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00:02.35LPLATESHey all :) -- Simple question- but I can't for the life of me find the options -- Where does one configure "how many clicks" it takes to OPEN/ACTIVATE Folder/Files in Konqueror --- Cuz it's driving me crazy trying to find it - THANKYOU :D
00:02.57pinotreesingle click or double click, you mean?
00:03.12LPLATESyep :)
00:03.43benJImankcontrol -> peripherals -> mouse
00:04.37LPLATESbenJIman: THANKYOU :D ---- under "mouse" ---- GRRRR ... been looking everywhere else :P
00:04.45benJImanSearching for double click, or single click would have found it btw.
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00:08.05LPLATESbenJIman: Well I did the whole looking through Konq. Settings menu - it should've been there really,[file managers should have overrides from default click amounts etc] and looked in Control Panel for Theme, Desktop, .. and all that ... "Mouse" ... grrr :D - thanks again :)
00:08.24LPLATESLater :)
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00:08.41benJImanLPLATES: BTW you can cope with single click in konqueror, just use control-lick to select files, or drag-select
00:09.28benJImanMinor inconvenience there doesn't justify doubling the work required for most operations.
00:11.01aa_I wouldn't necessarily describe double clicking as doubling the work
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00:11.13LPLATESbenJIman: Well had DoubleClick for normal account and SingleClick for Root Konq.,(had found the option once before, way back when.. lol) ... but lately having to move files around as Root to my DVR Gentoo box,(lan'd FreeBSD & Gentoo) the Control click thing then seek to move, often un-highlights the control'd clicked icon when seeking to move a group of files and it becomes frustrating rehighlight
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00:12.02LPLATESand some other checks get annoying at times with a single click looking to execute if I forget the Control key 1st :)
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00:14.05LPLATESLater :)
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00:18.01sam1337What would happen if I deleted ~/.kde ?
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00:18.45tcpsynyou'd lose all your settings
00:18.58pinotreeand some personal data
00:19.16|dthacker|where in Kontact do I set the program that opens when I click a URL in a mail reading pane?
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00:20.07pinotree|dthacker|: those follow the global file associations
00:20.44|dthacker|ok, tnx
00:21.39sam1337KDE has programs that work together and feel similar... Quite like Windows Xp in a way...
00:22.30|dthacker|but much better
00:22.34pinotreesam1337: well, it feels like what the user expects
00:23.11pinotreeif i set to use eg konqueror as web browser, i'd expect this setting to be used in all the kde apps
00:23.30pinotreeditto for the single/double click of the mouse, and for many other settings
00:23.38pinotreethat's called "integration"
00:23.50sam1337Will kde 4.0 start up faster? Kde seems to take along time to startup for me and I'm running a fairly decent pc.
00:24.11TheSimkinhow long is it taking?
00:24.49sam1337I haven't timed it but I think it takes about 7 seconds before my hdd quietens down.
00:24.57sam1337maybe 10
00:25.23TheSimkini don't think it'll be faster for you with 4.0
00:26.10TheSimkinand that seems pretty normal, why do you exit kde so much that this is a problem?
00:27.02sam1337It's not really a problem I was just wondering why it takes so long, fluxbox starts up near instantly.
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00:28.35TheSimkinfluxbox is super tiny
00:28.41sam1337Yep :)
00:28.42TheSimkinit does start pretty well instantly
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00:33.03proprietarysucksI can't open my trash in kde and when I try to send things to it they disappear but then reappear later, and never went to the trash
00:33.04sam1337TheSimkin: Could you tell me what you think of my kde desktop please? Here's the link:
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00:45.27Woflwhen i shut down, and there are multiple users logged in, it waits for confirmation
00:45.36Woflis there anyway to have a timeout for this
00:46.01Woflso that if i hit shutdown and walk away, it will wait 5 minutes, and then just shutdown anyways
00:46.13sam1337If kde can be made to look just like xp and wine can run all the xp programs then why do people still buy xp?
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00:48.04amason__sam1337: 1) wine can't run all the xp programs, 2 ) why the hell would you want kde to look like xp ?
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00:49.22derrichfor some reason i can't figure out, KDE is using metacity as its default window manager. i can run "kwin --replace &" and start using kwin again ... but i'd rather not have to do this every time i start KDE. where does KDE store this setting? i've tried grepping "meta" from everything in .kde/share/config , but no luck.
00:49.43derrichand from /usr/kde/3.5/share/config as well, also nothing found
00:50.03sam1337amason_: 1 wine can run all the programs most xp users use, ie, msn messenger, office 2003 and 2 making kde look like xp would give the user a free xp experience without paying £70 or whatever the price is now.
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00:55.14tcpsynman, building kde is no fun.
00:55.24tcpsynI been at it for 10 straight hours
00:56.33tcpsynsam1337, the xp experience sucks.
00:56.58sam1337tcpsyn: Indeed but A LOT of people pay money for it.
00:57.11tcpsynbecause they know no better.
00:57.27tcpsynand not that many people plop out money for the OS.
00:57.33tcpsynthey buy a machine with XP loaded
00:57.57tcpsynThey're not gonna buy a machine, blast XP and install kubuntu.
00:58.14tcpsynIt's an age old argument, and it always goes nowhere.
00:58.21sam1337tcpsyn: That's what I did.
00:58.41tcpsynthat's why your sam1337
00:58.48tcpsynand not just sam
00:59.02sam1337lol sam was causing me problems for some reason
00:59.08sam1337so I put in a number
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01:00.26tcpsynlike I said.
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01:10.59PsychonautIs there a way of starting KDE programs such that the crash handler GUI is not invoked upon a crash?
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01:15.49caotichi, is there a way to make kwrite, qunta, etc, etc remplace something (lets say a space) with a carrier return
01:15.50caotichi, is there a way to make kwrite, qunta, etc, etc remplace something (lets say a space) with a carrier return (enter)
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01:16.10caoticoh crap, i didnt want to repeat the text sry
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01:20.27profoX`caotic: Kate (and probably other apps that use Katepart) can find special characters like that, but I can't see an option to replace it by a carrier return or anything.. I think there was a way to use sed commands from inside kate though.. thats not as userfriendly but works too
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01:23.45sam1337I don't like dolphin.
01:23.52profoX`I know the Kate version that is being worked on right now has a really cool find/replace function though :) but it's not out yet..
01:24.04profoX`sam1337: I prefer good old Konq too
01:24.12profoX`it's just more flexible
01:24.29sam1337profoX`: cool I thought I was the only one
01:26.28sam1337I don't like the new menu I press middle mouse click anywhere on my desktop to bring up the applications menu,
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01:26.59profoX`sam1337: new menu where? are you talking about kde 4?
01:27.25profoX`oh I haven't tested that one in a while :)
01:27.33profoX`my KDE 4 pc is currently in repair
01:27.48sam1337I tried it on opensuse 10.2 for a while but didn't like it.
01:27.50profoX`(motherboard was buggy)
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01:28.56sam1337The performance increases are all that I'm really interested in.
01:29.00profoX`i had stripes and weird stuff going on, even in the bios setup :) and it got worse until it was unusable and i got many freezes.. heh well.. it still has guarantee :)
01:29.14profoX`or warranty
01:29.22profoX`sorry my english is not always good :p
01:29.36sam1337mine either especially this time of night
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01:34.03proprietarysucksI can't open my trash in kde and when I try to send things to it they disappear but then reappear later, and never went to the trash
01:35.54sam1337I wish we had customisable kde at school. With the windows interface work can take a lot longer.
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01:37.19sam1337What's best out of single click and double click? Atm I'm using double click.
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01:37.57Jucato"best" is what works for you.
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01:42.26markcis there a channel for kde4 specific issues ?
01:44.36Jucatomarkc: kde4-devel for kde4 development
01:44.41Jucato#kde4-devel for kde4 development
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01:51.00markcJucato: thanks
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01:52.02eidolonhi folks, i have a very stupid question - i'm demoing KDE to some windows weenies in a couple days.  Question.  Where the heck is the trash can?  it's not no the desktop, and it's not in the tooltray,a nd i can't figure out how to get it in either place.
01:52.23JucatoKonqueror, type "trash:/" in the location
01:52.24eidolon(KDE 3.5.1on Ubuntu Gutsy)
01:53.31mark_alecalso check ~/.Trash
01:53.43eidolonso trash:/ shows me thr trash can - sorta.  but how do i put that icon on my desktop?  if i drag the url itself to the desktop, i get one of the files in the trashcan.. on my desktop :-/
01:53.43Jucatothat's GNOME's location/shortcut
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01:55.16eidolonthis seems silly.  if i copy the url (trash:/) and paste it to the desktop, i get a copy of the firefox shell script (which was in my trashcan)
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01:55.35Jucatoeidolon: right-click on the desktop -> Create New -> Link to Location (URL) and in the location put trash:/
01:56.02eidolonthat worked, jucato.  how weird.
01:56.41eidolonthank you :)
01:58.02proprietarysucksI can't open my trash in kde and when I try to send things to it they disappear but then reappear later, and never went to the trash
01:58.16eidolonJucato: k.  now what?
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01:58.52Jucatoeidolon: that's the content of my trash.desktop file
01:59.03Jucato(the one that's created in the ~/Desktop folder)
01:59.19Jucatothe important lines there would be the Icon and EmptyIcon lines
01:59.57eidolonthat's mine
02:00.04Jucatoeidolon: if you don't set those 2 lines properly, the Trash icon on the desktop will show the same icon whether the trash is empty or full
02:00.11eidolonthat's hwat happened with the commands you gave me.  seems okay.
02:00.15eidolonoh i see.
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02:00.22Jucatoyep. just set the correct icons and you'll be fine
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02:00.54eidolonodd that didn't set that up right htough :(
02:01.45Jucatoit's not automatic :)
02:02.09eidolonrght.  but i'm puzzled why the default desktop had no trash icon at all.
02:02.12eidolonseems... broken.
02:02.19Jucatonot really.
02:02.33JucatoKDE has a icons on the desktop by default
02:02.43proprietarysucksmy trash doesn't work in kde can someone help me out
02:02.54Jucatoeidolon: it's a Kubuntu thing...
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02:03.27eidolonah :(
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02:03.43eidoloni did a gutsy gibbon install of baseline ubuntu, then did 'aptitude install kde' - that's where i ended up here.
02:04.08Jucatouh oh...
02:04.11Jucatooh well..
02:04.17eidolonoh well?  *worry?*
02:04.36Jucatonah. you just end up with the whole KDE suite vs. the Kubuntu defaults :)
02:04.48eidoloni have a lot of disk space. :)
02:05.31Jucatowell, if you want to demo the full extent of KDE :)
02:05.44Jucatootherwise people might misinterpret it as clutter :)
02:05.53proprietarysucksyou installed ubuntu then kde?
02:06.11proprietarysucksyou have never heard of kubuntu ?
02:06.13eidolon*grin* mostly wat i want to show them is "It's possible to live in a linux desktop in a microsoft world.  You do need vmware for Outlook, and other platform-only tools)
02:06.23eidolonproprietarysucks: did i say i didn't know about kubuntu?
02:06.39eidolonanswer: no.
02:06.40proprietarysucksyou said you installed ubuntu and then kde so yeah basically
02:06.52eidolonproprietarysucks: hint for you.  stop making assumptions.
02:07.12proprietarysucksyou are an idiot kde on ubuntu hahaha
02:07.31eidolonanyway.  the demo is about vmware tools on a Linux desktop, so i'm using a machine i had set up for mobile use... just making sure all the little bells and whistles work "Yeah, but where's the trashcan??" sort of stuff.
02:08.03proprietarysucksmaybe you should get xubuntu and install gnome on it
02:08.46Jucatoproprietarysucks: there is no reason for him not to do what he wants with his system and there is no reason for you to insult other people
02:09.52proprietarysucksI can't open my trash in kde and when I try to send things to it they disappear but then reappear later, and never went to the trash
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02:16.41eidolonwhat the FUCK/
02:16.48eidolon[21:16] <eidolonisgay> hey I'm trying to remove gnome from my ubuntu so I can install kde on it  can you help me?
02:17.05eidolonthat's about the most childish crap i've seen on Freenode.  Period.
02:17.25Jucatothought you already /ignore'd?
02:18.00eidolonhe'susing a different account.
02:18.33eidolon15 years i've been on irc, and first time this sort of shit has happened on a support channel.
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02:18.41proprietarysucksI can't open my trash in kde and when I try to send things to it they disappear but then reappear later, and never went to the trash
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02:19.12Jucatoeidolon: you can always ignore by IP/domain/host
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02:20.25eidolonapparently i also need to open a bug with the Konversation folks regarding /ignores :)
02:20.38Jucatowhat bug?
02:20.59eidolonan ignore i tried to set on proprietarysucks / eidolonisgay / whatever the hell his name is caused a segfault in konversation.
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02:23.28eidolon[21:22] <eidolonisgay> put it in my mouth <=============3
02:23.31eidoloni love the net.
02:23.40proprietarysucksyuck dude
02:23.54Jucatoyo troy_! :)
02:24.28troy_Jucato: hola - just did the gutsy upgrade - now we'll see how bad d3lphin really is :P
02:24.38Jucatotroy_: oh it's bad! :)
02:24.57mikeffanyone heard of a problem with kdesu saying wrong password, even if it is the right password?
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02:25.11troyI logout to reboot, and this guy takes my nick :P
02:25.28Jucatotroy: what? you haven't registered both nicks yet?
02:25.40troynope :P someone else owns troy_ even...
02:25.41eidolonproprietarysucks: considering said idjit has the same IP as you, you're really not being particularly witty.
02:25.59Jucatomikeff: what password are you feeding it? depending on your distro, it might be asking for the root password or the sudo password
02:26.17troywow, X got really really slow after the upgrade - I wonder if my drivers didn't make the transition
02:27.04mikeffJucato: im using gentoo, tried both passwords
02:27.17Jucatomikeff: try asking in #gentoo-kde
02:27.30Jucatoby default it should just be asking for the root passwd
02:30.01Jucatotroy: have you seen my recent post?
02:30.28troyJucato: not yet :) I'm trying to sort out why my nvidia drivers didn't make it through the upgrade :)
02:30.40Jucatofunky :)
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02:34.03proprietarysucksguys can you contact me for anything about my problem with kde? here's my info
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02:34.15proprietarysucksDave Belfer-Shevett
02:34.20proprietarysucks9 Bayberry Road
02:34.27proprietarysucksNatick, MA 01760
02:34.56eidoloni gues syou ju8st typed 'whois'
02:34.58eidolonaren't you clever.
02:35.29proprietarysucksno that's me
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02:35.56proprietarysucksI weigh 240 pounds and I'm 43
02:36.10proprietarysucksMy birthday was on September the 8th 1964
02:36.24proprietarysucksMy hair is dark brown and my eyes are hazel
02:36.25eidolonis anyone interested in hearing this crap?  cuz it's just him reading my blog.
02:36.33Jucatotroy: aren't you an op?
02:36.36proprietarysucksthat's me
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02:37.18troyJucato: ahh, that post... not sure what to say, except that while you may not get the results you're looking for with that post... that said, it's never bad to stir things up sometimes just to see if you can get the community to think about the future
02:37.51*** join/#kde ares (
02:37.52Jucatotroy: yeah... although I think I only stirred up the wind in -devel :)
02:38.05troyJucato: that's fine :)
02:38.12proprietarysucksanyone know why kde would not allow trash to open, or be used?
