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00:01.29mardiphorsyon: nap, moved those files over again, did a complete boot of the box and accounts and identities are still empty
00:04.17phorsyonmardi: sry, can't help you then.
00:04.32mardiphorsyon: ahh well, thanks anyhoo
00:05.43phorsyonbye @all
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00:21.31sysop_____hi running 3.5 under debian. I am having problems getting a bluetooth headset to connect to kbluetooth.
00:22.10sysop_____actually I cant get anything to connect. I have tried a bluetooth mouse and headset both doesnt work.
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00:23.45kucruthey guys. just upgraded to 4.2 and it's amazing. but... how do i change the color of the kicker(what's the new name?) and how do i disable html tags in kopete?
00:24.05sysop_____the headset acts likes its going to connect and asks me for a password and I enter 0000 , the bluetooth kde icon turns blue to indicate it has made a connection but it only lasts a second and then my headset goes from blinking blue to red like it lost the connection. I have tried two different bluetooth dongles and I have verfied that the headset works under windows.
00:24.48derek_kkucrut: use aya as theme. it follows the other color settings. other ones can't be changed
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00:25.53sysop_____hi derek_k any ideas on my bluetooth issue? the bluetooth support keeps getting closer, but have not got this work with kde.
00:26.05kucrutderek_k: aya? where?
00:26.08GhabitHelp - what is default audioplayer for kde4?
00:26.50derek_kkucrut: right click on the background of the desktop, desktop appearance and choose the theme
00:27.22derek_ksysop_____: sorry. is there any bluetooth log somewhere to see what errors are occuring?
00:27.54sysop_____I dont know? where should I look /var/log?
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00:29.02kucrutderek_k: looks like i need to install the additional themes first, thanks. what about kopete?
00:30.44derek_kGhabit: system settings - advanced tab - file associations. enter mp3 or something and see what comes first
00:31.01derek_kkucrut: no idea, sorry
00:31.26n_hi i'm looking for the matrix gl screen saver. whare can i find it?
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00:31.41derek_ksysop_____: likely. maybe dmesg shows something.
00:32.03n_(just the simple one without comercial...)
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00:33.53derek_kn_: search for matrix
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00:36.42ath_okay.. I've grabbed kde-meta from the tree, emerge -av kde-meta:4.2, and it all appeared to have installed fine; However i have no startkde binary.
00:38.00Jucatoath_: you'll have to ask in #gentoo-kde since they split KDE in so many packages
00:38.41ath_i am asking; i was just hoping some of the people i was talking to earlier who were using kde-meta from the tree would still be about to help.
00:38.47n_ok thx
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00:44.38Half-Leftn_: kdeartwork
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00:47.31n_half-left kdeartwork?
00:47.52Half-Leftyep, thats where all the screensavers are
00:48.52Half-Leftit's a kde package, why do you need the url
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00:49.12n_oh its a hole package :D
00:49.16n_just tell me ^^
00:49.36pinotreeurl of what?
00:50.46Half-LeftLights out for me
00:51.07n_ty and gn8
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00:52.18robbmunsonsheesh, kpackagekit-smart-icon is giving me a LOT of erros here lately.
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00:58.59robbmunsoni am on kde 4.1.4
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01:04.24n_hi, i want to rum my soundoutput on a different plug what can i do?
01:04.49eladarwhy would you even want to do that?
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01:05.05n_there can be many reasons...
01:05.08OhReallyis away: Gone away for now
01:05.31eladaronly one I can think is if you need more sound outs than you have
01:05.48eladarIn which case, I suggest getting a new soundcard with more outputs on it
01:05.56n_i.e. i want to give sound to another device without unpluging it every time..
01:06.08n_i'm in a laptop ;)
01:06.48eladarim on a laptop myself, well, 2 laptops 2 desktops, and soundcards for laptops are available, just slightly harder to find
01:07.22derek_kn_: have you tried the phonon settings? system-settings - multimedia
01:07.28n_if ur buget exeeds infinety then well just buy new one.
01:07.36eladaronly other way would be to actually wire up another of your outputs (for example mic in) up to the output, which i wold strongly advise against
01:07.38n_darek_k no mom i'll look
01:07.41JucatoOhReally: please turn off your public away messages. thanks
01:08.53eladaryou don't need a high budget for a soundcard, but i can't see how it would let you setup an output on a different connection
01:08.54n_darek_k there is no "multimedia" in my system settings.
01:09.05eladarn_... what OS are you using?
01:09.19n_kubuntu with kde 3
01:09.32derek_kn_: sorry, applies to 4
01:09.39cb400f4.2 even
01:09.46cb400fin 4.1 it's called "sound" iirc
01:10.07n_eladar in windows is can be handeld easy? ;)
01:10.35eladarI doubt it
01:10.38n_in "sound" i did not find a thing
01:10.41eladarI don't use windblows
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01:11.19eladarexcept for on my big laptop, and then i don't piss around with the setttings, it's just gt a bigger screen than the laptop i'm using right now, and is therefore better for doing stuff on GIMP
01:11.40derek_kn_: only applies to phonon, which you aint' running
01:12.29n_derek_k sounds interesting can i jsut instal a package for "phonon" ?
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01:15.33Eladari guess you could try nd find the package, might not work though
01:15.54derek_kn_: it's part of qt4, and used by kde4
01:16.10n_well Eladar thats no mutch of new or heling information ;)
01:16.15derek_kI think something like gstreamer could do it
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01:17.00EladarI don't see there being software that lets you turn other ports int sund outputs
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01:17.41n_derek_k theres a hole lot of entries for gstreamer. whats needed?
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01:22.20XxtjaxXHi guys i would like to use my program that i wrote as a plasma applet and would also be interested of in what u think of it so far its at and i would mock it up also with a handy ascii binary hex octal etc converter anybody an idea else?
01:22.57derek_kn_: you'll have to read the documentation. not sure myself
01:23.35XxtjaxXderek_k why?
01:24.07n_hmm ok :(
01:25.18n_thx for now, ill be reading some pages ... :)
01:25.27n_if somethign comes up just qry
01:26.27Dhraakellianhmm... alt+shift+F12 doesn't reenable desktop effects
01:26.41luke-jrI need people to test an IRC game I'm about to release. Any takers?
01:27.36EladarWhats it about?
01:28.20XxtjaxXHey somebody intrested in some geektools on their plasma desktop?
01:29.07Dhraakelliangood ol' kwin --replace
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01:42.05GuyFromHellCan I bind two dbus interfaces to the same object? or do I have to make another object for these purposes?
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01:56.39poopixI'm using KDE 3.5.10 and when I maximize a window, there is still decorations on the left, right, and bottom that I can use to resize. How do I get rid of those on maximized windows?
01:58.09Jucatopoopix: KControl -> Desktop -> Window Behavior -> Moving tab -> uncheck Allow moving and resizing of maximized windows
01:58.45poopixAh ok! Thanks a lot!
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01:59.09XxtjaxX_who is good in vi?
02:00.32judgenhmmm kde4.2 is growing on me. like it more for each minute
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02:01.24judgenstill havent been able to remove the kidney though
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02:08.01EtFbI learned to use a mouse on Windows 3.1 (it's OK; I got better) so I usually close windows by double-clicking the window icon instead of clicking the [X].  Now in KDE 4.2 I need to triple-click, not double-click.  Is there a way to configure that?
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02:19.50TheSourceok i have kde4 install and working no network
02:20.03MoultIn KMail, can I set it so that I can only download the message and read it without having to download the attachment too?
02:20.58MoultEtFb: uh. what? 3.1?
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02:21.47TheSourceanyides why i dont have network in kde4
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02:22.40derek_kMoult: with an imap account you can do that
02:22.42flailsafeTheSource:  What do you mean by no network?  You can't get on the internet?  Are you conneced by ether or wifi?
02:23.06Moultderek_k: yes, i have an imap account, how do i do it?
02:23.08TheSourcethere is no network
02:23.24flailsafeTheSource:  Ethernet or wifi?
02:23.35TheSourceim back on kde3
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02:23.51TheSourcebut i cant get internet to work on kde4
02:23.59flailsafeTheSource:  Are you using wifi or ethernet to get on the internet?
02:24.11derek_kMoult: settings - configure KMail - accounts - select your imap account, modify, and on the second tab there is a checkbox
02:24.31flailsafeTheSource:  When you are in KDE4, are you running knetworkmanager?
02:24.34derek_kTheSource: what distribution?
02:24.53Moultderek_k: "load attachments on demand" <-- i do not have it checked.
02:25.13TheSourcethere was no  knetworkmanager AND IM USE sabayon gentoo
02:25.24EtFbMoult: Yes, MS Windows 3.1.  It got replaced by Windows 95 in 1995 (unsurprisingly).  But a lot of my muscle-memory comes from those days.  In Windows 3.1 you double-click the icon to close a window, and that worked in KDE up to 3.5 as well... but in KDE 4 it's slightly wrong.
02:25.29derek_kMoult: that's it
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02:25.56derek_kEtFb: works here
02:25.56Moultderek_k: yes, i already had it unchecked. but when i double click a message to view it, it still downloads the attachment
02:26.04flailsafeTheSource:  Well you can log into KDE4, and run /usr/bin/knetworkmanager  That should start it for you.  Then you can connect to your wifi
02:26.26flailsafeTheSource:  Then what you can do is create a symlink of knetworkmanager and put it in ~/.kde4/Autostart
02:26.32EtFbderek_k: KDE 4.2?  Evidence via google suggests it's a regression bug affecting only some systems.  I'm on Kubuntu 8.10.
02:27.04EtFbThat's why I'm wondering if there's a configuration option.  I mean, come one: this is KDE!  There's a configuration option for "halt and catch fire" if you know where to find it...
02:27.36MoultEtFb: i'm on gentoo and yes i have to triple click - you're right. i don't think there is a config for it though. if there is, search under .kde4/share/config/
02:28.19Moultderek_k: should i have it checked?
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02:28.24derek_kEtFb: running trunk
02:29.20Jucatoit was mentioned here before that the triple/double click to close feature (and it's configurability) depends on the window decoration being used. I haven't tried to confirm that though
02:29.20EtFbderek_k: Not sure what that means.  Can you elaborate?
02:29.21derek_kMoult: just tried, I have it checked and it didn't download them until I selected them
02:29.39MoultEtFb: he is running the latest version from the SVN trunk. so he is more up to date than you (assumedly)
02:29.52derek_kEtFb: I build every few days from the developers code
02:30.04JucatoEtFb: try the Plastik window decoration. it has that feature if you really need it
02:30.12Moultderek_k: i think i'll try to cehck it then and see what happens.
02:30.16derek_kI think I'm on oxygen as decoration
02:30.25EtFbMoult: I see; thanks.  Yep, I'm on the 4.2 from kubuntu-experimental.
02:30.42EtFbderek_k: I'm using Oxygen too.  I'll switch to Plastik and see if it's fixed there.
02:31.08EtFbMeans I can target a bug report to the theme maintainers, which is a better idea.
02:32.16MoultEtFb: i'm not sure about kubuntu, but i would assume that kubuntu-experimental is not SVN, but snapshots.
02:32.43EtFbJucato: No luck - selected Plastik, and double-click still doesn't work.  Flicks the system menu open, but doesn't close the window.
02:32.50JucatoEtFb: it's not something that's broken. it's a feature that depends on the window decoration being used. Plastik has it, Oxygen/Ozone doesn't. at most you can file a wish asking for that feature
02:33.45Moultderek_k: i tried checking it and it still seems to be downloading the attachment when i double click on the message to view it. either that or my internet is suddenly very slow.
02:34.11EtFbJucato: From the Kubuntu POV, it's a regression, since it worked in $DEFAULT_THEME in KDE 3.5 and not in 4.  THe fact that $DEFAULT_THEME changed is kind of moot.
02:34.39EtFbJucato: But then, it doesn't work with Plastik either...
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02:34.57Jucatoyeah *that* is the bug (Plastik not working)
02:35.22derek_kMoult: I tried with different attachments. it was different each time :) I think we found a bug!
02:35.33Jucatofrom that "Kubuntu POV" (and I don't believe it's Kubuntu's POV anyway), KDE 4 is a regression of KDE 3 then. because a lot has changed
02:35.52Jucatofile a bug as you wish
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02:37.47doubleAjust tried k3b for the first time.  trying to burn mp3.  burns ok but volume is very low.  tried with and without normalize.  still low.  where can i go for help with this?
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02:41.54EtFbJucato: Yes, well... KDE4.2 came just in time to stop me following Linus's lead and cursing KDE4 for its utter uselessness.  But just because there are a million essential features missing or broken is no reason to ignore one more.  This one might be an easy fix!  (And it IS a bug, not a change, so it's not a wishlist item.)
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02:47.58Moultderek_k: yay :) found a bug
02:48.14Moultderek_k: do you want to report it? i don't have the details of the different attachments
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02:49.45EtFbIs there any documentation for the settings in .kde/share/config, particularly kwinrc?
02:50.28MoultEtFb: not that i know of, but i normally find it quite straightforward
02:50.55EtFbMoult: A bit difficult to guess what an option might be called when it's not there though.
02:51.11MoultEtFb: oh yeah ;) mabe #kde-devel?
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02:52.05EtFbInteresting: kwinplastikrc has CloseOnMenuDoubleClick=true... but it still doesn't work.
02:52.25ZarinEtFb, triple click it
02:52.34ZarinThere's a known bug with the menu button
02:53.03EtFbZarin: Is there a fix?  Or even an active bug report that isn't marked "fixed in 3.2" or something?
02:53.14ZarinEtFb, the bug is still open
02:53.16ZarinNo fix
02:55.21EtFbZarin: Oh good.  The only one I found was much older, and seemed to have gone the way of all bugs in versions that nobody loves...
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02:55.49malvhas anyone managed to fix the systray corruption with the nvidia driver?
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02:56.33nmzl1how do you enable full message headers in kmail on kde 4.1?
02:56.46nmzl1I wanna turn off the fancy ones, thanks.
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02:57.25JucatoView -> Headers?
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02:59.24EtFbmalv: You mean when icons get random rubbish in them?  I had that on an Acer running 4.1, but no trouble on a Toshiba running 4.2.
03:00.22EtFbmalv: What version of KDE are you running (apparently "kwin -v" at a konsole will tell you)
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03:13.52flailsafeor kde4-config --version if on kde 4 and kde-config --version otherwise
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03:14.10flailsaferecursive though... since you have to know your version to get your version
03:16.36Jucato"echo $KDE_SESSION_VERSION" (returns 4 for KDE 4)
03:17.58flailsafethere ya go
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04:03.53judgentwo questions: 1.Did the suggestion of global icon coloring ever make it into kde4*. 2.Is it possible to make the systray some other colour than black?
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04:06.46ironfroggy_I installed the extragears-plasma package and added the twitter widget, but it just comes up as a little black box and is called "Unknown Widget"
04:06.53ironfroggy_is there something obvious i might be missing?
04:06.55copproHow come Kwin's Invert doesn't work? Am I using it wrong?
04:07.08Zarincoppro, what graphics card do you have?
04:07.17copproATI something or other
04:07.22copproit works fine under Compiz
04:07.24flailsafeironfroggy_: try killing plasma then running ksysbuildscoa
04:07.36flailsafeironfroggy_: then start plasma again
04:07.38Zarincoppro, Try typing in the terminal `KWIN_DIRECT_GL=1 kwin --replace &`
04:07.52copprodoing that will probably freeze my computer :/
04:08.02copproevery time I fiddle with anything that will change compositing, it freezes
04:08.06ZarinWhy you say that?
04:08.14copproCtrl-Alt-F12: Freeze!
04:08.51ZarinInvert requires desktop effects to be enabled and support shaders
04:09.02ZarinATI requires direct rendering to have shader support
04:10.17*** join/#kde Abd4llA (n=Abd4llA@
04:11.10flailsafeironfroggy_: did it work?
04:13.11ironfroggy_hm.. no i dont have ksysbuildscoa
04:15.00flailsafesorry typo
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04:18.22judazhey, i cant make Dragon Player use .srt subtitles
04:18.37judazis that doable?
04:20.12judazhow can i make dragon player play .srt subtitules
04:20.12MoultI am using kmail with imap. How do i view the message without downloading the attachment first?
04:20.37robbmunsonjudaz, you dont have to repeat yourself so quickly man :)
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04:21.35judazrobbmunson: sorry.. i thought irssi was not connected
04:22.12robbmunsonjudaz, wait for one of these guys to answer you, if they will answer that is...heh
04:22.18*** join/#kde Alien_Freak (n=user@
04:22.27robbmunsonhas had barely any luck with that department.....
04:24.56Moultinteresting, the option only works in kmail and when you are viewing the message as a split view
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04:49.13judgenwhere do i set hotkeys?
04:50.55judgeni want to change the run dialogue from alt+F2 to alt+r
04:51.14judgenfound it
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04:55.03yao_ziyuankwrite is so buggy
04:55.06*** join/#kde drafael (
04:55.07yao_ziyuanwhen i open Replace
04:55.14yao_ziyuanthe whole window blacks out
04:55.22*** part/#kde drafael (
04:56.58flailsafeyao_ziyuan: what version of KDE?  My kwrite doesn't do the same?
04:57.09yao_ziyuankde 4.2.00
04:57.18yao_ziyuanfirst time, it can open up and replace things for me
04:57.22*** join/#kde nihui_ (n=nihui@
04:57.30yao_ziyuanbut the second time and from then on,
04:57.33yao_ziyuanit always blacks out
04:58.17*** join/#kde nihui_ (n=nihui@
04:59.06Moulthow come certain applications like Scribus and K3B and QCAD have an ugly large font like this whereas other applications (running 4.2 btw) don't and follow the fonts i set in system settings?
04:59.06yao_ziyuani open kwrite,
04:59.10yao_ziyuanwithout entering anything,
04:59.17yao_ziyuanand just click Edit|Replace
04:59.20yao_ziyuanit will black out
04:59.39yao_ziyuan"Find" can show up
05:00.33*** join/#kde nihui_ (n=nihui@
05:00.44*** part/#kde nihui_ (n=nihui@
05:01.51judgenim having problems with kgeography.. not an essential app i know, but still.
05:02.19*** part/#kde yao_ziyuan (n=yaoziyua@
05:02.20judgenthe countries and states gets whited out
05:10.31*** join/#kde MatchstickMaker (
05:11.20*** join/#kde comawhite (n=comawhit@unaffiliated/comawhite)
05:13.13*** join/#kde Abd4llA (n=Abd4llA@
05:13.20*** join/#kde michael_ (
05:14.07*** join/#kde thomas_ (n=thomas@
05:15.01*** join/#kde SSlater (
05:15.22thomas_I've been very harsh on you guys about KDE 4.0/1, but I must say 4.2 seems pretty nice once you get used to it
05:15.35*** join/#kde Speeder (n=Speeder@
05:15.52flailsafeand it will only get better
05:16.24*** part/#kde SSlater (
05:16.43thomas_The only thing I need to figure out know is how to get the old KDE 3 that are still around to use the 4 color sceme
05:17.05*** join/#kde doodlewolfdude (
05:18.51thomas_the other small problem is that the play/pause key on my computer retarts the track
05:21.14*** join/#kde Vash63 (
05:22.31*** join/#kde aubade (
05:22.45*** join/#kde SSlater (
05:23.34*** part/#kde aubade (
05:23.47flailsafethomas__: that could be related to the audio player you are using
05:24.11thomas_flailsafe: I'm on Amarok 1.4 at the momment
05:24.54*** join/#kde ninjaslim (n=sabeeh@
05:25.35thomas_It may all so have something to do with the way kubuntu set things up
05:27.28thomas_altho, all of these Kubuntu/Amarok 1.4/my keyboard worked before... gotta love computers
05:27.42judgenim not sure but i pretty sure, amarok 2 comes with ubuntu.
05:28.28*** join/#kde brunoqc (
05:29.00*** join/#kde ianc (n=ianc@fsf/member/ianc)
05:29.05judgenim running amarok2 by default
05:29.23judgenjust had to make sure
05:29.36thomas_judgen: I don't think it's the default yet tho, and I tried it and it doesn't meet my needs at this time
05:29.50*** join/#kde er0x (
05:30.11judgenthomas_:  what version of ubuntu?
05:30.22thomas_judgen: 8.10
05:30.33judgenthomas_: i ve yet to find more than one app that i use that still uses qt3
05:30.46judgenim using 9.04b
05:31.02*** join/#kde root__ (n=root@
05:31.29judgenkonversation is still qt3 though.
05:31.51*** join/#kde dealer (n=dealer@
05:31.59*** join/#kde ilj (n=ilj@sourcemage/grimoire/apprentice/ilj)
05:32.04thomas_judgen: my versions, of abacus, konversation, and ... ?  are still qt3
05:32.15judgenill check abacus
05:33.52*** join/#kde Abd4llA_ (n=Abd4llA@
05:34.00*** join/#kde root__ (
05:36.46*** join/#kde Vash63 (
05:39.41*** join/#kde mefistofele (
05:42.59*** join/#kde Vash63 (
05:43.10*** part/#kde SSlater (
05:45.38*** join/#kde Kame2 (
05:46.37*** join/#kde aubade (
05:46.42*** join/#kde tenser (
05:46.45*** join/#kde thomas_ (n=thomas@
05:47.16*** join/#kde er0x_ (
05:47.36thomas_judgen: I'm back.
