IRC log for #kde on 20080910

00:00.15junkDawgiebets ritslinux will be back soon to gloat
00:00.18*** join/#kde ritslinux (
00:00.54octox2N9NU: ok, im glad im not the only one. Im a 2 day old in 4.1 :)
00:01.35N9NUah...dont feel bad. i dont there there is a single soul in here that hasnt bashed their head in at least once
00:01.45octox2N9NU: what is up wit Dolphin? why? and is it better than Konq ?
00:02.15N9NUif you do a quick side by side view, they look the same eh
00:02.58octox2N9NU: it looks ok, but i cant get it to stay in detail veiw lol
00:03.18N9NUdid you adjust the options at the very bottom of the option "View settings"
00:03.27*** join/#kde MrGrim (
00:03.31N9NUi ment
00:03.40N9NUVIew------Adjust view settings
00:03.56N9NUor properties at the bottom
00:04.16N9NUcheck the boxes that will place the config to all others
00:04.51N9NUApply View Properties to: All Folders and then check "use default fow new folders"
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00:05.00octox2lol, well it seems to be sticking now. i may have gotten an update recently
00:05.21octox2N9NU: just delet .kde4 ?
00:05.51N9NUjust remember if you do, you will be back at the default kde 4.x screen with the default taskbar, etc
00:06.05N9NUthats the only thing that it dumps...the eye candy and menu settings
00:06.07octox2yea, i was pretty muc there still
00:06.17*** join/#kde darmou (
00:06.21N9NUi do make a backup of
00:06.33N9NU.kde4/ in case i need anything
00:06.44N9NUor to see something in the future for comparison
00:07.06N9NUyou will go back to the "oxygen" theme
00:07.17N9NUi did that about 10 times already
00:07.22octox2N9NU: wow, it recreated it imidiately lol
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00:07.32N9NUits snappy
00:08.07kdepeporitslinux, 4.1 ?
00:08.36ritslinuxHi all, I am back "in the air".......looks things have am I sure I am on 4.1 ??
00:09.00N9NUgo to any
00:09.04kdepeporitslinux, right click on desktop... it should have a "add widgets..." entry
00:09.42N9NUclick on any "help"icon at the top of any KDE app
00:09.45N9NUit will tell ya
00:09.57N9NUK Desktop Environment
00:09.58N9NUVersion 4.1.1 (KDE 4.1.1)
00:10.10kdepepoN9NU, he might running KDE 4 apps on a KDE 3 desktop...
00:10.26N9NUoh..i didnt know that
00:10.49N9NUoh yeah i almost forgot
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00:11.12N9NUits time to upload the Kcontrol for KDE 4.1.1 gui enhancement
00:11.19N9NUno more "systemsettings"
00:11.24N9NUunless you like that one better
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00:11.30ritslinuxlooks I have that......only lost my sound I noticed
00:11.39N9NUwelcome to the crowd
00:11.47kdepeporitslinux, yeah, phonon is a bit flakey still....
00:11.59ritslinuxpardon ?????
00:12.12octox2N9NU: lol, i still have no icons, but i have a folder view of the desktop with the icons in it ? ol
00:12.25N9NUoh my
00:12.49N9NUyeah...the most important thing to remember now is that Icons are no longer
00:12.57N9NUand they are "widgets"
00:13.01N9NUor plasmanoids
00:13.07ritslinuxI have to look into my "no-sound"-problem
00:13.35N9NUcheck that damn pulse audio
00:13.39*** join/#kde stanking (
00:13.42octox2well, it was the folder view plsmoid
00:13.52N9NUyeah thats the one i use
00:13.57N9NUas well as "Desktop"
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00:14.27octox2if i look at my desktop folder, i have the .desktop files there, but they dont show in plasma
00:14.44ritslinuxIs theire not a "genuine-way" to check if 4.1 is running ?
00:14.57RayyjunkDawgie: lolz, i fixed it
00:15.07Borg^Queenhey people quick questoin, as you can see there are images of fat dogs I can't remember how to turn on and off image view in konq.
00:15.14RayyjunkDawgie: or it fixed itself
00:15.22Borg^Queena friend has some how managed to turn if off and can't see the images. Anyone remember how to turn it back on?
00:15.33kdepeporitslinux, did you upgrade from 4.0 or from 3.5 ?
00:15.37N9NUYou should be able to see KDE 4.1.1 at the top of Xchat or Konversation
00:15.49N9NUgoto Help---about KDE
00:15.58N9NUfrom a terminal or whatever app
00:16.03kdepepoKonversation is KDE 3 :)
00:16.04ritslinuxNo, from 4.0 to 4.1
00:16.23N9NUoh yeah...crap i just noticed that
00:16.33N9NUchoose a Konsole session
00:16.50kdepeporitslinux, then it's enough to check the version number in the "About KDE..." dialog (Help menu of Dolphin)
00:16.55N9NUi forgot that Konvo isnt updated yet
00:17.36N9NUyou can always to the rpm -q
00:17.41N9NUto check any package
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00:18.04kdepepoN9NU, where can I get you KControl port?
00:18.18N9NUim just about to upload it to kde-apps
00:18.24*** join/#kde zerkms (
00:18.41N9NUat the moment, its only in source and 64 bit Mandriva cooker RPM
00:18.49N9NUvia QT 4
00:19.11kdepepourl of the source?
00:19.19kdepepoplease :)
00:19.31N9NUhang on about 5 mins.......
00:19.46N9NUi have not logged into kde-apps in awhile
00:19.53N9NUmust find the ol password
00:20.02kdepepoI am fine with source RPM for mandriva... I can recompile.
00:20.07*** part/#kde Borg^Queen (
00:20.27N9NUi just made the first cause i run cooker 64 is all
00:20.38ritslinuxkdepepo: It says: version 4.1.2 (kde 4.1.1 (kde 4.1>=20080828)release 32.3)
00:20.43N9NUlemme open my spreadsheet
00:20.44jescisHello, I'm using Debian with KDE and was wondering if there was a flash plugin for konqueror. Also why my scroll wheel on my mouse can't be configured properly:/
00:20.49*** join/#kde wvmac (
00:20.58N9NUwhoa! 4.1.2
00:21.01N9NUyour smokin
00:21.12kdepepoan updated 4.1.1
00:21.32N9NUflash plugin = yes
00:21.38N9NUhang on
00:22.08octox24.1 seems a little buggy, but i love it
00:22.31N9NUi used the file: swcflash or something like it
00:22.36N9NUi get the exact name here
00:23.18N9NUfor 64 bit
00:23.19*** join/#kde raul (
00:23.44jescisI'm on 32-bit :(
00:23.55N9NUthen you have no worries
00:24.02*** join/#kde cael (
00:24.19N9NUthe konqplugins package handles that
00:24.38caelkonqueror processes don't really terminate when I close them. I got > 30 dead processes ... any hints how to solve this?
00:24.48N9NUoh my
00:25.19N9NUits easiest to log out and back in
00:25.41ritslinuxSysinfo on openSUSE11.0 tells me: KDE:  4.1.2 (KDE 4.1.1 (KDE 4.1 >= 20080828)) "release 32.3"
00:25.43N9NUAdobe is almost done with their 64 bit flash port for Linux
00:25.59N9NUthen your indeed running 4.1.1
00:26.30N9NUits just that you grabbed the SVN code
00:26.35N9NUor nightly build
00:26.51*** part/#kde raul72 (
00:27.03kdepepoNope, the SVN code is at 4.1.65 already ;)
00:27.07ritslinuxkdepepo: your still theire ?
00:27.13N9NUwhich will always be +
00:27.32N9NUit dont matter
00:27.34N9NUyour fine
00:28.06kdepepoN9NU, now upload your source, I am eager to try it :)
00:28.39N9NUok hang on
00:28.59ritslinuxI am hanging.......
00:29.07*** join/#kde GerbilSoft (
00:29.36jescisBut I really came here because my need for my scroll wheel to work like it's supposed to. If only FF wasn't non-free :(
00:29.55N9NUinstall "imwheel"
00:30.41*** join/#kde ebingol (
00:32.52jescisN9NU, must I logout and then back in or what?
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00:33.37ritslinuxOkay...i am leaving to restart kde (for sound-checking that is...)
00:34.19octox2N9NU: i can go to my desktop folder, and drag them all onto plasma, and it shows them, and does not create another set of .desktop files     from what i cansee
00:34.42N9NUthats kewl
00:34.42*** join/#kde bgmiki (
00:34.50N9NUim re-registering with kde=apps
00:35.00N9NUits been 4 years since a login
00:35.05N9NUand my info isnt there
00:36.28octox2N9NU: in fact, if i drag new icons to the desktop, they dont show up in my Desktop folder either. sooooo ther must be another folder for plasma somewhere to choose what is shown on the desktop ?
00:36.33*** join/#kde fengshaun (
00:36.38N9NUyeah...there is
00:36.45N9NUi still havent found it
00:39.06*** join/#kde ritslinux (
00:39.18N9NUwhere is my email confirmation!
00:43.41ritslinuxOkay...I am back...sound is working (tested it with a mp3-file), but in kde 4.0 I had a "poingd" when I started kde4.0...but no "poingd" in 4.1 should I dive into this ??
00:43.59*** join/#kde Bulwinkle (
00:44.06N9NUi always disable Pulse
00:44.08N9NUwithin KDE
00:44.26N9NUthen i got my SB Audigy to work
00:46.26junkDawgieritslinux: are you meaning the login jingle is missing?
00:48.00junkDawgieokay that happened to me too... check in systemsettings "Sound" and see what engine you are running... i'm betting it's using gstreamer
00:48.41junkDawgieer.. as the backend engine.... the second tab
00:48.58ritslinuxIt is no issue if mp3's are working......
00:49.40*** join/#kde slummer (
00:50.06junkDawgieamarok worked for me too... but the system jingle is an ogg sound and gstreamer choked on it.... i switched the prefered engine to Xine and rebooted... bingo
00:50.09*** part/#kde Rayy (
00:50.10*** part/#kde slummer (
00:50.32*** join/#kde slummer (
00:50.41ritslinuxI do not need any "boings" when I start KDE, only I want sound if it is needed...
00:50.43N9NUwith most, gstreamer is the default with no clickable buttons to change it
00:51.30*** join/#kde jlydick (
00:52.09Jucatohm... unless KDE has drastically changed for the past 6 months, Xine is the default backend for Phonon
00:52.23N9NUim still usin ALSA
00:52.34N9NUis Phonom a program or a
00:52.35Jucatoand I don't think distros have changed that either (at least not from what I've seen)
00:52.46jlydickhey all, i've just made an upgrade to kde4.1 and i've got a quick question i couldn't figure out: when you switch desktops, can you configure it to not animate this?  i have alot of effects turned on but i can't figure out where to turn that off.
00:52.53N9NUi mean the ones that come with KDE
00:53.20Jucatojlydick: that sort of comes built in
00:53.52jlydickby 'built-in' i take it you mean that's the only way it comes? :)
00:54.06jlydicki use darwin at work and i'm used to spaces i guess
00:54.23jlydicki'm having some sluggishness with my nvidia card so was just wondering if i could drop it
00:54.29jlydick(the animation)
00:54.38N9NUoh... i see what he is sayin
00:54.42jlydickthanks for answering, though.
00:54.50JucatoN9NU: ALSA and Phonon are not analogous. Phonon is an API layer. It's not a program (in the regular sense of the word), nor is it a backend.
00:54.55N9NUsure...all that can be disabled via the "systemsettings"
00:55.02ritslinuxboys.....4.1 runs on my openSUSE 11.0 and thats the main issue.......soundproblems are "minor" to me :)
00:55.17N9NUunder Window decoration and window this and window that
00:55.18junkDawgiei can only tell ya what happened to me and opensuse 11... the upgrade from 4.04 (xine) to 4.1 ended up using gstreamer.... i figure it was the packager
00:55.48N9NUshould i un=install gstreamer and install something else?
00:56.12junkDawgiei have both installed and used xine as the perfered engine
00:56.17Jucato*shrugs* wonder..i didnt hve xine installed
00:56.47junkDawgieyou probably do... just not the xine-phonon package
00:57.31N9NUyeah i had phonom-gstreamer
00:57.38N9NUi miss the old days
00:57.39junkDawgiesorry Jucato.. you know much more about this than i.... i just related my solution to the problem
00:58.09N9NUyou can disable all the window decoration (animations) etc, from the systemsettings
00:58.17Jucatodidn't say anything to contradict what junkDawgie said
00:58.28*** join/#kde ClassFoo (n=ClassFoo@
00:58.47junkDawgie:) no, i was merely defering to your judgement
00:58.52ritslinuxIf you don't mind......I come back later about is 3 o-clock over here at BYE
00:58.54junkDawgie< dumb
00:58.59N9NUits under "Configure desktop effects"
00:59.02jlydickN9NU: you happen to know exactly where?  i spent an hour or so digging through for desktop flipping animations and can't find them.
00:59.06*** join/#kde detrate (
00:59.10N9NUthen choose or unchoose Various animations
00:59.23JucatoN9NU: you can't disable that particular effect
00:59.40jlydickyeah i have 'various animations' unselected and it still does it.
00:59.43N9NUoh i didnt realize you wanted to loose just one of them
00:59.44Jucatoif you enable desktop effects, you get that switching animation
00:59.45N9NUwhich one?
00:59.51N9NUoh ok
01:00.02jlydickthe one when you change desktops, it slides the windows across desktops
01:00.25jlydickguess i'll take what i can get then :P
01:00.33N9NUok...i know what ya men
01:00.47jlydicki like alot of the effects.  this is my first experience with kde since 3.2 and it's pretty snazzy.
01:00.48N9NUyour referring to the login manager?
01:00.56N9NUwhen switching?
01:01.03Jucatoswitching virtual desktops
01:01.03jlydickno no, virtual desktops under kde
01:01.07JucatoCtrl+F1 to F4
01:01.33N9NUnow i got ya
01:01.51N9NUim sure it can be, but that is not a switchable option ....
01:01.59N9NUwithout modding the software
01:02.06N9NUwhich would be easy
01:02.10jlydickyeah, that's what it seems.
