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00:01.34swanflit is :)
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00:01.56swanfldid anyone ever use print shop pro?
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00:17.54DaSkreechSho_: Were you in the Plasma V conduit argument?
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00:40.57AmyRoseNow that I have my -dbg packages installed, I'm never going without them ever again. It's helpful to be able to report crashes... ^^;
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00:42.08Alucadis ther anyone who can help me with my iptables
00:42.09AmyRoseAlucad: You're going to have to ask elsewhere
00:42.13AmyRosebut there is a KDE program to do it
00:42.19AmyRoseactually a couple of them
00:42.23AmyRoseKMyFirewall and Guarddog
00:42.29AmyRosehey, wait a minute......
00:42.43AmyRoseHow the heck did Guarddog end up getting away with starting with a G?
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00:43.46Alucadi just need a script to do it amyrose
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00:52.42AmyRoseAlucad: How many times do I have to tell you that I am not going to date you and that you are in the WRONG CHANNEL?
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00:55.12Alucadthen AmyRose, been kind enough to show me the right directions...plz
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00:55.50pcbshelpanyone knows how to install vlc browser plugin?
00:56.59cccpcbshelp: better ask in your distro's channel
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00:58.09Alucadneed help on IPTABLES
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01:00.11lunitikAlucad: try #iptables or something? KDE isn't even related to iptables, it's crossplatform, iptables is a Linux thing.
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01:01.01lunitikpcbshelp: Again, VLC isn't related to KDE.
01:01.11lunitikpcbshelp: Unless you're using kvlc ?
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01:11.20mbosowhat is the name of the application that automounts removable devices?
01:12.29lunitikmboso: udev or pmount ?
01:12.36lunitikmboso: Unless your distro sucks.
01:13.01lunitikmboso: udev or pmount
01:13.10mbosocool. will check which
01:13.14lunitikmboso: udev detects them, pmount mounts them
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01:13.44lunitikmboso: The 'or' is because it depends what you actually mean.
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01:40.48Alethesany ktorrent devs around here?
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01:41.35killownI have set use my kde style in my app gtk but it does not effect why?
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02:07.28DaSkreechAmyRose: Who will you date?
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02:12.30ct|kyleDoes anyone know where the files associated with multiple desktops are located?
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02:21.07Rollikicker is getting with beryl, can anyone help me, please ?
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02:23.37roland@rolli: try this:
02:24.08rolandright click on the desktop-> Run Command....
02:24.09ct|kyleDoes anyone know where the files associated with multiple desktops are located?
02:24.15rolandtype: kicker and press enter
02:25.28Rollii use dcop kicker Panel restart
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02:26.04Rollibut I'm getting crazy about restarting kicker every 5 min
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02:28.05DaSkreechRolli: write a while(true) Loop that starts kicker :)
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02:28.20DaSkreechremember to put in a sleep so that you can shut down the computer :)
02:29.46killownI am trying to set wallpaper for desktop but it don't effect
02:29.52keeperHow do I start a service?
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02:31.57Rollihow do I do that ? It's a script for autostart, right ?
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02:37.41killownI am trying to set wallpaper for desktop but it don't effect
02:37.58ct|kylehow are you setting it?
02:38.03Rolligood night everybody, cu :D
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02:39.43AmyRoseDaSkreech: My girlfriend =P
02:40.01DaSkreechAmyRose: Wrong answer
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02:40.15DaSkreechThe Answer is Konqui :-)
02:40.36AmyRoseNo, he's taken by Katie, remember?
02:41.20AmyRoseDaSkreech: I thought Konqi was dating Katie! =P
02:41.40DaSkreechWait? What?
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02:43.45DaSkreechShe threw him out for not admitting she was a Qt
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02:49.18kkerwinHi, is there a channel for kdepim?
02:50.20AnonycatIn Noatun, is there any way of predictably increasing or decreasing pitch by a fixed amount, rather than having to rely on an analog slider?
02:50.49bluelightningkkerwin: well, apparently it's not #kdepim or #kde-pim...
02:51.04kkerwinbluelightning: Yeah, I just tried the both of those.
02:51.40bluelightningwell there's #kontact apparently but it's not for user questions
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02:52.23kkerwinWell, I suppose I can ask my question here. I understand that work was being done a while ago on syncml support for kontact. Anyone here know anything about its current status?
02:55.11killownI am trying to set wallpaper for desktop but it don't effect can anyone help me?
02:55.50ct|kylekillown: how are you setting the wallpaper?
02:56.34ct|kyleby configure desktop or by something else?
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02:57.55bluelightningkkerwin: well, I'm guessing that would be done via kitchensync + opensync
02:58.02ct|kyleare you setting it to the desktop that you are on?
02:58.09bluelightningopensync does support syncml
02:58.11killownct|kyle yes
02:58.17killownand too have set for all desktops
02:58.22killownbut does not effect
02:58.24kkerwinbluelightning: kitchensync does?
02:58.28killowngtk-qt themes not works
02:58.37killownmaybe a problem of permissions?
02:58.49bluelightningkkerwin: kitchensync (as of kde 3.5.7) is just a frontend for opensync, so yes
02:59.03bluelightningI have not tried it with syncml though
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02:59.13kkerwinbluelightning: Pardon, I read your last as "does not" for some reason. *grin*
02:59.20ct|kylekillown: not sure what type of picture are you using
02:59.30killownct|kyle pictures default wallpaper
02:59.47killownct|kyle I am set default picture kde
03:00.14kkerwinbluelightning: Ok. I will look into that, then. I doubt Ubuntu packages have been released for KDE 3.5.7; would you know off hand?
03:00.17ct|kylekillown: do you have position as scaled?
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03:00.45killownct|kyle nope
03:00.50bluelightningkkerwin: I think they have but I'm not positive, I don't update my kubuntu laptop very often
03:01.19killownct|kyle I cannot to set colors for desktop too
03:01.19kkerwinbluelightning: Ok. Thanks; I'll see if google has that answer. In any event, thanks for the help.
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03:02.09ct|kylekillown: so are the options blocked?
03:02.19killownct|kyle nope
03:02.28bluelightningkkerwin: np... feel free to ask questions in #opensync if you get it installed
03:02.38killownct|kyle, maybe I have erase .kde
03:02.44killownand remake other conf
03:02.58ct|kylekillown: i would not do that
03:03.02*** part/#kde dreadis (
03:03.21killownct|kyle I will do backup
03:03.32killownct|kyle, ty
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03:03.44ct|kylekillown: ok but i'm thinking those are x settings
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03:04.10killownct|kyle hm
03:04.11ct|kylenot sure
03:04.12*** part/#kde bookgekgom (
03:04.27killownbe right back
03:04.30killownthank you
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03:09.55dannyin kde3.5.7, is there a config file or something in the /home/users directory that can screw up KNetworkManager with wireless?  If I log in as user1, then I get no lan/net.  If I log in as user2, I get full lan/net.
03:11.06ct|kyledanny: look in ~/.kde/
03:11.58dannyct|kyle: can you be specific?  there is alot of stuff in .kde/
03:12.44ct|kyledanny:  i don't know where in there
03:13.48ct|kyledanny: maybe ~/.kde/share/apps
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03:14.43ct|kyledanny:  or /share/config
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03:15.24ct|kylepime: oi
03:15.28pimeoh, this is the KDE IRC chat, neato :)
03:15.54ct|kylepime: yes
03:16.11pimeCool! what KDE Version are you guys running?
03:16.44ct|kylepime: i'm on 3.5  working on getting the latest revision
03:16.47pimei run KDE 3.4
03:16.57pimei have SUSE Linux 10 =)
03:17.55ct|kylei have gentoo. i don't like novel(for window's computer reasons) so i stay away from thier stuff.
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03:18.11_pimeoh, well i like their commericals m lolzorz.
03:18.16_pimewho plays counter-strike?!
03:18.18qupadai had kde4 (from svn) installed until this morning, having both 3.5 and 4 installed isn't the brightest idea though.  unless you're overly careful sometimes it gets a little bit confused about which version it thinks you're trying to use
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03:19.22ct|kylei really want my desktops to take files from differnt Desktop folders
03:19.56pimei want to run Xen on my SUSE Linux 10, but i'm always afraid that my Memory will drain from 14 GIGS to like, 5 GIGs.
03:20.07ct|kyleEX: desktop 1 from ~/Desktop   desktop 2 from ~/Desktop1  and so on
03:20.45ct|kylelooking at the code but i have not found too much on how to
03:21.14ct|kylei need to talk to a developer
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03:22.38pimethere is some people who say linux doesnt pwn and sucks, but they dont know what they are missing, linux is the life =)
03:23.45ct|kyleya i have to use windows for school but, i'll put KDE on that now that i know i can
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03:24.55qupadaheh, my work desktop runs gentoo and kde.  it rocks.  sync and world updates happen at 3am via cron and i never even have to think about it.  plus linux+kde desktop machine = actually get some work done rather than just getting pissed off with it
03:25.28pimewho has ETTERCAP!
03:25.33pime<b> i do!</b>
03:25.40pimecrap, html coes doesnt work =/
03:25.42ct|kyleyo but what do you do to compile Visual basic?
03:26.13*** join/#kde pime (
03:26.40ct|kyleWine does not work for most microsoft product. but that will be my first try
03:26.55ct|kyleelse i'll just get my free Vista
03:27.03qupadact|kyle: vmware server running on one of the racked machines in the server room.
03:27.05*** join/#kde doc_t (
03:27.08ct|kyleor Xp if i can still get it free
03:27.10qupadact|kyle: where there's a will there's a way
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03:28.04pimeoh crap, TF!
03:28.14pimemy keyboard lagged,
03:28.18ct|kylei really want to have a desktop where all the files relate to one thing
03:28.27*** part/#kde dreadis (
03:28.46pimecreate the "relate: thing then ;)
03:29.32pimedudes, who wants to paly counter-strike on my serveR/
03:29.54pimei have a CS-Cz server and a CS:S server =)
03:30.53pimewho knows Chris Pirillo?
03:30.55bluelightningI haven't played CS in years... I used to enjoy it back in the beta 5 days
03:30.55pimeI DO
03:30.58pimeBIG DEAL
03:31.01pimeI HAVE KDE
03:31.38ct|kylei only play 1 game
03:31.42*** join/#kde lahsej (n=lahsej@
03:31.47ct|kylearmageton Advanced
03:31.58ct|kyleoldschool game with some new stuff
03:32.02pimeomfg, doesn ANY of you play counter-strike on freakin' linux?!
03:32.56bluelightningpime: not recently no
03:33.21pimeOH WELL,
03:34.56pimedoes anyone paly HALO?
03:35.07pimebcuz recnetly, they were doing some viral marketing, OMFGZORZ
03:35.19ct|kylei don't suport microsoft in any way
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03:36.49pimewell, any windows programs i have runwith wine =0
03:36.59pimei totally PWNT microNOOB
03:39.39pimei have freakin WoW on my SUSE Linux 10 that has an nVidia GeForce 5
03:39.59ct|kylei have a 8500 GT
03:41.20*** join/#kde matthew (n=matthew@
03:41.49pimewell, i kinda suck on nVidia Geforce 5 is actually gret for WoW =)
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04:04.20`zigguratfor the multiple desktops, how do you make it so that each app remains to it's own desktop and not all clutter the kicker?
04:04.44`ziggurati could'nt find it in Control Centre
04:05.49qupadait's the very first checkbox in desktop>taskbar
04:06.30`zigguratoooooh, it's in taskbar
04:06.40*** part/#kde `ziggurat (
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04:23.22*** join/#kde ssokolow (
04:24.42ssokolowOut of curiosity, how many multi-monitor KDE users find themselves doing a voluntary ratpoison-like setup? (ratpoising is a window manager that is like a graphical version of GNU screen. Everything maximized.)
04:25.29ssokolowIn my case, I put a Konqueror on my left monitor, a Kate on my right, and let the tabbing and Konqueror's excellent KPart support do the rest.
04:25.52ssokolow(Left monitor: View/Browse, Right Monitor: Note/Create/Edit)
04:27.07*** join/#kde ilj_ (n=ilj@
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04:40.54*** join/#kde n3kl__ (
04:42.22killownits possible set video as wallpaper on kdesk?
04:42.26*** join/#kde sabayonlive-3034 (n=sabayonu@
04:44.06*** join/#kde duns_s_ (
04:50.35*** join/#kde Dimitry| (n=dimitry@2001:6f8:125e:0:2ff:b9ff:fe25:d5b9)
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05:00.20*** join/#kde buzztracker (
05:00.23ssokolowkillown: The way I do it is to set black as my desktop color, set "Allow applications to draw on the root window" in KControl, and then run this (my screen is 1280x1024) --> mplayer -rootwin -vf scale=1280 filename.avi
05:00.55*** join/#kde MrGrim (
05:00.58killownssokolow thanks
05:01.04ssokolowIf your video file fits the desktop perfectly, you don't need the `-vf scale=1280` part and...
05:01.23ssokolow...if your video is the same aspect ratio as your monitor, you don't need to adjust your background because it'll all get covered.
05:01.54ssokolowIn some cases, you may also want `-ao null` to kill the audio.
05:01.54killownthanks a lot
05:02.04ssokolowno problem. Took me ages to figure it out myself.
05:03.30ssokolowYou also may want `-loop 0` to make the video file repeat until you stop it.
05:03.55*** join/#kde sensei_ (n=sensei@
05:03.57ssokolow...which is what WinVista does when you set a video file as desktop. (A friend of mine has it)
05:04.14*** join/#kde killown (n=killown@unaffiliated/killown)
05:04.33DaSkreechssokolow: nice disclaimer
05:04.57*** join/#kde mardi (n=mardi@
05:04.57*** join/#kde killown (n=killown@unaffiliated/killown)
05:05.12ssokolowDaSkreech: Also true. He brought his machine over for a gaming session with my brother and I asked if I could fiddle around with it.
05:06.13*** join/#kde killown (n=killown@unaffiliated/killown)
05:09.41DaSkreechssokolow: doesn't have the advantage of being able to run google earth as the wallpaper does it?
05:10.20*** join/#kde teal (
05:10.30*** join/#kde killown (n=killown@unaffiliated/killown)
05:11.04*** join/#kde stepa (
05:12.40*** join/#kde pip (n=pip@
05:12.44*** join/#kde killown (n=killown@unaffiliated/killown)
05:12.55ssokolowDaSkreech: WinVista?
05:12.58*** join/#kde sensei_ (n=sensei@
05:13.12DaSkreechI can do that with xearth
05:13.33stepai'm using kubuntu gutsy, and i would like to change the default mixer application (controlled from keyboard volume buttons) from kmix to something else. even if i kill kmix and logout/in again the volume keys still start kmix.. how do i disable it?
05:13.35ssokolowYeah. I've always loved the relative elegance of X11 when compared to Windows' GUI.
05:15.37ssokolowOf course, considering how many flaws X has, that's not saying much for Windows... though I've heard that XCB fixes a non-trivial number of those flaws by forcing strict X protocol compliance. (which would also explain why aMule (used to) and Java apps (possibly still do) error out with an XCB assert when using XCB-backed Xlib)
05:16.04ssokolowstepa: I'm not sure how Kubuntu does it's media key bindings so I can't help. Sorry.