05:47.49*** part/#kde Tenser234 (
05:51.29*** join/#kde elmargol (
05:52.01robbmunsonim out folks, peace!
05:53.26*** join/#kde maorv (n=quassel@
05:56.41thomas_how can we control which windows "dim inactive" gets applied to
05:56.55MoultWhy does Todo suck in Kontact? it's slow. It likes to rearrange my todos randomly. i prioritises out of 10, which i find really hard to choose, i prefer out of 5, it's waay to overcomplicated.
05:57.50*** join/#kde judgen (n=judgen@
06:00.14*** join/#kde ClassFoo (n=ClassFoo@
06:01.43*** join/#kde sabocat (
06:01.51*** join/#kde jol (
06:02.02*** join/#kde ScottG489 (
06:07.54*** join/#kde jol_ (
06:08.32*** join/#kde Vash63 (
06:08.59*** join/#kde bluelion (n=o_o@
06:10.30*** join/#kde Cybertinus (
06:11.41*** join/#kde sandGorgon (n=user@
06:13.28*** join/#kde Sergey_ (
06:14.32*** part/#kde Sergey_ (
06:15.03*** join/#kde hirolau (
06:16.38*** join/#kde sujith_h (n=sujith_h@
06:16.58*** join/#kde hateball (n=Monster@unaffiliated/hateball)
06:18.22*** join/#kde tenser (
06:20.30*** join/#kde Sergey_ (
06:20.37*** join/#kde dansushi (n=dan@
06:21.14*** part/#kde Sergey_ (
06:21.44*** join/#kde Gimped (
06:27.51p_quarleshas anyone else experienced problems with mounting devices via the Recent Devices plasmoid since 4.2 final?
06:28.21*** join/#kde muthu_ (n=androidr@
06:29.50*** join/#kde zx2c4 (n=zx2c4|
06:29.58zx2c4any one here use both pidgin and amarok 2?
06:30.32*** join/#kde sjraarke (
06:33.58OhReallyis back.
06:34.27zx2c4OhReally: are u a pidgin and an amarok user?
06:35.06JucatoOhReally: please turn off your public away/back messages. thanks
06:37.09OhReallyJucato: just have, sorry.
06:37.46OhReallyzx2c4: not really
06:37.57*** join/#kde ke5yot (n=eric@
06:39.01*** join/#kde wasynyt (
06:40.49sjraarkeHi all, have been playing with kde 4.2 for the last 2 days. All in all I'm happy with it, but I came across 1 little thing that I don't like. I hope people plan on changing it. The copy progress window is now a kde notification and it disappears shortly after the copy process has started. I seriously hope it will be turned back into a regular window that stays with the initiating program again
06:42.37*** join/#kde Speeder (n=Speeder@
06:43.25*** join/#kde tilppis (
06:43.43*** join/#kde nhnFreespirit (
06:45.00*** join/#kde noaXess (
06:46.12Jucatosjraarke: it doesn't disappear until the operation is done. it stays at the corner or is minimized to the system tray as an icon which you can bring up again by clicking
06:46.25Jucato(although admittedly, that new notification thing is giving me some headache w/ kopete)
06:48.52*** join/#kde gomoran (
06:50.44tuxicka site scrolling very very slowly on konq-4.2.0
06:50.45sjraarkeIt disappeared here, but it came back when I clicked the exclamation mark
06:50.56tuxicki don't understand why it's not all sites
06:51.00tuxickand i mean SLOW
06:51.09*** join/#kde er0x_ (
06:51.23Jucatosjraarke: right. that's the new behavior
06:51.24sjraarkeIt has a couple of downsides the way it is now.
06:51.37*** join/#kde benklop_ (
06:52.15sjraarkeIt shouldn't, the copy process isn't done so the copy progress window has to stay visible
06:52.41Jucatoin my case it stays unless I click on the icon
06:52.46*** join/#kde Arno[Slack] (
06:53.49sjraarkeWhen I drag an object the progress window shows up for a few seconds and goes away. There is no indication that the process is done or still going
06:55.03Jucatothe ! icon disappears if it's done. (though like I said, it doesnt disappear for me)
06:55.38*** join/#kde Moult_ (n=Moult@
06:55.38sjraarkeOkay, but that's a very small indicator
06:56.24*** join/#kde Dedi (
06:56.31sjraarkeThere are 2 other things wrong in my view with this approach
06:57.24*** part/#kde zx2c4 (n=zx2c4|
06:57.33sjraarkeFirst is, you can't resize it so the dir names are cut off (a chunk cut out) so one can't see where it's going
06:58.26sjraarkeSecond, The progress window is locked to the bottom righthand side on all desktops so basically one process renders all bottom righthand sides useless
06:58.50Jucato(you can actually move the dialog window)
06:59.21sjraarkeJucato: It doesn't move here (or I haven't found out how yet)
07:00.13Jucatohm.. maybe only certain ones (like in Kopete)
07:00.25*** join/#kde Kame2 (
07:00.35Jucatofile bug reports (or see if there are any filed)
07:00.44*** join/#kde er0x_ (
07:00.47sjraarkeokay, will do
07:01.04Jucatoas for dir names being cut off, only the middle is cut off (same default behavior in previous dialogs)
07:02.00sjraarkeYes, I understand, but with the old style progress window, it could be resized so everything was visible
07:02.35*** join/#kde g1lt (
07:03.34*** join/#kde nik (
07:05.01*** part/#kde doodlewolfdude (
07:07.30*** join/#kde smurfslover (
07:09.58*** join/#kde Phlogi (
07:12.07*** join/#kde Phlogi (
07:15.45*** join/#kde Guest34191 (
07:20.02*** join/#kde annew (
07:22.41*** part/#kde Guest34191 (
07:25.53*** join/#kde KennethP (
07:27.04*** join/#kde eternaleye_ (
07:27.35*** join/#kde Abd4llA_ (n=Abd4llA@
07:29.19*** join/#kde dirigeant (n=dirigean@unaffiliated/mew/x-344925)
07:30.38*** join/#kde ungethym (
07:33.03*** join/#kde GSF1200S (n=poeticrp@unaffiliated/gsf1200s)
07:33.53*** join/#kde bentob0x (
07:33.55GSF1200Sanyone here know how to add widgets to the kde dashboard?
07:36.04*** join/#kde Dumble (
07:36.42*** join/#kde Eythan (
07:37.10*** join/#kde flo_hns (n=flo@
07:37.13*** part/#kde flo_hns (n=flo@
07:40.37*** join/#kde Trevelyan (n=TJ@unaffiliated/trevelyan)
07:41.55*** join/#kde eternaleye (
07:42.20*** join/#kde ShashankSingh (
07:45.58*** join/#kde zommi (n=andreas@nat/ibm/x-4e3bc99f2a0bf568)
07:46.19*** join/#kde Vash63 (
07:46.22*** join/#kde smurfslover (
07:47.46*** join/#kde skwurp (
07:48.31*** join/#kde thpar (
07:51.02*** join/#kde skyPhyr (
07:54.47*** join/#kde Vash63 (
07:55.21*** join/#kde numlock_ (
07:56.05*** part/#kde numlock_ (
07:58.31*** join/#kde johannes_ (
07:59.56*** join/#kde Ahadiel (
08:02.10*** join/#kde jreznik (n=jreznik@nat/redhat/x-c08ec46626dc3cfe)
08:03.20*** join/#kde mabu (
08:04.20*** join/#kde VMStation (n=VMStatio@
08:09.16*** join/#kde jolt^ (
08:09.41*** join/#kde Lord^Anubis_ (n=anubis@unaffiliated/lordanubis/x-837129)
08:10.15*** join/#kde alediaferia (
08:11.49*** join/#kde Vash63 (
08:12.55*** join/#kde ruurd (
08:13.37*** join/#kde nielsvm (
08:14.13*** join/#kde hitcliff (n=cliff@
08:15.38*** join/#kde Vash63 (
08:15.57*** join/#kde shreddi (
08:17.56*** join/#kde mike (
08:19.15*** join/#kde ronino (
08:22.28*** join/#kde hw_ (
08:25.35*** join/#kde pprince (
08:29.57*** join/#kde pgega (
08:32.11*** join/#kde |igor_ (n=igor@
08:33.18*** join/#kde solid1986snake (
08:33.33*** join/#kde bgmiki (
08:33.45Crissihm.... why the kde4 desktop is so slow?
08:33.58*** join/#kde solid1986snake (
08:34.06Crissii'm running on p4 1.6ghz with 1 gb ram and its slow
08:34.31*** join/#kde [square] (
08:34.33paddeCrissi: nvidia card? which driver version?
08:35.02*** join/#kde solidsnake (
08:35.27[square]is there a file where i can see all colours used by my kde theme?
08:35.29paddehm... then i don't know. lightning fast for me (4.2.0, that is... 4.0 was quite sluggish, 4.1 also not as fast as 4.2.0)
08:35.47CrissiVGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Radeon R300 NE [Radeon 9500 Pro]
08:35.58*** join/#kde tdi_k (n=tdik@
08:36.09paddeCrissi: did you try disabling desktop effects (if they are enabled)?
08:36.14Crissiall disabled
08:36.20paddeCrissi: and what exactly do you find slow?
08:36.24*** join/#kde shred (
08:36.27Crissii can work with it but its slower than kde
08:36.57*** join/#kde jol_ (
08:37.05Crissifor example system settings need a while if i click on a entry
08:37.29Crissikickoff is a marture, solved by using classical menu
08:37.36*** join/#kde TobiaszCudnik (
08:37.50paddeCrissi: is it fast on the second time you click on the same icon in systemsettings?
08:38.08bgmikiCrissi: what distro?
08:38.11Crissithe krunner is slow because i tries to display the app symbols by typing
08:39.40paddeCrissi: i also resisted kickoff for quite some time. but now i start to really like it, once I got over my "urgh, it's different" feeling. feels so stupid now to trie to navigate the mouse in both dimensions instead of only vertically when browsing for an application
08:39.41Crissiwith ppa packages
08:40.09paddekrunner could be faster, there I agree...
08:40.11Crissii dont like that xp crap
08:40.23bgmikiCrissi: kubuntu is realy slow try something else
08:40.26Crissikde4.2 is the first version which is usable
08:40.27paddehuh? xp didn't have that
08:40.37Crissibut there are alot things which could be better
08:40.42paddeCrissi: you didn't even really try it, admit it ;)
08:40.44Crissibgmiki: no
08:40.51Crissijust installed
08:41.02paddeCrissi: submit bug reports and feature requests then
08:41.10bgmikiCrissi: i use kubuntu ubuntu :)
08:41.11Crissiyes, i'll do...
08:41.12*** join/#kde svenadh (
08:41.48paddeCrissi: i mean kickoff you didn't really try... just want your windows 95 feeling back ;)
08:42.30Crissii told the kde team __before__ release 4.0 to resolve the problems and add the missing features... but they dont listen to me... now we had the shit... 4.2 is the first release which is a useable desktop
08:43.07paddeCrissi: i agree. but why don't you just stop complaining and start hacking?
08:43.59paddeCrissi: check out the source code already! ;)
08:44.03paddeok got to go now...
08:44.45bgmikiCrissi: try kdemod archlinux
08:44.46*** join/#kde Paddy_EIRE (n=patrick@
08:45.05Crissipadde: yes, i port my app to kde4
08:45.31shikamarumorning :)
08:46.21Crissipadde: thats my old kde3 screen:
08:47.15Crissicurrently thats not possible... i just evaluate kde4.2... if its ready i'll switch...
08:47.20shikamarukvirc user too? :)
08:47.28*** join/#kde charon (n=thomas@unaffiliated/charon)
08:47.33*** join/#kde Thundercloud (
08:47.33shikamaruI think you can switch :)
08:47.38Crissibut not yet (kde4 is incomplete, slow and sometimes buggy)
08:47.42Crissishikamaru: no
08:47.52shikamaruI don't find it slow
08:48.00*** join/#kde Guest69915 (
08:48.03shikamaruof course there is still room for improvements
08:48.08Guest69915strange bug, a couple of day ago my desktop effects stopped working but 3d and everything was configured fine. Today I decided to try re-installing most of kde and it started working again.
08:48.18Guest69915any ideas why this might happen?
08:49.00charonGuest69915: i guess it depends on the graphics driver. i get that all the time with nvidia when switching display setups (such as enabling/disabling an external monitor)
08:49.07Crissithats the first stopper
08:49.20Crissinext, the plasma panel is really crap
08:49.22Guest69915yes, I have an nvidia driver too
08:49.23shikamarunvidia is known to have poor 2D performance those days :/
08:49.25Crissiwant kicker back
08:49.34Crissishikamaru: no...
08:49.44Guest69915my performance is pretty good with latest 180.27 drivers
08:49.54Crissithe problem is that qt4( and kde4) use functions which not used before
08:50.00Crissikde3 is really fast
08:50.14Crissibut nvidia fixed a lot then
08:50.23shikamaruwell, the panel has been improved for 4.2
08:50.31shikamaruand it is still improved :)
08:50.55shikamaruquite some time ago it was not possible to group similar applications
08:51.03Crissii need the place for working not for playing
08:51.17shikamaruadd another panel then :)
08:51.37Crissiimproved? fixed some bugs and some features added.. but its still CRAP
08:51.55Crissiadding another panel is useless:
08:52.06Guest69915I agree that the plasma panel is still buggy in 4.2, dragging items between panels does not always work etc...
08:52.09Crissifor eample the color cant be changed
08:52.28Crissiall need too much space
08:53.32Crissithe settings for the panel are not logical and easy to use
08:53.32*** join/#kde Alen (n=alen@
08:53.50*** join/#kde suro (n=suro@
08:54.32Crissii'll play i little bit with the kde4.2 machine but waiting for 4.3 i think
08:54.48paddeCrissi: you can change the colour, you can change the whole theme, you can do whatever you want. the architecture is much better than in kde 3.5
08:54.53Crissiall done
08:55.11*** join/#kde the_p (
08:55.13Crissii tried all to change for my needs but its not ready for me
08:55.23Crissi(and for a lot of others)
08:56.14paddeCrissi: that may well be, but by farting in an irc channel nothing will change, except that people won't take you seriously ;)
08:56.42Crissithe kde4 file selector is also limited and on some places not self explaining... the address line for example
08:57.02Crissipadde: ask the kde devs... they know me already
08:58.34*** join/#kde mhlavink (n=mhlavink@nat/redhat/x-6898b75f8c33d7ba)
08:59.32Crissithats the current state of my kde4 desktop
09:00.10*** join/#kde Dalamaris (
09:00.28pprinceI've never used kde.  gnome only very little.  rich de's seem so foreign to me... hard to figure them out.
09:02.10*** join/#kde |igor_ (n=igor@
09:04.40*** join/#kde charon (n=thomas@unaffiliated/charon)
09:05.07*** join/#kde mhlavink (n=mhlavink@nat/redhat/x-648e48c7367993ce)
09:05.11*** join/#kde Rasi (
09:05.31*** join/#kde Jejem (
09:05.38*** join/#kde muthu_ (n=androidr@
09:07.43*** join/#kde bgmiki (
09:18.37*** join/#kde igor (n=igor@
09:19.08*** join/#kde awidegreen (
09:23.23*** join/#kde lokai (
09:29.12*** join/#kde TobiaszCudnik (
09:30.27*** join/#kde ework (
09:30.39*** join/#kde Algognito (n=Mikko@
09:30.44thiagolokai: reinstall it from the package
09:33.35*** join/#kde remur_030 (
09:33.57*** join/#kde Rasi (
09:36.37*** join/#kde ronino (
09:37.12*** join/#kde linuxfish (n=linuxfis@
09:37.13*** join/#kde bdgraue (
09:38.12roninoI switched from 4.1 to 4.2, copied over my configuration, but Kopete doesn't seem to know about my ICQ access
09:38.26*** part/#kde linuxfish (n=linuxfis@
09:38.33roninothough it's in the config
09:39.14*** join/#kde jofko (n=quassel@
09:40.21*** join/#kde apexo (n=ircnet@
09:42.44*** join/#kde cga (n=cga@
09:43.07*** join/#kde noaXess (
09:44.07*** join/#kde UUncia (
09:45.38*** join/#kde zeltak (
09:47.12*** join/#kde Arnooob (n=Arnooob@nat/af83/x-72ff15e2bafb7dc9)
09:48.57*** join/#kde Pensacola (
09:50.02*** join/#kde piallard (
09:50.15*** part/#kde piallard (
09:50.32*** join/#kde Alen (n=alen@
09:51.18*** join/#kde KennethP_ (
09:51.27*** join/#kde Moult_ (n=Moult@
09:53.58*** join/#kde annma (
09:55.18*** join/#kde BCMM (n=bcmm@unaffiliated/bcmm)
09:56.17*** join/#kde Kame2 (
09:59.09Phlogidoes not know what distro hi should install on a friends laptop for kde 4.2 use, that friend is not very experienced and just wants that stuff works and is easy to use, its a laptop
09:59.25*** part/#kde [square] (
09:59.29freeedrich|SuSE - but still, no distro talk here :P
09:59.31Phlogimaybe someone can make a little recommodation but without starting a flame war :)
09:59.41Phlogifreeedrich|: hi :P
10:00.00Phlogifreeedrich|: I assume you mean opensuse
10:00.03knusperfroschpromotes any apt-based distribution :)
10:00.14freeedrich|like kubuntu, heh :P
10:00.14*** join/#kde annma_ (
10:00.21freeedrich|bad joke.
10:00.30freeedrich|Phlogi: Arch Linux is nice as well.
10:00.30*** join/#kde ivanich (
10:00.49Phlogifreeedrich|: thats installed and I will drop it IMHO
10:01.07Phlogifreeedrich|: I'm really curious about arch actually...
10:01.32Phlogibut I think that it will take more time to set it up than an opensuse
10:03.00*** join/#kde gomoran (
10:05.04*** join/#kde bgmiki (
10:06.21*** join/#kde clif4d (
10:07.08*** part/#kde remur_030 (
10:08.00*** join/#kde mistik1 (
10:08.13*** join/#kde xdmx (n=xdmx@
10:09.02*** join/#kde noaXess (
10:09.39*** join/#kde MethoS- (
10:11.25xdmxhi guys, i've just upgraded to kde 4.2, it's very nice :) (a part of a little annoyance).. just two questions.. is it possible to have a bigger font for the time and a smaller for the date? is it possible to change the default charset? i mean, like in konsole it says "character encoding -> default", but where i can change that default?
10:12.36annmabigger font for the time and smaller for the date: what time & date are you atlking about?
10:13.20*** join/#kde cb400f (n=cb400f@opensuse/member/Cb400f)
10:13.43lmmwhere's the "enable all sounds" button in the notifications settings? (kde 4.2)
10:13.48lmmit's mentioned in the help but I don't see it
10:14.19*** join/#kde laaapin (
10:14.47annmaxdmx: explain better please
10:15.04xdmxannma: the default digital clock which is active by default
10:15.29annmaor on desktop?
10:15.41*** join/#kde fmeurou (
10:15.41xdmxin panel
10:15.48*** join/#kde KennethP (
10:16.10annmahow would you fit it if you choose say 20 for time???
10:16.10*** join/#kde tsb (
10:16.19annmaI don't see the logic here
10:17.03annmabe more precise and file a wish with a mockup if you want
10:17.08*** join/#kde bgmiki (
10:17.20*** join/#kde basti (
10:17.28*** join/#kde corigo3 (n=damon@
10:18.00corigo3When I add the repositories for downloading KDE 4.2 it also prompts me to download MySQL... is this necessary? Any reason why I would want that %^& on my computer?
10:18.15xdmxannma: maybe not 20 :) but at least change the two between date and time, i mean, which is the logic to have the date bigger than the time? i think that the time is more important to know (you look at it more times per day), i don't think you need to check the date every hour to know that is always the same day :)
10:18.38lmmcorigo3: I think the desktop search stuff uses it as a backend
10:18.48annmaif you add the date then it's also important
10:19.31annmawe fit them in the panel
10:19.31corigo3Imm: ugh
10:19.31lmmit's more sensible than writing your own database
10:19.31annmaif you are smart enough to calculate the time bigger than date and date still visible, feel free to propose patch xdmx
10:19.38annmathis is free software
10:19.42annmafree source
10:19.50thiagocorigo3: both Amarok and Akonadi use MySQL
10:20.00corigo3Imm: I've already got a REAL database installed that is REAL FOSS, i.e. Postgres
10:20.02thiagoAkonadi can be ported in the future to another DB backend
10:20.07thiagoAmarok cannot
10:20.11thiagoyou are stuck with MySQL
10:20.12annmathe logic behind them being equal height is that they are both visible
10:20.15thiagowhich, btw, is GPL...
10:20.29lmmplease don't try and start an entirely irrelevant argument here, especially since you're wrong
10:20.48lmmdoes akonadi really ship with only mysql backend?
