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00:04.48gatoHi, I am having bad time migrating from KDE3 to KDE4 (Fedora 10)... Let me please make some questions:
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00:05.18gato1) I cannot set a wallpaper with "dcop kdesktop KBackgroundIface setWallpaper". Which is the command now?
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00:06.26Rudd-Ohello guys
00:06.28gato2) How to remove applets from the panel that does not have the option to do so, like the taskbar?
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00:06.31Rudd-Ocan someone help me witha problem I have?
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00:06.39Rudd-OI cannot seem to open the K Menu with Alt+F1
00:06.59Rudd-Onote that Alt+F1 IS the configured hotkey in keyboard shortcuts systemsettings capplet
00:08.00fvagato: afaik, there is no way to set a wallpaper externally now... could be wrong though
00:08.01Rudd-Oso what could be wrong and how can I debug the problem myself?
00:08.27fvagato: if there were a way, it would be through dbus, as dcop is no longer used
00:09.19gatofva: Yes, I read dcop is dead, but to be unable to change wallpaper??? What a step backwards...
00:10.14gatofva: In fact, cannot make festival talk, even when festival tests ok through the KDE config menu...
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00:11.13gatofva: pulseaudio gives me tons of errors, so much that I uninstalled it (like I had to do with Fedora 8).
00:11.37fvagato: i think the people in the #plasma channel will be able to give you a better answer on that wallpaper question
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00:12.18gatofva: what is plasma?
00:12.40fvagato: replacement for kicker/kdesktop
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00:13.15fvacan't really help you with your pulseaudio/festival issues though... i have no experience with those
00:14.33gatoIt's sad that upgrading means to loose features... KDE4 seems to be more worried about Windows Vista than Linux.
00:16.08pinotreeand it's sad to see kde4 "users" trying to compare it with vista or macosx, in some braindead thoughts
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00:16.31pinotreecan we please stop to do this kind of stupid comparisons with vista, pretty please?
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00:17.01aandersehave you guys seen windows 7 previews? i saw one and thought "wow, looks like they are trying to copy kde4".
00:17.10aandersei don't know what all these people saying kde4 is copying
00:17.13aanderseit's being copied
00:17.25aanderseno one has done what kde4 has done yet :)
00:17.29gatopinotree: no problem... but only when linux developers forget about WIndows and concentrate on Linux!
00:17.32junkDawgieoff topic
00:17.45pinotreegato: who's "forgetting linux"?
00:17.55aanderseanyways, if i wanted to switch my qt4 application to kde4, how would this affect my windows users?
00:18.05AlexElliottHe didn't say that?
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00:19.19gatothe developers that drops/breaks features... but everything looks "nice", of course.
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00:19.27Rudd-Ohey gents
00:19.39AlexElliottOk, apparently he is now.  I withdraw
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00:19.44Rudd-OI deleted my global shrtcuts file in an attempt to reset them, restarted my session
00:19.55Rudd-Oand NOTHING, Still the k menu does not pop up when I ht alt f1
00:19.58pinotreegato: what do features have to do with windows or linux or what else operating system?
00:20.04lpjhjdhdoes swfdec firefox plugin work in konqueror?
00:20.07fvaRudd-O: running trunk?
00:20.26fvaon what distro?
00:20.30pinotreelpjhjdh: why shouldn't it?
00:20.59lpjhjdhkonqueror finds it but flash stuff just doesn't come up
00:21.05gatoIt seems to me that people concentrate so much on the "look" that they forget about things more important.
00:21.09Rudd-Olpjhjdh: is the problem intermittent?
00:21.10fvaRudd-O: had some issues with that too, it's only since a week or two ago that shortcut started working for me on trunk
00:21.19Rudd-Ofva: so it's a bug in the code?
00:21.27Rudd-Ono workarounds or corrupted files I can kill so..
00:21.38Rudd-Ooh shi... omigod, I dleeted a bunch of keyboard shortcuts I use all the time
00:21.48fvaRudd-O: tried that on my setup already... the menu shortcut is one of the few that actually works for me
00:22.02pinotreegato: don't you thunk this is being done already?
00:22.04lpjhjdhnope, just no flash
00:22.05fvaRudd-O: don't know if it's my own fault, or a real bug
00:22.14lpjhjdhalthough I haven't directly tried a swf yet
00:22.44fvaRudd-O: you asking about if lpjhjdh's flash problem is intermittent... do you have a fix for that?
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00:23.23mschiffhm my kmail just deleted my complete maildata on a crash... nothing left on the disk...
00:23.32gatopinotree: Yes, I think they are forgetting about important things now. I switched several years ago from GNOME to KDE because KDE is much more configurable. It seems to me that KDE is loosing that. To me, those are the important things.
00:23.45mschiff(kmail from KDE 4.1.3)
00:24.22pinotreegato: and i don't think so, given also that you are saying quite vague statements about "important" (which?) things
00:24.45lpjhjdhthe crappy adobe flash plugin works fine for some reason
00:25.01lpjhjdhbut with swfdec it just doesn't seem to load stuff
00:26.57pinotreelpjhjdh: you could try to a) execute kdebugdialog, find and activate the debug areas of "nsplugin" (use the search bar) b) run konqueror from command line and see whether it outputs anything related to that
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00:27.40pinotree(where "that" is "swfdec")
00:28.18gatopinotree: which?? Cofigurability.
00:28.34pinotreegato: still generic, please provide examples.
00:28.35mschiffeven the kmail config has gone :-(
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00:28.47gatoI've already done it: wallpaper.
00:29.18pinotreewallpaper is configurable, plasma just needs a D-Bus interface
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00:30.28gatoPlease answer my question 1 then.
00:30.42pinotreei just did
00:30.51gatoDoing things through menus = Windows.
00:31.31pinotreebe serious, really
00:32.11fvaregarding the flash problem floating around here... konqueror only shows embedded flash ~10% of the time
00:32.36fvayoutube is a good example, and just reloading the page a number of times usually helps
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00:34.15gatopinotree: Do you know how to avoid the Network Applet to appear at startup? (Don't tell me 'pkill nm-applet'....)
00:34.22Rudd-Ofva: yes it is a race condition in nspluginviewer
00:34.32fvaRudd-O: any workarounds/fixes?
00:34.35Rudd-Osometimes it "catches" flash, sometimes it dont and you ahve to reload
00:34.42Rudd-Ofva: it's ben with me since I have 64bit linux
00:34.45pinotreegato: remove its .desktop entry in /etc/xdg/autostart
00:34.49fvaRudd-O: 32bit here
00:34.51Rudd-Oand it usually happened in the past but with much less frequency
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00:35.03Rudd-Obsically just copy the url to the clipboard, nuke konq, reopen it with the url
00:35.06Rudd-Oit SUCKS BIG TIME
00:35.11Rudd-Obut it's ... the only thing I could come up with
00:35.14Rudd-Onow I use firefox
00:35.19Rudd-Oironically firefox works faster than konq
00:35.21gatoroot priviledges??
00:35.28Rudd-Okonq here FREEZES for tewnty to thirty seconds sometimes
00:35.45pinotreegato: this is installed by distro packages, so yes
00:35.47fvaRudd-O: this and the random 404 errors i get on some pages are a major pain :P
00:36.12Rudd-Othe 404 has nothing to do with konq
00:36.16metresHello, I'm trying to configure keyboard shortcut (from laptop buttons) but it does not work ( no key appears when I pressed my button). I configure my button in (~/.Xmodmap) using the keycode returned by the showkey command ( I also tried to configure it in my keymap file) anyone knows what I miss ?
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00:36.30Rudd-Obut I see them sometimes with facebook
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00:36.38Rudd-Oit seems it is a javascript bug in their site
00:36.47gatoSo a user cannot CONFIGURE it for not appearing. This was my only point: KDE is loosing configurability.
00:37.18Rudd-Ogato: what are you talking about?
00:37.55pinotreegato: you mean like systemsettings → advanced → autostart, ie a NEW configuration module?
00:38.18Rudd-Oyes then properties
00:38.24fvaRudd-O: are you sure? i get it all the time with wikipedia
00:38.27holycowthe other day i found a great wallpaper of frost ona window and was thinking wouldn't it be great to write a plugin for plasma that does the same thing as the wallpaper
00:38.34holycowor as a screen saver over top of your desktop
00:38.35Rudd-Oneh I do not get those errors
00:38.45fvaRudd-O: seems to happen more often (or exclusively, not sure...) on sites that use load balancing
00:38.52hoontekehas anyone been report speed problems with 4.1?
00:38.54holycowwell in true kde fasion, i'm reading that kde 4.2 will have support for exactly that, even if rudimentary
00:38.58holycowman i love kde
00:39.08Rudd-Ofva: capture the http conversation between client and server using wireshark, send it to me, see what went wrong so I can try to reproduce it
00:39.09gatopinotree: Sorry, I don't have KDE4 in this box to check.
00:39.09hoontekeI'm new enough to KDE that I don't know yet how to diagnose errors like I did with Gnome
00:39.19Rudd-Oholycow: support for "filter-like" plugins for plasma?
00:39.25Rudd-Ofux yes!
00:39.41gatopinotree: WIth your suggestion, the taskbar can be also removed from the main panel?
00:39.55Rudd-Oare there 4.2 rpms?
00:39.59holycowsupport for dynamic wallpaper more specifically. to include slideshows, some other stuff, plus the ability to load a plugin that draws the wallpaper dynamically
00:40.30pinotreegato: right click on an empty place on it, remove?
00:40.37Rudd-Owell the wlalpaper thing was easy to do, put a pictuer frame, make it very big, lock it, and have it rotate images
00:40.38holycowdoes kde have a screensaver app?
00:40.46fvaRudd-O: can you check something else for me?
00:40.48Rudd-Oholycow: systemsettings, look for screensaver there
00:40.50holycowor are we using xscreensaver or whatever its still called?
00:40.52Rudd-Ofva: what exactly?
00:41.06Rudd-Oholycow: kde has always used kscreensaver, which has the ability to WRAP xscreensaver, but does not require it
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00:41.18fvaRudd-O: does the ajax stuff that gets loaded have the correct encoding?
00:41.21holycowRudd-O: oh really?
00:41.23fvait doesn't on my system
00:41.25holycowi can remove xscreensaver?
00:41.31holycowwicked, i hate that thing, thanks
00:41.46Rudd-Oholycow: you should be able to
00:41.49gatopinotree: Of course I tried that. No remove/delete option for some of the default applets, the 2 I remember being the Network and the taksbar (where the new windows appear).
00:41.54Rudd-Obut then you will only have the kde screensavers
00:42.16holycowits not like the xscreensavers are any good anyway
00:42.20pinotreegato: all the applets have a "remove" option, that is for sure
00:42.32gatoNetwork doesn't.
00:42.37fvaRudd-O: was that 'yes' directed to me?
00:42.38pinotreeall have
00:42.50gatonope. :o)
00:43.09pinotreethis is something added automatically for each applet, so yes.
00:43.25gatoSeriously, it is not.
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00:43.34pinotreesure it is
00:43.39fvagato: for some applets, it's hard to click in the right spot, or your click gets caught by some other part
00:43.39Rudd-Ofva: no, to holycow
00:43.46Rudd-Oyour page has the wrong encoding
00:43.49Rudd-Ocompletely fail
00:43.56Rudd-Oyou need to send the CORRECT http header
00:44.10Rudd-OContent-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8
00:44.22fvaRudd-O: that's not my page, just some page i noticed
00:44.35Rudd-Ohey any of ya guys use plone?
00:44.39gatofva: I right-clicked in the Network applet, and a menu appears, even with the "About..." option that shows you: Network..., but no remove option!
00:45.06fvagato: oh, that would be a system tray icon then
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00:45.09fvanot a plasma applet
00:45.20fvaRudd-O: so why does firefox get it right? makes more assumptions about the charset than konqueror does?
00:45.39Rudd-Ofva: firefox does not get it right, firefox also gets it wrong too, it's just that firefox gets it wrong INTENTIONALLY
00:45.39lpjhjdhhmm, can I get verbose output from konqueror or something?
00:46.03Rudd-Oas in "hey this page says it's X but in reality it seems more like Y, so you know what, I am going to disregard proper configuration and go with my first instinct"
00:46.40lpjhjdhpretty sparse, just some qdbus stuff
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00:48.32fvaRudd-O: could it be that firefox assumes the encoding of any extra content that doesn't have its encoding specified, to be the same as the main page?
00:48.58gatofva: I just want to eliminate the network applet and taskbar/window list (the place where windows are listed) from the system tray. And I was unable to find any "remove" entry by right clicking on them. Perhaps I didn't click in the right place for the taskbar, but I did for the nework applet. I googled it, and the only think I found was a 'pkill nm-applet'.
