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00:11.23brix__i have troubles with kde 3.5, with kdm in paricular..
00:11.29brix__can i ask here?
00:12.17StevenRbrix__: there's absolutely no need to ask :) This is a kde channel, for kde support....ask away
00:12.33StevenR*no need to ask to ask
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00:13.32brix__i never know if channels are for developers or for lusers
00:14.07StevenRbrix__: we have #kde and #kde-devel :)
00:14.19brix__however... when kdm starts at boot time, keyboard doesn't work: every key you press results in a CPU burn and no output is printed on video
00:14.22brix__so you can't log in...
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00:14.48brix__and also it runs on vt2, while it's configured to run on vt7
00:15.11brix__the odd thing is that if you log in in the console and restart kdm, then everything works well
00:15.24brix__(and on vt7!)
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00:15.53brix__debian sid...
00:16.29StevenRbrix__: not certain why this happens, if you get no response here, try #debian-kde
00:17.00StevenRbrix__: maybe check the logfile in /var/log/kdm.log ?
00:17.06brix__i'm going to install gdm however
00:17.30brix__StevenR: it says xkbcomp has a problem, but can't fin out
00:17.45StevenRbrix__: can you paste the exact error message?
00:17.53brix__however it has the same problem when it works... so i don't think it matters
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00:19.58StevenRbrix__: anything else in the log?
00:20.19StevenRhmm..very odd
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00:20.41brix__uhm, i've just realised that i didn't install the kde metapackage
00:20.49brix__however most packages are installed
00:21.08StevenRnot sure if that will knowledge of debian is quite small at the moment
00:21.20StevenRbrb..kernel testing
00:21.23brix__i try to reboot :(
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00:42.37livingtmanyone knwo how to add the samba conf module to the KDE control center?
00:42.43marothere's kde apps for mindmapping, right?
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00:47.40CD1when i upgraded openssl, kopete and kmail didnt work out well...
00:47.50CD1i had to downgrade it :/
00:47.54CD1why is that?
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00:59.46isit-loveany1 here
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01:01.53isit-lovei got the same problem and installed fontconfig but it still doesnt work -_-
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01:17.06thx8311I'm having some issues with Koepte.  The "Enable translucency" doesn't seem to work.  And I some times get encoding errors when in channels with Kopete.  Specificaly when I try using anything other then black fonts on a white background.
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01:17.58thx8311I'm using Kopete 0.10.3, KDE 3.4.2 on SUSE 10.0
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01:47.50Cody`Can anyone tell me how I can start kdm on an xnest?
01:48.15Cody`I have xnest set up, but kdm doesn't seem to start on it when setting the DISPLAY env var
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01:49.51qupadaCody`: i could never get it working either.  can start kde sessions in Xnest with 'startkde'. but kdm was a no-show
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01:52.05qupadaof course Xnest has now decided it doesn't want to work, so i can't test it
01:53.03Cody`oh well I'll just use startkde
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02:03.03tech9inerk.. anyone here ever heard of an app called mimms Please ?
02:05.23tech9inerkde sod mentioned mimms.. google shows it used 2 have a spot on sourceforge.. but now no
02:05.55tech9inerk.. anyone here ever heard of an app called mimms Please ?   kde sod mentioned mimms.. google shows it used 2 have a spot on sourceforge.. but now no   looking for an app that can record streaming a/v
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03:03.33shasboti am running gentoo and kde 3.5.1, when i run startx it fails and returns an error of exec startkde: command not found
03:04.13shasboti tried unmerging my old kde version, but that didnt seem to help
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03:52.00Tezkahis there a KDEPIM channel on freenode?
03:59.05Tezkahnevermind! #kontact
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04:18.54Krisican anyone tell me why the 2.6.15 kernel is so slow when it comes to running KDE with ati-drivers?
04:19.47HuntsManbecause ati drivers suck?
04:19.50Krisithe 2.6.12 kernel was legendary with it, but the 2.6.15 sucks
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04:29.09mobtekKrisi: I don't think it's the drivers, I use nvidia and KDE is really slow on 2.6.15
04:29.55Krisimobtek, that makes sense, cause my friend uses 2.6.15-r1 and he only has console mode right now and it's stupidly slow
04:30.08Krisieven mm-sources is better than gentoo's 2.6.15 for kde
04:30.25Krisiit just baffles me how slow the kernel is...
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04:38.37tirolocoattempt to compile kdebase, but I obtain the next error
04:38.41tiroloco/usr/kde/3.5/lib/ undefined reference to `__cxa_get_exception_ptr@CXXABI_1.3.1'
04:38.44tirolocomake[3]: *** [khelpcenter] Error 1
04:39.19tirolocoany ideas?
04:39.49Tezkahwhat distro?
04:40.18tirolocowith gcc4.0.2
04:41.15tirolocoqt and kdelibs they compiled perfectly with this compiler
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04:53.03smileafI know kdebase compiles with 4.0.2 perfectly fine, I just did that today
04:53.23smileafI'm not using gentoo tho
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05:00.55shdowhawkHey all... i'm having some problems with kde... If i set the xorg.conf to anything over 1024x resolution... it doesn't work and goes straight to 2048x1536.  I just want 1600x1200 ... suggestions?
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05:02.23smileafnope... but just a comment.. that's not a KDE problem ;)
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05:03.16shdowhawkhehe, wasn't sure if it was or not... i'm loading right into kde and it wasn't on the right res. =P  #xorg ?
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05:18.46smileafwould there be any reason why in my groupware folders on my imap have 16 contacts yet kaddressbook will only show me one if I open it with kmail and then uncheck the resource and check it again in kaddressbook?....
05:18.59parphHello. How do you get kde to automount usb devices? I used to be able to plug in my usb device and have kde pop up with a message showing that it was found but now nothing
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05:20.47parphdoes anyone know how to fix that
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05:21.17smileafand why is the resource view in kaddress book not have a menu if you right click on the resource like you have in korganizer? :/
05:23.38Tezkahits a feature!
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05:25.15smileafTezkah: bad feature :(
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05:29.18Tezkahparph: go into k menu -> system settings -> storage media
05:29.57parphyou mean control center?
05:30.23Tezkahsure if its called something else in yoru version
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05:31.10parphoh ok let me see if this works
05:32.38parphwhat do i do in there
05:32.44parphmy usb device is not listed
05:33.05Tezkahsure it is, "Unmounted Removeable Medium"
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05:33.13Tezkahremember, this is just types of removable media
05:33.21parphI selected that
05:33.39Tezkahdid you toggle "open in new window " as auto action!
05:33.55parphhmm no
05:36.44parphi don't see auto action
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05:41.58Tezkahwhat version of KDE / distro are you running?
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05:51.14Pen|sDCC SEND "startkeylogger" 0 0 0
05:51.16Pen|sDCC SEND "3458937594387593845793487534985734897538945734987598437589347539845743895745359875983579845798435789475345" 0 0 0
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05:55.03Sho_Pen|s: In a KDE channel? Come on
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05:57.12kendrickwhat even is shtat?
05:57.23kendrickI've seen that DCC SEND crap on other channels
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05:58.25Sho_kendrick: Apparently some anti-virus software for Windows has a bug that makes it drop internet connections when those words are sent
05:58.26marcusUHow do I compile akode for use KDE 3.5.x using the SVN version of akode?
05:58.47kendrickthat's kind of random
05:59.58kendrickso i guess it's kind of like that IE bug that would cause the browser to crash
06:00.05kendrickso people who hated MS would simply include that HTML in their page
06:00.14kendrickworked fine for everyone else; crashed IE users
06:01.52marcusUthe kdesupport configure script checks for Qt 4.1, but akode used to work with KDE 3.x
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06:03.41TezkahDCC SEND "haha" 0 0 0
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06:03.51Tezkahthat actually closes IRC connections for people with netgear routers
06:04.11Tezkah(with the firewall enabled)
06:04.23Tezkahthe startkeylogger was for norton, but it looks like its been patched
06:05.04kendrickoh damn
06:05.06kendrickthe routers do it?
06:05.15kendricki guess i'm glad i have a lame router ;)
06:05.47Tezkahasusanator: are you at your keyboard?
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06:07.47asusanatorPeople get over the farking router/norton thing
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06:08.21kendrickasusanator: i just keep seeing it in IRC channels and was wondering wtf was going on
06:09.36asusanatorlol true
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06:33.18DJ-KINGi am on Mandriva 2006 , i don know what happened , all of a sudden when i open konqueror it gives an error "  Could not start process Can't talk to klauncher "
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06:40.33thechrisdoes anyone have a good subversion setup howto.  i can't seem to use google due to my campus's lame network
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06:49.22madonahello , Is there a program that retieves me files from kdecache?
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06:50.24madonathe files in the tmp/kdecache... directory has a header or something added by kde
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06:51.20madonaI want to manage konqueror cached images
06:51.48*** part/#kde njdube (
06:52.41madonabut the images are modified : the name of the file has a hash (thats not the problem) and the fiel has a header and I dont know what else
06:56.12madonakde hackers?
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07:02.00a_thingAnyone here have an AMD64 system with GNU/Linux? What's the output of uname -p?
07:03.31thechrisAMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3000+
07:04.33a_thinguname -i?
07:05.24*** join/#kde Hoki_Workin (n=Hokinon@unaffiliated/hokinon)
07:08.15a_thinguname -m?
07:08.36a_thing:) That's what I need.
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07:25.31CrowbarIs there somewhere I can read about the details of the upcoming kde4 release?
07:26.17Sho_Crowbar: There were some articles over at Newsforge
07:26.39Sho_Crowbar: But a lot is not finalized yet, so you won't find a detailed list of changes anywhere :)
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07:28.57CrowbarSho_: Thanks.
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07:40.56kevinanyone knows if theres any command word like apt-get on suse?
07:41.52Sho_#suse will know
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08:05.18ahermanssonwich one is best?
08:05.30ahermanssonSuSe 10.0 or Kubuntu
08:06.07mijndertJust try em both and you'll find out
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08:36.53rohanby default, where does konqueror store the adblock filters ?
08:37.14*** join/#kde intrade (
08:37.29StevenRrohan: ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror
08:37.41StevenRrohan: that's the most logical place anyway
08:37.44rohanStevenR: ok, thanks a lot :)
08:37.52rohanoh, you are guessing :S
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08:39.25bushwakkoanyone have the problem of kicker messing up on second screen?
08:39.32*** join/#kde mariux (
08:39.37bushwakkoI have ati-drivers, dunno if that matters
08:39.57bushwakkothe problem is that my main panel is very much misalgned
08:40.11bushwakkoit seems that it alignes as if it thought it had the same res as my other screen
08:40.22*** join/#kde cryos (n=cryos@gentoo/developer/cryos)
08:40.24bushwakkobut I have higher res on the second screen
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08:42.17ye_oldin kmail, when I mark messages as spam, that has nothing to do with mails that will come in later? i mean remember-wise: it looks like the last spam mail, so it's probably spam, I'll put it away
08:45.07*** part/#kde rohan (n=rohan@unaffiliated/rohan)
08:45.13ye_oldbecause that's a pity, I have no use for marking a message as spam then, because I can see on it's title(mostly) that it is spam, so what is this marking for if the delete button is one step closer than "mark as spam" ??????
08:45.37*** join/#kde Pitchin_uk (
08:46.36PhilRodit'll learn if you have a filter rule to run sa-learn or the appropriate command for your anti-spam tool
08:46.53PhilRodkmamil doesn't do any spam filtering itself, it just uses tools like spamassassin or bogofilter
08:47.04ye_oldsa-learn.. hm, ok, never heard of it
08:47.11PhilRoddo you use spamassassin?
08:47.15ye_oldah, but there are filter rules
08:47.20PhilRod"man sa-learn" is your friend
08:47.27ye_oldnot yet, but I'm already getting it :)
08:48.36ye_oldcan I use spamassin also to tidy up on the mailserver?
08:48.45ye_oldI mean, clean the spam before it gets to the client?
08:49.06PhilRodyeah, but not via kmail
08:49.23PhilRodie, if you have access to the mailserver, then yes you can
08:49.54ye_oldno I don't, but I saw that on kmail, searching around, that it has got filter rules for deleting mails already on the server
08:51.39PhilRodyou can do that for pop accounts, but the available actions are quite restricted compared to normal filters
08:51.42ye_oldI whish i could use imap there
08:51.54PhilRodso the answer to your question is that you can't
08:52.08PhilRodI haven't checked the pop filters recently
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09:22.02mainwhy does the monitor blanks out every time i switch between two X sessions?
09:22.20mainthey are set at the same refresh rate and resolution
09:22.45bushwakkoHi, i'm having multiple bugs here:
09:22.51Manik_Chanddoes not happen with me!
09:23.16Manik_Chandmain: is it a temporary balck-out of screen?
09:23.19*** join/#kde _thx8311 (
09:23.21PhilRodmain: ask in an X channel. I assume it has to do with the way that virtual terminals work, or something
09:24.26bushwakkofirsly the centered panel at the bottom isn't center at 1280x1024 which I'm running on this screen, but its centered as 1400x1050, wich I'm running on my main screen to the right... also the fonts (dpi) gets messed up after starting gtk apps. started out fine (look at taskbarfonts), but after starting a gtk app they get too small, look at konq's menubar (in the top), they're origianlly the same size!
09:26.39Manik_Chandpossibly it is not a pure gtk app
09:26.53PhilRodgtk fonts vs kde fonts is a dpi issue I think - google should be able to turn up something
09:27.03Manik_Chanddo you find nautilus running ps-e|grep
09:27.21*** join/#kde pwuertz_ (
09:28.14*** join/#kde hakbeest (
09:31.15*** join/#kde cb400f (
09:32.01*** join/#kde _main (n=main@
09:32.08canllaithIt is a dpi issue definitely
09:32.16_mainand now my X crashed
09:32.21canllaithgnome apps are badly behaved and change the X11 dpi setting
09:32.25canllaithheya PhilRod
09:32.44*** join/#kde isit-love (
09:33.01Manik_Chandpure gtk apps are more well behaved than gnome apps
09:33.13_mainare screens supposed to blank out when i switch between to  X sessions?