01:02.19Jucato"easy"... riiiight...
01:02.31N9NUif ya like to program that is
01:03.04jlydickkde4 was horrid when i first installed kubuntu a couple days ago, i almost dropped it until i found some updated nvidia drivers
01:03.13jlydicki guess there's all sorts of issues with them.
01:03.24*** join/#kde kingfishr (
01:03.37N9NUi have a nvidia quadro nvs 395 and find it works awesome with opengl
01:03.46N9NUi got it for 10 bux at a hamfest
01:03.52N9NUpci e and all
01:04.38*** join/#kde cmckendry (
01:04.43jlydicki just spent $200 on an 8800gts and was very disappointed, hehe
01:05.08N9NUim trying to sell both of my 8800 GTX cards for only $350, but no takers anywhere
01:05.09jlydickthe newest drivers from a couple weeks ago are an improvement but they have a ways to go before kde4 feels like os x or vista
01:05.27N9NUi use the Autocad certified linux 64 drives
01:05.43*** join/#kde Paddy_EIRE (n=patrick@
01:05.53N9NUyou should have no probs at all with any 8000 series card
01:06.11jlydicki can confirm that is not the case, unfortunately :)
01:06.19N9NUbeware: compiz (if your using it) is still buggy/laggy with nv
01:07.03jlydicki have actually not tried compiz at all.  kwin seems pretty solid besides the performance.
01:07.23N9NUyou might also want to try this trick
01:07.56N9NUselect Xrender vs OpenGL in the systemsettings under Desktop settings
01:08.21N9NUyou can check Direct rendering below that
01:08.28N9NUswap options and see how it does
01:08.48jlydicki saw those yesterday, i'll have to play around more in those options.
01:09.02*** join/#kde Tahvok (
01:09.13jlydicki just got done installing the 177.70 beta drivers and i'm a little euphoric because kde4 is 'usable' for the first time for me, heh
01:09.43N9NUoh the 177.67 ones?
01:09.50N9NUor are there new .70 ones
01:10.03*** join/#kde kenami (n=yalhua@
01:10.19jlydickthey are up to .70 now.  i read that you want to be running at least .68, and do the nvidia-settings tweaks for best performance.
01:10.40jlydicki was running the stock ubuntu driver before that and the new ones are like night and day.
01:11.15*** join/#kde enderst (i=enderst@gateway/tor/x-90885ed683f7fe3b)
01:11.39N9NUare the .70 ones on nv's site?
01:11.43N9NUor 3rd party
01:12.10jlydickthey are from nvidi'a site.  but since they're beta only you probably have to find a link from a 3rd party.  i can get you one if you need it.
01:12.43N9NUgo here and forever bookmark this site:
01:13.01N9NUyou wont find anything but 64 bit happieness for linux and doze
01:13.40N9NU177.89 Downloads, Available 13 August 2008
01:13.43jlydicki'm actually running 32-bit linux at the moment :)
01:13.51jlydickthat version is for windows, iirc
01:13.55N9NUah ok
01:14.35*** join/#kde zerkms (
01:16.55*** join/#kde _sagitarius_ (i=sagitari@
01:17.16kdepepophoronix is the best site to get news about Linux Hardware/Drivers
01:17.29jlydickyeah, that's where i found a lot of help.
01:17.42jlydickand nvnews was useful (for nvidia, obviously).
01:17.58*** join/#kde LoneShadow (
01:18.28N9NU15% faster JPEG decoding on Windows x64 with IJG's JPEG library
01:18.34N9NUright from the horses mouth
01:18.40N9NUoh man
01:18.43N9NUmy bad
01:20.54*** join/#kde t_s_o (
01:21.10*** join/#kde ewomer (
01:21.24*** join/#kde eternaleye (
01:21.36ewomerare kdm themes from 3.5 compatible with kdm 4.1
01:21.38*** join/#kde Wofl (n=nils@
01:22.08*** join/#kde zce (n=zce@
01:22.15N9NUyou have 4.1?
01:22.40ewomerbut the theme is from 2006
01:22.52ewomerso it might be older then 3.5
01:23.06N9NUis it able to be compiled?
01:23.08ewomerthe name of it is puldsar
01:23.11N9NUor is it pre-built
01:23.35zcedoes anyone knows an easy way (to use, not necessarily to configure) to share calendar information, for example, korganizer calendars? maybe even kontact's contacts.. i read that groupware servers can do it, any recommendation?
01:23.43ewomerum its a couple of xml files and image files
01:24.35N9NUyou might have a prob with the xml files
01:24.45N9NUcan you link it to me?
01:25.10*** join/#kde wvmac (
01:25.31*** join/#kde jhulst (n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst)
01:25.43N9NUhng on
01:25.48ewomerit says install via kcm but i guess kcm has been intergrated into systemsettings
01:26.14N9NUyou can run "Kcontrol" as well in kde 4.1
01:26.30N9NUbut it is for KDE 3.5.x
01:27.08N9NUi wil let ya know in 1 minute
01:28.51N9NUit can me with a bit of modding
01:28.57ewomerbash: kcontrol: command not found
01:29.24Jucatosystemsettings in KDE 4
01:29.48ewomeryah i have to run it as sudo systemsettings
01:29.49N9NUyeah..some might not have KDE 3.5.10 installed as well as 4.1
01:30.16ewomeri removed kde 4.0 aka 3.5.10
01:30.46N9NUim waiting for a confirmation email so i can upload Kcontrol for 4.1.1 to
01:31.05ewomerwhat exactilly is kcontrol
01:31.10N9NUi re-configured it so you can use Kcontrol rather than Systemsettings while in 4.1
01:31.19ewomerok kool
01:31.24N9NUthast the KDE 3.x systemsettings panel
01:31.33N9NUit just looks nicer i think
01:31.35octox2N9NU: I downloaded a file to my desktop, and it didnt show up, but it is in my desktop folder. therre is something wrong with plasma
01:31.48ewomerim in gentoo using the kdesvn-overlay
01:32.01N9NUwell...plasma is a state of matter between liquid and gas
01:32.08N9NUso  id expect it to be long gone
01:32.12octox2does anyone know how to get plasma to show the contents of the desktop folder, my plasma rashed and now i cant get it to show
01:32.24*** join/#kde Epocher (n=epocher@
01:32.51ewomerthe only way i know is with the folder widget but its slow
01:33.08N9NUby manually placing that KDM theme in the right place, it can be used
01:33.39N9NUdo you have the widget:
01:33.44ewomeri have it placed
01:33.52N9NUQuick access
01:34.17ewomeru talkin to me
01:34.19N9NUyeah...add the widget
01:34.45ewomerwhere do i get Quick access
01:34.57N9NUi give it to ya
01:35.25N9NUhang on
01:35.27N9NUi will get it
01:35.28*** join/#kde thechef (
01:35.32N9NUor tell ya where
01:35.55ewomerwhere is better i have xchat
01:37.25*** join/#kde octox2 (
01:38.20N9NUfoudn it
01:38.35N9NU32 or 64 bit
01:40.45*** join/#kde saikobee (
01:40.56N9NUoops...what distro you using
01:41.09N9NUyeah you can get it from there too
01:41.10ewomeri can do the source
01:42.28*** join/#kde gr1m-lap (
01:45.07N9NUanyone need the KDE 4.11 syle "Skulpture"
01:45.12N9NUsomeone was asking for that the other day
01:45.55luke-jrthere is no 4.11 afaik
01:46.14gr1m-lapN9NU: is this style not widely available?
01:46.34N9NUsomeone was looking, so i just offered
01:46.38N9NUit was for kde 3.5
01:46.46N9NUvia the name "sculpture"
01:47.10gr1m-lapmaybe you should upload it to kde-look if there is no other public download site?
01:47.24N9NUlemme go there
01:47.24ewomerlol N9NU hsa his own branch
01:47.37*** join/#kde _al_ (
01:47.58gr1m-lapI don't know what this style looks like, but if there's a kde4 port and no public download site uploading it to would be nice
01:47.59N9NUits there i see
01:48.17N9NUbut i will link to the 64 bit rpm
01:48.30gr1m-lapnice :)
01:48.41N9NUwell...he aleady did it for e
01:48.53N9NUMandriva download(Mandriva 2009 development branch)
01:48.55N9NUhow nice
01:49.09N9NUall distros are there
01:49.12gr1m-lapyou will now be a contributor in your own small way if you are not already :)
01:49.36N9NUif i get my email from, i can upload the Kcontrol for 4.1
01:49.43N9NUi have not gotten it yet
01:49.57N9NUits been 4 years since I have logged in and my info is no longer there
01:50.04JucatoN9NU: I hope you didn't name executable "Kcontrol" too
01:50.33N9NUthats their own
01:50.56N9NUhow bout "kay-kontrol"
01:51.12ewomeri wish i could gent kdesu kdesudo working right with dolphin
01:51.56N9NUyou cant access dolphin as root?
01:52.03Jucato`kde4-config --path libexec`/kdesu dolphin
01:53.20ewomerN9NU, the quickaccess widget is a little dot
01:53.37N9NUdrag it down
01:53.55N9NUand widen it via the window (which you cant see at the moment)
01:54.03*** join/#kde jomurob (n=jomurob@
01:54.07N9NUdrag via the side bar above the X
01:54.15ewomerits kool
01:54.16kdepepoN9NU, only kubuntu packages are missing, I ve yet to find someone who can create ubuntu debs
01:54.57jomurob¿alguien habla español?
01:55.04N9NUthat is one distro i never tried
01:56.26*** join/#kde N9NU (n=n9nu@ much for running extremetuxracer
01:57.14*** join/#kde letto (n=letto@
01:57.28N9NUit just bumped me out of kwin
01:57.39N9NUit didnt like my 1920 x 1280
01:57.52Jucatokdepepo: wasn't nixternal interested in skulpture? can't you poke him to do that for ya? :)
01:58.15*** join/#kde phoul (
01:59.32kdepepoJucato, maybe :) didnt know he runs kubuntu, thanks
02:00.02Jucatoyou didn't know? *gasp*
02:01.05kdepepoerm, should I? is he jonathan riddel? ;)
02:02.32Jucatohe might as well be the next Riddell :)
02:02.34kenamijomurob: este canal es solo en español
02:02.53kenamiposiblemente en #kde-es
02:04.07JucatoEnglish only in here
02:10.48kenamibye !
02:10.54kenamihave a nice day!
02:11.07*** part/#kde kenami (n=yalhua@
02:13.01*** part/#kde junkDawgie (
02:13.46*** join/#kde octox2 (
02:17.50*** join/#kde junkDawgie (
02:31.20ewomerfuzzy clock
02:31.24ewomerhalf past ten
02:31.55*** join/#kde bgmiki (
02:33.01*** join/#kde X_ (
02:35.10*** join/#kde QuAZ (i=ca24b342@gateway/web/ajax/
02:38.56ewomerwhat is karamba
02:39.43Jucatothe "predecessor" of superkaramba, desktop applets
02:41.02ewomeris this one karamba or super karamba
02:41.55Jucatodoesn't really matter. karamba/superkaramba are practically the same
02:42.50ewomerok good i like the wifi par of that plasmoid
02:43.00luke-jrand obsolete iirc
02:43.32ewomerif i loose my gui (not often) i run iirc
02:44.20Jucatoluke-jr: which is obsolete?
02:45.34*** join/#kde _sagitarius_ (i=sagitari@
02:45.35ewomercrap its precompiled
02:45.51*** join/#kde Gentle_ (
02:46.36luke-jrJucato: both?
02:46.42ewomerso i have to run superkaramba
02:46.48luke-jrdidn't plasma replace it?
02:47.01*** join/#kde Bugz__ (
02:47.15Jucatoluke-jr: no
02:47.25ewomerhow can it be a plasmoid if its a superkaramba widget
02:47.34Jucatosuperkaramba is ported to KDE 4 and plasma can load superkaramba applets
02:47.53Jucato(or at least that's planned)
02:48.01luke-jrscratches his head
02:48.02ewomerbut no proved
02:48.15luke-jris plasma can load superkaramba applets, what need is there for superkaramba?
02:48.35Jucatosuperkaramba has a different style of doing widgets.
02:48.42*** join/#kde Bugz (
02:48.55JucatoAdd Widgets -> Install new widgets -> Install from File -> SuperKaramba
02:49.05Jucatonot sure if it's working already, but it's there
02:49.31Jucatoluke-jr: leave it to the plasma and superkaramba people to worry about that
02:49.41Jucatothe fact remains that they're both there
02:50.16*** join/#kde dany (
02:50.31*** join/#kde colyte (
02:52.28ewomercant find them after install
02:52.52Jucato<Jucato> not sure if it's working already, but it's there <---
02:53.18*** join/#kde Epocher (n=epocher@
02:53.26*** part/#kde colyte (
02:54.58*** join/#kde z0mbiez (
02:55.42*** part/#kde QuAZ (i=ca24b342@gateway/web/ajax/
02:57.30*** join/#kde onesandzeros (
02:59.40*** join/#kde Piro_laptop (n=piro@
03:00.28*** join/#kde fznxxiii (
03:05.44ewomerim geting a messag about cannoit find dcop its an oxygen widget
03:06.09ewomer"could not find dcop"
03:12.54*** join/#kde radi0head (
03:17.44*** join/#kde pjkickenit (
03:24.58*** join/#kde arnold (n=arnold@
03:25.34*** part/#kde arnold (n=arnold@
03:26.23*** join/#kde pjkickenit (
03:31.33*** join/#kde bgeddy (
03:32.07*** join/#kde kso3 (
03:32.26*** join/#kde ryang (n=ryang@
03:34.44*** join/#kde Zarin (
03:36.05*** join/#kde dudeman (n=dudeman@
03:36.43*** join/#kde Ikari-Kun (
03:41.07*** join/#kde dudeman (n=dudeman@
03:44.09*** join/#kde aseigo (n=aseigo@kde/aseigo)
03:53.13*** join/#kde rogue_koder (
04:01.22*** join/#kde erik-k (
04:02.52*** join/#kde ajuc (
04:03.56*** join/#kde blauzahl-laptop_ (
04:04.42*** join/#kde jhulst (n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst)
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04:10.51*** join/#kde LoneShadow|work (n=Lone@nat/cisco/x-11ec80a48fd53a7e)
04:13.01*** join/#kde Epocher (n=epocher@
04:15.39*** join/#kde aseigo (n=aseigo@kde/aseigo)
04:16.04*** part/#kde junkDawgie (
04:16.10*** join/#kde ryanakca (n=ryan@ubuntu/member/ryanakca)
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04:22.53*** join/#kde imagelife (n=imagelif@
04:29.51*** part/#kde battlemidget (
04:30.08*** join/#kde icyfire0573 (
04:31.39*** join/#kde oggb4mp3 (
04:40.23*** join/#kde smurfslover (
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04:47.10*** join/#kde anselmolsm (n=anselmol@
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04:57.52*** part/#kde shevy (
05:06.55*** join/#kde paradocs (
05:09.46*** join/#kde smurfslover (
05:10.33dudemancould you guys have been anymore cruel?