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00:49.20Rudd-Ofva: no
00:49.26Rudd-O"main pages" are not considered for that
00:49.31fvagato: that network applet isn't even part of kde if i get you right
00:49.52fvagato: as for the taskbar, try clicking right between two buttons
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00:50.13fvagato: it's an issue that was fixed already, but isn't in 4.1.3 i think
00:50.41fvaRudd-O: just plain charset recognition then?
00:50.43gatofva: It does not only appear, but it keeps disconnecting my network!! I solved the disconnection problem, but I don't want to call and kill unnecessarily a process.
00:51.32fvagato: pinotree already told you how to disable the autostart: "remove its .desktop entry in /etc/xdg/autostart"
00:51.33Rudd-Ofva: yes it's algorithmic character recognition
00:52.12fvaRudd-O: i see... i'll try to contact that site's owner about this issue, but i'm not expecting much to happen
00:52.25fvaanyway, it's the only page that does that afaik
00:52.44gatofva: Ok, I will try the taskbar again. So, for the network applet, there is NO remove option... my psychiatrist in the institution where I live will be relieved. I will do what pinotree told me (thanks pinotree).
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00:59.52gatofva and pinotree: Thanks for the patience and the suggestions!! Have a good night.
01:00.03kronicis there anyway to change the display coordinates for multiple monitors
01:00.05pinotreegood night
01:00.10fvagato: night
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01:00.54kronicI have a monitor to the left of my PC, and in order to move between the two with the mouse I have to go to the left on the monitor which is the reverse
01:01.17pinotreetry systemsettings → display
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01:02.56kronicyeah, you can't change the coordinates
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01:04.21fvakronic: if you're using an nvidia card it's pretty easy to fix
01:04.27fvadon't know about ati/intel
01:04.31kronicits nvidia
01:04.36kronicI have leftof set
01:05.01kronicarhh, nvidia settings app
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01:06.08fvaanyone knows where to get the networkmanager plasma applet
01:06.13fvaor the kde4 knetworkmanager?
01:06.21fvawhichever is more stable right now...
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01:27.03untitled_can u tell me wha is that thing in system tray? is shows up when I start conky or firefox..
01:28.05untitled_how can I ger rid of it
01:29.22*** part/#kde fva (
01:30.08Jucatountitled_: KDE doesn't have a system tray setup for conky, much less firefox. It might be a distro addition. ksystraycmd is something you have run with an app to put a system tray icon for it if it doesn't have its own. KDE doesn't attach that to any app by default
01:31.39untitled_wow I killed it :)
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01:31.57untitled_just need to figure out how not to start it every time
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01:55.06msnSo i configure my entire desktop in kde4/plasma logout and once i log in plasma crashes
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01:58.02oneforallany one rememebr what is is that needs to be fixed when you get could nor open default font 'fixed'  3.5.9
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02:07.24c-101Hi there
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03:00.23bdizzle_does anyone know how to set KDE so that when I hit a keyboard shortcut, it opens the K-menu? I couldn't find it in the keyboard shortcuts list
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04:07.41junkDawgiebdizzle: as far as i know there is no keyboard shortcut to open the kmenu.... seems like an obstacle to some (like me) that have a need.. hopefully someone will take three min and fix it sometime
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04:15.35Led_Zeppelini have just built KDE 4.2.1; However my fonts aren't rendered properly. Is there something I am missing? or some font package I need to compile?
04:16.13drantinbeta 1?
04:16.55Led_Zeppelinsorry, its 4.1.3
04:17.27drantinI had some problems with the default fonts on here either way, changing to the bitstream vera ones fixed it...
04:17.42drantinsome fonts in get hot new stuff weren't showing...
04:17.47drantinand lancelot
04:18.09Led_Zeppelinhow do you change or fix this?
04:18.49drantinis that the problem you're having?
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04:19.26drantinsystemsettings -> appearances -> fonts iirc...
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04:22.59Led_Zeppelinwell, I am exporting KDE remoktly using SSH
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04:48.34macjason0607kde 4 plasma rocks
04:49.16PhrkOnLshmacjason0607: indeed :)
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04:55.41luke-jranyone running KDE on a Nokia N810?
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05:18.19macjason0607PhrkOnLsh, ... how do i make a new desktop
05:18.24macjason0607do i have to make a pager widget ?
05:19.02PhrkOnLshmacjason0607: you mean with diff plasma widgets, or just so that you can change windows?
05:19.34macjason0607just to change window
05:19.38macjason0607and to create a new plasma
05:19.46macjason0607Phisbut_, there a how to on the plasma ?
05:20.35PhrkOnLshmacjason0607: KDE comes with four desktopsby default... see keys to change them in systemsettings->keyboard and mouse -> keyboard shortcuts -> kwin -> Switch to next/previous desktop
05:21.04macjason0607whats a good faq or guide on the plasma stuff ?
05:21.16PhrkOnLshas for plasma, clikc the cashew on the desktop (not the panel) and click zoom out, click the cashew and click add activity
05:21.25PhrkOnLshWhat is the correct term for the cashew?
05:22.31*** join/#kde root (
05:23.19PhrkOnLshirc as root... heh
05:23.46PhrkOnLshGuest913: irc as root is about as smart as opening a can of tuna with a tiger's claw.
05:24.37*** join/#kde Kame2 (
05:26.15*** join/#kde smurfslover (
05:26.41*** join/#kde root (
05:28.27*** join/#kde zeltak (
05:28.46*** part/#kde Guest44788 (
05:28.56*** part/#kde Guest913 (
05:31.26*** join/#kde g1lt (
05:38.23*** join/#kde amdpox (
05:41.26*** join/#kde Shingoshi (
05:44.32*** join/#kde atomik (
05:46.14PhrkOnLshgood night.
05:48.13*** join/#kde Ahadiel (
05:51.02*** join/#kde matkor (
05:55.39*** join/#kde nick01 (n=nick01@
05:55.48nick01hi, anybody knows how to get kword to let me show the templates ? I can only get to chose one if I start it from terminal for some reason
05:55.57nick01anybody knows whats causing this ?
05:56.09*** join/#kde sorteal (
05:58.40*** join/#kde zubair (n=zubair@
06:00.19*** part/#kde sorteal (
06:00.24*** join/#kde ilj (n=ilj@sourcemage/grimoire/apprentice/ilj)
06:01.22*** join/#kde gentoo_iron (
06:04.10*** join/#kde shizlap (
06:04.24*** join/#kde smurfslover (
06:06.31*** join/#kde smurfslover (
06:11.04*** join/#kde g1lt (
06:11.20*** part/#kde zubair (n=zubair@
06:13.26*** join/#kde JediatNight_ (n=Blade@
06:18.00*** join/#kde muthu_ (n=mobeegal@
06:19.51*** join/#kde Blade__ (n=Blade@
06:23.41*** join/#kde oggb4mp3 (
06:30.10*** join/#kde Servercrash (n=ServerCr@unaffiliated/servercrash)
06:31.06Servercrashhi, i by mistake removed the kde-pannel, now evertime i restart the system i have to create the pannel, it doesnt come up after reboot. How can i configure that new pannel comes up after reboot
06:32.01*** join/#kde smurfslover (
06:32.37*** join/#kde mschiff (
06:34.33freeedrichsorry, offtopic.. but can someone tell me how to get one single file from a big tar.bz2 archive?
06:35.13*** join/#kde Servercrash (n=ServerCr@
06:35.26mschifffreeedrich: tar://your/file.tar.bz2 ?
06:35.43freeedrichmschiff: no, tar -xfj
06:37.23freeedrichthink I found something
06:37.39mschifffreeedrich: I thought you want to do it with kde ;)
06:37.50freeedrichmschiff: I said "offtopic" :P
06:39.51*** join/#kde Prof_Frink (
06:40.46*** join/#kde nhnFreespirit (
06:41.21*** join/#kde [1]Servercrash (n=ServerCr@
06:54.47*** join/#kde genady12 (n=genady12@
06:55.04*** join/#kde _tom (
06:56.16*** join/#kde _RedGhostBis_ (
06:56.45macjason0607are there detailed guys on using plasma / kde ?
06:57.35*** join/#kde Kame2 (
06:59.59*** join/#kde Trevelyan (n=TJ@unaffiliated/trevelyan)
07:03.03*** join/#kde phreak4257 (
07:04.35*** join/#kde brot_laptop (
07:04.49*** join/#kde matkor (
07:08.14*** join/#kde oberling (n=oberling@
07:08.58*** join/#kde swede__ (
07:10.28*** join/#kde marko_d (n=Maki@
07:11.32*** join/#kde bentob0x (
07:14.12*** join/#kde arno__ (
07:16.47*** join/#kde theseinfeld (
07:17.30luke-jrfreeedrich: note doing that will require searching the entire tar for the file
07:17.32luke-jrtar has no index
07:17.53freeedrichluke-jr: yeah :/ But I fail at doing so..
07:18.12freeedrichluke-jr:  the file is gentee/var/lib/portage/world
07:18.33freeedrichbut tar -x gentee/var/lib/portage/world -v -j -f gentee.tar.bz2 doesn't work
07:19.00freeedrichluke-jr: any idea? :)
07:20.58*** join/#kde PSiL0 (
07:21.53*** join/#kde sorteal_ (
07:23.58msnis there  a way to set defaule opacity of all windows
07:24.28*** join/#kde superjoe30 (
07:25.28*** join/#kde noaXess (
07:26.17*** join/#kde |smurfslover| (
07:26.40marko_dwhats up folks
07:28.05*** join/#kde Dumble (
07:28.05*** join/#kde piquadrat (
07:30.39luke-jrfreeedrich: tar xjvpf gentee.tar.bz2 ./gentoo/var/lib/portage/world
07:30.44luke-jrfreeedrich: ./ is common
07:31.07freeedrichluke-jr: yeah, found it out already, thank you :) got those mixed up.
07:34.50*** join/#kde Ci-Dev (
07:35.08*** join/#kde Sinister` (
07:35.50*** join/#kde floe (
07:37.47*** join/#kde annma (
07:38.14*** join/#kde hibread__ (n=hibread@
07:38.56*** join/#kde newio_d (n=pfowler@
07:39.05*** join/#kde Kame2 (
07:40.47*** join/#kde zommi (n=andreas@nat/ibm/x-8d3af7ecd2e28b18)
07:42.30*** join/#kde hateball (n=Monster@unaffiliated/hateball)
07:45.37*** join/#kde IceChant (n=icechant@
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07:51.13*** join/#kde |smurfslover| (
07:51.20*** join/#kde judazz (
07:55.09*** join/#kde luna1 (
07:56.51*** join/#kde Cephalon (n=Cephalon@
07:58.43*** join/#kde Aasimar (n=martin@
07:58.51*** part/#kde Aasimar (n=martin@
07:59.04*** join/#kde muthu_ (n=mobeegal@
07:59.19*** join/#kde Ace2016 (
08:01.23*** join/#kde HobbyBlobby (
08:03.26*** join/#kde root (n=root@
08:05.44*** join/#kde smurfslover (
08:07.38*** join/#kde soa2ii (
08:08.18*** join/#kde jreznik (n=jreznik@nat/redhat/x-671e2cae8ebec3cb)
08:11.28*** join/#kde icwiener (
08:17.00*** join/#kde liquidat (
08:17.39*** join/#kde vivuv (
08:22.14*** join/#kde phreak4257 (
08:23.55*** join/#kde hw_ (
08:28.23*** join/#kde alediaferia (
08:33.26*** join/#kde agamn (
08:34.54*** join/#kde Richlv (n=rich@
08:36.06Dumblewill there be a equivalent of knetworkmanager in KDE 4.2 ?
08:37.15*** part/#kde sorteal_ (
08:37.59*** join/#kde CoJaBo-Eee (
08:38.31*** join/#kde Roland123 (i=c128f4c4@gateway/web/ajax/
08:39.04*** join/#kde MrPaul (n=MrPaul@unaffiliated/mrpaul)
08:39.52Roland123hi. how to make konversation use a http proxy?
08:40.33annmaDumble: was there one in kde3?
08:41.17Dumbleannma, yes, knetworkmanager, although it is not part of official KDE
08:41.40annmaah so ask this unofficial devel
08:42.25Dumblewanted just to know if someone knew for an official/unofficial version of this tool (or a remplacement) in KDE 4.2
08:43.41*** join/#kde feindbild (
08:44.00*** join/#kde Thundercloud (
08:44.51*** join/#kde fasgaroth (
08:45.44*** join/#kde cga (n=cga@
08:45.59Dumbleit was initialiy a development of OpenSuSE
08:47.38*** join/#kde elTigre (
08:52.08*** join/#kde mikearthur (
08:54.40*** join/#kde cb400f (n=cb400f@opensuse/member/Cb400f)
08:54.46JucatoDumble: it's still a development of openSUSE. and yes, it's in the works
08:55.02*** join/#kde thpar (
08:56.17annmaask opensuse then
08:58.18Jucatoabout something you came in too late to know :)
08:59.41cb400fgrrr :-)
09:01.47*** join/#kde Phlogi (
09:02.25*** join/#kde non7top (n=non7top@
09:04.45*** join/#kde Shingoshi (
09:07.48*** join/#kde frozeniron (
09:08.35*** join/#kde arnooob (n=Atchoom@nat/af83/x-c0b4d00d2027399e)
09:08.55*** join/#kde epoch (n=FAIL@p3m/member/epoch)
09:09.11*** join/#kde millun (n=r@
09:09.42millunhi, my colleague wants to turn off all effects in KDE 4. how is that possible?