10:20.50thiagolmm: the desktop search stuff uses another type of DB entirely. It's not RDBMS.
10:20.54thiagolmm: yes
10:21.02lmmthat's a bit lame
10:21.02*** join/#kde non7top (n=non7top@
10:21.03*** part/#kde corigo3 (n=damon@
10:21.08*** join/#kde Mike1 (n=mike@
10:21.13*** join/#kde Kbyte (
10:21.15thiagoI think shipping the only backend available is very intelligent
10:21.17thiagoshipping none would be lame
10:21.22Mike1how can i shutdown KDE-apps properly?
10:21.28thiagoMike1: kquitapp appname
10:21.33annmaMike1: File -> Quit
10:21.44annmaor what thiago said from command line
10:21.44lmmoh, indeed, but shipping more would be better, and in particular there really should be one which doesn't require setting up a db server
10:21.54annmamore: like what?
10:22.00thiagolmm: Akonadi configures and runs its own mysqld
10:22.16thiagolmm: you don't have to set it up. As long as the mysqld executable is available, it'll do everything for you.
10:22.27lmmhmm, that has its own problems
10:22.33lmmanyway, not my issue
10:22.41thiagoif you don't like that, then configure your MySQL server and set up akonadi to use it.
10:22.43annmaso what backend would you prefer?
10:22.51Mike1mike@mikespc:~$ kquitapp kopete
10:22.53Mike1<unknown program name>(9573)/: Application "kopete" could not be found using service "org.kde.kopete" and path "/MainApplication"
10:22.54thiagoyou have a choice between these backends: mysql
10:22.55lmmwell, I would actually prefer postgres
10:23.01Mike1but kopete is running for sure
10:23.02thiagothat's not an option (no one wrote that backend)
10:23.04thiagochoose another
10:23.12annmaor wrote the backend
10:23.15Mike1(i'm using Fluxbox btw.)
10:23.24lmmwell, perhaps I will. No need to be so confrontational about it
10:23.25thiagoMike1: then kopete isn't running
10:23.43Mike1mike@mikespc:~$ ps -e | grep kopete
10:23.50thiagoMike1: is that KDE 3 or 4?
10:23.58Mike1it's the KDE3 kopete
10:24.22thiagothen use KDE 3 tools: dcopquit
10:24.45thiagoif you're using KDE 3, you have to say so. We are assuming everyone here is using KDE 4 unless they mention otherwise.
10:25.21Mike1thiago: that command works, but it makes Kopete crash when i shut it down
10:25.33thiagothat's a bug then...
10:25.35Mike1thiago: signal 11 (SIGSEGV) says the crash handler
10:26.03lmmamarok 1.* supported more databases, which is actually a problem for me because there don't seem to be migration tools available, unless that's changed now?
10:26.10*** join/#kde buscher (
10:26.30Jucatolmm: Amarok 2 uses MySQL Embedded only
10:26.50JucatoI'm soooo far behind
10:26.57Jucatoer.. wrong tab
10:27.42*** join/#kde Jonty (
10:27.44tuxicki also noticed amarok2 printed a lot of stuff to terminal
10:27.53tuxickincluding some yelling about CREATE TABLE etc
10:28.06annmatuxick: it's debugging info
10:28.07Mike1thiago: the question now is, how to make my PC use that dcopquit when shutting down -_-
10:28.17annmano harm done
10:28.18tuxickannma: but does it create those tables anyway?
10:28.35annmadoes it work or not?
10:28.45*** join/#kde soa2ii (
10:28.46annmaif it works, just let debug alone
10:28.51tuxicki killed it, it was time to sleep :)
10:29.02tuxickdidn't want to get involved in another expedition
10:29.08tuxickwill check later
10:29.09*** join/#kde rabauke (
10:29.15thiagoMike1: KDE apps should close cleanly when the X session manager tells them to
10:29.17JucatoMike1: put it in a script that fluxbox/your system can call when shutting down
10:29.21thiagoMike1: you shouldn't need dcopquit
10:29.27Jucatoor that ^^ :)
10:29.50Mike1thiago: my real problem is: AmaroK does not store the playlist when I shut down my PC
10:30.00Mike1i asume it's just being killed
10:30.11thiagoMike1: does it happen inside KDE?
10:30.25Mike1as far as i remember: no
10:30.33thiagodo you know if fluxbox supports XSM?
10:31.05Mike1thiago: what's that?
10:31.18thiagoX Session Management
10:31.25*** join/#kde Paddy_EIRE (n=patrick@
10:31.33thiagothat's how applications are told that X is exiting, so they should save their information and quit
10:31.48thiagoapplications don't react nicely to being killed or the X connection suddenly being torn down
10:32.16JucatoX Session Mana....
10:32.30Jucatotyping on this thing is slow ;)
10:32.39Mike1Jucato: netbook? ;)
10:32.52JucatoN810 :)
10:33.13thiagoJucato: full-screen keyboard or the small keyboard?
10:33.28thiagoor are you using the handwrite recognising input?
10:33.49*** join/#kde Moult (n=Moult@
10:33.56Jucatothiago, the hardware keyboard.still getting used to button smashing :D
10:34.22thiagoif you tap the input area with your finger, you'll get a full-screen keyboard
10:34.55*** join/#kde Moult (n=Moult@
10:35.17Jucatoyeah, but that's actually more can only see the line edit, and not the context
10:35.27xdmxannma: what about the charset? do you know if is possible to change?
10:35.38Jucatoso if someone says something while you're typing, you won't see it
10:35.53Mike1thiago: i can't find information about Fluxbox and xsm :(
10:36.05Mike1thiago: also the people in #fluxbox do not answer
10:36.20Jucatotry XSMP
10:37.05*** join/#kde Moult (n=Moult@
10:38.35Mike1Jucato: can't find anything either
10:38.49Jucatoyeah no luck here as well...
10:39.07*** join/#kde sgnut (
10:39.09annmayou can change the font style xdmx
10:39.13*** join/#kde Moult (n=Moult@
10:39.31sgnutis it possible to add another countries/cities to the lcd weather plasmoid?
10:39.37*** join/#kde smurfslover (
10:39.51xdmxannma: i mean the default charset encoding of kde (it was the second question :) )
10:39.52thiagoyou can add more plasmoids
10:40.06thiagoxdmx: the default charset encoding of KDE is UTF-8
10:40.10*** join/#kde Moult (n=Moult@
10:40.10annmasgnut: the lcd weather has 3 providers
10:40.19JucatoMike1: although the dependencies in a debian page suggests flux depends on xsm
10:40.22thiagobecause that's the locale charset
10:40.25sgnutannma: yes but my country (spain) is not included :(
10:40.26annmasgnut: isn't your country covered by any?
10:40.31annmanot the BBC?
10:40.46xdmxthiago: ok
10:40.55annmasgnut: the problem is that the weather data lust be free from your country
10:40.58JucatoMike1 see and search for libsm
10:41.24xdmxthiago: why when i select default charset on konsole it doesn't change? :)
10:41.32sgnutannma: ohh I have found it now xD
10:41.33thiagowhat doesn't change?
10:41.42sgnutannma: xD sorry
10:41.49Mike1Jucato, thiago: what would that xsm thingy do anyways?
10:42.09*** join/#kde Moult (n=Moult@
10:42.23Mike1Jucato, thiago: it just stores all apps currently running and is able to start them again as far as i read
10:42.25xdmxthiago: it doesn't stay checked... eg. i've selected iso8859, then i select default, and it stay on iso8859.... but if i select something else (unicode->uft8) it change without problems
10:43.04thiagokonsole can change the default encoding in the profile preferences
10:43.15*** join/#kde Moult (n=Moult@
10:43.20*** join/#kde fatalerrors (
10:45.25*** join/#kde Moult (n=Moult@
10:46.22*** join/#kde BCMM (n=bcmm@unaffiliated/bcmm)
10:46.36*** join/#kde Moult (n=Moult@
10:47.45*** join/#kde Moult (n=Moult@
10:48.54*** join/#kde Ghabit (n=quassel@
10:48.57*** join/#kde tappel (
10:49.48deitarionIs there an alternative to the web interface for reporting bugs? When you have over half a dozen of them, the time it takes to run through the web UI multiple times becomes a strong disincentive.
10:50.00*** join/#kde InspectorCluseau (n=Inspecto@
10:50.09GhabitHello. Guys, help me please. How to install panelspacer plasmoid without distro package? Maybe there are exist some other way? It is very important plasmoid for me.
10:50.12deitarion...especially since the server seems to be overworked.
10:50.13*** join/#kde AliTarihi (n=lomion@unaffiliated/alitarihi)
10:52.24annmadeitarion: KBugBuster
10:52.41annmamight be in playground though but it's in the making
10:52.53annmaa bunch of French students are on it as assignment
10:52.56pinotreekbugbuster cannot report bugs
10:53.03*** join/#kde Alen (n=alen@
10:53.09*** join/#kde FlyingFoX (n=FlyingFo@
10:53.14tuxickthey now need someone to translate it to english!
10:53.18thiagoGhabit: get the source, compile it, install it
10:54.03annmait can manage bugs, yes
10:54.03Ghabitthiago: how can I compile and install it? I am a linux newbie.
10:54.39*** join/#kde ayevee (n=ayevee@
10:54.46annmawe were all newbies at some point
10:55.07deitarionOh, and as an intermediate step, is there a way to launch the "Submit Bug Report" dialog from Plasma? If I open it in Konqueror and select "plasma/panel", it says "Version: unknown" which defeats 1/3rd of its purpose.
10:55.09*** join/#kde ctibor (n=ctibor@
10:55.22thiagoGhabit: then I suggest you wait for the distro package
10:55.31thiagoGhabit: in case you want to learn, here's how:
10:55.47thiagoGhabit: install the KDE development packages for your distribution (how? ask your distribution's channel)
10:55.57thiagoGhabit: download the tarball containing the software, unpack it
10:56.12*** join/#kde yuking (n=yuking@
10:56.15thiagoGhabit: run cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix`
10:56.21thiagoGhabit: make && make install
10:56.21JucatoGhabit, try checking in kde-apps if there's a package for your distro.if there isn't,there is no other way except to follow thiago's instructions
10:56.50Ghabitthiago: Thanks a lot, I'll try it now.
10:57.19Ghabitthiago: One last question - is it possible to install it from source somewhere at home directory, not it system?
10:58.20*** join/#kde Ace2016_- (
10:59.53JucatoGhabit: possible, yes. but it will be a bit more complicated setting up the proper environment variables to make KDE see it whenever it starts up
11:00.08Jucato(in short, it's easier to enter the root passowrd and install in the system)
11:00.20*** join/#kde rabauke (
11:00.38*** part/#kde rabauke (
11:01.47*** join/#kde tkjacobsen (
11:02.13annmaGhabit: for a plasmoid just set KDEDIRS to include the new dir
11:02.29annmaand it should work, I tested once
11:02.42Ghabitannma: Can you tell me how to set it?
11:03.15annmahmmm if you don't know about env vars you'd better wait for your distro package
11:03.29annmayou are a newbie and you want to take the difficult path
11:03.48GhabitYes, I know, I am a stupid for now in linux. But KDE looks like crap without this feauture.
11:03.54Jucato(like I said, easier to install it system wide in this case)
11:05.00annmalooks like crap is quite a insult
11:05.06annmathanks Ghabit
11:05.11*** join/#kde JohnOo (
11:05.40*** join/#kde igor__ (n=igor@
11:06.25*** join/#kde FlyingFoX (n=FlyingFo@
11:06.43Ghabitannma: :) I mean some other thing. I like kde very much, that because I'm trying so hard, but I have systray centered at panel, it takes 50% of it, popups appesart at center of the screen too, etc.
11:07.00annmayes I remember your screenshpt
11:07.13pinotreethen why don't you just make the panel small?
11:07.13annmabut then you have a special case and yo want it like that
11:07.18annmahe does not want
11:07.20GhabitAnd sorry if I'm using some words with strange sence, my english is very poor.
11:07.28annmabut bashing KDE for that is lame Ghabit
11:07.49annmayou are choosing a special config which is in the way of being supported
11:07.49*** join/#kde Sparki (
11:08.08annmaso either you build the spacer or you ask your distro dor it
11:08.25annmaor you contribute to finishit
11:08.27pinotreeno really, what is the sense of having a full-width panel empty for more than 50% of its space?
11:08.47annmathe sense is being able to say: KDE looks crap
11:08.57Ghabitpinotree: For icons, but I cannot add them there, because quicklauncher will hide them.
11:09.07annmaGhabit: and don't "newbie" me
11:09.09JucatoGhabit: or follow thiago's instructions in compiling *if* you cannot find a package for your distro in
11:09.22Ghabitannma: Oh, c'mon, just poor english.
11:09.44*** join/#kde MethoS-- (
11:09.45GhabitI means hard to use.
11:09.59annmahard to use???
11:10.16GhabitLooks not very comfortable.
11:10.17annmajust don't use it then
11:10.33annmawe do not oblige anyone to use it
11:10.49Ghabitannma: I think you are too nervous. I DO NOT MEAN ANY BAD THINGS.
11:10.55GhabitJust stop it :)
11:10.59annmaI am a developer
11:11.07yukingGhabit, i think you have not set you panel very well
11:11.17annmawe told you the insttructions anyway
11:11.23annmaso just do it
11:11.54*** join/#kde bb_ (
11:12.01*** join/#kde Alen_ (n=alen@
11:12.02annmaa desktop cannot fill everyone needs that's why in Linux there are several types of desktops
11:12.08annmawhich is great
11:12.20annmafreedom comes with choice
11:12.21Ghabitannma: And I am a user, science 4.2 begins developing I was installing it from source, time by time, I've learn how to use gentoo, how to use alternative package managers, how to use live packages, how to fix broken svn trees, I like kde not less than you.
11:12.41Ghabitannma: just bad english, please stop to shame me :)
11:12.45annmaso just build the thing and be happy that we ùmade it
11:13.17Ghabitannma: And I do it because I like only kde @ nix systems and cannot use windows.
11:13.24yukingGhabit, I am using LFS, and I compiled kde4 from SVN,  maybe I ever met the problem you are meeting
11:13.50Ghabityuking: Don't think so :)
11:14.10GhabitIf you are using LFS you know how to do this things.
11:14.46JucatoGhabit: why not just compile it? it's as simple as that? (or ask if someone from your distro has a package)
11:15.49*** join/#kde Iceflow (n=DellBase@wikipedia/Tmalmjursson)
11:16.03GhabitJucato: As I understood, it installs it into system without using package manager, and person who teached me to use linux says - never install software 'by hands' into system. Only /opt/ direcroty or /home/.
11:16.19Iceflowmorning all. Anyone know how to clear the recently used lists in the Menu in KDE4.1.3 please?
11:16.40JucatoGhabit: that depends. it's not an absolute rule. besides, has a Gentoo ebuild
11:16.52*** join/#kde Phlogi (
11:17.08GhabitJucato: that ebuild wants other version of kde as a dependency.
11:17.27GhabitAnd I have not tested 4.2
11:17.39GhabitI have allready googleled :)
11:17.54*** join/#kde crash0 (
11:18.22yukingGhabit, but i do not know what the problem is.
11:18.34JucatoGhabit: as a gentoo user, you should be used to doing these things. now, since you seem to trust that person who taught you, why not ask him to help you compile and install this as well?
11:18.37*** join/#kde mfilipe (
11:19.33*** join/#kde igor__ (n=igor@
11:21.08*** part/#kde Iceflow (n=DellBase@wikipedia/Tmalmjursson)
11:21.29*** join/#kde newio_d (n=pfowler@
11:22.52*** join/#kde thinkgnu (n=majid@unaffiliated/thinkgnu)
11:23.06*** join/#kde Dr_Phreakenstein (n=phreak@
11:23.09GhabitJucato: Because I've lost contact with him.
11:24.32Jucatoso now you have a choice: either hold on to what you were taught, even if they are not absolutely true in all cases, or believe KDE developers when they try to help you. if you chose the former, then you'll have to wait for packages/ebuilds from your distro. if you choose the second one, the instructions were already given to you
11:24.53*** join/#kde olujicz_ (n=zoran@79-175-105-202.adsl-a-2.sezampro.yu)
11:25.09GhabitThanks a lot :P
11:25.14crash0hey there, anyone using kde 4.1 with an intel gma965 and could give hints what to do to make compositing work?
11:25.21*** part/#kde olujicz_ (n=zoran@79-175-105-202.adsl-a-2.sezampro.yu)
11:25.25*** join/#kde voodoo (
11:25.45voodooHi ..... anyone uses dragon player ?
11:25.49yukingGhabit, move ~/.kde/share/config/plasma* to other place, and restart your kde, then re-config it
11:26.04Jucatoyuking: that has nothing to do with it
11:26.36Jucatoit's a known layout problem in Plasma that is already being fixed. the current solution is to (compile and) install that panel spacer plasmoid
11:26.46Jucato(or resize the panel)
11:28.10yukingJucato, my kde4 works very well, except I can not input Chinese to konqueror  occasionly
11:28.49Jucatoyuking: if you remove the Task Manager applet on the panel, you will see what Ghabit means
11:29.31deitarionIf Ghabit is still talking about the panel spacer, then it's not a simple matter.
11:30.00yukingJucato, he do not need a Task manager?
11:30.04deitarionThe ebuild depends on KDE 4.1 because the CMake API for building plasmoids has changed.
11:30.25crash0nobody using an intel gma654 aka intel X3100?
11:30.28Ghabityuking: I have two panels, one at top and one at bottom.
11:30.30Jucatodeitarion: it is. just compile and install and the plasmoid is available. his problem is not that. his problem is that he was taught never to install stuff he compiled by hand except in /opt and /home
11:30.33puslingJucato: where is the panel spacer plasmoid ?
11:30.45Jucato(I gave a link above)
11:30.49*** join/#kde doppelgaenger (n=doppelga@
11:30.56*** join/#kde cga (n=cga@
11:31.21yukingGhabit, I am trying...
11:31.30*** join/#kde cghislai__ (n=cghislai@
11:31.44*** join/#kde [Kame2] (
11:31.44Jucatodeitarion: so he's looking either for a distro package (more complicated as you have mentioned) or installing in /home (also equally complicated setting up with env vars for his admitted level)
11:32.05*** join/#kde smurfie (
11:32.48*** join/#kde rdale (n=quassel@
11:32.58yukingGhabit, yes, it is a serious problem if no task manager in the panel
11:33.13Jucatoalthough I'm actually not sure if it works in 4.2...
11:33.47pinotree... unless you don't make the panel have a full-width
11:34.12Jucatowhich is option #2 (or 3..)
11:34.21*** join/#kde thpar (
11:34.29JucatoI guess he wants the panels to look like gnome's :)
11:34.55*** join/#kde solid (
11:35.04*** join/#kde kent\n (n=theJacka@sourcemill/developer/thejackal)
11:35.27kent\ registration form is hosed, the captcha's are not producing images -_-
11:35.33deitarionWith many plasmoids, certain CMake variables were renamed and the build errors out with instructions on how to fix them. I haven't tried it though, so I'm not sure how easy they are to follow. I've been meaning to try it with the command entry one.
11:35.55*** join/#kde wasynyt (
11:36.02*** join/#kde _guj4_ (
11:36.08deitarionThat is, between 4.1 and 4.2, the plasma "build API" changed and many plasmoids haven't been updated yet.
11:36.09kent\n"what code is in this image" : 'sorry, I have no idea there is no image' for some reason doesn't solve my problem
11:38.09*** join/#kde junkY_San (
11:38.24junkY_Sanhi, i'm using kde 4.2 and knetworkmanager
11:38.54*** join/#kde jrodger (
11:38.55kent\nthe /images_captcha/{numberhere}  is returning a 500 Internal Server Error :(
11:39.00junkY_Santhe wlan scan lists my wlan, but i can't connect. there's no error visible, it's just not connecting
11:40.22*** join/#kde ClassFoo (n=ClassFoo@
11:40.52*** join/#kde smurfslover (
11:42.26junkY_Sanoh sorry i'm giving wrong information. it's network-manager + kde what i'm using
11:45.07yukingcan anyone give a suggest on a qt4-based irc client?
11:45.39puslingirssi in konsole ;)
11:46.17*** join/#kde pirho (i=pirho@gateway/gpg-tor/key-0x2CEEC9CB)
11:47.35kent\nyuking: KVirc
11:47.35Ghabityuking: quassel is ok.
11:47.44yukingpusling, downloading,thanks
11:47.44*** join/#kde robin0800 (
11:47.54GhabitIt looks like konversation, and quite comfortable.
11:48.02*** join/#kde buscher (
11:48.13yukingGhabit, I tried quassel, but I even didn't know how to use it
11:48.26Ghabityuking: I can advice you if you want.
11:48.32*** join/#kde Algognito (
11:49.02kent\nKvirc will OD you with Options :)
11:49.12yukingGhabit, I like konversation.
11:49.27*** join/#kde Eliran_Itzhak_ (
11:49.41Ghabityuking: I'll show you screenshot of quassel, wait a second.
11:50.06yukingGhabit, thanks
11:50.07GhabitHere it is
11:50.33*** join/#kde boom1992 (
11:50.51GhabitI have bad colors, but i think it is not important.