05:10.47dudemandamn, freakin killin' me man.
05:11.15dudemanKDE_Glass_Break.ogg <-- nastiest, ugliest fscking sound I've ever heard
05:11.27dudemanfreaking literally makes me jump everytie on a new kde install
05:11.36dudemangood god holy googly moogly guys!
05:12.00Sputhands some tranquilizers to dudeman
05:12.05dudemangeez that sound is horrible I have nightmares about it!
05:12.36dudemannah its alright
05:13.33*** join/#kde girishr (n=girish@
05:13.37*** join/#kde anna_karl (
05:14.20*** join/#kde clyde9 (
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05:39.05*** join/#kde mabu (
05:39.17*** part/#kde anna_karl (
05:44.13*** join/#kde Rellin (n=david@
05:46.31RellinKopete-KDE4 crashes when I type to someone else on AIM.  How do I fix this problem or see the error?
05:47.09*** join/#kde hateball (n=Monster@unaffiliated/hateball)
05:49.14RellinI've tried launching kopete in the konsole, but it just says "crashing" and locks up.  It might have to do with the dictionary, though, as it only seems to happen when certain words are incompletely typed.
05:53.31*** join/#kde Piro_laptop (n=piro@
05:53.35*** join/#kde willgreg (n=william@
05:57.31*** join/#kde swemark (n=mark@
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06:06.57*** join/#kde imagelife (n=imagelif@
06:12.00*** join/#kde wstephenson_ (
06:12.17*** join/#kde root (
06:14.35RellinKopete-KDE4 crashes when I type to someone else on AIM.  How do I fix this problem or see the error?
06:14.38RellinI've tried launching kopete in the konsole, but it just says "crashing" and locks up.  It might have to do with the dictionary, though, as it only seems to happen when certain words are incompletely typed.
06:15.05*** join/#kde nogagplz (
06:16.46*** join/#kde Qu4Z (
06:17.05BilleRellin: do you have the wavy text underline on misspelled words?
06:18.07BilleRellin: the right thing to do is to paste a backtrace, so i can diagnose it.  but i can tell you now that zackr's new wavy underlining exposed a Qt bug, i'm not sure if it has been fixed yet, that causes a crash on correcting misspelled words.
06:19.48Rellinbille: yes.  I do
06:20.06Rellinbille: how do I post a backtrace?
06:20.25RellinThis is what my konsole looked like when it crashed.
06:20.26BilleRellin: expand the kde crash dialog
06:20.30RellinEnchant dict for "en_US" 0x8a1a618
06:20.30RellinKCrash: Application 'kopete' crashing...
06:20.40RellinThere was no dialogue, it just disappeared completely.
06:21.09*** join/#kde esperegu (n=estasmi@
06:21.25*** join/#kde GerbilSoft (
06:21.44BilleRellin: i'm pretty sure you have that bug.  you can right click on the text entry field to disable spell checking.  to get a backtrace at the console, do "gdb --args kopete --nofork" then "run" when it's loaded all the libs then "bt" when kopete crashes
06:23.26RellinBille: Ok, done.  Thanks for the help.  Here it is.
06:23.30Rellin#0  0xb67f5e0b in ?? () from /usr/lib/
06:23.31Rellin#1  0xb67d4108 in QPainterPath::arcTo () from /usr/lib/
06:23.31Rellin#2  0x4004cccc in ?? ()
06:23.37Jucatodon't paste in here
06:24.14BilleRellin: that's the one.
06:24.26RellinBille: Ok, so is there a fix?
06:25.42*** join/#kde Ferrenrock (
06:25.43BilleRellin: not yet
06:26.11Ferrenrockhey guys, how do I change the icon image for the application launcher widget?
06:26.17Ferrenrockfor some reason it's an arrow
06:26.25Ferrenrocklike the back button on konqueror
06:27.31*** join/#kde Bugz (
06:27.46Ferrenrockany ideas?
06:29.15*** join/#kde alediaferia (
06:29.21*** join/#kde bentob0x (
06:30.30*** join/#kde concernedcitizen (
06:34.14*** join/#kde Piro_laptop (n=piro@
06:37.57willgregHello all, Iḿ a newbie to Ubuntu and KDE.  I think I want to keep both KDE and Gnome... But can anyone point me to a good guide as to how to keep both of them healthy?
06:39.23*** join/#kde Bugz_ (
06:39.52Jucatowillgreg: you might want to ask in #kubuntu or #ubuntu about that
06:40.21willgregOh , thanks jucato,
06:40.55*** join/#kde hw__ (
06:41.27*** join/#kde NCScooter (
06:46.08*** join/#kde opensourcecat (
06:48.02*** join/#kde GerbilSoft (
06:48.03*** join/#kde tr (
06:49.48*** join/#kde bergheim (
06:50.17NCScootercan anyone help me get to another channel.  i am banned from one and i dont know why.  this is my first time on this site and i dont know why i am banned
06:50.52*** join/#kde Dumble (
06:51.19Dumblehello world !
06:52.13*** part/#kde willgreg (n=william@
06:52.50*** join/#kde bushwakko (
06:54.03*** join/#kde zerkms (n=z@
06:59.36*** join/#kde _mabu (
07:01.21*** join/#kde Lanken (n=zackglen@
07:01.29Lankenwhat is the recommended tool for renaming mp3s?
07:01.36Lankentag-based renaming, I mean
07:02.10Jucatoamarok or juk
07:02.27LankenJucato: ah, I looked in amarok, must have missed it.
07:02.51*** join/#kde cesi (
07:03.54JucatoLanken: when you right-click on an item, Edit track information or something like that, you are show an editor with a Tags tab
07:04.35LankenJucato: oh, I must have been a bit un-clear.  I meant mass-file-renaming. changing the name the filesystem sees, not changing the tags.
07:05.25LankenJucato: right.  renaming the files based on the content of the tags.  it's ambiguous I guess.
07:05.45Qu4ZYou mean changing filenames based on id3 tags?
07:05.57Qu4ZTry amarok?
07:06.08Qu4ZOh, you're in amarok ^^;
07:06.10LankenQu4Z: where in amarok is this functionality?
07:06.16*** join/#kde eNTi (
07:06.20Qu4ZGive me a sec. I'll find it ^^;
07:06.21LankenQu4Z: yeah, I would have expected to find it under "tools"
07:06.33Qu4ZThat would be the sensible place :P
07:07.05Lanken(I just got a cheap, crappy mp3-player that displays filenames.)
07:07.05Qu4ZIt's under Right click->Manage Files->Organise Files... or something
07:07.32Qu4ZI seem to have frozen up the entirety of amarok by ctrl+a,right-click, so I can't tell you for sure :/
07:07.47Qu4ZAh, it's back. I should really switch to a real db at some point.
07:08.46*** join/#kde shizlap (
07:09.14Lankenyou got it right.  Thanks for the help!
07:09.16Qu4ZYeah, right click, manage files, organise files. Then go Details >> to be able to customise the file naming scheme.
07:09.34Qu4ZWelcome ^^ It's what I'm here for :P
07:10.12Qu4ZAnd Jucato, sorry for stealing your support case >_<
07:10.26*** join/#kde eNTi (
07:10.27Jucatono problem. I didn't know the answer anyway
07:10.44*** join/#kde jreznik (n=jreznik@nat/redhat/x-07749451cf3b964e)
07:10.44Jucatobarely organizes his music... just plays them over and over and over and over...
07:11.08*** join/#kde Pegasus_ (
07:11.53Qu4ZI've never really needed to organise them in the file system. I just have a /mnt/data/music folder where I dump everything. Then I work from Amarok (except in the few cases where it has no useful tags initially, so I open it manually, then tag'n'forget)
07:12.04*** join/#kde annma (
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07:53.19*** join/#kde konadr_ (n=Kon@unaffiliated/konadr)
07:53.59CyBaH|Offgm all o/
07:58.02*** join/#kde atomik (
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08:30.08*** join/#kde Smokey1 (
08:30.28*** join/#kde oversize (
08:31.14bushwakkohey, how do I turn of right-click menu animations i kde4, I remeber turning it on, but I cant find it again. it had options like fade, animate and so on
08:31.21Smokey1Hey people. Where does Kontact store addresses. WHen I delete them and restart Kontact, they keep coming back. I am running Ubuntu with Kde 3.5.
08:31.36*** join/#kde White_Pelican (
08:32.24*** join/#kde erik-k_ (
08:37.04*** join/#kde klad (n=klad@
08:40.35*** join/#kde ponto_ (
08:41.36Smokey1Ah, found it: ~/.kde/share/apps/kabc
08:41.45*** part/#kde Smokey1 (
08:42.40*** join/#kde konadr (n=Kon@unaffiliated/konadr)
08:44.54*** join/#kde mib_x4rmqd (i=c2915942@gateway/web/ajax/
08:45.42*** join/#kde Q-collective (
08:48.24*** join/#kde Phlogi (
08:48.44*** join/#kde cael (
08:49.10*** join/#kde bushwakko (
08:49.46*** join/#kde Thundercloud (
08:50.18caelI've got a problem: my konqueror processes don't don't quit when I close konqueror. This is quite annoying on a laptop where I hibernate a lot ... yesterday I had 30 dead konqueror processes running. Any idea how to solve this?
08:51.54jazkakillall konqueror :)
08:52.06bushwakkohey, there is a right click menu animation in kde4 that I need to turn off
08:52.19bushwakkothe right click menu "scrolls" out, and its butt ugly
08:52.31blauzahl-laptop_cael: known bug.
08:53.02caelblauzahl-laptop_: how do I solve this? It's quite a major bug ... there should be a bugfix or even a backport of a bugfix
08:53.45caelyesterday konqueror allocated about 1gb ram :-(
08:53.53blauzahl-laptop_cael: "konqueror processes never teminate" is the name of the bug report in bz, i believe. i said it was known, not that it was fixed yet. ;)
08:55.03blauzahl-laptop_well, the reports keep coming in.
08:55.15*** join/#kde ianc (n=ianc@fsf/member/ianc)
08:55.28*** join/#kde Aceler (
08:55.44blauzahl-laptop_i haven't actually been paying attention lately, but if it isn't fixed in trunk yet, i suspect it is near the top of the todo list.
08:56.36caelAh I see that it's been fixed in trunk ... I'll try to backport it to my 4.1.1 copy here
08:56.47bushwakkoargh, I remember turning on that "animate right click menu" thing earlier
08:56.51bushwakkobut I cannot for the life of me find it
08:57.02bushwakkoit might have disappeared from 4.0 to 4.1, but still be on
09:00.08*** join/#kde anom01y ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
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09:10.49*** join/#kde stav__ (
09:12.00*** join/#kde Worf (
09:12.14*** join/#kde ElemonGW (n=ElemonGW@unaffiliated/elemongw)
09:12.58QuAZAny way I can get konqueror to open index.html.gz transparently?
09:13.59*** join/#kde Sho_ (n=EHS1@kde/hein)
09:14.23*** join/#kde Neurario (
09:17.57*** part/#kde stav__ (
09:26.09*** join/#kde heng (
09:27.15*** join/#kde twouters (n=quassel@
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09:47.46*** part/#kde simoo (
09:50.36*** join/#kde blauzahl (
09:52.19*** join/#kde mrxmike (n=mike@
09:52.36mrxmikei found a fat bug in Dolphin
09:52.40*** part/#kde Neurario (
09:52.42mrxmikewho'd is should complain to? ;)
09:53.17Jucato(please search first if it has been filed already though)
09:53.56mrxmikei wasnt sure if its part of KDE
09:54.10Jucatowell, what version of Dolphin?
09:54.27Jucatothe KDE 3 version of Dolphin is not officially part of KDE and is practically dead
09:54.47mrxmikeim talking 4.1.1
09:55.24mrxmikeif you click fast on the 'details' 'columns' view buttons
09:55.26Jucatoyep, definitely part of KDE. it's the official and default file manager of KDE 4
09:55.42mrxmikeand then on preview (and then maybe on 'details' 'colums' again)
09:55.46mrxmikedolphin segfaults
09:56.07mrxmikei had to do some stuff quickly.. then noticed it
09:56.19mrxmikewhen ur in a hurry, you click a bit faster sometimes huh ;)
09:57.21*** join/#kde ScheissDrogen (
09:57.40mrxmikeJucato: can you replicate it?
09:58.05mrxmiketried it?
10:01.47*** join/#kde CyBaH (n=CyBaH@unaffiliated/cybah)
10:03.52*** join/#kde espen (
10:05.14*** join/#kde cenuij (n=cenuij@base/student/cenuij)
10:06.26*** join/#kde nplus (n=nplus@141.25.Globcom.Net)
10:06.30*** join/#kde dani_ (
10:10.17*** join/#kde enderst (i=enderst@gateway/tor/x-3f2c06f23720f0b5)
10:11.36*** join/#kde rubikcube (n=me@
10:12.03rubikcubecongrats to KDE for this :)
10:12.27mrxmikewhat is that?
10:12.45mrxmikethat 27km long tunnel?
10:13.14*** join/#kde buscher (
10:13.21*** join/#kde Worf (
10:13.30rubikcubeyes, seems they code their ui with kde at the LHC
10:13.44annmawow, really?
