.44*** join/#kde SoylentYellow (
06:23.41jossotherwise i would had allraedy done equery uses marble, eh, i should still download one dvd snapshot from internet cafe though:D, ubuntu seems lame little bit => /usr/lib/ (0xb7653000)
06:26.01jossstill then painter angine is not switchable it seems
06:26.11devilsadvocatejoss: imo ubuntu is, on an avrage, better than "insert distro name here" for general use. sure, every 6 months you have a bit of excitement when half of it stops working on update, but on the whole i'm happy with the stability there is
06:26.37devilsadvocateif not ubuntu, you
06:26.57devilsadvocateyou should go for one of the rolling release distros like arch or gentoo *shrudder*
06:27.22jossdevilsadvocate, hehee, yeah, excitement
06:27.29luke-jrheh, Gentoo's big downside is breaking once in a while
06:27.35luke-jryou're saying other distros have that too? XD
06:28.14devilsadvocategentoo's big downside is compiling _everything_
06:28.37jossdevilsadvocate, upside is, it solves cleanly everything
06:28.43luke-jrdevilsadvocate: that's not a big downside
06:28.51luke-jrjust gotta be a little patient and plan in advance
06:28.59devilsadvocateonce we decided to play bzflag at a conference. by the time the gentoo guy got it compiled and installed, everyone else decided to call it a day
06:29.05luke-jrok, I guess it's a big downside on my N810
06:29.10luke-jrdue to RAM shortage
06:29.28luke-jrdevilsadvocate: cuz you didn't help him ;)
06:29.35devilsadvocateluke-jr: like i said, for 'general use', where normal people do normal stuff
06:30.12luke-jrdevilsadvocate: normal people can't plan in advance?
06:30.16devilsadvocateluke-jr: help him..? umm.. the guy wrote an alternate package manage iircment system for gentoo
06:30.22devilsadvocateluke-jr: no.
06:30.32luke-jrdevilsadvocate: distcc
06:30.37jossluke-jr: yep, other ways are cry about a system you can not handel devilsadvocate: heh your funny
06:30.54jossluke-jr, better to think in advance
06:30.55devilsadvocateluke-jr: over wireless? and my cpu is for me alone. :D
06:31.03luke-jrdevilsadvocate: selfish
06:31.16luke-jrand wtf are you doing playing games over wireless? ;)
06:31.19luke-jrthat's insane
06:31.35devilsadvocateluke-jr: :D. the tie must pass when a boring talk is going on :P
06:31.54luke-jrdevilsadvocate: surely someone has a router in their pocket?
06:32.25devilsadvocateluke-jr: too painful setting it up. 54mbps access point 10 feet away is good enough
06:32.47luke-jra hub, then
06:32.52luke-jrno need for external power
06:33.07luke-jrit's late
06:33.25devilsadvocateluke-jr: see.. its not always about the 'right' way to do things. its generally about the simplest way to do things
06:33.45devilsadvocate(from a user's perspective)
06:33.49*** join/#kde ungethym (
06:39.45jossArthur, the painting subsystem of Qt 4, is optimised, including accelerations using OpenGL. It also included a highly improved and extended Qt3Support library and an enhanced Qt Designer with an action editor. Qt 4.1 also includes a new painting backend for Arthur
06:51.53*** join/#kde silvy (
06:54.11*** join/#kde smurfslover (
06:55.18*** join/#kde maazu (n=maazu@
06:56.28*** join/#kde TheWoozle (
06:56.39*** join/#kde wasynyt (
06:57.13*** join/#kde smurfslover (
06:57.50*** join/#kde SSJ_GZ (
06:58.34*** join/#kde Skitt (
07:00.04*** join/#kde cga (n=cga@
07:01.17*** join/#kde Prabz (n=Prabhjot@
07:01.43*** join/#kde BCMM (n=bcmm@unaffiliated/bcmm)
07:03.05*** join/#kde messerting (
07:03.28*** join/#kde PSiL0 (
07:03.51PrabzHi I recently upgraded to jaunty I'm not able to hibernate using the kde "leave menu"
07:04.09maazukernel version?
07:05.26maazuhrm... kernel version
07:05.42karthikpThe implementation of the hibernate and suspend often depends on the distro.
07:05.58PrabzI installed uswsusp, and now am able to hibernate from the command line using the command sudo s2disk
07:06.02maazucan switch to tty2 and put machine on hibernation
07:06.19karthikpIt's like KDE has the front ends to the system, the distro often implements a favorite back end.
07:06.22*** join/#kde Pinaraf (
07:06.23Prabzhow to bind it to the hibernate menu item on the leave menu
07:07.57karthikp#kubuntu might be a better place to ask.
07:08.10Prabzok thanks karthikp
07:08.56karthikpYou're welcome :)
07:11.54*** join/#kde Rehto- (
07:14.01*** join/#kde jamii (
07:17.06*** join/#kde ^6wl (
07:19.13*** join/#kde bkp (
07:21.03beer_what is you views on the best apt based kde 4 distro?
07:21.09*** join/#kde atomik (
07:22.23*** join/#kde letto2 (n=letto@
07:23.08*** join/#kde DirkGently (
07:24.29*** join/#kde Guest53828 (n=mohammed@
07:25.43*** join/#kde bkp (
07:25.57*** join/#kde Yemmi (
07:26.18*** join/#kde eternaleye (
07:28.19*** join/#kde E[m]ess (
07:32.18*** join/#kde UUncia (
07:37.00*** join/#kde valczir_ (n=valczir@
07:37.43*** join/#kde eternaleye (
07:42.51*** join/#kde mck182 (n=quassel@
07:43.16*** join/#kde save_ (
07:44.08*** join/#kde kish (n=kish@
07:45.07*** join/#kde MrPaul (n=MrPaul@unaffiliated/mrpaul)
07:45.11*** part/#kde kish (n=kish@
07:46.37*** join/#kde valczir__ (
07:49.04*** join/#kde tindor_ (n=tindor@
07:49.10*** join/#kde ninjaslim (n=sabeeh@
07:51.10*** join/#kde yao_ziyuan (n=yaoziyua@
07:51.19*** join/#kde Jack (
07:51.32yao_ziyuanwho is responsible for drawing menu shadow?
07:51.36*** join/#kde eternaleye (
07:51.40yao_ziyuanthe kde widget style or
07:51.49yao_ziyuanor window effects?
07:52.22Guest14574how is the window ordering called, which places all new opened windows the way which tries to use the free space of the screen in best way?
07:52.40*** join/#kde Fus (
07:52.55*** join/#kde wasynyt (
07:53.03Zarinyao_ziyuan, in KDE 4 it's KWin
07:54.03*** join/#kde TobiaszCudnik (
07:54.39Guest14574Can I replace the windows vista shell with the kde4 shell?
07:54.56*** join/#kde eternaleye (
07:55.18yao_ziyuanZarin: so a kde4 widget style can't decide whether menus should have shadows?
07:55.21*** join/#kde liliang (n=liliang@
07:55.27maazugotta go
07:55.28*** part/#kde maazu (n=maazu@
07:56.30*** join/#kde ld50_ (n=serj@
07:56.33Zarinyao_ziyuan, correct
07:57.14yao_ziyuanZarin: the problem is, sometimes i right click dolphin or systemsettings' window title, and the menu doesn't have shadow
07:57.19*** join/#kde devilsadvocate (n=devilsad@
07:57.26yao_ziyuanactually it does, but the shadow is below the main window
07:57.45ZarinThat is a bug that's caused by shadow caching and is something we know about :)
07:58.00*** join/#kde hee (
07:58.00yao_ziyuanso, sometimes, dolphin and systemsettings suddenly acquire "above shadow" z order
07:58.03*** join/#kde JukeBoxHero (n=gorillaJ@fedora/hitboxx)
07:59.19aseigosips a beer and watches some youtube
07:59.36Zarinaseigo, watching tubes are fun
08:00.02aseigoyes, nice way to end a day of debugging and polishing :)
08:00.14aseigoZarin: how're things in .au?
08:00.30*** join/#kde valczir (
08:00.46aseigoputs a wallabee in Zarin's shorts
08:00.59ZarinBeen spending the entire day watching old Extreme Engineering episodes
08:01.12aseigogood series
08:01.36ZarinNever heard of it before yesterday :)
08:02.11*** join/#kde melik (
08:02.34*** join/#kde ahmadrazzaghi (n=Ahmad@
08:03.23*** join/#kde tkjacobsen (
08:07.48*** join/#kde eternaleye (
08:08.30*** join/#kde gfchvfgjl (
08:08.43*** part/#kde gfchvfgjl (
08:11.08*** join/#kde eNTi (n=eNTi@
08:11.36*** join/#kde valczir (
08:12.41*** join/#kde eternaleye (
08:14.59*** join/#kde |Jedi| (n=Scoobasp@
08:17.07*** part/#kde silvy (
08:17.34*** join/#kde gentoofans (n=gentoofa@
08:18.17*** join/#kde Defense|Twin (
08:19.35*** join/#kde dbglt (
08:20.51*** join/#kde Defense|Twin (
08:22.31*** join/#kde virk (
08:23.54dbglthow usable is nepomuk in kde 4.2.2?
08:27.23*** join/#kde vito (
08:27.29*** join/#kde kish (n=kish@
08:28.50*** join/#kde miki (n=miki@
08:32.57*** join/#kde IceChant (n=icechant@
08:33.10*** join/#kde Geek`N`Proud (n=mhare@unaffiliated/geeknproud/x-848223)
08:33.12*** part/#kde yao_ziyuan (n=yaoziyua@
08:34.28*** join/#kde ELITE_x (n=quassel@quassel/user/elite)
08:37.10*** join/#kde A-Journey-In-The (
08:39.36*** join/#kde apokryphos- (n=francis@opensuse/member/Apokryphos)
08:41.00fujimitsudumps amarok; installs vlc
08:41.35thiagothey don't do the same thing
08:41.49fujimitsulike, playing music?
08:41.53fujimitsui think they do
08:42.02*** join/#kde nielsslot (n=quassel@
08:42.33*** join/#kde apparmor (n=vsu@
08:42.40fujimitsuand its working out quite nicely
08:42.46*** join/#kde saint (n=saint@
08:44.40fujimitsufor instance, konqueror and vlc for playing streamed music, they are getting alone very well
08:46.45fujimitsuwith way smaller footprint too
08:47.01fujimitsuchecks top again
08:47.49*** join/#kde Salze (
08:49.46*** join/#kde yao_ziyuan (n=yaoziyua@
08:51.06*** join/#kde eternaleye (
08:51.08*** join/#kde Fish (
08:51.12yao_ziyuani found a bug but i don't know if i should file it under kde or vbox: enable a vbox virtual machine's "3D Acceleration" and start the vm (guest os: win xp), and then you will find dolphin and systemsettings' window title menus lose shadow.
08:52.59*** join/#kde nucleo (n=nucleo@
08:52.59*** join/#kde Phlogi (
08:54.25*** part/#kde kish (n=kish@
08:55.54*** join/#kde wasynyt (
08:57.08yao_ziyuanmeows for attention
08:59.11thiagono clue
08:59.21Guest15089:fujimitzu amarok is another thing. even xmms works well for streaming with a smaller footprint, but they are different things
09:00.19thiagofujimitsu: do you manage your music collection with vlc?