05:19.00*** join/#kde killown (n=killown@unaffiliated/killown)
05:20.26*** join/#kde sabayonlive-182 (
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05:28.47*** join/#kde shellsage (n=shellsag@gentoo/developer/shellsage)
05:29.02*** join/#kde lucio__ (
05:34.24DaSkreechstepa: #kubuntu not giving you feedback?
05:34.45DaSkreechBtw does amarok do filesystem based organization of music?
05:34.51stepahaven't tried, i'll go ask there
05:36.01*** join/#kde killown (n=killown@unaffiliated/killown)
05:39.15*** join/#kde killown (n=killown@unaffiliated/killown)
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05:42.07*** join/#kde jerkface (
05:43.07*** join/#kde illogic-al (n=illogic-@konversation/user/illogic-al)
05:43.15workman161DaSkreech: yes
05:43.27DaSkreechworkman161: Live?
05:43.55workman161You can always edit the tags in Amarok and then use the organizer feature
05:44.35*** join/#kde hacosta__ (n=hector@
05:44.37workman161live filesystem-based organization would defeat the purpose of id3 tags and vice-versa
05:45.54iljhi guys. i'm running KDE 3.5.7. on a battery powered machine. Strangely enough I can't get battery indicator appear in kicker. If I click on a corresponding button (in Control Center) that adds that indicator to kicker nothing happens at all. No error messages and no indicator in kicker either. What could be wrong?
05:46.02lilltigerTo bad there isent and standart on how the tags should be filled
05:48.08*** join/#kde pip (n=pip@
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06:05.03*** join/#kde shellsage (n=shellsag@gentoo/developer/shellsage)
06:05.26*** join/#kde mabu (
06:08.45DaSkreechworkman161: Sorry why would live organization defeat the purpose?
06:09.01*** join/#kde SSJ (
06:09.26*** join/#kde Liquid_Fire (n=liquidfi@
06:13.08*** join/#kde tea (n=tea@
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06:48.58*** join/#kde davascript_home (
06:52.44*** join/#kde matkor (
06:55.32n3kl__Hi.  Does anyoe have an amarok replacement that supports mpd?
06:56.04*** part/#kde inaeth (
06:56.25*** join/#kde burn_ (
06:56.34qupadan3kl__: the closest you'll ever get to amarok's form and/or function is qmpdclient
06:56.50*** join/#kde Wyatt (
06:59.40n3kl__qupada: I really like mpd, but most of the clients are not that great.
06:59.55n3kl__and amarok rules too.  Can't have both I guess
07:00.18*** join/#kde buzztracker (
07:01.33WyattBeen having this continual problem and was wondering if anyone's seen anything like it before...
07:02.05WyattAlso missing are loading throbbers and menu mini-icons, oddly enough.
07:10.12*** join/#kde |hunter| (
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07:34.55*** join/#kde henryyy (n=peter@
07:38.41*** join/#kde jessica (
07:39.11*** join/#kde chovy (
07:39.24chovyhow do i switch between windows within an app?
07:40.39*** join/#kde maki (n=maki@
07:43.58BadRobothi there
07:44.28BadRobothow to i edit KMENU or just deleted unwanted applications from the menu selection?
07:45.29*** join/#kde dani_l (
07:46.46lettoBadRobot: with the k menu editor
07:47.02BadRobotwhere is it?
07:47.06*** join/#kde bram85 (n=bram@
07:47.11*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2191 (
07:47.45lettodesktop -> panel -> menu -> edit k menu
07:47.46BadRobotwith Gnome you just need to do a right click then deselect the applications that you don't need from the menu
07:48.39*** join/#kde thehcdreamer (
07:49.53*** join/#kde sabayonlive-1084 (
07:53.31*** join/#kde johannesNeu (n=johannes@
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08:03.49*** join/#kde ponto (
08:06.37*** join/#kde dbarr (
08:08.40AmyRoseNow I will tell everybody to install them :D
08:08.58AmyRoseIt was so nice knowing I didn't have to recompile just to submit backtraces
08:09.19*** join/#kde ALZ (
08:09.45*** join/#kde _RadioHead (n=User@
08:18.19*** join/#kde bentob0x (
08:26.37*** join/#kde zir0faive (
08:27.21*** join/#kde computer (
08:27.44bram85AmyRose: spread the word :)
08:28.46*** join/#kde Raging_Hog (
08:29.08*** join/#kde ksvladimir (
08:29.08AmyRosebram85: Are you the one who replied to me on this bug report?
08:29.13bram85AmyRose: yes
08:29.35AmyRoseI submitted another backtrace because I got different one when I triggered it again
08:30.05AmyRoseand I don't know about programming ^^;
08:30.57AmyRosebut at least I know what's being submitted unlike on Windows when you click "Send Error Report" (I have suspicions that "Don't Send" still sends them stuff)
08:31.48bram85AmyRose: when I looked for duplicates i saw some other backtraces due to , but they looked different to me
08:32.12AmyRosebram85: Thanks for the link though. It was a HUGE relief to see that I don't have to recompile KDE just to get backtraces :)
08:33.04*** join/#kde Phobos (n=Phobos@
08:33.14*** join/#kde harmental (
08:33.19*** join/#kde EcoBlue (
08:33.29EcoBluehow would I make 2 commands run when I log in?
08:33.57WyattEcoBlue: add them to ~/.bashrc
08:34.50EcoBluelet's test this, lol
08:35.31WyattWait...maybe I should have asked what eh was going for, first...
08:35.41WyattUh oh...
08:37.07*** part/#kde Phobos (n=Phobos@
08:39.05AmyRoseOh noes!
08:39.29WyattOh quiet, you!  I'm tired.
08:39.41AmyRoseso am I
08:42.33WyattIf I fade away before that bloke comes back complaining that what he wanted to happen didn't, be a dear and tell him he's probably looking for ~/.kde/Autostart/ please?
08:43.19WyattThank you kindly.
08:43.23AmyRoseYou're welcome
08:45.17*** join/#kde ICQnumber (
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09:59.04*** part/#kde Joseph_K (
10:00.18*** join/#kde buzztracker (
10:02.54oneforalljust wonder if there is a plan to et the kdm do animation/movie bg
10:03.50*** join/#kde grimoire (
10:04.56*** join/#kde hayig2000 (n=hay@
10:05.22*** join/#kde sabayonlive-3031 (
10:05.34hayig2000hi all, if an unwindowed program hang, how to close it?
10:06.14*** join/#kde SmallR2002 (
10:06.23*** join/#kde eltt0s (
10:06.34oneforallkillall appname
10:06.53oneforallor find the pid# and kill -9 pid#
10:07.05*** join/#kde thiago (n=thiago@kde/thiago)
10:08.19hayig2000type that in a console?
10:09.00oneforallps ax you can find the pid#
10:09.22oneforallor there is ctrl+esc
10:09.30oneforallfor the pretty gui ps :D
10:10.00hayig2000what is pid#?
10:10.01*** join/#kde User6581115 (
10:11.24*** join/#kde Isil`Zha (
10:11.26*** join/#kde SpaceSyl (
10:11.38oneforallpid number
10:12.08oneforallleft column
10:12.14*** join/#kde runlevelten (
10:12.49*** join/#kde kobeyashi (
10:13.54oneforallthere is another way K>Utilities>X_Utilities>(X-Kill) then click on the app
10:14.25oneforallyou'll see that deth skull:D
10:16.27*** join/#kde twosouls82 (
10:16.42oneforallwhats that one for ? the x-kill ?
10:17.45oneforallah nice never new it . I usually just do ps ax and kill -9 pid# :D
10:19.00hayig2000what does pid stands for?
10:19.49oneforallproccess id  iirc
10:19.55*** join/#kde pgquiles_ (
10:20.07*** join/#kde SmatZ (
10:21.43*** join/#kde Monfis (n=Monfis@
10:21.49Isil`Zhahallo. is there a way to avoid line breaks inside the word for symbol descriptions or just the ones on the desktop? i would like to have the break only for spaces
10:22.52*** join/#kde GaryS (
10:23.24*** join/#kde doc_tomoe (
10:25.14*** join/#kde WindowsUninstall (
10:25.32*** join/#kde eltt0s (
10:26.35hayig2000thanks oneforall for the help
10:26.40*** join/#kde mirshafie_ (
10:31.47*** part/#kde revax (
10:33.17*** join/#kde mebitek (
10:35.56*** join/#kde Pinaraf (
10:36.16*** join/#kde xBill (
10:37.24*** join/#kde puffy14 (
10:39.20*** join/#kde pinotree (
10:40.19*** join/#kde oversize (
10:40.46*** join/#kde Urgleflogue (n=plamen@
10:41.20*** join/#kde thiago_ (
10:43.21*** join/#kde harmental80 (
10:44.06*** join/#kde jackuess (
10:45.17*** join/#kde thiago_ (n=thiago@
10:45.46*** join/#kde lparry (
10:46.46*** join/#kde Thundercloud (
10:47.12*** join/#kde GionnyBoss (
10:47.17*** join/#kde pumphaus (
10:49.17*** join/#kde cristi (
10:50.50*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2157 (
10:52.37*** join/#kde crs (
10:54.10*** join/#kde [tUd]Pensacola (n=pensacol@
10:55.17*** join/#kde ilj (n=ilj@
10:55.46*** join/#kde Saviq (
10:56.29Saviqguys do you know an irc channel that I can get help for k3b in?
10:56.38Saviq#k3b is... well... empty
10:56.51pinotreeyou can ask here
10:58.41*** join/#kde pag (n=pavel@unaffiliated/pag)
11:00.18*** join/#kde buzztracker (
11:00.46*** join/#kde atomik (
11:01.38Saviqgreat... there is a way to run k3b in the background - I'd like to make my own simple interface for specific things - it can be done by dcop, that's great
11:01.53Saviqbut I can't find two things
11:02.09Saviqrenaming the things in data projects through dcop
11:02.27Saviqand checking if the project will fit onto a medium
11:02.40*** join/#kde zido (
11:03.26[tUd]Pensacolamy icons on kicker turn darker when I hover over them
11:03.30[tUd]Pensacolawhere can I change it?
11:03.35*** join/#kde inaeth (
11:03.37*** part/#kde Monfis (n=Monfis@
11:03.49oneforall like that one
11:03.51*** join/#kde Shirakawasuna (n=nick@
11:03.54*** part/#kde inaeth (
11:03.59*** join/#kde maremma72 (
11:04.06oneforallthat would look kewl too with som motion :D
11:04.57*** join/#kde Sho_ (i=ehs1@kde/hein)
11:05.13*** part/#kde mebitek (
11:05.55*** join/#kde ilj (n=ilj@
11:06.57x_linkIs there any bug or something in KDE?
11:07.17Saviqthere's probably a lot of bugs or somethings ;)
11:07.21GarySyou'll have to be a little more specific than that
11:07.27x_linkCause VLC doesn't have that that volumecontrol anymore.
11:07.34x_linkI was on my way to tell you this =)
11:07.35ShirakawasunaVLC != KDE
11:07.36GarySthat's not KDE
11:07.42Saviqlooks like the problem's vlc
11:07.44Saviqnot in kde
11:07.49Shirakawasunait uses wxwindows, come on now ;)
11:07.56x_linkHrmm it works perfectly in GNOME.
11:07.59*** join/#kde Hamburger1984 (
11:07.59Shirakawasunait doesn't even look like KDE
11:08.08*** join/#kde litb (
11:08.24GarySthe #konversation room let my question sit for a half hour, so I'll see if anyone knows here
11:08.26GarySGentoo, amd64, konversation version 1.0.1. The spell checking feature doesn't seem to work. I right-click and select spell check for misspelled terms, but it doesn't work. Auto spell check doesn't seem to do anything either.
11:08.27Shirakawasunaand my volume control works great, btw
11:08.35Shirakawasuna(vlc + kde)
11:08.43x_linkShirakawasuna: Okeh. Which distro?
11:08.52*** join/#kde maki (n=maki@
11:09.19x_linkShirakawasuna: It worked fine a couple of days ago. But now it has been like this for 3 days.
11:09.33ShirakawasunaGaryS: same here, good times
11:09.42GarySoh okay
11:09.58Shirakawasunaspell check works great in koffice, I blame konversation
11:10.14Shirakawasunax_link: trace back to what you did three days ago...
11:10.32Sho_GaryS: Please check your spell-checking settings in KControl, specifically that the selected spell checker and dictionary are actually installed
11:10.44GarySwhat package would they be called
11:10.54x_linkShirakawasuna: Nothing special, proberly just updated or something.
11:11.00GarySthe dictionary and checker
11:11.03Sho_GaryS: That depends on what spell checker and dictionary you have selected in KControl and what distribution you're using
11:11.12GarySgentoo, and I'm on fluxbox
11:11.24x_linkIt looks like that for me.
11:11.34Sho_Shirakawasuna: Konversation does not implement spell-checking by itself, it uses a standard KDE text entry control with its built-in spell-checking
11:12.00Sho_Shirakawasuna: I.e. it would be very hard for Konversation to be to blame
11:12.08*** join/#kde me_ (n=me@
11:12.10ShirakawasunaSho_: I still blame it.  grr
11:12.26Shirakawasunathink kopete has the same implementation?
11:12.28GarySit'd be nice if it was like gaim, with it builtin I guess
11:12.42*** join/#kde ponadok (n=ponadok@
11:12.53Sho_GaryS: Why would Konversation implement its own spell-checking when it is a KDE-wide feature?
11:12.54x_linkGaryS: Did you see the link I just posted?
11:13.04Shirakawasunalooks like kopete's doesn't work either, perhaps I'm missing some base package
11:13.08Shirakawasunaor something
11:13.11GarySbecause a fluxbox user can't get it without installing the entire desktop :V
11:13.12ShirakawasunaGaryS: are you using split ebuilds?
11:13.13*** part/#kde ponadok (n=ponadok@
11:13.34Sho_Shirakawasuna: And on what technical basis do you still blame Konversation when you're not sitting at GaryS' system and cannot determine whether his spell-checking settings in KControl is valid and he has the right package installed?
11:13.49GarySnah, standard ebuilds
11:14.24ShirakawasunaSho_: technical basis?  Oh no, this is irrational anger.
11:14.30Sho_ah, ok ;)
11:14.33GarySemerge -pv kcontrol... 12 packages to get it >:|
11:15.08ShirakawasunaSho_: any idea which package (whatever KDE call 'em) contains that 'text entry control'?
11:15.15x_linkSho_: Hi, can you help me a bit?
11:15.23Shirakawasunaby package I mean like kdepim, kdenetwork, etc.
11:15.34Sho_Shirakawasuna: kdelibs
11:15.42GarySI'll try emerging that
11:15.51x_linkSho_: My VLC volumeconroll looks like that. It looks like that for another guy that I know that uses KDE
11:16.06GarySfound it
11:16.09GarySthe USE flag spell
11:16.12oneforallhey can kde do randome  kdm themes like it does back frounds ?
11:16.19Sho_GaryS: Make sure you have emerged kdelibs with the "spell" USE flag, emerge aspell and the dictionary for your language, and then open KControl, go into KDE Components -> Spell Checker, select aspell als "Client" and the right dictionary
11:16.26GarySyeah, just got it
11:16.34Sho_Same for Shirakawasuna
11:16.50*** join/#kde Mirrakor (
11:16.57Shirakawasunayes, I do indeed have kdelibs ;)
11:17.15Shirakawasunaand perhaps the kdelibs I use isn't compiled w/ spell support
11:17.31Sho_x_link: Sorry, don't know anything about VLC ... only hunch is that it uses wxWidgets as GUI toolkit which uses GTK as backend on Linux and maybe you're using gtk-qt-engine and its GUI doesn't work with that
11:17.32GarySthat might be it, I'll try that now. I already have aspell and all that
11:18.11Shirakawasunax_link: it may please you to know that VLC 0.9 will have a qt interface (will work better with KDE).