10:14.08*** join/#kde ScheissDroge1 (
10:14.16*** join/#kde Pensacola (
10:14.48mrxmikeat least its not windows........
10:15.09mrxmikeimagine .. instead of a segfault a BlackHoleOfDeath
10:15.21*** join/#kde ohsogood (
10:18.05rubikcubeget a new kcrashmanager image :)
10:18.07*** part/#kde rubikcube (n=me@
10:22.34*** join/#kde freebse (i=bse@
10:24.50lilltigerAtlast is just one of the stations on the LHC
10:25.35lilltigerbu it's nice that a project with "unlimited" founds is using free software :)
10:26.23tuxicklilltiger: that's probably why their crappy website runs windows
10:27.47*** join/#kde testi (
10:27.52QuAZlilltiger: You may be misunderstanding the "free" in "free software"
10:27.58QuAZFree as in freedom, not beer ;)
10:28.19*** join/#kde _Menda_ (
10:28.29QuAZAs such, their funds have little bearing on this case, your honor.
10:28.38mrxmikecould anyone please try to replicate a bug for me in dolphin?
10:28.50mrxmike..if you click fast on the 'details' 'columns' view buttons
10:29.00mrxmikeand then on preview (and then maybe on 'details' 'colums' again)
10:29.03QuAZNo KDE4, sorry :/
10:29.11mrxmike(while you're in a directory with jpg or png images)
10:29.19*** part/#kde kriko (n=kristjan@
10:29.36mrxmikedolphin should segfaults
10:29.49*** join/#kde kriko (n=kristjan@
10:29.52QuAZWhich is to say, it shouldn't, but does on your system :P
10:30.06mrxmikeof course
10:31.10mrxmikeanyone else?
10:33.45*** join/#kde ivanich (
10:35.36*** join/#kde rdale (
10:39.18*** join/#kde Che-Anarc (
10:39.21*** join/#kde bgeddy (
10:41.31*** join/#kde Shirakawasuna (
10:41.47*** join/#kde oracle (n=oracle@
10:41.49Che-AnarcAnyone here using ati-drivers or on an ati graphics card?...  I'm having problems with video playback its not 100% smooth.
10:43.42*** join/#kde Chrysalis (n=UD@
10:44.51*** join/#kde Half-Left (
10:46.06*** join/#kde boom1992 (
10:47.26*** join/#kde dirigeant (n=dirigean@unaffiliated/mew/x-344925)
10:51.15*** join/#kde simoo (
10:51.25*** part/#kde simoo (
10:53.35*** join/#kde broeman (n=broeman@
10:56.09*** join/#kde tempelhueter (
10:57.19*** join/#kde milliams (
10:58.01_Menda_today it's the end of the world! lhc
10:58.37Half-LeftKDE is still here
10:58.37Che-Anarcthinks its just the begining of the end.
10:58.45*** join/#kde _sagitarius_ (i=sagitari@
10:59.47*** join/#kde scroogie (
11:00.18testiUnlike MSN Messenger, kopete doesn't display emoticons, that are not space separated, though I chat over the MSN network, where it should adapt the setting. How can I correct this?
11:01.02testiI found it
11:01.26Che-Anarctesti:   does it do video/audio and such?
11:01.45*** join/#kde imagelife (n=imagelif@
11:02.12testivideo audio emoticons? no, normal ones.
11:02.29Che-Anarctesti:   no I mean video / audio chat.
11:02.35Half-LeftAnd custom ones, i.e animated
11:02.37Che-Anarctesti:   like amsn
11:04.18testiI once tried video chat with kopete, but it didn't work. I have to switch to amsn in that case.
11:05.50testiBut the UI of amsn has delayed response times sometimes, it's just slow
11:05.58Che-Anarctesti:   yeah its a bit of a headache setting it up... I got voice to work but couldnt really initiate anything with anyone for voice (msn clients that is).... I think video is a little easier.
11:07.30testiI don't know what I need to set up - I click on send camera and it just doesn't do anything, maybe kopete is too stupid for NAT traversal
11:08.21Che-AnarcWell in my instance I'm in DMZ so most of that stuff shouldnt matter... but with amsn it uses rock for some or something.
11:08.34Che-Anarcfor sound*
11:10.46*** join/#kde Lanoxx (
11:22.20*** join/#kde CyBaH (n=CyBaH@unaffiliated/cybah)
11:23.05Che-AnarcAny1 want to play Atlantik  :-p
11:26.07*** join/#kde ianc (n=ianc@fsf/member/ianc)
11:26.16Che-AnarcDoes anyone know how I can do extended unicode type characters?  like in windows   alt+numeric value.
11:27.23TheoryChe-Anarc: try <press right alt> a ' <release right alt>
11:27.28Theoryand see what it gives you
11:27.47Theory(this may or may not work, depending on how your X is set up)
11:28.07drantinrequires something called the Compose key set up, right?
11:28.41thiagoChe-Anarc: Alt+numeric value is not supported in KDE
11:28.44thiagouse another option:
11:28.48thiago1) kcharselect
11:28.56thiago2) different keyboard layout (with deadkeys)
11:28.58*** join/#kde Ees (
11:29.05drantin and Tricks/compose.htm
11:29.08*** part/#kde Ees (
11:29.13thiago2) ISO-9995-3 alternate keyboard layout (the AltGr key)
11:29.16thiagothat was 3
11:29.20thiago4) the Compose key
11:29.50*** join/#kde lkuklinek (n=ilja@nat/redhat/x-c75ed7fb60becca7)
11:32.04Half-LeftUgh, I dont know why Qt-recordmydesktop is so slow with the nv driver
11:32.55*** join/#kde dcrabs (
11:34.14*** join/#kde Ees (
11:34.54*** join/#kde ianc (n=ianc@fsf/member/ianc)
11:35.07_sagitarius_is away: No toy...
11:35.18_sagitarius_is back (gone 00:00:08)
11:35.28*** join/#kde t_s_o (
11:36.53*** join/#kde letto (n=letto@
11:37.24CyBaHhappy 1337 CET ppl
11:40.06*** join/#kde Epocher (n=epocher@
11:40.21*** part/#kde Ees (
11:40.25*** part/#kde _al_ (
11:41.33*** join/#kde _al_ (
11:42.11Chrysaliswhats the thing called that saves the state on logout (runnnig programs etc)
11:43.00MinceRsession manager
11:43.39Chrysalisthanks, is there a way to do save it without restarting
11:44.29JucatoChrysalis: KDE 4? "qdbus org.kde.ksmserver /KSMServer saveCurrentSession"
11:44.55*** join/#kde _sagitarius_ (i=sagitari@
11:45.15*** join/#kde stav__ (
11:45.28Chrysalisits not working right and starting like 3 instances of akregator... hoping to atleast fix that with this
11:47.05*** join/#kde solsTiCe (
11:48.31*** join/#kde _Angelus_ (
11:48.53*** join/#kde root (n=root@
11:49.59*** join/#kde aleksanteri (n=arezey@unaffiliated/aleksanteri)
11:50.22*** join/#kde fenglich (n=fenglich@
11:51.07MinceRChrysalis: dunno, perhaps the K menu has some items to do so; perhaps they need to be enabled in the panel config
11:53.53*** join/#kde fenglich (n=fenglich@
11:56.20Chrysalisdeleting ksmserverrc fixed it i think, guess it was corrupt or something
11:58.32Jucatosessions are saved in ~/.kde/share/config/sessions/ (or ~/.kde4)
11:58.59*** join/#kde concernedcitizen (
11:59.45*** join/#kde hyper_ch (
12:06.37*** join/#kde Bulwinkle (
12:08.16*** join/#kde Zaister (
12:08.17*** join/#kde GerbilSoft (n=GerbilSo@
12:08.27*** join/#kde fabian_ (
12:08.53*** join/#kde ScheissDroge3 (
12:13.09*** join/#kde creepa (
12:15.40*** join/#kde Lanoxx (
12:17.15*** join/#kde Vash63 (
12:18.19Chrysaliswell, its still not saving so i turened it off and used the command you have me to save what i want
12:18.58*** join/#kde janek_ (
12:23.56*** join/#kde visik7 (n=dksakd@unaffiliated/visik7)
12:24.44*** join/#kde gionnico (
12:25.01*** join/#kde vjm (
12:30.15QuAZJust out of curiousity, does Konqueror default to auto-completing the urls you've been to the least, because it assumes you remember the rest, or what? :/
12:30.51*** join/#kde creepa (
12:31.54Half-Leftit doesn't auto complete in 4.1, just shows whats in your history
12:32.24QuAZWell, whatever. The drop down menu. I swear it chooses sites I went to once 6 months ago over regular things >_<
12:32.25Chrysalisjust shows them alphabetically i think
12:32.31QuAZAh, okay.
12:32.52QuAZI guess there's more that I haven't been to recently/visit lots, so it's a higher likelyhood of choosing one of those.
12:32.57QuAZPossibly confirmation bias, also.
12:33.01*** join/#kde blade_runner (n=arezende@
12:33.01QuAZIt seems to find /. just fine...
12:34.11*** join/#kde mark_alec (n=mark@gentoo/developer/mark-alec)
12:34.56*** join/#kde pandrada (n=pandrada@
12:36.04*** join/#kde SmatZ (
12:36.06Chrysalisactually, its not alphabetical, seems like its just pulls them by the order they were added i guess ;/
12:36.49QuAZ... I see.
12:37.02*** join/#kde soa2ii (
12:40.27*** join/#kde CyBaH (n=CyBaH@unaffiliated/cybah)
12:41.07*** join/#kde zoki (n=zoki@
12:41.26*** join/#kde hibread (n=hibread@
12:41.36*** join/#kde Emess (
12:41.42*** part/#kde kriko (n=kristjan@
12:41.48*** join/#kde regomodo (
12:43.30*** join/#kde albert (
12:43.49*** join/#kde anselmolsm (n=anselmol@
12:50.07*** join/#kde frando (
12:51.55*** join/#kde testi (
12:52.02*** join/#kde ris (
12:54.20*** join/#kde kriko (n=kristjan@
12:54.20*** join/#kde swemark (n=mark@
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12:57.03*** join/#kde guax (n=guaxinim@unaffiliated/guaxinim)
12:58.52*** join/#kde ianc (n=ianc@fsf/member/ianc)
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13:08.52*** join/#kde ilj (n=ilj@sourcemage/grimoire/apprentice/ilj)
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13:20.37*** join/#kde Aleks (n=aleks@unaffiliated/aleks)
13:21.03*** join/#kde rapsys__ (n=Bak1odve@
13:21.24*** join/#kde Sho_ (n=EHS1@kde/hein)
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13:21.35*** join/#kde Nakkel (i=nakkel@pdpc/supporter/active/Nakkel)
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13:22.54*** join/#kde birunko (n=birunko@
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13:31.14*** join/#kde dirigeant (n=dirigean@unaffiliated/mew/x-344925)
13:33.33*** join/#kde tsukasa (n=tsukasa@unaffiliated/tsukasa)
13:33.41*** part/#kde MacGyverNL (n=MacGyver@unaffiliated/macgyvernl)
13:38.10*** join/#kde Lanoxx (
13:38.41*** join/#kde milliams_ (
13:41.34*** join/#kde kso3 (
13:41.53*** join/#kde Pensacola (n=pensacol@
13:42.02*** join/#kde jthomas (
13:42.09*** join/#kde vjm (
13:44.32*** join/#kde Late-Commer (n=guest@
13:44.48Late-Commerhelloo room
13:45.03*** part/#kde Late-Commer (n=guest@
13:46.49*** join/#kde gr1m-lap (
13:47.12*** join/#kde marko_d (n=marko_d@
13:48.10*** part/#kde ckrinke (
13:49.58*** join/#kde LnxSlck (n=LnxSlck@
13:50.04*** join/#kde gr1m-lap (
13:51.10*** join/#kde vital (
13:51.56*** join/#kde ckrinke (
13:51.59*** join/#kde jcolby (
13:52.23*** part/#kde ckrinke (
13:53.11*** join/#kde Che-Anarc (
13:53.19*** join/#kde gr1m-lap (
13:53.55*** join/#kde shark (n=lupin@
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14:03.00*** join/#kde spawn57 (
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14:06.33*** part/#kde zoki (n=zoki@
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14:10.19*** join/#kde Sup3rkiddo (n=sudharsh@unaffiliated/sudharsh)
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14:19.13*** join/#kde wiscados (n=mint@
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14:27.15*** join/#kde _RadioHead (n=Open@
14:27.32*** join/#kde vital (
14:29.21*** join/#kde grundleborg (
14:29.23*** join/#kde aeight (
14:30.02*** join/#kde nogagplz (
14:30.32*** join/#kde _RadioHead (n=Open@
14:36.13*** join/#kde |Kiichan|Windam| (n=windam@
14:36.15*** join/#kde rpag (n=rpag@unaffiliated/rpag)
14:36.20|Kiichan|Windam|im having this oddball problem with the desktop picker (kpager?) thats in the taskbar.
14:36.26rpagwhere can i find the "keep windows on top" option?
14:36.36|Kiichan|Windam|i cant figure out how to bring them back down to normal size../
14:37.26*** join/#kde stav__ (
14:39.27*** join/#kde swemark (
14:41.13*** join/#kde tampakrap_ (
14:41.15*** join/#kde vital (
14:41.35*** join/#kde Caramboo (
14:41.42*** part/#kde Caramboo (
14:43.37*** join/#kde okapi14 (
14:45.31gkiagiarpag: right click on the window title -> advanced -> keep above others
14:45.39*** join/#kde mereandor (
14:47.02*** join/#kde pmatos (
14:47.29*** join/#kde imagelife_ (n=imagelif@
14:47.38*** join/#kde Pegasus_ (
14:48.00*** join/#kde veritas_ (
14:48.00*** join/#kde wiscados (n=mint@
14:48.07rpagthanks gkiagia :D
14:48.37veritas_does anyone know how much compile speed differs if i use a 64-bit OS as opposed to a 32-bit OS?