02:38.58troyproprietarysucks: broken io slave? try visiting your trash folder manually (eg /home/username/.kde/Trash or where-ever your distro puts it...) and see what happens
02:39.18*** join/#kde Jucato_ (n=jucato@ubuntu/member/Jucato)
02:39.55troyJucato: it looks like I actually am using the nvidia driver, it's just too fucked up after the upgrade, and I get about a 1 second redraw lag when switching tabs or windows, or doing anything really...
02:40.40*** join/#kde AmyRose (n=djb@unaffiliated/amyrose)
02:40.51FreshPrincegn @ all
02:41.19*** kick/#kde [proprietarysucks!n=aseigo@kde/aseigo] by aseigo (aseigo)
02:41.26Jucatoyay aseigo! :)
02:41.39eidolonTHANK you.
02:41.42illogic-alnow that's an entrance
02:41.44*** join/#kde proprietarysucks (n=root@
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02:41.53aseigoproprietarysucks: don't make me do worse
02:42.03aseigoproprietarysucks: because i will, and it will put me in a foul mood.
02:42.10*** join/#kde nrgy (
02:42.37proprietarysuckssu -c 'find . -name ".*rash*"'   ==> ./media/500B.Trash-myuser  only
02:43.34juanhi! does anyone know how to enable voice chat with kopete
02:43.50eidolonjuan: try #kopete?  :)
02:43.54eidolonthey've been -super- helpful there.
02:44.04*** join/#kde sk84pr1d3 (n=sk84pr1d@
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02:45.53troyJucato: hey! one hour after the upgrade, I get a hard-hang! that's a good start :)
02:46.11Jucatotroy: kool!! related to X/video driver?
02:46.26Jucatofawn -> monkey
02:46.56troyJucato: dunno, it seems (and I could be wrong) that the system tried to enter suspend to disk for no reason...
02:46.58illogic-ali see what you did there ;-)
02:47.06troyillogic-al: kubuntu update *sigh*
02:47.46troyI'll try to downgrade the nvidia driver - if that fails, I think this is the end of the line for me and kubuntu once and for all...
02:47.51illogic-alyah. got that from Jucato's cleverly worded reply.
02:48.17illogic-altroy: if it makes you fell any better i'm running on the nvidia drivers just fine.
02:48.17Jucatotroy: nooooooo!!!
02:48.18proprietarysucksanyone know why kde would not allow trash to open, or be used? If I send to trash and then refresh, they just come right back
02:48.25Jucatotroy: fresh install fresh install!!!
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02:52.22juandoes anyone know which messenger programme allows voice chat to msn and yahoo?
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02:58.59mudderhope he's left for good
02:59.23illogic-alwhat was he doing?
02:59.53Jucatoinsulting/annoying the hell out of eidolon, here and in private
03:00.06mudderthe rudest behavior i've ever seen on irc
03:00.31*** join/#kde buzztracker (
03:00.44illogic-almudder: you haven't been here that long have you? :-)
03:01.19mudderno i haven't
03:02.21Jucatolucky you :)
03:02.28eidolondude, i've been on irc since 1991.  i haven't seen that sort of crap outside of #hottub or the like in years.
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03:12.56troyJucato: thankfully I have an installation of pcbsd on my other hard drive that I can flip over to in order to compensate for a kubuntu that doesn't live for more than a few minutes before freezing hard...
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03:14.19troyJucato: I'm pretty sure it's due to the fact that I went the upgrade route - I've been upgrading that install since hedgehog :) -- there's a lot of cruft kicking around...
03:14.48Jucatoand this is the first time it fubar'ed after an upgrade?
03:15.14troywell, the first time I've had it this bad, yes...
03:15.44Jucatoso sad
03:16.19troyJucato: I'm downloading mandriva 2008 right now - I like PC-BSD but it's really just not as polished as some other distros... I tried one of the mandriva betas earlier this year, and I think it'll do quite nicely...
03:16.42Jucatooh I thought you'd be sticking to PC-BSD )
03:16.49troyI just wonder how they heck they get away with calling it 2008 when it isn't 2008 yet...
03:17.12troyit's like the car companies or something - always have to get your install out one year earlier ... :P
03:17.19Jucatohehe :)
03:18.02troyJucato: I might end up with the Chameleon, but just between you and me (onlookers, I expect you to purge this from your logs!), I distrust novel...
03:18.44Scott5114I keep waiting for the day when you can buy a 2010 car in 2008
03:19.00*** join/#kde mikeff (
03:19.22Jucatotroy: just between you an me (and again, I expect onlookers to delete this), I sort of distrust a certain man more than novell... just a bit :)
03:19.37troyJucato: we actually talked about Suse and Novel and their strange relationship to KDE during FOSSCamp...
03:19.56Jucatostranger than you-know-what's relationshop to KDE?
03:21.05troywell, novell has officially come out in support of gnome for their commercial offerings, mostly because they bought Ximian, which is front loaded with gnome folks, and then when they bought Suse, they made the Ximian folks into the management team...
03:21.52troyso while opensuse is a strong KDE distro (mostly because of the pre-existing community and some developers that refuse to quit polishing it), novell's management is not exactly "gung-ho" about this idea
03:22.10Jucatobut Novell still is the biggest employer of KDE developers right?
03:22.22troywell, trolltech is, really...
03:22.30Jucatowell aside from Trolltech :P
03:22.35*** join/#kde CPrgmSwR2 (
03:22.36Jucato(we don't have a Trolltech distro...)
03:22.50Jucatomaybe we should! lol :D
03:23.09troythey are the biggest employer of KDE people within a distro... there are other companies that also employ KDE developers to some extent that might compete with Suse's numbers... KDAB for instance...
03:23.45troyI mean, they only employ like 5 people - that's not a lot compared to how many Redhat has working on the kernel, for example...
03:23.55*** join/#kde XDS2007 (
03:24.43Jucatostill more than any other distro I know :)
03:24.44troyI also distrust their agreement with microsoft - not because I distrust the Suse developers, but at some point I do expect MS to come after KDE directly, and I don't think Novell will be in a position to help us out, due to that agreement
03:24.47Jucatobut yeah got your point :)
03:25.19JucatoMS won't come after KDE directly... that's too outright... they'll have someone do the dirty work for them :P
03:25.42troywell, KDE is already the target of at least one lawsuit in the US, albeit indirectly, since they are suing the distros...
03:26.10Jucatosilly patents...
03:26.14troyand you're right, MS is doing it indirectly -- the patent holding firm is run by a former MS millionaire....
03:26.24illogic-alwouldn't we have to have something to go after for ms to sue...
03:26.26nixternallet me guess, the "windows" patent lawsuit?
03:26.41Jucatonixternal: the multiple workspaces/desktop lawsuit :)
03:26.45Nyleillogic-al: hey
03:26.55nixternalillogic-al: ya, them having a trademark on the word "windows"...that is the reason they didn't persue lindows so much
03:26.55troynixternal: the "multiple workspaces" one - basically, virtual desktops
03:26.58nixternaloh ya, that's right
03:26.58illogic-alsup Nyle
03:27.04Jucatoillogic-al: we can't sue them for trying to copy brains...
03:27.08Nylesup wid you
03:27.32Nyleillogic-al: why did you take out the 500gb drive?
03:27.40illogic-also i'm listening to the latest conspiracy theories on irc.
03:27.40Nylewhats the matter with you
03:27.52illogic-alNyle: didn't. juan did.
03:28.00Nyleoh what a dick
03:28.15troyillogic-al: jaun == Jucato?
03:28.32Nyleco worker
03:28.38illogic-alhahah. if it does, i'm referring to a diff. juan
03:28.40Nyleex co worker
03:28.56Nyleillogic-al: my new roommate is also black
03:28.58Nylecool huh
03:29.04Jucatotroy: nope. that ain't me. I hate using that part of my name :)
03:29.07Nyleyou should come over some time
03:29.15NyleI got my kde desktop looking like your mac dela
03:29.17troyNyle: the fact that you have to point that out is some sort of weird reverse-racism...
03:29.20illogic-alNyle: i sit unimpressed.
03:29.31Nyleillogic-al: of course you do
03:29.34Nyleubuntard :)
03:29.48Nylegnome using blasphemer!
03:29.49illogic-alNyle: you should invite me over sometime ;-)
03:29.53nixternalubuntard, I will have to use that one
03:29.59illogic-alusing gnome right now too.
03:30.07illogic-altyping this from pidgin
03:30.14*** join/#kde mike52 (
03:30.15Nyleillogic-al: ahh boy
03:30.24Jucatonixternal: hehe new one :P
03:30.24troynixternal: hahaha
03:30.26Nyleillogic-al: hey i need my cds back
03:30.30Nyleillogic-al: all my tools etc.
03:30.37nixternalI didn't say it, Nyle did, and it is great!
03:30.39illogic-alJucato: enjoy
03:30.51illogic-alillogic-al: er?
03:31.08illogic-alNyle: minipe cds?
03:31.12Nyleillogic-al: can you find them, and if not, could you make copies of the tools for me and I'll get them from you
03:31.18Nyledriver packs
03:31.29Nyleetc. etc.
03:31.37Nyleyou know the usual tools and other things used
03:32.06Nyleoh I forgot my macbook there too
03:32.12illogic-ali can get you the tools. i don't have copies of the oses
03:32.19Nyleillogic-al: ask juan
03:32.22illogic-alNyle: you have no macbook
03:32.29Nylesorry powerbook
03:32.34illogic-althat powerbook POS is NOT a macbook
03:32.58Nyleshut up :)
03:33.05illogic-aldon't you ever dare blaspheme the good name of macbooks by making that egregious error ever again.
03:33.11illogic-alor i'll beat you.
03:33.19Nyleyeh word man
03:33.39Nylehey listen can you have this ready for me in a few days and i'll swing by and pick em up
03:33.53illogic-also what have you been up to? make it relate to kde in someway so we get back on topic :-)
03:34.24NyleI use it
03:34.42Nyleillogic-al: actually I am using kubuntu
03:35.03illogic-ali mean what've you been doing since you left the job.
03:35.56illogic-al8800gt is sold out everywhere btw. that card is awesome. it will be my christmas and birthday gifts to myself.
03:36.37*** join/#kde mike52 (
03:37.25illogic-alalso tried to get kde4 working on os x 10.5. phailure. big time.
03:38.24*** join/#kde vinboy (
03:38.32illogic-algot it to compile, install, but crashed on running. sucks for me :-(
03:40.53*** join/#kde kdsjfokdf (n=root@
03:42.05*** join/#kde pani-off (
03:44.02*** part/#kde mudder (
03:46.38*** join/#kde nicio (
03:48.45*** join/#kde mike52 (
03:51.54smileafillogic-al: time to start debugging! :D
03:58.44*** join/#kde sabayonlive-1476 (
04:00.23*** join/#kde buzztracker (
04:01.01texnofobixanyone know of a KDE based SID player?
04:02.10niciotexnofobix: do u know where i can go to upload a picture to show someone the fastes way?
04:05.05*** join/#kde Khabarach (
04:09.37*** join/#kde boubbin (
04:11.22*** join/#kde gardo_ (n=gardo@
04:15.29illogic-alsmileaf: i think i know what the problem is. qimageblitz not linking at runtime
04:15.37illogic-alno clue how to fix though.
04:18.42smileafpaths are setup right?
04:21.37*** join/#kde mrigns_ (n=mrigns@unaffiliated/mrigns)
04:23.24*** join/#kde andresj (
04:30.20*** join/#kde sabayonlive-1188 (
04:35.13*** join/#kde XanK (n=carlos@
04:39.33*** join/#kde nuonguy (
04:41.02*** join/#kde Knightlust (n=dax@
04:41.37*** join/#kde xutar (n=xutar@
04:41.45*** join/#kde thomas_ (
04:42.43*** join/#kde neddy (
04:45.07*** join/#kde sabayonlive-1812 (
04:45.35*** join/#kde thomas_ (
04:45.53*** join/#kde contrast83 (
04:46.42*** join/#kde human_blip (
04:49.00*** join/#kde markc_ (n=kde4@
04:57.44*** join/#kde UndrWater (
04:58.01*** join/#kde holycow (
04:58.24*** join/#kde Raging_Hog (
04:59.03*** join/#kde human_blip (
05:00.21*** join/#kde buzztracker (
05:01.09*** join/#kde vinboy_ (
05:02.28*** join/#kde kaminix (
05:04.15*** join/#kde kevinbenko (n=kvirc@
05:06.24*** join/#kde SteamMachine (
05:06.33SteamMachineHi all.
05:06.57SteamMachineI'm having an issue with k3b - specifically, whenever I place a DVD in the drive, it seems to think that it is a CD.
05:07.04SteamMachineWritable media, no written.
05:07.12SteamMachine*not written
05:10.35*** join/#kde vinboy__ (
05:11.10*** join/#kde Shaman (
05:13.16*** join/#kde marcusU (n=user@
05:13.16marcusUKonqueror does not seem to work on the register page at facebook.
05:13.39marcusUIt always tells me that the text I typed for the distorted image is wrong.
05:16.11*** part/#kde UndrWater (
05:24.13*** join/#kde afiestas (n=afiestas@
05:24.55*** join/#kde jeekl (
05:27.30*** join/#kde DLange (
05:29.02*** join/#kde mdo (
05:32.17*** join/#kde Starwatcher (
05:33.59*** join/#kde Desintegr (
05:38.23*** join/#kde gardo (n=gardo@
05:42.12*** join/#kde gardo (n=gardo@
05:42.14*** join/#kde marcan (
05:44.24*** join/#kde secleinteer (
05:49.52*** join/#kde lymeca_ (i=lymeca@unaffiliated/lymeca)
05:52.34*** join/#kde papu (n=root@
05:53.11*** join/#kde plk (
05:53.16plkso is kde4 usable now?
05:54.15mark_alecdepends what your definition of usable is
05:56.44plkdoes it work?
05:56.52plkor is it crash fest?
06:00.23*** join/#kde buzztracker (
06:04.32*** join/#kde sortadi (i=sortadi@unaffiliated/sortadi)
06:05.15*** join/#kde ianh (
06:09.50*** join/#kde what_if (
06:14.50*** join/#kde kevin_ (
06:15.23*** join/#kde nhnFreespirit (
06:19.38*** join/#kde bluelightning (
06:23.40*** join/#kde rami_ (n=rami@
06:24.07*** join/#kde ubuntux (n=ubuntux@
06:25.02*** join/#kde harmental (
06:25.04*** part/#kde ubuntux (n=ubuntux@
06:25.22*** join/#kde ubuntux (n=ubuntux@
06:25.45ubuntuxciao! hello
06:26.36*** part/#kde ubuntux (n=ubuntux@
06:29.46*** join/#kde markc (n=archlinu@
06:30.07kevin_have a quick newbie there a way to window the tabs in Konversation?