11:18.23Sho_yup, indeed
11:19.36runleveltenShirakawasuna: there was no need to specify "with KDE" in that sentence, heh.
11:20.18Sho_They'd certainly have a hard time making it any worse than it is now
11:20.21x_linkHmm okej?
11:20.25x_linkSo what do I need to do then?
11:20.36Sho_Try without gtk-qt-engine if you're using that
11:20.41x_linkVLC media player 0.8.6c Janus
11:20.41x_linkVLC version 0.8.6c Janus
11:20.44x_linkI use that one.
11:20.45Sho_Or use a decent KDE video player.
11:20.54x_linkSho_: In kControl?
11:20.55Shirakawasunax_link: figure out what you did three days ago
11:21.31*** join/#kde bkoenig (
11:21.31Sho_If gtk-qt-engine is installed there will be a "GTK Styles and Fonts" section in KControl -> Appearance where you can chose the GTK theme, yes
11:22.59runleveltenI still haven't worked out exactly what vlc provides that I can't do without it.
11:23.02runleveltenOh, well.
11:23.25x_linkkControl --> Appearance & Themes --> GTK Styles and Fons --> GTK Styles --> Use my KDE style in GTK applications (that's default) OR use another style:
11:23.45Shirakawasunavlc has louder audio output than kmplayer, haven't figured out why yet.
11:23.55*** join/#kde paul555 (
11:24.00Shirakawasunait gets annoying with some DVDs on a laptop..
11:24.11Sho_runlevelten: Supposedly it has some value as a streaming server
11:24.26runleveltenOh, right.
11:25.26x_linkSho_: Should I choose Use anoher style ?
11:25.38*** join/#kde bkoenig (
11:25.38x_linkor Use my KDE style in GTK applications?
11:25.47Sho_x_link: Another style
11:25.48*** part/#kde bkoenig (
11:25.53x_linkSho_: Okej.
11:25.53Sho_runlevelten: I prefer KPlayer, myself
11:25.57x_linkI will pick clearlooks.
11:26.07kucruthey Sho_
11:26.11*** join/#kde pip_ (n=pip@
11:26.21x_linkSho_: Now I see the volumecontroll.
11:26.37x_linkBut it's right under one of the menus, so I jus see a bi of it.
11:26.59Sho_x_link: That's all I could think of ... next stop for you is #vlc (VLC is not a KDE application) :)
11:27.04Sho_hi kucrut
11:27.23x_linkSho_: Thanks
11:27.25kucruti was tryin to revert my konvi's color settings.... and i clicked the 'defaults' button. i thought it's not for the whole setting ;(. is it possible to add a 'defaults' button for every single settings like in kcontrol?
11:27.55*** join/#kde Baeaeken (
11:28.16Sho_kucrut: Unfortunately resetting the entire dialog is the KDE standard ... we've already talked to KDE Usability about it, and it's hopefully going to be fixed for KDE 4
11:28.36kucrutSho_, great, thanks for the info
11:29.59*** join/#kde illogic-al (n=illogic-@konversation/user/illogic-al)
11:30.05x_linkNow it looks like hat.
11:30.43Shirakawasunahmm, looks like kdelibs is compiled with --without-hspell, whatever that means.
11:30.50Shirakawasunaalthough it has aspell patches from SUSE...
11:30.55x_linkSho_: There is no #vlc channel.
11:30.59Sho_x_link: gtk-qt-engine was a KDE project I was somewhat prepared to support, VLC isn't, sorry
11:31.26x_linkSho_: Sorry, I will not ask anymore =)
11:32.17*** join/#kde animimotus (n=animimot@unaffiliated/animimotus)
11:32.24runleveltenx_link: Have you considered asking in your distro's channel?
11:32.32Shirakawasunahmm, hspell seems to be some hebrew thing
11:32.50runleveltenx_link: there's a #videolan channel.
11:32.55*** join/#kde CHORUSS (
11:33.07x_linkrunlevelten: I'm asking in #Kubuntu right now
11:33.56Sho_x_link: The VLC support page says ", #videolan" (
11:35.10*** join/#kde ris (
11:35.28x_linkNow I totaly fixed it
11:35.37runleveltenyay \o/
11:35.38x_linkClearlooks didn't show it all, but anoher style does 0)
11:35.44Shirakawasunagah, all the packages are getting their own entire servers >_<
11:36.45*** join/#kde nomad_ (
11:36.57Sho_Shirakawasuna: yeah, stupid that
11:38.09*** join/#kde CyberSpy (
11:39.03*** join/#kde zly (
11:40.45*** join/#kde christophe (
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11:44.08*** join/#kde bers (
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11:46.11*** join/#kde bushwakko (
11:48.06*** part/#kde paul555 (
11:50.09*** join/#kde Phobos (n=Phobos@
11:50.26*** join/#kde SePer (n=SePer@
11:50.34*** part/#kde Phobos (n=Phobos@
11:53.40*** join/#kde inaeth (
11:54.00*** part/#kde inaeth (
11:54.55*** join/#kde mooler (
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12:00.20*** join/#kde buzztracker (
12:01.43*** join/#kde wmind (
12:01.54*** join/#kde dmbkiwi (
12:01.56wmindgot a IMAP dir with around 7000 msgs
12:02.05wmindand kmail can't do anything with it :/
12:02.19*** join/#kde obsethryl (n=lab@unaffiliated/obsethryl)
12:06.08*** join/#kde Saviq (
12:07.42*** join/#kde Daverocks (n=me@unaffiliated/daverocks)
12:09.09*** join/#kde seven7 (n=root@
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12:10.27*** join/#kde master_of_master (
12:11.36illogic-almornin' #kde
12:11.41*** join/#kde EvilDin (
12:11.47EvilDinhi, i have problem, with displaying my resolution on whole screen, i have black fields that are not used, what can i do, that i will have full screen?
12:14.33Saviqso what about k3b and dcoping the project's overall size? or renaming the files through dcop?
12:15.13*** join/#kde hilefoks (
12:17.13*** join/#kde oded (
12:17.40runleveltenEvilDin: adjust your monitor.
12:18.07*** join/#kde sabayonlive-1203 (
12:18.59*** join/#kde BCMM (
12:19.33*** join/#kde DexterF (
12:21.17*** join/#kde llaeadewyn (
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12:25.01*** join/#kde Czessi (
12:25.23*** join/#kde DLange (
12:32.00*** join/#kde TheWoozle (
12:32.34*** part/#kde Saviq (
12:33.55*** join/#kde opensourcecat (
12:34.13*** join/#kde MrKnibbels (
12:37.07*** join/#kde lekter3 (n=e-topic@
12:41.00*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2052 (n=sabayonu@
12:43.07*** join/#kde jsubl2 (
12:44.05*** join/#kde psychollek (n=psycholl@
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12:48.02*** join/#kde cannibal_ (n=cannibal@
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12:51.11*** join/#kde psychollek__ (n=psycholl@
12:54.38*** join/#kde maki (n=Maki_d@
12:57.02*** join/#kde psychollek_ (n=psycholl@
12:57.04*** join/#kde Alionka (
12:57.55*** join/#kde noteventime (
12:58.24noteventimeIn the beta of kde4, does one have to manually change the theme, or is there a theme changer yet?
12:59.06pinotreethe usual as in kde3
12:59.30benJImankde3 has a theme changer noteventime
12:59.38noteventimekcontrol doesn't seem to work
12:59.46Skrot-noteventime: "kcmshell style"
12:59.56noteventimeSkrot-, That's what I was looking for
13:00.04Skrot-no problem
13:00.08benJImanSkrot-: style isn't the theme changer.
13:00.18*** join/#kde buzztracker (
13:00.22noteventimebenJIman, Style changer is enough
13:00.31Skrot-kcmshell kthememanager then
13:00.57Skrot-noteventime: I think KDE 4 has "systemsettings" though
13:01.34noteventimeSkrot-, Ahh
13:01.43noteventimeI hadn't heard about that one yet :-)
13:02.59oneforallhmm even thou 64bit jdk/jre don't make the plugin. Does konq have its own and works at the test page ?
13:03.29stonedoneforall: here is the deal
13:04.04stonedoneforall: but... you can run firefox in 32bit mode and install 32bit java/flash on it
13:04.07pinotreeoneforall: you want java working in konqueror/64bits?
13:04.08fredoneforall: Konqueror works on the test page.
13:04.10pinotreestoned: nope
13:04.27fredoneforall: It  doesn't need a plugin.
13:04.32stonedpinotree: what do you mean, thats what I've been doing all this time
13:04.46oneforallyeha I know I can compile seamonkey 32bit but I don't wan't to :D
13:04.53pinotreejust make sure you have a 'java' executable in the $PATH
13:04.54stonedyou don't have to compile it
13:04.55fredstoned: It works in 64-bit konqueror, as konqueror doesn't use a plugin for java
13:05.05noteventimeHow far is the xine backend for phonon?
13:05.09stonedwhat about flash?
13:05.19pinotreenspluginwrapper ;)
13:05.25stonedscrew that
13:05.26fredoneforall: settings -> configure konqueror -> java and java script -> "Path to java executable or 'java'"
13:05.27oneforallnspluginwrapper for the flash
13:05.28benJImanstoned: Install the 32bit version of nspluginwrapper for flash.
13:05.30fredstoned: works fine :)
13:05.30stonedit constantly crashes konqi
13:05.36fredstoned: nope.
13:05.38benJImanstoned: No problems here.
13:05.46fredIt used to constantly crash nspluginwrapper
13:05.48pinotreestoned: not here
13:05.49stonedI am using firefox 32bit BECAUSE all else failed
13:05.53stonedmy goal is to use nothing but kde apps
13:05.58*** join/#kde t|zz (
13:06.01pinotreestoned: i'm not even have a chroot :)
13:06.01benJImanstoned: Works fine for me, I've been using it for years.
13:06.01stonedbut unfortunately, I can't, because konqi sucks, no offense
13:06.11stonedof all sorts
13:06.17pinotreeor a life, as well ;)
13:06.20stonedyes yes
13:06.23stonedlife too :)
13:06.37oneforallfred yeha it has the right path . sucks to that even from konsole I see no eror . and since its got that loading screen .with that pretty dot Doing circles/.. I'd say its working a bit :D
13:07.13oneforallbut it goes and looks like its never going to stop
13:07.32stonedfirefox on my 3.5ghz core 2 amd64 takes 1.3 seconds to start after you click it
13:07.39frederm... I think that loading screen indicates it's working
13:07.41stonedi think that is pretty fast, don't you?
13:07.50fred'core 2 amd64' in particular :p
13:07.53fredsorry :p
13:07.56benJImanstoned: 1.3s fast?
13:08.00stonedwhats so funny|?
13:08.07stonedyou didn' tknow core 2 cpus support em64t?
13:08.07oneforallwell its a min. and its still not loaded on my 805 D
13:08.08benJImankonqueror starts in about 1s cold, pretty much instantaneously cached.
13:08.09pinotreestoned: konqueror opens instantly - even faster, isn't it?
13:08.18harmental80hey there an official irc open office channel?
13:08.19stonedpinotree: but it doesn't have extentions
13:08.22stonedI mean c'mon man
13:08.26pinotreestoned: it does
13:08.29benJImanstoned: it does have extensions, perhaps not the ones you want.
13:08.30stonedI just hope kde4 browser is better
13:08.37stonedbenJIman: well, yes, you're right
13:08.43stonedtrust me man
13:08.47fredstoned: Of course I know that. I'm running on core 2 duo right now. I'm amused by 'amd64' when talking about an intel processor.
13:08.50stonedI've looked at all way to ditch firefo
13:08.54stonedbut it can't
13:08.58pinotreei can, and?
13:08.59fredwell, calling an intel processor a 'core 2 amd64'
13:08.59MrrrrOpera 9 takes about 0.9s to open and start loading a 10 page session from cold start on my old p4 2.6 with lotsa crap running
13:09.08Mrrrrff takes about 4 secs with no session
13:09.11stonedfred: ok, amd64 port of linux on core 2
13:09.12stonedthat better
13:09.16stonedcan you stop laugyhing now
13:09.23stonedor else I will kill you :)
13:09.31fredyes, sorry :p
13:10.12stonedkonqueror took 4 cursor bounces to start after i clicked the icon
13:10.16stonedfirefox took only 1
13:10.20fredboth start as fast here.
13:10.21oneforallintel core 2
13:10.35fredstoned: close konqueror, and do it again
13:10.39pinotreewell, konqueror betas ff 4 - 1, you suck ;)
13:10.45fredstoned: I'm guessing firefox is in your disk cache.
13:10.56stonedfred: more than likely
13:11.01MrrrrKDE by default keeps 1 session of Konq cached?
13:11.01fredfirefox takes a hell of a long time to start the first time after boot
13:11.13stonednow konqueror took 3 cursor bounces
13:11.17stonedfirefox still takes 1
13:11.20oneforallfred kfmclient openProfile filemanagement I did that from konsole anything else to turn on more info for errors ?
13:11.32fredoneforall: huh?
13:11.32stonedand i have like 20+ extentions loaded
13:11.42stonedstill it is faster
13:11.58stonedi hope the kde4 web browser is better
13:12.02Mrrrr1 bounce for me... and like 10 for a cold boot of FF with 2 extentions
13:12.06pinotreeand i have 11 in konqueror, so??
13:12.26stonedpinotree: listen tom e
13:12.37stonedI love kde, and would ditch firefox in a heartbeat
13:12.40pinotreefirefox _is_ way too heavy, there's nothing to discuss about that
13:12.46stonedbut... konqeurror does NOT have the functionality I require
13:12.53stonedI have looked into it for over a year
13:12.54stonedno dice
13:12.59stonedI am stuck with ths ff garbage
13:13.01pinotreethen stop complaining like a crying boy
13:13.01Mrrrrthen dont use it
13:13.08stonedpinotree: im not complaining im discussing
13:13.15MaxdamantusFirefox isn't too heavy.
13:13.16stonedyou're getting defensive cuz youre a kde dev
13:13.25stonedyou're the one misunderstanding me
13:13.29pinotreeNOBODY forces you to use, use what you like, and stop complaining and repating "konqueror sucks"
13:13.31oneforallah will try strace
13:13.46stonedpinotree: I said it only twice afaik, and jesting
13:13.47MrrrrKonq is a damn nice browser if you dont require "fluff"
13:13.53pinotreestoned: yeah, of course everybody in misunderstanding you, yeah
13:14.07*** join/#kde partisan (
13:14.08stonedoh i see, its like this then. ok
13:14.11stonedhave at it...
13:14.20pinotreestoned: you're not discussing - i see only "ff is better, open faster on my super-duper pc, konqueror is slow and sucks"
13:14.33stonedhow did I become responsible for your perception?
13:14.35stonedI'm not.