14:49.12pinotreeveritas_: ##linux please
14:49.21mereandorhi there! I have a problem with kde-4.1.1 (gentoo inofficial): When accessing a certain webpage the konqueror window just closes itself (no crash) and I don't see why it should. When I activate javascript-errors it displays a lot messages like "stack overflow". What can I do to debug this?
14:50.48gkiagiamereandor: it probably crashes but silently, because the stack is full. run from a terminal to verify that...
14:52.48mereandorgkiagia: I'll test that out...
14:53.25*** join/#kde cesi (
14:53.28*** join/#kde vital (
14:54.18mereandoryou were right - now it writes "Segmentation fault" to the terminal
14:54.24*** join/#kde vital (
14:55.23*** join/#kde bgeddy (
14:55.48mereandorgkiagia: ping?
14:55.51*** join/#kde vital (
14:55.52gkiagiamereandor: correct, it's probably an infinite loop that causes the stack to overflow. I have seen this bug too...
14:56.55gkiagiamereandor: let me guess.. the site is at ? right
14:57.31sandsmarkderstandard is the standard for finding crash bugs in konqueror =p
14:57.34mereandorseems to be some broken ad...
14:58.20gkiagiayeah, this site is THE crashy site
14:58.42mereandornice to know ;)
14:58.48hyper_chwhat's the "opposite" of a primary partition? Is it logical or extended? I keep confusing those two
14:59.04*** join/#kde funkyou (
14:59.17hyper_chsandsmark: you can only have 4 primaries
14:59.37hyper_chso you can circumvent that by creating a logical one instead and inside it multiple extended?
14:59.41hyper_chor is it vice-versa?
14:59.50sandsmarkbah, dos style partition tables suck =)
14:59.59*** join/#kde monkwarrior (
15:00.10*** part/#kde monkwarrior (
15:00.23*** join/#kde loper (n=loper@
15:00.27*** join/#kde root (
15:00.39*** part/#kde loper (n=loper@
15:00.47gkiagiahyper_ch: vice versa, an extended is a primary partition that holds logicals
15:00.57*** join/#kde marko_d (n=marko_d@
15:01.07hyper_chgkiagia: thx
15:03.15*** join/#kde Tindor (
15:07.49*** join/#kde feindbild (
15:07.54*** join/#kde soa2ii (
15:07.54feindbildhello :)
15:08.41*** part/#kde girishr (n=girish@
15:09.31*** join/#kde Worf (
15:09.53feindbildI've installed kde-4.1, removed it and reinstalled kde-3.5. now when I insert an usb-drive it doesn't appear under media:/ anymore. I also have the same problem on my laptop after the same procedure :( any ideas how to fix this?
15:10.15annmadid you ask your distro?
15:10.36annmathe 2 versions of KDE are separated and can run side by side feindbild
15:11.25feindbildannma: not a distri problem, and I didn't run them side-by-side, they used the same KDEHOME
15:12.00feindbildannma: what I meant to say is: i compiled it myself, so no distri problem
15:12.01annmawhat distro then???
15:12.16annmaI also build KDE but not on the same place
15:12.45*** join/#kde dunk_k7 (
15:13.50feindbildannma: any idea what config files could be affecting this? obviously not the global hal/dbus configs, they were left untouched ...
15:13.50*** join/#kde vital (
15:13.50dunk_k7somebody have kde4 with EM64T
15:13.51annmanot sure how you built your kde then
15:13.59annmafeindbild: maybe you built wrong
15:14.27*** join/#kde DaEmOnIcUs (
15:16.11*** join/#kde [Kame2] (
15:16.36feindbildannma: no ... it's no build problem ... like I said, I uninstalled kde4 again, and reinstalled the kde3 distri packages ... so it can only be a config in ~/.kde that has been altered by kde4 and now causes theese problems with kde3 ...
15:16.43*** join/#kde floe (
15:18.42feindbilda pal is having the same problem by the way, on a different distri with distri packages ...
15:19.33annmawhat distros?
15:19.36feindbildyes ...
15:19.53feindbildI have slackware, he's got Kubuntu ...
15:20.11*** join/#kde LjL (n=ljl@ubuntu/member/ljl)
15:20.20*** part/#kde DaEmOnIcUs (
15:20.54*** join/#kde vital (
15:21.08*** join/#kde SmatZ (
15:22.58*** join/#kde Quirck (n=Raghaven@
15:23.36annmaon KUbuntu surely you can have both kde3 and 4 side by side
15:23.53annmano need to uninstall one in order to get the other
15:24.22*** join/#kde loper (n=loper@
15:24.34feindbildannma: somehow he still had a shared ~/.kde, no idea ...
15:24.36*** part/#kde loper (n=loper@
15:24.45annmareally weird
15:25.24*** join/#kde gamaral (n=gamaral@kde/developer/gamaral)
15:25.28annmadid you try a brand new user then?
15:27.02*** join/#kde Lanoxx (
15:27.49*** join/#kde KR-data (
15:28.40*** join/#kde DexterF (
15:28.58KR-dataanyone who knows either a way to make kopete show different chats in tabs or a good client that does, which I can use to Google Talk?
15:31.34JucatoKR-data: Settings -> Configure Kopete -> Behavior -> Chat tab -> Chat Window Grouping Policy?
15:32.41KR-dataJucato, thanks. Why doesn't it do that by default?
15:33.13Jucatodon't know. different people have different preferences, so they probably chose a default that is.. um.. default :)
15:34.11*** join/#kde loki (
15:34.20KR-databut the trend is towards tabs (and with good reason if you ask me), using a window per task is impractical and... well old fashioned
15:35.20annmafeindbild: does it work with a new user?
15:37.13feindbildannma: I'll try right now ... had to wait for avnadmin load to complete ...
15:38.15*** join/#kde JSolomon (n=JSolomon@
15:39.54*** join/#kde luna1 (
15:41.06*** join/#kde atomopawn (n=quassel@
15:41.50*** join/#kde jthomas (
15:42.05*** join/#kde Russel-Athletic (
15:43.49*** join/#kde vital (
15:44.38*** part/#kde chakie (
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15:46.43*** join/#kde skxpl (n=skx@
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15:47.17*** join/#kde mrsaccess (
15:48.01*** join/#kde Gunirus (n=Gunirus@unaffiliated/Gunirus)
15:49.28*** join/#kde Ferrenrock (
15:49.56*** join/#kde DeadFishMan (
15:50.27*** join/#kde zir0faive (
15:51.15*** join/#kde Epocher (n=epocher@
15:51.39*** join/#kde zhangzhexx (n=zhangzhe@
15:51.42*** join/#kde zauwn (
15:52.40*** part/#kde zauwn (
15:53.32*** join/#kde gabriel (
15:53.38*** join/#kde mwenge (n=mwenge@
15:54.08*** join/#kde ThomasD (n=thomas@
15:54.28*** join/#kde agam (
15:54.56*** join/#kde vesz (
15:55.04*** join/#kde nielsslot (
15:56.46*** join/#kde fale (
16:00.32*** join/#kde feindbild (
16:01.06feindbildannma: it works with a new user ...
16:02.12feindbildah well ... I'll just mv my ~/.kde and start from scratch ... my own fault, there was a big red blinking warning not to use the same ~/.de :(
16:02.25feindbild* ~/.kde
16:02.27*** join/#kde aseigo_home (
16:02.36feindbildbye :)
16:03.50*** join/#kde Fri13 (
16:04.15*** join/#kde jreznik (
16:04.28*** join/#kde nikolavp (i=kde4@
16:04.37*** join/#kde Russel-Athletic (
16:04.43*** join/#kde boldii (i=CNqXLZsE@unixboard/mod/boldii)
16:05.06boldiican anybody tell me if I can print with KDE4 somehow only the odd and then the even numbers of pages?
16:05.06Russel-Athletici have a little problem: kded seems to eat up much cpu, what could be the problem?
16:05.25*** join/#kde Defense|Twin (
16:06.07*** join/#kde mewshi (n=mewshi@
16:06.15*** join/#kde fale_ (
16:08.18*** part/#kde kriko (n=kristjan@
16:08.29*** join/#kde jreznik (
16:10.00*** join/#kde chiiph (n=chiiph@
16:10.11*** part/#kde loki (
16:10.25*** join/#kde bline (
16:10.38chiiphdoes kde 4.1.1 have a better kopete version?
16:10.44*** join/#kde maelstrom (n=maelstro@wikipedia/xx)
16:10.47*** join/#kde marko_d (n=marko_d@
16:11.43*** join/#kde zly (
16:12.19*** join/#kde ForgeAus (n=forgeaus@
16:12.24*** join/#kde Gregori (
16:12.39*** join/#kde DaSkreech (n=ubuntu@
16:12.45*** join/#kde fale__ (
16:12.53ForgeAusis there any gui ping/dns/traceroute/finger/etc client for KDE?
16:13.05DaSkreechdoes anyone know any tools to visually map netowrks?
16:13.13*** join/#kde kriko (n=kristjan@
16:13.17ForgeAuslol DaSkreech :)
16:13.56DaSkreechForgeAus: Fine laugh at my teerebull type
16:13.59DaSkreechnetworks :)
16:14.09Gregoriok... im going.... to...
16:14.15ForgeAusI don't know of a port scanner for KDE but what I can say is what essentially one does is discover clients by scanning ports in an IP range...
16:14.20Gregoriinstall firefox-qt!
16:14.28mrsaccessfe3d I believe can visually map networks
16:14.29DaSkreech check this out ForgeAus
16:14.30ForgeAus(I'm not laughing AT you DaSkreech... just at the timing of us both asking together
16:14.47DaSkreechmrsaccess: Thanks I'll look at it
16:15.20ForgeAusok nice!
16:15.25mrsaccessand knetscan is a frontend to nmap, ping, whois, traceroute
16:15.55mrsaccesskonqueror I believe includes a finger kio-slave
16:15.55DaSkreechknmap is a port scanner
16:16.02*** join/#kde bushwakko (
16:16.23mrsaccessjust use finger: in the address bar
16:16.59*** join/#kde loki (
16:17.12*** part/#kde loki (
16:17.16ForgeAusE: Couldn't find package knetscan
16:17.23DaSkreechDamn you konqueror and your endless usefullness
16:17.36DaSkreechForgeAus: I know same for fe3d
16:17.54DaSkreechThough not sure I want to suck up my Video card unless I want to impress clients
16:18.06ForgeAushehe Konqueror rocks!
16:18.10ForgeAusKonquerer and/or Krusader are my two favourite KDE apps!
16:18.27mrsaccessalso there is a network analyzer for KDE, like wireshark but I don't remember it's name
16:18.36ForgeAus ???
16:18.55ForgeAusso where can I get knetscan from?
16:19.14DaSkreechIt is impressive though :)
16:19.37DaSkreechWireshark!! I wonder if that does any visually graphing
16:20.03ForgeAushmm opera doesn't do .png? odd
16:20.52*** join/#kde cb400f (n=cb400f@opensuse/member/Cb400f)
16:21.03*** join/#kde olejl (n=olejl@
16:21.34*** join/#kde Kaffien (n=Kaffien@about/windows/regular/kaffien)
16:21.48Kaffiendoes anyone know of a way to import  one notes into basket?
16:22.13DaSkreechKaffien: #basket-devel
16:23.28*** join/#kde dani_l (
16:23.38*** join/#kde Jonty (
16:25.05*** join/#kde DeadS0ul (
16:25.28*** join/#kde DexterF (
16:26.37*** join/#kde regis1 (
16:27.15*** join/#kde hermier (n=hermier@frugalware/developer/hermier)
16:29.57*** join/#kde Defense (
16:30.51*** join/#kde shai (
16:34.34*** join/#kde hareldvd (
16:40.22*** join/#kde bgmiki (
16:41.10*** join/#kde Lanoxx (
16:44.17*** join/#kde Piro_laptop (n=piro@
16:44.45*** join/#kde SSJ_GZ (
16:45.18*** join/#kde tampakrap_ (
16:46.33*** join/#kde neurosys (
16:47.40*** join/#kde _Angelus_ (
16:47.55*** join/#kde MethoS- (
16:48.16*** join/#kde dirigeant (n=dirigean@unaffiliated/mew/x-344925)
16:50.46*** part/#kde kriko (n=kristjan@
16:51.13ForgeAusknetscan is old, like 2002
16:51.31ForgeAusat least according to sourceforge
16:51.49DaSkreechshould make a wiki page of stuff missing in Linux in general and KDE4 specifically
16:51.58DaSkreechputs kiosk near the top
16:52.39ForgeAusid kiosk touchscreen support?
16:52.39*** join/#kde buntfalke (n=nobody@
16:52.50DaSkreechannma: It's ported?
16:52.52annmakisok itself is there DaSkreech
16:53.10DaSkreechI wasn't aware anyone stood up for the job
16:53.34annmakiosktool isn't ported but kiosk is there
16:53.39*** join/#kde soa2ii (
16:53.48DaSkreechkiosktool is the frontend?
16:54.09ForgeAushehe TweaKDE?
16:54.31DaSkreechForgeAus: Yes. It's very very good
16:54.32*** join/#kde milian (
16:54.40DaSkreechMy manners!
16:54.44DaSkreechhugs annma
16:54.50*** join/#kde janek (
16:55.08ForgeAusyeah looks like you can do alot of disabling in it
16:55.29ForgeAusnothing I need right now or can forsee wanting at this point
16:55.31DaSkreechYep great for netcafes or public boxes at shows
16:55.37*** join/#kde jhulst (n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst)
16:55.47DaSkreechor computers in the reach of 5 year olds
16:55.59ForgeAusdo touchscreens simply pretend to be the mousecursor?
16:56.10DaSkreechthey are the mouse cusour
16:56.29ForgeAusok so what happens if you touch 2 parts of the screen at once?
16:56.39DaSkreechdepends on the touchscreen
16:56.58*** join/#kde bgmiki (
16:56.58*** join/#kde cgoncalves (
16:57.06DaSkreechsome will just register the first one that hits some will register one then move to the other some will register both
16:57.12mrsaccessknetscan is rather old but nmap, traceroute, whois options hasn't changed much all these years so it works
16:57.13ForgeAusmouse + touchscreen/stylus + gamecontroller (like wii) hehe...