06:30.32kevin_sorry, TILE the tabs
06:36.17*** join/#kde pbn (
06:36.43*** join/#kde CrummyGummy (
06:37.15*** join/#kde profoX_ (n=wesley@ubuntu/member/profox)
06:39.19*** join/#kde ziegen (
06:39.21*** join/#kde NiBe (
06:41.14*** join/#kde Gokee2 (
06:44.22Gokee2I can`t seem to figure out how to align printer heads or clean heads...  I know I have done this before. Anyone care to remind me where this is?  I am poking through the kde control center and localhost:631 right now without much luck
06:47.37*** join/#kde troy_ (
06:48.05*** join/#kde zir0faive (
06:48.56troyJucato: Mandriva 2008 - installed smooth as silk - I think I'll stay here for a while, now that I've put konq as the default web browser like it should be :)
06:49.17Jucatotroy: haha you really stayed up late just for that one :)
06:49.24Jucatogood luck! :D
06:49.53*** join/#kde sabayonlive-5217 (n=sabayonu@
06:49.57troyJucato: well, I was initially having problems with the installer, but then I swapped the disk into another drive and it just worked :) I think my one optical drive is getting a little too flaky these days...
06:50.04Jucatotroy: although I'm guuessing a fresh Gutsy install would have been smooth too :)
06:50.24troyJucato: yeah, but then I'd be stuck with a bunch of bad decisions, like d3lphin :P
06:50.50troyI mean, I know it's just as easy to change as my switch from firefox->konq was here, but still :P
06:51.28Jucatoah thank you! you just made me realize something else :P
06:51.50*** join/#kde letto (n=letto@
06:52.37*** join/#kde SSJ_ (
06:52.46troyJucato: it's sometimes bad to introduce something too early, like strigi or dolphin, where showing them off early will only make people cynical about the technology... a whole lot of people at FOSSCamp were complaining about strigi, and how much it sucks (usually when compared to tracker) - I have to keep reminding people that it doesn't have any plugins available that would normally ship with KDE 4 rather than strigi itself *sigh*
06:53.11Jucatotroy: I have been doing the same thing for d3lphin
06:53.44Jucatotroy: and considering that I myself won't be using Dolphin on KDE 4 (and love Konqueror more), I'm surprised at how much defending I'm doing for Dolphin because of D3lphin :P
06:54.13troyhahaha, well, dolphin in KDE 4 is several ways d3lphin's superior :)
06:54.30Jucato<-------------------------------------> that is the gap :)
06:54.43troyI think you missed a dash :)
06:54.56Jucatoyes I know that, and I do believe the *real* Dolphin is very nice. but I'm still a Konqi lover :P
06:55.03Jucatohm.. I think I missed 10 dashes :)
06:55.20troyNo, the other thing is that Mandriva has no problems shipping the 'non-free' parts of the distro, like flash or the nvidia drivers - things are just working for me here...
06:55.48Jucatothat's more philosophical/ideological than technical though :)
06:55.51troyI mean, they offer a 'pure FOSS' disc, but they offer them side by side :)
06:56.08troyso those with moral or legal objections can simply choose the one without the restrictions...
06:56.11Jucatoif *buntu didn't have such a commitment/promise, it would have been fairly easy for us to be like PCLOS..
06:56.42troyit's kind of nice for mandriva, since they are based on France, where software patents are mostly useless :) So no MP3 decoder problems then :)
06:56.48*** join/#kde ardchoille (n=ardchoil@unaffiliated/ardchoille)
06:56.59Jucatoheheh they can't be sued... but users can (maybe?)
06:57.07ardchoilleWhen you change file associations in kde, where is the info kept? I know it's somewhere in ~/.kde/* but I don't know which file/folder.
06:57.30troyJucato: nah, the worst that can happen is that a country can bad the import of a foreign product that breaks their local patents...
06:57.36*** join/#kde jli (
06:58.23*** join/#kde desti_T2 (
06:58.53*** join/#kde Hoki_Workin (
06:59.18troyardchoille: I can't seem to find it :)
06:59.18Jucatohm. /me brb :)
06:59.31Jucatoprobably ~/.kde/share/mimetype?
06:59.35troyardchoille: perhaps if you enter some weird program name, you can grep for it...
07:00.18ardchoilleJucato: I don't have a ~/.kde/share/mimetype
07:00.21*** join/#kde buzztracker (
07:00.24Jucatomimelnk.. but that's not it
07:00.27Jucatotroy: good night
07:00.32ardchoilleThat was the first place I looked :)
07:00.38ardchoilleGood night troy
07:00.50*** join/#kde warriorness (
07:01.00*** join/#kde warriorness (
07:01.27Jucatoardchoille: ^^^
07:01.55ardchoilleJucato: Ah hah!, that's it :)
07:02.06ardchoilleThank you. I have been looking for that for months.
07:02.32Jucatoa simple grep can go a long way :P
07:02.43ardchoilleI was just about to do a grep, lol
07:03.52Jucatoof course it works only if you have modified something already :)
07:03.56Jucatoanyway... /me is gone
07:05.24*** join/#kde wolffc (
07:07.27*** join/#kde Bille_home (
07:07.39*** part/#kde ardchoille (n=ardchoil@unaffiliated/ardchoille)
07:11.20*** join/#kde markc (n=archlinu@
07:13.33*** join/#kde vbgunz_ (
07:14.53*** join/#kde maxx_k (
07:15.22*** join/#kde JdGordon (n=jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
07:15.41JdGordonwhere can i put scripts so kdm runs them when the user logs in?
07:17.54*** join/#kde ICQnumber (
07:20.46*** join/#kde CydeWeys (
07:22.58*** join/#kde basanta (n=basanta@
07:24.46*** join/#kde basanta (n=basanta@
07:25.53*** join/#kde ICQnumber_ (
07:29.05*** join/#kde pnemec (i=pnemec@nat/suse/x-7a43b0ce8bed35ee)
07:29.16*** join/#kde crazy_bus (n=philip@
07:30.30*** join/#kde kelvren16 (n=kelvren1@
07:37.16*** join/#kde atomik (n=atomik@
07:37.39*** join/#kde kelvren16 (n=kelvren1@
07:38.45*** join/#kde amalon (
07:40.13*** join/#kde sebbar (
07:40.41*** join/#kde jesaell (
07:42.19*** join/#kde bentob0x (
07:44.37*** join/#kde gaboo (
07:44.56*** join/#kde hegjon (
07:45.59*** join/#kde bentob0x (
07:46.14*** join/#kde ICQnumber__ (
07:46.23*** join/#kde pgquiles (
07:47.34*** join/#kde arinomi (
07:48.17*** join/#kde cc (
07:50.13*** join/#kde bentob0x (
07:51.08*** join/#kde [Jinx] (
07:58.15ICQnumberi have read/write permissions for some folder as root, so how can i give this permissions to the user: abc in konqueror if i start it as (kdesu konqueror)
07:59.38ICQnumberthen something like properties, permissions, but i donot know what to set up there
08:00.38*** join/#kde buzztracker (
08:00.39*** join/#kde jeh (
08:01.50*** join/#kde noxi (
08:02.23*** join/#kde alberto (
08:02.43*** join/#kde eijat (
08:06.58*** join/#kde ganymede (i=ridwan@
08:08.52*** join/#kde ponto (
08:11.01*** join/#kde Trevelyan` (n=_@unaffiliated/trevelyan)
08:11.03ganymedeis it true that if i download gmail via pop with kmail, while setting the option to leave message in inbox (instead of archiving messages) then their status will remain?
08:11.08ganymedee.g. whether they are read or unread?
08:11.25*** part/#kde JdGordon (n=jonno@rockbox/developer/JdGordon)
08:11.28ganymedei have a large number of mails to download but i don't want their read/unread marks to change on the server
08:12.34Jucatoganymede: yes, they will be unchanged (based on my experience)
08:14.01*** join/#kde lovedaddy (
08:14.18*** join/#kde PhilRod (
08:15.12*** join/#kde Arafangion (
08:15.19ArafangionWhen compiling KDE, what is "KDEHOME"?
08:15.56ganymedeJucato: thanks for the verification
08:16.08ArafangionWith KDE4, that is.
08:16.49thiago_homeArafangion: when compiling KDE, it means nothing
08:16.55thiago_homeKDEHOME is only used when running KDE
08:17.03thiago_homeit defaults to ~/.kde
08:17.13ArafangionAnd should be set as such?
08:17.41*** join/#kde Shaman (
08:17.49*** join/#kde rohanpm (
08:17.59ArafangionAnyway, thanks. :)
08:18.37*** join/#kde bock (
08:18.47Jucatothiago_home: hi! are you still living in Sao Paulo? I just read about some plane crash there when I woke up this morning. was kinda worried :/
08:18.51*** join/#kde brot (
08:20.02bockI'm haveing problems with the kde autostart. I want to execute 'evrouter /dev/powermate > /dev/null' when kde starts.. I put it in a bash script into the .kde/Autostar folder, but it seems that the command does not get executed.
08:23.04*** join/#kde Mange (
08:29.28*** join/#kde kde-devel (
08:30.12*** join/#kde kde-devel (
08:33.04*** join/#kde kde-devel (
08:33.48*** join/#kde njdube (i=njdube@gateway/gpg-tor/key-0x00883AA4)
08:34.45PhilRodbock: see the autostart section in the kde faq (topic)
08:36.52*** join/#kde antazy2 (
08:38.36YuyurKDE slogan “My KDE is fair to play!" is it good?
08:41.19antazy2hello, in suse i use very useful function: on right mouse click i can browse menu "copy to" and "move to", now i use debian with kde-base, what package i need install to have this function?
08:43.00*** join/#kde pani (
08:46.06GNU\colossusantazy2: that's a konqueror service menu, I don't think there are debian packages for that kind of thing
08:46.07*** join/#kde Rasi (
08:46.30Jucatoactually it isn't just a service menu
08:47.19Jucatoantazy2: try installing konq-plugins (from kdeaddons)
08:48.15*** join/#kde phlux (
08:48.21*** join/#kde Infra|Red (
08:50.15ArafangionWow, konqueror's nice. :)
08:50.34ArafangionQuite slow with javascript, though.
08:50.46Rasimy konqueror always starts with 4 tabs... and i dont know how to change this
08:50.54ArafangionHmm, maybe it just the site. (
08:51.00Rasii closed them all.. saved the profile.. doesnt help
08:52.11JucatoRasi: when you saved the profile, did you make sure that 1) Save URL's in profile is enabled and 2) you're saving to the correct profile (usually the Web Browsing profile)
08:52.33Rasiwell.. its using a profile called "browsing with tabs"
08:52.41Rasii have never created that profile tho....
08:53.02*** join/#kde lin_ (
08:55.03JucatoTabbed Browsing probably... one of the default Konqueror profiles that KDE ships with by default
08:55.26Jucatoand yes, it always opens 4 tabs by default (unless you change that)
08:55.54ArafangionJucato: Mine doesn't open 4 by default.
08:55.55*** join/#kde sloth (
08:56.05JucatoArafangion: the Tabbed Browsing profile?
08:56.09*** part/#kde sloth (
08:56.20ArafangionJucato: I just started 'konqueror', and observed that it doesn't open four tabs by default.
08:56.26*** join/#kde sloth (
08:56.36JucatoArafangion: I just said, **The Tabbed Browsing profile**
08:56.55ArafangionJucato: Sorry, I guess I had a different interpretation of 'default'. :)
08:57.01Jucatonot "Web Browsing" profile
08:57.14Rasiworking now
08:57.18Rasibut i did the same thing before
08:57.20JucatoArafangion: KDE ships with a number of Konqueror profiles by default
08:57.27Rasinow if only i could get mouse gestures to work
08:57.52JucatoWeb Browsing, File Management, Tabbed Browsing, Simple Browser, Midnight Commander, KDE Development
08:58.11JucatoArafangion: when you launch plain "konqueror", the Web Browsing profile is used by default
08:58.25*** join/#kde blq (
08:58.26ArafangionWHen I close konqueror, sometimes I get a 'crash'.
08:58.35ArafangionUnfortunately I do not have gdb installed.
08:58.39JucatoRasi: enable them globally first in KControl -> Regional & Accessibility -> Input Actions
08:58.46Rasiyea yea
08:58.49Rasii have done all that
08:58.53Rasiit just doesnt work
08:59.00Rasiglobal shortcuts DO work tho
08:59.06ArafangionThe crash says that it is because it has caught a signal 6 - which makes sense - I just told it to quit!
08:59.06Rasijust not the gestures
08:59.37ArafangionThis being kde4, anywya.
09:00.17*** join/#kde scode (
09:00.18*** join/#kde buzztracker (
09:00.34Rasikde4 is fast for you?
09:00.42ArafangionRasi: Extremely.
09:00.42Rasihere it was much slower than 3.x
09:00.52ArafangionRasi: Mind you, I'm not running the DE.
09:01.05ArafangionRasi: Just the applications, such as konqueror. :) It's fast.
09:01.36*** join/#kde marquis (
09:01.50*** join/#kde simmerz|work (n=simmerz@
09:02.21*** join/#kde rohit_ (n=rohit@
09:02.34*** join/#kde hw_ (
09:07.44*** join/#kde kevinbenko (n=kvirc@
09:11.22*** join/#kde konadr (n=Kon@unaffiliated/konadr)
09:12.15*** join/#kde Ardarandir (
09:14.41*** join/#kde johannesNeu (n=johannes@
09:14.48*** join/#kde mohamed (
09:16.59*** join/#kde nuonguy1 (
09:18.21*** join/#kde sabayonlive-7978 (
09:18.38*** join/#kde mistermog (
09:19.23*** join/#kde drbollokovski (
09:20.26*** join/#kde tkjacobsen (
09:20.45*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2991 (
09:22.13*** join/#kde maxx_k (
09:25.03*** join/#kde tkjacobsen (
09:26.43*** join/#kde mdd (
09:30.29*** join/#kde XDS2007 (
09:30.58*** join/#kde tkjacobsen (
09:34.06*** join/#kde drbollokovski (
09:35.34*** join/#kde tkjacobsen (
09:36.42*** join/#kde ganymede (i=ridwan@
09:37.20ganymedehey, is it known that kde will slow down tremendously in downloading email into a folder with around 1500 emails?
09:37.37ganymedei am downloading my pop gmail box, it's downloading 250 messages at atime
09:37.45ganymedeit was lightning fast before but now it's slower that 1 per second
09:39.33*** join/#kde cb400f (
09:40.44ganymedeor maybe goolge just capped my speed because i've been downloading about 50 megs from them?
09:42.36*** join/#kde CydeWeys (
09:43.05ArafangionOk, latest svn checkout of konqueror crashes instantly when I check out, and then search for share accommodation.
09:43.24ArafangionWell, it doesn't crash *instantly*, but it does so pretty quickly.
09:43.41ArafangionUsing latest qt4, as well.
09:45.24*** join/#kde OpenSorce (n=opensorc@
09:47.12OpenSorcein my distro ( ) I've set up mounted drives to show up on the desktop. I want them to default to the right side of the screen instead of the left. Is this difficult to do?
09:49.03*** join/#kde EnigmuS (
09:49.49*** join/#kde eNTi (n=nt@
09:53.45*** join/#kde ksvladimir (
09:54.20*** join/#kde htouch (i=htouch@gateway/tor/x-798b3ad67c26bd8c)
09:58.33*** join/#kde gaboo (
10:00.21*** join/#kde buzztracker (
10:01.55*** join/#kde Sho_ (i=ehs1@kde/hein)
10:02.04*** join/#kde pani (
10:02.14*** join/#kde XanK (n=carlos@
10:03.31*** join/#kde bluesceada (n=itsjustm@unaffiliated/bluesceada)
10:04.29*** part/#kde nsk (n=NSK@unaffiliated/nsk)
10:06.43*** join/#kde OpenSorce (n=opensorc@
10:07.11OpenSorcein my distro ( ) I've set up mounted drives to show up on the desktop. I want them to default to the right side of the screen instead of the left. Is this difficult to do?