11:51.04yukingIt looks nice
11:51.10*** join/#kde rdale (n=quassel@
11:52.15robin0800Ghabit:  quassel is ok but I wish it could put servers and channels as tabs to save space on a laptop
11:52.25*** join/#kde serenity (
11:53.02yukingGhabit, there are two files in the quassel's bin directory: quasselclient quasselcore
11:53.28Ghabityuking: What distro are you using?
11:53.43serenityi want to register on kdedevelopers, but there is no captcha
11:53.50yukingGhabit, I compiled it myself
11:54.01*** join/#kde HappySmileMan (n=Happy@
11:54.30GhabitFist you need to edit quassel config by adding your user to quasselcore config: QUASSEL_USER="ghabit"
11:54.33Ghabitfor example.
11:54.43*** part/#kde serenity (
11:54.45GhabitThen you have to start quasselcore as a daemon
11:55.06GhabitThat's all, after that you can use it.
11:55.44GhabitJust enter your login and password and you will see a working client, just add network and servers you need.
11:56.01*** join/#kde uni4dfx (
11:56.14Ghabitwill be back soon.
11:56.20Jucatorecommends taking the discussion to #quassel or #quassel-irc (which ever is quassel's channel)
11:56.23uni4dfxok guys, help me debug kde4.2 ... it's constantly crashing
11:56.36yukingOh, I gave up when it asked me the username and password. I'll try again
11:56.55kent\nserenity <-- has my problem
11:57.06*** join/#kde lkuklinek (n=ilja@nat/redhat/x-c7eeee16ca4a98aa)
11:57.40*** join/#kde Arnooob (
11:58.16*** join/#kde ProfFrink (
11:58.37*** join/#kde alzear (
11:58.40annmauni4dfx: doing what?
11:58.50annmauni4dfx: is it a new user?
11:58.51*** join/#kde DeadFishMan (
11:59.00uni4dfxit's randomly crashing
11:59.05uni4dfxfor example if i open emesene
11:59.11uni4dfxor sometimes when i rightclick
11:59.21annmais it a new user?
11:59.29annmawhat distro?
11:59.33uni4dfxi've deleted ~/.kde if that's what you mean
11:59.38uni4dfxKubuntu 8.10
11:59.43*** join/#kde farbing (n=farbing@
12:00.20uni4dfxi'm using this repository:
12:00.22*** join/#kde obsoleteman (n=obsometr@
12:00.24annmaI mean a new user, not deleted stuff
12:00.31annmaI don't use KUbuntu
12:00.39annmaso ask in their channel
12:00.53*** join/#kde alzear (
12:01.09*** join/#kde artista_frustrad (
12:03.12*** join/#kde sanfanling (n=chatzill@
12:03.19*** join/#kde spawn57 (
12:05.16setohi, I have switch from kde3.5.9 to kde4.2, and now, when I use kpowersave to suspend to ram, and wake up, it doesn't lock the screen .. is that normal ?
12:05.38*** join/#kde Ghabit (n=quassel@
12:06.11knusperfroschseto: click on that power-thing in systray(guidance power manager)
12:06.14knusperfroschfirst checkbox
12:06.19*** join/#kde ronino (
12:07.17*** join/#kde yuking (n=yuking@
12:07.55yukingGhabit, everything seems ok, but i can not log in freenode
12:08.21Ghabityuking: Have you set up your nickname first?
12:08.31setoknusperfrosch: yes and ?
12:08.33setosame things
12:08.37Ghabitquassel doesn't rename you if your nickname is busy.
12:08.38setodoesnt works
12:08.45GhabitAnd default quassel nickname is busy :)
12:10.54knusperfroschseto: what about systemsettings->advanced->energy?
12:11.06yukingYes, I set it. I can only see some lines of information. the last is [20:09:51] <FreeNode:Status Buffer:> *** No identd (auth) response
12:11.21*** join/#kde robin0800 (
12:12.28*** join/#kde arkascha (
12:13.12yukingGhabit, the core says: Warning: Could not connect to FreeNode (The remote host closed the connection)
12:13.45Ghabityuking: did you changed your nick? Different than yuking.
12:14.39arkaschaHelp with "kstart" required: I use "kstart --alldesktops --ontop kdetv" to start watching TV and all is great. Same when starting from the menu where the same sequence is defined. But when starting the same entry via a key shortcut the options are ignored. Why that ?!?
12:15.01*** join/#kde r_endymion (n=endymion@unaffiliated/vincentxavier)
12:15.02*** join/#kde Yuking-1 (n=quassel@
12:15.17Yuking-1Ghabit: Thanks.
12:15.28uni4dfxbtw guys, why is the KDE system tray STILL broken?
12:15.32Yuking-1I changed my name, it works
12:15.45GhabitYuking-1: I am happy to help you.
12:15.54Yuking-1Ghabit: :)
12:16.20annmauni4dfx: it's not here
12:16.39uni4dfxdammit kubuntu fucking sux
12:16.39setoknusperfrosch: ok, I have restart kde, now it works
12:17.06*** join/#kde anselmolsm (n=anselmo@
12:17.47*** join/#kde fredrecsky (
12:18.01tuxickuni4dfx: sounds like kubuntu decided to provide kde4 ;p
12:18.32*** join/#kde pinheiro (
12:19.05uni4dfxkubuntu is the greatest mistake ever made in the opensource world
12:19.08Yuking-1Ghabit: I like this irc client
12:19.12*** join/#kde Eliran_Itzhak (
12:19.24*** join/#kde thinkgnu (n=majid@unaffiliated/thinkgnu)
12:19.33thiagouni4dfx: it's not
12:19.37thiagoyou need to upgrade to Qt 4.5 though
12:19.37*** join/#kde LegolasV (
12:19.39*** join/#kde charleswfb (
12:19.58*** part/#kde yuking (n=yuking@
12:20.10uni4dfxthiago: ok fine, i'll do that right now
12:20.30uni4dfxbut i seriously doubt it will help
12:20.33thiagowhich isn't released
12:20.39thiagodefine "broken" then
12:20.50GhabitYuking-1: It is only client I have found under qt4 and looks like I like. but it have some issues - I don't like to see everytime status buffers.
12:21.02*** join/#kde lukasz (
12:21.14*** part/#kde lukasz (
12:21.23uni4dfxthaigo: 5 crashes in 5 minutes
12:21.50Yuking-1Ghabit: I think this function is OK, because I have no too many channels
12:21.52thiagoI haven't seen a crash even with 4.4 in months
12:21.57uni4dfxthaigo: that's 1 cpm (crash per minute)
12:22.02*** join/#kde Sho_ (n=EHS1@kde/hein)
12:22.10arkaschauni4dfx: lol
12:22.15GhabitYuking-1: Same here :)
12:23.41*** join/#kde bjantscher (
12:24.32uni4dfxand don't even get me started on Ark, Adept and Firefox integration...
12:24.40annmathiago: why would KUbuntu work better with Qt4.5 when KDE ships Qt 4.4?
12:24.55annmaand when Qt 4.5 is not even out
12:25.01*** join/#kde Gonsor (
12:25.02*** join/#kde cre (n=cre@
12:25.23tuxickheh, kmail doesn't seem to like this 10k mails on imap
12:25.26*** join/#kde Kathrin-25^away (
12:25.27*** join/#kde ClassFoo (n=ClassFoo@
12:25.29*** join/#kde dirigeant (n=dirigean@
12:25.34*** join/#kde fabricio` (
12:25.40tuxickcould be the server too of course
12:25.51*** part/#kde cre (n=cre@
12:26.03tsbWhat is the best card for kde4.2? Nvidia 260 or AMD/ATI 4870?
12:26.30*** join/#kde robin0800 (
12:26.34tuxicktsb: every since i started trying kde4 i've been having nvidia trouble
12:26.41tuxickbut i heard it works for some
12:27.10tuxickprobably depends on card or something
12:27.22tsbtuxick, right. I've read similar things. Also, since there will be a halfdescent foss driver in a year or so I guess there's that as well
12:27.35tuxickfor nvidia???
12:27.41tsbno, ati
12:27.48tsbas in, I'm leaning towards ati :)
12:27.51tuxickah yes, they at least try
12:28.03tuxickanyway, with effects disabled i can even run kmail :p
12:28.31uni4dfxcould running KDE from GDM be a problem?
12:28.32tuxickand horribly slow scrolling in konqueror doesn't seem to be an nvidia issue
12:28.46tuxickuni4dfx: i can't imagine, try it
12:28.55tuxickit sounds a bit odd
12:29.10*** join/#kde deitarion (n=deitario@moinmoin/fan/deitarion)
12:29.13tuxickkubuntu defaults to gdm for kde??
12:30.40annmauni4dfx: no
12:30.41uni4dfxno, i changed it
12:30.52annmayou can run KDE from anything without that being a problem
12:30.59uni4dfxi had to go to gnome cuz kde4.1 was crashing at login
12:31.20tuxickwhat crashed?
12:31.26kent\ntuxick: nvidia-settings -a InitialPixmapPlacement=2 -a GlyphCache=1
12:31.52tuxickkent\n: sounds familiar
12:31.52kent\nthat'll hopefully fix your speed issue
12:31.52tuxicki tried so many nvidia config options someone here called me mad
12:32.06tuxickkent\n: no, i'm having the same on a box with ati card
12:32.14kent\noh O_o
12:32.23uni4dfxtixick: the entire xserver
12:32.35tuxickin fact i've been having occasional lag in konqueror i kind of got used to it
12:32.37kent\nthen your probably using MESAgl
12:32.38*** join/#kde stuffcorpse (n=rick@
12:32.49tuxickkent\n: nopes
12:32.55tuxickit's just konqueror acting up
12:32.58kent\nor something else shockingbad which is doing software rendering :/
12:32.58deitarionannma: I didn't get caught up on my coursework, but I said I'd have a mockup today, so I do. Since it's a .xcf with a bunch of layers to show/hide the dropdown and switch between various befor/after stages, I was thinking of adding some expository layers and creating a MNG-based presentation in addition to the XCF and the proposed look PNGs. What do you think?
12:33.09tuxickeven things like 'desktop cube' and other gl stuff works fine
12:33.25kent\ntuxick: xrender crap
12:33.26tuxicki just can't use the effects, starting kmail will kill my X
12:33.32annmadeitarion: I don't think anything as the Desktop kcm crashes for me today in trunk
12:33.48annmaI am fed up with it to be frank
12:34.04tuxickkent\n: really, tweaking xorg.conf and nvidia only led to marginal changes
12:34.17deitarionI know the feeling. I've been getting similar hassles from PyKDE lately.
12:34.38tuxickhaha good old pykde4
12:34.48tuxicksome day it'll be fixed!
12:34.59deitarionI'd just use PyQt, but I need a phonon with support for subtitle and audio track switching.
12:36.06deitarion(I'm trying to build something that's essentially a minimal, file-oriented, LIRC-driven media player. Basically, a MythTV for someone who gets all his TV off BitTorrent and wants a program that requires little to no configuration)
12:36.34*** join/#kde Cappyyyy (
12:37.06deitarion...but I watch a lot of anime and live foreign films, so I need audio track and subtitle control.
12:37.19kent\nholy shit, one of the test cases for strigi just allocated 150G of memory O_o
12:37.30kent\nI only *have* 4G
12:37.45*** join/#kde robin0800 (
12:38.21deitarionkent\n: What really surprises me is that Linux is so popular in business despite the ulimit memory limit system having been broken for years.
12:38.43*** join/#kde latihan1 (n=latihan1@
12:38.52*** join/#kde robin0800 (
12:38.56annmakent\n: what test?
12:38.57kent\nits not actually using it all, its just advisory allocs
12:39.19kent\nstrigi_build/src/streams/tests/testrunner-streams ArchiveReaderTest /tmp/portage/app-misc-strigi-9999/work/strigi-9999/testdata/data
12:39.47kent\nTest timeout computed to be: 9.99988e+06
12:40.07kent\nscracthes his head
12:40.34annmahow do you run the test?
12:41.07annmaI have no test to run in testdata build dir
12:41.19annmakent\n: how do you run it?
12:41.33kent\nits just ebuild'ded, so I can only guess
12:41.46*** join/#kde cre (n=cre@
12:41.54*** join/#kde NeV3rKilL (
12:42.04annmatests are build in KDE if you enable the build but they are not run
12:42.13annmathey are run when YOU run them
12:42.13NeV3rKilLwhy if i execute /usr/bin/konsole tells an kdeinit error ?
12:43.14*** join/#kde AliTarihi (n=lomion@unaffiliated/alitarihi)
12:43.17cremy esc-key doesn't work on kde4.2, anyone can help me? which infos do you need?
12:43.39kent\nannma: not quite, I just enable a global var under paludis which enables testsuites everywhere possible, and the ebuild recognises this and executes the nessecary steps in the build phase to execute tests prior to install
12:43.48*** part/#kde NeV3rKilL (
12:43.56annmait executes all KDE tests?
12:44.03annmaand what doe sit do when they fail?
12:44.12kent\nctest --extra-verbose  # appears to be the calling line
12:44.19kent\nit fails to install when I have tests enabled
12:44.45kent\nas in, if i tell it to perform tests, then the tests passing be come a criterion for installaiton
12:44.59annmaand all KDE tests pass then?
12:45.22annmaas far as I know there is always a percentage that fails
12:45.35annmaso I am quite puzzled here
12:45.44kent\nnot all, some others fail in places, I disable tests for specific packages when they fail so i can know to keep an eye on it
12:45.54kent\nbut none fail quite as spectacularly as this
12:46.01*** join/#kde bgmiki (
12:46.03annmakeep an eye on tests?
12:47.22*** join/#kde ksvladimir (
12:47.23kent\nyeah, I can disable tests for a given package or given package version, or given categories of packages, so when newer versions appear in tree they automatically elect themselves for testing again
12:48.25kent\ncat /proc/12393/status | grep VmSize # VmSize: 167575280 kB
12:48.33kent\nits currently sig-stopped
12:48.42annmaif you were able to tell me what test it is so I can run it
12:48.50annmaI have all KDE source with tests build
12:48.59annmabut I don't run all of them
12:49.08kent\nits specifically strigi, from svn
12:49.15annmaI have it
12:49.22annmaI'd like to know the exe
12:49.29kent\n18/ 22 Testing ArchiveReaderTest
12:49.47kent\nall part of "ctest --extra-verbose" , which is part of cmake
12:50.44annmathat doesnot matter fo rme
12:50.50annmaI tun cmake to build tests
12:50.52*** join/#kde vjm (
12:51.03annmaso I just want to know the name of this test
12:51.09*** join/#kde dirigeant (n=dirigean@unaffiliated/mew/x-344925)
12:52.27*** join/#kde pinheiro (
12:52.32kent\nArchiveReaderTest appears to be the name it likes
12:52.35*** join/#kde robin0800 (
12:52.58*** join/#kde bushwakko (
12:53.14*** join/#kde ayevee (n=ayevee@
12:53.35*** join/#kde judgen (n=judgen@
12:54.28*** join/#kde ELITE_x (n=quassel@
12:55.06*** join/#kde A-Journey-In-The (
12:55.12annmaI don't find a build test with that name
12:55.39kent\n./src/streams/tests/CMakeLists.txt:                ArchiveReaderTest.cpp
12:55.48kent\n./src/streams/tests/ArchiveReaderTest.cpp:ArchiveReaderTest(int argc, char** argv) {
12:58.01*** join/#kde Pullarotta^ (
12:58.19*** join/#kde oberling (n=oberling@
12:58.46*** join/#kde fabian_ (
12:58.53*** join/#kde vital (
12:58.59annmaI can't find it build
12:59.05*** join/#kde Cappyyyy (
12:59.36*** join/#kde vpilo (
12:59.38annmaI'll ask the Strigi devel about it
13:01.04*** join/#kde lukasz (
13:01.13*** join/#kde Moult (n=Moult@
13:01.41*** part/#kde lukasz (
13:02.16*** join/#kde Moult (n=Moult@
13:04.15annmahe is not doing it the KDE way
13:05.06kent\nthat would be because kde use strigi, not the other way around
13:05.16annmaI was looking in the build dir and it seems he installs them
13:05.26annmanot sure
13:05.34annmathen you would run the test from KDE
13:06.28*** join/#kde knusperfrosch (
13:07.52knusperfroschhow do i get a list of all kio slaves available in konqueror?
13:09.11*** join/#kde robin0800_ (
13:11.13*** join/#kde robin0800_ (
13:12.42*** join/#kde marko_d (n=maki@
13:16.35*** join/#kde Cappyyyy (
13:18.04*** join/#kde Moult (n=Moult@
13:19.10*** join/#kde Moult (n=Moult@
13:19.46*** join/#kde Moult_ (n=Moult@
13:19.57*** join/#kde |igor_ (n=igor@
13:20.12*** join/#kde Moult (n=Moult@
13:22.31*** join/#kde Takahani (
13:22.50*** join/#kde Gonsor (
13:24.46firsmhow do I prevent the weird kgpg icon from jumping for 10 minutes after decrypting something?
13:25.25*** join/#kde basti (
13:26.33*** join/#kde Karo (n=Karo@
13:26.47*** join/#kde Trevelyan (n=TJ@unaffiliated/trevelyan)
13:26.54firsmand the kleopatra icon
13:27.18*** join/#kde guax (n=guaxinim@unaffiliated/guaxinim)
13:27.21*** join/#kde svnieuw (
13:28.04*** join/#kde SmatZ (
13:29.40*** join/#kde vjm (
13:29.43*** join/#kde BeteNoire (n=BeteNoir@unaffiliated/betenoire)
13:30.30BeteNoirehow can i make konqueror open link from klipper in new tab?
13:30.45*** join/#kde Xand3r (
13:32.38kent\nkonq settings
13:34.21*** join/#kde alzear (
13:34.41*** join/#kde SSJ_GZ (
13:34.49BeteNoirekent\n: that does not seem to work
13:35.16*** join/#kde Scorcerer (n=Scorek@
13:35.18kent\noh? I thought there was some option that controlled where it put new things
13:35.23*** join/#kde joszi (
13:35.33*** join/#kde arxus (
13:39.24*** join/#kde gr1m-lap (n=mrgrim@
13:40.06*** join/#kde junkDawgie (
13:40.14*** join/#kde fahd (n=fahd@
13:48.00*** join/#kde tbeadle (n=tbeadle@
13:48.37*** join/#kde Takahani (
13:48.40*** part/#kde Takahani (
13:49.32*** join/#kde juanra (
13:50.07*** join/#kde bgmiki (
13:51.34*** join/#kde mni (n=mustymni@
13:51.36*** join/#kde cre (n=cre@
13:51.49*** join/#kde Troggy (
13:52.52*** join/#kde emss (
13:53.22*** part/#kde Troggy (
13:54.05*** part/#kde oberling (n=oberling@
13:56.28*** join/#kde looonger (
13:58.58*** join/#kde deitarion (n=deitario@moinmoin/fan/deitarion)
13:59.20*** join/#kde thefish (n=thefish@unaffiliated/thefish)
13:59.27*** join/#kde cow_2001 (
14:00.23cow_2001i'm using kopete and sometimes when i open it i have no accounts set and it goes back to default settings
14:00.45cow_2001right now whenever i open it i have no accounts, empty contact list and default settings
14:00.49*** join/#kde eyal (
14:01.14cow_2001eyal: היי?
14:02.02cow_2001eyal: uh... nvm, then
14:02.08cow_2001eyal is an israeli name
14:02.19eyalcow_2001, you wrote in hebrew , lol i'm without the charset for this server
14:02.28cow_2001oh! alrighty then
14:02.42*** join/#kde Alen (n=alen@adsl5-036.ptt.yu)
14:02.51eyalcow_2001, what is the charset?
14:03.01cow_2001for me it's utf8
14:03.25*** join/#kde Kathrin-25^away (
14:03.37eyalwired cuz in efnet the charset that i choose in xchat do the job
14:03.51cow_2001i came here to solve some really really annoying thing kopete does
14:04.05cow_2001eyal: efnet uses some other charset
14:04.06eyallet's see ,write in hebrew
14:04.42eyalעכשיו אני רואה
14:05.09eyalוואי אחי קיי די אי 4.2 לא יציבה בעליל
14:05.25cow_2001i'm using whatever intrepid has
14:05.58eyalקימפלתי אתמול בלילה..
14:06.15cow_20014.1, "apt-cache show kde" says
14:06.29eyalcow_2001, which distro do you use?
14:06.34eyalho debian?
14:06.43cow_2001debian with sugar on top
14:06.43*** join/#kde Mr_Grieves| (
14:07.01eyalit's not should be showpkg
14:07.05cow_2001brown sugar
14:07.07eyalor it's the same
14:07.28eyali have debian lenny on my sister computer
14:07.31eyali'm using gentoo
14:07.33*** join/#kde michael_ (
14:07.41Mr_Grieves|Is it known that techbase is down?
14:08.03mnihi annma:)
14:08.09annmahi mni :)
14:08.51cow_2001switched from gentoo due to diminishing sanity
14:09.20eyali love gentoo , allways there is problem to solves :)
14:09.25cow_2001and several hospitalizations...