16:57.18*** join/#kde arnooo (n=arnooo@nat/af83/x-e7223facc72ea4ce)
16:57.18*** join/#kde kriko (n=kristjan@
16:57.39ForgeAusok I'll trust you and install it then :)
16:57.46mrsaccessit is a frontend after all
16:57.59*** join/#kde joseee1985 (
16:58.02ForgeAusits just not going to show up in my adept as an installed package is it?
16:58.02DaSkreechmourns the KDE3 interface
16:58.05*** part/#kde joseee1985 (
16:58.10ForgeAusme too DaSkreech
16:58.10mrsaccessalternatively stick to the konsole and the command line ;)
16:58.11DaSkreechForgeAus: Hmm?
16:58.20DaSkreechForgeAus: checkinstall it
16:58.33ForgeAusMrsAccess I prefer gui options where possible
16:58.33DaSkreechmrsaccess: have you used Fe3d ?
16:58.43*** join/#kde veritas_ (
16:58.51ForgeAuswhats checkinstall?
16:59.48mrsaccessI am using Gentoo so I have all these available through portage
16:59.57mrsaccessI can try something if you want
17:00.01DaSkreechmrsaccess: damn you and your usefulness
17:00.06ForgeAusahh Gentoo makes a great prefix on other OS's :)
17:00.16ForgeAusI had one for interix :)
17:00.31DaSkreechmrsaccess: I just want to know if the interface is as sluggish as I expect it to be
17:00.34ForgeAusbut no KDE love there :(
17:00.39*** join/#kde tsukasa (n=tsukasa@unaffiliated/tsukasa)
17:01.02*** join/#kde Hoki (n=GM-Mord@unaffiliated/hokinon)
17:01.08mrsaccessyou mean fe3d's interface? I'll check it
17:02.11*** join/#kde xanax` (
17:03.26*** join/#kde buscher (
17:03.51*** join/#kde marko_d (n=marko_d@
17:04.00ForgeAusgrr I need to be root to compile/install ?
17:04.21DaSkreechForgeAus: No
17:04.40ForgeAusso why the permission denied?
17:04.41DaSkreechOnly if you want to install outside of your home directory
17:04.44ForgeAusdoh it didn't paste right
17:04.57ForgeAusits inside my home
17:05.07*** join/#kde eternaleye (
17:05.15DaSkreechyou can configure --prefix=~/bin/test/prog
17:06.18*** join/#kde sp4 (
17:06.29ForgeAusuh I think I'll just get kompile and/or kinstaller and use them
17:06.39sp4hey, just found this in the linux upcoming stories on digg:
17:06.54DaSkreechcheckinstall will make a deb that will show up in Adept when you install it
17:07.09*** join/#kde peppe (n=peppe@unaffiliated/peppe)
17:07.28ForgeAuslol! KDE is goingto be used to kill us all?
17:08.04*** join/#kde regis1 (
17:08.04Sputtalk about world domination, eh?
17:08.21DaSkreechnods and two penguins in black suits get up and escort ForgeAus outside
17:09.08*** join/#kde solsTiCe_ (
17:09.32*** join/#kde zly (
17:09.50*** join/#kde Apocryphe (
17:12.07*** join/#kde cael (
17:12.35*** join/#kde floe (
17:12.50caelanybody found a solution for the "konqueror processes not terminating when javascript enabled" bug?
17:14.54*** join/#kde neddy (n=john@nat/sun/x-5c53cc9e2ef6d97f)
17:14.58*** join/#kde jreznik_ (n=jreznik@nat/redhat/x-4d681f47cd332a09)
17:15.21DaSkreechWelll if they have maybe they can help with the Firefox process not terminating any damn time it feels like doing so
17:15.59DaSkreechI'm outtie
17:16.07*** join/#kde mimichi (
17:17.41caelor can anybody tell me if konqueror processes terminate correctly in a recent svn build
17:19.38*** join/#kde ionuseru_ (
17:23.33*** join/#kde Pinaraf (
17:23.40*** join/#kde LoneShadow (
17:23.48*** join/#kde CyBaH (n=CyBaH@unaffiliated/cybah)
17:23.52*** join/#kde ionuseru_ (
17:24.48mrsaccessfe3d isn't sluggish at all here. But I used nmap to create the input.
17:25.08*** join/#kde andyt (
17:26.49*** join/#kde Tear123 (n=kollapse@
17:27.12*** join/#kde rdale (
17:27.17*** join/#kde icwiener (
17:28.53*** join/#kde |WoLf| (
17:30.51*** join/#kde jhulst_ (n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst)
17:31.57*** join/#kde cleaton (
17:31.59*** join/#kde phoenixz (n=sven@
17:33.51*** join/#kde headhunter33 (
17:35.38*** join/#kde wiscados (n=mint@
17:36.40*** join/#kde bbelt16ag (
17:36.59*** part/#kde Aleks (n=aleks@unaffiliated/aleks)
17:43.07*** join/#kde Xand3r (
17:43.36*** join/#kde spectral (
17:43.55*** join/#kde LoneShadow (n=Lone@nat/cisco/x-c64b18c8e546e879)
17:44.37*** join/#kde anselmolsm (n=anselmol@
17:46.12*** join/#kde colyte (
17:47.01hareldvdIs there a kde component that monitors battery on laptops?
17:47.17*** join/#kde loktor (
17:47.33smurfsloverhareldvd: kpowersave
17:47.51*** join/#kde ponto (
17:47.52hareldvdsmurfslover: thanks.
17:48.01*** join/#kde NickNak (
17:48.11smurfsloverbut i don't know if it is in kde4 already
17:49.47*** join/#kde Jejem (
17:50.31hareldvdsmurfslover: does kpowersave leaves an icon on the "Tray"?
17:50.32*** join/#kde Half-Left (
17:50.53smurfsloverif you want it to
17:51.02smurfslovercheck the settings
17:51.33hareldvdwhat about klaptop? can it provide similar features?
17:52.28smurfsloverdon't know
17:52.40smurfslovertry it and see what you like best
17:52.51smurfsloverin kde4 there's a widget for the battery
17:53.18*** join/#kde murph (n=murph@
17:53.27*** join/#kde JordanC (n=JordanC@unaffiliated/jordanc)
17:53.45hareldvdI just started klaptop_check. It gave me an icon on the tray. I don't know if it will shut down my machine on low power.
17:54.04*** join/#kde hoisn (
17:55.17*** join/#kde blade_runner (n=arezende@
17:55.51*** join/#kde rand_acs (
17:56.10*** join/#kde eNTi (
17:56.39*** join/#kde P1ro (n=piro@gentoo/user/p1ro)
17:56.57*** join/#kde taonari (
17:57.15P1rohi, on kde3 i can add transparency to the kmenu ?
17:57.31annmatranslucency yes
17:57.35annmaI had that
17:57.44*** join/#kde v6lur (
17:57.59*** join/#kde floe (
17:58.12P1roannma, how? i have add it to the bar but cant fin where to add it to he kmenu
17:58.14v6lurhi, is there a dcop handle for switching to desktop x?
17:58.24taonariHi i am running gentoo and finished compiling kde 4.1.1 and noticed that when emerging packages in konsole, that konsole no longer shows which package it is on in the titlebar.  Is this broken or is there anything I can do to turn that on?  I don't see anything in the settings.
17:58.33annmaP1ro: I don't remember how, isn't there a setting dialog?
17:58.45v6lur(in kde 3.5)
17:58.46annmaP1ro: I run kde since ages
17:58.55P1rono, or i just cant find it
17:59.22annmataonari: for gentoo stuff ask in Gentoo channels please
17:59.31annmawe don't emerge in kde
17:59.31Half-Leftannma: Does branches get broken at anytime, it's more stable all the time?
17:59.33taonariannma: alrighty then
17:59.48Half-Leftbug fixes
17:59.52annmabranches are always stable Half-Left as they only accept bug fixes
18:00.08annmasometimes peole backport blindly though
18:00.20Half-Leftannma: Yer but do the bug fixes break anything? :)
18:00.36*** part/#kde taonari (
18:00.38*** join/#kde vjoe (n=vjoe@
18:00.54annmausually not Half-Left
18:00.56vjoeis there anyone to import the emails from evolution to kmail?
18:01.01*** join/#kde _gunni_ (
18:01.04annmaif it does you should signal it promptly
18:01.24Half-Leftok thanks annma baby
18:01.31smurfsloverhareldvd: you can configure that by richt clicking on the tray icon
18:02.24hareldvdsmurfslover: Thanks. (from Germany are you?)
18:04.08smurfsloverhareldvd: no, Belgium
18:04.19hareldvdsmurfslover: Cool.
18:05.10*** join/#kde tempelhueter (
18:05.16*** join/#kde neddy (n=john@nat/sun/x-52b92223116f5d07)
18:05.54*** join/#kde lilltiger (n=lilltige@
18:07.06v6luris there a dcop handle for switching to desktop x?
18:07.44annmalook with kdcop
18:07.55*** join/#kde Ace2016_- (
18:07.57Ace2016_-Hi all
18:08.07Ace2016_-anyone know what cms kde-look is running on?
18:08.47Ace2016_-i want to make a site and kde-look has the pools and stuff i want, hopefully it has a blog feature as well
18:08.55*** join/#kde kdepepo (
18:09.00*** join/#kde Timon_NSN (
18:09.00Jucatov6lur: dcop kwin KWinInterface setCurrentDesktop <number>
18:09.07*** part/#kde Timon_NSN (
18:09.27v6lurJucato: thanks :D
18:10.24v6luremm... "no such function"
18:10.28*** join/#kde Defense|Twin (
18:11.38sandsmarkAce2016_-: it's custom made
18:11.44sandsmarkand no, it doesn't have a blog feature
18:11.45v6lurnevermind. for some reason, i appearently have two kwins running.
18:11.54v6lurdcop kwin-2 .... did the trick
18:12.28*** part/#kde ForgeAus (n=forgeaus@
18:12.29*** join/#kde Shaman` (
18:13.08Ace2016_-yea it looked custom made, i assumed that the maintainer would pick an existing cms and customise the layout/modules rather than make it from scratch
18:14.07Shaman`someone please tell me there is a better toolbar for kde 4.1.1 available
18:14.13Shaman`can't even move the pager :(
18:16.15Ace2016_-i haven't even tried 4 i'm happy with 3
18:16.17*** join/#kde rapsys__ (
18:16.26smurfsloveryou can move stuff on the panel if you first unlock widgets then click on the cashew that'll appear on the panel
18:16.37*** join/#kde marcos__ (n=marcos@
18:16.41smurfsloveror right click/panel settings
18:17.13smurfsloveror set limits for auto-expanding panels
18:17.30*** join/#kde picca (
18:18.46Shaman`ok I got it to move a bit... but I appreciated the old pager, which I could put right in the middle of my screen :/
18:18.54*** join/#kde basantk (n=basantk@
18:18.54annmause kde3
18:19.05sortealI agree
18:19.07*** join/#kde babeck (
18:19.08Shaman`otherwise I like 4.1.1 although the default theme is pretty... for lack of a better word... ugly
18:19.19annmause kicker then
18:19.30annmayou probably still have kde3, no?
18:19.47sortealkde4 won't really hit stride till later if ever.
18:19.51Shaman`yeah I do have kde3
18:20.17Shaman`"if ever" really isn't much of an option :/
18:20.19*** join/#kde roxy_ (
18:20.21annmaShaman`: so run kicker on kde4
18:21.04sorteallol I still have faith but the thought of waiting for kde5 has crossed my mind lol sorry I can't help but look at worse case
18:21.16*** join/#kde kde_pepo (
18:21.41babeckDoes anyone know if there is a way to change the column headings in KMail to be folder specific?  For example I'd like Sender column to appear in all the folders except outbox, sent-mail, and drafts.
18:21.46Shaman`I dunno, it's mostly usable... the panel is a step back though
18:22.12Shaman`also can't get the trashcan to count right, it's empty but reports 60 items in it
18:22.13sortealPlus I'm NO fan of Dolphin which KDE seems intent on using. Why they want to replace Konqueror is beyond me really.
18:22.23Shaman`there we agree
18:23.19*** join/#kde eternaleye (
18:23.22junkDawgieas a gui plasma doesn't seem to have any benefit.... you still have to click two things to get a new app or folder... you could do that before
18:23.43sortealGood point!
18:23.51*** join/#kde spectral (
18:23.52annmayou guys have no clue
18:23.53Shaman`I see the potential future benefits.
18:24.04annmagood Shaman`
18:24.08Shaman`I see that QT4 is vastly superior to QT3.
18:24.17annmayou have various new concepts which were not in kde3
18:24.19Shaman`I just wish that the user experience was #1 on the list right now. :)
18:24.21sortealI'd love to see it really shine but it seems weak against 3.5
18:24.25junkDawgie'splain it to us, annma.... really i'm willing to be convinced
18:24.38*** join/#kde regis1 (
18:24.44annmait's just not finished for people who want to tweak all day
18:25.02junkDawgieguilty of that.... i am trying to make it useful
18:25.16sortealI see your point
18:25.16annmabut the concepts are totally advanced compared to old-kicker which was a pile of shit code
18:25.28annmathink small devices for a start
18:25.38*** join/#kde wolfmankurd (
18:25.43annmaread plasma FAQ on
18:25.53*** join/#kde iamben (
18:26.03annmanow it's Work In Progress
18:26.07annmawe need time
18:26.22iambenanyone using a 2-battery laptop on kde-4? my battery meter looks messed up when i set "show the state for each battery present"
18:26.57junkDawgiei did... and i agree that nobody really knows it's capabilities .... but as you will also note... there is 0 documentation on the plasma site... just the FAQ
18:27.02annmaPlasma in the thing you configure the more as it's desktop so you guys want it all perfect with all features
18:27.06junkDawgieso we got no idea
18:27.09*** join/#kde pumphaus (
18:27.16annmajunkDawgie: feel freeto maintain websites
18:27.22annmawe already struggle for code
18:27.32annmado you want plasma devels waste time on websites?