09:01.09*** join/#kde fawek_ (n=faw@
09:02.50*** join/#kde Rehto- (
09:03.06*** part/#kde yao_ziyuan (n=yaoziyua@
09:03.31*** join/#kde smurfslover (
09:03.42*** join/#kde nachtwandler (
09:05.41*** join/#kde Sinister (
09:07.10*** join/#kde damunix (
09:07.46*** join/#kde fritz (n=fritz@
09:10.13*** join/#kde eternaleye (
09:10.58*** join/#kde Worf (
09:12.30JukeBoxHeroshit! amarok is such a mess
09:12.59*** join/#kde at0mik (
09:13.05Guest15089in wath sense?
09:13.17JukeBoxHeroyou add/remove something from/to the playlist/library it all messes up
09:13.40JukeBoxHerocover art goes for all the wrong albums, artist names goes all wrong for the sings .. .
09:13.49Guest15089it works for me
09:14.04JukeBoxHeroit wasnt like this before
09:14.11Guest15089what vrsion do you use?
09:14.20JukeBoxHeroQt 4.5 sux
09:14.45JukeBoxHeroamarok2Version 2.0.2
09:15.06apparmorJukeBoxHero:  do you know how to ?
09:15.38*** join/#kde Nate_Grey (
09:15.42Guest15089do you use gnome?
09:15.48apparmorKDE 4.1
09:16.03apparmorthat widget only in KDE, right ?
09:16.56apparmorKDE do want to say good bye to the "Windows" Style. lol
09:17.26Guest15089click with the richght mouse button on desktop an select desktop settings
09:17.41apparmorand then ?
09:17.53Guest15089change the activity
09:18.12Guest15089from desktop to folderview
09:18.17apparmorFolder view ?
09:18.32*** join/#kde LEW21 (
09:18.48apparmornot work
09:19.58*** join/#kde valczir_ (
09:19.58apparmorand can not right click anymore. no menu comes out
09:19.59*** join/#kde cb400f (n=cb400f@opensuse/member/Cb400f)
09:21.17Guest15089now click again
09:21.36Guest15089rirht mouse on desktop
09:21.48Guest15089folder view settings
09:22.54UUnciaIs anyone aware that KDE doesn't restore the previously set display resolution until "Display" is clicked on in "System settings"?
09:23.06*** join/#kde agam (
09:23.10Guest15089you can select the folder you want
09:23.40*** join/#kde mohammed (n=mohammed@
09:24.32*** join/#kde Rasi (
09:24.41Guest15089:apparmor problems?
09:24.48*** join/#kde mschiff (
09:26.00JukeBoxHerothats it. amarok has hit a new low., or rather kde.
09:26.48Guest16487hi all, I have some problem. sometimes the whole desktop just freez. it is not the OS, because I could shutdown by just pushing the power button once. I am using Fedora 10 x86_64 KDE 4.x
09:26.49*** join/#kde BASEman (
09:27.05dbgltI have to say, I'm utterly impressed by these releases of kde. It had potential back in the 4.0 days, and now it has really been realised
09:27.17dbgltwith room to go of course, but it works well :)
09:27.23*** join/#kde mck182 (n=quassel@
09:28.18JukeBoxHeroGuest16487: #fedora-kde
09:30.22*** join/#kde globifrosch (
09:31.11Guest15089is apparmor dead? :)
09:33.38*** join/#kde root (n=root@
09:33.40glenwhat was the taskbar proggname on kde4 (the kicker?)
09:34.13Guest15089you did?
09:34.41apparmorGuest15089: the menu did not come out, when I right clicked the desktop
09:34.42gleni mean my taskbar is gone and i want it back
09:35.28apparmorany other way to set ?
09:36.03Guest15089first time it come out?
09:36.17*** join/#kde LXj (
09:36.31apparmorthe first time it come out, I just choose the folderview
09:36.35apparmorand click ok
09:38.05*** join/#kde Qu4Z (
09:38.41*** join/#kde Defense|Twin (
09:38.48*** join/#kde arjantop (n=quassel@
09:41.34*** join/#kde stuffcorpse (n=rick@
09:43.04*** join/#kde PasNox (
09:44.41*** join/#kde ghabit (n=quassel@
09:45.01*** join/#kde tampakrap (
09:45.27*** join/#kde buscher (
09:45.45*** join/#kde eternaleye (
09:45.52ghabitHello. Where I can get additional widget styles?
09:46.02ghabitAnd how to install them?
09:47.04apparmorin ur "Add Widgets"
09:47.22apparmorthr is "Install New Widgets" thr
09:48.16*** join/#kde Fish (n=SPARCman@
09:52.00*** join/#kde teatime (
09:52.36*** join/#kde Ace2017_- (
09:54.43*** join/#kde tampakrap (
09:57.02ghabitIs it in systemsettings?
09:57.05*** join/#kde Sinister (
09:58.05Jucatoghabit: right-click on the desktop -> Add Widgets, at the bottom there's a button "Install New Widgets"
09:58.27*** join/#kde spechard (n=quassel@
10:00.05ghabitWhen I am installing it and close list of new plasmoids window it returns an error - error installing package «/tmp/kde-ghabit///96067-devicenotifier_automount.0.3.tar.gz»!
10:00.28*** join/#kde visi (
10:01.17visihow to manualy diable compiz?
10:01.49visibecouse now i have by settings totaly brojen :( :(
10:02.52visino window decoration + no focus to any kde ar qt app, no matter where I click text appears only in firefox URL field
10:03.52*** join/#kde Worf (
10:03.56visieven when I open kicker text apears in firefox that definately does not have focus :(
10:04.00*** join/#kde Bou (
10:04.49*** join/#kde naught101 (
10:06.42visiany ideas?
10:06.43*** join/#kde draugdel (
10:06.53*** join/#kde apparmor (n=vsu@
10:07.26dbgltodd. the volume in my dragonplayer is fairly low. Even when everything is boosted to max. Any ideas?
10:07.49*** join/#kde freyer (
10:10.57*** join/#kde Worf (
10:15.19*** join/#kde tictric (
10:16.08*** join/#kde eternaleye (
10:16.14*** join/#kde omnio (n=omnio@
10:16.51*** join/#kde matteo (n=matteo@
10:18.52*** join/#kde Eythan (
10:19.11*** join/#kde pano (n=pano@
10:19.45*** join/#kde DerHorst (
10:21.15*** join/#kde comawhite (
10:22.23*** join/#kde bluelightning (n=blueligh@pdpc/supporter/active/bluelightning)
10:22.51*** join/#kde boom1992 (
10:23.00*** join/#kde Fish (
10:23.16*** part/#kde omnio (n=omnio@
10:24.10*** join/#kde gomoran (
10:25.47*** part/#kde globifrosch (
10:25.53*** join/#kde cdyson37 (
10:26.40cdyson37hello all! quick question: can anyone remember how to get spellcheck-as-you-type (i.e. wriggly red underlines) working in kile?
10:27.24*** join/#kde Shirakawasuna (
10:28.38*** join/#kde _Rocket (
10:29.06*** join/#kde jordi_ (
10:29.29_Rocketi have installed kde4 in debian
10:29.48*** join/#kde Half-Left (
10:29.51*** join/#kde mannequinZOD (
10:30.16_Rocketand in kdm and when loading KDE, touchpad works
10:30.56_Rocketbut a few seconds after desktop shows, it freezes
10:31.06*** join/#kde shreddi (
10:31.10_Rocketif i connect mouse, mouse works properly
10:31.35*** join/#kde boom1992 (
10:32.00_Rocketin gnome there is no problem
10:32.07_Rocketwhat should i do?
10:33.01*** join/#kde the_p (
10:33.51*** join/#kde heapymess (
10:37.00*** join/#kde drbobb (
10:40.42*** join/#kde robert_ (n=hellspaw@objectx/robert)
10:41.17robert_superkaramba fails compiling with a bunch of "header not found" errors for KDE 3.5.9
10:41.26*** join/#kde kirun (
10:41.53cdyson37robert_ have you installed all the -dev packages?
10:42.09robert_I use gentoo, so they should be there by default
10:42.22cdyson37aaaaah yes indeed
10:42.42cdyson37locate aheaderthatsmissing.h show it up?
10:42.57*** join/#kde heapymes1 (
10:43.30robert_its compiling.. khexedit at the moment
10:43.32*** join/#kde Shingoshi_ (
10:44.58cdyson37hmm don't know enough about kde or gentoo (not used in years) to help I'm afraid. I'm only here to ask a question about kile!
10:45.23thiagorobert_: what is the *first* error?
10:45.27robert_s'okay heh
10:45.34*** join/#kde fawek (n=faw@
10:45.40robert_thiago, I'll tell you when it happens again :P
10:45.57robert_but in the meantime, I need some breakfast
10:46.06thiagogoes to make lunch then
10:46.10robert_it's 6:45am :P
10:46.13robert_Sun Apr 26 06:45:52 EDT 2009
10:46.20cdyson37\me wants lunch
10:46.28cdyson37wants lunch even
10:46.32thiagoSun Apr 26 12:46:28 CEST 2009
10:46.41cdyson37has been using too much latex and got his slashes confused...
10:46.47*** join/#kde A-Journey-In-The (
10:47.12Half-Leftthiago: Did you read Aaron's blog about plasma's memory?
10:47.56thiagoand the update that alexis is looking into it
10:48.10Half-LeftWe have a similar issue with kdegames and pixmaps
10:48.51thiagobroken pixmap cache
10:48.57thiagobug alexis
10:49.02Half-Leftmemory usage very high wheh I used some pixmaps in the card deck
10:49.21Half-LeftThat explains it then
10:50.04Half-Leftthiago: I redesigned the card deck for 4.3 because of it, thats not a bad thing because they've come out much better :p
10:50.35*** join/#kde joss (n=joss@
10:52.37*** join/#kde Draglor (n=Draglor@unaffiliated/draglor)
10:54.34*** join/#kde gladier_ (n=gladier@
10:54.50*** join/#kde UUncia (
10:55.32*** join/#kde eternaleye (
10:57.41*** join/#kde ChemBro (
10:59.35*** join/#kde hannascott (
11:00.01elmargolHalf-Left: screenshot?
11:00.37*** part/#kde gladier_ (n=gladier@
11:00.39*** join/#kde shiznix_ (
11:00.47*** join/#kde Rocket (
11:04.32UUnciaIs anyone aware that KDE doesn't restore the correct resolution upon startup?
11:05.25jossaseigo: that was with one "-" :) -graphicssystem made a crash though
11:05.31*** join/#kde JackFromShadow (
11:05.43jossif used with opengl backend, seemed to init something, but..
11:05.46*** join/#kde herrspock (
11:06.03jossUUncia: make it to restore the stuff then:)
11:06.21UUnciamake it how?
11:06.25UUnciaI have to click "Display" all the time
11:06.26*** join/#kde Dale (n=Dale@
11:06.29UUnciaand then it's restored.
11:06.32*** join/#kde alediaferia (
11:06.34UUnciaMaybe I should file a bug report.
11:07.08*** part/#kde ghabit (n=quassel@
11:07.33jossUUncia: well  i do not have kde4 here, at least all of it, when i used they had krandr and all the kcmd...stuff, that was configurable via command line
11:08.16josseither dcop, that's now obsolede or something find the command to issue it on startup if that's really not working
11:08.23UUnciacan't find either krandr or kcmd.