14:09.42eyaldo you use kde 4.2??
14:09.55Mr_Grieves|Ah, it's back up. Slow, but up :)
14:10.05cow_2001the cushioned room, i love that place
14:10.15cow_2001eyal: i think it's some 4.1
14:11.08eyali compiled it last night, kwin crashing in every changes of the settings
14:11.08*** join/#kde muthu_ (n=androidr@
14:11.08eyalho ok
14:11.08cow_2001but i use wmii with only knetworkmanager, kwallet and kopete
14:11.08eyal4.1 is much more stable
14:11.08*** join/#kde fabricio_ (
14:11.26cow_2001kwalletmanager goes up whenever i open knetworkmanager or kopete
14:11.30eyali don't like kopete not comftoble
14:11.37*** part/#kde Mr_Grieves| (
14:11.44eyali'm using kmess
14:11.49cow_2001right now kopete forgets about my settings every now and then
14:12.26*** join/#kde Frantic225 (n=Frantic2@unaffiliated/frantic225)
14:12.37*** join/#kde tdi_k (n=tdik@
14:12.38eyalcow_2001, where are you from in israel
14:12.57eyalyour nick is familier you was hanging in in efnet?
14:12.59cow_2001around kfar saba
14:13.05cremy esc-key does not work in kde 4.2 on a german keyboard, can anybody help me? which infos should i post?
14:13.13eyali was hanging there years ago
14:13.13cow_2001i think we met on aug penguin III
14:13.28eyalmy nick was geek
14:13.36*** join/#kde tilppis (
14:13.36eyali'm good freind of nicko
14:13.44cow_2001i remember some eyal
14:13.50*** join/#kde doppelgaenger (n=doppelga@
14:13.55cow_2001did you go to aug penguin III?
14:13.57eyaldo you know nicko?
14:14.06cow_2001i vaguely remember him
14:14.15cow_2001aren't we offtopic?
14:14.18eyali was on som aig penguing, don't remeber which
14:14.22cow_2001there's #israel
14:14.46eyalhis nick was aliases
14:14.51cow_2001it was in this huge cinema complex
14:14.53*** join/#kde AliTarihi_ (n=lomion@unaffiliated/alitarihi)
14:16.12*** join/#kde ivanich (
14:16.56Frantic225guys, can someone tell me the name of the effect that is default in KDE4 when moving the mouse to the top-left corner? it's the equivalent of the mac expose, but I can't find it in the keybindings menu or google :)
14:17.40JucatoFrantic225: Present Windows
14:18.07eyalFrantic225, go in system settings
14:18.30eyalgo there into desktop
14:18.40eyalyou can configure it there
14:18.57eyalif you are on 4.2 you can configure the other corners also
14:19.02Frantic225thx :)
14:19.05*** join/#kde benklop (
14:19.17*** join/#kde alzear (
14:19.31*** join/#kde LockeVendetta (
14:20.17tuxickkde lost keyboard again
14:21.14tuxicki've had this happen on 2 totally different systems
14:21.23tuxickboth amd64 gentoo though
14:21.44tuxickboth kde4.x
14:21.50mniannma: I was very busy on the conference arrangemnts,but i have been trying to mail u
14:21.50mnii have mailed MADRIVA but there is no response
14:22.02*** join/#kde bgeddy (
14:22.03*** join/#kde Black_Monkey (
14:22.34annmaI got no mail from you mni
14:22.41knusperfroschtuxick: go to systemsetings->accessibility and disable everything
14:22.54*** join/#kde arxus (
14:23.03mniannma:any idea?
14:23.21knusperfroschtuxick: i had this quite often until i disabled that accessibility stuff (no idea why this is enabled by default)
14:23.39annmamni: who did you mail?
14:23.52tuxickknusperfrosch: almost nothing was enabled, just gestures
14:24.01tuxickbut i'll see if this helps
14:24.08tuxickin that case there's something to report
14:24.22*** join/#kde don_martino_ (
14:25.04knusperfroschtuxick: must have been the gesture for sticky and slow keys, since i sometimes saw that it helps pressing a key for more than a second.
14:25.22knusperfroschtuxick: but sometimes the keyboard just did nothing
14:25.30mniannma:vannessa wall
14:26.24annmamni: did they give you taht name in a Mandriva channel?
14:26.47don_martino_hi! i want to use kde 4.2 on gentoo. install works finde, but kde won't start properly. this is the output frim start kde: i don't know what to make out of all that. can somebody tell me what's wrong with my kde installation?
14:27.10tuxickknusperfrosch: come to think of it, i've seen konq go mad on keeping ctrl pressed before
14:27.19tuxickthose nice little numbers wouldn't go away etc
14:27.27cow_2001kopete crashes whenever i load my gtalk account
14:27.59annmaok so she'll answer probably, when did you write?
14:28.06knusperfroschcow_2001: => #kopete
14:28.36cow_2001oh! thanks!
14:28.49*** part/#kde cow_2001 (
14:29.18mniannma:on friday
14:29.31annmaso wait a little more
14:29.43annmathen it was week-end and today there is snow in Paris
14:30.15*** join/#kde quassel82 (
14:30.46*** join/#kde quassel82 (
14:31.18mnifor us here is sunny day
14:31.23annmahehe :)
14:32.39*** join/#kde DerHorst (
14:33.02*** join/#kde parkotron (n=parker@
14:36.42*** join/#kde Sinister` (
14:37.32*** join/#kde alzear (
14:38.31*** join/#kde Sparki (
14:39.53*** join/#kde bluesceada (n=itsjustm@unaffiliated/bluesceada)
14:40.01*** join/#kde moomy_ (
14:40.05*** join/#kde jthomas (
14:40.36*** join/#kde junkY_San (
14:42.14*** join/#kde aubade (
14:42.17*** join/#kde nicolas_ (
14:42.26*** join/#kde agamn (
14:44.34*** join/#kde basti (
14:44.39*** join/#kde Githzerai (n=githzera@
14:44.56*** join/#kde ChemBro (
14:45.28*** join/#kde mrav_ (
14:46.03*** join/#kde free-zombie (i=someone@pdpc/supporter/student/free-zombie)
14:46.21*** join/#kde luna1 (
14:47.15*** join/#kde yaayaa (n=jmt@
14:47.29*** join/#kde vital (
14:51.42ronrever since I started using kde4 (4.1.4 right now), kde thinks it handy that if I click a link in kopete, to download the html and open it with firefox (the downloaded file that is)... I strongly disagree with kde on this being handy, how do I tell kde to stop doing that?
14:52.46*** join/#kde alzear (
14:53.35*** join/#kde damada (
14:55.22*** part/#kde damada (
14:57.51*** join/#kde Scorcerer (n=Scorek@
14:58.25*** join/#kde liveuser (n=liveuser@
14:58.32*** join/#kde MethoS- (
14:59.02*** join/#kde fahd (n=fahd@
14:59.25*** join/#kde tilppis (
15:00.44*** join/#kde oberling (
15:00.49*** join/#kde Alen (n=alen@adsl5-036.ptt.yu)
15:01.31*** join/#kde LegolasV (
15:03.09*** join/#kde Rasi (
15:05.12*** part/#kde Julio (n=liveuser@
15:08.31*** join/#kde Blubbel (
15:09.48*** join/#kde annma (
15:10.01*** join/#kde hk2717__ (n=hk2717@
15:10.16*** join/#kde karthik (
15:10.25*** join/#kde hk2717__ (n=hk2717@
15:10.55*** join/#kde pumphaus (
15:11.24*** join/#kde jagadeesh (n=jagadees@
15:12.28*** join/#kde Duesentrieb (n=daniel@wikipedia/duesentrieb)
15:12.34*** join/#kde shaunr (
15:12.39jagadeeshwhats the good software for syncing symbianphone data?
15:13.05shaunrHow do I add other files to a cd, like a readme, a patch executable, but I also need to burn a cd image to the same cd...
15:13.28Duesentriebhi all. I'm setting up kde 4 for the first time (4.1, via kubuntu 8-10), and i'm confused about knetworkmanager.
15:13.41Duesentriebit fails to connect to the wireless - and never even asks for a passphrase
15:14.02Duesentriebi pick the network, it sits there saying something about "configuring", and then it fails. what am i missing?
15:14.06freeedrich|Duesentrieb: kde4.1/4.2 don't ship with networkmanager support (for wlan)
15:14.10freeedrich|ask your distribution about it.
15:14.14freeedrich|Duesentrieb: #kubuntu
15:14.42Duesentriebit doesn't?... that's... odd. but ok, i'll ask there.
15:15.11freeedrich|shaunr: Well. If you put the image as a binary on the disk, you can put the readme together with it. But if you want to burn the image, the stuff needs to make part of the image.
15:15.15*** join/#kde volty (
15:15.16*** join/#kde haplo2k9 (
15:15.36freeedrich|shaunr: Since the image is just the combination and order of "0001001000100011100100011"
15:16.04shaunrfreeedrich|: yeah, but if I do just put the image as a binary, it won't be able to autorun will it?
15:16.36shaunrso...k3b doesn't support iso editting does it? Is there a good OSS program that does (preferably kde)?
15:17.09freeedrich|shaunr: No, it won't be able to.
15:18.26shaunrfreeedrich|: any program that you could recommend
15:18.51*** join/#kde bushwakko_ (
15:19.28*** join/#kde tsb (
15:19.48*** join/#kde madelaki (
15:20.23haplo2k9would KIso work? for iso editing?
15:20.26freeedrich|shaunr: can't you mount it on your loopback device and copy the files in there?
15:20.35*** join/#kde funkyou (
15:20.50*** join/#kde ivanich (
15:21.34*** part/#kde Duesentrieb (n=daniel@wikipedia/duesentrieb)
15:22.01*** join/#kde chiiph (n=chiiph@
15:24.28*** join/#kde arieder (n=arieder@
15:24.37shaunrfreeedrich|: loopback device?
15:27.12*** join/#kde Vaxu (
15:27.36*** join/#kde Lektron (
15:28.01*** join/#kde jagadeesh (n=jagadees@
15:28.30luke-jrshaunr: it is impossible to edit an ISO
15:28.42*** join/#kde Worf (
15:28.48shaunroh :)
15:28.55luke-jrISO is a write-once format
15:28.56GraveDiggeryeah well, depends on what one calls "impossible" and/or "edit"
15:28.58freeedrich|shaunr: mount -o loop I believe
15:28.59*** join/#kde buscher (
15:29.10*** join/#kde martin__ (
15:29.12freeedrich|shaunr: just read  mount's manpage
15:29.16*** join/#kde FL1SK (
15:29.18luke-jrGraveDigger: true, you could always try to remake the ISO with almost-the-same data
15:29.21*** join/#kde er0x (
15:29.29GraveDiggerluke-jr: or do the evil hexedit stuff
15:29.31shaunrfreeedrich|: how would that help me?
15:29.32luke-jrfreeedrich|: that isn't going to work
15:29.49luke-jrGraveDigger: that assumes the files don't change size and don't use any kind of compression (hard links)
15:29.57GraveDiggerluke-jr: that assumes you get the joke
15:30.10GraveDiggerluke-jr: nevermind :)
15:30.30*** join/#kde mluser-work (n=mluser@
15:31.01*** join/#kde jarekh (
15:31.11shaunrreally? you can't edit a .iso file? It isn't burnt to a cd or anything..
15:31.15chakiehm, konqueror says that the shortcut Ctrl-f is ambiguous and that i should reconfigure shortcuts through settings
15:31.20shaunrI thought for sure I remembered something like that, that I did..
15:31.25luke-jrshaunr: the format is write-once
15:31.25chakiehowever, no other shortcut used ctrl-f
15:31.33chakieso what should i do then?
15:31.34GraveDiggershaunr: you can extract its contents, alter them and remaster a new iso file with the new contents
15:31.35luke-jrchakie: yeah, that's annoying
15:31.43chakieluke-jr: known?
15:31.45GraveDiggershaunr: but generally luke-jr is right, its write-once, read-only
15:32.06luke-jrshaunr: think of ISO as if it was 'tar' ;)
15:32.11luke-jrbut with an index
15:32.19chakiefsck, is f3 too ambiguous?
15:32.39chakiekonqueror has a few mighty regressions in 4.2 compared to 4.2rc1
15:32.47luke-jr4.2rc1 had that problemt oo
15:32.56chakiei didn't see it
15:33.03Jucatochakie: System Settings -> Keyboard & Mouse -> Standard Keyboard Shortcuts
15:33.14*** join/#kde martin__ (
15:33.24JucatoCtrl+F and F3 are set there globally
15:33.36chakieJucato: to the same actions?
15:33.47JucatoFind and Find Next
15:33.57chakiei don't see the problem?
15:34.06*** join/#kde ScottG489 (
15:34.08chakiemeans konqueror should not have them or?
15:34.20luke-jrJucato: so why do Find and Find Next have double configs?
15:34.22Jucatomeans all kde apps have them by default
15:34.41Jucatowhen is it saying that the shortcut is ambiguous? what are you trying to do?
15:34.41chakiehm, all the "standard" shortcuts are in a group called "unknown"
15:34.45chakiedoesn't look right
15:35.01chakiei press c-f in konqueror
15:35.03madelakiKDE is bloated.
15:35.08chakiethen i tried / which worked fine
15:35.12chakiebut f3 triggered the same
15:35.23*** join/#kde er0x_ (
15:35.34Jucatochakie: when you press Ctrl+F in konqueror, it says the shortcut is ambiguous?
15:35.37chakieso i have no search from the keyboard. i can't be arsed to activate a menu to find something, i search *all* the time
15:35.42chakieJucato: yes
15:35.51shaunrluke-jr: add files to ISO?
15:35.52Jucatostrange, I don't have that
15:35.56chakieJucato: same for f3 after a "/" search
15:36.04luke-jrJucato: I don't anymore either.
15:36.06luke-jrI did in RC 1
15:36.32Jucato4.2 final here.
15:36.41luke-jryeah, upgrading to final fixed it for me
15:36.42chakiei'm using kubuntu packages of 4.2.0, so it could be related to that
15:36.46*** join/#kde arieder_ (n=arieder@
15:36.58*** join/#kde olskolirc (
15:36.59Jucatoperhaps, best to ask #kubuntu users
15:37.11chakiefor now i'll use firefox
15:37.17*** join/#kde marko_d (n=maki@
15:37.19lmmis there any way to force plasma to "refresh"?
15:37.21chakiethanks for the help though
15:37.38Jucatolmm: Alt+F2, "kquitapp plasma && plasma"
15:37.41luke-jrew, firefox
15:37.44lmmmy plasma stuff appears to have frozen how it looked as of four hours ago
15:37.47Jucato(quit plasma and restart plasma)
15:37.50luke-jrstabs Gentoo for not having FireFox with USE=qt4 yet
15:38.01*** join/#kde lusum (n=lusum@wikipedia/Lusum)
15:38.04lmmthat didn't restart it
15:38.16lmmbut I can do so manually
15:38.17olskolircCan someone explain to me kde for windows from this site? Does this mean that windows users will be able to install kde 4.2 and use their own windows filesystem but just using the kde interface?
15:38.23lusumhow to disable/remove nepomukserver?
15:38.33*** join/#kde BCMM (n=bcmm@unaffiliated/bcmm)
15:38.51GraveDiggerlusum: systemsettings -> advanced -> semantic desktop -> disable it all in there
15:39.09GraveDiggerlusum: removal is tough since its a runtime dependency
15:39.14*** join/#kde wasynyt (
15:39.16shaunrolskolirc: you will be able to use KDE apps, if that's what you mean
15:39.21Jucatoolskolirc: it means you'll be able to install *some* KDE apps on windows. everything underneath stays the same. and not all KDE apps (KWin for example)
15:39.27lmmolskolirc: I think the main use is to have the usual windows interface (and of course the usual windows filesystem etc.), but just run kde programs
15:39.33Jucatolusum: ask in #kde-windows for more information
15:39.34lusumGraveDigger: thanks
15:39.40luke-jrJucato: AFAIK, KWin was ported..
15:39.42lusumJucato: done
15:39.44Jucatoer.. sorry lusum
15:39.53Jucatoolskolirc: ask in #kde-windows for more information
15:40.12luke-jror maybe that was Plasma
15:40.23Jucatomost likely plasma
15:40.30SSJ_GZluke-jr: Plasma is partly working on Windows, yes.
15:40.31lusumGraveDigger: consume too much cpu and memory... like slocate, i hate too much heavy services...
15:40.32JucatoKWin is too X-dependent
15:40.45GraveDiggerlusum: whatever
15:40.48GraveDiggerlusum: i dont care
15:40.59olskolircok thanks Jucato lmm shaunr
15:41.12GraveDiggerlusum: and besides: i dont use it, too
15:41.20lusumGraveDigger: :)
15:41.34lusumGraveDigger: seem cool, but too much resource consuming...
15:41.46*** join/#kde mogurakun_ (n=bobr@nat/redhat/x-5bafd297b4406575)
15:41.46*** join/#kde reavertm (
15:42.03*** join/#kde sputnik66 (
15:43.24*** join/#kde Kathrin-25^away (
15:44.21lusumthanks to all
15:44.26*** part/#kde lusum (n=lusum@wikipedia/Lusum)
15:45.11*** join/#kde LegolasV (
15:45.15*** part/#kde haplo2k9 (
15:45.42*** join/#kde Githz (n=githzera@
15:46.14*** join/#kde buntfalke (n=nobody@unaffiliated/buntfalke)
15:46.51*** join/#kde ctibor (
15:47.10*** join/#kde Fri13 (
15:47.24*** join/#kde Psychey (
15:48.07*** join/#kde nashk (
15:48.20*** join/#kde liveuser (n=liveuser@
15:48.46nashkHi, I just loaded 4.2 to my laptop and connected a second monitor to it. In the system setings, how can I make both my monitors one big desktop?
15:49.00nashkright now they're duplicates. Mouse moves on both
15:49.04*** part/#kde shaunr (
15:49.57*** join/#kde Tids (
15:51.33*** join/#kde sacredlore (n=sacredlo@
15:51.35*** join/#kde er0x_ (
15:51.42thiagonashk: NVidia card?
15:51.42*** join/#kde bdgraue (
15:51.50nashkati RAdeon
15:52.09nashkthiago: ATI Radeon.
15:52.20thiagouse ati-config
15:52.24*** join/#kde buscher (
15:52.38nashkthiago: I tried, but there is no xorg.con in my /etc
15:52.43nashkit needs a template
15:53.14*** join/#kde artista_frustrad (
15:53.18nashkNot there
15:53.32nashkIt's like my Xorg is loaded dynamically.
15:53.38*** join/#kde reavertm (
15:55.53*** join/#kde thinkgnu (n=majid@unaffiliated/thinkgnu)
15:55.59*** join/#kde sacredlore (n=sacredlo@
15:56.25*** join/#kde robbmunson (n=robbmuns@fedora/robbmunson)
15:56.35*** join/#kde er0x_ (
15:58.13*** join/#kde Half-Left (
15:58.39*** join/#kde sdein (
16:00.18*** join/#kde pthomas (
16:03.21*** join/#kde silv3r_m00n (n=enlighte@
16:03.26silv3r_m00nhi there
16:03.50silv3r_m00nI am using ubuntu and in KDE when the numpad active then numpad-led off and vice versa
16:03.54silv3r_m00nhow to fix this
16:04.29pthomasanyone hear when fedora 9 will get 4.2?
16:04.44*** join/#kde fawek (
16:04.44annmasilv3r_m00n: hmm I thought that was fixed
16:05.12annmahow to fix this is fix the stupid code which is not a piece of cake
16:05.26annmapthomas: #fedora
16:06.02Half-Leftpthomas: Not to do with KDE but they wont unless someone builds packages for it, officially is never will
16:06.08*** join/#kde Ghabit (n=quassel@
16:06.43annmanever? they won't package KDE at all?
16:06.55Half-LeftNo, only their default
16:07.12Half-LeftThey only upgrade to bug fix versions
16:07.52robbmunsonguys, 4.2 is coming to fedora, but like annma said this wont be the correct room to talk about it ;)
16:07.54*** join/#kde kW (n=kW@unaffiliated/kw)
16:08.03*** join/#kde dee (n=root@
16:08.11Half-Lefti.e if Fedora9 comes with 4.0 they only ever get 4.0.x, new fedora releases get new KDE4, pretty much like most distros work
16:08.13robbmunsoneither go to #fedora-kde or #kde-chat :)
16:08.27*** join/#kde orzel_ (
16:08.39*** join/#kde silv3r_m001 (n=enlighte@
16:08.49silv3r_m001annma: here the problem is there
16:08.53silv3r_m001ubuntu 8.04 KDE 3.5
16:08.54*** join/#kde dantti (n=dantti@
16:09.10Half-LeftYes I know, just answering the question because it's a general way most distros work with KDE releases
16:09.12*** join/#kde Savago (n=adenilso@
16:09.15annmasilv3r_m001: yes
16:09.27annmaI was on it at some point but could not fix it
16:09.38silv3r_m001annma: so what can I do ?
16:10.00annmawhen you switch on and off numlock, doesn't it set it right?