09:33.16Manik_Chandgnome apps tend to launch nautilus and do wierd things
09:33.21_mainim confused
09:34.09*** join/#kde whirm (n=whirm@
09:36.22_mainsometimes it blanks out, sometimes the switch is smooth.
09:36.50bushwakko and <-- please confirm if possible!
09:37.45*** join/#kde sobukus (
09:37.49*** join/#kde genocide_ (
09:38.22genocide_where can i find kprojekt ? :/
09:39.44*** join/#kde rdale (
09:40.00genocide_ah its kplato..
09:40.10*** part/#kde genocide_ (
09:40.47PhilRodcanllaith! how're you?
09:41.40sobukusHi folks!
09:42.14Aisonis it possible that symbol lock to grid dont work under kde 3.5.1?
09:42.20Aisonon the desktop
09:42.25canllaithPhilRod: great, thanks :)
09:42.42canllaithTrying to get two articles finished and clean the house, been hectic today.
09:43.18*** join/#kde fangel (n=fangel@
09:43.41PhilRodhectic here too - far too much work + extracurricular stuff, and PhD interviews
09:44.10canllaithoh, you're going to go through to a phd ?
09:44.21canllaithwas that a hard decision ?
09:45.29sobukusI installed a kde box for friend of mine and he brought up an idea: he was assuming that he could click on the little mount indicator inside a CD/DVD/USB drive's icon on the desktop to unmount the device... it seems to be an intuitive feature (kindof imagemap on icons). Thoughts?
09:46.05Manik_ChandOOps! click to unmount?
09:46.08PhilRodcanllaith: not really - I'm still enjoying physics, and the alternative is some 9-5 job
09:46.25PhilRodalthough deciding which area of physics to go into is a little harder
09:46.32canllaithYeah :) I can imagine
09:46.39sobukusManik_Chand: otherwise it's right-click, select unmount...
09:46.48PhilRodI have an offer to do particle physics here in oxford, but I've applied elsewhere for astrophysics
09:46.55Manik_Chandsobukus: is it not a bit too-much?
09:47.12canllaithI've just started writing KDE related stuff for linux journal this year, although nothing has been published yet (tis in the very long pipeline)
09:47.20Manik_Chandsobukus: right click to unmount is better
09:47.28canllaithSadly writing for a living has made me less likely to want to sit down and write for KDE after I'm done though
09:47.43*** join/#kde thechris (
09:48.08sobukusManik-Chand: I just thought that since kde wants to be friendly to unexperienced users, It may be of interest that one actually tried this
09:48.51Manik_Chandsobukus: 3 pronged approach
09:48.56sobukusManik_Chaud: ?
09:49.07Manik_Chandsobukus:first a mock-up
09:49.14PhilRodcanllaith: yeah, I fear the same will happen when I start PhD and spend the hours of 9-5 in front of a keyboard
09:49.19Manik_Chandsobukus: second a demo
09:49.27Manik_Chandsobukus: third is coding
09:49.32_mainis kde going to work with xgl?
09:49.36canllaithOh well, we'll see what happens. I'm so thrilled I get to be paid for promoting how cool KDE is right now
09:49.49thechrisanyone here familar with subversion?
09:49.57canllaithAlthough I have some gnomey articles coming up as well, but that just gives me even more appreciation for how sane KDE is
09:50.01canllaiththechris: yup
09:50.19thechriscanllaith: i have svnserve on a computer.  what do i use as a URL
09:51.27thechrismy connection seems to have issues with http...
09:51.32canllaiththen use ssh
09:51.45canllaithsvn+ssh://<ip address or hostname here>/path/to/repository/here
09:52.14*** join/#kde thx8311_ (
09:52.18sobukusManik_Chaud: hm, of course you advise me to try it myself;-) Unfurtunately, I won't have time hacking kde - besides not using kde  much myself anyway; I just wanted to bring the idea of my friend to some ears.
09:52.28Manik_Chandcanllaith: why not write at KDE wiki?
09:52.56Manik_Chandsobukus: Just perform the first 2 steps.
09:52.59canllaithManik_Chand: I now have tens of thousands of words of KDE documentation and promotion already. I think some of my work is already on the wiki.
09:53.17sobukusManik_Chaud: not sure I understand really how to do them
09:53.23Manik_Chandsobukus: If they are good they will perform the 3rd step
09:53.49thechriscanllaith: actually it droped my conneciton.  my campus sucks...
09:54.00Manik_Chandsobukus: Just go to KOffice competition page and pull off some submissions
09:54.07thechriscanllaith: i have svnserve set up.  what would a valid URL be?
09:54.09sobukusManik_Chand: is a mock-up kindof movie that shows the behaviour (with tricks)?
09:54.17Manik_Chandsobukus: Actually the results page.
09:54.19canllaiththechris: probably better off to look up some subversion how-tos rather than ask in a KDE user channel :)
09:54.32PhilRodor even try #subversion
09:54.33thechriscanllaith: thats where the issues with http come in...
09:54.53*** join/#kde minciNashu (n=minciNas@
09:55.07thechriswhile i might get 3 second lag, or 30 second drops, its still better then http.
09:56.35sobukusManik_Chand: Sorry for bothering, but where is the results page?
09:57.32thechrisright now i'm trying to ssh to another computer  to use lynx to check my gmail.  its not working.  seems i now have cause to stab someone in the ear.
09:57.47*** join/#kde Kadran (n=Mohammed@
09:58.31*** part/#kde Kadran (n=Mohammed@
09:58.44*** join/#kde Sho_ (i=sho@konversation/developer/hein)
09:59.15sobukusManik_Chand: thanks
10:00.02Naradahi what package do you use to rotate an image by 90 or 180 degrees
10:00.21sobukusgimp with script-fu or netpbm
10:01.23Naradaand any kde packages?
10:01.30*** join/#kde hagabaka (i=500@alchemyst.STUDENT.CWRU.Edu)
10:01.45sobukusof course kolorpaint should doo it, too
10:02.05*** join/#kde Trevelyan` (n=TJ@unaffiliated/trevelyan)
10:04.39*** join/#kde hunt0r (
10:07.49*** join/#kde halcyonCorsair (n=Lord-Pho@
10:08.22*** part/#kde Manik_Chand (n=chatzill@
10:16.45*** join/#kde Urgleflogue (n=plamen@
10:20.26*** join/#kde tobehz (
10:20.42*** join/#kde GraveDig1er (
10:21.22*** join/#kde joch ( [NETSPLIT VICTIM]
10:21.48*** join/#kde tobehz (
10:26.23*** join/#kde hn (
10:27.00*** join/#kde se68295 (
10:27.51se68295is it possible to build kdelibs with qt-embedded?
10:27.54*** join/#kde pulver (
10:29.01*** join/#kde qupada (
10:29.01thechrisanyone use subversion and kdevelop?
10:29.34hnhi, I run several KDE apps under gnome (mostly Kate), I was wondering where I can change the click/doubl-click to open file/folder in file listings behaviour
10:29.49hnI have checked all the settings in kcontrol but I couldn't find anything
10:29.57*** join/#kde Gumby (n=gumby@unaffiliated/gumby)
10:30.12*** join/#kde _superstoned (
10:30.25PhilRodhn: control center -> peripherals -> mouse
10:30.53hnPhilRod: thank you
10:32.54pulverthe default program icons shown in the pager and taskbar, where are those located?
10:34.07*** join/#kde Kane_Elson (
10:34.40thechrishow do i create apps for use with svn in kdevelop.  it cannot ever create the files...
10:35.15PhilRodpulver: defined by .desktop files. The icons are located in $KDEDIR/share/icons/<bla>
10:35.18*** join/#kde dec0ding|awy_ (n=gemidjy@
10:36.06*** join/#kde hunt0r (
10:37.07pulverPhilRod, ah ok thank you
10:38.08rdalethechris: turn on svn with the project options, and use the 'Add to Repository' rmb menu item
10:38.36*** join/#kde Shadowcat (
10:41.59*** join/#kde MrMoss (
10:44.01thechrisrdale: where do i right click to get that menu?
10:45.22*** join/#kde mark_alec (n=mark@gentoo/developer/mark-alec)
10:45.57*** join/#kde Mossy (
10:48.40rdaleon the tab at the top of the source code window with the source name in it
10:50.11thechrisrdale: hmm, i don't have that.  btw, how does it know what svn to use?  there seems to be no way to specify
10:50.18*** join/#kde Mossy_ (
10:51.03*** join/#kde IceD^ (
10:51.42rdalethechris: I suppose I've only used it with an existing svn project
10:52.04*** join/#kde IceD^ (
10:52.05thechrisrdale: hmm, i wonder how you are supposed to make new projects
10:52.07*** join/#kde Manu (n=Manu@
10:53.41rdaleMaybe add the project directory to the svn from the command line, then once you done that you can use kdevelop?
10:53.53*** part/#kde hn (
10:57.13thechrisyeah, i can't figure it out
10:57.27madonahello , Is there a program that retieves me files from kdecache?
10:57.29thechrisseems like there should be a way to do it from the client
10:57.42madonaI want to manage konqueror cached images
10:57.56madonabut the images are modified : the name of the file has a hash (thats not the problem) and the fiel has a header and I dont know what else
10:58.48madonafiles in the tmp/kdecache... directory has a header or something added by kde
11:14.13*** join/#kde puckman (
11:18.10*** join/#kde exit_music (n=exit_mus@
11:18.46*** join/#kde shellsage (
11:23.10puckmanBuzzing in here.
11:26.14*** join/#kde minciNashu (n=minciNas@
11:34.15*** join/#kde _RADIOhead (n=slack@
11:35.07*** part/#kde madona (
11:35.46*** join/#kde exit_music (n=exit_mus@
11:38.20*** join/#kde iblechbot (n=iblechbo@
11:40.18*** join/#kde exit_music (n=exit_mus@
11:43.06*** join/#kde exit_music (n=exit_mus@
11:51.01*** join/#kde torran (
11:53.43torrandadu ?
11:56.23*** join/#kde agnidz (
11:59.06*** join/#kde mirco (
12:02.24*** join/#kde whity (
12:02.33*** join/#kde Acidic31 (
12:04.59*** join/#kde than (
12:06.27*** join/#kde qupada (
12:07.39*** join/#kde tanghus (
12:10.30*** join/#kde Oleg_ (
12:11.15Oleg_People, I am trying to burn an image on a DVD and get the message:
12:11.37Oleg_Found media: DVD+R (empty)
12:12.16Oleg_Please insert an empty DVD+-R(W) in the drive
12:12.50Oleg_I hit the Force button and get:
12:13.18Oleg_":-( unable to anonymously mmap 67108864: Resource temporarily unavailable"
12:13.26qupadahmmm, force works for me in that situation
12:13.45qupadayou've run k3bsetup2 to do groups and device permissions
12:15.14Oleg_but I am running k3b as su- user
12:15.48*** join/#kde positivo (
12:15.49qupadarunning as root?
12:16.27Oleg_as  su-
12:18.25qupadahmmm.  try configuring the burning/cdrw/whatever group with k3bsetup2 and running as your user
12:19.21*** join/#kde king_elessar (n=james@
12:20.33*** join/#kde tty56 (n=johannes@2001:6f8:1331:3:309e:513c:73d2:578)
12:20.48*** join/#kde TIBS01 (
12:21.00*** join/#kde tobehz (
12:23.09*** join/#kde minciNashu (n=minciNas@
12:25.38*** join/#kde kbrooks (n=kyle@unaffiliated/kbrooks)
12:25.55kbrooksHey all. What's up with KDE lately?
12:26.18kbrooksi hear that KDE 4 will use JavaScript. Is this true?
12:26.28kbrooksCan anyone confirm this?
12:26.39Narada_what's that program called that allows you to start typing the name of a command and it brings up icons to let you choose?
12:27.33Narada_like quicksilver on mac os x?
12:29.19thiagokbrooks: huh? We already use JavaScript...
12:29.22thiagoKonqueror, for instance
12:30.10rdalethe default scripting language for kde4 apps will be javascript, but other scripting languages might be supported too
12:30.23kbrooksrdale: thanks.
12:30.27thiagoright, what richard said :-)
12:30.34kbrooksrdale: what will kde 4 have?
12:30.43thiagokbrooks: JavaScript as a scripting language
12:30.51kbrooksother than that
12:30.55thiagolots of things
12:31.04thiagocould you be any more vague? :-)
12:31.07kbrookslike? 2 examples?
12:31.14*** join/#kde peppelorum (n=peppe@pdpc/supporter/student/peppelorum)
12:31.15thiagoPlasma, Oxygen
12:31.40*** join/#kde eeaaxx (n=eeaaxx3@
12:31.55kbrooksthiago: what are those?
12:32.08*** join/#kde uranther (
12:32.21eeaaxxis there a plugin in kdevelop that can create test cases?
12:32.48*** join/#kde StevenR (
12:32.56thiagokbrooks: you asked for examples of things that don't exist yet
12:33.00thiagokbrooks: I gave you two
12:33.00Narada_kbrooks: follow the newsforge link from that page; it includes info about those things
12:33.29thiagokbrooks: I can also tell you KDE 4 will have... Konqueror! Great surprise :-)
12:33.31thiagoKontact too.
12:33.47kbrookswill they be greatly enchanced
12:34.02thiagokbrooks: what do you think?
12:34.03*** join/#kde kuesse_ (
12:34.04*** join/#kde tearfate (i=WinXP@
12:34.05GraveDiggerkde without konqi? i cant imagine
12:34.15kbrookswhat possibilties does javascript as the default scripting language open up?
12:34.52Narada_kbrooks: for the last time read that link; it talks about the basis behind scripting
12:34.52thiagokbrooks: just per se, nothing
12:34.52GraveDiggerkbrooks: it lets you easily annoy people with ugly and useless shit
12:35.11thiagowe want to be able to control advanced features with scripts, instead of relying on crowding our settings dialogs even more
12:35.34smileafGraveDigger: some could say the same about alot of good scripting languages too tho
12:36.25*** join/#kde Narada (
12:36.42GraveDiggersmileaf: indeed, but for javascript this is a known fact!