11:08.52UUnciamaybe I should ask on #kde-devel.
11:08.55jossUUncia: it was something else, a global command to call control center modules..
11:09.01*** join/#kde tkjacobsen (
11:09.02*** join/#kde pgega (
11:09.03*** join/#kde c0wbol (
11:09.03jossand kongueror etc.
11:09.26pgegawhen i disable desktop effects, kde changes window manager from kwin to xmonad (my secondary desktop).. any idea why ? :D
11:09.42pgega(kde 4.2.2)
11:09.49jossUUncia: filter them with tab kc....kc was the beginning
11:10.15*** join/#kde mck182|afk (n=quassel@
11:11.20jossUUncia: can't find it then issue xrandr at startup, monitor should be autodetected these days i guess, before you needed all the modes availabe in xorg.conf this to work
11:11.22*** join/#kde allo (n=harry@
11:11.26*** join/#kde boom1992 (
11:11.37allohow can i install kde for windows with german translation?
11:11.51Half-Leftelmargol: of what?
11:12.01jossUUncia: ~.kde/,Autostart is the file that get's called upon startup
11:12.59UUnciait's not a file
11:13.18UUnciait's a directory.
11:13.23jossUUncia: right , its a dir
11:13.26UUnciajoss - it does get autodetected.. but the wrong resolution.
11:13.56jossaah UUncia: you are on a laptop i guess with bios bug.
11:14.28UUnciaI'm on a laptop inside VMware )
11:14.30jossand not using kms or something similar, then you  need to force this mode to be programmed to bios table of modes
11:14.55*** join/#kde Jean (
11:15.15jossdunno..anyways should switch to #debian now, or search new release of marble
11:15.39jossUUncia: what kernel are you using for vmware host, or is the host ms windows?
11:15.40*** join/#kde kden3wb (n=kden3wb@
11:16.03josswonder if vmware has compilable host modules for 2.6.30
11:16.09UUnciaI'm on Fedora, not debian.
11:16.27josshmm, i asked what kernel, not distro
11:16.32*** join/#kde eternaleye (
11:17.12jossaah, it was compilable with little changes to source with 2.6.29 vmware and kqemu both
11:17.19*** join/#kde bgmiki (n=kvirc@
11:17.47robert_thiago, I've got your errors for you :P
11:18.02*** join/#kde ajox (
11:18.07jossUUncia: you have marble available there?
11:18.17*** join/#kde mlarsen (
11:18.39*** join/#kde Moult (n=Moult@
11:18.41*** join/#kde spechard (
11:19.04thiagorobert_: python problems
11:19.14robert_so I noticed.
11:19.18*** join/#kde cuco (
11:19.23robert_but the headers should be there
11:19.24thiagowhere's the patchlevel.h file?
11:19.46*** join/#kde smurfslover (
11:20.33robert_in /usr/include/python2.4/patchlevel.h and /usr/include/python2.5/patchlevel.h
11:20.55thiagomissing -I then
11:21.00*** join/#kde floe (n=flo@
11:21.18thiagoI have no clue how the kdeutils 3.5.9 finds python
11:21.21thiagonor do I care
11:21.30thiagoif you try kdeutils 4.2 or 4.3, I'll help you
11:21.52UUnciajoss - my host is OS X.
11:22.03*** join/#kde eternaleye (
11:22.03jossUUncia, heh right..
11:22.11thiagoto be clear: KDE 3's buildsystem is a mess and I won't touch it
11:22.19thiagoI was hoping the problem would be simpler
11:22.46thiagoworkaround: set CFLAGS to include -I/usr/include/python2.5
11:22.47jossthiago: hey, tried -graphicssystem opengl with some apps, they were right it gives some rendering errors here?
11:22.56thiagojoss: yes, it's right
11:23.51jossthiago: on newer releases of qt also, should this painter be faster with marble theoretically, that is take advandtage of dri infrastructure for instance?
11:24.28thiagojoss: it should be faster if you have very good drivers and card
11:24.32thiagojoss: otherwise, it'll be slower
11:24.34*** join/#kde ungethym (
11:25.26jossthiago: i have intel here 945gm, they became usable very lately here once again with gem..
11:26.13*** join/#kde ceu (
11:26.14jossthiago: what is the default painter? i red something about rester and opengl, but can not remember what was actually default
11:27.53*** join/#kde kW (n=kW@unaffiliated/kw)
11:28.00jossah, ok ..i can see that qt 4.6 is there allready, perhaps some improvements to opengl system
11:28.10thiagonothing yet
11:28.41thiagoopengl is experimental. Don't use it in production.
11:28.49*** join/#kde C-MoH (n=cipi@
11:28.49*** join/#kde lorenzo (
11:29.02*** join/#kde bgmiki (n=KVIrc@
11:29.27*** part/#kde bgmiki (n=KVIrc@
11:30.24jossthiago: ok, i need something extra to accelerate marble better, so i thought opengl would work better here, but it's buggy on kdebudialog even
11:30.59jossthiago:opengl works nicely here, but exa 2dimensional rendering seems bit slow
11:31.29thiagothen use OpenGL
11:31.37thiagodon't rely on the paint engine do it for you
11:32.14jossthiago: pardon, can't really parse that sentence:), rephrase?
11:32.52thiagoif you want to use OpenGL for acceleration, use it
11:32.52jossdo it myself?
11:33.01thiagodon't change the graphics system, just use OpenGL directly
11:33.26jossthiago: ah you mean at source level, i am not marble dev honestly
11:34.01jossthiago: though i sent a little mail to author about that, what's his thoughts
11:35.15*** join/#kde Ace2017_- (
11:36.15jossthiago: i thought myself that arthur has such API that backend could be switched somehow easily..Mr. matthias etthric kinda says so
11:38.42*** join/#kde devilsadvocate (n=quassel@
11:39.58*** join/#kde _io (
11:40.28*** join/#kde annew (
11:44.45jossthiago: you have marble installed there?
11:44.46*** join/#kde Rehto- (
11:45.51*** join/#kde Firefishe (n=kvirc@
11:46.17*** join/#kde mtux (n=mtux@
11:46.31FirefisheI'm using kubuntu 8.10, kde 4.2.2 . My terminal sessions sometime become unfocused (and I can't get them back), as well as the typing being screwed up.
11:47.54*** join/#kde basti (n=basti@
11:49.01*** join/#kde marko_d (n=maki@
11:50.45jossNative: 9 Fps; Raster: 30 Fps; OpenGL: 215 Fps.
11:52.00*** join/#kde wilder (
11:52.38*** join/#kde mck182 (n=quassel@
11:54.26*** join/#kde tsukasa (n=tsukasa@unaffiliated/tsukasa)
11:55.57c0wbolbonjour. J'ai des documents scannés (papier administratif en grosse resolution) que je converti en pdf. Maintenant lorsque je veux imprimer ce PDF, (depuis kpdf) il m'imprime seulement une partie de la page (resolution trop grosse ?) comment faire pour qu'a l'impression, la page pdf tienne sur une page A4 quelquesoit sa resolution ?
11:57.11*** join/#kde einar77 (n=quassel@
11:57.12*** join/#kde pumphaus (n=pumphaus@
11:57.19c0wbolsorry, it's english language here
11:57.36*** join/#kde basti (
11:57.38ceuhow can I set the theme used by digikam under gnome?
11:58.51c0wboli've many scanned documents converted to pdf. Now when i wanna print this pdf gile (from pdf), it prints only one part of the document. How to adjust my pdf on my A4 format letter page ?
12:00.22*** join/#kde piquadrat_ch (
12:00.31*** join/#kde borisko (
12:04.21*** join/#kde klebezettel (
12:05.11Half-Leftceu: You mean it's Qt theme?
12:05.23*** join/#kde Pullarotta^ (
12:05.23*** join/#kde Nekos (
12:05.51*** join/#kde x416365416c (
12:06.38ceuHalf-Left: I suppose
12:06.59*** join/#kde pprkut (
12:07.07*** join/#kde linux__ (n=linux@
12:07.24ceuHalf-Left: I would like to make digikam to look more "integrated" with my gnome desktop
12:07.32*** join/#kde mck182|afk (n=quassel@
12:07.39Half-LeftKDE4 version?
12:07.50ceuubuntu 9.04
12:08.08*** join/#kde alan (
12:08.09*** join/#kde asraniel (n=quassel@
12:08.19*** join/#kde bschindler (
12:08.20Half-LeftIf you have Qt4.2 it has a theme setting for native gtk + in system settings
12:09.26Half-Leftor just use gtk-kde4
12:09.27marko_dkdeinit4 is using 100%  of my CPU
12:09.33ceuhow can I reach that "system settings"?
12:10.00Half-Leftinstall it
12:10.01marko_dsplitted in 7 processes, by 28%
12:10.03*** join/#kde rand_acs (
12:10.52Half-Leftceu: Actually you can use qtconfig
12:13.31linux__how intall bluetooth in kde
12:13.34*** join/#kde blip- (n=blip-@unaffiliated/blip-)
12:13.42ceuHalf-Left: thanks, it's working
12:16.52*** join/#kde cumulus007 (n=cumulus@unaffiliated/cumulus007)
12:16.59cumulus007Í'm looking for a KDE gnutella client
12:18.54*** join/#kde silver_hook (
12:19.18jossHappy Hacking!
12:19.37*** join/#kde MaNI (
12:19.37silver_hookHullo. Is it normal for kded in KDE 4.2.2 to consume 60-95% of all CPU%?
12:20.09Half-LeftObviously not
12:21.00*** join/#kde Bou2 (n=nicolas@
12:22.06jossthiago: still depends much how application is written yes? they categorize the rendering in qt to two ways: cached and non-cached , you happen to know, which one marble is programmed?
12:22.12*** join/#kde krake (
12:22.13silver_hookHalf-Left: Any ideas what could be the cause? I'm using the ebuilds from the official Gentoo Portage tree.
12:22.42Half-LeftEverytime you login?
12:23.11krakehi all! user question: how do I get desktop 5 and 6 associated with shortcuts again? CTRL+n 1 to 4 works as usual, but 5 and 6 don't
12:23.41*** join/#kde Nerde (
12:26.50*** join/#kde A-Journey-In-The (
12:27.15*** join/#kde DrSlony (
12:27.38*** join/#kde MrRat (
12:27.44DrSlonyHelp, I dragged an executable file and a .sh file to the desktop in KDE4, those icons both launch the files properly but the icons are ugly, how can I change them?
12:27.51*** join/#kde Kardos (
12:27.53*** join/#kde Pullarotta^ (
12:28.21*** join/#kde bbelt16ag (
12:28.42*** join/#kde TheWoozle (n=woozle@
12:29.07Half-LeftRight click>Icon settings
12:29.36Bou2then click on the icon itself and choose another one
12:29.37*** join/#kde gucampos (n=gucampos@
12:29.46*** join/#kde rmTx (n=rametux@
12:30.14*** join/#kde krake_ (
12:31.19*** join/#kde Feisar (
12:31.25*** join/#kde MrRat (
12:31.38*** join/#kde ianc_ (n=ianc@fsf/member/ianc)
12:32.11DrSlonyHalf-Left Bou: I did that, i cant change the icon there, only things like file types
12:32.29BouDrSlony: which distrib?