10:07.12*** join/#kde Daverocks (n=me@unaffiliated/daverocks)
10:07.36*** join/#kde drbollokovski_ (
10:08.39*** join/#kde phlux (
10:09.50*** join/#kde drbollokovski_ (
10:10.41*** part/#kde pbn (
10:11.17markcOpenSorce, put them where you want then RMB on desktop -> Icons -> Lock in Place (perhaps also align to grid) ... I've never tried it but it sounds like it could do what you want
10:12.15OpenSorcemarkc, that works great for permanent media...but not cds jumpdrives etc
10:14.54*** join/#kde deitarion (n=deitario@moinmoin/fan/deitarion)
10:15.47*** join/#kde xlotlu (n=john@
10:16.10*** join/#kde sjck (
10:16.45OpenSorcemarkc, does work.....thanks :-)
10:21.11markcOpenSorce, there is a file called ~/.kde/share/apps/kdesktop/IconPositions which seems to hold all/most icon positions, if you diff before and after inserting a new (say) USB device then it'll be obvious what to tweak for future devices
10:22.11OpenSorcemarkc, you...are a mind reader....exactly what I was doing....
10:22.55OpenSorcelooks like I'm going to need to alter some code (kode?) to make it default to the right side though.....
10:24.02ArafangionOpenSorce: edok, perhaps, then. ;) (Read right-to-left)
10:24.46*** join/#kde njdube (i=njdube@gateway/gpg-tor/key-0x00883AA4)
10:28.47*** join/#kde NoOrdinary (n=Einstein@
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10:58.30*** join/#kde freezombie (i=someone@tuxhacker/free-zombie)
11:00.19*** join/#kde buzztracker (
11:01.57niciohow do i lauch the command to fix a corupt hdd?somthing like chkdsk for xp but on linux
11:03.12*** join/#kde tazz (n=gaurav@
11:03.14*** join/#kde Mange (
11:03.14*** join/#kde colyte_ (
11:03.43*** join/#kde zbenjamin (
11:05.35*** join/#kde mistermog (
11:07.19*** join/#kde Shaman (
11:07.55*** join/#kde goodhabit (n=goodhabi@
11:09.22*** join/#kde Trevelyan (n=TJ@unaffiliated/trevelyan)
11:09.35*** join/#kde sxe (
11:09.39*** join/#kde affect (
11:10.04*** join/#kde tmske (
11:12.09*** join/#kde vladd (
11:12.10*** join/#kde Alarm (
11:12.16Alarmhello, is there any difference between splash screens and boot-splash screens on kde-look ?
11:12.43*** join/#kde maki (n=maki@
11:12.52ArafangionAlarm: I'm not a kde user, but I would assume that boot-splash are mainly screens for lilo/grub for actual boot, while splash screens appear while kde itself is loading.
11:13.29Alarmi see. thank you :)
11:13.32*** part/#kde zbenjamin (
11:14.00goodhabitHello. I am searching voip client for KDE>
11:14.05goodhabitCan somebody advice me?
11:14.31makigoodhabit twinkle
11:14.38*** join/#kde tkjacobsen_ (
11:14.45Arafangiongoodhabit: I /think/ kopete can handle it, as can amsn.
11:14.53Arafangiongaboo: Also ekiga.
11:15.06Arafangiongoodhabit: Also ekiga, it's almost the canonical linux solution.
11:15.24*** join/#kde pani (
11:18.42*** join/#kde bluesceada (n=itsjustm@unaffiliated/bluesceada)
11:23.05*** join/#kde toma222 (
11:24.10*** join/#kde MGisbers (n=mgisbers@
11:24.38*** join/#kde _zz (n=zbigniew@
11:25.20goodhabitArafangion: Ekiga is under gtk (
11:25.32*** join/#kde tkjacobsen_ (
11:27.36Alarmok. and how to load Boot-splash screen ? in kcontrol there is only for splash screens.
11:30.22*** join/#kde msn (i=msn@unaffiliated/msn)
11:30.30Arafangiongoodhabit: So?
11:30.31*** join/#kde tkjacobsen (
11:30.50goodhabitArafangion: I am looking smth integrated in KDE.
11:31.25*** join/#kde hibread (
11:31.49Sho_goodhabit: Twinkle
11:33.11*** join/#kde EspadaV8_W (n=andrew@
11:35.42*** join/#kde mirshafie (
11:36.43EspadaV8_Wis there a kmail channel? or can i ask questions about it here?
11:37.07Sho_EspadaV8_W: You can try #kontact (which incorporates KMail), but you can also ask here
11:37.24EspadaV8_Wah, ok, thanks :)
11:37.42EspadaV8_Wi'm just trying to set up kmail to connect to an exchange server using imap
11:37.56EspadaV8_Wbut for some reason it says it can't connect to the host
11:38.09EspadaV8_Wwhich is reachable, i can telnet to it and ping it
11:39.03*** join/#kde Spex (
11:39.39*** join/#kde sabayonlive-440 (n=sabayonu@
11:41.01*** part/#kde Spex (
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11:48.21*** join/#kde Pensa`MIA (n=pensacol@
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11:48.57*** join/#kde tkjacobsen (
11:51.35*** join/#kde psychollek (
11:51.39*** join/#kde marcan_ (
11:52.02EspadaV8_Wwell, i couldn't get kmail working, so i've installed office 2007 for now
11:52.12EspadaV8_Wwill have to try and get it working at some other point
11:52.21*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2024 (
11:52.26*** join/#kde UnionPivo (
11:54.52*** join/#kde tmske (
11:56.24*** join/#kde gryfie_ (
11:57.41gryfie_Hi. Can anyone tell me, if it's possible to configure kwin that I can aktive AND move a window without changing it's level of the window-stack?
11:57.52*** join/#kde anderson_ (n=anderson@
11:57.55*** join/#kde Rasther (
11:57.59gryfie_I didn't got myself when configuring it
11:58.29*** join/#kde Pitmairen (
11:59.17*** join/#kde sputnick (n=sputnick@unaffiliated/sputnick)
11:59.49goodhabitgryfie_: Try to rephrase it please.
12:00.20*** join/#kde buzztracker (
12:00.27*** join/#kde Ashrak (
12:02.41*** join/#kde ICQnumber_ (
12:02.41gryfie_Ok.... I want to be able to move a window, that is not on the top, without it opo ups to the top
12:02.46gryfie_pop ups
12:03.38gryfie_(if it's possible)
12:04.21*** join/#kde sputnick (n=sputnick@unaffiliated/sputnick)
12:05.15*** join/#kde S0NiC (
12:07.54*** join/#kde bluesceada (n=itsjustm@unaffiliated/bluesceada)
12:07.55*** join/#kde Schalken (
12:08.42*** join/#kde sputnick (n=sputnick@unaffiliated/sputnick)
12:10.45*** join/#kde User658111111113 (
12:11.10*** join/#kde gardo (n=gardo@
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12:16.31*** join/#kde Phlogi (
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12:18.38*** join/#kde stu (n=stu@
12:20.00*** join/#kde User658111111115 (
12:21.14*** join/#kde stu (n=stu@
12:23.29makiis there pakagekit for KDE?
12:25.25*** join/#kde nullck (n=nullck@
12:27.18goodhabitmaki: kpackage, kuroo for gentoo users.
12:27.18*** join/#kde esperegu (n=jhaarman@
12:29.10Jucatohe's referring to the new PackageKit project
12:29.23*** join/#kde ironfroggy (
12:29.39makikpackage is only for rpm & deb
12:29.50Jucatono there's not KDE frontend yet. although a Qt one is in the works afaik
12:29.51makipakagekit has a lot of backends
12:30.02makiJucato ok
12:30.16*** join/#kde Bella-ve (n=lab2@nelug/member/bella-ve)
12:30.19Jucatopackagekit is still in beta afaik
12:30.33makii know
12:31.00makii'm just asking about pakagekit in KDE 4.1
12:31.24*** join/#kde Trevelyan` (n=_@unaffiliated/trevelyan)
12:31.31Jucatothere isn't even KDE 4.0 yet :)
12:33.00Bella-veI have a question about K3d
12:33.03*** join/#kde msn (i=msn@unaffiliated/msn)
12:33.09*** join/#kde sk84pr1d3 (n=sk84pr1d@
12:34.27Jucatowhich isn't a KDE app :)
12:34.43*** join/#kde bluesceada (n=itsjustm@unaffiliated/bluesceada)
12:35.55*** join/#kde Dr_B (
12:37.43*** join/#kde tkjacobsen (
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12:40.34*** join/#kde tenfjord (n=paul@
12:41.57*** join/#kde weltbaum (
12:42.02*** join/#kde mono (
12:43.07*** join/#kde spiko (i=user@
12:44.46monohi how can i run *.bin data
12:45.42*** join/#kde tkjacobsen (
12:47.25*** join/#kde User658111111116 (
12:48.10*** join/#kde bob1955 (
12:48.53*** join/#kde Eigen_KKnull (
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12:49.59*** join/#kde fabio (
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12:50.54*** join/#kde Thug-life (n=sbl@unaffiliated/thug-life)
12:51.20*** join/#kde new (n=new@
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12:55.17*** join/#kde JADS (
12:55.26*** join/#kde LnxSlck (n=LnxSlck@
12:55.36*** join/#kde pani (
12:56.08*** join/#kde chisimba (
12:57.27*** join/#kde zAMz_3 (
12:59.33*** join/#kde attackdecay (n=what@
13:00.21attackdecayhey, i don't mean to start something that may be the same old tired this vs that...   but i'm wondering what kde's got going on for itself
13:00.24*** join/#kde buzztracker (
13:00.27attackdecayvs gnome or xfce
13:01.44*** join/#kde miezoo (n=miezoo@
13:03.00*** join/#kde tmske (
13:03.05attackdecaysorry, it's def a shit/newb question...  just geniunely curious, and the website and other googling doesnt really offer me any actual reasons or pros/cons
13:04.11mark_alecattackdecay: xfce doesn't compete, since it doesn't offer the range of applications
13:04.28mark_alecand gnome vs kde is a down to an individuals preference (try both, choose what is best for you)
13:04.50MangeGenerally, KDE apps are more integrated with each other and have more features. GNOME is generally more easy to use and usually have a more "complete" default configuration (e.g. "install, then just use"). XFCE is lightweight and just run GNOME and KDE apps
13:06.04MangeIMO, of course
13:06.21attackdecayyeah, i know what you mean...  just going to have to try it
13:06.43MangeTo me, GNOME looks beautiful, but it's to limiting to me. KDE gives me freedom, and with KDE4 also a beautiful desktop.
13:06.57MangeBest way to get a opinion :-)
13:07.00attackdecaybut it seems to me that i can run kde apps on gnome, and vice versa, right?
13:07.08attackdecayand xfce can run both
13:07.11MangeYes. Bu beware
13:07.34MangeFirefox, for example, uses GNOME dialogs, and thay are fugly in KDE
13:07.46*** join/#kde ThugLife_ (
13:08.01attackdecayyeah...  gtk engine stuff, themes, mismatch, etc right
13:08.04MangeAnd when GNOME apps are used in KDE, all KDE features disappear to the program
13:08.12MangeFor example hardware browsing
13:08.40MangeSame for KDE apps in GNOME. GNOME have a notification library that KDE apps cannot use (can't come up with a better example)
13:09.00MangeOkay. They can use it, but regularly don't because that would add GNOME deps :-)
13:09.13*** join/#kde gaboo (
13:09.43MangeMuch progress have been made, though. Soon, most of these things should have a standard, making the apps integrate anyway
13:10.24attackdecaythat isn't dbus is it?
13:10.24*** join/#kde sabayonlive-1801 (
13:10.24attackdecayor is dbus somthing else
13:10.43MangeDBUS is how they use the standards, yes. But we need things to answer these DBUS calls
13:11.09MangeTake notifications, again. We need a "Notification server" that Amarok, Firefox, etc. can send their DBUS commands to
13:11.24*** join/#kde mono_ (
13:11.49*** join/#kde slapz (
13:12.13gryfie_just another question: Is there a easy way to run from a root-console a x-(KDE)-application with root-rights ?
13:12.15*** join/#kde tosky (
13:12.51Mangegryfie_, Just enter the command inside the terminal
13:13.02*** join/#kde mango (
13:13.25MangeYou want to run Konqueror as root? Just enter "konqueror" in your root terminal
13:13.37gryfie_Mange: Now, I mean, when using an users desktop
13:13.37Scott5114And if you put and '&' after it it frees the console up so you can use it for other things
13:13.50*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2750 (
13:14.03MangeYou could also do this from the Run dialog; press "More >>" (or similar) and the option "Run as root" should be there
13:14.29gryfie_oh, i didn't meaed, conmsole (tty), but an xterminal
13:14.51*** join/#kde tmske_ (
13:14.57gryfie_grrr.... i should learn 10-finger-system
13:15.08MangeWait... You want to run a X-program outside X?
13:15.14attackdecayso many options with this linux
13:15.30*** part/#kde attackdecay (n=what@
13:15.32gryfie_no, on a users console.... changing to root via su
13:15.45MangeJust run the command
13:15.49gryfie_and then start an x-editor with root-rights.... or konquerer
13:15.51MangeIt will inherit the rights
13:16.01*** join/#kde E_mE (n=E_mE@
13:16.16gryfie_ok, then it may be a problem of the distribution, 'cause it doesn't work
13:16.36Mangeuser@localhost:~$ su
13:16.37Mangeroot@localhost:~# konqueror
13:17.06gryfie_cannot connect to X server :0 0
13:17.32Mangegryfie_, Are you sure the terminal is inside X?
13:17.41*** join/#kde gardo (n=gardo@
13:17.52*** join/#kde sk84pr1d3 (n=sk84pr1d@
13:17.55Thundercloudgryfie_: Um, run "xhost +" as user
13:18.11MangeE_mE, Could be many things.
13:18.13gryfie_Mange: Yes, I am ;)
13:18.40gryfie_As I said, may be the distribution I use
13:18.50MangeYeah. Which one do you use?
13:19.07MangeNever heard of. :-P
13:19.16MangeBut okay. Try this:
13:19.28MangeAs user, run "kdesu konqueror"
13:19.39MangeYou should get a password prompt for root.
13:20.14gryfie_ok, that works ok
13:20.28*** join/#kde yunosh (n=jan@horde/jan)
13:20.36MangeI do wonder why that didn't work, though... X-D
13:20.54MangeMight be something in /etc/profile overwriting something, perhaps
13:20.58yunoshhi, where are translation for kde apps stored if the distribution doen't come with gettext .mo files?
13:20.59MangeIt's strange
13:21.05gryfie_gobolinux uses another filehierarchie, and builds the fhs with links.... just for info ;)
13:22.32E_mEMange: well when i login via KDM... it accepts and then doesnt even reach the KDE loading desktop screen... need to press Alt+Ctrol+Backspace to then login via console
13:22.44*** part/#kde miezoo (n=miezoo@
13:22.52E_mEMange: if i use startx from console it loads KDE
13:23.18*** join/#kde Dimitry| (n=dimitry@2001:6f8:125e:0:214:a4ff:fe39:3ec9)
13:24.32MangeE_mE, Check the Session box in KDM. Change it from "default" or "last" into "KDE <version>"
13:24.35MangeMight work
13:25.36E_mEMange: tried that will no success
13:25.53MangeI have no idea, then.