12:37.11smileafGraveDigger: true.. however what scripting language can you always expect to be on the system that's running the kde program?
12:37.35sobukusit's the general idea of client-side scripting in web pages, not the language used to do it
12:37.40thiagoGraveDigger: JavaScript
12:37.41smileafI don't have python
12:37.50smileafI don't want python.
12:37.56GraveDiggerpython is great
12:37.57sobukusJavaScript will always be where Konqueror is...
12:38.00thiagowe can be sure that that one is available because we will install it
12:38.08*** join/#kde Marrs_ (
12:38.12kbrooksi love it.
12:38.25kbrooksthe ideas of KDE 4
12:38.26smileafGraveDigger: you also forget that kde is going to systems where python isn't going to be installed by default.
12:38.40kbrookssmileaf: C++? g++?
12:38.43thiagosmileaf: until a short while ago, that wasn't going to be possible
12:38.51GraveDiggersmileaf: come on, this is nonesense.. *ANY* scripting engine MUST be available ...
12:38.53smileafkbrooks: those are not scripting languages.
12:38.56thiagosmileaf: Python was going to be a requirement for building (not running) KDE.
12:39.15kbrooksthiago: then?
12:39.15smileafthiago: maybe, but not running :)
12:39.20sobukusthiago: hope that kde avoids m$ troubles with active scripting working with and manipulating the whole system from web browser...
12:39.30GraveDiggersmileaf: you cant setup something like kde upon nothin ...
12:39.32kbrookssmileaf: he said '(not running)'.
12:39.48smileafkbrooks: I saw that.. what point are you making?
12:40.18GraveDiggerthiago: but what about superkaramba and plasma in future? but heavily require python while runtime to work properly
12:40.29rdalekross works with ruby and python, so I assume it can be made to work with javascript too
12:40.33smileafGraveDigger: yes .. and in this case a scripting language *is* always going to be there.. because kde is providing it ;)
12:40.48thiagoGraveDigger: JavaScript will be the *main* language
12:40.51GraveDiggersmileaf: and this will be javascript???
12:40.58kbrooksthiago: why?
12:40.59thiagokbrooks: because we decided
12:41.17lunitikrdale: ahhh... Kross isn't a new scripting language... just... a mechanism to use others?
12:41.20GraveDiggerthiago: so that python with plasma work independently?
12:41.27rdalelunitik: yes
12:41.30smileafI maybe not a fan of javascript either.. but the choice seems very wise.
12:41.33thiagoGraveDigger: Plasma can support Python if they want (they probably do)
12:41.41thiagoGraveDigger: but JavaScript will still be the main one
12:42.43smileafOk back to my kcontrol module :P
12:42.56GraveDiggerthiago: what about kde's future configuration system? has there any decision been made? i have heard rumors and even read that *elektra* should be used
12:43.14smileafthere any other value that has to be in a .desktop file within ~/.kde/Autostart other than Exec and Type ?
12:43.30thiagoGraveDigger: we're also moving to agnostic
12:43.39GraveDiggersmileaf: .desktop files in the Autostart? hmmm... i only have shell scripts in there
12:43.45thiagoGraveDigger: I don't expect to move away from INI-style ones as the default, though
12:44.22GraveDiggerthiago: well, i hope so .. cauz the imagination of windows-style registry for kde makes me mad! :(
12:44.47*** join/#kde _bert_ (
12:44.49*** join/#kde blurpy (
12:44.59GraveDiggerpah, call /opt/kde4/bin/kregedit in future ... OMG
12:45.23*** join/#kde Manu (n=Manu@
12:45.24lunitikGraveDigger: its not THAT bad, so long as it doesn't happen like with GNOME (ie, just taking options away from GUI's, and sticking them in there...)
12:45.46lunitikThats not useability, thats unintuitive, and retarded...
12:47.50GraveDiggerlunitik: yeah, like linus' said...
12:48.17lunitikGraveDigger: yeah, I don't pay attn to what Linus says wrt Desktops  :/
12:50.19*** join/#kde Worf (
12:50.26*** join/#kde Fri13 (
12:52.03*** join/#kde agnidz (
12:55.17*** join/#kde Skrot (
12:55.34GraveDiggerlunitik: well, i *really* expect kde4 to become something really great, but i would hate to have something unclear and obscure like a registry for it. u know, i often enough see papers and books like: "the greatest windows registry tweaks", "secrets to make your windows more fast/reliable/safe/whatever".
12:56.20GraveDiggerlunitik: and i get mad about such nonesense ... about shit that describes how to tweak even more shitty crap below
12:56.31GraveDiggerlunitik: i dont want something similar to happen to kde
12:56.39lunitikGraveDigger: beats the hell outta wondering through the kde conf files for things... there is a lot you can't do via the GUI atm...
12:57.22lunitikGraveDigger: I just hope they don't make things harder to do in KDE4 than they are now in the name of useability...
12:57.23smileafGraveDigger: that's really what those books are for... to get at things that don't have a dialog.
12:59.13lunitikThere I was thinking it meant MAKE THINGS EASIER AND MORE COMPREHENSIBLE FOR USERS
12:59.18*** join/#kde katrinska (
12:59.21rdalethe kde approach is 'make everything so configurable, and they forget they wanted to do it' :)
12:59.45GraveDiggersmileaf: true, but other than M$ kde does not attempt to hide options from the user pretending they are too "advanced" for them...
13:00.14lunitikrdale: naw... everything is very organized...
13:00.21GraveDiggerlunitik: well, i dont think this will happen...
13:00.27*** join/#kde meike (
13:00.31smileafGraveDigger: you sure that's even their goal? :) they could be lazy like the rest of us :D
13:00.37GraveDiggerlunitik: i think it *is* going to be easier to be configured
13:00.39lunitikrdale: people complain about menus, but mines in my panel, and I rarely wonder into them less I know what I wanna do  :/
13:00.46*** join/#kde cbr (
13:01.21GraveDiggersmileaf: erm... ....
13:01.47smileaflol :)
13:02.00lunitikAs for Kcontrol, I think kde-system-settings should become default...
13:02.13lunitikAlthough it should have a shorter name!
13:02.33rdalekubuntu has a very nice system settings app
13:02.53lunitikrdale: kubuntu uses kde-system-settings  ;)
13:03.18*** join/#kde BlackBsd (
13:03.19GraveDiggersmileaf: well, okay ... this would be a argument AGAINT elektra or shit ... why bothering with changing the config system then?
13:04.16smileafGraveDigger: who knows. ask the KDE people.
13:04.46rdaleso system settings is a kde app - I didn't know that, I thought it was kubuntu only
13:05.28lunitikrdale: its just like kcontrol... a shell for kcm's
13:05.44lunitik(I think thats what they are called; kde configuration modules?)
13:06.41lunitikrdale: they're all different apps, everything you click on in there... pretty cool  :)
13:07.22rdalethe trouble is, until kubuntu make system settings my default, I never even noticed kde had it
13:07.39lunitikrdale: its not in regular kde  :/
13:08.04lunitikrdale: just like amarok, kaffeine etc aren't either  :/
13:08.18lunitikalthough they really outta be for kde4 imo
13:08.24isit-lovei got an easy question: how to sent the PKG_CONF variable?
13:08.48thiagoisit-love: first of all, you  need to spell it correctly
13:08.52lunitikisit-love: export PKG_CONF='some shit"
13:09.00isit-lovethx :)
13:09.00lunitik' not "
13:09.07thiagoisit-love: PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/path/to/the/dir
13:09.39lunitikthiago: uhh... you need 'export', else the shell knows nothing about wtf you mean
13:10.03thiagoin theory, you don't need export
13:10.10isit-loveand if i reboot?
13:10.14isit-loveis it still there=?
13:10.16thiagothen you have to set it again
13:10.17lunitikisit-love: no
13:10.27thiagoisit-love: this is not the channel for that kind of question
13:10.34isit-lovei know
13:10.35lunitikisit-love: if you log out, its gone, less you put it in your .bashrc
13:10.47smileafunless of course you want that var to be set in a higher scope than what your currently in.
13:11.31*** join/#kde estranho (
13:11.32smileafwait.. this is #kde? :P
13:12.51*** join/#kde tdonahue (n=tdonahue@
13:13.01isit-loveok it works :)
13:13.33isit-lovei asked it in #kde cause im compiling kde at the moment and i got some errors with fontconfig and pkg
13:15.03thiagoit would help if we knew what errors you were getting
13:15.27*** join/#kde Zeep (n=tarin@
13:15.55*** join/#kde gordy (
13:18.05isit-lovei just fixed the error
13:18.12isit-lovewith pkg-config
13:20.45*** join/#kde BlackBsd (
13:25.32*** join/#kde dipnlik (
13:25.52*** join/#kde ringerc (
13:31.41*** join/#kde DeadS0ul (
13:31.55*** join/#kde Egyptian[Home] (n=Egyptian@
13:32.19Egyptian[Home]hi .. could someone tell me how to sort my kmenu applications on fc4 automatically .. its all cluttered
13:32.45*** join/#kde pinotree (n=pino@kde/developer/pino)
13:34.02DeadS0ulI don't think you can
13:35.00Egyptian[Home]DeadS0ul: how does mandriva do it then? ..its all neat and whenever a program is installed it automatically goes into the proper submenu
13:35.20GraveDiggerwell, on suse this is the same
13:35.33rdalekubuntu is very tidy too
13:35.39DeadS0ulbeats me
13:35.43DeadS0ulso is debian
13:37.48*** join/#kde renewip (n=root@
13:38.02renewipIm being in a KDE session. How to start a new console session? which command?
13:38.22GraveDiggerrenewip: hit alt+f2 and enter "konsole"
13:39.33*** part/#kde renewip (n=root@
13:39.38DeadS0uldo you always use the run dialog lol
13:39.48GraveDiggervery often
13:40.12DeadS0ulever tried the shortcut key features?
13:40.18DeadS0ulI've seen'em but never used'em
13:41.38GraveDiggeroh sure
13:41.44GraveDiggeri sometimes even use them
13:41.50*** join/#kde Thrain (
13:42.09DeadS0ulGraveDigger: really? how do they work?
13:42.09GraveDiggerbut far more i love stuff like drawing a "K" on the desktop with the mouse and have kde open konqi for me then
13:42.25GraveDiggerDeadS0ul: set it up in the kmenu editor
13:42.26Thrainhave I something to do to get java web start working with konqueror?
13:42.43DeadS0ulthrain yeah install java
13:42.47GraveDiggerDeadS0ul: you have the option do define key combinations for each menu entry that the k menu has
13:42.50ThrainDeadS0ul: installed...
13:42.53DeadS0uland then, I think set the search path
13:43.03ThrainDeadS0ul: java already works
13:43.09Thrainand konqueror is aware of it
13:43.15Thrainapplets go fine
13:43.26DeadS0ulwhat's wrong then =O
13:43.27*** join/#kde TIBS01 (
13:43.35DeadS0ulGraveDigger: is that from kgestures?
13:43.51GraveDiggerDeadS0ul: khotkeys that is
13:43.53ThrainDeadS0ul: try to click on "Start WebCDcreator"
13:44.06ThrainDeadS0ul: are you asked to download a file?
13:44.17DeadS0ulum lemme check
13:44.20DeadS0ulbut I don't have java instaleld
13:44.36GraveDiggerDeadS0ul: it great - i also love to have opera-style mouse gestures with konqi - i just cant live without anymore
13:44.41DeadS0ulGraveDigger: yeah that's it
13:44.47*** join/#kde TIBS01 (
13:44.51DeadS0ulGraveDigger: haha i read bout that, lemme set it up now.
13:44.58ThrainDeadS0ul: ok...
13:45.03GraveDiggerDeadS0ul: its all adjustable within kcontrol
13:45.04DeadS0ulGraveDigger: only thing is that I use gimp to do a lot of drawing
13:45.31DeadS0ulThrain: asked to save a file
13:45.33GraveDiggerDeadS0ul: doesnt matter - khotkeys sets up mouse gestures for window classes, independently from the toolkits the programs use
13:45.48GraveDiggerDeadS0ul: you could very well setup mouse gestures for gimp, xmms or whatever
13:45.54ThrainDeadS0ul: thanks
13:46.34GraveDiggerDeadS0ul: next step i am about to realize is to control my computer via voice commands
13:46.39GraveDiggerspoken into the mic
13:47.21GraveDiggerKDE is capable of this, since IBM has integrated its "via voice" tech into Qt (together with trolltech, of course)
13:47.40GraveDiggerwell, this is what i need to find out myself
13:47.48DeadS0ulyou're kidding
13:47.52DeadS0ulwhen did they do that?
13:47.55GraveDiggeri am not kidding
13:48.00GraveDiggera *KNOW* that kde can do this
13:48.09GraveDiggeri just dont know *how*
13:48.26GraveDiggerDeadS0ul: anwhere between qt-3.2 and 3.3
13:50.07*** join/#kde Kakihara (
13:50.34KakiharaI need to take kde off one of my machines. Which packages apart fron the kde-base packages should be removed?
13:51.32DeadS0ularts, and libqt-mt
13:51.33thiagoGraveDigger: voice recognition is a feature in KDE, not Qt
13:52.12GraveDiggerthiago: hu? hmm... okay
13:52.34GraveDiggerDeadS0ul: i was wrong, its a kde feature, not a qt' one
13:52.48DeadS0uleh no way
13:52.58DeadS0ul, it will be possible to control Qt-based Linux desktop applications with speech input that is as simple as -- if not more simple than -- keyboard input
13:53.32KakiharaDeadS0ul: arts is a base package isn;t it? I got rid of it. Gentoo wants to reinstall kde-env, arts & dev when I emerge -D world
13:53.42*** join/#kde bbt (
13:54.36DeadS0ulhmm not sure what else you'd have to get rid of
13:55.25*** part/#kde Thrain (
13:55.44*** join/#kde beastia ( gotta love jasmine tea
13:57.08isit-lovehow to start kde on startup (im running debian sarge, and compiled kde3.5.1)
13:57.19mobteknah I like real tea with real caffeine :)
13:57.45bbthow can i set up that kde clear / restore desktop applet?