12:32.40DrSlonygentoo, but its not a distro error
12:32.43BouDrSlony: it was not working for me neither under Kubuntu Intrepid
12:32.54DrSlonyif I drag an icon from the K menu then i can change it
12:32.56BouDrSlony: and now, working under kubuntu Jaunty
12:33.02*** join/#kde letto (n=letto@
12:33.02DrSlonybut when i drag executable files from dolphin then i cant
12:33.12Bouok i tested from K menu
12:33.16Boulet me try from dolphin
12:33.20DrSlonycan you test an executable gfrom dolphin?
12:33.22DrSlonyk, thx :)
12:34.11*** join/#kde marko_d (n=maki@
12:34.33*** join/#kde silver_hook (
12:35.15*** join/#kde Kardos (
12:35.51Bouhum actualy when adding from K menu it creates a desktop configuration file, whereas from dolphin it remains a script shell, and I can't change icon :/
12:36.18DrSlonyi dont want to create a kmenu file just to be able to set an icon :/
12:36.23DrSlony*.desktop file
12:36.58*** join/#kde lenscape (
12:37.41*** join/#kde silver_hook (
12:39.05*** join/#kde Ci-Dev (
12:39.43silver_hookHalf-Left: I'll try to reproduce it in Awesome by just running Kontact and Amarok, to see if it's one of those buggers...
12:39.59silver_hook...just after kdelibs recompile for me ;)
12:40.18*** join/#kde kaddy (
12:42.29*** join/#kde aleks (n=aleks@
12:42.57*** part/#kde Aleks (n=aleks@unaffiliated/aleks)
12:43.29*** join/#kde eternaleye (
12:47.15*** join/#kde krake_ (n=kevin@
12:47.43*** join/#kde borisko (
12:48.23BouDrSlony: i think that files inherit the icon of their file type
12:48.46BouDrSlony: i guess you will only be able to change the icon by creating a shortcut to your executable file (=a desktop file)
12:49.02DrSlonyyeah i guess so too, and that sucks :/
12:49.03BouI wonder how you can create easily such desktop shortcut from dolphin :S
12:49.21DrSlonyi could create it quite easily in the kmenu and then drag from the kmenu to the desktop
12:49.31*** join/#kde reset11 (n=micha@
12:49.36DrSlonybut i really dont need a .desktop file nor an entry in the kmenu :P
12:50.28DrSlonyperhaps kde4.3? :]
12:50.35*** join/#kde silver_hook (
12:53.24*** join/#kde ajox (
12:54.01*** join/#kde ajavid (
12:54.54*** join/#kde cga (n=cga@
12:58.05*** join/#kde Henry_BR (n=quassel@
12:58.18*** join/#kde borisko_ (
12:59.45*** join/#kde krake (n=kevin@
13:01.35*** join/#kde eternaleye (
13:06.08*** join/#kde rand_acs (n=randacs@
13:07.14silver_hookHalf-Left: Re-compiled kdelibs; running in Awesome (a tiling WM) only Amarok — not able to reproduce so far.
13:07.23*** join/#kde henrik1235_ (
13:07.44*** join/#kde noaXess (n=noaXess@
13:08.09jazkashut up
13:08.32Half-Leftpinotree: ^
13:08.41*** join/#kde axord (
13:08.46gucamposyour mother forgot to give you milk today?
13:09.03*** join/#kde bdgraue (
13:09.08gucamposweirdo =p
13:09.56*** join/#kde bdgraue (
13:10.10gucamposanybody knows anything about the effort to port Firefox to Qt 4? Or any good browser for Qt (appart from Konqueror and Opera, of course)?
13:10.28gucamposspecially any webkit one, if possible =D
13:10.40*** join/#kde draugdel_ (
13:12.19Half-Leftgucampos: Arora
13:13.04gucamposHalf-Left I've read about it in some googling, is it usable?
13:13.35Half-LeftSupports flash now as well, very fast one start up
13:13.42gucamposuhh and it's in my repositories, installing right now =D
13:13.45Half-LeftAssuming you have Qt4.5
13:13.58*** join/#kde tphilosopher (
13:14.17gucamposyeah qt here
13:14.29pumphausrekonq is also based on webkit and has kde4 integration
13:14.31tuxickwhy don't notifications dialogs tell me where to find the default sounds collection?
13:14.43tuxicki have no idea where they're hidden
13:14.48*** join/#kde ianc (n=ianc@fsf/member/ianc)
13:15.03tuxick~ is the last place to look
13:15.29gucampospumphaus I'll check it out too!
13:16.02tphilosopherHey guys. I'm hoping to contribute to KDE but only know Python. Are there any projects I can help out with?
13:17.37*** join/#kde A-Journey-In-The (
13:19.16*** join/#kde souser (n=souser@
13:19.19tphilosopherNo ideas?
13:19.23Half-Lefttuxick: It's not a stable release like Arora though, I'd only recommend it for testing
13:19.26*** join/#kde krake (
13:19.56tphilosopherOkay, thanks anyway guys.
13:20.19aalperttphilosopher: You can write plasmoids using only python, see
13:20.36*** join/#kde eternaleye (
13:21.33*** join/#kde joss_ (n=joss@
13:22.07tphilosopheraalpert: Yeah, thanks. I was actually hoping to join a project as opposed to creating my own.
13:22.24silver_hookHalf-Left: Started Konqueror ...still not able to reproduce.
13:22.37tphilosopheraalpert: I'm relatively new to programming so I would like to see and work on some existing code to help me learn good practices and whatnot.
13:22.54aalperttphilosopher: For all I know (what with not doing any python) there may be existing python plasmoids that need help.
13:23.27tphilosopheraalpert: Righte enough. I'll have a look around and see what I can find. :) Thanks
13:27.29aalperttphilosopher: If you haven't already you should search the svn for .py files. kdeedu has a fair few.
13:27.33*** join/#kde pano (
13:27.44*** join/#kde tanf (n=susan@
13:30.38*** join/#kde jeltsch (
13:33.39*** join/#kde Geek`N`Proud (n=mhare@unaffiliated/geeknproud/x-848223)
13:33.48*** join/#kde ianc (n=ianc@fsf/member/ianc)
13:34.01silver_hookHalf-Left: Kontact (with KWallet) and still not able to reproduce it. It seems I just had to recompile kdelibs...
13:34.31Half-Leftsilver_hook: Not sure why
13:35.15silver_hookHalf-Left: Me neither, but as long as it works ;)
13:37.21*** join/#kde Prof (n=Prof@
13:38.39*** join/#kde jeltsch (
13:39.04*** join/#kde marko_d (n=maki@
13:39.41*** part/#kde DrSlony (
13:40.55pinotreeshit, i cannot even go to have lunch...
13:41.41*** join/#kde stefan_ (
13:42.14stefan_Qt: 4.4.2
13:42.16stefan_KDE: 4.2.2 (KDE 4.2.2)
13:42.17stefan_kde4-config: 1.0
13:44.31*** join/#kde rand_acs (
13:44.46*** join/#kde ebdomino (
13:45.11*** join/#kde free-zombie (i=someone@pdpc/supporter/student/free-zombie)
13:45.55vitalis there any place I can see all svn commit-logs for kde?
13:46.11*** join/#kde ebdomino (
13:46.20kdepepovital, there is the kde-commits mailing list
13:46.22*** part/#kde tapas (
13:46.44vitalkdepepo: okay, I'll see if I find it :) thanks
13:47.02vitalkdepepo: thanks!
13:48.14ld50_vital: /j #kde-commits to see them as they happen
13:48.19*** join/#kde marko_d (n=maki@
13:48.21*** join/#kde thrashold (
13:48.46vitalld50, wonderful, thats better than mailinglists :)
13:48.55thrasholdWhat does KDE 4.2 use for syncing PIM data? And is there any way to access the PIM data via a Python, for example?
13:51.30*** join/#kde JW (
13:52.00ld50_vital: don't know if it's working though, i've been there for 3 minutes and nothing happened :)
13:52.52vitalld50_: I havn't seen much movement on any of the other kde* channels either, so .. I'll just wait for a while :)
13:53.44ld50_vital: there's also #commits, for al freenode
13:53.46*** join/#kde nucleo (n=nucleo@
13:54.08*** join/#kde Henry_BR (n=quassel@
13:54.32*** join/#kde jeltsch_ (
13:55.39*** join/#kde jeltsch (
13:56.03*** join/#kde nielsvm (
13:56.05*** join/#kde jeltsch_ (
13:56.07*** join/#kde nucleo (n=nucleo@
13:57.19*** join/#kde jeltsch (
13:57.26*** join/#kde eternaleye (
13:57.42vitalld50, interesting way of getting to know more projects I guess.. I'll join..
13:59.50*** join/#kde Sho_ (n=EHS1@kde/hein)
14:02.52*** join/#kde ichbinesderelch (
14:03.54*** join/#kde LXj (
14:04.02*** join/#kde nielsvm (
14:05.11*** join/#kde ichbinesderelch (
14:05.45*** part/#kde Bou (n=nicolas@
14:06.34*** join/#kde BentJ (
14:06.34*** join/#kde Frontier (
14:06.44*** part/#kde Frontier (
14:08.41*** join/#kde nielsvm_ (
14:09.55*** join/#kde phoenixz (n=sven@
14:10.09*** join/#kde vito (
14:11.17*** join/#kde cuco (
14:11.41*** join/#kde smurfslover (
14:11.57*** join/#kde krake_ (
14:14.31*** join/#kde Parkotron (n=parker@
14:14.49*** part/#kde Guest14060 (
14:18.10*** join/#kde aktinos (n=mfic@unaffiliated/aktinos)
14:18.17*** join/#kde freinhard (n=freinhar@
14:18.26*** join/#kde sladi (n=sladi@
14:19.24*** join/#kde zhick (
14:21.00*** join/#kde mata (n=mata@
14:21.19*** join/#kde letto (n=letto@
14:21.33sladiHi! I have Konsole 2.2.2 and Kradio4RC1 installed. My Kcontrol is for KDE3. Is there a way to configure the theme Konsole And Kradio use? Also nothing happens when I click a link in Konsole. Can I specifiy a browser somehow?
14:21.34*** join/#kde Gimped (
14:21.57*** join/#kde BillyBop (
14:22.00*** join/#kde mtux (n=mtux@
14:22.36BillyBopHi, I cannot put my kde4.2.2 into french, anyone could help?
14:24.20BillyBopI installed kde-l10n, I added french langage into system settings, but only some parts of the gui is translated (basically only the menu and system settings), the others apps remains in english
14:24.36BillyBopof course I restarted kde
14:25.20*** join/#kde gokmen (
14:25.27*** join/#kde shreddi (
14:26.13BillyBopI don't understand why only a few part of my kde apps are translated
14:27.21*** join/#kde zeltak (
14:27.48zhickBillyBop: What distribution?
14:27.48gucampospossibly because no one translated the others
14:28.00BillyBopgentoo distrib
14:28.03*** join/#kde Schoenberg (
14:28.08zhickI experienced something similiar with gentoo awhile ago
14:28.27BillyBopgucampos: hum, the french translation status is almost 97%
14:28.30zhickah :)
14:28.47zhickthen its probably your locale that's not correctly set
14:28.48*** join/#kde marek__ (
14:29.00zhickthat's what caused it for me
14:29.16BillyBopzhick: do the locales enter in the kde configuration?