13:14.47pinotreec'mon, cut that attitude please
13:14.54oneforallna that was usleless . I see itloads try 2
13:14.59pinotreei repeat once again: you don't like? do NOT use it
13:15.09stonedpinotree: thats not the point.  I am NOT using it am I
13:15.11pinotreebut this kind of complaining IS UNUSEFUL
13:15.21stonedI just wanted to relate what I experienced here
13:15.29stonedyou dont' want to talk about it, you don't have to
13:15.52pinotreeyou're not relating, you are almost ranting about your "konqueror suckyness"
13:16.09stonedpinotree: you seem like a single track mind
13:16.12stonedget off it already bro
13:16.21stonedthat was like 5 minutes ago
13:16.28pinotreestoned: your attitude is not better than mine, it seems
13:16.35Mrrrrbreathe :P
13:16.40stonedpinotree: we are both clashign and getting defensive it seems
13:16.45stonedlet me rephrase my statement
13:16.47pinotreestoned: well, you started that
13:16.49*** join/#kde ortiz (
13:16.57stonedkonqueor doesn't suck in general, but it does for me since I am unable to ditch firefox
13:16.58*** join/#kde maremma72 (
13:16.59pinotreeso, close that just like you started
13:17.00stonedthat better?
13:17.03stonedhow old are you man
13:17.10stonedyou started this, no you started that
13:17.22pinotreecut that, dude
13:17.31stonedim trying pinotree
13:17.38pinotreelol, i see
13:17.40stonedbut anyway, enough bickering
13:17.47stonedpinotree: you are the man
13:17.55pinotree2nd: cut that
13:18.07stonedhopefully with kde4 I wil find a way to ditch firefox
13:18.39Mrrrrstart dev then? :P
13:18.43pinotreehopefully kde4 will have a bit more intelligient users
13:18.51stonedpinotree: ok, that was uncalled for
13:19.02stonednow you're being  a dick.
13:19.02fredpinotree: :D
13:19.04stonedyou cut it
13:19.17pinotreeahah - STOP
13:19.40Mrrrrcutting... dicks... Im sure I can find some of my special vids if you want? :/
13:19.42oneforallfred I just realized something . Do you mean konq setup for web broswer? I allways use the file manger of it to browse:D
13:20.09*** join/#kde roodie (
13:20.34fredoneforall: huh?
13:20.36pinotreestoned: (and, if i'm a dick, guess who's the first of the day? :) )
13:20.40stonedno I'm saying konqueror plugins are not much and not diverse.  There are a few, but that is about it.  I can't for the life of me work the mouse gestures.  At least if they worked, I could live with konqueror as a fulltime browser
13:20.48stonedpinotree: whatever man
13:20.51stonedyoure right im wrong
13:20.56stonedyou look good, im very ugly
13:21.01stonedyou penis is huge mine is 1 inch
13:21.02pinotreeno, you're just trolling
13:21.03stonedleave me alone.
13:21.11*** mode/#kde [+o pinotree] by ChanServ
13:21.15*** kick/#kde [stoned!n=pino@kde/pino] by pinotree (alone)
13:21.20*** join/#kde stoned (
13:21.24stonedcut that out man
13:21.26*** mode/#kde [-o pinotree] by pinotree
13:21.31oneforallah same thing . the dot goes in circles and never loads
13:21.35pinotreenope, until you reply
13:21.53pinotree(and i didn't bring that on the "penis&co part")
13:22.04stonedjust let it effing go
13:22.06pinotreeSTOP THAT
13:22.13stonedjust forget about it man
13:22.20*** join/#kde NiBe (
13:22.24pinotreeSTOP THAT
13:22.27stonedstop what>
13:22.31stonedim trying to not argue with you
13:22.50*** join/#kde CodeBanshee (n=chris@
13:23.14stonedyeh basically, you  are an op, so you're right and everyone else is wrong
13:23.19*** part/#kde CodeBanshee (n=chris@
13:23.19stonedno matter what
13:23.22stonedso have it, im done.
13:23.32Mirrakorhow can I reduce deskto effects of KDE? (on older laptops, i.e. ) I remember there was an setting, where I could do that
13:23.32stonedhave the last word, im gonna try to get mouse gestures to work
13:23.36pinotreeno, you're trolling, that's the truth
13:23.52pinotreeof course
13:23.55fredMirrakor: it's part of kpersonalizer
13:24.01vashupon startup of kde after reinstalling it.. I got the error of no write acess to /home/usr/.ICEauthority ; cannot start.
13:24.25Mirrakorpinotree: some things never go away :)
13:25.21oneforallfred well if you have it working then my jre must be borked
13:25.41Mirrakorfred: in kdebase3-extra?
13:25.49pinotreeoneforall: make sure you can run java programs in console fine
13:25.57stonedI didn't just say konqi sucks btw, I said it in jesting, you took it as whatever.  I wouldn't be trying to find a way to ditch firefox if I didn't like konqueror,  you just got defensive about 'konqi sucks' and probably didn't read anything else I said or if you did, you probably did't consider it.  I just want to clear that up
13:26.00*** join/#kde cgoncalves (
13:26.07*** mode/#kde [+o pinotree] by ChanServ
13:26.09oneforalllimewire is java and it runs
13:26.17fredMirrakor: it's in kdebase. I have no idea how your distribution may have split that package.
13:26.19Mirrakorit's enough now stoned, we all got that
13:26.33*** mode/#kde [-b *!] by pinotree
13:27.04pinotreestoned: you were lucky the ban list was full - but, even a SINGLE WORD IN THE NEXT HOUR, and you're out
13:27.19stonedfuck you
13:27.20*** part/#kde stoned (
13:27.22Mirrakorcool it boys
13:27.50Mirrakor*sighs* Some people need conflicting situations.. *think*
13:27.58MrrrrHugs tiem nao? :/
13:28.02oneforallah wait thats the 32bit one thou
13:28.07*** mode/#kde [-o pinotree] by pinotree
13:28.17*** join/#kde kirun (n=kirun@
13:28.33*** join/#kde jdq (n=jdq@
13:28.38vash;___; I've been trying to install kde for like 4 days now >>...
13:28.54vashSame error even when I reinstall.. and that's with gentoo's reinstall
13:29.07vashfred: Gentoo
13:29.18fredI'd suggest the gentoo channel then
13:29.39vashYeah, they all say they're not "kde" people or whatever that's supposed to mean :/
13:29.50Mirrakorwhats the actual problem?
13:29.59vashupon startup of kde after reinstalling it.. I got the error of no write acess to /home/usr/.ICEauthority ; cannot start.
13:30.20Mirrakorwell, then you should check permissions on .ICEauthority maybe?
13:30.23braindump03_vash: tried chmod, chown?
13:30.27oneforallhmm whats java app is going to use the 64biit java O.o
13:30.32simmerzvash: there is #gentoo-kde as well
13:30.40vashsimmerz: >> srsly?
13:30.50vashbraindump03_: I'll try that thnx
13:31.06braindump03_vash: :)
13:32.32fredoneforall: Anything, if you uninstall the 32-bit java :p
13:33.00oneforallok will try it I did unistall the 32bit one
13:33.09*** join/#kde MrKnibbels (
13:33.29*** join/#kde psychollek_ (n=psycholl@
13:33.31vashwoot it worketh :D
13:33.33*** join/#kde hilefoks (
13:34.07vashsound server is still broken.. but i'll fix that in due time :P
13:35.09*** join/#kde bers (
13:36.03*** join/#kde feindbild (
13:36.51*** join/#kde Ctibor (n=ctibor@
13:36.56simmerzvash: add your user to the audio group
13:37.29*** join/#kde wahjava (n=wahjava@unaffiliated/wahjava)
13:37.29*** join/#kde martinez (
13:37.32wahjavahi channel
13:37.40*** join/#kde cristi (
13:38.14*** join/#kde cristi (
13:38.19wahjavaWhat's the use of "Mailing list Management" menu present in Kmail ? Is it used in filtering incoming mails, hmm... ?
13:38.34*** join/#kde garryFre (
13:39.21pinotreewahjava: nope - for example, when you reply ('R'), the default recipient is the ml
13:39.39oneforallfred limewire doesn't want to work witht he 64bit
13:39.45wahjavapinotree: okay, thanks
13:40.02*** join/#kde marat (
13:40.20pinotreewahjava: you also have the ml handling options (like unsubscribe, help options, etc)
13:41.05fredoneforall: I'd suggest we go back to a non-kde channel, as this isn't a KDE issue
13:41.13wahjavaIs there any way to create filters for all mailing lists in 1 shot, hm... ?
13:44.02*** join/#kde spacesyl_ (
13:46.06*** join/#kde marius_ (
13:47.46*** join/#kde runlevelten (
13:48.02*** join/#kde arwin (
13:48.58*** join/#kde jachin (n=jachin@
13:50.07*** join/#kde Jonty (
13:50.29*** join/#kde ct|kyle (
13:50.37*** join/#kde kemalince (
13:51.29lin00bhi, i'm using ktorrent, and have reorganised my completed dl to different folder, not ktorrent complains it cant find them. can i point it to their new location?
13:51.35*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2076 (
13:53.52*** join/#kde shai (
13:54.11*** join/#kde foxone (
13:54.46*** part/#kde martinez (
13:54.46ct|kyleAre there any developers here?
13:55.06*** join/#kde sensei_ (n=sensei@
13:55.21*** part/#kde sensei_ (n=sensei@
13:55.30*** join/#kde cristi (
13:55.36*** join/#kde Prowler_1 (n=kanotix@
13:55.46*** join/#kde daz (
13:55.54kirunct|kyle: Usually... If you have a question for them, ask and be patient
13:56.15*** join/#kde sabayonlive-3023 (
13:57.20ct|kyleWhere in the code does it take and read the files in ~/Desktop so it can later paint them?
13:57.48Mirrakorthere's for sure a packman clone in KDEgames, but where? :D
13:58.00pinotreeMirrakor: nope, there isn't
13:58.07pinotreewant start one? ;)
13:58.45Mirrakornah, but my sister is complaining that she can't play one strange flash-packman, cause it requieres keyboard input, which Opera seems to reject
13:58.51*** join/#kde eliane (
13:59.32*** part/#kde ReV (
13:59.45MirrakorI'm not good in coding myself :/
14:00.09*** join/#kde stoned (i=stoned@
14:00.13garryFreI've been trying to get a flash based chat site to recieve sound from my mike, but after 9 hours of fighting it, googling, asking in IRC, I gave up.
14:00.22*** join/#kde Sho_ (
14:00.27*** join/#kde buzztracker (
14:01.04garryFreI'm great at coding, its just that computers are so lousey at following instructions. :)
14:01.05*** join/#kde prasna (
14:01.19ct|kylegarryFre: don't you just have to stream the sound from your mic and read the stream into JAVA?
14:01.28stonedComputers only do what you tell them to do
14:01.47Mirrakoryeah, but you'd have to tell them so much..
14:01.55stonedwell thats the thing  :)
14:02.00ct|kyleon windows they do more than what you tell them to do
14:02.20stonedno, they still what you tell them, its just that ms told them to do something else
14:02.23Mirrakortherefore we don't use windows :D
14:02.25*** join/#kde kujub (
14:02.31kirunHalf the trouble with computers are the things other people told them to do before you get to it
14:02.43stonedkirun: yes that
14:02.48ct|kylei have to lean visual basic i have to switch back for that
14:02.56stonednah, go with c#
14:03.03garryFrect|kyle I don't really know about how to do that, its just an app on a site I didn't program, I choose settings, click microphone and get no sound. I've tried various alsa settings, tried esd, did sacrifices to the cable gods.
14:03.06stonedits much more better
14:03.08*** join/#kde Virus (
14:03.18*** join/#kde freezombie (i=someone@tuxhacker/free-zombie)
14:03.20kirunI bought the book "Learn C++ in 24 Hours". It didn't work.
14:03.24*** part/#kde eliane (
14:03.35prasnahello all
14:03.45ct|kylegarryFre: if you set up a shoutcast and stream it using that
14:04.38garryFrehehe, kirun I know what you mean. I bought a book called Using C++ and it took me five reads to finally figure out the reason I didn't understand the book was because it was so horribly written.
14:04.51ct|kylekirun: cout<<"test";
14:05.06stonednon o
14:05.10garryFrect|kyle I guess I'll google streaming audio java to figure out what to do.
14:05.29ct|kyleprintf is C and JAVA  cout is C++
14:05.36kirunI was fine up until it got to pointers, where the book basically said "Now we're going to do a bunch of stuff without explaining why"
14:05.45icwienerstd::cout << "Test" << std::endl; :D
14:05.47*** join/#kde bushwakko (
14:06.00ct|kylei guess you can use printf in C++ just header files
14:06.11garryFrekirun: Omg, never a good sign.
14:06.41*** join/#kde bushwakko (
14:06.42ct|kylekirun: heh arrays are the way around pointers
14:06.54*** join/#kde opensourcecat (
14:07.09garryFreI've sent a number of letters to authors of such books saying, if you aren't going to explain things and if you use terms before defining them how are the beginners you wrote this book for going to understand you?
14:07.51ct|kyleit always hard to find a good boot to teach you
14:08.52garryFreYep, I usually go by reviews, but sometimes the reviewers are a bunch of fanny kissers.
14:09.13Skrot-ct|kyle: You can use printf in c++ in your implementation (cpp-file) as well..
14:09.41*** join/#kde klees (
14:10.02*** join/#kde sabayonlive-3268 (
14:10.15kleesis there a way to set the number of rows in the Panel to 1?
14:10.39kirunI got the Deitel book more recently... now I need a larger desk to keep the book open on :P
14:10.59Skrot-haha =)
14:11.04*** join/#kde DaSkreech (n=chatzill@
14:11.08garryFreThis book's entire basis for teaching C++ was a class to save itself to a file and all it's atributes, but fully a quarter of the variable declarations were gone, and the code for writing it all to disk was missing.
14:11.38*** join/#kde redmonkey (
14:11.52kirunThe production quality, at least, is excellent... it has colour highlighted code samples
14:11.56garryFreThat using C++ was the best sleeping pill I ever bought, I'd read about five pages and be confused to dizziness and drowziness.
14:12.35kleesis there a way to set the number of rows in the Taskbar to 1?
14:13.20ct|kylei found the best C / C++ reference
14:13.30garryFreright-click the panel, choose configure panel, than size.
14:13.59ct|kyleis there a way i can point each desktop to a different folder?
14:14.11stonedhow does one enable mouse gestures in konqueror
14:14.15stonedjust two simple ones
14:14.23garryFreI tend to like books by wrox press
14:14.35stonedi like books with pictures
14:14.58kirunYou mean, the Head First ones?
14:15.16garryFrecontrol center, regional and accessability, input, gestures
14:15.20*** join/#kde tanamo (n=tanamo@
14:16.04kirun"We're going to explain composition vs inheritance, so here's a picture of a duck pond"
14:16.33kirunWhich proves the system works... I remembered it!
14:16.47garryFrekirun:  The book was written by a vorlon
14:17.23stonedfuckk :(
14:17.29stonedI just broke my high e string
14:17.46stonedand I don't have anymore, and I'll have to go down 10 exits in traffic to guitar center
14:18.17icwienerA guitar player without extra strings is not a real guitar player. ;)
14:18.32stonedI play with .7-.36
14:18.36stonedtiny strings
14:18.40icwiener(...says a guitar player without extra strings...)