09:10.03cb400fmillun: systemsettings -> desktop -> desktop effects
09:10.08annmawhat kde version?
09:10.19annmabefore 4.2 they should be off as default
09:10.27cb400fdepends on distro
09:10.27annmaif not, distro change
09:10.41annmaI speak of KDE vanilla as shipped from KDE
09:10.42*** join/#kde Peter_ (n=Peter@
09:10.57annmathe rest is distro channel cb400f
09:11.29millunfedora 10
09:11.41millunkde 4.1 we think
09:12.03*** join/#kde whitman (
09:12.21annmaPeter_guirguis: please no such distro bashing, here we talk about KDE
09:12.56Roland123i'm having random lockups with amarok, which are really annoying
09:13.09Roland123what could be the cause?
09:13.13annmaRoland123: #amarok
09:13.15RichiHif i need to access MS exchange, should I go for kontact in KDE 3 or KDE 4?
09:13.35annmaRichiH: ask in #kontact maybe if noone knows here
09:13.36Roland123annma: tnx
09:13.42RichiHannma: good point, thanks
09:14.20*** join/#kde jeh (
09:16.29*** join/#kde Jejem (
09:17.47Peter_guirguiscan i install the latest version of kde on fedora 9
09:18.41millunthanks, it helped
09:19.19milluncan the menu be faster?
09:19.39Peter_guirguiscan i install the latest version of kde on fedora 9
09:19.55annmaask in #fedora
09:20.03millunPeter_guirguis fedora 10 is out for like a week
09:20.16annmamillun: what menu?
09:20.24millunmain menu
09:21.00*** join/#kde mkhlnsh (n=4f76a2c0@
09:21.09shepherdPeter_guirguis: You could if you wanted.
09:21.27millunannma it takes like 2-4 seconds to load sub-items
09:21.33annmamain K menu?
09:21.50annmahow can you measure the time it takes?
09:22.03millunwe just stare at the monitor and wait :)
09:22.13millunfor it to display submenu
09:22.42*** join/#kde frepe (n=chatzill@
09:23.05*** join/#kde klebezettel (
09:23.12annmabut you don't see submenus
09:23.22annmayou mean when you click on it???
09:23.24*** join/#kde shreddi (
09:23.28annmaI thought at start
09:23.47annmamillun: tell me exactly what you do then
09:23.53annmaand when you wait
09:24.00annmaand what you see when it's up
09:24.19millunclicking 'K' is ok. when you hover over 'Games' or 'Graphics' it takes some time to display applications
09:24.41DumbleJucato, ok, thank
09:24.51*** join/#kde awidegreen (
09:25.00milluni mean, when you hover over any item of main menu. such as Internet, Games, etc.
09:25.20millunit takes a little long to display applications
09:26.06*** join/#kde flo__ (
09:26.41annmamillun: can you switch to traditional menu to check if it's the same?
09:26.47annmaIcan't reproduce here
09:27.10millunannma my colleague switched to traditional menu. (he turned off the effects)
09:27.30*** join/#kde the_p (
09:28.00millunif it can't be solved, it's ok. he will have to wait ;)
09:28.27annmaweird, did you ask your distro about it?
09:28.40annmais the rest of the desktop OK?
09:28.46millunseems so
09:29.05millunwe haven't tried asking in fedora because they would tell us to f off
09:30.07millunanyway, thanks for the hint how to turn off effects
09:30.31*** join/#kde |iomari| (n=iomari@
09:32.33*** join/#kde A-Journey-In-The (
09:32.51*** join/#kde Sojan (n=Sojan@
09:36.39*** part/#kde Sojan (n=Sojan@
09:36.42*** join/#kde Wuffles (
09:39.46*** join/#kde |iomari| (n=iomari@
09:41.41*** join/#kde cga (n=cga@
09:45.29*** join/#kde testi_ (n=testi@
09:47.29*** join/#kde nsldjngsajlgnf (
09:48.26*** join/#kde bloodboy (
09:51.15*** join/#kde pmatos (
09:56.14*** join/#kde rand_acs (
10:01.29*** join/#kde BCMM (n=bcmm@unaffiliated/bcmm)
10:01.56*** join/#kde kriko (n=kristjan@
10:02.23*** join/#kde Worf (
10:02.27*** join/#kde oversize (
10:02.36*** join/#kde rand_acs (
10:03.11krikoWhy is kio_http_cache_ process for? It is causing massive disk and cpu usage from time to time.
10:03.16krikokde 4.2
10:03.36freeedrichprobably caches your http requests
10:04.01annmacan you spot the app that triggers it?
10:04.17annmadid you try the weather applet btw?
10:04.27krikoannma: maybe ktorrent does that? I'm not sure it just wakes up and spikes up my resources
10:04.48krikoabout once at every half hour
10:04.56annmaI don't run ktorrent
10:05.09annmacan you try to stop it when you have time and see
10:05.24annmait's possible taht it is indeed ktorrent
10:05.39*** join/#kde orzel (
10:05.42*** join/#kde shodges (
10:05.59*** join/#kde irek (
10:06.01krikoI'll ask at ktorrent - maybe when ktorrent in non-responsive kio_http_cache_ kicks in → is that what is meant for?
10:06.58*** join/#kde testi_ (n=testi@
10:07.10pinotreekio_http_cache_cleaner cleans the kde http cache in case it reaches the cache threshold
10:07.33*** join/#kde ponto (
10:11.37*** join/#kde rand_acs (
10:13.29*** join/#kde flo_ (
10:14.25*** join/#kde rdale (n=quassel@
10:14.32*** part/#kde kriko (n=kristjan@
10:14.51*** join/#kde kriko (n=kristjan@
10:16.23*** part/#kde Roobarb (
10:16.38*** join/#kde Shingoshi (
10:20.11*** join/#kde Peter_guirguis (n=Peter@
10:20.54*** join/#kde rand_acs (
10:21.29*** join/#kde awidegreen_ (
10:24.36*** join/#kde t_s_o (
10:25.22*** join/#kde zblach_ (
10:26.22*** join/#kde rand_acs (
10:28.37*** join/#kde vjm (
10:31.19soa2iiIs it a known bug that you sometimes cannot empty your trashbin but there is smth in it? I use gentoo kde 3.5.9
10:31.33*** join/#kde matkor (
10:32.29*** join/#kde ryanakca (n=ryan@ubuntu/member/ryanakca)
10:36.11*** part/#kde aozturk (n=alparsla@
10:36.54Peter_guirguisif downloaded kde 4.13 how big is it
10:37.07*** join/#kde bradley (
10:37.35Peter_guirguisif downloaded kde 4.13 how big is it
10:37.53annmadownload from where?
10:38.12annmafrom ftp kde, the sizes of the tarballs are indicated
10:38.17annmadouble them for build
10:38.19Peter_guirguisi am asking how to install it on fedora 9
10:38.34annmaask in #fedora
10:38.34Peter_guirguisslow net connection
10:38.47annmawe do not know all distros here
10:39.01*** join/#kde tin (
10:39.02*** part/#kde I_hate_working (
10:39.43*** join/#kde buscher (
10:39.55*** join/#kde rand_acs (
10:41.48*** join/#kde iomari (n=iomari@
10:44.19*** join/#kde bloodboy (
10:44.49*** join/#kde eric (n=eric@
10:45.55*** join/#kde herman (
10:56.54*** join/#kde rand_acs (
10:59.21*** join/#kde anupam (n=anupam@
11:00.01*** join/#kde BCMM (n=bcmm@unaffiliated/bcmm)
11:00.13*** join/#kde I_hate_working (
11:00.20*** part/#kde I_hate_working (
11:00.28*** join/#kde yhager|laptop (
11:02.22*** join/#kde kronic (
11:02.46kronicif you have a nvidia card with twinview, are you able to make a specific monitor desktop 1 for eg.
11:03.20*** join/#kde vital (
11:05.19*** join/#kde dYna (
11:07.18*** join/#kde bluesceada (n=itsjustm@unaffiliated/bluesceada)
11:12.04*** join/#kde arno__ (
11:12.16*** join/#kde boom1992 (
11:14.39*** join/#kde Shingoshi (
11:17.10thiagokronic: use LeftOf and RightOf
11:17.21*** join/#kde kW (n=kW@unaffiliated/kw)
11:17.56*** join/#kde kriko (n=kristjan@
11:18.42*** join/#kde Worf (
11:19.02*** join/#kde arnooob (n=Atchoom@nat/af83/x-ec1875a2df982aa4)
11:19.18*** join/#kde BCMM (n=bcmm@unaffiliated/bcmm)
11:20.47*** join/#kde root (
11:21.16*** join/#kde shadok (n=shadok@unaffiliated/shadok)
11:21.41*** join/#kde [GuS] (n=gustavo@
11:22.47*** join/#kde root_ (n=root@
11:25.01*** join/#kde Phlogi (
11:25.48*** join/#kde Tina- (
11:26.12*** join/#kde zAMz1 (
11:26.57Tina-hi all
11:27.48ShingoshiI'm using KDE-4.1.3. Where is the button for the panel to show all of the desktops. I can't see what apps I have on other desktops. Worked fine in 3.5.10.
11:27.50Tina-i wonder if kde4 ever will support X setup with 2 xservers mean like :0.0 and  :0.1
11:28.27*** join/#kde cenuij (n=cenuij@base/student/cenuij)
11:28.32Tina-does 4.2 fixes that?
11:28.38*** join/#kde dagar (
11:28.40Tina-4.1.3 now
11:28.50*** join/#kde imagelife (n=xyx@
11:29.51Tina-i can use the 2nd sreen with xterm -display :0.1 -e command   but that is no fun
11:30.20*** join/#kde sxe (
11:30.23cb400fShingoshi: you mean the taskbar?
11:31.00cb400fright click taskbar -> taskbar settings -> uncheck "show only tasks from current desktop"
11:31.26cb400fif you have effects you may also want to try pressing ctrl+F8
11:31.48cb400f.. and you can also configure your window-switcher effect to show windows from all desktops
11:31.59*** join/#kde guax (n=guaxinim@unaffiliated/guaxinim)
11:32.48*** join/#kde Tina-_ (
11:33.09cb400fswitching to kde4 from kde3 seems to be much like switching from windows to kde3 used to be.. the first thing you should do is unlearn everything you think you know, but it seems to be the hardest thing in the world to do
11:33.25*** join/#kde Tina (
11:33.33*** join/#kde Sho_ (n=EHS1@kde/hein)
11:37.00*** join/#kde marcelo (n=marcelo@
11:37.09*** join/#kde bushwakko (
11:37.28*** join/#kde scarabeus (n=scarab@gentoo/developer/scarabeus)
11:37.50scarabeusis akonadi supposed to compile when i wont use nepomuk?
11:38.30scarabeushere is behavior in beta: -> build.log.gz
11:39.43*** join/#kde Tina (
11:40.33*** join/#kde guaxinim (n=guaxinim@unaffiliated/guaxinim)
11:41.16Shingoshicb400f: Will that give me the icon I'm talking about. I don't want all apps from every desktop showing on each desktop. I want the popup that shows me where they are on other desktops.
11:42.38cb400fand I want people to realize that kde4 is not kde3, but you can't always get what you want :-)
11:43.16ShingoshiI don't like things missing from the systemsettings that were present in KDE3. It has made KDE4 marginal in it's usability.
11:43.17cb400f.. but as I said there are other ways to achive the goal.. like the desktop grid effect
11:43.39ShingoshiWhat's the grid?
11:43.51cb400fctrl+f8 if you have effects enable
11:44.10*** join/#kde marcelo (n=marcelo@
11:44.26*** join/#kde cenuij (n=cenuij@base/student/cenuij)
11:44.46ShingoshiI have the effects enabled, and I still don't have that.
11:45.01*** join/#kde foil (
11:45.16cb400fhrmpf.. check the desktop effects settings then
11:45.28cb400fwas sure desktop grid was on by default :-(
11:45.47marceloanyone has experience with SAPGUI for Linux?
11:47.56rdaleis there any way to make okular work with adding a digital signature to a pdf?