14:29.31gucamposBillyBop oh, that surely changes things =D
14:29.31BillyBopstrange behaviour? I thinked kde was an independant app
14:29.53*** join/#kde fawek (n=faw@
14:29.56zhickBillyBop: nope. it's described in the gentoo handbook how to set it correctly.
14:30.09zhickill try and find the doc...
14:30.14BillyBopyep, I'll try to figure this out. thanks
14:31.44zhickBillyBop: if you need anymore help i suggest you use #gentoo-kde.
14:32.01*** join/#kde azlev (
14:33.00*** join/#kde JackWinter (
14:33.10*** join/#kde renato__ (
14:33.14zhickBillyBop: ah that's it:
14:33.40*** part/#kde krake (
14:33.40sladiIsn't KDE translation status only the base system without the apps?
14:34.05renato__existem brasileiros nesse canal?
14:34.39HappySmileManI think it includes all the core modules in KDE
14:36.21*** join/#kde nachtwandler_ (
14:36.46*** join/#kde teatime (
14:37.16*** join/#kde Worf (
14:38.06*** join/#kde FiNeX (
14:39.26*** join/#kde eternaleye (
14:41.17sladiIs there a way to configure KDE4 apps without Kcontrol? I have Kcontrol for KDE3.
14:42.12Ace2017_-sladi: you can use systemsettings
14:45.41sladiAce2017_-: Cool thanks! :)
14:47.47*** join/#kde bbelt16ag (
14:49.20*** join/#kde freezombie (i=someone@pdpc/supporter/student/free-zombie)
14:51.48*** join/#kde p-f (
14:52.03p-fAm I blind or is there no setting for the keypress repeat rate in systemsettings?
14:52.50vitalp-f: systemsettings - keyboard & mouse - keyboard   :)
14:53.23*** join/#kde guax (
14:53.35p-fvital: no such thing here
14:53.38*** join/#kde Jucato_ (n=Jucato@kde/developer/jucato)
14:53.41Ace2017_-do blind users use kde? or do they have their own interface? i thought they used console based apps or used windows
14:53.43*** join/#kde Raylz (n=quassel@
14:53.49p-fvital: there's Standard keyboard shortcuts and Global keyboard shortcuts
14:54.00vitalp-f: kde4?
14:54.08p-fvital: yes
14:54.09*** join/#kde jol__ (
14:54.19p-f4.2.2 to be more precise
14:55.16*** join/#kde BASEman (
14:55.19p-fI can use kbdrate, but I'm surprised it's not in systemsettings..
14:55.53vitalp-f: odd, for me there are   Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick, Standard Keyboard Shortcuts and Global Shortcuts.. and under Keyboard I have Keyboard repeat.. and I think I've had that since kde4.0..
14:56.03p-fvital: that's interesting
14:56.23p-fvital: I mean, it's not like it stores the entries in the user's configuration, right?
14:56.32*** join/#kde SergeyLogachev (
14:56.34vitalp-f: well, sorry, I cant help you much :/
14:56.44vitalp-f: I dont know where it's saved.
14:59.53*** join/#kde Acidburn (
14:59.59*** join/#kde arjantop (n=quassel@
15:00.42AcidburnDoes anyone know, how i can create my own shortcuts on KDE?
15:01.36p-fAcidburn: if it's not in the two shortcut entries in systemsettings, no luck - you'll have to use a n external solution
15:01.39p-fas far as I know, anyways
15:01.40p-fI hope I'm wrong
15:01.59gucamposI had trouble with that Acidburn
15:02.14gucamposI was trying using the options inside Keyboard / Mouse in System Settings
15:02.34gucamposso someone here directed me to the 'Input Actions' module that I have never noted before
15:02.41gucamposthere I was able to do it =)
15:05.22*** join/#kde vaettchen (
15:06.37*** join/#kde DeSoVoDaMu (
15:08.10*** join/#kde JukeBoxHero (n=gorillaJ@fedora/hitboxx)
15:08.30*** join/#kde zeltak (
15:09.56*** join/#kde gomoran (n=berberic@
15:11.34*** join/#kde emrecan (n=emrecan@
15:12.09*** join/#kde Henry_BR (n=quassel@
15:13.26*** join/#kde sibok (
15:13.36sibokhi, is there any way to make dolphin only preview image and video files? if i press preview toolbar icon dolphin previews folders, images and documents. I would liek to only preview images and videos, is t possible? thanks
15:14.35*** join/#kde deep_ (n=deep@
15:15.02*** join/#kde zeltak (
15:15.35*** join/#kde _Rocket (n=rocket@
15:16.42*** join/#kde maour (n=gnu@
15:17.01*** join/#kde xerox1 (
15:17.28xerox1hi, i am having some trouble to place plasmoids with kde4
15:18.34*** join/#kde geek (n=geek@
15:18.46xerox1all plasmoids are "jumping" to the left upper edge
15:19.44xerox1is that a known bug? is there a work around for this?
15:21.22*** join/#kde buntfalke (n=nobody@unaffiliated/buntfalke)
15:23.05*** part/#kde sadid (n=geek@
15:24.18*** join/#kde Rasi (
15:29.03*** join/#kde Rasi (
15:29.31*** join/#kde treffer_ (
15:30.48*** join/#kde FiNeX (
15:33.01Rehto-weird klipper has the amarok's icon in systray
15:33.57Rehto-xerox1: I had that when changing the desktop activity mode ... restarting kwin did the trick
15:34.35xerox1hm, let's give a try
15:34.45Rehto-I don't know a better workaround
15:36.34*** join/#kde mannequinZOD (
15:38.59nanothiefyou could just try restarting plasma
15:39.48*** join/#kde xerox1 (
15:40.09*** join/#kde caotic (n=caotic@
15:40.13xerox1sry, Rehto: didn't work
15:40.28xerox1plasmoids are still "jumping"
15:40.59*** join/#kde IrquiM (
15:41.04nanothiefalso, if it keeps happening, you could try deleting ~/.kde4/share/apps/plasma,  ~/.kde4/share/config/plasmarc and ~/.kde4/share/config/plasma-appletsrc
15:41.30nanothiefxerox1: since you might have a corrupt configuration
15:42.13xerox1hm, don't know: i am testing kde4 since the kubuntu 9.04 alpha: never had this prob before
15:42.25xerox1now i have upgraded to stable...
15:43.14*** join/#kde KennethP (
15:43.29*** join/#kde bentob0x (
15:43.47*** join/#kde jagadeesh (
15:43.53xerox1hm, interesting: there is no .kde4 in home, only .kde
15:44.10thiagothat's how it's supposed to be
15:44.49*** join/#kde bdgraue (
15:44.56xerox1okay, then i will to the deleting there
15:46.18*** join/#kde LXj (
15:48.04*** join/#kde _RedGhostBis_ (n=mercuria@
15:48.36xerox1that works, thanks a lot guys
15:51.54*** join/#kde Pythonoras (n=Pi@
15:55.07*** join/#kde insulina (
15:55.14*** join/#kde wasynyt (
15:58.01*** join/#kde tindor_ (
15:58.11*** join/#kde eternaleye (
15:58.29*** join/#kde ihad (
16:01.43*** join/#kde pawel314 (
16:02.21*** join/#kde stef_208 (n=stef@unaffiliated/stef-204/x-384198)
16:02.48*** join/#kde tstaerk (
16:03.46*** join/#kde nascentmind (n=nascentm@
16:05.03*** join/#kde Cueball (n=lee@
16:05.31*** join/#kde eternaleye (
16:08.20*** join/#kde p-f (
16:08.21*** join/#kde kde_pepo (
16:12.39*** join/#kde nicolas_ (
16:13.53sibokhi, is there any way to make dolphin only preview image and video files? if i press preview toolbar icon dolphin previews folders, images and documents. I would liek to only preview images and videos, is t possible? thanks
16:14.28*** join/#kde Blackhex (
16:14.49*** join/#kde sven_oostenbrink (n=sven@
16:14.57BlackhexHello, is there a way how to enable tiling window management in KDE 4?
16:20.06*** join/#kde doktor5000 (
16:20.55doktor5000does anyone know where the picture is yet available that is shown here:
16:21.15*** join/#kde Gimped (
16:22.19*** join/#kde LEW21_ (
16:22.20JucatoBlackhex: one of the Google Summer of Code projects for KWin is implementing Tiling I think
16:22.45BlackhexJucato: Great, I can wait, I'm just curious
16:25.24*** join/#kde LnxSlck (i=1000@
16:25.35*** join/#kde jamwich (n=jamwich@
16:26.54*** join/#kde Ace2017_- (
16:27.10jamwichhello, i am trying to make my palm synchronize so the contact list i have in kontact will transfer to the palm but its just not happening, says its synchronizing and they communicate ok so i must just have some config settings wrong
16:27.19*** join/#kde Dumble (n=Dumble@
16:27.28jamwich(using kpilot)
16:28.11jamwichcan anyone help me please
16:28.37DumbleHello world !
16:31.15*** join/#kde Ace2017_- (
16:31.23*** join/#kde GerbilSoft (
16:36.41*** join/#kde habarnam (
16:37.04*** join/#kde MrPaul (n=MrPaul@unaffiliated/mrpaul)
16:37.16*** join/#kde blip99 (n=blip-@unaffiliated/blip-)
16:38.42*** join/#kde sven_oostenbrink (n=sven@
16:39.20*** join/#kde thomasj_ (
16:39.42*** join/#kde mtux (n=mtux@
16:41.07*** join/#kde p-f_ (
16:42.09p-f_any reason why kded would be taking up 99% cpu?
16:42.46*** join/#kde vito (
16:43.03*** join/#kde phoenixz (n=sven@
16:43.05*** join/#kde farhad_hf (n=farhad@
16:45.46doleybp-f_: that's been observed to happen a lot to people who just get jaunty, but it fixes after a few relogs
16:45.57p-f_doleyb: by itself?
16:46.24p-f_doleyb: what about people who don't use the whole kde DE though? I'm only using a few kde applications through ion3
16:48.03*** join/#kde dany_21a_ (
16:48.46*** join/#kde White_Pelican (
16:49.11dany_21a_hi room... how do i select one file in dolhphin (eg. to copy it)? its strange to use the [+]-sign in front of if, bec. i would have to check, if no other file is selected... and if i click on it, i would open it...?
16:49.30*** join/#kde mck182 (n=quassel@
16:49.34*** join/#kde Dumble (n=Dumble@
16:49.52White_Pelicanhold down the ctrl key and click, that selects it
16:50.47dany_21a_White_Pelican: and if a other file is selected, this also stays selected (same as with the [+])
16:51.24dany_21a_so i would have to press ESC or click somewhere in empty space... but i dont see thats very usable
16:52.01White_PelicanI know of no other way
16:52.16dany_21a_prior to kde4 it was possible to click after the name, to selcte only the file - but not open it (i.e. in the same line, but not in the first column)
16:52.24*** join/#kde hagen (n=roman@
16:52.55jamwichwhich forum is the best for getting help in
16:53.23doleybdany_21a_: there is a system settings for Mouse on if you want things to open with 1 or 2 clicks
16:53.31White_Pelicanhelp with what?