14:18.41stonedthey break easily
14:19.00icwienerWow, yeah, I believe that.
14:19.03garryFreIronically, I saw guitar strings at a 7/11 store once.
14:19.36*** join/#kde alberto (
14:19.37garryFreI'm rockin to Mortal
14:20.06stonedyou need stereo spakers
14:20.14stonedlead goes into one speaker, rythem in another
14:20.33*** join/#kde marat (
14:21.00garryFrestoned pretty good stuff.
14:21.23stonedthe thing got clipped off at the end
14:21.29icwienerend abrupt. ;)
14:21.34garryFreYep, I noticed
14:21.39stonedso yes, I broke all my strings, 3 guitars, ALL high e strings broken
14:22.02stonedits more classical melodic type
14:22.11*** join/#kde aidan_ (
14:22.28stonedI am going to make a death metal song for KDE
14:23.11jsubl2stoned: mp3 is nice :-)
14:23.11stoned:) thanks
14:23.32stonedso guys any help on enabling mouse gestueres in konqueror
14:23.42stonedI looked at input actions, but nothing is configured there
14:23.43icwienerstoned: I guess your ping is exploding right now? :)
14:23.44stonedits all blank
14:23.52stonedicwiener: :)
14:23.55stonednot really
14:23.57*** join/#kde epmueller (
14:25.00*** join/#kde alberto (
14:25.01*** join/#kde ralf_ (
14:25.50*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2806 (
14:25.55*** join/#kde SmatZ (
14:27.38*** join/#kde kben (
14:28.22*** join/#kde kben (
14:28.37*** part/#kde kben (
14:28.46*** join/#kde vander (n=vander@
14:29.31*** part/#kde garryFre (
14:29.59*** join/#kde User6581115 (
14:30.01*** join/#kde alberto (
14:30.43icwienerInteresting what metal guitar players call "sad". :D
14:31.32*** join/#kde SpaceSyl (
14:31.38*** join/#kde bushwakko (
14:32.28stonedillogic-al: what time did you leave yesterday?
14:34.03stonedI'm having some problems with passworless ssh
14:34.22stonedi generated the public rsa keys, copied it to authorized keys on the server, so far so good
14:34.50stonedI generated the keys on server, and copied them to authorized_keys2 on the client, but i can't do passworless login from server to client
14:34.54stonedit still asks for a password
14:34.57stonedany ideas?
14:36.56*** part/#kde alberto (
14:36.59ct|kyleanyone bind Window Grow Horizontal  to a hotkey?
14:37.00*** join/#kde administrator (
14:37.28*** join/#kde bertu (
14:39.02*** join/#kde lparry_ (
14:44.09feindbildstoned: have you used a password when generating the keys?
14:44.43*** join/#kde pip (n=pip@
14:44.49stonedno it works
14:44.52stonedmy stupid mistake
14:45.05stonedI accidentally forgot to put /.ssh/
14:45.05feindbildstoned: if yes, use ssh-agent for passwordless login ... if no, generate with password and use ssh-agent ..
14:45.35stonedit got copied to /home/stoned/authorized_keys2 instead of /home/stoned/.ssh/authorized_keys2
14:45.38stonedthanks bro
14:48.59*** join/#kde SpaceSyl (
14:50.37*** join/#kde pgquiles_ (
14:52.07*** join/#kde Cyynic (
14:52.11*** part/#kde Cyynic (
14:52.39*** join/#kde aidan_ (
14:52.56*** join/#kde sabayonlive-1862 (
14:53.31*** join/#kde maremma72 (
14:53.44*** join/#kde kobeyashi (
14:57.57oneforallwhats the command that will update the menu?
14:58.39bram85oneforall: kappfinder, is i think what you mean
14:59.04oneforallyeah used that but its not finding limewire and I have a desktop file for it
14:59.43oneforallerr it doesn't look in /usr/local does it
15:00.18*** join/#kde buzztracker (
15:00.51*** join/#kde sjck (
15:00.53oneforallwow ran that in konsole and lots of warnings for mine types from mplayer
15:01.06oneforallkbuildsycoca: WARNING: '/usr/share/applications/mplayer.desktop' specifies undefined mimetype/servicetype 'video/x-mpeg2' etc
15:02.41*** join/#kde Andrew67 (i=andrew67@
15:02.56oneforallhmm still didn't add that one
15:04.00*** join/#kde Phobos (n=Phobos@
15:04.25*** part/#kde Phobos (n=Phobos@
15:05.53*** join/#kde aidan_ (
15:06.59*** join/#kde waterpie (
15:07.07waterpiehi all
15:07.11*** part/#kde braindump03_ (
15:07.49waterpiecan someone pls tell me how to compile the simple kde hello world example from ?
15:08.23waterpiei use: g++ tut2.cpp -I/usr/include/kde/ -I/usr/include/qt3/ -L/usr/lib/qt3/ -L/usr/lib/kde3/ -L/usr/lib/ -lqt-mt
15:10.22Skrot-What's the error?
15:10.51waterpietut2.cpp:(.text+0x97): undefined reference to `i18n(char const*)'
15:10.58*** join/#kde pedepy (n=c@
15:10.58waterpieut2.cpp:(.text+0x201): undefined reference to `KApplication::~KApplication()'
15:11.25waterpieit seems that i mut link a kde lib, but i don't know which
15:12.44*** join/#kde _root (
15:14.42*** join/#kde bushwakko (
15:15.42Skrot-Try -lkdeui
15:15.43pinotreewaterpie: you miss -lkdecore
15:16.26waterpiepinotree: thanks
15:19.40*** join/#kde aib (n=aib@pdpc/supporter/basic/aib)
15:20.03*** join/#kde lparry__ (
15:20.45*** join/#kde pumphaus (
15:21.04*** join/#kde garrys (
15:21.28*** join/#kde _root (
15:21.54*** join/#kde pumphaus (
15:22.39*** join/#kde kFiddle (
15:23.18*** part/#kde _root (
15:23.31*** part/#kde lamuka (
15:23.35*** join/#kde rds (n=rogelio@
15:23.48*** join/#kde sebastian (
15:25.16*** join/#kde litb (
15:25.18*** join/#kde bsdfox__ (
15:25.30*** join/#kde sabayonlive-5551 (
15:25.54*** join/#kde thundergirl (n=francima@
15:26.00*** join/#kde mandi (
15:26.37*** join/#kde freezombie (i=someone@tuxhacker/free-zombie)
15:26.41thundergirlalguem quer tc cmg
15:26.50pinotreethundergirl: english, please
15:26.51thundergirlalguem q fale portugeussss nehh
15:27.03thundergirlhi pinotree
15:27.10thundergirlhow are you?
15:27.30thiagothundergirl: #kde-brasil
15:27.38thundergirldo you are from pinetree?
15:27.49thundergirloi thiago
15:28.12Sho_pinotree is a pine tree? :)
15:28.21thundergirlpinotree helloooooooooo
15:29.06thundergirlsho_ i do'nt understand who you 're speaking
15:29.20Sho_thundergirl: sorry, I was making a joke
15:29.24*** join/#kde rgk (
15:29.44thundergirlokay sho_
15:29.55*** join/#kde Andrew67` (i=andrew67@
15:29.58*** part/#kde ct|kyle (
15:29.59thundergirlyou're a clown
15:30.03*** join/#kde aidan_ (
15:30.33thundergirli'm speaking with yow sho_
15:31.29thundergirlbye byeeeeeeee
15:33.01*** join/#kde aidan_ (
15:33.35*** join/#kde sabayonlive-1640 (n=sabayonu@
15:34.15*** join/#kde ron_o (
15:34.52ron_owhat's the run manager in kde called, that you get from hitting alt+f2?
15:35.24*** join/#kde harmental_ (
15:35.28*** join/#kde seclorum (n=seclorum@
15:36.09ron_oit doesn't work in my terminal.
15:36.24*** part/#kde thundergirl (n=francima@
15:36.25ron_oI was thinking of using the kde run box/manager in xfce
15:36.28ron_oI like it better.
15:36.57*** join/#kde User6581115 (
15:37.34thiagoit works like this: dcop kdesktop default popupExecuteCommand
15:38.15*** join/#kde ilj (n=ilj@
15:38.40Sho_ron_o: The "Run Command" dialog / minicli is opened by the process that draws the KDE desktop layer (kdesktop), and thus won't be available in a normal XFce session
15:38.42*** join/#kde phoenixz (n=sven@
15:38.50ron_oI see.
15:39.23Sho_ron_o: in KDE4 it's a seperate entity called KRunner, so maybe your wish will come true at that point (additionally KRunner is a lot cooler than the old minicli)
15:40.13ron_ono such luck. :/
15:40.16ron_oI'll keep looking.
15:40.21*** join/#kde cristi (
15:40.26*** join/#kde sabayonlive-3001 (
15:40.41*** join/#kde ilj_ (n=ilj@
15:40.45*** join/#kde sabayonlive-3022 (
15:41.08*** join/#kde sebbar (
15:41.24ron_okrunner's in kde4. So I'd have to upgrade if I wanted it, and I don't.
15:42.12Sho_ron_o: Yes, which is why I wrote "maybe your wish will come true at that point" (i.e. when KDE 4 is released), looking to the future :)
15:42.41ron_oI see. well I have read. Sorry. :/
15:42.44benJImankrunner seems rather bad after using kickoff.
15:42.50*** join/#kde meragrin (
15:43.21*** join/#kde hayig2000 (n=hay@
15:43.40*** join/#kde DerHorst (
15:43.42hayig2000hi all, is there a program that measures the amount of data transfered via DSL per month?
15:43.44Sho_benJIman: How so?
15:46.16benJImanSho_: It's basically just minicli.
15:46.22*** join/#kde sortadi (i=sortadi@unaffiliated/sortadi)
15:46.27benJImanFortunately kickoff is being ported to kde4 \o/
15:46.34waterpiehmm. ok. can someone pls help with how to compile the tutorial in: ?
15:46.37benJImanI don't know why it's not accepted by upstreadm though.
15:46.52Sho_benJIman: Well, it does a lot more than the old minicli ...
15:47.12*** join/#kde dani_l (
15:47.25derekbenJIman: out of curiosity, what do you like about kickoff
15:48.06*** join/#kde sabayonlive-1368 (n=sabayonu@
15:48.14benJImanderek: easy way to start anything from apps to web pages to documents.
15:48.31thiagohayig2000: it's called iptables.
15:48.33muh2000how to bin mouse4 and mouse5 in konqueror for the operation forward and backward ?
15:48.53benJImanderek: eg hit menu keyboard shortcut and type "image ed" hit enter and you have krita open, hit menu key type some words from a document you're working on, hit enter and you have it opene in a word proecessor etc.
15:49.09Sho_(so can KRunner)
15:49.16benJImanderek: And easy drag and drop organisation of the menu itself
15:49.41derekbenJIman: I agree, and use it. Have you used the tree menu very often? I think I have used it maybe 2-3 times in the last months
15:50.10benJImanderek: No, because the favourites provides enough things
15:50.36derekthe only thing I don't like is how the convoluted way to get to switch user
15:50.46Sho_IMO the KDE4 port of Kickoff should actually re-use the KRunner technology
15:50.55benJImanSho_: Why?
15:51.04Sho_benJIman: Code reuse? No need to have two implementations of the same
15:51.05benJImankickoff has pluggable search backends.
15:51.13Sho_benJIman: Err, so has KRunner - that's the entire point
15:51.16benJImanSho_: kickoff was before krunner, where was the code reuse
15:51.21Sho_benJIman: Every match provider is pluggable
15:51.31Sho_The Strigi one, the shell one, the calculator one, ...
15:51.34waterpiecan someone pls help with how to compile the tutorial in: ?
15:51.43derekbenJIman: kickoff was before plasma and the kdesktop redesign
15:51.50benJImanderek: so.
15:52.06derekbenJIman: which will be the basis of all the desktop stuff
15:52.14benJImanderek: It makes no difference.
15:52.46Sho_benJIman: It's not direct duplication - KRunner's search provider uses Strigi for example, which is how it should be, and why now duplicate that for Kickoff?
15:52.48derekbenJIman: not arguing, but kde4 desktop will be substantially different from kde3
15:53.13benJImanSho_: kickoff could use strigi too.
15:53.32*** join/#kde o00o00o (
15:53.35Sho_benJIman: Yes, by writing a backend for it. Or you could just port Kickoff to use KRunner, instead of keeping the two seperate.
15:53.48o00o00owhat is the KDE default windows manager ?
15:53.50*** part/#kde kFiddle (
15:53.57benJImano00o00o: kwin.
15:53.57derekbenJIman: kickoff is one of these things that you either love or hate
15:54.01Sho_Not porting to KRunner will minimize Kickoff's chances of getting into KDE 4, too, after all
15:54.54o00o00oi can do from gnome something like this "kwin --replace
15:55.08o00o00oto change the windows manager ?
15:55.09Sho_If Gnome's window manager is well-behaved, yes
15:55.26pinotreeif metacity, yes
15:55.40*** join/#kde jachin (n=jachin@
15:56.34*** join/#kde hacosta_ (n=hector@
15:56.56*** join/#kde mete (
15:57.40*** join/#kde roel_ (
15:58.41*** join/#kde roel_ (
15:59.20Sho_benJIman: We presently don't have a menu for KDE 4 -- if the Kickoff KDE4 port were to focus on integratability into kdebase/workspace (which involves eschewing private implementations in favor of already present upstream solutions), it might well end up being the new menu if Novell is interested in pursuing that
16:00.18*** join/#kde buzztracker (
16:01.28*** join/#kde GCN (
16:01.55*** join/#kde sabayonlive-6761 (
16:02.41*** join/#kde aidan_ (
16:03.27*** join/#kde Ene_Dene (
16:06.01*** join/#kde eros (
16:06.33*** join/#kde Alethes (n=alethes@unaffiliated/alethes)
16:09.01*** join/#kde muh2000_ (
16:10.11*** join/#kde lparry_ (
16:16.08*** join/#kde aib (n=aib@pdpc/supporter/basic/aib)
16:16.17*** join/#kde sabayonlive-1055 (
16:17.35*** join/#kde floe (
16:18.12killownSorry, no mailbox here by that name. (#5.1.1)
16:18.28*** join/#kde duns_s_ (
16:18.42killownI have translate dolphin to pt_BR language but I dont known where I send pt_BR.po
16:19.26*** join/#kde braindump03 (
16:20.00braindump03Hey, is it possible to replace Konqueror with dolphin systemwide?
16:20.04*** join/#kde sensei_ (n=sensei@
16:21.06*** part/#kde sensei_ (n=sensei@
16:22.19*** join/#kde thundergirl (n=francima@
16:24.26*** join/#kde johannesNeu (n=johannes@
16:24.56*** join/#kde animimotus (n=animimot@unaffiliated/animimotus)
16:25.00*** join/#kde OffPlanet (
16:30.15*** join/#kde dev-zero (n=dev-zero@gentoo/developer/dev-zero)
16:30.21dev-zerohi everyone
16:30.46*** join/#kde Saviq (
16:31.01*** join/#kde obsethryl (n=lab@unaffiliated/obsethryl)
16:31.17*** join/#kde psychollek__ (n=psycholl@
16:31.18Saviqmaybe now... anyone knows how to get current project size from dcop or rename files inside a data project?
16:31.36Saviqor is there another way to integrate with k3b?