16:10.42silv3r_m001the led indicates the reverse
16:10.49*** join/#kde FL1SK (
16:11.08FL1SK4.2 looks great so far
16:11.22*** join/#kde mni (n=mustymni@
16:11.27annmahmmm how do I numlock on this laptop
16:11.28BeteNoireis there an kde app that i can invoke with key shortcut in *any* place od environment to display kmenu?
16:12.03*** part/#kde pthomas (
16:12.28*** join/#kde InspectorCluseau (n=Inspecto@
16:13.21*** join/#kde nashk (
16:13.37silv3r_m001annma: if the laptop has a numpad at all
16:13.57MinceReven numpad-less laptops tend to have numlock
16:14.17MinceRmine has a bios setting to make it lock fn (at least for the "numpad" part)
16:14.25annmait ahs
16:14.30nashkAfgter updating to 4.2 my dual head setup isn't working right. Now, when I maximize a window on the second display, it goes to the primary display and maximizes instaed of staying on the first one.
16:14.37nashkAny ideas?
16:15.40knusperfroschnashk: dualhead seems to be quite a problem. F11 on konqueror crashes X here :/
16:16.23*** join/#kde hmmb (n=henry@
16:16.59*** join/#kde pretoriano (
16:17.15nashkknusperfrosch: Yeah, although all was great in 4.1.4
16:17.24nashkI thought 4.2 was an improvement.
16:17.26annmait workds here is numpad is not "on" at start
16:17.34annmasilv3r_m001: ^^
16:17.38nashkMaybe it's a tweak in the xorg.conf
16:17.39nashknot sure
16:17.41annmaI don't use kdm though
16:17.47annmasilv3r_m001: do you use kdm?
16:17.53*** part/#kde pretoriano (
16:18.00silv3r_m001annma: no
16:18.06knusperfroschnashk: hmm kwin crashed on xrandr --output VGA --auto --left-of LVDS. this doesn't happen anymore
16:18.18silv3r_m001ubuntu had genome and i installed kde from synaptoc
16:18.31knusperfroschnashk: using intel hardware with "virtual" in xorg.conf
16:18.46*** join/#kde Teebox (
16:19.34*** join/#kde bjantscher (
16:20.20*** join/#kde gergap (n=kde4@
16:20.59*** join/#kde de (n=root@
16:21.03*** join/#kde jpwhiting|workpc (n=jeremy@kde/developer/whiting)
16:21.45deanyone wanna chat with me
16:22.15*** join/#kde agam (
16:22.19*** join/#kde fabian__ (
16:22.42*** part/#kde jpwhiting|workpc (n=jeremy@kde/developer/whiting)
16:25.26*** part/#kde silv3r_m001 (n=enlighte@
16:29.28*** join/#kde the_p (
16:29.32*** join/#kde noaXess (
16:30.59estanhm. anyone else have the problem when using two rows in the task manager, the fonts are cut off unless you make the whole panel really huge?
16:31.43*** join/#kde Alen (n=alen@adsl5-036.ptt.yu)
16:32.40*** join/#kde AliTarihi_ (n=lomion@unaffiliated/alitarihi)
16:32.40estanthis is how big i have to make it;
16:32.52estanthe font seems to not scale correctly when the panel is smaller, so the window titles won't fit.
16:34.01*** join/#kde skwurp (
16:34.08Half-Leftestan: Looks liek they fade out more than cut off
16:34.13*** join/#kde icwiener (
16:34.50*** join/#kde thinkgnu (n=majid@unaffiliated/thinkgnu)
16:35.20*** join/#kde rand_acs (
16:35.23estanHalf-Left: sorry, i'll make another screenshot.. the cutoff i'm talking about is not in that one.
16:35.34estanthat only showed how big i have to make it for it to not cut off.
16:35.39*** join/#kde saschpe (
16:36.57*** join/#kde SerpensV (
16:37.18estananyone else see this?
16:38.30estanah hrm.. i set the taskbar font size manually in systemsettings..
16:38.38*** join/#kde eNTi (
16:38.52estanwould be nice if the font scaled when the panel was resized though.
16:39.57estanhm.. now i have this weird behavior where one of the taskbar rows is higher than the other..
16:40.37*** join/#kde ris (
16:41.17*** join/#kde liveuser (n=liveuser@
16:41.22*** join/#kde TidusBlade (
16:42.02*** join/#kde AliTarihi_ (n=lomion@unaffiliated/alitarihi)
16:43.34Franticis it a known bug that krunner sometimes doesn't start the selected action when pressing enter? :)
16:43.35estanok. kquitapp plasma-desktop && plasma-desktop seemed to fix that.
16:44.27thinkgnuis there another way for changing wallpaper than Desktop Settings ?
16:45.01*** join/#kde solussd (
16:45.06*** part/#kde solussd (
16:45.15annmaother than config dialog?
16:45.37*** part/#kde olskolirc (
16:46.08thinkgnuin kde3 it was possible to drop pictures to dekstop , or from picture viewers , but in kde4 .. ?
16:46.17annmaprobably we'll add a service to drag a pic from Dolphin and set it as wallpaper
16:46.34annmaRome was not built in 3 days thinkgnu
16:46.42thinkgnusure ;)
16:46.51annmaif KDE 4 already had it all it would be version 4.5 directly
16:46.52*** part/#kde TidusBlade (
16:47.08*** join/#kde Alen_ (n=alen@adsl5-036.ptt.yu)
16:47.08*** join/#kde pataki (
16:47.09annmashould be a Junior Job in fact
16:47.28annmathinkgnu: you can add it on the bug database as wish
16:47.32thinkgnuit's better to just right click in pictures and set as background , better than drag on drop
16:47.38thinkgnuoh! ok
16:49.01*** join/#kde pataki (
16:49.21*** join/#kde euzao (i=1000@
16:49.43euzaohow do I disable this  annoying bumping icon that starts everytime I open an application?
16:50.10GraveDiggereuzao: search for startup notification in system settings
16:51.14Half-Lefteuzao: systemsettings>Desktop>Launch Feedback
16:52.01euzaoI'm using KDE3
16:52.52GraveDiggerdoesn't remember anymore :(
16:53.06*** join/#kde michalsrb (n=michal@
16:53.22Half-LeftKcontrol somewhere
16:53.40tsbwith kwin in kde4.2, is it possible to unclutter windows? tile them up etc?
16:55.16tsb(if not, is that something which is planned?)
16:55.46euzaoeverytime I try to configure KDE
16:55.50euzaoKDE printer
16:55.55euzaoI get this "/tmp/4987258600fab(linha 2):syntax error, unexpected QUOTED"
16:56.04*** join/#kde nashk (
16:56.23nashkPlasma Dashboard initialization is slow. I have an ati card and it take about 6 seconds to show the dashboard.
16:56.45Half-Lefttsb: You should play with the Window behavior settings
16:56.45nashkAny idea why this is happening? I  know it has to do with ati fglrx ebcause when I disable it, it works fine.
16:56.57*** join/#kde nbsquw (n=Jpeter@
16:57.03nashkSo wondering if there's some setting in the xorg.conf that might affect this
16:57.49Half-Leftnashk: Most lightly your missing some acceleration setting
16:57.58*** join/#kde liveuser (n=liveuser@
16:58.15nashkany idea how I can look at those settings?
16:58.38Half-Leftgoogle at EXA and XAA
16:59.20*** join/#kde nplus (n=nplus@243.131.Globcom.Net)
16:59.46tsbHalf-Left, right, but there's no "unclutter" functionality there. Like if I had 4 firefox windows open (like now), all maximized, I'd like to be able to hit a shortcut and have all of them take 25% each, in each corner for example
17:00.29*** join/#kde nuonguy (
17:01.09*** join/#kde gergap (n=kde4@
17:01.28*** part/#kde pataki (
17:01.36*** join/#kde euzao (i=1000@
17:01.45euzaoeverytime I try to configure my printer
17:01.49euzaoI get this
17:01.53*** join/#kde syzygy (
17:01.56euzao/tmp/498726c18f7bc(line 31):syntax error, unexpected ':'
17:01.59euzaowhat is that?
17:02.04*** join/#kde |syzygy| (
17:02.22*** join/#kde liveuser (n=liveuser@
17:02.25*** join/#kde spawn57 (
17:02.39tsbHalf-Left, however, I found "show content while resizing" there, which is nice because now I disabled it and resizing is MUCH faster. :)
17:03.02Guest35986HI MICHAEL JACKSON
17:03.06*** join/#kde Kathrin-25^away (
17:03.30*** join/#kde liveuser_ (n=liveuser@
17:03.34Half-Lefttsb: haha, not sure about it but I seen loads of options in there
17:03.37*** join/#kde Cueball (
17:04.04*** join/#kde HobbyBlobby (n=HobbyBlo@
17:04.22*** part/#kde HobbyBlobby (n=HobbyBlo@
17:05.05*** join/#kde tsukasa (n=tsukasa@unaffiliated/tsukasa)
17:05.43*** join/#kde Defense|Twin (
17:06.14*** join/#kde birunko (n=birunko@
17:06.28PretinhoHello are you so gay _
17:06.43*** join/#kde robin0800 (
17:07.02*** mode/#kde [+o annma] by ChanServ
17:07.17*** kick/#kde [Pretinho!n=annma@kde/annma] by annma (User terminated!)
17:07.22*** join/#kde lejocelyn (
17:07.36Half-Leftwishes annma or pinotree would give me super powers as well
17:07.51annmanot sure I can
17:07.56*** join/#kde er0x_ (
17:08.05Half-Lefthehe, no worries
17:08.06annmathere are weird people around today
17:08.45Half-LeftYer, mostly at night when I notice
17:09.07annmatonight they are n=liveuser@ (Live System User)
17:10.27*** join/#kde End_in_2012 (n=liveuser@
17:10.30Half-Lefthaha ^
17:10.40Malheirocabe;as de porco
17:10.47End_in_2012gay de merda
17:11.08*** kick/#kde [End_in_2012!n=annma@kde/annma] by annma (User terminated!)
17:11.11gostoso_safadoo malheiro e paneleiro
17:11.19*** mode/#kde [+o pinotree] by ChanServ
17:11.22*** kick/#kde [gostoso_safado!n=annma@kde/annma] by annma (User terminated!)
17:11.29*** mode/#kde [+b *!n=liveuser@] by pinotree
17:11.35annmacan we ban this host?
17:11.50GraveDiggeryeah, troll time
17:11.53*** join/#kde Githzerai (n=githzera@
17:11.56*** join/#kde ath_ (
17:12.06*** join/#kde tsb (
17:12.07GraveDiggerhas got some ><((°> left tho
17:12.13*** join/#kde jrdnyquist (
17:12.27ath_anyone know why kdevelop-3.9.85 doesn't have the c++ console project templates? o:
17:12.33Ace2016_-Jucato: remember kquitapp plasma && plasma? it doesn't seem to work anymore in kde4.2, now i also have to switch to different theme and switch back, its making it harder to fine tune the theme, is there an new way to update the theme?
17:12.54*** mode/#kde [-o pinotree] by pinotree
17:14.15*** join/#kde Zyph3r (
17:15.49*** join/#kde phorsyon (
17:16.07*** join/#kde Alen (n=alen@adsl5-036.ptt.yu)
17:16.15*** join/#kde Hoki (n=GM-Mord@unaffiliated/hokinon)
17:16.23Ace2016_-just to make it clear i have to run kquitapp plasma & sleep 1 && plasma then reopen settings and pick a different theme and switch back to see the changes
17:16.24*** join/#kde _ToXiC_ (
17:17.12*** join/#kde cheko (
17:18.05*** join/#kde ronino (
17:18.48Half-LeftAce2016_-: Deleting the cache can help in .kde/cache-"myhostname"/kpc
17:19.43*** join/#kde suro (n=suro@
17:20.00*** join/#kde drzz (
17:20.06*** join/#kde AiwendilH (
17:20.15*** part/#kde AiwendilH (
17:20.27*** join/#kde mamr (
17:20.36euzaoKDE printer is problematic with hplip
17:20.38euzaoisn't it?
17:20.43drzzin which file are the kwin settings stored?
17:21.13*** join/#kde simoo (
17:21.20*** join/#kde saschpe_ (
17:21.22*** part/#kde simoo (
17:21.26*** join/#kde MethoS-- (
17:21.54Ace2016_-drzz: in .kde4/share/config/
17:22.34Half-Lefteuzao: My HP works fine
17:22.47euzaowith KDE 3?
17:22.52Ace2016_-Half-Left: guess i have to logout or possibly restart for icon settings to apply
17:23.09Half-LeftNot restart the OS no
17:23.21Half-Lefteuzao: No 4.2
17:23.55*** join/#kde sniper (
17:24.06*** join/#kde eNTi (
17:24.13gergapIt would be great if the krunner dialog would show the path of found files in the tooltip. That would it make easier to distinguish different version of the same file in different locations. Also a menu "Open Location..." in the context menu would be great. Would this be much effort to implement or is this information available anyway?
17:24.32Ace2016_-Half-Left: system settings > appearance > icons > advanced > panel icons, i've changed the effect and it doesn't seem to be working
17:25.20*** join/#kde Ace2016_- (
17:25.31Ace2016_-i'll wait till my download finishes
17:25.39*** part/#kde Guest3314 (
17:25.40Half-LeftThey apply ok  here
17:26.02*** join/#kde ctibor (
17:26.40*** join/#kde milian (
17:26.44Half-LeftAce2016_-: The actual panel icons?
17:27.02*** join/#kde mnx (
17:27.02Half-LeftYou should use Desktop
17:27.10Ace2016_-the icons for the applications in the taskbar
17:27.11Half-Leftbecause plasma IS desktop
17:27.18*** join/#kde AndyCR (
17:27.20Ace2016_-the Task Manager
17:27.30*** join/#kde elcuco_ (
17:28.22*** part/#kde _ToXiC_ (
17:28.25*** join/#kde Gonsor (
17:28.39Ace2016_-is it possible to get rid of those icons altogether or make them smaller?
17:29.31Half-LeftNot sure, but you can play with the task manager settings
17:30.21*** join/#kde mfilipe (
17:30.38*** join/#kde _ChronoZ_ (
17:30.48Ace2016_-not many settings, they don't help
17:31.13mfilipehi! does anyone know any mysql client to kde/qt?
17:32.51*** join/#kde Dumble (
17:36.23*** join/#kde Jejem (
17:36.37*** join/#kde cheko (
17:37.24*** join/#kde mxttie (
17:37.25*** join/#kde mnx (
17:37.38*** join/#kde Aishiko (
17:37.49*** join/#kde nachtwandler (
17:39.18*** join/#kde Rehto (
17:40.32*** join/#kde Thundercloud (
17:40.45*** join/#kde robbmunson (
17:41.27*** join/#kde cumulus007 (n=sander@
17:41.35cumulus007Where does KDE store it's KIO Protocols?
17:41.51*** join/#kde bluelion (n=o_o@
17:42.04Rehtoin KDE 4.2 how do I access login manager as root?
17:42.15*** join/#kde shred (
17:42.38RehtoI'm using Arch Linux
17:43.38*** join/#kde _teatime (
17:43.50*** join/#kde bluelion (n=o_o@
17:43.59cumulus007Rehto: what do you mean?
17:44.34*** join/#kde untitled_ (n=untitled@
17:44.38Rehtooh wait do I need to login as root?-) never thought of that :D
17:44.59Rehtobeen pondering that awhile and now it hits me :D
17:45.22Rehtohow stupid of me
17:46.04mrenevery now and then kde 4.2 (gentoo) lose the keyboard, then it dowsn't take any input from it, but e. g. ctrl-alt-f2 still is working -- any idea?
17:46.39Rehtoit doesn't allow root logins with kde.. great
17:46.49untitled_hello. I notised a strange bug, it was in 4.1.x and still is in 4.2, suddenly screen splits into 2 parts, where left part is actyally right part of the desktop and vice versa
17:47.07cumulus007I thing it's a bug of your driver, untitled_
17:47.52*** join/#kde andyt (
17:47.54untitled_cumulus007: I thought so too, but I changed like 3 drivers by time and gub didn't disappear
17:48.13*** join/#kde bluelion (n=o_o@
17:48.24*** join/#kde Kathrin-25^away (
17:48.50Rehtocumulus007: I can't find a way how to enable root access to the login manager (System Settings --> Advanced --> Login manager)
17:49.06Rehtois there some CLI shortcut for it
17:49.15cumulus007Rehto: you can allow and disallow every user from logging in
17:49.22*** join/#kde PhilRod (
17:49.27*** join/#kde mni (n=mustymni@
17:49.33untitled_it usually comes when I start okular, but not every time
17:50.26*** part/#kde cumulus007 (n=sander@
17:50.29*** join/#kde cumulus007 (n=sander@
17:50.40*** join/#kde ivanich (
17:51.02ath_anyone know why kdevelop-3.9.85 doesn't have the c++ console project template?
17:51.24*** join/#kde bushwakko (
17:53.50*** part/#kde nbsquw (n=Jpeter@
17:55.45*** join/#kde dirigeant (n=dirigean@unaffiliated/mew/x-344925)
17:57.01Rehtonvm I ran kde as root from cli and changed what I needed to change
17:57.23*** join/#kde MatchstickMaker (
17:59.27*** part/#kde drzz (
17:59.37TanktalusCan I turn off the FollowUp-To header in knode?  (Running 4.2.0)
18:00.11*** join/#kde blade_runner (n=arezende@
18:02.09*** join/#kde brunoqc (
18:04.00*** join/#kde TobiaszCudnik (
18:04.02*** join/#kde _RedGhostBis_ (
18:04.05*** join/#kde Jonty (
18:04.35*** part/#kde AlanasAnikonis (
18:04.44*** join/#kde mnx (
18:06.58*** join/#kde UUncia (
18:11.45*** join/#kde Ghabit (n=quassel@
18:12.02*** join/#kde khalil (
18:12.11*** part/#kde gernot (
18:12.52*** join/#kde sandGorgon (n=user@
18:12.58Sputhmm... is there a way to kill KDE's icon cache?
18:13.02Sputget some strange issues here
18:13.09*** join/#kde IrishW0lf (
18:13.56*** join/#kde user_ (
18:14.08sandGorgonpinotree: hey.. im the guy who managed to crash okular and file that bug. i have it reproduced... could u tell me how to give you more info ?
18:14.51*** join/#kde Defense (
18:16.01*** join/#kde Fale (
18:16.16thinkgnuhow can i move cursor themes from one user to another ? where is its configurations ?
18:16.29rdieterSput: rm -rf /var/tmp/kdecache-<username>/kpc
18:16.42*** join/#kde montoya (
18:17.09*** join/#kde user_ (
18:17.17*** join/#kde gomoran (
18:17.26Sputthanks :)
18:20.50thinkgnuseems here ~/.icons
18:21.03*** join/#kde montoya__ (
18:21.27*** join/#kde Kathrin-25^away (
18:21.49*** join/#kde muthu_ (n=androidr@
18:22.16*** join/#kde rdale (n=quassel@
18:22.27*** join/#kde Ghabit (n=quassel@
18:22.33roninowhen quoting an e-mail in KMail of 4.2, KMail just uses ">> " for the second level rather than "> > " as configured with quoting sign >%_, anyone who can confirm that?
18:22.55*** join/#kde Kollapse (n=kollaps@
18:23.34*** join/#kde NeV3rKilL (
18:23.54NeV3rKilLwhy Juk autostops songs when it wants ?
18:23.55KollapseHi. I have a strange yet presumably popular problem with kde 3.5.10 Whenever I change a theme or run kbuildsycoca, the system tray icons get snapped out as windows
18:24.03NeV3rKilLamarok2 does the same :(
18:24.05knusperfroschronino: hmm kmail removes the second level anyways
18:24.55roninoknusperfrosch: how do you mean that?
18:25.03*** join/#kde _RedGhos1Bis_ (n=mercuria@
18:25.22knusperfroschronino: kmail removes the quoted text from the message i quote
18:25.29roninojust found out that the wrong indentation is only used when choosing "insert quotation marks" from the menu (or what it's in English)
18:25.30*** join/#kde wahooooo7 (
18:25.42*** join/#kde parkotron_ (n=parker@
18:25.53roninoknusperfrosch: hmm, maybe that has to do with mail templates
18:26.49*** join/#kde user_ (n=user@
18:26.49knusperfroschronino: right, i use %QUOTE
18:26.50*** join/#kde lokai ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
18:27.10*** join/#kde rdale (n=quassel@
18:27.29*** join/#kde thiago_home (
18:27.52*** join/#kde fengshaun (
18:28.03*** join/#kde montoya__ (
18:28.49knusperfroschgot it, kmail ignores quoted text below the signature
18:29.52knusperfroschronino: selected the complete text of the message and got "> > " (kde 4.2)
18:30.40roninoknusperfrosch: with choosing the indentatino from the menu?