16:54.04JucatoKDE has only one official forum:
16:54.08dany_21a_doleyb: no - i like the single click
16:54.30*** join/#kde feindbild (
16:55.01dany_21a_just found a bug report for this behaviour - but its quite old... i hope it will be fixed someday :/
16:55.15Jucatodany_21a_: there's no "in between" single and double click (what you're describing). if you want to click on a single file without opening it, hold the ctrl key
16:55.20*** join/#kde Jonty (
16:55.35dany_21a_Jucato: yes, ther _was_ a in-between way in kde3.5 :)
16:55.37*** join/#kde ld50 (n=serj@
16:55.41*** join/#kde fawek (
16:55.52Jucatodany_21a_: really? where/how?
16:55.53dany_21a_(there is still one in digicam, as an example - check the bug link)
16:55.56*** join/#kde eternaleye (
16:56.23dany_21a_Jucato: not clicking on the name, but in the same collumn (in detailed-view)
16:56.25*** part/#kde allo (n=harry@
16:56.33dany_21a_*same row i mean
16:57.12Jucatoyou didn't mention that earlier. if so , then yes
16:57.17annewJucato: ctrl-click still works in dolphin
16:57.26Jucatowould normally presume a default KDE setup unless explicitly told otherwise
16:57.44Jucatoannew: yes it does. dany_21a_ is referring to a different context
16:57.53annewah - ok
16:58.11annewhave to go out now
16:58.25Jucatobye annew! :0
16:58.54*** join/#kde tictric (
17:00.22White_Pelicandoes anyone know what proposed changes there are going to be in 4.3? Feature Plans
17:00.54Jucato(under Schedules)
17:00.59*** join/#kde ld50 (n=serj@
17:01.03Jucato(note that not everyone writes their plans there)
17:02.21BillyBopsorry, my daugther of 2,5 years played with the keyboard
17:03.05White_Pelicanty Jucato
17:03.08*** join/#kde SoylentYellow (
17:03.08pinotreeBillyBop: do some scary face so she won't do it again ;)
17:03.16*** join/#kde swalko (
17:03.45*** join/#kde pablo (
17:04.20*** part/#kde BillyBop (
17:06.02*** join/#kde mahdi_ja (n=mahdi_ja@
17:07.09*** join/#kde cinereus (
17:07.45*** join/#kde Lord_Deathscythe (
17:09.51*** join/#kde vjm (
17:11.20*** join/#kde person (n=ed@
17:11.58*** join/#kde KennethP (
17:12.20personI told Amarok to reorganise some files and now Konqueror's find feature and the command 'find' will find files with the name *.ogg - but neither konqueror nor ls will show them in their directories!
17:12.57*** join/#kde ChemBro (
17:15.03*** join/#kde pprkut (
17:15.09personI'm wrong
17:15.35personTurns out that I just got confused and failed at identifying a folder when I saw one because konqueror used actual icons ><
17:15.36*** join/#kde manuel_ (
17:24.08*** join/#kde KennethP (
17:27.10*** join/#kde LnxSlck_ (i=1000@
17:27.25*** join/#kde frando (
17:30.55*** part/#kde Blackhex (
17:31.45*** join/#kde LnxSlck_ (i=1000@
17:33.23*** join/#kde Fri13 (
17:33.26*** join/#kde dirigeant (n=dirigean@unaffiliated/mew/x-344925)
17:33.35*** join/#kde ahmadrazzaghi (n=Ahmad@
17:35.11*** join/#kde eternaleye (
17:35.47*** join/#kde arjantop (n=quassel@
17:36.13*** join/#kde mtux (n=mtux@
17:36.14*** join/#kde Yemmi (
17:40.01*** join/#kde vaettchen (
17:40.30*** join/#kde florian (
17:41.11florianHi do someone knows were are KDE icons?
17:41.59*** join/#kde neo10010 (
17:42.38*** join/#kde Orango (n=s-e@
17:44.01*** join/#kde buntfalke (n=nobody@unaffiliated/buntfalke)
17:44.12*** join/#kde shepherd (
17:48.49buntfalkeHow to transfer money using kmymoney and hbci? i can download the account statements and so on, but i cant figure out how to actually transfer something
17:50.04*** join/#kde treffer_ (
17:50.24*** join/#kde draven (
17:51.11*** join/#kde icyfire0573 (
17:52.47*** join/#kde wasynyt (
17:52.54*** join/#kde Wazmyn (
17:53.37*** join/#kde doctorwhite (
17:57.44*** join/#kde shodan45 (
17:59.13*** join/#kde aslhk (
17:59.51*** join/#kde ivanich_ (
18:02.39*** join/#kde zeltak (
18:03.22*** join/#kde Wolfcastle (
18:04.20WolfcastleHow do I configure keyboard shortcuts in kde 4.2.2?
18:04.40WolfcastleI can't find the predefined settings that were available in kde 3.5
18:04.55Sho_Wolfcastle: System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse
18:06.05WolfcastleSho_: thanx
18:06.27WolfcastleSho_: but are the predefined settings gone? you could choose between kde, or windows style before
18:06.58Sho_Wolfcastle: seems they're gone, yes
18:07.09Wolfcastleok thanx anyway
18:07.11*** join/#kde marko_d (n=maki@
18:08.53*** join/#kde shodan45 (
18:14.06*** join/#kde _Maulwurf (
18:14.21*** join/#kde elo- (
18:14.29*** part/#kde elo- (
18:14.46*** join/#kde |shepherd| (
18:15.52*** join/#kde dirigeant (n=dirigean@unaffiliated/mew/x-344925)
18:16.33*** join/#kde doctorwhite (
18:18.56*** join/#kde tsukasa` (n=tsukasa@unaffiliated/tsukasa)
18:20.05*** join/#kde atomik (
18:20.25*** join/#kde Orango (n=s-e@wikimedia/Orango)
18:21.38*** join/#kde insulina (
18:21.52*** join/#kde kden3wb_ (n=kden3wb_@
18:23.13*** join/#kde eval_ (n=eval@
18:23.13*** join/#kde LEW21_ (
18:24.57*** join/#kde bercik (
18:26.38*** join/#kde ARADTechKK (
18:27.09*** join/#kde mschiff (
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18:37.49*** join/#kde tanf (n=susan@
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18:39.37*** join/#kde TheLorax (
18:40.09*** join/#kde piquadrat_ch (
18:40.26*** join/#kde dhiogo (
18:40.35TheLoraxwhat should I use to burn cds with kde 4.2?
18:40.56*** join/#kde devilsadvocate (n=quassel@
18:41.01*** join/#kde PSiL0 (
18:41.23teatimek3b still works
18:41.46*** join/#kde io- (
18:42.57*** join/#kde nhnFreespirit (
18:47.22*** join/#kde zerbp (
18:48.30*** part/#kde person (n=ed@
18:50.45*** join/#kde bluesceada (n=itsjustm@unaffiliated/bluesceada)
18:51.25*** join/#kde shepherd (
18:52.17*** join/#kde pano (
18:52.19*** join/#kde [A2K]_ (
18:53.12*** join/#kde tim__ (
18:53.13*** join/#kde blackdeagle (
18:53.13*** join/#kde wasynyt (
18:53.21*** part/#kde [A2K]_ (
18:53.56*** join/#kde doctorwhite (
18:56.07*** join/#kde messerting (
18:57.09*** part/#kde blackdeagle (
19:00.01*** join/#kde jpirie23 (
19:00.24*** join/#kde io- (
19:00.57*** join/#kde melik (
19:04.18*** join/#kde AlexElliott (
19:05.42*** join/#kde aguadarrama (n=aguadarr@
19:05.58*** join/#kde gokmen (
19:11.01*** join/#kde Half-Left (
19:11.04*** part/#kde dany_21a_ (
19:11.25*** join/#kde vivi (
19:12.47*** join/#kde gokmen (
19:14.39*** join/#kde blip- (n=blip-@unaffiliated/blip-)
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19:16.04*** join/#kde liveuser (n=liveuser@
19:16.24*** join/#kde bluesceada_ (n=itsjustm@unaffiliated/bluesceada)
19:16.33*** join/#kde Raylz (n=quassel@
19:17.29*** part/#kde abadger1999 (n=liveuser@
19:18.38Raylzwhat can we expect from kde 4.3? is there a release date available yet? what is the main focus of 4.3?
19:19.17looongerRaylz, end of july
19:19.31*** join/#kde Pinaraf (
19:19.54*** join/#kde PhilRod (
19:22.13*** join/#kde tsukasa (n=tsukasa@unaffiliated/tsukasa)
19:22.55*** join/#kde zir0faive (
19:23.37*** join/#kde tictric_ (
19:25.00*** join/#kde Henry_BR (n=quassel@
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19:26.10*** join/#kde PSiL0 (
19:29.04*** join/#kde damunix (
19:30.59*** join/#kde dashcloud (
19:31.01*** join/#kde shreddi (
19:33.33*** join/#kde philphilphil (
19:34.24philphilphilHi.. in some GTK apps (Pidgin, xchat) the font size is 12 or sth like that.. very big how can i chance it to 8?
19:34.36philphilphilIv changed all the fontsizes in the control center
19:35.08thiagonot a KDE issue
19:35.13thiagoplease ask in a more relevant channel
19:35.57philphilphilah got to install gtk-qt-engine
19:37.00*** join/#kde tmske (
19:40.40*** join/#kde Defense|Twin (
19:41.29*** join/#kde mad (
19:41.53madHi, what program can i use to extract multipart rar archives?
19:42.01*** join/#kde rohitj (
19:42.15*** join/#kde pete (n=pete@
19:44.25*** join/#kde JackWinter (
19:45.26*** join/#kde bercik (
19:46.10*** join/#kde MonsieurHibou (n=val@
20:01.21*** join/#kde Rasi (
20:04.56*** join/#kde insulina (
20:09.37*** join/#kde aguadarrama (n=aguadarr@
20:10.34*** join/#kde azlev (
20:10.35*** join/#kde ADORA (n=ADORA@
20:10.52*** join/#kde aguadarrama (n=aguadarr@
20:12.45*** join/#kde devilsadvocate (n=quassel@
20:12.48*** join/#kde arne_ (
20:16.00*** join/#kde FlyingFoX (n=FlyingFo@
20:19.25*** join/#kde Thundercloud (
20:19.41*** join/#kde junkDawgie (n=blkdrago@
20:20.23*** join/#kde jmut (
20:20.51jmutis it possible to somehow have dedicated windows that I goto with some shortcut and when press other shortcut or something it goes back to previos window?
20:21.01*** join/#kde the_madman (
20:21.30*** join/#kde Szadek (
20:26.43shepherdHmm, whenever I push alt + f2 and type in a program name and push enter, the program doesn't open. Sometimes this happens 3 times in a row until it opens.... any possible solution for this ?
20:26.51*** join/#kde mtux (n=mtux@
20:27.16*** join/#kde SmatZ (
20:32.29*** join/#kde tsb_ (
20:34.36*** join/#kde oget (
20:34.44thiagoshepherd: upgrade to KDE 4.3
20:35.03shepherdthiago: Um.. how? ;p
20:35.33thiagoget the latest from Subversion
20:36.32shepherdIs there a guide to compile it? I've never compiled I used fedora packaging system to install KDE
20:36.51shepherdI guess I'll google..