18:27.41annmathat takes bloody time to write stuff
18:27.55*** join/#kde MethoS- ( is targetted to users
18:28.04annmaand done by users in fact
18:28.08junkDawgiecart before the horse.... a app with no direction is useless
18:28.29annmawe have directions
18:28.50annmabut we don't have time to write them all down for you
18:29.13annmadon't worry about directions and so far nobody challenged the ideas and the design
18:29.19Shaman`I just want a desktop and PIM that are usable
18:29.22Shaman`It's close
18:29.25annmawhat is challenged are small features like hide paneml
18:29.31Shaman`But not what I'd call a full experience :(
18:29.37junkDawgieyou are thinking like a programer... i'm thinking like a user
18:29.37annmawe never said it is
18:29.48annmano, I am a user first believe me
18:29.49Shaman`4.1 series is supposed to be user-targetted, I thought
18:30.09annmaI am not a programmer per profession junkDawgie far from it
18:30.29annma3.1 was not as usable as 3.5 Shaman`
18:30.43sortealVERY TRUE lol
18:30.45junkDawgiemy point would be "brillant programing is useless unless you know how to use it"
18:30.49Shaman`that was like... 10 years ago
18:31.14Shaman`I just expected a better experience, I guess.  My fault.
18:31.30annmaenterprizes still use KDE 3.4
18:31.44annmabecause it's polished with minor versions
18:31.57smurfsloverShaman`: which distro do you have
18:32.06annmadistros jumped on 4 because they want to look modern
18:32.07smurfsloveror did you compile kde4 from source
18:32.26annmaI sort of disagree with their attitude
18:32.27smurfsloverkubuntu's packages are not bad though
18:32.38smurfsloverbut PIM is still buggy
18:32.53smurfsloverespecially akregator
18:33.09junkDawgienew updates all the time, obviously they are trying
18:33.32smurfsloverso you can stay away from it and use kde3 for a stable and complete desktop
18:34.00smurfsloveror you can use kde4, file bug-reports and help these people to make it better
18:34.07boldiiI just zoomed out of my desktop in KDE4 how can I zoom in again??
18:34.53smurfsloverboldii: click the cashew again
18:34.54junkDawgiethe cashew on the top right
18:35.27boldiiI got unlock widget and add activity there
18:35.59junkDawgienew plasmoid the dancing wimmins (a la MontyPython)
18:36.06smurfslovertry meta + 0
18:36.10boldiioh, ok. found it. it was hidden by my panel.
18:36.18*** join/#kde wstephenson (n=konversa@kde/opensuse.member.wstephenson)
18:36.23junkDawgiegives himself three demerits for off-topic
18:36.35boldiinever mind. but I think that a panel at the top should be considered.
18:37.05*** join/#kde rapsys_ (
18:37.08junkDawgiebelieve there is that option
18:37.17smurfsloverjust move it up
18:37.37boldiiyes, I have it there. and that is why I couldn't find the zoom in option ;)
18:37.46*** join/#kde Shaman` (
18:37.56*** join/#kde Arno[Slack] (
18:38.00smurfsloverboldii: file a bug report
18:38.16annmathere's already one surely
18:38.18*** join/#kde bentob0x (
18:38.36boldiiI am currently collecting some bugs I will file that weekend when I have time.
18:38.46boldiithere is so much which is bugging me.
18:38.48*** join/#kde zxiiro (
18:39.19annmaboldii: be sure to check the database before filing any bugs
18:39.36annmaespeciallyif you just happen to install kde4
18:39.45boldiiyes, sure.
18:40.57*** join/#kde Arno[Slack] (
18:41.13boldiihopefully 4.2 will be a lot better.
18:41.19zszwhat do I have to do to make konqueror display applets? The "enable java" option is checked, the path to "java" executable is set to "java", sun java version 1.6.0_07 is installed
18:41.20*** join/#kde ninad (n=ninad@
18:41.40annmaboldii: it'll be better and 4.3 will be better and so on
18:41.47boldiiannma: :)
18:42.21Half-Leftzsz: Try setting it to /usrbin/java
18:42.21annmaremember we all do it after regular work
18:42.58boldiiannma: it was not intended to sound mad or whatsoever. I really appreciate the work being done.
18:43.49annmaas hardware moves forward, software also has to
18:43.52annmaI know boldii
18:44.08junkDawgiefor me, 4.1.1 was the turning point.... i wrestled with 4.0.4 and was about to format
18:44.25*** join/#kde metalfan_ (n=progger@
18:44.37metalfan_what do you guys use for rar/unrar in kde4?
18:44.53smurfslovermetalfan_: i use konsole
18:45.02zszHalf-Left: no effect
18:45.19metalfan_Half-Left: thx
18:45.19junkDawgieQ7z  metalfan
18:45.30*** join/#kde _sagitarius_ (n=sagitari@
18:45.31*** join/#kde zjons (
18:45.32boldiiI decided to switch as KDEmod switched to KDE4.
18:46.15*** join/#kde kim0 (n=kimoz@
18:46.47annmausually distros allow to install both 3 and 4
18:46.53metalfan_Half-Left: what distro do you use?
18:47.02annmaso you can for ex run kde4 apps on kde3 or vice versa
18:47.03Half-LeftPeople will come to KDE4.x, just a matter of time
18:47.17annmaI run some kde3 apps on kde4
18:47.20metalfan_junkDawgie: the homepage isnt that informative, sounds more like a only 7zip tool?
18:47.25annmalike Konversation and KMail
18:47.30Half-Leftmetalfan_: Linux mint esyliss
18:47.49boldiithe only KDE3 app I am still running is kmymoney
18:47.55Half-LeftEspecially now Amarok is looking really good
18:47.59metalfan_Half-Left: what a freakshow
18:48.13boldiiwell, I don't know what I should think about the new amarok.
18:48.14junkDawgiemetalfan_: well, you can add context menu support for Dolphin with and add-in "Extract and Compress"
18:48.47metalfan_junkDawgie: got someone here that needs a "out of the box" solution...
18:49.11annmaamarok2 is alpha boldii
18:49.21annmadistros ship alpha stuff
18:49.21Half-LeftJust use Dolphin to open them and copy paste the folder
18:49.34boldiiyep, I mean the new style not it's stability or somehting.
18:49.37Half-Leftannma: Beta now
18:49.47annmaBeta in first stage
18:49.53*** join/#kde swemark (
18:49.54Half-LeftBeta2  very soon
18:50.18*** part/#kde v6lur (
18:50.40*** join/#kde lovedaddy (
18:50.46smurfsloverboldii: which distro?
18:50.51Half-LeftIt's rather innovative the plasma intergration in the middle is nice
18:51.09smurfsloverin ubuntu you can install amarok-nightly next to amarok 1.4
18:51.25smurfsloveramarok-nightly looks much better
18:51.29boldiiyes, I could do this here too, but I like to try a bit.
18:51.41smurfslovertoo bad it doesn't pick up kde color settings yet
18:51.50Half-LeftWhat doesn't?
18:51.57boldiiI have an svn version from 9th september
18:51.58smurfsloverand works much better
18:52.00*** join/#kde |WoLf| (
18:52.15Shaman`back to kde3
18:52.25Half-Lefttrunk pickups colour settings here
18:52.30smurfsloversince i have 4.1
18:52.45*** join/#kde neddy1 (n=john@nat/sun/x-dd3cfaa5566f824a)
18:52.50smurfsloversince i have 4.1.1 is don't use kde3 much anymore
18:53.46Half-LeftWell Amarok, digikam are in beta for KDE4
18:53.51*** part/#kde metalfan_ (n=progger@
18:54.00Half-LeftTwo killer apps
18:54.21boldiiand don't forget Koffice
18:54.31Half-LeftThats still Alpha
18:54.44*** join/#kde tsukasa (n=tsukasa@unaffiliated/tsukasa)
18:54.50junkDawgiek3b for kde4 is a disaster
18:54.54*** join/#kde grisha (
18:54.56*** join/#kde hermier (n=hermier@frugalware/developer/hermier)
18:55.06boldiiI don't get k3b to work. but haven't tried very much yet.
18:55.08*** join/#kde Ejdes|Lap (n=Ejdesgaa@
18:55.24Half-LeftWell they need time to port it
18:55.43smurfslovernew digikam looks great
18:55.50junkDawgiethe kde3 version is functional... but it doesn't seem to cooperate with automount
18:55.52iambeni dunno, my k3b-2 works fine
18:55.58*** join/#kde piquadrat (
18:56.03smurfsloverand i'm crazy about the new gwenview
18:56.18Half-LeftLast thing we want really in my view is just another port of the same thing, kde4 apps are innovative and have been redesigned, afew anyway
18:56.38junkDawgiecan you get k3b-2 to verify a burn under kde4?
18:56.55Half-Leftk3b works fine in KDE4
18:57.21junkDawgiei'd disagree, mine won't suck the disc back in and verify
18:57.47*** join/#kde cleaton (
18:57.51Half-LeftTurn off verify then
18:58.06iambenive never used verify, i've got my cdrom bay filled with another battery
18:58.06Half-LeftOr skip it
18:58.24*** join/#kde jhulst (n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst)
18:58.29junkDawgiedepends if you actually want to keep the data, i guess
18:58.45iambenbut for that matter, my cdrom cant suck anything back in once it's ejected, its a notebook
18:58.58junkDawgiei always use verify if i plan to remove it from the hard drive... it's that or lose it
19:01.21*** join/#kde bbrooks (n=bbrooks@
19:03.19*** join/#kde wolfmankurd (
19:04.43Half-LeftPitty smplayer couldn't replace drongon player
19:05.05*** join/#kde tsukasa` (
19:05.27Half-LeftMine you thats a mplayer front end
19:13.19*** join/#kde ebdomino (n=ebdomino@
19:14.26DeadFishManHalf-Left: You can say that again for me. They decided to go with a simple approach with KDE4 but Dragon Player UI is way too spartan for my taste...
19:15.01Half-LeftI'll have to agree I'm afraid
19:15.02DeadFishManHalf-Left: SMPlayer's UI is not bad and it has some unique features.
19:15.51*** join/#kde bluelightning (n=blueligh@pdpc/supporter/active/bluelightning)
19:16.02Half-LeftYer shame it's Qt app and not KDE but looks like a Crossplatform one
19:16.14*** part/#kde arussel (
19:16.18Half-Leftwell, is
19:16.28*** join/#kde visik7 (n=dksakd@unaffiliated/visik7)
19:16.33Half-Leftit's extreemly fast
19:16.57*** join/#kde frando_ (
19:16.58*** join/#kde piquadrat (
19:17.00DeadFishManand the ability to resume playing 'no matter what' is nifty! ^_^
19:17.38*** join/#kde subw (
19:20.20*** join/#kde syllogism (n=brad@
19:20.39Half-Leftok, so I like cmake more now days
19:21.36vjoeis there any KDE frontend to mplayer?
19:22.12*** join/#kde ascizo (i=ascizo@unaffiliated/ascizo)
19:22.17*** join/#kde OreiA_13 (
19:22.21DeadFishManvjoe: KMPlayer, Kaffeine, KPlayer and SMPlayer comes to min
19:22.47friedrich|how do I get the menus back in konqueror? (File Settings Views and so on?)
19:23.04Half-Leftkmplayer, not sure on the status of it. it's in extragear
19:23.07*** join/#kde idem (
19:23.17vjoeDeadFishMan, which do you recommend?
19:23.31Half-Leftsmplayer rocks though
19:24.10DeadFishManvjoe: I'd try them all and see which one I like best. I dislike Kaffeine's UI because I think it is too busy but my wife loves it.
19:24.27*** join/#kde trumee (
19:24.27vjoeI will try smplayer
19:24.32vjoeI hate gmplayer :x
19:24.40*** join/#kde Ejdes| (n=Ejdesgaa@
19:24.47Half-Leftsmplayer is feature rich as well
19:25.13vjoebut I have to keep gmplayer because of firefox :|
19:25.33DeadFishManvjoe: KMPlayer is in KDE ExtraGear as Half-Left said so it is kinda of THE semi-official KDE mplayer front-end ^^
19:26.32*** join/#kde robotangel (
19:27.09Half-LeftFor some reason they dont use mplayer as their backend with default players, totem and dragon is phonon(xine/gstreamer) and totem used both as well
19:27.15ascizowhich component handles key binding in KDE? the window manager?
19:27.28Half-Lefttotem dont use phonon ofcourse
19:28.19sandsmarkascizo: kded, I think
19:28.54ascizosandsmark: ok. thanks
19:28.57vjoediner, see you later
19:29.12*** join/#kde t_s_o (
19:30.15*** join/#kde JohnFlux_ (
19:30.19friedrich|Please, can somebody tell me how to get the main menu of konqueror back? The menu bar which has "File Views Settings About" and such?
19:30.22Half-LeftOh the days of sound servers :p
19:30.58*** join/#kde b3niup (
19:31.21ascizoHalf-Left: ctrl+M says "hide menu bar" here
19:31.22Half-Leftfreeedrich|: Right Click the bar and you have the ticked options
19:31.48friedrich|Half-Left: Ctrl+M it is :D
19:31.54DeadFishManfriedrich| TriedCtrl,M?
19:31.55Half-Leftoh ok :p
19:32.10friedrich|So.. Can somebody tell me how to get rid of that status bar of konqueror?
19:32.10DeadFishManOops, beat me to it
19:32.37friedrich|The thing that informs about loading of webpages?
19:33.19Half-LeftKtorrent is a nice port as well, nice plasma allet for it
19:34.37*** join/#kde headhunter33 (
19:37.00*** join/#kde marko_d (n=marko_d@
19:39.41*** join/#kde Starwatcher (
19:40.05*** join/#kde Starwatcher1 (
19:40.25ascizoark is archiver, right?