11:47.56ShingoshiI just checked. And I have the grid active as well. But nothing happens with ctl-f8
11:48.08*** join/#kde tin (
11:50.24*** part/#kde yhager|laptop (
11:57.33*** join/#kde BCMM (n=bcmm@unaffiliated/bcmm)
11:58.19*** join/#kde spawn57 (
12:00.23*** join/#kde A-Journey-In-The (
12:00.33*** join/#kde JackWinter (
12:02.46*** join/#kde genady12_ (n=genady12@
12:02.52*** join/#kde lkuklinek (n=ilja@nat/redhat/x-b71438453fc82da9)
12:03.16*** join/#kde rdale (n=quassel@
12:05.55*** join/#kde annma (
12:06.12cb400fShingoshi: then check in the settings for that effect which shortcut is configured
12:06.34*** part/#kde scarabeus (n=scarab@gentoo/developer/scarabeus)
12:07.50*** join/#kde lkuklinek (n=ilja@nat/redhat/x-d9c2a123711bf94a)
12:08.31Led_Zeppelini have just built KDE 4.1.3; However my fonts aren't rendered properly. Is there something I am missing? or some font package I need to compile? BTW, I am using ssh -X to get to my kde apps, for example: kwrite
12:08.34Led_Zeppelinany ideas?
12:11.43*** join/#kde Kame2 (
12:12.59*** join/#kde lkuklinek (n=ilja@nat/redhat/x-e82a0c8f66d9bdf6)
12:13.01*** join/#kde gman (
12:13.09*** join/#kde qju (n=pln@
12:13.09*** join/#kde iro (n=iro@
12:13.16*** join/#kde gentoo_iron (
12:13.17Sho_Led_Zeppelin: "Aren't rendered properly" is a bit vague. Maybe you could show us a screenshot? There are also various nVidia driver versions with font corruption issues on various GPU generations, fwiw
12:13.34*** join/#kde gman (
12:13.45irofont corruptions with nvidia series 6 and 7 fixed with versione 180.11
12:14.19*** join/#kde fedora_ (n=fedora@
12:15.31*** part/#kde Yan_nvstp (n=fedora@
12:16.04*** join/#kde nplus (n=nplus@141.25.Globcom.Net)
12:16.19*** join/#kde A-Journey-In-The (
12:17.01irodoes anyone know a way to hide the line that separates the window decorations with the rest of the window (ozone and oxygen themes)? I find it unaesthetic...
12:17.38Sho_not without hacking the source
12:19.10*** join/#kde Haven (n=Haven@
12:19.21tuxickhow am i supposed to move widgets to the right of panel in kde4?
12:19.26tuxickthey snap back to center
12:19.35tuxicknot very intuitive :)
12:19.51*** join/#kde FlyingFoX (n=FlyingFo@45-062.eduroam.RWTH-Aachen.DE)
12:20.29*** join/#kde Illusioneer (
12:20.44Illusioneeris anybody else getting this problem with konqueror 4.1:
12:21.01Illusioneeryou can't change almost any settings because it says "kcm_konqhtml" not found
12:21.10Illusioneerproblem is I can't find any package that contains this in apt-get
12:21.17Illusioneeris this a library?
12:21.39Jucatoyes. it shouldn't be a separate pacakge and should be installed by default. please ask your distro what package provides it
12:22.05Illusioneerkubuntu, and already checked, no such package
12:22.12Illusioneeri would think it'd be standard
12:22.24Illusioneerthough my 3.5.9 has no such problem so i think this is kde4 specific
12:22.58Jucatoit is distro specific
12:23.13Jucatoplease ask in #kubuntu for further information
12:28.04*** join/#kde amdpox (
12:28.20*** join/#kde mx-tvt (
12:28.22Led_Zeppeliniro, what version is that?
12:28.26Led_Zeppelinis that in stable or head?
12:29.12*** join/#kde Zubair (n=root@
12:29.24*** join/#kde newio_d (n=pfowler@
12:30.23*** join/#kde yacc (
12:30.42yaccWhat replaced the dcop cmdline tool for communicating with apps in KDE4.1?
12:31.29Jucatodbus (qdbus)
12:32.24Ivo_Heloryis anybody there use fedora on macbook?
12:32.27*** join/#kde LambdaSpy (n=piespy@
12:32.49JucatoIvo_Helory: try asking in #fedora
12:33.34Ivo_Helorythanks :)
12:34.36*** join/#kde zubair (n=zubair@
12:37.30*** join/#kde theseinfeld (n=me@unaffiliated/theseinfeld)
12:37.55*** join/#kde neeewbie (n=newbiee@
12:38.56neeewbieanyone here use kde 4.1 and emerald at the same time?
12:39.09*** join/#kde Imaginativeone_ (
12:39.12Jucatoperhaps someone in #compiz-fusion
12:40.36*** join/#kde gekaklam (
12:40.39*** join/#kde judazz (
12:42.53*** join/#kde BCMM (n=bcmm@unaffiliated/bcmm)
12:43.11*** part/#kde gekaklam (
12:44.35*** join/#kde oberling (n=oberling@
12:45.21*** join/#kde makkalot (n=makkalot@
12:45.32*** join/#kde kW (n=kW@unaffiliated/kw)
12:46.27*** join/#kde pinheiro (
12:46.30*** join/#kde boom1992 (
12:46.42*** join/#kde Bulwinkle (
12:46.52*** join/#kde testi_ (n=testi@
12:48.36*** join/#kde dagar (
12:48.36*** join/#kde zubair (n=zubair@
12:49.15iroLed_Zeppelin, about 180.11? It's an nvidia driver version
12:50.18tuxicki lost my "desktops" widget
12:50.26tuxickwhat's the name and/or how to get it back?
12:50.27Led_Zeppelinwell, would the nvidia driver still be a problem if I was ssh -X to a server which has my kde binaries? or is it my client's nvdia driver?
12:50.35werdnumhaha, try this
12:50.36werdnumexport PS1='C:${PWD//\//\\\}>'
12:51.47iroLed_Zeppelin: sorry, I don't know how remote X works.
12:52.16Kame2tuxick: the name is folderview
12:52.47tuxickreally? the panel widget that shows my active/nonactive desktops?
12:53.24Kame2you mean the thing to switch your virtual desktops?
12:53.25tuxickforgot to mention it's kde4 btw
12:53.34TheoryThe "Pager" ?
12:53.37tuxickwell i don't use it for that, i just look at it
12:53.41tuxickthat could be
12:54.22tuxickyes thanks, that's the one
12:54.40tuxicki must find me a theme where "add widgets" dialog is readable again
12:54.58tuxickwhite on white won't really work
12:55.40tuxickhaha now i don't see how to remove widget :)
13:00.12*** join/#kde tinytony (n=tinytony@
13:02.04*** join/#kde holycow (
13:02.07*** join/#kde kwindva (n=kwindva@2001:da8:201:1088:213:72ff:feea:5100)
13:02.31kwindvaeffect blur does not work on ATI?
13:05.02*** join/#kde stuffcorpse (n=rick@
13:05.13*** join/#kde mamr (
13:05.43*** join/#kde pumphaus (
13:06.14*** join/#kde testi__ (n=testi@
13:08.59*** join/#kde lkuklinek (n=ilja@nat/redhat/x-7ef9c8ba23267ce0)
13:10.53*** join/#kde dantti (n=dantti@
13:12.57*** join/#kde lkuklinek (n=ilja@nat/redhat/x-ef89354f52a63f1a)
13:13.39*** join/#kde whitman_ (
13:15.24*** join/#kde Shingoshi (
13:15.42*** join/#kde judazz (
13:16.57*** join/#kde phreak4257 (
13:20.57*** join/#kde Smicode (n=root@
13:21.21*** join/#kde gman (
13:21.31*** join/#kde birunko (n=birunko@
13:22.05*** join/#kde linuxman410 (
13:23.10*** join/#kde muthu_ (n=mobeegal@
13:24.28*** join/#kde Iphone4free (
13:25.50*** join/#kde zizzfizzix (
13:26.14zizzfizzixwhere can i disable nepomku? 4.1.3
13:26.26*** join/#kde g0n (
13:26.48*** join/#kde MrPaul (n=MrPaul@unaffiliated/mrpaul)
13:27.40Gentle`zizzfizzix: systemsettings advanced tab, desktop search
13:30.06zizzfizzixGentle`, thanks
13:31.32mhlavinkHi, session manager has "restore manually saved session", but where can I save session in 4.1.3? (in 3.5.10 it was in right-click on desktop)
13:31.49*** part/#kde zizzfizzix (
13:32.10annmasave session is in 4.2
13:32.19annmayou can do it with dbus meanwhile
13:33.00mhlavinkOh, so I'm not blind. Thanks :)
13:33.30*** join/#kde neverendingo (
13:33.40*** join/#kde matkor (
13:34.06*** join/#kde vbgunz (n=vbgunz@
13:34.23annmadbus-send --dest=org.kde.ksmserver /KSMServer org.kde.KSMServerInterface.saveCurrentSession
13:34.30annmaif you want to manually save
13:34.47vbgunzanybody know how I can get a Gnome theme to take on the same color as my current KDE scheme?
13:35.15*** join/#kde blade_runner (n=arezende@
13:35.47Jucatoqdbus org.kde.ksmserver /KSMServer saveCurrentSession
13:36.20mhlavinkannma: thanks, it's realy appreciated
13:36.34*** join/#kde liquidat (
13:37.14*** join/#kde tbeadle (n=tbeadle@
13:38.35*** join/#kde mamr (
13:42.56*** join/#kde mamr (
13:43.48*** join/#kde a (n=a@
13:43.54*** part/#kde a (n=a@
13:46.13*** join/#kde theutogon (
13:49.36*** join/#kde _RedGhostBis_ (
13:52.34*** join/#kde gman (
13:53.01*** join/#kde gman (
13:53.27*** join/#kde gman (
13:55.01*** join/#kde linuxman410 (
13:56.23*** join/#kde zokidimovski (n=zoki@
13:57.57*** join/#kde ELITE_x (
14:00.41*** join/#kde nogagplz (
14:04.23*** join/#kde pirho (i=pirho@gateway/gpg-tor/key-0x2CEEC9CB)
14:05.51*** join/#kde Rocky_Spirit (
14:06.35*** join/#kde mamr (
14:07.09*** join/#kde cga (n=cga@
14:07.18*** join/#kde lkuklinek (n=ilja@nat/redhat/x-bb79f5b08d80813a)
14:07.36*** join/#kde margiolas (
14:08.13*** join/#kde zubair (n=zubair@
14:08.23*** part/#kde zubair (n=zubair@
14:10.33*** join/#kde basti (
14:12.27*** join/#kde lkuklinek (n=ilja@nat/redhat/x-13ae944cc26630d3)
14:12.34*** join/#kde Pullarotta^ (
14:14.10*** join/#kde gr1m-lap (n=mrgrim@
14:14.21*** join/#kde LXj (
14:14.55*** join/#kde stuffcorpse (n=rick@
14:15.21*** join/#kde DerHorst (
14:16.30*** join/#kde SpeedyGhost (n=moon3010@kvirc/translator/SpeedyGhost)
14:17.24*** join/#kde cga (n=cga@
14:21.39*** join/#kde ris (
14:22.23*** join/#kde LnxSlck (
14:22.30*** join/#kde shepherd (
14:22.50*** join/#kde Tina- (
14:22.58*** join/#kde floe (n=flo@
14:25.23*** join/#kde mamr (
14:25.25*** join/#kde yofel (
14:26.33*** join/#kde linuxman410 (
14:28.29*** join/#kde floe_ (
14:30.10*** join/#kde Phlogi (
14:30.44*** join/#kde jhulst (n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst)
14:30.50*** join/#kde marco_ (
14:31.22marco_where can i handle sound events?
14:34.22*** join/#kde kamel_ (n=kamel@
14:35.18*** join/#kde jthomas (
14:35.44*** join/#kde flo_ (
14:36.12*** join/#kde ftaeml (
14:36.32marco_where can i handle sound events?
14:38.28*** join/#kde junkDawgie (
14:39.07*** join/#kde jmoya (
14:40.04*** join/#kde mlyixi (n=mlyixi@
14:42.29*** join/#kde jmoya (
14:42.38*** join/#kde billcaraway (n=billcara@
14:43.08*** join/#kde frozeniron (
14:48.46*** join/#kde hagenf (
14:49.02*** part/#kde hagenf (
14:49.41neverendingomarco_: systemsettings -> notifications, if you mean that.