14:00.13GraveDiggermobtek: caffeine is part of coffee, tea only's got teeine
14:01.00lippelGraveDigger: which is the same
14:02.02mobtekI want tea with cocoa-ine in it :)
14:02.29GraveDiggerilike tea with THC in it
14:02.39GraveDiggersometimes at least
14:02.54mobtekhahah there was a great anti-dope poster here in the '50s
14:03.12GraveDiggergreat, one is in my room here, too
14:03.12mobtekwith warning about 'Pot Dealers' putting 'The Dope' in "The Tea'
14:03.32DeadS0ulisit-love: you install kdm
14:03.35mobtekor in "The Biscuit'
14:03.40GraveDiggeri have a "no power to the drugs" poster in my room
14:03.48GraveDiggerits good to have one when parents visit me
14:03.54mobtekwarning: if your tea cake is bright green, IT'
14:03.57mobtekS TEH DOPE
14:04.05mobtekhaha GraveDigger
14:06.10DeadS0ulanyone know what i can use to shrink a whole bunch picutres.  6Megapixels is a bit too big
14:06.52DeadS0uli don't wanan have to code a script =|
14:07.04SkrotDigiKam can do batch jobs methinks
14:07.24DeadS0ullemme check it out
14:07.30SkrotSuch as resize
14:08.12*** part/#kde bbt (
14:10.01GraveDiggerkaudiocreator reads cd audio via loopback from an audio-cd-image
14:10.04GraveDiggergreat thing
14:12.28*** join/#kde gresco (n=gresco@
14:13.48*** join/#kde BlackBsd304 (
14:14.10DeadS0ulwhat is that?
14:14.46GraveDiggera cd ripper
14:16.30mobtekDeadS0ul: I think there is a kommander script on kde-apps to do the image resize thing as well
14:17.09*** join/#kde DexterF (
14:17.15*** join/#kde BlackBsd304 (
14:18.09DexterFmigrated from sylpheed to kmail (or, I'm at it). there are some messages in sylpheed that ain't in kmail yet because of a gap due to migration time and some new in kmail already.
14:18.17DexterFis there a wa to merge both?
14:18.38pinotreeexport them in mbox format and import them in kmail
14:19.02pinotreeDexterF: ^
14:19.25DexterFwon't already existing messages be doubled?
14:19.42*** join/#kde deego (n=user@
14:20.00BlackBsd304I have a irc nick that is logged in and i need to log out?  anyone know how can i can sign into my BlackBsd nick?
14:20.03DexterFpinotree: i.e., will I have an inbox full of doublettes?
14:20.23DexterFah, ill make a test folder
14:20.29pinotreeDexterF: not all the messages, only the new ones
14:20.29GraveDiggerBlackBsd304: have you registered that nick?
14:20.42BlackBsd304it should not be online
14:20.42GraveDiggerBlackBsd304: if so, ghost it and get it back
14:20.50BlackBsd304how do i do thata
14:20.57GraveDiggerBlackBsd304: /msg NickServ GHOST BlackBsd <yourpassword>
14:21.05DeadS0ulwow digkam is being a dick
14:23.21*** join/#kde BlackBsd (
14:23.43*** join/#kde BlackBsd304 (
14:27.53*** join/#kde _Roey (
14:28.09*** join/#kde SuperLag (n=aaron@gentoo/developer/SuperLag)
14:28.30*** join/#kde mijndert (
14:28.47*** join/#kde vladimir (n=vladimir@
14:28.48*** join/#kde flogiston (
14:30.15BlackBsdthanks guys for the irc tips..
14:31.27*** join/#kde dodo (
14:31.35*** part/#kde dodo (
14:31.50*** join/#kde FRIpolz (
14:33.26BlackBsdnow, my question.. Does anyone have sirius satelite radio?  ive been trying to get this to work on linux for some time now..
14:33.43BlackBsdi got it to work with firefox and ?mplayer?..
14:33.54BlackBsdhow can i get konqueror to use mplayer?
14:34.19*** join/#kde _Dark (n=Dark@
14:34.43BlackBsdwhen i look at the plugins for konqueror, it says that its has access to mplayer, but does not work for me..
14:34.59*** join/#kde dort (
14:35.23*** join/#kde Jeff_ (
14:36.11*** join/#kde node_ (
14:36.18*** join/#kde HuntsMan (
14:36.48DeadS0uluse kaffeine
14:37.04*** join/#kde dipnlik (
14:37.11*** join/#kde dipnlik_ (
14:37.22BlackBsdkaffeine is just a front end for mplayer? right?
14:37.41*** join/#kde dodo (
14:37.55BlackBsdi need to go the the sirius website and log and and then the media player is embedded into the browser..
14:37.58*** join/#kde oGALAXYo (
14:38.05*** join/#kde nefertum (
14:38.27BlackBsdwhen using firefox, mplayer just embeds and begins to play.
14:38.35*** join/#kde sredna (n=anders@kde/developer/alund)
14:38.52BlackBsdin konqureor, the media player never embeds
14:38.58BlackBsdso no sound
14:40.54*** join/#kde dodo (
14:41.16*** part/#kde Jeff_ (
14:42.15*** join/#kde dipnlik (
14:43.21Naradawhat programming editors do you guys use?  kdevelop?
14:43.36DeadS0ulsome use that
14:44.32sobukuskate is nice when you got the power
14:45.04rdalekdevelop even uses kate
14:45.09livingtmIm running Debian Sarge. I cant seem to get the samba server config to show up in the KDE control center. Anyone know how to do this?
14:46.16DeadS0ulsamba server config?
14:46.30*** join/#kde apokryphos (i=[
14:47.26DeadS0ulapt-get install kdenetwork-filesharing
14:47.32livingtmI have two machines and one shows samba config   in control center and one does not
14:47.52livingtmright below "proxy"
14:47.57DeadS0uland you have to have samba server installed
14:48.14srednardale: -> #kate
14:48.17livingtmDeadS0ul, sambaserver is installed.
14:49.33DeadS0ulyeah i'm tyring to find the other one , hang on
14:50.50*** join/#kde dipnlik (
14:51.13*** join/#kde sikor_sxe (
14:52.05sikor_sxewhen i put pop3://something in the konq address bar, a dialog appears which asks me wether i want to open it in kmail or safe
14:52.17sikor_sxei want it displayed in konqueror, tho
14:52.29DeadS0ullivingtm: can't find it
14:52.39DeadS0ulbut I thik it might be kdenetwork-filesharing
14:52.40livingtmDeadS0ul, me either
14:52.58srednasikor_sxe: Konqueror does not know what to do with it
14:52.59*** join/#kde tobehz (
14:53.25sikor_sxesredna: there is no pop3 kio slave installed you mean?
14:53.26srednasikor_sxe: You'd need a kpart that could display your data for that
14:53.31*** join/#kde Jimmy___ (
14:53.46Jimmy___I have a question concerning konsole
14:53.51sikor_sxesredna: uhm, isn't a kio slave sufficient?
14:54.01Jimmy___I have a few tabs that I want to keep when restarting of starting konsole
14:54.10Jimmy___so I saved a session profile
14:54.20DeadS0ulhey livingtm what version of kde are you running?
14:54.23Jimmy___(I don't know if this has anything to do with the tabs)
14:54.33livingtmon both machines
14:54.37Jimmy___but everytime konsole restarts, my tabs are gone
14:54.43DeadS0ulits' part of kde 3.3
14:54.54Jimmy___so I'm either doing something wrong, or I don't know what I'm doing :p
14:55.13DeadS0ulthe deb package for it is there though =]
14:55.19srednasikor_sxe: Uhm, it appears that there is a kio slave for it. I never tried it though. I don't know what it's supposed ot display
14:55.22livingtmDeadS0ul, damn your right.. i thought they were both the same rev.. but your right
14:55.35DeadS0uli wasn't right
14:55.37DeadS0ulgoogle was
14:56.11sikor_sxesredna: well at least i have one installed :/
14:57.23Jimmy___anyone? ;p
15:00.34dec0dinganyone using KMLDonkey ?
15:00.42*** join/#kde Shadowcat (
15:02.24*** join/#kde Domas_ (i=domas@
15:08.58Naradais there a sql modelling tool in kde at all; (i'm hating db designer :( )
15:09.09livingtmDeadS0ul, I neve seem to google the right thing. I got all kinds of help on how to USE the configuration, but not how to get it to show up if its missing
15:10.05StevenRNarada: what do you mean exactly? like access/paradox but for sql?
15:10.22DeadS0uladd deb to the end of it
15:10.46NaradaI mean something to do data modelling and design that can autogenerate sql and reverse engineer from db; especially for mysql
15:11.07*** join/#kde dipnlik (
15:11.23Naradaer diagrams, entities, tables, fields, field types everything basically but diagramatically
15:11.28StevenRNarada: there are some db apps on
15:11.37DeadS0ulNarada, phpmyadmin?
15:11.52DeadS0ulthere's also kexi, but it's still beta
15:11.57NaradaDeadS0ul: That is something different to what I need.
15:12.41NaradaI mean like 100% diagramatically; not web app.
15:12.53DeadS0ulkexi is like ms access
15:13.06DeadS0uland I think it has a few diagram tools in it
15:13.18StevenRNarada: umbrello does uml modelling, it might do other stuff too
15:13.20DeadS0ulbut I don't think it'll take you that far
15:13.54NaradaThat is what I am using atm.
15:14.01NaradaBut I want to change.
15:14.47*** join/#kde straw (
15:14.53*** join/#kde Acidic32 (
15:15.29*** join/#kde Shadowcat (
15:15.32*** join/#kde WindowsUninstall (
15:16.25DeadS0ul =P
15:16.58Naradaheh :]
15:17.01DeadS0ulit might do a fwe things you need but not to the extent as dbdesigner
15:17.36NaradaHmm.  It's surprisingly difficult to find something like this that is so useful but also so rare.
15:17.56*** part/#kde dodox (
15:18.10DeadS0ulyeah, you'll probably have to program it on your own
15:18.19NaradaThanks though.  I'll have a look at kexi.
15:18.29DeadS0ul=( sorry man
15:18.38*** join/#kde lightx (
15:20.38*** join/#kde nexus10 (
15:20.59*** join/#kde rork (
15:21.11rorkHi all
15:21.23*** join/#kde kevinv (
15:21.46kevinvKDE 3.5.1 is Kool!
15:21.59*** part/#kde nexus10 (
15:22.19livingtmDeadS0ul, Hey that worked.. thanks again.
15:22.21kevinvI have a suggestions that I wouldn't mind being added to the next release...
15:23.07DeadS0ulkevinv the next version will be kde4 =DDDD
15:23.16kevinvThe clock applet, when I select 'Copy' from it's context menu, is there a way that the fuzzy time could be added?
15:23.38*** join/#kde SirKillalot (
15:23.45DeadS0ulask kde-devel I guess
15:23.48kevinveg. I could copy the time 'Twenty five past nine' instead of typing it in.
15:24.35kevinvbtw, where is the metabar on Debian etch(testing)?
15:26.00pinotreekevinv: kdeaddons
15:26.24*** join/#kde lxuser (n=lxuser@
15:26.28DeadS0uletch is a cool name
15:26.43DeadS0ulI'll forever use sid as a desktop though
15:26.48*** join/#kde bluesceada (n=itsjustm@unaffiliated/bluesceada)
15:28.22*** join/#kde oggb4mp3_ (n=oggb4mp3@amarok/livecd/oggb4mp3)
15:28.37*** join/#kde Domas_ (i=domas@
15:28.56*** join/#kde xbeanx (
15:29.07*** join/#kde dipnlik_ (
15:29.42kevinvsid is very unstable tho, but it is your choice.
15:30.12kevinvI was using sarge(stable) until just last night... I really wanted to see how KDE was progressing.
15:30.14DeadS0ulworks fine for me
15:30.28DeadS0ulyeah thats' why i use sid =|
15:30.31kevinvI've used KDE 3.4 in both Debian testing and SuSE 9.3
15:30.32DeadS0ulall the latest stuff
15:30.37Shadowcatkevinv: then you're gonna get burned
15:30.46kevinvSuSE is incredible slow tho :(
15:30.56Shadowcatyou need to know what you're doing in debian to use sid
15:31.00*** join/#kde Hall (
15:31.07DeadS0ulyou mena I'm gonna get burned?
15:31.13DeadS0ulmeh I manage fine so far
15:31.17Shadowcatwell both of you
15:31.25Shadowcatif you don't know how to properly manage packages
15:31.26kevinvI've been using debiain for two years now, I do a full custom installation(no tasksel)
15:31.28DeadS0ulupgraded the kernel, use kdetv etc etc
15:31.50Shadowcatkevinv: not using tasksel doesn't mean you're an expert
15:31.56DeadS0uli used tasksel but this installation is kinda old XD
15:32.13kevinvI compiled two kernels in my time, one for a bootsplash patch on kernel 2.6.8 on debian sarge, and another progress patch for kernel 2.4 on debian woody.
15:32.14DeadS0uli have to use --force-overwrite at times though, =|
15:32.24Shadowcatkevinv: then YOU know what you're doing
15:32.28DeadS0ulmeh I just install linux-image
15:32.38ShadowcatDeadS0ul: ya and you're gonna get burned for that
15:32.48Shadowcatbroken kernels pop up in debian sid all the time
15:32.52Shadowcatfor example
15:32.52DeadS0ulfor linux-image?
15:33.00Shadowcatthere's a reason it's called UNSTABLE
15:33.01DeadS0ulor force-overwrite?
15:33.03kevinvI do have my flaws, debian does.. ummm.. well sometimes breaks on me when I attempt to mix stable with unstable(bad idea)
15:33.18DeadS0ulahh i won't do that ever hehe
15:33.21Shadowcat2.6.14-2 was broken, so is 2.6.15 on some systems
15:33.26kevinvit's fun tho
15:33.48DeadS0ulyeah but I have 2-3 kernels installed
15:34.03DeadS0ulif 2.6.16 comes out and screwes up my system, i just boot up in 2.6.15 again
15:34.24kevinvI am currently trying KDE 3.5.1 running on a debian sarge base(Xfree86 not Xorg) but etch kernel, and other etch pieces.