13:26.04*** join/#kde vciaglia (
13:26.04MangeThe logs might tell yousomething.
13:26.31*** join/#kde Wofl (
13:26.36MangeI have to leave now, tough. Hopefully someone else will help you. :-)
13:26.48E_mEthanks anyhow
13:28.04*** join/#kde User658111111116 (
13:31.15*** join/#kde MetaMorfoziS (
13:34.52*** join/#kde bentob0x (
13:35.02*** join/#kde ironfroggy (
13:37.02*** join/#kde a__thing (
13:37.58*** join/#kde msn (i=msn@unaffiliated/msn)
13:39.34*** join/#kde feindbild (
13:40.00*** join/#kde japc (n=japc@
13:40.35*** join/#kde Er-MeNDa (
13:43.53*** join/#kde drbollokovski_ (
13:46.37*** join/#kde anisfarhana (n=anis@pdpc/supporter/base/anisfarhana)
13:47.14*** join/#kde cast (n=cast@fsf/member/cast)
13:49.33*** join/#kde bushwakko (
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13:53.56*** join/#kde Trevelyan (n=TJ@unaffiliated/trevelyan)
13:54.12*** join/#kde Thug-life (n=sbl@unaffiliated/thug-life)
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13:58.58*** join/#kde Shaman (
14:00.19*** join/#kde buzztracker (
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14:05.35*** join/#kde mallize (n=clemenml@A169221.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu)
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14:21.46*** join/#kde pag (n=pavel@unaffiliated/pag)
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14:58.19*** join/#kde Thundercloud (
14:58.41*** join/#kde sebbar (
14:59.37*** join/#kde Worf (
15:00.25*** join/#kde buzztracker (
15:00.35*** join/#kde mabu (
15:00.50*** join/#kde rafael_ (
15:01.10*** join/#kde markc (n=archlinu@
15:02.21*** join/#kde mdd (
15:04.11*** join/#kde pepone (
15:05.16*** join/#kde mrwoody (
15:07.06*** part/#kde SSJ (
15:07.28*** join/#kde michel (n=michel@unaffiliated/michel)
15:08.26micheldoes anybody know that does this error message on compiling kdebase (kde4) means?
15:08.30*** join/#kde Worf (
15:09.18*** part/#kde gryfie_ (
15:09.24*** join/#kde gaboo (
15:09.35annmamichel: Gentoo?
15:09.36YuyurCould not find REQUIRED package Blitz
15:09.41michelannma: yes
15:09.43Yuyurmichel is it ?
15:09.45*** join/#kde Apocryphe (
15:09.56Yuyurdid you install kdesupport?
15:09.57michelYuyur: yes
15:09.58annmais there no dependency management in Gentoo ebuilds then?
15:10.10annmamichel: no you did not install kdesupport
15:10.12michelkde-base/qimageblitz-9999 is already installed
15:10.21Jucatomichel: you might want to ask in #gentoo-kde about their kde4 ebuilds
15:10.30annmamichel: yes ask Gentoo to sort you out
15:10.34Yuyurwhats version of blitz?
15:10.41*** join/#kde bb_ (
15:10.41Jucatohi annma!
15:10.47annmahi Jucato :)
15:11.01Jucatoannma: looks like troy is a Mandriva user now as well :)
15:11.10bb_hello is this support for kde?
15:11.15annmabb_: yes
15:11.18*** join/#kde mallize (n=clemenml@A169221.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu)
15:11.18Jucatobb_: yes
15:11.19annmaJucato: :)
15:11.21Jucatoecho echo echo :)
15:11.31bb_okay..making sure i got the right channel
15:11.41yunoshhi, where are translations for kde apps stored if the app distribution doen't come with gettext .mo files?
15:11.48michelJucato: ok thx
15:12.07annmayunosh: what do you mean?
15:12.11troyJucato: there's nothing I could do! the CD launched itself at me, and in order to defend myself I had to lock it in the disc drive... unfortunately, once it was locked in there, it took over my system!
15:12.26Jucatooooh you're awake! :)
15:12.35yunoshannma: what didn't you understand? :) where are the translations in kde apps?
15:12.37*** join/#kde FreshPrince (
15:12.58annmathey are not in kde apps
15:13.07annmakde apps are in English
15:13.30annmaand then KDE ships i18n-<lang> packages
15:13.50bb_can anyone tell me the app for kde..a front end to gzip or un tar something within kde?
15:13.51yunoshthat's what i thought, but kde-i18n- only contains the html docs
15:14.01yunoshbb_: ark
15:14.06Jucatobb_: ark
15:14.09annmayunosh: your distro did not package it correctly
15:14.11troyerg! /me needs to lay the smackdown on Riddell :P
15:14.19bb_thank you guys
15:14.35Jucatotroy: good luck :)
15:14.36yunoshannma: sure it did. it's kubuntu and the translations work fine. i just can't find them
15:14.53troyyunosh: kubuntu puts the translations elsewhere - in language packs or something
15:15.08yunoshtroy: ah
15:15.10Jucatotroy: we're going to have a devel meeting probably next week. I'll try to bring it up again... see if we can outvote him :)
15:16.40annmayunosh: use dpkg something to find the content of the k18n package maybe
15:17.01yunoshannma: yeah, already looking
15:17.01*** join/#kde rami__ (n=rami@
15:17.02*** part/#kde cast (n=cast@fsf/member/cast)
15:17.46bb_what is a good remote desktop frontend for kde?
15:18.07*** join/#kde Alarm (
15:18.39*** join/#kde Worf (
15:18.59yunoshfor the records: the package is called language-pack-kde-XX-base and the translations go into /usr/share/locale-langpack/
15:19.08Jucatobb_: krdc?
15:19.10metalfanwhere can i deactivate the jumping icon when applications start?
15:19.14Alarmhello, i added 2 different kdm themes (for the login state) . i did install them through the kdm theme manager, but although i check on the "enable" checkbox, and choose a theme, on the next reboot nothing changes and the "enable" checkbox of kdm themes is unchecked again
15:19.26bb_Jucato: yeah that might be it
15:19.33Jucatometalfan: KControl -> Appearance & Themes -> Launch Feedback
15:19.51*** join/#kde roodie (
15:20.00*** join/#kde boom1992 (
15:20.27*** join/#kde batiste (n=batiste@
15:20.48troyJucato: later :P
15:20.56*** join/#kde bentob0x (
15:21.06Jucatobye troy!
15:21.36Roeyhey all
15:21.41Roeyah, Troy has left
15:21.46Roeytroy:  ciao ;)
15:21.49Roeyhola Jucato!
15:21.59Jucatohey Roey! :)
15:22.24*** join/#kde tmske (
15:22.41Alarmdont get whats wrong with it
15:23.15JucatoAlarm: Kubuntu Gutsy?
15:23.25Alarmdebian testing
15:23.30Jucatoah hm...
15:23.38Alarmkde 3.5.7
15:23.57Jucatoah I think they haven't received the patch yet to make kdmtheme work for the new kdmrc overrides
15:24.13Alarmcould be...
15:24.29*** join/#kde darkavanger (n=darkavan@
15:24.45Alarmas when i make changes , the apply button doesnt get activated. and after i close the window i am again on the point where i started
15:25.34JucatoAlarm: you might want to check the kdmrc override in /etc/default/kdm.d/
15:27.22*** join/#kde Freakingme (
15:27.41Alarmneither do i see the directory "/usr/kde/VERSION/share/apps/kdm/themes" for manual installation
15:28.06FreakingmeI'm trying to change my background, but no matter how many times I click 'apply' in that settings window/dialog, the old background remains. Anybody any clue on what I'm doing wrong / how to fix this?
15:28.21Alarmhehe, sounds familiar :)
15:30.04*** join/#kde Scott5114 (n=scott@wikipedia/scott5114)
15:30.23JucatoAlarm: no, afaik, Debian has implemented a kdmrc override. it means that it doesn't  make use or modify kdmrc directly. instead it uses some file (in /etc/default/kdm.d/ here in Kubuntu) to control some aspects of KDM
15:31.20JucatoAlarm: you might want to ask in #debian (or over at OFTC) for specifics
15:31.21Alarmi see. i will check for that . thank you :)
15:31.24*** join/#kde drbob (
15:31.32Alarmi will do so, thank you for your attention
15:31.51Jucatowe had to patch smileaf's kdmtheme too get it working in Kubuntu as well
15:31.53*** join/#kde rami_ (n=rami@
15:32.13Freakingmenobody a clue as regards to my question?
15:33.15Roeyrami_: heya
15:33.17Roeyshem yafe
15:33.27Roeyladod sheli korim rami
15:33.55JucatoFreakingme: sorry, no idea
15:35.36*** join/#kde spawn57 (
15:37.41*** part/#kde michel (n=michel@unaffiliated/michel)
15:38.20*** join/#kde nick_ (
15:38.42*** join/#kde JADS (
15:40.03Freakingmeare there restrictions to the max filesize/resolution of an image when setting it as background?
15:40.48*** join/#kde Worf (
15:41.36*** join/#kde clemenml (n=clemenml@A169221.N1.Vanderbilt.Edu)
15:42.02*** join/#kde tmske (
15:44.16*** join/#kde eckhart (n=eckhart@wikipedia/eckhart)
15:44.45*** join/#kde lastent (n=roman@
15:44.56*** join/#kde milian (
15:45.07lastenthi where can I find some people that uses Quanta?
15:45.28Jucato#quanta ? (not sure)
15:45.50*** join/#kde sabayonlive-1169 (
15:46.06*** join/#kde Worf (
15:47.37*** join/#kde rami__ (n=rami@
15:48.39lastentJucato, there is only one guy there, and I think he is brb
15:49.23*** join/#kde tmske_ (
15:51.38*** join/#kde hunt0r (
15:53.06*** join/#kde pumphaus (
15:53.54*** join/#kde Thundercloud (
15:54.23*** join/#kde _czessi (
15:55.14*** join/#kde Stenaf (
15:56.34StenafWhen using konqueror as a file browser, is there any way to reduce the spacing between the icons? I'm using multicolumn view and the icons are way too far apart.
15:57.26*** join/#kde Kyral_Laptop (n=petermcv@ubuntu/member/kyral)
15:57.48*** join/#kde rdale (
15:57.56*** join/#kde JohnBat26 (
15:58.27*** join/#kde wesbluemarine (
16:00.02*** join/#kde sebbar (
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16:02.37*** join/#kde psychollek (
16:05.01*** join/#kde marco_ (
16:06.04*** join/#kde infopipe (
16:06.33*** join/#kde maki_ (n=maki@
16:07.02*** join/#kde EvilGuru (
16:07.49*** join/#kde Ardarandir (
16:09.03*** join/#kde _zz (n=zbigniew@
16:12.47*** join/#kde Phlogi_ (
16:13.02*** join/#kde drbollokovski (
16:13.27*** join/#kde japc (n=japc@
16:13.32*** join/#kde marco_ (
16:14.04*** join/#kde meduxa (
16:14.48*** join/#kde sheskar_ (
16:16.14*** join/#kde sheskar ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
16:19.24*** join/#kde piero (
16:21.28*** part/#kde yunosh (n=jan@horde/jan)
16:21.59*** join/#kde teatime (
16:23.04*** join/#kde hacosta_ (n=hacosta@
16:23.04*** join/#kde francis (
16:23.18*** join/#kde claudio_ (
16:24.54*** join/#kde cwlin (n=desty@
16:25.35*** join/#kde Telkontar (
16:25.44*** join/#kde brot (
16:26.01*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2976 (
16:26.05*** join/#kde alee (n=alee@
16:26.29*** join/#kde dereine_ (
16:26.32*** join/#kde holycow (
16:26.53*** join/#kde Slacker (
16:26.57*** join/#kde wsjunior (n=wsjunior@
16:27.49*** join/#kde JordiGH (n=jordi@
16:28.32JordiGHIf I take a text file and name it "mytext.jpg", then Konqueror will attempt to open it as a jpeg instead of opening a text editor. Is there a way to make Konqueror always check the magic number of a file and never believe extensions?
16:32.01*** join/#kde brot (
16:33.54JordiGHHm, Gnome's Nautilus issues a warning if you try this trick. Something like "The file says it's jpg, but its contents say it's html."
16:33.56*** join/#kde Thundercloud (
16:35.54*** join/#kde terr (
16:38.42affectis there a way to make firefox open links without trying to open itself once mode (if i understand it right). its like i got firefox running, click the link somewhere and theres the clock pointer and new minimized window of firefox for ~30 secs every time. however the link opens in the right window
16:38.55*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2376 (
16:39.03affectthat stuff is annoying
16:41.08*** join/#kde benitoli (
16:42.17*** join/#kde mortadelo (
16:42.40*** join/#kde EnigmuS (
16:44.12JordiGHaffect: In kcontrol, kde components -> web browser, what do you have?
16:44.15*** join/#kde Jejem (
16:44.21JordiGHaffect: I have iceweasel -new-tab
16:44.26JordiGH(and yes, I'm using Debian)
16:44.42affecthmm got mozilla-firefox
16:44.43Kyral_LaptopIts okay, we have all sinned before *DUCK!*
16:45.00JordiGHaffect: But do you have the -new-tab option?
16:45.27JordiGHKyral_Laptop: Do you confess then, my son, that you do not follow the one true path of the red swirl of purity?
16:45.35affectnope. added it now and it says "sorry could not find program mozilla-firefox" then
16:45.47Kyral_LaptopJordiGH: I follow it, on my server ;P
16:46.22JordiGHaffect: Hm, really?
16:46.37*** join/#kde thibault (
16:46.44JordiGHHow about just "firefox -new-tab"?
16:47.40affectyeah, the clock appears and disappears right away
16:48.05*** join/#kde Muad`dib (n=shad@unaffiliated/shadok)
16:50.47*** join/#kde bfrog (
16:51.18drbollokovskianyone know why tork would crash my desktop every time i start it?
16:53.34*** join/#kde Fabi0 (
16:54.22*** join/#kde bEEatWorK (
16:54.39*** join/#kde neddy (
16:55.12*** join/#kde Ardarandir (
16:55.30*** join/#kde fir3__ (
16:55.36*** join/#kde japc (n=japc@
16:55.56*** join/#kde |BrAnD| (
16:56.10*** join/#kde martin_ (n=martin@
16:56.47*** join/#kde sjckk (
16:57.57*** join/#kde japc_ (n=japc@
16:58.00*** join/#kde Worf (
16:58.07*** join/#kde Czessi (
16:58.35*** join/#kde eSa| (
16:59.10*** join/#kde japc_ (n=japc@
16:59.19eSa|what is the most common cause for a Bus Error? I'm using Krita with (debian) Kde 3.5.8
16:59.31*** join/#kde jli_ (n=jli@
17:00.30*** join/#kde buzztracker (
17:00.59*** join/#kde ilj (n=ilj@
17:01.50*** join/#kde maki (n=maki@
17:02.21fir3__nning updates, but now when I boot, nvidia graphics does not come up and I cant startx, even if I run init 3 command, what can I do, other than reinstalling to get my grpahics back up?