16:32.03dev-zerogot a little problem with konqueror (as webbrowser): I've set the minimal and the default font size but it seems to get ignored on some sites/fonts
16:32.34dev-zerowhen I manually make the font smaller it works
16:32.48*** part/#kde thundergirl (n=francima@
16:35.30*** join/#kde ananth123 (n=Ananth@
16:38.07*** join/#kde andersin (
16:38.13*** join/#kde killown (n=killown@unaffiliated/killown)
16:40.05*** join/#kde freezombie (i=someone@
16:40.38*** join/#kde bob1955 (
16:40.39OffPlanethello to all, attn- dual screeners, on left screen windows get created with wrong size and position the home window exit button is off screen and background shows one quarter of screen next to location menu. Right screen behaves as expected. runing 3.5.4.  I would like some ideas on what to check.
16:44.55*** join/#kde ponadok (n=ponadok@
16:46.23waterpieok, i found out
16:46.25waterpiebye all
16:46.34*** part/#kde Kathlene_ (n=ponadok@
16:51.31*** join/#kde tty56 (
16:52.59*** join/#kde olih_ (n=olih@
16:53.45*** join/#kde cristi (
16:53.56*** join/#kde sabayonlive-5094 (
16:53.56*** join/#kde matthias__ (
16:55.50*** join/#kde hacosta__ (n=hector@
16:56.34*** join/#kde hacosta (n=hacosta@
16:57.34*** join/#kde deathxxx12345 (n=root@
16:57.53*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2100 (
16:59.42*** join/#kde logixoul (
17:00.29*** join/#kde buzztracker (
17:00.32*** join/#kde death (n=death@
17:04.01*** join/#kde fungos (
17:04.43*** join/#kde pime (
17:04.48fungosis there any application that creates movies from desktop screenshots? for demonstration about software usage, etc.?
17:05.02logixoulfungos: maybe screenkast
17:05.11pimeAnd XVidCap
17:05.37fungosthanks, I will try these
17:06.32*** join/#kde pip (n=pip@
17:06.47*** join/#kde GullyFoyle (
17:06.54pimeXVidCap is better though
17:07.06pimebut if you have SUSE , you need the old version, but it still works good.
17:07.19*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2417 (
17:07.22fungosI use kubuntu .. but I cant find it .. :(
17:08.35fungosargh.. ubuntu doesnt have any of these!! :S :S :S
17:08.54pimeUGH?! are you kidding me?
17:09.13*** join/#kde muh2000 (
17:09.31Sho_pime: Their package tree indeed doesn't list either (
17:10.04fungosyeah.. I hate these limited distros.. I  was happy when used Gentoo :(
17:10.32pimei never used Gentoo, i only had Red hat and SUSE, im using SUSE at the moment
17:10.50*** join/#kde Penguiniator (
17:11.31fungosGentoo is good, but requires too much patience....
17:11.40*** join/#kde pag (n=pavel@unaffiliated/pag)
17:11.59*** join/#kde Urgleflogue (n=plamen@
17:12.11pimelol ok
17:13.05*** join/#kde Desintegr (
17:14.27*** join/#kde lakshmi_ (
17:14.49pimeanyone has the irc adress to the chatroom of Chris Pirillo?
17:15.19*** join/#kde thudfoo (
17:15.31*** join/#kde MrKnibbels (
17:15.49*** join/#kde bushwakko (
17:16.08lakshmi_Hi everyone, how do i install kile in Sabayon?
17:16.17logixoulask in #sabayon
17:16.26lakshmi_ok sure, thanks
17:16.56pimehey, how do i change my KDE desktop to GNOME?
17:17.13pimebecause i already know how to install both KDE and GNOME applications
17:17.39*** join/#kde letto (n=letto@
17:17.49pimenevermind, i found it but i dont wanna do it now
17:18.09Komzzpapime, change session type in your login manager
17:18.11*** join/#kde Nikoladze (
17:18.48pimeWhats the program name?
17:18.49Nikoladzehey all, does anyone know how to get to the view in kexi which shows the links between your tables?  I just got it now and can't figure it out
17:19.36Komzzpapime, kdm. It's the logon screen you see after turning your machine on.
17:20.22pimeOH YEAH!
17:20.32pimeLMAO! damn i feel stupid.
17:20.43*** join/#kde SlackerTD (
17:21.08*** join/#kde freezombie (i=someone@tuxhacker/free-zombie)
17:21.41*** join/#kde sabayonlive-5141 (
17:24.04*** join/#kde sabayonlive-1245 (n=sabayonu@speedx.kawo2.RWTH-Aachen.DE)
17:26.15*** join/#kde freezomb1e (i=someone@
17:27.10pimeKomzzpa, i'm on KDM, now what do i do?
17:27.52Komzzpapime, find a button "session type" and choose GNOME
17:28.00*** join/#kde killown (n=killown@unaffiliated/killown)
17:29.11*** join/#kde eric_ (
17:29.35pimeok, found it, thanks Komzzpa =)
17:29.46*** join/#kde sabayonlive-1357 (
17:30.07*** part/#kde rooster (
17:30.14*** join/#kde desti (
17:31.18*** join/#kde freezomb2e (i=someone@
17:31.19*** part/#kde bob1955 (
17:32.06*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2865 (
17:34.03*** join/#kde aidan_ (
17:34.08*** join/#kde SmallR2003 (
17:35.01*** join/#kde ken (
17:35.58*** join/#kde phoenixz (n=sven@
17:36.02*** join/#kde killown (n=killown@unaffiliated/killown)
17:36.14*** join/#kde free-zombie (i=someone@tuxhacker/free-zombie)
17:36.36*** part/#kde ken (
17:36.49*** join/#kde CarmaZone (
17:36.55*** part/#kde Saviq (
17:38.38*** join/#kde kennyjb402 (
17:38.54*** part/#kde kennyjb402 (
17:40.12*** join/#kde killown (n=killown@unaffiliated/killown)
17:41.16*** part/#kde GullyFoyle (
17:41.42*** join/#kde WindowsUninstall (
17:42.42*** join/#kde ibb (
17:43.18*** join/#kde deltaboy38655 (n=deltaboy@
17:45.51*** join/#kde rgk_ (
17:47.02*** join/#kde some_bloke (
17:47.02*** join/#kde freezombie (i=someone@tuxhacker/free-zombie)
17:47.13*** join/#kde floe_ (
17:47.28*** join/#kde Richlv (n=rich@
17:47.32*** part/#kde rune (
17:48.53*** part/#kde ananth123 (n=Ananth@
17:51.42*** join/#kde emet (n=emet@unaffiliated/emet)
17:53.31*** join/#kde hacosta_ (n=hector@
17:54.23*** join/#kde koyotee (
17:55.36*** join/#kde thudfoo (
17:56.33*** join/#kde code__ (
18:00.18*** join/#kde buzztracker (
18:00.18*** join/#kde feindbild (
18:02.01*** join/#kde free-zombie (i=someone@tuxhacker/free-zombie)
18:11.14*** join/#kde Desintegr (
18:12.01*** join/#kde _root (
18:16.49*** join/#kde MrKnibbels (
18:17.11*** join/#kde killown (n=killown@unaffiliated/killown)
18:17.53*** join/#kde hacosta__ (n=hector@
18:20.41*** join/#kde pumphaus (
18:21.23*** join/#kde pumphaus (
18:22.48*** join/#kde onesandzeros (
18:23.02*** join/#kde sabayonlive-1523 (
18:23.56*** join/#kde atomik (
18:24.55*** join/#kde spawn57 (
18:27.04*** join/#kde sabayonlive-5666 (
18:27.23TafsenHow can I show the menu in kpf2?
18:28.26*** join/#kde sabayonuser (
18:29.08logixoulTafsen: ctrl+m works in most kde apps
18:30.24Sho_logixoul: If KPF2 is what I think it is it's not a KDE app :)
18:30.48hacostawhere does kdevelop look for headers when i click on generate ctags?
18:31.07Sho_hacosta: There's a #kdevelop I think
18:31.08logixoulSho_: hmm. I was thinking K Personal Fileserver though that's not even an app :)
18:31.35hacostaoh.. thanks Sho_
18:31.50Sho_logixoul: But there's no "2" of the kpf applet, iirc
18:32.10Sho_logixoul: So he probably means "Kerio Personal Firewall"
18:32.31logixoulah ic. google is of the same opinion.
18:33.15*** join/#kde bla (
18:33.58blaI wonder... how can I make KDE see mine two xinerama screens as separate set of virtual dekstop instead of one wide?
18:34.02blaIt it possible?
18:34.18Sho_bla: That has recently been developed for KDE 4
18:34.43*** join/#kde psychollek__ (n=psycholl@
18:34.50blaI'll try merging it on gentoo ~amd64.
18:35.00blaI'm used to enlightenment 0.17 which has such behaviour by default.
18:35.05*** join/#kde wesbluemarine (
18:35.05blaBut it's in very unstable state.
18:35.13Sho_bla: So is KDE 4, unfortunately (beta)
18:35.40blaMaybe not in such in development state. If there are at least some packages.
18:35.51bla(there are no for e17; just repos)
18:36.00Sho_only in the KDE team's overlay
18:36.04*** join/#kde hacosta_ (n=hector@
18:36.08Sho_btw: #gentoo-kde before pinotree slaps us
18:36.18bla(-; Ok.
18:36.25*** join/#kde sabayonlive-3760 (
18:36.38*** part/#kde sabayonlive-3760 (
18:36.58*** join/#kde pip (n=pip@
18:37.05*** join/#kde McEnroe (
18:40.22*** join/#kde marc_ (
18:42.56*** join/#kde MuJ (
18:43.14*** join/#kde andrew (
18:43.47*** join/#kde hollisb (
18:43.55*** part/#kde hollisb (
18:44.11*** join/#kde Thorrn4 (
18:44.27Thorrn4hello, is there a way to View and extract .7z files from ARK ?
18:45.28logixoulyea, there's a plugin for that on kde-apps I think
18:46.04*** join/#kde hollisb (
18:47.46*** join/#kde illogic-al (n=illogic-@konversation/user/illogic-al)
18:49.34*** join/#kde killown (n=killown@unaffiliated/killown)
18:51.25*** join/#kde sabayonlive-9669 (
18:52.48*** join/#kde animimotus (n=animimot@unaffiliated/animimotus)
18:53.29*** part/#kde Riis (
18:53.40*** join/#kde tapas_ (
18:54.56*** join/#kde hacosta__ (n=hector@
18:54.58*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2222 (
18:57.23logixoulIs there a list of hidden kate shortcuts? Like the Ctrl+K one that deletes the current line.
18:58.04*** join/#kde dcestari (n=dcestari@
18:59.05*** part/#kde Thorrn4 (
19:00.07*** join/#kde feindbild (
19:00.17*** join/#kde buzztracker (
19:00.37*** join/#kde mooler (
19:01.22*** join/#kde pagec (
19:02.41*** join/#kde voonte (
19:04.51*** join/#kde Przemcio78 (
19:04.58*** join/#kde voonte (
19:05.16sabayonlive-1523can anyone help me with this compviz?
19:05.27Sho_try #compiz
19:07.05oneforallhow can I add an ipod when hal gives that popup . I tried going threw the configure to have it open gtkpod but its not working
19:09.54*** join/#kde mirshafie (
19:12.15*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2395 (
19:12.16*** join/#kde hacosta_ (n=hector@
19:13.11*** join/#kde rindolf (
19:13.14rindolfHi all.
19:13.32rindolfI have an old article in one of  my RSS feeds in akregator which I want to export as HTML.
19:13.36rindolfWhat should I do?
19:14.08Sho_rindolf: Can you code?
19:14.19rindolfSho_: sure.
19:14.24*** join/#kde tanamo (n=tanamo@
19:14.40Sho_rindolf: Akregator uses Metakit as database library, and there's a Python API to Metakit
19:14.49rindolfSho_: I see.
19:15.19*** join/#kde SmallR2003 (
19:15.20Sho_rindolf: My solution would be to write a few lines of Python that performs a query on the feed's archive file and outputs the article text field
19:16.00Sho_rindolf: The DBs are in ~/.kde/share/apps/akregator/Archive and the apidox are on
19:16.16*** join/#kde thechris (
19:16.56rindolfSho_: OK, thanks.
19:17.12Sho_I agree that's not very user-friendly, but Akregator has no export functionality I know of
19:17.26Sho_And it's better than nothing ...
19:18.01logixoulrindolf: alternatively, try copy&pasting the article (together with links, images, etc) into something wysiwig like KWord or TinyMCE. Then save it.
19:18.36Sho_That's probably not going to copy any images, though
19:19.00*** join/#kde rgk (
19:19.09logixoulSho_: if they're references to something on the web, it does
19:19.21*** join/#kde sleepy (
19:19.26logixoulrindolf: you can open that in firefox:
19:20.26*** join/#kde CPrgmSwR2 (
19:20.43Sho_logixoul: Well, I just copied an article into both KWord and TinyMCE and image references and links were not preserved
19:21.03logixoulweird, it worked for me 2 days ago. lemme try again.
19:22.09logixoulSho_: works for me on with Firefox
19:22.32Sho_Not here
19:23.06*** join/#kde dmbkiwi (
19:23.12*** join/#kde maurizio (
19:23.16Sho_(That's via Ctrl+V btw, if I use the "Paste" action in the TinyMCE context menu it opens a JavaScript popup that Cut/Copy/Paste are not available in Firefox)
19:23.35logixoulI only used Ctrl+V
19:23.46logixoulI copied the entire page
19:24.06logixoulit was 100% preserved (including layout) except the form field
19:24.10Sho_I'm copying an article with images from Akregator
19:24.18Sho_I don't have the page in my Akregator ...
19:24.40logixouldamn. I forgot we're talking about Akregator.
19:24.48logixoulI assumed Akregator used HTML internally
19:24.55Sho_It does
19:25.02Sho_But that doesn't mean it puts HTML in the clipboard
19:25.24logixoulyou're right...
19:26.03Sho_And it gets better, when I copy from Konqueror and do Ctrl+V in TinyMCE in Firefox, I actually get nothing
19:26.15Sho_So a copy from Akregator (which uses KHTML as well) even works better than that ;)
19:27.38Sho_anyhow, Python to the rescue
19:28.12*** join/#kde aib (n=aib@pdpc/supporter/basic/aib)
19:28.28*** join/#kde raul_ (n=raul@
19:31.15*** join/#kde paul555 (
19:31.19*** part/#kde aib (n=aib@pdpc/supporter/basic/aib)
19:31.24*** join/#kde aib (n=aib@pdpc/supporter/basic/aib)
19:31.28*** join/#kde nosrednaekim (
19:31.37*** part/#kde paul555 (
19:31.39*** join/#kde hacosta__ (n=hector@
19:32.25*** join/#kde UndrWater (
19:32.44aibi've got a debian package of our software, and would like to include it's name and icon in a K-Menu entry. how do I go about doing that?
19:32.51nosrednaekimhello, I noticed that sabayon(in 3.4) colors its menubars differently from the rest of the theme in KDE. I was wondering how you do this. I would like to do it in kubuntu
19:33.12benJImanSome style engines allow you to do that.
19:33.17benJImanPossibly polyester does.
19:33.35benJImanQtcurve lets you it seems.
19:33.45nosrednaekimbenJIman: yeah... sabayon uses polyester. but I was trying to find the setting for it.