14:50.21*** join/#kde rdw__ (n=r@
14:51.23*** join/#kde scsiraider (
14:51.37scsiraiderhow do i change teh digital clock in kde4 to 12hour format
14:51.41*** join/#kde eguven (n=ertan@
14:52.08*** join/#kde kamel__ (n=kamel@
14:52.23*** join/#kde A-Journey-In-The (
14:52.41kamel__salut tt le monde
14:52.42Jucatoscsiraider: System Settings --> Regional & Language
14:52.58*** join/#kde renards (n=fox@
14:53.10JucatoTimes & Dates tab. it will take time for changes to apply
14:53.21*** join/#kde pmatos (
14:53.44*** join/#kde imagelife (n=xyx@
14:54.18scsiraiderJucato: you should be able to change that from the clock applet too
14:54.40Jucatodon't tell me. :)
14:54.57pinotreethis is a global kde setting, not specific to the clock applet
14:55.58scsiraiderright, but most users are used to being able to change the clock format from the clock, if I was writing this, the date functions would be part of some api that any kde app could access/change
14:56.26scsiraiderbut i got it changed
14:56.31scsiraiderthanks for the help
14:57.18pinotreehow many times do you change the format of the clock? each hour? each day? or, more concretely, at most once every 2/3 months?
14:57.39*** join/#kde mabu (
14:57.50pinotreethus, not worth being put in the clock configuration (other than because it is not specific to the clock)
14:58.35scsiraiderpinotree: im just saying it should be easier to find that all
14:58.45*** join/#kde christaker (
14:58.59pinotreeit is already in the global configuration of the locale
14:59.06*** join/#kde mapreduce (
14:59.12*** part/#kde Gzero (
14:59.17mapreduceHow can I make Ctrl-S not suspend in Konsole?
14:59.54*** join/#kde Atoms (
15:01.38*** join/#kde imagelife (n=xyx@
15:02.44*** join/#kde frodus (n=frodus@
15:02.56*** join/#kde zubair (n=zubair@
15:03.08*** join/#kde atomik_ (n=atomik@
15:03.08*** part/#kde zubair (n=zubair@
15:03.59*** join/#kde FoxM (n=foxm@
15:04.20marco_where can i handle sound events?
15:04.40FoxMHow can I add a jar program to the KDE Menu?
15:04.50pinotreemarco_: systemsettings → notifications
15:04.51*** join/#kde padde (n=padde@unaffiliated/padde)
15:05.51mamris there already a release date for amarok 2?
15:05.59*** join/#kde Daante (
15:06.01*** part/#kde kwindva (n=kwindva@2001:da8:201:1088:213:72ff:feea:5100)
15:06.41*** join/#kde imagelife (n=xyx@
15:07.02annmamamr: #amarok
15:07.02frodusI want to build an RPM; where can I get a script for add my software to the K-menu?
15:07.12mamrsorry, annma
15:07.17mamrthanks :)
15:07.28*** join/#kde blub_ (
15:07.30annmafrodus: K menu is build from .desktop files
15:07.42annmafollowing freeDesktop standards
15:08.07annmaas is also Gnome menu
15:09.12*** join/#kde elTigre (
15:09.43FoxMHow can I add a jar program to the KDE Menu?
15:10.51annmawith menu editor
15:11.02annmalike any other program
15:12.00*** join/#kde Roland123 (n=roland@
15:12.38*** join/#kde fajmoh (
15:12.48*** join/#kde zubair_ (n=zubair@
15:13.25FoxMannma: But I did just that, and it does not work. :( the command is '/home/user/.dir/program.jar' and nothing happens. I also changed the file associations to run the program with the Sun Java Runtime
15:14.20annmazubair_: write /join #fedora
15:14.33annmaor click on the blue #fedora
15:14.55annmaFoxM: can you execute it when you click on it in a file manager?
15:15.51FoxMYes :(
15:16.01FoxMannma: Yes :(
15:16.56*** join/#kde ELITE_x (
15:18.20annmaso file association is already good
15:19.19*** part/#kde frodus (n=frodus@
15:20.03*** join/#kde buscher (
15:20.18*** join/#kde scsiraider (
15:20.21*** join/#kde Static-- (n=jason@
15:20.25FoxMannma: wait... I have to try something.... when I single-click on it, it opens an Ark preview.... I have to do right-click and then select the Sun Java Runtime.... let me close KDE to see if it has not been properly updated, because in the File Association Dialog, it already appears with the runtime as first priority
15:20.40*** join/#kde _RedGhostBis_ (
15:20.42annmaah see
15:21.11*** part/#kde FoxM (n=foxm@
15:23.59*** join/#kde LnxSlck (
15:25.51*** join/#kde Worf (
15:33.10*** join/#kde Skept (n=melancho@
15:33.53SkeptHi, is there a way to change the color scheming of akregator?
15:34.10annmapart of KDE whole theme
15:34.21annmano individual way
15:34.29SkeptI mean, how akregator displays feeds
15:34.48SkeptI can barely read the blue letters on a grey background
15:35.12annmagrey background?
15:35.55SkeptIt displays feeds alternatively in white and grey bands. Unread news is blue colored
15:36.16scsiraideranyone know if ksynaptics is being ported for kde4
15:36.38annmais that kde3 Skept?
15:36.46annmawhat is ksynaptics?
15:36.57*** join/#kde antonio_ (n=antonio@
15:37.01annmais it in kde svn repository?
15:37.19pinotreelast i heard (more than one year ago), it was no more developed
15:37.38Skeptannma: KDE 3.5
15:37.48annmaah Skept I have KDE 4 here
15:38.21annmayou can change unread and read articles colors in kde4
15:38.29annmai.e. red and blue
15:38.38annmaSkept: ^^
15:38.47SkeptNo, I want to get rid of the bands
15:38.48annmaso I guess that would be an improvement already
15:38.54annmaI don't have them
15:39.37annmathey are gone in default listviews
15:40.03SkeptAh, kde4. Actually my debian lenny install says that my system is upgraded to kde4. But some packages are still in kde3, I think. Its too confusing how it does it
15:40.42SkeptFor example, my ktorrent says its kde 4.1.3
15:40.51annmayou can have boths
15:41.12*** join/#kde wolverine (n=wolverin@
15:41.22SkeptThats what I thought
15:41.27*** join/#kde cjcbot2001 (n=CJCBOTdy@
15:43.07scsiraiderannma: ksynaptics is a touchpad control tool
15:43.54*** join/#kde millun (n=r@
15:44.09pinotreecjcbot2001: english please
15:44.35*** join/#kde FoxM (n=foxm@
15:44.40cjcbot2001i want change my name ,can you help me ?
15:45.13SkeptTry /nick new-name
15:45.31*** join/#kde genady12 (n=genady12@
15:46.26*** join/#kde SmatZ (
15:46.28FoxMannma: Hi. I can open now jar files by double-clicking in konqueror file viewer... but still I added the jar file to KDE Menu editor and the program does not open :(
15:48.57freeedrichFoxM: add a desktop entry for it then
15:49.12arbiterwhere are you from?
15:49.14annmafreeedrich: the menu editor does exactly that
15:49.22*** join/#kde zubair_ (n=zubair@
15:49.24SkeptHow do you run the jar file? javac jar.jar?
15:49.34*** part/#kde zubair_ (n=zubair@
15:49.47annmais clueless about .jar
15:49.54arbiterany one eals?
15:50.10arbiteri am chinese
15:50.14annmahe said with Sun Java Runtime Skept
15:50.42freeedricharbiter: you are probably not the only one :P
15:51.04freeedrichI mean.. statistically every third one in here should be one too.
15:51.05Skeptchuckles @ freeedrich
15:51.07arbiternice to meet you
15:52.15*** join/#kde jmoya (
15:52.27*** part/#kde jmoya (
15:52.35arbiteri used irc soft 10 years ago
15:54.08FoxMannma: Skept: thanks for the help. I did a Desktop Config file (right click -> Create New -> Link to App) with a link to the jar file. It does not work... I then dragged the actual jar file to the desktop and selected to ''Link here" and it does work...
15:54.23annmahey cool
15:55.11FoxMannma: :P But I want the icon in KDE Menu, not in my desktop :( :P hahahaha
15:56.46annmaah ;)
15:57.14*** join/#kde Zaister (
15:57.20annmayou can drag from menu to desktop but I don't think you can drag the other way
15:57.37*** join/#kde vbgunz (n=vbgunz@
15:57.53vbgunzHow can I make vim the embedded viewer in Konqueror?
15:57.58*** join/#kde mgisbers (
15:58.31annmaembedded viewer?
15:58.42cgaFoxM: use menu edit
15:59.24annmavim is not an app
15:59.33annmait needs konsole vbgunz
15:59.34vbgunzannma: yeah, when you say preview file inline, you can edit the file... How can I get the editor to be vim, is this possible?
15:59.41spawn57hi folks, have any of you tried uploading photos to facebook using konqueror?
15:59.50annmais vim an app as such vbgunz
16:00.07spawn57it's a java app, but the java console is reporting an error everytime I try..
16:00.47*** join/#kde mx-tvt (
16:01.36vbgunzannma: I agree it needs a console to be of any use. so, I cannot use vim as the embedded viewer?
16:03.08vbgunze.g., right clicking on a text file in konqueror in file mode you get the option of 'preview in embedded advanced text editor'... just the editor isn't really so advanced and just prefer vim for it *but* I don't know how to get it to be vim :(
16:03.17annmacan you use it to open any file in konqueror
16:03.35*** join/#kde yacc_ (
16:03.44mx-tvthey... I'm using kde4 svn. is there any way to get the old dialog boxes when transfering files instead of the pop-up in plasma tray? because if plasma crashes you can't monitor the transfer.a nd plasma still crashes a bit
16:03.55annmapreview in konsole with vim
16:04.19vbgunzannma: on 3.5.10 I had every text set up to open Yakuake which then opened vim on the file... I plan on doing that again *but* have to switch every dcop call to a dbus call... been putting it off
16:04.23annmanot sure it's possible, how would you specify vim to bash?
16:04.40annmaso do it that way
16:05.05vbgunzok, but how would you change the embedded viewer if you could? is there an option for it anywhere?
16:05.33annmaas I said, you can call konsole but what then?
16:05.47annmaembedded viewer is a mime type
16:05.58*** join/#kde funkyou (
16:07.24vbgunzannma: I am curious. I thought I could get my embedded viewer to be vim. it shouldn't be impossible. am asking for some help/hint/clue to any possibilities. I don't know what embedded viewer is as a mime type :(
16:07.58*** join/#kde rdw__ (n=r@
16:08.17vbgunzheh, I'll play
16:08.20*** join/#kde mgisbers (n=mgisbers@
16:08.20annmavim is not an app persee
16:08.56*** join/#kde phreak4257 (
16:08.59*** join/#kde sidh (n=tinom@
16:09.39pinotreevbgunz: you cannot embed an app in konqueror as it is, it needs kde integration
16:10.05pinotreevbgunz: you want to look for the yzis project, although it is not that active...
16:10.27vbgunzpinotree: thank you. I see kwrite I believe is the only kpart editor on the system. not sure if that is correct
16:10.48pinotreemost probably it is
16:11.04sidhhello everybody
16:11.08sidhi REALLY need your help
16:11.12sidhi have 2 cache-imap account
16:11.19sidhwhen i compare the webmail and kmail , a lot of mails are missing in webmail
16:11.22sidhhow to synchronize ?
16:12.03*** join/#kde smurfslover (
16:12.17*** join/#kde lizard_r (
16:12.52*** join/#kde demonsdread (n=demonsdr@unaffiliated/delusions)
16:13.00lizard_rHi, is there a posibillity to strg+tab out of fullscreen?
16:14.56demonsdreadhello, do you have any idea what kftpgrabber is doing with 20% of my cpu while theres no connections active and minimized to systray ?
16:14.57*** join/#kde kc8hfi (n=kc8hfi@
16:15.28*** part/#kde FoxM (n=foxm@
16:16.03*** join/#kde stuffcorpse (n=rick@
16:16.20*** join/#kde funkyou ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:16.20*** join/#kde sxe ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:16.20*** join/#kde kriko (n=kristjan@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:16.20*** join/#kde ponto ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:16.20*** join/#kde non7top (n=non7top@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:16.20*** join/#kde hibread__ (n=hibread@ [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:16.20*** join/#kde tchough ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:16.20*** join/#kde frankS2 (
16:16.20*** join/#kde dogbert_ ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:16.20*** join/#kde TehWuzyl ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:16.20*** join/#kde Kunalagon (n=Kunila@pc3.telekom.yu) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:16.20*** join/#kde nick125 (n=quassel@pdpc/supporter/student/nick125) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:16.20*** join/#kde thomasa88_ ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:16.20*** join/#kde easyfit ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:16.20*** join/#kde yang3 (i=yang@CAcert/Assurer/pdpc.supporter.base.yang) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:16.20*** join/#kde Aji-Dahaka ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:16.20*** join/#kde magyar (
16:16.21*** join/#kde ilaiho (
16:16.21*** join/#kde apokryphos (n=francis@opensuse/member/Apokryphos) [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:17.05*** join/#kde _guj4_ (
16:17.42*** join/#kde cga (n=cga@
16:17.55*** join/#kde Roland123 (n=roland@
16:20.40*** join/#kde Half-Left (
16:21.08*** join/#kde spawn57 (
16:21.52*** join/#kde deso (
16:25.10*** join/#kde SyntaxRebel_ (
16:25.59*** join/#kde darkwizzard (n=kde-deve@
16:26.41*** join/#kde darkwizzard (n=kde-deve@
16:26.44*** join/#kde Roland123 (n=roland@
16:27.22Roland123i need help... the big K icon disappeared from the taskbar, how can i get it back
16:27.26*** join/#kde ivanich (
16:27.33annmafrom the panel
16:27.39annmakde version?