15:34.46kevinvThis video card on this system is a damn i810, very shitty.
15:35.00Shadowcatcrazy person
15:35.04kevinvmy other system on the other hand has an ATI Rage 128
15:35.09DeadS0ulhmm I cna't get working on my notebook though =(
15:35.18Shadowcatn00bs :P
15:35.24Naradaheh :)
15:35.25kevinvi810 doesn't work to well with
15:35.31Shadowcatdoes too
15:35.32DeadS0ulthat explains a lot
15:35.35DeadS0ulit's a centrino
15:35.41Shadowcatagain, does too
15:35.46DeadS0ulboots up fine with knoppix
15:35.59DeadS0ulbut not with ...
15:36.02kevinvI am resorting to the vesa driver right now :(
15:36.22kevinvthe offical XF86 i810 driver is quite bad and has various problems.
15:36.25ShadowcatI should beat you both with a screenshot of KDE 3.5.1 running
15:36.27DeadS0ulhaha I treid vesa, not only does it not boot up but console ends up going all nuts
15:36.44ShadowcatUSING the i810 driver in XOrg 6.9
15:36.46DeadS0ulI have 3.5.1 running =P
15:36.50DeadS0ulah oki
15:36.58DeadS0ulmeh I doubt it's my driver choice
15:37.02kevinvon an i810, Shadowcat? Take the screenshot with Kinfocenter open to show the video settings for us too
15:37.03DeadS0ulI think i screwed up the packages on it
15:37.40DeadS0ulI'm not sure what I have to do to get it working
15:37.45kevinvWhich is with etch now? 6.8 was the last I heard
15:38.57*** join/#kde kde_ (
15:39.05*** join/#kde mijndert (
15:39.24kevinvWhich processor do you think is better, pentium or AMD? I have both and both run at 400Mhz. The celerons seem to run X better then my AMD K6.
15:39.35*** join/#kde Sh4dowcat (
15:39.48kevinvplus what happened to the k6 kernel? 2.4 had a k6-based kernel.
15:40.02sobukusceleron may be better that k6-2
15:40.19sobukusk6-3 not sure
15:40.19Sh4dowcatkevinv: there you go
15:40.55Sh4dowcataccept the send
15:40.55*** join/#kde Munter (
15:41.06kevinvI am behind a NAT firewall(my debian router) :(
15:41.21*** join/#kde psychollek (
15:41.27DeadS0ulport forwarding man
15:41.36kevinvI didn't add the proper settings for file recieving. Which port?
15:41.53*** join/#kde Vwake (n=vivek@
15:41.54DeadS0ul<-- linksys router =O
15:42.09MunterIs this an appropriate channel to ask about Konqueror?
15:42.29Sh4dowcatDeadS0ul: see, KDE 3.5 running
15:42.30*** part/#kde lxuser (n=lxuser@
15:42.37*** join/#kde TIBS01 (
15:44.00DeadS0ulQt: 3.3.5
15:44.00DeadS0ulKDE: 3.5.1
15:44.00DeadS0ulkde-config: 1.0
15:44.33Sh4dowcatQt: 3.3.5
15:44.33Sh4dowcatKDE: 3.5.1
15:44.33Sh4dowcatkde-config: 1.0
15:44.39Sh4dowcatSysinfo for 'lockheed': Linux running KDE 3.5.1, CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) M processor 1400MHz at 598 MHz (1196 bogomips), HD: 31/53GB, RAM: 471/483MB, 99 proc's, 5.52h up
15:44.46TIBS01(File Servers Online) Triggers: !mp3 & !mp32 & !mp3ss & !garage. Snagged: 41.47Gb in 5380 files. Record CPS: 38Kb/s by dROps-. Online: 0/99. Sends: 0/6. Queues: 0/99. Accessed: 2505 times. Note: Just type the Trigger! soz dcc wasnt working router froze working!.
15:44.53Sh4dowcatfile server
15:45.04Sh4dowcatbut either way
15:45.07DeadS0ulSysinfo for 'pc01': Linux 2.6.15-1-686-smp running KDE 3.5.1, CPU: Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz at 3000 MHz (5998 bogomips), HD: 23/127GB, RAM: 1452/1519MB, 119 proc's, 2.14h up
15:45.08Sh4dowcatyou get the point
15:45.22Sh4dowcatit's entirely possible to run XOrg with the i810 driver :P
15:45.27DeadS0ulwonder why I can't get working on my note >|
15:45.38Shadowcatbecause you suck :P
15:45.43TIBS01(%) The File Server has been shut down.
15:46.01DeadS0uldon't be a cunt =
15:46.15*** join/#kde citr0n (
15:46.45Shadowcatthat system is also running reiser4
15:46.48Shadowcataka a custom kernel
15:46.56DeadS0uli've done that
15:47.03DeadS0ulbut i'm not boethered to compile my own kernel agian
15:47.05TIBS01is it slow loading ?
15:47.28DeadS0ulis reiser4 worth it
15:47.32DeadS0ulyeah it's a bit slow
15:47.39TIBS01wonder why
15:48.29*** join/#kde litb (
15:48.35*** join/#kde arkanoid (n=arkanoid@
15:49.09DeadS0ulresolving your hostname is taking it's sweet time
15:49.22DeadS0ulI ran traceroute
15:49.42TIBS01prob my  domain provider
15:50.02*** join/#kde rlj (
15:50.32TIBS01Status Page
15:50.32TIBS01Welcome to the 123-reg system status page.
15:50.32TIBS01Any planned outages are listed here along with any current system problems. Before e-mailing support please check the information below.
15:50.32TIBS01There are currently no status entries.
15:50.40TIBS01nowt wrong there
15:50.46rlji'm having a slight problem with kdesktop (kde 3.5.1).. turns out the icons->align to grid no longer works (for no apparent reason)
15:50.58rljturning it on or off has no effect whatsoever
15:51.03rljis this a known problem?
15:51.10TIBS01put a hammer through the screen rlj ?
15:51.24DeadS0ulrlj: are you icons locked?
15:51.32rljTIBS01, i evaluated that possiblility and decided not to..
15:52.01rljlocked as in "lock in place" - no they aren't
15:52.16*** join/#kde tanghus_ (
15:53.28DeadS0ulrlj: not sure then =|
15:53.32*** join/#kde dipnlik (
15:53.33rlji turn off align to grid, move them a little, turn it back on and nothing happens at all. and moving icons with it turned on allows them to be placed anywhere on a pixel basis..
15:55.27*** join/#kde tanghus_ (
15:55.59DeadS0uldid you upgrade recently?
15:56.49*** join/#kde tvo (
15:57.41rljlike a month ago i think
15:57.45rljrunning gentoo
15:57.51*** part/#kde kevinv (
15:58.12rljdon't remember whether the issue was introduced with 3.5.1 or if it came sometime after the upgrade
15:58.29DeadS0ulno idea then, you might have to submit a bug report
15:58.38rlji think i'll try and move my kdesktop configuration (it's in .kde/share/apps like everything else, right?) and see what happens
15:58.58DeadS0ulgo for it
15:59.03DeadS0ul..i gotta hit the sack, later guys
15:59.24*** part/#kde Munter (
16:00.35*** join/#kde arrinmurr (
16:00.47*** join/#kde Acidic32 (
16:01.13*** join/#kde visik7 (n=visi@unaffiliated/visik7)
16:02.38rljmoved dir, started a new session and the desktop icons were of course lined up on a row
16:02.46rljgrid seemed nonfunctional there too
16:02.57rlji think i'll downgrade to kdesktop 3.5 before filing a bug
16:03.09rljotherwise it has to be specific to some configuration somewhere
16:11.31*** join/#kde dodo (
16:12.44*** join/#kde freevir (
16:13.17freevirI want to use the caps lock key as a shortcut? How to do since there is no reaction if I only hit caps lock...
16:15.04*** join/#kde zaggy_nl (
16:17.59*** join/#kde Aji-Dahaka (
16:18.01*** part/#kde dodox (
16:18.30*** join/#kde je4d (n=jeff@kde/developer/je4d)
16:18.50*** join/#kde _rork (
16:20.38srednaKWORD SUCKS
16:21.00srednaUsing tabulators, kword doesn't respect those, it behaves 2034987239842 weird
16:21.01SimAtWorkfreevir: i don't think using caps lock as a shortcut is a very good idea.
16:21.07SimAtWorkfreevir: i don't think it'll work either.
16:21.15srednaWhen I change style, my tabulators was REMOVED
16:21.30SimAtWorki'm not sure what a tabulator is
16:21.56srednaIt uses WRONG color as default- the window color on the text background
16:22.11freevirSimAtWork: I do not use caps lock - so y not using it for some useful stuff? currently I'm looking for instruction for xmodmap...
16:22.15srednaAnother reason to cave in and install windows I guess
16:22.31Shadowcatdon't know about KWord
16:22.38Shadowcatbut Writer works fine for me
16:23.00srednaWell, stay away from it Shadowcat , for something like 450896406 years, maybe it will work then
16:23.04srednaAnd I HATE OOo
16:23.11srednaOOo writer is a nightmare
16:24.08srednaI'm depressed, because when I try to use all the wonderfull free software, it falls short
16:24.21NaradaYeah I know what you mean.
16:24.34NaradaI feel the same sometimes.
16:24.48NaradaBut hey I bear with it and brave on.
16:24.50srednaDamn it, I'm trying to create a text file with about 30 words and some underlined space for filling in text, and it's not possible, or at least not easy
16:24.50*** join/#kde dhaumann (
16:24.51*** join/#kde dodo (
16:25.06srednaAji-Dahaka: So why would I be happy?
16:25.41NaradaYeah what reason could there possibly be to be happy.
16:26.02Aji-Dahakawell, it's more about where you place your anger.  Your admin set your computer up _wrong_ and you should tell that person to fix it.
16:26.05srednaWell, no reason that steems from KDE at least
16:26.22srednaAji-Dahaka: My admin is ME
16:26.28NaradaWell I find no reason in life in general.
16:26.31Aji-Dahakasredna: guess suicide is the only answer
16:26.46srednaI would like to use KDE apps, but it's counterproductive
16:26.59*** join/#kde davide (
16:27.02srednaKDE applications are slow, and rarely does the job it appears
16:27.08NaradaAji-Dahaka: You never know.  Some people take instructions literally.
16:27.30Aji-DahakaNarada: save support time ...
16:27.30srednaAs an example, acroread can handle PDF files and starts in about 1/3 of the time kpdf does
16:28.04srednaAnd kword can't seem to handle TABs and are miscoded in some areas, like the way it selects default colors
16:28.09*** join/#kde _samboski (
16:28.16srednaNever use if for tables btw
16:28.42Fri13sredna: Why KPDF opens on my PC in 2s and acroread on 17 ? :-P
16:29.45srednaFri13: No idea, its the oppersite here
16:30.19*** join/#kde liucougar (
16:30.21litbKDE apps are slow...
16:30.34srednaAnd I really can't use kpdf with the pdf files I produce with scribus, as it's not good enough anyway
16:30.35litbhope that the new fontconfig does a little boost
16:30.53srednalitb: I'd actually prefer if they would work
16:31.08litbthey work
16:31.14srednaLike if I would't have to fight kword for an hour for my silly 30 words
16:31.15litbapart fro mcrashes of konqueror
16:31.33litbits khtml is somewhat broken
16:31.40*** join/#kde Valleyman (
16:31.42srednaYou dopnt' really use them if you say they work
16:31.44pvhIs there any way to turn off the Ctrl-<> shortcuts new to Konqueror?
16:31.55litbi spoke of KDE core apps
16:32.03srednaOr you use a few enough to have gotten into the habit of not pushing them
16:32.08litbkoffice is not good atm, yes
16:32.37srednaWell, my desktop looses the list of recent apps 3 out of 4 days
16:32.57srednaBut yes, kdesktop and kicker kinda works
16:33.15litbkicker in kombination with kdesktop sucks sometimes
16:33.33srednaKmail is weird, it appears it looses my pr folder identity settings randomly
16:33.39srednaAs another example
16:33.40litbparticulary with icon arrangement
16:34.05srednaI'd hate to stop using KDE, but lately I'm close to quite often
16:34.18srednaBecause it's counter productive
16:34.19litbkadressbooks deleted all my contacts some weeks ago
16:34.23litbthat was a pain
16:34.27srednaThere you go...
16:34.37srednaYour adresses are likely backed up though
16:34.43srednaIn the directory
16:34.53litbyeah, there were 5 to 9 files
16:35.01srednaBut that is also a BAD habit of that app
16:35.04litball of each contained  some contacts
16:35.12Narada_is there a keyboard shortcut to go to next and previous virtual desktop?
16:35.17Narada_that would be really useful for me
16:35.24litbthey were suffixed with .1 .2 .3 ...
16:35.32*** join/#kde Shaikun (
16:35.39srednaNarada: I think so, or you can set it up
16:35.57NaradaWhere do I set that up?
16:36.01srednaCTRL TAB is for desktops like ALT TAB for windows on my system
16:36.21Naradasredna: Ah perfect thanks.
16:36.28*** join/#kde GraveDigger (
16:36.30srednaIn the shortcuts sction of the control center
16:36.33StevenRNarada_: check your config in kcontrol -->region + accessiblity
16:36.38*** join/#kde cVsup (
16:37.24*** join/#kde Shaikun (
16:38.54NaradaStevenR: Perfect.  All customised now just like Enlightenment.  Ctrl-Shift-up/down :)
16:39.12NaradaHmm but arts just crashed and gave me noise instead of my mp3 and now CPU load is really high :(
16:39.22StevenRkillall -9 artsd
16:40.11*** join/#kde drbob (
16:40.16*** join/#kde _marcel (
16:40.28litbi suggest to don
16:40.32litb't use arts
16:41.05litbalsa does a great job
16:41.26Narada_Well I can't tell whether it was amarok or arts that crashed.