17:02.35fir3__sry wrong terminal
17:03.05fir3__i've got a quite weird problem with konqueror
17:03.41*** join/#kde ian| (
17:04.12fir3__it often freezes when browsing websites and also when browsing files, but there are no errors in terminal
17:04.13*** join/#kde Q-collective (
17:04.21*** join/#kde Drk_Guy (n=drkguy@unaffiliated/drkguy/x-286837)
17:04.35*** part/#kde Drk_Guy (n=drkguy@unaffiliated/drkguy/x-286837)
17:05.33*** join/#kde downs (
17:05.47downshi, when using KDE powertop gives me ridiculously large wakeup counts for interrupt: acpi
17:05.49metalfanfir3__: maybe a hardware issue
17:06.03downsthe same issue doesn't happen when logging in over the console
17:06.04*** join/#kde apokryphos (i=apokryph@unaffiliated/apokryphos)
17:06.14downsksysguard and the sysguard applet are closed.
17:06.33downsI can't figure this out.
17:06.47*** join/#kde francis (
17:06.47fir3__metalfan: what kind of hardware issue could that be? it happens on my laptop and on my desktop
17:07.33Kyral_Laptopdowns: Do you have anything like KThinkbat or any other Power monitors running?
17:07.33*** join/#kde MGisbers (
17:07.33metalfanheat, bad ram...
17:07.33metalfanbut just a shot in the blue
17:07.33downsno, and I just closed the kde standard battery applet.
17:07.41downsstill at ~500 wakeups per sec
17:07.47downsit's a toshiba laptop running kde3.5 on gentoo
17:08.16*** join/#kde eddy (n=eddy@
17:09.03Kyral_Laptop500 is kinda good dude
17:09.08Kyral_Laptopfor running the GUI
17:09.16downs500 for the acpi interrupt?
17:09.28Kyral_LaptopI thought you meant total
17:09.34downs<downs> hi, when using KDE powertop gives me ridiculously large wakeup counts for interrupt: acpi
17:10.13downstoo bad it's not possible to count interrupts per-process in /proc
17:12.37*** join/#kde Digital_Pioneer (
17:12.50*** join/#kde shadok_ (n=shad@unaffiliated/shadok)
17:13.14Digital_PioneerWhat's the version of the latest KDE 4 beta?
17:13.28*** join/#kde bluesceada (n=itsjustm@unaffiliated/bluesceada)
17:16.20*** join/#kde Liquid_Fire (n=liquidfi@
17:17.20*** join/#kde apriori (n=apriori@osten.wh.Uni-Dortmund.DE)
17:18.28*** join/#kde saku (
17:18.55eSa|ann_cook, Bus as Ball Upper Space in 'Bus Error' message
17:19.39eSa|more precisely I can choose the type of document to work with in the startup dialog, then I get the mentioned error
17:19.52*** join/#kde Ardarandir (
17:21.08*** join/#kde marquis (
17:22.12*** join/#kde syli725 (n=song@
17:23.02syli725I can't find "shutdown" and "reboot" in my kde menu --> Leave. how to enable them? why is not there by default? insecure?
17:23.12*** join/#kde kaminix^ (
17:23.37Digital_Pioneersyli725: I think that happens when you don't have perms to shutdown/reboot. Not sure how to get them. :(
17:23.44*** join/#kde B-Minus (n=tommy@
17:23.51MinceRmaybe you didn't start it from a display manager or that display manager doesn't support it or it's disabled
17:24.39syli725Digital_Pioneer, thanks for your answer. let me think.
17:24.59syli725MinceR, what is display manager?
17:25.34Digital_Pioneersyli725: KDM, GDM, XDM, Entrance, etc.
17:26.04Digital_Pioneersyli725: It's what you actually login at before starting KDE, GNOME, etc.
17:26.05*** join/#kde BP{k} (n=michiel@
17:26.06syli725Digital_Pioneer, I thought KDM and GDM are desktop manager, but not display manager.
17:26.09*** join/#kde Hokinon (n=Hokinon@unaffiliated/hokinon)
17:26.12*** join/#kde SeanTater (
17:26.22Digital_PioneerMeh, same thing AFAIK.
17:26.48syli725Digital_Pioneer, before logging in, I have shutdown option. only KDE doesn't have it.
17:27.17*** join/#kde max_ (
17:27.19Digital_Pioneersyli725: I saw that in XFce once. I think it's a perm issue, but that's just a guess.
17:27.38syli725Digital_Pioneer, thanks. Let me try to find it out in kcontrol.
17:27.52Digital_Pioneersyli725: If all else fails, you can use KMenuEdit and put a button in for `shutdown -h now`
17:28.13syli725Digital_Pioneer, thanks. :)
17:28.14*** join/#kde apriori (
17:28.27syli725Digital_Pioneer, I can simply type it in a terminal. hehe.
17:28.34Digital_Pioneersyli725: That you can. :)
17:29.01*** join/#kde Jejem (
17:31.04*** join/#kde BP{k} (n=michiel@
17:31.36*** part/#kde Digital_Pioneer (
17:31.53*** part/#kde syli725 (n=song@
17:32.42*** join/#kde tgurr (
17:37.37*** join/#kde drbollokovski_ (
17:37.52*** join/#kde Kebianizao (
17:38.13Kebianizaois it possible to filter konqueror view using wildcards like *diff* ?
17:38.18*** join/#kde Shaman (
17:39.05Sho_Kebianizao: Yes. Just add it to the end of the location in the location bar.
17:39.07*** join/#kde hoisn (
17:39.33Sho_i.e. /path/to/foo/*diff*
17:39.35KebianizaoSho_: great
17:39.43Kebianizaoyou and konqui rocks :D
17:39.48*** join/#kde maki (n=maki@
17:39.52*** join/#kde tvtoon (n=tvtoon@
17:40.11*** join/#kde Zola (
17:40.15*** join/#kde drbollokovski_ (
17:40.18Sho_One can also add a dedicated filter field to the toolbar, if the "Directory Filter Plugin" extension is loaded
17:40.24*** join/#kde benitoli (
17:40.24*** part/#kde Zola (
17:40.58KebianizaoSho_: that extension is already loaded, but son't know how to  use it
17:40.59*** join/#kde Infra|Red (
17:42.05*** join/#kde aam (n=aam@
17:42.49*** join/#kde maxx_k (
17:43.58Jejemshadok_ !!! :D
17:44.10shadok_hey !
17:44.10Jejemlol :
17:44.42Jejem_ann_cook :D
17:45.43lastenthi, does anyone knows how to connect to an ftp file using kate?
17:46.04Kebianizaolastent: if you mean open a file:
17:46.55lastentKebianizao, yes
17:47.11MilesAwayyou might have to out
17:50.01*** join/#kde sabayonlive-6464 (
17:51.50*** join/#kde mabu (
17:52.22*** join/#kde iCEifer (i=iceifer@gateway/tor/x-a11bee3e95a569a6)
17:52.36*** join/#kde lucge (
17:52.53iCEiferhow can I have konqueror remember the unique view for each folder (tree, icon, etc)?
17:53.39*** join/#kde solaris (
17:53.44iCEiferit seems that when I pick one view it sticks with it for all sub dirs and always ends up going back to icon view
17:54.08*** join/#kde dani_l (
17:55.02*** join/#kde Urgleflogue (n=plamen@
17:55.11*** join/#kde Ardarandir (
17:55.35*** join/#kde koyote (
18:00.06*** join/#kde yazeed (n=yazeed@
18:00.22*** join/#kde buzztracker (
18:01.05*** join/#kde JohnBat26 (
18:01.56*** join/#kde nik11 (
18:02.59*** join/#kde mango (
18:03.58*** join/#kde warriorness (
18:07.21*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2154 (n=sabayonu@
18:08.21*** join/#kde gaboo (
18:09.01*** join/#kde thai|mac (
18:09.19*** join/#kde bushwakko (
18:10.55*** join/#kde gbowden (
18:12.32*** join/#kde justponi (
18:12.49justponitou le monde
18:12.58Kebianizaobye and thanks again
18:13.00*** part/#kde Kebianizao (
18:13.13justponisombody speak fench?
18:13.25gaboojustponi: oui
18:13.40justponiest ce que qq'un peut m'aider svp
18:13.43justponij'ai un ti probleme
18:14.26*** join/#kde ponto (
18:15.02justponic'est un coin de tchate en faite ou alors un coin pour aider ceux qui ont qq probleme avec linus?
18:15.11gabooles deux
18:15.23*** join/#kde ilj (n=ilj@
18:15.23justponiok merci
18:15.26gabootu as aussi #kde-fr pour les francophone
18:15.38justponigaboo tu sais me donner un cout de main ou pas?
18:15.42justponipcq j'ai un probleme
18:16.15justponien fait j'arrive plus a me conecté avec mon utilistateur normal je suis obligé de me contécté en tant que root
18:16.20gaboojustponi: pose ta question
18:16.40gaboojustponi: quel distribution, quel message as tu ?
18:16.56justponiattend je revien
18:16.59justponipour te dire le message
18:19.01*** join/#kde justponi (
18:19.44justponiil me dit que je me sui conecté moin de 10 sec et que il y a peut etre un probleme dans le systeme
18:19.51justponiou que je n'ai pas asser d'espace
18:19.55justponide disque
18:19.58*** join/#kde asfak (n=asfak@
18:19.59justponimais c'es pas ca
18:19.59gaboojustponi: sur #fedora-fr ils auront plus d'info pour toi, à priori ce n'est pas un problème relatif à kde
18:20.08justponinon en faite
18:20.09gabooje n'utilise pas fedora
18:20.11justponij'ai gnome
18:20.16justponijai pas kde
18:20.22*** join/#kde boom1992 (
18:20.22*** join/#kde |igor_ (n=|igor_@
18:20.26gaboojustponi: qu'est ce que tu fais ici alors ?
18:20.43justponibein j'ai telechargé l'interface de kde avant
18:20.48justponiet maintnant gnom
18:20.59justponimais j'ai qq programme de kde qui sont rester
18:21.17justponitu a tjrs des programme qui reste
18:21.18gaboodans tous les cas, ce n'est pas un problème de bureau, mais de système. va sur le canal de ta distrib
18:21.31justponiok merci gaboo
18:21.37justponije vais faire ca
18:21.43gaboobon courage
18:21.46justponiet je pourrai te demandé un autre
18:21.54justponisi ca te dérange pas trop
18:22.32justponien faite j'ai le son
18:22.33justponiet tou
18:22.37*** join/#kde cladam (
18:22.40justponica marche j'entend les signal sonore
18:22.49justponimais quand je veux ecouté de la muzique ca marche
18:22.58justponipourtant j'ai telechargé mplayer
18:23.00justponiet tou
18:23.04justponiavant ca marchai
18:23.05justponiet maintnat
18:23.13justponije vai te montré le message d'erreur
18:23.19gabooencore une fois, faut voir avec des personnes qui connaissent fedora.
18:23.44justponiok merci quand meme
18:23.57justponiet par curiosité je peux savoire quel distribution tu utilise toi?
18:24.20gaboogentoo, kubuntu
18:25.01gaboode rien
18:26.02*** join/#kde tonsofun (i=scott@nat/redhat/x-41e5c01b8be3375f)
18:28.15*** join/#kde profoX` (n=wesley@ubuntu/member/profox)
18:28.18*** join/#kde nuonguy (
18:29.14*** join/#kde benitoli (
18:29.34*** join/#kde ris (
18:29.56profoX`okay this is _really_ annoying.. in konqueror 3.5.8 I have an ftp server and I log in with the username but konqueror always renames it to which makes it impossible to log in, unless I change it in the URL manually every time..
18:30.00profoX`does anyone know why this happens
18:30.06*** join/#kde kde-devel (
18:30.08*** join/#kde nullck_ (n=nullck@
18:31.31*** join/#kde Pinaraf (n=moi@
18:33.03*** join/#kde nicio (
18:34.09*** join/#kde Frost^ (
18:35.08*** join/#kde mxttie (
18:35.13*** join/#kde boom1992_ (
18:35.18bfrogwhats a
18:35.21bfrog%40 ?
18:36.39bfrogis that supposed to be the @ symbol perhaps?
18:37.03profoX`bfrog: yes
18:37.11profoX`bfrog: it's a stupid limitation from my hosting provider :)
18:37.22bfrogwhy don't you just use the @ symbol then...
18:37.36profoX`bfrog: I did, but it automatically converts that to %40, which is fine
18:37.39profoX`because that works
18:37.48JordiGHIs that a hex code?
18:37.49profoX`the problem is that some part of the username gets replaced by dots
18:37.56profoX`JordiGH: yes, it's url escaped
18:38.25profoX`JordiGH: but it's not the main cause of the problem, works, but doesn't and konqueror always shortens the loginname to that
18:38.25bfrogcould just do
18:38.48bfrogand enter it in the dialog maybe?
18:39.10bfrogI don't really understand the problem... us the username that whole thing, with the @ symbol in there?
18:39.21profoX`bfrog: yep..
18:39.23*** join/#kde benitoli (
18:39.28bfrogwell thats just stupid then
18:39.28profoX`kinda scary but that's the way it is
18:39.32*** join/#kde nik11 (
18:39.46profoX`bfrog: hey man complain to my hosting provider.. anyway.. konqueror 3.5.7 didnt complain about it
18:40.11profoX`bfrog: the dialog trick works
18:40.20profoX`it's a good enough workaround
18:40.22profoX`for now atleast
18:40.27profoX`i'll check if its a known bug
18:41.00profoX`(thanks for the hint))
18:44.45*** join/#kde nik11 (
18:48.10*** join/#kde smithjd (
18:49.49sabgentondoes anyone have problems with kates buttons (back forward save undo etc) disapering?
18:49.55sabgentoneach time i click on a button the start disapearing or changing order
18:53.19*** join/#kde sabayonlive-5776 (
18:54.31*** join/#kde kant_ (
18:55.21*** join/#kde sk84pr1d3 (n=sk84pr1d@
18:56.28kant_guys, there's a konsole session automatically opening when i boot. What do I have to delete?
18:57.01sk84pr1d3help! i changed my theme to kde classic and i want to change it back to sabayon theme
18:58.43*** join/#kde simmerz (
18:58.59annmakant_: did you try reboot with konsole closed?
18:59.09annmask84pr1d3: #sabayopn
18:59.11annmask84pr1d3: #sabayopn
18:59.15annmask84pr1d3: #sabayon
18:59.36*** join/#kde michealkd (
18:59.36*** join/#kde nik11 (
18:59.42kant_annma: i'll try
18:59.48annmakant_: ok
18:59.59*** join/#kde Jejem (
19:00.03*** join/#kde JohnBat26 (
19:00.05*** join/#kde Phlogi (
19:00.10kant_annma: usually i do "poweroff" from konsole .. does that affect this behavior ?
19:00.18*** join/#kde buzztracker (
19:00.29*** join/#kde Jejem (
19:00.40annmakant_: if you want no konsole at start you'd better close konsole
19:00.54annmaand check in KControl what is your session restore set to
19:01.04*** join/#kde Digital_Pioneer (
19:01.04kant_annma: thanks
19:01.30*** join/#kde [Jinx] (n=Jinxy@
19:01.36Digital_PioneerWhat all can I do with strigi in KDE 3? I'm trying to install the applet, but it won't compile... :( Says strigi isn't installed, but it is.
19:01.55*** join/#kde kirun (
19:02.23annmaDigital_Pioneer: strigi?
19:02.34annmawhere do you get the code for kde3?
19:03.04Digital_PioneerWhat clients are there for it? KDE 3.5.8, strigi 0.5.7, ArchLinux (Core Dump)
19:03.40Digital_Pioneerannma: Yeah, strigi. Get KDE code from
19:03.51annmawhere in
19:04.08*** join/#kde thePunisher (n=thePunis@
19:04.11annmaDigital_Pioneer: point me to the EXACT url
19:04.19annmaEXACT url to strigi
19:04.30annmanot some vague
19:04.40Digital_PioneerURL to strigi?