18:30.42*** join/#kde tiom ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
18:30.49*** join/#kde montoya__ (
18:31.06*** join/#kde bbrooks (n=bbrooks@
18:31.28knusperfroschronino: >%_
18:31.47thiago_homeknusperfrosch: kmail stops the message at the dash-dash-space
18:31.54thiago_homelike any other good email client
18:32.32roninoknusperfrosch: yeah, I have >%_, too, I just meant whether you choose "insert quotation marks" from the menu to indent
18:32.44roninoknusperfrosch: that's what not works for me
18:33.30knusperfroschthiago_home: right that's what i just noticed. so OTRS (some ticket system) generates crap.
18:34.03phorsyonronino: looks like a bug. i have the same problem, while the quotation marks get set correctly if I reply a mail.
18:34.16roninophorsyon: yeah, exactly
18:34.42*** join/#kde flo_hns (n=flo@
18:34.44roninoso I'll file a bug report if there is none yet
18:34.54*** part/#kde flo_hns (n=flo@
18:34.57*** join/#kde windu (
18:35.10*** join/#kde _teatime ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
18:35.53knusperfroschronino: don't know what to choose, just hit reply
18:36.33*** join/#kde mortibahn (
18:36.45*** join/#kde zsz_ (
18:36.53*** join/#kde neverendingo (
18:37.02phorsyonronino: plz post the bug id so i can vote for it ;-)
18:37.13roninoknusperfrosch: choose reply for a given mail, an editor opens, then select some (maybe already quoted) text and choose the second to last entry in the "edit" menu, must be something like "add quotation marks" or so
18:37.25*** join/#kde Speeder (n=Speeder@
18:37.26roninoknusperfrosch: then the indentation is made like >> not > > as wanted
18:37.39*** join/#kde cremuss (
18:38.07knusperfroschronino: ack, bug ;)
18:38.18roninoknusperfrosch: hehe
18:38.20*** join/#kde millun (
18:38.43Speederhow I make konversation stop joining this channel auto?
18:39.51*** join/#kde don_martino_ (
18:40.12*** join/#kde hior (
18:40.21*** join/#kde jthomas (
18:40.26pinotreeSpeeder: configure it?
18:40.36phorsyonSpeeder: remove it from autoconnect dialog at startup
18:40.39*** join/#kde Kathrin-25^away (
18:40.40*** join/#kde sandGorgon (n=user@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
18:41.16*** part/#kde Speeder (n=Speeder@
18:42.47*** join/#kde vpilo (
18:43.11*** join/#kde _al_ ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
18:43.12*** join/#kde nuonguy ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
18:43.12*** join/#kde Savago (n=adenilso@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
18:43.12*** join/#kde zir0faive ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
18:43.12*** join/#kde buckethead ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
18:43.24roninophorsyon, knusperfrosch: do you by chance have the english version of the "add quotation marks" menu item? I'm on German here...
18:43.48phorsyonwait a sec
18:44.11phorsyonronino: Add Quote Characters
18:44.21roninophorsyon: thx
18:45.02*** join/#kde zsz_ (
18:45.34*** join/#kde mxttie|laptop (
18:46.29knusperfroschronino: so am i.
18:48.13*** join/#kde john__ (
18:49.38*** join/#kde administrator (
18:49.57PuffTheMagichow come kspread cant open csv files?
18:50.19PuffTheMagicisnt that one of the most basic and expected functions of a speadsheet app?
18:51.02*** join/#kde Speeder (n=Speeder@
18:51.47*** join/#kde annma (
18:52.23estanhm.. how is the manual grouping of tasks in the task manager supposed to work?
18:52.25phorsyonaccording to wikipedia csv is supported.
18:52.31*** join/#kde Rasi (
18:52.33*** join/#kde GuyFromHell (
18:52.34estani'm trying to drag one task to another to group them, but nothing happens.
18:55.18estanah, alt+drag.
18:56.09estanbut that creates groups named "Group1", "Group2" etc.. and with an "unknown" icon..
18:56.15*** join/#kde devurandom (n=devurand@unaffiliated/devurandom)
18:56.20*** join/#kde nielsvm (
18:56.38estanwould be nice if it could work the way "Group By Name" works when manually grouping tasks with the same common name..
18:56.58*** join/#kde icwiener (
18:57.55devurandomI have enabled ~"desktop effects" in systemsettings and set ~"effect for window change" to ~"show window" (for example), but when pressing alt+tab kde just switches windows, without any effect. What does that setting configure instead?
18:58.08*** join/#kde dreamto (
18:59.10devurandom(even when enabling the 3d types, I do not see a difference when alt+tabbing, so I guess this setting does something different...)
18:59.29*** join/#kde dreamto (
18:59.49*** join/#kde FL1SK (
18:59.59phorsyondevurandom: "show window" sounds like just show the window (without effect)
18:59.59*** join/#kde fawek (
19:00.09*** join/#kde _al__ (
19:00.11devurandomphorsyon: There is also "no effect".
19:00.32devurandomAnd as I said, the 3d types do not make a difference either.
19:00.51*** join/#kde skwurp (
19:01.18*** join/#kde buckethead ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
19:01.31*** join/#kde silver_hook (
19:01.39*** join/#kde _al_ ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
19:01.39*** join/#kde Savago (n=adenilso@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
19:01.39*** join/#kde zir0faive ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
19:02.10*** join/#kde psih0man (n=psih0man@
19:02.43roninophorsyon: there you go:
19:02.44phorsyoni can only choose between Box, Cover and Flip switch
19:04.17psih0manhello people! is there a way to include all toolbars in the titlebar of the window?
19:04.39devurandomWeird, maybe after a restart of X.
19:04.50*** join/#kde smurfie (
19:05.51silver_hookWhere does KMail store its SMTP settings?
19:06.28*** join/#kde FL1SK (
19:06.54*** join/#kde bushwakko (
19:07.57silver_hookthiago_home: I got the POP and IMAP accounts from there ...but not SMTP :/
19:08.06*** join/#kde darkadmiral (
19:08.25phorsyonronino: ok, i voted for your bug ;-)
19:09.59thiago_homeit's there
19:10.16*** join/#kde reireig0 (
19:10.23*** join/#kde malv0 (
19:10.32malv0there needs to be a fortune cookie plasmoid
19:10.45thiago_homeactually, I take that back
19:10.51thiago_homethe SMTP servers I see are really old
19:11.00thiago_homeI don't see any of my current SMTP servers
19:11.21silver_hookthiago_home: I'll just manually add them ...the most problematic migration was the filters anyway ;)
19:11.21*** part/#kde untitled_ (n=untitled@
19:11.37thiago_homenow, have you tried grepping for your SMTP server's hostname?
19:11.50*** join/#kde basantk (n=basantk@
19:13.41silver_hookthiago_home: No luck. I'll just add those two accounts by hand biggie :]
19:15.10*** join/#kde totmo735 (n=totmo735@
19:15.13roninophorsyon: cool, thx
19:15.14*** join/#kde kirun (
19:16.06silver_hookIs Strigi always such a hog or just when its generating its index for the first time?
19:16.50firsmI guess always, it ran for hours here, so I disabled it
19:17.03thiago_homeonly when indexing
19:17.12tuxicki guess it was meant to emulate windows
19:17.27annmanow it stops if the system is used
19:17.27tuxickah cool
19:17.27annmatuxick: ?
19:17.31tuxickyeye, bad joke :)
19:17.43tuxickhides in a corner
19:18.00*** join/#kde Savago (n=adenilso@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
19:19.13*** join/#kde XwZ (
19:19.42silver_hookIs there a reason why KDE overrides my X settings for ButtonMapping on the mouse?
19:20.10estananyone on intel graphics who still experience slow lazzo selection around many items in dolphin and folder view? i've had the problem since 4.0, and it's still there in trunk it seems :/
19:20.33*** join/#kde drantin (n=drantin@pdpc/supporter/active/Drantin)
19:21.16*** join/#kde PSiL0 (
19:22.02annmadefine "many"
19:22.53annmaestan: ^^
19:24.29estanannma: well around > 5-10 or so in list view in dolphin and it gets sluggish if i drag the lazzo back and forth.
19:24.46*** join/#kde pprkut (
19:24.51estanit's maybe slightly better in the folder view.
19:24.58annmawhat do you call "lazzo"
19:25.04*** join/#kde fabricio` (
19:25.13*** join/#kde pumphaus (
19:25.14estanregin select. click and drag around items.
19:25.28annmaI have no problem here
19:25.29estanand it gets progressively worse the more items the lazzo surrounds.
19:25.30annmaIntel card
19:25.34*** join/#kde icysman (n=root@
19:25.38estanhm.. okay.. what chipset is it?
19:25.40annma10 items are small
19:25.59estanyea, i should have said multiple items instead of many.
19:26.54estanokay, hm. i have the 945GM, maybe it's a difference.
19:27.04estando you know what driver version you're using?
19:27.22estanusing 2:2.4.1-1ubuntu10.3 here..
19:27.50*** join/#kde xenol (
19:27.55*** join/#kde [mors] (n=opera@
19:28.00*** part/#kde xenol (
19:28.03*** part/#kde aubade (
19:28.15*** join/#kde xenol (
19:28.44*** part/#kde xenol (
19:29.01estanah. okay. so a little newer. maybe i should try to compile the latest driver manually and test.
19:29.03Half-LeftI guess bugs can only be at the Desktop layer :p
19:29.12*** join/#kde Gonsor (
19:29.56estani also see quite some flickering when doing a region select in dolphin in a directory with maybe 100 or so files and folders.
19:30.12*** join/#kde tamir (
19:30.26estani mean when the lazzo reaches the end of the view and the view starts scrolling, it's as if the items gets repeatedly selected/deselected as the view scrolls, making them flicker.
19:30.27[mors]ho folks
19:30.41[mors]how do I configure what happens when I press the power button ? I'm still on kde 413 (havne't got enough bw atm to upgradE)
19:30.48estanHalf-Left: bugs can be anywhere ;)
19:30.55*** part/#kde NeV3rKilL (
19:31.10*** join/#kde apexo (
19:32.25psih0manI'm using nvidia 173 on gentoo and when I open compose on thunderbird, all consoles display garbage instead o text and some buttons on the taskbar disappear (on 4.1). when the window or the taskbar gets the focus, everything returns to normal
19:32.52*** join/#kde KennethP (
19:32.56*** join/#kde robin0800 (
19:33.22phorsyonpsih0man: upgrade to 180.27
19:33.41psih0manphorsyon: that driver doesn't support my card
19:34.00Half-Leftestan: I was being sarcastic :p
19:35.02*** join/#kde connyosis (
19:35.05*** join/#kde monday (
19:35.18estanHalf-Left: ;)
19:35.29*** join/#kde zsz__ (
19:36.10*** join/#kde wasynyt (
19:36.38connyosisI'm trying to use dual monitors in KDE 4.2. So far I've used nvidia-xconfig to use Twinview, and my mouse cursor shows on the secondary monitor. If I try to pull an app over to the secondary monitor though it doesn't show. Just all grey (But I can still see the mouse cursor). Any tips on how to get this working?
19:37.09silver_hookAre the Kopete logs from 3.x and 4.x compatible? Can I just copy over the old ones into the new directory?
19:37.23*** join/#kde bb_ (
19:38.01thiago_homesilver_hook: correct
19:38.08*** part/#kde malv0 (
19:38.10silver_hookthiago_home: Thanks.
19:39.00[mors]how do I configure what happens when I press the power button ?
19:39.29*** join/#kde monday_friday (
19:41.06silver_hookthiago_home: Is it sensible to copy over all the old configs from Kopete? (e.g. 'contactlist.xml', pictures, photos, 'global-identities.xml', ...)?
19:42.59phorsyonsilver_hook: i copied the whole config dir, it worked.
19:43.40silver_hookAlso, I cannot find where the web shortcuts were stored in 3.x. (I already tried 'ack'ing the whole '~/.kde3.5' folder)
19:44.00silver_hookphorsyon: Thanks, I'll copy most of it, except the temporary stuff.
19:47.05*** join/#kde Pinaraf (
19:49.17*** join/#kde Losowski (
19:50.12*** join/#kde ivanich (
19:51.10LosowskiLinux News Flash: The latest stable version of the Linux kernel is:   released on 2009-02-02 18:21 UTC (today)  :)
19:52.14silver_hookWhat's the scanning app in KDE4 called? I can't find it :/
19:52.24*** join/#kde Fri13 (
19:53.19tuxicki bet they changed the name again
19:54.08*** join/#kde Lord^Anubis (
19:54.15*** join/#kde fengshaun (
19:54.26TeLLuS"Kooka was dropped from the kdegraphics module for KDE 4"
19:54.32silver_hookTeLLuS: Kooka is not in KDE4 anymore.
19:54.35*** join/#kde siekacz (
19:54.39*** join/#kde bushwakko (
19:56.01*** part/#kde junkY_San (
19:56.15smurfsloversilver_hook: skanlite
19:56.24silver_hooksmurfslover: Thank you :]
19:56.43siekaczI got a warning from strigi daemon
19:56.56siekaczWARNING: field '' is not defined in any rdfs ontology database.
19:57.10siekaczSegmentation fault
19:57.18smurfslovernot as nice as kooka but it works
19:57.33*** join/#kde agnitio (
19:58.11*** join/#kde neverendingo_ (
19:58.38*** join/#kde smurfslover (
19:59.25silver_hooksmurfslover: Is it already included in 4.2, because I don't see it in Gentoo Portage (or its overlays)?
19:59.47smurfsloveri'm on suse
19:59.59smurfsloverlet me see
20:00.43phorsyonsilver_hook: you can scan with kolourpaint, while waiting for kooka to be ported.
20:01.56[mors]how do I configure what happens when I press the power button ?
20:02.05*** join/#kde dsleecher (
20:02.20tuxickheh, new feature on amarok2
20:02.22tuxick"QPainter::begin: Cannot paint on a null pixmap
20:02.29tuxickdo it doesn't
20:02.37smurfsloversilver_hook: seems to be some extra application
20:02.46smurfsloverdon't think it is in kde
20:03.41*** join/#kde DarkApollo (n=DarkApol@
20:04.39smurfsloverit's in extragear/rgraphics
20:04.41tuxickanyone cares for the output of broken amarok?
20:06.02*** join/#kde Scorcerer (n=Scorek@
20:06.27*** join/#kde mini-man_ (
20:07.48*** join/#kde quassel82 (
20:08.01*** join/#kde spy6 (
20:08.17*** join/#kde NSaibot (
20:09.03*** join/#kde remur_030 (
20:09.35*** join/#kde emet (n=jonathan@unaffiliated/emet)
20:10.08*** join/#kde simon__ (
20:10.43*** join/#kde boom|kde4-konvi (
20:11.52*** join/#kde Rasi (
20:12.20*** join/#kde Alethes (
20:12.24*** join/#kde poopix (
20:12.41*** join/#kde zeltak (
20:18.08*** join/#kde BASEman_ (
20:18.34*** join/#kde soa2ii (
20:18.59*** join/#kde charon (n=thomas@unaffiliated/charon)
20:19.01*** join/#kde lfranchi_ (n=leofranc@amarok/developer/lfranchi)
20:20.01simon__Hello!  Running Debian Sid/Experimental with KDE 4.2; whenever I log in my desktop resolution drops from the native (and KDM-using) 1280x800, to a low 800x640 or something.  I can reset it in System Settings but it reverts to the low resolution at next login.  I've tried changing it with kdesudo systemsettings but still, no fix.  I've removed the .kde4/ directory also, and we're forcing it wirh xorg.conf, but neither do it.  Anyone know why?
20:21.12*** join/#kde St_MPA3b (
20:22.14Losowskihe left?
20:22.22LosowskiI have the solution to his problem
20:22.29Losowskifirst, it's a bug, which has a fix
20:25.22*** join/#kde dracflamloc (n=Miranda@
20:25.51dracflamlocin kde42, can teh folder-view plasmoid use a 'list' or 'detail'-style view instead of icons?
20:25.54*** join/#kde cm__ (
20:27.10*** part/#kde [mors] (n=opera@
20:29.14*** join/#kde poopix (
20:29.54*** join/#kde OzoNe (n=ragna@unaffiliated/ozone)
20:29.54poopixHow do I start KDE 4.2 with startx after it is installed? I tried changing my XSESSION variable to "kde-4.2" but it is still starting in 3.5.10
20:29.58*** join/#kde quassel82 (
20:30.27jthomasLosowski he is a coworker, what is the fix?
20:30.33silver_hookHmmm, Strigi really does eat a lot of resources, even when the indexer is not active. :/
20:30.42Losowskijthomas: I had the same problem, and here is what I did..
20:31.06*** join/#kde jtheuer_ (
20:31.11jthomasyes please
20:31.41MrRatpoopix: whats in /etc/X11/Sessions/
20:31.41Losowskijthomas: He mentioned he tried to adjust xorg.conf but to no avail? That 'is' the fix...I adjusted my xorg.conf to the precise dpi, resolution that I wanted to use, and it works fine now...."system settings > display" has a bug
20:32.01Losowskitell him to show me his xorg.conf in pastebin please?
20:32.15jthomaswell we have it set for 'mode 1280x800' is that what you mean?
20:32.25poopixMrRat: I have kde-4.2 in there, along with kde-3.5.
20:32.32Losowskijthomas: What vidia card does he have?
20:32.35jtheuer_Hi folks, how can I create a button or menu entry in konquerer? Is it easily possible? It shall only run a script with the current paramenter as url.
20:32.49Losowskigraphics card
20:33.25jthomasLosowski not sure, we're just using default drivers, nothing special.  It all worked until this past weekend, he wanted to start fresh and removed .kde4/ and now it won't 'stick' with the proper resolution
20:34.00Losowskijthomas: As I said, that is a 'bug' in kde 4.2..."it won't stick" "must" adjust it to me in pastebin ?
20:34.05*** join/#kde A-Journey-In-The (
20:34.10Losowskijthomas: I will look at his xorg.conf
20:34.15jthomasgimme a minute but will do
20:34.25Losowskijthomas: ok
20:34.31*** join/#kde alphad (n=alphad@
20:34.58Losowskijthomas: Also, you must tell me, what graphics card does he have? It's an easy question
20:35.33*** join/#kde simon__ (
20:35.36*** join/#kde wasynyt (
20:36.19simon__Losowski: here it is
20:36.41*** join/#kde funkyou (
20:37.08Losowskisimon__: Thanks...give me several minutes, ok?
20:37.30simon__yep; talk with jthomas as I am the same person :) but may be messing with this machine
20:37.39simon__and, thank you.
20:37.46*** join/#kde alphad_ (n=alphad@
20:38.39*** join/#kde ivanich (
20:39.15Losowskisimon__ / jthomas: Please, you must tell me, what graphics card is your pc using? That is crucial if you want your xorg.conf to render any dispay config you wish
20:40.05*** join/#kde neverendingo (
20:40.26Losowskijthomas: The reason is, Nvidia, for example, has some very unique options in xorg.conf that must be set for xorg to work properly
20:40.56*** join/#kde karsten_ (
20:41.06*** join/#kde er0x_ (
20:41.34*** join/#kde Tids (
20:41.41*** join/#kde Githzerai (n=githzera@
20:41.59*** join/#kde simon__ (
20:42.03Losowskijthomas: BTW, you xorg.conf really has no info about your monitor or graphics card...that is crucial info
20:42.56simon__hmmm... yes I've never understood the relation between the different parts of that file.  But as I said, it worked before fine, until the .kde4/ folder was removed.
20:43.08simon__I took that from another setup per the link at the top of it
20:43.33*** join/#kde Teebox (
20:43.34Losowskisimon__: When you initially set up xorg, you must run xorg configre
20:43.59Losowskiyour must have an initial configuration, which accurately reflects your monitor, graphics card
20:44.25Losowskithen, you copy to /etc/X11/xorg.conf once it has everything you need
20:44.55simon__xorg configure  \\bash: xorg: command not found
20:45.21Losowskisimon__: That's not the exact command...moment, I'll give it to you
20:45.37simon__dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg ?
20:45.45simon__thats a debian way at least
20:46.26simon__back in a few
20:46.28Losowskisimon__: The plain Linux way is (in root): # Xorg -configure
20:46.48Losowskitry that
20:46.59Losowski"#" being your root
20:47.54*** join/#kde simon__ (
20:48.15simon__well the debian way fixed that but now the touch screen stuff is all missing, but perhaps not a worry
20:48.29simon__I have too much other stuff to do to be worrying about that part right now
20:48.36simon__thanks for the help Losowski
20:48.40Losowskisimon__: your new xorg file should be /root/
20:49.01simon__is there not a konversation app for KDE4 yet?
20:49.14Losowskisimon__: It's only a few more steps if you wish to have xorg control your resolution
20:49.32simon__dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg overwrites the old so I had made a backup; at some point I'll see if I can merge them
20:49.50Losowskisimon__: It should now list your graphics card
20:50.09*** join/#kde mutlu_inek (
20:50.34*** join/#kde bgmiki (
20:50.48simon__nope, barely lists anything with the way that I did it.  I have to go tho, I think I am fine with this right now
20:50.57simon__it works, which is the key :)
20:51.18mutlu_inekyay! a shiny new konversation for kde4... still incomplete, but it works! =)
20:51.25*** join/#kde millun (
20:51.30simon__mutlu_inek: where and how?