16:28.58Roland123jeah from the panel
16:29.09annmaright click on desktop -> add widgets
16:29.23annmathere's the K menu icon, drag it to its location
16:29.38vbgunzhow do you get the value of a property in dbus... I keep getting unknown method... I am trying to get a property
16:29.57Roland123annma: which one?
16:30.24annmatop first
16:30.31annmasecond one is classical
16:30.35vbgunzthe call on the command line looks like this... qdbus org.kde.yakuake /yakuake/MainWindow_1 com.trolltech.Qt.QWidget visible   ... I am trying to find out if Yakuake is visible.
16:30.40annmayou can switch anyway with right click
16:31.01annmavbgunz: use qdbusviewer to test
16:31.20Roland123annma: previously i tried to drag it directly to the panel (that didn't work)
16:31.35annmathat should work
16:31.39*** join/#kde darkwizzard (n=kde-deve@
16:31.44Roland123jeah it worked, thnx
16:32.10vbgunzannma: yes, qdbusviewer returns the correct result... I don't know how to really use dbus, took a short tutorial on it but am failing to simply get a property... it thinks I am trying to call a method... how do I get a property on the command line?
16:33.19annmaI don't have yakuake so I don't knwo for it
16:33.19*** join/#kde cga (n=cga@
16:33.38*** join/#kde DerHorst_ (
16:33.39*** join/#kde spawn57` (
16:34.36*** join/#kde scsiraider (
16:34.46*** join/#kde lnzju (n=nicholas@
16:35.09vbgunzthis is as deep as I can go and I get this back on the command line: 'property readwrite bool com.trolltech.Qt.QWidget.visible'  ... now, how do I tack that onto: qdbus org.kde.yakuake /yakuake/MainWindow_1
16:35.42vbgunzqdbus org.kde.yakuake /yakuake/MainWindow_1 com.trolltech.Qt.QWidget.visible  ... returns no such method, etc :(
16:36.20vbgunzno such method 'visible'... but it works from qdbusviewer :(
16:36.37*** join/#kde julroy67 (
16:38.12*** join/#kde Rocky_Spirit (
16:39.22*** join/#kde pprkut (
16:39.53vbgunzdamn it is frustrating :/
16:42.54*** join/#kde Nickname_ (n=Name@
16:43.18*** join/#kde Unlix (
16:45.33*** join/#kde Parkotron (n=parker@
16:45.44*** join/#kde graeme__ (
16:46.26*** join/#kde Kame2 (
16:46.31*** join/#kde nogagplz (
16:46.39*** join/#kde [Kame2] (
16:47.23*** join/#kde xtvrdy1 (
16:47.32*** join/#kde Nickname_ (n=Name@
16:50.27*** join/#kde buntfalke (n=nobody@unaffiliated/buntfalke)
16:50.31vbgunzanybody here know how to get a property from dbus at all? can anyone help me out? qdbus org.kde.yakuake /yakuake/MainWindow_1 com.trolltech.Qt.QWidget.visible ... no such method 'visible' ... awesome, its a property, how to get it!?
16:52.49*** join/#kde annma_ (
16:55.51*** join/#kde Gigadelic_IIDX (
16:56.41*** join/#kde bb_ (
16:57.43*** join/#kde Cappyyyy (
16:59.08vbgunzqdbus org.kde.yakuake /yakuake/MainWindow_1 org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties.Get '' visible
17:02.31*** join/#kde zubair_ (n=zubair@
17:02.40*** join/#kde oipat (
17:04.10*** join/#kde jtibu (
17:04.32oipatWhen I try to set my Keyboard Layout to Norwegian, my arrow keys stop functioning. My xorg.conf file has the correct settings for my country, but KDE seems to ignore those. Help?
17:04.54*** join/#kde pinheiro (
17:06.25oipatOr, how can I make KDE use the keyboard settings from xorg.conf instead_
17:08.23cb400fdo you set the keyboard layout in kde systemsettings?
17:09.06*** join/#kde |smurfslover| (
17:11.54*** join/#kde nogagplz_ (
17:14.20*** join/#kde Skept (n=melancho@
17:14.46SkeptHi, how can I migrate the feeds and articles from .kde3 to .kde4?
17:14.55Skeptakregator's, I meant
17:15.04*** join/#kde Led_Zeppelin (
17:15.12*** join/#kde |brot_scheibe| (
17:18.45annmaSkept: did you ry just copying the config files over?
17:19.08*** join/#kde Defense|Twin (
17:19.43SkeptNo, from .kde3 folder?
17:20.15annma.kde or .kde3 depending on your distro
17:20.21*** join/#kde faemir (
17:20.44*** join/#kde GCN (n=GCN@2a01:e35:2eeb:1680:c830:c8f6:469a:a6ea)
17:25.27*** join/#kde Roland123 (n=roland@
17:26.20*** join/#kde Rasi (
17:26.23Skeptannma: Super. I have copied apps/akregator to .kde4 and its working. Thanks a lot
17:26.51vbgunzI guess one more question. how can you check if a service is running in dbus?
17:26.59SkeptI got rid of the bands too.
17:27.16*** join/#kde outer_edge (
17:27.19*** join/#kde icwiener (
17:28.20*** join/#kde Defense (
17:28.45SkeptOne last question, how can I get the kde3 look in kde4?
17:28.50*** join/#kde windu (
17:31.09*** join/#kde smurfslover (
17:31.46annmathe kde3 look, what was the default style in kde3?
17:32.05annmaopen kcontrol and find out what style/theme you were using
17:32.37*** join/#kde fintan (
17:33.33*** join/#kde kking_ (n=kevin@
17:38.05*** join/#kde corwin_ (n=corwin@
17:39.16*** join/#kde soa2ii (
17:39.38thiago_homeselect Plastique
17:41.41*** join/#kde MegafEee (n=Megaf@unaffiliated/megaf)
17:43.13*** join/#kde shepherd (
17:44.05*** join/#kde Jejem (
17:44.18*** join/#kde damada (
17:44.30*** join/#kde Xand3r (
17:44.59damadapinotree, hi, do you remember our conversation from yesterday? I could provide a PDF which is *horribly* slow on okular
17:45.52pinotreedamada: hi... please open a bug on, "poppler" product; remember to note the version of your poppler-qt4 library
17:46.00*** join/#kde Dumble (n=Dumble@2001:5c0:8a7c:0:213:2ff:fe22:13d0)
17:46.20damadahave a look here, pinotree :
17:46.40damadamaybe it doesnt't make sense to open a report
17:46.52*** join/#kde cenuij (n=cenuij@base/student/cenuij)
17:47.13*** join/#kde Cueball (
17:47.54*** part/#kde kriko (n=kristjan@
17:48.23*** join/#kde loktor (
17:49.00*** part/#kde loktor (
17:49.39gkiagiawhat do you mean by "horribly slow"? it's quite fast
17:50.02damadagkiagia, really? do you really tell me that okular is fast on that file for you?
17:50.03*** join/#kde lpjhjdh (n=chris@
17:50.14lpjhjdhcan kdm be loaded before dbus?
17:50.38gkiagiadamada: yep. I see no slowness at all
17:50.57*** join/#kde kriko (n=kristjan@
17:51.12damadagkiagia, pls don't get offended, but after some months now of using okular, I really don't buy the story of it being faster than kpdf... it definitely is! scrolling is a pain, as is zooming.
17:51.15luke-jrwhen is okular ever NOT slow? :/
17:51.18*** join/#kde MethoS- (
17:51.23damadamaybe it is related to openSUSE? I can't tell really
17:51.27*** join/#kde funkyou (
17:51.42annmathis document is really fact
17:51.51annmano probelm here as well
17:51.56gkiagiadamada: what version of poppler do you have?
17:52.06annmascrolling is as fast as possible
17:52.06damadawhat is going wrong here then for me?
17:52.18damadareally envies both of you!
17:52.22annmayour poppler version?
17:52.32damadasec, let me check
17:52.38annmazoom is also fast
17:52.40luke-jrok, weird
17:52.44luke-jrthat PDF is quite fast, for Okular
17:52.52luke-jr*most* PDFs aren't very fast
17:52.54luke-jrin Okular
17:53.24luke-jrbut *that* PDF, is quite snappy
17:53.31gkiagiaeverybody with a different statement...
17:53.37damadahmmm..... could it be that is is less fast when $HOME is on an NFS server?
17:53.54luke-jrif so, it's a bug ☺
17:54.03damadaI definitely have problems with about every document exceeding 10k or so
17:54.03pinotreeeverything is slower when on nts
17:54.20gkiagiabtw, I guess that the nvidia issues could also apply here....
17:54.33damadaof course, but it shouldn't be so much slower than what KPDF did for me
17:54.42damadagkiagia, pinotree thinks not
17:54.47annmait depends if only okular is slow here damada
17:54.58damadaannma, else I have no issues with that
17:55.02thiago_homeNFS is extremely slow compared to local disks
17:55.05pinotreenote he didn't say anything about graphics driver
17:55.06annmaor if other viewing like big pics or whatever are also slow
17:55.23damada(I don't count the dolphin crashes on remote samba shares)
17:55.26*** join/#kde Jonty (
17:55.27annmadamada: what about pdfs on normal partitions?
17:55.43gkiagiaso, damada 1) check your poppler version, 2) try copying this file locally, 3) ensure that you are not using the nvidia binary driver ;)
17:55.44annmawhat about that pdf elsewhere?
17:55.50damadaannma, everything else is as fast as I would expect with Gigabit networking...
17:55.51*** join/#kde nuonguy (
17:55.54annmabe scientific about it
17:55.57damadaannma, let me check
17:55.59*** join/#kde cremuss (
17:56.03thiago_homedamada: network = much slower than disk
17:56.06thiago_homewhichever network it is
17:56.29thiago_homeput the file on a tmpfs to avoid any I/O issues
17:56.41*** join/#kde g0n (
17:57.20*** join/#kde James296 (
17:57.32damadathiago, thanks but I am no total computer noob :)
17:57.56damadaOK no difference when I put it on a local partition
17:58.01damadasame slowness
17:58.11*** join/#kde kc8hfi_ (n=camey@
17:58.17damadathat very document is slow to the point that I can't navigate is
17:58.18James296ok, is it possible to prevent the taskbar icons on the far right from constantly getting "boxed" automatically?
17:59.05damadathis is what I have with respect to poppler: poppler-tools-0.8.7-1.30 libpoppler-qt4-3-0.8.7-1.30 libpoppler3-0.8.7-1.30 libpoppler-glib3-0.8.7-1.30
17:59.35James296does anyone know what Im talking about?
18:00.17damadaJames296, no, but I think you are experiencing some graphics driver bug :)
18:00.46damadayou mean you have the icons in the systray with some weird background?
18:00.54*** join/#kde C-MoH (n=cipi@
18:01.01damadaand sometimes they look OK?
18:01.20James296Geforce 8500GT
18:01.21damadathere you go :)
18:01.40James296isnt Nvidia more stable than ATI though?
18:01.58damadaI thought so, too, but seems no longer the case :)
18:02.09James296are you kidding me...
18:02.22damadais not happy with his FX5200
18:02.27damadanot any more :)
18:02.40James296I'll never go to ATI
18:02.48*** join/#kde george_ (n=george@
18:02.58lpjhjdhI think the main issue is that nvidia feels the need to role everything themselves
18:03.06*** join/#kde kc8hfi__ (n=kc8hfi@
18:03.32James296has anyone here ever tried OpenSolaris?
18:03.35damadait seems to me that a lot changed with KDE4, and nvidia is not keeping up pace... my Intel i855 graphics chip from the stone age performs almost as fast with compositing as the FX5200
18:04.17James296well I bet this problem should be fixed in version 4.2 should I be correct here?
18:04.36damadahow can it if it is related to some proprietary driver?
18:04.51lpjhjdhanyone know if kdm requires dbus to be running?  Or can dbus start after kdm?
18:04.59thiago_homethe new 180 drivers from NVidia seem to have caught up
18:04.59James296maybe a newer version of the driver will be out then?
18:05.04damadaI hope so, too, but I doubt it...
18:05.05thiago_homelpjhjdh: kdm doesn't require nor use D-Bus
18:05.13thiago_homelpjhjdh: startkde starts it if necessary
18:05.26Sputmy nvidia performs acceptable with the 180 drivers
18:05.45damadaback to my poppler issue: is anything wrong with the installed packages?
18:06.11James296so that tastbar Box problem is related to my graphics driver even if I dont have 3D acceleration enabled?