19:04.50*** join/#kde sk84pr1d3 (n=sk84pr1d@
19:04.51Digital_PioneerYou want KDE or strigi?
19:04.59annmayes, where do you get this strigi from?
19:05.17sabgentonannma: some distros pkgmangement can fetch the source for u
19:05.18*** join/#kde pgquiles (
19:05.20annmawhere do you get the strigi code fro kde3
19:05.40annmasabgenton: yes but I want to know where it fetches it
19:06.38annmasabgenton: I want to be sure it is compatible
19:06.44nicioSean Kingston - Me Love.mp3
19:06.47annmaso Digital_Pioneer
19:06.56annmapaste the error in a pastebin please
19:07.04niciosorry i paste the wrong thing
19:07.41annmaDigital_Pioneer: paste the compile error in pastebin please
19:07.59Digital_PioneerNot a compile error. Cmake error.
19:08.19*** join/#kde pinotree (
19:08.32annmapaste it in pastebin please
19:08.38annmawhat backend do yo have?
19:08.56Digital_PioneerTo what?
19:09.31Digital_PioneerI thought strigi was the backend?
19:09.31*** join/#kde PeterFA (n=Peter@unaffiliated/peterfa)
19:09.54*** join/#kde boom1992 (
19:09.56Digital_PioneerWhat backends does it use?
19:10.01PeterFAI lost my desktop switcheroo that goes on the taskbar. I tried to add it back via right-click and friends but I can't find the applet to add.
19:10.02Digital_PioneerOhhh, yeah. Clucene.
19:10.05annmais the fastest
19:10.11Digital_PioneerThat's it.
19:10.17PeterFAI just did updates recently and I'm running the latest KDE 3.5.
19:10.33*** join/#kde vinndogg (
19:10.34Digital_PioneerPeterFA: Add the Desktop Pager applet.
19:11.04bb_question: i have a few applications on my gentoo system.  I am running kde.  example package kismet.  How do I get kismet to show up under my program list.
19:11.17annmaDigital_Pioneer: you got this strigiapplet code, right?
19:11.25annmaDigital_Pioneer: now please, read the README
19:11.33*** join/#kde dfm (
19:12.16PeterFADigital_Pioneer, "The Desktop Preview & Pager applet could not be loaded. Please check your installation."
19:12.37Digital_PioneerPeterFA: Meh. You're in 3.5.8?
19:12.42PeterFADigital_Pioneer, yes.
19:12.50*** join/#kde Shirakawasuna (
19:13.01Digital_PioneerReinstall KDE? :P
19:13.14PeterFADigital_Pioneer, nope, I just check... I'm in 3.5.7 ^_^
19:13.15BeenieIf I right click an icon under my application list, and click edit..nothing happens
19:13.32PeterFADigital_Pioneer, brb...
19:13.52*** join/#kde t_s_o (
19:13.54Digital_PioneerBeenie: kmenuedit?
19:14.36BeenieDigital_Pioneer, is that what I need?
19:14.52Digital_PioneerBeenie: If you're looking to edit items in the K Menu, yes.
19:15.15BeenieDigital_Pioneer, got ya!  is that how I can add icons for certain apps too?
19:15.32Digital_Pioneerannma: README says nothing very useful. I just checked out SVN but it can't find strigi either.
19:15.49Digital_PioneerBeenie: Yeah, you can set them in kmenuedit.
19:15.54annmaREADME says strigi must be installed, the applet is only a GUI frontend
19:16.01BeenieDigital_Pioneer, awesome!  Thanks!  :)
19:16.01annmaDigital_Pioneer: ^^
19:16.09annmaDigital_Pioneer: so please install strigi
19:16.23Digital_Pioneerannma: Already did.
19:16.42Digital_Pioneerannma: How can I specify strigi's dirs to cmake?
19:16.55annmawhere is your strigi then?
19:17.00sabgentonannma: heres one
19:17.11*** join/#kde jonny2 (
19:17.14annmasabgenton: lol
19:17.27annmasabgenton: I did not ask in general, I asked specifically for Digital_Pioneer
19:17.40annmaI know mirrors for kde, thanks
19:17.41sabgentonok your not that noob
19:17.48annmaI am a KDE developer
19:17.57annmanot very noob, no
19:18.16sabgentonwell the last guy said
19:18.19annmaI asked because some users try to build KDe 4 stuff on KDE 3
19:18.47*** join/#kde ICQnumber (
19:18.55Digital_Pioneerannma: I built my strigi from AUR. I got the strigiclient from the aforementioned URL, and now from SVN in README.
19:19.19Digital_Pioneerannma: Arch User Repository. Place to get packages for ArchLinux.
19:19.33annmaDigital_Pioneer: I asked you where strigi is installed
19:19.39*** join/#kde markey (
19:19.41annmanot where you got it from
19:19.46Digital_Pioneerannma: /opt/kde
19:19.48annmacan you answer precisely
19:20.08annmaso you have a build dir for your strigiapplet
19:20.19annmalook at the CMakeCache.txt file
19:20.28annmasee where it looks for strigi
19:22.01*** join/#kde pgquiles (
19:22.27sabgentonannma: hey have you ever had kate's buttons go disapearing on you
19:22.36sabgentonback foward undo save etc
19:22.40annmanever and I use Kate all day long
19:22.53*** join/#kde fuzzy_ (n=fuzzy@
19:22.53annmawhat buttons? toolbars ones?
19:23.11annmaso a toolbar disappeared?
19:23.16*** join/#kde Bugz (
19:23.18sabgentonback foward save undo etc
19:23.27Digital_Pioneerannma: CMakeCache.txt simply says it can't find them, but I seem to be able to manually insert the paths there.
19:23.35annmanot good
19:23.43sabgentonyeah toolbar
19:23.44annmahow do you run cmake?
19:23.45*** join/#kde Andrew67 (i=andrew67@
19:23.46sabgentoni gues
19:23.58annmaDigital_Pioneer: how do you run cmake?
19:24.22Digital_Pioneerannma: cmake .. from the build dir.
19:24.31sabgentonannma: not the toolbars the buttons on the toolbar slowly disapear
19:24.46annmathe README provides flags Digital_Pioneer
19:24.59sabgentonuntill i  close kate and start it again
19:25.00annmasabgenton: and only in Kate?
19:25.05sabgentonthen they all come back
19:25.09annmacool then
19:25.19Digital_Pioneerannma: Those flags don't specify strigi's location.
19:25.58*** join/#kde PeterFA (n=Peter@unaffiliated/peterfa)
19:26.09PeterFAWhat's the command to switch desktops?
19:26.21*** join/#kde pgquiles (
19:26.21Beeniequestion: how can I run a command in kde, that will open up a terminal and open a app in a terminal?  does that make sense?
19:26.23PeterFAI don't have my pager running and it won't work due to botched install I'm working on.
19:26.33*** join/#kde luislo (
19:27.11sabgentonannma: just try kwrite
19:27.13sabgentonits fine
19:27.13annmaDigital_Pioneer: if strigi is installed in the same location than kde3 and is not found that means it is not installed properly
19:27.15sabgentononly kate
19:27.16*** join/#kde Kenny3 (
19:27.26annmasabgenton: no idea, never saw that
19:27.36*** join/#kde Rictoo (n=rictoo@unaffiliated/rictoo)
19:27.40Kenny3how can i use kde software under windows?
19:27.42Beenieor is that possible?\
19:27.44Digital_Pioneerannma: Then how do you recommend I install it?
19:27.56RictooYou know, KDE3 was too slow on this computer. When I would open a folder for example it would take around 5 seconds to open
19:27.58annmaDigital_Pioneer: get it from svn
19:27.59Rictoois KDE4 faster?
19:28.23annmaKenny3: kde apps on windows are beta only, see
19:28.45annmaRictoo: yes but if kde3 is slow on your machine, I guess your machine is not fast
19:29.11annmakde4 is faster to start but then it's demanding on graphics
19:29.12RictooI have a 1.8ghz Celeron Northwood
19:29.15Rictoo512mb of ram
19:29.16annmaah yeah
19:29.18*** join/#kde sabayonlive-1242 (
19:29.28*** join/#kde pgquiles (
19:29.33Rictooand I have a 64mb build-in gpu, annma
19:29.49Rictoographics processing unit
19:29.54annmaah yes
19:29.57annmaold stuff
19:30.06Rictoobut would kde4 be okay on this box/
19:30.12Digital_PioneerSince when is a GPU old stuff? LOL
19:30.27sabgentonannma: ok actualy it only happens when i press back and forward
19:30.28annmais windows fast?
19:30.31*** join/#kde netuser__ (
19:30.33sabgentonunless its spose to do that
19:30.34annmasurely not
19:30.37Rictooannma: What part of my machine would not be suitable for KDE4?
19:30.40*** join/#kde amalon (n=james@
19:30.50Digital_PioneerIs windoze fast on _anything?_ :P
19:30.52annmaRictoo: if it is slow with kde3 it'll be slow with kde4
19:31.00annmawe don't go backward
19:31.05Rictoobut I heard kde4 was faster..?
19:31.07annmakwin has composiiting for exa
19:31.14annmaat start!
19:31.14sabgentonand when i get back to the document im on in the session the buttons are still gone
19:31.19annmarunnning stuff is another matter
19:31.31*** join/#kde blacksheep (n=blackshe@
19:31.39sabgentonso its not just display diferent for difrent docs
19:31.39annmaevery OS is slow on such a machine Rictoo except light stuff
19:31.50sabgentonoh well
19:31.53*** join/#kde Rasi (
19:32.02annmasabgenton: look at
19:32.09*** join/#kde warriorness (
19:32.12*** join/#kde nik11 (
19:32.19*** part/#kde Rictoo (n=rictoo@unaffiliated/rictoo)
19:32.20sabgentonannma: do you customies your toolbar ?
19:32.28sabgentonadd butons move them etc
19:32.43sabgentoni move the save as button to the end
19:32.44annmasabgenton: I don't have time to customize and I often reset my settings to test stuff
19:32.54sabgentonmaybe thats where it all started
19:33.24*** join/#kde thePunisher (n=thePunis@
19:33.27sabgentonI just moved the save as button the the end to keep them apart
19:33.31sabgentonsave and save as
19:33.47Digital_PioneerI'm running a 1.8GHz Celery, with 768MB RAM or so, it's pretty fast.
19:33.59annmaceleron has never been fast
19:34.13annmabut yes, not sure how this guy installed
19:34.14Digital_PioneerGot a 3GHz Athlon 64 W/ 2 gigs RAM coming though, that should be a little faster. :D
19:34.43sabgentonannma: whats the best way to reset the toolbar
19:35.07sabgentonif i just delete the u.kate folder or somthing
19:35.13annmaright-click on it, configure toolbar -> defaults
19:35.27annmanever delete anything
19:35.42sabgentonwhy not
19:35.45annmawhen I say I reset my settings it's because I am a developer on a development machine
19:35.48sabgentonwon't it just recreate
19:35.55annmayou risk losing stuff
19:36.01annmadeleting is never smart
19:36.05sabgentonmeh only pofiles
19:36.07annmabacking up is smart
19:36.23Digital_Pioneersabgenton: Check the topic. :) Don't delete ~/.kde
19:36.30*** part/#kde Kenny3 (
19:36.38sabgentonI'm happey fildling with that part of my machine
19:36.58sabgentononly .kate or whatever thou
19:37.04sabgentonwarning noted
19:37.36sabgentoni should probably make another acount actually
19:37.59sabgentonto experment
19:38.06sabgentonok well thanks
19:38.13Digital_PioneerIf you feel like starting over, maybe move ~/.kde to ~/.kdeold but probably shouldn't delete it unless you're absolutely certain.
19:38.28sabgentonyeah there you go
19:38.55annmayes making another account is the way to go!
19:39.07*** join/#kde thePunisher (n=thePunis@
19:39.09annmayou'll see then if it's local (your settings)
19:40.46*** join/#kde tom__ (
19:40.46*** join/#kde harmental (
19:40.50Digital_PioneerThat's how you do it, but if you ever use DreamLinux or the like, you're in for a lot of trouble.
19:41.08*** join/#kde pascal42 (i=pascal@gateway/gpg-tor/key-0x8AC4D66B)
19:41.23*** join/#kde thePunisher (n=thePunis@
19:41.58Digital_PioneerKRF: Never seen that before. :P
19:42.14KRFit's sweet
19:42.47Digital_PioneerYes, it is.. :)
19:43.58*** join/#kde nik11 (
19:44.48*** join/#kde blffect (
19:45.45affectoh come on!! why does kde shutdown in some cases when i press alt+ctrl+k
19:45.48*** join/#kde boom1992 (
19:45.53affectnot too often but that really annoys
19:46.18annmaaffect: look in KControl in the shortcuts
19:47.30affectwell alt+ctrl+k is for layout switching and it does switch the layouts. but sometimes it kills kde as alt+ctfl+backspace does
19:47.37affectno idea why
19:48.55*** join/#kde bioszoe (
19:49.12*** part/#kde Digital_Pioneer (
19:49.15Bille_homeanyone speak italian? bioszoe has a kmail problem that i can't understand
19:49.17annmamaybe when your layout changes
19:49.23annmaand the K becomes something else
19:49.27annmaaffect: ^^
19:49.32*** join/#kde robotangel (
19:49.38Roeyrobotangel:  nice nick
19:49.56*** join/#kde aniruddha (
19:50.11robotangelhmm, okay ;)
19:50.25MinceRwhat does a "no entry" icon as a favicon in Akregator mean? is the update interval too small?
19:50.27*** join/#kde aniruddha (
19:50.37*** join/#kde atomik (
19:50.39affectannma, then it'd happen every time the layout is changed but it happens randomly. sometimes the whole day its ok sometimes not
19:50.48affectand that really annoys
19:51.00*** join/#kde arturo (
19:51.24*** join/#kde mono (
19:51.52*** join/#kde hunger (n=tobias@kde/developer/hunger)
19:52.06*** join/#kde llaeadewyn_ (
19:52.44hungerStupid question: What is the "Kontonummer" of kde eV? Got the one from HP seems to be wrong:-(
19:53.20*** join/#kde Darkrift411 (
19:56.18*** join/#kde free-zombie (i=someone@tuxhacker/free-zombie)
19:57.25*** join/#kde qupada (
19:57.26*** join/#kde boom1992_ (
19:57.46*** join/#kde Phlogi_ (
19:58.28*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2186 (
19:58.30PeterFAhunger, there are no stupid questions... only stupid people.
20:00.22*** join/#kde buzztracker (
20:01.09*** join/#kde felixhummel_ (
20:01.51*** join/#kde luislo (
20:02.56luisloguys, I was just asking a question in the suse channels, and they banned me because they didn't like my question, and it WASN'T somethink like linux sucks or so...
20:02.56luislohow can I contact the staff?
20:02.56*** join/#kde bsdfox__ (
20:02.59Bille_homeluislo: what was the question?
20:03.04luisloit was...