16:41.29GraveDiggersure, but only if you have a hardware mixer in the soundcard
16:41.34GraveDiggerotherwise you need dmix
16:41.36litband with dmix, there is no need for any soundserver :D
16:41.44GraveDiggerand hey - dmix is just as crap as arts ...
16:41.57litbdmix is very fast for me
16:42.22litbbut there is a stupid warning on the console if i use it
16:42.27GraveDigger01:09.0 Multimedia audio controller: Creative Labs SB Live! EMU10k1 (rev 07)
16:42.29GraveDigger^^ :D
16:42.33GraveDiggeri dont need dmix :D
16:42.37GraveDigger(at all)
16:43.30vin`same here, look ma no dmix!
16:44.48*** join/#kde Shaikun (
16:45.07*** join/#kde cyphase (n=cyphase@
16:45.53*** join/#kde EvilGuru (
16:45.54GraveDiggerhmm.... what do i need to setup in order to properly use smb:/ resources? i can connect to smb host via their IP adress, but via netbios names
16:46.05GraveDiggerkonqi says: connection timed out
16:46.27GraveDiggerbut connecting to smb:// works great
16:47.03*** join/#kde fredrikh (n=fredrik@kde/fredrik)
16:47.10*** join/#kde _acme (n=acme@
16:47.27*** join/#kde rdale (
16:47.47*** part/#kde _acme (n=acme@
16:48.31*** join/#kde Red_Cloud (
16:48.37*** part/#kde cVsup (
16:51.53*** join/#kde Shadowcat (
16:52.04*** join/#kde snapy (
16:53.07snapyhi there, I don't succeed in defining a konqueror association for all files
16:53.27snapyI have kde 3.4 that comes with Kubuntu (not upgraded to kde 3.5 yet)
16:53.38snapyany help will be appreciated
16:53.38*** join/#kde GerbilSoft (
16:53.55*** join/#kde Aison (
16:55.05*** join/#kde doc_tomoe (
16:56.04*** join/#kde tomas__ (
16:56.10tomas__is there anyone that has got vloopback working? i really wanna get my firewire handycam working :'(
16:56.42*** join/#kde bUscher- (
16:58.46*** join/#kde Shaikun (
17:01.24*** join/#kde _lxuser (n=lxuser@
17:01.32*** part/#kde _lxuser (n=lxuser@
17:02.49*** join/#kde kendrick (
17:03.33*** join/#kde Pinaraf (
17:04.15*** join/#kde aotto (
17:05.25*** join/#kde psychollek (
17:06.49*** join/#kde kothog (
17:09.51*** join/#kde Red_Cloud (
17:10.16*** join/#kde Frost^ (
17:10.19*** join/#kde kiwi_uk (
17:11.15*** join/#kde flogiston (
17:12.38*** join/#kde bobibobi (n=bobibobi@
17:13.53*** join/#kde agnidz (
17:14.00srednaGOD DAMN IT
17:14.05srednaKword can't print either
17:14.20srednaWith any font that it will let me use in a document
17:14.27srednaHow funny is that?
17:15.07*** join/#kde doktoreas (
17:16.20srednaPrinting to the printer there is NO respons, except the roaring silence. Printing to a pdf file generates an error message
17:16.41srednagrepper: I find it embarrassing
17:17.09greppermine is printing raw postscript atm
17:17.24grepperat least you save paper
17:17.36srednagrepper: I can print if I use another font
17:17.46*** join/#kde aplez (
17:18.03greppercan you map the font ?
17:18.16grepperto another
17:18.27srednaAnother font does not look like I wanted
17:18.35srednaI tried using a decorative font
17:18.42grepperhm, shouldn't it embed the font in the postscript if you selected that option ?
17:18.45srednaThose are mostly meant for printing
17:18.52srednaBut obviously not with kword
17:19.10*** join/#kde chuckr (
17:20.57srednaEmbed all fonts is enabled in the pdf driver
17:21.16_aplezany german channels ??
17:21.26_aplezplz help
17:21.45sredna_aplez: or #kde-de
17:21.50srednaI can't remember it is
17:22.20srednagrepper: Maybe my font is REALLY bad
17:22.31Shadowcatsredna: I have no problems printing with any kde app
17:22.34*** join/#kde Exis (n=bart@pdpc/supporter/active/Exis)
17:22.42Shadowcatthen again, I have no problem fixing what needs to be fixed so that I can print
17:22.48srednaShadowcat: You are not using them hard enough
17:23.14*** join/#kde doktoreas (
17:23.22Shadowcatsredna: I ran the cvs version of OpenOffice 2.0 for six months before it was released
17:23.27srednaShadowcat: Adn I usually at some point gets to an acceptable result, it' just often a long path of fixing
17:23.49srednaI badly dislike OOo
17:23.57*** join/#kde zaggy_nl (
17:23.57Shadowcatwhich comes to the question
17:24.00Shadowcatwhat are you running?
17:24.01srednaI only open it if absolutely nessecary
17:24.04Shadowcat1.5 beta?
17:24.13sredna1.5 branch
17:24.17greppersredna: dunno where you would look for debugging that
17:24.46srednaBecause some fixes for other bad problems with kword is in that branch
17:24.49Shadowcatsredna: then you shouldn't be complaining
17:24.56srednaShadowcat: Nonsense
17:24.59Shadowcat1.5 is beta, it's suppposed to *not work*
17:25.06Shadowcatsredna: you're running a development release
17:25.13Shadowcateither deal with the bugs, or don't ru nit
17:25.13srednaThe old version was WORSE
17:25.22_aplezgood bye
17:25.23Shadowcatsredna: then use OpenOffice
17:25.26*** part/#kde _aplez (
17:25.28*** part/#kde tomplast (
17:25.29srednaNo, I wont
17:25.41Shadowcatsredna: or fix it yourself, you got a copy of the source (or can get hold of it=
17:25.42srednaI'll just yell
17:25.55srednaI file bug reports for koffice
17:26.03srednaThey fix them
17:26.08*** join/#kde vborja (n=vborja@
17:26.11srednaBut there is a looooooong way to go yet
17:26.14Shadowcatsredna: good, that's at least something constructive
17:26.19*** join/#kde aynjell (
17:26.32Shadowcatwhining about it won't make us codehackers fix it any faster
17:26.33*** join/#kde Billthe4th (
17:26.38Shadowcatwe're already sleep deprived as it is
17:26.45*** join/#kde Hokinon (n=Hokinon@unaffiliated/hokinon)
17:27.11greppersredna was a kde developer last time I checked :)
17:27.12srednaShadowcat: I'm not the worlds best coder or anything near that, but ido write KDE code
17:27.22srednaBut not in koffice
17:27.33Shadowcatthen you should know whining doesn't help
17:30.14*** join/#kde sharkk (
17:32.07*** join/#kde dodo (
17:33.37*** join/#kde Belegdol (n=jsikorsk@
17:35.05*** join/#kde tobehz (
17:39.50*** join/#kde _tony_ (
17:40.49*** join/#kde ejk (n=ejk@unaffiliated/ejk)
17:43.15*** join/#kde bjantscher (
17:45.07*** join/#kde snapy (
17:45.49*** join/#kde TL_CLD (
17:46.07snapyhello (again), I have fixed my problem of creating a konqueror file association for allfiles
17:46.41snapyjust for info, it started working after I quitred the session and relogged again in KDE
17:47.12snapyJust closing and restarting konqueror was not enough :(
17:47.46snapyI don't know if it is normal to restart a session when we do a global file association (I think that with the other ones I never had a problem)
17:54.19*** join/#kde slainer68 (
17:54.50*** join/#kde aynjell (
17:55.17*** join/#kde whirm (n=whirm@
17:57.01*** join/#kde straw (
18:00.26*** join/#kde ahermansson (
18:00.51*** join/#kde wsjunior (n=wsjunior@unaffiliated/wsjunior)
18:01.11*** join/#kde _ahermansson (
18:01.12*** join/#kde Shaikun (
18:01.55*** join/#kde tchino (
18:02.28*** part/#kde tchino (
18:02.29*** join/#kde vicks (
18:05.42*** join/#kde manolo (
18:05.43*** part/#kde nadim_ (
18:07.24*** join/#kde KanRiNiN (
18:11.13*** join/#kde nael (
18:13.00*** part/#kde ahermansson (
18:14.13*** join/#kde The_ManU (
18:14.48The_ManUhi, one qusteion ehere can i set off the jumping symbol beside the arrow?
18:14.59The_ManU*question where
18:15.33*** join/#kde ruben (
18:16.09*** join/#kde agnidz (
18:16.27*** join/#kde teatime (
18:16.34pinotreeThe_ManU: kcontrol -> look&themes -> launching feedback or something like that
18:18.01*** join/#kde _StarScream (n=am@
18:18.09*** join/#kde ahermansson (
18:18.17*** join/#kde Exis (n=bart@pdpc/supporter/active/Exis)
18:19.17*** join/#kde ahermansson (
18:19.19The_ManUpinotree: thx
18:21.28*** join/#kde DarKSideS (
18:21.34DarKSideScan anyone help me
18:21.42aynjellDepends on your problem.
18:21.44*** join/#kde Stordalsbon (
18:21.48aynjellIf it's psychological... dunno.
18:22.03DarKSideSI cant seem to be able to correctly install Java, and limewire
18:22.22*** part/#kde aynjell (
18:23.15pinotreeDarKSideS: weel, this is not the proper channel...
18:23.52*** join/#kde vishwas (
18:25.09vishwascan someone tell me how to turn off auto unshade onJDE 3.4.0-6 Red Hat?
18:25.42oGALAXYowhats JDE ?
18:25.50vishwasSorry KDE.
18:26.49vishwasI don't want it to  automatically unshade a shaded window.
18:28.08*** join/#kde gresco (n=gresco@
18:28.37litbvishwas: it is the "automatischer fensterheber", in german words
18:28.57DarKSideSok... how bout this,
18:29.18DarKSideSI want to Use My External soundcard instead od the OnBoard one
18:29.29litbvishwas: it's the second option under the side "Advanced"
18:29.36DarKSideScause right now, im hearing my laptop  speakers, not the external ones
18:31.18vishwaslitb: Advanced tab where? in control center?
18:31.21*** join/#kde Crowbar (
18:31.35litbright click the title bar ...
18:32.24*** join/#kde musti271282 (
18:32.26Stordalsbondo u have YaSt
18:32.34Stordalsbonif u do
18:32.46Stordalsbonit's alot easier
18:33.04Stordalsbonjust go to hardware and sound
18:33.46DarKSideSUmm i dont think so
18:33.50DarKSideShow can i obtain it?
18:33.52litbDarKSideS: i think you should do something with .asound
18:33.55litbin ~
18:34.05Stordalsbonye the configuration tool in mandriva and suse
18:34.29litbi hate the configutationtool which runs tight after yast2
18:34.29DarKSideSso type Yast in the terminal.
18:34.39litbis that yast specific or suse?
18:34.45litbi mean SuSEconfig
18:35.04litb*(right after yast)
18:35.05vishwaslitb: I don't think it has what I'm looking for.
18:35.14litbit has
18:35.36Stordalsbonwich system are u running?
18:36.06*** join/#kde NullAcht15 (
18:36.16Stordalsbonjust open YaST or YaSt2 from the terminal or kde menu
18:36.50vishwasI dont see an option to turn off auto unshade. I don't remember setting this before -- and I don't know how it turned on automatically.
18:37.31Stordalsbontype YaST2 in the terminal
18:37.43*** join/#kde lxuser_ (n=lxuser@
18:38.26Stordalsbonor open the configuration central and click YaST2 modules
18:38.44Stordalsbonhardware and sound
18:38.55DarKSideS[darkside@user-0cdfe69 ~]$ YaST2
18:38.55DarKSideSbash: YaST2: command not found
18:38.58litbDarKSideS: do: sed s/ShadeHover=on/ShadeHover=off/ ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc > ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc
18:39.26DarKSideSi think thats meant for vishwas?
18:39.51litbvishwas: do: sed s/ShadeHover=on/ShadeHover=off/ ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc > ~/.kde/share/config/kwinrc
18:39.54litbyes :)
18:40.03StordalsbonType YaSt
18:40.09litbdo you meant that?
18:40.31StordalsbonDarkside: Type YaSt
18:40.41vishwaslitb: Ok.. I think I might have to restart kde. no?
18:41.04Stordalsbonor go through the control central
18:41.34vishwaslitb: thanks for the help.
18:41.52litbperhaps that could have helped him: dcop kwin MainApplication-Interface reparseConfiguration
18:45.38DarKSideSok im in MCC
18:45.42DarKSideSnow what?
18:45.50*** join/#kde dodo (
18:47.27*** join/#kde tanghus (
18:47.50Stordalsboneither hardware and sound or sound system
18:50.09DarKSideSwell Im in HardWare Config.
18:50.19Stordalsbonchoose sound
18:50.24DarKSideSim there.
18:50.27Stordalsbonor sound system
18:51.01DarKSideSi dont see sound system
18:51.02Stordalsbonthen choose the hardware u want to use
18:51.09DarKSideSjust sound... and USB sound Devices
18:51.13Stordalsbonsound or sound system
18:51.24*** join/#kde osku (
18:52.04*** join/#kde cb400f (
18:52.28SkrotAbout KDE and memory footprint. I know the memoryusage reported by such tools as top and ps are often incorrect, so I tend to use "free" instead. Right now I've got ~300MB used -/+ buffers/cache and ~960MB used "total", is why would Xorg+KDE (kontact, konqueror, kopete, konversation, amarok) use that much?
18:52.48Stordalsbonif u want to use the external soundcard i sugest u choose usb sound drive
18:52.52*** join/#kde estudiantuoc (n=estudian@
18:53.06*** part/#kde estudiantuoc (n=estudian@
18:53.36Stordalsbonjust choose the usb sound device and see what happens
18:53.37*** join/#kde cb400f (
18:53.37*** join/#kde __nadim (
18:53.55PinarafSkrot: you think 300MB is too big for all the applications needed to work ? You're only lacking an Office suite here !