19:34.21benJImanHave a look in kcontrol -> appearance and themes -> style -> configure
19:34.27UndrWaterpolyester has an advanced setting....
19:34.30UndrWatercheck that out
19:34.37UndrWaterthere are some color changes in there
19:34.58UndrWatercan't stand that red ;)
19:35.26nosrednaekimah.... yeah... found the menu bar highlight..except its greyed out no matter what other options I select...
19:37.39nosrednaekimah found it NM... you have to enable the stripe, apply.. THEN change the color
19:38.21*** join/#kde arodriguez (
19:38.24*** join/#kde kenneth (
19:39.39UndrWaterthere you go
19:40.14oneforallso has any one configed an ipod with gtkpod hal ?
19:42.32*** join/#kde digitalhav0c (
19:46.14aibwhere can I find documentation for including kicker/kmenu/desktop entries manually?
19:47.19logixoul(may be too technical)
19:47.55*** join/#kde ct|kyle (
19:49.02aibi've found example desktop entry files. but when i grep in ~/.kde for known icons, I see references all over the place. i'm hoping to find something that describes that directory structure..what to put where
19:50.09ct|kyleaib: what are you trying to do. pull the icons from different directories?
19:50.24*** part/#kde braindump03 (
19:50.53aibno, i've got a debian package of our software, and i can run a post-install script, and i'm hoping to have this script create kicker, kmenu and desktop entries for our application
19:50.58oneforallgeez where is that part again to have the icon for media loaded to show in the kicker ?
19:52.07ct|kylewere does it set the location it takes the file's(icons's) from?
19:52.08*** join/#kde pip (n=pip@
19:52.24lunitikAnyone else having issues with Konqueror from 3.5.7 and Flash?
19:52.28oneforallah  got the desktop one but whast the one for the kicker?
19:53.16oneforalland how do i config it to mount on media/ipod not this weird BRITTNESS 1
19:53.42oneforalllooks liek it took it from a britney spears song on the ipod eh
19:55.06*** join/#kde jessica (
19:55.09ct|kyledoes anyone know what file KDE uses to get the desktop icons loaded?
19:55.33aibtry reading this
19:55.37aibnot sure if it helps me yet
19:56.04Sho_ct|kyle: The desktop displays the contents of a "Desktop" folder in your home directory by default
19:56.42ct|kyleSho_: i know i want to modify the code so it changes with each desktop
19:56.54*** join/#kde ayman (n=ayman@
19:57.07Sho_ct|kyle: In that case you need to look at the sourcecode for the 'kdesktop' application in the kdebase module
19:57.11ct|kyleAKA i can have One desktop to program on with all those resources anotehr for other things
19:57.38*** join/#kde DaSkreech (n=chatzill@
19:57.39aymanplease i need ur help
19:57.47ct|kyleI've been looking at the source code
19:57.56nosrednaekimayman: yeah?
19:58.00ct|kyleayman: what do you need?
19:58.15aymani am looking for  an application to run mp3
19:58.18*** join/#kde david_edmundson (
19:58.26aymani download xmms
19:58.37*** join/#kde bob19555 (
19:58.42benJImanayman: Your distro's channel should be able to help you get mp3 support on your distribution.
19:58.47*** part/#kde david_edmundson (
19:58.50aymanbut i am new in linux
19:59.02ct|kyleayman: what distro do you have?
19:59.10aymani have fedora
19:59.11*** join/#kde UndrWater (
19:59.16benJImanAsk in #fedora.
20:00.01TomRiddleanyone here using compiz-fusion?
20:00.05*** join/#kde zimon (
20:00.17*** join/#kde buzztracker (
20:00.45TomRiddleanyone here using compiz-fusion?
20:01.34ct|kyleSho_: what file would you think KDE reads the ~/DESKTOP files in?
20:01.44TomRiddleis it possible to have diff wallpapers on compiz-fusion on each side of the cube? nosrednaekim
20:02.01*** join/#kde SmallR2004 (
20:02.12nosrednaekimTomRiddle:no clue... ask in #compiz
20:02.44TomRiddlelol they say that i have to stop kde from drawing my desktop
20:02.46illogic-alah see pinotree's been abusing his big OP stick again. what a surprise.
20:03.20pinotreeillogic-al: mood for insulting?
20:03.31pinotreedoes it touch you personally?
20:03.41pinotreewhat does it _care_ to you?
20:03.57illogic-alpinotree: yes, abuse of power does "touch" me personally.
20:04.09*** join/#kde llaeadewyn_ (
20:04.12*** join/#kde runlevelten (
20:04.16pinotreeoh good
20:04.20ct|kyleSho_: what is the path?
20:04.51oneforallerr applet for the media storage iirc
20:04.57pinotreeillogic-al: that does not give you the right to throw any kind of offence on me
20:05.01pinotreeso, cut that
20:05.05illogic-alany irssi users present?
20:05.13*** join/#kde SpaceSyl (
20:05.19pinotreeillogic-al: offtopic.
20:05.35illogic-alpinotree: I'm not throwing any abuse at you. you're just trying to look for a way to kick me.
20:05.38Sho_ct|kyle: kdebase/kdesktop/
20:06.10pinotreeillogic-al: and what would be the logic behind this? prove that you have nothing else to do?
20:06.58illogic-alI wonder is porting of konvi to kde4 has started yet.
20:07.04ct|kyleSho_: thanks
20:07.41oneforallany one get device was safely unmounted but could not be ejected popup?
20:07.46oneforallfor the ipod nano
20:08.03*** join/#kde Bugz (
20:08.10*** join/#kde sabayonlive-1572 ( wow.
20:08.36Sho_illogic-al: We've done some prototyping, yeah, but there's no buildable source in the repos yet
20:09.31illogic-alSho_: cool. are you guys planning on having a version out with the kde4 release or after?
20:09.57*** mode/#kde [+o pinotree] by ChanServ
20:10.10*** mode/#kde [-b *!n=Webchat@*] by pinotree
20:10.15*** join/#kde Dimitry| (n=dimitry@2001:6f8:125e:0:2ff:b9ff:fe25:d5b9)
20:10.38Sho_illogic-al: We're hoping to have a fairly straight port in time for 4
20:10.50*** mode/#kde [-o pinotree] by pinotree
20:11.09pinotreeSho_: when do you have the next version planned?
20:11.18*** part/#kde bob1955 (
20:11.21illogic-alSho_: so y'all won't be supporting kde 3 and 4 at the same time then i take it.
20:11.53Sho_The next version is 1.1 for KDE 3.x, which should be out in a few weeks
20:11.54*** join/#kde Przemcio78 (
20:12.01Sho_That's going to be the last significant release for KDE 3
20:12.18pinotreeplanning to start the kde4 port after that? \o/
20:12.53*** join/#kde DoctorPepper (
20:13.03illogic-alSho_: I'll probably be bugging you with "it doesn't build on OS X" messages once porting gets started.
20:13.04DoctorPepperhi guys
20:13.10illogic-alI apologize in advance :-D
20:13.18Sho_pinotree: Even before that during 1.1's string freeze I hope ... ideally I'd want to move something working to trunk/extragear right after tagging 1.1
20:13.31illogic-alhi DoctorPepper
20:13.39pinotreeSho_: go go go
20:14.05Sho_illogic-al: Notably it already builds on OS X and I don't see that changing ;)
20:14.20ct|kylehow well does KDE work in Vista?
20:14.23illogic-alSho_: true.
20:15.53*** join/#kde Desintegr (
20:16.49DoctorPeppercan someone help  , i have a problem with amarok , since my last  reboot  amarok  don't want to play  ogg file  even  if  all the needed library are installed
20:17.19illogic-alDoctorPepper: go to #amarok and ask there.
20:18.12*** join/#kde derek (
20:18.37*** join/#kde UndrWater (
20:18.51DoctorPepperok  thanks
20:18.57*** join/#kde derek_ (
20:19.00illogic-alno prob
20:19.12ct|kyleis control Center part of KDE?
20:19.30logixoulin kde4, yes. in kde3, not.
20:19.43logixoulwhat illogic-al said
20:20.05ct|kylewhere does it set the paths then?
20:20.10UndrWaterct|kyle: kcontrol is
20:20.23illogic-alct|kyle: which paths might those be?
20:20.23logixoulUndrWater: a.k.a. KDE Control Center :)
20:20.40logixoulnight folks
20:20.44*** part/#kde logixoul (
20:22.03ct|kylei want to change desktop path for each desktop
20:23.36illogic-alct|kyle: desktop path?
20:23.44ct|kyleillogic-al: yes
20:23.48*** join/#kde Narishma (
20:24.28illogic-aldesktops don't have paths. unless you mean the executables that start the desktops.
20:25.30ct|kyleillogic-al: what is ~/Desktop ?
20:25.42illogic-alooooh. that.
20:25.55illogic-althat the desktop directory.
20:26.10illogic-aland I do believe it is possible to change that. let me check.
20:26.59ct|kyleillogic-al: you can change it in the control center. I just tested it. but it would be nice to change it for each Desktop
20:27.28illogic-alct|kyle: each desktop has only one desktop.
20:28.27*** join/#kde gobaith (
20:28.40ct|kyleeach desktop takes from the desktop directory that you set. i was hoping to change the code so that each desktop can take from different directories
20:28.41illogic-alct|kyle: rasther, each desktop displays the same desktop directory.
20:28.53*** join/#kde Thundercloud (
20:29.10ct|kyleillogic-al: i know it would involve modifying the code
20:29.11*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2660 (
20:29.21illogic-alct|kyle: well that's not something that you look in kcontrol to set. that's something you look in the code to set.
20:30.13illogic-alct|kyle: kdebase is where you'd need to look to set that.
20:30.58oneforallerr why is this hal and media picking the mount name and how do i change it ? I removed it from kcontrol>periphials>stroage media
20:31.27ct|kyleillogic-al: any specific file?
20:31.28oneforallbut it just keeps mounting it as media/BRITT..
20:31.49illogic-alct|kyle: yes, but i don't know it.
20:32.26ct|kyleillogic-al: because it will have to change the path when it changes desktops
20:32.46n3kl__Anyone know how I can add openclipart to karbon
20:33.15*** join/#kde sabayonlive-1512 (n=sabayonu@
20:33.19*** join/#kde demonsdread (n=i$baran@unaffiliated/delusions)
20:33.39illogic-aln3kl__: someone in #koffice might know
20:34.57runleveltenCommon sense would tell you to see what the kcontrol setting changes, then change that in the global files instead of the user's kde directory.
20:35.43*** join/#kde maxx_k (
20:35.50*** join/#kde tavla (
20:35.55runlevelten..or at least to try it..
20:37.20illogic-alct|kyle: this bug report may have info useful to you.
20:37.24*** join/#kde musilek (
20:37.32tavlahi all  --  how to make KDE run a backup script when a USB stick is plugged in?
20:37.56*** join/#kde letto (n=letto@
20:38.57*** join/#kde jago (
20:39.08*** join/#kde kendrick (
20:40.05*** join/#kde obsethryl (
20:40.48*** join/#kde killown (n=killown@unaffiliated/killown)
20:40.52*** join/#kde obsethryl (n=lab@unaffiliated/obsethryl)
20:41.24killownexist any tool to configura multimidia keyboard in kde?
20:42.02*** join/#kde bwalle (
20:42.07*** join/#kde atomik (
20:45.35*** join/#kde LamerMan (
20:45.35*** join/#kde Liquid_Fire (n=liquidfi@
20:46.03LamerManHi, everyone. :) I am new with linux and i have just launched kdevelop. Could you please help me to resolve this problem: when i try to compile simple helloWorld appliction the following error occur: AUTOCONF NOT FOUND, exited with status 2
20:46.08LamerMani installed autoconf 2.61 package
20:46.16LamerManbut it didn't help
20:46.48*** join/#kde hacosta_ (n=hacosta@
20:47.26*** join/#kde genecyst (
20:49.24*** join/#kde spirytusick (
20:50.27*** join/#kde obvio171 (n=helder@
20:52.24*** join/#kde sabayonlive-1106 (
20:56.27*** join/#kde sicarri (n=sicarri@
20:57.40*** join/#kde hacosta_ (n=hacosta@
20:57.55*** join/#kde anglov (
20:57.57*** join/#kde jago_ (
20:59.27*** join/#kde hacosta (n=hacosta@
20:59.41*** join/#kde sleepy (
21:00.08*** join/#kde sabayonlive-3246 (
21:00.18*** join/#kde buzztracker (
21:00.19*** join/#kde hacosta_ (n=hacosta@
21:01.11*** join/#kde sabayonlive-8729 (
21:02.24*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2869 (
21:02.31*** join/#kde jmau (
21:04.44*** join/#kde jessica (
21:07.05*** join/#kde evan_ (n=evan@
21:07.46*** join/#kde tapas (
21:07.55*** join/#kde ehc (
21:07.56tapashow can i bind an arbitrary command to a hotkey?
21:11.18*** join/#kde bushwakko (
21:13.23tapasbasically i want to bind
21:13.32tapasamarok `xclip -o`
21:13.37tapasto some key
21:14.09illogic-alwell that
21:14.16illogic-almight require
21:14.21illogic-alyou to launch
21:14.27illogic-alsome script
21:14.36illogic-aland bind that
21:14.43illogic-alto a key
21:15.05illogic-almake a script
21:15.16illogic-alwhich has
21:15.25*** join/#kde swanfl (
21:15.25illogic-alamarok 'xclip -o'
21:15.30*** join/#kde TomRiddle (
21:15.33illogic-aland bind that
21:15.37illogic-alto a key
21:15.41*** part/#kde bwalle (
21:15.42tapasi know how to create a script
21:15.45tapasthe binding part is the problem
21:15.59tapasi must be blindstruck ;)
21:16.01runleveltentapas: use khotkeys.
21:16.16illogic-altapas: you're using kde right?
21:16.25runleveltenkcontrol » regional & accessibility » input actions.
21:16.47illogic-altapas: you know which key you want to bind?
21:16.58tapasah ok, got it
21:17.05runleveltennp :)
21:17.22tapasi was confused by this dialog only having voice and gesture stuff. the keyboard stuff is a bit hidden :)
21:17.25swanflis there a program in KDE that can make signs like in print shop?
21:21.55*** join/#kde mo (
21:23.18*** join/#kde e-uoaphys (i=e-man@
21:24.55*** join/#kde iggy_ (
21:25.38illogic-aloneforall: is it still mounted?
21:26.43oneforallno it unmounted like it said but that popup saying it did unmount but couldn't be ejected. plus the ipod still says Do Not  Disconnect
21:27.27*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2728 (
21:29.12*** part/#kde bla (
21:31.02illogic-alwell I believe 'eject' works on usb devices.
21:31.55oneforallwell its failing on this one :(
21:32.12*** join/#kde sabayonlive-1832 (
21:32.55oneforallok when I look at the desktop icon that it adds there. I see in properties username and group root . why did it get root
21:34.09*** part/#kde iggy_ (
21:35.57*** join/#kde stemcel (
21:36.54*** join/#kde eric_ (
21:36.55stemcelis there any way to customize the behavior of the toolbar in Konqueror? By that I mean, make the icons smaller? I'm not talking about the icons in the window but the ones on the toolbar
21:37.00stemceland perhaps remove the text thre?