18:06.39damadaas I said: about every PDF there is is very slow with Okular, and when I open the same with KPDF/KDE3 it flies... so there *must* be something wrong, either in KDE4 or here on my box
18:06.56*** join/#kde smurfslover (
18:07.07damadabut then: I have this issue on four totally different boxes with KDE 4.1.3...
18:07.39damadaand half of them are laptop with local partitions only, so it is not a networking problem
18:09.01*** join/#kde A-Journey-In-The (n=kvirc@
18:09.20*** join/#kde brot_laptop (
18:09.39*** join/#kde jtibu (
18:10.35*** join/#kde Dumble_ (
18:10.58James296I cant wait for version 4.2 to be released...
18:11.31James296how do I check in Mandriva 2009 what version of KDE Im currently running lol, it seems hard to find that out in KDE 4
18:12.11damadatry the About info of any KDE app or your choice :)
18:12.15*** join/#kde supert0nes (n=archer@
18:12.35gkiagiadamada: that's the same poppler version I have, wierd...
18:12.36James296ahhh that helps lol
18:12.42damadaby default it is 4.1.2, James296
18:12.44gkiagiablames nvidia (as always...)
18:12.50James296I have 4.1.3
18:13.08damadagkiagia, I am just checking on #opensuse-kde... maybe it is a packaging problem
18:13.25*** join/#kde ]Kame2[ (
18:13.57damadaif no one of you guys are on openSUSE 11.0 or 11.1devel, and do not have a slow okular, than it seems even more likely to me
18:14.19*** join/#kde Tomasu (
18:15.04*** join/#kde Pinaraf (
18:15.06James296personally I find Opensuse 11 to be very buggy to my liking
18:15.50damadareally? Personally, I really find it has one of the best integrations of KDE :) besides Mandriva
18:15.59*** join/#kde teatime (
18:16.20*** join/#kde holycow (
18:16.25damadathe only buggy component is NetworkManager... that crap tool should be buried better now than later
18:16.25Dumblehello world
18:16.30James296it does have very neat things in it, and thats why Im gonna try it again once 11.1 is released
18:16.49Dumblejuste installed KDE 4.2ß1 and it rocks !
18:16.54damadaI really do feel well on 11.1RC1
18:17.06James296I JUST recently tried it again and Im still not likin it
18:17.19hyper_chdamada: WICD
18:17.24damadaJames296, I doubt that you will ever like it then...
18:17.30damadahyper_ch, ?
18:17.38hyper_chdamada: alternate network manager
18:17.44hyper_chdamada: I use now that oneforal
18:17.47hyper_choneforall: that one
18:17.51luke-jralso concurs that NetworkManager should be buried, or perhaps better: turned into a standard interface between different componetns
18:17.54hyper_choneforall: before I did config network manually
18:17.58damadahyper_ch, aha? what clients does it have? one for KDE4, too?
18:18.03damadaand for CLI?
18:18.07hyper_chdamada: it's a python script
18:18.09James296well Im certain it will be a piece of cake to update the graphics driver for my Nvidia card to 177x
18:18.15hyper_chdamada: so works on kde and gnome
18:18.24James296it was a pain to do that on version 11 and I gave up
18:18.44*** join/#kde zeltak (
18:19.37damadaJames296, if you are not fine with the supplied driver in the supported repo, then all you can do is manually install the driver.. but I can not confirm that this is difficult
18:20.53James296I tried to manually install it and ran into so many issues that could make me chance makin the packages be broken
18:21.09*** join/#kde jtibu_ (
18:21.39damada? all you need it the kernel source and the compiler set... just install the base devel pattern and that should give you all you need
18:21.58damadaand then run the installer from a non-graphical runlevel...
18:22.28James296complicated...Im a novice linux user I dont understand how to get into that great of detail, I refulse to have to compile anything...
18:22.32*** join/#kde Wanderer (
18:22.36*** join/#kde vjm (
18:22.40vbgunzwhat is the easiest way to associate a program with every text file possible? I remember doing this on 3 but they're has to be an easier way to do it :/
18:22.50*** join/#kde gekaklam (
18:23.04*** part/#kde gekaklam (
18:23.17*** join/#kde Pooh22 (
18:23.26vbgunzI mean, I painstakingly went through every file association looking for text editors... then, inserting my program into the mix... I think this even ended up littering my associations...
18:23.36damadaJames296, then you are in trouble of course: the module must match your kernel, so some installer script must compile it against your running kernel. but all you have to do is call the script and press confirm a couple times
18:25.35vbgunzI guess, probably what I am looking for is, is there a simpler way to associate a program with certain extensions and file types? I basically would like to switch out my current default text editor for another
18:25.41*** join/#kde Hoki (n=GM-Mord@unaffiliated/hokinon)
18:27.42*** join/#kde feindbild (
18:28.48annmayou can maybe open vim for text
18:28.56*** join/#kde MrPaul (n=MrPaul@unaffiliated/mrpaul)
18:29.01annmabut you cannot put vim into konqueror as it's not a kpart
18:29.07hyper_chvbgunz: kde4 has the file association in the systemsettings
18:29.09*** join/#kde tinytony_ (n=tinytony@
18:29.40*** join/#kde nordag (
18:30.02*** join/#kde kc8hfi_ (n=camey@
18:30.28vbgunzhyper_ch: yeah. I know that, this is sort of exactly what I mean dreading to go through... last time, I went through every entry and one-by-one had to **add** my program to the list... am sort of dreading doing this again and was hoping there was an easier way
18:30.55annmaevery entry???
18:31.00annmaexplain that?
18:31.01hyper_chvbgunz: edit the according config file?
18:31.22*** join/#kde brot_laptop (
18:31.23annmausually you don't have a lot of extensions associated with a prog
18:31.23vbgunzannma: I got my script up and running for dbus. on 3.5.10, anytime I clicked on a file that I could edit, the script launched Yakuake which then in turn opened the file in vim... I loved it. am trying to do it again
18:31.37annmaI get that
18:31.43annmayou're mixing several issues
18:32.51vbgunztrying to get my editor of choice to launch which by chance is vim is mixing several issues? all I am looking for now is an easier way to associate, text documents with all sorts of extensions to open in Yakuake/vim
18:33.42vbgunzunless there is a catchall text/document extension... I am not very well with mime-types, and stuff :(
18:33.52*** join/#kde kdepepo (
18:34.09*** join/#kde whitman (
18:34.14damadaOK have to leave, server reboot :)
18:35.19vbgunzhmm. this time, I only associated the prog with plain-text, that seems to be opening up several different extensions so far... sweet
18:35.28annmawhat extensions do you want to be opened?
18:35.30vbgunzI just remember this being painful...
18:35.47*** join/#kde ian| (
18:36.07annmajust add in text general the extensions you want, I already have .txt .doc (stupid) .asc
18:36.44vbgunzannma: I remember having trouble opening up .css, .js, .json, .xml, .py and others. I remember just always having to go into file associations until the day I went through every extension I could
18:36.58vbgunzthis seems to be good so far and is working just right :)
18:36.58annmatry adding them in general
18:37.49*** join/#kde tempelhueter (n=gmr@
18:37.56*** join/#kde Smurfslover (
18:38.29vbgunzdamn... I am getting taskbar entries for these lauches... thats nuts :/
18:38.49*** join/#kde matkor (
18:38.52*** join/#kde _juan (i=0@
18:39.14annmawhy is it?
18:39.19_juanhi! what script tells x to  start with kde or with any other window mnager?
18:39.49*** join/#kde book (
18:40.54*** join/#kde e0526054 (
18:41.38*** join/#kde Dedi (
18:42.05*** join/#kde zuargo (
18:43.20*** join/#kde Rasi (
18:43.41*** join/#kde crazy_pete (n=peter@unaffiliated/crazypete/x-27226)
18:45.28*** join/#kde bgeddy (
18:46.19*** join/#kde Lord^Anubis_ (
18:46.35*** join/#kde Thundercloud (
18:46.47*** join/#kde sxe_ (
18:49.53vbgunzannma:  not sure why I am getting task bar entries... these taskbar entries are pointing to my script which has no interface :/ I must have solved this before by skipping taskbar or something
18:50.00*** join/#kde untitled_ (
18:50.24untitled_hello, is anyone here using kde 4.1.3 on debian?
18:50.55Pooh22hi, I've just installed fedora 10 on my new acer aspire one, but everything (in kde4) looks huge, it doesn't fit on my tiny screen :-( what can I do?
18:51.29untitled_Pooh22, was the netbook with windows?
18:51.40Pooh22no, linpus linux
18:51.49untitled_Pooh22, is it bad?
18:52.03*** join/#kde marc__ (
18:52.19Pooh22linpus? quite bad ;-)
18:52.35Pooh22no seriously, I'm not the target audience for it...
18:53.10untitled_Pooh22, just want to buy one, so interested what is not good about its linux?
18:54.01Pooh22untitled_: it's based on an older fedora and the package selection is very limited
18:54.15Pooh22have a look at the linpus website (I think it was
18:54.33Pooh22it's not meant for serious linux users, but for appliances
18:55.00*** join/#kde faemir (
18:55.02Pooh22but I think that's a given for all the linux netbooks
18:55.06untitled_I see, is there an irc and msn/icq client?
18:55.43Pooh22I guess msn/icq would be there (I can't boot linpus at the moment, due to a failed resizing experiment ;-)
18:56.40Pooh22I tried to make a dual boot linpus fedora system, but the default install/rescue install uses the entire 120G disk
18:57.01Pooh22so to install fedora I had to resize it (using resize2fs and then the partition)
18:57.16vbgunzyeah, thats just fubar... everytime I launch open a text file, the script itself goes into the taskbar... it goes away by itself after a while... I cannot fix it :(
18:58.02untitled_Pooh22, 20GB ssd?
18:58.25*** join/#kde MoDaX (n=nth@2002:54f0:1683:0:0:0:0:1)
18:59.14Pooh22120gb hdd
18:59.37untitled_I wonder if ssd is any faster that hdd in there..
18:59.51untitled_it is not real ssd
19:01.38Pooh22untitled_: I've no idea, since I only have one ;-)
19:01.51*** join/#kde cgoncalves (
19:02.12*** join/#kde hibread__ (n=hibread@
19:02.12zuargoI have KDE 4 on fedora 10, konqueror can to reproduce flash videos but from youtube it can not... anyone know why?
19:02.36rdieterzuargo: i386 or x86_64 ?
19:03.22rdieterzuargo: you could try removing nspluginwrapper, doesn't work reliably with kde4 (not at all on x86_64 either)... for me.
19:03.46*** join/#kde iomari (n=iomari@
19:04.14vbgunzannma: under advanced options, I simply disabled 'enable feedback'. this removed subsequent taskbar entries
19:04.14rdieterzuargo: or short of removing it, configure konq to simply not use it.
19:04.32untitled_how to get rid of KSysTraycmd in kde4 debian? :)
19:04.54pinotreedon't use it?
19:06.17zuargommmmm... konqueror is not using nspluginwrapper... is using the adobe plugin
19:06.58*** join/#kde cga (n=cga@
19:08.03*** join/#kde kc8hfi__ (n=kc8hfi@
19:08.57*** join/#kde frozeniron (
19:09.53*** join/#kde cga (n=cga@
19:12.29*** join/#kde bb_ (
19:12.35*** join/#kde mphill (n=mphill@
19:12.41*** part/#kde mphill (n=mphill@
19:12.56*** join/#kde shadok (n=shadok@unaffiliated/shadok)
19:15.38*** part/#kde detrate (
19:16.35*** join/#kde dani_l (n=dani@kde/developer/laidig)
19:18.09Pooh22I found a netbook plasma theme, how do I install it?
19:18.32*** part/#kde untitled_ (
19:18.55Pooh22the description on kde-look didn't include a howto :-(
19:19.30*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2366 (n=sabayonu@
19:20.16pinotreeright click on your desktop → configuration/settings/whatever → download new theme and install it from there
19:21.06Pooh22pinotree: tnx
19:21.52*** join/#kde nsldjngsajlgnf (
19:22.13*** join/#kde frozeniron (
19:22.57*** join/#kde peppe (n=peppe@unaffiliated/peppe)
19:24.39*** join/#kde nsldjngsajlgnf (
19:24.41*** join/#kde mabu (
19:25.31*** join/#kde nsldjngsajlgnf (
19:25.36*** join/#kde holycow (
19:26.04holycowhi guys
19:26.21*** join/#kde nsldjngsajlgnf (
19:26.28holycowi'm running kde4 on ubuntu ibex which is kde 4.1.x
19:27.02holycoweverything works great however, when i click on the bookmarks icon in konqueror the screen on whichever monitor konqueror is on (dual head display, nvidia twinview) goes pure black
19:27.17holycowi'm not googling anything at all on this, anyone see this before?