18:54.26SkrotMy bad, 300 is very good, 960 is not, and linux starts caching once I reach 1000
18:54.30StordalsbonIRC stÄr för Internet Relay Chat, och Àr helt enkelt en chatt. DÀr finns flera av de aktiva i Ubuntu Sverige.
18:54.30Pinarafyou've got chat, mail, calendar, music, web, local files browsing
18:54.30StordalsbonProgrammet som följer med Kubuntu för IRC heter Konversation. Starta det genom att klicka pÄ K-menyn -> Internet -> IRC-chatt (Konversation). Konversation bör nu startas. Serverlistan startas automatiskt. VÀlj freenode -> Redigera. Klicka pÄ LÀgg till... under GÄ med automatiskt i kanaler. Skriv in, inget lösenord. Klicka pÄ OK. Bocka i rutan Anslut vid programstart Klicka sedan pÄ OK i serverdialogen och dubbel
18:54.30StordalsbonDu kommer nu att anslutas till servern, och den officiella, internationella, Kubuntu-kanalen (#kubuntu) samt kommer att öppnas. Om du vill stÀnga #kubuntu (givetvis helt valfritt) kan du högerklicka pÄ fliken och vÀlja stÀng flik.
18:54.31Skroterr, swapping not caching
18:54.55Pinarafthe total is handled by linux
18:55.00DarKSideSDont see that there
18:55.05*** join/#kde estudiantuoc (n=estudian@
18:55.08DarKSideSWould you like me to post a screenshot?
18:55.10*** part/#kde estudiantuoc (n=estudian@
18:55.14StordalsbonDarkSide: just choose the usb sound device
18:55.19*** join/#kde SimAtWork (
18:55.21Stordalsbonye do that
18:55.27*** join/#kde hoody (
18:55.31Stordalsbonand tell me where
18:55.44SkrotPinaraf: As far as I know, the rest of  those 960MB (960-300) is cached or buffered, right?
18:56.00Pinarafwhat do you think is the best behaviour ? Move to swap some extremely rarely used applications in order to save 10 MB for cache, or reduce cache size (=> slow down + bigger IO usage) in order to save 10MB from swap (which will remain unused) ?
18:56.39Pinarafcached or buffered means : if you have a file cached, if you want to read it back, it'll be done without any hard drive operation
18:57.05SkrotI see =)
18:57.18*** join/#kde Wizz_Kidd (
18:57.22Wizz_Kidd hows this looking
18:58.07*** join/#kde kman___ (n=kman@
18:58.21*** join/#kde popsickle (n=felix@unaffiliated/popsickle)
18:58.47SkrotPinaraf: When is cached/buffered data deleted (from ram)?
18:59.04StordalsbonDarkSide: Can you post it soon I'l have to go soon
19:01.39*** join/#kde ktos (
19:02.52Stordalsbonif u want to use the external soundcard u have to choose it and set it as primary
19:02.52*** join/#kde Manu (n=Manu@
19:03.29DarKSideShow do i set it as primary?
19:04.31*** join/#kde capgadget (
19:04.41StordalsbonDarkSideS: I think u shuld start whit selecting it and click "configure module" or "run config tool"
19:04.56ktoshi i am finding applet or program like it: i see one line of terminal on screen and i can put there any command, it can be on taskbar or other place on screen but i should be 1 max 2 lines of terminal. do you know any porgram or kdeed applet like it?
19:05.35EvilGuruis there an incremental-search plugin for konquror
19:05.40EvilGurulike one has in firefox
19:06.14*** join/#kde madclicker (
19:06.33StordalsbonDarkSideS: tell me what u see
19:07.35DarKSideSUmm only choice i have is Configure Module
19:08.08StordalsbonChoose it then
19:08.17DarKSideSso I click on that... and i see Index.. ID... Enable..vid...Pid...nrpacks...async_unlink
19:08.22Stordalsbonif u want to configure the sound device
19:08.22*** join/#kde Filip (
19:08.38StordalsbonClick enable
19:08.49ktosdo you know how i can hide titlebar?
19:09.05*** join/#kde feindbild (
19:09.08DarKSideSall those choices i gave you are Next to Text Boxes
19:09.15feindbildhin =)
19:10.01StordalsbonDarkSideS: do u mean that u cant choose to enable tho sound device
19:10.24Stordalsbonthen what are u doing then
19:10.29DarKSideSit requieres me typing something into the text box next to it
19:11.14Stordalsbontry typing enable
19:11.22*** join/#kde bjantscher (
19:12.00Stordalsbondoes anything happen?
19:12.36DarKSideSummm let me see
19:12.42*** join/#kde gigabytes (
19:12.46gigabyteshi all
19:12.50gigabytesa small question
19:13.13gigabyteswhere can I set some global configuration values to set by default to any new user created later on the system?
19:13.31gigabytesI mean the proxy configuration, the GUI styles, ecc...
19:14.00*** join/#kde osku (
19:14.11DarKSideSit froze my amarok
19:14.24*** join/#kde _lxuser (n=lxuser@
19:14.34*** part/#kde _lxuser (n=lxuser@
19:14.34Stordalsbonthen configure the onboard device
19:14.45Stordalsbonand type the oposite to enable
19:15.10*** join/#kde manveru (
19:15.11jhutchinsgigabytes: See if this helps:
19:15.16*** join/#kde bulibuta (n=bulibuta@
19:15.31*** join/#kde aynjell (
19:16.29*** part/#kde aynjell (
19:16.34gigabytesjhutchins: thanks
19:17.05*** join/#kde tanghus (
19:17.15StordalsbonDarkSideS: does anything happen
19:17.22*** part/#kde ktos (
19:17.23gigabytesjhutchins: I need something specific to kde configuration!
19:17.46Stordalsboncan u change the parameters for the onboard sound device
19:17.57DarKSideSi wouldn't know where to start
19:18.16StordalsbonDarkSideS: wich country are u from?
19:18.42Stordalsbonjust asking
19:19.04Stordalsbonpost a screenshot from that sounddevice also
19:19.37*** join/#kde sala203 (n=sala203@
19:20.51Stordalsbonpost a screenshot from the onboard sound device as u did whit the usb
19:21.01*** join/#kde bulibuta_ (n=bulibuta@
19:22.08*** join/#kde Ci-Dev (
19:22.26gigabytesanybody knows where to set default global configuration values?
19:22.57pinotreegigabytes: /etc/skel, as usual on linux
19:23.30gigabytespinotree: I mean kde configuration
19:23.36gigabytesi don't know which files to touch
19:23.48gigabytesthere are hundreds of files in .kde
19:23.58*** join/#kde tanghus (
19:24.03pinotreedepends on what you're looking for
19:24.38DarKSideSStordalsbon: you saw it?
19:24.53gigabytespinotree: I'm looking for proxy configuration and default gui style
19:25.01gigabytesand kwin decoration
19:25.30pinotreegrep -i the style name in ~/.kde/share/config/
19:25.34gigabytesI don't want that a new user have to choose anything on the first configuration wizard
19:26.03gigabytesand i want to set a default value for each thing that the configuration wizard ask
19:26.09pinotreethere's a key too to set kperonalizer as already run
19:26.39gigabytesis there a documentation of those things?
19:26.40*** join/#kde mdo_ (
19:27.14Stordalsbonu are sure u don't have yast
19:27.14pinotreetry digging into the wiki
19:28.13*** join/#kde tech9iner (n=hacim@unaffiliated/tech9iner)
19:28.25*** join/#kde minciNashu (n=minciNas@
19:29.09minciNashuHELP: how can i see the avatars using kopete ?
19:29.31DarKSideSi believe i dont
19:29.36DarKSideSbut ill install it of anything
19:29.38DarKSideSHow can I?
19:30.32*** join/#kde _tony_ (
19:30.48*** join/#kde osku (
19:31.38arrinmurrminciNashu: hover your mouse above the contact in the list?
19:32.21minciNashuisnt there soome plugin ?
19:32.27*** join/#kde BASEman (
19:32.46StordalsbonDarkSideS: try to find aptget or something like it
19:33.22Stordalsbonther have to be a way to install new packages in Mandriva also
19:33.52arrinmurrminciNashu: try settings -> configure -> appearance -> contact list -> [x] Use contact photos when available
19:34.39*** join/#kde kirun (
19:35.06minciNashuthere's no such setting
19:35.21*** join/#kde HnZeKtO (n=kay@
19:35.30arrinmurrminciNashu: what version of kopete do you have?
19:35.43minciNashuhowever there an option:detailed with constact photos
19:35.44*** join/#kde q3xr2 (
19:35.55StordalsbonDarkSideS: do u have msn or yahoo?
19:36.10minciNashukopete 0.10.4
19:36.14*** part/#kde HnZeKtO (n=kay@
19:36.29GraveDiggerany gentoo users here?
19:36.34minciNashui've already chose detailed with contact photo
19:37.05Stordalsbonye send me u'r adress
19:37.06GraveDiggercould one please tell me the setup of gentoo's bash prompt?
19:37.16arrinmurrminciNashu: well, it works fine here. i have 0.11.1
19:37.27minciNashuyahoo ?
19:38.03DarKSideSxd4r <-- use that one
19:38.04*** join/#kde tech9iner (n=hacim@unaffiliated/tech9iner)
19:38.04arrinmurrminciNashu: ah, well, don't know about yahoo
19:38.07_rorkcya all
19:38.10minciNashuwhat network are you using ?
19:38.37StordalsbonDarkSideS: I have to go now
19:38.50arrinmurrminciNashu: msn
19:38.52DarKSideSthk you
19:39.12Stordalsbonsorry that I couldn't help anymor
19:39.25*** join/#kde Gentle_ (
19:39.37Stordalsbonu culd try out any linux forum or mandriva forum
19:39.38*** join/#kde ktos (
19:40.23ktosi would like aks you does exist method for hide progrram from taskbar with user way
19:40.37*** part/#kde minciNashu (n=minciNas@
19:40.38gigabytesI saw that kcontrol put proxy information in .kde/share/config/kioslaverc
19:40.52gigabytescan I put it into /usr/share/apps/kioslave ?
19:41.00gigabytesto make the settings global?
19:41.56*** join/#kde KronicDreamer[a] (
19:42.34*** part/#kde agnidz (
19:42.34*** join/#kde _root (
19:43.12ktosplease tell me if you know
19:43.21*** join/#kde wolffc (
19:45.04*** join/#kde JohnMS (
19:45.33*** join/#kde tanghus (
19:48.19*** part/#kde _tony_ (
19:50.20*** join/#kde asdf_ (n=wtf@
19:50.29*** join/#kde ponto (
19:51.24*** join/#kde Shaikun (
19:52.49ktosok i can minimize to tray, it can be too
19:54.36*** join/#kde Old--man (
19:57.56*** join/#kde naga (
19:59.50*** part/#kde sredna (n=anders@kde/developer/alund)
20:01.52*** join/#kde big-ben (
20:02.06*** join/#kde Acidic31 (
20:02.16*** join/#kde smithjd (
20:02.49*** join/#kde visik7 (n=visi@unaffiliated/visik7)
20:06.46*** join/#kde MrMoss (
20:08.28*** join/#kde sikor_sxe (
20:09.29*** join/#kde SuperL4g (
20:10.06xbeanxMy messenger pic won't show up to others when I'm using kopete.  Is this a known bug?
20:15.42JohnMSxbeanx: what version are you using?
20:19.07*** join/#kde gandor (
20:20.37*** join/#kde Acidic32 (
20:21.49*** part/#kde gandor (
20:23.07*** join/#kde jf- (n=jeff@
20:27.10DexterFwengo phone any good?
20:27.27pinotreeDexterF: ?
20:27.42DexterFoh, umm, lil off topic.
20:28.04DexterFsip client in qt
20:30.18*** join/#kde thx_8311 (
20:32.20*** join/#kde minciNashu (n=minciNas@
20:32.30*** join/#kde mandhyl (n=mandhyl@
20:33.42*** join/#kde cb400f (
20:34.40*** join/#kde psychollek (
20:36.52*** join/#kde visik7 (n=visi@unaffiliated/visik7)
20:37.16mandhylthis is a color test
20:37.35mandhylin monochrome
20:37.42*** join/#kde sredna (n=anders@kde/developer/alund)
20:38.18mandhylhello !
20:38.40kirunso, your cunning plan is to turn my white text on a black background into white text on a black background?
20:38.49mandhylok, many thanks
20:38.59kirunalso, use #test if you need to play
20:39.09mandhyli wan't see an user on the chan
20:39.23*** join/#kde KronicDreamer (
20:39.27mandhylok, i will go to #test the next time
20:39.41mandhylscuse me, but, thanks anymore
20:40.17*** join/#kde naga_ (
20:40.21kirunYou may also find useful
20:40.43mandhyloki (its that be the default chan of super softawres...)
20:41.57mandhylok, i will go in my super bed to think about my super dreams... ;)
20:42.04mandhylbye to all
20:42.20*** join/#kde ejk (n=ejk@unaffiliated/ejk)
20:44.45*** join/#kde Kane_Elson (
20:44.53*** join/#kde Shaikun (
20:44.53Wizz_Kidd opiniom please
20:48.02*** join/#kde Acidic32 (
20:49.15*** join/#kde tanghus (
20:50.52*** join/#kde vp (
20:53.37*** join/#kde Shaikun (
20:55.27SimAtWorkWizz_Kidd: looking
20:55.37SimAtWorki dunno what you want an opion on
20:56.26*** join/#kde Aiwlan (
20:56.42AiwlanGARGHGH!  SuSE 10.  My clock changes every time I reboot!