19:40.37*** join/#kde _Angelus_ (
19:42.26*** join/#kde shade (
19:42.30Half-LeftArk is a archiver yes
19:42.41*** join/#kde shai (
19:43.08Half-LeftWill be getting lost of love in 4.2
19:44.01shadei need a litle help with kmail, maybe its made by power loss in kaming making something, but now i cant remove one mail from archive, i pres deleate(move to garbage) and it sets line on title but stays on recived folder
19:44.10shadeits kmail from kde 3.5.9
19:44.19*** join/#kde bbb (
19:45.10*** join/#kde kking_ (n=kevin@
19:45.17*** join/#kde opensourcecat (
19:46.14ascizoheh. i'm not sure if i like KDE yet. installed it this morning after getting pissed off by gtk :P
19:47.29*** join/#kde lilltiger (n=lilltige@
19:48.25*** join/#kde dirigeant (n=dirigean@unaffiliated/mew/x-344925)
19:48.34*** join/#kde peppe (n=peppe@unaffiliated/peppe)
19:50.05*** join/#kde letto2 (n=letto@
19:51.51*** join/#kde kirun (
19:52.20*** join/#kde phoenixz (n=sven@
19:52.36*** join/#kde phoenixz (n=sven@
19:52.58*** join/#kde fabrice__ (
19:53.12*** join/#kde floe (
19:54.25*** join/#kde robotangel (
19:56.09*** join/#kde soa2ii (
19:56.39*** join/#kde patrickallaert (
19:56.44*** join/#kde kuba (n=kuba@
19:56.46*** join/#kde lilltiger (n=lilltige@
19:58.27*** join/#kde LnxSlck (n=LnxSlck@
19:59.30*** part/#kde Guest94970 (n=kuba@
20:00.34*** join/#kde juanra (
20:02.02*** join/#kde haisaul (n=kuba@
20:02.32*** join/#kde zxiiro (n=zxiiro@
20:05.43*** join/#kde enyawix (
20:05.56*** part/#kde enyawix (
20:06.47*** join/#kde colyte (
20:07.02marko_dwhy there is no kde 4.1 screenshot section?
20:08.46Half-LeftThere should be in the Wiki
20:10.21Half-Leftmarko_d: Aaron put mine of KDE4.1 on the site, can't remember where
20:10.24*** join/#kde bline (
20:10.36marko_di mean on the screenshot page
20:12.47Half-Leftmarko_d: He's not had time, sorry
20:13.31marko_dHalf-Left: ok, good to know that it will be there sometimes :)
20:14.38Half-Leftmarko_d: Nice ZUI one :p
20:15.13*** part/#kde haisaul (n=kuba@
20:15.17*** join/#kde Rapp (
20:15.40Rappis it possible to import my identity settings from kmail in kde 3.5.x into kde 4.1?
20:15.40marko_dwhere ?
20:16.40*** join/#kde makkalot (n=makkalot@
20:19.04*** join/#kde magyar (
20:24.35*** join/#kde LnxSlck (n=LnxSlck@
20:25.11*** join/#kde BASEman_ (
20:26.11*** join/#kde louis_xx (
20:27.43louis_xxPlease help, here of all places someone must know how to wrap a QT derived class (i.e. the example in the sip docs on riverbank) <-which is out of date. What should the new style look like?
20:27.45*** join/#kde |WoLf| (
20:30.16*** join/#kde mikearthur (
20:30.27Rappone more question: konsole in kde 4.1 complains that my desktop does not support a transparent background. i don't get it... xchat complains about the same problem.
20:30.34Rappis there a way to fix that?
20:30.41ascizohow to get rid of "Most used applications" and such in the K menu?
20:30.49*** join/#kde shadey_ (n=ema@
20:31.03*** join/#kde bergheim (
20:31.58*** join/#kde xdan779 (
20:32.14*** join/#kde Lanoxx (
20:33.53*** join/#kde LnxSlck (
20:36.11*** join/#kde Shootdown (
20:36.35ShootdownI've just installed KDE 4 and i dont know how to make visible icon tray
20:38.28*** join/#kde thechef (
20:39.22*** join/#kde wolfmankurd (
20:39.29*** join/#kde vjoe (n=vjoe@
20:40.03*** join/#kde roldyx (n=roldyx@
20:40.15roldyxhello I have kde4
20:40.43luke-jr4.0 or 4.1?
20:40.48roldyxcan I see window process??
20:40.56luke-jrwindow process?
20:41.06roldyxsame top
20:41.31roldyxluke-jr: I press ctrl- Esc
20:41.45roldyxbut not work
20:41.47*** join/#kde miki_ (
20:41.58luke-jrroldyx: it's Ctrl-Shift-Esc… I think
20:44.25roldyxit dont work
20:45.35roldyxcan I set keys for launch "process table"?
20:46.51*** part/#kde makkalot (n=makkalot@
20:46.54*** join/#kde klebezettel (
20:49.14*** join/#kde Fusselwurm (
20:50.44*** join/#kde |igor_ (n=igor@
20:51.40*** join/#kde bgmiki_ (
20:53.21*** join/#kde mewshi (
20:54.04*** join/#kde tgurr (n=tgurr@gentoo/developer/tgurr)
20:55.06*** join/#kde arxus (
20:55.38*** join/#kde Sir_Sid (n=sid@
20:55.39*** part/#kde arxus (
20:55.42*** join/#kde Shootdown (
20:55.58Shootdownhow I can to activate systray icon in KDE 4 ?
20:57.34tgurris there any way to run a kde4 application with another color theme than the default one? my problem is that amarok doesn't look very good when you use for example the obsidian cost color theme, so i'd like to run it with the oxygen color theme for example.
20:57.59*** join/#kde syllogism (n=brad@
20:58.51*** join/#kde Sir_Sid (
20:59.05*** join/#kde funkyou (
20:59.08*** join/#kde LnxSlck (n=LnxSlck@
21:00.09*** join/#kde mwenge (n=mwenge@
21:00.11RichiHany idea what's up with
21:01.12*** join/#kde colyte_ (
21:01.44ascizodoes konqueror support ns plugins?
21:02.30RichiHhmm, it works again
21:04.07ascizoahh. seems like it does :)
21:06.06*** join/#kde mikekarthur (
21:07.14*** join/#kde milliams (
21:09.03ascizotoo bad i still need some gtk2 apps :/
21:09.28*** join/#kde N9NU (n=n9nu@
21:10.11*** join/#kde shikamaru (
21:11.01*** join/#kde juliano (
21:12.00*** join/#kde FlyingFoX (
21:16.01*** join/#kde mikearthur (
21:17.18*** join/#kde Worf (
21:18.01*** join/#kde LnxSlck (n=LnxSlck@
21:20.25*** join/#kde mrxmike (n=mike@
21:20.34mrxmikei found another bug in kde4.1.1
21:21.05mrxmikeif you use nvidia's twinview to change the display configuration
21:21.22*** join/#kde zerkms (
21:21.25mrxmikeyou can get two 'plasmoid' buttons in the top of your screen
21:21.27mrxmikeinstead of one
21:22.30mrxmikei keep finding bugs :)
21:24.53*** join/#kde jcolby (
21:27.53*** join/#kde NickNak (
21:29.38*** join/#kde r2_ (n=r2@
21:31.29*** join/#kde els78 (
21:31.39*** join/#kde octox2 (
21:32.11*** join/#kde Lanoxx (
21:32.38*** join/#kde neddy (n=john@nat/sun/x-947da34de21792a4)
21:32.40*** join/#kde bgmiki (
21:32.42klebezettel it's kde ^^
21:33.34*** join/#kde Rapp (
21:35.18*** join/#kde soa2ii (
21:35.30*** join/#kde r_ladamo (
21:36.51*** join/#kde ebo (
21:37.16*** join/#kde SpeedyGhost (n=moon3010@kvirc/translator/SpeedyGhost)
21:37.37*** join/#kde taupter (
21:41.03*** join/#kde Wofl_ (n=nils@
21:42.34junkDawgiecheck the FAQ at the plasma site, mrxmike
21:43.04junkDawgieer.... have to look it up... one sec
21:43.10mrxmikei appreciate it
21:44.39*** join/#kde bluelightning (n=blueligh@pdpc/supporter/active/bluelightning)
21:44.47junkDawgiemrxmike:  here ya go
21:45.18junkDawgieas i read the info i got the impression that extending plasma over two monitors was beyond them at the moment
21:45.34junkDawgiejust my take on it
21:47.24*** join/#kde bgmiki (
21:48.11luke-jrPlasma seemed to work on my two monitors fine
21:48.23luke-jrso it's probably a bug in the crappy nVidia stuff
21:52.16junkDawgielol.... i've seen many comments about glitches with ati and nvidia cards.... gee thats only 90% of the market
21:53.00*** join/#kde kokis (
21:53.40luke-jrjunkDawgie: yeah, the Windows 90%
21:54.04*** join/#kde hibread (n=hibread@
21:54.08*** join/#kde Lanoxx (
21:54.46*** join/#kde root_ (n=root@
21:55.13*** part/#kde junkDawgie (
21:56.34*** join/#kde cbr (n=cbr@
21:56.56cbrare there news about a networkmanager plasmoid?
21:57.47*** join/#kde SpeedyGhost (n=moon3010@kvirc/translator/SpeedyGhost)
21:57.58*** join/#kde illogic-al (
21:58.10*** join/#kde Hail_Spacecake (
21:58.28Hail_Spacecakeis there a way to force kfmclient to open more than one audio file in the same instance of audacity?
21:58.57*** join/#kde SpeedyGhost (n=moon3010@kvirc/translator/SpeedyGhost)
21:59.00Hail_SpacecakeI'm trying to open multiple sound files from opera but after the first I get an error that audacity is already open
21:59.39*** join/#kde Ci-Dev_ (
22:00.49*** join/#kde hays (n=hays@unaffiliated/hays)
22:02.23*** join/#kde MethoS- (
22:02.54mrxmikei got two CASHEWS on one display after using twinview /changing resolutions
22:02.59*** join/#kde junkDawgie (
22:03.18mrxmikeplama cashes are nice, unless served salty / in pair
22:03.26mrxmikeplasma cashews
22:03.54*** join/#kde LnxSlck (n=LnxSlck@
22:04.14*** join/#kde zmainframe (
22:05.35*** join/#kde fessio (
22:06.56*** join/#kde Piro_laptop (n=piro@
22:07.11*** join/#kde Lukman (
22:07.46junkDawgiesounds like you are hungry
22:07.52*** part/#kde Lukman (
22:08.28*** join/#kde zerkms (
22:09.41mrxmikeno men
22:09.45mrxmikei found a bug bug bug!!
22:09.50*** join/#kde Half-Left (
22:12.41junkDawgiei prolly could make a list.. but every time i think about it.... things change again
22:12.50*** join/#kde odin_ (
22:12.56kdepeponixternal, ping
22:14.27*** join/#kde SpeedyGhost (n=moon3010@kvirc/translator/SpeedyGhost)
22:15.02*** join/#kde birunko (n=birunko@
22:15.41Half-LeftWell, my wireless is working great with the opensource driver they provied
22:16.25mewmewwhats a good wireless program?
22:16.34mewmewi haven't been able to get wireless to work at all
22:17.05mrxmikewpa_supplicant ;D
22:17.06*** join/#kde edgurgel (n=eduardo@
22:17.07Half-Leftkwlan seems to work
22:17.27Half-Leftand nEtwork Manager :p
22:17.28kdepepomewmew, I use KNetworkManager
22:17.41Half-LeftNetwork Manager :p
22:18.43*** join/#kde neddy (n=john@nat/sun/x-35e64a4dbac5f319)
22:18.47Half-LeftJust had to compile the driver they provided, worked great, just happen to be opensource :)
22:20.51*** join/#kde birunko (n=birunko@
22:21.46*** join/#kde SpeedyGhost (n=moon3010@kvirc/translator/SpeedyGhost)
22:22.58*** join/#kde SpeedyGhost (n=moon3010@kvirc/translator/SpeedyGhost)
22:24.01*** join/#kde Pensacola (
22:24.41*** part/#kde patrickallaert (
22:27.09*** join/#kde zxiiro (
22:28.15*** join/#kde LostTrack (
22:28.57*** join/#kde ebo (
22:30.44*** join/#kde panos (
22:38.55*** join/#kde Piro_laptop (n=piro@
22:40.05eNTihey guys. did something change with the "global shortcuts" in kde 4.1.1, because all of a sudden my shortcuts are missing and new ones are not "recognized".
22:40.33*** join/#kde BlackBsd (n=brian@
22:41.12*** join/#kde eternaleye_ (
22:41.34*** join/#kde dirigeant (n=dirigean@unaffiliated/mew/x-344925)
22:41.56eNTiand how do i get an application into "Keyboard Shortcuts" dropdown menu?
22:42.19eNTithere seem to be really random entries in there...
22:42.33eNTiespecially in the "KHotKeys" menu.
22:44.45*** join/#kde _sagitarius_ (i=sagitari@
22:46.05*** join/#kde bgmiki (
22:46.49*** join/#kde tgillespie (n=tgillesp@
22:46.52|Kiichan|Windam|im having this oddball problem with the desktop picker (kpager?) thats in the taskbar.
22:46.58tgillespiehi all, is it normal for nepomukservices to have such a ridiculously high memory usage? does it just need optimising?
22:46.58|Kiichan|Windam|i cant figure out how to bring them back down to normal size...
22:49.14*** join/#kde ForgeAus (n=forgeaus@
22:50.48ForgeAushey :) um is there a quick way to empty trash from in the konqui trash:/ window? if not shouldn't there be?
22:50.55*** join/#kde jcarlosn (
22:51.24ForgeAusI mean you can always rightclick your desktop or kicker/panel icon if you have one and delete there, thats quick
22:52.26ForgeAus(even if it is redundant its more, convenient)
22:55.45*** join/#kde Tahvok (
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22:56.25_sagitarius_is away: No toy...
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23:04.25CyBaHnn o/
23:05.25*** join/#kde mosno (n=mosno@unaffiliated/mosno)
23:05.40*** join/#kde S-i-A (n=sich@unaffiliated/s-i-a)
23:06.02S-i-Ahow can is disable this XXXXXXXX in kate and Kwrite?
23:06.44*** join/#kde bgmiki (
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23:30.56zerkmsguys, any nice system resources monitoring for tray except sysguard?
23:31.03*** join/#kde kde_pepo (
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