19:27.43holycowoh i see
19:27.54holycowproblem sorta goes away when i turn off effects
19:28.03*** join/#kde nsldjngsajlgnf (
19:28.06holycowit looks like the bookmark folder just splays open and takes up the whole screen
19:32.10*** join/#kde shadok (n=shadok@unaffiliated/shadok)
19:33.33*** join/#kde ponto_ (
19:34.01*** join/#kde millun (
19:38.03*** join/#kde basantk (n=basantk@
19:38.45*** join/#kde NSaibot (
19:45.22*** join/#kde jtibu (
19:46.20*** join/#kde brot_laptop (
19:46.33Pooh22why do I have to select what kind of leaving I want to do whenever I quit/logout/restart/shutdown from kde4?
19:46.42*** join/#kde hermier (n=hermier@frugalware/developer/hermier)
19:46.44Pooh22twice, I mean
19:47.58*** join/#kde Dumble (
19:51.27*** join/#kde krisys (n=krishna@
19:51.31*** join/#kde zir0faive (
19:51.53*** part/#kde krisys (n=krishna@
19:52.06*** join/#kde dewd (
19:55.47*** join/#kde PhilRod (
19:57.28*** join/#kde Dumble_ (n=Dumble@2001:5c0:8a7c:0:213:2ff:fe22:13d0)
19:59.25*** join/#kde sxe__ (
19:59.58*** join/#kde skatar (
20:00.03*** join/#kde madrazr (n=madhu@
20:00.20*** join/#kde FlyingFoX (n=FlyingFo@
20:01.43*** join/#kde SSJ_GZ (
20:02.29tuxickwhee, konq segfaulted
20:02.44*** join/#kde brot_laptop (
20:03.01madrazrHi all, are kate and kwrite different. If so where can I find the source of Kate? I can just see kwrite in kdebase
20:03.15SimAtWorkvery different
20:03.16tuxick[KCrash handler]
20:03.17tuxick#5  0x00007f11c3e02ccb in QString::operator== () from /usr/lib64/qt4/
20:03.23tuxickthat sound bad :)
20:03.24gkiagiamadrazr: kate is in kdesdk
20:03.33madrazrgkiagia: Oh Ok. Thanks a lot
20:03.46gkiagiamadrazr: they are different apps but they use the same kpart plugin for editing text
20:03.56gkiagia(which is the katepart, in kdelibs)
20:04.24madrazrgkiagia: Oh Ok
20:04.36*** join/#kde gr1m-lap (n=mrgrim@
20:04.51gkiagiatuxick: that doesn't mean anything...
20:08.12*** join/#kde mnx (
20:08.26*** join/#kde comedit (n=chatzill@
20:09.23*** join/#kde neverendingo_ (
20:09.43comeditIn kde 3.5 i was using commands like open as root, edit as root etc
20:10.07comeditin 4 (kubuntu 8,10) i don't see them anymore
20:10.26comeditare the gone or can I activate them
20:10.53*** join/#kde [GuS] (n=gustavo@
20:12.47*** join/#kde zxiiro (
20:13.14*** join/#kde floe__ (
20:14.31*** join/#kde Imaginativeone (
20:14.57*** join/#kde pedepy (
20:15.31*** join/#kde non7top (n=non7top@
20:15.56*** part/#kde madrazr (n=madhu@
20:16.32*** join/#kde tmalkiew (
20:16.59*** join/#kde cga (n=cga@
20:17.17*** join/#kde _acid__ (
20:20.17*** join/#kde shizlap (
20:22.46Pooh22is there a way in fedora 10 to use the kwallet instead of something called key-ring?
20:23.11Pooh22this is the network manager applet that's causing it...
20:23.13*** join/#kde pedepy (
20:23.39*** join/#kde cb400f (n=cb400f@opensuse/member/Cb400f)
20:26.33*** join/#kde crazy_pete (n=peter@unaffiliated/crazypete/x-27226)
20:26.52*** join/#kde shizlap (
20:27.29*** join/#kde opensourcecat (
20:28.43*** join/#kde Longfield (
20:32.45*** join/#kde gentoo_iron (
20:35.50*** join/#kde shizlap (
20:37.03*** join/#kde phreak4257 (
20:37.40*** join/#kde cga (n=cga@
20:38.46*** part/#kde frozty_sa (n=froztbyt@unaffiliated/frozt01100101)
20:41.24*** join/#kde LnxSlck (
20:41.51*** join/#kde kirun (
20:44.56*** join/#kde Djeepp (
20:44.58*** join/#kde ArkoldThos (n=ArkoldTh@
20:45.58oneforallnew 180 drivers from NVidia  I notice this said as I scroll back . But problem is for people with FX5200 etc . Thye don't support them .
20:46.20*** join/#kde cga (n=cga@
20:46.37cb400ffx5500 neither >:-)
20:48.29*** join/#kde jhulst (n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst)
20:49.40*** join/#kde xdan779 (
20:52.24*** join/#kde faemir (
20:52.34*** join/#kde pprkut (
20:55.08*** join/#kde testi (
20:55.25*** join/#kde hoonteke (
20:57.01*** join/#kde faemir (
21:01.38*** join/#kde vital (
21:03.28*** join/#kde _guj4_ (
21:04.27*** join/#kde laynor_ (
21:04.53*** join/#kde renards (
21:05.45*** join/#kde nick01 (n=nick01@
21:06.41*** join/#kde kriko (n=kristjan@
21:07.37vbgunzI am unable to override konquerors HTML service menu... I am placing the templates here: /home/vbgunz/.kde/share/templates ... the XHTML template is picked up but I cannot override the HTML template... should I place theme templates some place else?
21:08.22*** join/#kde bud12345 (
21:08.27vbgunzs/theme/these/ ...
21:08.27*** part/#kde bud12345 (
21:09.31*** join/#kde [Kame2] (
21:10.17nick01I have kmail configured for gmail, it always reports twice the number of messages I have in inbox- like I get one and the tray icon reports 2, any way to fix that ?
21:11.20*** join/#kde ArneBab (
21:12.11*** join/#kde _gunni_ (
21:12.24*** part/#kde kriko (n=kristjan@
21:15.15*** join/#kde ponto_ (
21:15.43*** join/#kde t_s_o (
21:19.41*** join/#kde blip- (n=blip-@unaffiliated/blip-)
21:20.31blip-hi, i'm telling a FAT32 partition to auto mount via the right click properties in Dolphin file manager... but it doesn't automount and every time i have to manually mount an enter a password
21:20.35*** join/#kde Arky (n=sukru@
21:20.56blip-any ideas as to what is happening ?   thanks
21:26.30cgai need to add nvidia-settings -a InitialPixmapPlacement=2 -a GlyphCache=1 at startup. in gnome you would do that in "Sessions" , how to do that in kde4??? please thanks
21:26.39*** join/#kde Ramblurr_ (
21:27.23*** join/#kde Half-Left (
21:28.15*** join/#kde vjm (
21:28.33*** join/#kde brian_____ (
21:29.31*** join/#kde shepherd (
21:29.36tuxickno kpowersave for kde4?
21:30.16brian_____Guidance Power Manager seems to have replaced it.
21:32.36tuxickyeah just found it
21:32.39*** join/#kde indietrash (
21:32.51tuxickno more 'k' prefixes then?
21:33.08tuxickand why another name again?
21:33.27gkiagiait's a different app
21:33.35tuxickoww looks like kpowersave ism'
21:33.39tuxickt really maintained
21:33.46gkiagiathat's right
21:34.57tuxicknow if i could only find it :)
21:35.22gkiagiapowerdevil is not an executable
21:35.28gkiagiait is integrated in the system
21:35.32*** join/#kde free-zombie (i=someone@tuxhacker/free-zombie)
21:35.38gkiagiasee systemsettings->advanced->power
21:35.51gkiagiaand the battery plasma applet
21:36.09tuxickaah that's the one where i didn't look :)
21:36.28*** join/#kde ninjaslim (n=sabeeh@
21:37.39tuxickjust no daemon, no idea where to find that either
21:37.56*** join/#kde _RadioHead (n=User@
21:38.27tuxickwhoa :)
21:38.40*** join/#kde erov (
21:40.14*** join/#kde DeadFishMan (
21:40.49*** join/#kde C-MoH (n=cipi@
21:43.59*** join/#kde boloco (
21:47.01*** join/#kde gentoo_iron (
21:49.23*** join/#kde iomari (n=iomari@
21:50.24*** part/#kde DeadFishMan (
21:50.59vbgunzhow do you send files to KDEs trash by command line? I once had this in a script but it no longer works: /usr/bin/kfmclient move "$1" trash:/ ;;
21:51.37vbgunzI don't wish to simply mv them to the trash, I would like the restore functionality in case of mistakes, regret, etc
21:53.03*** join/#kde benklop (
21:54.39*** join/#kde |igor_ (n=igor@
21:54.45vbgunzeven ktrash states in it's help to "kfmclient move 'url' trash:/"  *but* this no longer works in KDE4. anyone know of a safe alternative?
21:56.46*** join/#kde oget (
22:04.24*** join/#kde |igor_ (n=igor@
22:08.25*** join/#kde hibread (n=hibread@
22:15.50*** join/#kde PaulKersey_out (
22:15.58*** join/#kde adamk (n=adamk@unaffiliated/adamk)
22:15.59*** join/#kde FallenWizard (
22:16.32adamkIs it possible to configure the Folder View plasma widget to show previews of the files?
22:16.58*** join/#kde pirho (i=pirho@gateway/gpg-tor/key-0x2CEEC9CB)
22:18.03*** join/#kde Roland123 (
22:19.29adamkNever mind...  Looks like it wasn't included till KDE 4.2:
22:21.30*** join/#kde roger_ (n=roger@
22:22.09*** join/#kde josh__ (n=josh@
22:24.30*** join/#kde basti (
22:26.02*** join/#kde kand (
22:27.34*** join/#kde kand (
22:29.11*** join/#kde non7top (n=non7top@
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22:38.18*** join/#kde mantronic (i=mantroni@gateway/tor/x-14d58535ba231201)
22:38.21blip-tuxick: i think they are expanding the features of guidance though.  i'd really like the stuff in kpowersave like autodim after specific time
22:38.44*** join/#kde MethoS- (
22:38.52blip-wow i just realized i haven't scrolled down since an hour
22:39.45*** join/#kde juanchinho (
22:40.32*** join/#kde hoisn (
22:42.08*** join/#kde shepherd (
22:42.11*** join/#kde vital (
22:44.04*** join/#kde BASEman_ (
22:46.35*** join/#kde dewd (
22:47.53*** join/#kde frozeniron (
22:53.49*** join/#kde buscher (
22:54.51*** join/#kde vbgunz (n=vbgunz@
22:55.36vbgunzdoes anyone know how to send files to the trash in KDE4? kfmclient no longer moves anything :(
22:57.20*** join/#kde mfonda (n=mfonda@unaffiliated/mfonda)
22:57.28mfondawhere to find kate syntax xml files?
23:00.57*** join/#kde hoisn_ (
23:02.49*** part/#kde adamk (n=adamk@unaffiliated/adamk)
23:03.46*** join/#kde menace (n=knorr@unaffiliated/menace)
23:04.37*** join/#kde soa2ii (
23:06.49*** join/#kde Hydrogen (n=quassel@amarok/developer/hydrogen)
23:07.21menaceis there a special channel for kmail-development?
23:08.40SSJ_GZmenace: #kontact is the closest, I guess.
23:09.14*** join/#kde aseigo (
23:14.28*** join/#kde pirho (i=pirho@gateway/gpg-tor/key-0x2CEEC9CB)
23:15.06*** join/#kde A-Journey-In-The (
23:19.06*** join/#kde floe (
23:19.24*** join/#kde kronic (
23:19.56*** join/#kde Pinaraf_ (
23:20.04*** join/#kde iomari (n=iomari@
23:22.57*** join/#kde shepherd (
23:29.17*** join/#kde vital (
23:33.08*** join/#kde Commie_Cary (n=cary@unaffiliated/commiecary/x-90615)
23:33.30*** join/#kde kronic (
23:34.01*** join/#kde ianc (n=ianc@fsf/member/ianc)
23:34.02kronicok, how I can make one screen/monitor a dedicated desktop on kde, eg. I want desktop 1 to be on 1 monitor, but I can cycle 2-4 on the other
23:34.15kronicis this possible with a nvidia card?
23:36.22*** join/#kde florian__ (
23:37.43*** join/#kde elTigre (
23:41.12*** part/#kde WinterFlame (
23:41.54*** join/#kde g0n (
23:44.31*** part/#kde pauleeallen52 (
23:44.38*** join/#kde cloaked (
23:44.55*** join/#kde enilb (
23:47.22*** join/#kde stdin (i=stdin@ubuntu/member/stdin)
23:48.17*** join/#kde jhulst (n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst)
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23:51.40*** join/#kde Haven (n=Haven@
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