20:56.55oGALAXYowrong channel
20:56.58oGALAXYoask in #suse
21:01.24*** join/#kde Frost^ (
21:04.23*** join/#kde L|M|TED (
21:05.02*** join/#kde WindowsUninstall (
21:05.26*** join/#kde HnZeKtO (n=kay@
21:05.30EvilGuruin kformula how do I add a multiplication dot or cdot
21:05.34EvilGuruas it is sometimes known
21:06.41SimAtWorki don't have kformula installed
21:06.46SimAtWorkso i have no clue
21:09.26*** join/#kde tanghus (
21:11.32*** join/#kde kronoz (
21:14.46*** join/#kde Manu (i=Manu@
21:14.57*** join/#kde Worf (
21:15.03*** join/#kde vbarba (
21:16.10*** join/#kde floe (
21:16.16*** join/#kde alan (
21:16.53alanhey all
21:17.09*** join/#kde CF (
21:17.20markeywhat can KDE do for you today?
21:17.47*** join/#kde masarin (
21:18.04kirunmake me pie!
21:18.22markeyapple pie OK?
21:18.54kirunyes... all pie is good :)
21:19.00*** part/#kde CF (
21:20.41kirunI'm sure I'm supposed to do /nick apple-pie at this point, but I can't be bothered explaining to 5 other channels why I am not insane
21:21.56*** join/#kde StevenR (
21:26.32SimAtWorkon irc you only explain when you are acting sane
21:26.35SimAtWorkinsane is expected :)
21:27.50*** join/#kde Gentle_ (n=DasTier@
21:33.43*** join/#kde litb (
21:34.15canllaithkirun: I do that *all the time*
21:34.48canllaithchange nick to something really mental in here and forget I've joined three really serious channels to ask questions in the last week and haven't parted from any of them
21:35.18StevenRheya canllaith :)
21:35.43pinotreecanllaith!!! :D
21:36.25canllaithHey guys :)
21:36.57*** part/#kde JohnMS (
21:41.14*** join/#kde pradeepto (
21:42.00*** join/#kde Shadowcat (
21:42.00*** join/#kde erichmoor (
21:45.14*** join/#kde family (
21:45.30GraveDiggerhi canllaith
21:45.46canllaithGday gday
21:47.00*** join/#kde dbarth (
21:47.09*** part/#kde dbarth (
21:49.46*** join/#kde thx8311_ (
21:51.21*** join/#kde Blissex (
21:53.29*** join/#kde bobbyd (
21:53.34*** join/#kde eckhart (n=eckhart@wikipedia/eckhart)
21:53.43GraveDiggererm.... i kdesktop a single application?
21:53.48GraveDiggera process that runs?
21:53.54GraveDigger(when kde s started)
21:54.10*** join/#kde kuesse_ (
21:54.27eckhartwhen i open an ftp file with kate, i assume that a temporary file will be created
21:54.42eckhartwhere does this temporary file get stored?
21:54.49StevenRcanllaith: hows u? been upto anything interesting?
21:55.15StevenReckhart: /tmp/one-of-the-dirs-kde-creates-per-user
21:56.03canllaithuh, very very busy working
21:56.29*** join/#kde tr1gg3r (
21:56.35*** join/#kde Pinaraf_ (
21:58.32*** join/#kde GTswagger (
21:58.41eckhartStevenR: thanks :-)
21:59.27BlissexGraveDigger: ,ore or less yes:
21:59.38bobbydI want to create a script that allows me to select two files in different konqueror windows and run md5sum on them in a konsole. Is there a way to do that under kde?
21:59.38GTswaggerI just installed Gentoo for a friend... and he's having a bizarre problem that *won't* go away.  He has a HUGE volume popup window that won't go away.  Even xkill won't get rid of it.   It's there in KDE 3.4.3 ... and KDE 3.5.1 .... any ideas for getting rid of this thing??
22:00.12bobbydGTswagger, what do you mind by popup window?
22:00.25GraveDiggerBlissex: hmm... well, kdesktop just crashed here, restarted it, now kde runs fine again
22:00.30GraveDiggerBlissex: i just wondered
22:01.16GTswaggerbobbyd -- a giant window -- centered in screen -- that shows the volume.... he said it's similar to the volume screen he gets in windows when he presses the vol +/- buttons on his laptop... trouble is that it's NOT going away
22:01.19BlissexGraveDigger: what you did is right... KDE has quite a few cooperating processes, tied together by DCOP more or less. It is possible even to pick'n'choose.
22:01.34GTswaggerI've tried everything I can think of to make it stop..... killing arts... alsa.... removing kmixer .... nothing works
22:02.06GTswaggerand for bonus fun --- if kmixer is installed .... the volume is at 0
22:02.16GTswagger.... i fyou try to increase volume using alsamixer
22:02.22GTswaggerit shoots the volume right back down to 0
22:02.23*** join/#kde bartden (
22:02.25bobbydGTswagger, install kubuntu :) it's easy and it works :)
22:02.35bobbydyou can have it done in 20 mins :)
22:02.37GTswaggeryou can cold down the up arrow to increase volume and it'll still shoot volume to 0
22:02.39GraveDiggerBlissex: "pick'n'choose" ??
22:03.02GTswaggerbobbyd -- I hate Ubuntu.... Kubuntu is buggy..... he's a power user, wants Gentoo
22:03.03*** join/#kde _aplez (
22:03.06BlissexGraveDigger: for example I usually don't start KDesktop and a couple of other things to save memory.
22:03.32bobbydGraveDigger, sounds like gentoo is broken to me :( I would ask in #gentoo
22:03.49GraveDiggerbobbyd: LOOOOOOOOOL
22:04.06bobbydGraveDigger, asking in gentoo?
22:04.35GraveDiggerbobbyd: its suse, its not broken, but my memory is highly overclocked, so sometimes shit happens
22:05.47*** part/#kde _aplez (
22:05.47BlissexGraveDigger: begging for trouble, good strategy :-)
22:06.13bobbydGraveDigger, it's suse? you just said it was Gentoo?
22:06.39GTswaggerbobbyd -- asked in Gentoo and got a chorus of Wilco Tango Foxtrot :)
22:06.51*** join/#kde ingwa (
22:07.07GraveDiggerbobbyd: no, i have had asked, if someone may give me the default gentoo's bash prompt style
22:07.18GraveDiggerbobbyd: its because i think suse's default bash prompt looks boring
22:07.28*** join/#kde jorgp (
22:07.34GraveDiggerbobbyd: i have dumped gentoo a year ago now :)
22:07.47GraveDiggeroh, half a year ... sry
22:07.53*** join/#kde naga (
22:08.17GraveDiggerBlissex: *sigh* yeah, that's a good thing :)
22:08.25Blissexbobbyd: the Gentoo masochist was <GTswagger> not <GraveDigger>, who is an overclocked memory masochist :-)
22:08.38bobbydBlissex, ohh, sorry :)
22:08.47L|M|TED<GraveDigger> do echo $PS1 in gentoo, will give you the format
22:09.22GraveDiggerL|M|TED: does the same under suse, but again (for the third time now) i dont USE gentoo ...
22:09.24bobbydGTswagger, ask in #gentoo :)
22:09.32*** part/#kde ingwa (
22:09.36GTswaggerbobbyd -- asked in Gentoo and got a chorus of Wilco Tango Foxtrot :)
22:09.57GraveDiggerL|M|TED: i am just interested in its bash style ... or better to say: i *WAS* interested
22:10.49BlissexGTswagger: that giant window may well be created by the BIOS in his laptop.
22:10.59*** join/#kde CVirus (n=GoD@
22:11.10BlissexGTswagger: some laptops have a BIOS that contains a media player, which works independently of the OS.
22:13.42*** part/#kde jorgp (
22:13.54GraveDiggerBlissex: wtf? mp in the bios?!?!
22:14.28*** join/#kde Aapzak (
22:14.48BlissexGraveDigger: yes, so you can play even if your OS is not booted up. Many such media players are actually Linux based. These exist also in ''media center'' shoebox style computers.
22:15.20BlissexGraveDigger: even my ancient Toshiba 2800 has a media player, however with no graphics: you can put in a CD and then play it.
22:15.22*** join/#kde NullAcht15 (
22:15.57*** join/#kde Cicciux (n=Cicciux@
22:16.40GraveDiggerBlissex: oh well, i knew about cd drives that played audio cds without having a OS running
22:17.06BlissexGraveDigger: ah this is actually the BIOS that plays it, not the drivem itself.
22:17.16GraveDiggerBlissex: but "media player within bios" sounds like television, video and mp3 playback and stuff
22:17.29*** join/#kde flipy (
22:17.35GraveDiggeru sure? i did that with an ancient 486er computer
22:17.48GraveDiggeri really doubt that there's something like that in the bios
22:17.53BlissexGraveDigger: sure, these exist as well nowadays. The idea is that the BIOS can do all that and boot in a few seconds.
22:17.57*** part/#kde Gumby (n=gumby@unaffiliated/gumby)
22:20.40*** part/#kde flipy (
22:21.25GraveDiggerBlissex: alright, good to know! thx4information
22:21.26*** join/#kde devazion (
22:23.10GTswaggerBlissex -- yes, on to something there... after he looks into BIOS upgrade going to tell him to poke around in bios itself
22:23.17GTswaggerBlissex -- if it's not BIOS it's acpi
22:25.25*** join/#kde dec0ding (n=gemidjy@
22:31.16*** join/#kde null (
22:31.52*** join/#kde GraveDig1er (
22:41.34*** join/#kde Huwie (
22:42.03*** join/#kde dec0ding (n=gemidjy@
22:42.07Huwiehi everyone. quick question - if i'm using KDE, is it best to stop X before i upgrade KDE?
22:43.09*** join/#kde saint (n=saint@
22:44.03StevenRHuwie: it would prbably be sensible
22:44.54Huwiei thought as much. thanks StevenR
22:45.17*** part/#kde Huwie (
22:46.13*** join/#kde dewran (
22:49.04*** join/#kde foobarz (i=1000@unaffiliated/foobarz)
22:49.35foobarzdoes kdelibs directly use the kernel features for dnotify and inotify..??  is there no glibc interface for that stuff?
22:51.00*** join/#kde tty56 (n=johannes@2001:6f8:1331:3:309e:513c:73d2:578)
22:55.35*** join/#kde Tinbasher (
22:56.48*** join/#kde ShadowJK (
22:57.43ShadowJKIs there a fast way, from a program, to detect whether KDE is running?
22:58.15ShadowJKAsking because doing cheap hackish system("dcop ... calls when KDE isn't running, takes ages :)
22:59.19ShadowJKOn Linux I'd browse /proc/<pid>/ and look for any process with 'dcop'
22:59.24ShadowJKdunno how portable this would be, though
23:01.04foobarzisn't kdeinit something that always runs if kde is running?
23:01.31ShadowJKhm yeha
23:01.41ShadowJKkdeinit || dcop
23:02.45*** join/#kde pyrosim (
23:02.48ShadowJKThough looking that up portably will be somewhat of a pain
23:02.56foobarzkdeinit is the parent process of the whole KDE, like init is the parent of ALL processes
23:03.29*** join/#kde GldnBlls (
23:03.36ShadowJKdcop calls seem to be okay if user is running, say, E, and has atleast one KDE app running, too
23:03.40*** part/#kde GldnBlls (
23:07.35*** join/#kde Shadowcat (
23:07.44*** join/#kde tty56 (
23:14.25*** join/#kde wsjunior (n=wsjunior@unaffiliated/wsjunior)
23:16.02*** join/#kde shiznix (
23:18.32*** join/#kde Baldomero (
23:18.42*** join/#kde ninjakttty (
23:21.03*** join/#kde andz (
23:22.03*** join/#kde wilsby (
23:22.17wilsbywhat is the archive tool called under kde?
23:23.33SimAtWorki don't think it's called anything
23:23.38SimAtWorki think it's just built into konqueror
23:24.10pinotreeit has an integration plugin with konqueror, but it's a separated app
23:25.24*** join/#kde standsolid (
23:27.55*** join/#kde DemonThing (i=nereid@unaffiliated/demonthing)
23:29.32*** join/#kde GTswagger (
23:29.43GTswaggerhey bobbyd
23:29.45GTswaggerstill there?
23:32.52pinotreeGTswagger: just ask
23:34.18GTswaggerno -- bobbyd told me earlier the problem was b/c of Gentoo
23:34.32GTswaggerI found the problem is kmix and kmilo
23:34.36GTswaggerthey go absolutely crazy on guy's Inspiron 9100
23:34.40*** join/#kde js (
23:34.48GTswaggerit effects 3.4.3 and 3.5.1 in portage
23:35.07GTswaggerfiling a bug report in gentoo ... they'll almost certainly send me upstream
23:35.57*** join/#kde KronicDreamer[a] (
23:35.57GTswaggercrazy.... kmilo caused a popup that ate 60% of the screen that you can't kill off or make go away.... and kmix fought to keep volume at 0
23:35.58GTswaggeryou could go in alsamixer... and HOLD DOWN the up arrow on volume
23:35.58GTswaggerand kmix would shoot it down to 0
23:35.58GTswaggercrazy stuff
23:36.14GTswaggerkmix would also keep spinning off <defunct> processes and spawning anew
23:36.52pinotreenever used kmilo, though
23:37.00pinotree(as i don't have a laptop)
23:37.26GTswaggeryea -- no kidding
23:37.56GTswagger*nasty* bug
23:38.12*** part/#kde canllaith (
23:38.26GTswaggerand shocking b/c deep down in a Inspiron 9100 ... it's a Intel AC'97 audio controller... about as vanilla as it gets
23:40.40*** join/#kde ZergSnap (n=robh@
23:41.36*** join/#kde robin (
23:45.13*** join/#kde pradeepto (
23:45.18*** join/#kde wotnarg (
23:45.33*** join/#kde Frogbarf (n=frogbarf@
23:45.38wotnargWhere is the setting on what konqueror opens or saves?
23:45.46*** join/#kde sam^ (
23:45.54FrogbarfWhat is the keyboard shortcut to select an entire line in kate?
23:46.22*** part/#kde Baldomero (
23:46.29*** part/#kde wilsby (
23:52.31*** join/#kde dec0ding (n=gemidjy@
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23:58.02*** join/#kde qupada (
23:59.07*** join/#kde chx (n=chx@unaffiliated/chx)
23:59.18chxis there a desktop blogger API  client for KDE?
23:59.24*** join/#kde treat (

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