20:37.04thiagomind you: 4.3 is rather unstable at this point
20:37.36*** join/#kde PSiL0 (
20:38.33shepherdAs long as I can get to my desktop, and run eclipse and a webbrowser  without crashing I will be content.
20:39.02thiagoit won't be without crashing
20:39.07*** join/#kde eternaleye (
20:39.14shepherdShould I just stay with 4.2.2 ?
20:39.28thiagoI wouldn't
20:39.36thiagobut I have been using the unstable version since 2001
20:40.57shepherdthiago: What about this utility: kdesvn-build
20:41.11thiagothat's a good one to build from SVN
20:41.48*** join/#kde Cremuss (
20:42.15shepherdthiago: Ok, thanks.
20:44.26*** join/#kde bschindler (
20:45.04*** join/#kde administrator__ (
20:45.43*** join/#kde bercik (
20:45.51*** part/#kde administrator__ (
20:46.16*** join/#kde sputnick (n=sputnick@unaffiliated/sputnick)
20:48.02*** join/#kde |A-Journey-In-Th (
20:48.43Szadekis there any tool to make my remote control ( hp rc6 ) work properly on kde 4.2.2 ???
20:49.03*** join/#kde tenser (
20:49.25thiagoIR remote?
20:49.33Szadekthiago : yes
20:49.33*** join/#kde Onyx (
20:49.36*** join/#kde melik (
20:49.42thiagokdelirc is being ported
20:50.05*** join/#kde hotdog (
20:50.09OnyxI just switched over to KDE, and accidentally deleted the widget that shows my desktop icons.  How do I get it back?
20:50.17*** join/#kde bbelt16ag (
20:50.26Szadekthiago : tks , im gonna google it for more info about it =) .
20:50.27*** join/#kde vjm (
20:50.37hotdogI heard there was like a superkaramba pet addon.. anyone know where I can get it?
20:50.40Tenser234Hate to be the guy that pops in and asks a question, but Ive spent the last several hours reading pulse audio, bluez, as well as other resources on pairing a bluetooth headset with Linux.
20:51.29Tenser234How does one get kdebluetooth4 to allow audio devices to pair?
20:51.53Tenser234Thusfar ive tried hci* commands, ive created the rfcomm in /etc/bluetooth. Ive played with dbus.
20:52.07Tenser234Ive worked with pulse audio and worked with bluetooth discovery and just adding the bluetooth module.
20:52.20Tenser234Im stuck and quite frusterated.
20:52.44Tenser234also trying to get it to work with just ~/.asoundrc doesnt work either.
20:53.02*** join/#kde wasynyt (
20:53.40*** join/#kde oversize (
20:56.35*** join/#kde skotku (
20:56.47*** join/#kde eternaleye (
21:03.01*** join/#kde fawek_ (
21:04.58*** join/#kde tessarakt (
21:07.24*** join/#kde Arno[Slack] (
21:09.17Arno[Slack]tell me that there is a Kopete plugin for IRC... please tell me I'm not stuck with this ugly XChat until the next Konversation release....
21:09.29*** join/#kde ivanich (
21:09.43thiagothere isn't
21:09.43Sho_Arno[Slack]: you could get the Konvi KDE 4 port from SVN
21:09.52thiagono one works on the IRC plugin for Kopete
21:10.04thiagoand you aren't forced to abandon your old Konversation
21:10.33*** join/#kde word (
21:10.37Dhraakellianis a fan of konversation on top of irssi proxy
21:10.49DhraakellianI should take a look at Quassel at some point
21:11.03Arno[Slack]so far, I am thiago, I can't compile the KDE3 version on my Slackware current
21:11.51luke-jrany idea how to tell KDE to not fsck with my Xmodmap?
21:11.57*** join/#kde teatime (
21:12.33*** join/#kde Psi-Jack (
21:12.48Psi-JackIs it possible to setup KDE 4.2's virtual desktops to pan around as you're dragging a window so you can get to other desktops with it easily?
21:13.13Dhraakellianheh.  I had to go and tell it to do xmodmap ~/.xModmap
21:13.19*** join/#kde eternaleye (
21:13.19*** join/#kde Scorpiion (
21:13.20Dhraakellianwith the correct capitalization
21:13.59*** join/#kde TobiaszCudnik (
21:14.05Dhraakelliansince Suse wasn't disabling capslock when I mapped capslock to compose
21:14.35Arno[Slack]Sho_, I'm on it, but the SVN returns a weird error
21:14.56Arno[Slack]it said : svn: No such revision 959707
21:15.07thiagoPsi-Jack: as in dragging a window past the right end of desktop 1 makes it appear on desktop 2?
21:15.21Sho_Arno[Slack]: hm dunno ... maybe an odd problem with, it has been flakey lately
21:15.26Psi-Jackthiago: Precisely, yes.
21:15.27Sho_Arno[Slack]: retry a bit later perhaps
21:15.42*** join/#kde LXj (
21:15.44Arno[Slack]I switch on #konversation for this issue
21:15.50sibokhi, is there any way to make dolphin only preview image and video files? if i press preview toolbar icon dolphin previews folders, images and documents. I would liek to only preview images and videos, is t possible? thanks
21:16.23thiagoPsi-Jack: no
21:16.57Psi-Jackthiago: Drats, not possible? Blah.. Why not?
21:17.13thiagoPsi-Jack: because it's not implemented
21:17.40Psi-JackHeh, well, it should be. That's one of the features I absolutely love about working on OSX while I'm at work.
21:19.00*** part/#kde skotku (
21:20.59*** join/#kde gomoran (
21:21.06thiagoPsi-Jack: convince a developer to write that feature in then
21:21.54*** join/#kde spitfire_ (
21:21.56*** join/#kde arjantop (n=quassel@
21:22.55*** join/#kde Wolfcastle (
21:23.24*** join/#kde pumphaus (
21:24.43*** join/#kde sladi (
21:25.46sladiHi! I installed systemsettings for KDE4 and I'd like to change the theme used but there is no color section. I use Debian Lenny.
21:26.17*** join/#kde szadek_ (
21:26.51*** join/#kde olaf (
21:27.29*** join/#kde judith_h (
21:27.55*** join/#kde bougouza (
21:28.58*** join/#kde Jonty (
21:29.13*** join/#kde shiznix_ (
21:29.39*** part/#kde judith_h (
21:30.21*** join/#kde shiznix__ (
21:36.59*** join/#kde vpilo (
21:39.17*** join/#kde reset11 (n=micha@
21:43.08*** join/#kde Szadek (
21:46.26*** join/#kde Devrethman (
21:47.51*** join/#kde fedora (n=fedora@
21:49.08*** join/#kde save__ (
21:50.41*** join/#kde Lord_Deathscythe (
21:52.09*** join/#kde karthikp (
21:52.29*** join/#kde lfranchi (n=quassel@amarok/developer/lfranchi)
21:53.56*** join/#kde reset11 (n=micha@
21:54.29*** join/#kde tim__ (
21:58.05*** part/#kde szr (n=SR@unaffiliated/szr)
21:58.11*** join/#kde aguadarrama (n=aguadarr@
21:58.16*** join/#kde TheBlunderbuss (
21:58.59*** join/#kde _io (
21:59.10*** join/#kde fatalerrors (
21:59.55TheBlunderbussCouple questions about kde4: 1. Is there a mouse gesture/button to do the same thing as Alt+tab?  2. Why do some windows have larger sizes in the "show all windows" , when they don't have a larger geometry when on the desktop?
22:00.03*** join/#kde Arno[Slack] (
22:00.39*** join/#kde judith_h (
22:02.37*** join/#kde devilsadvocate (n=quassel@
22:06.13thiagoTheBlunderbuss: 1) no
22:06.15*** join/#kde Oceanwatcher (
22:06.16thiago2) I don't know
22:06.28*** join/#kde word (
22:09.03*** join/#kde gucampos (n=gucampos@
22:10.38*** join/#kde word (
22:11.37*** join/#kde aseigo (n=aseigo@kde/aseigo)
22:11.38*** join/#kde Guest56999 (
22:12.00*** join/#kde micha_ (n=micha@
22:14.02*** join/#kde thiago (n=thiago@kde/thiago)
22:14.37*** join/#kde fawek_ (
22:17.21*** join/#kde mannequinZOD (
22:17.54*** part/#kde judith_h (
22:19.37*** join/#kde AlexElliott (
22:20.13shepherdIs there a default hotkey combo to cycle tabs in konqueror ( or other tabbed kde programs )
22:21.04joss_TheBlunderbuss, you can map the gesture to do that!!
22:21.05*** join/#kde aslhk (
22:21.22*** join/#kde igor- (n=igor@
22:21.22*** join/#kde mschiff_ (
22:21.23thiagoshepherd: Ctrl+]
22:22.10aseigoshepherd: depends on the app.. but general it's ctrl+left/right or alt+left/right.. .. konq's a bit odd.. ctrl+</> or ctrl+[/]
22:22.21joss_TheBlunderbuss, again i have not delt with kde4 much, but kde3 had khotkeys that was really capable of doing this, with whichever gesture to be mapped fot ctrl-alt-tab or alt-tab
22:22.26aseigothiago: moin :)
22:22.34thiagoaseigo: heya
22:23.22shepherdaseigo: hmm.. alt + left / right is a pretty universal hotkey for going back / forth.
22:23.32shepherdaseigo: ctrl + alt + tab worked though, thanks XD.
22:23.36aseigoshepherd: for history in web browsers
22:24.04*** join/#kde henry_BR (n=henry@
22:25.01igor-I can't seem to find the place which controls panels' background color in 4.2.2. Hints?
22:25.31*** join/#kde anton44eg (
22:25.34*** join/#kde Zaister_ (
22:27.38joss_aseigo fde: ah i figured out why you were not suggesting to use googleaerth while marble seems slow, maybe you haven't noticed , maybe you have atmosphere option that makes an shodowed white ring over the globe must be disabled, intel driver does not  handle that option for some reason...
22:28.17*** join/#kde quassel208 (
22:28.34*** part/#kde anton44eg (
22:28.48*** join/#kde mx-tvt (
22:31.09HappySmileManIs there a way to get archive support in Akregator from SVN?
22:31.41HappySmileManBuilt it with kdesvn-build and get the "Could not find metakit, no archiving" message, but there appears to be nothing relevant in the CMake files that I'm missing
22:32.41*** join/#kde nielsvm (
22:33.26*** join/#kde ljrc (n=ljrc@
22:33.40thiagoyou're missing metakit
22:34.20*** join/#kde retardado (
22:35.19HappySmileManthiago: Do I need to do anything special for it though? I have it installed and it works with 4.2.2?
22:35.41thiagoare you sure you have the development package for it installed?
22:36.03joss_aseigo: you think svgviewer is optimized for hardware and marble isn't? cause take note of the perforrmance gain there
22:36.16*** join/#kde dantti (n=dantti@
22:36.30HappySmileManActually no, no I don't, I don't even have metakit installed... Yet 4.2.2 does have archiving, I wonder what that was using
22:36.34*** join/#kde loufoque (
22:36.41loufoquewhat is the name of the kde configuration utility?