21:38.59stemcelno one ever talks in this channel
21:39.16stemcelit's just crazy: 313 nicks and no one talking
21:40.24illogic-aloneforall: udev rules
21:40.58illogic-alstemcel: right click on the taskbar
21:41.11illogic-althen everything will be illuminated.
21:41.16stemcelyou're magical
21:41.20stemcelthat was amazing, thanks!
21:41.23*** join/#kde sabayonlive-3199 (
21:41.27oneforalludev rules? for username and group ?
21:41.33illogic-almagically delicious too.
21:41.40illogic-alguys can't taste though...
21:42.03stemcelit's just not in the configuration options? right-click on taskbar only?
21:42.10illogic-aloneforall: don't know. that's something for you to check out in your distro's channel or google.
21:42.13*** join/#kde tvtoon (n=Miranda@
21:42.19illogic-alor #udev
21:42.23illogic-alor #linux
21:42.33stemcelwhile i'm on the subject of konqueror... Is there any way to alter the way that it displays text next to icons?
21:42.46*** join/#kde psychollek__ (n=psycholl@
21:43.14stemceli.e. it's far more willing to break words in to multiple lines than some $OTHER_OS file managers I could name...
21:44.46oneforallwell the ipod aint in any of the rules
21:45.00*** part/#kde LamerMan (
21:45.06*** join/#kde bram85 (n=bram@
21:49.04*** join/#kde psychollek_ (n=psycholl@
21:49.50*** join/#kde lparry (
21:51.32*** join/#kde n8schicht (
21:52.17*** join/#kde mabu (
21:52.25*** join/#kde ichthudion (
21:52.39*** join/#kde killown (n=killown@unaffiliated/killown)
21:54.02*** join/#kde njdube (i=njdube@gateway/gpg-tor/key-0x00883AA4)
21:56.04*** join/#kde sabayonlive-715 (
21:57.11*** join/#kde GionnyBoss (
21:57.57*** join/#kde jordo23 (
21:58.09*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2679 (
21:58.53sabayonlive-2679is anyone there
22:00.20*** join/#kde buzztracker (
22:04.05*** join/#kde Halca (
22:04.36*** join/#kde whacko (
22:04.42*** part/#kde gorillas (
22:05.57*** join/#kde caotic (n=caotic@
22:06.07*** join/#kde voonte_ (
22:08.07*** join/#kde sabayonlive-2916 (n=sabayonu@
22:08.58*** join/#kde r_ (
22:09.21*** join/#kde rae (
22:10.29*** join/#kde tafsen (
22:11.34*** join/#kde hacosta__ (n=hacosta@
22:11.48*** join/#kde spirytusick (
22:13.02*** join/#kde sabayonlive-1955 (
22:14.00*** join/#kde uptownborg (
22:14.01*** join/#kde carlos (
22:15.45*** join/#kde qupada (
22:16.11*** join/#kde NiBe (
22:17.58*** join/#kde jordo23 (
22:18.25*** join/#kde Level15 (n=nobody@
22:18.33Level15hey, will konqueror in kde 4 use khtml or webkit?
22:21.07*** join/#kde chovy (
22:22.34lettoLevel15: webkit
22:23.29Level15letto: ok, cool. That means that pages working on safari should work also on konq, right? I'm asking specifically b/c of gmail and friends...
22:23.42Level15ok... which one is it?
22:24.18Level15but there are plans to move to webkit, right?
22:25.26*** join/#kde jordo23_ (
22:26.11*** join/#kde shaun__ (
22:26.57illogic-alLevel15: no. webkit contains changes not present in khtml and vice versa
22:27.40Level15illogic-al: hmm, that's sad, i guess
22:28.00TheSimkinLevel15: konq renders so much faster than safari though
22:28.21Level15TheSimkin: yeah, but some sites work with safari and not with konq...
22:28.33Level15and i just don't like firing firefox every now and then...
22:28.35TheSimkinLevel15: only one i can think of is google docs...
22:28.48TheSimkini guess gmail to a lesser degree.
22:28.56Level15TheSimkin: and calendar, and gmail unless on the basic interface...
22:29.08TheSimkini just use korganizer.
22:29.12TheSimkinbut i guess if i didn't that'd be a pain.
22:29.35*** join/#kde jessica (
22:29.38Level15though i *think* some of those don't work on safari as well... not sure
22:29.40TheSimkinLevel15: i wonder if it's a minor thing that prevents calendar from working or if it's huge.
22:29.40Mrrrrafaik : KDE 4's Konq will stay KHTML, while they have decided to Unfork for the future and as such they will be syncing closer to WebKit, and will after KDE 4 sometime use an embedded version for Konq
22:29.46Mrrrrthats what I seem to remember :)
22:30.02n3kl__What is the standard power managemnet interface for linux/kde?  I want to be able to standby with WOL.
22:30.21n3kl__Perhaps WOL doesn't matter.
22:31.01TheSimkinpower management, you don't run folding at home?
22:31.15AmyRoseI use kpowersave
22:31.34*** join/#kde pip (n=pip@
22:31.34TheSimkinI think there is klaptop also
22:31.46AmyRoseklaptop is silly
22:32.03AmyRoseIt said I was running out of power, with a percentage above 4 billion
22:32.05n3kl__AmyRose: kpowersave is an interface to the powersave daemon, right?
22:32.12AmyRosen3kl__: Yes
22:32.35n3kl__Are there any gui utilities to manage a UPS?
22:32.36AmyRoseI have grown to like it
22:32.48n3kl__AmyRose: I didn't like the daemon portion of that one.
22:34.12n3kl__kups is for cups
22:36.51*** join/#kde moghar__ (
22:36.52*** join/#kde shreyas (n=shreyas@
22:37.04*** join/#kde nael (
22:40.58*** join/#kde MrEmbedded (
22:41.01*** join/#kde thorsten_ (n=thorsten@
22:41.26MrEmbeddedhow can I display the currently running processes in the UI (KDE)? in the CLI I use ps
22:41.59benJImanMrEmbedded: hit control-esc
22:43.27MrEmbeddedcool thanks
22:43.40MrEmbeddedwhat's the name of the app that does this? the CLI command?
22:44.17MrEmbeddedthanks for the help
22:46.27*** join/#kde warriorness (
22:46.33*** join/#kde jhealey (
22:46.33*** join/#kde buscher (
22:48.55jhealeyanyone here
22:49.15Liquid_Firelots of people
22:49.18illogic-alnobody here but us...
22:49.21Liquid_Firemostly idle :)
22:49.22illogic-aldamn it.
22:49.24pinotreejust put your questions
22:50.19jhealeyany linux professionals here
22:50.42jhealeyi'd like to persue some training and certs, I'd like to get some opinions about that
22:50.44*** join/#kde Chase (
22:50.54jhealeyi'm a career changer
22:50.54illogic-aljhealey:  ##linux
22:51.08illogic-alor better yet. google.
22:51.24*** join/#kde psychollek__ (n=psycholl@
22:51.32jhealeyyeah, google, but i'd like some live opinions
22:52.02*** join/#kde petter_ (
22:52.17illogic-aland pinotree would like ontopic discussions. don't piss him off or he'll kick you.
22:52.27jhealeyoh my
22:52.51*** join/#kde koyote (
22:52.53pinotreeoh, and illogic-al feels funny piss off people this way
22:52.59*** join/#kde AmyRose (n=djb@unaffiliated/amyrose)
22:54.03*** join/#kde s0y (
22:54.05*** join/#kde mickey_ (
22:58.26*** part/#kde MrEmbedded (
23:00.18*** join/#kde buzztracker (
23:00.59*** join/#kde Shadowriver (
23:01.28*** join/#kde marcela (
23:03.39*** join/#kde floe__ (
23:06.10*** join/#kde Simkin (
23:06.35*** join/#kde sabayonlive-854 (n=sabayonu@
23:08.05*** join/#kde Nate_Grey (
23:08.58*** join/#kde me_ (
23:10.00*** join/#kde maremma72 (
23:10.36*** join/#kde GoodHabit (n=goodhabi@
23:13.49*** join/#kde sleepy (
23:14.31*** join/#kde sleepy (
23:14.36*** join/#kde kismet (
23:14.38*** join/#kde kFiddle (
23:15.50*** join/#kde User6581115 (
23:16.02*** join/#kde jamiekid (n=chatzill@
23:17.36jamiekidhi all im new at this hope you are all well
23:17.51illogic-alhi jamiekid, need help?
23:17.56*** join/#kde eSa| (n=eSa|
23:18.17ct|kyleillogic-al: thanks for that bug report thread. i added my thoughts on it
23:18.26jamiekidiv used chatrooms before but never monzila
23:18.40illogic-alct|kyle: i'd hoped you would have started coding something :-)
23:18.44eSa|hello, kdesktop isn't showing the desktop anymore. i'm running debian. should i check some permissions?
23:19.03illogic-aleSa|: is kdesktop running?
23:19.06jamiekidso exuse my ignorance folk
23:19.17ct|kyleillogic-al: i know i can't code it by myself... too much and i don't know the code that well
23:19.48eSa|with compiz enabled
23:19.51pinotreeeSa|: open a console - ps ux | grep kdesktop - does it show anything?
23:19.56ct|kylemaybe switching directories but not setting stuff
23:19.58illogic-alct|kyle: judging by your comments i thought that's what you'd intended to do.
23:20.15*** part/#kde jamiekid (n=chatzill@
23:20.36illogic-althere went jamiekid. we barely knew thee.
23:20.43ct|kyleillogic-al: i still have to figure out how and where that it reads the /DEsktop stuff
23:21.15eSa|it shows the grep command only
23:21.34*** join/#kde Fercho (
23:21.39illogic-aleSa|: then run kdesktop
23:21.59*** part/#kde GoodHabit (n=goodhabi@
23:22.05illogic-althat will start the process responsible for showing the user's desktop in KDE
23:22.14eSa|illogic-al, not really, my fault
23:22.22Ferchotalking about xmms over kde: is it possible to hide the task bar button and have only de status docklet?
23:22.38eSa|it do show this:
23:22.49eSa|#   ps aux | grep kdesktop
23:22.49eSa|daniele   4005  0.1  2.8 190884 29412 ?        S    00:38   0:02 kdesktop [kdeinit]
23:22.49eSa|daniele   4008  0.0  0.7 107452  7236 ?        S    00:38   0:00 kio_file [kdeinit] file /tmp/ksocket-daniele/klauncherCojiya.slave-socket /tmp/ksocket-daniele/kdesktopaDhNDa.slave-socket
23:22.49eSa|root      7328  0.0  0.0   7224   812 pts/2    R+   01:21   0:00 grep kdesktop
23:23.28*** join/#kde kc8hfi (n=kc8hfi@
23:24.09*** join/#kde free-zombie (i=someone@tuxhacker/free-zombie)
23:24.25*** join/#kde sleepy (
23:24.36illogic-aleSa|: for more than 2 lines of text. please use a pastebin service
23:26.01*** join/#kde Gargantua (
23:26.16eSa|permissions on .kde/ are drwx------
23:26.23eSa|is this correct?
23:26.32GargantuaHi folkes.
23:26.33illogic-alFercho: by taskbar button do you mean the applet handles?
23:26.47Gargantuacan anyone tell me where to get kbounce for fedora?
23:26.57illogic-aleSa|: you are the only one who needs to have viewing permissions to your directories.
23:27.08Ferchoah, I found it, I'm doing it
23:27.13illogic-alGargantua: ask in the fedora channel
23:27.27illogic-alwhich would be #fedora
23:27.39illogic-alyou're welcome.
23:27.40Gargantuais there an offical website for it?
23:27.49illogic-alwebsite for fedora?
23:28.20Gargantuano for kbounce.
23:28.32illogic-aleSa|: so it seems kdesktop is already running. is your problem fixed?
23:28.34*** join/#kde sleepy (
23:28.48illogic-alGargantua: don't know. may google be thy guide brother.
23:29.38Gargantuahaha, ok, thanks anywho.
23:30.20*** join/#kde dallen (
23:31.53*** join/#kde fred (
23:31.54*** join/#kde User6581116 (
23:32.13*** join/#kde roberto (
23:32.39*** join/#kde BigEddy (
23:33.02illogic-alhola fred
23:33.13illogic-aland roberto
23:33.18illogic-aland BigEddy
23:34.22ct|kyleillogic-al: have you looked for where it sets the desktop paths
23:34.46*** join/#kde AmyRose (n=djb@unaffiliated/amyrose)
23:35.46ct|kyletried once
23:36.13ct|kyleit has to be somewhere in ~/.kde/share/config
23:37.28*** join/#kde bluelightning (
23:37.57illogic-alct|kyle: kcontrol > System Administration > Paths
23:38.25ct|kyleyes i know that but it should write to a file
23:38.37illogic-alit does.
23:39.08ct|kyleillogic-al: that would be the first thing to find
23:39.20illogic-alnot hard to find at all
23:39.33*** join/#kde Maniac_57 (
23:39.40ct|kylewhere then?
23:39.52Sho_ct|kyle: That's not going to get you different paths per virtual desktop, though
23:40.07ct|kylei know
23:40.12illogic-alsomewhere in .kde/config obviously. so you just need to look
23:40.22ct|kylebut the paths could potentualy be set using that
23:40.23*** join/#kde killown (n=killown@unaffiliated/killown)
23:40.28illogic-alI'm not going to do it for you, if that's what you're waiting for.
23:40.48*** join/#kde koyote (
23:40.49Crimsonthreadbe nice
23:40.50BigEddyillogic-al: hello there - sorry for the delay - was elsewhere for a while
23:40.54Sho_Well if it's the default it's not going to be anywhere in ~/.kde, obviously
23:41.21Sho_If you change the path to deviate from the global default, then a record of that will be made in a user-local config file
23:41.41illogic-alyou can change it from the default, search for the change you made in ~/.kde/config, and find out which file changes.
23:41.52*** join/#kde Der_Horst (
23:42.01illogic-althen search for that file, or references to it in kdebase.
23:42.13*** join/#kde eros (
23:42.26Sho_illogic-al: I did already give him a pointer to the relevant C++ source file earlier
23:42.31illogic-alheh. i guess me 'n Sho_ were thinking the same thing.
23:42.45illogic-alSho_: ah. didn't realize that.
23:42.52ct|kyleya he did
23:43.48illogic-althen why are you still asking for it?
23:44.05Sho_ct|kyle: basically all you need to do is change the implementation of KDIconView::desktopURL() to be vd-aware
23:44.44Sho_now look at that, it seems to be already
23:44.58Sho_apparently you can use Desktop<VD#> directories
23:45.30*** part/#kde Maniac_57 (
23:45.42Sho_although that might be for X screens rather than VDs, currently
23:45.55Sho_well, trial'n'error, and if it doesn't work, poke desktopURL() a bit further
23:47.49ct|kyleok Sho_ and illogic-al thanks i think i can get it now, hopefully
23:48.23Sho_ct|kyle: You'll notice that KDIconView::desktopURL() references KGlobalSettings::desktopPath(), which returns the KControl setting
23:48.50Sho_KGlobalSettings is in kdelibs, apidox are on
23:52.29*** join/#kde killown (n=killown@unaffiliated/killown)
23:58.09GargantuaIs it possible to make Kommand transparent?
23:58.58killownI am installing kmldonkey but it ask for nucleo?? what's mean?
23:59.56*** join/#kde tso (

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