20:52.17LosowskiI look forward to "Kexi" (part of Koffice)...when is version 2 due?
20:52.30mutlu_ineksimon__: svn://
20:52.33Losowskiversion 2 of Kexi that is
20:52.37*** join/#kde simon__ (
20:52.56mutlu_ineksee konversation home page
20:53.02mutlu_ineki'm gone
20:54.03*** join/#kde ian| (
20:54.56*** join/#kde bushwakko (
20:55.01*** join/#kde _gunni_ (
20:55.02*** join/#kde nielsvm (
20:55.18*** join/#kde Thundercloud (
20:55.44*** join/#kde nielsvm (
20:55.54*** join/#kde rafelbev (n=jerry@
20:56.04*** join/#kde sepult (
20:57.06rafelbevaseigo: I read that there is openid support inside kdelibs, can I add support for openid inside the twitter plasmoid or choqok ?
20:57.17*** join/#kde montoya (
20:57.19*** join/#kde UUncia (
20:57.31*** join/#kde SpeedyGhost (n=moon3010@kvirc/translator/SpeedyGhost)
20:57.34*** join/#kde bjantscher (
20:57.40annmaaseigo is away, I am his secretary
20:57.51annmaopenid support in kdelibs?
20:57.59annmaI missed that
20:58.11*** join/#kde djdarkman (
20:58.17*** join/#kde GlycaDS (
20:58.20annmarafelbev: you can propose any patch of course
20:58.30rafelbevannma: my intention
20:58.53annmasubscribe to the plasma mailing list, we also use a reviewboard
20:59.22rafelbevi just checked from svn choqok since its slightly more fully fledged
20:59.43rafelbevstill reading on how the whole openid stuff would work in relation to a simple username+password KUrl pair
20:59.49annmathe article says that Amarok website will use OpenID
20:59.59*** join/#kde Bille (n=will@kde/opensuse.member.wstephenson)
21:00.02rafelbevyes, then there is a reply by aseigo
21:00.15rafelbevi had found something on his blog too but its dated
21:00.42aseigothe code is in playground still; when we get to first users of it, we can look at moving it somewhere for production
21:00.43*** join/#kde tessarakt (
21:00.43*** join/#kde bgmiki (
21:00.48annmaOK yes it mentions an applet that already uses it
21:00.58annmatsss you must rest boss
21:01.19*** join/#kde Kathrin-25^away (
21:01.27*** join/#kde charleswfb (
21:01.28rafelbevaseigo: ah ok, so i wasn't looking through the sources of kdelibs in vain
21:01.30*** join/#kde PferdOne (
21:01.34*** join/#kde sabocat (
21:02.13rafelbevaseigo: can you help me get to grips with poking around with it, or should I simply wait till it gets past kdereview ?
21:02.40annmayou'd better play with it now probably
21:02.47aseigorafelbev: i can't today; i'm rather ill atm and need to recover fully before leaving in two days...
21:02.54*** join/#kde syzygy (
21:02.55rafelbevi currently do not have a username+password for identica and wanted to scratch the itch and get to twitter from a kde4 app
21:02.56*** join/#kde astromme (
21:02.57*** join/#kde |syzygy| (
21:02.57annmayes we want him fit
21:02.59aseigorafelbev: i'd suggest poking at it in playground
21:03.11rafelbevaseigo: thanks... you are the man
21:03.17rafelbevlets hope i don't give up on the itch
21:03.23annmarafelbev: #plasma might be your next stop
21:03.48*** join/#kde elpreto (n=elpreto@
21:03.55*** part/#kde elpreto (n=elpreto@
21:06.39*** join/#kde fatalerrors (
21:08.08*** join/#kde guax (n=guaxinim@unaffiliated/guaxinim)
21:13.13*** join/#kde panorama_tdk (
21:14.13knusperfroschwouldn't it be nice to start nepomukservicestup with nice=10?
21:16.00tuxickor more :)
21:20.38*** join/#kde SSJ_GZ (
21:21.06*** join/#kde hoisn (
21:22.54*** join/#kde millun (
21:24.20*** join/#kde sven_ (
21:26.15*** join/#kde jazka_ (
21:27.32*** join/#kde salamat_ (n=salamat@
21:28.26*** join/#kde bastien (
21:28.34*** join/#kde scarabeus (n=scarab@
21:28.38*** part/#kde bastien (
21:29.30*** join/#kde tadhg (
21:30.48*** part/#kde Losowski (
21:31.44jtheuer_How can I create a button or menu entry in konquerer? like a ServiceMenu
21:33.44*** join/#kde ponto_ (
21:33.55*** join/#kde seezer (
21:34.11*** part/#kde siekacz (
21:35.42*** join/#kde lazarus477 (
21:36.36lazarus477I am using Debian Lenny. I am wondering. Is KDE 4 in Lenny or is it still the old 3.5 series?
21:37.08pinotreelazarus477: #debian-kde
21:37.21lazarus477I shall move on
21:39.04*** join/#kde kdepepo (
21:39.10*** part/#kde connyosis (
21:40.43*** join/#kde ]Kame2[ (
21:41.01tsblazarus477, sure you don't want to Stay a While and Listen?
21:41.07*** join/#kde D2xSadEagle (
21:41.16*** join/#kde jpartyka (n=jpartyka@
21:45.11*** join/#kde A-Journey-In-The (
21:45.37*** join/#kde saschpe_ (
21:46.36*** join/#kde ryanakca (n=ryan@ubuntu/member/ryanakca)
21:47.15*** join/#kde XwZ1 (
21:48.40*** join/#kde Alumin (n=Alumin@unaffiliated/alumin)
21:49.11*** join/#kde jol (
21:49.29*** join/#kde schafi (
21:49.35Aluminis there an easy way to change the title of the current tab in Konsole?  I've been trying to work it out using dcop(1) but it's a lot of cut and grep and before I go any further down this rabbit-hole, I just want to make sure I'm not missing an easier way :)
21:49.58schafimy dialogboxes sometimes seem to freeze for about 30 sec. does anyone know how to solve this?
21:50.24Alumin(I guess I should clarify that I want to change the current title from a shell script...I'm aware of the normal interactive UI to change the tab title)
21:50.26*** part/#kde jpartyka (n=jpartyka@
21:53.07PuffTheMagici am getting undefined reference to `typeinfo for ThumbCreator'
21:53.15PuffTheMagicwhen i try to build koffice-libs
21:53.23PuffTheMagicanyone know how to fix this?
21:53.50jtheuer_Alumin: it is
21:54.02jtheuer_*wait* ...
21:55.16jtheuer_hidden, but you'll find an example here:
21:55.45jtheuer_Is there ANY howto on writing a Konqueror 4 extension? Any doc at all?
21:57.12*** join/#kde xdan779 (
21:57.16*** join/#kde montoya (
21:59.25*** join/#kde Lord^Anubis (n=anubis@unaffiliated/lordanubis/x-837129)
22:00.31*** join/#kde ronino (
22:01.10*** join/#kde ayevee (n=ayevee@
22:01.42*** join/#kde goncalves (n=goncalve@
22:02.47*** part/#kde oberling (
22:06.09*** join/#kde ruthenium (
22:07.53*** join/#kde poopix (
22:08.46*** join/#kde cjsmith411 (
22:09.10*** join/#kde LnxSlck (n=LnxSlck@
22:09.30*** join/#kde Abd4llA (n=Abd4llA@
22:10.12*** join/#kde TheWoozle (
22:10.44*** join/#kde bgmiki_ (
22:11.58*** join/#kde souhba (
22:15.59Half-LeftPuffTheMagic: I heard it's to do with eigen2
22:16.34*** join/#kde jpwhiting|workpc (n=jeremy@
22:16.53*** part/#kde jpwhiting|workpc (n=jeremy@kde/developer/whiting)
22:17.42*** join/#kde Caster (i=Caster@gentoo/developer/caster)
22:18.32*** join/#kde jpwhiting|workpc (n=jeremy@kde/developer/whiting)
22:18.43*** join/#kde fabricio` (n=fabricio@
22:19.31*** part/#kde jpwhiting|workpc (n=jeremy@kde/developer/whiting)
22:20.04PuffTheMagicHalf-Left: should I rebuild eigen with out as-needed ldflag?
22:20.14PuffTheMagicor is something else wrong
22:20.33poopixWhy can't I open pdf's in Okular? It just say it can't open the file.
22:20.47Half-LeftYou'll have to wait until eigen hits final I think and they fix koffice in svn or final/RC
22:21.45pinotreepoopix: how did you install okular?
22:21.45poopixI installed it with "emerge kde-meta:4.2"
22:21.45*** part/#kde quadaptor (
22:22.01pinotreethen you should ask in #gentoo-kde, probably you are missing something
22:22.08tsbIs it possible to change the taskbar color on a per-desktop basis? I'm trying to find a way to easily see which desktop I'm at.
22:22.13poopixAh ok, thanks.
22:23.08*** join/#kde kde4 (
22:23.10PuffTheMagicHalf-Left: i dont even have eigen installed
22:23.28PuffTheMagicwhat pulls that in
22:23.55kde4pepoeigen2 is compiled into apps, nothing to be installed :)
22:24.18kde4pepohah, it works...
22:24.34PuffTheMagickde4pepo: isnt eigen a library that other programs link against?
22:24.41PuffTheMagicso it would need to be installed first if something were to use it
22:24.57Half-LeftI get the same issue
22:24.58kde4pepoPuffTheMagic: Eigen2 is a pure template (header) based
22:25.10*** join/#kde ayevee (n=ayevee@
22:26.27PuffTheMagickde4pepo: so are you saying that kde copies eigen into its build path insead of using whats installed on the userland?
22:26.42*** join/#kde corinth (
22:27.04corinthWhere does kde4 kopete store its sounds?
22:27.12corinthOr rather, the sounds that it uses.
22:27.22kde4pepoPuffTheMagic: let me say it different. there is an "eigen2-devel" package, but not a "libeigen" package
22:27.35*** join/#kde er0x (
22:28.12kde4peposo eigen is never a runtime dependency, only buildtime
22:28.26*** join/#kde Fale (
22:28.47*** join/#kde mar77i (
22:28.48kde4pepobut I just joined, I havent seen what your real problem is :)
22:29.15PuffTheMagickde4pepo: right i understand now that there is no libeigen, but gentoo has a eigen2 package which i would assume installs the headers into /usr/include somewhere... so its just surprising that kde does not build with these alrady existing headers
22:29.47kde4pepoPuffTheMagic: Eigen2 is released today, so the packages you have may be a tad too old.
22:29.54Half-LeftI actually got told by a koffice dev it was to do with eigen2
22:30.39*** join/#kde rabauke (
22:33.38*** join/#kde er0x (
22:35.23*** join/#kde wasynyt (
22:37.01*** join/#kde caotic (n=caotic@
22:37.23glenis this backtrace useful? it crashed on sending email. but in fact it also crashes when just opening kmail after some time
22:38.18*** join/#kde Ghabit (n=quassel@
22:38.21PuffTheMagicHalf-Left: any idea if this is just a 1.96 issue... like is this already fixed in svn?
22:38.23ShingoshiWhat typically causes artifacts on the desktop? Things not properly drawn as they should be.
22:39.30PuffTheMagicShingoshi: buggy display driver
22:39.43*** join/#kde Cybertinus (
22:39.51ShingoshiI wasn't sure.
22:40.05ShingoshiBut my driver is definitely not working.
22:40.18Half-LeftPuffTheMagic: Not sure, not tired svn version or snpashot
22:40.32ShingoshiI have an integrated video on my board by nVidia.
22:41.41PuffTheMagicHalf-Left: i will let you knwo then, im trying svn now
22:41.52Half-Leftok, cool
22:44.32*** join/#kde Szadek (
22:46.17*** join/#kde ctibor (
22:46.47*** join/#kde hibread (n=hibread@
22:46.53*** join/#kde ryanakca (n=ryan@ubuntu/member/ryanakca)
22:47.09*** join/#kde jtheuer_ (
22:47.38*** join/#kde ryanakca_ (n=ryan@ubuntu/member/ryanakca)
22:49.15*** join/#kde arieder (
22:49.28*** join/#kde Kathrin-25^away (
22:49.34murphis it possible to have kde compositing disable while certain programs are running? (kde 4.2)
22:50.11*** join/#kde comawhite__ (
22:50.21*** part/#kde comawhite__ (
22:50.30murph(aka playing games through wine)
22:50.43Half-Leftmurph: No, only by Shortkey off and on
22:51.04Half-LeftAlt,Shift, F12
22:51.25*** join/#kde paczesiowa (
22:52.06murphah, neat.
22:52.37*** part/#kde paczesiowa (
22:56.42*** join/#kde Abd4llA_ (n=Abd4llA@
22:57.30*** join/#kde ctibor_ (
22:59.28*** join/#kde hvgotcodes (
22:59.43hvgotcodesyo are people experiencing issues with drop shadows in 4.2?
23:00.58*** join/#kde pedepy (
23:01.09Half-LeftWhat issues?
23:01.41hvgotcodesHalf-Left: my shadows are white, even though i specify black
23:02.04Half-Leftwhich ones?
23:02.43Half-LeftYou may not know but they are set by the colour scheme now
23:03.03hvgotcodesHalf-Left: I can't customize them with the shadows plugin?
23:03.14Half-LeftNo, with the colour settings
23:03.20Half-Lefti.e active window
23:03.30hvgotcodesHalf-Left: where to find those settings?
23:03.42*** join/#kde cheko (
23:03.47Half-LeftWhere you set your colour scheme
23:03.49*** join/#kde brunoqc (
23:04.07*** part/#kde poopix (
23:04.21hvgotcodesits hard to get all these settings right ;)
23:04.23Half-LeftColours>Active titlebar
23:05.00Half-LeftLook for that and thats the shadows of the windows
23:05.17*** join/#kde Eliran_Itzhak_ (
23:05.48hvgotcodesso alt+f2 and type in colours?
23:07.42*** join/#kde skwurp (
23:08.13PuffTheMagicHalf-Left: koffice-libs has progressed farther than it did before with out crashing
23:08.20hvgotcodesso does the shadow effect configuration do anything?
23:08.21PuffTheMagicbefore it broke at 19%
23:08.27PuffTheMagicand im at 32 now
23:08.34PuffTheMagicso i would say its fixed upstream
23:08.56*** part/#kde dereine (
23:09.28*** join/#kde anselmolsm (n=anselmo@
23:09.51*** join/#kde millun_ (
23:09.53Half-LeftPuffTheMagic: ok, I may wait till RC or final, depends :p
23:10.32jthomashvgotcodes it IS hard to get the colours correct, so I made this wish report, wanna vote for it?  :)
23:11.57hvgotcodesjthomas do shadows work at all for you?
23:12.31hvgotcodesHalf-Left: i don't think there are any drop shadow settings in the colors section
23:12.38jthomashow so?  window shadows?  I don't have any 3d drivers installed so not on those machines; on my EeePC with the XOrg/Intel drivers other stuff works but I am not sure if I've tested shadows
23:12.45*** join/#kde Githzerai (n=githzera@
23:13.02*** join/#kde Sager (n=sager@tuxhacker/pdpc.supporter.professional.sagergrantski)
23:13.37jthomasi'm outtie, have a good $PART_OF_DAY
23:14.26*** join/#kde freqmod_qu (i=quassel@2001:700:300:1430:213:d3ff:fee9:5ed0)
23:16.03*** join/#kde azlev ( does it look like this.png can someone tell me why the task bar is shorter than the screen , why most of the screen is black,, and why i have a box at the top that is clear,, running suse 11.1 for amd 64 kde 4.1
23:16.19*** join/#kde karen (n=karen@
23:16.43*** part/#kde Karen_ (n=karen@unaffiliated/karen/x-883741)
23:16.47*** join/#kde Szadek (
23:17.07Sagerhold the link is not correct,,,
23:17.53*** join/#kde jacques (
23:18.48Sagerlol bad link day
23:20.17qacekIs it normal for Nepomuk storage state to be 1.5 GiB with 0 files in index?
23:21.24*** join/#kde Gun_Smoke (n=Gun_Smok@unaffiliated/gunsmoke/x-358126)
23:21.46Sagerany ideas?
23:23.58*** join/#kde theland (
23:26.39*** join/#kde litb (
23:26.40litbhi all
23:26.49litbhow can i make the slider work and dim my display?
23:27.02litbwhen i slide the display doesn't change light intensity
23:27.06litbany hacks i have to do?
23:27.46litband i wonder why you can move within the power popup :) quite funny. you can move the content of that window away, and then have a blank one :)
23:29.32*** join/#kde millun_ (
23:29.42thelandI have recently installed SUSE 11.1 with KDE 3.5.10 release 21.11 and as soon as I logged in to the system for the first time I changed my username of the only user on the system (Which changed the Home directory) Is there an easy way to change the link under the main menu under the computer tab to match these changes? I can't simply right click and edit.
23:30.30thelandWhen I click the link currently a pop up opens and it says "The file or folder does not exist" (Which is true)
23:30.41Sagerremake the other user name
23:31.18thelandAhhh yes.....
23:31.51thelandMaybe I should be clearer.....I wanted to change the user name and home directory.  I do not want the old one.....
23:32.20*** join/#kde |igor_ (n=igor@
23:32.23Sagerso wait, u created user a when u installed
23:32.32Sagerthen deleted a and made b
23:32.40thelandNo renamed a to be b
23:32.41Sagerbut a is still there under home?
23:32.51thelandthe link to a's home is there
23:32.58thelandbut it does not exist
23:33.10*** join/#kde Jahooty (
23:33.11Sageri never did that
23:33.16Sagerchanging a user name
23:33.23Sagercreated new and deleting old yes
23:33.42knusperfroschgot some strage behaviour in a folders properties: downloaded a file, clicked save as. saw that the folder has a "?" as icon in detailed view. right-click=>properties, large icon in the dialogue has a "?" too, now focus it by clicking or tab-ing to it and you get the original icon that should be shown
23:33.47Sagerhave u logged out since you did the rename
23:33.53knusperfroschthat icon is back from kde3 days
23:34.05thelandYeah I rebooted
23:34.20Sageri say go back to the original user name
23:34.27Sagerthen create a second user
23:34.51thelandI'll do that.. Ta
23:34.56Jahootyi've got a text file created with windows notepad that has all sorts of wierd whitespace when viewed in kate, isn't there an option to use MS whitespace characters?
23:35.19Sageri use kwrite, seems to support notepad formatting
23:36.13Jahootycame up the same in kwrite too
23:36.39Jahootyit's got a space between every character and two newline characters instead of 1 it seems
23:36.55Sagernever saw that before
23:37.37*** join/#kde osFrenchDude1 (
23:37.58Sagercan someone please tell me why my desktop looks like this
23:38.07osFrenchDude1Hi, in gnome there's a very nice option to smooth a little fonts and screen rendering
23:38.14Sagershort tast bar,, black over almost all the screen
23:38.17osFrenchDude1do we have a similar option in kde ?
23:39.03*** join/#kde IceChant (n=icechant@
23:39.03*** join/#kde bananikus (n=bananiku@
23:39.06JahootySager, i get no image there
23:39.20Sagerok go to the ~sager folder
23:39.26Sagersee if u can click it
23:40.09Jahootyin kate or kwrite is there an option to show the 'special' characters for the whitespace?
23:40.18Jahootyi get 'object not found'
23:40.24Sagerwhen u click on it?
23:40.27Jahootyerror 404
23:40.27Sagerlemme check the rights
23:40.30Jahootyno, i have nothing to click
23:41.29Sagerit should work
23:42.22Jahootyi have no idea
23:42.36Sagerisnt it
23:42.44Sageri cant figure it out
23:42.57Sagertried tons of different things
23:43.21*** join/#kde ian| (
23:43.34*** join/#kde skwurp_ (
23:44.26*** join/#kde bgmiki (
23:45.10Sageranyone else wanna take a stab at it
23:47.22Sagerlol 400 peeps
23:48.58*** join/#kde derek_k (
23:50.36*** join/#kde Abd4llA__ (n=Abd4llA@
23:50.57*** join/#kde bpun (n=student@
23:51.02*** part/#kde bpun (n=student@
23:51.47*** join/#kde bananikus (n=bananiku@
23:52.01*** join/#kde reavertm (
23:52.18*** join/#kde junior (n=junior@
23:54.34*** join/#kde tosmo (
23:55.09tosmosuspend/hibernate just locks the screen, but doesn't actually enter some sleep mode. any hints? s2ram, s2disk work when running as root on the console
23:55.24astrommeis there a way to use nepomuksearch:/blah to find songs in a certain album?
23:55.52GraveDiggerastromme: it should do that, yeah, but having it working is ... well.. more luck than anything else
23:55.55astrommeI tried nepomuksearch:/album:'Album Name' but that didn't work (Yes my data is indexed with strigi)
23:56.10astrommeAnd I'm using the sesame2 soprano backend
23:56.47astrommeGraveDigger: How would I search for an album?
23:56.47GraveDiggerastromme: dont ask me, ask the strigi/nepomuk/whatever devs
23:58.03*** join/#kde Ahadiel (
23:58.48*** join/#kde keveam (
23:59.29*** join/#kde sepult (

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