22:36.54joss_aseigo: that is 170 fps more that opengl backend can do with svgviewer
22:37.56aseigoloufoque: systemsettings (or kcontrol in kde3)
22:38.20*** join/#kde linux-hdtv (
22:38.24*** join/#kde mschiff (
22:38.59linux-hdtvMy KWrite in KDE 4.2 does not soft wrap lines anymore ...
22:39.10linux-hdtvCan this be changed in the settings ?
22:40.01*** join/#kde cga (n=cga@
22:40.11*** join/#kde rushfan (
22:41.05shodan45I somehow lost my status bar in konqueror (4.2.2).... how do I get it back?
22:43.31loufoqueaseigo: thanks
22:44.10*** join/#kde _RadioHead (n=User@
22:45.07joss_anyone knows, if there is an ubuntu repository where daily Qt builds of git/svn are generated ?
22:46.20thiagoask in #ubuntu or #kubuntu
22:46.22thiagowe wouldn't know
22:47.28shodan45ok, I got my status bar back by editing the profile file, but afaics there's no option to enable/disable the status bar in konqueror...?!
22:47.40shodan45or am I blind? ;)
22:47.42joss_thiago: ok, actually qt was just a single package, that i can compile also
22:47.55joss_single library
22:48.09*** join/#kde treffer_ (
22:48.55*** join/#kde MonsieurHibou (n=val@
22:50.52joss_thiago: so you haven't noticed yet the cure for opengl backended apps not to crash on initing , that's mixed 4.4 4.5rc that jaunty is bundeled, don't care about rendering errors i wanna test performance?
22:51.31joss_maybe 4.6 has some improvements, and svn
22:52.53*** join/#kde wasynyt (
22:53.37thiagojoss_: opengl backend is experimental
22:53.45thiagocrashes are not expected, but rendering errors are
22:54.03quassel208hexadecimal notation  someone know the hexadecimal notation   of 2 gb memory
22:54.53thiagoquassel208: 0x80000000
22:55.09thiagoone bit set, 31 zeroes
22:55.36quassel208oh okay, yeah doing that doc on msaking your intel gma better
22:55.52joss_thiago: so you were suggesting to recode the app to use  opengl instead of  usual 2d arthur, how much effort to you see putting into that, something like only chaning viewport that some demonstrate, i think this won't work or may it?
22:56.13thiagojoss_: I have no idea
22:56.22thiagoI don't know the first thing about OpenGL or painting
22:56.44*** join/#kde Dale (
22:57.49quassel208echo "base=0xF0000000 size=0x08000000 type=write-combining" >| /proc/mtrr  thiago you also now why the basememory isnt 0x80000000
22:58.13*** join/#kde word (n=word@
22:58.41thiagodisclaims all knowledge of MTRRs
22:58.51thiagoand the size there isn't 2GB
22:59.00thiagoit's 1/16th of that
22:59.24quassel208is that the cache ?
22:59.34*** join/#kde tracon (
22:59.40thiagowhat cache?
22:59.44HappySmileManWhen somthing doesn't work do a "kbuildsycoca4" before tons of googling and recompiling :(
22:59.52quassel208in processor
23:00.00joss_quassel208, i have seen an ubuntu thread where someone was talking about a bug in the driever that detects wrong memory values
23:00.09thiagoprocessors have many levels of cache
23:00.24quassel208joss_ i am fixing it now
23:00.40quassel208but what does he mean with base memory
23:00.54thiagohe who?
23:00.57*** join/#kde mx-tvt (
23:01.05joss_quassel208, yeah they had a simple echo fixmtrr script that did this, dunno if i am affected by this bug
23:01.19thiagoI have no idea
23:02.35joss_thiago: that is at gunnars column, where this chaning viewport is suggested
23:02.53thiagoyou have to talk to gunnar, not me
23:02.56joss_or said, something like this was previously used
23:03.36*** join/#kde GerbilSoft (
23:03.40*** join/#kde frando (
23:07.42joss_quassel208, yeah, where do they get the impression that this bug exists overall?
23:07.54joss_quassel208, but that's the same thread
23:08.05quassel208lol dont know, but I think I have it
23:09.10*** join/#kde naught101 (
23:09.19*** join/#kde terr_ (
23:09.53joss_quassel208, you think that lspci -v reg00 and cat /proc/mtrr region 00 starting addresses have to match?
23:10.10joss_they don't
23:10.17joss_have to
23:11.21DaleHas anyone considered installing KDE on a VPS?
23:12.27joss_quassel208, ow?
23:12.36DaleCould you get 3D support?
23:12.59fujimitsukde4.2 has issues running on an intel mg965 ...
23:13.32joss_Dale, tried vserver, yep as long as you give proper permissions/capabilities
23:13.32sladiWhy would be the colors section missing in system settings. I'd like to change the window decoration theme
23:14.02joss_Dale, there was a little bug with switching vt's though, dunno if that's fixed
23:14.43fujimitsucomplete substandard
23:15.02*** join/#kde JackWinter2 (
23:15.15joss_Dale, try lxc instead, that's integrated in from 2.6.27
23:16.32*** join/#kde bigfun (
23:17.13kdepeposladi, do you want to change the theme or the colors of the decoration?
23:17.20DaleMaybe I could get rid of my computer and by a thin client. :P
23:17.28*** join/#kde desti_T2 (
23:17.41DaleMaybe I could get rid of my computer and buy a thin client. :P*
23:18.07sladikdepepo: I want to change the theme for  KDE4 apps. :)
23:18.30sladiI con do so fine for KDE3 in Kcontrol.
23:18.37kdepeposladi, run systemsettings
23:19.02kdepeposladi, for Plasma theme, use "Desktop Settings" with desktop right mouse click
23:19.20*** join/#kde zulu9 (
23:19.32loufoqueit looks like my KDE applications are not using the style I specified in the Qt4 configuration utility
23:19.37loufoquewhat could be the reason?
23:19.43*** join/#kde kenami (n=kenami@
23:19.44sladiThere are just Icons and Emoticons in Appearance though. I don't have a full KDE desktop, I just use Konsole and Kradio for KDE4.
23:19.53kdepepoloufoque, KDE has its own style settings
23:19.58Dalejoss_ Do you know if it supports 3D?
23:20.14loufoquekdepepo: where can I change them? In apperance, I can only change icon themes.
23:20.17sladiI tried qtconfig-qt4 but this doesn;t work.
23:20.17joss_Dale: actually, i wonder why xorg hasn't got the ability to add/tie a virtual hostname to display variable
23:20.24kdepeposladi, well, if you don't install KDE correctly, you cannot expect all modules to be present :)
23:20.49*** join/#kde naught102 (
23:20.55*** join/#kde k4_k4 (
23:21.04kdepepowhat distributions are you using, sladi and loufoque ? This sounds like a broken installation.
23:21.13joss_Dale, i am not sure, it seems it does, tutorial has an example to start second Xorg in security context..from there on there should be only a matter of capabilities for devices for this to work out
23:21.56*** join/#kde pete (n=pete@
23:21.57joss_Dale, those you just copy over from the host, since security context uses the same kernel as host does
23:22.04loufoquekdepepo: i do not use a fully-fledged kde desktop. I only installed amarok in ubuntu, and I'm trying to make it use a special style.
23:22.07joss_and give them proper capabilities
23:23.00sladikdepepo: I use Debian Lenny. I just installed Kcontrol center and with that I can change KDE3 apps. qtconfig-qt4 saves a theme but neither Kmplayer nor Kradio use it. Kmplayer is from the official repos whil Kradio is downloaded from its homepage.
23:23.03kdepepoloufoque, ah ubuntu... ask in their channels which package has the missing modules.
23:23.25joss_Dale, so you get an isoleted envirement, like chroot with hostname/virtual network
23:23.55sladikdepepo: Kmplayer and Kradio both use the same theme.
23:24.03DaleXen VPS.
23:24.11kdepeposladi, debian lenny has KDE 3 or KDE 4?
23:24.45sladikdepepo: Lenny has KDE3, the KDE4 packages are from testing or experimental.
23:24.58*** join/#kde public (n=public@
23:25.00joss_Dale, ah you were talking about xen paravirtual ops, this does not work that way
23:25.17kdepeposladi, and mixing those is supported?
23:25.17TheBlunderbussjoss_: Where's the mouse gesture stuff in KDE4, or else it isn't an answer
23:25.30TheBlunderbussA lot of stuff got changed/crippled/not implemented yet in KDE4
23:25.44joss_Dale, that is domU, and uses it's virtualised kernel it's own kernel
23:25.51sladikdepepo: I'm not sure. :) I'm glad thedefault KDE4 theme isn't bad.
23:26.06joss_TheBlunderbuss, they were in KHotkeys, understand, that is an hotkeys daemon
23:26.08*** join/#kde onesandzeros (n=chrsch@
23:26.19DaleThanks anyway.
23:26.20loufoquekdepepo: why isn't kde using the qt style though?
23:26.21kdepepoTheBlunderbuss, gestures should be back with 4.3
23:26.33TheBlunderbussah gotcha. thanks.
23:26.39*** part/#kde TheBlunderbuss (
23:27.18*** join/#kde mit_ (
23:27.31kdepepoloufoque, because users would be annoyed when they changed style in KDE and apps would ignore this...
23:28.01*** join/#kde terr (
23:29.09joss_TheBlunderbuss, but yeah it had a kde3 userspace configurator to draw a gesture and tie this  to whatever action, even execve or system()...or any other key commbination, and if that was done, it's just a matter of starting khotkeysd
23:29.32*** join/#kde k4_k4_ (
23:31.16*** join/#kde stef_204 (n=stef@unaffiliated/stef-204/x-384198)
23:31.26joss_i do not know honestly what's the thing. 1. it even does not have to be in kde4 while it certainly is there i am sure. secondly even if it is not, then kde3 stuff could be used in different!!!
23:32.01kdepepoor use easystroke
23:32.04*** join/#kde sladi_ (n=sladi@
23:36.24*** part/#kde Dale (
23:37.32*** join/#kde aguadarrama (n=aguadarr@
23:38.54*** join/#kde mata (n=mata@
23:40.31joss_kdepepo, it seems Xorg style is not userfrienly max still, i am thinking about this DISPLAY=:0 command behavior from another vt, it should really work that way, so it would draw into some offscreen buffer and do all else that does not require drawing on to screen..and switching there it would have to draw onto the screen instead of virtual buffer..that seems like one error Xorg has
23:41.45joss_kdepepo, currently process would not start at all from another vt, until chvt'd to that display..something is missing there
23:45.39kdepepojoss_, I have no idea what you are talking about...
23:48.33joss_kdepepo, that's a security context thing drawback, gpu is not shared amongs the Xservers at the moement, maybe Gallium guys have ideas howto solve it, it's only possible to draw offscreen  via vfb at the moemnt, but that is slow
23:48.58*** join/#kde bbelt16ag (
23:52.28joss_kdepepo: so i was thinking a way how to share an app between Xservers, so no matter where one switches he always get's the those same latest news, or same video stream..but i do not know how to do that..Only way i have found is start that instance on vfb...and share that to multiple single-app vnc clients, but that is slow..what is the method to do that hw accel?
23:54.45*** part/#kde fujimitsu (
23:54.46*** join/#kde igor- (n=igor@

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