20:03.06*** join/#kde XDS2007 (
20:03.53bsdfox__is there a way to save say 5 tabs in konsole and have them all reopen and run a command when I open it? (I use public keys for ssh and I'd like to set up a bookmark or something to login to my 5 servers and have the tabs named and such)
20:04.17*** join/#kde nik11 (
20:04.22luisloBille_home: and it was in the opensuse-chat, where you are supposedly allowed to bring such topics: "don't you think that surfing the web underlinux could be a pain with all these websites with flash applications and no decent flash dirver for linux"
20:04.50PeterFAluislo, /stats p
20:05.10*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2926 (
20:05.40luislowhat's the p for? p=suse, for example?
20:05.55*** join/#kde bline (n=sbeck@
20:05.59*** join/#kde fred_79 (
20:05.59smileafbsdfox__: I see you can save bookmarks in konsole, but I've never used them before
20:06.12luisloPeterFA, what's that command for?
20:06.26*** join/#kde jesse (n=jesse@
20:06.28Sho_luislo: The command PeterFA gave you should output a list of Freenode staffers, who you can then ask to moderate your dispute with the SUSE channel's operators
20:06.32smileafbsdfox__: might be possible to set bookmarks, and save a session
20:06.43bsdfox__smileaf: yeah bookmarks just save the $PWD
20:06.46PeterFAluislo, that will tell you all the staffers who decided to reveal that they are staffers.
20:07.04PeterFAluislo, it's not thorough.
20:07.09luislooh I see PeterFA, it returns 0 as an aswer though...
20:07.20PeterFAluislo, that's because staffers are shy.
20:07.50pinotreeluislo: please go to #freenode and solve there your problems
20:07.53*** join/#kde blendtux (
20:08.02pinotree#kde is NOT the channel for such issues, really
20:08.50*** join/#kde pumphaus (
20:09.24jaf1230hey, I'm having an issue, and I don't know if it's with KDE or compiz-fusion or what.  When I hit shift, ctrl, or alt, the window blurs slightly for a split second.
20:09.43pinotreejaf1230: #compiz-fusion of course
20:10.09jaf1230wasn't sure if it was KDE or compiz.
20:10.28*** join/#kde mistermog (
20:12.17*** join/#kde warriorness (
20:13.14*** join/#kde lovedaddy (
20:14.11*** join/#kde B-Minus (n=tommy@
20:16.45*** join/#kde buscher (
20:18.30Rasii am in openbox now
20:18.33Rasiand started kicker
20:18.40Rasibut its ignoring my transparency settings
20:18.48Rasidoes this only work with kwin?
20:19.08pinotreeor with kdesktop, don't remember
20:22.13Rasiah yea
20:22.18Rasikdesktop does the trick
20:22.25*** join/#kde mathias (
20:23.20*** join/#kde Wesker (n=wesker@
20:25.52*** part/#kde Wesker (n=wesker@
20:26.03*** join/#kde tosky (
20:26.34*** join/#kde nik11 (
20:30.37*** join/#kde picca (
20:31.50*** join/#kde fer (
20:31.51*** join/#kde Dhraakellian (
20:35.55*** join/#kde wiem (n=wiem@
20:36.41*** join/#kde takanori (
20:37.27*** join/#kde rkoerper (
20:39.47*** join/#kde MetaMorfoziS (
20:41.30*** join/#kde ahmed (n=ahmed@
20:41.48*** join/#kde fuzzy (n=fuzzy@
20:42.09*** join/#kde Alethes (
20:42.56*** join/#kde xxcunix (n=tvtoon@
20:44.27*** join/#kde peppe (n=peppe@
20:44.30*** join/#kde pgquiles_ (
20:44.47*** join/#kde User658111111116 (
20:44.53*** join/#kde mikeos (n=mikeos@
20:45.50mikeoshi, akregator freezes after start, all other KDE apps work fine (KDE 3.5.8, Qt 3.3.7, Akregator 1.2.7).  Can you please guide me to identify the problem? I found no bugreport similar to this.
20:45.55*** join/#kde Dirus (
20:46.16annmamikeos: run it from konsole
20:46.23annmaany usefull output?
20:46.24Desintegrwith an empty conf ?
20:46.27Dirusis there a way to use kppp for serial lines without pppd or do you need pppd even for serial connections?
20:46.42*** join/#kde majid (
20:46.50annmais it the first time you run aKregator mikeos?
20:46.55mikeosno outupt from konsole.  strace stands on the point, no output.
20:47.01majidhi all
20:47.26mikeosno, it worked.  I cleared-up feeds oplm, nothing changes..
20:48.11annmaah, did you backup ~/.kde/share/config/akregatorrc file?
20:48.22annmanot remove, backup
20:48.24mikeosannma:  no, i didn't have a look at the file..
20:48.31mikeosannma: i'll try
20:48.53*** join/#kde tvtoon (n=tvtoon@
20:49.16mikeosannma: there were even three more versions  like and similar
20:50.11mikeosannma:  i deleted (backed up) the rc file,  after having started akregator, the window has its position reset, but still the same frozen behaviour - window deadly dead
20:50.23*** join/#kde shiznix (i=legends@gentoo/user/shiznix)
20:50.54*** join/#kde andre_ (n=andre@
20:51.18*** join/#kde thePunisher (n=thePunis@
20:51.21annmamikeos: then also tar the ~/.kde/share/apps:akregator dir and then rm it
20:52.09andre_which one has more effects and appel for impression compiz fusion or beryl
20:52.11mikeosannma: yes, akregator starts without the dir and it has recreated that to defaults
20:52.22*** join/#kde wesbluemarine (
20:52.34mikeosannma:  i will try tu put there my opml file ok?
20:53.14*** join/#kde Skrot- (
20:53.57*** join/#kde warriorness (
20:54.18mikeosannma: strange.. the feeds list is still by default even after having restored the data directory
20:54.39*** join/#kde pythonist (
20:55.11annmahmm, even when restarting it?
20:56.05*** join/#kde treffer (n=treffer@
20:56.28*** part/#kde andre_ (n=andre@
20:56.31mikeosannma: yes.. i'll try killall akregator again, but i already did...   so i put back the whole  directory ./kde/share/akregator and keeps freezing again
20:57.06annmathere's a stale link in this dir
20:58.11*** join/#kde basselito (
20:58.14mikeosannma: i don't understand it anymore.. i'll try to keep it by default and just manually add the missing (my customized) feeds into the opml..
20:58.28*** join/#kde blq (
20:58.49mikeosannma: annma: what you mean by stale? broken? there's no broken symlink
20:59.04annmathere is one that makes it freeze
20:59.16*** join/#kde visik7 (n=dksakd@unaffiliated/visik7)
20:59.27*** join/#kde Drk_Guy (n=drkguy@unaffiliated/drkguy/x-286837)
21:00.21*** join/#kde buzztracker (
21:00.45mikeosannma: you meen an unavailable feed?  well to be honest similar problem has happened to me once and i did resolve it by deleting, which weeks before the incident worked without probs even via akregator
21:01.10annmanot sure what happens
21:01.18mikeosannma:  it seems the last versions of akregator are broken somehow, i think my prev. problem happened even on KDE 3.5.7, now it's 3.5.8
21:01.23annmayou can also open a bug report and attach your feeds list
21:01.33*** join/#kde versuchsanstalt (
21:01.45annmaI don't use it steadily, I only wrote the doc for it
21:02.02annmaI found bugs during that writing ;)
21:03.26mikeosannma: ;) cool.  If i were a heavy akregator user, i would think I found a serious bug, but i'm just a plain user with 5 feeds doing nothing special with akregator, that's why i think something else is broken.. :)
21:03.57annmareporting it would be the best way and attaching your tar from config
21:04.11*** join/#kde thiago_h1me (
21:04.27*** join/#kde greystone (n=greyston@
21:04.42mikeosannma:  I'll do that.. where to report? ubuntu launchpad if i'm running ubuntu? or to KDE community?
21:04.45*** join/#kde sandaru1 (n=sandaru1@
21:04.51*** part/#kde sandaru1 (n=sandaru1@
21:04.52*** join/#kde fasgaroth (
21:07.36*** join/#kde Er-MeNDa (
21:07.43*** join/#kde bsdfox_ (
21:08.42*** join/#kde oGALAXYo (
21:09.19*** join/#kde profoX` (n=wesley@ubuntu/member/profox)
21:09.34*** join/#kde ralph (
21:10.27*** join/#kde UnionPivo (
21:11.17*** join/#kde Pitmairen (
21:11.17*** join/#kde roman (
21:12.25*** join/#kde boom1992 (
21:13.42*** join/#kde JADS (
21:20.39*** join/#kde takanori_ (
21:21.33*** join/#kde gio_ (
21:21.55*** join/#kde cgoncalves (
21:22.28*** join/#kde scode_ (
21:24.05*** join/#kde profoX` (n=wesley@ubuntu/member/profox)
21:25.42*** join/#kde sabayonlive-9231 (
21:26.03*** join/#kde pascal42 (i=pascal@gateway/gpg-tor/key-0x8AC4D66B)
21:28.18*** join/#kde bluesceada (n=itsjustm@unaffiliated/bluesceada)
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21:29.49*** join/#kde greystone (n=greyston@
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21:31.34*** join/#kde tvtoon (n=tvtoon@
21:34.48*** join/#kde samwheat (
21:36.05*** join/#kde Alarm (
21:36.11Alarmhello, when loading icon themes. it loads all the icons in memory, or it loads them when they are used by each application ?
21:37.32bsdfox_is there a way to save say 5 tabs in konsole and have them all reopen and run a command when I open it? (I use public keys for ssh and I'd like to set up a bookmark or something to login to my 5 servers and have the tabs named and such)
21:38.44*** join/#kde Infra|Red (
21:39.45*** join/#kde jose__ (
21:40.14*** join/#kde thePunisher (n=thePunis@
21:43.44*** join/#kde lakeman (
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21:47.05*** join/#kde sortadi (i=sortadi@unaffiliated/sortadi)
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21:53.48*** join/#kde thePunisher (n=thePunis@
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22:10.20*** join/#kde Smooph (
22:11.38*** join/#kde plazm (n=plazm@
22:12.13*** join/#kde japc (
22:12.29plazmHi, does any of you know a nice full theme (kdm, kde splash, etc.) that makes my kde look consistent?
22:12.38*** join/#kde t|zz (
22:13.25plazmI perfer if it is minimalistic, at least the window decorator
22:13.27*** join/#kde s3raph1rn (
22:13.48*** join/#kde Bille2 (
22:14.44*** join/#kde infopipe (
22:15.31*** part/#kde marquis (
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22:22.55*** join/#kde hvalabogu (n=fabiovid@
22:27.25*** join/#kde dcorbin (n=dcorbin@unaffiliated/dcorbin)
22:27.32dcorbinWhat panel applet shows battery status?
22:30.08FreshPrincedcorbin, try to use superkaramba for battery status =]
22:32.13Billedcorbin: or kpowersave
22:32.30*** join/#kde gleep (
22:34.32sam1337I like qtcurve :)
22:35.08*** join/#kde Ch1ppy (
22:35.37Ch1ppyhey, is there any way to lock the mouse to one window, so that it cannot leave it until that window is closed?
22:39.09*** join/#kde dfm (
22:41.19*** join/#kde n8k99 (
22:42.36*** join/#kde euxneks (
22:42.43*** part/#kde Ch1ppy (
22:42.49*** join/#kde _smithjd (
22:43.38*** join/#kde bline (
22:43.50euxnekshrm.. when I try to check out the head revision of KDE 4 from the server I get this error: svn: Connection closed unexpectedly
22:44.10*** join/#kde dfm_ (
22:44.39euxneksack wait
22:44.41euxneksI solved it
22:44.43euxneksnm anyone
22:44.53euxneksI just did a -N if anyone was curious
22:44.57euxneksthen svn up
22:46.26*** join/#kde thePunisher (n=thePunis@
22:48.17*** join/#kde thePunisher (n=thePunis@
22:49.02*** join/#kde hvalabogu (n=fabiovid@
22:49.04*** join/#kde warriorness (
22:49.31*** join/#kde mirshafie (
22:49.33drbollokovski_plazm: try softgreen
22:49.42*** join/#kde Ardarandir (
22:49.48*** part/#kde sheskar (
22:50.24*** join/#kde _smithjd (
22:52.09*** join/#kde apriori (n=apriori@osten.wh.Uni-Dortmund.DE)
22:55.03*** join/#kde gon (
22:55.16jonny2euxneks: -N?
22:55.28jonny2im getting the same subversion-error
22:55.47euxneks-N just checks it out non-recursively
22:56.05plazmwhats the name of the kicker in this picture:
22:56.07euxnekssomehow I managed to get a svn folder checked out and then I just "svn up"'ed in the directory
22:56.21*** join/#kde JADS (
22:57.19*** part/#kde Smooph (
22:57.56*** join/#kde UnionPivo (
22:58.34jonny2i have sources from yesterday, and i get the same error on svn up
22:58.43*** join/#kde amason__ (
22:58.48*** join/#kde Shirakawasuna (
22:59.44euxneksmaybe it's just getting bogged down then..?
22:59.49euxneksI dunno I'm not a kde dev haha
23:00.00*** join/#kde Sergico (
23:00.10*** part/#kde Sergico (
23:00.17*** join/#kde japc (
23:00.18*** join/#kde buzztracker (
23:00.24jonny2kde-devel@jonny:~/kde/src/KDE/kdebase> svn ls svn://
23:00.24jonny2svn: Connection closed unexpectedly
23:00.25*** join/#kde sherman1 (n=sherman@
23:00.30*** join/#kde ct|kyle (
23:00.49euxneksjohnny2: yeah I get that too
23:02.36ct|kyleanyone know how KDE4 is progressing
23:03.49*** join/#kde WindowsUninstall (
23:04.16*** join/#kde Sergico (
23:08.45*** join/#kde Shadowriver (
23:11.21*** join/#kde antoneeo (
23:12.58*** part/#kde mikeos (n=mikeos@
23:13.13*** join/#kde Wofl (
23:13.17*** join/#kde netuser__ (
23:14.39*** join/#kde BlackBsd (n=brian@
23:14.57antoneeohi guys! i have troubles checking out kdebase from anonsvn... it gives me "connection closed unexpectedly" all the time, even though 'list' does work. any ideas?
23:15.54antoneeokdelibs and kdepimlibs worked fine
23:16.40*** join/#kde t|zz (
23:17.48*** join/#kde cgoncalves (
23:18.50*** join/#kde EnigmuS (
23:20.12*** join/#kde Rasi (
23:23.28*** join/#kde rohanpm (n=rohanpm@kde/developer/rohanpm)
23:24.25PhilRodantoneeo: sounds like the svn server is having some problems at the moment. Try again tomorrow, I guess
23:24.44PhilRodthere'll probably be ball-by-ball commentary in #kde-devel or #kde4-devel
23:26.31*** join/#kde seblu (
23:27.11*** join/#kde jorma (
23:29.46*** join/#kde dexter-D (
23:34.29*** join/#kde XanK (n=carlos@
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23:37.56*** join/#kde [tUd]Pensacola (n=pensacol@
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23:42.37*** part/#kde BMXHashy (
23:42.59*** join/#kde ICQnumber_ (
23:43.23*** join/#kde sabayonlive-9035 (
23:44.01*** join/#kde LnxSlck (
23:46.22*** part/#kde sam1337 (
23:46.49_Angelus_is there a kde-app to convert avi to iso
23:50.13*** join/#kde Abysse (
23:52.30*** join/#kde Nitrate (n=d@unaffiliated/nitrate)
23:54.46*** join/#kde human_blip (n=mike@
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